Language: The Indispensable Fundamental Actuator of False Orthodoxy

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at

    In Ayn Rand’s penultimate magnum opus, “The Fountainhead”, there was a minor antagonist by the name of Ellsworth Toohey whose raison d’etre was to undermine Rand’s ideal man and protagonist, Howard Roark.

    Although Toohey considered his parasitical power as having a major stifling effect on capitalistic society, in reality, all his cumulative efforts ended up as a mere minor footnote in the long march of Man; as evidenced in the story’s denouement and ensuing towering city skylines.

    Of course, much of Rand’s life consisted of excoriating the parasitical aspect of the Collectivists and their government, as both defined by dependency; in stark contrast to the rugged self-reliance of the men who moved the world.

    In The Fountainhead, a discussion took place whereby Toohey said he wanted to make the “ideological soil” infertile to the point where young heads would explode prior to expressing any individuality (or similar to that). Then, later, near the end, Toohey asked Roark what Roark thought of him, and the egoistic, self-reliant architect replied: “But I don’t think of you.”

    In reality, is it possible today to ignore the Collective? Or, has it propagated sufficiently to where it can be ignored no longer?

    Acceptance of reality requires honesty. And the author Ayn Rand identified reason as the means for Man’s thriving existence on this blue marble. Therefore, if we are to examine reality with honesty, then we must by all means factor logic and time as follows:

    If (this), then (that)

    Stated another way, either the decisions we make now will improve our reality in the days ahead –  or, we will be worse off than we are at present.

    Certainly, exercising logic now will prove more beneficial to our respective futures than irrationality. Perhaps, then, it’s time the rugged individualists deal with the Hive Mind in the here and now by scrutinizing how they manufacture and weaponize consensus via language.

    There is a conception called the Arrow of Time that identifies moments as only moving forward; even as peoplekind can move in all directions within the fabric of time and space. In so doing, language is utilized to reason (i.e. think) as well as to examineexpress, and even actuate our thoughts and emotions.

    This is because language presupposes thought. A child can think before they can talk. The blind, deaf, and mute Helen Keller knew she existed before her teacher, Annie Sullivan, helped her to realize through the grasp of a piece of paper, the concept of being a “blank page”.  In truth, language is the mode of thought, or the means by which to create consensus, to communicate, to choosedebate, and remember.

    Furthermore, as the famous linguist Noam Chomsky identified, there are innate rules and structure to language which apply across various cultures. Indeed, these manifest logically, and in order, as sure as the reader is now processing the syntax and grammar of this very article at an average of 250 words per minute.

    In correlation to the Arrow of Time, there also remains another conception in physics called the Second Law of Thermodynamics that states complex systems move from order to disorder over any period.

    Perhaps this applies to language, and thought, and action, as well.

    For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he

    – Proverbs 23:7

    Is that what’s happening? Because what we are witnessing now with the Hive Minded, like those who terrorized Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and others, is hyperbolic verbosity over logicchants without reason and this has, in turn, transitioned the national political discussion into coercion.

    Stated another way, the Hive Mind is currently reacting without logic; and this is how they castigate racism while disparaging Caucasians; how they attempted to hang an innocent judge under the guise of social justice; and how they are now undermining the election process while claiming every vote counts.

    Even now, the Democratic Party, on behalf of the global elite establishment, continues to wage Jihad against the American Electoral Process via imaginary Russians and third-world-appearing Floridian election officials.

    Undeniably, whether Donald Trump arrived right on schedule by accidentfortunedestiny, or design –he has definitely knocked over the proverbial apple cart, thus, exposing more rotten fruits then would have been revealed had he lost in 2016.

    In turn, this raises another question: Is self-reliance and individual thought even viable options for the youth of America currently?

    Because, like so much of Urbanity, it seems schools have become conformity centers where peer pressure and socialism are always in fashion. And now with the Socialist Silicon Valley Titans censoring social media? Fuggetaboutit. The kids. They’re toast.

    Call it liberalism, leftism, or by any other name, all of Collectivism’s various designations are simply the means to Communism’s end. Communism is, in fact, Collectivism perfected; its most pure form. And this is why Vladimir Lenin once said, “The goal of socialism is communism”.

    It’s also why many conservatives today, like talk-radio host Michael Savage, have sounded the clarion call over Socialists like the recently-elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and America’s loony liberal uncle, Bernie Sanders:

    Sanders knows that Democratic Socialism is a cover for the outright seizure of property and freedom. He knows that Democratic Socialism is a cover for communism.

