Large Drop In Home Sales Leaves Real Estate Agents “Baffled”

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    The unusually large drop in home sales is puzzling those who work directly in the industry.  Real estate agents are confused and baffled by the sudden and seemingly unexpected lack of home sales.

    Sales of homes plunged in December and real estate brokers are attempting to figure out why.  In fact, the shift was one of the largest that didn’t involve some sort of change in government policy, like the homebuyer tax credit. Home sales fell by 4.6% according to NBC Chicago. 

    “The latest decline is harder to explain. Perhaps it is the decline in consumer confidence that’s been occurring in the latter half of 2018,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the Realtors. “The latest numbers do not reflect the lower, current mortgage rates compared to the November figures, so it’s really harder to explain.“

    The supply of homes for sale also rose just more than 3 percent compared with a year ago. Low supply had been holding sales back last spring, despite strong demand, so it would make sense that more supply would boost sales unless this is a sign that demand is weakening.

    “This weakness is certainly due to the sharp home price gains along with the rise in mortgage rates,” said Peter Boockvar, chief investment officer at Bleakley Advisory Group. –NBC Chicago

    That underperformance cannot be blamed on the partial government shutdown, as most of these deals would have been signed in October, well before even the threat of that. It also cannot be blamed on stock market volatility, as that didn’t really kick into high gear until mid-November. But it could be market confidence that’s on shaky ground.  Back in November, new homebuilders confidence in the housing market plummeted and with new reports about student loan debt shackling millennials, preventing them from purchasing a home since they are already over-leveraged, a combination of things could be going on.

    It seems simple to put two and two together here, but many are still surprised when they hear the economy isn’t doing all that well once you scratch the surface. “Looking ahead to 2019, expect weaker existing-homes sales as the new year ushered in a government shutdown and worsening economic uncertainty,” said Cheryl Young, senior economist at Trulia.


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      1. The criteria in the credit policies has become too strict for too many potential home buyers. Now you need to have 20% of the actual value of the home saved up for a down payment in order to qualify for a home loan. That’s out of reach for most people. I’ve never had the right kind of income to qualify for any type of loans, even when the economy was better. It’s either I rent or become homeless. Some really scary changes have taken place in this economy since the 2008 financial crisis. And I always thought the realtors were supposed to be so smart. Geez.

        • Realators smart? BWWWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

        • That may be the case where you live but not in the Southeast. Our credit is poor due to failed business but income is high. Have been approved for mortgages from 3% – 5% down and interest rate approximately 5%-6% (historically pretty good). I opine the slow down is due to high unemployment (25% according to Shadowstats and 100M working aged adults not in workforce), shrinking middle class, lack of affordable new homes (industry is primarily building only the lowest end subsidized and middle – high to high – end homes) real inflation adjusted wages lower than the 70s and high inflation (money printing) pumping up asset prices artificially.

      2. it’s quite simple, really. since 1999, the last year of “normal” home pricing, we make A LOT LESS money. why would we pay MORE for a home, if we make LESS money? or maybe a better question, HOW could we pay more for a house, when we make MUCH LESS? the gubmint’s stealing via inflation has never been so obvious. the HOW was too-low interest rates……but you can only GO to zero……or CAN they go lower than that?…….they CAN in japan…..there you got to PAY THE BANK to keep your money “safe” in their banks.

        • Also winter is always slow for home sales. Who wants to move in 2 feet of snow? Most people have spent their extra $ on xmas crap to follow the herd. Houses around here are selling very well, damn californians grrrrrr!

      3. Its simple….buying a home has gotten pretty much unattainable for most younger Americans. The meager incomes they receive for their worthless degrees in liberal arts & gender studies, combined with their debt loads, if they even have a job ….is not nearly enough to afford a mortgage (or even rent)> Many still live with mommie, work at Starbucks, and serve me coffee (I have an engineering degree from Purdue). And the older Americans like myself are staying in their homes much longer.
        So….the housing market is screwed. As is the auto market.!!!

      4. I currently have the money for a good down payment on a home, and I was in the market for one. What I found is that houses are over priced right now. Therefore, I moved my down payment money into a money market account and I will wait until the next correction

        • That’s the wise thing to do.

