“KKK Member With Whip” Panics College Over Race… Oh, Wait. It’s a Priest With Beads

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Headline News | 126 comments

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    Image: Maxwell GS, Flickr, Creative Commons

    Image: Maxwell GS, Flickr, Creative Commons

    If you already thought most leftists have no idea what they’re talking about, then this story will probably make your head explode.

    The safe space movement to take over college campuses with fantastical grievances over “microaggressions” and reality-bending tortured-language meant to police thought and sow division has now officially gone bat-shit crazy.

    These confused young adults are so fearful that they are hallucinating attacks of “hate speech” and hurt feelings.

    The Washington Examiner reported:

    College students panic after someone reports ‘KKK member holding a whip,’ turns out to be a priest with rosary beads

    The delusion of widespread racism and culture of politically correctness on college campuses has hit a fever pitch when a priest in a white robe can be mistaken for a Klansman.

    Reportedly, students were so paranoid and so out of touch with the real world that they believed they were not only under siege by the Klan, but that the white supremacy wrecking crew was descending upon them over the outcome of a basketball game:

    One student even claimed that she suspected the Klan descended on campus because Indiana University lost in basketball.

    The Tab broke down how a false report led to a near-campus-wide lockdown at Indiana University, with dorm leaders calling for residents to stay inside unless they had a “dire reason.”

    Last night around 9:15 PM, social media became a furious storm of confusion regarding a man in white robes roaming along 10th St. and purportedly armed with a whip.

    Students thought the white robes indicated Klu Klux Klan affiliation… [s]tudents were quick to look out for each other by spreading word of this potential safety risk.

    … Eigenmann RA Ethan Gill notified his residents via email of the perceived threat…

    After sending out a warning over a false report, the Residential Assistant

    “This is what happens when there is miscommunication. So what happened tonight goes like this: a person saw white robes and what looked to them like a weapon, got scared (rightfully so), warned people, warned staff, which in turn caused me to warn my residents because I need to look out for my residents, which in turn made it spread.

    “Then my residents, terrified, come running to me, saying yeah the report must be true, they saw him and couldn‘t believe there was a klansmember with a whip. And I see this picture. It’s a priest. With a rosary.

    “Now, I get it why a person would be scared. There in fact HAVE been klansmembers on the campus spurting hate speech, but never have they been reported with a weapon. So yeah, if it was in fact a weapon and a threat, it’s a good thing to warn a friend. So when someone warns other people, we need to be cautious. However, what I’ve learned from this is to take anything with a grain of salt. In the future, I’m still sending my residents warnings of threats, crime, hate gatherings, and all that but I will wait for a confirmation. But now that there is no danger I can say: this is a hilarious miscommunication.”

    This RA and the students in his dorm might have wished instead that the police would intercept the priest for wearing robes and carrying a rosary bead, when the eyewitnesses were unable to tell the difference between religious garb and ‘hate groups,’ or between someone who is a threat, and someone who isn’t.

    Dangerously naive.

    Not only was this situation based in ignorance and fear of a violent racial takeover of campus (which was not taking place in reality), but the narrative seemed tailor-made for a conflict between ‘protecting’ the safe spacers from the tyranny of  free speech – and resulting calls to weaken 1st Amendment protections because some childish college kids wet the bed.


    This message, which seemingly initiated the panic after it was shared with hundreds of people seems to imply that “because” campus police can’t arrest someone based on perception of ideology, the students were somehow in danger. In fact, it may be the whole point of this race-scare-gone-hoax.

    Indeed, even after the incident turned out to be a hoax, students still questioned why the priest was even allowed to go about campus after dark, potentially frightening the large populations of tender-hearted souls:

    “OK seriously why the f__ was a priest walking around campus at night?”

    Maybe they are still just jumpy because of all the Trump 2016! slogan drive-by chalkings going on across campuses everywhere – gasp, in the heat of campaign season.


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      1. People are ridiculous now

        • I hung out with some radical people in early 80’s that were KKK. Most were decent.

          But all they were trying to do was keep some others out of our country.

          Now look where we are, they failed….

