“Kicking Me Out Is Morally Wrong”: Green Beret Discharged For Standing Up to Afghan Police’s “Brutal Child Rapist”

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Headline News | 85 comments

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    Support Our Troops… but only when it fits the official narrative.

    The war in Afghanistan is technically over as of 2014. It could hardly be considered a victory, though Obama is sure to hang it on his mantle of accomplishments.

    Meanwhile, the peace and security that was established there is nothing more than a sick joke.

    Marines and Green Berets in the Army Special Forces are among the elite soldiers still in Afghanistan to train and supervise the Afghan Local Police (ALP) and other authorities operating in post-war Afghanistan.

    But by all accounts, the U.S. military is fostering something “worse than the Taliban.” It is accused of covering up and empowering corrupt officials who are trafficking in drugs, guns and even children – it is even taking place on U.S. military bases, and there is nothing U.S. soldiers are allowed to do about it.

    Unless rape is considered a “weapon of war,” the official Pentagon policy is not to intervene – and apparently Obama is also taking that stand:

    Several individuals who have tried to stand up to “systematic” child abuse by officers under their watch have been punished by their military superiors, and forced out of the services. That’s what happened to Green Beret Charles Martland, who is speaking out against what he considered to be his moral duty. CNN reports:

    Sergeant 1st Class Charles Martland, the Green Beret being separated involuntarily from the U.S. Army for kicking and body slamming an Afghan police commander he describes as a “brutal child rapist,” began telling his side of the story Monday.

    Martland is under a gag order imposed by the Pentagon, but at the request of Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif, he wrote a statement detailing his actions on Sept. 6, 2011, which was obtained by CNN.

    “Kicking me out of the army is morally wrong and the entire country knows it,” Martland writes. Last week the Army rejected his appeal.

    Martland and former Captain Daniel Quinn were disciplined by the Army after they beat a powerful local police official who they concluded had been raping a small boy.

    The incident was not based on rumor, or some one off event, but an ongoing pattern of abuses that U.S. soldiers were forced to look the other way from:

    Quinn and Martland were told by a young Afghan boy and his mother, through an Afghan interpreter, that the boy had been tied to a post at the home of Afghan Local Police commander Abdul Rahman and raped repeatedly for up to two weeks. When his mother tried to stop the attacks, they told the soldiers, Rahman’s brother beat her. Quinn says he verified the story with other ALP commanders from neighboring villages. Then they invited Rahman to the camp.

    “After the child rapist laughed it off and referenced that it was only a boy, Captain Quinn picked him up and threw him,” Martland writes. Martland then proceeded to “body slam him multiple times,” kick him in the rib cage, and put his foot on his neck. “I continued to body slam him and throw him for fifty meters until he was outside the camp,” Martland writes. “He was never knocked out, and he ran away from our camp.” The incident lasted no more than five minutes, he says.


    Quinn told CNN that they took the action they took because otherwise nothing would be done by the Army or local authorities. “The reason we weren’t able to step in with these local rape cases was we didn’t want to undermine the authority of the local government,” he said. “We were trying to build up the local government. Us acting after the local government fails to can certainly undermine their credibility.” (CNN)

    So why are these Marines being held to the letter of the law, while the alleged crimes of the Afghani policeman remain above the law?

    The problem is bigger than just the atrocities allegedly committed by Rahman. The apparent culture of abuse has caused to the Afghan population to view the Afghan Local Police (ALP) and the U.S. soldiers who back and train them, as worse than than the Taliban – offering serious blowback to the already challenged U.S. mission in Afghanistan:

    They say they had been encouraged by higher-ups that there was nothing to do about such horrific acts, that these were Afghan problems for the Afghan authorities to work out.


    “Our ALP (Afghan Local Police) were committing atrocities and we were quickly losing the support of the local populace,” Martland writes in his statement. “The severity of the rapes and the lack of action by the Afghan Government caused many of the locals to view our ALP as worse than the Taliban.” (source)

    Many U.S. soldiers are reportedly ‘sick to their stomachs’ about the abuse they can apparently do nothing about.

    Via The New York Times:

    “At night we can hear them screaming, but we’re not allowed to do anything about it,” the Marine’s father, Gregory Buckley Sr., recalled his son telling him before he was shot to death at the base in 2012. He urged his son to tell his superiors. “My son said that his officers told him to look the other way because it’s their culture.”

