Kathy Griffin Goes On PROFANE Anti-Trump Rant: ‘F— Him! I’m Not Holding Back!’

by | May 1, 2018 | Entertainment, Headline News | 38 comments

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    Comedienne Kathy Griffin went on a profanity-laced anti-Trump tirade on the left-leaning TV show The View.  She said, among other things, that she was taking back her apology for holding up a bloody mask in the likeness of President Donald Trump.

    Griffin had to have her mic cut several times for using such profane language.  The 57-year-old once again took back her apology after she nearly lost her career for posing with a bloodied Trump mask in 2017. The imagery from her photoshoot with the mask was incredibly graphic.

    “Yeah, I take the apology back,” she told the hosts of The View. “F— him. And Don Jr. and Eric, or as I call them Eddie Munster and Date Rape. I’m not holding back on this family. This president is different and I have been through the mill and so now I’m back on the road. I sold out Carnegie Hall in less than 24 hours.”

    *Please be aware that although the profane language is censored in the video below, it may not be suitable for those at work. However, the video is entertaining if you’d like to see Griffin act like a grotesque lunatic for almost eight minutes straight.

    “I’ve performed in Iraq and Afghanistan,” she explained. “Two places Trump has never been and can’t find on a map. Of course with my connection with the military I thought of literally Daniel Pearl’s mother and so I thought, OK, obviously not very many people literally witnessed that horrendous event, but when I thought of her I thought, OK, apologize,” she said, claiming her apology was only because of those who had experienced decapitation by terrorists directly.

    “And then when I found out that I was really just kind of part of the Trump wood chipper which [comedienne] Michelle Wolf is in now and, you know, I didn’t know they had this apparatus already set up before my silly picture of a $5 Halloween mask and ketchup and wanted to make a statement about what a misogynist he is.”

    Griffin added that while she doesn’t mean to disrespect the presidency, she believes Trump is different from previous presidents in office. She also added that it was “OK” for some to portray Barack Obama lynched and post it all over Facebook.  She must be delusional because it’s difficult to find anyone who thought that was “OK” and acceptable imagery.

    “You know, I was doing stand-up for so long, there was a time in the Bill Clinton days you could make fun of that Monica [Lewinsky] dress all day long and nobody thought you were a terrorist,” she said. “But now, like, you said things have gotten not only politically incorrect but this administration and learned it firsthand because I got a call the next day from the Department of Justice and I was under a two-month federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States. F– him!

    “I don’t blame the theater owners,” she said about her canceled events due to bomb threats. “Because they’re used to doing ‘Mamma Mia’ or ‘Stomp’ and all of a sudden it’s ‘I’m going to bomb Kathy Griffin in her va—-.'” Griffin’s mic was then cut off as she pointed down. “They were very specific,” she said, smiling.

    When asked if she went too far, Griffin said she didn’t.

    “I didn’t commit a crime,” Griffin said at the time. “I didn’t rape anybody. I didn’t assault anybody. I didn’t get a DUI. I mean, my God, there are celebrities that f—ing kill people.”



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      1. I never heard of that stupid nut job until she held up the severed Trump head. She go fade back into obscurity as her two minutes of fame are up.

        • I can’t believe that I just wasted 7 mins. of my life watching this squirrel talk. Trekker Out

        • Who is kathy griffin?>??????? Nobody important I guess.

      2. Translation…


      3. This thing makes Maxine Waters look like a beauty queen with a sublime wit.

        • you asked for it rellik – here’s an image for you…. Maxine and Kathy Griffin in a sapphic love-fest. Hope it wasn’t mealtime for ya. Both those 2, taking whatever the best parts there may be and re-assembling into something that approached female still would be coyote ugly and stupid to boot.

          • Heartless,
            I suppose that is why you are called Heartless. Yuck!
            As for gross, the first time I saw the movie “Alien”
            I got up and went out to the lounge after the scene
            of the alien busting out of the mans belly.
            The lady behind the counter said “pretty gross huh?”
            I said no, it made me hungry, can I get some popcorn?
            The look on her face was priceless!

            • I’m still laughing. Take care. …. oh!! and have her scoop me a bag of popcorn too. I’ll get the money to ya when you get back to your seat.

      4. yeah well fuck you too , and im not holding back either

      5. Y’all…we need a reset real bad! Lets hope she is part of the 90% when it happens.

        • Wojo: You are so god damned correct! These left-wing mental midgets are just NEVER going to stop and never plan to change at all and we have got to put a serious END to this fucking shit!! I am so beyond sick and tired of them and their commie ultra liberal pukes nonsense.

          • CC, same here.

      6. F$%# Kathy Griffin. I wouldn’t hold back from her or any other libturd for that matter.

        • hey kathy s*ck you own d#ck

      7. That super-FUGLY, red headed ape should be put down at once!! I mean that thing would traumatize young children it is so God forsaken butt ass ugly folks. The fire-twat should be gutted like a poached buck!

        • spread her legs and i bet it looks like a gutted salmon!

      8. Who’s Kathy Griffin?

      9. PLEASE oh PLEASE stop wasting any part of humanities time on that “waste of space”.
        Delete everything about “IT” on the internet, the red gob of slime should not exist at all.
        It is a joke against nature that it exists, GAG!!!