          It will give you a big advantage in buying the the bargain priced property that becomes available when the next inevitable price plunge takes place.

          • Even when prices go down taxes go up! My taxes have more than doubled in 6 years. Forced at gunpoint to pay for the breeders grrrrr.

          • Be very carful where you put your $. Nowdays If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

        • I hid mine at home.
          Instant access!!!

          • dont hide it all in the same PLACE! diversification is key.

      5. I think it has to do with other debt, Like student loans for one.
        When we bought our first house in 2003, we did so with no money down at a fixed rate of 7%. So, you can buy a home without 20% down. but only if you can make the payment.

        I couldn’t imagine trying to do it with 100,000 dollar student loan debt.

      6. test

      7. Here’s a little information on the history of the housing market. Since this was accessed on the net it has to be true (snort).

        In the 50s an average house was less than 1000 sq ft. and had 2 bedrooms and one bath. It sold for around $7354…inflation adjusted to 2016 at $44,600. A 2016 average house was about 2500 sq. ft. and had 4 bedrooms and 3 or more baths, even though family size went from 3.37 in 1950 to 2.5 in 2016. The average price was $236,400.

        Mortgage terms in the 1930s had high down payments and variable interest rates and only 5 to 10 year terms. The maximum amount a homeowner could borrow was 50% of the home’s value. After the Depression and WWII, the fixed rate mortgage was born. By 1950, the 30 year mortgage was common and 95% could be financed. Then, in the early 2000s buyers could borrow more than the value of the home with low or no money down. The ARM came back for lower quality terms.

        As the FIRE industry began to eat up more and more of the GDP, higher and higher amounts of debt were needed to keep the system functioning. The debt based money system requires constantly rising debt to pay off interest and principal. The banks don’t care who is in debt as long as it keeps rising to pay for their usury.

        I imagine you could afford a house in the early days of the republic because you built it yourself or saved enough precious from working to pay someone a few dollars to help. There were no zoning laws on the prairie and few in town. Now, everyone wants to live off the work of someone else…ie .gov and their lackies, and the currency is arbitrarily valued at the whim of the bosses. Skills that involve working with your hands are derided by the majority of the population.

        Those that laugh at craftsmen will die begging for their help in the coming collapse. Billions of unfunded liabilities will be liquidated…try not to be one of them. Get some dirt under your fingernails.

        • Ya most people can’t build a shed let alone a house. I can whip out an 8×14 shed in a day off the top of my head. Provided I don’t have to go to town for materials and hardware. Lol, my neighbor was amazed how fast I built my shed here and well done it is. I also designed and built from scratch 2 off grid cabins (never use concrete blocks trust me). The one we have now is way cool and uses a combination of reclaimed wood and new wood and local stone. Everyone loves it and it has weathered some vicious storms. I wish you could see it.

          • I love building stuff. Me and some friends are rehabing an old mining cabin on the side of a mountain. It is probably over 100 years old and looks like something from a led zep album cover. It is a waaaay cool place to hang out, hidden from view except from the air (old roof same as before with new roof underneath).

          • Why not blocks?

            • JRS, If your in the middle of nowhere it is a beech to get all that concrete there and rebar and blocks and mixer and mortar etc. I made my own concrete from gravel I hauled one pickup load at a time from 1/2 mile away (talk about back breaking work) and the same with the sand for my mortar. Pouring the foundation had to be done in 1 day and mixing all that in a mixer and pouring it in the forms about killed me. Then cleaning and laying all those blocks (one wheelbarrow of mortar laid 4 blocks) then mixing more and repeating. That cabin was the hardest work I have ever had to do bar none and I don’t think my back ever recovered from it. I poured the floor in 2 parts because it was all I could handle. Building stuff in the middle of the woods with little to no help is a MUTHERFOOKER! Believe me!

              • lol…Okay, I believe you.

                Yeah, spent most of my working life in the trowel trades so I understand what you’re saying. It’s fun and rewarding when you’re young, but it gets harder and harder the older you get.

                Built my 26×36 shop/garage myself. Dug the hole and footers with a backhoe, shot the footer grade and formed and poured them, laid up the block and poured them full with grout and rebar, poured and finished the floor, roofed it and wired it. I had help setting the trusses, but that’s about it.

                That was 30+ years ago. I wouldn’t be able to do it now.

