Keep It On The Down Low: Top 5 Ways To Hide Your Guns and Gear

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    For those who store food, preparedness supplies, gold, guns and ammunition, one of the most immediate concerns is keeping your investment safe. Naturally, given our reasons for stockpiling to begin with, the last place we want to be storing anything is with a “trusted” third party. Thus, things like safe deposit boxes are out, as are storage facilities unless you are using them as a secondary backup. Burying a cache on your property or in the wilderness is great, but there are certain things you’ll want to keep close by, especially as it relates to self defense or emergency cash.

    This, of course, presents a challenge, because every time you leave your house you’ll wonder if the thousands of dollars you’ve invested in emergency supplies will be there when you come home.

    The following video from the Bug Out Brothers provides some creative ways for you to keep at least some of your belongings relatively safe. Nothing is 100% foolproof, but we can certainly make it difficult for thieves to find and take what we’ve spent so much time earning.

    From a simple bookshelf to a standard wall outlet, here are the Top 5 Ways To Hide Your Guns and Gear:

    (Via the Bug Out Brothers Youtube Channel)

    Here’s another short video with ten survival tips and tricks that just might save your life:

    You can follow the BOBs at their web site, Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

    Feel free to share any ideas, tips or strategies in the comments below…


    How to Hide and Recover Your Survival Cache

    3 Ways To Hide Valuables At Home

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      1. They will come searching for weapons and PM of all types. Better have it stashed/cached, preferably where they are being guarded by alligators. Thanks for the ideas.


        • The ruse starts with the person themselves
          coming across as a Mr. Bojangles type loser.
          Your residence comes across as a hovel.
          People avoid you at the post office.
          Prominence is a word you cannot spell.
          You’re three years past a good haircut.
          Your income is less than people spend at
          Your best clothes came from Goodwill.
          You are first in line at the food pantry.
          You leave 18 cents in the church collection
          you have no idea who the current president is.
          Your marriage is now seven years in common law.
          You haven’t seen a gun since you were thrown
          out of the army for desertion.
          Any extra money is well spent on cheap booze.
          The last time you saw a whore you were one.
          You have kids from coast to coast but have
          no idea where.
          You thought a childrens coloring book was an IQ
          equivalence test.
          If that doesn’t work, learn how to use a knife.

          • All my guns were lost in a tragic boating accident..over the deepest part of Lake Superior.

            • It’s horrible out there… like the Bermuda triangle of guns and ammo… Reports from people all over the country indicate there could be tens of thousands of guns lost at the bottom of Lake Superior!

              • Yep… lots of “lost” bullion out there too. 😉

                • I spent a lot of years living as an expat in countries where you would get searched all the time just for being an expat.
                  All of these items are not worth it for hiding anything. They would be found in minutes by someone even half competent who is really looking. Any cavity, hole, space or object of significant size will be searched by sledge hammer.
                  Most people who want to hide things try to make it easy to recover also. However the easier to recover, the easier to find. Risk of discovery is inversely proportional to the effort spent in hiding it.
                  The best place to hide something is someplace else and divided into several caches.

              • I know nothing


                I know nothing about Lake Superior

                anyone selling a good used boat …….cheap

                • Lake Superior – Deep and cold.

                  How bout a nice canoe?

                  A young Army officer was severely wounded in the head by a grenade, but the only visible, permanent injury was that both of his ears were amputated.

                  Since his remaining hearing was sufficient, he stayed in the Army.

                  Many years later he eventually rose to the rank of Major General. He was, however, very sensitive about his appearance. One day the General was interviewing three servicemen who were candidates for his headquarters staff.

                  The first was a Captain, a tactical helicopter pilot, and it was a great interview. At the end of the interview the General asked him, “Do you notice anything different about me?”

                  The young officer answered, “Why, yes, Sir, I couldn’t help but notice that you have no ears.”

                  The general was displeased with his lack of tact and threw him out.

                  The second interview was with a Navy Lieutenant, and he was even better. The General then asked him the same question, “Do you notice anything different about me?”

                  He replied sheepishly, “Well, sir, you have no ears.” The General threw him out also.

                  The third interview was with an old Sergeant Major, an Infantryman and staff-trained NCO. He was smart, articulate, fit, looked sharp, and seemed to know more than the two officers combined.

                  The General liked this guy, and went ahead with the same question, “Do you notice anything different about me?” To his surprise the Sergeant Major said, “Yes, sir, you wear contact lenses.”

                  The General was very impressed and thought, “What an incredibly observant NCO, and he didn’t mention my ears.” He asked, “Sergeant Major, how did you know I wear contacts?”

                  “Well, sir,” the soldier replied, “it’s pretty hard to wear glasses with no fucking ears”.

                  • you have made my day my friend 🙂

              • Lake Superior never gives up her dead

                • As far as the first video, not only did he tell US about his 5 hiding places, he told everybody else too, including the thieves. Thanks Dude, now I’ve got to move half of my stuff…

                  • i thought the SAME when i read the TITLE.

            • Knew a guy once said all his guns had been sold to friends who were now deceased. Had receipts and cancelled checks. According to him, all the paper was ginned up between them, it sounded pretty complicated, not knowing who was going to go first, but they all had paperwork for everyone else’s stuff.

              I guess you could do that, but it sounds like a lot of effort.

            • Bottom of the Sea, I may be in the eary stages of Alzheimer’s, I didn’t even know that I knew you. You say that you lost all my guns in the bottom of Lake Superior, what happened to my boat? Was we fishing or what. And why did we have all my guns out there?

              • They are big fish….you have to shoot them. The monster we caught sank the boat and tragically we lost all.. except the life jackets we wore and the quart of Jack Daniels.

            • If the gov’t comes looking for your guns and the first thing that comes out of you is a clever little lie…then I assure you, you have already lost them along with any and all other rights you thought you had. I get the point and all and yah sure it’s clever, but if they ever really do come looking, then people need to start dying, not lying

              • Bravo!
                I have heard too many “I will hand over my registered guns because I have cash and carries hidden away”.
                I agree with you whole heartedly.
                If the door to door round ups have begun it is time to finally step up to the plate and swing. At the least the obvious gunfight going on should give the neighbors a heads up and the ambushing can begin.

              • Richard you mean Bottom of the Sea was lying about losing my guns? We’ll these must be his guns I’m hiding under the woodpile out in the backyard. So I’m not going to lie, I’m going to tell them where I hid his guns, so I won’t lose My Rights. Especially the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Trekker Out. What Should I Do About The Quart Of Jack!

              • @Richard Head….

                When the time comes that it becomes necessary to “bury your guns”, that is the time when you need to be loading them instead.

                Molon Labe

          • Take the bed out of a hide a bed couch, build a box under the seats for your long guns.

          • If your too stupid to hide things appropriately, your too stupid to have them! People here are smarter than that. NEXT!

            • Well most people anyway lol.

        • If you have no guns, lost all of them in a tragic canoe mishap, what left is there to hide?

          • Be sure to remove the ‘X’ on the side of the boat, so no one else will be able to find the spot you lost them.

          • nobama. And you think that lame tail is gonna kid anybody with a gram of intelligence? LOSER.

          • Just be sure to buy a few guns from a dealer so you’ll have something to turn in that has a paper trail. You may need one in case they come knocking before the shooting really gets started. Trekker Out. Good Price On Wolf Gold, On SGAMMO.

            • What a cowardly dumb ass you are. Yer too stupid to realize that, they’re coming for YOU, because firearms are merely tools and the mechanics employing them, are the real weapon and the gun grabbers understand that premise.
              Go ahead and give up your papered stuff mountain moron and after you’re tazed and shackled, perhaps you should reflect on the fact that YOU faired poorly in the lottery for critical thinking skills.

              • Ultralight, Why Thank You. What do you fly, a kite? If not you might try it! Trekker Out.

        • As long as there is no moisture, you are good. However, you can’t kill nwo scum with hidden weapons. I have one weapons system hidden. The rest is within my reach within seconds. Trust no one but yourself and God with your ass.

        • Great article, I now know five places never to hide my stuff.

          When they come for your stuff, expect them to bring search dogs, metal detectors, and demolition equipment, yes there will be thousands in damage!

          If building any additions consider adding hidden rooms or closets.

          Build your hidden stash places now, fresh paint can be a dead giveaway.

          There may be very little warning of a confiscation. They will likely build their list ahead of time. Your emails will be scored, your phone conversations scored, your known associates scored, your web browsing scored, your education and buying habits scored, they’ll add it all up and use that number to place you at the top or bottom of the list.

          • No kidding, there went all my good hiding places. Of course where I’m headed most theft is for anything that can be sold to get Meth…no high class criminals there.

            • They say the price of a woman, is he price of getting high. Meth has made women quite cheap!

              Children should be taught these words as soon as hey are old enough to understand.

              There is wisdom in them!

