Update: Mayor Strikes Down Plan to Fly ChiCom Flag Over Cali City

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Headline News | 252 comments

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    Via Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.com:

    The Mayor of San Leandro has halted a council-approved plan to fly a Communist Chinese flag over city hall on October 1st after the proposal sparked widespread public outrage.

    Public pressure involving hundreds of phone calls and emails has convinced the Mayor that pulling the tribute to China is in the city’s best interests:

    three days after the San Leandro City Council voted to fly the Chinese flag over city hall, a dramatic about face.

    San Leandro’s Mayor used a powerful ordinance that allows him to suspend the City Council’s decision.

    Original Report: Kalifornia City to Fly Chinese Flag: “To Honor Formation… By Communist Leader Mao Zedong”


    Some might not consider it that big a deal, but one California city is planning to raise a Chinese flag over their city as a symbol of honor and openness to Chinese people and businesses  living in their community.

    Despite the objections of residents and human rights groups, the city council of San Leandro, Calif., decided in a 4-3 vote to fly the flag over its city hall Oct. 1 to honor “the formation of the sovereign state in 1949 by communist leader Mao Zedong…

    “Raising the flag gives us the opportunity to show the openness to the people of China, the business people of China, to show that we welcome that investment and we welcome the prosperity,” [Councilman Benny] Lee said, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    WND Via Steve Quayle

    The fact that the Chinese government of Mao Zedong is responsible for the executions of 65 million people during his cultural revolution of the 20th century was, apparently, not a consideration for the four members who voted in favor of flying the communist flag.

    What’s notable is that the very same city government which is so tolerant of mass exterminations and human slavery, would shun a symbol such as the Christmas tree.

    You see, San Leandro is one of those cities that chooses to light a Holiday Tree instead of a Christmas tree, taking great care to not mention “Christmas” in any form or fashion in their council meetings or publications.

    The hypocrisy of some of our politicians has no bounds.

    So the message being sent is really that San Leandro is open to the ideals of communism, yet God or those who believe in God cannot be tolerated?

    Moreover, by raising the Communist flag (and that’s exactly what it is) at an equal height as our own flag San Leandro is saying that American exceptionalism, rooted in individual liberty and free expression, is on par with submission to the collective whims of a police state.

    gadsdenflag-toleranceIf this is about tolerance and openness, will they being flying the Gadsen flag any time soon, to show their support for those residents of their city who reject the notion of political hacks injecting themselves into every aspect of their lives?

    Not likely.

    Perhaps next month the San Leandro government will decide to raise the flag of Islam to honor the peaceful religion which calls for the deaths of infidels and forces eight year old 3rd graders into marriage.

    Or maybe they can just contact the flag supplier of the United Nations and show their solidarity with a one world government.

    If you happen to be driving through San Leandro, California any time soon, be sure to show them what you think of their new flag… by not stopping. You won’t be alone.

    He noted Oct. 1 “celebrates the conquest of China by Mao’s brutal communist forces in 1949 and the establishment of a regime that has killed more people than any other on Earth.”

    “Apparently ‘partnering’ with these sort of criminals is what San Leandro wants to be known for,” Autry said.

    He called for boycott of San Leandro and a demonstration there Oct. 1.

    “Bring your own food and fill up your gas tank before you enter town. Never do any business in or with a San Leandro firm,” he said.

    There was a time in America when the people would have burned that flag, ripped the flag pole from the ground, and ousted the city council members from their chairs by force.

    Today, those people are accused of being extremists and terrorists… a testament to the spread of communist tolerance and openness to all four corners of the earth.


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      1. This reminds me of those movies where the dummies in charge send a message out hoping that the alien life form hears the message and responds, but they respond by invading and killing everybody within sight and then the humans have to spend the rest of their days trying to reclaim Earth. The only upside to the whole plot is that by the end of the movie, the dummies in charge are usually dead….one can only hope.

        • The date they chose is interesting to me. Along with everything else that is supposed to be happening in this time frame.

          • If those SOB’s that want to try to destroy the 2nd Amendment get their way, the Chinese flag and a couple of other flags are going to be the only flags flying around the country. Politicians that have sold out America to the Chinese probably have Chinese flags in their homes that they wrap around their bodies. Everything is now made in China, including some of the country’s military defense. Is most of this country stuck on retard?

            • BI, good evening, sir, and once again, you’re right on target. to answer your question, I believe these politurds know exactly what they’re doing. Second American Revolution is coming. If I could get my hands on a Chinese flag, I would burn it. While I’m at it, for everyone, somewhat off-topic but not totally: http://theulstermanreport.com/2013/09/19/michelle-obama-says-eat-what-i-tell-you-to-eat-america-or-face-the-wrath-of-my-government/ The arrogance and nerve of this monkey-faced bitch to tell we the people anything about anything! She doesn’t have a leg to stand on any more than anyone else in government! F#$% her! I’ll eat what I choose! Let her bring it on! MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

              • @ braveheart. In this country I am still allowed to express my opinion, and anyone even in humor trying to tell me or anyone else that they must eat something is nothing but someone that craves tyranny. In my opinion she looks just like an ape, not because MO is black, because she looks like an ape. BO has big ears and is funny looking, but MO looks more like a gorilla than even BO. I eat what is healthy out of my personal choice of freedom to do so, and not banana branch chewing gorilla is going to tell me what I should eat.

                This is the same type of selection type of future enslavement process in which you would be forced to be with someone based on genetic matching rather than whom you actually want to be with. It would not matter if you were compatible with someone, as long as your DNA matched up well this would be your spouse. This is exactly what that gorilla would have planned for all of us. In other words you would have never been allowed to be with your wife, but someone else that the government chose for you. This is the same type of government sheep herding of the people that ape MO is talking about above.

                Some people want this because they are bascially brain dead and want someone else to do everything for them, including to think for them. For those that cherish freedom this is like being raped on all levels. Someone like that monkey only sees control, because IT knows what is best. I don’t see how BO could even share a bed with someone as ugly as this. MO is not as ugly as feinsteinless, she looks quite good to the rest of the chimpanzees. Feinsteinless is ugly to everything on this planet. Like Redd Foxx of Sanford and Son once said and totally applies to MO, press your face into some dough and we can all have some nice gorilla cookies.

                • @ braveheart. You got me going on this ugly thing. I finally found something that could actually rival that anti-gun, anti freedom, anti-Constitution, self defense hating, pro criminal 2nd Amendment hating feinsteinless in shear ugliness. While Medusa feinsteinless still retains the position of bag over the head ugliness and turning people to stone that stare too long at IT. This fish is close. Feinsteinless would have won this award if IT could have been classified as something of this world. 🙂


                  • BI, sorry, I had to get away from the computer for awhile. I just read both of your posts and checked that link you posted. That creature reminds me of the Silly Putty I used to play with when I was a kid. In fact, the silly Putty looked better. braveheart

                  • Be informed — braveheart

                    Perhaps the movie “Planet of the Apes”
                    was a documentary and not just for
                    entertainment only……

                  • This country is becoming a demonic state; morals out the window, praising mass murderers, allowing our children to witness and participate in the moral decay of a once thriving, hardworking, society.

                    The new pope is spewing tolerance for things that are completely against the bible, including abortion. I quote the following passage and I have to wonder if he may be one form of the anti-Christ. God forgive me if I am wrong but my gut tells me otherwise.

                    Exodus 21:22-25 ESV

                    “When men strive together and hit a pregnant woman, so that her children come out, but there is no harm, the one who hit her shall surely be fined, as the woman’s husband shall impose on him, and he shall pay as the judges determine. But if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

                    1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ESV

                    Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple.

                  • Sometimes you just have to shake your head and wonder what the hell is going on here? Not only do you have to look at the elected but the electorate as well. What the hell were these people thinking when they put these people in office. How do people like these get elected? Obviously they have little education as not to know what Mao did in the past. And yet these pudding heads put them in office. Usually I can respond to a subject with fervor, but this stupidity has me perplexed. There is little to be proud of out of the state of California and it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse, it’s ever relenting. I relocated here in 1975, it was good up until 1991. Something took a flip here, I don’t know what it was but it has been going down hill ever since. Sacramento looks at the people like an ATM machine. If they need more money, just raise the, not taxes but fees as they are called now. Here’s the latest, a 1% lumber fee. And the wonder why nobody wants to build here.
                    I have long advocated we need a 51st state. Start at Nevada and draw a line through Bakersfield to the water. Boom, the 51st state of Southern California.
                    The population and the real money is in southern cal. And the northern nitwits in Sac. Makes these screwed up policies.
                    Take it from someone that lives here in California. If you are pondering a move here, think about it long and hard, your about to make a big mistake!! There is a reason why more people are moving out of here than are moving in.
                    There is a lot of tarnish on “the golden state” and it emanates from the governors
                    office in Sacramento.

                • As I have stated many times, the CCP and NWO are PARTNERS and the intended goal is to create an interlocking economic and military alliance. The Chinese people themselves, LOVE everything America.

                  I use to live in the Bay area. San Leandro sits at the intersection of the Hayward and San Andreas faults.

                  Everything comes to those who wait. 🙂

                  • The people of China now, have about as much relationship to Mao, as WE have to the Dutch and English Slavers who raided the African Coast and brought slaves to work the Southern plantations in the seventeen and eighteen hundreds in America.

                    None of US want to be held accountable for their actions; why hold the present generation of China responsible for events before their birth?

                    Its a new world. WE need new thoughts. Adapt or die. 🙂

                  • At best the ccp will be the enforcers of the nwo here at home attempting to enslave constitutional patriots.

                    What the ccp really wants is more land, resources, water and air that are not polluted. Breathing room for 1.3 billion of their citizens. Everything they lack in their polluted, congested country currently confined in their borders.

                    The ccp will atrempt to take over america.

                    First economically, then through exploiting subterfuge politics (progressivism=marxism) and then militarily.

