Ladies and Gentlemen, The President Of the United States *Video*

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Do you LOVE America?


    Nixon and Obama

    He’s a hero to tens of millions of Americans who have an almost cult-like belief in his demagogic super natural abilities to spread peace to the world, heal the sick and bring equality to the masses.

    The mere mention of his faults elicits anger and outrage among his followers.

    Suggest that he may have been involved in the targeting of Americans for tax audits on the basis of their political ideologies and you’re dismissed as a partisan. Provide evidence for the fact that he, and only he, was solely responsible for the lack of action in Benghazi, Libya that led to the deaths of four Americans, and you’ll be lambasted as a conspiracy theorist. Attempt to link him to his Justice Department’s wire tapping of independent journalists, and you’ll be called a hack.

    Fast and Furious gun running, collusion with pharmaceutical companies, back-room deals with financial conglomerates – none of it matters when the savior is at the helm.

    The President of the United States, for all intents and purposes, is considered above the law by his supporters.

    More blatant, however, is that it’s highly likely that the President himself, just as Richard Nixon before him, believes that he lives by his own set of rules and isn’t subject to the same investigative and judicial proceedings as the rest of Americans.

    And like President Nixon, who left office in disgrace for his crimes, President Obama is, as depicted in the video below, literally repeating the same excuses and deflections in a focused effort to avoid a similar fate.

    The comparison is striking.

    On August 9, 1974, president Richard Nixon resigned from office following damning revelations regarding a cover up relating to a break-in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex. Eventually the scandal also resulted in the indictment, trial, conviction, and incarceration of dozens of Nixon’s top administration officials.

    Prior to his resignation, Nixon’s responses to the scandal were to feign ignorance, point to inaccurate talking points provided by aides, cite national security, and encourage the media to let him do his job. Fascinatingly, Obama has made almost exactly the same comments.

    Is history repeating itself? Are the two presidents singing from the same scandal-ridden hymn sheet? Judge for yourself:

    Nixon: “I first learned from news reports…”

    Obama: “I first learned about it from the same news reports that I think most people learned about this.”

    Commentary and excerpts via Steve Watson at

    Watch as the Revealing Politics Blog provides a striking resemblance between Nixon and Obama:

    Equality already exists in America – at least it’s supposed to. That what the rule of law means. It is to be equally applied to every citizen of this country, including the President of the United States and his subordinates.

    And for the Office of the President, we have a legal procedure to ensure he is acting lawfully as he presides over the highest elected office of our land as a representative of the people. It’s called impeachment, and it is a process by which the Executive in Chief is held accountable to the people he represents.

    Somewhere along the way, it seems, the President, his millions of supporters and our Congressional membership lost their way and started living under the assumption that this elected representative can act with impunity and without being held to account for his actions.

    Obviously, the President and his administration are hiding something – most likely their involvement in the aforementioned scandals and crimes. Like any American, regardless of his religion, political belief or perceived status, he must be investigated for these crimes by an independent prosecutor. And he must be judged by his peers, in an open and transparent court.

    Otherwise, it’s time we openly admit that this country is no longer the Republic it was founded as.


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      1. Obama, both houses, and the media should all be tried but even in the judical system we have the same type of people.
        All we can do is hope for the best and prep for the worst.

        • If the Kenyan needs an all out war to keep his position of privilege and power and to avoid impeachment, he will provide an all out war… faster than he would have otherwise.

          • This is not a fair comparison, BO is at least 13 times (unlucky as can be) worse than nixon.

            @ Norse Prepper. You asked about the earthquake off the coast of California. This actuslly is an extensive of what is called the Garlock fault that cuts across the state north of Santa Barbara to Death Valley and Nevada border. The Garlock is a left lateral fault that shows the splitting effect between the North American and Pacific plate that is going on there. It is capable of a 7.7 to maybe 7.8 tops. It has not gone off in several hundred years and sometimes flares up. This could be a precursor to the San Andreas as the two intersect each other around the Grapevine which is Interstate 5. The 1857 San Andreas quake occurred very near here. Another area to watch.

            By the way there was an earthquake towards Prince Edwards Islands to day and this one targets only 3 regions; Central South America, Japan, and Taiwan. That is it. Real specific precursor quake.

            • CDC is preparing for H7N9 Pandemic…Are you?

              World Health Organization: Virus ‘a threat to the entire world’

              and this was posted on CNN

                • The last “threat to the world” started in Mexico and turned out to be manmade. It was all about money. Has anybody tested this one to see if it is manmade also?

                • Cool, I am ready to succumb / sarc

              • Yah and t is a damnable bioweapon, made by the USA.
                Hukkers unleashed it in China and now can simply sit nack and watch us die.

            • Thanks BI. Much appreciated!

              Good posts in the last few articles from the group. Awesome site and contributions by all.

              God Bless,

            • Thanks BI, I wwondered this morning about the earthquake in S. California. Is this what they call a swarm of quakes? Will it, or can you judge, if it will be a bunch of small quakes building up to a big one. I heard they sarted to call for a tsunami warning this morning. If there was a 8.5 plus on the San Andreas could that have a tsunami effect? If so how high was the largest tsunami wave ever recorded on the West Coast?

              Back to Obama. I am uterly and completely disgusted and disappointed with every branch of government there is. There is no longer any pacifying me. I stated right before March 1st that the time for action is upon us. The government(s) both states and federal started this and now it is time for the people to shake off the chains of tyranny. We must fight back or live as the Germans did before and during WW2.

              People compare Obama with Nixon, duh? You think?

              Well the people of the world will compare each of us as we have the Germans befire this is all over with if we do not stand up and demand a halt to the injustice’s of a socialized and tyranical society that has come to rule.

              P.S. A box of 22 LR here in Northern California is now $15.00 per box of 50 rounds. Thats right FIFTEEN DOLLARS for a box of 22 LR shells. The guy at the ammo shop in Colfax CA. told me he paid $13.00 each for them from the guy who sold them to him who bought them at a gun show.

              P.S.S. Since I havn’t been on the board in the last week or two I have not had time to throw out my two cents. I do not recognize the DHS police as law officers. I repeat for you government trolls I do not recognize DHS Police as having any power over me. If you don’t like it come for me and see what happens.


              • @ BigB. Even a 9 pointer on the San Andreas would likely do exactly like what happened with that mega strike slip last year west on Indonesia, a small tsunami. The fault moves horizontal and therefore even if it had some vertical lift as some now thin there is, the tsunami from this would be minimal. Now if the San Andreas triggered an underwater landslide like what happened in the Tonga area years ago, that is an entirely different story. In between Catalina Island and the coast are several areas capable of this. The tsunami from such a close by landslide could generate 50+ foot tsunamis just like in bays in which the energy is concentrated and is not allowed to spread out and lose its strength.

                The San Andreas will likely break from Mexico to Parkfield and be between 8.1-8.4. If it continues to the north, then you are talking about a mid to high 8 range. The Garlock fault I talked about today is a very strange fault and breaks every several hundred years, probably after the North America and Pacific plate have released their energy, in other words after the San Andreas breaks. A large san Andreas break could cause the Garlock to go off. Imagine having a 8+, then on another fault a high 7, then a couple or more smaller thrust faults be triggered. It happened like this in Mongolia many decades ago, thrusts fault went off after a similar type San Andreas went off there.

                I would say the largest recored tsunami in geologic record would be from an asteroid impact in the Pacific. The next largest tsunami would likely be from the Cascadia fault on the west coast. The next largest Pacific wide tsunami was probably from the eastern Russia faults up there near to where the largest deep focus earthquake ever happened last week.

            • LOL. Stop worrying about this clown. He has no more effect on your life than you let him.

              Learn who you are. Are you a citizen of the United States, subject to the whims of a CIA manufactured puppet? Or are you a child of God, with dominion over the Earth?

              It’s your choice…God gave you free will.

            • LOL. Stop worrying about this clown. He has no more effect on your life than you let him.

              Learn who you are. Are you a citizen of the United States, subject to the whims of a CIA manufactured puppet? Or are you a child of God, with dominion over the Earth?

              It’s your choice…God gave you free will.

          • John Q. Public

            Obama does not have the real power to go to war; the global elite decide, who, where and when. Legally Congress declares war but since WWII its been redefined as a Police Action, Conflict and the like.

          • I’d wager NOTHING will happen to obummer. He has the unchallenged support of the parasites who rule by secrecy. Obummer will be held in position, at all costs, and will continue to turn America into a neo-soviet police state.

            Expect the propganda organs to work overtime to convince everyone that everything is OK, never mind the vast right-wing conspiracy we’ve all heard so much about.

            America is no longer a Republic, it was usurped from within, long ago. All you see happening now, is the final takedown. You cannot “vote” yourself out of this one.

            When will people look deep within themselves, and face the facts at hand? When will people face who really runs America, who is destroying Western Civilization? How many more thousand cuts will you take? What will it take for people to say “Enough”? Time is short.

          • Good God Joe Biden as president, now wait just a minute!

        • US Dollar Losing Reserve Status
          “The U.S dollar is shrinking as a percentage of the world’s currency supply, raising concerns that the greenback is about to see its long run as the world’s premier denomination come to an end.”

          “…the dollar as a percentage of total world money supply. That total has plunged from nearly 90 percent in 1952 to closer to 15 percent now. ”

          “To the degree that China succeeds in increasing its market share of the world’s currency market, the United States is the loser,”

          “For a country with a budget deficit in excess of $1 trillion a year, the consequences of losing standing as the world’s reserve currency would be dire.”

          “If the dollar loses status as the world’s most reliable currency the United States will lose the right to print money to pay its debt. It will be forced to pay this debt,”

          The Dying Dollar and the Rise of a New Currency Order
          “The problem for the United States will be to manage the transition. Trillions of dollars that will no longer be needed will have to be repatriated and this will lead to very strong inflationary pressures at home.”

          “But when the dollar loses its current status, long term price rises will become the norm.”

          “The Greatest Depression has only just started.”

          • Incredibly interesting reading.

            What is their evidence for a Peak Oil scam? Over-hyped… I could buy that… but outright scam?

            If so, I’ve been duped and I’d like very much to know about it for future reference. Have we got any figures for untapped known reserves?

            • The Monterey Shale in California holds a 70 year supply of hydrocarbons for the US at current consumption rates. That does not include the ever expanding Bakken in Dakota, the Utica Shale in NY/PA, the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas, and a host of others in the USA. This does not include the Green River Basin in the Mt West with an estimate 30 billion barrels of oil equivalent.

              WE are awash in oil and gas.

              Globally there MANY locations with as much oil in both Africa and Asia and Australia / NZ that has not yet been tapped. Then of course there is Central Asia and Afghanistan.

              Did you think the war in Afghanistan was about politics? Yes, you have been duped! 🙂

              • DK

                The USSR and now the US want a pipeline through Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean. The Soviets we’re bottlenecked at Turkey. The Multinational Oil Companies are bottlenecked in Georgia.

                Its about control. Kissinger said it, “Control the oil and you control the nation”. “Control the food and you control the people”.

                • @Kevin2,

                  You said “The USSR and now the US want a pipeline through Afghanistan to the Indian Ocean.” That would be the same US that doesn’t want one in it’s own country approximatley the same length. MFers.


                  • Yep same US. The US operates at the bequest of the banking financial elite. The politicians are actors to ostensibly legitimatize in the mind of the body politic the direction we take and sell it as being in our best interests. The weak minded and those too busy with their personal life to investigate, reason and think buy the illogical logic they’re presented. Those politicians that do well selling going one way when we should be going another are elevated to high status. Bill Clinton holds that position best in recent times. BO was doing very well but ego overtook prudence and he has potentially partially hobbled himself and therefore the agenda of the power elite. Thats called in modern times an “Unsuccessful Presidency”.

                    Big B

                    They want that oil to go to China to control her oil supply. “The environment” is the ostensible reason.

                • k2: The route for the Russian and US desired pipelines are different. I disagree that the multi-nationals are bottled necked in Georgia.

                  The West (japan) also wants Russia and China to build a pipeline from Irkutsk to China and to Japan to transport Siberian oil. That has been in the planning stages for ten years, at least.

                  • The pipeline from The Stans for export goes into Turkey by way of Georgia. Turkey was the USSRs problem while Georgia is the Multi Nationals problem. Afghanistan was the solution for both but some nasty boys that don’t like outsiders posed a problem for both.