              For girls there can be a real future, for boys their can be life if you don’t end up infected with a deadly social disease.

              In terrible times, terrible things will and do happen. It is difficult to not be eaten alive by the evil of our age! And yes it is getting worse.

          • If you have building permits on file for any additions you add, that will be the first place they look for any hidden stuff.

            • Building permit? It was like that when I moved in.

              • Who knows how long it was like that. It was hidden!

            • Building permit?

        • Im not saying there is never a time you would have to hide your shit..However, if it was lets say economically suppressed starving zombies kicking your fucking door in, how the hell are you gonna go open your bookshelf, unlock your safe, or run to your bed safe.. You better be able to grab your shit in a seconds notice and have a mag dumped and reloading before he gets his foot out of the door. If we are speaking of an oppressive force, lets say chinese attacking your country, if your already hiding guns and gear you aint gonna do shit when your countries invaded.. Their gonna say ” get n da tuck” and your getting in.. Dont kid yourself if your merely playing with gear and gadgets and looking to hide it , dont think you will use it when you have to..You better be training and doing PT now, and keep those swords sharp and ready..

      2. I would most likely “forget” where I hid the hidden “safes”…I’ll take the more traditional bolted to the concrete floor safes we have.

        • Agreed. Our safe is bolted to the concrete wall behind it AND to the concrete floor under it, so it’s not likely to go anywhere it shouldn’t. That was with a hammer drill to make the holes and 8 grade V 1/2″ x 4″ bolts with concrete anchors.

          Main thing about security, though, is to make sure that it is applied in layers. A good dog or two, anti-thief landscaping, motion sensor lights, a decent video security system, hidden valuables or storage if at all possible, and a good 12-ga pump gun with 6-8 rounds of #4 buck and a VERY bright light on-board.

          No security system is perfect but the more layers we include, the better off we will be.

          • Jaws of life will pop that open before you can blink. These are hot items that your local police have been collecting along with mraps and other toys.

            • yep.

              • I was renting a building that was previously rented by a guy the police suspected in something. They showed up a month after I rented it and wanted to search the building. There was a large very heavy safe in the building. They asked me for the combo but of course I didn’t know it. It took them less than 30 minutes to get into it. There was only a note in it that said Ha, Ha and dated 1952..

            • Jaws will pop open the average 1/4 inch plate safe. Not a chance on the old heavy ones with 3/4 inch and thicker plate with I beam door frame and 4 sided jam. The recess on the door and the minimal gap around it is the key to a lighter built safe’s integrity. OFF TOPIC… there have been some Odd earthquakes this last week in places that normally don’t have them for decades. Maybe something is going to break loose soon. BI and JOG could figure this out as the sun is also very quiet too.

          • i HAVE a safe, but not much IN it….when they are kicking the shit out of me and i give up the combination, they will find a few hundred dollars in it and be off to the next home-invasion….HOPEfully….my stuff is hidden pretty well, and i WANT them to get into the safe, then leave with what they will THINK is a great haul…i also leave a few hundred in a place where everyone in the home knows where it is, in case i’m not home, they can give THAT up, and maybe make the tweekers happy and leave….this is all if they get the drop on me….if i catch THEM, then they wont be seen alive again. nobody in my home uninvited gets out alive.

      3. Let’s keep this quiet, a secret just between us, so that no one else will get any ideas about where to look.

      4. If Hell was run by politicians the fire would go out.

        • Thats the thing that gets me,
          PRODUCES NOTHING!!!!
          Yet by the way government employees act you would think they were generating the oxygen in the atmosphere.
          Let it crash, let it ALL crash and come completely unglued.

          • Kula,
            I agree with you, it is time for the WHOLE thing to crash and crash HARD!!! then clean ALL the scumbags out and hang-em HIGH!!

            • Amen. Lets get a reboot on civilization. We know what doesn’t work.

              • What doesn’t work is liberalism.

                • Localism works. The further away the government the more corrupt.

                  The further away your goods. The more control others have on you. The less responsive they are to your needs or concerns.

                  Corporate fascism is what America has now.

                • What’s wrong with the picture?

                  One person believing he knows what’s best for everybody else.

                  One person believing everyone else should conform to HIS beliefs, even if by force.

                  One person thinking it is HIS job to make decisions for everybody else.

                  What this adds up to, is people minding everybody else’s business instead of their own, because they are narcissists on a power trip.

                  • it takes a VILLAGE to mind their own gawddamn bizznuss!

        • I wish I could thumb you up….

          The government is were you go to get a job when the private sector figures out how inept you really are….

      5. I try to hide everything in plain site.

        • If they want to find my gun, just look down, they can find it right between my thumb and first finger.

          • Paranoid,
            do just as the article says but make a few changes, when they look at the obvious hiding place make sure they are filled with explosives and booby tripped to take them out when they look, JUST got to be smarter than the scumbags!!

          • In my summation..if they are coming for guns…isn’t that the tipping point? To me…war has been declared and now they are going “live”when they come a knockin. How much more does one tolerate loss of freedom and liberty?
            No point in hiding any gun..if they come barging in…don’t think you’ll have much time to dig it up or run to the secret hiding place in 3.2 seconds..find it…point and shoot.
            Safe keeping of firearms…also means having them accessible when a threat is imminent.

            Its on if they do this…IMHO.

            Live Free or Die…schnell

            • talon

              Exactly my thoughts as well, I said basically the same thing in a reply above to all the peoples jokes about lying about losing them in a funny clever boating accident, yada yada yada. To my way of thinking it is not a laughing matter. Like I said if they come looking for your guns people need to start dying not lying

              • I am laughing at the nonsensical sheeps, that think they will be able to hide any weapons in and around their house.

                You may be able to outwit the dimwits and theives, but the gestapo will have high tech equipment to seek out those hidey holes.

                Outside, a ways from the yard, in a plastic pipe buried, is the most hard to find.

                I agree with talon’s point, that TPTP will be trying to disarm at the “tipping point”; of all out civil chaos between racial divides, gangs,LE, and average people. Most average folks will be too involved in security and protection to even think about hiding weapons.

                I foresee a scenario whereby it is mass chaos and burning of cities all across North America. I foresee a pre-planned disarmament scenario by TPTB using outside sources to “invade” North America to do the disarming for the federalized/militarized local LE. It could possibly be the UN Armies, or more prophetically; be the Ezekiel 38/39 event.

                We can only hope and pray that it will be the latter, since God has promised to handle those commies all by Himself.

                • Why do I think TPTB have it planned for a Russian led invasion to come on our lands and take our weapons, and anything else they want?

                  Just look at the facts, or what we have been told through the media.

                  On April 2, 2014, two U.S. F-22 fighters intercepted two Bear bombers west of Alaska’s coast.

                  On June 9, 2014, two F-22s intercepted four Bears and one refueling tanker near Alaska. Two of the Bears later flew near the California coast and were intercepted by two F-15s.
                  Early August 2014: NORAD notes a “spike” Russian aircraft operating in and around the U.S. ADIZ.

                  On Sept 17, 2014, two F-22s intercepted two Russian IL-78 refueling tankers, two Russian Mig-31 fighter jets and two Bear long-range bombers in the ADIZ west of Alaska. The Russian aircraft flew a loop south, then turned west toward Russia.

                  On Sept. 18, 2014, two Bears were intercepted and identified by two Canadian CF-18 fighters in the western reaches of the Canadian ADIZ, in the Beaufort Sea.

                  On Dec. 8, 2014, two CF-18s intercepted two Bears near the Beaufort Sea off Canada’s coast.

                  May 1, 2015 5:00 am
                  Two Russian nuclear-capable bombers intruded into the U.S. air defense zone near Alaska last week in the latest saber rattling by Moscow, defense officials said.
                  The Tu-95 Bear H bombers flew into the Alaska zone on April 22. But unlike most earlier incursions, no U.S. interceptor jets were dispatched to shadow them, said defense officials familiar with the latest U.S.-Russian aerial encounter.

                  If this last event actually happened, why wasn’t the two Russian Bombers picked up on radar, in our airspace, and jets dispatched immediately?

                  Remember Odrama’s famous open mike comment to Pukin via Medvedev, back when;

                  “After my election I have more flexibility”…

                  That is a flag up, in my book, that they are on the same agenda, and part of TPTB plan.

                  • “…in our airspace…”

                    The ADIZ is international airspace. Communication and identification applies only to aircraft that intend to enter US airspace and it does not apply to any military aircraft (including foreign ones) at all.

                    Corporate US .gov won’t tell you this because they want the public afraid of Russia. This type of flyby occurs on a regular basis between US and Russia. Corporate US aircraft do the same in Russian ADIZ zones.

                    It is mostly a cat and mouse game to test response and has been going on since WWII.

                    • OK, so you are just trying to dismiss all the recent Russian/Chinese, activity around the Arctic and further south?