          • “OK seriously why the f__ was a priest walking around campus at night?”

            He was cursing your soul for being at school and HIGHLY uneducated about our rights in this country.

            The generation of idiots is upon us. Safe Spaces from scary people who have differing thoughts from you. Oh noes! We are not all the same?!?!

            • The generation of idiots is upon us.

              That, my friend, would make a great bumper sticker.

            • The priest later admitted the only reason he was on the campus was because he was given some wrong information. He said somebody told him this was really the campus of ” Boys Town” and he was cruising around in the dark looking for some altar boys to do a special ” Midnight Mass” with him. And he was adamant about telling the boys to never tell anyone about it either.

              • Father Flanagan is looking down on you anon.

                • How about Mickey Rooney?

                  • Good one.

              • After reading Anon its true The generation of idiots is upon us.

          • eppe,

            Are you referring to the same ” our country” as the one Europeans stole from the native American Indians? Because if you’re not a native American, your ancestors came from another country. The Indians can say the say thing too, now look where we are, our ancestors failed…

            • There is no native Americans the Indians took over the land they were not always here so get over your White hate!

            • Life is a bitch anon. Everybody stealing from each other.

              What you have today is what you got.

              • test

                • Life is a bitch anon. Everybody stealing from each other.

                  What you have today is what you got.

            • Anon, if Eppe was born and raised on American soil, he IS a Native American. More of that libturd crap.

              • so chimes in the mighty weakbrain. Hey, I’m having ” gofish” crakerz as I type this!

                • I hope you choke on them. LOL.

                  • That’s funny weakbrain, I’ve always held the same hope for a similar fate for you. We know you’ll never die from brain cancer because you have no brain to succumb to it.

                  • Braveheart1776: STFU fat-ass dork, good for nothing, unable to walk more than a block before force to use your inhaler due to your obesity.
                    You are disgusting pig.

              • Just like the native white South African or Rhodesian citizens who label themselves African-Americans when they move here. Drives the libtards batty…

            • “Native American” is a bullshit term when applied to members of the approximately 400 nations that existed here in North America, most of whom had NOTHING in common with each other, many of whom hated each other. How in the hell is lumping all these people together, and labeling them all with the name of an Italian map maker somehow the more “tolerant” thing to do?

              WE created America. That is why WE are Americans; and those of us who were born here, who are NATIVE to this country, are the “native Americans”

              • How the Hell is stealing it from them and calling it yours the more ” tolerant” thing to do? And I’ve got news for, ” you” didn’t create anything, you just sucked off of what was here already. How in the Hell does ” native American” apply to white Europeans who left their own countries they lived in to begin with. And if what you think is true, then if some other Nation was to take over this country then it would become ” their” country and not yours anymore. And last, if being born here makes you native to this country, then why are the Mexicans who are born here also not native like yourself?

                • Uhh because some of the ” native” Americans were white..The Cherokee originally were white,that’s why many could assimilate into white society.They farmed,built houses,even their canoes favored the long boats they crossed from Europe in.Other tribes often referred to them as blue eyes ghost people. The Cherokee that didn’t assimilate into white society,eventually bred with their black slaves. Now you understand why some Cherokee look white and some like a mixture of the darker races.. What I say is historical fact..

                • anon, “And if what you think is true, then if some other Nation was to take over this country then it would become ” their” country and not yours…”

                  NOW you know WHY 0 is wanting AND letting his people in by the thousands, to take over.

                  Europe will be all Muslim in a few years.

                  Any one look up Muslim Demographics? Just may cause you to like Trump after all if you do. 😉

                  This is critical info by the way. If you have yet to, I strongly urge you do check the subject out.


