Just the Beginning: A “Slow Moving Trainwreck That Seems To Be Accelerating“

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Note: While many are looking for that one big event, the steady economic collapse continues. Hits in the stock market, not only in the U.S. but across the world, are amounting to significant declines. Investors remain spooked and gloomy about the Federal Reserve’s possible rate hike, and meanwhile the real economy has been stretched to the breaking point. And nothing is getting better.

    All the insiders know that the fix is in, and many in the alternative media and finance crowds have already taken notice of the many signs of decline, which even an artificially inflated bubble economy cannot hide forever. Something is headed this way, it is seemingly already happening.

    This Is For The ‘Nothing Is Happening’ Crowd…

    by Michael Snyder

    A lot of people out there expected something to happen in September that did not ultimately happen.  There were all kinds of wild theories floating around, and many of them had no basis in reality whatsoever.  But without a doubt, some very important things did happen in September.  As I warned about ahead of time, we are witnessing the most significant global financial meltdown since the end of 2008.  All of the largest stock markets in the world are crashing simultaneously, and so far the amount of wealth that has been wiped out worldwide is in excess of 5 trillion dollars.  In addition to stocks, junk bonds are also crashing, and Bank of America says that it is a “slow moving trainwreck that seems to be accelerating“.  Thanks to the commodity price crash, many of the largest commodity traders on the planet are now imploding.  I wrote about the death spiral that has gripped Glencore yesterday.  On Tuesday, the stock price of the largest commodity trader in Asia, the Noble Group, plummeted like a rock and commodity trading giant Trafigura appears to be in worse shape than either Glencore or the Noble Group.  The total collapse of any of them could easily be a bigger event than the implosion of Lehman Brothers in 2008.  So I honestly do not understand the “nothing is happening” crowd.  It takes ignorance on an almost unbelievable level to try to claim that “nothing is happening” in the financial world right now.

    Within the last 60 days, we have seen some things happen that we have never seen before.

    For example, did you know that we witnessed the greatest intraday stock market crash in U.S. history on August 24th?

    During that day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged from a high of 16,459.75 to a low of 15,370.33 before rebounding substantially. That intraday point swing of 1,089 points was the largest in all of U.S. history.

    Overall, the Dow was down 588.40 points that day.  When you combine that decline with the 530.94 point plunge from the previous Friday, you get a total drop of 1119.34 points over two consecutive trading days.  Never before in history had the Dow fallen by more than 500 points on two trading days in a row.  If that entire decline had fallen within one trading day, it would have been the largest stock market crash in U.S. history by a very wide margin, and everyone would be running around saying that author Jonathan Cahn was right again.

    But because this massive decline fell over two consecutive trading days that somehow makes him wrong?

    Are you kidding me?

    Come on people – let’s use some common sense here.  We are already witnessing the greatest global stock market decline in seven years, and after a brief lull things are starting to accelerate once again.  Last night, stocks in Hong Kong were down 629 points and stocks in Japan were down 714 points.  In the U.S., the Nasdaq has had a string of down days recently, and the “death cross” that has just formed has many investors extremely concerned

    The Nasdaq composite spooked investors on Monday after forming a death cross, a trading pattern that shows a decline in short-term momentum and is often a precursor to future losses.

    A death cross occurs when the short-term moving average of a security or an index pierces below the long-term trend, in this case the 50-day moving average breaking through the 200-day moving average.

    In the past month, similar chart patterns formed in the S&P 500, Dow and small-cap Russell 2000, but the Nasdaq avoided a death cross formation until Monday.

    What we witnessed in September was not “the end” of anything.

    Instead, it is just the beginning.

    And if you listen carefully, some of the biggest names on Wall Street are issuing some very ominous warnings about what is coming.  For instance, just consider what Carl Icahn is saying

    Danger ahead—that’s the warning from Carl Icahn in a video coming Tuesday.

    The activist says low rates caused bubbles in art, real estate and high-yield bonds—with potentially dramatic consequences.

    “It’s like giving somebody medicine and this medicine is being given and given and given and we don’t know what’s going to happen – you don’t know how bad it’s going to be. We do know when we did it a few years ago it caused a catastrophe, it caused ’08. Where do you draw the line?”

    Even people like Jim Cramer are starting to freak out.  He recently told his audience that “we have a first-class bear market going”

    Jim Cramer, the ex-hedge fund manager and host of CNBC’s show “Mad Money,” has been vocal recently on air, saying repeatedly that he doesn’t like the market now, and last week said “we have a first-class bear market going.” Similarly, Gary Kaltbaum, president of Kaltbaum Capital Management, has been sending out notes to clients and this newspaper for weeks, saying the poor price action of the stock market and many hard-hit sectors, such as energy and the recently clobbered biotech sector, has all the earmarks of a bear market. Over the weekend, Kaltbaum said: “We remain in a worldwide bear market for stocks.”