                      Maybe you are trying to also dismiss the possibility of Ezekiel 38/39 taking place very soon and the “taking place”, as North America/House of Israel.

                      If so, then you have plenty of company with the worldly lovers/humanism.

                      Many will be surprised and fearful when it does take place.
                      Just as when Antichrist appears as the Morning Star/Messiah, coming to rapture them away.

                      It will happen. just not next month or next year, but it will happen.

                    • The only thing I’m trying to dismiss is the belief that the ADIZ is US airspace.

                      Sure, I’d agree things are probably ramping up with current tensions between the US and Russia, but that happens every now and again.

                      As far as using scripture to predict the timing of events, I believe I’d just as soon flip a coin…

                • What’s the point of hiding them? When the scum come for what’s yours, you wanna be quietly dwelling in the aim with the safety off. If 10,000 patriots meet the first nazi boot on there land with a full mag …. That’s 10,000 non oath keepers who aren’t on the street anymore stealing guns of citizens.

            • talon, you have stated it properly, confiscation is the tipping point. Have your weapons at the ready at all times.

              quick, talon, well stated.

        • “I try to hide everything in plain site.”

          Yeah… like those two 1,000 oz. bars of silver you use as doorstops?

          • 41 Mag,Yeah I painted mine gold! Trekker Out.

            • Good one !

          • How did you know?

        • Man I’ve hid so much stuff, I wish the Feds would come around just so they could help me find a few things. Trekker Out. Now Where Did I Put That Land Mine?

      6. 5 BAM TIPs,



        Now this guy here has just unzipped his fly.
        Now FREDDY THE FELON knows where to look.
        Now FREDDY THE FED. knows where to look.
        Now ONE or BOTH of them can just wait for you to come home.

        This must be some kind of a SET UP.


        USE YOUR HEADS…….

        • Yup, loose lips sink ships, etc.

          People do it without thinking all the time, for instance ham radio operators.

          I’ve tried to get word out to some posting on prep and gun sites that they are giving out their name & address in the clear anytime they proudly include their ham radio call sign in the sig line of their posts online. Most bad guys trolling for gun/prep victims have figured that out quicker than the hams posting.

          • One of the dumbest mistakes common amongst hams is using their call signs for vanity car license plates. Anyone can query your callsign and get your name and address, it’s public information. Great for criminals to know who you are, where you live, and when you are away from home.


            • You should have no:

              1. Decals on your vehicles indicating the number and ages of family members.
              2. Decals on your vehicles indicating previous military experience.
              3. License plates on your vehicles indicating previous military service.
              4. Bumper stickers on your vehicles indicating your political leanings or views on gun ownership.
              5. Flags of military branches flying in your yard.
              6. Decals for brand names of guns or any other decal/sticker which indicates that you are a hunter or gun owner.
              7. Any other insignia/signs on your vehicles, in your yard, and/or on your mailbox which publicly announces which way the wind blows with you.

              If it ever really hits the fan here in the U.S. for any reason — political, economic or otherwise — you want to be as obscure, anonymous, and unnoticeable as possible. You want to blend in, never be remembered, and never looked at twice. You want a “sterile” vehicle and you want it before trouble starts. You want to appear harmless and nonthreatening when in public, as well as not worth targeting because you appear not to have anything worth stealing/taking.

              These riots now popping up around the country are being deliberately organized and orchestrated. And it’s being done by the hard left, in increments. The next stage is for the riots to spread outside of the “bad” areas of the big cities. Then guns will start showing up and being used. Then the riots will spread to medium-sized cities. Those who are pushing these riots are simply following in lock-step with the Cloward-Piven roadmap to a communist revolution in the U.S. (Read the signs being held up by some of the “protesters” which blatantly call for revolution? That’s what the “protests” are really all about, and don’t kid yourself into thinking that they are not.) If they are not nipped in the bud now, there may be no stopping them until the point of urban warfare and neighborhood roadblocks/checkpoints become the norm.

              America doesn’t want this. America doesn’t understand what life would be like under these conditions.

            • Nobama… copy… Tell us something we didn’t know… over.

          • Shane atleast none of us do it here on SHTFPlan! Mac you still a front for the Feds? Sorry Mac I didn’t mean that, you’ve got my IP#. Trekker Out.

              • Genius thats great. Now how do you delete your info from the NSA. Trekker Out.

          • That reminds me, threatening a family member to have you give up the goods, ala home invasion or kidnapping, is the worst case scenario for losing everything you hold dear. It will inevitably become ever more common as things degrade.

            • Shane,
              YUP and so you will have to shoot first and examine the body later!

              • To everyone here. I understand the hazards and risks of storing your preps elsewhere. Before I accepted the arrangment at my cousin’s BOL in GA, I made it clear to her and the whole family that when I finally make my ‘bugout’ there that all of my preps had better still be in that barn when I get there. I told them if they needed some thing out of there just call me and ask first. If I agree to it, OK, but you have to reimburse me for it at some point. I really hesitated like hell about moving my supplies to her place but after a lot of thought and seeing the deteriorating conditions in this nation plus the fact I was having trouble trying to buy my own BOL, I accepted her offer, but only under certain conditions. I’m in weekly phone and e-mail contact with her and the other relatives now. I had another trip scheduled for July but that could get moved up if circumstances dictate.

                • I have a friend who has a hunting cabin up in the mountains in Co, real remote, he thought it was his BOL too, right up until it got broken into 3 times..
                  Now its for sale.

                  • Kula, the BOL I’m going to is already occupied and very well protected. My relatives all live within a ten square mile area and can go to help each other quickly as needed. The BOL sits on 30 acres with a well, spring, and one side of the property borders on a year-round creek. My cousin was born and raised on a farm and has had gardens all her life so she can grow food in her sleep. Got everything I could ever want and need there. Once I bugout, that’s all she wrote. No more city for me. The BOL will be my home for the rest of my days.

                    • BH, having a BOL already occupied by family is one of the smartest things you can do. It’s protected 24/7, or at least better than just caching it would be, and you’ve got a labor/security force there now. Doesn’t get much better than that.

                      Just get them to match your efforts with their own preps. If they can’t, well, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and share. So keep getting more preps and keep checking in on the place.

                      Look at it this way : since you no longer need to fund your own BOL, you have freed up a lot of existing funds, or future income, that you can use to prepare for additional persons and needs.

                    • BH ,
                      I have some friends down in Ga , if you see a guy hand railing the road at night in Multicam sporting a PTR 91 and 3% IFF glint patches it might be me after escaping and Evading from the NE ! if you see me passing at all .

                      Seriously you should all have at a minimum a go bag with at least a trusty well familiar handgun ready at all times with at least the bare minimum to survive 24 hours ( time of year appropriate ) enough time to get you out of harms way . Something like a ranger medical waist pack is ideal small and light , speed and agility is your friend , You may not be able to save your extensive collection of gear but having the right stuff at the right time will be priceless assemble this first , then you can catch and build on your long term plans . Having a place to go,is important living off the land is NOT realistic . Think of it as a temporary Di Di your ass out to fight another day . It’s generally to late when they are stacking at your door prior to dynamic entry and carrying a Battle Rifle in a non permissive environment will be fatal . Think sneeky and smart .
                      I wish we could post photos it would be highly instructive .
                      Don’t just accumulate Gear use it set it up , train with it even if you practice setting up your tarp shelter in your back yard ! You will be way ahead of 99% of the population , you will be of no use to FREEFOR dead . Learn all you can before it’s go time . Gear is only part of the solution , knowledge of all your gear is the second , know your strengths and limits your life depends on it .

                      Things are going to happen rapidly with out warning , it’s up to you what you do with the circumstances that present themselves . I no longer have contacts inside for information ( resigned from .gov 5 months ago ) but the current trends are disturbing to say the least . Remember OPSEC is important some things must be kept close to vest. Remember you are not alone.

                      Plan , Execute , Vanish .
                      Be nowhere and everywhere
                      There are going to be 2 sides to this be on the right one .
                      The guys with the extensive ear necklesses might give an indication.


                      Semper Fi

                  • If it looks like no one is living at a remote cabin, it is an invitation to be broken into. Thieves mostly case out a place before it is broken into. No lights, no alarm, no activity, no barking dogs, it’s a free for all.

                    We removed valuable things from our family cabin, the antiques, food, etc., and had a neighbor visit it often to check it out. After the neighbor passed away, they installed a security system with alarms that could be heard by the nearest year-round neighbors half a mile away, and they created a neighborhood watch system.

                    • Smokey and Night Breaker, my preps are already well-protected 24/7/365. If someone tries to case that BOL, they will be greeted by an old hag with a 12-ga. she knows the property better than I do because she owns it. She would also be quicker to shoot someone than I would and she’s one of the best shooters I know of. Not someone to underestimate.