              • Sorry Durango, as a petro engineer and former rig jockey, your figures just don’t add up and we certainly aren’t “awash in oil”. The sites you mention all involve significant cost to produce and all have a high likelihood of peaking quickly.

                • DrOil; You are the Phd in oil from Stanford right?

                  • Durango….Stanford has no phd in petroleum engineering?? Wow, that degree hanging on my wall must be a mirage. What a silly little boy you are. You might want to check Stanford’s web page for the list of programs before making yourself look downright silly. “Awash in oil”….I’ll bet you still believe in the tooth fairy too.

                • Lots of oil & gas is still underground, but we’ve already gotten the cheap, easy stuff.

                  • There’s still a lot of cheap, easy stuff if you know where to look. The earth has barely been drilled and there is no reason to drill when people are willing to pay $4.00 a gallon for gasoline for known sources of oil.

                    Dr Oil’ I ask again, are you the famous Dr Oil with a Phd in Oil from Stanford?

                  • DK: Do You also notice a pattern with the Peak Oil folks like I do?…IE: compare peak oil to both issues of Global warming & Population growth will end life completely etc.

                    All 3 groups, peak oil-peak humans-global warming, use the Eaxct same tactics and methods in all they argue for or against. Global warming now proven a Hoax full of massive lies and scientists who sold out for $$$ to Gore et al. Exposed a couple yrs ago as Frauds. What do they do Next? Admit its a lie/hoax? NO! Never admit that!

                    Instead, Change their wordings to “Climate CHANGE”! Duh! of course climate changes. It is why in many regions we have FOUR seasons. Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring. Repeats every year as usual and NORMAL. Climate change is akin to when Liberal femnazis began with Abortion. Prolifers said “Thats Pre meditated Murder”. Femnazis Then change wordings to…Womans “Choice”-Then-Right to choose-Then-A womans right to Reproductive rights!(My favorite!) who can argue that yes women have the right to “reproduce/make a baby”? But any smart kid 5yrs old now knows what lib femnazis REALLY mean. They want an govnt ok to commit Murder plain and simple.

                    Global warming is Really agenda 21 swindle to scam folks Out of MORE taxes to fund a nwo and the UN which it intends to use as HQ for NWO Beauracracies and dictators main office buildg.

                    That got exposed as a huge hoax-swindle so Change wordings to Climate change and get all MSM’s to promote That as if something “different”.

                    Then we got PEAK OIL! Over 40+ yrs we heard Oil will run dry anyday now! The sky is falling! everybody MUST abandon cars and ride a bicycle or walk!( except of course for al gore or bloomberg et al, They get to Keep all 12 huge mansions and all 87 autos and several Jet Planes as They are Deserving to use of all the gas or fuels or electric powered stuff one can dream of).

                    Folks wised up, caught on, so Now what do Peak Oil promotors do? CHANGE wordings! like all the typical libs forementioned with each of Their “Pet” projects designed to garner Them absolute control over all others(Me & You).

                    Now we see Peak Oil switch or change words to “Yes there is still plenty of Oil…BUT!(theres that most often word libs use always. “BUT” or some use “However”.) BUT! its too Costly to get that Oil!…THEN folks invent Better methods for drilling etc…So…Change it again to…Yes BUT! Even If they can drill better and there is Plenty of oil all over the planet(more being found bi-weekly it seems) Its going to run dry quick so its Still Not worth going after it!.

                    By Changing wordings they can go on almost eternally without never having to Admit they are wrong.

                    I never realized how in common peak oil folks really are with the “others” whos main concerns are abortion-global warming/tree hugging etc. It kinda jumped out at me while reading these post replies. Whenever they cannot argue it due to someone else shows the facts of new oil discoveries or tons of huge ships Parked out at sea full of oil without a place to offload for a month wait etc. They Change the wordings or change the entire claim.

                    Yet so far after 1/2 a century now all such folks are and has been Wrong. Plenty oil still and More found again and again. Abortion=Still Murder!. And This spring was 2nd COLDEST on Record!=along with Tons of proof of global warming Scam it too Bytes the proverbial Dust.

                    Don’t worry though…They all will be back just like them Gun Grabbers who always come back soon as they think up…New Changes in the “Wordings” or Reinvent “meanings” of wordings! I Plan to Fill My Harley Gas tanks with Premium Grade Gas and use it Up as fast as posible so I can get More! Just doing My part for the economy to keep things Rolling along swell and smooth. Not much is sweller than a smooth Harley ride eh.

                  • Them Guys: Its all about the money. Yes there is a limited supply, but the US has proven reserves for at least 150 years at present rates of consumption; without additional discoveries.

                    No oil shortage here.

                    Global warming is all about the money too. The UN has been trying to find an independent source of funding for their One World Government programs. Thus, Global warming and a “carbon tax”. The UN also wants to get in on an Internet Tax.

                    Weather is changing because the Poles are moving, HAVE moved. The coldest spots are always at the Poles. Thus OUR weather is changing.

                    Dr Oil with the Phd in Petroleum from Stanford: You are a lying POS. Stanford does not have any degree programs in Oil and Gas, let alone a Phd. What a liar!

                    LMFAO!!! 🙂

              • Well no, I thought Afghanistan was about a pipeline…

                Shale. Hmm. Recoverable? I heard that stuff drops off rather precipitously rather quickly…

                • Afghanistan is one convoluted place where the USSR wanted a pipeline and the US supplied the resistance arms to in essence stop the pipeline. Once the Multi National Oil Companies could get to the oil in the Stans post USSR collapse they wanted the pipeline. The indigenous Afghans want to grow opium. There are plots and counter plots and a false flag or two thrown in for good measure to get the people here, there and everywhere to believe its about freedom, terrorism, democracy when its about good old fashioned wealth and control.

                • Theguy,
                  You are correct.
                  All the science about Peak oil is correct too, and it is answered by a very simple history lesson, without a lot of numbers and crap.
                  The USA used to be a mighty EXPORTER of oil… Japan got pissed when Roosevelt said NO, thus WWII was begun over OIL.(at least the Japanese half) Today, we IMPORT oil… what happened? Peak oil has already happened, it happened in the 1970’s, just like M.King Hubbert(sp) predicted, and we were left with ‘stripper’ wells all over the formerly rich lands.

                  Now, ask yourselves (DK especially), what is a ‘stripper’ well? When you answer that question you see the folly in the desperate men’s eyes.
                  Finance is about the future…eh? They KNOW, that without oil, there is nothing to ‘finance’… Those ‘stripper’ wells are the result of DECADES of PUMPING of FINITE RESERVOIRS. Once a reservoir gets 50% empty, the pressure falls off to the point where it gets more and more expensive to pump it out of the ground… thus, they’re not worth running because it costs more to pump it, than it brings at market….
                  The higher the oil goes, the more stripper wells are uncapped and brought online.

                  This is EROEI in action. Energy Return on Energy Invested.
                  DK and the finance community are the ones full of HYPE and BULLSHIT. They are desperate men, desperately trying to extend the unextendable. The oil sands, the fracking, destroy mother nature in the process. (Will the new madrid be more stable because of the Gulf of Mexico ‘accident’? Does fracking crack the crust and make it less stiff? Does anybody except ‘liberal nuts’ ask the question? The Athabasca (sp) oil sands, have turned the northwest areas around them into polluted dead zones full of the waste products of their desperation… but they could care less because it keeps them in ‘the oil bidness’.

                  EROEI is also at work in the fracking operations… which, MUST maintain CONSTANT drilling operations because those wells begin to peak and die in less than a YEAR! This requires CONSTANT FINANCE, STEEL and SELLING OF STOCK! But do they get enough oil out, to pay for the money and steel ‘inputs’? Barely, and only at high prices. Now, compare that to the stripper wells and you get the picture of rich men desperately trying to maintain their empires.

                  What is the answer?
                  “… they pound their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks, and neither learn war, anymore…” Something new from something old. Forget ‘globalism’, think trains and local production as much as possible. But even then, without a major population reduction, we have ‘peak’; farmland, water, minerals. These are the future of our children, but nobody cares about them… oh no, “WE have enough to last X years”…

                  Your grandchildren will despise you, as the most wasteful generation in history. Its not global warming or climate change you all should worry about, but; Earth Change.

                  Even BI tells you that the Earth is rumbling in anger, yet you see her as simply a thing to be exploited. She is your mother, and without her, what do you have? In this regard the Natives were correct, and we were the Barbarians. Still are. Barbarians don’t care about anything except ‘getting their’s… we ‘conquered’ nature, and she will have her revenge.

                  Agenda 21 is a scam, for sure, but governments do know something we pathetic creatures don’t care about. In this regard the liberals are right, but wrong in the way they want to handle it. They think we are too stupid to do things properly, and if so, who’s fault is that? They are the ones who have dumbed down the kids… Conservatives, instead of seeking the truth, and finding answers, simply dig in their heels and pronounce BS, while closing their minds to anything that is a threat to their infinite growth paradigm.

                  These are the ideologies of the Rich, in conflict, instead of seeking truth. Both of them seeking the wrong path to resolving the problems of today, their resolutions are nothing but extensions of their need for power and control. They are under the head of gold, that keeps you in conflict, and eventually, the head wins because of your divisions on the left and right legs. The love of money, is, the root of all evil.

                  The Sword of Truth is always in the flat of the blade that connects the two edges together.

              • Dk,
                There you go again, selling…

                You’re a smart guy… read about EROEI.

                Energy Return on Energy Invested.
                You will see that these fracking plays, require constant inputs… it is a desperation play by desperate men.

                There is not enough finance or steel to keep it up long term. They are high cost operations, and when they flood the markets they shoot themselves in the foot.

                I know you come from the finance side of the ‘house’, but understand something… your infinite growth model is destroying the finite Earth, and you will reap your rewards.

                • PM: I am not selling anything. Don’t need too. I got mine. I am relating the facts and the knowledge I know. The data that I have presented is factual. Whether you or anyone else believes what I say is of no consequence to me.

                  “Stripper wells” have been existence long before “fracking” was ever an issue. Yes every reservoir is finite. WE will run out of commercial quantities of Oil & Gas eventually. Its just that there are many more reservoirs than anyone thought. Most of the great oil & gas fields were developed at known seeps. We now have 3D and 4D exploration technologies to make new discoveries underground.

                  WE are awash in Oil & Gas!

                  By the time We run out of Oil & gas in the USA in more than 100 years, We will have developed new, clean technologies to replace hydrocarbons. IE a 90% increase in solar cell efficiency now makes a PV cell 43% efficient.

                  I am not an advocate for hydrocarbons. I would prefer that the US government take the annual trillion dollar HC subsidy and retrofit all of OUR homes with solar shingles with the money.

                  The reality is that WE are AWASH in oil & gas for the next hundred years! 🙂

                  • There you go again with the fairy tales. Oil at or over $100/barrel destroys our economy. The cheap, easy stuff is long gone.

                  • and the tooth fairy is real!!

                  • What DrOil said…
                    You will be despised by the great great grandchildren Dk…why?

                    What else do you get from oil? What ‘downstream products’ Dk?
                    All you care about is sucking the Earth dry to keep the Game going. A Game, that will leave your great grand children without the means for petrochemicals, the BASIS of plastics, medicines and many other products…
                    But, you are of the ‘don’t worry, “somebody will think of something” crowd. Just so you can keep drilling and pumping.
                    The resources of the Earth, ARE NOT YOURS to do with what you will, they are the legacy of the generations… besides, DROil is correct, all these ‘plays’, are very EROEI intense, and not profitable with oil below $100 bbl.

                    I would spend my time trying to invent a submersible multistage deep well enhanced pumping system, to pump the existing played out reservoirs. But, when that happens, just like before, when the oil prices went back down, people lose incentive and need to invent something else… so in that regard you are right. But, it still doesn’t have any thought for the future generations, which, is a systemic issue… the main reason why, YOUR system NEEDS TO FALL.

                    I curse your attitude of selfishness.

          • KY MOM…on a side note, someone posted awhile back,about not finding any newly printed FRN’S. GUESS WHAT ??? There were none to be found !!!! of any denomination with a print date later than 2009. I have been looking for around 3 months.
            Some are brand new (CRISP) but none were printed later than 2009. ZERO, ZIP, NADA.
            I was telling someone this the other day, and his response to me was How can that true? they show us all the time on tv ,that we are printing money. WHY???

            • Howdy kaynine,

              Yes, we were discussing that a while back. I think perhaps it was DK who noticed that odd fact and here posted it first. That said, Why?