    As I have warned repeatedly, there will continue to be ups and downs.  The stock market is not going to fall every day.  In fact, on some days stocks will absolutely soar.

    But without a doubt, we have entered the period of time that I have warned about for so long.  The global financial system is now beginning to unravel, and any piece of major bad news will likely accelerate things.

    For instance, the total collapse of Deutsche Bank, Petrobras, Glencore, the Noble Group, Trafigura or any of a number of other major financial institutions that I am currently watching could create mass panic on the global financial stage.

    In addition, an unexpected natural disaster that hits a financially important major city or a massive terror attack in the western world are other examples of things that could accelerate this process.

    Our world is becoming increasingly unstable, and we all need to learn to expect the unexpected.

    The period of relative peace and security that we all have been enjoying for so long is ending, and now chaos is going to reign for a time.

    So get prepared while you still can, because there is very little time remaining to do so…

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Npgh

        God Bless you all…

        • grandee

          Indeed. We will need His blessings in the days to come.

          God has set His ‘hook’ in Russian jaws.

          • laeagle


            Hopefully everyone has built their houses upon The Rock and not on shifting sand! Unfortunately we do no have any solid bedrock here in southern Louisiana. It is all mud for hundreds of feet and we are slowly moving into the Gulf. We have learned to adapt and pretty much build all our homes on pilings.

            Like I tell my children, buckle up, we’ve got a choppy ride up ahead! Michael Snyder is not just fear mongering.

          • passinwiththewind

            I see you have figured out who the old edomites/moabites/ammonites/synagog of satan _udeans, are.

            Not many have the eyes to see who, why, and how.

            Bless you sister.

          • noimspartacus

            are you pathetic muppets for real?!?!?! religion IS the root of all evil – and so are all the pathetic sheeple living the lie thinking that some bogeyman in the sky is going to save and “forgive” their sorry arse….

        • laeagle

          May our God bless and keep everyone at this site!

          • AGENT SKINHEAD

            I reckon that Jesus fella was well hard.
            I wonder if he was a good skinhead?

            I’ve met up with some Jesus people and they seem to be OK.

            I’ve always come away from them feelin’ good.
            They make good coffee ‘n’ cake.

          • Old Nam Vet

            Amen brothers and sisters. I hope we all come through as the elect. I’ll be prying we are safe and secure in God’s care.Be safe everyone…cheers

          • Old Nam Vet

            Amen brothers and sisters. I hope we all come through as the elect. I’ll be praying we are safe and secure in God’s care.Be safe everyone…cheers

            • Marcus

              Theres something to be said for a strong knowledge of physics in a crisis situation where you have to self-rescue!

        • Acid Etch

          A strong dollar benefits savers and investors.

          A weak dollar stimulates exports (yeah right as if anything could help our ($600 billion annual trade deficit with China).

          • sixpack

            “so far the amount of wealth that has been wiped out worldwide is in excess of 5 trillion dollars.”

            DON’T YOU MEAN “the amount of wealth that has been REDISTRIBUTED worldwide”?

            All that investment money didn’t just vaporize (well actually, digitally it did, but that’s another story) it went to the big banks and to the big bank OWNERS, i.e. THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY. In other words, they just supplemented their 700+ TRILLION DOLLAR NET WORTH with another 5 TRILLION DOLLARS.

            Money they stole from small investors, businesses, governments and retirement funds. Their greed knows no bounds.

            THAT is the face of the enemy.

            • TheGuy

              Don’t you mean 5 trillion things that never existed in the first place went back to not existing?

              Someone’s gonna be pissed.

            • Marcus

              You mean “the wealth that never existed to begin with” it being fictional paper and all…

              • sixpack

                Exactly. Just like the other 700+ trillion the Rothschilds stole from the world.

                We can sit around and say it’s “not real money” or “it never existed” all we want to, but REALITY IS — THEY ARE SPENDING IT JUST THE DAMNED SAME.

                So I guess we need to define “real” if it doesn’t mean that we can buy things with it. That “fake” money they’ve accrued is buying them all sorts of things we with our “real” money can never afford.

                Just saying, If I can buy a car, a house, food etc with it, THEN IT’S REAL ENOUGH FOR ME.

      2. swinging richard

        The sad thing is the regular guy will suffer because of the uncontrolled greed of the bankers.