            • There was a violent home invasion gang robbing homes in my region. This gang did this in several states. They hit nice suburban homes. They jumped people taking garbage out for trash pickup, they kicked in back doors, they rang doorbells and pushed their way in. In every case homeowners gave up the combination to the family safe after being pistol whipped.

              My point, don’t have all your eggs in one basket, but do have something valuable to make them happy when that safe is opened.

              • PTPO, home invasion at my place carries the death penalty. Decision is final and there is no appeal.

                • I like to think I’m ready, I’ve hardened my home, I’ve got available self defense weapons. I practice and drill with my weapons. I try to be situationally aware……. Never the less, when certain relatives visit, all weapons must be secured from them. To mean they must be personally carried or locked up. There are times I work in the yard etc. when it’s neither safe or practical to carry.

                  If a bad guy really puts his mind to it he could likely find a weak spot in my defenses, probably.

                  Your family security always needs to keep evolving. Too much confidence could be our undoing!

                  • Plan Twice Prep Once.

                    I am also ready and have done what was needed to be done. According to my Prep Limits of course. What is missing is the fear element that will set the drive for survival.
                    As you said, your security is always evolving and you must stand back, look it over and re-evaluate.

                    With the May Day scuffles with police. You have to ask yourself, if where you live will turn into a riot zone. On Drudge.

                    • Got a lot of things on my wish list. My philosophy take stock, prioritize, take care of one from the top three. Wash, rinse repeat!

                      We all like toys, don’t give fancy toys too much priority on the list. The basics are what’s critical.

                      I knew a family that had a bomb shelter. The father was a child during the Nazi occupation. They immigrated to the US after the war. During the war, the whole family was part of the resistance, and from that perspective, he desired to provide for his families survival, thus the bomb shelter. Once every five years the family ran a one week drill and lived in that bomb shelter. Afterward he’d improve and tune his survival plans.

                      I see disasters around the world, demolished homes, neighborhoods, social collapse etc. I often use the news reports as a mirror to look at my preparedness. It helps!

        • Bam U R correct,know a family that lost nearly 1200 firearms, the agents are nothing more than hiwaymen of old,w/ badges they will do what they are told by their masters in DC. The wicked rule,be prepared and stay in the light, google, Reese family fast and furious scapegoats.

      7. Today’s History Lesson

        What Happens When You Hand Over Your Gold To The Bank Of England For “Safekeeping”

        ht tp://

        politicians and bankers
        the REAL criminal class

        • I don’t know! I’m going to keep mine in my Cuz’s safe. If anyone comes and tries to take it, he’ll feed them refreshment.

          • NGIC, go back to sleep, idiot.

        • Uh, you become a dumbass in a blink of an eye?

        • OK, no one here will store any Krugerrands with the Bank of England. Thanks for pointing that out to us.

      8. Store your treasures in Heaven folks. Where moth and vermin don’t destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal.
        -Matthew 6:20


        • Judges 1:19. It says the “Almighty, all knowing, all seeing God” LOST the battle against the “valley people” because they had the IRON CHARIOTS.

          So,, God was defeated by his own creation and he did NOT SEE IT COMING? (2HP iron chariots & bows and arrows.) So tell me,, HOW badly would God get beaten against 300HP iron chariots (Dodge Ram Pickups) and 12ga bows & arrows?

          Or better yet,, how about tanks and missiles?

          I don’t trust “God” to be there when I need him. Those who HELP themselves have something REAL they can rely upon.

          • Jdg 1:19 The LORD was on the side of the men of Judah when they fought. They took the land in the hill country, but they failed to take the land in the valleys, because the people living there had iron chariots.

            “They” failed, this means their faith failed and they did not take them because they did not believer they could defeat them, not that the Lord failed them or would have failed them if they had proceeded as they were intended to proceed against them.

          • SAD.

        • That’s if you worship those treasures and put them above all else. God wants us to prosper, but when things like money and valuables become more important than your marriage, children, friends and God, like it did with my ex, you will have no treasure in heaven.

          • Woogie, if god wants us to prosper, then why does he want to take your money from you every Sunday?

            • He doesn’t want your money, he wants you to put him in first place and provide sustenance for those he places in the position as leaders and teachers to us.

            • Nobama:


              TBN, Jim Bakker, Haggee, Robertson, Benny Hahn, and their ilk with their hands in the cookie jar on Sunday. Lots written about those false teacher/preachers in that Bible you so disdain. You wouldn’t want to be in their shoes come judgment day.

              Sunday money for these high living thieves and their 501C churches has nothing to do at all with our Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

              • pog. And I surely wouldn’t wanna be in your piss stained self-righteous pantaloons neither come judgment day.

          • I’m with ya on the evil ex, thing.

            My wife and her Sunday School teaching daddy, stole about 20k off me during our 5 year, marriage. Then they tried to take my land that i had bought from my Grandpa before we married. That land had been in the family since 1940, but they didn’t care.

            I hope to see them on Judgment Day.

            Let the rekoning begin!

            • Were you able to keep your land? I hope so!

        • Truth

      9. For the usual doper burglar, it’s not that hard to hide or secure stuff, but realize, too, many other bad guys read/study/talk this same stuff, too, much more than any of us do, as it’s their full-time vocation. They search out and haunt these types of articles and videos. I used to own a security company (burglar alarms) and we’d get called in afterwards to install a system, so I’ve seen a lot of these crime scenes and it was obvious some of these bad guys really did know all the tricks with how and where they’d searched for the goods. Eventually, when things get bad enough, you’ll be staying home more, if not full-time, and that’s always the best protection.

        • Im home almost all the time now, and if not me one or more of the other family members who live on property, add to that our neighbors who are almost all retired so are also around almost all the time. If things go awry im quite sure there will be a LOT. Of eyes and ears paying attention. It makes a huge difference.

          • yup,….a community…..THAT’S what it will take to survive!

      10. Behind every blade of grass…

      11. just keep stacking its coming soon, will you be ready
        It has been said that those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      12. I can’t give away all my ideas for OPSEC reasons, but here is one tip. If you need to hide anything metal outdoors, such as silver or guns, bury them under something permanent that is also metal. For example, under your propane tank, or underneath a metal pipe clothesline post, or under your favorite rusted out junk car.

        • Gotta get past this damn pesky metal detectors. You could also get some junk metal from car yard and bury a piece of a fender a foot underground to throw them off…

          • Better with a bunch of old nails and such.

            Looks like construction waste that was buried during landscaping after the house was built.

            Depends somewhat on how old the house is, of course.

        • I know those feds would have metal detectors sweeping the ground and hiding them where obvious metal is, is a great idea. I also thought of an old hollow tree many feet up from the ground or up on top of a large limb because most detector people sweep the ground.

        • A good metal detector guy knows the difference between a nickel and a quarter. Your gun is not going to sound like a fistfull of nails. It will however sound pretty similar to 3′ of 5/8 rebar.

          Just fyi

          • Just for the record, a below-ground search by metal detector means your entire yard is going to be dug up when the detector sings out. They’ll dig up your old car parts as well as the guns.


        Home build the receivers.

        Pay cash for everything.

        Having no paper trail is priceless.

      14. Everybody probably has an old appliance in their basement or closet. I hollowed out one of these and fiddled a way put a metal box inside. We keep this sitting in the corner of our long counter top telling people it is just a beat up antique that has family “talking” sentiment attached to it. It has been there many years and works well as a cash depository as we slowly empty the savings account. Its heavy enough you don’t want to arbitrarily pick it up and the opener is on the back side. Works for me…

      15. Some of the coolest and most creative ways to survive at home (on a budget). It covers water, food, heat, air conditioning, power and a whole lot more. Check it out at:

      16. They’ll know they found mine when they briefly see that blossom at the muzzle. Doubtful if they’ll hear the report.

        • If anyone tries to open my safe but me they may get it opened but that eplosion set off by the door switch will be a humdinger!
          A 1/4″ thick steel safe is a real easy way to direct the power of a blast

          • Kula, I keep all of my prep money in the “Bank Of Braveheart”, which is an old Sentry with the combination dial lock. My combination is well-hidden and I’m the only one who knows it. My safe requires about 4 people to move it.

            • Bravehart you are one more bull chit a hole.

              • Tacoma, what is your problem?


                  • Boreheart, lay down the crack pipe.

                • He’s from Tacoma, that’s one major problem right there.

                  • Smokey, if you mean Tacoma in washington state, that speaks volumes.

                    • I AM VERY MUCH SOUTHERN.

                • Bragging never won a fight.And it will come to a fight.

                  • Tacoma, I know just as well as everyone else here a fight is coming. A fight none of us want and is being forced on us by the feds. I never brag. I’m dead serious. You can believe whatever you like. anyone stupid enough to come find out the hard way it’s no skin off my ass.

              • LOL… You are right T… LOL.