    Rampant sexual abuse of children has long been a problem in Afghanistan, particularly among armed commanders who dominate much of the rural landscape and can bully the population.

    The father of one of those Marines is furious about the complicity that got his son killed:

    According to Gregory Buckley Sr, American officers were ordered to turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse of Afghan boys – even on military bases – because that was not the ‘priority of the mission’. 

    It was this policy, he believes, that led to his son Lance Corporal Gregory Buckley Jr, 21, being gunned down on Helmland Province in 2012 by 17-year-old Aynoddin, an Afghan ‘tea boy’ for local police chief Sarwar Jan – who had previously been reprimanded for child abduction.

    ‘As far as the young boys are concerned, the Marines are allowing it to happen and so they’re guilty by association,’ Buckley Sr told the New York Times. ‘They don’t know our Marines are sick to their stomachs.’

    Who fills the void, if those who stand up against moral injustices are forced out of the service?

    Obviously, the Pentagon and officials in Washington are not concerned about the answer to this… while the American public – rarely even shown what is happening in Afghanistan – can be forgiven for not even knowing what is going on.

    Though the war in Afghanistan officially dragged on until 2014, media attention turned away from it many years ago… and the issue has not been in the public mind at all.


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      1. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

        Edmund Burke

        I hate to see that a brother did the right thing and is punished by his own. The very ones burdened for the oppressed . . . are now oppressed. Our country is dying in front of us.

        We are the oppressed.

        • “So why are these Marines being held to the letter of the law, while the alleged crimes of the Afghani policeman remain above the law?”

          Because President Obola is a faggot and a Muslim who sympathizes with these pedophiles.

          It will be a Marine who stands between YOU and the New World Order when they come to take your guns. Death to the New World Order. Its TOTALLY Constitutional !!! 🙂

          • Agree But it won’t be the Marines in Uniform that stand between us and the NWO It will be all the Marines and commanders who were fired or Kicked out by the Obola admin for doing the Morally right thing. The only ones left in uniform will be the cowards who do nothing but follow Obammies orders via the UN. Our soldiers should have the Absolute order to shoot a pedophile without repurcussion!!!

        • This soldier was standing up for what is morally right. The thing he forgot is that his morals do not reflect the morals of the commander in chief.

      2. Martland and Quinn are true hero’s. Any soldier standing by and not doing anything about child rape is a coward and should not be in the military.

        You can’t expect the sick and twisted leadership we have running this country to do anything about it, so that leaves each and every one of us.

        Men like these should be the leaders of our country and military. They are willing to stand up for injustice at the cost of their own livelihoods and maybe even their own lives.

        Most marines won’t do anything about it? How about some friendly fire for those sickos.

      3. He should be happy he is no longer part of an evil criminal Corporatist fascist boot licking organization.

        • Ron, I’ll agree with you on that one. I think the Pentagon actually did Martland and Quinn a huge favor discharging them. Now that they no longer have any military obligations, they’ll have freedom of action on anything.

          • Unless of course, that ‘anything’ requires an honorable discharge and a non-violent criminal history.

      4. The ZOG should bring the Afghan child rapist savages to the US and let them run free in San Francisco. The Baboon’s rainbow army will have a heyday.


      5. “Have you seen JW Rawles’ blog today. Talking about various kinds of apparel as well.”

        That article is fucking stupid. It was written by a fucking poseur who has obviously never been on an expedition in his life.

        “synthetic jacket that will not keep you warm at night or in the cooler day temperatures. And let’s not forget the lack of fire retarding ability next to that fire you will be keenly sitting next to at night.”

        Umm…synthetic insulation has a much higher heat capacity than wool, dumbass. Why the fuck would you be keenly sitting next to a fire if you are dressed warmly?

        “Duck Canvas and Moleskin for Pants”


        “so the old sayings “cotton is rotten” and ”cotton kills” for wilderness use are only partly true.”

        Umm, they’re pretty much entirely true, dumbass.

        “For my long term shell layer I use a oilskin Duster made of lightweight 10-12 ounce canvas… on my wilderness journeys off the beaten track”



        • Nonsense, oiled and waxed canvas has been used for centuries on ships and expeditions to keep the wearer from the elements.

          You can make some pretty good rain gear out of a pair of old Carhart pants and a half-pint of saw chain or motor oil.