        • Old Nam Vet

          very true Richard

      3. Frank Thoughts

        Americans take the stock market far too seriously. It is just an elaborate illusion. A fantasy projected on to the ticker tape boards and trading screens. Fictional wealth chasing fictional assets.

        Too many Americans still think it is wise to invest in the stock market; something Europeans know is a fool’s game. Better to invest in things that are real, that are still there when the sun rises the next day. Food, land, houses, pussy.

        • B from CA


        • Ppod

          Frank – way to loose all credibility at the end there.

          • Rebel In Idaho

            Wait is that because you don’t think it’s an investment or not worth the money?

            • grandee

              both IMHO

          • sixpack

            It’s an age old reality that if you want to get a little, you have to give a little.

            On a biker’s shirt it reads: NO BUTT, NO PUTT.

            Then on HER shirt it reads: NO PUTT, NO BUTT.

            Nobody rides for free. That’s how the barter system works, ain’t it?

          • Marcus

            If you haven’t figured out human lives and services actually have value (including barter..), you’re missing a key component to socioeconomics. You’re also missing the endgame of the elite: they don’t want your fake money or stock portfolio. They want YOU.

            Crude or not, Franks right.

        • TheGuy

          I thought you qualified that with the statement “are there the next day”… o_O

          Cue “the next day”… the cat makes off with the house and land and food…

        • Old Nam Vet

          Frank, Frank,Frank You lost me at the last and your creds. went out the window.If you really mean invest in your “family” [lady] then I’m with you.

        • J.A. Gigolo

          Dost thou suggest one should invest as a pimp does?

        • Ron

          One of the reasons our market is so high is that so many Europeans decided it was the best place for their money since their own countries are tanking. Our Gov. pumping money into the market also has kept a sinking ship afloat.
          I predict an economic collapse. Get ready the best you can.

      4. Acid Etch

        Weather-resistant shells are non-waterproof, highly breathable, and windproof. You should be wearing this type 95% of the time, even in light precipitation. They come in four varieties:

        Cold weather:

        1.Down jacket. This has the highest known heat to weight ratio. The highest overall heat outfit is to dress in loose furs. Loses all heat retention when wet.
        2. Synthetic insulated jacket. Retains more heat when wet, lower life span than down.

        Cool weather:

        3. Wind shell. Uninsulated thin nylon shell layer. Dries immediately. This is best for multi-day outings in cool weather.
        4. Softshell. Polyester, heavyweight. Takes a long time to dry when wet but much more weatherproof than the wind shell. Much warmer as a stand alone than wind shell. This is best for one day outings in light or no precipitation.


        Cotton: Fuck you. Don’t ever wear cotton on an expedition except in the desert in the height of summer. Cotton kills.

        Polyester: Wicks best but fucking reeks of B.O. Best for single day outings.

        Merino Wool: Excellent odor resistance. Modest wicking abilities. Cannot be knitted in light weights. This is best for multiday outings.

        You may think talking about clothing is gay. But if you ever spend more than one day in the woods at a time you’ll soon learn it makes all the difference in the world to be miserable out in the elements.


        p.s. learn to treat blisters on the feet. Get some leukotape.

        • Cat Herder

          Acid, good advice-I use an old issue M65 Field jacket with a wool sweater underneath and lowers I use cargo trousers (5.11 or Propper or equivalent) with woollies below them. Itches like heck until broken in, but keeps me warm down to 0 degrees.
          Hand warmers and feet warmers work adequate but no guarantee if exposed to temps below -10 for any length of time.
          Hypothermia kills even at 60 degrees.
          Be well,

          • AGENT SKINHEAD

            Hello Cat.
            Thanks for the info.
            Did any of your kit get like totally wet?
            And if it did, what was the effect on the fabrics? particularly the woollen layers.
            I’m looking to be outdoors in the woods during the Autumn.

            • PO'd Patriot

              AS, if you get a chance go over to Survival Blog and check out today’s post on base layers. Good read.

            • Cat Herder

              I did get soaked one time while wearing the items described-the cargos were nearly frozen stiff, the wool underlying wear fared well, as I knew I had to keep moving- hauling 120 pounds of fresh venison to camp 2 miles away motivated me. Bath county, Va. Deer season and got caught in an early snow storm there.
              The boots were crap-found out that the hard way-they were broke in good, but after getting wet…that “thinsulate” isn’t worth a crap in shoe wear. The “hot hands” I used kept my toes from freezing. The USMC issue field jacket held up great-and still is doing well even after 40 years. Yeah, I am one of those types that hangs onto stuff that works.
              Be well.