              Cash has ALWAYS been a misery for the Banking Class, it’d portable, is accepted ‘value’ (at least in years previous’ in transactions and is all but impossible to assurately track…

              Solution: Get RID of the ‘Cash’…

              “Ummm, WHAT?!” , you say, consider; over just the last few years each time the Feds M-7 (I THINK that is the tracker here) is published, which IS the amount of FRN’s ‘in Print’, it just keeps going DOWN…and down …and down. When ‘Bank Cards’ first came into existence didn’t eveyone rush out to get one? The credit card company’s had LONG before realized that ONLY a per centage of the population was WILLING to be so ‘ensnared’, to be tied to something OUTSIDE of any real control by the user…don’t you HAVE to run that Credit card through SOME form of validation – anywhere – before it’s ‘accepted’ for a transaction? Sure do.

              Sooo, what do the poor Bankers DO…to get EVERYONE to accept that level of CONTROL over them…over thier LIVES. Simple, make the use of all such ‘plastic money’ an EASY thing in day-today life…make it something that is ‘ubiquitos’…everywhere. While you are doing that SLOWLY, CAREFULLY collect the printed FRN’s as they come back through ordinary circulation and in return only let a per centage of those back out into ciculation in return. The number of ‘plausible’ mechanisms one can cover this action with are many, the most obvious of which is the simple detruction of those bills deemed ‘BAD’…’unserviceable’ is the term used.

              Eventually, as more and more bills are so drawn from the economy a funny thing happens…day-by-day it becomes more and more difficult – broadly – to NOT use ‘plastic’ to pay your bills, to buy your food, to go get a pizza. Subtly, slowly, the pressure to go ‘plastic’ icreases daily , Eh? The POWER of the Banking Class in a World where EVERY TANSACTION MUST be ‘pre-approved’ through electronic means is INFINITE, Literally.

              Imagine IF you ‘offened the State’, meaning the Banker’s on some level…wasn’t there a movie out some years ago wherein a young woman’s life was methodically DESTROYED by someone who was able to close her accounts, alter her tax records, revoke her license at the DMV?
              Jut so..imagine if all that you were supposed to be ‘worth’ just suddenly ‘Went up in smoke’, in an instant.

              THAT is the FUTURE…for everyone who adopts THAT control paradigm, who participates in the Banker’s Final, Ultimate Creation…to Be and to Live at the Whim of those unseen, at whose arbitrary whim you may be “NULLIFIED” in a very REAL sense….by no more than few keystrokes on a keyboard somewhere…in a dark room.

              The Christians here will recognize this schema, ‘Being unable to Buy or Sell, unless you have the MARK…” Only the physical method of placing somesuch into a Human body is yet unrevealed…but there are advanced RFID chips everywhere everything we buy and use…and there isn’t a half-year period go by lately, that some enterprsising Police departmanet somewhere doesn’t come down squarely on the side of ‘Micro-chipping OUR Children for positive ID help identify them after a CRIME’…is there?

              Just sayin’ here

              Soon, Mine will be BEYOND the reach of any such…I WILL NEVER allow such a thing to occur…EVER. Regarless of whether you are of the ‘Christian persuasuion’ or no, does ANYONE think that THAT is a GOOD Idea…given the clear pattern of machination of those at the TOP?


              • The mark would be Casus belli, they tag cattle….

                • Yes…but in THIER EYES we are…’Cattle’…nothing else.


              • JOG

                I think you have a stellar idea, and I agree with
                almost everything you just put forth.
                When the dollar, euro, mark, yen, etc all go down
                the shitter the UN – IMF – WTO will be eagerly
                waiting in the wings to rescue everyone with a new
                one-world monetary system to save us all.
                I do believe this is why governments are purposely
                sabotaging our currency systems at light speed.
                Of course, for anyone to participate in this new
                marvel of money magic, no gun owners will be able
                to play along. No ticky–no eaty.

                • Howdy OW!

                  I BELIEVE that you have just “hit the ‘pon it’s very head” Friend. The carnage being wrought throughout every ‘Civilized National System’ on the financial structures thereof, on this Planet can no longer be constued as ‘incidental’ of ‘accidental consequence’…can they?

                  The actions of ALL the Central Banks to debauch thier own currency’s in favor of ‘competitiveness’ would otherwise be laughable…were the consequences NOT so very, very grave. As I have aid before, I DO watch the on-going antics in the Financial sector closely and have so for some time, years in fact. From that. I can NO Longer conclude that there is an ‘out’ at this stage of the activity we are witnessing. In order for such to occur, the memebers of the ‘Civilized World’ wold NECCESARILY have to accept a standard of libving that is not very muh better than that found in many third worild nations…in order that the endles appetite’s of the ‘Wealthy’ remain sated…

                  i ask those here, thereor, “Will you give up most everything you cherish for THOSE to continue to Live Free of Care or Concern…especially for YOU…or will you DO something else. The time remaining in which it is even POSSIBLE to make such a choice is fast fading…Daily those who are at the top, ‘The Invisibles’ among us, secure more and more of the World to THEMSELVES…and to thier Children, leaving nothing for anyone else.

                  Your Chidren’s Chidren will live in a World so dominated by tHOSE that it will look like nothing so much as what was recently portrayed in the movie “The Hunger Games’…that IS what awaits.

                  The urge to POWER is as old as Humanity…is it not? Yet soon Humanity must make a Final Choice…for even the PTB HAVE misjudged what will soon come. When that occurs, there will BE NO Gaurantee that more than a mere hadnful of living Humans will remain, alive. Humankinds ability to prosecute WAR is now on such a level that no matter who ‘starts it’, it will be, in conclusion, as Messr. Einstein said when asked the question, “What weapons will WWIII be fought with…” to which he replied,

                  “I do not know what weapons WWIII will be fought with …but WWIV WILL be fought with ‘sticks and stones’.”

                  As I have said here, the time reamining in which a Choice CAN be made is now growing shorter with each passing day…and those who refuse to make a Choice will have done so by that action alone…the Choice will be MADE for them, by others.

                  Choose, or not….


                  • JOG

                    We’re on the same wave-length, Good Buddy

              • @ JOG…. so were close??? the writing is on the wall for all to read.I do find it ironic that the newest bills to be printed will be the new $100 frn’s think weimer republic here!!!
                not much time left?????
                1. world wide flu pandemic.
                2. collapse of japans economy,
                3. world wide financial chaos to follow,along with a war in the middle east involving Isreal.
                4. things get real ugly, fast.
                5. a new world leader steps in…. savior???
                6. our planet and population will suffer from relentless global disaster.famine,flood,earthquakes,volcano’s,nukes asteroid’s,DID I LEAVE ANYTHING OUT???? death tolls will be in the billions 1/3 of mankind.
                OH WELL… Just keep saying (it’s only a movie)….sorry went off on a tangent…

                • kaynine

                  Love your tangents.
                  The stone gets heavy for me to bear alone sometimes

                • Howdy kaynine!

                  CLOSE enough that it is ‘time for Me and Mine to go’… at least, that is now my humble opimion. I see no safety from the hazards to come, from Tyranny unless one is fully situated BEFORE the fact, in a place of relative safety; by which I mean AS FAR from Humanity as possible…thus and so.

                  And no…I don’t think you missed a thing! 🙂

                  Best wishes to all….


                • So many evils are committed that almost the entire world is undone and desolate. Nostradamus

                • There were more $100 bills printed last year than $1 bills. I read that there were no $10 bills at all printed last year.

              • JustOneGuy,

                They are working on it.

                This technology has been around for some time. It has been tested on dogs. The medical records of a “chipped dog” can be brought up and reviewed quickly.

                I have read that the “chip implementation of the US population” was in the original healthcare bill (what page?), but the language was removed from the final bill that passed.

                Yet, some of the language in the healthcare bill is so “vague” – granting the government run “health advisory committee” the authority to “institute new health mandates.” So, this very well may return at some point.

                In October 2011 I read an article that said, “Israel ordered microchips for their military.” I found the website, but can’t link to that article anymore.
                The website (for Positive ID Corporation) is focused on development of the RFD chip for as they say…medical purposes.

                On the same website I did find this article,
                “U.S. Department of Homeland Security Directs and FUNDS Development of PositiveID Corporation’s Ricin Detection Assay to Protect Nation Against Biological Threats”

                I found this part interesting, “As an additional advantage, with minimal effort, this assay can be reconfigured to fit other commercial platforms.”

                investors dot positiveidcorp dot com

                • Hi KY!

                  Yes, the ‘dog’ thing has been in play for some time…I sed to raise those – as a business on the side – and am well aware of that. What I am mmore closely refering to is a ‘chip’ embedded – in flesh – which could be read from a distance o some few meters (yards) which could thertefor serve as an irrefuteable means of TRACJIN all that one does at any ‘portal’ to much a of anything; stores, theatres, restaurants, etc, et al and which wold thereafter become the BASIS for all transactions…such would be – IMHO – a sufficient reason to immediately begin a purge of Humanity, of all those who in any way, shape or form were condign with that…Why?

                  As we have al here moted even a transition toa digital currency would give the PTB VAST power to ingluence the behaviours of thier ‘minions’, Yes? Sooo, what would be the further efffect of ‘Perfect, Incontrovertible IDENTIFICATION of Humans on an Individual level”?

                  THAT can NEVER be so much as THOUGHT or ALLOWED to be thought, by ANY, ANYWHERE….for the result would be perpetual, inescapable Subjegation…Forever. At the first HINT that somesuch was ‘in the Works’ the response would need to be – absolutely – MANDATORY and Instantaneous….EXTIRPATION. If not there would NEVER be a way out…EVER.

                  Another one nearly as bad – IMHO – i the trend of late to the development of ‘autonomous hunter-killers’…not ogf the order of ‘Terminator’…nowhere nears that yet, but Technology DOES improve at every turn does it not? The development of such as those sHOULD ONLY be regarded as a crime against ALL HUMANITY, for which the only concieveable penalty would naturally be…Totality.

                  Niether of these things mut EVER be allowed on ANY level lest finally those who always shield themselves and thier Evil spawn from AL harm to simp;ly ait back and watch us all be herded or as easily, removed at whim, remotely…with not a hint of danger to THEM.

                  Again, THAT must NEVER be conscienced by any Mind, anaywhere….though of late I begin – seriosly – to consider that those might JUST have somesuch as that in Mind…As said, I AM removing mine…as well myself, to Safety, shortly.

                  Perhaps, today i the last ime we shall be able to ‘speak’…I have always repected your comments M’am…always. In you I see the Awakened, LIVING MIND, Operant….I am therefor grateful to have had the privilege of knowing your thought’s….Fare Thee Well Friend,

                  “May He Bless Thee and Keep Thee…and ALL that is of Thee, which IS Thine, and may you come to dwell in His House – in which there are Many Mansions – Forever. Amen.”

                  JOG *Till we meet again…Perhap not until the ‘Far Side’…I WILL SEE you there, certainly…*

            • Paper money does not have a printing date on it. The year you see is a series year. It doesn’t change until the bill is redesigned, most often because one of the signatures has to be changed because the previous person has been replaced.

            • Paper money does not have a printing date on it. The year only changes when a bill is redesigned. Most often this is when one of the signatures has to be changed because someone got replaced. So there are a number of years that don’t show up on paper money.

              • Nobody ever seems to mention that besides create more money…The fed also Destroys old/worn money too. The same folks with the power to create it also have the power to burn it in their huge furnace used for that. And it is very likly that if china or whoever else ever tries to screw the usa money system by sending massive amounts Back to america? They can burn that to ashes also if need be done.

                How can america end up with any type wiemer germany hyperinflation, Unless same as germany the usa Citizens get hold of massive amounts of Cash money to Spend?

                Before we can Ever see so many Millions of folks here pushing a litteral wheelbarrow full of us dollars to the store to buy a loaf of bread, like old photos of germany. Somebody or something Must first Pass Out such mass amounts of Cash dollar bills to a vast majority of the People to do that right.

                Does anybody here really think we will see such occure? Yet unless for example the fed govnt all of a sudden sends a check to cash in at banks for us dollars and a Huge check ammount to Tens of Millions of Households or individuals. Then there wont be, probobly Can’t be any such “Hyper-Inflated” scenario.

                At some point if prices keep riseing and no such checks get sent out, not many folks will Buy anything without the cash to pay it. What happens when store owners cannot sell goods? The stores LOWER Prices to attract Buyers right.

                Hardly any so called money economic experts speak of it, but it seems the real deal we may see is Deflated amounts of available cash. If vast majority have way less to spend, prices must go LOWER or nothing gets sold. Or so little is sold stores close.

