Labor Day: 90 Million Americans Without Jobs; 36% Of the Population

by | Sep 2, 2013 | Headline News | 390 comments

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    This weekend President Obama delivered his weekly radio address commemorating the Labor Day weekend:

    Over the past four and a half years, we’ve fought our way back from the worst recession of our lifetimes. And thanks to the grit and resilience of the American people, we’ve begun to lay a foundation for stronger, more durable economic growth.

    Except like everything else coming out of Washington, President Obama loaded his speech with platitudes and wishful thinking, failing to mention the reality of what’s happening in our economy – and especially our labor force.

    According to a report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, we’re far from having a laid a foundation of recovery and are, in fact, on a trajectory not of durable economic growth, but one of a complete collapse of our way of life.

    If the health of our labor force is to be an indication of America’s economic health and survival, then the only plausible assessment is that we are about to flat line as a nation:

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported alarming unemployment figures that are reaching the most desperate levels since the Department of Labor began collecting the data during the Truman administration three years after the end of World War II.

    On Aug. 2, the BLS reported nearly 90 million Americans were not currently in the labor force in July, with the percentage of the civilian non-institutional population not in the labor force now registered at 36 percent.

    According to John Williams, an economist known for arguing the government reports manipulated “shadow statistics” of economic data for political purposes, the real unemployment rate for July was 23.3 percent, not the 7.4 percent reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


    Over one-third of able-bodied Americans are not working. That is the stark reality of the situation.

    The President and his Sirens would like us to believe that they have taken the necessary steps to increase the number of jobs and improve wages, but nothing could be further from the truth.

    In fact, if anything, it’s a fact that the President’s mandates, such as his healthcare legislation, are turning us into a part-time nation:

    The Obama administration continues to discount the huge impact its health overhaul law is having in turning America into a part-time nation, calling reports anecdotal and not based on complete data.

    To paraphrase Groucho Marx:  Who are you going to believe?  Me, or your own eyes?

    An avalanche of “anecdotes” continues to pile up as workers across the country are having their hours cut and their health benefits slashed across a broad range of industries.

    For every full time job created in the United States in 2013, we’ve created four part-time jobs. Historically, during times of economic growth and progress, the situation was reversed.

    Everything, from the President claiming we are recovering from the worst recession of our lifetimes to American job creation, is upside down.

    The worst part of it?

    While Americans celebrate the resilience of the American economy over their barbecue grills today, our nation is being systematically decimated through Obamacare mandates, taxation and a destruction of our currency.

    Over the last four years the individual wealth of our nation has been vaporized, and given the policies being implemented by our government, that’s only the beginning of the destruction of the middle class.

    We are on a path of pain and impoverishment, and unfortunately few of our fellow countrymen realize what’s really happening.

    The next stage of collapse is in our sights, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

    Millions of Americans who failed to prepare and insulate themselves from the coming destruction will be blindsided when it hits. Now is the time. Develop manageable and sustainable strategies that will ready you for what’s coming.

    All signs point to serious trouble ahead.


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      1. I get angry every time Obama opens his mouth . He needs to be beat with his own 9 iron

        • But then they’ll make us front him a new club with taxpayer dollars.

          then again, what’s another $100… his wife just blew $10 million on vacations while 50 million Americans on food stamps scrounge for scraps…

          • Man, what a pompous ass.
            He’s got his wires crossed
            with the windmill and the
            manure spreader again.

            • An apt windmill of manure image of the banksters’ puppet, OutWest, but remember, though culpable, he is not the head of the serpent.

              Since the banksters’ loot was stolen mostly by fraud and usury, both gravely immoral and crimes against natural law, it is perfectly moral to repudiate all debt held by the banksters, to prosecute them, and to seize all assets derived from their centuries of looting and crime sprees.

              There will always be willing prostitutes to service the heinous bidding of the Master Race banksters, so do not ignore the head of the serpent.

              They must all be prosecuted at fair trials. The guilty “elite” and their accomplices want depopulation and enslavement, so let them be the first at Nuremberg 2.

              Prosecute and punish the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

              • Obama did not lie. Americans are indeed paving a foundation for economic growth. He neglected to say WHERE it will take place though; don’t look for it in USA. His policies promote success outside US borders, not within.

                • The reality is that Obama in specific and Presidents in general don’t have an economic policy but rather sell to the body politic the policies of the power elite.

                  “His policies promote success outside US borders, not within.”

                  This has been the outcome for decades certainly since NAFTA and China Free Trade. All of this transcends political party and Administration.

                  • Engage your employees or be disenfranchised by them. If not YOU, who? If not now, when?

                    Support the Tea Party Patriots. They are working to make a difference in OUR lives.

                    Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Participate, take the initiative where you live! The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

                    The Silent Majority gets fucked! 🙂

                  • That “grit and resilience of the American people” is what will be your undoing, Obummer—you AND your handlers, et al…

                  • The Durango Kidd says:

                    Blah, Blah, Blah… I’m an Establishment/Statist Tool/Fool.

                    “The Silent Majority gets fucked!”

                    Yeah, right along with the rest of us political atheists!

                    You don’t seem to get it, do you. “Voters” have “Fucked” themselves, and this country, by voting for their Fuckers.

                    Democracy… the “God that Failed.” What a joke!

                    Don’t you ever wonder why this country just sinks lower, and lower… with every decade… with every vote/election?

                    I don’t. Not any more.

                    Keep on voting folks… cause the country isn’t sufficiently screwed up enough.

                    BTW: If you don’t believe in “engaging your employees” by voting, you must be a “domestic terrorist!” And, you can rest assured, the State will create a new Department in DC to address that problem too!

                    Oh shit, they have… It’s called the Department of Homeland Security, aka, The Gestapo.

                    Ain’t Amerikan Democracy grand!!!

                  • Yourmama & Laura M = TROLLS

                  • @Anonymous

                    Hey Braveheart:

                    Come out of the closet… PUNK!

                  • Yourmama-you should be in the closet and then we need to lock it and I’m not Braveheart

                  • @Anonymous (oh my beating heart)


                    That’s you!!

                    You’ve hidden behind “Anonymous” before!!!


                  • Yourmama-you’re the only punk here and BTW stupid, I’m not Braveheart

                • Like you, I’m also wondering what country this lying sack o’shit is referring to.

                  • your mother was wrong & PO patriot: DK says the same thing over and over; obviously his parents are ruling him from the grave. Organize? yes, your family, close friends and hunker down, keep prepping. Tea P. “patriots” are infiltrated, just like other org. Sincere folks in all of them too, but folks leave these groups alone! they accomplish zilch, nada..yada yada

                  • laura m: I repeat the same things over and over again because they bear repeating. Repetition allows the message to sink into the subconscious where the seed will eventually bare fruit.

                    That post is running 5 to 1 in favor of the message. I’d say it resonates with many more people than the losers and drop outs like you would like.

                    My parents divorced when I was 8 and I grew up as a “street kid” creating my own experiences and building my own world perspective alone from the time I was eleven years old.

                    I have worked since I was nine years old and had my own apartment while I was a senior in high school. Mom and dad contributed only their absence to my life.

                    Why are YOU such a loser? Who do YOU blame it on? YOUR parents? LMAO! 🙂

                  • @laura m.

                    The Durango Kidd is a Republican Statist/Fascist.

                    He doesn’t object to what government does.

                    He only objects to what a Democratic controlled government does.

                    Put a Republican in the White House, and he’ll lick government boots all day!

                    DK will eat a shit sandwich, just as long as it’s an (R) shit sandwich.

                    His ilk are everywhere… Especially here on SHTF Plan.

                    They masquerade as “Patriots,” but I know them as “Fascists.”

                    All one needs to do, is read the comments.

                    They say it all!

                  • Hey DK, where did you go to High School?

                    I just wanna check the “Archive.”

                    You know… make sure you’re not full of shit.

                    And that military service you’re so fond of invoking, where were you inducted and on what date?

                    Seeings how you’ve said you were a “combat” vet, I’d like to know if you’re for real, or if you’re just full of shit!

                  • Yo mama: You are WRONG again! LMAO! 🙂 I have repeatedly criticised the Bush Administration here for FREE TRADE and allowing 42,500 factories and 60 million jobs to “offshore” under his watch.

                    Check the archives. 🙂

                  • Yo Mama: I wasn’t inducted. I joined the Marine Corp. My birthday is such that I would have been one of the last ones drafted the year I turned 19, so I decided to join for two years and get it over with.

                    Of course I could have moved to Canada. 🙂

                    I timed things so that I would be 21 and able to legally sign contracts as an adult prior to the start of the Fall Semester at University: for which I paid using the GI Bill and two part time jobs, while driving a new Camero from money I saved while in Nam.

                    Never let a crisis go to waste. 🙂

            • I have been out of the corps labor force for years now. And I plan to stay that way. I wonder how many more of that 36% have not quit working, but just quit paying the government for the privilege?

              The country will be far more free as the percentage of known working slaves decreases. We may not be as wealthy as measured by the banksters, but no one can be free so long as they are counted as a working member of the corp.

              To all those who have followed me off the corporate grid, I tip my hat. For the rest, you are invited to accept the freedom non-reliance on the corp offers, and to keep 100% of what you make every day.

              Stand up and don’t be counted.

              • You call yourself “Gods Creation” but you’re a tax cheat. I pay 100% of my taxes from my home business.

                (Mat 22:17-21 NIV) Tell us then, what is your opinion? Is it right to pay taxes to Caesar or not?” {18} But Jesus, knowing their evil intent, said, “You hypocrites, why are you trying to trap me? {19} Show me the coin used for paying the tax.” They brought him a denarius, {20} and he asked them, “Whose portrait is this? And whose inscription?” {21} “Caesar’s,” they replied. Then he said to them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

                • What is righteously Caesar’s? Anything more than 7% is usury/slavery according to scripture. You need to do more research as to that difference. I think you will be surprised.

                  • Whatever taxes Caesar claims to be his. The Bible doesn’t give a limit on taxable income.

                  • Shootit, I would go even further and tell Caesar to just forget it, You’re not receiving anything! braveheart

                  • BarnCat, your repeated foolish exegesis makes one of the strongest cases against Protestantism, the failure of “every man is his own little Pope.”

                  • “” The Bible doesn’t give a limit on taxable income.””

                    Nor does it impose a tax on anyone or define “taxable income”. In those regards only, it is similar to the IRC because neither does it.

                    That does not make the IRC into Gods Law.

                    Continue supporting your master Barn Cat. But don’t confuse the corp and it’s law with God and His Law. You have a choice, but can only choose one.

                  • To clarify the 7% God was speaking to lenders about interest on a loan not taxes. God also praises the one who invested and made a return on assets.

                • Barn Cat, I am not a tax cheat. To be a tax cheat one would need to be liable for a tax and not pay it. By all means, make your own tax determinations for yourself. No one else can, nor can anyone else make a determination for me. Including Barn Cat or the IRS.

                  I certainly make my own determinations, as any free Man would. But I don’t make them for anyone else, and you should not assume that the one you make for yourself applies to me. Especially when your own tax liability is based on fear and false assumptions. Can you tell me exactly which law makes you liable for a tax?

                  If you are aware of any tax law that applies to me that I have neglected to understand ( and I HAVE examined them fully), by all means post it here and I will research it to see if it applies to me.

                  As for what Jesus was saying, he gave the only answer he could to hypocrites trying to entrap him. He knew full well that EVERYTHING belongs to God, and NOTHING belonged to Ceaser. So he supplied the only answer that he could. And don’t for one second believe that Jesus condoned or told anyone to pay taxes to Ceaser when he said it.

                  Jesus cleverly avoided the entrapment, just like when the hypocrite accusers wanted him to judge the woman accused of adultery after he deferred it to the Father (the Supreme Court) for judgment. Rather than judge the case, He said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

                  If you believe what you produce with the body God has lent you belongs to Ceaser, then by all means give it to him. But don’t blame me for your own ignorance of the tax laws and misunderstandings of the Bible teachings.

                  You can pay them 100% of what you make if you so choose, but that does not create a liability on me or anyone else.

                  • Gods abomination

                    your nothing but a leech you live off your girlfriend and let her be the Wage slave

                    lying sack of shit

                  • GC, don’t be too hard on the Barn Cat. Ignorance is bliss and those that don’t understnad what “The Corp” is also don’t understand real tax liability. Nobody studies anything but the color of law statutes, codes and regulations. They never truly study or question their own liablity while assuming every one else is liable just as they think they are.

                    What wonderful slavemaster assistants they are! As I said, ignorance is bliss.

                    If they would take the time and study and understand The Act of 1871, the social security act and the federal reserve act (and others) they would understand all of this. The fact that they don’t know is not a sin. It is, however, an attribute to be critical of. Then, when they criticize others out of their ignorance they look so foolish.

                    All that GC talks about is documented in law. To be informed and critical may be wise, but to be ignorant and critical, well, its just embarrassing. They show that they are unknowing like a vast majority of the rest of the population.

                    Its no wonder the corp keeps pushing this smackdown on “Sovereign Citizens”. God forbid that the population finds out that THEY ARE ALL SORVEREIGNS and that THE SUPREME COURT SAID SO. The SCOTUS said so in Bond vs Texas. No, not the recent one, the one way earlier. Its hard to find but its there. They hide it pretty good so the likes of Barn Cat can’t find it. As such, it keeps those slavemaster assistants in check.

                    Barn Cat, in stead of calling GC a tax cheat, why don’t you ask him how he “gets away with it?” You sound more jealous that anything. In fact, you sound almost like an establishment shill. When I find out how someone gets out of paying something to our immoral, crooked, murderous corporation-posing-as-a-government, I don’t have the, “Hey! I had to pay mine! He should have to pay his!” attitude. Instead, I have a “How’d he do that?” attitude.

                    The fact is once you realize the rules, you can choose to pay taxes (like I do) or not (like GC doesn’t). I pay them because I choose the type of employment and have asessed the pain I would have to endure to stop paying. GC has either not fallen into the trap as deep as I have or he has endured his pain. Either way, I commend him.

                    Wake up Barn Cat! You don’t have to be a slave if you don’t want to be. If you’ll ask instead of criticize, you’ll get a lot of information on how to be free again. Of course, if you say, “I’m not a slave! What are you guys talking about?”, just forget it. We can’t help you.

                  • I pay my taxes out of a desire to please God. And of course, because it’s a legal obligation. I’m going to do what’s right regardless of the consequences.

                  • This comment is to Barn Cat, Gods Creation, & Net Rangers discussion. That for me was a good continuing Ed. Moment. Can relate to BC & NR & am learning how to be less judgemental. Now I also wanna learn how(to do more like GC…). Thank you all for sharing. God bless all & judge in the most excellent way. Keep on task folks(that’s for me as much as much as anyone…).

                  • Ranger,

                    Thanks, and I understand the nature of Barn Cats everywhere.

                    For Barn Cats everywhere I will simplify the “tax laws”. The IRS has stated under oath in court that an “individual” identified in the IRC is “any man or woman that uses a Social Security Number”.

                    If you do not use a Social Security Number, you can not possibly have any liability under the IRC. If you use one by force, and do not correct the information returns of the goons forcing you to use it, you will gain yourself a tax liability. If you use one voluntarily, you definitely have a tax liability and you should pay the price for using the number voluntarily.

                    Because I do not use a Social Security Number for ANY purpose, it is impossible for me to have a tax liability under the IRC, or any other code for federal franchises including State of— codes.

                    Nothing I do, or nothing I earn, is attached to a SSN, therefore it is not considered as “taxable income” in the IRC. PERIOD. The “tax laws” really are that simple.

                    Many will say they have to work and their employer forces them to give a number. If you can be forced to do anything, you are a slave. Admitting that is the first step to gaining your freedom. Most do nothing to resist their slavery and are comfortable within it. Me, not so much.