                  • Y’know, I can’t help but agree with D.K. at Comment ID: 2289428, that the China of today is worlds away from Mao, but it is still true that the Chinese dragon is like Germany before WW1 and Japan before WW2, and the Soviet Union after WW2 – i.e. a new imperialist power looking for places to expand to.

                    That said, for San Leandro to suck up to the Chinese reminds me of the post-WW2 cargo cults. They sense a new source of “cargo” in the Chinese, and are building lures to try to bring them in. Not too surprising, since Chinese organizations are buying up economic assets in the USA pretty regularly, with the promise of money and benefits to the local government officials. Look at the “economic zone” they’re trying to set up in Idaho. Yes, Idaho.

                  • I just wish those “good things” would hurry up- I’m TIRED OF WAITING!

                • Be informed:

                  If people knew how the sausages are made and laws, would not eat the first and the second would not obey.
                  – Winston Churchill

                  • @ Proftel. Yeah really.

                  • Be informed:

                    The U.S. fought on the wrong side during the second world war.

                    Think about it, there would be fewer Banksters if England were invaded, we would not have tax havens, Israel would not exist, and oil still flowing as always, no more wars.

                    It’s just a mental journey but I think, interesting.


                  • @OC,

                    Spend some time researching chinese modern day culture and the atmosphere of disgust and disdain they have for america.

                    Look for first hand accounts of ppl who have traveled there.

                    Look at how the categorize america as their enemy on tv, movies, video games and books.

                    Then they buy us debt and smile F**k us while they plot our downfall.

                    They are not buying our debt bc they want too see America flourish. Its a tactic to own us.

                    Eventually our economy will weaken further and more in depth defense cuts will take place and as we withdraw china will fill the vaccum on the world stage and eventually here at home.

                    The nwo hasn’t materialized yet so for now that is speculation not fact.

                    What is fact is chinas subversion of our economy, military and industry.

                  • “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

                    ~ Winston Churchill

                    And let’s not forget this classic:

                    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

                    ~ Winston Churchill

                  • Wolf359 says:

                    “What is fact is chinas subversion of our economy, military and industry.”


                    Last time I checked, there were a bunch of Anglos (white guys) running the criminal DC Gong Show… subverting our economy, military and industry.

                    And you blame China???


                • “We the People” will decide on what kind of toilet, toilet paper, and light bulb we will use. MO & BO can choose their dog, but their are not choosing mine. All those that want to live with MOBO can move in with them and let MO cook for them. They can survive on all the great produce MO produced by her hand. Glad I will not see them on the other side.

                  • “Nós, o Povo”, estamos fodidos…. .

                    A primeira merda é que não se vota num Presidente, você vota num cara, que vota noutro cara e, esse sim, que vota no infeliz que mandará em você e te mandará para guerra.

                    A segunda merda é que, esse Presidente não tem controle sobre a Economia, quem manda são Banksters (se não me engano doze) que imprimem a moeda (aquele US$ que está no seu bolso agora – e que, desde que o FED foi criado em 1913 já desvalorizou 99,99%).

                    A terceira merda é que, quem manda nas forças armadas é quem fabrica as armas, quando algum lote de mísseis está para vencer, é necessário usar logo e repor, daí a necessidade de uma nova guerra.

                    A quarta merda é a alimentação, você não pode plantar nada no seu quintal sem sementes, incutiram na cabeça dos cidadãos que só se encontra sementes no supermercado, se um pássaro cagar no seu jardim e nascer um pé de milho, é da Monsanto. Se você tem uma vaca pastando no seu jardim e ela der leite, você quiser tomar, você não pode porque vaca não pasteuriza leite, não agrega água oxigenada, não agrega ácido sulfúrico (há uma piada, pra você saber se o leite que toma tem ácido sulfúrico ou água oxigenada, fique pelado, arrume um espelho, veja seu ânus. Se encontrar pelos brancos, o leite tem água oxigenada, se não tiver pelos, é ácido sulfúrico).

                    A quinta merda, tirar as armas. Todo Estado totalitário antes de se implantar desarmou a população. O desarmar a população não envolve só tirar as armas e munições, envolve também uma forma de fazer burros através da mídia, através da Educação, através de mostrar que casar homem com homem e mulher com mulher é normal, que fazer sexo antes do casamento é normal, que tudo é normal.

                    Porque vocês (os EUA) estão decaindo?

                    Infelizmente, houve muinta ênfase em colocar o mundo no cabresto, esqueceram de ver o que ocorria dentro de casa.

                    Há um ditado que ouvi da minha vó polonesa que dizia:

                    Quanto mais se abaixa a cabeça, mais se mostra a bunda.

                    Esse ditado não se presta só ao militarismo, serve a tudo, quando você espalha bases militares ao redor do mundo você está baixando a cabeça, está esquecendo e mostrando a bunda dentro de casa.

                    Bom, a realidade dura e crua é essa, agora, se virem por aí.

                  • Sorry for the rant done in Portuguese, this time the translator did not work, the text is long. Sorry about that too (long text).
                    Google Chrome translates.

                  • @yo mamma,

                    Are those your own words or did you steal those from someone else again?

              • Breaveheart
                Let me know when you get one I’ll bring the matches!!!!

                • Sgt. Dale, that would be my pleasure.

              • The wookie woman telling me what to eat?
                or what?
                She’ll ban hamburgers and french fries? What ‘controlling legal authority’ does she now claim?


            • hitler for the purity
              of his creed and race
              cried to unite germany
              and wiped millions of jews from earths face

              stalin sought to raise up
              us common men as from beasts
              and starved a million russians
              so bureaucrats and crows could feast

              mao shouted the times are changing, so must we!
              and 40 million people were butchered and starved
              while others stood around and shouted down critics
              “thats absurd! that couldn’t happen here!”
              “that couldn’t happen to me!”

              and all throughout the centuries
              men in high places have cried “this is necessary!”
              while turning nations into penitentiaries
              and busloads of people into cemeteries

              “its for the children!” they lied
              “its for the peace!”
              and then the children were taken too
              like everyone else to be liquidated and turned into

              and when these callous men in suits
              long had their way
              the children, like everyone else, where
              burned,butchered, and starved
              until their ashes became the dust of the earth
              their bones the granite in the ground
              and their memory, buried, lifeless clay

              and the fires and machinations
              of industrial interest and gain
              are fueled with the cries of a sea of blood,
              300 million crying out for justice, in pain

              so the dead, murdered in this century,
              and reduced to ash and bones
              stand a testament before time,
              hidden in gas chambers and mass graves
              like makeshift catacombs.

              Three hundred million reasons,
              Versus a few thousand each year
              almost makes it like condoning genocide and treason
              when you shout gun control
              “its for the children”
              and stir up fear.

              and we all know
              what if other victors had written history?
              While gun control advocates say “your paranoid!”
              isn’t it odd how they sound just like the people who exclaimed
              “heil russia!, heil china!, heil germany!”?

              when the wolves have their day
              when the guns are neutered, and all but gone
              when that day of reckoning comes, those useful fools
              will sing a different song.

              none is safe
              where wolves prowl loose
              and washington is a predators den
              who DISARMS us with one hand, howling ‘reduce’

              they stab us with the other hand
              and call to make amends
              and pretend to want a truce
              while the truth breaks and bends

              men in suits break the law
              and rob us till theres nothing left
              laughing at the destitution they caused
              and building prisons for the poor
              who are the only ones punished for theft

              and the truth is there can be no comprise
              with the murderous greed of DC
              nor council among wolves
              for they want only absolute authority

              So now you have a choice
              that you cant ignore
              for the country you love
              and the oath you swore

              cause Come hell or high water.
              if There is to be a war
              let us be there to start that fire!
              let us dare to stand and knock at deaths door

              So Liberty is a tree
              That must be replenished now and again
              with the blood of patriots and tyrants
              Let the revolution begin

              but as for me
              I, disarmed, will not bend the knee
              when they threaten me with death
              for principle is all I have
              when principles all thats left

              No, I will not bow
              I will fight. Fight
              We must fight on!
              Even when the last bullet is gone

              If the sun is to rise
              on a nation still Free
              To assure our families
              futures and prosperity

              To the last man,
              the mission must carry on
              Against tyranny’s long shadow
              For Liberties Red Dawn
              – The Call

              • Stalin didn’t starve ‘a million Russians,’ he starved 20 million Ukrainians whom he replaced in their homeland with loyal Russians. Later he sent another 20+ million from throughout the Soviet Union into the Gulag system.
                Otherwise, well done.

                • Unfortunately I’m a product of the public education system, so forgive my ignorance. Everyday I’m working to undo the damage that was wrought, and learning something new each time.

                  I was aware it was Ukrainians and something like 20 million people, but left off the (s) on millions. I didn’t want to use numbers in more than half of the example presented because, as stalin said, “a million is a statistic.”
                  20 million doesn’t have the same emotional impact, as “millions”

                  Also, wasn’t Ukraine part of Russia at the time?

                  Anyway, thanks for the response.

            • Keep in mind that most EVERY city of any size in the world, including the US, has a Chinatown full of people investing/owning property, etc. This is only going to grow was the West sinks and the East arises. Are your kids learning Mandarin Chinese? Maybe they should.

              • Makati1: Perhaps you should learn Chinese first since the Philippines will soon become a satellite of China, if not an out right new province. As for those of us in the USA, no need to learn unless it’s merely out of curiosity. China’s economic star is like a giant blue star that burst onto the scene , burns it fuel in record time and then dies. China has been slowing down for a couple of years and there seems to be no end of it. They’ve flooded the world with cheap goods when the money was plentiful but since the world wide slowdown starting in 2008, their factory orders have been dropping off. Many factories have cut shifts and many more have even closed. Their financial sector is doing well primarily because they hold some much sovereign wealth of other nations, especially ours. China is also suffering form a number of severe ecological problems stemming from their rapid growth. Deforestation and desertification which is causing sandstorms, flooding, and a decrease in food production. They also suffer from some of the worst air and water pollution in the world which sickens millions every year further burdening their overtaxed medical system. China is killing itself in order to be number one. They are like the athlete who is desperate to win at any cost and takes massive amounts of steroids and other drugs. They shine brightly for a time and then fade away and die. That’s China’s bleak future.