                Just because most every money expert read the same expert books and now parrots the exact same hyper inflation crys does not mean that is a sure thing.

                I never read any books such as adam smith or the several other so called experts on economics etc…But my question is has america or other nations ever yet tried Those guys books advice in the methods to run Their nations cash etc?

                Because if none has yet tried any adam smith methods or the several Other expert book guys plans, then so far all they really are is Theorys untill actually tried right.

                I ask as I do not know. Has those guys methods yet been tried in any country yet? If answer is No…Then perhaps those plans aint so swell neither. Nobody really knows untill it is tried and proven effective right.

                One things certain. No matter how many other plans or ideas anybody else speaks of, we will never find out if it is good or not Unless the current crop of “rulers” decide to try it out. That seems Unlikly as long as They get wealthier daily. I think they can manipulate amounts of money in circulation nearly forever without crashing anything. Unless they Want to crash it.

                I been saying over 40+ yrs that they will go to cashless debit style in order to implement that biblical mark and that it will consist of some form computer implant(chip, but 40 yrs ago we didnt have that word to use yet).

                Unless or untill they decide to switch systems to cashless with implant chips, it is very possible they can keep this current system as long as They want to. And if they do switch it, where is it written in stone that they cannot do so in a “controled” switch to Avoid chaos etc?

                I just do not see any mandatory hyperinflation event if they do not want it. Perhaps the Real “HYPE” is comming from so many who keep Parroting it everywheres. Especially them whos selling something! Like Gold perhaps.

                What if they get everyone on that computer ID included in their “Immigration Reform” policy? That will verify Who can work at ANY job. Between that ID system and the other folks on some form food stamps or soc sec etc combined, they will then have every person in Their system. At that point whenever they desire to, they can switch “Gradually” to a forced Cashless with chip Implant ID’s(666/mark). And do so withOUT causeing chaos at all.

                No chaos=No civil war-revolts-or problems. Just a smooth transfer into a totally New cashless system of total absolute control over most every single person.

                And no matter what plans we may claim to have now, to actually go off grid and off all forms money is not going to work as we plan it. How do you do Barter across 3000 miles of america? And do so withOUT gas or cars etc and NO phones-NO mail address etc? If you really think hard along these lines of probobilities they can enforce on us all….It is very likly every posibility we have or can think of to bypass it and keep surviving will not work out for us. That may end up being the main catalyst to set off true civil war or revolt. That point is truly Nothing else left to lose time.

            • Excellent article. Think it is right on.

        • The entire system is corrupt beyond imagination..from top down..always has been & always will be..and we pay the price through taxation without representation a million fold..never mind the erosion of all our rights and the Constitution on a daily basis..

          Question is..just whom is going to initiate justice?

          and when?


          • When the Changes occur, the NWO will move to consolidate their dictatorship through Martial Law and gun confiscation. Gun confiscation will be the que for Patriots to hunt them down like the DOGS and Traitors that they are.

            The NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 1000 yards.

            All politics are local. Patriots are responsible for defending the US Constitution in their neck of the woods. Create a Freedom Cell. Be an army of one.


            • Right. This is 1860. We have the same weapons as the federal government, right?

              • Barn Cat

                Farts against nerve gas? Even really stinking beer high protein food bean carbohydrate powered farts can’t compete.

                These people are nuts. Preparing against civil disorder is one thing. They think if the existing system did get dissolved that there are Thomas Jeffersons in the waiting to organize something better? Hell the damn opportunists would have a clean slate to rewrite a Constitution. That is damn scary.

                The battle is political and the place to make a difference is in the primaries of both party’s in House & Senate.

                • How can I make a difference in the primaries when there is only one name on the ballot?

                  • Those people are internally voted on to get on the ballot initially. It takes far less people to stack the deck at that point but its by and large ignored by the body politic more content to spend 30 minuets the second Tuesday in November to do their civic duty.

              • Barn Cat: WE don’t need the same weapons as the FEDERAL government. O’Bummer himself said: “Any government that turns it weapons against the people are not fit to govern them.”

                He was speaking about Syria of course, but the words are equally applicable to any government; including OUR own.
                Shoot and scoot when Gun Confiscation is attempted.

                100 million gun owners hold the future of the Republic in their hands. There are too many Federal Officers eating out OUR substance; but not enough Federal officers to address Armed American Insurgents defending the US Constitution and American Sovereignty when the NWO declares the North American Union in force and effect under UN auspices.

                Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.

            • KIdd- Do you take pills for that problem?

              • @Jack,

                You think DK has a problem? What pills are you on?


              • Hey Jack! I suggest you ask yourself why there are empty NAU Secretariat Offices located in DC, Montreal, and Mexico City with everything in place, waiting for the word from DC that the US Constitution has been dissolved; the NAU is in force and effect; and your money will be designated in Ameros rather than dollars.

                This will be attempted when the NWO has made citizens of enough illegal foreign nationals to call a Referendum for America to vote to merge into the NAU with Mexico. Mexicans will look at this as “Reconquista”.

                With more than 30 million latinos legally granted citizenship since 1980 and another 30 million waiting in the wings waiting for the next Amnesty, how long to you think it will take before they have enough Mexicans in the States to fly the North American Union Flag instead of the Stars and Stripes?

                Get a clue Jack.

                • @Durango— sooooooo……… what pills are you on?

            • DK you are correct. It will take the extreme removal of the heads of the snake. This means whether it be at the supermarket, podium, or random walk of life. Properly timed precision strikes. Not from a lone gunman mind you, but hundreds of patriot minded citizens throughout the country. I does not take equal military to battle the US military. Hell, look what resistance the shoestring Afganis and Iragis are able to mount against the mightest military in the world. It can and will be done.

              • 100 million American Patriots hold the future of the Republic in their hands, but it would only take a few thousand Freedom Cells of ONE, to totally eliminate the talking head foreigners that spread the propaganda, and the Traitors that introduce legislation to revoke OUR rights and “fundamentally change America”.

                Eliminate the most prominent and vocal NWO scum and the rest of the lemmings will get the message that this nation is still American in nature and will remain so.

                Read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots. This is the future of America. Victory will be difficult, but victory is assured. No one should doubt that.


          • When? Probably not in our lifetimes.

            • Within the next twenty years at max.

              • @Kidd- Kid how old are you, 12?

                The next 20 years.? GOOD CALL> I’ll mark my calender.

                That comes right after the collapse that the people were talking about being imminent 30 years ago…

                how’d that work out for them?

        • Obama is not even half the President Nixon was. At least Nixon’s foreign policy did not make us the laughingstock of the world.

          Also Nixon did not bankrupt us with reckless spending like Obama.

          • Nixon, is the ONE who defaulted us… August 15,1971

            HE alone removed us from the Bretton woods system by ‘closing the gold window’, and converting the dollar to toilet paper.
            So WHO do you think caused the last 40 years of monetary chaos?
            Read history, or be condemned to repeat it.

            • @ PIPER…dont bring FACTS into this place…you confuse people.
              Nixon- good
              Obama- bad

              that’s what they need to hear. Please don’t confuse them with facts.

        • When the sheriff in town (Holder) and the citizen’s voice (the media) are in on the corruption, there is little we can do except let things get ridiculous and then utilize our killing skills when the time comes. I see no other way down the road. Our forefathers anticipated this and were aware it was only a matter of time.

        • Sorry to be a little off topic but this could be a big false flag event: The alleged mailing of ricin to Mayor Bloommberg in NYC and to his organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns in D.C. Bloomberg (the turd that won’t flush) is leaving office soon and his group is almost totally defunked because of the widespread arrests of so many of his mayoral collegues on charges from bribery, to embezzlement, to pornography, to assault and battery on law enforcement, just to name a few crimes. Bloomberg and his organization are all but finished since they lost in the Senate and are of no cedible threat to anyone. So why now with this ricin threat? This so-called ricin scare was the lead story on ABC this Wednesday when Obama is surrounded on all sides by the criminal activities of his administration, and none of it appears to be going away. Nice timing wouldn’t you say? This seems more like a desparate attempt to switch the public’s eyes away from Obama, even if it’s for a little while, by Obama’s remaining supporters. There will be no doubt that the FBI lead by Obama’s chief henchman Eric (The Incompetent) Holder, will find some poor sucker (with far right wing ties) to blame this on. They will then try to switch the country’s attention away from Obama’s wrong-doings and try to re-focus their energy on the danger of all those “gun-nuts”. Nice try you Lefties, but it won’t work.

          • Obviously a FF. Where does one get ricin? Sounds more dangerous to an ameteur attacker than to the intended victim.

          • Another issue was also on RT tv news. All I saw so far was on the bottom of tv screen, where it shows a rolling written news update info. There was a snippet of news says FBI agents shot dead a guy they were questioning and that guy was a pal of the Boston Bombing perp.

            Nothing more was reported yet I am aware of. weather this means anything or is another scam to take eyes away from hobammys troubles etc? I got no clue of. It did seem like a good potential for such though when I read it.

            • PS: Forgot to include: Guy shot dead by FBI was Unarmed.

        • If Obama’s wrong GOD will deal with him soon if he’s not
          we live with it

          • God helps those who help themselves. Sometimes God’s work on Earth must truly be OUR own. WE have a Republic. Its up to US to keep it.

            Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. The PTB FEAR an informed, enraged, and engaged electorate. That is how they came to power and that is the easiest way to remove them from power.

            The numbers are with US, but the NWO must be eliminated by ballot or bullet if America is to survive.


            • Howdy DK,

              “God helps those who help themselves. Sometimes God’s work on Earth must truly be OUR own. WE have a Republic. Its up to US to keep it.”

              You HAVE truck a deep vein there Friend…Be Upon it, with Gusto…UNRELENTINGLY.


      2. Sometimes I can’t see any difference between
        b. h. obama and o. j. simpson, I swear.

        • Hey thumbs down! You don’t think Obama isn’t cutting
          the throats of the American people and Constitution
          as effectively as Simpson did his wife and her friend?
          This isn’t Disneyland anymore, folks. It’s for real.

          • Goldman to Nicole when they reached their final destination: “Here’s your damn glasses!”

      3. I am not a CROOK !

          • ok …safe to say this is being censored?
            Can’t imagine why…

            • ok finally got to see this…again…I saw it live.


      4. I figure with 4 years of obummer and 8 of hilary; the shtf will happen in the next 12 years. It won’t happen as soon as some on here think. More time to prepp.

        GOD bless and buy more bullets!!!!

        • I think you’re 100% correct. Sadly.

        • How Liberalism Took Over America

          “The Left learned some lessons from the radicalism of the 1960s when their political agenda failed to accomplish their stated goals.

          Their radical agenda was shot down politically because the majority of Americans still retained a remnant of the older Christian worldview. The Left knew it would be necessary to capture those institutions that shape and mold children who will one day become leaders.

          Once the heart and mind are captured, everything else follows, including politics. This is a major tactical maneuver that most on the Right did not understand.”

          • Why is it always someone else’s fault. There are VERY FEW in this country who have NOT been complicit in this whole process. All of the Wal-Mart shoppers, all of the foreign car buyers, all of the people who hire illegal immigrants ( including the homeowners who pick them up at the Home Depot), all of the Republican voter/apologists, all of the Democrat voters/apologists, all of the people who refuse to accept responsibility for their part in this debacle!! Stop blaming and start taking responsibility!!

            • Anonyamous, you see it as blaming. Others see it as Exposeing who and what went wrong to cause this mess. Before folks can take responsibility as you want them to do, they first need be made aware of the wrongs.

              Untill a decade ago, barly anyone in the usa even knew that the fed resrve was Not fed govnt but rather Private owned banksters. What you mentioned yes that too is a problem. But compared to the major planned by design things for the last 100 yrs to destroy america from within, those things are like the drop of water in a bucket when compared.

              Do you really think NAFTA etc would not have happened if only every car bought was an usa made car?!

              What good is it to reject hireing illeagles unless you also BOOT them OUT of the usa and KEEP em OUT? What advice can you offer us as to How we begin booting out 30 million? I mean withOUT fed govnt assistance doing that.

              It is good we have finally got folks nameing names and groups such as Kommie Bolsheviks and zios etc. Otherwise folks will remain clueless to who is enemys of the usa.

        • GAWD I hope you’re wrong! Someone needs to get this “fuse” lit and get the show on the road! The sooner S H’s TF…the sooner we can get to rebuilding!