                    I recently started working regularly for an LLC as a 1099 contractor. Guess what. They will report the 1099 with no number on it, because they will not get one and they have no problem with that. It saves the company a lot of money, and creates no liability for me in doing regular work for them in addition to my other sources of legitimate income which are also not attached to a number.

                    Bottom line for the Barn Cats of the world, you have a tax liability ONLY if you create one for yourself with the VOLUNTARY use of a SSN. If you do not use the SSN, and do not sign the contract (W-4) you do not and can not have a tax liability for using one. If you have no W-4 and send in information returns on yourself, you are just plain stupid.

                    For simplicity Barn Cat, your number is taxed, not you.

                    I am not a number, do not use a number, and thus do not have the same liabilities as someone who does use a number brings UPON THEMSELVES.

                    But one thing Ranger, you can be a Sovereign, or a Citizen, but not both. The corp promotes the term Sovereign Citizen as a way to entrap people who are striving for freedom yet don’t know the entire story well enough to defend themselves. One who claims themselves to be a SC is stuck between the truth and the lies and is known to be an easy target for that mistake.

                    The People are in fact Sovereigns in America, but citizenship in the corp and it’s courts eyes is that of a Statutory citizen.

                    You would be well advised to refer to yourself as a Constitutional Citizen, which infers your sovereignty as the source of the Law.

                    Bottom line…

                    If the Barn Cats wish to continue using their numbers and paying for the privilege of using it, then they are free to do so.

                    But their use does not create a liability for me, and I am sure as hell not gonna create one for myself.

                    It’s a matter of who you want to work for. Yourself of the corp. The choice is, and always has been, yours.

                  • Did Barn Cat say he pays taxes to please God?

                    I have never heard such a ridiculous claim.

                    You pay because you are afraid and ignorant of Gods Law and the nature of the “laws” you have replaced it with. If you want to pay taxes to please God, screw the corp and give it all to the church.

                    Egg, ask away. But if you really want to understand the truth AND the “tax laws” it will take a long time. Start with The Great IRS Hoax and then start reading some of the material at

                    I am always around here to clarify and simplify, but I can’t teach what you will not try to learn on your own.

                  • Barn Cat, I just read your response. It is unfortunate for you (and the rest of the USA) that the pervasive ignorance toward “Tax Duty” has been so washed into the brains of pseudo-Christians.

                    There is really only one phrase that can get you to understand how foolish your “Tax Duty to God” statement is:

                    Come out of her…

                    Please. You’re embarrassing us. Not for us, but for you.

                    I have to say, when I read your tax duty statement, I just about choked on my drink. Really? Come out of her. Get a clue. The prophet didn’t say “Drive in deeper!” He said, “Come out of her!”

                    GC, am I on target here?

                  • “You would be well advised to refer to yourself as a Constitutional Citizen, which infers your sovereignty as the source of the Law.”

                    No contention there. The “Citizens” are sovereign but not “US Citizens”. The corp does push that “Sovereign Citizen” term knowing that if someone questions it, they’ll get dazed and confused by the duality of it. I just love how they’ve twisted the language on us just to get us to bow, financially, to them. What a bunch of greedy crooks. …and then there are some that actually believe paying taxes is obedience to God?

                    Oh my! How did we get here? (Don’t answer that, I know. It only makes me nauseious to think of it again.)

                    I just can’t get it out of my head: He called you a “Tax Cheat”!!! I thought I was going to choke on my HFCS laden beverage! I’m sure its not the first time for you but I’m so embarrassed for him. Lord! Show us how to help these people!

                  • First, NetRanger that was an outstanding post!!
                    Second, GC you are correct in what you say. I think it is difficult to overcome our programming to being a slave to the Corp. It is all in our head but it is still difficult programming to break. Thank you both for your time and effort.

                  • First, NetRanger that was an outstanding post!!
                    Second, GC you are correct in what you say. I think it is difficult to overcome our programming to being a slave to the Corp. It is all in our head but it is still difficult programming to break. Thank you both for your time and effort.

                  • Ranger, bulls eye….

                • obama is not Caesar. He can kiss my ass and so can the rest of the washington fucks

                • “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

                  I think what Jesus meant was, give Caesar his useless money and give yourself over to God. The only thing of real value is your soul…and THAT belongs to God.

                  In other words, don’t place too much value on the greed of men, when the kingdom of God is the ultimate prize.

                  Typical Christian values.

                • Knowing from the same scriptures that all the gold/silver/metal belongs to God then its safe to say that Jesus was telling them that all ceasar had ownership of was the superscription and the image…looks like Jesus told them they didn’t owe ceasar a cent righ to their faces and they totally missed it…I agree with a lot of your posts but not on this one… people need to stop using the word of God to support/defend tyranny…they do enough of that themselves in fact its the only scripture they like…time for true men and women of God to stand up grow a spine and take the tyrant down…God/Jesus is the author of liberty so there can be no support in his teaching for tyranny…they wont mix!

                • All the pictures on the coin and paper currency are those of dead leaders. So therefore I don’t owe jack shit.

              • “God also praises the one who invested and made a return on assets.”

                God’s a Ferrengi?


                Did not know that. I’ll go invest in Monsanto for “God” then… hey you know what? Financially speaking, a winner’s a winner, ain’t it?

            • A windmill can grind grains for eating. Manure is prime fertilizer for your crops. I don’t want to eat anything coming out of Ombooboo’s mouth.

            • Don’t you mean a POTUS ass?

          • Mac, you still don’t believe that taxpayer dollars go anywhere but the Federal Reserve, do you? I thought you would know better…

          • I don’t expect govt. officials that make 6 and 7 figure salaries to live like we peons live; they never have and need to keep up appearances. I understand.
            But in my lifetime I have NEVER experienced an ‘in your face’ kind of flaunting these ghetto transfers do.

            • To everyone: Check out the article “US Elementary School Homework Teaches Kids ‘Government Is Family'” over at I literally threw up a snack I was having when I read it. braveheart

              • try watching the “Secret Millionaire’s Club” cartoon on TV. Talk about indoctrinating them early!

              • Brave. If you “literally” throw up while reading an article, how are you going to control your tummy when you are in full blown battle? The shtf is not for the squeamish. Also not for the drama queen exaggerating, over reacting type. Toughen up man.

                • URBAN DOG,theres a bloodbath coming and VERY FEW see it,the russians aren’t here to give anyone a kiss on the cheek and a pretty birthday present,THEY’LL TOUGHEN UP OR DIE in a FEMA DEATH CAMP….PETERPAN TYPES don’t fare well in wars,and real wars aren’t TV movies..THIS will make RED DAWN,look like a picknic,THEIR GOING TO THROW EVERYTHING THEY HAVE AT US…hahaha,and lose anyway says the LORD………..

          • Ten million for her vacations. And I haven’t had a vacation since 2007. Shit a brick. Sideways.

            • Moochelle Antoinette!

            • Va-what-now?

              I think I went to Vegas once in like 2001…


          • (Kulafarmer say’s), word of the week should be Assissin and (Concerned say’s), Assissinated would be good, so how about split the difference and use Assissinate. You know such as, sure hope no one will asissinate him. This should raise a red flag at the NSA. Trekker Out.

            • Don’t play follow the leader. Make it Assassinate. Assissinate will only raise a red flag with Eisenkraut. Trekker Out

              • You guys are really playing with fire on this whole deal if I may be so bold as to say.

                You really think they’re not going to do anything about this? Oh, sure, maybe not TODAY… but tell me you could predict the political climate in a post 9-11 world in say 1997…

                • TheGuy, You are so right. Lot of tough talk on this site, some talk the talk and some walk the walk. Remember the young man in China that stood in front of the tank, he walked the walk and TPTB didn’t hesitate to assassinate him. So once again Freedom Ain’t Free. Trekker Out. So I Guess, Be Still Or Be Free!

          • MAC,soon obama will attack syria,the russians will attack america,and the PEOPLE will either wake up or die,CAUSE EVERY FOOD STORE in america will be empty,and the power will be off,it will be time to shit or get off the pot….ARE YOU READY FOR WHEN THE SHTF???cause its on the horizon NOW…………..

        • AmeriKa is quickly becoming a Turd World Country thanks to the crooks and thieves running our Govt and The Fed. 😈

          • As John Williams noted the real unemployment numbers of 23%. Yikes I don’t think unemployment was that high during the Great Depression. It’s another reason why I refuse to call the collapse of 2008 the Great Rececession.

            It was and has been a Depression we are currently in. It still makes me mad when they continue to say great recession. 😈

            • I remember reading in a book of anecdotes about the Great Depression that the highest the unemployment rate went was 25%.

              Just checked my Kindle. The book’s title is “Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression.” It was written/compiled by Studs Terkel.

              • Yes, that was the official unemployment rate then. The true number was higher, some historians say 40% to 50%. Married women at home were traditionally not considered as unemployed, even though millions tried to find work to keep house and home together when their spouse was officially unemployed. Military enlistments kept thousands off the rolls. Many men worked for room and board, so again not counted.

                This is a depression, no doubt about it.

                • Smokey, I agree. I think people just don’t want to use the D Word because they’re afraid that it will only make things worse.

              • Thanks, Jenn! I just bought the Kindle edition of the book and will be reading it very soon.

                • Oh, Mark.. Oh, I’m so sorry. I wish I had put a note in my earlier post. I really didn’t like the book at all. It was written about the Great Depression from the perspective of the 1980’s. Some of the anecdotes were what I expected, but there were others just should NOT have been included. (Why would anyone reading this book care what a teenager in the ’80s thought about the Depression? Especially when their whole comment is pretty much “Um, gee. I dunno. I didn’t know anyone affected by it.”) I wish the book’s author would have done a rewrite. I was just so annoyed by stuff like that, I stopped reading it about halfway through. I hope can get more enjoyment and edification from it than I did.

                  • That should read, “I hope YOU can…” I was typing too fast. Sorry about that.

                  • Jenn,
                    I just got through the anecdotes about the bonus marchers this morning on the bus. Tens of thousands riding freight trains to Washington, establishing Hoovervilles as a temporary squat, watching MacArthur himself ride down Pennsylvania Avenue on a white horse, accompanied by a young major named Eisenhower, and thereafter being gassed and bayoneted by infantry and cavalry as they were driven back across the Potomac.
                    Interesting history so far.

              • If you add in all the people riding in the cart, USA is well above 1930s unemployment levels. Few if any of these “programs” existed in those days.

                • BY THEIR OWN NUMBERS BOB,56% of americans have a currant job and are working,THAT MEANS 44% DON’T and are unemployed,those are the ones who are considered working age adults,44% are unemployed,SO THEIR LYING AGAIN as usual………

          • Rodster,
            I would say thanks to the ignorant, programmed masses who would argue for either side of the same coin (right/left paradigm) and refuse to throw off their mental chains and look beyond what is placed directly in front of them! Ignorance is not an excuse, there is plenty of information out there if one would maintain an open mind in all things.

            • SD mule, excellent points. they need to get away from MSM and come to the alternative media. this site here is the perfect place to start.

              • Last article I said sell your TV to ZOMBIE R US forget
                that use them for target practice with Odumbshits
                picture taped to the front it will make feel better

          • This country is being run by liars, cowards, atheists, baby murderers, greedy manipulators and soul less machines who run on the blood of the hard working, freedom loving American citizen.

            Think about it, our president is a mentally ill coward and congress is nothing but a bunch of greedy selfish pigs who live in an alternate universe. The handout crowd gets bigger everyday and the money they receive comes off of the hard working middle class backs.

            The media is nothing more than minions of the devil; everything is completely backwards. Families are suffering all over this country but you will not be able to read about that, they are the forgotten citizens, their numbers are growing and how this is not being exposed is beyond me.

            A five year old must learn about sex now in the public school system, the government is indoctrinating the children to believe that the government is their real Family, not you because you are stupid and a nuisance.

            Nancy Pelosi is rewriting the bible to suit her slobbering approval of abortion. Gays have been put into the same category as civil rights. World leaders do not fear us any longer, they laugh at us and some even pity us. Hillary Clinton believes she has the right be a presidential candidate even though she is a liar and a vile filthy bitch who has no conscience, a woman who has blood on her hands. Yep, anything goes now and if you don’t like it then that’s just too bad.

            Very soon you will no longer have a voice in anything that the regime does not approve of. You will not be able to post on a site like this because you will be watched, targeted, and your life will be destroyed.

            What will it take for the majority to say, STOP, ENOUGH, GET THE HELL OUT OF MY LIFE, IMPEACH THIS INSANE, INEPT, DICTATOR!

            I don’t see that happening until our pain starts to affect everyone, especially the handout crowd.

            This ever growing evil empire will crumble one day upon itself, of that I am certain.

            • This is correct, nothing will change until the masses experience pain of some sort. Once it hits, then we all go thru the suffering process together. This will mean even the ultra-rich. Unless they can completely shield themselves from the streets, they too will be vulnerable. Maybe not financially like us, but having someone place a shiv in your kidney as they take your wallet has it’s own sort of pain. We are on a path to demise, and anyone that feels the Obomber wants anything other than the destruction of the USA is damn blind and stupid at this point. My feeling is that your preps need to be in self-defense supplies/training and mental preparation for street “flare-ups”. Not so much total collapse, but spontaneous riots, rapes, muggings, and seemingly random acts of ape behavior. You will need to survive a crazy event just in order to get back to the relative safety of your castle. I just got back from a trip to Wal-Mart. It hit home how bad things will become when the hoards out there (that we call our fellow citizens) start feeling financial pain as the printing presses wind down for various reasons. We are in for some tough times ahead on way or another.

              • Gonetoolong,

                You made very valid points, it is the most likely scenario.

              • What would happen if Wally World went tits up?

                Now that’s a thought. Hahaha!

                • slingshot,

                  I almost spit my drink out when I read your post, funny!

              • GTL,
                For walking city streets these days…Krav Maga, head on a swivel, baton…sad, but necessary.
                And it’s not just the street people. I’ve had five minor run-ins since last October with goofy middle-aged white guys. People around here are ready to blow…at the gas station, on the bus, in the grocery store. That’s hell when you get attacked by Elmer Fudd and Willie Loman, ain’t it?

        • Look at the bright side, when the economy finnally goes belly-up, we’ll all have the “equality” the marxists, and thier parasitic owners desire…Then we can all get an obummer phone!

          • Great idea, JustMe! Let’s Look at the “bright side”.

            I’ll reflect on Labor Day weekend as a starting point.

            While i was much younger, in my 30’s ,during the 80’s, i spent Labor Day weekends spending the fruits of my labor, carousing at Myrtle Beach with some buddies or my main squeeze at the time. Party out the last of summer, and party in the next season.

            In my 40’s, mid 90’s to about 2004, Labor Day was spent on the lake with my Lake friends and around their boat docks. With a 21′ Searay cuddy, I was living large and would spend four days chugging beers and having a good ole time with friends and babes, and eating off the Barbie(grill that is). Again, party out the last of summer and in the next season.

            All those years, about two decades, i could care less about what some banksters or crooked politicians were doing. I still loved the Lord and thanked him for every good time and experience i got to enjoy.

            How many were doing the same as i had for all those years? How many of that generation and the next, are doing the same now? Not as many as then, because without jobs they can’t afford it. The majority now are not giving a crap about the banksters/Illuminati/TPTB/Politicians. There are the haves and the have-nots. Both are asleep at the wheel.

            There are too many of them and not enough of us to make a difference so I’m spending my Labor Day, at home without a party. just enjoying my time before the real SHTF. So excuse me if i don’t give a rat’s ass today, about the banksters/politicians/TPTB and who is fighting with whom today. I’m going to the easy chair, flip on the big screen and watch NHRA Drag Racing the whole afternoon, off my $1.28 per day satellite receiver (while i still have it). i might have to play fetch and tug-o-war with Dingo a little, but that is about it.