        • Acid: do you feel the need to post this on all the articles in here? does it sound better the second time? In both cases it wasn’t even part of the subject on hand. You must like to see your remarks in print and be impressed with yourself. Give us all a break and save space too. Focus,focus focus!

      6. Wow, is everyone in moderation?

        I see there are over 500 reads and no comments.

        This is a sad story about out current govermental/military environment. I knew it all went to hell in a handbasket when they made it illegal to give military personnel a Bible.

        However; they are just fine with giving a copy of the Koran to a military muzzie.

        Sick sob’s.

        • Crazy the double standards we have in the ‘free’ country…

          • “The severity of the rapes and the lack of action by the Afghan Government caused many of the locals to view our ALP as worse than the Taliban.”

            Apparently, this govt only wants to spread those parts of “democracy” that fits their agenda. What else could we expect from a bunch of damned pedophiles, gays and muslims that IS much of the upper echelon of our govt?

        • Can it be? can it be.

          eppe, do you remember the old days when the funny people would always say….”I’m first”. First to post and get some people riled up. it was so stupid it was funny.

          Well if it sticks, and I ain’t betting on it because of the moderation factor, I think this would be my “me was first” comment, in the six years I’ve been visiting. I have had several different monikers/handles, over those years, for various reasons.

          Yea, I know it is childish shit, but funny how things change.

          • See i lost again. lol.

        • Pass,a lot of folks just getting home/still at work,may be able to sneak a read but not comment at work.As a carpenter with a dumb phone can’t even read articles/news ect. at work,which is fine with me!

          • HAHAHA , I carry a dumb phone too.
            Indestructable .
            And it flips open , cool huh ?

            • Kirk to Enterprise 🙂


        • Amen!

        • and Amen

      8. Martland is actually a hero,but,can’t go against local policy now cam we!I support him and any others in the service who take down/hell kill child molesters,I doubt it will happen but ever meet the guy will buy him a beer/meal.

        Who is the best to contact about this injustice and lets get it the fuck on this site and pass the word to other sites,folks,we can at least let the assholes know some on their evil games,so,any one know the best folks to let know,sure,gets you on the “list”,hell we are already on the list.Give me the info I need and hell,make a seperate/ammended on the info I need article and will push on the sites that interest me,this is worth it folks.

        • Warchild, this story proves there are still some good people in the service. If Martland has already been discharged, he no longer has any obligations to any ‘superiors’. And the Pentagon put him under a ‘gag order’? I would’ve told someone to go stuff the gag order. If I had been the soldier, that raghead cop would be pushing up daisies.

          • One anonymous, stray bullet in the dark would’ve ended this whole thing.

            • Sixpack, last time I checked, ‘friendly fire’ still exists.

              • I believe it was called “Fragging” in Vietnam as the weapon of choice was the M-26 fragmentation grenade which has has no ballistic fingerprint. You’ll never know but I bet its happened there and in Iraq and depending on the recipient covered up.

                What we know we know. Its what we don’t know that is more bothersome.

          • Brave; How can the troops be honorable if the officers above don’t set an example and then back up the troops. This leads to a lack of respect for the chain of command when they don’t lead! What the Afgans did was illegal by their own standards so shouldn’t have been a problem for the troops.

      9. F them sand dwelling ass plumbers.
        Just bring the boys n girls home .
        Let em all kill eachother , who cares .

        • My sediments too. Leave these lands and return home. Let them kill one another.

          • Sentiments.

            • tanks!

        • God bless out troops!….and God DAMN those sons o’ BITCHES that sent them there!

        • yes yes yes

      10. Apparently, Obama and his handlers don’t mind pedophiles raping children so long as they don’t display a confederate flag. And hundreds of billions worth of drugs flowing out of Afghanistan is great so long as the money gets laundered at US banks and all the right people get a cut.
        These insolent, obscene demonic creatures in Washington and Wall Street are then placed on “a moral high pillar” by the presstitutes and we’re are told to worship them. I’m not a religious fanatic, but I say: May God sent His righteous wrath!

        • Agreed.

      11. Hammer,though agree we have no business in the mid east do believe since our military there and getting wronged for doing obviously the right thing needs to be addressed.

        Get our troops out of mid east completely,feel strongly about any country/cause,fine,go on your own dime,hell,isis/plo/idf ect. all taking on new folks,you get fucked over there just don’t expect the US military to bail you out.