            • this is just more proof of how many people here in the US have had there thinking cap twisted into a non-normal type of thinking ! is it the water or the food or are there just that many idiots living here now! anybody want to take a guess??

            • Nice comment Be informed. The ones that gave you a thumbs down are the ones stuck on retard. Why they even come on here is beyond me.

          • Seriously, this speech is chilling. Brings back memories of Mao, and the senseless slaughtered of millions of people all for the “preservation” of their “yellow” race. Honestly, I will die fighting for my country, not for these idiots in office, but for the brothers and sisters I live on this beautiful land with. And, if you notice… the emphasis of “Biological” weapons specialization and the timing of their celebration, 10/1/13…

            • That speech should be tattooed on every piece of junk imported into this country for all to see.

              • Wolf and others here. That fact is disturbing till you wonder why are we drinking apple juice from China??
                Think about who stands to gain?? Who took payoffs to import apple juice when we have several states that grow apple orchards and make juice??
                Our legislation needs to be hung by the neck till dead for what has been done to this country.
                And please let the public view on tv–I’ll go to a neighbor’s to watch.
                Yes–check your juices.

                • Check your garlic. Last I looked it was imported from China, the package of 4 or 5 bulbs. Also, back in 2007 my dog died from the melamine poisoning in the meal that was used in some prescription dogfoods.

          • Wolf 359:

            Everyone who comes to your post MUST read your link. I am going to add something to your post that should cement that the speech you linked is happening now:



            China has decided to buy up pieces of the US and set up “special economic zones”. One of these zones would be just south of Boise,Idaho and the Idaho Government is eager to give it to them.

            China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH for short) plans to build this zone in Boise Idaho. The communist party is the majority owner of Sinomach; it is basically an arm of the communist party.

            Sinomach has recently dispatched delegations to Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to explore possibility of establishing these “economic zones” there.

            Will such “self contained” communities soon start appearing from coast to coast? According to Jerome Corsi the US government has already set up 257 FOREIGN TRADE ZONES across America. These zones apparently will be given “special customs treatment” and will be used to promote global free trade. These free trade zones tend to be located near airports with easy access into the continental NAFTA and World Trade ORGANIZATION multi model transportation systems created to move free trade goods cheaply – quickly and efficiently through the continent of North America.

            So what do politicians think of this. Most are greatly in favor of it. Lt. Gov. Brad Little of Idaho said “Asia is where the money is”. (My comment: It is always about the MONEY isn’t it!)

            The truth is these special economic zones that the Chinese are setting up are designed to be self contained CHINESE COMMUNIST COMMUNITIES. They represent a massive national security threat. They potentially could bring in and store massive amounts of military equipment virtually undetected.

            A quote from the Idaho Daily Statesmen “The Chinese are looking for a beachhead in the United States and Idaho is ready to give it to them”. Quote by Don Dietrich, Idaho Commerce Secretary.

            The world is changing and nothing is ever going to be the same.

            Just ask the residents of Boise, Idaho.


            • In case we think the communists do not have the funds to pull this off:

              Fortune Magazine ranked SINOMACH 367 of the world’s largest corporations.

              • And if this isn’t crazy enough go to: 257foreigntradezonesacrossamerica/theamericanresolutionnewsblog

                List of foreign trade zones courtesy of our government:


                If we think our leaders are NOT IN BED with “ALL” countries scheming the downfall of America; I think we need to think again.

        • Unfortunately the dummies in charge will not die at the end of this one. They are protected by the only caste in California allowed to carry weapons and can hide away in tax payer funded shelters eating taxpayer purchased food.

          They should all be arrested for treason!

        • Moon Beam me.

          • O:O
            You have been mooned. Hahahahaha!

        • Amazing, is it not, just how sold out this country is. The parasites must be exsatic.

          Ah well, it’s not surprising, really. Most of the planks of communist takeover have filtered into American life, some of it even codified into rules and regulations. This could have been stopped 50 years ago, but Panem Et Circenses have always held sway over having to think about and do the hard things.

          The southern half of Kalifornia will not survive as such much longer, anyway. It will soon become the western-most province of Atzlan. In all likelyhood, once that occurs, China will probably be a welcomed entity in that part of the world; maybe they will allow China a few military bases in the region, which would suit the parasites just fine.

          Sure would be nice to see the traitors do the Danny Dever regardless…

        • My favorite Mao saying is:

          “Politics is warfare without bloodshed. Warfare is politics with bloodshed.”

        • It’s moot now. If you click on the original link, the mayor decided to postpone this assinine move. It was the city clowncil that wanted this done, not a lone person which is even more unnerving.

          • This is proof that the people still have the power to change things and that what we THINK can influence those in power.

        • ***Moreover, by raising the Communist flag at an equal height as our own flag***

          Isn’t that breaking a law??

      2. There’s nothing more that says I love you than whoring yourself out to your best sugar daddy.

      3. Just another sign that our nation has been sold out to foreign interests. I for one am tired of this so-called sensitivity to other cultures.

        • ScoutMotto, I’m not sensitive to other cultures, only to my own culture. I’ll tell it like it is on any subject. If someone feels ‘offended’, that’s their problem, not mine. braveheart

          • Damn right!! They come over to our country because of the freedom, yet try and change our customs into theirs, from their oppressive country? That doesn’t even make sense!

            • It makes perfect if you stop and think about it: They come from repressive regimes that are repressive in the sense that only certain elites are allowed to be rich enough to indulge in their hedonistic desires. Because of some religious or familial affiliation or lack thereof, they are NOT included in the elites so as to not have the same privileges that those connections would bring.

              So they come to America.

              This is where it gets interesting: Have you ever, EVER heard of ONE SINGLE MUSLIM who came to this country to protest the taking of 8-year-old girls to wife? Or anything that would be considered a moral dilemma?

              Nope…only political. You may say freedom of religion. Well, religion is typically politicized and totally depends on the reigning authority. If the reigning authority is atheistic, you must be too. If the reigning authority is Sunni, you must be too. It is NEVER about morality.

              So they come here to recreate the exact same immoral processes that exist over in their home countries, yet here they can become the elites…the ones allowed to indulge in their immorality.

              And the American government helps them right along…and we personally help them along as we lower our standards and say, “Well, we must respect their culture” and “We must raise their flags over our cities to show our solidarity.”

              I say, “BULLSHIT!!” And unless we stand up and shout it from the rooftops and insist that they adhere to long-held American standards, traditions, and customs such as English as the national language and you DONT marry your first cousin or 8-year-old girls, America will fall.

              No mas numero uno para Ingles o dos para Espanol!!! No more UN control of our national parks. No more foreign takeovers of large corporations. No more freaking FOREIGN flags flying over our cities.

      4. I find this very sad that an American city would do this.

        • KY Mom, KALIFORNIA is no longer an American state and therefore you can’t call any of its city an American city. Sad but true. btw, more states are becoming like Kalifornia if they are not already there.

          • @tactical hey, f*ck you. there’s 35 million people in California, don’t lump us all together with the statist progressives in the key population centers. state gov doesn’t represent it’s constituents here either. there ARE pockets of “free america” in california, and we’d appreciate your support!

            • Support must be earned…

              I don’t care if you are my neighbor next door or from a different state, I want some proof that you are not trying to undermine my way of life.

              If you support my freedoms, I will help you any way I can.
              What you say about California may be true but my perception is that most don’t care about the outcome, so I continue to avoid the state.

        • KY Mom,

          I lived in California for 7 years, and I left when it finally dawned on me that the liberal progressives were in charge and were running the state into the ground. Short of several million conservatives flooding into the state, there are no more political options left to save California.

          It is a lost cause morally, socially, and economically. I left in 2002 and cannot thank God enough for opening my eyes in time. The weather here in Florida is just as nice without breaking my bank account. I can actually budget for prepping supplies here. Couldn’t say that in Cali.

          If it were up to me, I would give all Constitution loving, God respecting Americans 90 days to leave the state, then encircle California with a 15 foot high fence of Concertina razor wire and declare it a banned zone.

      5. It reminds me of that frog in the warming water adage in a more post-event type of voice where the water is just about at a boil and it’s too hot to touch the rim of the pan to get out.

        • Billy, if I was that frog, I would get out of that pot regardless. braveheart

          • From the one “stuck” in the boiling pot of memphis. What the hell are you waiting for big talker? Get out!

      6. I find it very sad that an American city would do this.

        • KY Mom, it’s worse than sad, it’s an absolute outrage than any American city would allow this. since it’s in Communist California, no surprise there; they’ve been communist for decades. If that virus mentioned a few articles back were to hit that particular city, no problem. My wife and half of her family risked their lives to escape from Cuba back in the 60s after what Castro did to their beloved island home. Castro is a butcher in the same tradition as Mao, only on a much smaller scale. Someday the entire state of commiefornia will face God’s wrath for all of their wickedness. Starting in that town would be good enough. braveheart

          • braveheart

            As Mac noted in the article, if I lived in
            that town of San Leandro the people there
            would certainly know who I was and what I
            was about.

            It’s a shame that people don’t have enough
            spine to just tear down the flag, walk into
            the counsel meeting and throw it in their
            face, and defy them to do anything about it.

            Hasn’t anyone in America ever read Thoreau’s
            great treatise, “Civil Disobedience”?

          • Braveheart…I don’t know what your wife’s family did while in Cuba and I’m sorry they had to leave, but I don’t think things were much better for the people before Castro.

            Cuba was run by an American puppet dictator named Batiste.

            Here’s what the American ambassador at the time, Earl T. Smith, claimed:
            “I ran Cuba from the sixth floor of the US embassy. The Cuban’s job was to grow sugar and shut up.”

