Keep Going. This Too Shall Pass.

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    This article was originally published by Doug “Uncola” Lynn at The Toll Online

    Like the weather when a storm approaches, or as the seasons turn, or waves pounding on a shoreline, any deviations are measured and compared by speed and intensity. The same can be said for headlines: Omnibus, discouraged Deplorables, rumors of war, prospects of peace, economic bubbles, fluctuating markets, and political intrigue.  Round and round it goes; when it ends, nobody knows. It’s a time of transition; and when traveling over mountaintops, through valleys, and on rough seas, no one has all of the answers.

    Even when looking at maps.

    The books, Generations (1992) and The Fourth Turning (1997), were written by the historians William Strauss and Neil Howe. These recent explorers identified recorded cycles of history and categorized them across multiple cultures and eras. In both books, historical timelines were analyzed and populations were correlated to specific life-cycles labeled as generational types. Strauss and Howe additionally addressed the concept of time in the context of both circular and linear perspectives and defined what is called a “saeculum” as a “long human life” measuring roughly 80 to 90 years. Every saeculum is comprised of four turnings, each lasting around 20 years.

    Just as there are four seasons consisting of springsummerfall and winter, there are also four phases of a human life represented in childhoodyoung adulthoodmiddle age and elderhood. As each phase of human life represents approximately 20 years, so is each generational archetype identified within the historical cycles, or turnings, as follows.

    The generations experience each turning according their life stage; and the Seasons (i.e. order of Turnings # 1 -4) are identified by each generation as they reach middle-age. Amazingly, history shows a consistent pattern in how the generations both cause and affect historical events. The patterns develop based upon how each generation interacts with the other and documented consistencies are delineated by the authors.

    In America, since the end of the late sixteenth-century, there have been four full “cycles” (i.e. saeculums) as follows:

    1.) Colonial Cycle

    2.) Revolutionary Cycle

    3.) Civil War Cycle

    4.) World War Cycle

    In every Fourth-Turning, or Crisis period, within all of the above saeculums, American society experienced great upheavals and war. Moreover, like progressively burgeoning tsunamis rising and crashing upon the sands of time, each consecutive American Fourth-Turning Crisis was more devastating than the last.

    America’s last crisis occurred during the years of 1929 through 1945; a turbulent transition period whereby the nation experienced a financial crash, a great depression and a world war.

    Now it’s our turn. Time’s up. According to Neil Howe, this current Fourth Turning began in September 2008 and is projected to last until around 2030.

    All we can do ride it out the best we can. Trying to individually affect a Fourth Turning would be like lassoing the wind or reversing an ocean’s tide. It can’t be done. With this in mind, it is best for us prepare and adapt by battening down our hatches and adjusting our sails.

    Whether we are climbing mountains, descending into valleys, or being tossed about on stormy seas, know that the Presidency of Donald J. Trump is a storm. By accident or design, he has shaken the foundations of geopolitics in ways few could have forecasted less than two years ago.

    Although I am first and foremost a Better-than-Hillaryite, I was always cautiously optimistic about Trump. This does not make me a Trumpster, per se. I’ve called him the Oompah Loompah Man, a Reality TV Star, the Orange One, etc., and I’ve previously written about him as the manifestation of one of the following three possibilities:

    1.) The Real Thing

    2.) Serving the agenda of the global financial elite unwittingly

    3.) Controlled opposition as a Judas Goat or Trojan Horse

    Time reveals everything; and people are known by their actions, not by their words. The same can be said for events.

    Much has transpired in American politics over the past year and a lot of it has been good for Trump voters. Yet, in his recent Omnibus signing speech, Trump acted like a man in a hurry, with more important things on his mind. Obviously, his signature on that steaming pile of shit pissed off a lot of former Deplorables, including one of his most avid advocates, Ann Coulter.

    What was Trump thinking? He signed his name while sounding like Br’er’ Rabbit pleading not to be thrown into the brier-patch.  Trump wanted the military funded. And now it appears he desires to build The Wall, as a priority of national security, using the defense budget.

    Did Br’er Rabbit Trump, outsmart the Establishment’s Tar-Baby? Or do the globalists have photos of Stormy Daniels spanking him in his underwear? Could it be the swamp is too mucked and the mountains too high for a lone, art-of-the-deal making6-level-chess playingbillionaire wizard and his staff?

    What’s going on?


    Appearances are not always what they seem and Occam’s Razor, at times, loses its edge. But, if past history is any guide, it may not be wise to underestimate Trump; even if paying for the $1.3 trillion Omnibus Bill will be like America’s children climbing Mt. Everest in bare feet.

