Kroger Won’t Require Employees to Be Vaccinated for COVID Even Though They Can

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post. 

    Despite increasing COVID concerns and media coverage, not everybody wants to get a COVID vaccination, including health care workers who work in nursing homes.  It is reasonable to be skeptical of vaccine safety – especially ones that are still considered to be “experimental.”

    CBS 60 Minutes segment, “The Swine Flu Fraud of ‘76” provides one very scary example of a vaccine having life-altering effects on thousands of Americans.  A documentary released last summer provides more details about a 30+-year-old congressional ruling regarding vaccine safety.  So maybe Kroger has the right idea about NOT forcing employees to be vaccinated.

    From Consumer Affairs:

    By Gary Guthrie

    Kroger faces hard questions on whether it will force employees to vaccinate against COVID-19

    The EOC says employers can mandate vaccinations, but there are a few exceptions

    With vaccine availability starting to grow and new vaccines entering the market, hope for an exit from the funk COVID-19 has put us all in is starting to grow. But will the places we shop do their part and make sure all their employees are vaccinated and virus-free?

    Headlining this puzzle are grocery chains where employees mingle with customers more than most other retail environments. Kroger, the country’s largest grocery company with 11 million customers a day roaming its aisles, stepped up to the mic on Wednesday to offer its position — kind of. While Kroger says it’s encouraging its workers to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, it’s waffling on whether it will require the shots once they are widely available.

    “At this time, we’re strongly encouraging our shoppers and associates to get vaccinated,” Tim Massa, Kroger’s senior vice president of human resources and labor relations, told The Enquirer.

    When The Enquirer pushed for a more definitive answer about mandating employee vaccination in the future, Massa didn’t give a direct yes or no and simply repeated his previous answer. Kroger executives were also mum on how they might reassure worried customers who might be unhappy that store associates weren’t required to be vaccinated.

    Can retailers force employees to get vaccinated?

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      1. “Kroger executives were also mum on how they might reassure worried customers who might be unhappy that store associates weren’t required to be vaccinated.”

        So are the customers acknowledging the fact that the vaccine does not work or they just want to intrude on others lives?

        This sentence is not created because they think this will be a real concern of people – all media is going to peddle this “people are going to be concerned if others do not get the vaccine” – they are doing this because they want to program people to be concerned about others not getting a vaccine. The people won’t question why they feel this way, but the media tells them how to think.

      2. Just a be a grocery store, public utility, or celebrity.

        Don’t encourage me to do anything, at all.

      3. Get out of the social platforms….a small group of people influence way too many.

      4. “… Even though they can.”


        No, they cannot.


        The premier lobbyist activist organization which was directly responsible, in part, with the successful recent efforts to stop mandatory vaccination laws, state by state, through the country. I give 100-150 to them yearly and have for a long time. Please sign up with this group and participate in their letter writing campaigns and other activities to protect our right to choose. Also CHD is the runner up to this group whom now looks like they might be even more effective than nvic.
        Scroll down on this page.

        As I was never scared of this virus in the first place, I have no worries about getting past the fear of the vaccine. I can simply skip all of it and go about my life.

        There is no greater objection than absence. Companies can talk the talk but if they try and force vaccines on their customers or employees, we will boycott them and spend our money elsewhere.

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