            If you watched the movie “The Godfather” you could see how the mob also ran the clubs and probably the other rackets like prostitution and numbers and protection. Castro ran them out, too.

            • Outlaw, i’m not some “big talker”. i’m a real person here just like everyone else here. what about you?

              • Good afternoon BH, and as usual you are far off target.

                I am about as real as it gets. Just a hard working dude trying to survive. Your redundancy and big talk is “repetitive and over the top”, most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, at times I agree w/ you, and give you a green thumb of approval. But 75% of the time it is the same repetitive drivel.

                I don’t jump in and make silly statements just to get in on the comments section.

                So, if you are accusing me of not being real, then things “will not end well for you!”

                Just joking, hadta throw that in to reiterate your redundancy. I don’t really give two shits what you think about me.

                Carry on.

                • Amen! braveheart is the dog that only shuts up when it’s eating. After that it’s the senile rambling of an lonely old man.

                  • Anonymous, enjoy that govt. check you receive for being a troll while it lasts. It won’t last forever.

                • outlaw, OK, so you’re real. I can appreciate that. I’m really not much different from you. I’m also a hard-working man trying to survive. I usually enjoy your posts, but your statement about a lot of my posts being drivel are uncalled for. plus I don’t make ‘silly statements’ either. If you’re looking for ‘silly statements’, look no further than the trolls like ncjoe, finx, eisen, urban dog, etc. who come on here and try to poison this site. I enjoy coming here and communicating with like-minded people about the issues of the day and survival-related topics. I’ve never had any beef with you before and don’t want one now. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. I can live with that. I know you’re not a troll and appreciate that. I’ll carry on and you’ll carry on too. braveheart

            • JRS, my wife’s family were educated, well-to-do people in the pre-Castro era. In some ways, life was difficult for the average Cuban under the previous rulers. It’s true that Batista was no angel and most certainly a corrupt tyrant. However, Batista is not the thug who killed 200,000 Cubans over a 50-year period. He’s not the one who has forced over 2,000,000 Cubans into exile. He’s not the one who had up to 10,000 Cubans executed during his first 6 months in power. He’s not the one who took everyone’s property, commercial and residential, and later on American properties. Batista is not the one who turned Cuba inside out in all aspects and ruined the economy with total state control. FIDEL CASTRO AND HIS BUNCH OF THUGS DID ALL OF THAT. He killed my wife’s father and half of her family. The only way Cuba’s economy survived until the fall of the USSR was with Soviet subsidies. The Soviet Union was the “welfare dept.” for Cuba. After the USSR fell and the subsidies ended, Castro had to find other ways to keep the economy afloat and people there still suffer terribly to this day. No, people ended up with a far worse deal under the Castro brothers. When those 2 f#$%ers die, I will celebrate. braveheart

              • So will I, and I don’t even have skin in that game.

                • Me here, when Venezuela’s tyrant Hugo Chavez died earlier this year, I celebrated on that one. One less Communist POS waling the face of the earth.

      7. Well now, raising the Commie flag in a CA city confirms what most of us know already.

        On my “Freedom Bird” flight back from Viet-Nam in 1968, some vermin humans threw food at us GI’s. Still wish we could have gotten our hands on them then. Might be less of their DNA that is rampant in the nation.

        Dr. Savage is correct: “Liberalism is a mental disorder”. Look at what is in Wash DC.

        Stay save fellow countrymen, those freaks that threw the crap have had many offspring…and we are all suffering for it.

        • 9er,you must be a brainwashed clod to not realize we were lied to by our coniving gov.about a ficticious domino theory,,,just like we are lied to today by our coniving gov.I know what I’m talking about,I was in the bush,sometimes I feel like the dirt is still on me.No damn body spit or threw anything at me when I arrived in-country in Oakland.In fact a beautiful girl saved me and a few others from smokin dope in the wrong area.My problem has always been our lying gov. always wanting to send young Americans under false pretexts to serve the elites and bud thats what you and I did in nam.At least those so called vermin humans had figured out the lie and you probably still don’t know why you were there.
          I was drafted and sent to nam as an infantryman i’m not proud of the things that happened,I’m just thankful the first village I walked through made me realize the vietemse were no threat to the usa or any other country. Flags don’t bother me,they don’t reflect idealogy anymore or haven’t you noticed. best to ya

          • St Augustine
            The wounds of that war will never be closed. The thumbs down proves it. I suffer from that I did not give enough.
            I was spit on and it was hard to get a date without long hair.

            Welcome home 9er x ray and St Augustine.
            thank you for your service “In Country”

          • Nope. Neither brainwashed nor a clod. I recall the experience well. Obviously you were not among my flight. Not bitter, just stating the obvious. How you concluded anything else has to do with your view and situation in life.

            Correct, the lies continue. I feel sorry for the GI’s of today and the citizens the suffer the inept politicians.

            I volunteered and still keep an active pilot’s license and aircraft in the CONUS, so I doubt stupidity is in the mix either.

            A salute to you for your experience and endurance. Don’t think only you had the tough tour.

            And it is spelled Vietnamese. I disagree, Our Flag means a lot. Vast graveyards of those who felt as strongly are in every town and city.

      8. Let us hope for a recall election very soon.

        • Smokey….do you really think recall election will solve our problems? The core is corrupt and we deal with a puppet every 4 year with a chance of being extended another 4 year if the puppet gives away free stuff even more than the previous puppet. Do you still remember the $1,000 tax return before the current puppet?

          • I agree tar and feathers would be a lot more fun for those 4 council idiots in California, but for now we have to use the vote. They spent 50 years getting where they are now, in control, it’s going to take time to get them out of office, out of the schools, and out of our lives.

        • If you hope for it, you should work for it! 7 people did in CO and we all cheered their victory last week. They cannot win every election yet or they wouldn’t have won that one- we can vote a change in still.

          • Sigi, Great point. However this is going to be an uphill battle and requires courage. In CO, we witnessed a recall to become reality for one reason only….People believed in their constitutional rights and in case of the CO, in their 2nd amendment. However even with recall the passed laws won’t be repelled and basically the scums accomplished their mission ( at least this is what I know so please correct me if I am wrong). The point is while we have many patriots but sadly majority in the USA, are being conditioned to become the bottom feeders and by design. But as you stated at least we have to try to make things right for our kids and the next generations no matter how painful.

      9. After trucking in california for many years now i know its really the granola bowl, fruits nuts and flakes. i am so glad i quit driving . more time to get ready for what ever needs ready. Must be time to get back to the firing range.

      10. I for one appreciate the state of California

        if if wasn’t for them
        think about the tens of millions of crazee’s
        that would be running around in the other 49 states
        Cali is the biggest crazee magnet in the world

        I was born in Cali
        but had the good sense to leave at the age of 6 months !

      11. Tell me this is,nt a bunch of big time B.S. The people doing this should be hung with the flag upside down. Traitor to the MAX!

        • If the pandemic mentioned a few articles back were to clean house in commiefornia, you won’t hear anything from me.

      12. Kalifornia
        Would you expect any more?
        They seem like even more of a communist bunch of donkeys than my home state. So not real surprising.

        • Howdy kala, I’m afraid the only way were gona get this country back is by FORCE!! America is like a drug Addict its Functioning but by no means thinking clear, and like a Drug addict soon it will be too far gone. Dont tread on America. Standing by in P.A…

      13. Not going to happen at this time…
        The mayor stepped in.
        Would have been glad to take it down myself and burn the mofo.

      14. Showing their true colors…I’m sure Pelosi and Feinstein are orgasmic over the deal. I’m sure there are decent folks in Kommiefornia…they should throw the rest in the ocean and fix the place.

        • The good folks in commiefornia should just leave and leave that place to whatever fate god has in store for it.

          • Cutting loose the San Andreas and dumping the lot into the ocean would be nice.

      15. just another dumdass city in kali…does this kind of crap surprise anyone?

      16. Pelosi and Feinstein, orgasmic?…that’s one sickening image that I never, NEVER, want in my head again

      17. well , this just ruins my day ,shit like this shows me that the lunitics have truly taken over the asylum ,i hope when the SHTF that the zombies rip there fuckin heads off and eat what little brains they have ,anyone that doesnt think that this planet needs a good douche is just hanging on to some childhood fantasy of how it was ,and you know who’s fault it is ? ours ,for not stomping there nuts flat when this all started years ago ,when thing go south ,and if i make it to the other side ,and some one says oh you cant do that because it will hurt the leaping shit hopper ,im going to pull out my pistol and pop a cap in them

      18. sounds like some early sellouts that see China owning not only our ass, but our LAND in the near future. traitors to the core. ready, aim…….

      19. CA you people are f%$&

      20. The 4 dog wad pecker snots have betrayed their citizenship and deserve none nor do they deserve any protection that the constitution offers. They need to be tarred and feathers and put on a freighter to china.

      21. THAT’S IT!

        Oh I wish I was in the land of Cotton
        Old time there are not Forgotten.
        Look Away, Look Away, Dixie Land.

        Oh I wish I was in Dixie. Away, Away.
        In Dixie land I’ll Take my stand.
        To Live and Die In Dixie.

        Away, Away. To Live and Die in Dixie.

        I have a commemorative, Confederate. 1861 Nashville Plow works sword,

        Can I get a Rebel Yell!

        • Here’s our okie version of a Rebel Yell:


          By the way, Ghiradelli chocolate is made in San Leandro. Looks like it’ll be Hershey’s for me til they move the factory to another town. (and I really like Ghiradelli’s)
          Anybody got a link to the businesses in S.L.? Perhaps a few thousand letters and emails would convince them to lean on the city council, maybe even throw the commie bastards out.

          • SmokinOkie:

            Looking at the stories on the web there are lots of people even in that town that are protesting what is happening. But with the history of recent protests it will be interesting what really happens. I think I saw where a poster on this site said the Mayor said it wont happen; but I can’t find any confirmation of that.