            • I have an old Mosler double door vault I got from a bar I remodeled . A hair under 2000 lbs of ugly . It gets the job done

              • 🙂

      17. The best I have seen is the false wall in a closet. A friend had one that opened onto a stairs, descending to his armory located under the concrete slab of his driveway. The worst was a floor safe sitting in a frequently-open garage. It was last seen in the shovel of a skid loader going away on a flatbed.

        • Correction: the stolen safe was standing on the floor. A floor safe sunk into concrete is a very good option, but the hidden location is best.

        • There’s a kind of acoustic radar the Feds have now which will find that in a flash.

          • Good point. But safes are to protect against thieves, not fascist and bolshevik mercenaries.

            • Mongo the best idea is to have one of those small sturdy fire proof safes that are about 18inches long and a foot deep, and set it in the closet of the master bedroom. When those thieves see that baby, they are going to grab it and run or walk if they can lift it, and they will forget about everything else. Sure would be interesting to see their faces when they finally get it open and it’s full of lead tire weights. Trekker Out. Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold!

      18. I had a discussion with a firearms enthusiast that immigrated from one of the Soviet Controlled Eastern Block nations. I said if all of those weapons were laying around in the US post battle the government would never get them as they would be hid everywhere. He disagreed and stated how they got them.

        1. An official decree was given out to drop the weapons off in the center of town.

        2. Searches were made after the fact and ENTIRE FAMILIES including children were killed for non compliance.

        3. Rewards were given to informers.

        4. More families were murdered by the government forces.

        5. The guns and ammo were collected.

        • Thats because if you are thinking about hiding them,
          Would rather be dead than live as an un armed subject,,

          • Best advice I’ve seen on this entire thread.

          • Kula, I agree. I keep my weapons ready and within reach. I never hide weapons.

            • i got toooo many to not hide SOME! one tip i had from an old prison guard i know is that he has knives taped under table-tops, under couches, for when they tie him up and go looking for things, he will be able to cut himself loose…a friend a few years ago got invaded and they threw her on the bed and came back at times yelling where was the money, or jewelry?…SHE got free of the duct tape and ran to a neighbor.BTW, they looked through the back door curtains(they didn’t COVER the window!)…saw her asleep watching TV, and came in through the small bathroom window….by the time she awoke from the curtains “rattling in the wind”, they were ON her….make sure your home is SECURE!

        • Kevin2:

          6. Coming to America soon.

          • I think Americans have an ideal of how the British behaved in the Colonial Period and our Deceleration of Independence reflects that. They don’t realize the utter brutality of both Communists and Fascists in the 20th century.

            • Two books that are free to read on line:

              Under the Sign of the Scorpion
              Gruesome Harvest

              Should give all an idea of what we will be facing.

              • No we won’t.

                You’re full of it.

            • There is nothing more brutal than the American warrior.

        • When the government thugs are willing to kill you to take your guns, I can assure you that the street gangs will do even worse. If they see a safe, you will be made to open it. If you have supplies, they will take them. The key is timing – which will be difficult with limited information. If there is some semblance of government control, but no one is being hauled away, then hide your preps. Any time after that, you need to shoot first.

      19. I require not guns,
        I use the force to protect me,
        May the force be with you!
        Besides why would we need those evil guns, isnt the gubment going to keep us fed snd safe?

        • Yep they also plan on digging up ‘Ol Blue Eyes and crooning us to sleep each night.

      20. Move some off property. Those with no paper work won’t be found. Waterproof containers dropped in a lake is good too. saw a guy in alaska did that,dropped them in 30 ft. of water off shore.

        • I’m with you Jim, bury ’em. Pelican cases are perfect for anything you want to put underground. Carefully close them, lay them flat and cover with a single layer of black plastic as one more level of protection. Take my word for it – 18″ underground is also safe from bushfires too. True, out in the boonies isn’t much use if you need them here and now – but back ups somewhere 100% safe gives you a lot of peace of mind.

          Lots of things you can put in them too.


          • Pelican cases are nice but very pricey. 6-8 inch pvc pipe works very well too. Plastic ammo cans are sealed pretty well. Nothing beats pvc IMO.


        the day you have to hide your guns, is the day you should be loading them for HOSTILE REBELLION against the NWO ZOG gestapo coming to take them away.

        DEFEND THE U.S. CONSTITUTION and 2nd Amendment RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS or lose it forever!

        “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!” , means exactly as stated!


          • solus lupus is a sad & lonely chinless wonder who is a bitter and twisted anti American TWAT… America is a great Nation STILL deserving praise. Don’t be suckered by his childish bullshit.

            • Your response means ‘solus’ struck a nerve and told the truth

              • seth YOU ARE WRONG. I hate solus fucking lupus with a passion and with good reason, I hate ALL fucking retards who strive to cause unnecessary disdain between people. solus fucking lupus is nothing more than a trouble causing rabble rouser and you seth appear to have fallen foul to his perverted propaganda. Wise up on the tactics of this nasty cunt.

                • “Bwaaaaa Ha Ha Ha!

                  ;0p Pssszzt!

                  ;0) lol

      22. What happen to the approval, or disapproval meter on this sight?

        • We had to remove it for the time being. Without dedicated user accounts/logins the system was easily manipulated by slamming our database with “fake thumbs.” As a secondary effect, this posed a threat to the stability of our server.

          We are working on a new system and should be able to bring the thumbs back soon.

          Thanks Banna!


          • There were people on her previously, who said they won’t start an account and log in to post comments. They seemed to be afraid that they’d be identified by big brother and their speech scrutinized.

            Allow me to try to debunk that fear.

            1. You IP address, as well as the MAC address that identifies your machine/device on the internet already identifies you. Everywhere, all the time. Big brother has access to both.

            2. You are not anonymous, not even if you post as anonymous, using a fake email address…not to the NSA anyway. If it was THAT simple, we wouldn’t have a security issue right now.

            3. The NSA has more info against you than just your comments on shtfplan. They know you visit this site, and others, whether or not you post.

            4. If you’re afraid to stand up for what you believe, then you’re on the wrong site.

            5. YOU CAN’T HIDE, so you might as well stand up and fight back.


            • DAMN RITE, sixpack abs!

            • Sixpack for President.

      23. Store some in a small mini warehouse that is climate controlled.

      24. Now the bigger question is are you going to take that shot when they do come, you know if you are targeted in this timeframe what are you going to do. They will get a search warrant and will come in. Now this is examples that will take way too much time and resources to find, but on the side of your house you could have some big gravel rocks with plants next to them, you have a deep hole that is concreted in outdoors with a board on top then topped off with rocks Very hard to find, with nails everywhere for metal detectors etc. Or false holes with nails etc. Fake water heaters, In fake copper tubes that look like attached water lines, rugs over something is a big give away etc. In my opinion keep them different locations and don’t always put them in one spot. Never talk and tell your neighbor never, RATS!!!!!

        But the big questions are you going to defend your property or let them in without probable cause or bullshit list that you are on that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

        • Clint,
          that my friend MOST of these preppers won’t know until the moment comes when they have 1/10 of a second to decide the fate of them and or there families!!

        • clinthospo.

          Will you be ready and able to take the shot?

          In order for them to put Martial Law into effect they are going to collapse the financials. So it gets everyone at the same time. Just popping up and going door to door is not effective. Besides it will make out like they are doing something to keep the peace when riots break out.
          So by the time they get around to coming for you in you home. Many will be already killed or in jail. You should be alert and watchful and know exactly what you are going to do. If they come to your door.
          By now we should all know that we can not fix this problem. The social and economic inequality is too great and the mistrust created by mistreatment to the public will never go away. Riots can be set off again by the next incident with police with the agitators ready to inflame the public.
          To insure the Democratic party will have a solid base of voters, they have enslaved them by poverty. Really? Fifty years of civil rights laws and what did it get the Black Community.

          To add.

          Both Black and White members of Congress knew what they were doing when they passed, NAFTA, GATT and WTO.
          There will be no peace for anyone with NO GOOD PAYING JOBS.

          How many more major stores are closing.


        * something we all should be aware of in our own neighborhoods and towns IS CHILD SEX SLAVERY , IT’S GETTING WORSE IN 2015 NOT BETTER … TAKE A STAND AND PROTECT those who cannot protect themselves!

        • WANKER

          • Truth hurts, doesn’t it, anonymous poster?

            • seth you sucker.

      26. All my guns and ammo are hide down the barrel of the one you’re looking down, now smile and wait for the flash.

      27. The most important thing is to tell absolutely no one of what you have and engage in mass disinformation with those around you. Through deception, we wage war.

        I tell people that do not know me well that I am one of those libtard gun nuts who hates guns. Furthest thing from the truth, but no one would ever know. Everything purchased in cash and off the record.

      28. I have always believed that when the time comes to hide them, instead, it will be time to load them up and use them for the reason we have them.