    If anyone internet searches “steps to communist takeover”, they will find various itemizations ranging from newspaper columns, internet posts, letters to the editor, the “rules” of the communist activist Saul Alinsky, and even contravening assertions by online “fact checkers” claiming some of it to be “false”.

    Even so, there are specific commonalities found in all of the various Steps to Communism as follows:

    – Nationalization of health care

    – Cloward-Piven-driven debt bubbles funding an ever-expanding welfare state

    – Corruption of a nation’s youth via what is taught in schools and universities (Richard Cloward and Frances Fox-Piven were both professors at Columbia University; former President Obama’s alleged alma mater)

    – Undermining of a nation’s spiritual foundations

    – Class warfare (manifested today as identity politics)

    – Gun confiscation

    Like radicalized Islamic terrorists, The Collectivists act out their faith daily, as if their very eternal sex-life depends on it – as the conservatives continue playing political voting games. Perhaps this is because self-reliant folks just want to live their lives and be left alone. Sadly, however, you can’t debate with zealots. Instead, they must be defeated. But they will never be beaten if their ideological premises are accepted. This means their premises must be challenged, forthrightly, in the here and now.

    As stated heretofore, consent and consensus are manufactured via language and if one word is ceded to The Collective, then they’ll take the entire lexicon to establish their propagandic narratives every time.

    Illegal immigrants are not migrants or refugees, capiche? They are crossing the border illegally and this makes them invaders.

    If sexual identity is relative in the Hive Mind based solely upon personal preference, then who the hell are they to tell this blogger to be more tolerant because I self-identify as a law-abiding, cisgendered, American male?

    If homosexuality is genetic, then why not homophobia? What’s the problem? I was born that way.

    As demonstrated via the Kavanaugh fiasco, the scumbag Democratic Party politicians will never be held to any real moral standard by their Marxist supporters. Yet, at the same time, ALL of these Marxists appeal to the honor and integrity of their ideological opponents to uphold the progressive outcomes for the Collective.

    Interesting how that works, no?

    Say what you want about the Left / Right march to tyranny, but the fact remains that Donald Trump’s daily tweets represent what so many unknown and average Americans (like this blogger) are thinking.

    It’s also gratifying to see is how Trump uses his Bully Pulpit to wage psychological warfare on said Marxists via persuasion and specific language. Stated another way, the president utilizes the Hive Minded’s own orthodoxies against them.

    Consider these two examples:

    The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged. An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!

    – Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump – 4:44 AM – 12 Nov 2018

    Here, the Donald factually sows seeds of doubt regarding any after-the-fact electioneering. Next, he accurately states an “honest vote count is no longer possible”. Then, he presents the only viable, and legal, solution.

    This is persuasion, pure and simple.

    This second example shows how Trump, over the next two years, will continuously bang the Marxists like bongo-drums while simultaneously placing any economic setbacks squarely on their shoulders; in the service of 2020 vision, of course.

    The prospect of Presidential Harassment by the Dems is causing the Stock Market big headaches!

     Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump – 7:34 AM – 12 Nov 2018

    Presto chango. By using the word “harassment”, the president has just #MeToo’d the party soon to be in control of the U.S. House of Representatives. In other words, just as the Marxists always blame others for what they, themselves, do – so Trump is now doing the same thing right back into the monolithically blurred face of The Collective. Not only is the sexist, racist Hive Mind harassing our poor Caucasian male president, but, now, these harassers are going to crash the economy too.

    “The prospect of Presidential Harassment?

    I’m sorry, but that is pretty clever. It might even be funny if it didn’t contain an element of truth.

    Either way, in two tweets, Trump effectively utilized Saul Alinksy’s fourth, fifth, and sixth “Rules for Radicals” against the Alinskyites; who never fail to weaponize polarization:

    …the fourth rule is: Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules.

    …the fourth rule carries within it the fifth rule: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

    …the sixth rule is: A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.

    This blogger, for one, enjoyed the tweets. Were you entertained?

    It serves the Hive Mind right, and maybe it’s an effective way for nationalists to challenge the globalists. For instance, for far too long, The Collective has been allowed to conflate nationalism and legal immigration with racism. They did so by naming it “White Nationalism”.  Once again, language.