          • Im with you, lets get it going and get it over with so the rebuilding can start, or at least so the status quo can be decimated.

            • The lacidasical public is not ready yet. When told that the Dow is now bound for the stratosphere and the economy is booming, they believe it. They will not have the will for any such a fight until it hits home and the finances. Pull the QE and watch the fireworks start, however.

          • watch out this summer IF George Zimmerman actually has a trial

            i predict he will be the Judas Goat and found guilty to appease the Blacks and welfare types.

            here in the south west there are whispers of full scale rioting if he is found innocent.

            it will be the first OJ trial all over again keep your guns loaded and at hand at all times if you can.

            and watch your surroundings if you live in or near a Major city.

            it may be nothing but its better to be ready and able to handle what ever comes up.

            watch your backs folks if this is even remotely true it might be worse then before lately i have been seeing blacks arming up and buying like never before

            skittle shittin unicorn

            • There will be no race riots here where I live. (35 miles N of Sandpoint ID)

            • SSU
              June 1st as per the news. In other news there was a fight at the Jax Beaches during a summer event. Truly a black episode of savagery as they jumped on and kicked a person laying on the ground in the head multiple times. Somewhere between 40 and 50 blacks involved in the mayhem. They blame the police dept. for not stopping the fights.
              Gonna be a Looooog Hot Summer.

            • @SSU, “lately i have been seeing blacks arming up and buying like never before”

              Exactly how is that different from the rest of us “arming up and buying like never before?” Do you mean that every black person is out to get us? It is not a possibility that SOME black people might be seeing the same things WE ARE and preparing for it? Perhaps you have an inside view of gangs to share.

              Lemme guess, only white people prepare to defend themselves, while only black people prepare to murder us. Can you clarify this idea for me?

        • God in heaven, not “packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes” Hilary…

        • It might be this year. The dollar is dying. The Fed has already created $3 trillion out of thin air.

          • Barn Cat

            Interestingly as the economy slows it works in their favor to delay the inflationary spike. Regardless of the $85 billion per month creeping in ( by financing Government spending that otherwise could not exist) and it is creeping in the velocity of money is slowing at a great enough rate to inhibit too much inflation. They can’t do this too long but they have been pulling that damn rabbit out of the hat for encore after encore the show continues to go on.

            I’m surprised they got this far for this long.

        • I think that you’re incorrect. I do not envision the USA of today being around for the 2016 elections.

        • hyperinflation starts in 2014

      5. I wouldn’t piss on obama if he was on fire……

        • I would if he wasn’t even on fire. 😛

        • I would…just not the parts currently burning…

          • You talking about sober or really really drunk with say…vodka and everclear?

        • Waste of a dark ale.

      6. I still say he’s the result of E.T.™ and a monkey having a one night stand. Nixon and Clinton were bad but him being the, charmed 3rd one it’s probably gonna be a real b**** with this one.

        • NEGRO Narsissistic Ebony Gay Retarded Obama.

      7. These days it does not matter who is sitting in the White House. We’ve had traitor after traitor in there for quite some time.

        • Think about who the people who seek federal offices are. Then you’ll know that this is not a problem related to one politician but to the psychopathic genre.

      8. Obama are you sure you dont want to say “Idont know about any lipstick”, “I wasn’t breifed on any lipstick by my staff”, or “I heard about the lipstick on the news like you did”. Aren’t those the answers you like to give the American public

      9. You will never, and I mean NEVER see this president prosecuted. You want to know why? Because there’s a chance that there’s enough evidence to actually find him guilty and TPTB don’t want it to even go that far. Can you imagine how his supporters, you know the ones that get the free handouts, would react to his impeachment? There would be rioting in the streets and the NAACP would incite even more blurting out racial undertones.

        That being said, I do think that scapegoats will be made in each of these situations. Lower level people who are bought off to take the fall to protect the elite. And in BHO’s last days in office, he’ll pardon EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

        The system is broken and isn’t fixable. The really sad part is, it can and will keep going this way and the “me first” society we have become will have completely taken over as the patriots die of old age, saddened, feeling helpless, watching their country dissolve in front of their own eyes.

        • Race riots or revolution. What do you pick.

          • My pick? Ultimately I think you’ll see civil unrest, which will prompt a harder response from the authorities. It may be stoked by race at some point but I also think it won’t last more than a month. The federal response to maintain order will be overwhelming and after civilians either 1) get arrested or get their ass kicked or 2) just get plain old tired of rioting, the situation will die down but things like curfews and cops on every corner will stay.

            It’s going to take someone absolutely catastrophic to spark a revolution. I’m talking huge. Everyone says that gun confiscation would spark it off. I’m saying even that wouldn’t do it. Would you have protests and rallys 24/7? Absolutely, but remember, the other 52% of this country IN ADDITION TO this administration are anti-gun. You would probably also have pockets of violence in certain places, some reported by media, others not. But it would happen and if only half of this country opposed it, and not everyone was unified against it, it still wouldn’t be the needed spark – that’s where I’m coming from. (And before anyone mentions the 3% of people fighting in the 1st revolution – that was an entirely different time, place, population, and attitude – not even close to counting.)

            That said, I think you need a spark that at least 75%+ of the country can get behind. For example if we got nuked and it would be uncovered with indisputable, clear-as-day evidence that it was a false flag, then you’d have it.

            • My understanding is that about 10% of the colonial (13 states) residents supported revolution. There may have been more localized here and there, but that 10% was evidently ample unhappy people.

              Any way, there is no need for a revolution. Nullifications and/or secession will be enough. Also, will the federals minions stop such without meaningful paychecks?

          • Race Riots or revolution? They will go hand in hand.


          • slingshot

            I pick revolution

            skille shittin unicorn

          • Both will happen.

        • Lets get it over with then!
          If they want to riot let them kill each other.
          If they want some, giv’em some.
          I would rather fight it it out while I have the energy and will to, than wait ten years and see how I fair.
          Friggin economy is shot, huge number of hands out for government support, more people taking than giving.
          So disappointed in America.


        • @Arkaden, they’re gonna dump him for Hillary anyway, he has done his job and will be discarded like the puppets before him. HILLARY is THE REAL GOAL, she has been groomed for this her whole life. SHE IS THE NWO, personified. Wait and see.

      10. This country is no longer a Republic it was founded on. When Bush was illegally placed in office that was the beginning of the end. I cried when Obama was running for office, I was so inspired! I actually thought he would un-do all the dispicable, Unconstitutional things Bush did. And now I cry (in despair and anger) because he makes Bush look almost like a Saint. I doubt I will ever vote again. What’s the point? Bush team was bought and paid for by the extremely corrupt fossil fuel industry. Obama team was bought and paid for by the even more corrupt Banking Cartel. Neither represents the common man’s interests. Both parties are equally corrupt and power hungry.

        • LMAO!

          • For as bad as Bush was, you actually thought Obummer would be better? Its always fascinated me how people could actually come to that conclusion. I think that train of thought should be studied in a lab; it should be analyzed, how a human being could “hear” all the things the kenyan was claiming based on his record of voting and what he actually did as a senator and community organizer. This guy has had communist written all over him since day one. In 2008, it was like the quintessential definition of Orwellian “doublethink”…or the ability for a person to simultaneously maintain opposing views and opinions in their mind at the same time.

            • I could not have said it better.
              How ANY thinking person could not have seen through his obvious BS is beyond me.

              • WA, I’m with you. It seems some people have to stick their finger in a pile of crap and taste it before they realize it ain’t peanut butter. Yes it was quite obvious that Mccan and Romulous were Progressives, but this joker is an out right Socialist, how blind do you have to be to not see that. That was plain to see while he was still a socialist organizer in Chicago. We’re really in trouble, if we always have to pass the bill, to know what’s in it. Trekker Out. Immoral And Free, Can Never Be!

                • Hypnosis? I hate to hear people speak like Grasshopper. I can’t imagine thinking that way. Hoping that someone will fix all the problems without looking at the facts staring them in the face. Unbelievable. But I hear it often.

            • And you think mckcain and i can see russia from my porch palin would have been better?
              That was a lousy choice, i think that if the info about BOs ties to communism had been as publicized the as it is now many would not have voted for him, charismatic speaker, people thought maybe he could bring about change, then the last crash happened and the writing became oh so clear.
              He is just the new guy sitting in the drivers seat of the machine with no steering wheel.
              I blame every last encumbent representative who has been in office for more than 3 terms for this crap, i blame them because they are supposed to represent us and have all turned to represent themselves and greed. The issue is far beyond one half blood in the big chair, its a whole slew of abuses taken over the last 30 years or more, i blame uninformed voters, i blame people like myself for not being more inquizitive about the whole process,
              So now what??
              Most likely who you or i vote for will have 0 bearing on what happens, until the system is gutted and reset we will get more business as usual. Too many insiders who will never change.

              • Yeah kula. John McCain was pretty close to the same as a destructive force to America. Now take a look at Romney. Everything Obama did to the US, Romney already did to Massachusetts. Romney put in a mini obamacare system, did an assault weapons ban, and basically taxed the hell out of his people as governor. All politicians are corrupt and are choices as leaders are preselected for us.

                • “Presidents aren’t elected, they’re selected”

                  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

              • Palin did not say that she could see Russia from her house. She said that she could see Russia from her home state, which is true. All this time and people are still repeating Tina Fey crap from Saturday Night Live.

            • Grasshopper & Sterling Silver,
              That the Democrat’s candidate would win in 2008 was inevitable. I participated in the primary b/c I didn’t want the Clinton’s in the White House again. Bill Clinton was the worst we had in my lifetime. Because Obama was basically new, I thought we would have a better chance with him. Alas, he was easily bought out. The only campaign promise he kept was the health care bill and that is very flawed. What is harder to understand is his re-election on that basis. But we had only an establishment politician to compete against him. There should have been a record number voting for an alternative party candidate, but the MSM wouldn’t even televise their debates. I had to go to Russia Today News to watch them.

          • Don’t be so hard…
            Just because she didn’t go up high enough on the food chain…
            The pure and organic shall reign for a thousand years…
            Or so they think…
            I still can’t find that damn list of bunkers. 😉

        • You’ll probably get some down votes for placing hope in a Democrat and being so sincere about it. It’s too bad that in the liberty movement there are so many people that have been brainwashed into thinking the problem is Obama and the Democrats and cannot connect the simplest of dots and remember who passed the Patriot Act and was puppet in chief during the controlled demolitions.

        • Grasshopper, you voted for Hope and now you’ve Changed. At least now you can see him for what he is.

        • The sad part is you probably voted for him a second time just because you thought he was cool. FYI I wouldn’t admit you cried when barry ojangles was running because we don’t want to hear that. The presidentcy is a sham but atleast I know he didn’t and won’t get my vote. Everytime I see an obummer sticker it makes me want to elbow drop the person it belongs to. GOD help me with the anger <>

        • Grasshopper don’t listen to the hecklers I agree with you exactly

        • If there was any real choice, it might be valid to vote, but since when has there been a real choice?

          The last time I voted in a federal sanctioned election was when Eisenhower ran. My vote was mostly to please my wife, but Eisenhower didn’t screw-up in any major way. Since that time, we’ve had very poor choices, so it didn’t matter

          Now, recently, choices have been mostly to vote for celebrities, not leaders. I’m happy to have dropped out of such games. I suppose that some will fault me for not voting against, but voting against is not a very positive consideration.

        • @ grasshopper I admire your honesty you now realise how rigged the game really is. Im sorry your hopes for the utopia are dashed, but now you see the reality of the system, please read history books and the Bible. Hope placed in any of these gangsters and thats exactly what they are is missplaced. Prep hard pray harder.

      11. I have to admit when I listen to Obama (and I know you republicans are going to sqirm at this) but I do feel he is so sincere! However, when I think of the things he has done– when I watched him sign the NDAA bill and heard his repugnant excuses for signing away our civil liberties— and when I heard his disgusting, disingenuous remarks concerning the second amendment, I just can’t stand the guy!!!!

        I have no faith in him. His words are kind and gentle but his actions remind me of Hitler! I can’t stand to even look at him anymore. He betrayed all of us who voted for him.

        • Which is worse?
          The soldiers that do his bidding or the populace who voted him into office.

          • Both are complicent.

            • Eisenkraut sure would like to correct you, but I don’t even know what (complicent) is suppose to be, but I’m sure I’ll find out. Also don’t know if you’ve turned over a new leaf, or your just trying to dazzle us with BS. I’m incline to think the latter, and your almost as good at it as the BS’er in charge. Trekker Out.