        • Ya , WAR , we put em there , we should support em.
          But to hell with them people , cant move our troops out fast enough for me .
          Soon we can deal with them here , and they aint rollin over flyover country , i guarendamntee it !

      12. I believe that is why so many in our military are committing suicide .
        Can’t imagine dealing with that kind of stress.
        These are the same ass raping sand niggers that are being brought into our country to do the same to our kids on our streets.

        • I’ve got some ❤ for them — Samuel Colt style.

        • Anon, if I’m confronted by any of those ragheads I’ll ‘help them find allah’.

      13. Bring all of our troops home from all over the world and use them to overthrow the cabal in DC.

        • Yeah Bh, as long as I get to swing my machete a little too.

          • PO’d, I want a piece of the action myself.

      14. I’m a combat vet to start with. Now I have a few friends names on a wall in D.C., and the question is: Did they die in vain? That goes along with every one who die wearing the uniform, I once thought no they did not, but the way vets are treated in this country now, I have to sit back and ponder that question. So did they die in vain my answer is NO, why, they thought it was their duty to serve and yes I know there was a draft at some point back. What I feel that needs to be addressed is why all illegals get everything free and the vet is pissed on and get the poorest care possible. Oh well just a vet tired of being pissed on. No they did not die in vain, but its starting to look that way!

        • At The Last Straw, welcome aboard, and I also think it’s wrong for these foreigners to be allowed in and given so much special treatment while the vets and civilians alike get pissed on. The vets in my family have been through the nightmare of dealing with the VA once and refuse to go back. They won’t let their own kids or grandkids join the military or even become cops. All the military does is use people. Again welcome.

          • Brave: Been here awhile, but thanks be to you sir!

            Just remember; The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down!

        • At the Last Straw

          I admire courage but they died in vain. When it’s morally unjust it’s murder. Patriotism, regardless how well rooted, can’t justify whats wrong but can only explain how it gets done.

        • Last Straw – Fellow GI, welcome. Agree with your comments about the illegals, and now King Putt’s ME refugees of USA haters, how they get all the bennies and us GI’s get f’d. One trip to the VA and driving home I said “NO F”N WAY”. Im done.

          We are all on our own now. Have long since taken the view that I have to do all I can for myself. So I push everyone to get as healthy as they can, up your activity, eat best as possible. Get a reasonable exercise program. Yea, PT again. I live on a farm, but ya still gotta do the PT man.

          Here is how I see it: We are being invaded via multiple routes. Call to duty has not stopped. Now it is duty to save your family, your friends, your hood. The need to be every vigilant and ready is now. Im not giving up.

          I could write a book, but I won’t bore everyone. All I know is the S is soon to HTF. and we older Viet-Nam Vets still remember how crappy day to day can get. We need to help all we can. Its going to be tougher this time around. No Freedom Bird to take us back to the World.

      15. My last attempt at a comment here must of been sucked into a black hole. This is hardly the big news about Afghanistan, that being what business do the U.S. have even being in that country? Osama bin Laden, give me a break, he was a cia asset named Tim Osman who led the fight against Russia earlier with arms and support from the U.S., he had nothing to do with 9-11. The U.S. has installed their puppet there to protect herion poppy production and distribution and has murdered the people whose homes were in the rare earth mineral lands. The U.S. invaded Afghanistan to run a pipeline through it. U.S. troops are still there. The people of Afghanistan oppose the installed puppet government and any U.S. involvement in their country.

        • It’s pretty much the same story in every country we’re occupying in the middle east, ain’t it? Only the longitude and latitude changed.

        • Yeah, that pipeline that still hasn’t been built?

          You are full of it, today.

          • Pipeline to where?

            • The EU, bypassing Russia.

      16. We need guys like this enlisted and his Captain to get back to the USA and coup this corrupt stinking administration and all of DC politicians, and get rid of the sissy generals and admirals following unconstitutional orders. Americans are FED UP with all of them. then hold civilian elections. I have a similar love hate relationship with the Marine Corps.

      17. Thank you CPT Quinn, thank you SFC Martland. You both did the right thing while your organization fails you spectacularly.
        Tonight, I will thank God we still have a few people that wear our uniform that know right freom wrong.

      18. I am beginning to question my faith in GOD. Where is he in all this disgusting world today? I am a 7 year throat cancer survivor, I have been called retarded, mocked and basically discriminated against because my voice is horrible due to the cancer. People today are just damn Mean and Rotten to the core! How can he abandon us in our time of need?