        • laeagle

          Acid, your technical observations are especially appreciated. Have you seen JW Rawles’ blog today. Talking about various kinds of apparel as well. You sum it up well. Thanks.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Acid Etch

            That article is fucking stupid. It was written by a fucking poseur who has obviously never been on an expedition in his life.

            “synthetic jacket that will not keep you warm at night or in the cooler day temperatures. And let’s not forget the lack of fire retarding ability next to that fire you will be keenly sitting next to at night.”

            Umm…synthetic insulation has a much higher heat capacity than wool, dumbass. Why the fuck would you be keenly sitting next to a fire if you are dressed warmly?

            “Duck Canvas and Moleskin for Pants”


            “so the old sayings “cotton is rotten” and ”cotton kills” for wilderness use are only partly true.”

            Umm, they’re pretty much entirely true, dumbass.

            “For my long term shell layer I use a oilskin Duster made of lightweight 10-12 ounce canvas… on my wilderness journeys off the beaten track”



            • Jim in Va.

              This older person tells Acid to kiss off. You give a good review on clothing and then screw it all up by denigrating everyone under the sun,,,women,older folks and others. Get a life Acid and stick to one subject at a time. You might be taken seriously.

              • Anonymous

                Jim in Va,

                I’m with you. Acid acts semi human for a few threads and everybody has suddenly become enamored with the ” new” acid. Baloney. He’ll be back to his old ways before long and his current act will fall by the wayside.

            • AGENT SKINHEAD

              Thanks Acid.

            • TickTock

              Phuck you, ya buttphuckin spermburpin pillowbitin pantywaisted fancy lad. Someday YOU will be old, and I’m gonna rub your phuckin knob-polishin ugly phuckin mug in it every phuckin day for the rest of your pathetic gloryhole workin life! Now you can go back to blowin your boyfriend and shut the phuck up. Eat schit and die, poofter!

              • Tune up

                Tic toc has been watching waayyy too much porn. Settle down big fella.

              • Yoko Ono

                Keyboard tough guy alert!!!!

                • Marcus

                  don’t make him yell at the screen. could get ugly.

            • TheGuy

              I’m stuck on the mental image of the monkey fucking the football. Still trying to work out the physics on that one.

        • Anonymous

          Clothing is part of your kit, part of your load out. People will spend thousands on a weapon but only a few dollars on clothing. Look at clothing as part of your gear.

          Merino wool can be knitted in light weight. Check out Icebreakers.
          Other than that I agree 100%.
          If you want to try a great wicking shirt try the Motus from Arcteryx. It’s the absolute best. I’ve worn them from Desert to jungle.

          • AGENT SKINHEAD

            Thanks Anonymous.
            I’ll check ’em out.
            Clothing is my priority.

          • sixpack

            I can’t afford the shirt, but I love the logo…

        • Yahooie

          I agree with Acid Etch’s comments except one about merino wool.”cannot be knitted in light weights.” Yes, it can be knitted in various weights including what is known as lace weight. See this http://www.jimmybeanswool.com/knitting/yarn/ZenYarnGarden/BlackTieAffairs.asp?showLarge=true&specPCVID=62367

          The special thing about merino wool is that it has a long individual fiber so that makes in great for hard-wearing items like socks. It also makes it the least scratchy outside of lambs-wool. I will spare you the information about the crimp of various wool types.

          My personal preference is for silk long johns next to the skin and then the wool layer (hey, I’m a chick.) to eliminate possible irritation.

          There are other types of fibers that will keep you as warm or warmer than wool (and wear just as well or better) but unless you are a knitter, spinner, or weaver, you won’t know about them. They won’t be found at the local sporting goods store, for sure.

          Regarding socks. Merino (unless you knit your own or even if) is the way to go. Remember to have at least three pairs with you. It takes them three days to dry out (in humid Va summertime). Wet or damp socks will be a problem for feet. Sock liners help, of course, but you need the same amount of them as the wool socks. Best treatment of blisters is to avoid them; take good care of the feet.

          Regarding down, it’s up to the individual. I found it difficult. Even if you keep the clothing article dry in rain, there is always the moisture generated by your own body. Unless you have a regular place to get out of the weather and dry it out thoroughly, it can become a problem. My experience in the mid-Atlantic (often humid) while on extended hikes is not good. I can see how it would work better out west though.

          Hope my comments help someone. Fibers are an area where I have a lot of experience and knowledge and glad to share it.