            No more “big” Labor Day Parties for me. Been there and done that. Thank God. My sights are set on the real future now and it aint’t in this world.

            Ya’ll have a good one, whatever you are doing!


        • “While Americans celebrate the resilience of the American economy over their barbecue grills today, our nation is being systematically decimated through Obamacare mandates, taxation and a destruction of our currency.”
          …..and yet dumb-asses like Bill O’Reilly still think Obama’s failures are because he’s “disconnected” and “doesn’t understand economics”.

          ALL – BY – DESIGN.

          Take a big whiff, America.

        • what a pathetic excuse we have for a president. Saturday, he concedes his red line and then goes golfing. the Syrian people that were gassed are saying WTF and Russia, china and iran are thinking that they just may be running the world by the time Obama’s 2nd term is over.

          • Putin bitch slapped Obunghole.

          • The Syrian people don’t want to be bombed back to the stone age—they feel they’ve suffered enough loss. I wish obummer would STAY on the golf course—He’s probably better at golf, than he is at being president.

            • The only thing he’s good at is phuckin’ up.

            • I have been asking myself – why does he want to bomb Syria. Other dictators/leaders (N. Korea, the murders of Christians, etc.) have killed their own citizens and Obama is silent.

              Who Benefits From A War Between The United States And Syria?

              “The party that stands to benefit the most is Saudi Arabia, and they won’t even be doing any of the fighting.”

              “Now the Saudis are trying to play their trump card – the U.S. military. If the Saudis are successful, they will get to pit the two greatest long-term strategic enemies of Sunni Islam against each other – the U.S. and Israel on one side and Shia Islam on the other. In such a scenario, the more damage that both sides do to each other the happier the Sunnis will be.”

              “It is an open secret that Saudi Arabia is using Jordan to smuggle weapons into Syria for the rebels. Jordan says it is doing all it can to prevent that and does not want to inflame the situation in Syria.”

              “The vast majority of Americans do not want to get embroiled in another war in the Middle East, and even a lot of top military officials are expressing “serious reservations” about attacking Syria.”
              Zero Hedge

              Who are the Muslim Brotherhood? … a Sunni Muslim group
              What is their goal? … eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and installing Islam worldwide.

              The true mission of Islamic groups such as CAIR and other U.S.-based Muslim Brotherhood-front organizations and their infiltration of the U.S.
              WND dot com

              FBI: Muslim Brotherhood deeply rooted inside U.S.
              Terror-support group controls most Islamic groups, mosques
              WND dot com

              New Warning About Muslim Brotherhood’s Influence on White House From…Liberal Marxist Muslim

              Member of the Brotherhood on tape said, “Instead of bringing victory over the fascist forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, we now recognize that their infiltration is right up to the American White House, but we can’t say that.”
              The Blaze

              Homeland Security Goes Jihad:
              Pro-Khomeini Muslim Named to Homeland Security Advisory Council
              Atlas Shrugs

            • Id hate to have to pick between the 2 the 1 hes best at….

        • Just a note to those who want to something about the employment problem : call your congressman TODAY and insist on a NO vote for illegal alien amnesty in any form.

          You can reach them at 202-224-3121

        • My wife and I cannot listen to his voice….. it makes us vomit…

          • Stan522,
            It makes us vomit, too, and it gives us the ballisic shits.

            • …ballistic.

              • That’s a good name for a rock band, by the way: “The Ballistic Shits”.

        • Debt free except a house payment, A car YOU can work on. 6 months to a year of food, a garden, A team you can barter and work with, Skills to help said team and yourself, hand tools, power tools, backup power (even if it is just 2 solar panels and a battery and a small inverter), Spare used tires on used rims, power tools (chain saw…. Drill… ect.) These are the things you need now. It WILL get progressively worse (thanks to the progressives). PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS.

          • If you wanted to get a car with no computerization or electronics, what would be the recommended one?

            • For a car, get a “classic”, like a mustang up to mid 1970. For a truck, up to early 1980 or a diesel to about 1992. You can work on cars with a ecm and emmisions, it helps to have a code reader which cost between 100 and 300$. If you are worried about EMP, most car ecm’s are shielded. You may have to replace a component on either a old distributer/coil car or a new electronic ignition/coil car. Note..they still have a coil. Carburated cars are easy to work on but parts are beginning to get scarce.

            • I’d go with the 1972 ford maverick. It’s cheap and good on gas and nobody else would want it. 🙂

              • My sister used to own a Ford Pinto. What a POS that car was.

                • Never could figure out why Ford would name a car after a bean and then wonder why the rear end exploded in an accident.

          • MOTI

            Thanks for staying the course and helping to remind me of what I CAN DO regardless of the government, anarchist and all other in betweeners that know better than me, want me to do.


        • And all of you people on here say that Obama is a failure!!!!! He sure as hell is doing GREAT at the job he really wants to do, DESTROY THIS COUNTRY!!!

        • It’s like I keep saying, folks need to double check their facts. It was Chico Marx dressed up like Groucho in ‘Duck Soup’, who said “are you going to believe me or your own eyes”? Harpo was also dressed up like Groucho in that same part.

        • even though it would seem he has had a lot of practice in the game of golf, I bet his game sucks

        • Any thoughts on specifically WHY congress has turned into a bunch of pussies and refuse to impeach this A$$hole?? No follow through anymore, I mean they held Holder in contempt, WHatever happened with that?? Not a Damn thing, WHY??? Country run by criminals, that’s why!

      2. Mac—-Why are you even publishing such report? The focus should be on Syria and the chemical attack that was truly done by Israel and their genetically brothers in Al Qaida.

        • Syria is certainly a critical topic — but at this point, based on Obama’s recent speech calling for a vote, we’re all waiting until September 9th when Congress is back in session (apparently, as time sensitive as ridding the world of Assad is, we can wait for 8 more days to decide what we’re going to do). Everything between now and then is just rhetoric from Obama, Maverick McCain, et. al.

          There are numerous reports on the site over the last week covering various aspects of Syria, including the rebel/AlQueda attack.

          Again, definitely a highly important subject, but one that we currently have no new information on.

          As things develop we will keep readers updated.

          Thanks Tac!



          • Yes this is Labor Day, so everyones labor for today should be to get busy and write,call or email your elected Senators and Represenative and tell them to stay out of the civil war in Syria. What is the word for the week? Trekker Out.

            • Mountain Trekker, I have written my useless senators and representative 4 times this week. On a more productive note, this week I canned 22 pints of chili, 12 quarts of pasta sauce, 8 pints of pork 6 pints of chicken, 6 quarts of mixed squash, 5 quarts of vegetable soup, 4 bags of beef jerky and have a bushel of fruit waiting on the porch.

              • YUM! good for you. BTW, I’m free for supper anytime.

              • PM

                Built two holsters and I purchased two propane tanks using my slave wages.


          • Happy times are here, the housing market is back, the jobs reports are getting better every month, the GDP was not .1% but 2.5%, everything is so much better. Yeah right in fairyland it is. Ask your local family about that, how 50 years ago one paycheck provided a good living, and now it takes 2 or 3 paychecks to not be on the street. Ask a person how they have the 3rd lowest vacation time off in the world. Ask how much anger and stress there is in families because of the fear of running out of money. Ask anyone about the financial death throes anyone goes through if they get sick and need medical treatment. I big bag of hot air this supposed recovery is.

            @Mac. In the recent days your integrity as someone whom prepares has come into question. There are individuals that feel that you are only running this site to make money, and you are not actually interested in prepping and survival. I think this is utter nonsense. I don’t think anyone that would write such pro-prepper/survivalist articles could not possibly be a prepper/survialist themselves. What people don’t realize is that you have to pay bills and making money from this site keeps it up and running for all of us to enjoy and learn what to do when something does occur. This however doesn’t deter you from being as dedicated as many are to saving yourself and your family when something occurs.

            I think that most if not all survivalist sites are runned by people that are practicing what they are preaching. It is not just money, it is preparing your fellow preppers/survialists and trying to get out the word. The people that ready themselves may be the few sole survivors after a true mega SHTF occurs. I myself get nothing out of commenting and submitting an occasion article other than the personal satisfaction that I hope that I am helping others. They help me by spending their free time with advice that I use all the time. What do you think of this?

            • Well said on all counts, Be Informed.

            • Be informed
              If Mac is finally making a buck, he surely made it
              the hard way.

              I went back into the archives to the very beginning
              of SHTF and I really don’t know how he kept from
              starving to death.

              It just proves that from a small acorn a mighty oak
              can grow.

              Congratulation Mac, you are a true American success

              • OW, thanks for your kinds comments.

                Those first couple years involved lots of rice, beans and hot dogs ! (Non-GMO when we could afford ’em!)

                I posted a more detailed response to BI’s comment below.

                • Mac,

                  Your work is valuable, appreciated by thousands, and I think you would be a worthy officer of the court at Nuremberg 2.

                  Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • Howdy, BI, and I join you in your support of Mac. As we both know, the attacks originate with trolls. Trolls have no credibility as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never found any reason to question mac’s integrity. In fact, I believe Mac has more honesty, integrity, and credibility than all of the trolls combined to come to this site. I trust Mac and you also, BI. ROCKS! this site is my home! Don’t f#$% with my home! MOLON LABE WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

              • Braveheart, your contributions here are always appreciated. Thanks so much for everything and for keeping it interesting!

                You’re good people man!

                • Mac, you are most welcome. People like us make the site interesting. Trolls never contribute anything here but a pain in the [blank]. oh, that reminds me, I’ve got to get restocked on preparation H.

              • Did ya dislocate your JAWS on that one BH?

                • Really Dude, I stand by my praise and defense of Mac and Be Informed. I also stand by my comments about the trolls and no, my jaws are just fine. braveheart

                  • Brave. Don’t respond to the trolls. You get too angry and I find your statement of not paying attention to trolls incredibly laughable.

            • BI, thank you kindly for your post (and the literally hundreds of posts you have contributed).

              I often try to avoid responding on this particular subject simply because regardless of what I say there are those who have their own thoughts on the and are not open to considering what it is I am actually trying to do.

              As noted by Outwest below (or above somewhere), this web site has been around for quite some time — going on 5 years now. For the first 18 months there were few readers, but we had a budding community. There were no advertisements running. This site is and has been a hobby for me since the get-go… A place to share thoughts and ideas. I hope people feel that the overall purpose now is the same as it was then.

              Over the years it has grown — significantly — from just 50 readers a day to sometimes over 50,000. This is due in large part to the community — the people who come here, find the information valuable, and then share it with friends and family (exactly as I intended to do with my friends and family when I first started it). Often times, I think people share pages with this web site just for the discussions that are taking place.

              With that much interest in the information and discussions, sponsors soon started contacting us about getting their products and services in front of our audience.

              I am not going to say that the advertisements don’t generate enough revenue to provide some level of support for me and my family. They do. And I thank those sponsors for finding this web site good enough to promote their products and services. Likewise, I thank the visitors and customers of those sponsors who have chosen to utilize their services.

              What most people don’t know is that in addition to SHTFplan I am involved in various other projects. This web site, and the other projects we work on help support the livelihoods of a dozen people and their families.

              None of us are in it for the money — I know that may be unbelievable to some, but the fact is that we are all passionate about what we do. And last time I checked, it’s OK to love what you do AND be able to support yourself financially as a result. The monetary rewards are a by-product of the hours upon hours of time and energy we expend to put together the information we get out to people. Not one of the people I work with have taken a vacation since I have been working with them… Not because they can’t… but because they love doing what they do. Even when they do take a “few days off”, they are still “working” on something… I’ve honestly never worked with a more dedicated group of individuals in my life. You want to talk about resilience in the face of adversity? The folks I work with are a testament to the American spirit, innovative ideas, and undaunting work ethic.

              I’ll note that at no time is any reader asked to pay us anything for the information we put out – and this is true for so many other wonderful web sites in this community. The advertisements running here are for the benefit of readers, and you as readers can choose to review a sponsor’s web site or not. If visitors to this web site did not find the products and services relevant, then we would not have advertisers. It is as simple as that. So, in addition to our primary goal of getting free information out to people, we also find that there are products and services our community desires.

              There are, of course, various costs involved with maintaining a network like the one I am involved in. The costs people do not see include dedicated servers for our web sites that can 1) handle the immense traffic flows and traffic spikes 2)protect the network from attacks 3)Provide redundancy in case the digital SHTF. This is literally in the thousands of dollars just for our servers (check out the dedicated servers provided by our webhosting company at and you’ll see what I mean… It’s quite expensive to ensure uptime and reliability!

              On top of that — everyone who works with me has dedicated their lives — their LIVES – to spreading the message… some spend hours a day finding relevant news material to keep people abreast of what’s really happening at sites like (, others, like my wife Tess ( toil in the garden and on the farm during the days, and then develop actionable information so that people can implement realistic strategies in their lives. (In regards to being a prepper/survivalist, please take a look at Ready Nutrition if you have any question as to whether or not we are actively living [or trying to live] the way I describe in many of the articles I write… we’ve spent years trying to ‘disconnect’ from the system that has embedded its claws in our lives since birth).

              The fact is, that everyone needs a roof over their heads and food on the table, and the advertisements running on this web site and others help us to make that happen. If you’ve ever tried to write an informative article or produce a video (BI, you know what I mean!) you know how time consuming that can be. Now, consider that at the above referenced web sites (as well as the others I have not mentioned) we are doing that every single day… that’s a lot of time and energy. I think that most people reading this understand the commitment involved.

              If all of these people did not dedicate the time and energy that they do, then I strongly feel that the thousands of insights, ideas and discussions that have come from them over the years never would have seen the light of day.

              Insofar as survival/preparedness sites in general — I have personally met with many folks in this community, and regularly carry on conversations with them through email —- They are living the life; They REALLY are.

              You can’t make this stuff up unless you believe it… unless you live it. That’s the bottom line.

              And those folks, like myself, spend a good part of their lives practicing what they preach, and then putting that information out there for others to digest.

              Folks can believe what they will about this web site and my intentions. Unlike many of the things in our lives, this is not one you are forced to engage in at the barrel of a gun. If people do not find the resources we share to be of value, then I don’t think they would visit.

              If people did not want to discuss these things, then we wouldn’t have a community.

              That’s what we’ve built here…. it’s not what I built… it’s what WE have built. And I sincerely appreciate every single comment and interaction people make with this web site.

              There would be no SHTF Plan without the good people who come here, communicate with each other, and share with those they know.

              BI, I thank you and the thousands of people who have contributed their ideas… That’s what makes it all go ’round.

              Hopefully, after reading this, people will have a better idea of our purpose, why we have advertisers, and how many people are actually involved in keeping this network up and running.

              …. apologies for the long winded response… it’s not something I can explain in a 15 second sound bite, and I’m not even sure if this comment covers it 🙂

              Thanks all,


              • @ Mac. Can I give you 500 green thumbs and a huge big golden star?

                • LOL!

                  Thanks BI.

                  You are the one that needs the Gold Star!

                  Last time I checked you had something like 2,400 approved comments!


                  And, by the way, the articles you have spent so many hours putting together for this community have been some of the most popular in the history of this web site!

                  For readers who have not read them yet, most can be found via this search results page:


                  • Mac, In case you didn’t notice, I joined BI in defending you in my comment #2161111. It’s the usual trolls and all their crap. this place is my home and all of you are my family. make an illegitimate attack on my family and expect to face consequences. Mac and BI, I’ll give you both 1000 thumbs up and 2 gold stars each. braveheart

                    • I did notice, thank you BH!

                  • Tess is your wife! That is one of my wife’s favorite sites. You guys rock!

                    Thank you to both of you for all you do.

                  • Wow! Tess is your wife! I really enjoy her work!