                • I dug the trench for my footers with a rockbar a pick and a shovel (very very rocky). Mixed and dumped 1 wheelbarrow at a time. After doing the footer I was practically bedridden for 3 days because of my back. I had to do the pour nonstop to prevent a cold joint. That cabin is still there, it survived a fire/flood and I was only maybe 1/4 inch out of perfect square. My first and last time I will ever do that lol.

                  • I designed and built my current cabin myself and I mean 98% by myself lol. The peak on the back part is 19 feet high. I had to make all manner of jigs to hold shit together till I got it secured. That was challenging and I did enjoy it. I spent 7 months living in my little camper while I built it. Every night I sat at the table drinking beer and drawing out exact measurements for the next days work. I gathered flat shale stone and old cabin wood for the interior walls from places locally. The roof panels were 14 foot steel from a local factory that I put up myself (that was dangerous as fook). It really tested me the whole time but it turned out fantastic. I did not cut any corners and just said this is going to be the best I can do no matter what. I am very proud of it and everyone loves it. I have a 8×14 shed by the cabin that I built a 13 foot tall deck over too. I got a 5 ton flatbed loaded with beams and decking and plywood and hardware from a job for free and made the entire thing with it minus lag bolts. It is 10×14 and a really great view and hangout. It is my end of the world deck lol.

          • It’s funny you say that as the seventies approach that a craftsman used was to have a site excavated by a buddy with a bulldozer. Then build the basement out of concrete block and live there while building the first floor. You then start framing. Guys built their home slowly but if married his wife moved in and had essentially a “summer kitchen” either in the basement or a temporary one outside.

            Generally a single craftsman would buy a shotgun home that was a fixer upper, and kept flipping those to get enough money to do the above.

            The market was largely for homes $10,000-30,000. And then jumped up for middle class folks to $80,000+ with the wealthy it was $150,000+.

            • Years ago I knew a couple in upstate Michigan that were living in the basement while building the main floor of the house.

              I remember when they opened the main floor to company (it had heat then) because my husband and I were following several other couples out to the house party (pot luck). I was holding a layer cake or gripping it more tightly as we traversed very snowy roads–plowing was done up there but no salt as it was too cold usually to be effective. Well, one sharp curve too many took us directly into a deep snowbank and the car stalled. One of the other cars noticed our sudden departure from the group and came looking for us. We got out of the car and I still had that cake in hand. And it was hard to exit since the vehicle was well into the snowbank.

              It was decided that the group would convey the women to the party and return later. Later, the guys pulled out the car (someone nearby had a tractor) and looked under the hood to see about restarting the car only to see the engine compartment was packed solid and tight with snow. It was a 68 Chevelle so lots of snow.

              We spent the night with these friends because it took a couple of tries to get the car extracted. Oh, the cake arrived to the party unharmed and was delicious. Yes, what a housewarming party that was.

              • There’s only been two times we got that much snow in Kentucky, back the seventies. But Maine was like that. It never actually seem to stop snowing…just a little every day. In Maine, it can snow right up the eaves.

                Twice due to ice, cars flipped over and I had to extract people. Once they went deep into a ravine and landed on the passenger doors and it was literally sitting on its side and they had to crawl UP to then lift themselves out. That’s kind of hard to do. People are very disheveled when that happens.

      8. Honestly people only began routine home mortgages after 1946-1990. It petered out as inflation wiped out what a couple earned together so much so that now two people effectively earn what a single guy earned in 1990. Since the great downsizings due to free trade, less and less people get home mortgages since 2000.

        So by now, the real estate market cannot logically support itself as Millennials have very little capacity to have the down payment and secure income streams to afford home ownership. Automatically 33% live in their parent’s basements. Plus they aren’t getting married and having babies.

        That will implode the US economy as there will be no money to support Social Security. Realize that much of the national investment occurs from managing retiree’s investment portfolios. They will pull their money out and then it’s game over.

        • From Jamestown to 1880, you had westward expansion through homesteading and Manifest Destiny.

          From 1880-1945, you had people living in an ancestral home. The grandparent’s owned it. The parents managed it. The grandchildren lived in it.

          Sure there were a few cowboys who worked hard, received horses, and eventually bought a homestead. Some few made money with the Gold Rush.