    Multiple forces have been aligned against Trump from the moment he first rode down his escalator in 2015 to announce his candidacy for president. And now, every day, he’s still here driving all of my sworn enemies batshit crazy, one Tweet at a time.

    The famous underworld attorney extraordinaire, Roy Cohn, in a 1984 interview claimed Trump was the closest thing to a genius he had ever met in his life. Thirty-two years after that statement by Cohn, Trump became President of the United States while being outspent two to one, against a rabidly hostile media, in opposition to colluding officials in the United States’ FBI, DoJ, and State Department; plus, with zero support from all Democrats and a significant percentage of Republicans.

    Transitions, indeed. Tightrope walking is more like it.

    Today, Trump stands high up on the mountain in the middle of a political blizzard. He is surrounded by the gale force winds of a phony Russian election hacking narrative, a sinister special council investigation, and allegations ranging from obstruction of justice to being spanked by porn star with a Forbes magazine.

    I couldn’t make that shit up if I tried.

    Now, according to a report in Politico (hardly a conservative publication), a majority of Americans believe the Deep State manipulates U.S. policies:

    The majority of the country believes a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate national policy, according to a Monmouth Poll released Monday.

    Of the 803 adults polled, 27 percent said they believe the unelected group known as the deep state definitely exists. An additional 47 percent said it probably exists. Sixteen percent said it probably does not exist and 5 percent said they believe it definitely does not exist.

    Although most people may consider the Deep State as the “administrative state”, or the “establishment”, one wonders how many of the sheeple would have been half-awakened if not for Trump. I say “half-awakened” because most know nothing of the round table groups as referred to by the historian, Carroll Quigley, or the secret societies as referenced by former president John F. Kennedy. This means the majority of Americans remain naïve, controlled, and at the whim of True Power.

    But what about Trump?

    Our president is either who he professes to be, or he is not. You either trust him, or you don’t. It could be he is playing the power game the best he can and prioritizing actualities that we can’t see for purposes we don’t know; or he’s puppet, or imbecilic sell-out leading us down to a dead-end on the primrose path.

    Call me quixotic, but I remain cautiously hopeful. I remain so in spite of the warhawk John Bolton, Trump’s new war cabinet, and his latest hardliner stance with Russia. Why? Well, similar to the way I rejected solipsism in college for fear of being too lonely, I now refuse to despair over Trump’s personality swings because I enjoy the view.

    Is he controlled opposition? Or controlled demolition?

    Either way, I have nothing to lose and nowhere else I’d rather be at this time. There’s not one damn thing I can do to prevent Russian bombs so I will , instead, wait patiently for the imminent Inspector General’s report; which is said to contain some pure TNT.

    What a panoramic scene that will be.

    Will the revelations of Michael Horwitz’s report turn the tide for Trump and make America great again? Hope springs eternal. Or, it could be the global elite will trick Trump into cannonading the Cossacks in order to conclude any conversations on corruption in our country. Who knows? The elite bankers could also crash the economy, like Kondratieff and Elliot Grand Supercycle waves, on history’s rocky shore; leaving Trump in a rumpled heap right next to the bleached white bones of Herbert Hoover.

    The winter of this Fourth Turning’s discontent will undoubtedly deliver war and economic turmoil; and not necessarily in that order. But what will ensue? Constitutional Law or tyranny?

    Time reveals all things; and, what happens after the release of the Inspector General’s report will be very telling.  Why? Because transitions are roads to revelations.

    So keep going, watch, and see.

    On the way, however, look for any false flags and know this: Tyranny wants you controlled or dead; it is, in fact, right behind you, and up just ahead. It also reallyreallyreally wants your guns. If you don’t believe me, just look behind to see how fast we’ve traveled from Parkland, Florida to a full repeal of the Second Amendment.

    Winter is here. A chill is in the air.


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      1. Keep harping on the guns…..They will NEVER get our guns. And that’s why they will NEVER take us into complete tyranny. And they know it. And we know it. If they ever really try, they know they’re facing a complete revolt. And they know who’s heads will be on the platter when they lose. Just look at the picture of Mussolini hanging from a lamp-pole. Get that picture burned into your minds, you bastard Marxist NWO elites. Because that is your fate. There will be nowhere to hide. You will all be hunted down like Nazis after the fall of the Third Reich. The first two to be hung will likely be that black Marxist monkey that we had to tolerate for 8 long years, and the Hildabitch. I for one can’t wait till that day, which will come eventually.!!!!!!