                    • Yeah — She’s a cool chick ! And she definitely knows her stuff!

                  • Mac, I didn’t know Tess was your wife. readynutrition is a very interesting site.

                  • Mac, FWIW… I don’t think your regular readers needed an explanation defending yourself and this site. We know it takes a lot. And I also had no idea Tess was your wife. Ready Nutrition is a great site. Keep up the good work.

                    • Thanks Ghost… I figured folks didn’t really need an explanation… But thought I would relay what I could to everyone… There’s a lot going on “behind the scenes” that people don’t see… It involves a lot of effort on the parts of so many awesome people so that we can continue to deliver information and ideas, and I felt like that needed to be known. I appreciate all the kind words from everyone.


              • How can one find the day they began part of the SHTF community??
                I’m just curious!

              • Damn Mac,

                All that to say the site takes a lot of hard work to run and you deserve to get paid for that work 🙂

                If anyone believes you don’t earn whatever the site brings in, they can feel free to start their own. Once they see what you make an hour, not to mention the hundreds or thousands of hours you worked BEFORE it started making anything at all, they would probably refuse the work.

                They would be back with the corp in a week gladly pushing them burgers for minimum wage.

              • @Mac,

                As a former webmaster myself, I can say from experience that everything you say about running a web site is true. If you are to have ANY credibility whatsoever, it takes hours and hours of research and vetting of info. Especially these days, with the MSM being dumped for their credibility issues.

                It also takes a lot of time to CREATE and format a web page, even using software tools like Frontpage (I know, it’s an old tool). People take for granted all the decisions made to create a readable web page with reliable links and appreciable web graphics. I had to create all of my proprietary graphics by hand.

                I didn’t even have comments on my old site, I just posted an email address and had to build those comments into he page. I didn’t have my own servers, I was hosted on someone else’s. From experience, hosting a server is hard work to do it right, especially today, with all the spying and hacking going on.

                I was lucky and never got hacked, but I had to battle corruption and trolls, just like you do. I had a lot less tolerance for them than you do (hat tip).

                I comment here and there on the WWW, but mostly, I save my thoughts for this site.

                This feels like my home too. Thanks for bearing all the work.

              • Thanx’s for being long on the tooth! It is long over due! I hate kicking a dead dog; that’s why I rarely make any comments.
                What happened to Ben Dover?

              • Mac,

                Thank you to you and Tess for all that you do to educate and help people become more prepared and self reliant. I and many others appreciate all the work you and your support team put into maintaining this site.

                You have reached more people than you will probably ever know.

                KY Mom

              • Sincerely ! Thankyou.

            • BI, this is utter nonsense. Me my family just got back from our annual vacation. Last Saturday we spent one full day at the beach and came home. Everybody should get at least one day a year.

            • 54km WSW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 2013-09-02 14:30:18 UTC+10:00 49.4 km


              You really ought to take out a patent on your system, pronto.

          • Thanks for a refreshing change from Syria. Remind your readers that the magician always gets his audience to pay attention to diversions while creating his intended result. What do you suppose the magician-in-chief is covering, while we all hold our breath about Syria? The international agenda is hiding the next “bold domestic move” by the banksters. You can bet on it. They do!

          • This could very well be a grace from God, 8 days to get our houses in order and flee into the mountains warning Matt 24:16. When general Titus surrounded Jerusalem there was such a grace whereby he departed for a while then returned & in that space 1000’s of christians who remembered Jesus’s words escaped that city before its destruction. Hey im just thinking allowed over here im not saying run to the hills just tie up loose ends & be double prepared come Sept 10 or 11 because we just dont know & just maybe the hills that are not on fire at this time might be a good place to be for a little camping vacation

          • This a really good take on what will happen when the CORP strikes Syria.

            It’s All About the Money, Baby!
            By Donna Wasson

            Happy Labor Day and may God shine upon your soul.

            • “Dreams I’ll Never See”
              By Molly Hatchet

              Rock On!

          • Red Leader, I can’t dispute the Syrian Army’s logic, either.

            • Well, you see, guys, thats why we’re not understanding what Obama is doing. We’re trying to apply logic. In order to do that you need to know the whole story.

              My contention is this: if you knew the REAL truth about what Obama is doing and why it would seem logical (…and the entire country would be fighting over who gets to kick the chair out from under him!)

              The problem is that Obamas logic is based on agendas that will never be revealed to you or I in a timely manner. What may look illogical to you and I is perfectly logical to the psychopath in chief that is our pResident.

              What I’m really finding out is that we do not have a president. (…or a congress or a senate for that matter!) What passes for our “government” is really a for-profit corporation that calls itself “The US Government”. You can bet that statement’s gonna get me on a list. But, you know what, I don’t care anymore. The truth is the truth and those that lie to the people are destined to pay a horrible price in the end. …and those that punish those for speaking the truth will pay an even higher price.

              • @ net ranger, you have lots of company on that list. Friday when I called all of my elected officials and emailed obummer, my husband looked at me and smiled as he said, “they just put your name on the list”. Heck, it’s been there.

                @ mountain trekker….I hope no one tries to assassinate obummer. Biden scares me more!

        • Tactical,

          You sound like a real sick punk. Why shouldn’t we focus on our own dyeing country.

          • Tactical,

            Your sarcasm was pretty authentic sounding, sorry to label you. I am just mad as hell like so many others on this site, we are watching our country and our lives being destroyed along with our children’s future.

            • @Swinging on a star —Appreciate the reply. Indeed we all are frustrated to see what is happening to our country.

            • What’s happening to our country is directly related to what we’re doing to other countries.

              Loss of rights, financial collapse, military issues, bankster takeovers, growing poverty and national debt, all of it is the result of nation building and butting into other countries business. It’s kinda hard to separate the two.

          • @Swinging on a star, As I replied back to Mac, I think most people didn’t see the sarcastic nature of my comment. Our own country and its people are going through hell due to the economic depression we are facing. My point was what Mac published is not in the front line on the media as it should be Vs the garbage about Syria that has been created by the enemies of our country who are wolf in sheep clothing. I hope this makes it clear for you everyone else reading my comment and specially the fact that I am not a sick punk.

            • Tactical, you definitely made a valid point about the MSM not giving good info on Syria or any other subject. Alternative media sites like this one are the only ones that will give you the truth about anything. Your points are very well taken by me and no, you’re not a sick punk; not even a punk, period. braveheart

              • Thanks BH.

        • @ Tact…because possibly while everyone is tunnel vision focused on Syria. HNIC is destroying the Constitution someother way.For instance… like his recent exec order on firearms and ammo importation ban. Dont know how you got so many red thumbs by asking a legit question in a respectable manner.

          • WOW, how did my comment end up down here? Now I forgot what I was commenting on. Shouldnt have indulged so much in the 70s…

        • @Tactical – that’s a pretty serious charge. Since you know so much about it (more than the military and the CIA, apparently) you should take your “evidence” to your congressman. I’m certain he’d be glad to have real, true evidence that Israel carried out the chem attack.
          I mean, you DO have evidence, right? Nobody would make such a stupid comment without it.
          Or is it something that you “just know”?

      3. Thanks Mac..just to comment was really a sarcasm toward the media and NOT YOU. You always have done a great job to keep like minded folks with higher IQ level who follow the daily events up to date and THANK YOU for doing that.

        • Thanks Tactical!

        • I got it Tctical…. was thinking the same thing… Obumer = Ass Clown

          • Obummer not obumer. He does have, as you say, a good sense if hummer.

      4. What percentage of the population is elderly / retired, children, disabled etc?

      5. What a sad state of this country…

        How about a joke?

        Subject: Questions that haunt me…..

        Thoughts for a rainy day in Georgia…
        >If one has sex with a prostitute against her will, is it considered rape or shoplifting?
        >Can you cry under water?
        >How important does a person have to be before they are considered assassinated instead of just murdered?
        >Why do you have to ‘put your two cents in’… but it’s only a ‘penny for your thoughts’? Where’s that extra penny going?
        >Once you’re in heaven, do you get stuck wearing the clothes you were buried in for eternity?
        >What disease did cured ham actually have?
        >How is it that we put man on the moon before we figured out it would be a good idea to put wheels on luggage?
        >Why is it that people say they ‘slept like a baby’ when babies wake up like every two hours?
        >If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a hearing?
        >Why do doctors leave the room while you change?
        >They’re going to see you naked anyway…
        >Why is ‘bra’ singular and ‘panties’ plural?
        >If Jimmy cracks corn and no one cares, why is there a stupid song about him?
        >If the professor on Gilligan’s Island can make a radio out of a coconut, why can’t he fix a hole in a boat?
        >If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?
        >If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?
        >Why do the Alphabet song and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star have the same tune?
        >Why did you just try singing the two songs above?
        >Why do they call it an asteroid when it’s outside the hemisphere, but call it a hemorrhoid when it’s in your butt?
        >Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog’s face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him for a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?
        >Why, Why, Why
        >Why does someone believe you when you say there are four billion stars, but check when you say the paint is wet?
        >Why do they use sterilized needles for death by lethal injection?
        >Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard?
        >Why does Superman stop bullets with his chest, but ducks when you throw a revolver at him?
        >Why do Kamikaze pilots wear helmets?
        >Whose idea was it to put an ‘S’ in the word ‘lisp’?
        >Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use the bubbles are always white?
        >Is there ever a day that mattresses
        >are not on sale?
        >Why do people constantly return to the refrigerator with hopes that something new to eat will have materialized?
        >Why do people keep running over a string a dozen times with their vacuum cleaner, then reach down, pick it up, examine it, then put it down to give the vacuum one more chance?
        >How do those dead bugs get into those enclosed light fixtures?
        >Why is it that whenever you attempt to catch something that’s falling off the table you always manage to knock something else over?
        >How come you never hear father-in-law jokes?
        >And my FAVORITE……….
        >The statistics on sanity say that one out of every four persons are suffering from some sort of mental illness. Think of your three best friends — if they’re okay, then it’s you.

        • Eppe, keep up that humor. that is great!

        • eppe, you have officially crossed over into the Smokin’Okie dimension. Where has that rascal been lately, anyways?

          OK before heading to the easy chair, I will leave ya’ll with a funny joke i posted here sometime ago.

          Grandma’s Boyfriend

          A 5-year-old boy went to visit his grandmother one day.

          Playing with his toys in her bedroom while grandma was dusting, he looked up and said, ‘Grandma, how come you don’t have a boyfriend now that Grandpa went to heaven?’

          Grandma replied, ‘Honey, my TV is my boyfriend. I can sit in my bedroom and watch it all day long. The religious programs make me feel good and the comedies make me laugh. I’m happy with my TV as my boyfriend.’

          Grandma turned on the TV, and the reception was terrible.

          She started adjusting the knobs, trying to get the picture in focus.

          Frustrated, she started hitting the backside of the TV hoping to fix the problem.

          The little boy heard the doorbell ring, so he hurried to open the door and there stood Grandma’s minister.

          The minister said, ‘Hello son, is your Grandma home?’

          The little boy replied, ‘Yeah, she’s in the bedroom bangin’ her boyfriend.’

          The minister fainted.

          Now, that’s funny…..I don’t care who you are!

          • Heard this betting advice on the radio the other day.

            ‘Never bet on a horse named ‘Tripod’


            Good article. Some of the wise are listening and reading and doing. But the tsunami is going to catch us all regardless….

            • And never play cards with a guy named Lucky!!

          • Good one pissin.
            In such a serious world condition we are in, a joke once in a while helps. I hope Mac does not mind.
            Only trying to put a smile on someone’s face, even if some thumb it down. I’ve gotten to where I do not care.
            When Mac says to stop with the jokes, then I will.
            I just read his input above and we all should congrat him on the success of this site.
            Of all sites out there, I always come this one first…

            • Eppe, you’re doing very good with the comedy, and yes, we can all use some humor on occasion to help us keep our sanity, if nothing else. braveheart

        • @ eppe. Funny. Not to dimish the comics of this at all, and risk being classified as some annoying know it all, there are certain answers to your humorous questions that many people don’t know. I was curious about many of these pondering questions and tried to answer them.

          A prostitute that didn’t get paid is, believe it or not, a breach of contract.

          Any political office it is considered assassination, but how an entertainer gets this label shows the star struck level of people and how far into the clouds their minds are.

          The extra penny goes into keeping apeman helicopter ben’s printing press on the highest level it can reach.

          What is even stranger is that when they put wheels on luggage it took much time after to figure out to put an extending handle on the luggage.

          Studies in ghost revel that usually a dead person, spirit is wearing their favorite clothes. You never see a nude ghost for some reason.

          This is a nerd alert, they say cured ham because all the bacteria is supposed to be removed after the processing.

          Jimmy crack corn and I don’t care, my masters has gone away. Jimmy can get away with a lot and not get whipped while his master is gone. Real 1800’s slave song.

          Dogs, cats, birds, reptiles cannot stand to have someone blow in their face, it is a sign of aggression.

          I have one light fixture that no bug could get in that is a twist on type, others have small spaces to crawl into as the light is not completely enclosed. One reason for this is to let in air to avoid excessive overheating of the bulb.

          I read they use sterilized needles for lethal injection is case someone else gets accidentally stuck.

          I have seen only once or twice someone actually try to shoot Superman in the face, I think everyone has that reflex to something thrown towards the eyes.

          Kamikaze pilots wore helmets in case their heads are knocked against the side of the plane and their lose consciousness before completing their mission.

          Lisp could also be lizp, the s is reversed to the z in England. such as realize is realise. Guess this is where it came from.

          People become so desperate to eat that sour looking piece of stale horsemeat doesn’t look too bad after a few trips back to the refrigerator.

          Actually the bubbles are not white, but an extremely faded from the original color of the liquid. The bubble is an expanded and stretched out small portion of the liquid. Same is true with liquid soap such as Dawn, only appears completely white.

          I use the suction device to get the string up after a couple of runs over with the vacumm cleaner are unsuccessful.

          No mattress sales I have ever seen on Christmas Day.

          People are far better to let what is falling off the table fall, in a sitting position most are just in a much too awkward position to catch anything.

          One that many wonder about, but there is an answer to is: Why is there braille for drive up ATM’s? Someone in the backseat can still use it in back of the driver.

          That 1 in 4 doesn’t apply to me or my frinds, we are all nuts. 😉

          The rest of these are meant to not be answered. Hope I didn’t take the fun out of reading this.

          • But it did make one think?

            • BI, I normally enjoy your posts. I had a smile on my face after reading eppe’s post and even printed it, and texted one to my wife. But you soured the fun. They are rhetorical questions, not to be answered. Supposed to make you laugh, not analyze. And you are wrong about the prostitute. The question stated “against her will” not “and got stiffed on payment”.

              • Outlaw, thanx. We are all in this pile of poo together, so don,t be too hard on BI. Just saying.
                My mother asked me what I would do if I won lotto.
                My response was start up a comedy club, and put a smile on many faces…
                But that is my dream…..
                Wish I could make it happen.

                My wife and I first date was to a comedy club in Atlanta, been together since 1987. For her to put up with me is a miracle, but opposites do attract.
                Where did all you posters meet your better half?

                • @ eppe. I truly think your humor is quite good. I like to solve puzzles and have answers to what others don’t and then explain it to everyone so they know also. Didn’t mean to sour it for Outlaw, and I almost didn’t post this comment because I felt it might take fun away from someone. I thought though others might also enjoy some answers to questions that people ponder about all the time. No harm intended.

                  • No problem, in fact your post did put things right in a wrong world. I would hope we all could play in the same sandbox, with out throwing sand in each others face, we al gotta live together, and I salute Mac
                    C for this site.
                    Imay say things that piss off others, but we are all different, grew up different, think different….

                    How about a joke I came up with?
                    what,s the difference between a redneck and a Yankee?