            • Looks like it won’t happen after all. Try the San Jose Mercury News home page, Granny.

          • @Smokinoakie,

            Sorry to tell you this but according to my mother Hershey went to china, she refuses to by it anymore because of it.
            Might need to look at homemade chocolate.

            Be safe

            • I read that too. I refuse to eat even Hershey’s syrup now.

        • Turns out the Confederacy was right…death to all tyrants…its almost time…rebel rumblings are on the wind…we’re rising again!

          The contest is not over, the strife is not ended. It has only entered upon a new and enlarged arena.

          The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert itself, though it may be at another time and in another form.
          Jefferson Davis

          • Here’s another fine quote Reb!

            “Captain, my religious belief teaches me to feel as safe in battle as in bed. God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me….That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.”
            ― Stonewall Jackson

            Stay Strong Y’all!

            • I am really starting to wish the south would of won.

              • +10 to Ghostrighter

                South should’ve been left alone. I love how people think the civil war was fought over slavery…… It was fought because of the South’s succession from the Union.

          • Sic Semper Tyrannus!

            Deo Vindice!

        • Slingshot
          Im half Confederate, and half union. BUT MY HEART BELONGS TO DIXIE!!! I have S Carolina 7th saber and with this article I’m getting ready to put it to use!!! EEEEEEEEHAAAAA

          • SGT Dale.

            I’m a crusty old fuck. You know the ring as you withdraw the saber from the scabbard. Bringing it to your side firmly with tip standing tall. Then your arm, lowering and thrusting forward and sword reflecting in the sun. And the word of “Charge” is forgotten in history.

          • My great, great grandma, on my Dad’s side, used to sit up in the apple tree and pick off union soldiers with a flintlock musket, protecting the livestock from thieves. She could still climb that tree at almost 80 yrs old. That was one of the stories we were told as kids.

          • So there really WAS a Rebel Yell! I didn’t know that….that was a neat clip.

      22. Lets have a million biker vets shut down this sh!tburg for awhile. Can anyone say RECALL ELECTION or is everyone in this town commies? Someone needs to put the fear of GOD into these crap for brains idiots.
        DON’T TREAD ON US!!!!

      23. “O ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose, not only the tyranny, but
        the tyrant, stand forth! Every spot of the old world is overrun with oppression.
        Freedom hath been hunted round the globe. Asia, and Africa,
        have long expelled her.?Europe regards her like a stranger, and England
        hath given her warning to depart. O! receive the fugitive, and prepare in
        time an asylum for mankind.”
        ― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

        • Snisha:

          Thomas Paine would have never believed that the asylum he had in mind has turned into an insane asylum.

        • Snisha….What kind of piece of trash would thumb this down…must be from californication whoever they are!

      24. Let them build their choo choo train.

        • Midnight Train To Georgia on youtube…

          “L.A. proved too much for the man…(too much for the man)
          So he’s leavin the life…. he’s come to know owww..”
          Oh, SING it Gladys! Damn she’s smooooooth.

          • That’s a great tune. I also liked some of Roberta Flack’s stuff. Great singing.

            But a great tune with the true American spirit is Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’. You can watch it on YouTube also.

            Also, want to say thanks to the Californian Patriots. Don’t let the liberals win everything. Its our turn now. They have done enough damage.

            PS. If Californians stop this. Then it is ok to turn left at Sacramento and head to Disneyland….

            • Killing Me Softly…..

          • I had 4 older, redhead , pasty white sisters who couldn’t sing, make me watch while they performed Gladys Night and the Pips tunes. No wonder I started drinking at 12.

      25. Well, since the Chinese own a substantial amount of our debt, perhaps it’s a trade-off – they don’t “repo” anything in the U.S. because the wonderful Californians have ceded their land….

        • They’ve also bought significant real estate and paid CASH

      26. What flag will they fly next the ” Camp FEMA “flag?

        • Now there’s another flag that ought to be burned.

      27. What’s with the random and way-off-base anti-Muslim screed in the middle of this piece? That was totally uncalled for. A couple more of those and you are going to chase away the Muslim members of the liberty movement.

        • Freedom and slavery can never coexist…if one is a true muzzy then their being in favor of true liberty is not a possibility only a fantasy in the minds of those who worship at the altar of diversity…islam and liberty can not exist together in the same place!

          • As far as I can see the only people on earth currently taking up arms and fighting the international bankers and minions are Muslims in Muslim countries. Libya and Iraq got toppled because they turned their back on the Petrodollar. Egypt got rid of Mubarak because he was a puppet of the west. That’s a common theme from all the Arab spring countries. And then you’ve got rebels in Afghanistan taking up arms against the international banker-directed American troops in Afghanistan. Show me some Christians who’ve actually gotten off the couch and done something to stop the international bankers?

            • Just because the muzzies are fighting the international bankers and the zionists doesn’t make them freedom fighters or defenders of liberty(is there anyone/anything they arnt fighting against and don’t hate?)…islam has no use for freedom when it comes to people in general…they may spout off about freedom(especially when the western sellout media is listening) but when it comes down to it what they mean is freedom for themselves to destroy everyone elses freedom…just look at egypt for a recent example…islamists supported freedom to remove one tyrant in order to get their tyrant into power and then slammed the door shut on anyone elses freedom…and as far as rebels go, theres nothing great about one group “rebelling” against another group that’s just like themselves…it does the name “rebel” a great dis-service…”rebels” are people who rise up and resist someone who has “different” ideas about how people should live…theyre not rebels theyre just killers trying to get their brand of tyrant installed over another groups tyrant…different label, same soup inside the can!
              I stand by my previous statement…islam and liberty have nothing in common no matter how much the mullahs protest or the pundits praise it…that goes for any “ism” out there that puts the “ism” above the freedom and liberty of mankind…freedom is the yardstick and ANYTHING that doesn’t measure up to that standard isn’t anything I want to support or defend or even tolerate! Thanks! “Live free or die tryin”

      28. The good news about California is when you head over Donners Pass and drive on pass through Auburn, you can change your mind at Sacramento and turn right and exit out north via I-5.

        I wonder how many families heading to Disneyland ended up in Medford, Oregon?

        • Plus, Oregon is 50% less communist than Kalifornia. About 98% less if you stay out of Portland. I like Pendleton 🙂

          • SmokinOkie:

            I like Bend…………

        • I got stuck smack in the middle of the grapevine for a few hours, when my ignition coil burned out on me. I was on my way to 32nd Street, San Diego. Had to leave the old 72 gran torino I was driving on the highway, and hoof it down to the gas station at LeBec.

          • Had me one of those cars in the early eighties…351W automatic…good ride till the frame rotted off under it…then I put that engine into a 69 Ford pickup… memories…. 🙂

            • One of my favorites was a 69 Ford Torino, 351M, AT, limited slip posi with one broken motor mount—make a left turn wrong and those horsies would cut loose! The only way to rein them in was to turn the ignition off—ON THE DASH! Just try reaching the dash in the middle of a full V-8 acceleration…

              • 🙂

        • Mark, checked the video. Most unusual thing I’ve seen in a while. My hyper-Pentecostal friends couldn’t hold a candle to that guy!

        • Mark, that was crazy, I dont know how you found it. I put it at the top for Favorites on u-tube, Obama phone lady was my Favorite.

        • I made it past the 2:23 mark…..best I could do. After they got done with the girl on the floor they should have worked on the singer.

      29. Pelosi & Feinstein…….ughhh !!! I just tossed my cookies.

        • What took you sooooo long?

      30. What do you expect from kommiefornica sheep will follow orders from d.c ie.disciples of communism,can’t bring myself to disgrace the father of our country by referring to as everyone else does.I wish all the commies in this country would move to the left coast and leave the center to the one’s who have a clue.

      31. I have to point out the humor though of this article…headline: Kalifornia to Fly Chinese Flag.

        Right below that: Asian Women for Marriage.


        • Turns out those commie flags are flammable too. Especially if you squirt lighter fluid on them!
          If I had a new neighbor, I’d want him to be a redneck from Tibet.

      32. Politicians like this need to be recalled all over the country. Put the fear of God in them and put some straight thinking people in their place. What the hell is going on in this country?

      33. — ( NÉE-HOW Comrads)
        If you want an accurate and heart wrenching journey into the life and times of the Mao Zedong People’s Republic revolution I recommend you read the novel ” Life and Death in Shanghai ” by Nien Chen. — Then decide if you think absolute gun control , the definition of equal equality , the power of ever present government surveillance , the theory of wealth redistribution and a state controlled medical system is not the direction we are headed. — In the USA we are on the edge of loosing our right to ” Wish for our Constitution to properly enforced ” — If you desire to wave the Communist flag be careful of what you wish for. You might just receive it. Nien Chen’s only crime was that her husband once worked for a Capitalist oil company in service to the Chinese government.
        — Miss DeeDee

        • Miss Dee Dee.

          Good insight.

        • Miss DeeDee, I can speak with some authority on the subject. My wife could also if she were still alive. She was from Cuba and could tell stories that would shock even you if I hadn’t lost her to a drunk driver. I’m just as much against communism as anyone else here. You’ve come to the right place. once again, welcome. braveheart

          • Really BH? You can speak with some authority on the subject of “Mao Zedong People’s Republic”? That is the topic at hand, not you, not your late wife’s homeland of Cuba. The Peoples Republic of China.
            So now that you have established yourself as an authority on this topic, can you please tell us more about it?

            • I like Braveheart’s comments, spoken from the heart.

              • More like, spoken from the bottle.

                • Hey bartender, get our old pal braveheart a large bottle of Ole’ Senile and a double shot of self pity please. What’s that you say, you’ve had to cut him off again? No surprise bartender, no surprise.