        • I’d love to torture her and soros together for days until they screamed in agony so much their voices failed before they both expired. There’s plenty of others too.

        • “And that’s why they will NEVER take us into complete tyranny”

          But you’re ok with the 99% version….

          Carry on.

          • Orion, you can carry on straight back to MSM.

            • Gotcha!!!

        • J, agreed. I would personally love to see everyone one of the globalists laying dead in their own blood. Oh how gratifying that would be!

      2. It is really difficult to get millions of working Americans to show up for protests and rallies. When you have a family to support you can not sacrifice all you have to fight the deep state. It is much easier when you get welfare, food stamps, free medical, free bus or plane transportation to Washington to protest. But if we do not get the conservatives motivated for the mid term election, kiss your freedoms goodbye.

        • hermit: I have read the same thing on other sites, mid term elections may be the end game to the take down. Conservatives I know are either caring for sick/elderly family members, are sick themselves, unable to do much physically or financially, and/or just fedup and hunkered down, prepped and enjoying what time is left. After knowing about the deep state since the late 70’s, older ones realize there is not enough younger people to stand up for anything. Take a look what has happened to Europe in recent years: invaded, conquered and now a filthy crimeridden garbage pit w/ third world hell hole atmosphere run by pro Muslim leaders.

          • Laura ann, you are so spot on. All they have to do is wait us out however, they want it bad now so, they may go for it before us old farts all get too old to fight. They see their day and old bastages like Soros and Kissinger want to see the NWO before they kick the bucket. I never thought I’d live to see these days.

      3. When I got to the part that said nothing could be done about it, our financial raping, but ride it out; I thought of Hitler and his speech of 1933 which is about 55 minutes on YouTube. He lambasted the men who brought Germany to financial ruin, reasserted his determination to rebuild his people, the folk, and dump the lying Commies who had infiltrated them destroyed the culture, virtues, character, pride, history, and economy.


        • We face many of the same nationalistic pressures and goals, to get our country back. We have the one thing that can prevent a drug fueled megalomaniac from totally destroying our country like what happened to Germany – the Constitution. If it takes a civil war to preserve it, bring it on.

          • Hermit: I doubt if there’s enough people to fight on our side. Younger ones (few exceptions) are lazy, apathetic losers. Parents (losers themselves) can’t get kids to mow grass or help out at home, don’t work their way thru college like my generation. Want everything handed to them. Older ones are too old to go to combat, for ex: Greg Evensen recently died, a friend of Steve Quayle who went around giving seminars, taught survival classes, lots of radio shows. Last few years, a handful of patriot folks passed on I knew locally, or read their articles online. Middle aged folks too busy with family, older parents, work. High tech weapons can be used and bio weapons to reduce population 90%.

        • B

          Replace these 3 words in your post with these 3 words.

          “Hitler” with “Trump” and “1933” with “2016” and “Germany” with “The U.S.” and we have a modern day version of Hitler.

          NEWS FLASH: Trump is not going to MAGA.

        • B from CA is always the first to post on any topic, to “enlighten” us from the bowels of his basement. He can’t wait; always frothing at the mouth, just waiting to spout the next round of gibberish.

          • DRR:

            Actually I spout my gibberish from the second floor of a lovely home in the suburbs.

            _ ?


          • DRR – From HER basement. B from Ca is a she, at least that’s what she said last year in one of her many posts.

            • Anon:

              You mean a he-she.

              Look here, I don’t claim to be right, nor to know even what the hell I’m talking about. But I find your personal attacks rather pitiful. You and DRR have a nice Good Friday/Passover/holiday-for-agnostics. I know I will.


              • I have found B form Ca to be correct on many things more than DRR amd Anonymous put together…

              • Anonymous and DRR both sound like trolls. What does DRR stand for? Sounds like dumbass retarded runt.

                • B from CA, Braveheart always enjoys your posts. Keep on posting.

                  • Deplorable Braveblob is such a loser he can’t even afford his own place – he has an “arrangement” to live in a relative’s “BOL”, which is a fancy way of saying he lives in a run-down trailer courtesy of the charity of a relative. What kind of a flabby loser in his 60’s sits in a trailer ranting online constantly about fighting the world. Real winner.

            • Anonymous, you’re right. He/she is from the libturd state of CA, where everyone is “gender fluid”. So I stand corrected. It should have been, “from the bowels of its basement”.

          • Like the crap you spew out, DRR?? I’ll call you out every time!!

            • Don’t cry, Dick Werner. Alas, this too, shall pass. You’ll be okay. You can hang out in Deplorable’s trailer.

          • There’s a lot of them on this site.