          The vast majority either lived in tiny apartments or lived with parents.

          • Americans got used to the American Dream and coupled with home ownership yet that is really only a 70+ year paradigm. Face it, without a new paradigm, likely mutigenerational housing which is the old 1880-1945 paradigm, then what else is logically plausible?

            America has a declining birth rate. Ultimately either land will be absorbed into the hands of the Elite, or the People will revolt because they realize that is happening. They assumed that one day they could own a home when in history that was rare outside of American homesteads.

            • Go back to Scotland or Ireland in history, say 1600-1740 and the land belongs to aristocrats under monarchies that were actually oligarchies in actuality.

              It got so bad by the Great Irish Famine (1845-1849) that if you stayed, you would perish by starvation as there was NO plausible way to survive.

              This was the same in France, Germany, Scandanavia, Russia, China, Japan, etc. That is why the whole world came to America or tried colonies in Africa, South and Central America, or places like Indochina raising rubber trees on a plantation like the doomed French.

              The most successful homesteading that was stable was America or Costa Rica.

              • grandchildren will no longer inherit homes. we have learned to extract the equity with loans, so we don’t even OWN them anymore…..throw in reverse mortgages, and who’s gonna inherit…..?

                • Yep. You are absolutely right. Nursing homes are so expensive that IF a senior citizen elects to go or the family elects to send them, this requires that they sell their home, thus no inheritance.

                  Which is why nursing homes were rare and for the wealthy without families or they hired a servant to care for them until they perished.

                  So reverse mortages screwed up that entire concept. There are some who try to owe people money when they die.

                  Basicially the Elite consider themselves the new aristcracy, what used to be called “new men” during the Renaissance or the nouveau riche. They will seize all the American property that they can so that it will entirely be like poor English and Scots back in 1600…all over again.

                  • Consider your descendants’ future wisely.

                    Back in 1600, your ancestors left the UK and came to America because by doing so they might own land as that was impossible or extremely improbable under an aristocracy

                    The USA is 40 TIMES the size of the UK.

                    Yet what the Elite are trying to do is dispossess Americans from land ownership when there should be a logical path to land ownership given America’s massive size and especially given a declining birth rate.

                    Now as strange a predicament as that is, which had been commonplace for 70 years, crazy ANTIFA,BAMN, and BLM think private property is a bad idea. Well so does the Elite. Neither want the common people to own land!

                    Originally this land ownership was NOT by buying it, but by HOMESTEADING it.

                    After 1880, you had to buy it, but almost no one could outright afford to do so. So you bought it by qualifying with a mortgage.

                    The Elite through inflation are robbing your descendants’ ability to either homestead or acquire a mortgage by
                    MANIPULATING WAGES!

                    • Nobody “deserves” to own private property.

                      It is the natural right of all citizens to own.private property though.

                      If you manipulate wages through controls while inflation can be infinite, then at some point, your descendants will be totally unable to afford private property of ANY KIND whether that be real estate or a car/truck.

                      That is the Elite’s plan. Very few will be able to own private property and thus they become de facto aristocracy.

                      The Elite are transforming a constitutional republic into an aristocratic oligarcy.

                      Every time you praise some lavishly paid celebrity…
                      Every time you vote for some political family member…
                      Every time you protect extremely rich investors…

                      You are helping create this aristocratic oligarchy and destroying the constitutional republic of the USA.

      9. who can afford a home when half your income goes to so called health care ?

      10. True.There is little that can be done.

      11. I’m in Hawaii, so prices are high, due to shipping costs, NIMBY zoning, no homeowner builders allowed, and it is next to impossible to become a contractor or Professional Engineer, so they charge a LOT for their services.
        My place today is worth 3 times what I paid for it 19 years ago.
        I made a few improvements, but not that many.
        Few if any locals can afford house prices that high, which is why they leave to the mainland or Mom and Dad build an addition on to their homes for the adult kids and their families. Multi generational/extended families under one roof are very common here. I suspect on the mainland it will become more common as well. Grandma/Grandpa is typically a much better day care than you can buy on the open market.
        I frankly don’t see wages in general, catching up to housing prices any time soon. If I were a business I’d automate before I’d pay an illiterate Democrat deadbeat $15 or more per hour.
        Democrats are destroying the middle class and until we figure out how to ki77 them off, we as a society will continue to decline.