            • Outlaw, I know what the topic is and what I’ve been saying is not TOTALLY off-topic. And no, I didn’t establish myself as an authority on it. It’s based upon the stories my wife told me about her experience under Castro. I’ve also known other people from other Communist countries with similar stories. have YOU ever known anyone who was a refugee from ANY tyrannical nation? Unless you have, then you don’t have the first clue as to the hell such people have been through. JUST WHAT IS YOUR BEEF WITH ME? I’VE NEVER ATTACKED YOU AND I USUALLY ENJOY YOUR POSTS. it’s Ok if you don’t agree with me all the time. I haven’t agreed with all of yours, either. It’s only one thing that makes this world go round. I also know that you also know how to carry on a good conversation with others and you never act like a troll. I know that you’re not a troll. So, what gives?

      34. Maybe the four communist disciples of San Leandro, Calif. will serve themselves the Jim Jones-Purple Juice to celebrate Oct 1st.

        • We can only HOPE!!!!

        • Well, Jones was a “social justice” kind of guy; part of the reason he rejected the Bible long before he took his peeps to Guyana. It pointed one way and he was going the other.

      35. 2nd Missile Cruiser May Join Russia’s Mediterranean Force

        VLADIVOSTOK, September 19 (RIA Novosti) – The flagship of Russia’s Pacific Fleet, the Varyag missile cruiser, could join the country’s naval task force in the Mediterranean while on a mission in the Indian Ocean, a high-ranking source in Russia’s Pacific Fleet told RIA Novosti on Thursday.
        A task force, led by the Varyag, left the naval base in Vladivostok on Wednesday. It is expected to arrive in the Gulf of Aden in October. Some media outlets earlier reported that the warship would replace the Moskva missile cruiser as the flagship of the Russian task force in the Mediterranean.
        “The Varyag missile cruiser will carry out a number of tasks in the Indian Ocean until the end of this year and may join Russia’s task force in the Mediterranean if necessary,” the source said.
        The source did not specify the nature of the Varyag’s mission in the Indian Ocean, but said the Mediterranean tour was not a priority for the warship.

        Russia began its military buildup in the Mediterranean Sea last year. In response to heightened regional tensions due to Syria’s ongoing civil war, the navy established a standing task force in the eastern Mediterranean in December.
        As of May 1 this year, all Russian warships operating in the region have been grouped into a single task force under a special offshore maritime zone operational command.
        Russia’s naval task force in the eastern Mediterranean currently comprises 10 warships: the guided-missile cruiser Moskva, the destroyers Smetlivy and Admiral Panteleyev, the frigate Neustrashimy and the assault landing ships Nikolai Filchenkov, Peresvyet, Admiral Nevelskoi, Minsk, Novocherkassk and Alexander Shabalin.
        The Black Sea Fleet assault landing ship Yamal is expected to join the Mediterranean task force by the end of September.

        • Varyag is much, much higher than the Moskva.

          It’s like the most new and renewed nuclear aircraft carrier was there.

          Strategy, do not let these ships so close without reason.


      36. Anyone know the names, numbers, or emails of those 4 traitors?

      37. An Appeal to The Great States of the South.

        It has long been since we have suffered the War of Northern Aggression. Our present teachings have twisted and defiled it’s true meaning. Again we had endure the raising of a foreign nations flag upon our sovereign soil. How much more must we endure the foreign influence before we accept a foreign flag unconditionally within our borders. How much more will we accept the overthrow of our heritage that has been the guiding light of the world. Shall we stand by and let those throw us asunder for the values which were never a part of the inception of this nation.
        Gather your strength my brethren and understand this is a fight for all you have fought for. For all races and creeds. And it will all be for not should you kneel before your invaders.

        Remember your Heritage!

        “There he stood like a stone wall”

      38. Unbelievable. This is the most absurd thing to come out of California for a long time.

        Treasonous traitors…every one of the council members who voted in favor. And, no doubt, hardcore Communists themselves. So now the citizens of San Leandro know who is who.

        Just think what this will do to property values. And California towns thought the bursting of the real estate bubble hit them hard…..something tells me that San Leandro hasn’t seen anything yet.

      39. If they did that In the tow I live in that city hall would burn!!! The great bunch of red necks I live around would tear the DAMN thing down.
        Don’t the folks that ;live there have any HONOR?
        Grows some BALSS California. Tear that DAMN thing DOWN!!!

        • Can’t you tell i’m pissed.
          If they did that in the town I live in the City hall would BURN!!!
          It should read GROW SOME BALLS, AND TEAR THE DAMN THING DOWN!!!!
          I HAVE TO SETTLE DOWN. but I’m still pissed off

          • Sgt. Dale, commiefornia is no longer American. God will destroy them for all of their wickedness. braveheart

            • You are against Mao Zedong for his mass murders and intolerance. You are against the Pope for his tolerance. You are for God and his mass murders and intolerance. I’m confused!

        • Sgt. Dale.

          What do you know of rednecks? Hahahaha!

          • Slingshot.

      40. If anyone is interested, I found this website kind of informative…

        Fukushimaupdate dot com

        • I thought it was WereFuked.com

          • @shootit

            That made me laugh and I thought the same thing

      41. America is gone.

        Amerika is here to stay and is changing radically, support Muslims, Mexicans, Chinese, etc.. Get used to it, this is YOUR new reality, shape up!

        • I DON’T THINK SO.

          • sixpack, you forgot to end it with “scooter”.

            • I DON’T THINK SO, Scooter.

        • T
          I will fight and die to bring this Republic back. If it means by the use of force so be it!!!! If TPTB wants to start a revolution/civil war that is fine by me. I just pray that only the combatants are harmed and not the innocent. I will shed my blood for my Country, I have done it before and I will do it again. You see at 60+ I have lived a great life and am not afraid to die for a JUST CAUSE “LIBERTY”!!! DON’T PISS THIS OLD MAN OFF!!! The difference between and young man and an old man? An old man knows that a young man can out last him in a fights, and is stronger. So the old man is smarter, and will end it quickly. He will just take him out by what ever means possible. He won’t stand and fight for a long time. He will get the job done!!!!

          • Sgt. Dale, I’m right there with you. At age 56, I don’t care about anything else BUT trying to save this nation. to me, it’s worth fighting and dying for. braveheart

      42. WTF IS GOIN ON!! I MEAN WTF! Our country is done. All the sacrifice for nothing. All the great leaders for nothing. All the leaps and bounds for nothing. Any Americans left in Chifornia need to get out. Its been known that Chifornia will become a foot hold for entry and a staging ground for something much larger and worse. Mark my motherf***** words and Lock n load!

        • F-ing DITTO that!!!!!! WTF is wrong with these people!!!

      43. The bankers have sold our country to the highest bidder: China. California is just getting practice in for when China raises their flag over their property. I do believe the communists will get the west coast. America was a great dream. I love my nation and I should have done something to protect it.

      44. California is just getting practice for when the new owners, China, takes ownership of their newest colony. The bankers have handed over the west coast to the communists for payment of “our” illegal FED debt.

      45. Do not know why so many people offended by the idea of ​​bringing money from China and put the flag there.

        We all know that California will sink briefly, the nature will give way in which it comes.


      46. If you do not happen soon, the radiation from Fukushima is already there, and increasing month by month, from Alaska to Chile.
        Incidentally, I do not get anything from the Pacific coast in Brazil, some oil is healthier than radiation in the body.


      47. Pushing out to the land Down Under. Land of Midnight Oil and Cargo Do you have a copy?

      48. Looks like the Mayor has ‘suspended’ the council decision to fly the flag. His statement is pretty wishy-washy, saying the town ‘needs to get the input from the people before flying any other nations’ flag’ at the town hall.

        What a maroon. Doesn’t have the balls to say it’s not going to happen, this is America, not China, just ‘suspends’ the action.

        The council member who pushed it, Benny Lee, says it’s about attracting Asian businesses. Of course, the council vote was on flying the flag to show appreciation for the founding of Communist China, so he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth.

        Another maroon.

        The reason Asian businesses want to invest here is simple. There’s an American flag flying over their investment, not a confiscatory totalitarian state flag like China, Vietnam, or North Korea.

        Vote ’em out, from dogcatcher on up.

      49. Time 1:05 eastern standard time.

        Anyone further west of Hawaii?

      50. Ahhh.. the Chinese. Killing babies one day for a buck, taking over the world the next.
        One can only hope that WW3 takes out all of China and do the world a favour.

      51. Time 1:18 eastern standard.

        Anyone south of the Rio Grand?

      52. Time 1:20 am.
        Eastern standard time.

        Anyone in the Canadian provinces.

        • May you be dead a half before the devil knows your gone.
          Old Irish Blessing.
          Good Night.

          • Goodnight Slingshot!

      53. It’s not about socialism or liberalism or leftist propaganda, it’s all about the

        • …yes but after you’ve amassed all the wealth there is, whats next….sheer power!…that’s what they want now…

      54. Why is it that the so called intellectuals always are the leaders in the communist movement yet they don’t realize if the communists take power they are the first to be purged . We see it in every communist take over, Russia Vietnam,Cuba

        • Marty:

          If you notice when the are “purged” a new crop sets up shop. Once the communists get hold of a country; they can give their new government a new “name” but TPTB never loosen their hooks.

          Will the day ever come when we can “purge” our government of all the loons that are selling America down the drain? Given the traitors that they are and how many there are; there would be a shortage of ropes in the hardware stores.

      55. Does anyone expect any different? Its California.

      56. It’s not only CA alot of them are in FL. We had a 30yr male stay with us (was a neighbor from FL) and he only wanted everything handed to him without lifting a finger to help. We now have a 50yr female that does not think at ALL and wants to be taken care of. She is also a neighbor from Orlando, FL. My brother and I will no longer try to help out and only let someone come for a SHORT vacation. Our kids (30+)are responsible adults who take care of their families.