      29. Agreed clinthospo rats my philosophy is DTA don’t trust anyone your neighbors will rat in a split especially if you are friendly toward them. I don’t talk to my neighbors. They have no idea what I’m up to. They keep to themselves too that’s fine by me. Just go about your business and don’t do anything stupid like putting NRA stickers on you car. I used to have a customer that had no trespassing signs and one that said never mind the dog beware of the owner with a revolver on it. That shit is stupid to me. He was strange not what we wanna portray to the community. I’m not saying people are all wondering what you are up to. It don’t work like that. It’s like you pull into your driveway and unload a big watertank and move it into your backyard then the next day your putting a case in your truck with long guns the next day you unload cases of canned food from SAMs club or costco. Now your neighbors aren’t being nosey it’s just they can see what you are up to. I try to be unpredictable in my coming and going. Sometimes I leave my truck home just so anyone watching thinks I’m home. When I go on vacations I back my minivan in and load the bags so no one can really see that I’m leaving my home. If you have a garage use it to help keep privacy. Another problem is when you order stuff online the mail man sees what you are getting so have shit shipped to someone else’s place and go pick it up then burn all boxes you wont believe the people who go through the garbage they know the day it gets picked up and go through it the night before. I have a surveillance camera system and I’ve watched the night before trash pickup people will walk their dog along and look through your trash. There was an old Asian lady taking the soda cans out of the recycle bins. Put trash out in the morning just before the truck comes your safe then. People say oh my neighborhood is quiet and I know my neighbors there are people that have illegal apartments with people living in them that are never seen during day hours they sneak off at the crack of dawn and come back late. Or they don’t come out during the day only at night. Have a customer that is a plumbing supply house he told me a lot of Hispanic immigrants buy supply’s with cash so it can’t be traced back to an illegal apartment. This old Asian lady I’ve never seen before. my neighborhood is 99 percent white folks so when you see someone that looks out of place take note see if you can spot patterns or what they are up to. About 10 years ago someone was going through cars and taking the change left inside they didn’t break in just went in if doors were unlocked. Word got out on this and people just locked their cars at night problem solved. Watching out in your area is how most thieves get caught. There are pawn shops that have items that run the gamut. A lot of this stuff is stolen from work trucks sheds and where ever else.

        • I hear what you’re saying Mr Hat…Keep on loving your kiddies fella.

      30. Hiding my guns = Hiding my oath

        • Hello dear Iowa. Glad to see you’re still around matey. Life takes many turns, hopefully we learn as we move along. God bless you Iowa xXx

      31. I’m not hiding anything

        When it comes down to the time that some think you should be hiding them it’s way past the time you should have been using them

        Guns should be like spiders in your home , never more than 8 feet away from one, and it dam sure better be loaded

      32. The most important thing is to tell absolutely no one of what you have and engage in mass disinformation with those around you. Through deception, we wage war.

        I tell people that do not know me well that I am one of those libtard gun grabbers who hates guns. Furthest thing from the truth, but no one would ever know. Everything purchased in cash and off the record.

      33. My two cent tip…

        If you have a vacuum sealer you can get the make a bag rolls of bag material and can vac your boom stick before storage. Good for storage in a damp basement or safe also to prevent any flash rust for all unused guns.

      34. As Steve Quayle says, they aren’t “coming for your guns”, they are “coming for YOU”.

      35. Well, getting my proverbial sh!t together. The big move is at the end of the month. First priority will be to build a workshop for hubby’s stuff. It will ruin in the barns with all of the humidity. Then we plan to get off grid to the largest extent possible. We have a propane tank in place, so a Ginny will be on the list as well. Due to a medical condition, best case scenario, hubby has to have air conditioning in extreme heat. So as much as I would like to cut all ties with the grid, I don’t believe that’s possible. If someone knows how to accomplish that with an AC unit, please chime in.

        I can’t believe all the crap we’ve accumulated. Have thrown out and donatd so much. Moving sale next Saturday. I’m taking half preps and assorted other items with me, leaving half to follow with hubby. Just in case.

        We’ll be pulling out some of my retirement to invest in these upgrades. I know, so many here say pull all the money out. My funds have increased my by 10% just since November. You just have to do it wisely and not freak out and sell at every dip. Instead buy the dips. I will take advantage of the system as long as it chugs along.

        Btw…….Does anybody know an easy and reliable way to rig up a trip wire and disposable air horn for a proximity alarm? I’m looking for something that can alert me if someone comes onto the property at a fenceline about 100 yds away.

        • Alarm easy to make, hard to describe. 12 volt battery and any car horn that still works. Bit of wire, a few clips. a large clothes peg and 2 small nuts and bolts. Fishing line for trip wire.

          Hook the car horn and battery up but cut a break in one wire – any side of the battery is fine. Connect the two wires to the bolts in the clothes peg and open the peg which breaks the circuit and insert a plastic card which is attached to the trip wire. When the plastic is pulled out the circuit is complete again and the horns sounds until you either turn it off or the battery goes flat.

          There is another system using some 1″ galvanised water pipe. Screw an end cap onto a 3″ length and drill a tiny hole right in the middle. A 12 gauge shell WITH NO SHOT fits nicely and the hole is right over the primer. Simple spring loaded drop weight that falls when the wire is tripped is plenty – they aren’t hard to set off and make a fearful amount of noise. Anyone sneakin’ round your barn in the middle of the night when that went off would have gravy runnin’ down their legs I reckon.

          I have been told it would be considered “not illegal” here (as opposed to legal?) and just another noise making alarm. Dunno about where you are.


          • That sounds like a reverse kill switch to activate the horn. Good rig.

          • Thanks Aussie. Seems easy enough.

        • NPPH, glad to hear you’re moving sooner than you originally planned. Looks like you’ll be back in the South in good time for the party to start. Hope you can get your other things done in time. Might be best to take all your money out now while you still have access to it. Some people swear up and down that nothing will happen until Sept.-Oct. In a way I hope they’re right but I never hold my breath on anything.

          • Thanks braveheart. I’ll only be a few hours away. Maybe on one of our trips to ft Campbell hubby and I can meet you for a cup.of coffee east of Memphis.

            • NPPH, if that can be arranged, I would be honored.

        • The elders on their death beds should be out using up their ammo on the targets that are ruining this country. They will go out in a blaze of glory instead of laying in a nursing home, or worst yet rotting in their bed. Help them to be a hero.
          Look at the positive affect they will have .

          • Wolverine.

            That’s a good one.

            Most would not know what we are fighting for, let alone give a shit if we died to preserve what others have die for, before us.
            One way is that you might think it is a way to get rid of the old fat bastards. Another is you loose what wisdom you younger people have avoided all your life.
            How many times have I heard this said.
            That’s Right! Shut up old man you don’t know what you are talking about.
            Well boys, your gonna have to put your pound of flesh into the pile. Have to have your shit together too. Most old guys have been there, done that, and have the T Shirt.
            Wait till the dumbasses react to what will be done to them.

            The more the merrier.

            Meanwhile, prep.

        • Depending on where you live, you might consider geothermal. Can heat and cool with limited electrical requirements It can be pricey, up to 20-30k but cuts your electric to a minimum.

      36. Hide what I don’t know why people are hiding guns and gear. There is plenty to go around folks. If you have $ you can get whatever you want or need. To me preps are not an investment they are more like an insurance policy. If they are lost you just buy more. I am gonna get what I need no matter what and I’m not partial to any material item. I feel this is the right way to look at prepping. I’m not gonna be held down by my stuff I will ditch it if I need to. A few thousand in preps is not worth worrying about just get more if you have to later. My guns are not safe queens I use them if they get scratched oh well. If the gov comes and takes my legal guns fine I will get one on the street like I said I’m gonna have what I need I prefer to do it right but nothing is out of the question. Nobody can take knowledge from your brain it’s impossible. Gear can easily be replaced. People are getting too used to being broke. Gotta stop accepting poverty people.

      37. Sad comments… they are all defensive.
        Not one suggestion for going to the cause and ‘inactivating’ it.
        Not one comment reminding us that bad stuff is CAUSED by persons, and that the OWNERS of everything … are personally RESPONSIBLE for everything they damage.

        Can you not THINK?
        Start at the top.
        Name them.
        Find them.
        Remain anonymous.

        • I have put a long list of names on here. You can’t announce your plans for change on here and remain anonymous at the same time. Even TOR can be beaten by the government if you don’t implement every safeguard perfectly 100% of the time.

      38. My comments are not going through. The last two didn’t make it to moderation

        • They’re probably hung up in the NSA filter routing system, government in never known for efficiency.

        • I read ALL your comments Ass hat. Thank you for posting refreshingly honest posts. God bless Ass hat and his dear family.

        • maybe it’s your NAME…

          • Maybe it’s your BRAIN!