      12. What you should fear is SQUATTERS. In history, you had essentially land claims that were weak and poor people went and possessed the land and built ramshackle dwellings on them, and after seven years, well…it started to be theirs.

        Like land on riverbanks are often under poor supervision and some very dirt poor people would create a shack there and eventually, using cheap homemade mortar and stone, had a rigid robust structure. Then the cities wanted at least property taxes and if they paid that, it gave them legitimacy. They were quasi-owners.

        Even to this day in some states there abandoned homesteads with falling down buildings and some squatter family moves in and is off the grid, and likely homeschooling their kids. Eventually the county sheriff find out, and likely looks the other way as long as they don’t begin criminal activities.

      13. Really, if one has been paying attention, its not a question of why RE sales are dropping, but what took it this long.

      14. Not mentioned anywhere in the article was the roll of the FED setting, and for the last two years raising interest rates.

        In 1990 the FED began limiting interest rate changes to 1/8 percent. They had realized larger rate changes caused too much havoc in Parkersburg including the HOUSING MARKET.

        So why was the most recent FED increase a full 1/4 percent? The answer in my opinion was they wanted to disrupt markets and this was led by an anti-Trump Globalist faction within the FED. Seeing the Housing Market respond as it did in the days of larger FED rate changes is only logical.

        Number two, the Terror Alert Level. I’m not talking about an official TAL, but the sentiment level of the American people. We preppers tend to be conservative and are less effected, but the liberal left for two years has been riding a roller coaster, where the Mainstream Media appears to be delivering for the Impeach Trump movement, only to have the rug pulled out from under them when it turns out to be another fake news story. Even worse the MSM never openly admit that last story was fake, instead they imply Trump somehow wiggled out of it again, just adding to the tension. The liberal lefts heads are about to burst, who among them would buy a house, operating under their level of perceived fear. Thanks to the media, the left fears their world is ending.

        Under Obama’s Marxist regime did not we preppers operate under a higher than normal level of fear. Many purchased extra ammo, weapons, stored food and other supplies? I’m just saying the shoe isn’t just on the other foot, but to make it worse, the entire MSM is making people crazy with a continuous stream of fake news, yellow journalism, mudd slinging, and just flat out hate speech.

        • Parkersburg? Wow how did autocorrect make that shift from the word Markets?

        • PTPO, good points. My fear level was definitely at its highest during the Obama era. It remained the same during the 2016 campaign with the rise of Antifa and the rest of the left really showing their true colors. My fear level is still the same even today. If Trump and Pence are both taken out then Pelosi becomes POTUS according to the order of succession. Now THAT is a scary thought for everyone. A President PELOSI would be no less dangerous than Hillary. If that happens all bets are off. Civil war 2 WILL take place.

        • There was a huge amount of firearms and ammunition and relading supplies sold in Southern Indiana and Kentucky under the Obama administration. And it had NOTHING to do with his skin color.

          When did any groups of conservatives under Obama ever act like the crazed leftists act now??? It was remarkably restrained.

          Why? Because you reserve your combat ability and use it when you act, not when you feel there is an irritation. It’s power in reserve.

          Antifa is the opposite. Those crazy masked dolts go off on the smallest thing, then fold like accordians when facing Proud Boys. Antifa can’t back it up. They are like yappy little toy terriers.

          • My reference was to a high threat level.

            Obama created specific fears one of which was gun control, even worse he had the government buy up, and dry up the civilian ammo supply enough to trigger shortages and a run on the bank so to speak that further exasperated supplies.

            Obama had law enforcement label preppers as a particular high terrorist threat while labeling certain known groups with a history of terrorism as no threat, of course conservatives including preppers operated at a high terror alert level.

            As a prepper, I think I’m at a way lower feeling of threat than the liberal left. T. D. Renegade above is right though, we are two heartbeats away from a globalist nut job take over. And who knows who will win the next election. California still has laws that encourage vote harvesting. If a couple more blue state pass similar laws it could change the next election.

            We have a divided country, my major point, the other half is crazy already and feeding on fake news that only makes it worse. Understand that half watches news reports that frame ANTIFA as victims of the conservative right. Why would anyone, so ginned up that their head is about to explode on the left, go out take a risk, and buy a home?