      5. Sustainable Prepper

        Most people seem to only focus on right now. Forget the fact that the DOW has dropped 2,000 from its 2015 high. it might go up 200 points today and crash 250 points tomorrow. The water always gets choppy when there’s a storm brewing people. Better than the stock market, why not invest in yourself? Who will work harder for your money than you? Start a side business, build tangible things, grow food to sell…if you want passive income, buy a rental property. As far as the stock market goes, you’re almost as likely to be successful by just buying a Powerball ticket…

      6. Americanism

        Blah, blah, blah. 2012 has come a gone, yk2 has come and gone. September has come and gone. The blood moons have come and gone.

        Aren’t you guys starting to get a little bit embarrassed at the bull shit your handing everybody.

        You need to get a real job and stop scaring the little old ladies that read the shit you put out.

        Hail Hillary.


          Dude Americanism.
          You’ll be back.
          It’s never to late to learn.
          Be seein’ yah.

        • Jim in Va.

          More like to hell with Hillary!

        • sixpack

          They don’t scare this little old lady, because I think for myself.

      7. Ron Ahrens

        Like a frog in a pot of water slowly heated to boiling, the coward pussy Zombie boot licking filth in the vile evil disgusting collapsing fascist shithole of the world will never wake up to their slow SOFTKILL genocide, or the FINAL SOLUTION right around the corner, of NWO de-population being carried out by their murderous evil Corporatist fascist slavemasters. The coward pussy Zombie filth of collapsing America could care less about the health and future of the children they should of never had, and that is what makes them soulless mindless disgusting boot licking cowardly filth of the world.

        • sixpack


      8. aljamo

        Life is a slow moving crumble anyway. Then look back, it flew by at warp speed.

        • Rebel In Idaho

          So true.

      9. Diana J.

        The author took these words right out of my mouth. The stock market has had its ups and downs in recent weeks, but if one were to look at a graph of the Dow on any given day it would look like a bad ekg. I also agree that it would take a natural disaster of huge proportions, a terrorist attack or war to send the stocks into their final nosedive.

        Good news is that we still have time to prepare. If you have money in the bank, take it ALL out. Stock up on essentials for your families and pets. Have a bug out location set up.

        Most importantly, give your life to Christ before it is too late. What we are seeing globally re the situation in the Middle East, financial issues, etc have been foretold in Scripture.

        God bless you all.

        • Americanism

          Oh my god the sky is falling, the sky us falling. Give away everything you have. Run and hide in the woods. The bad people are coming.

          Come on wake the fuck up. Live life, enjoy the day. What happens, happens. The sun will be there tomorrow.

          Spending your time worrying about might happen is the real crisis in your life, not that the government is going to kill you.

      10. RJ

        Snyder will stop at nothing to keep his gravy train and that of his friends going.

        To seriously defend Kahn about his shemitah predictions that were laughable and plain wrong is just the height of hubris.

        When Michael uses words like imploding, train wreck, god’s judgement, he is being melodramatic and hyping the fear porn to unimaginable levels.

        He is using his fanatical religious beliefs to influence many weak minded christians into believing his hype and his message.

        There is no judgement from god. Things happen in the world and it is called life. Nothing more, nothing less.

        The true controllers of this world are ancient blood line families.

        Whom we worship in the form of whatever entertainment and diversion they give us in this world. Heck even the Santa Claus myth is an attempt to fleece the masses, by getting people to spend, spend, spend on their kids for Christmas.

        • sixpack

          “The true controllers of this world are ancient blood line families.”

          We’re ALL of “Ancient bloodlines.”

          • RJ

            While we may all be from ancient bloodlines. We are not part of the controllers bloodline. Never will be.

            • sixpack


        • Marcus

          pretty much. after all, SNYDER was the guy yelling about the “wild theories floating around” that “had no basis in reality whatsoever” for the last 6 months, secretly praying something bad would happen to lend him credibility.

      11. Cat Herder

        CNBC’s favorite son Jim Kramer no longer responds to questions about the market on his Twitter account-claims the “trolls” made it “impossible” for him to provide relevant stock information. Right.
        It was due to the more intelligent “trolls” calling him out that he’s been lying the whole damn time.
        Yellen will do a QE4 -and we all know how that worked out-Main Street got screwed, while Wall Street got cash.
        These bastas need to go long on pitch forks, torches and sisal rope stocks-and make more investments in Pasload nail guns.
        Cripes. These arseholes don’t give a phuck about anything except $$$.

        • Rebel In Idaho

          That doesn’t make his methods any different than other hedge fund managers, he’s just famous. Few of these guys ever ran any of the businesses that they buy and sell and their predictions of future value are skewed by “financial” lenses. How many of them even beat the darts thrown at the paper on the wall test?