      39. Why hide your gear? We’re all fully capable of filling those who come to rob us full of holes. It’s simply growing a pair and doing what is right- dispatching those that wish to steal under the color of law. Create an environment that will make it very unhealthy to knock on a door that’s on “the list”.

        You all keep forgetting there are more of us than there of them. If giving up my life to take a couple of those thugs with me and reducing their man power to wreak havoc on my friends and neighbors, I would do it.

        The government is banking on you to be sheep. An increasing body count of their enforcers will make them reevaluate.

        • Unknown Suspect, I couldn’t have said it better.

        • I may not get all of them, but i can give it a shot, my 1911 is close at hand especially in the wee hours, if i get filled full of holes, who cares,,, saves me the trouble.

          • Kula, nowadays I keep both my .380 and M1 Carbine locked and loaded at night. I just started doing that last night. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

        • The reality of all of this is that if these turds are going around confiscating guns and collecting patriots we are far far beyond the point of being able to peacefully remedy this, weather it be onesy twosy or a bunch of raids all at once. Personally i have no interest in attempting to deceive anyone as to my stance on this crap, why prolong the inevitible,

      40. I own my own home and we have a basement. Gold is easy to hide. You could hide 1/10 of an ounce gold coins almost anywhere. Such as in an envelope tacked up on the underside of your couch. Or behind a drawer of a dresser or jewelry box. Or inside the sleeve of an LP record. Or inside a CD case or inside your desktop computer. I’m a bit of a packrat. If I had silver I’d have a million places to hide that too.

        If you can get a gun without leaving a paper trail that’s awesome. Just have your registered guns easily found to be confiscated by the authorities but have your other gun(s) and ammo well hidden.

        • A registered sacrificial gun is a wise idea, it provides a cover for other stuff and diverts attention for a while.

          Preferably something cheap that you really don’t mind losing, a throw down sort of weapon like a Lorcin or Jennings maybe.

          Aside from that, one option most people seem to be overlooking is percussion guns (muzzle loaders). They are not federally controlled (you can buy them no questions asked and no records kept by mail or over the counter) and most States have little or no regulation of them either (I’m sure places like Cali, NJ, and NYC, DC do but don’t know for sure, worth checking into if you live there). The heavier calibers are nothing to be laughed at, they can be more powerful than many modern handgun and rifle calibers and the revolvers will give multiple shots without reloading capabilities for defensive use. They’re likely to be rather low on any confiscation lists.

          But, to each his own. Do what you think is best for yourself.

      41. When there is gun roundup, it’s too late to do anything. It indicates the final breakdown of the constitutional safe guards. When a roundup is announced, there is no longer a legitimate government. So, ahead of time you need to locate the individuals who will order it and use your guns, don’t hide them. The goal isn’t to be the last guy with hidden guns. The goal is to restore a constitutional republic. And there is only one way to do it. One bullet at a time.

        • It will probably be done the way it was done in NYC, or is currently being slowly but effectively implemented in California.

          Gradual confiscation by banning certain groups of people and certain types of guns then slowly expanding those groups and types is far easier and more effective than an outright attempt at a mass seizure while too many normal people still have them.

          (a serious fear instilling event of major proportions could make that different by justifying it in the larger part of the populations minds, remember Katrina. What this could or would be on a national basis I don’t know.)

          That “one bullet at a time” stuff will just accelerate the process, replacing one Judge at a time through concentrated political effort would be far more effective if it were possible to have everyone preaching their future defiance to actually join together and take action today instead (something about chest beating that seems to make other options less likely as it lets off the steam of indignation without doing anything about it).

          All of our political problems are the result of Judicial decisions, not the police or military or elected officials who just go along with them.

          • Sharon, Thank you for responding. The other day I was watching C-span and they had a panel of “progressives” bragging that they only had to change the demographics of the US about 2% more non-white and no Republican or conservative or Libertarian would ever be elected to the White House. Our votes have been subverted by open borders and Marxists.

        • 4th generation warfare

          • Orders come from the top down, so start at the top

      42. My comments all the sudden showed up moderated what’s up with that. What is a registered gun there is no such thing around here people just a backround check and the gun store keeps it on their file for a while then eventually it gets destroyed. If this is what you mean by registered guns your are wrong. Even the guns you build have some paperwork with them even though there is no backround check for them. The only gun without backround checks is found on the street through a source that has been used in a crime most likely. Fill me in on the gun registry how is this done.

      43. Timely article. You wouldn’t want to be considered a local militant to be targeted for eradication or anything like that. Militant, is that the adjective or the noun? It makes all the difference here at this time. May I have the Elitist definition of militant please? Never mind, what does a tactic know any way. I couldn’t imagine an acronym to use the letter “G” for genocide either.

        • Joint Assistance For Deployment and Execution – Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.

      44. ht tp://



          • I adimre the way we all can communicate, but the world is falling apart…
            What does one do to correct the problem???
            I would hope we could communicate in the same way…
            Bless all here…

            • Sorry all, just wondering where all this all going to end up.

              • Eppe:

                Wondering where all of this will end up?

                As I understand it, the Baltimore prosecutor in her zeal to please her voting bloc and to quiet the thugs (you know, the kids who just can’t be held accountable)and keep them tamped down for awhile, has overcharged the officers involved in the Freddie Gray case.

                Watching the crowd in Baltimore it seems most assume the case is 3/4 over and the officers are headed to prison.

                Some attorneys have said that she will not be able to make her charges stick. Can you imagine what will happen if this is true? Everytown America will become Baltimore and Ferguson.

                This would certainly trigger martial law, makes you wonder if that has not been the plan all along. Such a sigh of relief to see Congers and Sharpton helping to guide the politicians in Baltimore. What more could we ask for?

                • POG

                  The time we may have left to prepare is from now till the verdicts of the trials are read to the public.

                  • POG and slingshot, even if those cops get cleared of all state charges, there’s still the possibility of federal charges. It’s possible to get thrown from one frying pan into another. That prosecutor is obviously PRO-BLACK CRIMINAL.

                    • Braveheart:

                      The “masses” will never wait for a second trial if the outcome of the first does not placate them…..

                  • Slingshot:

                    YOU got my point exactly. I think we have little time before your/my/our town America is going to be turned inside out.

                    • POG, my mistake. The “masses” will gladly take them out of the govt.’s frying pan and do their own frying. I stand corrected.

                • POG, they “over charge” ALL suspects. They traditionally charge people for smaller facets of the whole crime, like for possessing a certain amount of a controlled substance, they usually charge them with POSSESSION and DISTRIBUTION and sometimes MANUFACTURING said substance. All 3 are felonies.

                  their reasoning is clear. If you possess an amount more than you could possibly use yourself, then you must be distributing it, and/or manufacturing it.

                  Look at that car accident that killed a police officer.

                  The other driver was not only charged with driving drunk, but ALSO with vehicular manslaughter, using a motor vehicle in the commission of a crime AND failure to keep vehicle under control, AND failure to obey a stop light. THEN they also charged the other driver with destruction of state property and negligence.

                  The other driver was charged with all of that, for running a GREEN light and broadsiding a cop car, when the officer was in the intersection WITHOUT RIGHT-OF-WAY AND WITHOUT HIS LIGHTS/SIREN ON, allegedly responding to a call.

                  So no POG, they’re not rolling out the extra charges just for this officer.

                  • Sixpack:

                    I think you missed the whole point of my post.

                    My point being: Watching the celebration in Baltimore and the interviews with most of the people thrilled over the “charges”, when ask if the “government” could NOT make the charges stick would they accept THAT OUTCOME.

                    The answer was NO, and there would be NO peace if that was the outcome.

                    MY post was about what happens if the mob does not get a satisfactory verdict.

                    I don’t believe you are a lawyer…..what and why going on behind the scene in Baltimore is anyone’s guess. However, we will all find out the truth when the VERDICTS are read, now wont we…..

            • Sorry all, just wondering where all this all going to end up.
              We all wonder where all this will end?
              I am proud to be a entity that the NSA monitors…
              I hope they enjoy my jokes….
              I hope they will be leniant my posts, but who knows…

              • So live your life that the fear of death can never enter your heart.
                Trouble no one about their religion; respect others in their view, and
                demand that they respect yours. Love your life, perfect your life,
                beautify all things in your life. Seek to make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people. Prepare a noble death song for the day when you go over the great divide.

                Always give a word or a sign of salute when meeting or passing a
                friend, even a stranger, when in a lonely place. Show respect to all
                people and grovel to none.

                When you arise in the morning give thanks for the food and for the joy
                of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only
                in yourself. Abuse no one and no thing, for abuse turns the wise ones
                to fools and robs the spirit of its vision.

                When it comes your time to die, be not like those whose hearts are
                filled with the fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep
                and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way.
                Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.

                Chief Tecumseh

                • Real good post.

                  • ditto!

            • Ignore it!