      57. California politicians bring the same attitude towards business as Mao Tse Tung (old spelling) did.

      58. WOW……WTF is going on???? I feel like I am living in the F#$%ing TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      59. Moscow pulls away from Kerry-Lavrov deal on Syrian chemical disarmament. Assad gets to keep his WMD

        DEBKAfile Special Report Sep 20, 2013, 9:20 AM (IDT)
        Russian leaders have picked apart the Kerry-Lavrov understanding for Syria’s chemical disarmament – less than a week after it was unveiled in Geneva. Thursday, Sept. 19, Vladimir Putin said he was not 100 percent certain the plan would succeed. His Defense minister Sergey Shoigu denied Russian plans to destroy Syria’s chemical stockpiles on its territory, while Bashar Assad mocked the option of their destruction in America. At the Security Council, Russia’s UN delegate blocked the measure for underpinning the deal, as Secretary of State John Kerry fought to retrieve it.

      60. Man that’s crazy, Cali-Fruity SOB’s I tell you! LOL

      61. Well, Wal-Mart raised the Chinese flag years ago.
        These “flags” are found on merchandise with the label “Made in China”.
        Bain Capital did the same with its Sensata plant moving jobs to China.
        The irony would be to raise a Chinese flag that was made in the U.S.
        I can understand the outrage but this started happening years ago, it just wasn’t as obvious.
        In fact, the people and corporations that gutted U.S. jobs and moved them offshore are regarded as savvy business people and a role model for children.
        They get awards and praise.
        Such is life in Cloud Cuckoo Land, aka United States of America.

      62. KAliFoRnIA never fails to disappoint

        On Constitution Day, California College Student Ordered to Stop Handing Out Constitutions


        “Robert Van Tuinen, a student at Modesto Junior College in California, had a theory. He believed that the policies at his college limiting protests and expression were so restrictive that the college would try to shut him down even if he tried to hand out copies of the United States Constitution on September 17–Constitution Day.

        Sadly, he was correct.”

      63. It is most likely acceptable to murder 65 million people as long as you do not use an AR . . .

        We are the oppressed

      64. Please, everyone, I urge you to scroll back to Wolf359’s post and read the link he posted there. Then read my reply to his post:


        The Communist party is the majority owner of the China National Machinery Industry Corporation who is setting up these “cities” in the US and there may be one already planned for your state!

        • Yeah, I heard they bought a shit load of acres in my state too..fuckem..they can have it..theres nothing here to support an economy anyways. they can help pay for all these welfare brats too..I’ll be outa here once this admin tanks my business anyhow.

          besides when all the Moooslims decide to bomb us here, then china will freak, and pull out, leaving the spoils

        • Granny,

          Here are a few other links about the Chinese expansion in the U.S.

          Chinese Cities Coming to America

          “It will NOT mean jobs for Americans. All the help will be Chinese! Besides, it is to be classed as FOREIGN TERRITIRY!”

          We are allowing “the global communists to physically weave our United States territory together with communist China.”

          A Chinese Group Plans To Construct A 200 Acre “China City” In Michigan

          CHINA’S SOVEREIGN TERRITORIES a/k/a “Foreign Trade Zones” – this one near Boise ID

          257 Foreign Trade Zones across America – in all 50 states now

          China Wants To Construct a 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho
          “The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre “self-sustaining city” that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government.

          The planned “self-sustaining city” in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers.”

          “Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States.”

          Idaho Eagle Forum: Idaho Governor Sells out His State’s Businesses to China

          • Tons of property in the United States is owned by British interests,, what have we done about that? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like this China deals for our property either , but we didn’t kick the Brits out after we won, so we need to start there first and send a message to other countries as to how this will go down. or were just pissing in the wind

            we were sold out by NAFTA long long ago

            remember who fucked you first, they will tell you they were americans, and held political offices.

        • …then its up to the people of America to see to it that these so-called cities are dead zones…this govt has zero right to allow any foreign power ownership or occupation of one square inch of American land…cut their power, bulldoze their roads and cut them off, make them rue the day they came here! nothing in and nothing out till they sue for safe passage or starve!!

      65. Washington, DC, the Corporation—along with a few dozen counties, cities and States, need to be jailed for a few months or years and then deported to Sudan—the wannabe leader’s Continent. How is the WTO, NAFTA,…and the global affirmative action working out for you?

        • Pnomo:

          I think a noose would be the better choice…….

          • I have a noose, but it is a little rusty—9/16″ wire rope.

      66. The Chinese Communist Revolution was guided by members of the same tribe as that which directed the slaughter in Russia. Always remember that Rothschild means red shield. The Red Flag is the red shield of the globalist bankers, and the form of government they intend to impose on the world is Communism. Everything owned by the state – and they are the state. I wonder what the Chinese expats in the gambling casinos of San Leandro will have to say about the commie flag? If they boycotted the casinos, probably the city’s main revenue stream, that red flag might quickly be lowered.

        • Reason for the color RED on Rotschilds orig shield, and all commie flags is that they, rothschilds et al are Kommie Khazars modern day decendants of ESAU, who was called EDOM After he sold his Birthright to Jacob his twin brother. Jacob’s name was changed to ISRAEL and His 12 sons is Israelite 12 tribes, Then they split into Two seperate nations, ONLY the 10 Northern tribes Kept the name israel. Judah and benjamin became called Jews.

          Todays jews are mostly Khazras aka esua aka Edom aka EDOMITES! RED Is their color going back to Esau who sold his birthright for a Bowl of Red Lentil(bean) soup! RED soup, RED flags, RED Kommie Edmoites. Edom in English is, RED.

          Jesus REV 2:9 Calls them Imposter jews and Really the Synagouge of Satan. What BEST describes Kommies? SATANIC-EVIL! Evil satanic edomites, edom is also where mainly Turks decended from. Russian Khazar “jews”(fraud jew aka imposters) are mainly Of TRUKIC Stock.

          Do you folks get it yet? They are the Inventors of communisim. The Most evil deadly form of govnt ever created. Created By Khazar Russians who call themselves jews. Because Their khazar ancestors Converted to Talmudic Judaisim in about 750 AD, Before lower russian region was called Russia. Back Then it was called the Kingdom of Khazaria.

          98% are ashkanazi Khazars. NONE are of Abraham, Issac or jacob. Between the Bible and so much info online today there is NO more excuses to keep believing in the Flasehoods we all were taught about these kommie killer butchering IMPOSTER Jews. Jesus Christ called Them Imposters! Will you call Jesus an antiselmite too?

          Wake Up Americans! You been LIED to on a whole lots of stuff. Including all you know of them kommie Khazars.

      67. expected
        they are a communist representative state anyways, nothing against the normal people there, all 3 of them

      68. Mao was also responsible for at least another 30 million murders during the Chinese revolution. According to this website he’s responsible for the deaths of 49 million to 78 million.


      69. My ex-mother-in-law owns a house in San Leandro. Her deed states she cannot sell to person of color. I think that includes Chinese people. I know the city attempted to re-issue these deeds, however many homeowners kept them. At one time it may have been a nice place to live, however I have seen it as nothing but a gang and drug infested shithole for the last 30 years.

        • Those old deed clauses are null and void.

          • Deed Clauses are Null and Void is CODE for: There Goes the Neighborhood!

      70. “Public pressure, involving hundreds of phone calls and emails has convinced the Mayor that pulling the tribute to China is in the city’s best interests”

        Somehow, I doubt that the city council is ignorant of the preachings of Leninst-Marxist Dialectic. If they are someone may want to explain to them, the follows of LM Dialectic consider their flag thrown parallel to how the Persians had Athens perform the ritual of water and earth in exchange for its protection. The ritual actually ordained through the envoy that Athens upon completion of the ceremony became a province of Persia. LM explicitly dictates its followers aka subordinates raise its flag. After all, LM is believed to expressly and undeniably dictate that non-Communism will collapse, and it alone shall rule the world.
        Additionally, LM is a variant of Bismarkianism’s third stage of national socialism that dictates a variant power structure than other models.
        In context, the City Council San Leandro isn’t expressing tolerance; it was set to declare itself a territory of China.
        This is actually a summary; there is much, much, more that could be said.