              • The true meaning of America and the origin of the naming is a deliberate and intentionally sinister lie by the education system… America means “Land of the Plummed Serpent” and the natives who told the early explorers were not talking about some strange, exotic or extinct native snake/reptile with feathers, they were very clear that they were talking about their gods and deities…!!! (because that would be ridiculous, right? I’m very concerned about why we have been made to believe that some asshole named “Amerigo Vespucci” is the origin of America’s name, instead of “A Meru Ka” that “The Land of the Plummed Serpent” that is directly explained strait from the people who were all living here called the land for the ancient people’s “gods” and the descriptions are pretty much the same over every ancient native population on every continent across vast oceans and thousands of years in between, when you begin to compare all the historical evidence that is just ignored and taught to us as unimportant and nothing at all significant… What the hell, right? I got carried away and went into detail below, if you are fascinated by this, then I hope that you enjoy it and begin to look into all of this on your own, but if you have never heard stuff like this, then I have to warn you that it gets really, really bizarre in the research and don’t bother with anything affiliated with the History Channel stuff, because they are not sincere about a lot of information, in my opinion…
                I recently learned that the whole naming of America being credited to “Amerigo Vespucci” the 15th century map maker who the powers that shouldn’t be who control and propagandize the world with their absolutely fictional history they all agree upon and teach us all, can be traced back to a single letter between the Vatican Jesuit Occult assholes (not surprising is it) and Amerigo Vespucci that is the agreed upon proof for naming the entire new world “America”…
                The problem is that as soon as everyone like myself who is very knowledgeable about history because I love the subject and then later on as an adult, continue researching outside of the education system and the False History Channel Networks, you begin to realize that just because the official facts and stories of history are in textbooks and the information is agreed upon by Professors with Ph.D.’s, that doesn’t mean they are correct at all…!!! That doesn’t mean all of them are intentionally lying either, but most likely just some at the very top (V.J.O.assholes, haha)
                Anyway, the first glaring clue that the Americas are definitely not named for some asshole named “Amerigo Vespucci” is that it would obviously be named something from this asshole’s last name, more like “VESPUCCIA” or “VESPUCCIALIA” or some shit like that, not America from his first name and even if it did, it would have the “go” in it anyway, right? Now that we’ve established that is all total bullshit, you’re going to just love the real origin for the name America and you’ll see why the V.J.O.assholes really chose the name and it also shows just how incredibly evil and manipulative these assholes are, but also how hilariously transparent, insane and obsessively predictable they are, as you go back thru history and begin to see how they always operate based on their insane occult obsessive compulsive disorder that they still currently follow today and in the future…!!! The early explorers we told that “A Meru Ka” meant the “LAND OF THE PLUMED SERPENT” and directly referred to their gods… If I spelled that wrong, you’ll be able to research it online and go down the rabbit hole that will uncover the real history of Earth and I won’t try speculate beyond this, which is already enough to help anyone who has bothered to read this far, to help get started if you’ve never heard any of this crazy, but real origins, whether they’re gods are real or not is a whole entire subject, but they were real to them and I’m not cool with being deceived with that Amerigo Vespucci bullshit…That is a big red flag that we were lied too about even the damn name and origin of our damn country, right?
                who are all

            • INDIANS! They are NOT “native americans”. This was not America before the Europeans arrived. BTW, EVERY country on Earth came about through conquest.

            • …who incidentally, arrived from Europe over the beiring straits land-bridge, happy now?

            • The land was not all stolen from the Indians. It was sold by the Indians too. The oldest deed in the books in my area of NC is from an Indian to a white man. The Indians sold Manhattan. The government paid the Indians for land they wanted in eastern TN.

              The government may have taken land, but it was nowhere near 100%. Just check the public records.

              Things aren’t as simple as current school books make them out to be. Indians aren’t all good. White men aren’t all bad.

            • The Indians were in constant warfare and took the land from each other, whites were better organized and had better technology. Tell one continent that it hasn’t happened on, liberal douche bag!

              • Yeah, they were in constant warfare so it was OK for whites to take it because they had better technology and were better organized. Remember those thoughts Mikey boy when the Mexicans take it away from you in the not too distant future. Payback time soon bitch?

            • The ancestors of Native American populations from the tip of Chile in the south to Canada in the north, migrated from Asia in at least three waves, according to a new international study published online in Nature this week that involved over 60 investigators in 11 countries in the Americas, plus four in Europe, and Russia.