    On the recent Armistice Day 2018, we heard from Queen Elizabeth, French president Macron, and the UN secretary-general all warn regarding the dangers of nationalism. But there are differences between the nationalism of Trump and Brexit, as opposed to the Imperialism of dictators past.

    Imperialism is when a nation desires global hegemony. Just as the elites, and their Collectivist useful idiots, always accuse others for what they themselves do – these globalists now accuse the nationalists of threatening world peace, when it is actually they who desire imperialism in the form of global communism.

    This blogger, on the other hand, on Armistice Day was pondering upon the genocide of the Armenian Christians during WWI; how they were caught between Turkish imperialist rocks and Muslim hard places. If history rhymes, then this time, logic dictates it will very likely be a Caucasian Christian minority caught between an Islamic invasion and a gaggle of despotic, war mongering, globalist billionaires.

    It is something to consider. Because the names may change but the stories always remain the same.

    In plain language: The time for talking is past. Destiny looms, choose your way or it drags you.


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      1. The problem these idiots way underestimate is that older people don’t give a rats ass and WILL fook them up when they try and enforce their shit on them. Just because some fat ass in a suit says this or that is law don’t make it so. Keep that in mind….

        • Genius, the libturds’ time is coming. They’ll overplay their hand and that’s when hell will be unleashed on them. No libturd tells me what to do, period.

          • The “libturds'” time is not coming. Your time is coming. You have sat back and DONE NOTHING. Talk is cheap with you people. Talk is treason with you people. DO SOMETHING.

            • You guys don’t know the difference between shooting and typing.

              • rrrr, I will shout if I want too. Sometimes it’s appropriate to shout and curse. Not every word but it’s called EMPHASIS ADDED!

            • You are correct. However, you have done nothing yourself. So your arrogant SHOUTING means nothing and is thus not worthy of notice.
              The fact is, it must get far worse before it is time to “do something” in the manner you allude to. In the mean time we will do what we can by speaking with friends, voting and any other legal means at our disposal to correct the situation… and we will live our lives the best we can along the way.

            • the blame-e, I hear what you’re saying and their is some truth to the criticism that we have done nothing. However, this is largely untrue. At least we on this site are “PRE-PARING” for what is coming!!!!

              THAT IS SOMETHING!!!

            • Blame-e, we’ll all be forced into action at some point. I, for one, will NOT make the first move. That sounds like what you’re suggesting. Let the OTHER side make the first move. We’re NOT the ones with bad intentions toward other people. We are NOT the problem in this country. And no one here is a traitor, mofo.

              • BTW, blame-e, what are YOU doing? Hope you’re not stupid enough to go make a first move on someone.

                • TDR, exactly! I have prepped for the last 25 years, developed both offensive and defensive tactics, hooked up with others doing the same. Is that doing nothing? Or maybe numbnuts thinks I should go out and be a martyr for a bunch of retards?

                  • Genius, thanks for that, brother. Ever since I first got the arrangement for the BOL 5-and-a-half years ago I’ve been there numerous times for ‘education’, i.e. training in both offensive and defensive tactics, improving my shooting skills, learning other prepper skills, etc. The past 5-and-a-half years I’ve learned more about prepping and survival from my family than in my whole life before that. They were born and raised in that lifestyle. Half of them are veterans so they’ve trained all of their siblings. That dickhead named blame-e has the nerve to say we don’t do shit. Hell, I’d like to know WTF he’s done all these years and all I hear are crickets. I’ve got 2 weeks left at the BOL then I have to go back to my shithole city and back to the old grind. [SIGH] Time flies when you’re having fun.

        • ” Just because some fat ass in a suit says this or that is law don’t make it so.”

          It unfortunately does make it so with the power of the state to enforce it. In 1933 the government by Executive Order 6102 forced the exchange of gold for paper. Gold was virtually useless as a medium of exchange. Prisons are filled with people that thought the law didn’t apply to them. At a minimum they’ll take your wealth, at maximum, your life.

          • “Just because some fat ass in a suit says this or that is law don’t make it so.”

            Yes it does, if there is no one there in his face saying and doing “NO!”

            You people sit on your a**es and DO NOTHING.

            • I have done plenty. And it is only “illegal” if you get caught. Do you really think because it is “illegal” everyone obeys? That’s a laugh and a half!

            • Blame-e, for the last time, what have YOU been doing? Boy, those crickets are really getting loud.