      45. I’m going to hide my .308/.45/12 ga. ammo in the bodies of overzealous, militarized, fascist, SWAT team members. Then I won’t have to hide anything else.

        • European American:


          • pog. You pollute the word Amen.

            • And you “Anonymous” are just another long line of Anonymous COWARDS, infecting and “polluting” sites like this and a million more across the internet, hiding and lurking behind a no name tag so you think you feel safe in your Den. How does it feel to live in your own shit?

              • Ha haaah. Like you’re not hiding behind the European American handle! You fucking retard. And fucking Amen to that you prick.

              • And from another anonymous. Eurowank Amurikan, who the fuck are you?

              • Anonymous and his ilk are pitiful Israelie talkbacker trolls; paid for by Israel to discredit anyone posting truth of the Zionists plans for their NWO.

                It is their paid job to troll the internet and spew their sewage. Never posting any proof that anti-Zionist posts are not true. That they cannot do, so miserable kindergarten attacks is all the ammunition they have.

                I will never answer their attacks; they are Satan’s lackeys and will receive their just reward.

                • Oh maaaaaaan, You’re one fucked up screwball Granny. Same monotonous reply to all the ANTI ZOG conspiracy rhetoric. You really do need to get right with the light old-timer. I pity you.

                • I WILL NEVER ANSWER THEIR ATTACKS! DUUUUUUUUR… Ha Ha Haaah. What a fucking retard.

              • Euro-American glad to see you around. A month or so ago I said gas would be $3 a gallon by June, and if I remember correctly you said NO it would be under $2 and closer to 1 dollar a gallon. Boy I hope your right it’s up to 2.65 as I speak. Trekker Out.

      46. Hide it up your bosses ass. He will never know the difference.

        • Hey Ass hat. That fat dude is always firing shit!

      47. New story on Drudge:

        “Small radioactive leak detected at Fukushima…”

        Words fail me.

        • Yea, the place has been spewing and oozing radioactive water for years,,,,

        • riiiiiiiight…..smaaaall

      48. Israel Rape of Girl Child

        Israeli pre-teen gang of 12 teen suspects rape of an 12 year old girl-child a ‘wake-up call’ for Israeli society!

        gee whiz i wonder where they learned to do that?

        “monkey see monkey do!”


        • Something is WRONG in Israel!

          Israeli IDF Gang of Four Rape is acceptable in Israeli Society?

          Four Israeli IDF soldiers arrested for Gang Rape of one of their own IDF female member.

          “One of the suspect’s attorney claims that relations between his client and the complainant were consensual!”


          • Something is wrong all right. They continue to let Arabs live among them. Liberalism is a suicide pact.

            • Well said OC.

      49. Wow .. Who would listen to that pencil neck geek clammering about anything?

        This site used to actually offer advice on interesting topics – now it vomits links from little babies who spent too much time sucking on their momma’s teet. Good job getting the web camera to work – absolutely worthless regurgitated content. Mac – wtf?

        • AD. I’m sure glad I’m not alone. Well said.

      50. “US to build mysterious ‘Site 911′ in Israel!”

        Everyone should pay attention to this!

        if amerika who is currently in a ‘shadow war’ with russia in Syria and the Ukraine goes to ‘open war’ with russia, and they mutually destroy each other.

        WHO is left standing to takeover the world???

        Israehell is!


      51. I knew the protesters would go home I said it on another post. This Baltimore crap is winding down. The nigs are gonna back down they just wanted to get their point across. I doesn’t matter what they want the police are gonna take the streets back. Blacks talk about civil rights movement and mlk just like Jews talk about hitler and the reich this crap will always be a crying card for these two groups. I’m gonna wear a t shirt that says white people matter what the hell about us ha why don’t I matter as a white man. I’m sick of idiots thinking I have special treatment. If this were true I wouldn’t have to bust my ass to make a living and pay taxes every pay period up to $400 in total deductions. My wife don’t even get that much $ out of me. Why should Uncle Sam. The white man is being robbed. I know so many poor whites but nobody says whites are being kept down. Black people drive better cars than the whites I know. I don’t have a BMW I got an 11 yr old ford truck that I fix myself to keep it running. I don’t wear designer clothes or $150 sneakers like blacks do. I get my stuff from Walmart. So the white priveledge thing is a lie. Maybe rich whites are priveledged but so are average blacks. It’s all bullshit. My white children are gonna get cheated because of all this crying injustice. The common core education standards are set so low any ignorant kid can succeed. My son gets top grades easily he gets bored he’s gonna lose interest in school because the standards are too low. This is good for teachers and kids that can’t succeed. The gov wants to legalize dope people already lack the ability and skills to do jobs. The leadership sucks so bad they have no answers to society’s problems despite the college education they have. Just keep pandering to this and that group.

      52. Hide this, hide that, live to fight another day. Bug Out, hide in the woods, live to fight another day. So just when is that OTHER DAY going to come, PLEASE TELL ME!! Folks it’s got to start sometime and with someone, on this day not another one. So when they come take it to them with everything you have, show absolutely no mercy what so ever. If one is afraid to water the TREE OF LIBERTY, then give your gear to someone than IS NOT AFRAID TO.

        “In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned, but when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it cost nothing to be a PATRIOT”. Mark Twain-1904.
        WHO ARE YOU?????

        • So when you gonna start it?

      53. HEY ! I have an idea! Let’s take every gun I own, throw it in a rusted old dingy, get a bottle of Jack and cruise around Lake Superior until a storm arrives.


      54. The video doesn’t address the real problem: hiding your guns from foreign soldiers enacting gun confiscation. Don’t think for a second that you can get away with telling them you don’t have the guns anymore. They could just shoot you in the foot and ask you again where the guns are. Or drag your wife or daughter away for further interrogation. They’re not playing a game. Don’t treat it like one.

      55. God desires us to repent.

        I clock it as being close to the closure of the sixth trumpet

        Make your preparations (especially spiritual), appropriately.

        • Many things yet to happen before the trumpets sound, but the days till they start are growing closer.

        • Seth:

          I love your posts. Keep them coming.

      56. Nothing changes unless violence is used it’s just the way it is. The ones using intimidation and violence affect change. Sitting on a bunch of preps worrying about your selves is not gonna do anything. There are a lot of hard talking patriots that will be shitting their pants when bullets fly. Let’s face the facts that patriots are not thugs just good old boys and gals trying to do the right thing. The thugs are the ones who live violence everyday. They have nothing to lose by getting ugly and everything to gain. Most of us patriots have homes property and family to lose. Sure some of us will fight if need be but I think most are just talking hard. Letting people destroy a city because they need room is rediculous these agitators should be in jail burning police cars paid for by taxpayers looting and burning businesses. Where is the justice for the business owner that spent years building a business. With Obummer telling folks you didn’t build that I wouldn’t rebuild. They burned their own nearly completed senior center or nursing home. They are animal savages I wouldn’t build shit there. I’d pack up and leave if I was already there. Where were the patriots then to go at these savages ha. Nobody is gonna do shit about any of it so let’s stop kidding ourselves we will keep relying on the gov so keep voting for the nanny state and talking about doing something that won’t get done. You just can’t vote for more regulations and scream about losing your freedom. It’s stupid there is no more free market it’s all regulated so $ goes where it’s supposed to go. The only thing people understand is a bat upside the head and then they will expect to be lied to by some leader that it’s not that bad as it seems. If giving people jobs will solve the problems then give the murderers in jail a job and see if they would rather be a slave or a hustler. I will tell you now they will go right back to crime pushing dope is a lot easier than slaving over a machine for 8 or more hours. These so called jobs will not last because they always develope new technology to destroy jobs because let’s face it people are lazy and cry over the slightest of aches and pains. I see it all the time grown men cry like little girls. We are experiencing change that does not benefit citizens but benefits gov and total dependency. The dependent people on gov is greater than the folks that work so our voice is nothing the dependent people will continue to vote democrat because they will always be threatened that the republicans will take away programs. There will never be another republican president ever. It’s over people. Take it in the ass folks. You might as well turn in your guns when they have one of those no questions asked gun buy backs where they give you a $50 gift card from walmart. At least you can use the $50 in throw away junk you need because those guns will rust in your safe and be forgotten. I work with guys that never shoot their guns I said to one when your ready to sell come see me I like new guns. They complain about ammo prices being high. Why bother then having guns is it just to be cool. Get a daisy you can shoot paper in your back yard. Cheap asses. Some people are serious about the state of our nation but most are hobbyists.

      57. I do believe there are more ‘patriots’ than militia, BUT the militia is BANNED together. Patriots are, or should be, quiet, live in this city–that state–and are not banned together to fight the opponent. How do we ban together? How can I have your back? Being alone, if they come through that door, won’t make me back down–I will shoot. I don’t want us being picked off one by one. Solutions are welcomed.

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