              In what they describe as the most comprehensive survey of genetic diversity in Native Americans so far, the researchers studied variation in Native American DNA sequences. They found that while most Native American populations descend primarily from one migration, there were two later ones that also made a significant genetic contribution.http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/247747.php
              The question arises, were there humans already living here before these Asians arrived?

            • Anon, While it is true there were native people here before the Pilgrims & others, it is not true that the first Americans, so to speak, were ALWAYS here. One idea is that they came across a land bridge that brought them through Alaska to what is now called Canada & the lower 48.
              A second theory is that the Native Americans were sailing and crossed the distance between Asia and North America.


              I sure do wish they had been treated a lot better.


          • Eppe –

            I need to know what your Height is.
            I’m placing a large order of White Robes.
            Need to make sure you get the right fit.

            [sarcasm OFF … or is it?]

            • 6 foot tall.

              Most everyone thinks KKK was anti joo or negro only. But they did not like anyone from latin or south americas too.

              Equal opportunity haters…

              • KKK did not like gays, asians, east indians, or africans either.

                Bikers and kkks were alot alike, if you were not accepted, you were looked down on…

              • “6 foot tall”

                LOL … wasn’t expecting you to answer!

                It’s always good to see people play along with my Dry, Sarcastic, Dark, and Twisted & at times Childish Sense of Humor.

                • Ftw, I can play along on most anything.
                  I just hate it when one posts and others take what they read and warp it into thier own view, and make up shit.

                  As for the ‘our country’, there were 3 different native americans phases.
                  Clovis, Mississippians (mound builders) then the Woodland group, ex. Cherokee, Creek etc.
                  The first 2 were killed off by the others.
                  Next time I will say ‘this country’…

                • Ftw, I can play along on most anything.
                  I just hate it when one posts and others take what they read and warp it into thier own view, and make up shit.

                  As for the ‘our country’, there were 3 different native americans phases.
                  Clovis, Mississippians (mound builders) then the Woodland group, ex. Cherokee, Creek etc.
                  The first 2 were killed off by the others.
                  Next time I will say ‘this country’…

                  • eppe

                    Night of the moderation nightmare. lol

                  • “Others take what they read and warp it into their own view, and make up shit.” That sounds like the trolls.

              • And Catholics as well… Papists…

                • David
                  how times change. When Scala was confirmed as a Supreme Court judge he was considered brown, Catholic, and unAmerican.

            • FTW,
              5’4″; but,don’t worry. I can shorten the hem if it is too long.

              • Aim low boys, they’re riding Shetlands. Trekker Out. Racial Purity, Is Americas Security!

          • What would happen if the Ice Cream Man or the Milk Man showed up? They wore white clothing.

            Long gone they are.

            Who wears white today? Forgot. The Pope.

            • Bakers


              Doctor with the big hands and that camera thingy that goes up….

              Whoa….the song “Anticipation” by Carly Simon just popped into my head.

              We live in a nation of statists and bedwetters.

              Target rich:

              ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lR7b6AWaMms

              Be safe…..BA.

              • Butchers and chefs.

                • I see KKK everywhere.

            • Damn anon you had to bring up the “milkman”. My pap used to tease me (still does) sayin’ that when I was a wee lad, every time the ‘singing milkman’ came on TV, I used to point at the TV and say, “DA-DA”.

          • These children are fucking stupid. Our whole education system is now on par with somewhere like maybe Ethiopia or Kenya.

            • FP, what has either of those nations done to deserve such an insult?

              • Well, Kenya gave us bammy!

          • Why would anyone think the KKK is bad? Every racial group but white has numerous advocacy groups looking out for the interests of THEIR tribe. Gotta be inclusive, don’tcha know?

        • You can’t fix stupid.

          • But, there is duct tape!

        • I could have sooo much fun with these wussbags.

          • I have to agree! With a few nooses, some chalk or magic markers, you could have those wimps thinking a race war is about to happen! What a generation of pussies!

        • The burger joints will have to automate whether or not the minimum wage is raised. It’s dangerous to trust these idiots with something as high tech as a deep fryer.

      2. If there ever is a zombie apocalypse, these yutz’s cowering in the corner will be the first to go…that is after they ask you for help.