              • Alright Shitmeister,

                The holiday has passed and it’s time now to kick your wrinkled old ass again.

                It’s “supposed”, not “suppose”.

                Yes you caught me on “complicit”, but it’s a rarity.

                • Yes,good ole gramps would be sooooo proud of his douchebag grandson.

                • AW, will the real Eisenkraut, please stand up! Glad your back. Trekker Out.

            • That may be the first thumbs up I ever gave you Eisenkreuz. Why can’t you be as succient as that always?


              • “succinct”

                • Dude, Jeeeze!


          • I call it “The Meal Ticket Paradigm”. The Nazi’s at the Nuremberg trials followed orders for their meal ticket.

            We are seeing police all over America “follow orders” for the lamest things. Shutting down a kids lemonade stand. Some woman’s front yard garden pulled up. WTF was that about. Don’t they have more important things to do. You have thousands of TSA agents groping Americans on a daily basis because ONE guy had a bomb in his underwear.

            And yet we have LE coming on these prepper boards saying they are good guys.

        • Grasshopper, Consider your mistake a learning experience. Never pay attention to what someone is saying. Look at what they have done or are doing. Obama spent many years sitting in a racist church soaking up the vitriol. That was enough for me. I won’t list all the hate and lies that rained out of him during the presidential race. You can’t close your eyes, hold your nose, and vote. Sorry.

          • >>>Infidels-r-us<<<,

            “Never pay attention to what someone is saying. Look at what they have done or are doing.”

            Fantastic advice. Start with local politics and install the responsible Conservative. You want a 3rd Party candidate!! Well you better start now by supporting someone building a responsible record!

        • “I have to admit when I listen to Obama…I do feel he is so sincere!”

          WOW. I cannot imagine. I listen to him, I hear the deception, the empty words, and the meaningless catch phrases meant to enthrall the masses, all the while doing whatever the hell he pleases (or is told to do), which is always in contrast to what he said.

          • You listen to the fraud?
            No tv here, but when the radio actually has the news, and his name mentioned???–click!!!
            Rinse, spit, repeat.

            • No TV here, either. I occasionally listen to clips on the internet, or on some crap he puts up on

          • You got that right GV.I thought it was more than obvious to anyone that he was spewing feel good bullshit to the “bred for voting” masses. It did prove if you yell yes we can loud and often enough,you’ll get a gaggle of believers to follow you.

            • YES WE CAN, impeach Obama and prosecute all traitors. YES WE CAN, impeach Obama and prosecute all traitors. YES WE CAN, impeach Obama and prosecute all traitors.
              YES WE CAN, impeach Obama and prosecute all traitors.

              …There’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME. There’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME. There’s NO PLACE LIKE HOME.

              • Well said,sixpack.

        • Grasshopper…it truly would not have mattered if you had voted one way or another! We don’t pick the president’s, TPTB do, so sadly, voting doesn’t really matter. I thought it was pretty gutsy to admit that you did vote for the “bams”!

        • To quote a great philosopher, “How can we lose when we’re so sincere”?

        • These 9 don’t like the truth.

          Y’all Beware! When the truth is told, there will have been no greater liar.

        • Do not listen to what they say: they are liars, cheats, hypocrites, and thieves. Watch what they do. Their actions speak louder than words and reveal the man or woman.

          Politicians are PROFESSIONAL liars. The best one’s get elected.

      12. R.I.P. Constitution

        You truly were nothing but a g-d damn piece of paper.

        • Wouldn’t bet my life on that if I were you.

        • the U.S. Constitutution is more than a piece of paper

          it is an ageless IDEA and THOUGHT that originates and radiates from the Hearts of All Human Beings across the globe across the ages .


          N.O. ;0p

      13. I hate to tell you folks that vote R or D, all politicians are the same. When an election comes around you basically get to vote for McDonalds or burger king. Slightly different but in all virtues the same. I honestly think they need to do a lottery off of registered voters for seats of office and have a maximum of one term. Career politicians are what sold this country down the river for a quick buck. How can one feasibly come up with almost a billion dollars to run for president without oweing people serious favors.

        • >>>Faith-of-the Fallen<<<

          Totally agree with the last two sentences of your comment. If there are Term Limits for a President, the same should be true for Members of Congress!

          Please read my comment above regarding 'possible' change in candidates.

          Yes I do have the faith of the fallen!


      14. Thank you, Mac. Finally, the voice of sanity. You are absolutely correct in every statement. Not new to site, just new to speaking. MOLON LABE! NOMI!

        • OldVet, thanks for joining the conversation!

          And thank you for your service to this country!

      15. The comparisons are lacking. Yes, Nixon was dishonest. But I don’t believe for a second that he was working to deliberately destroy the country he was elected to lead. Obama is destroying the economy through out of control taxes, spending, and regulation. Along with Bernanke, Obama is destroying the dollar. When it’s all over with, 200 million to 300 million Americans will be dead.

        • >>>Barn Cat<<<

          If I may expand on your comments, please.

          Obama along with all off his cabinet, all of his "advisors", "Progressive" Members of Congress, and the Global Elite they serve are totally destroying this country.


          • The “man-at-the-top” bears the responsibility! Unfortunately, OUR “man-at-the-top” is a complete phony and “traitor inside our gate”.

            Phony “official birth certificate, phony SS number from a state/person that simply DOESN’T MATCH, and obvious facilitator of the “previous LYING ASSMINISTRATION” with respect to NOT RESPECTING THE CONSTITUTION/BILL OF RIGHTS of this ONCE GREAT REPUBLIC.

            NDAA signed while YOU/I were celebrating the newest, crappiest year to-date. Patriot act (gawd what an oxymoron) not only “resigned”, but with additional teeth added.

            OBIMBO AND ALL OF HIS COHORTS are OUR enemy. The FACT that HE is still “in power” is all the proof that even the “dumbest” sheep need to ascertain the fraud!

            Release your college records oh majestic one. Why was YOUR FIRST OFFICIAL ACTION to seal all of your MADE UP RECORDS. Because…..!!!!!

      16. Sometimes you can’t depend on the hired help in Israel-on-the-Potomac. Sometimes you gotta rake your own leaves.

        • Sure, blame the Jews. That’s the Muslim/Nazi/Satanists do.

          • Sounds like pastor John Hagee has a Cat stuck Up His ASS!

      17. I lay the blame pretty much squarely on the average American people. I am 63 yrs old. Does anyone my age remember their father coming home from work and one of the first things he did was pick up and read the newspaper? Today the newspaper industry is dying. What we need is more regular people reading about everything, local and otherwise, going on politically. Not just reading but demanding better from the politicians. Way too much amusements in our world today! Its our own fault for letting things get to this point.

        • LSB, what if most of what you read is propaganda/agenda-driven?

          • Probably all of it. I would like to see new newspapers started up with a good mix of opinions, with respect to each other. Our country needs a revival, something like the return to the earth of the 70’s. Not particularly that agenda but an involvement of young and old, burning desire for fairness and being productive to this earth.

        • The newspaper? What is that? They still exist mostly online. There are other sources of information that are better than yesterday’s paper. You just have to look for them and none start with FOX, CNN, MSNBC, OPB etc.

          • Waiting for the newspaper? Might as well wait for walter Cronkite on the cbs evening news and the return of 3 national channels on tv.

        • The newspapers are all liberal filth. They deserve to die.

          • And Every Major newspaper is Owned By Barn Cats Favorite Professional Victims group. Wake Up kitty.

      18. Nice video, ahhh theres nothing quite like the shakey broken voice of the kid trying to explain why his hand is still in the cookie jar. Obee is not gonna take the heat like tricky dick did so I wouldnt look for that anytime soon, but its a nice dream. Even if he did then what? another tool in the WH? I wonder if Dr Paul would come out of retirement? It never ceases to amaze me how many collaborators there are available for your average tyrant, dont they know how the throwing under the bus works? Lets sit back and count the rats as they jump ship, oh look theres one looks just like Al Sharpton.

        • Charlie Rangel and Jessie Jackson standing at the rails of the Titanic yelling,

          Come back, Al. There are sharks out there!

      19. for the most part the writing is on the wall…has been for a very long time. the big question is just what the hell is holding this economy and country together??? i didn’t think there was any question that i would see it all fall apart but now i am starting to wonder. those that have are getting more and more due to this 85 bil a month going towards their support structure…those who have not are in the process of drowning and the middle class is all but gone and have become the working poor. i pray for all of us but even my faith is starting to waiver…people have become just plain evil beings and i have never seen such levels of hate at any other time in my life.

      20. Right Left Up Down Conservative Liberal Lord Commoner King or Dictator “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The greater the power the greater the capacity and likelihood of corruption.

      21. im way past 60 and in very dissapointed. The wife and I simply wanted to draw that meager social security check and play hobby farm. Now inflation is reducing that small pittance to where it might not suffice. We are out of debt and never drew welfare. and Im not gonna start now. how pitiful a person must be if they have to get on food stamps. If they cant feed themselves now what are they gonna do when SHTF? any way im gonna bale and sell some hay to put a few nickles in our pockets.Im not really wanting to blame someone or something. Good or bad ,right or wrong its just the way things turned out. I always believed my well being,success or failure was entirely up to me. I dont think other people hings or conditions can effect me unless I let them. I believe there hasnt been and isnt now any viable ballott box or political solution . Both partys are equally as bad.

        • I am in your boat too Sheptical and Oldman. I remember a wise leader once say “Ask not want my country can do for me, rather, what I can do for my country”. That sentiment was not the only thing that died with him. They grabbed our throats in Camelot, now they squeeze. I have seen it with my own eyes and do not need to read about it in any stinking newspaper or website. Maybe dementia is natures way for the time enhanced to pass the torch and move on. Alas, I fear the younger generation may just burn their fingers with it. Then drop it. All we will have then is a little psssstt as it hits the water. In retrospect, it seems the Constitution was right all along. We should have protected it better. Too late now. Sheptical is making hay while the sun still shines. Ah yes, the old work ethic. Bless his heart. I still recoqnize it but it is getting harder to find. Hidden by entitlement and debt.

        • Actually, at 86 years of age, I am doing well. In the first place, I saved a few dollars and have gotten a small corner of the “American dream”. At 60, you still have some good chances to get to where you want to go, financially. I still work because I like the money coming in. My advice is to do the same. If you can’t find opportunity, make your own. It’s very doable.

        • sheptical citizen

          “I always believed my well being,success or failure was entirely up to me.”

          While that is a terrific Puritan Work Ethic ethos the reality is things like trade and monetary policy massively effects your success or failure.

          • Kevin 2 let me ask you this? Why are many of the illegals coming to the USA and finding work and prospering. are they doing so because of the Trade & monetery policy? or in spite of it? As bad as it is here its still much better than where they came from. I think its because they will work and they spend less than they earn. I dont approve of the illegals from south of the border. but you gotta admit there smart, have a good work ethic & make money for their employers.

            • Those Illeagles also get a little help from that aprox $350+ BILLION per year taxpayers foot for, that assists illeagles in more ways than we can count. Plus when they live with 64 Other mexicans per house it saves alot of cash. All our “Laws” may say no welfare or other perks are allowed for non citizens, but that aint enforced at all. And that $350+ Billion Per year illeagles Cost usa taxpayers does NOT include all moneys Lost when for example in a single county alone in Kalif, out of 86-Hospitals, only TWO are still open for buisness due to so many illeagles use of said hospitals for FREE thanks to One single fed liberal judge.

              I think at this point the number one main reason Both dems and neocons have Stalled on fixing this problem,over and above all other reasons already spoken of is this…They are making the illeagles problem so Huge it can be used to force real usa citizens to agree to the National Fed ID or cannot work or get a job computerized ID system they keep hawking.

              Once they enrole every person alive into that fed national ID system. Thats it. Next stop cashless and implant chips. “Hand Or Forehead Sir?”….”Next in Line Please”….

            • sheptical citizen

              We used to compare ourselves with like top tier nations and we rated as #1. Now were down to #16 and we compare ourselves to the third world.

              All your doing is lowering the bar.

              “I dont approve of the illegals from south of the border. but you gotta admit there smart, have a good work ethic & make money for their employers.”

              They also earn minimum wage or so slightly above the majority still classify as poor in the US (while rich in their homeland).

              Question answered.

              • Oh it reminds me of the saying:

                “How do you look young and thin”? “Hang out with old fat people”.