      12. Jim Jackson

        Instead of talking “Points” let’s talk “Percentage”. Points don’t mean much when the DJIA was at 18,121 points and it dropped a thousand or so or even two thousand. As I type this the DJIA is sitting at 16, 263.86 points. That means in the last month or two it has dropped about 1780 points or so. That is just over a ten percent drop. How much did the stock market drop in 1929? Well on 3 Sep 1929 the market peaked at 381.17 points and dropped to 230.07 on Oct. 30, 1929 and continued to fall to 198.60 on 13 Nov 1929. The market continued to rise and fall for the next several years until 8 July 1932 when the market fell to it’s lowest level of 41.22 points. The market fluctuated up and down for the next 13 YEARS before recovering to that peak level of 381 points on 23 November 1954!!! So let’s talk PERCENTAGE, not POINTS! Points are meaningless. When we see the market drop 33% or more THEN it will be hard times for sure and the banksters and criminal politicians won’t be able to manipulate the system any longer. How much time do we have? Who knows?! I will say this, “Prepare while you can. Stock up and be ready. Anything can happen while we wait for the markets to implode including another major false flag much larger than 911”.

      13. Some person

        Yeah may god bring more suffering to humanity!! Thanks god, we love this trivial bs that ruins (b)millions of lives!!
        If this is gods blessing, he can go f himself.

      14. Heartless

        As I watch the market in its wild swings, I wonder if anyone actually thinks this a normal situation. The lack of basis in the physical reality of the world is what gets me. Stocks essentially are meant to be what? Investments due to belief that the company they are issued by is worth ….. well, investing in. That the act of putting one’s money into stocks will allow for a greater chance that that company can proceed with improvements – structural, personnel, product, research… .and so on. The truest investor knows that all gains in any of those areas may and probably will, take time to occur. So, a real investor when shopping for a location to invest in seeks a stable company platform – management, vision, product worth and sales records….

        But that is not what is occurring. Today, it is not a case of people thinking to be part of improving a company and helping to ensure the future of it. To stick with that company as a stock-owning partner to that same future and only then when necessary to withdraw the investment and reap a profit. Ethics would dictate that the proper mind-set of any investor is and should be one of gratitude at that point and to withdraw only when the company can bear the parting of the investor.

        Nope, it is all now just a casino. Not a single investor or investment house counsels long-term vision or any form of business ethics. Just ‘get it while you can’, “buy the dip” (with the corollary of ‘sell the peak’). There is no alliance, no true partnership. No ….. giving a damn really what the future of the company is beyond the next microsecond. Let alone the future of the actual employees and workers in that company.

        Until reality finally intrudes and this whole scheme of greed and selfishness is ended, until true concern and a feeling of being a part of the success and willing to bear up during normal setbacks, the market is nothing but a scam of literally historical and epic proportions.

        Who is gaining? Really? Who is really gaining? Not the public, the citizenry, the people that do not invest in stocks. The masses of people merely pay the price of the lunacy displayed daily.

        A good stock market is one that has no extreme peaks and valleys on its charts. A slow, low increase over time – aka – stability – would be a far superior market.

        • passinwiththewind

          Well, you do have some things correct in your commentary, except…

          “A good stock market is one that has no extreme peaks and valleys on its charts. A slow, low increase over time – aka – stability – would be a far superior market.”

          In today’s markets a lot of money is being made on the shorts.
          Actually, most fund managers are eager to see such volatility, because that is where they make their money.
          They can make it by shorts and longs. They make money every time an investor /client decides he or she has to make a change, or when they get nervous and sell like hell.

          A few days or weeks later, they see all the markets rise, green everywhere like today, and they grab a bushel of cash and phone up the ole fund manager/broker. He is back in the saddle again.

          I have heard more than one Manager that oversees billions say, they love this market volatility. “That is how we make our money”.


        I would like to know what y’all think of RT, Russia Today.

        Is it an alternative news channel worth considering or just a commie pos?


      16. BigB

        I am not sure what day it was a couple of years ago when I posted that I believed the collapse had already started. The stock market is only one piece of the deterioration of the USA. Combine that with the ever increasing amounts of money needed to service our social – economic programs, a collapsed of our foreign policies that have alienated all of our allies, the continued degrading of our armed forces both physically and moral wise and last but not least an invasion over our Southern borders with no end in sight.

        How does anyone not see that our system has already collapsed?


        • Old Guy

          Yes its pretty much over. The Un and Now have been pulling the strings ever since Roosevelt created the league of nations. Voting will not change anything. Not really much anyone or any group can do. There will not be any revolution or reset. Survive and out last the parasites is my plan.