        Certain the Koombuyah club all broke out in tears once their Twitter accounts reported this…

        • Going to be very educational the first week or two of TSHTF

        • The zombie apocalypse already happened. These slack jawed bucket mouthed imbeciles are the result: wandering about in a perpetual daze, unable to think for themselves or see the world as it actually is

          • American Edjewcation! at its Bolshevik Finest!

            oyVehy! Ders a nazi behind every tree! I sees Swastikas everywheres! and I also sees Dead Negroes Voting!…Several Times too!

      3. Eppe, I’ve known some people with the John Birch Society going back to the 60s. They were also regarded as radical. Let someone try to impose any PC crap on me and I’ll send them home crying to Momma.

      4. If someone can’t tell the difference between rosary beads and a whip, then they’re truly a lost cause.

        • They don’t know what rosary beads are. Speaks volumes for how much exposure they have had with Catholics. Roman Catholicism isn’t some tiny denomination. Bet they know the New Age stuff though.

          • “They don’t know what rosary beads are”

            I’m surprised they didn’t mistake them for Anal Beads

            • FTW, ‘anal beads’? SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don’t give acid any ideas, LOL!

        • What they need is for around 20,000 Men with M1A-Rifles to mass at some college and begin to bounce their heavy steel but plate rifle butts off of these idiots noses.

          Then wait 30 seconds for shock value to set in good…Then tell the idiots they have one chance left to Snap the fuck Out of it! or all 20,000 rifles will be turned 180 degrees for a final solution to abject stupidity.

          Them students would be running away so damn fast their shoe soles and heals would be aflame with pillers of smoke pouring out like a 1/4 mile dragstrip event!

          so is anybody finally understanding just Why those Germans were so eager to take back germany from the nation wrecker bolshevik infiltrators yet?

          Todays usa is eaxct duplicate of 1920-30 germany was. Every part of society was over taken hyjacked and ruined by said bolsheie kommies.

          Somebody with a fancy 100,000 WATT Car stereo system needs record a large pile of breaking Glass…Then Play the recroded CD of breaking glass at Full Volume while car cruises at slow speed around campus…

          Them college fearfull ninnies and kommies will think it is another Kristolnock aka nite of broken glass event!

          Their abject Panic should be also recorded to be posted up at yutube for huge laughs! Picture 2AM and 10,000 students in pj’s running around wild with Fear at the sounds of breaking glass! Ooooooo..Save me!!! Paaallleeese Save me mister!

          • There used to be a comedian back in the 1960s who was good at sound effects and made some albums. AM trucker stations would play records like that during the night. He had external speakers in his car’s front grill hooked up to an amplifier and microphone so he could mess with peoples’ minds.

            He said that when he was traveling late at night, he would drive through a small town that didn’t have any railroad tracks and make the sounds of a train coming through.

            He also said that he would be stopped behind someone at a traffic light and make the sound of squealing tires just to watch the guy in front of him whipping his head around trying to spot the car he thought was about to slam into him.

            Very funny stuff.

          • Tg,

            Last chance at alcoholic brilliance at 4.30 Am before retreating to the coffin after another night spent with good old Jack Daniels. Why do you say ” somebody” needs to shoot them all dead? Why not get off your fat drunken ass and start it up yourself? Oops, sorry, I forgot. You don’t actually ” do” anything, you just sit on your ass and get drunk every night.

          • Them Guys
            Sick puppy didn’t attend college back in the day? College kids are always dumb, act silly, and grow up after a while… unless some sicko comes in and shoots them. You claiming to be that sick guy?

            • It will never happen Rebecca. Tg is an old drunk who’s harmless, he knows he’s nothing but a tired old man of 64 years consigned to the nightly binges with the ever present bottle and playing the big talking tough leader on internet comment boards. The only threat this idiot could possibly be would be to stop drinking and put the Jack Daniels distillery into a state of panic about plummeting sales revenue.

              • Jimmy,
                Plenty of drunks and drug addicts in my generation.

        • Can you imagine what would happen if the pope came unannounced on campus in his white vestments…

      5. “OK seriously why the f__ was a priest walking around campus at night?”