                    1000 miles…
                    No offence either way, just making someone smile…

          • BI
            Nope. But I am warming up the Rabbi jokes for backup.

          • “””A prostitute that didn’t get paid is, believe it or not, a breach of contract.”””

            It said having sex with a prostitute against her will, not without getting payment. Willful entry, or being entered willfully in this case, is a prerequisite to contract, so there was no contract to breach.

            If you can’t read and understand the questions properly to begin with, why bother pondering on them? Flawed assumptions lead to flawed conclusions, even when analyzing a joke.

            Having said that, I vote for petty theft.

            • I’ve reconsidered. I think I will go for breaking and entering instead.

              Now, what’s the difference between a bitch and a prostitute?

              A prostitute will do anybody, a bitch will do anybody but you.

              For barn cat, both options were crimes so a wrong was already acknowledged. The humorous question was which wrong, not whether one occurred.

              • I guess asking someone to pay their taxes is too much for you, isn’t it? Let God judge you. I refuse to answer any more of your idiotic comments.

                • Asking me to pay YOUR taxes is too much for me :-). I pay MY taxes as required by Law. Why does it piss you off so much? You have chosen your road, and I have chosen mine. You must pay the tolls on the road you chose, my road has no tolls to pay.

                  You have taken the more expensive and less free route to live your life, I have taken the responsibilities that come with freedom and non reliance on the corp.

                  Don’t get mad at me, get mad at yourself for choosing poorly. You have chosen to pay a large part of your earnings to support your slavery and your bankster masters, and I have chosen freedom and God as my master.

                  God will judge me favorably for refusing the mark of the beast and standing upon His Law in all earthly matters. And He will judge me favorably for trying to impart the knowledge He has given me to others like you who have been deceived.

                  The question is, how will God judge you for not only accepting the mark, but wearing it proudly and refusing to listen to those He has sent to help his deceived children come back to Him while there is still time.

                • Barn Cat: That bible verse you quoted to Pay ceaser etc..Thats Not Christ telling you to pay taxes.

                  Key part is Pharisee were trying to TRAP Jesus into either saying Yes pay tax to ceaser, or NO instead Pay Tax as a Tithe to the Rabbis at the temple.

                  If Jesus answered it Either way, them scheeming pharises tryint to Entrap Jesus would have gone to Squeel to Rome leaders and say Jesus is against tax paid to rome.

                  Or theyd have claimed Jesus was in Defiance of the Tithe laws….So Jesus Out smarted the pharisee by telling them bring me the coin, then asked whos pictures on coin, after pharisee said Ceasers picture is on it. He told them then give the coin to ceaser since His names is on it as owner…Do You get it Yet Barn Cat? Its Not a Pay taxes command from Jesus.

                  It was a lesson for pharisee jew rabbi who thought they were smarter and can trap the Lord.

            • Legal dictionary definition of theft: “n. the generic term for all crimes in which a person intentionally and fraudulently takes personal property of another without permission or consent and with the intent to convert it to the taker’s use.”

              Associated concepts: theft of services.I vote for “Theft of Services”…

        • Real simple: if a woman says no it doesn’t matter what she does for a living.

        • SHIT!!!!!!..its me

        • “Why is ‘bra’ singular and ‘panties’ plural?”


      6. When the economy (SHTF) blows up in their face (and it will) we can rest assurd the people who put us here will be safe in underground bunkers with LOTS of food, water etc. even medicins and doctors to care for them, while they have troops guard them. But they will NOT be out of touch we can sleep well knowing our leaders will be safe and STILL calling the shots (that is they will be shooting at YOU) while martial law is instituted across the country. Yes you can sleep well knowing our government our politicians (the best money can buy) will be well protected and cared for while YOU hunt rats to cook over a camp fire to eat and drink water from a ditch or a creek.
        But YOU can sleep well in the knowledge that our DEAR LEADERs are doing good, and still in control.
        So sleep well my friend.

        • Im of the opinion that they want to start a Nuclear war. Those folks have a whole city dug under a mountain near DC.
          they have paid for this with the common peoples money! There are other underground bunkers in several locations. The NWO elete believe that can wait it out in safety. After wards they plan to emerge and rule over whoever survives. Whatever happens be it nuclear,Economic or clatyclismic If they go underground and leave the masses unprotected. We need to seal them up inside. They are the purveyors of failed government. We don’t want or need their parasite failed governing asses any longer. Even if where sick and dying from radiation poisioning. We still can use earthmovers & equiptment. possibly explosives and make those bunkers in Virginia, Colorado & elsewhere into tombs. Possibly pump gasoline into the air intake. Maybe cut off the electricity. We need to seal those NWO assholes up inside.

          • Okay, my paraphrasing from Doug Hagmann:

            7 countries in 5 years US targets to destabilize:
            Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya.
            The global picture is to reshape the entire power structure of the world, not just the middle east.
            Iraq and Afghanistan was about oil and opium.
            Syria and Iran are agents for Russia; therefore, attack them, and attack Russia.
            It is all about the oil, energy, and global economic system, bringing in a new currency by killing the dollar through depletion of Saudi oil, which is near any way.
            Prince of Saudi offered Russia exclusive control over price, production, and distribution of Saudi oil in exchange for Russia allowing US and Britain to invade Syria.

            • ..and Putin told him to kiss his ass.

          • You say that we don’t need their asses any longer.

            We never did!

            Voting is their support; a vote for anyone is a vote for top-down rule.

            • Not exactly—giving them control of the guys with the guns is their support…Voting just confirms our stupidity for the record.

        • Trailer, they may be in underground bunkers, but that doesn’t necessarily make them safe.

      7. The other news, Syria don’t you think they are smart enough to realize that an attack is coming and this is JUST to give them time to move critical assets out of danger. So that means OUR attack is just for show. But that show will snowball into WWIII. You will see.

      8. Interesting article on FoxNews about the DEA collecting info on all phone calls, even more then the NSA. I don’t buy that, but that’s their story and their sticking to it. The NSA knows everything that the DEA knows and much more. So lets help them out. What’s the word? May not make any difference, but even a small mosquito can get the largest man’s attention. Trekker Out.

        • Assassin!

        • The word is… NO!

        • Take your pick from the “S” list…

          Syria, Sarin, Sovereignty, Snowden…

      9. Its another rainy day here, time ta twist one up and watch the so-called powers that be lie about everything. Meanwhile the tomatos are done, sweet corn is here. Time for a good shout of single malt before getting busy. TPTB have forgot 1 big thing 65% of the people have woken up and things are not right yet. firearms sales are above 2.9 million for the last 5 months, ammo is slowly coming back, and there alot more preppers than used to be. People are showing up looking for large quanties of veggies to can so maybe its just me but i dont think so.from what im seeing its all over the us, the same picture. wildman out ps this scotch is so good might have to have another

      10. I am encouraged by the fact that everyone recognizes that fully 90% of the American public is opposed to a war with Syria. This means that at least in this instance the blinders have been pulled off the people of this country. Can we as people who have the ability to see thru the lies and hypocricy of Obama and his administration build on this revelatation? Up to this point, the majority of our population has choosen to be decieved by Obama and his handlers. It has been a long standing ingrained belief by the majority of Americans that the government has their best interest at heart at the basic level. They think that the government will do some things that don’t benefit them, but overall what the government does is good for the people as a whole. This may be coming under more scrutiny though as the local law enforcement in almost all areas of the country have taken it upon themselves to become much more aggressive toward the citizens they have sworn to protect, especially the more defenseless ones, (ie women, the elderly, children and the indigent.) There is also this attitude by local elected officials that if a nightmare project they thought up can get some federal funding, it is bound to be good for all the citizens. When EBT cards won’t buy the groceries, some of thes projects such as $300,000 for a 2 hole bathroom or $6 million for a 6 mile walking trail to nowhere may really come to bite these local officials.

        Today, I noticed that 40,000 longshoremen have decided to opt out of Obamacare. The cracks are beginning to appear everywhere. Next month Obamacare will be the subject everyone will be engrossed in as they try to figure how to buy health insurance and still pay the bills. I will be one of them, because the health insurance company that has managed my healthcare policy for 43 years told me they will no longer offer healthcare insurance. We don’t need to be confrontational with people, but we need to keep the message of lies and deceit coming from the government at all levels in front of people continuously. Hopefully people are going to wake up and realize that they have been believing in a evil government that systematically lies about everything. Nothing is sacred to the government and their monetary backers except the destruction of this country while they confiscate all the wealth. The whole 535 + the president are playing us for a bunch of suckers. Regardless of what is coming out of their mouth or what party they belong to all of them are sold out to the top dollar. It is all evil bullshit.

        • They can shove their obamacare and war crap up their labe asses and pack it there in a big ciclefuckline.
          Its time to start writing letters allright,

          • Lame asses
            LAME not labe

            • Right on Kula!
              I will certainly NOT be one of those trying to figure out how to buy health insurance next month. I have taken my health into my own hands, thanks anyways though.

              • Amen!

      11. Green shoots any day now. Promise.

      12. On this day I will not point a finger at a political party.
        I will point it at a generation.
        The baby boom generation literally sold
        America out. They got on the boards of companies and shut down factories and shipped the manufacturing base to China and other places. Think Al Gore.

        Then their national security threat numbers drove up the price of housing.
        This triggered an entire generation to be enslaved to the bankers.

        Then….when they inherit money from their depression era greatest generation deceased parents… instead of focusing on the financial planning for their grand children..they all bought RVs, Boats, second homes and traveled the money away.

        They sold off the businesses their parents build up for decades and pissed the money away with no planning for future generations.

        So…. Then they all voted socialism/dem and got Obama in office.

        Here I am….creating a new company.
        A code base I can replicate.
        Sorry Obama and your ilk.
        I won’t be creating any jobs for your people.
        I’m seeking full automation and don’t plan on having a single employee.
        If I do…it’s just family and extended family.
        I know of a guy who owns a pizza place. They are laying all NON FAMILY off!
        Enslave someone else dem scum.

        No dems, no boomers.

        There’s my response to the most fucked up generation in American history.
        Your kids are just waiting for you all to die off so they can pay off their credit card debt.

        Final thought…. The liberal enslavement of the employers to the employees via FICA match, 401k match, Workers Comp, disability and so on….


        It’s full automation, job schedulers and event handlers.
        A business model that is designed to eliminate all jobs.

        There you go you bunch of socialist commie pricks.
        Fucking starve.

        As soon as I hire just one person…my payroll red tape government nightmare begins.

        Nope… Enjoy your Obama phone.
        When you all call guys like me for a job…you’ll just get an answering machine.

        If we do hire…it’s family only!!!

        • Just one short year ago, most of you on here, scoffed, gave multiple thumbs down and essentially told us who blamed the baby boomer generation for many of our ills, that we were outright liars and trash. It is nice to see blame is finally being put squarely on the shoulders of this generation and many are agreeing with this truth. Expect these people to do far more damage to the rest of us though. These people (55-70 generally) will doom us all with their antics and vast numbers.

        • The term “baby boomer generation” is really
          starting to stick in my craw.

          I am a baby boomer (a chronological fact),
          that is being lumped in with a deadbeat
          generation that I had no say in, nor did
          I ever participate in any of their spurious

          I’m just a po’ ol’ country boy that minds
          his own business and gitten’ along the best
          that he can. Uum umm, smell that apple pie…..

          • As a younger “boomer”, I agree. We were born when we were without planning it to inconvenience others. My husband and I have worked hard all of our lives, have no credit card debt, and didn’t inherit much from our parents. (World War I era for both of us.) I have to admit Al Gore (the crazed sex poodle)is dreadful, but I’m not responsible for him.

            Also,as a note on grammar, “decimate” equals ten percent, not total destruction. It refers to a particularly nasty method of punishment by the Romans who would kill every tenth soldier in a unit to enforce discipline. Am sure Obama would love that.

            I STILL can’t click the “Like” button and get a result.

            • @ Vicky, “Also as a note on grammar, “decimate” equals ten percent, not total destruction. If you allow yourself to become too focused on some rather “interesting” spelling and grammar that appears in the commentary here…you risk losing sight of the forest for the trees.

              I will include a link that you may/may not find interesting after this comment.

              Personally, I focus more on the message and intent of the “author” versus the correctness of the spelling and “artistic/interesting” use of grammar. No harm, no ill intent. Believe me, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

              • “Moderation” may take awhile, today is a “holiday”.

                http://blog(insert period)

              • Still trying to skip moderation.


                Obviously, replace words in parenthesis with the symbol referenced. If this doesn’t work, I give up. Might I suggest an author originated “delete my post” option.

          • OutWest

            Second that!

        • How blind can you get? You’re a bigot. You don’t like people of a certain age. You probably don’t like Jews, blacks, Asians, Mexicans or anybody else very much either.

          • It’s not a matter of not liking people of a certain age or even blaming all boomers for the cumulative effect their generation has had on this nation. That said, we do need to be honest about the net results of the boomers and it has not been good. Some were given little but were given good character and have done a lot with it. They deserve our applause as much as anyone and I wish those boomers had more influence than they do. Saddly, the ones with influence are those who have done the greatest damage. Many of those were given too much, were asked too little of, and in reaction turned on those who had sacrificed so much for them and the nation which made them so priveleged. Those of us in the generations which follow have had to walk in the shaddow of the boomers over-extended adolescence; their love affair with themselves in TV and movies; and now with the derth of advancement opportunitite in the job market because they are puttinmg off retirement. What is left for those of us still getting entry level jobs in our 40’s? Don’t take the resentment personally, but understand what is in the wake of the boomer generation and what havoc it wrecks on all Americans.

            • There where so many boomers that the first boomers And Pre boomers born between 1935 & 1945 came of age at an optimal time. They entered the workforce during the time when the supply of labor couldn’t meet the demand. they bought at low prices & interest. The US economy was growing up until the jimmy Carter fake gas shortage in the 70,s. That’s when wages began to stagnate and Inflation took off. That was when the US began to decline. Those born after 1950 never had the same advantage. There where so many of them they overwhelmed the schools ,job market and supply of things like affordable homes ect. its the parents fault for having too many children. My folks had seven children and there was very little to go around. The older kids got new clothes and the younger got the hand me downs. But dad and mom had to always buy a new car and keep up with the jonses. Blame the parents of the Boomers. Those parents where the Top benificiarys of the Social Security Ponzi scheme. They where the selfish greedy hogs who wouldn’t retire and let a younger person advance. That 80+ year old you see working at Wal Mart is a WWII parent of some baby boomer. They don’t need the money there just greedy. Most Baby Boomers where part of too many persons chasing too few jobs & products. Many wrongly actually believed that they where Middle Class. When In fact all they where was deeper in debt than should have been humanly possible. Now they cant meet their financial obligations. However they aren’t really losing anything. It was never theirs. When you buy on credit it don’t belong to you until the very last payment is made. Until you make that last payment your nothing but a glorified renter.

        • Sometimes a business needs to be sold to split inheritance fairly. What about hostile take-overs of many companies…there were a lot of different reasons why companies went the way they did.

        • My Gift to The Obama Bums:

          I think if you would have just pointed a finger to the Obama bums I could have agreed with most of your statements.

          The destruction of America was in the planning stages way before the “boomer” generation. Your finger pointing and rage needs to go back to the morons that allowed the unfederal reserve. That was the beginning of the end of ALL our generations, including yours.

          You need to check out who owns these large corporations and who is on these corporate boards and who has shut down all these factories…..wasn’t me or any Joe Schmoe “boomer” that I knew. Being on a corporate board or owning a corporation? Most boomers I know were out working our asses off trying to give their spoiled, snot nosed, I want, I am entitled kids (from your post I gather this is where you fit) what us Joe Schmoe boomers never had. My grandparents and parents never had a pot to piss in to leave to anyone.