          • There is no greater fear, than being ostracized. And, White people fear being ostracized, more than they fear seeing their women and children raped, their people slaughtered, their homelands over-run, and destroyed, and all their lives ruined. They fear being called the “R”-word, more than death itself.

            It will not be until White people lose the fear of being ostracized, will they take any kind of stand to save their own kind. They have had the very will to survive brow-beaten out of them. The ability to face the cold, hard, blunt truth, and act on it, has been replaced with a retarded cowardice that is like some kind of Stockholm Syndrome 2.0.

            It is saddening, and sickening, to watch as Western Civilization is destroyed, and the White race is mostly herded along to genocide. How do you reach a people whose racial soul has been gored out of them, who are mostly brain-washed into suicidal submission, and terrified to face the worst crisis their kind have ever known ?

        • Old people haven’t started “fooking” anybody. The losers on this site and in all America all say “Well, just you wait.” All while their country is taken away from them. Wait for what?

          The 2018 Midterm Elections went just the way the Ruling Class / the “Powers That Be” wanted them to go. The Republicans laid down and did nothing in support of their party, their candidates, or their president — because that’s what they were told to do.

          This wasn’t supposed to happen. There was supposed to be a Red Wave. Well, there wasn’t. What are you going to do about it. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

          The largest organized mass of illegals are now crossing the border in waves. Trump pledged to end illegal immigration, and illegal immigration is now at an all time record. What are you going to do about it? Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

          You are all “fooking” frogs in a pot of water. You are despicable and deplorable. Because you won’t stand up.

          • As long as you’re not PERSONALLY held accountable for your actions there’s not very much to fear. When you are PERSONALLY held accountable for your actions things take on a whole new perspective.

          • Blame-e: All politics is local. While the 2018 Midterms were a punch in the face to many, here in Northern Idaho we had over a 70% turn-out.The local American Communist Party(aka the Democrat Party) was stopped in its tracks decisively by huge margins. As we all know, the progression is from the soap box to the ballot box to the jury box and finally, to the cartridge box.
            Wait for what? I do not know, exactly. What history tells us is when a society can no longer find ways to satisfy its basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter, things get real sporty, real quick. I found this out to a lesser extent when I was employed as a Peace Officer in SoCal. Human beings with nothing left to lose, lose it. And anyone in their way will get dealt with immediately and severely. We are not there yet. But, we are getting closer all the time.

            • Well said, DWEEZIL. “We are not there yet. But, we are getting closer all the time.” Hence, we continue to prepare for whatever is coming down the road.

              • And THAT is what we should be doing.

          • You are right.

          • Blame-e, I’m only deplorable because Hillary said so. You’re sounding like Eisen.

          • DK never got back on the bet about the invaders crossing the border, which they are in fact doing…

      2. I’ve often thought that what is being employed is neuro linguistic programming (NLP). Bandler and Grinder were the creators of this approach. They believed that “there is a connection between neurological processes (neuro-), language (linguistic) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (programming), and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.” (per Wikipedia)

        I had a late friend who studied under them and understood their process quite thoroughly. In her practice, she used their processes to help people overcome all sorts of personal problems. Eventually, she stopped using NLP because she thought it could be a danger since it essentially reframes, recodes what and how a person thinks. She found it was better for a person to work through most personal problems via normal talk therapy; it takes longer but is a sounder practice.

        However, NLP done on a societal level, it certainly would be perilous beyond belief for those upon which it was done without consent or awareness. Note how words now have a different meaning for many that may or may not agree with the Websters Dictionary on your shelf. Language naturally changes over time within a society, e.g., compare Shakespeare to modern English. But how fast is too fast? That’s the nut of the problem with NLP.

        • Psychological warfare was initiated against the American people en masse in the 1930’s.

          Bandler and Grinder probably benefited hugely from lessons learned through propaganda, subliminal messaging, and psychological warfare in general.

          NLP, combined with subliminal messaging has certainly been applied through the media, particularly TV, for decades, before the web.

      3. Very interesting article and one of the best articles I’ve ever seen anywhere. Thank you, Doug ‘Uncola’ Lynn.

        • The Deplorable Renegade, I totally agree. The author is intelligent and articulate. Two qualities that I no longer posses, but can still recognize when I see them in others.

          • Justice, don’t sell yourself short. Your posts always sound good to me.

            • Thanks Deplorable, like-wise.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          ” The author is intelligent and articulate. Two qualities that I no longer posses”

          Nonsense. Even when we disagree your posts possess the above two qualities.