        H’mm Iduno … did he have a windowless van, handing out candy to lure in these easy prey, called “Dumbed Downed Millennials?”

        … and if these Millennials think the “Boomers” are bad … wait until they get a whiff of the Generation behind them.

        Complete and utter Idiocy at it’s finest!

        • The New Wave Band DEVO maybe had it right. We’re evolving in reverse.

        • The priest was probably throwing loose quarters out on the sidewalk where all the little kids were buying ice cream.

          • Super Glue quarters to sidewalk to make em Work for it!

            • tg,

              So THAT’S how your priest trained you, eh? No wonder you’ve never married……

      6. Back in about 1990 I made the comment that stupid people shouldn’t go to college. Prior to that there was a fairly high bar to gain admittance to university. Now it’s a Marxist diploma mill for idiots. No wonder the costs have skyrocketed and quality of education is in the tank when ANYBODY with the loan money can find a slot. With stories like this I feel vindicated in my aphorism. These people who couldn’t discern their arse from a hole in the ground have no business taking a position in higher education, that’s what government jobs are for. (Sarc.)

        • Joel in WS, I remember when college was the only place to attend if you wanted to get indoctrinated in socialism. Not anymore. Now it’s being taught in the public schools and college has become ADVANCED STUDIES in socialism. a majority of the curriculum all political crap nowadays.

      7. genius has it’s limitations, stupidity has no such limitation!

      8. Recently I learned that KKK is an umbrella. There are many, many independent organizations under the umbrella. All with different philosophies, different attitudes toward the use of force. Most are non-violent. It is a shame that the entire KKK membership is painted with the same brush, when apparently it is an alphabet agency saying the most vile things in order to identify violent white morons and arrest them. Most white people join in order to have a club that recognizes their unique needs and caters to their traditional European culture just like any other race. But demonization of everything white is the currently popular trend. Be safe. Watch out for Rosary beads. I saw some Mexican’s praying at Saint Celantro’s on the way to find a clan meeting somewhere.

        • Only Club I would join … would be something along the lines of this …

          Anti-Government Haters Club

          If indeed this Club exists … could somebody kindly point me in the right direction?

          Thanks in advance & very much appreciated ツ

        • I think I’m gonna have me a good cry. I’m gonna cry cause it’s a shame the way people treat the poor ole kkk the way they do, I’m gonna cry cause it ain’t 1956 any more, I’m gonna cry cause I’m not a kid who’s biggest problem was what’s for din din tonight mommy? I’m gonna cry cause I hate everyone who’s younger then me and that’s more by the day. I’m gonna cry cause I can’t do anything else,oh well.

          • I’ll pour you a Jack and Coke if it’ll help.

          • welcome brother anon.

            Where have you been all this time?

            I have been waiting for you to show up.

      9. Scared of their own shadows.

        Lions and Tigers and Bear’s, Oh My!

      10. Idiocracy has went from the movie screen to “reality”

        God help us all
        we’ve become a nation of idiots

      11. We ARE sunk as a Society and Nation. I’m glad I won’t be around to bear witness to Hell On Earth 25 Years from now; when these little Darling Dumplings are running the show. Not Kidding.

      12. WTF? Real-life Idiocracy. And these are supposedly the best and the brightest? Someone needs to pray, and pray hard.

        • Soon … many of them will make up the majority of our Military.

          That in itself is some scary shit!

          • They will not enter the military, it is much too frightening for them.
            Bring back the draft and DI’s with size 12 shoes who will kick some sense into them!

      13. Prepper Tip of the Day

        it never ceases to amaze me
        we have built an incredibly complicated,specialized way of life
        and when it works it works
        but one little hiccup…

        Dealing with Trash in a Disaster

        h ttp://apartmentprepper.com/dealing-trash-disaster/

        • I’m thinking that if the SHTF, there won’t be very much trash generated after the first week. The big thing will be hiding your little bit of trash from the neighbors so they won’t know how good you’ve been eating.

          Most of my food containers are reusable, so I can clean and store my trash indefinitely if necessary.