            • Like it or not they will be buying a home… at the cemetery!

      15. The globalists presumed their buddy and fellow Luciferian Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide. No supporting Hillary thought otherwise. They were in SHOCK that the constitutional republic worked because the electoral college principle worked.

        We must NEVER EVER give up the electoral college or the Democrats will use their fake voting schemes in urban areas to win elections. Look at the map of US voting and rural folks almost exclusively voted for Trump.

        So the best tool the Democrats have is to use every globalist stooge to ruin the economy.

        Meanwhile insane traitors like Pelosi are intentionally trying to cause sedition. That is what she is up to with the SOTU debacle.

        Meanwhile the fake news media which are near exclusvely Democrats are stirring things up so profoundly that 15 year old Christian teenagers are reshaped into Nazi threats! These so-called journalsts should be lose their FCC license because they are just bold face liars and propagandists, not reporters.

        • Wikipedia has a great article on fascism in 1930’s Italy that led to Mussolini’s take over. The biggest tool in the revolution was a stalemate in the Italian Parliment that basically shut down the government for near two years. Just like Pelosi, they refused to pass a budget defunding the government, this closed government offices, closed ports, stopped trade, affected law enforcement, and caused havoc nationwide. Mussolini ran on fixing the government and won. He instituted a state of emergency and took on dictatorial powers that he never gave up.

          We are at a similar point in history, Pelosi is like a bull in flames in a fireworks warehouse, screw the china shop analogy. She is creating exactly the same environment that brought a Mussolini to power in Italy, or a Hitler to power in Germany.

          • POTUS with a good Attorney General can nail these leftists using existing US laws. And shouldn’t hesitate.

            The longer he waits…the worse it will get. The Leftists are destroying America and undoing the fine work he did so far.

            I guess he was waiting on Ginsburg? She’s allegedly in totally debilitated by pneumonia in the hospital so how can she listen to cases?

            • Yup RBG’s failing health and the pending Senate approval of the new AG adds another fly or two to the ointment.

              You have to wonder if Pelosi could care less about the wall, and the shutdown over the border is just window dressing to distract from unnamed demands that will never be discussed publicly, there is so much at stake for democrats, and there is so much that goes unsaid.

              If the lid blows off the misuse of FISA and the FBI by Obama, Hillary, the DNC, and rogue factions of the FBI and DOJ it could spell the end of the Democrat party, hundreds could go to prison. There is blood in the water and this is the biggest political fight of the century.

              • Clearly Obama was using the FBI to dig up nonexistant dirt on Trump and anyone involved with campaigning. Then covering up Hillary’s many evil deeds simultaneously.

                My gosh, compare all of the above with the minor fracas of Watergate which was a big nothing by comparison.

                It’s all coming out and as slow as molasses but probably because this is going to severely affect Wall Street as the military tribunals start sending indictments to all of the DNC and a considerable amount of involved RINOs. They tried to rig a presidential election! It’s obvious.

                • betcha there’s plenty of skeletons in the closets of republicans too….lord only knows what leverage these people have over eachother’s heads.

          • They can dictate all they want but will I obey? I’m going to do what I’m going to do, fook them. L

          • PTPO, Trump is setting the stage for exactly this to occur and history to repeat itself. He knew from Day One he couldn’t secure border wall funds from the Mexican government and he also knew the taxpayers didn’t want to foot the bill. As it turns out Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, are they?

            During his campaign rallies had he admitted his REAL PLAN, the truth, that when Mexico refused to pay he’d just force-bully the government to pay for the wall, he would have lost the race. We were lied to. Plain and simple.

            He wasn’t truthful and told misleading stories because if he was truthful he would have lost the race.

            The point is he knew all along the money wasn’t going to come from the Mexican government and his only alternative was to force federal funds even if it meant engaging in bullying such as a long term government shutdown. But he deliberately withheld the truth to push an unrealistic fantasy.

            Pelosi is a crazy person for sure but she also knows $5 billion won’t nearly cover the costs and he’ll be back asking for more money. And more after that. The taxpayers are going to end up paying for the wall and he isn’t going to take responsibility for that.