      71. The Almighty Dollar: Western bankers poised to enslave Russia

        By John Griffing
        Former President of the European Central Bank Wim Duisenberg, echoing self-professed “Father of Europe” Jean Monnet, several years ago said that “monetary union” must go hand in hand with “political union.” Revealed in these remarks is an objective, an agenda shared by all the most prominent members of the western banking class.
        The objective of Western financiers at this moment in history is not to “fix” the system, but to run the clock out in favor of “solutions” devised in dark, dusty rooms – solutions which will enslave the rest of the developed world, including Russia. Nuclear weapons are of no use when the homeless desperation of poverty and famine are the enemy.
        Consider the facts: American and European debt is already at saturation point and finding new buyers will be difficult, especially since China and Russia oppose new Anglo-American-European Quantitative Easing (QE) schemes and own the table on which the house of cards that is Western civilization sits. And because debased American and European currencies mean a decline in the value of current foreign holdings of euro- and dollar-denominated debt, the incentive to shed such assets, not buy them, will be in play. What then can be the predictable result of QE at such a fragile time in global economic history? In short, chaos.
        Why then, would western bankers pursue more inflation, more printing of worthless fiat dollars, in spite of the historical consequences (Bolvia, Weimar Germany) of these actions? Those at the helm are not insane. These are educated men and women. How can the masters of finance support something they know will end in disaster, unless disaster is in some sense the object?
        This hypothesis, if correct, would further mean that these individuals had some sort of plan to attempt containment and direction of the resultant chaos toward a premeditated solution.
        Like a disease invented for the intended cure, so do western bankers plan to reorder the global financial system according to their own designs.
        It is perhaps appropriate then that current proponents of financial integration are the same individuals who over the last few decades advanced a movement to liberalize global capital markets with the object of increasing capital mobility to the point where sudden shifts in capital flows could have untold consequences, causing exchange rate volatility, disrupting world trade, and creating an artificial need for a common currency.
        Under any global financial regime, Russia will be reduced to a “serf,” forced to serve the financial plantation of a new monetary order made for western bankers, and controlled completely by western bankers. Unlike the fiat system, where multiple currencies float against a primary unit of exchange like the dollar, the discussions currently underway center on a single medium – one currency for a single, global marketplace. The vision of global “brotherhood” popularized in 19th Century academia will finally be a reality, only a lopsided version of this reality will dominate.
        Some in Russia and China, among a long list of other trading nations, are openly advocating a coordinated destruction of the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency because they rightly see the problem with a unipolar financial system. But this is the wrong move if Russia seeks to counter American financial hegemony.
        Conversely and counter-intuitively, if Russia and China dump the US Dollar as they seem intent on doing, a chain of events that will actually accelerate the coup d’etat envisioned by Western bankers will be set into motion. It is therefore essential that Russia and its associate states continue to support the Dollar, however bloated and excessively liquid it may become.
        A collapse of the Dollar will not be without supply chain disruption, mass unemployment, trade wars, and general instability. Revolutions are likely, as US consumer spending presently propping up the budding consumer cultures of Russia and China will quickly dissipate – taking the rising Russian standard of living down the proverbial tubes. Oil wealth in Russia is no bulwark against global financial contagion.
        The present reality must be acknowledged: The world economy currently cannot exist without the United States of America. Collectively, the United States buys 20 percent of all imports. Though this may sound insignificant, compare this figure to the EU, standing at 16 percent of all imports, or Japan at 5 percent of all imports. Emerging economies like China are net exporters, with some 60 percent of their GDP from exports; therefore, their total contribution to world economic growth is small. When trade is broken down by development category, the United States takes nearly half of developing nations’ exports.[1] But foreign dependency on the US economy extends far beyond mere trade connections. Foreign assets in the United States total $23 trillion, of which $4 trillion are securities.[2] Foreign-owned companies in the United States now claim $3.1 trillion in annual receipts.[3] Russia alone has 45 percent of its currency reserves in US Dollars.
        Countries like the United Kingdom and Japan repatriate 20 percent of these revenues, making their American operations economically vital. Because of these interrelationships it can be deduced that a decline in US consumer spending would have dire consequences for many nations worldwide. The present financial crisis has proven this much. Just as economists were telling the world that growth was “decoupling” from the American business cycle, the US housing bubble burst, spurring mini-bailouts in many industrial countries, and even China. Indeed, a new International Monetary Fund (IMF) report demonstrates that the world economy is still very much intertwined with US consumer trends. G-7 recessions are still 60 percent correlated with US recessions, and the stock prices of industrial nations are still 70 percent correlated with the S&P 500.[4] The world is hopelessly dependent on America.
        How then, can Russia maintain financial independence, and still support the Dollar, which seemingly perpetuates the hopelessly disproportionate leverage of the American banking elite in relation to the rest of the world?
        Russia must encourage the development of new consumer markets and incentivize higher levels of consumption in its sphere of influence, which will gradually reduce the dependency of many export-dependent economies on U.S. consumer spending. The new flat tax system installed by the Federation is a good first step in creating the conditions for a consumer class.
        A nation without control of its money is a nation without any real power. How can a nation project power without the ability to guarantee the liquidity necessary to mobilize military elements? If the monetary system is globalized, the locus of power will also be globalized, portending an end to Russian leadership in every respect. Efforts to destroy the present financial system in order to realize the fantasies of detached intellectuals must be resisted at all costs. If prosperity and economic well-being are the object, monetary union should be opposed. Surrender of sovereignty is not easily undone.
        John Griffing

        • Hi Slack:

          If this article had been titled:

          it would have been a great read.

          Rather than use the term “western bankers”, international bankers would have been a better choice. I realize that TPTB have a stranglehold on American finance but they also have a stranglehold on international finance. Because a lot of them live in the “west” does not mean their tentacles do not reach around the globe; strangling every country.

          And this paragraph should read:

          The object of these financiers is not to fix the system but to run out the clock in favor of “solutions” devised in dark dusty rooms. Solutions which will enslave all the world; including RUSSIA AND AMERICA.

      72. I just read the update that they’re not flying the Chicom flag after all. Someone in commiefornia with sense? Now THAT is a scary thought. I’m ready for the next article.

        • Hey Mac, BH is ready for the next article now, so post it up!

          I find it a little relieving, rather than scary, that someone in commiefornia has a little common sense.

          • Outlaw, with all due respect, just what is your problem?

        • Not so fast, Braveheart. I hope you have read some of the new info posted today. China cities might be planned for your bug out location. You might look it up……

          • Granny, thanks for the heads-up. If there’s any planned for my relatives’ area in GA, I can promise you NONE OF THEM will allow it to happen. braveheart

      73. The truth about the real size of the US national debt

        Everyone got used to the largest officially announced U.S. national debt of 16 trillion dollars. Moreover, despite the dire predictions, the global economy seems to be more or less stable, and recently liberal media have been happily reporting GDP growth in the United States and the European Union. However, it is not all that great.

        Let’s start with statistics. A number of researchers have conducted studies that indicate that the official U.S. statistics in nearly all areas – from unemployment to price fluctuations – is blatantly distorted and paints a positive picture that is very different from the reality.

        The work of Professor James Hamilton of the University of Economics, California who analyzed the size of the public debt of the United States particularly stands out. According to official data since 2008, when the global economic crisis commenced, the U.S. national debt has increased from 5 to 16.4 trillion dollars. The debt is repaid by ordinary taxpayers who pay approximately $220 billion annually in interest alone.
        This huge sum emerged due to the fact that in an effort to get out of the crisis, the Federal Reserve in coordination with the U.S. authorities pumped money into the economy and bought a lot of assets. Accordingly, the amount of state debt increased every year, and the interest on the debt service alone by 2021 will exceed the costs of defense spending.

        Given these figures, Professor Hamilton has calculated the value of the U.S. government debt that consists of the debts of individual states, corporations, individuals, government welfare payments and other obligations of the federal U.S. government to its creditors. The resulting figure is a staggering 70 trillion dollars. The U.S. lawmakers allowed debt ceiling of 16.4 trillion dollars that has been reached late last year, then U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner informed Congress about the beginning of the suspension of debt repayments and emergency measures to avoid a default. If this research is only half true, it means that the U.S. is in a state of a default.

        The fact that this assumption is not far from the truth is evidenced by the situation in American cities. Hundreds of cities are not able to pay their bills and fulfill social obligations. According to the World Bank, this may lead to their bankruptcy, putting the country on the brink of a sovereign default in the next three years.

        As of August 1, 2013, 12 U.S. cities have declared themselves bankrupt and insolvent. Nearly 350 small and medium-sized cities in the country and 113 municipal districts of large cities, particularly New York, are close to doing that. In mid-July, the City Hall of the former automotive capital of the United States Detroit has filed for bankruptcy. The city’s debt amounts to 18 billion, of which 9.2 billion are pensions and medical.

        The overall deficit of the pension fund in the U.S. is $2.7 trillion, or 17 percent of GDP. The lack of money in the pension fund, for example, in Illinois is 2.5 times the amount of annual tax revenues, Connecticut – 1.9, Kentucky – 1.4 times.
        The largest bankrupt city is currently Stockton, California, with 300,000 thousand residents. The situation in this city can show what will happen to other cities dealing with financial difficulties. The police department was cut by half, and the streets got filled with homeless, drug dealers and gangs of drunk teenagers. This year, 56 murders were recorded in the city, while in New York with the 15 million residents 414 such crimes were registered.

        Meanwhile, Stockton, like another bankrupt city of San Bernardino, is located in the richest state of California. What can be said about other states when Los Angeles has a budget deficit of $238 million and prospects of a default in the next year?
        Washington carefully conceals the information on the extent of the crisis in the country that followed the canons of monetarism. However, the information becomes known to the world, and the U.S. allies and partners are not happy because they know that the United States will emerge from the crisis in any way they can. They may be solving their problems at the expense of other countries, in particular Russia, as it has happened many times before, for example, in the case of placing Kudrin’s oil and gas revenues in U.S. Treasury obligations

        In light of this example the planned reduction in the exchange rate of the ruble announced by the Russian Minister of Finance early summer is not surprising. Empty dollars can be exchanged for even more rubles to buy quite tangible assets, including during the second phase of privatization that would help to close huge budget gaps. Likely there will be no problems in this fascinating process, as ardent liberals and adherents of the Chicago School of Economics and adepts of the U.S. sit in the economic block of the Russian government.

        Yuri Skidanov

      74. If it were up to me, I would saw Kalifornia loose and set it adrift! Sensible move from the mayor, but only made after much public outcry. ***Shakes head***

      75. I miss the days when if you were parking a foreign car…you’d come back and find the tires slashed.

        That’s the America I miss.

        Fuck all these liberals.

        Fear us bitches!
        Commie bastards

        Can you imagine…at the end of my life..they will completely disarm America one day with that cunt Finstein’s help.

        Then…when China and Russia run America…it will be …fire up the death fema camps.

        It was fun watching America do well…if only for a short time.

      76. who KNEW “made in china” would be a WARNING label?

      77. “..is on par with submission to the collective whims of a police state.”


      78. “Me no likey “

      79. I’m about to drive across Amerika on a vacation, of which I’m beginning to wonder if I should cancel it. My friend that’s going with me has begged and begged to go to COMMIEFORNICATION, and although the state is rather beautiful in its sense of nature. I ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY WITHOUT A DOUBT REFUSE TO SPEND ONE SINGLE CENT IN THE CRAPHOLE..THEY WON’T GET ANYTHING FROM ME. F$$K YOU COMMIEFORNIA. WITHER AND DIE YOU FRANKENSTEIN F-ING BITCHES. SUCK EMPTY BANKS VAULTS. I HOPE ONE OF YOU HUNTS MONSTER BITCH DOWN TO FEED THE MASSES WHEN IT ALL GOES SOUTH! Get out while you can. Or start a chopstick company! Name it MOUS -es-TONGUE.. Get it?

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