      22. This whole government is totally corrupt, evil, rotten to its core. It will fall eventually; only a matter of time. Then we can take this nation back to its original foundation. braveheart

        • Sure the house is infested with termites and rat droppings, but once they are done chewing everything up and finish shitting on it things will be great.

      23. its time the zog cia kenyan born illegal alien puppet prez with the very fake social security number …

        barry the druggy prostitute fairy was sent back to his homeland of birth …


        N.O. ;0p

      24. sheptical citizen. Sad day ain’t it. You pretty much nailed it to the wall in your post. I do wish you and your Missus well.

      25. Have been thinking a lot about big business, Monsanto, Agenda 21 – today I remembered Mr. Robert Rodale, the man who fought so hard for healthy food. While he was visiting Russia, he was fatally injured in a vehicle accident. Wonder if his accident was truly accidental or arranged.

      26. A vote for Obama was a vote from gullible ignorance. That is true also for Carter, Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, and Bush 2. I voted for none of them. The majority will continue to vote according to TV ads. We don’t refer to them as sheeple for a better reason. Nothing Obama says can be taken as truth. From an old bumper sticker I printed in 1973, “Impeachment with Honor”, applies today.

        • aljamo, don’t blame me, I voted for George Wallace. Trekker Out

      27. It is mentioned many times how our forefathers founded this great nation with freedom and liberty for all. How it was some sort of utopia up until a certain date most mention right after WW II or about that time.

        It has been the elitist aginst the common people ever since they signed the Declaration of Independence.

        Dont believe me ? Just look up the whiskey rebellion that was in 1790 one year after they ratified the constitution.

        Take the time to study it, and see if it doesn’t parallel the current culture in our government, or any of the past administrations. Had to tax the common man to pay off those rich bankers in Boston and Philly. The big distillers got a break on the tax rates, but the little guy didnt. Sound familiar ?

        There is nothing new under the sun.

        The current president is worthless for sure, and a puppet, but he is just doing what they all do.

        • Clyde is on to something. We f#cked up years ago.

        • Howdy clyde!

          For what it’s worth, the real detruction did begin long ago. Specifically, after the time of the Loisiana purchase. Once that had been secured, the bankers were already in full-bore overdrive. Where did the likes of Morgan, Vanderbilt, Rockefller, Gugenheim, Astor, et al come from?

          There was but little ‘industry’ in the New World after the Revolutionary War and it much remained that way until the first part of the 1850’s when the ‘Westward Expansion’ began in earnest. In order to secure the willing coooperation of the Railraods (Read, ‘Astor’) those were offered the sweetest deal in history…that IF they laid track – anywhwere – in the newly opened area’s they would recieve alternating ‘squares’ of land, one side then the other, back and forth, all along whatever route they installed. A ‘square’ is surveyor ‘lingo’ for the gridded 1 square mile parcels which all county maps are divided by, to this very day. Then, in order that such could actually be laid you needed steel, a lot of it, hence Andrew Carnegie – possibly the only person in this Nation to ever rise to the heights of Attainder…and yet have preserved his Human Soul (debateable, I know)…he was the FOUNDER of the Entire US Library system…lock, stock and barrel, bought and paid for by him alone….operated for mnay years on his money as well. That one had a plaque upon his desk that read “The Man who dies Wealthy, Dies Disgraced”…I find that a noble sentiment peronally….and I have little love or sympathy for the Wealthy, rest assured.

          After that then you enter in to the realm of Rockefeller, the Oil Magnate…’Standard Oil’ Possibly the most EVIL SOB to have ever lived in this Country, the tandem of Steel and Rail and Oil was the genesis of the Mega-Wealthy… THAT WAS thier beginning…

          Those who cannot remember thier History are Doomed to repeat it aagin and again and again….even the Unions did not originate as a ‘Force of Evil’ in this nation…instead they came into being as REPONSE to unbeleiveable practice’s on the part of the Steel Mills the Oil Company’s and absolutely the Coal Company’s, as well. It is no coincidence that Teenssee Ernie Ford’s song “16 tons” was about the lives of Coal Miners, remember the line, “I owe my Soul to the Company store…”? That came about as the Coal company’s thenmselves operated the sores at thier mines… alllowing no others to so operate – while delibeartely charging prices CALCULATED to ensure that the Miner’s would ALWAYS end any given week ‘in the hole’…they HAD already calulated what thoe prices woulg have to be…much as those today hase similarly done in our day and time…Making any progress lately Y’all…look around, you WON’T see any, I know.

          The Sins of Wealth in this country are VAST beyond decription…and the only thing that has EVER held the general population from dichargng it’s WRATH on those was that OCCAISIONAALLY, ‘one or two below’ was ALLOWED to ‘step-up’ from out of the depths, into the semblance of Wealth…not truely, but almost.

          What is being engineered now will forever make that an impossibility…for it no longer serve’s thier purposes … they almost HAVE all that they want now…soon they WILL have it all. What will you do then?


      28. It’s all bought and paid for, the congress and the presidency that is, they are OWNED and only pupets.
        They will DO NOTHING as they are nothing.
        One of them could kill an American in cold blood and get away with it. (OH it’s already been done), see there?
        Nothing will change, no impeachment no matter the crime, they are above the law. But the masses must tow the line or suffer heavy fines or jail time. But not our bought and paid for politicians. The best politicians money can buy!!! That’s what we got…

      29. Calling the newspapers liberal is far from the truth. These newspapers defend conservative positions at all costs. Be it warmongering, financial corruption, GMO’s, and the truth in general, the neocons control the media, print and over the air. The liberals are accused of controlling the media is an attempt to hide the real villians, evil dems and the gop.

        • Fascists control the money while communists are sub contracted to control the people. Both share the same bed. There is no left / right.

        • newspapers aren’t conservative or liberal

          they are CORPORATE,that’s whose interests they protect

          the media is OWNED
          LOCK STOCK AND BARREL by LARGE multinational corporations

          Republican or Democrat means nothing to them
          they buy and sell the politicians like street corner whores
          (my apologies to street corner whores for this unseemly
          comparison to politicians)

          people need to get out of this foolish left/right crap

          take another red pill
          a big one if you have too

      30. Anybody still doubting my economic forecast ????? Halfway through 2013 now

        • As of this moment in time Rich 99, we’re still here.

        • what was your economic forecast?

      31. I bought 3 used books today…
        Brave New World,
        and Lord of the Flies.

        I remember reading 1984 when I was in high school (1960s) and thinking life was awful for those characters. It will be interesting to read these books now.

        My mother is 91 years old and starts every day reading the newspaper. She complains that is is full of bad news and advertising. The paper is thin most days (Houston paper). When I visit her, I read the news on my Ipad and she asks me what I read…she would not understand if I told her. Sometimes she reads an article to me, and then I fill her in on what her paper does NOT report. While I was there recently, one of the current scandals broke and I expected it to be the headline. Nope, it was buried on page 3.

        She would like more news and asks me if she should subscribe to the WSJ. I say NO, NO, NO! I wish there was another daily that she would like. The print on USA today is too small for her.

        • OR…..I know my mom resists technology, but the amazon kindle has a no-ads large print usatoday subscription if your mom would use it. Just an idea.

          • *Pen.. Mom has a Kindle, but she quit reading books on it, probably because her failing memory makes it hard to follow plots. Thanks for the tip about the large print paper for the Kindle. I’ll check into that.

            *JJ, Mom has special reading glasses, but I will pick up some magnifiers to see if they are better.

            *BB, while Mom is conservative, sometimes she can’t evaluate politicians anymore. She asked me if Hillary would be better! I agree – term limits are looking better and better. Too many hang on until they die in office.

        • Yes Ohio Reader, I agree with everything you said. But look at how many of our politicials like McCain are near her age. They are too old for the job. They look to the old world for guidance and do not understand that it has been corrupted and they have been duped. Because of our election system though they, the good old boys, keep getting voted back in.


        • OhioReader..get her a good pair of reading glasses.
          They are just magnifiers the hang onto the ears.
          I get many at the Dollar Tree..not great, but for $1, they are disposable.

      32. Before the 08 campaign I had never heard of Obama,
        he just seemed to appear as if he was shot straight out of the sphincter of hell to ricochet around the toilet
        bowl of America that is Washington DC.
        now the filth is piling up and this souless
        creature is going to choke on it!


        • Right, but I had never heard of Palin either!!!

          • Obama was a keynote speaker at the Dem Nat’l Convention in 2004, when he was running for IL Senate. I recall his speech and thought he would probably be a Presidential candidate someday.

      33. Not a heavy handed cristian but still believe…getting tired of prepping and wish we could get on with this. The only thing that really keeps me on track is that we were promised that the generation that sees the “nation” of isreal together, will see the coming. Let’s get this BS over with

        • Then we may still have a Long wait. Since “israel” consists of 12 tribes. Not just one from judah. All 12 is israel. Or if you consider that ever since the First temple got destroyed after solomon died, that is when they split into TWO seperate Nations. Only the Northern 10 tribes Kept the name “Israel” as per Jacobs blessings granted to Ephrim and his twin brother Manessah.

          They and Their decendants were blessed/promiced by Jacob to forever Keep and be known as the name of Israel.

          Also one Must also consider the fact that as many as 98% of todays folks everybody calls jews are actually Khazers. Eastern Europeans. That converted to Talmudic Judaisim in about 800 AD. A Religious conversion does Not change a persons dna or original ethnic makeup.

          Check out www dot khazaria dot com for much info and maps etc all about khazers who most folks call “jews”.

          Many folks claim that the “Lost” 10 tribes somehow got Lost forever as if they simply fell off the planet!

          What is way More likly is that the 10 tribed israel(they kept that name, Not the southern kingdom of judah) headed North and Founded a place we today call…Europe!

          Then about 400+ yrs ago they Again moved and founded Another nation or country we today call…America!

          Read the bible part in old testement where God promiced to RE gather “israel” (the Two sticks stuff in eziekial?).

          It says each stick is One nation Northern Israel(10 tribes) and Southern kingdom of Judah(judah and benjamin with 1/2 of levites).

          One part says God will Regather the 10 tribed Northern group which were First Scattered worldwide BEFORE the jews were taken to babylon(assyiria scattered the northern 10 isreal tribes aprox 145 yrs Prior to Babylon took jews from Southern kingdom captive for 70 yrs)

          It says He will Regather that 10 tribes and bring them into a NEW nation. NEW does Not mean “Old” land of their fathers(mid east israel) but a NEW land, it goes on to describe in Much Detail what that NEW lands will be like.

          Read that part. In NO way can that posibly be speaking of the mid east israel lands. BUT of all the nations wordwide that exist…ONLY a Single country has EVERY part spoken of in that New land…That being America the usa. Check for yourself see if not true!

          Oh yeah, God also promiced that in end times once He regathers them 10 tribes, He shall Restore their Memories and Knowledge of Who they really were and Are as a peoples. It looks like with so much truth revealed this past 10-15 yrs now, especially truth of Khazers even DNA proof as recent as Dec. 2012 that proves they are Khazers(proof from/By a Jewish scientist etc published by John Hopkins Univ and Hebrew univ Biotech and dna labs etc. so Nobody waste time calling anyone an antisemitic ok. Its jews who reveald this stuff, they outta know eh).

          It looks like just perhaps it is the Orig european white christian folks who made up the Original “Melting Pot” of early usa is the Birthright Heirs Jacob Blessed etc.

          Read those biblical sections IN context and Without any pre concieved modern day preachers so called prophetic expertize. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you the Real Truths about this stuff. Please let us all know if you do such and discover something “different” than todays many tv prophecy experts claim is correct to believe. I am betting Yes you sure will find More than you were told etc.

      34. “He’s a hero to tens of millions of Americans who have an almost cult-like belief in his demagogic super natural abilities to spread peace to the world, heal the sick and bring equality to the masses.

        The mere mention of his faults elicits anger and outrage among his followers.”

        I know plenty of Obama supporters and this describes none of them. To whom are you referring? The only people I’ve heard describe Obama in such terms are people from the right such as Rush Limbaugh, which was a transparent strategy to overhype him so that even if he turned out to be a decent president he would seem a failure. After all, anyone suceeding G.W.Bush was bound to be a success in comparison.

      35. The comparison of quotes between Nixon and Obama is pointless. You could make a duplicate video using ANY president in recent history. Why? Because ALL presidents us this kind of language where scandals and bad press are concerned. Bush did, so did Clinton.

        • But how many DEMS have you seen Volentarily Leave or RESIGN from office once such Scandles happen? NONE!