          • Thanks Kevin2, appreciated.

            • Kevin2, thanks for that. Sometimes I don’t express myself as well as you do for yourself but I’m glad everyone gets my points. Most, if not all of us, are like-minded here.

      4. “People willingly giving away their land and their women”

        Spot on.

        But not all are willing.

        Many don’t know how to stop it. They are not willing. They are aware that they could be fired from their careers, lose their children, and go to prison. That’s coercion.


        • Meanwhile, emojis take over the world.

          • And what are YOU doing about it?

          • Praise Kek 🙂

      5. People are Trapped/Addicted to thier “screens”.
        People who spend too much time on the internet, video games, watching TV, or on the cell phone. These people get really unhinged. Screen Addicts loose perspective of the real world.

        American people are ADDICTS of cell phones, video games, entertainment.

        Screens are Drugs. The power structure is training children to be screen addicts.

        Get a cheap kitchen baking timer. Set it for that sessions alotment of your screen drug of choice. When timer goes off unplug immediatly. You MUST have NO screen days. Unplug.

        Otherwise you will be like person with screen name E ….. (He is having a difficult time. He needs help, not prodding or poking with sharp stick. Do not provoke challenged people. Compassion and understanding usually helps wounded animals.)

        Unplug. Chill. The world is Not ending. If it does, there is not a damn thing you can do about it anyway. So enjoy the show.

        PLEASE PLEASE Look up these terms:
        YouTube video: “Waking up with Sam Harris #71”
        Look up a white paper by,
        Tristan Harris, “How Technology Hijacks Your Mind”

        * * look up “Persuasive Design”
        “Behaivorial Science”

        * * Find YouTube videos by Alan Watt, NO “s” at the end. Alan Watt.

        *** Technology is a DARPA PsyOp. Please understand that.

        Can anyone see this post or is it shadow banned?

      6. Words have meaning and words have power.

        Be careful how you use them and be careful of how they are being used on you.

      7. The millennial cuckMANGINAS are everywhere worldwide.

        They all look the same, stupid looking prissy talking friend zoned scabs with the cuckMANGINA beard living in their mommy’s basement.

        We need a world war to eliminate their numbers and perhaps finally make men out of them.

      8. Organized ==> disorganized ==> collapse.
        Thermodynamics and entropy eventually ALWAYS collapse a civilization…or a petrie dish of yeast.

        You can fight it all you want, but industrial civilization is about to collapse from diminishing returns of resources and the polluting of the air, land and water.

        Just like yeast in a petrie dish after the sugar is gone and their environment is polluted with their waste alcohol.

        Or maybe you could hitch a ride on Musk’s Mars mission.
        “5% of people think. 10% of people think they think. The other 85% of people would rather die than think.”
        Thomas Edison

        • the actual cause of the collapse is inflating the currency:

          There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose….

          John Maynard Keynes

        • JRS, spot on. We WILL collapse it is just a matter of time. By the way, yeast waste isn’t all bad!

          • I’m through wasting my breath on people like Eisen and Blame-e. They’ll never ‘get it’.

      9. Language…
        Eschew obfuscation, espouse elucidation.

        If Barry was correct about one thing, ever, it was that globalization is a done deal.

        I believe that nominal Republicans and Red too-big-to-fails get their funding from the same place as Soros.

        Every radical policy change has been passed back and forth, between both fake parties, until you accepted it as the new normal.

      10. Doug “Uncola” Lynn, well done! This is a great article and I hope to read more from you in the future. Please keep up the great work.

      11. Fox News has elected to back the CNN lawsuit to reinstate Accosta. As such, Fox News has declared themselves enenies of the People.

        Accosta is not a journalist but a wanton crybaby propagandist who has innumerable temper tantrums like a two year old. He has no sense of decorum. What makes me furious is he manhandled a White House intern. The Secret Service should have immediately arrested him and put him on a watch list.

        Mark my words. If we have no decorum even in the presence of the Chief Executive of the United States of America, then we are on the razor’s edge to civil war. I not only welcome it, I embrace it. If it’s going to happen, let it happen now.

        We have wide spread election fraud, no honest mass media journalists with integrity with Fox joining forces with CNN, and Antifa, BAMN, and BLM using b
        violent mob tactics.

        How long before it’s in your rural neighbrhoods?

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