      14. Sorry to be so course, but college students are devoid of common sense, a bunch of
        matrix jerks, whose iPhone, computer’s virtual reality is more real than actual reality.
        America is turning into a total shit hole.

      15. These truly moronic college kids are reacting as they have been conditioned to. Just from this one article one can determine several factors contributing to their panic. 1) Since they have been reared outside of Christian faith and therefore not familiar with a priest’s garb, and mistake a whip for rosary beads-no religious identity. 2) They quickly and without proof believed it was a racist, bigoted, homophobic klanner-they defaulted to what they believe is the worst possible type of enemy which is programmed in their heads 3) There are probably a few who knew it was a priest but wanted to propagate it was a klanner, the idea is to identify Christians with the KKK-these students are easily manipulated to believe white, straight, Christians are bad. 4) It was instantly construed with no facts that this undesirable person was there to attack them-paranoia. There are several more but there is no point going on. These are self-entitled, weak-minded, yes stupid, infantilized, people who have been successfully propagandized and programmed. No critical thinking skills. If I was a dictator I would want a country full of people just like in this article, they are so easily controlled.

        • Bill
          If some dufus told me their was a clansman with a whip out there… and I ran into the priest and his rosary beads… I would probably warn the priest about the KKK guy.
          People like melodrama period. They are bored.

        • Bill, that’s the best description I’ve ever read of today’s kids. BRAVO!

          • The real hidden agenda here is to create massive Fear and paranoia within these youths and yooots so when soon all of the WWII gen Hoax/survivor/Cash Cow collestors of $$$ die off…These youth can Replace them and keep collecting from their cash cow holohoax.

            Those displayed in this article are alomost all the way there now..just a bit more brainwashings and fear tactics and it will be akin to being raised from birth to believe a nazi hides behind every non movable object waiting to Pounce!

            • And the real hidden agenda in YOUR case is to sell more bottles of Jack Daniels to midnight ramblers and vampires like you!

              • Jimmys every reply is a Personal attack at me…And 99% of all his posts are aimed at me..Lets see that makes Jimmy a true Cyber Stalker which Is a Fed Felony Offence.

                And his so many such personal vile attacks at me are the 100% Proof he in Fact Is guilty of fed cyber stalking laws felony.

      16. We are doomed!

      17. I always thought it was your personal responsibility to defend and protect yourself. If needed, and if, and only if, your sacrifice made sense, protect others, even to the point of grievous personal harm to you or your death. For example if I came upon a car accident, car is on fire, and full of kids I would do everything I could to get them out and safe. If the car on fire only had a man in it and the car had a Hillary or Bernie for president bumper-sticker, I would call 911, and help with traffic.
        You get the picture?
        I fail to see why we should shelter these older kids that won’t accept personal responsibility. It is their lives, not mine. In fact it is to my benefit that they be brought up to speed or eliminated before they have kids or vote.

        • Amen.

        • Rellik, BRAVO! Damn good points.

        • If your son or daughter has a Hillary or Bernie bumper sticker on their car, you have officially failed as a parent.

      18. These kids never had to suffer in any way,were never deprived and always got a trophy just for showing up. Mom and dad never taught personal responsibility and learned how to stand in line for freebies. When the SHTF these clueless morons will be the first to go down.

      19. Personally, I’m just surprised these leftist students were smart enough to actually operate a smart phone… given how utterly STUPID they are.

      20. The suckers can kiss my ***. I have visions and hallucinations of a tight knit community of people who will band together and care for each other, and I was the ** of it. Of course they will sue me here but not on zh, I can see these people aren’t actually afraid, be afraid the russians are coming.

      21. When the lights go out for a week, their pet hordes are going to eat them..

      22. Why did I go to Purdue?

        Tested out of I.U.

      23. LSD makes a college campus comeback.

      24. Mark another college off my son’s “to check out list.”

        Being Roman Catholic, I and my son do carry a rosary. It’s in my right pants pocket. We’re not ordained so you won’t catch us wearing vestments (robes).
        When I read this article, I was thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me? You confused a priest with a KKK member? Seriously, how stupid are you?”