        • I just read that Ford motors built the trucks Germany used to occupy France. So the Nazis just flooded here to become our government.

      4. What keeps me warm is a Firm Reliance on the Protection of Divine Providence . Common Sense written by Thomas Paine and shows that liberalism must be understood and has common cause with We The People keeps me warm . The Teaching of and the Love of my Wife keeps me warm .And my love for my children warms my hearts . My dog and her ability to unconditionally show her love for me keeps me warm . The chill in the Air aka the coming Storm is AMERICAN LIFE has always been always will be for when we except The Declaration of Independence we have Declared War against EVIL ,IT NEVER SLEEPS ,So we must always sleep with one Eye OPEN and fined Warmth in GOD EMBRACE.

      5. Just pour out into the streets nonviolent but plenty pissed to let them know the people’s concerns will not be ignored any longer. Need masses of people to express free speech publicly. That movement would build momentum and disgust the police state itchy trigger fingers.

      6. We forget the 5th cycle or turning. Starting over. Our goal should be to preserve as much as we can of the how-to’s, memory of the mistakes and where we got it right, knowing how to keep those things needed to be known and passed on. For this world war cycle is coming close to being over. I don’t hold any hope for some kumbaya enlightenment. Don’t see any signs that such is to be a reality. Screw all the cute daydreams. Get real. Survival is more than just you – it’s the whole thing, civilization, technology, abilities and skills.

      7. You prep and try and insulate you and yours from the negative actions of others. If your debt free and can feed and house yourself there isn’t much that others do that will adversely effect you. 99% of the things folks worry about never happen. And we don’t never know. Perhaps we would be better off if Hitler had prevailed and we where all speaking German today. I don’t think MAGA will happen. I think we will continue to be a nation in decline. Too many takers and too few makers. A great culling is needed.

      8. Then there is the Globalist cycle.
        The Bible both old and new Test. Speak of a final world empire that “subdues” all the nations.
        We may be climbing a mountain, but there may be a cliff on the other side.
        But things may get better. They may appear to get much better. But again we are warned that what is coming for the whole world, on the surface appears wonderful, even to Christians; even so it tastes like honey in the mouth but turns bitter in the stomach Rev 10.There is a great deception coming a deception so good even true Christians could be fooled. Even Jesus said someone will claiming to be the second coming and it will appear to be as so; even with signs and wonders (false). For the purpose of deceiving the world.

      9. The never ending story. Should I renew my subscription?

      10. When the takers outnumber the makers, and elect a Marxist revolutionary dictator in 2020, the Constitution will be eliminated, and with it your protections. The 2nd amendment will be the first to go, then the 1st amendment, then all the rest. That’s when the real civil war will begin. God pray there will be enough of us to fight off the hoards of brainwashed American Khamer Rouge youth, as they take to the streets by the millions….encouraged to incite violence by our corrupt Marxist govt. They will be immune to prosecution as they seek “social Justice”. Your already seeing this now as the “protestors” demand the elimination of guns, riot when an “unarmed father” (black gang-banger) is “executed” (stopped), etc….and lest not forget the “white privilege” movement, and the “not me” movement. All instigated and encouraged by the evil media mogals and subversive elements throuout the country. The Aim? Destroy the white, hetero, male, Christian… the “gun-toting right-winger”. The powers that be know that WE are the only thing standing between freedom and complete Marxist Orwellian tyranny.!!!!!!!!

      11. Great article – Thanks
        Most thinking folks know in their gut something catastrophic is blowing in the wind.
        There are many senerios to pick from. They all however lead to world economic collapse, war – not full blown but there will be a number of nukes exchange.
        World social chaos will ensue – Marshall law etc. EMP’s ?
        Power grid? food/medicine shortages.
        I personaly am too old to worry for myself – Its my Children and Grandchildren and all the innocents that will suffer. Nobody will get American’s guns.
        I hope we Americans use these guns not on each other but on the those responsible for the mess.

      12. It is too easy to lose perspective about what is important and what is not.

      13. Things change. Things never change.

      14. Start executing illegal aliens, carriers of non-permit unlicensed firearms, and all thugs regardless of race that commit any crime using weapons and things will improve. Population would be cut in half, but spending on welfare and prisons would fall 90%.

        Don’t take the legal guns away from law obeying non-felon citizens. Don’t punish the innocent that haven’t committed crime.

        Take the life away from the carriers of non-permit unlicensed firearms, and all thugs regardless of race that commit any crime using weapons!!


      15. The winter of our discontent is upon us BUT many of us know how it is going to end because we can read it in the Book.

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