          Once again we are trying to divide people instead of placing the blame where it belongs. Our “boomer” generation is a trusty bunch, believing in rah!rah! America……believing that the scum we were sending to DC were American, and on the same page that we were. Why if you were to suggest that something smelled rotten in DC, or there were Zionists scheming about a One World Order and how they were going to use America to advance their agenda when I was a young boomer I would have been considered a “nut job”.

          You say we all voted for o and socialism. Don’t lay that on me…..Once the DC crowd got the one man, one vote law passed us boomers didn’t stand a chance. The big populations in the big cities controlled everything. There is a map on the internet that shows the ethnic make-up of all large cities in America and I will leave it to your IQ as to who makes up most of the population of those cities. Our stinking immigration policies have contributed to that problem. I know it includes a major portion of what I am assuming is your generation. Those voting blocks are not all baby boomers. Young voters made up a huge part of the election? of o.

          Once again, that dirty, overused word THEY always comes into play. Educate yourself as to who the THEY are who have shut down factories, killed manufacturing, moved corporations overseas. THEY are the people anxiously chomping at the bit to see us boomers and you live in a vastly different America and THEY are succeeding. THEY are after a one world government. I will leave it to you to figure out why; if you haven’t already.

          If you are so smart, gather up your generation and help change things. I was too busy working to pay taxes so your generation could hang out, smoke dope, get in line for your food stamps so you could eat, apparently making fun of us boomers that have made it all possible for you.

          Apparently you were not left with an inheritance. So sorry. Don’t care what your decision is in this world as far as your plans for a career, whatever. Just quit laying all the blame on us boomers, our backs are nearly broken from carrying the load.

          • The boomers will steal your retirement, disarm us and when they crash the currency they will bring in UN peace keepers…think Russians and Chinese.

            This has all been planned and all you liberal thinkers are to blame.

            The manufacturing base will NEVER return to America.

            I advise everyone to hide their wealth in silver and gold.
            Don’t let these guys let you own anything.

            I predict that they will nationalize (de-privatize) 401k and IRA.
            It’s being planned now.

            The bankers are planning debt slavery for all.
            Even if you don’t have debts…you pay the country’s debts to the bankers via your federal paycheck tax.

            History will look back at the “ME” generation and judge them on what was left behind… Federal and state debt and no factories to provide the wages to pay things off.

            I’m now in survival mode.
            There’s no rebuilding the country from the “age wave”.
            There are too many of them.

            So I say… don’t play their game.
            Pay off all debt.
            Start your own businesses that require no employees. I’m in this is possible.

            The United States is being collapsed just as Russia crashed.

            I do think one can point the finger at the generation that pissed it all away.

            The UN agenda 21 doctrine is being aligned.

            The US Dollar has crashed 44% since 2000.

            Obummers plan is to crash the dollar.

            The new form of capitalism is now electronic and global.
            Zero building and running off a leased server.

            I was buying silver when it was $4.
            The price goes up and down.
            But at least it’s real and I can touch it.
            The dollar will continue to slide and countries are dumping it.

            I predict that Texas will break off from the US and become it’s own country.

            • My Gift to the Obama Bum:

              Funny, I agree with everything in your post except you cannot accept the fact that the “boomers powers that be” are responsible for the chaos that you and I know is coming.

              When you can seperate out us regular boomers (the wheat) from the “elite boomer powers that be” (the chaff) and have the courage to begin to name them; then I have no disagreement with your analysis.

              Further, your generation has done nothing but further what ails America. Your heads are in as deep in the sand as the boomers.

              • PO’D GRANNY: I Can and Will Name them…Zionist Askanazi Jews…Forget klintons election slogan of “Its the Economy Stupid!”

                The TRUTH Slogan is “Its The Askanazi Zionists JEWS STUPID!”….Have that asshole X gen punk begin There, at them Zio jews a couple hundred yrs ago. TRY that LINK above posted by..Poster “The guy is right” his Link to website- I am the witness….Complete Timeline of Rothchild Jew family Banksters. Head Honcho of ALL ashkanazi zio jews worldwide, richest Familys in world, Financiers and Fomenters of ALL evils and wars and wrongs that occured that Past 300 yrs. Also the Funding Inventors of “Zionizim” and OWNERS and Main Funders of the State of Israel. Start there foolish X gen clown.

                Us Boomers were the ones caught dirctly in the Middle of the whole mess that began over 100 yrs ago in usa, and 200-300 yrs ago in Europe….Begun-Ran-profited by-Rothchild Led Zionist Askanazi Jews AKA “KHAZARS” Fake jews, aka Sinogog of SATAN as per Jesus Christ Rev 2 vs 9.

                Thats enough info for now to keep this foolsih idiotic Youngster Busy awhile eh Granny!



                  If you have a mac… highlight, hit speech and let it play…
                  It’s long..but you will see the history of the evil people on the planet.

                  Seems we’re all debt and tax slaves to the jews.

                  And yes…many of them are BOOMERS!

            • I gotta agree with most of your post. There isnt now and never will be a political or ballot box solution. The American manufacturing is gone never to return. And the jobs where driven away on purpose. Its stupid to expect those who caused the job loss to fix the problem. You cant eat silver. I think food & ammunition would be a better investment. I think we are headed to the same fate as the soviet union. Some collapse or clatyclismic event will trigger SHTF. followed by chaos & civil unrest. followed by Martial Law, civil war, race war ,ethnic cleansing. I really hope im wrong but I think not. Texas or some other states might try and secede? its unknown if they can do it successfully?

              • Funny…everyone thinks the people that support the billion dollar food business will just fold up and go away. They will ensure their products keep rolling no matter what the price. After one is stocked up on long-term foods..then you go for the silver.
                Any bone-head knows this and you state the obvious.


                All this was planned years ago.

                Global currency and debt enslavement is a fact.

                In my own house.. we’re paying down our debts at $25k a year….one car paid off…one more to go. Then the mort. and I have rent rocking in too.

                My goal… zero debts…a nice career and a safe of silver.

                I think the guy was basically saying the boomers are not a cohesive bunch and all act off of self interests.

                I see the generations after this becoming socialists for the Rothschild family…debt slaves.

                One of you wanted to know who was to blame…it’s that banking cartel.

        • You must remember there is both good and bad in about everything on earth. Good Christians/bad Christians; good Americans/bad Americans; good educators/bad educators; good hillbillies/bad hillbillies and of course, good baby boomers and bad baby boomers. The size of the generation was bound to cause some trouble and produce some really bad politicians. The generations which follow the boomers are not any better, they have some good and some bad people in each age group;;;there are just less of them and they are not old enough yet to haven’t gotten into enough trouble to be hated by those who follow them. What goes around, come around.

        • @ my gift, sorry to see all the thumbs down you’re getting. It’s true. Hire 1, just 1 employee, and expenses and liabilities ( not including the salary) go way up. If my practice becomes busy, I will be paying my retired MIL to help out. Folks who’ve never started a business in today’s environment wouldn’t understand.

          • YOU GOT THAT RIGHT.

            I just finished working late.
            It’s past 2 am. Time for bed.

            I’m sure all the Obummer supporters never pulled hours to
            start something from nothing.

            The way I see it…
            My business needs to be invisible.
            Zero road front.
            All on the web flying globally.

            No one will know my name and I’ll be hard to sue.

            I’ll hide in a labyrinth of legal llc.

            Zero employees.

            In the end… I just have me to provide for and I don’t have to listen to all the excuses of all the Dr. Phil losers.





            FICA MATCH
            401K MATCH
            WORKERS COMP
            VACATION TIME
            SICK TIME
            RED TAPE


            fuck it…
            Just me…no worries, zero red tape.
            Put my time into full automation.

            Small fat and happy and
            zero affirmative action….lazy pricks with their hands out.


      13. Just believe the opposite of what is said in every instance when that info comes from our government and their backers. Health insurance has become unaffordable for the majority in America. Profits must continually rise for corporate America, while the rest lose ground and can’t keep up with the gouging. It’s a no win situation, obviously planned by the greedy to impoverish America. All the money is poured into spying and military expansion to protect the government from we the people. Something must be done by the people to stop this track and the fall into tyranny. I too thank this site for the freedom to express opinions.

        • “Health insurance has become unaffordable for the majority in America. Profits must continually rise for corporate America”

          To say this is to completely ignore the role our govt has played in the increased cost. See medicare and medicaid.

      14. yep, the labor participation rate is the lowest since the 1980s despite millions more people; don’t tell me the US has had any recovery.

        my spare time this fall will be spent socking away money and getting my job skills up as its going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

        • And what loud mouth poster tried to tell some here they use old pics, they photo shop, and they have fake events by major news anchors?? think CNN…

        • The jews are trying to get the west and the arabs to wipe eachother out.

          BTW.. Kennedy got wacked because Israel wanted the nuke and he said well as the silver certificates.

          Now the jews control the media the education sys. many companies and the have the bull dog of the anti def. league. If you speak out against them..they get you fired off.

          SO…. Start your own company and never hire these fucks.

      15. Awesome picture used!

      16. How to get rid of extra lite bread.

        Peel some apples and slice.
        put in water and bring to a boil
        Add sugar and cinnamon
        butter or palm oil
        add several slices of lite bread
        add a little dry oatmeal
        add rasins and nuts if you like them
        boil the mix and make sure it is not too moist
        put on casserole dish and bake.

        If you have to ask how much of each, you are not a cook or a prepper. Just go to the store and buy a pie.

        • Ramequin

          8 slices of bread
          8 slices of swiss cheese
          8 slices cold cuts
          8 slices tomato
          2 C milk
          2 eggs
          1 tps salt
          Dash of nutmeg
          1.5 TBS butter

          Preheat oven to 400F
          Layer the slices of bread with cheese, tomato and meat. In a seperarate bowl whisk together milk, eggs, nutmeg and salt. Pour over bread layers and dot the top with butter. Bake 30-45 min or until toothpick stuck in middle comes out clean. An alternate I like is to use another kind of chese, no tomato, and lots of garlic. Very healthy, warm, savory and cheap with day-old bread.

      17. I just heard good news on the MSM radio station and the MSM preachers all said the bad times have all gone away cause the good dude on the White Horse is taking care of us.

        Thus I ran 20 red-lights in their honor.

        Thank you Joseph, thank you Barack

        (yes I stole it from Far Away Eyes–Stones)….

      18. You might want to learn a new skill or sell your current skills off the radar. The only thing I see to get out of this system is to work under the table for cash. If your in a bunch of debt then you must be an idiot, I saw this coming a long time ago. There are many skills you can sell on craigslist etc. Learn to wheel and deal in private trades, take online courses, resell yard sale items, ebay, handyman, the list goes on. Stop funding your own demise, go underground. Ever watch barter king’s? Use yer brain and save yourselves.

        • Unfortunately today, when you are able to pay bills and afford to live without having to punch a time clock on the tax roles, this govt thinks you must be a drug dealer or a thief and puts you under surveillance to determine which one you are.

          The IRS starts investigating to find out where your money is coming from, so they can take their share.

          The CIA thinks you might be a terrorist receiving support from other terrorists.

          A neighbor thinks you must be a squatter cooking meth in the basement and reports you to police, who always tend to agree.

          Your family just thinks you’re a loser.

          No matter what you do, you can’t please everyone, so do what I do and say “fuck ’em all” and keep prepping.

      19. These are Warmongers. And we are their War Children.

        Its just a shot away. Just a shot away….

        Gimme Shelter

        • More brain dead Nazi Muslim propaganda capable of being seen as false by anybody with an open mind and an IQ of at least 2.


            • I’ve got to correct myself. Sounds like Eisen has taken Rich99’s place; that’s all the hell we need. eisen, stop the insults. if you can’t make your points in an intelligent manner, then go away.

          • You cant say that! Remember, Eisenkraut isn’t an anti-semite.

        • Like I said before, someone with a GERMAN name attacking jews……

        • The funny thing about Nazis is that they don’t get along with each other either. Neo-Nazis always splinter into smaller and smaller groups.

          • Barncat, my grandpa used to tell me, “Never trust Germans or Italians”. I’ve known some good Italians over the years, but always had reservations about the Germans. He fought both groups in WW2. braveheart

            • Oh, Braveheart — you cut me to the quick

              My paternal side is of German ancestry.

              What can I do now, to make amends?

              • OutWest, sorry, let me add a caveat. As long as they repudiate atrocities of the Nazi regime, then they’re all right with me. I should’ve added that earlier. My apologies. I just don’t have any use for Nazis or Fascists; not much different from commies, as far as i’m concerned. braveheart

                • Braveheart — just kidding, old friend, It’s okay

                  Your Grandpa was mostly right when it came
                  to “old” school pure Germans.
                  They all liked to come out on the best end
                  of a “deal”.

                  The German blood I have left is pretty much
                  watered down now. Kind of like coffee with
                  cream and sugar, it gives me a sweeter

                  • Same here, but my ansestors came here in the 1700’s so that should not matter. Hitler was psyco, witch everyone seems to dwell on… Damn spell check

            • You’re correct. My wife is part German so I partially trust her.

            • OMG braveH,……YOU really need some psychiatric attention !

              • Next door neighbors dog, I wish my late wife was still alive to read your post; you wouldn’t want to deal with her, especially if she goes off on you in Spanish. she was a refugee from Cuba who lost half of her family to Castro’s butchers. she lived through some horrors most people out here can’t imagine. My remarks about Germans and Italians originated with my veteran grandpa, God rest his soul. I can get along with a German or Italian as long as they DON’T believe in Fascism/Nazism. So, no, I don’t need psychiatric attention. I don’t even recognize psychiatry as anything legitimate. braveheart

            • braveheart, A few years ago I worked an international project for a very large American company. On the team were Germans, Italians, French, South Afrikans, and Americans. When it came time for meetings the Americans and South Afrikans were on time, the Germans 5 minutes late but came in as a group, the Italians were 30 minutes late and the French never showed up. When it came time for the products to be delivered, the German products were excellent but we had to listen to their glorious descriptons for hours, the American products had a few typos, the South Afrikans were short and to the point, the Italians were still working on their contribution 6 weeks after the project due date and of course the French never turned in their product. True, personal experience.

              • Patientmomma, that’s very interesting. what you say about the French comes as no surprise. In both previous world wars when we went to their rescue, we and the British ending up doing all of the fighting and dying for them. The French are notorious for leaving other people holding the bag. braveheart


            • Everyone beware that Eisen is back to his old self and even using all caps. But that’s OK; I’ll take him over Rich99 and 98. it’s a relief not to have them on here now.

              • It seems cyclical, kinda like he’s having his period.

            • The Nazis were people that blamed all society’s ills on a minority. Sound’s like you

              Take your meds!

          • I already debunked that neo nazi BS by posting Proof with Names and links and documentation that EVERY neo nazi org that MSM and SPLC Ever complained of since the word neonazi was invented was a JEW run PsyOpps. Usually Run BY SPLC or ADL or BOTH!…Every neonazi leader guy turned out to be Jewish useing a Fake german name and its all MSM SPLC Psyopps swindles to garner support for jews as “victims”. Every one, every time jew run scams.

            • My job petered out about two years ago. Employers sometimes hire the young with no experience because they can get half of the wages paid by the goverment for training. Im a truck driver & heavy equipt operator with a clean record and 40 years experience. and all I could find was minium wage jobs. Im not drawing Unemployment so Im not counted. We are debt free and Ive been doing self employment and selling asetts. I said goodby to my Harley and 55 chevy that I had since high school. Ive got a few acres where We hobby farm and grow a part of our own food. Ill be 62 this year and will try to draw the pittance of social security. If I can just get what I have paid into the Ponzi Scheme Ill be Happy!

            • So you’re saying all neo-nazis are jews?


            • Hitler was part Jewish, as well. Does the scam run that far back?

              Kinda backfired on the Jews, didn’t it?