        • passinwiththewind

          Yep, they have pulled the wool over sheeple’s eyes for way too long now.

          I was watching an old episode of Andy Griffith Show today. Of all things, Goober and Howard were having a discussion over the UN, and differing on whether the UN was better at handling a certain situation or the USA gov.

          Kinda like that still today. I would guess that there is fewer than %5 of the world’s population that actually know the UN is the NWO, and the Beast System, spoken of in Revelation.

          The whole world “whores” after the beast, both of them.

          • John Barleycorn

            That would be you as Goober and Acid as Howard, neither has a clue about anything but their own dismal lives.

      17. noblecrone

        Have plenty of popcorn on hand. Am sitting on the sidelines watching the show and laughting at the morons still in the market.

        Michael Snyder and a few others persuaded me to get out of intangible personal property. Did that years ago.

        In April 2012 Snyder warned us about the FDIC/BOE position paper Resolving Globally Active … financial institutions. I looked into it on the strength of his articles and am glad I did. Some allegedly smart people I know have not. The wailing and gnashing of teeth when the account raiding begins will be wondrous to behold.

        Leave it where they can steal it and they will.

      18. At the Last Straw

        Its time to stop with all these dog shit article’s about the economy collapsing, hell yes its going to, if you know when for sure then share that. Time to get real and deal with what we are facing to survive, war is at hand and just to live through it is enough for me. Folks we have to fight this elitist enslaving take over now or our children, grand-children, and great grand-children does not stand a chance. So the next time you look them in the eye, tell them well I did nothing to keep you free, Its going to take laying down our lives if need be to save them now. Come on all you authors of these collapse article’s get a pair of balls and start leading the way or shut up and go count your FRN, to your hearts content. Enough said, thanks you!

        • passinwiththewind

          I feel your pain and your disgust that is easily turned into anger and frustration.

          Just make sure your heart is right and know that it is all in the hands of the Master, from here on out.

          Just be glad you have places like this site to help you see what is coming, and only on a personal/family/communal level, can anyone do anything to change the outcome.

          We past the point of no return already, as far as a majority acceptance and repentance, and return; last month (Sept). Now it is just personal repentance/prayer, and prepping, that can change your situation for the unleashing of the hell hounds.

          Got spiritual protection? Gonna need it.

          • RJ

            Master Bates?

      19. Anonamous says

        Market is going no where, boring is good if it was to exciting people would be losing money.
        The strength of it lies in mutual funds ,Iras, and 401ks. October is the month we need to get
        Through without a major problem. We have been in a bear market no doubt with a healthy
        Correction. I wonder just how long the oil titans outside our country will continue to try to
        Keep prices down,they are losing money doing it.Enjoy it now it won’t last past the election
        I would bet. When will Yellen raise rates? Who knows , but if it is minuscule enough to start
        And barely registers on the radar for investors for some time we just might sqweek back to normal markets someday.Im betting 2016. Where the market is concerned the power is in
        Numbers remember …..more of us than them……….

      20. Anonymous

        If its crashing in slow motion then you have plenty of time to move your money any where you please before it goes down. If you don’t move it and it does crash blame yourself not some evil entity so and so.

      21. yupyup

        Window dressing. Will have to check out the volume…looks pretty decent. So, might have follow through tomorrow. I think the week will be down, but, we never know.

      22. Houst/Cypress/Katy/Shtf


        I am still around and reading. Just letting everyone know. Brave, your forgiven for you attack on me, why?
        Because i know that sometimes people have to wonder if i am just posting crap.

        SOME REALLY BAD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN SOON AND I AM NOT GOING TO EVEN MENTIONS IT. Why? because i am tired of reapeating myself. I have outed alot already.

        Trust me, i have better things to do that write crap on this site. My friend Hammer recomened that i need to just pull the plug on this site and let them learn. But i told him that i need to still let people know.

        Because i know whats coming. PO”Patriot. Your forgiven also. I have heard even more devastating information, and this post it to let everyone know that i am still here. When the time comes for me to comment, the ones on this site that are in the know, will solicit me to come back on to tell everyone what i know. I will never forget what happened to me in the last calapse of 2008, the effects were not felt until February and March of 2009. The question is this. What are we really going to feel in February/March/April 2016. Watch the agency ass clown trolls go on the attack once my comment gets posted. I will not be abandoning my fellow preppers for long.