          Yet EVERY single time a repub is shown to be scamming etc even so little a thing as phone calls or emails to an ofice Aide and the repub says OK I ADMIT amd Resign.

          NAME a single asshole dem that did so in say the last 20 yrs ok. NONE ever do. None ever admit to ANY wrongs! and YOU Probobly wont neither! Typical Kommie liberal arent ya. I bet You are a Guilt Ridden White with so much PC and White guilt Fear of being called a Raaaassssiiiisst….You thought a Vote for the Monkyboy would show Everybody what a Good Non racist whitey you really are. Todays dems=Kommies. There is zero future for kommies in the usa.

          • so angelo er them guys you still call it white guilt? I thought it was white truth.
            I will agree with you angelo I blame my ppl the redskins for the welfare state, we taught you whites to well how to implement it.

            The Native Americans DID start the first welfare state in this country. We made sure the whites did not starve to death in those first few winters by giving them food. Then teaching them how to survive here. Fucking redskins and their welfare programs.

      36. Israeli forebodings over widening Russian-Hizballah-Iraqi intervention in Syria

        Russian Syrian military drill
        DEBKAfileSpecial ReportMay 29, 2013, 1:23 PM (IDT)
        The widening military intervention by Russia, Iran, Hizballah and latterly Iraq has turned Syria’s civil war into a Russian-West contest and is propelling Iran up to the top regional power spot. All four are winning by default against an unresisting US-led West and an Israel still not recovered from its disastrous miscalculation that Bashar Assad was doomed. A senior Israeli military officer told DEBKAfile: “A military and strategic catastrophe for the West and Israel is in full flight in Syria, yet no one is lifting a finger to stop it.”

        DEBKAfile: Russian giant military transport lands in Syria
        DEBKAfile May 29, 2013, 8:51 AM (GMT+02:00)
        A giant Russian military transport landed in Latakia Tuesday carrying 60 tons of “humanitarian aid to Syria,” DEBKAfile reports. The nature of this cargo is unknown, but it is likely to be the opposite of humanitarian, given Moscow’s expanding military assistance to Bashar Assad and intervention in the Syrian civil war. Tuesday, Moscow termed its dispatch of S-300 anti-air missiles to Assad “a stabilizing factor” for dissuading “hotheads” from entering the conflict.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Israel will not engage Russia on their own. No way.

          • @ Rajak. It is my firm belief that Israel will engage anyone to try to assure its survival, even on the enemies’ terms. War never works out like planned. Russia, Israel, and even China are being encircled by their foes, and these countries will not allow this. each country has hundred to thousands of nukes and will use them before losing a war, guaranteed. War has a way of following the path of most destruction, this one I think would not be an exception.

        • Debka= projew news from/by jews. Now they cry due to Their huge Miscalculations! and What is their jew whiney cry? “Nobody is doing anything about it”!!! Perhaps they Bit Off way More than they can…Jew.. this time eh?

          Why should Anybody believe them when they say its not really Humanitarian aide? Putin a Year ago Vowed he will assist ALL Christians in Any part of the world if need be.

          Syria has a Huge population of Orthodox Christians there that have Relied upon the Asad Family for protection and upholding Their rights for Over 40 yrs now! But you likly will NOT read That in debka or Any other jewspapers or websites.

          After yesterdays Post Here by Nina-O, telling how syrian Rebels(alqueda Paid and armed BY hillerys state dept no doubt!) had Wiped Out an Entire Village full of Christians and Killed em all….Is it ANY wonder that Putin has Kept His word and promices to assist Christians there?

          Why does israel think it is ok for Them to Violate international Laws and Carpet Bomb Syrias legit govnt and army etc, which Helped the alqueda Rebels(the christian Killers), yet act so shocked when russia sends supplies to the very folks Israel screwd or killed?

          Oh wait its comming to me now! Ok I get it. Whatever Israel and jews does is Never to be questioned and Always Must be accepted by the entire world of goyims. Because after all, they are the worlds only Self-Chozen-self-worshipping Real “Humans” that matter. All Others are Goyims(cattle) to them.

          Look at this in a worldwide perspective in terms of Numbers. 7 Billion people in world right. Break that down to 7000 X a MIllion right. So out of 7000 millions just a very Small 13 million call themselves jews.

          Got it yet? out of 7000 Minus 13, that leaves 6,987 who are NOT jewsih. Why should That massive Majority “Obey” the Other “13”? Is this beginning to make any sense yet?

          A crowd of 7000 people, and Just “13” of them wants to Tell the Others what to do-How to do it-and Demands NONE ever Doubt Nor Question ANYTHING the 13 does.

          I can speak only for One of that 6,987 “others” but I Reject most everything that 13 does and believes and am really sick and Tired of all their trouble causings.

          Nation Wreckers Indeed! Whoever coined That phrase? Deserves a Huge Medal!

      37. OhioReader, I read 1984 back in 1976, my first year of marriage. My wife, who was from Cuba, read only the first chapter of it and had to put it down. She finally read the rest of it, albeit with great difficulty. She told me, “What happened in that book is exactly what happened to Cuba.” Newspapers are just commie rags these days and they deserve to die. braveheart

      38. Eisen, that video was truly a gem. Thanks for posting it. braveheart

      39. An ancient Chinese saying: :Zhi bao buliao huo”

        Translation: You can’t use a piece of paper to hide a fire.

        No matter how covered-up something is, no matter how strong the lies any totalitarian governments try to feed their people, nothing will stay covered up. The truth will always come to light. The more a corrupt criminal “agency” tries to bury its deadly mistakes, the more people will know about them. It’s like the scene in V for Vendetta where Evey realizes the STATE media newscaster was lying because she blinked a lot when she was talking. Even if you manage to brainwash a majority of the population into submission, there will still be smart ones out there, and you can bet that these smart individuals will be working for the side of freedom, justice, and liberty.

        Keep the FAITH

      40. Howdy all,

        Several here have remarked that they cannot believe tha O’bama wa elected…or re-elected. I have an observation here…on that.

        The destruction of Germany left it with few recoures after WWI. The Treaty of Versailles left it with punitive, monstrous, crushing ‘War Reperations’ for which any payment thereof was simply impossible. Thus, time passed and the Weimar Republic took hold of the reins of governance. Thereafter came the worst Financial debacle in modern history….leaving the average German Citizen impoverished, not knowing where thier next loaf of Bread would come from, literally.

        Into this power vasuum stepped the Nazi’s, more specifically Adolph Hitler. Have you ever watched any of the footage of the crowds that assembled to hear him speaking? If you do you will see an odd thing in and on the faces of those…something that looks for all the World like ‘glassy-eyed’ drunkeness..the absence of the higher faculty’s at all.

        When watching the footage of scene’s from the the time of O’Bama’s first Presidentail race I saw that the similaritie were striking…rapt, fixed attention on his words as he spoke…even though much of what he said were platitudes, without substance…hints, vaporous suggestions without any details. did any of you notice this then or later?

        Yet I beleive that this that we see today is but a precursor to what IS yet to come. Romney was an attempt by the PTB to install thier hand-picked demi-God into the Oval Office, few do not now look at it thusly, in retrospect. Can you but imagine thier FURY when we did NOT behave as good, little well-trained monkeys? I assure you that what little we saw afterwards – via the newsfeeds – was but the ‘tip of the – proverbial – iceberg’; the auto-de-fe the Republican party committed upon itself afterwards in the wake of that loss, one of the mouthpiece’s of the PTB, Fox News (just as CNN is little more than a mouthpiece for Liberal ‘Amerika’, another faction thereof, of that same body) commiting itself to clear insanity at so losing?

        Infuriated at that REJECTION the PTB will fall back onto thier alternate, thier ‘Plan B’ which will marginalize the Citizens of EVERY nation in the World to such an extent that those will BEG for relief…that IS the INTENT. Think we have it bad here…think it’s any better in Japan, whose economy is disintegrationg before our very eyes, think it’s any better in China, where 45% of all they earn goes to buy the food they eat DAILY, think it’s any better in Egypt, where the only viable way most can obtain enough money to buy food is through Prostitution…In an ISLAMIC country…WTF!!! And all that is aside from Europe, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy….all falling into an ABYSS…while South America is also befinnning to go that route irreversibly… Venezuela ran out of tioet paper last week!!! The inflation rate in Argentina is only 7%…PER MONTH!!!

        This IS GLOBAL now…it is precisely arranged to be so. Thnk not…wait a bit, “Time WILL tell…”

        Remember, at the end, the Hopi say, “Those in High Places will be HUNTED…this WILL get out of Hand…and they will also Hunt those Hunting them, in return…”

        Please prepare…I BEG you. Please make a way for yourselves to a place of safety…before there is NONE, before you CANNOT….


      41. Equal before the law – that’ll be the day. It’s not that we don’t all face the law equally, it’s that justice and judgement are not executed equally upon us all – can a lawyer play the jury in their prejudice and ignorance? Jesus said its better to settle out of court – ’cause if you go to court, you’re going to pay the utmost. Administrators of the law have a conflict of interest – to determine the truth or share in the rewards of the outcome that pays best. Of course, all the President’s look/sound the same; jingoist, manipulators, working for the money-changers – inhumane, divisive, immoral – blood below their feet – the very caste from which the oppressed fled.

        • I need a New bible because Mine don’t seem to inlude that Book of “Hopi” in it.(sarc).

          JPL well said. They are that way because all the way back to Eden in the very beginning. They are the Seed of the devil, satan, we are the seed of the Woman.

          God when He cursed Satan in the garden said “I(God) will put Enmity(hatred/devision) between You and the Woman, And, between Your(satans) seed(offspring/decendants) and the Womans Seed(thats Us/Gods Children/the elect).

          Later on in the New testement we see Christ telling the Pharisee Rabbi’s(and their followers) “You are Of Your Father the Devil, and the Lust of Him shall You do!…he was a Liar and Thief and a Murderer from the…Beginning(Eden ie: curse wrote of above).

          Decifer it all. Satan is a Spirit form. As such satan requires Physical Humans to Do His Lusts. Those lusts of the devil are LIE-STEAL-MURDER. Now, Who did Jesus say will DO the Lust of Their Father?(if unsure, re read verses above). Now exactly Who are the Main group of controlers of all that matters nationwide in the usa?

          Who are the Main controlers of almost every nations Banks and govnts worldwide? Bingo! John Ch/8 vs.44 and Rev. Ch.2 vs.9 and ch.3 vs 9…..I rest My Case.

      42. NYC Mayor Bloomburg got sent some Ricin in his mail
        this past weekend.

        • Couldn’t happen to a nicer Dictator.

        • Howdy Emily!

          Awwww…POOR Mikey…someone don’t LIKE him MUCH I tink…
          Serves the Elitist SOB right…Damn shame it didn;t get to HIM…

          While I’m here…How are you Hon, how are things in the ‘Peoples Oligarchy of New York’? You are in my PRAYERS always as one of those whom I HOPE can get away from THAT place…All that you have put here indicates that you are one of the better sorts, here…Be Safe, Be Well Hon…I might not get to speak to you again….but my prayers WILL continue!


      43. Some complain What a clever distraction keeping the world from focusing on the France invasion of Mali in Africa. 🙁

        Important facts were missing. I don’t see anything wrong in Nixon’s speech. Nixon said he learn the news from the reporters and his press secretary. Speech writers write speeches for the U.S. presidents, including Nixon and it was a big mistake.
        Steve Watson and Paul Joseph Watson should focus on, such as a plot (or plots) that is the secret plot to take the British crown. Their people (Anne Boleyn, Oliver Cromwell, Winston Churchill, PM Gordon Brown, etc…) have almost ruined Great Britain. 🙁 Perhaps they want to write about their master’s ploys what they did to Britain and continue to do to this day.

        God Bless!
        Safety, Justice and Happiness To All

      44. Hello JOG!
        You sound good and strong.
        I am going to miss your wisdom and wit. 🙁
        Thank you for your kindness, I have learned
        much from you and the good others here.
        You too, be Safe and Be Well.
        I hope you still can keep in touch with us.
        Maybe using a library computer?
        I will go through JOG withdrawl otherwise,
        esp. with your solar updates.
        I too, have been praying for you and putting
        you and your family in the good light, and I
        will continue to do so. I admire what you
        are about to do. Do try to stop in,
        using a different computer from a different
        source. I am working on the NY escape, have
        some irons in the fire. Best wishes to you,
        *hugs* 🙂

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