      10. Her rant is as empty and hollow as, “..the sound and fury, signifying nothing.” If she rants in the forest (or on the streets)and nobody pays attention, is it of any consequence?

      11. There are cups of something in front of the women. Wonder what is in them? No, it probably is just water or coffee;she’s doing it on her own. She does have tremendous breath control. She can say more words in a short time without stopping to breathe or think!

      12. Sometimes what isn’t said carries greater significance than what is said.

        Although, Kathy ( real name Kevin ? ) [Just joking] had plenty to say about Trump’s two sons, she failed to mention Trump’s daughter and Trump’s daughter’s husband, even though they are involved in government and the sons are not.

        __ When everyone was talking about Monica Lewinsky’s dress, little to no talking about Bill Clinton sending bombs to kill white Europeans in Croatia. Coincidence or distraction.

        And this prime time Kathy Griffin distraction seems well planned to take the subject off the Middle East: Syria, Iran, Isreal and USA/Trump.


        A little known fact I was surprised to learn about is that the USA sent food to the German army under the guise of aid to Belgium. Without such aid it would have been impossible for Ww2 because at the time, the German army was out of food as a result of the Boycott started by the “you know who”.

        I bring this up to show just how convoluted all this is, then and now.


      13. My tolerance level for edgy stuff is much higher, when you have to go looking for it, and it doesn’t come looking for you.

        Typical people would have no way of knowing about the mask skit, unless it had found it’s way to primetime msm. Does it deserve to be syndicated by a state interest, is all I am asking.

        I have watched films from different times and countries, some of which were censored and said so, in the credits. There is a govt stamp of approval on there — with the intention of it being historical and dignified.

        Must I pay taxes, in support of a media concern. If so, can’t nanny statism go either way.

      14. Kathy who? No one cares about anything Kathy Griffin says.

      15. What a classless loser like you’ve always been. Get over yourself. Nobody wants to hear your whiny self serving bullcrap. And another thing , you did this to you And your crawling back trying to sink yourself even deeper! Well loser keep crawling because nobody cares!!hahaha!!

      16. isis is cutting off peoples heads and you show the presidents head covered in blood. wonder why people are mad. whip it out kathy

      17. hey kathy ever think of a head transplant

      18. Wow. That person is insane. and NOT funny. She claims to be a comedienne. Not one laugh from that show. Not even a smile. She is so out of touch with what funny is.

      19. Ms. Griffin needs to grow spiritually and rid herself, with God’s help, of the destructive demon possessing her.

        She would not be alive if instead she had paraded around Hillary’s head to protest: the billions given to their Haiti Foundation of which Haiti saw a minuscule amount; the Uranium Hillary sold to the Russians; or the 33,000 bleached emails.

        Ms. Griffin is as filled with hot air as Mr. Comey and Mr. Mueller.

        Note to Mr. Mueller: why don’t you just admit that you have no evidence that the President broke any law, for if he had broken any law, you (and Mr. Comey) would have disclosed that long ago.

        Had any such evidence EVER existed, you would not have committed your unconstitutionally defensible behavior of seizing the (privileged/protected by law) attorney-client records.

        You failed so miserably you now want to ask the President “questions”. Really?

        I suspect your autobiography to be published in fifteen years will admit to mistaking zealousness with what history will accurately record as egregiousness.

        You, sir, have disgraced our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, the legal profession, and liberty itself.

        That’s beyond profane. More and more people are waking UP to the fact that Mr. Trump stands in your way and the way of all the globalists who want to subject us to a world government. Do you really enjoy being their stooge?

        Dr. King was right: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

      20. I’m sick of literally everybody using crummy language nowadays. It just points to people having no actually deep thoughts, so they just rant to compensate.

      21. Trump is a neocon zionist warmonger taking orders from those who killed JFK and murdered millions around the world. Forget the two party duopoly, there is no difference between the two fake sides. Supporting and arming the evil Saudi Arabian headchoppers and Israeli murderers of Palestinians is proof enough for any sane person. People just gloss over the actual facts to support a political side because somehow one side is better than the other. The height of brainwashing.

      22. Some loser trying to re-start their career.

      23. Kathy Griffin is an sigh of just how sick the liberals have become today in America. Liberalism has caused a open festering socialist wound in American politics. Kathy is just another maggot crawling out of that wound looking to lay her eggs of insanity in anyone’s brain dumb enough to listen to her.

      24. These people realy have gone full retard

      25. What did she look like before she hit the wall at full speed? TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is real and there is no cure…The leftists have been vile hate mongers since I can remember. According to them Reagan was a cowboy, Bush was stupid, Obama the smartest man who ever lived and Bill was the savior of the universe.

      26. And fuck you, you piece of shit redheaded cunt.


      27. First Amendment Rights. OK. Keep in mind though- threats and intent to commit violence are weighed in with Articles of the Constitution for The united States of America.

        Whether one likes President Trump or not; Freedom DOES come with Responsibilities.

        Keep in mind the term MAYHEM and its limits.

      28. Hey she not bad looking, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

      29. You can never have enough deck chairs and shuffleboard pucks on a submarine or anti-Trump comediennes in (comedy?).

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