        • I feel for you Hitman. Cancer and other diseases do no have particular hosts. The hospitals around the world see little innocent children everyday with cancer and other diseases.

          That is not God’s fault. It comes down to free will and free living. The parents of those children never thought that living in certain areas and breathing carbon monoxide could transfer those toxins to their babies, some still in the womb.

          They never thought that the foods they ingested and even fed those babies would cause them to get sick. I don’t believe that cancer is hereditary. It comes from our environment that has been polluted by burning fossil fuels and filled with toxins from cooking with aluminum and in the plastics we touch everyday. There are many sources. That is not God’s fault. He didn’t start the world off with those toxins, in fact man was able to live nearly 1000 years because of a healthy environment.

          Man polluted it, and man polluted his body. You did not say if you were a smoker or used mouth tobacco.

          At risk of being called a preacher, I say, make sure you are in concert with your Creator and remember that Christ’s stripes were taken for our healing. Forget about what ignorant and rude people think and say.
          It is all about the Father and His Son, and what they see in you.

          • How is a child’s cancer the result of free will and free living? That statement does not make any sense.

            Here is the answer: God causes nothing to happen. Good or bad. Things are just the way they are. The luck of the draw so to speak when you are born. Same with the family and country you are born in.

            Cancer has been around long before the industrial revolution, etc. However, I do agree that this world is becoming more toxic to man. Just another product of the evolutionary cycle man has to endure as his time on earth winds down and this planet ceases to exist.

            As has happened before and will happen again. But this has nothing to do with the bible, koran or what ever other religious text you subscribe to.

            Some say we choose the life we are born into before we reincarnate back to earth. As a learning process for the soul.

            Others say we walked into this dimension from another place.

            While still others say we were genetically modified by an alien race to be slaves.

            I am not sure where I stand on any of the above but I do know that religious texts were created and perverted to hide our true origins and beginnings.

            • RJ,

              I read his comment also and can only think of this, he must have entered some type of contest for the stupidest comment ever on shtf.com. Of course, he also will hold the title for the 10 most stupid comments ever made on shtf.com.

        • Hitman, welcome aboard, and I sympathize with you. I lost my mother to breast cancer in 2009. If I was in your shoes, someone would’ve ended up in the hospital and it wouldn’t be ME. I agree there’s too many people who are rotten to the core out there. They’re the ones who are retarded, NOT you. I’ve also been on the receiving end of that kind of treatment but for different reasons. Again welcome.

        • My Dad got throat cancer in his late 50’s and was able to beat it. He finally got his normal voice back but it took a lot of time. He had quit smoking 20 years prior to getting the cancer. A few years later was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was able to beat it. Now he’s been told he has a horseshoe up his ass. He told the doctor to leave it there.

      19. He should be getting a medal.

      20. How many soldiers are sickened by this? Obviously not enough to make any impact. I’m proud of this Marine, yet ashamed of my country’s response to him and the situation. (But coming from a country that still wants to fund Planned Parenthood, I’m not surprised.)

        When soldiers obey the orders of men above the law of God and common decency, those soldiers are not worthy of the uniform.

        They ARE complicit in child rape and torture. What difference does it make to the innocent children that their plight is being ignored by American soldiers just because this sort of thing is “cultural”? Not one iota difference. They only know pain and terror.

        Those soldiers who follow such orders and don’t take action to stop this will have to give an account to God for their inaction. That they would be discharged is irrelevant.

        They would do well to remember who the real Commander-in-Chief is!

        “Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
        Matthew 10:28

        • Ame-
          He’s NOT a marine. Read the article! the jar heads look the other way. Both of these gays are army, SF= Special Forces.
          Cpt Quinn, SFC Martland; welcome home, we need you here MORE than they needed you there. What they’re doing to you is proof enough that its true.

          *PS- I say jar head in the nicest possible way. I’ve trained with some; I can out think ’em but I’ll never try to out drink ’em! uuuh-rah 42 days till their birthday btw

          • Better put him on duty in another theater. Plenty of need for great heros in the Army.

      21. Welcome to Obunbler’s politically correct army. His incompetence and ignorance puts this country in as serious a peril as it has ever seen.

      22. Leftist make me sick.

        Lessee… My Lai in Vietnam was a moral atrocity, John Kerry supposedly threw his medal over the fence back then… and now the left stands up for child abuse.

        You freaking leftists truly disgust me.