              • Heres some Jew Facts for you idiots so brainwashed by MSM and Hollywood jew wrote crap. This is Facts from Historical timelines.

                1895: Edmond James de Rothschild the youngest son of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild visits Palestine and subsequently supplies the funds to found the first Jewish colonies there, this is to further their long term objective of creating a Rothschild owned country.

                1897: The Rothschilds found the Zionist Congress to promote Zionism (a political movement with the sole aim of moving all Jews into a singularly Jewish nation state) and arrange its first meeting in Munich. However due to extreme opposition from local Jews, who are quite happy where they are, this meeting has to be moved to Basle, Switzerland and takes place on 29 August. The meeting is chaired by Ashkenazi Jew, Theodor Herzl, who would state in his diaries,

                “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”
                Herzl is subsequently elected President of the Zionist Organisation which adopts the, “Rothschild Red Hexagram or Sign,” as the Zionist flag which 51 years later will end up as the flag of Israel.

                Bey yout Phony Preachers never told ya this part about zionist israel eh.

                • That look you cant quite figure out when your momma sees you is called disappointment.

      20. I haven’t had a full time job since October of 2008 when my temp job ended. I worked some full time and some part time for 5 months in 2010 for the Census Bureau. No, I don’t count as unemployed. I make the equivalent of temp job money by buying and selling online. It’s a good thing my wife has a good job with benefits.

        Big companies don’t want older workers. They’d rather hire people fresh out of school with no experience. If the job is temporary they bring in older people. If the job is permanent they bring in young people.

        • …not to mention the fact that they now require a PH.D for a dish washing or waitressing job.

        • Ive found that to be the case….but the kids wont show up for work half the time and they admit it…..?

          • If I had to work my ass off for less than a full week, for a snarky jerk who only paid me minimum wage and no benefits, I’d look for ways to avoid going to work too…like finding another job.

      21. So this country will be going to part-time employees to avoid ‘Obammy Care ,I’m not surprized. For four decades I worked as self-employed . Now I’m retired . If I had to go to work today I would be required to have -A Business License – Bonded – Liability Insurance – Tax Numbers- Register with State Revenue – WorkMan’s Comp.!! Smashed ,Smothered and Stomped ! There’s NO WAY I would support ALL these LEECHES and have anything left for myself !! They ALL WANT a Piece of the PIE !! Now the Good Ole Gov’t. is going require this of all working people in Amerika ?? The Straw is headed toward the Camels BACK ……mm

      22. I was thinking about this last night…I have a college degree and work at a well known software company. Currently, I am 31, and make less than my Dad did 21 years ago.

        My Dad had no education beyond high school, and worked as a Sheriffs Deputy in Los Angeles.

      23. A sad state. A very very sad state this country and this world is in. The gates of Hell has been unleashed. It has all arrived. Rebellion,murder,hate,strife,war,greed,lack,starvation,immortality. It has all increased to the point of no return. These are the last days. Get right with your God.

      24. Whew!

        What a timely post. I just finished reading Impending Financial Collapse the best article I have seen about the timing of what is going to happen to us.

        The article begins:

        “For you who want to know what’s about to happen to your finances, HELL to your life as you know it now, follow me down the rabbit hole for a moment. I will assure you that the time you take reading this post will be time well spent”.

        I, personally, have shared this article with friends and they have said it is the best article they have ever seen on the impending financial debacle. No, not an article on go buy gold and silver, it is an article that will help you cover your ass.

        Have anyone of you heard of the new $100 bill? I had not. Read how the feds are going to solve some of their financial woes by turning your $200 into $100.

        Timetable for the new $100 bill. October 2013

        *Admin Note: The original link provided went to a 404 error page. New link added above*

        • Ahh, an article from the henry shively website. Do you listen too him as well? I do enjoy his show.

      25. I have been watching mccain and linsey graham after their meeting with bo.
        apparently they are going to be representing bo to their constituents. Instead of representing us. Geez this is screwed up. Their goal is to convince us to go to war. They have already made up their minds to go to war without even talking to one single citizen. Good god they’re going to vote for another war.

        • What are the chances that Linsey was under the table as John was cheering for BO?

        • And these are the same people yelling “Hell no we won’t go” 40 years ago. Fuckin hippies.

        • @ braveheart. You know Frankenstein kerry is someone whom talks and goes with only what is going to make him look good. Remember when he was up for president he went out and blasted some geece to prove he was pro-gun? He couldn’t get rid of that shotgun faster when the news crew and photographers were gone. I think this is one of the worst qualities of a person, any person, being a hypocrite. It drives me crazy to see how the masses ACCEPT lying and deceit from their bosses, co-workers, friends, family. Use to be kids would get their mouths washed with soap or punished for not telling the truth and lying. Now they get a discussion on it, many times on how to be a better liar. It is like they want to be lied to by everyone, and not face the truth about anything. How the masses have decayed in the last generation.

          • That’s right, PETA and other anti-hunting groups had to be silenced over that, his shooting geese just to make a photo-op. They kept quiet, too, which tells me they’re just as rotten as he is.

          • Good evening, BI, and sadly you’re right. Kerry [Lurch] has always been one of the biggest POS in the Beltway. I see it all the time how the generations since my younger days have decayed. that’s only one thing that will kill this country. braveheart

          • I don’t accept lying and deceit, or theft from people around me, ESPECIALLY not those closest to me. I’ve dropped most of the people around me for those very same issues. I am about as loyal as they come and I accept nothing less of others. Setting such a high bar today leaves one lonely—but so be it. The alternative is not an option.

            I’d rather spend my time with honest assholes, who know what loyalty REALLY means.

      26. Happy Labor Day !!! Work harder millions on welfare depend on you. The holiday is over ,now get back to work so THEY won’t have to. BE SAFE OUT THERE

        • We have to work pretty hard for that. Last year, I tried helping someone down on their luck for a couple of months. I learned a great deal about just what one dysfunctional family of druggie deadbeats really costs. In between welfare assistance, DUIs, vehicle accidents, court costs, investigations, counseling, child protection services, medical aid, office space, jail space, public pensions, church help, and all the other stuff these folks get or cost us, I’m thinking just one screwed up family costs $250,000 a year in direct and indirect costs to us working taxpayers.

        • On my street…myself and the wife are the only ones that work…

          all retirees…and folks who are on welfare.

          So each morning I rev up the car and let them know I’m going work.
          Blast the radio LOUD…

          Set off the car alarm and tell these fucks I’m off to work.


          I think it’s funny now how the mexicans are terrorizing the blacks….in the ghettos.
          Sign of the times. Time sure are a changing.

          I wonder what Zimmerman is doing right now?

      27. Complete horse shit drama scribblings. There were never more than 150 million jobs at the height of the working boom , including lettuce pickers , chaing gangs and paper routes .
        So reality is there are about 23 million missing which is bad enough without inventing 67 million positions which never existed in the first place.

        Try real statistics for job/finance for a change. Like out of the bottom 90 % of jobs less than 1 out of four pay 40 thousand or better.

        Like 76 % of americans maybe more have no discretionary income and live check too check , one flat tire away from being homeless in some cases.

        In short tell the truth it is bad enough without adding some hyperbolic horsefuckery about jobs that never existed in the first place.

      28. We didn’t even have an Air Show this year here in Cleveland. Ever since I was a kid we’ve always had the Air Show Labor Day weekend. I believe it didn’t happen due to economy or something like that – but I could be wrong.

        • Blue Angels were grounded due to Sequester.

          • Yeah they had to pay for Obama’s many vacations some how. Everyone has to do their part BUT Obama and his cronies!

          • Yeah, but we have a half dozen ships floating of the coast in the ME, ready to bomb innocent people…

          • The Blue Angels were flying the HNIC dog to Marthas Vineyard.

          • Found out last week that due to the sequestration, the Navy has disbanded it’s wrestling team.

            I never knew they had a wrestling team.

            Maybe we should sequester another 50 billion bucks !

        • They may have canceled it ‘because of the sequester.’ TPTB probably saved more money finding ways to make sequester painful to the public than they would ever have planned to do from principle.

          • Yep, Sigi. The “sequester” was just a slowing in the rate of growth. There were no real cuts at all. All the shit on NPR about air traffic controllers being furloughed and all that; it’s just alarmism to get the government’s free spending going again. What we really need is to abolish the IRS (and the income tax), the SEC, the FDIC, EPA, HHS, DHS, HUD, DOE, Department of Labor, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Transportation, and most of the other federal programs and also do away with Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.
            At MOST, there should only be Departments of Treasury, Interior, Justice, Defense, and State. ALL other agencies and government spending, all welfare, all foreign aid, all waste, all regulation, should be whacked…killed…ended…dissolved…dismantled…and probably sprayed with Chlordane and the remaining inventory of Agent Orange just to make sure it all stays dead!

            • “Sequestration” you say. Ha! More like phony MOLESTATION courtesy of the usual suspects.

            • “Yep, Sigi. The sequester was just a slowing in the rate of growth. There were no real cuts at all. ”

              That’s not entirely true. Civilian DOD contractors did have their hours and pay cut. My sister is one of those and she rents a house from me. I cut her rent commensurate with the ‘sequester cuts’.

              • I don’t doubt your experience, or that some are suffering because of the sequester. However, consider this from Forbes:

                “According to The Wall Street Journal ”federal domestic discretionary spending soared by 84 percent with some agencies doubling and tripling their budgets” during Barack Obama’s first two years in office. In fact the sequester would scale back just one of every six dollars in discretionary spending increases since 2008 – hardly a “huge blow.” Also, discretionary spending in 2008 was already tremendously inflated – having increased by more than 60 percent over the previous eight years.”

                “In other words this isn’t even really a cut – “devastating” or otherwise – it’s a modest growth rate reduction following years of unnecessary, embarrassing and unsustainable excesses.”

                Yes, they did furlough air traffic controllers in 2013, and they cut TRICARE from 2012-and prior levels, etc., but we haven’t cut spending, as such. During the Bush and Obama years, we greatly increased spending.

      29. I think the word for this week should be assassinated!

      30. Did the Thunderbirds fly?

        • I threw the bottle when it was empty?

      31. I am so pissed off trying to watch any news on the boob tube. They (the entire news world) is changing the narrative on the upcoming war on Syria. Now it is not should we go, but rather the questions are now when?, what is the endgame when we go?, how big do we bomb them?. They put a freaking poll out for everything including what is Miley’s best haircut. However, not one poll on the websites that simply asks should we go. Now they ask should we go with other countries or just alone. This is fucked up. The polls are 90% of the public says stay the fuck out, yet they won’t even discuss that at this point. They have changed the narrative.
        My head has been trying to figure what in the hell has them wanting this war so badly?
        1) Obama just wants us to continue bankrupting ourselves to finish us off
        2) Give the military some work to keep them feeling “needed” and off the streets and out of the unemployment lines.
        3) Simply stirring shit up to draw attention and story lines away from the October rollout of the first wave of Obamacare and the failing economy.
        4) He truly wants us to start some shit with someone to start a true WW3
        5) A combination of the above.
        I have to say I am confused on the motives here. Even more confused seeing how the media and the Dems and Repukes are seemingly going along with it. What in the hell is going on?

        • Save some Excedrin ant throw the TV out the window.

        • Gontoolong,

          I found some info for you in the Washington Post. 🙂

          “Most in U.S. oppose Syria strike, Post-ABC poll finds”

          Americans widely oppose launching missile strikes against the Syrian government for its alleged use of chemical weapons, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that finds little appetite for military action across the country despite a growing drumbeat in Washington.

          Nearly six in 10 oppose missile strikes in light of the U.S. government’s determination that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people. Democrats and Republicans alike oppose strikes by double digit margins, and there is deep opposition among every political and demographic group in the survey. Political independents are among the most clearly opposed, with 66 percent saying they are against military action.

        • From the tone of all the politician quotes I’ve been reading today, we’re going in. Obama’s done his back-office politicking and gotten assurances of the votes he needs for Congress’s approval, and now, they’re just thinking through possible consequences of our country’s actions, depending on which actions we take.

          It’s just so stupid and senseless. And Kerry pretty much said we don’t really give a crap about Syria itself. We care about all our vested interest in Syria’s *neighbors*. Humanitarian effort (if you can call a military strike humanitarian) is just a convenient excuse.

          • “Going in” might be the wrong word choice. It has a different meaning than I intended. I meant that we’re going to go forward with *some* kind of strike, not that we’re going IN (as in putting troops on the ground).

      32. MAC you do a could job with this site with all the shit
        you put up with THANKS
        Now for the communist fags who visit this site to put
        him down the communist media CNN MBC ABC MSN will gladly
        take you back

      33. This Labor day was a good day to labor. I labored until I completed bush hogging 12 acres. I wonder how many other folks “labor” on labor day. Hell! every day at my house is a labor day. 🙂

        • Well Crabbe,did split about 1/2 a cord by hand today,wood for next year unless emergency(my stove is a dragon and will burn anything!),so,does that count?

        • Layed 75 concrete blocks for my root cellar walls…only 275 to go.

        • “completed bush hogging 12 acres.”

          Is that killing feral hogs or something else I’m not aware of?

          • Dragging a mower behind a tractor.

            • ahh. thx

        • Me too. Steam-cleaning carpets, mopping floors, Round-upping fallow gardens before tilling, extra running with the dog, cooking dinner…no wonder they call it “Labor Day”!

      34. The lies about unemployment as usual from the nothing new with either bought out party and their masters.The one green shoot I do see is a huge increase in underground economy/bartering ect.,pisses some off that less taxes are paid by some,me,happy to see folks still surviving/producing a good or service and while helping to starve the beast actually contributing to the economy and peoples lives.Thanks for putting out a article and laboring on Labor day,this and other sites trying to get the word out and get folks ready unfortunately cannot take a day of rest in these troubling times,hopefully a cold beer and decent meal when done though!

      35. Seems cheaper to jail the indolent; I understand that average jail costs are about $40,000 per person.

        • “indolent”…this may be the first time in my failing memory that I remember reading that term/label anywhere on this site.

          And to think, some critics claim the commentary here is “a waste of time” and “of no value”!

          To those “critics”, I say you are insolent. 😉

          • Howdy, Yental. I would say those “critics”=dildos!

          • “indolent”. I prefer plain old “lazy”.

      36. Over the weekend, we came four votes away from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations. In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The Statement of Purpose from the bill read: To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S., and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo. Astonishingly, 46 of our United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power. Here are the 46 senators that voted to give your rights to the U.N.

        Baldwin (D-WI)
        Baucus (D-MT)
        Bennet (D-CO)
        Blumenthal (D-CT)
        Boxer (D-CA)
        Brown (D-OH)
        Cantwell (D-WA)
        Cardin (D-MD)
        Carper (D-DE)
        Casey (D-PA)
        Coons (D-DE)
        Cowan (D-MA)
        Durbin (D-IL)
        Feinstein (D-CA)
        Franken (D-MN)
        Gillibrand (D-NY)
        Harkin (D-IA)
        Hirono (D-HI)
        Johnson (D-SD)
        Kaine (D-VA)
        King (I-ME)
        Klobuchar (D-MN)
        Landrieu (D-LA)
        Leahy (D-VT)
        Levin (D-MI)
        McCaskill (D-MO)
        Menendez (D-NJ)
        Merkley (D-OR)
        Mikulski (D-MD)
        Murphy (D-CT)
        Murray (D-WA)Nelson (D-FL)
        Reed (D-RI)
        Reid (D-NV)
        Rockefeller (D-WV)
        Sanders (I-VT)
        Schatz (D-HI)
        Schumer (D-NY)
        Shaheen (D-NH)
        Stabenow (D-MI)
        Udall (D-CO)
        Udall (D-NM)
        Warner (D-VA)
        Warren (D-MA)
        Whitehouse (D-RI)
        Wyden (D-OR

        Y’all Beware! Sick bunch of ___________________(y’all fill in the blanks).