        This is from the same bunch of idiots that freak out over a Trump 2016 sign written in chalk.

        People grow a set.

      25. Did they notice the cross? Morons of the Big 10.

      26. The generation that will surrender without a fight so their feelings will not be hurt.
        Political correctness out out control or just stupid is, stupid does

      27. I don’t believe a word of it, nobody’s that delicate. I think we are seeing false stories intended to besmirch young voters who might support Trump, an attempt to distance intelligent youth from thinking youth in the same way “conspiracy theory” is used to distance intelligent people from thinking people.

        It’s not physical intimidation more a psychological denigration, to divide people whose common mindset would otherwise unite them.

        • Mick McNulty

          I don’t believe it either since priests don’t usually wear robes on the street unless it is part of a ceremony or state visit. I went online to check that out and could not find a definitive policy. Would a priest be wearing ceremonial robes wandering around at night? Common sense again, not popular when someone is playing the divide and conquer game. As for making a melodrama, people do that endlessly…

          Any Catholics out there who can clear this ceremonial robes on the street up?

          • You’re right Rebecca, priests NEVER go walking out alone after dark, especially wearing all white, unless they’re on the prowl for altar boys. It’s all staged, and judging by the Pavlovian drooling hate response of the resident brain surgeons, it’s having the desired effect. Some of these assholes are even trying to gin up sympathy for the KKK too, the only cure for mindless hate like that is the death of those who carry it. It’s an ingrained generational thing they learned from their parents and peers and will only disappear with the death of that generation. Notice all the salivating window lickers who blindly all think Trump is their next big white savior who’s going to make it 1956 all over again when all he’s going to do is fuck them over once he’s in office, but it’s really doubtful he’ll get there anyway.

            • another anon

        • MCNulty: You are the stupid one. When one in ten college seniors believe Judge Judy truthfully sits on the US Supreme Court, surely you can recognize the abysmal ignorance of today’s college students. Our college students are dead last in just about every subject you can conceive when compared to the rest of the :advanced world-first world-whatever”. When children are suspended for chewing a piece of bread into a gun, pinching somebody’s butt, shooting rubber bands at one another….I could go on for hours. In fact, your entire line of patter shows just how out of touch with reality you are. These are all things reported in all forms of media across the entire nation, not just some 3rd grade make believe newspaper. It appears you live in a self-imposed information state of isolation so as to not have your world view challenged, and that leads to bewilderment on your part. You have no idea of the peril this nation’s culture is in. Rebbecca and anon(ymous)gutless shit that it is)are in the same boat you are, which is taking on water faster that you can bail it out. You look at the non-sense that these college snots demand day after day across the country and especially the left-liberal schools, and tell me they aren’t not only willfully ignorant but deliberately stupid too. GET A BRAIN CELL!! 2 or 3 would be better, but 1 is start-don’t want to overload your puzzled little skulls, do we?

          • Hey conner,

            By all means PLEASE get all excited! Get that blood pressure up as high as possible, hopefully we can get you to have a heart attack and fall over in mid drool! Keep on hating us there liver spots, there’s NOTHING more fun then making old geezers shit their depends and foam at the mouth, so by all means hate me as much as you can. Think about hating me all day, take it to bed with you, have dreams about hating me, make your hate like a precious jewel you can treasure forever. If it helps to put you under the ground quicker, I’m all for it!

            • This one has spunk. Conner is going to live longer than you. You will be taken down by the same type of person you are. Maybe turn the corner to meet up with an A-12.

              Happy Trails to you.
              Until we meet again.

      28. NO NO Verginia there are NO BLACKS among the ELOY!


        Just tell them to “DUCK and COVER” under your desks
        AND THESE FOOLS will actually DO IT?
        A halloweens costume WILL delay the final exams!

        A STREAKER WILL delay the mid -term papers! DO IT!

        A Donald TRUMP impersonator will shut down the entire CITY!

        GO DO IT!

      29. Life is hard it’s harder if you’re stupid–John Wayne

      30. Kids are getting dumber and dumber. Who is paying for their college degree?

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