            He knew if he had spoken the truth “American taxpayers are going to pay for a border wall” few would have voted for him. So he lied to us.

            Trump should have been truthful from the beginning instead of leading us to believe Mexico would pay for the wall when he knew all along that was never going to pan out. It’s not complicated. The ruse is plain as day. Why is that so hard to understand?

            • that wall should have been built DECADES ago….and it’s DAMNED IMPORTANT that it gets done NOW!

              • butt, I totally agree with you on both points.

                But where is the money coming from for the TOTAL cost? Enough money to bring it from beginning to finalization.

                The border wall cannot be built properly and also cover the entire area of almost 2,000 miles for much less than $40 billion. Trump knew that but ran his campaign on a promise that would never pan out– Mexico paying for it.

                Everyone wants the wall and everyone knows we need it but the fact that the taxpayers are going end up paying for most of it doesn’t sit well with more than half the taxpayers, including myself. We feel duped and tricked. Maybe you don’t but more than half of us do.

                I want the wall, no question about that, but like most Americans I don’t want to pay for it and Trumps current plea for $5 billion is only going to cover a fraction of the total wall expenses.

                • there’s no more money to pay for ANYTHING. but we are still able to pretend there is money to do things….like pay for healthcare, education, ebt cards, welfare……for illegal aliens. send ’em back home, and we can save 180 billion dollars A YEAR. make it illegal to hire an illegal alien, and they find their own way home…..betcha if there were people occupying nancy pelosi’s house, they would be removed!

      16. I wasn’t criticizing you, just commenting on the Obama years.

        What happened was this passage in Luke 10:18 discusses Jesus saying, “I saw Satan fall like lightning”, and in Hebrew that can be translated to Barack Ubama or Obama. So well, what woukd you think? That obviously Barack Obama is a servant of Lucifer and an antichrist but might be the Antichrist.

        So every evangelical Christian in Southern Indiana and Kentucky started buying lots of firearms.

        • The Beast, whomever that may be, is praised, when surviving a mortal head wound. So, a Bible believer won’t try that.

          He is later deposed, by the second, white horseman.

          “And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.”
          — Rev 19:20

          No matter how evangelical or Christian they are, in Southern Indiana and Kentucky, I have never heard of a charismatic make the ground open up or the fire come out of the hole, at least, since the days when Moses did that to Korah.

          Not by force of arms.

      17. The market has not slowed down in my area. My December and January are unusually busy with home buyers.

        For the record, you do not need 20 percent down, many people get in for little or zero down payment.

      18. Over in Cochise County some of the better homes have been pulled from the market. Others have been dropping their prices steadily. My realtor has no idea why. screwy here.

      19. It’s like reporting on global warming during the Summer. Home sales are always slow in the winter.

      20. From my perspective, Obama-era subsidies moved the inner cities, into once-rural areas, now full of big box stores, plastic Mc Mansions and aggressive homeless.

        Marx’s “Communist Manifesto”, plank #9 —
        “Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.”

        Real Estate Agents “baffled”:
        The only way not to see this, with your own two eyes, is to not have any real roots in the area, to have you head stuck up your cubicle, and to not read any news, in any format. You would have to be racially and culturally oblivious to what looks, walks, and quacks like a Marxist, even though it has probably spraypainted on the side of your house.

      21. A hardworking twelve year old by working a few hours every day as a paperboy and working in the summer cutting grass and weeding, could accumulate $2500 a year in 1972.

        That paperboy’s income in December 2018, adjusted for inflation would equal $15,282.

        A grown man earning 10,000 in 1972, adjusted for inflation would equal $61,127.

        This is the primary reason the middle class is dying and so will homeownership.

        Can any of you grasp a 12 year old making $15,282 a year and only minimally working?

        Your future was destroyed by Free Trade. You can either resist it, or be enslaved by it. If you fail to resist this, your grandchildren will certainly be enslaved by it.

        It may actually be too late due to robotics.

        • The paperboy doing gardening worked 6.5 hours a day times five days a week equaling 32.5 hours a week x 12 weeks.

          He would work two hours a day x seven days a week so 14 hours per week x 52 weeks delivering papers.

          Grand total 728 hours doing a paper route and 390 hours mowing so 1118 hours so that equals $2.24 per hour.

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