        • All I can say…not a TEXAN in this particular bunch of “oath breakers”! Are we there yet? Secession!

          Appears almost ALL were graded with a “D” too. Products of public education?

          • It coming…get ready!

        • Y’all Beware, I hear you loud and clear! I don’t care what any POS in the government says, my rights are never up for negotiation, period! MOLON LABE WOLVERINES BRAVEHEART

          • braveheart,

            If we were close enough, I’d have your six.

            Y’all Beware! yental, didn’t see any from SC either.

        • Are you trying to say they were pretty much all fucking democrats.

          I’m shocked.

          And people say there is no difference between R and D.

          • No kidding. Both our Washington Senators voted for it, they basically represent only 4 liberal counties in the state, the rest of us can go pound sand.

            If about 50,000 folks had gone to the polls here and voted ‘R’, instead of staying home and saying it’s all the same, this would be a red state and the liberals would be scratching their heads right now wondering how to deal with it.

            Four votes in the Senate on UN gun control, 1 vote in the Supreme Court on Hellerman-Second Amendment, just a few votes for Obamacare, etc., etc. This is why they’re running so fast, they know we’re waking up and will start to reverse this kind of garbage in the next election cycle.

            • Smokey….do you still believe in elections? One body with two heads never allows free elections but you are right on Americans are waking up and I hope they do so really fast.

              • Elections are all we have right now, we have to play it out.

          • There isn’t. There is a meeting before the vote to see who votes which way.
            It’s always close to make both parties THINK it was close.

          • The R vote wasnt needed as BO signed a exec order pretty much in line with the small arms treaty….bypassing it. BUT you can bet, if needed, the R vote would have been there like with Obamacare and the NSA funding.

        • That is a beautiful list of warmongers. And those that vote for them are warmongers too….

          I wonder how much money and jewelry they get for their UN votes from Saudi oil and Haliburton.

          I think Cheney was a paperboy compared to this list….

        • Unfortunately there are a couple of Oregonians in there…looks like I need to relocate to Idaho.

          • Stay there and fight it out. These folks can be turned out of office, we just need to vote.

            • I could easily fight from Idaho too.

        • Mark em and don’t forget em…payday is coming!

        • 1880: USA DEMS Overtaken-Leads to Kommie Liberals demacRATS party we have today.

          1880: Rothschild agents begin formenting a series of pogroms predominantly in Russia, but also in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania. These pogroms resulted in the slaughter of thousands of innocent Jews, causing approximately 2 million to flee, mainly to New York, but also to Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles.

          The reason these pogroms were initiated, was to create a large Jewish base in America, who when they arrived, would be educated to register as Democrat voters. Some twenty years later, this would result in in a massive Democratic power base in the United States and be used to elect Rothschild front men such as Woodrow Wilson, to the Presidency, to carry out the bidding of the Rothschilds.

          ROTHCHILD Jews BUY MSM: Beginning with Reuters news service….

          1891: The British Labour Leader makes the following statement on the subject of the Rothschilds,

          “This blood-sucking crew has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present century, and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through fomenting wars between States which ought never to have quarrelled.
          Whenever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumours of war circulate and men’s minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity you may be sure that a HOOK-NOSED Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the region of the disturbance.”

          Comments like this worry the Rothschilds and towards the end of the 1800’s they purchase Reuters news agency so they can have some control of the media.

      37. Links are here:

        Over the weekend, we came four votes away from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations. In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The Statement of Purpose from the bill read: To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S., and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on all private guns and ammo. Astonishingly, 46 of our United States Senators were willing to give away our Constitutional rights to a foreign power. Here are the 46 senators that voted to give your rights to the U.N.

        • @ Y’all Beware. Isn’t it amazing how easy it is for a politician to give away what is suppose to be the people’s rights, including their own? Isn’t it incredible how easy it is for these politicians to spend other people’s money like it is some numbers on a spreadsheet, rather than what represents hours of long hard work? Isn’t it sickening that these politicians that are suppose to be the people’s voices seldom if ever speak for the people?

          • Be informed,

            If we had one dollar for all of the lies told to us by politicians, we could pay off the debt.

            Then we could play golf,lower our handicap and wounder why certain countries NUKED OUR ASS!

            Y’all Beware!

        • Thus fellow Americans.

          If you want the UN to control all of us, then vote for a fuck-head (democrat)

          if not, then vote for another fuck-head (republican)

          I am voting all R’s. I have watched how they have voted and the R’s are still mostly on our side (America’s).

          I’ve had enough Oly’s….

          Ugly out….

        • The naysayers should be boiled in oil.

          • Granny,
            Where’s your vitriolic invective about Republicans?

            • GOP4EVER:

              I have no idea what you think the “Grand Ole Party” of today is; but I sure would like to know what it is. Please post so I know where you stand.

              Just to let you know….way back when, I was a delegate to the Young Republican Convention in Idaho. Oh yah! Rah,Rah,Rah!

              Since that time I have done a lot of studying and have discovered that along with the democrats…that the GOP is just another turd swimming around with all the rest of the turds in a very evil punch bowl.

              I hope you get to read this; I didn’t look back in time to answer your post in a timely manner.

              If, at this juncture, you are not as ashamed as I am of the GOP then there is no hope for you.

      38. Today we say FUCK’EM ALL! now that’s a toast we can all say cheers too.

      39. Preppers question:
        If you could only have 1 or 2 types of communication equipment what would they be?

        -I have a set of “walki-talkies”, a small battery radio, and 3 survival/camping radios – the solar/wind up kind.

        I think my communication gear is ok. But, should I narrow some of this down. Do I need to add a GMERS?

        • I keep several different types of communications around, you never know which one will actually work if TSHTF. It’s good to be diverse. My favorites are a handheld transceiver radio and a mobile CB (which will work on a car battery). I’ve got a crank-style radio for my BOB.

          • ok, I will look more into those. I was just thinking maybe I was stupid for having 3 windup/solar radios. Maybe I will break them out and start constructing two BOBs for my siblings.

            • That, and/or keep one handy for barter. There might be people who don’t have one that need one. There’s room in the closet for a “spare”…just in case.

      40. Who made kommrade ketchup an expert on sarin gas and how can he tell which side it came from?

        • Kommrade Ketchup……Now that is the best description yet!

      41. Is that something that LEGALLY the Senate can even decide?

        I’m not an American so not familiar with your legal system, but tbh that vote sounds well dodgy to me. I didn’t think the Senate had the right to so openly nullify the constitution.

        You are a Republic, NOT a democracy. The constitution made it clear that your government could only govern by the will of the people, (a privilege defended by the right to bear arms.) Do the senators have the legal right to effectively hand over sovereignty to an outside power?

        • it’s a treaty and the Senate gets to vote on treaties.

      42. Apples are going to rot on the ground in NC because no labor force to pick them. You might not want to compete with the former illegals; but there’s a job. Problem is (for illegals too!) it pays less than unemployment/SNAP/tax fraud/etc.

        People are out of work because its a better deal not to work. I wish somebody would explain all the social programs so I could evaluate this more. I think if one makes less than $25/hr it pays better to be on the government dole. Especially if one has a “side business” washing cars or selling pot in one of the 20 states where laws are not enforced.

        • Or picks apples and cuts tobacco and still collects government checks??

        • A lot of them wont hire a guy who isn’t mex or the like…been there,seen that…

        • Yep, we need to make employment a condition of the dole. You get these benefits, just as soon as you report for work to this farm, ranger station, city park, whatever, and after two weeks you get your first check.

      43. Egyptian Egg on Obama’s Face

        Jul 07, 2013In 2011, President Obama quickly called on President Mubarak to acquiesce to demonstrators’ demands and leave office.With Mubarak out of the way, Obama proceeded to support the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, who succeeded in stealing the revolution.Obama’s support extended to an ex-con named Muhammad Morsi. By his own admission, Morsi was in prison during the January 25 demonstration. But he was in contact with members of Hamas, who broke into the prison and freed Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood prisoners.When Morsi ran for the presidency, Obama continued to support him, even when it was clear that the close election was rigged by dubious tactics.With six possible Muslim Brotherhood operatives working in the Obama administration, and Obama’s full-fledged support of Morsi, you would think that Egyptians would be in love with Obama. But the deeply troubled Egyptian public is in no way enamored with this White House. Quite the contrary.More than 40 percent of Egyptian citizens currently must survive on about $2 US per day. Lines to purchase gasoline stretch on for hours. The lines for a tank of propane—needed for cooking and other necessities of life—extend for up to nine hours. Electricity is cut off from 2-3 hours per night.When the Egyptian masses finally couldn’t take it anymore, 22 million people signed a petition to recall Morsi’s election—more than twice the number of people than originally voted for him.Then something totally unprecedented happened: 30 million people took to the streets. The largest mass demonstration in human history.The Egyptian Army had tried on many occasions to mediate between President Morsi and the opposition. But Morsi autocratically and arrogantly refused to talk to anyone other than his masters in the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters.In order to avoid the stigma of a coup, the military leaders met with a cross-section of the Egyptian population and religious leaders, including Islamists. As a result, they produced a wise plan calling for an election and appointing the chief justice of the Supreme Court as the interim president.But here is the irony: while millions of Egyptians responded to Morsi’s ouster by joyfully dancing in the streets, the Muslim Brotherhood advisors in the White House helped Obama produce anon-descript statement. With his wishy-washy message about those who are democratically elected, Obama confirmed in Egyptian minds that he is in the pocket of the Muslim Brotherhood.It is downright depressing to see the leader of the free world unable to comprehend the Islamic understanding of democracy. To the Islamist, democracy means “one man, one vote, one time.” Once they have their power, there’s no reason to ever have another election.Thank God for the wise and courageous Egyptian people who comprehended that plan and stopped it before it was too late.And thank God for the persecuted Christians in Egypt who have cried out to God while withstanding injustice during the reign of the Muslim Brotherhood. As a committed Christian, I believe God has heard their cries, even when President Obama covered his ears. They have set an example for every harassed believer in the world, including in America, to pray and hope that God will hear our prayers.

        By Michael Youssef

        • 30 million took to the streets?

          Over 20 million signed a petition?

          “We the people” in action.

          If only the West, (Europe & the US) could be so brave, the banksters would soon find remote rocks to hide under & the rebuilding of civilisation could commence. If our military would support us & not the foreign cartel, we could be sure they’d not be around to disturb our grandkids too. (A girl can only dream).

          • That’s an auful lot of if,s ! I wouldn’t hold my breath. What good does wishful thinking and being a denialist really do? Face the fact its over gone done for. no point in beating a dead horse. The USA had a little over a 200 year run. Now the once great Republic is well into decline. We are long past the point of no return. There are no viable political or ballot box choices & solutions. Petitions don’t & wont help. The framers petitioned the british King with their greviances to no avail. It was guns and death to the opressors of freedom that was the final solution. Prep and do what you can and hope for the best. If you can feed yourself you might avoid being rounded up and placed in a FEMA prison. That how they rounded up the Native Americans. They starved them into submission. Even Gernimo was starved out and surrendered. He spent his last years in a 6×8 jail cell.

            • I agree, I do not understand why so many people are wishful thinking. Egypt is not the US. And besides Egypt’s economy has tanked, so have tourism and several hundred people have been killed during that whole debacle that still continues today. There will not be peace for the Egyptian people for a long time. The streets are in great mayhem.

            • I agree, I do not understand why so many people are wishful thinking. Egypt is not the US. And besides Egypt’s economy has tanked, so have tourism and several hundred people have been killed during that whole debacle that still continues today. There will not be peace for the Egyptian people for a long time. The streets are in great mayhem.

      44. I found this interesting…
        Ditty about obummer and Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood, by Michael Youssef

        Egyptian Egg on Obama’s Face

        Jul 07, 2013In 2011, President Obama quickly called on President Mubarak to acquiesce to demonstrators’ demands and leave office.With Mubarak out of the way, Obama proceeded to support the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, who succeeded in stealing the revolution.Obama’s support extended to an ex-con named Muhammad Morsi. By his own admission, Morsi was in prison during the January 25 demonstration. But he was in contact with members of Hamas, who broke into the prison and freed Morsi and other Muslim Brotherhood prisoners.When Morsi ran for the presidency, Obama continued to support him, even when it was clear that the close election was rigged by dubious tactics.With six possible Muslim Brotherhood operatives working in the Obama administration, and Obama’s full-fledged support of Morsi, you would think that Egyptians would be in love with Obama. But the deeply troubled Egyptian public is in no way enamored with this White House. Quite the contrary.More than 40 percent of Egyptian citizens currently must survive on about $2 US per day. Lines to purchase gasoline stretch on for hours. The lines for a tank of propane—needed for cooking and other necessities of life—extend for up to nine hours. Electricity is cut off from 2-3 hours per night.When the Egyptian masses finally couldn’t take it anymore, 22 million people signed a petition to recall Morsi’s election—more than twice the number of people than originally voted for him.Then something totally unprecedented happened: 30 million people took to the streets. The largest mass demonstration in human history.The Egyptian Army had tried on many occasions to mediate between President Morsi and the opposition. But Morsi autocratically and arrogantly refused to talk to anyone other than his masters in the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters.In order to avoid the stigma of a coup, the military leaders met with a cross-section of the Egyptian population and religious leaders, including Islamists. As a result, they produced a wise plan calling for an election and appointing the chief justice of the Supreme Court as the interim president.But here is the irony: while millions of Egyptians responded to Morsi’s ouster by joyfully dancing in the streets, the Muslim Brotherhood advisors in the White House helped Obama produce anon-descript statement. With his wishy-washy message about those who are democratically elected, Obama confirmed in Egyptian minds that he is in the pocket of the Muslim Brotherhood.It is downright depressing to see the leader of the free world unable to comprehend the Islamic understanding of democracy. To the Islamist, democracy means “one man, one vote, one time.” Once they have their power, there’s no reason to ever have another election.Thank God for the wise and courageous Egyptian people who comprehended that plan and stopped it before it was too late.And thank God for the persecuted Christians in Egypt who have cried out to God while withstanding injustice during the reign of the Muslim Brotherhood. As a committed Christian, I believe God has heard their cries, even when President Obama covered his ears. They have set an example for every harassed believer in the world, including in America, to pray and hope that God will hear our prayers.

      45. The two idiots fron NY voted just as expected. Losers both of them.

      46. War is when the government tells you who the enemy is, Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

      47. you may feel as though it is a lesson in futility

        but contact your Senator and Representative anyway

        send an email at least
        its easy enough to do

        tell them NO on attacking Syria

        green thumb I have done this

        red thumb no I have not

      48. Of course socialism will lead to collapse. Its basic math, how can you add 1 unit of demand on one side, and add 0 on the supply side (the person has the cash to buy things but isnt producing anything for society) People, this thing will collapse, make no mistake about it.

        I even bought this prepper/survivalist mindset game to get me and my buddies ready, I read the FAQ and the stuff about it, I cant wait to get it, here it is.

        And to be honest, I cant wait for the collapse either, its the only thing that will let us reset this circus we call monetary system.

      49. All this after TRILLIONS of dollars. Remember to thank your Grandchildren.

      50. The fact that Obama was elected to a first term illustrated how accomplished an empty suited bullsh*tter he is, and how gullible the majority of the American sheeple truly are.

        The fact that Obama was elected to a second term illustrated how far up the creek without a paddle we truly are.

      51. For those of you who didn’t figure it out, Its the mexicans taking away your jobs and that is why they are not reporting it. Even the green card ones are illegal because they get the card thrown at them now because of the amnesty bill and its im the obamacare. States corporations can get huge tax cuts by hiring illegal aliens even the ones who claim they are legal whom hold the green card. but since they didn’t work to get that card they are still illegal.

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