      23. This man is a Hero.
        Thanks for standing up for a young boy that was being molested.
        Sergeant I salute you!!!

        • I second that

      24. You wouldn’t see this in an episode of, “Band Of Brothers” or “The Pacific”.

        Its amazing how things are when your on the right side of things.

        Post WWII every war is sold to the body politic not on that conflict at hand (and conflict, police action it is) but WWII. How long can they continue to use it as a social stimuli? Wall Street Wars are Wall Street Wars regardless what you call them, how many false flags you stage, or how many times you say, Freedom and Democracy when the real reason is Power and Profits.

      25. NAMLBA

        North American Man Loves Boy Association

        It’s OUR Culture

        Meetings taking place at your local library.

        This is not sarcasm. It is not a joke. This is a well
        Documented fact and broadcasted on news stations.

      26. Would the young grad assistant coach been fired if he had pulled Sandusky off the boy HE was raping?

        He probably feared for his graduate assistantship, or, he was traumatized.

        At any rate, this man COULD have been sent to an “anger management” program; he didn’t have to be FIRED for protecting a child!

        The people in the White House and/or Pentagon who INSTIGATED this firing should be fired.

        But destructive decision makers ALWAYS scapegoat the VICTIM.

        As Doctor Peck wrote, scapegoating is evil. Shame on those decision makers who victimized the man who did the heroic thing, HE is the true patriot!

        The decision makers and those who carried out their decision need to revoke their OWN citizenship. They should be ASHAMED of themselves.

        We all have to give an accounting of ourselves before God, myself included. They will not be exempted.

        No one is.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        • Hey mr. Lone Ranger:

          When I hear or read about some grown man raping
          a child, I feel my entire body convulse with rage. I
          imagine implementing such tortures that would not
          be appropriate for the gentle sensitivities of our readers.

          Do you think I need anger management????

          I think it is not anger but perversion that should cocern us.

          Let our men and women in the service do more of this in
          spite of any punishment or blemish on their record. Then
          I will have a parade for what would be true courage. Give
          these men an honorable discharge, an apology, and a medal.
          They deserve it.
          And for God’s sake change the policy. Better yet, get
          the hell out of the Middle East. And bring home our
          young men and women.
          If they want a war, strap a gun on Chaney(let’s hope his aim improves)
          One on Bush Jr., and one on Obama and let them do the fighting.

      27. A mere 25 years ago, our tolerance of eternally and universally immoral and depraved behavior in any foreign land where we had an official presence coming into direct contact with it would have been unheard of, and we would certainly have acted to stop the evil immediately. We were the good guys, and the world knew it.

        We still are, but our good guy heroism is being deliberately and maliciously suppressed by the communists in power.

        We will be the good guys again, and we don’t have long to wait.

        This will not stand.

      28. This proves the military is not fighting for what is good or right.

      29. I don’t know if you’ve been in the military. I have. One fact stands out. Most people in the military are not smart enough to form adult decisions. This is true all the way up the line. Smart people know better than to seek careers in the military.

      30. these “good” soldiers make me laugh. they put these demons in power in afghan. the Taliban came to power to stop the abuse of these kids by the villagers fathers requests. US soldiers threw out the Taliban who would kill the pedophiles

      31. It is a sick and wicked nation that allows this to happen. The US military is a pawn of evil men.

      32. Men of honor on both sides should not allow this to happen and should put an end to it period.
        It should be considered friendly fire, let them go to judgement……..

      33. This is a clear sign to those here that think American troops would not fire on our citizens if ordered to do so. If they would stand by and do nothing while children are being tortured, because they are “just following orders”, they are no better than the Nazis were who used this excuse. It goes to demonstrate how far are morals and values have fallen in this country. “We have seen the enemy, and he is us.”

      34. When the serpent tricked Eve and Adam into eating from the tree saying it’s fruit would make them as Gods, evil came into the world. This is why Christ Said, “my kingdom is not of this world”. The loss of Eden (innocence)is when the cancers, sickness and perversions were brought into being. We are all born into “original sin” which is why Christ’s death on the cross, as our substitute was needed.

        We are behind enemy lines, have you noticed the slide downhill has accelerated. Have you noticed Christians being killed on college campuses???

        God is going to take back the earth after the antichrist comes to power and meets Jesus at Armageddon and we will all stand before God…

        Two years ago God woke me from my slumber. I pray the same may come to you…

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