        Jesus Speaks to Me. I have a message for you. I saw how you came to my rescue when i got attacked, since you like to attack me all the time. Welcome to the board. Begin some limited preps if you are able to afford it. I cannot prove if you are and agency ass clown troll. But if your not, and dont believe that shtf will commense, i still recomend that you prepare a bug out bag, and add a few items just incase. And remember, God communicates to man through his gut instinct. So we must follow our gut. Chances you heard about this site and got freaked out about its content. So i understand. Do some limited prepps just incase. When shtf commenses, band with the preppers and red necks in your area, and let them know that you know whats up. They are the ones who will literally save your ass. Everyone wants to go back into their comfort zone, and i know why.



        I am still here.

        • sixpack

          “My friend Hammer recomened that i need to just pull the plug on this site and let them learn” — this is a very condescending remark, insinuating that you are somehow superior and/or smarter than the rest of us. You’re not, and I do find your attitude offensive, but hey, I’m not perfect either. I can be offensive without intending to be, much more so when I intend to be offensive…but I’m far from ignorant or uninformed.

          There are some VERY intelligent and informed people who post here, and the best ones can do so without insulting others. They can enjoy their spotlight without stomping on anyone else.

          I don’t have any problem with you, HCKS, except that I wish you’d hit the return once in a while, to make your posts easier to read. Large walls of letters are hard for me to read.

          And remember, you won’t “convert” anybody be endlessly repeating yourself…we heard you the first time.

        • John Barleycorn

          Yeah, you really are trustworthy and intelligent, who wouldn’t believe you? 1 week ago you were leaving the site permanently and now you’re back again, ” forgiving” all those who trespassed against you. Now, what is going to be REALLY funny from this point forward is to see how many and who are the blithering mouth breathers who will be oh so eager to lap up your latest ” inside info” with a gigantic shit eating grin a mile wide on their faces while once again falling for your little game that you enjoy posting from your mom’s basement. There’s no doubt some will come running back to you with open arms because they just can’t help being stupid and enamored with everything doom porn. Good luck, let’s see how many idiots you catch!

        • Jesus Speaks To Me

          Good to see your still alive, was worried when the meteor hit near Puerto Rico you would be whiped out.

          As for bug out bags, no where for me to go so I keep get home bag with me at all times. Bugging in only choice, just looking for sustainable ideas in suburban environment.

          Be safe my Texan friend.


      23. 2isone

        In July, we had 2 weeks of food on hand. Today we have 4 months of long term food stored. Next month we will have more.
        In July, we had access to 3 long guns but no ammo. Now we have ammo.
        In July we had no water filter for our near, natural supply. Now we have a large one and will be getting another soon.
        In July, we had no PMs. Now we have a decent amoint.
        I am not upset that the world didn’t end this month, but each day I try to do the work of someone who sees the train coming down the tracks from a distance.
        Thankful for every day that my fiat money can buy someting tangible and potentially lifesaving.
        BTW- I opened a can of Yoder’s bacon from the case I bought recently. That stuff is good!! Did a 4 person breakfast, 2 rounds of BLTs and some loose strips over a period of 6 days… there’s a lot of bacon in that can. After opening it, I put it in a baggie in the fridge,

        • sixpack

          Congratulations! You’re doing very well! I know you feel more secure, no matter what happens.

        • Plan twice, prep once

          Sounds like a good start. Once you have a base, you can build by shopping for sales.

      24. USMC1982

        Everyone should spread out their investments in at least 7 different directions:

        MONEY- cash
        SEEDS- seed banks- heirloom
        REAL ESTATE w/o debt
        GUNS- ammo

        Whether you believe there will be a crash soon or not, it’s the wise thing to do. Then when your plan is in place, enjoy life and don’t fear. If the SHTF, help all that you can. With Gods help, that is my plan. And its in place.

        • Jim in Va.

          USMC1982; Bingo best basic advice one can give!

        • Jim in Va.

          USMC1982; Bingo best basic advice one can give!

      25. Houst/cypress/Katy/shtf

        Six pack, I meant the agency ass clown trolls., and dred lock posting trying to start crap. Not you intelligent guys. Yes my grammar sucks. I am just too busy to wrote perfect. I am busy working, working out, pricing martial arts, and get this now. It looks like I have found found a girlfriend, she is still under investigation for shtf end game compliance. So this is something else. She is spiritual doom and bloomer..Jesus Speaks to me, get the preps and limit it, you don’t have to all our over board, just get enough as a back up kit. It just goes to show how intense this site is, posters attacking me. You attacking me, both of us getting out asses attached, wtf? Get preps just in case you end up with the o sh….t those damn shtf people were right, now I am screwed.



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