Just In Case: State Department Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Headline News | 194 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Better late then never.

    The U.S. government has begun ordering tens of thousands of Hazmat suits to combat Ebola in Africa and in anticipation of a potential outbreak within the borders of the United States, according to a new report from Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars.

    The U.S. State Department has ordered 160,000 Hazmat suits for Ebola, prompting concerns that the federal government is anticipating the rapid spread of a virus that has already claimed an unprecedented number of lives.

    In a press release posted by Market Watch, Lakeland Industries, a manufacturer of industrial protective clothing for first responders, announced that it had signaled its intention “to join the fight against the spread of Ebola” by encouraging other suppliers to meet the huge demand created by the U.S. State Department’s order of 160,000 hazmat suits.

    “With the U.S. State Department alone putting out a bid for 160,000 suits, we encourage all protective apparel companies to increase their manufacturing capacity for sealed seam garments so that our industry can do its part in addressing this threat to global health,” states the press release.

    The huge bulk order of hazmat suits for Ebola has stoked concerns that the U.S. government expects the virus to continue to ravage countries in west Africa and may also be concerned about an outbreak inside the United States.

    Although the State Department has announced that it is planning a “surge” of emergency medical personnel into western Africa, only 1400 federal workers are currently in the region, suggesting that the 160,000 figure is far higher than what would be required merely for sending medical workers abroad.

    Full report: Infowars.com

    The orders come on the heels of numerous warnings from researchers and health care officials who say that the Ebola contagion may be so widespread that it could eventually infect up to 5 million people in Africa.

    Mathematical models suggest that, at its current spread, Ebola could infect up to 10,000 people by the end of this month and as many as 100,000 by December if efforts to contain the virus fail. Thus far nearly 5,000 people have reportedly contracted the virus and all indications are that this number continues to grow.

    Researchers at MIT and the New England Complex Systems Institute have developed a model that shows what might happen should the virus make its way out of Africa via major transportation hubs that include England, Europe proper, Asia and the United States. The results are frightening and show an eventual spread to every populated region of the earth. 

    Scientists say that the current outbreak will likely take at least 12 – 18 months to contain, and that doesn’t even account for the possibility of a mutation, such as the virus being fully airborne like the flu or common cold. In such an instance, we could be looking at a widespread catastrophe that would far exceed the 5% global population die-off experienced during the Spanish Flu of 1918.

    What is not being said publicly, according to a previous report, is that this Ebola outbreak has had an unprecedented hyper evolution that may lead to it eventually being transmissable by breathing, as opposed to bodily fluids and droplets in the air. According to experts at the CDC and WHO, the virus is out of control. “we are in totally uncharted waters and that Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time,” according to the New York Times.

    With the government having deployed Ebola bio detection kits and mobile containment labs to National Guard units in all 50 states, the latest order for 160,000 Hazmat suits suggests that virus is no longer just something that will affect cities in Africa.

    The government is preparing supplies for the eventuality that Ebola will reach U.S. shores. Hospitals across the United Sates are taking the threat seriously and are setting up infection and control procedures to deal with a potential outbreak.

    Despite assurances that our medical infrastructure is prepared to deal with a pandemic crisis, it is not clear how effective the response will be, especially if the virus mutates and becomes capable of spreading by air.

    In such an event it is likely that the infections will be so high amongst the population, especially in major metro areas, that the entire infrastructure will be overwhelmed. Hazmat suits may keep health care workers and first responders safe, but the virus will spread like wildfire through the general population.

    If the virus were to begin spreading in the U.S., the only real method of prevention will require that every individual and family have a Pandemic Preparedness Plan.

    Mike Adams of Natural News has developed a free Bio Defense How To Course to help individuals prepare for Ebola and pandemics in general.

    Tess Pennington, author of the highly rated Prepper’s Blueprint, provides some tips and strategies to implement right now, before an emergency is declared.  She suggests preparing contingency plans that may include a sick room, quarantine procedures and essential supplies to help prevent infection within your own home.

    If this outbreak is real, and all evidence suggests it is, then it is likely only a matter of time before it reaches the United States.

    The day it does all hell will break loose.

    You’ll want to have your pandemic supply room stocked and ready before that day comes.


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      1. Let’s start this day off right… Enjoy…

        How to Tell the Sex of a Fly

        A woman walked into the kitchen to find her
        husband stalking around with a fly swatter

        “What are you doing?”
        She asked.

        “Hunting Flies”
        He responded.

        “Oh. ! Killing any?”
        She asked.

        “Yep, 3 males, 2 Females,” he replied.

        Intrigued, she asked.
        “How can you tell them apart?”

        He responded,
        “3 were on a beer can,
        2 were on the phone.”

        • LOL 🙂

          Pure comedic genius.

          • CDC issues Ebola checklist: ‘Now is the time to prepare’

            “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warning hospitals and doctors that “now is the time to prepare,” has issued a six-page Ebola “checklist” to help healthcare workers quickly determine if patients are infected.”

            “…the assumption in the checklist is that it is ONLY A MATTER OF TIME before the virus hits home.”

            “The checklist has been distributed to major hospitals and even little ones.”


            • And of course, no hazmat suits for us.
              As usual, we’re still on our own.

              Fuk you people and the government pig you rode in on.

              • Well…here’s hoping their made in China or the same type the doctors had in “A” frica.

                • talon,a pin prick/toothpick/karrambit,or,say a talon lets everyone enjoy the party!

                  • Warchild..a 7.62x54r pin prick from 500 yards;-)

                • 20% Chance Of Ebola In USA By October; 277,124 Global Cases By Year-End, Model Predicts

                  “There’s nothing to be optimistic about,” warns the professor who developed the Global Epidemic and Mobility Model to assess outbreaks, “if the number of cases increases and we are not able to start taming the epidemic, then it will be too late. And then it requires an effort that will be impossible to bring on the ground.”

                  As Fred Hutch reports, the deadly Ebola epidemic raging across West Africa will likely get far worse before it gets better, more than doubling the number of known cases by the end of this month, predicting as many as 10,000 cases of Ebola virus disease could be detected by Sept. 24 – and thousands more after that.

                  “The cat’s already out of the box – way, way out,” as the analysis of global mobility and epidemic patterns shows a roughly 25% chance of Ebola detection in the UK by the end of September and 18% it will turn up in the USA. “I hope to be wrong, he concludes, but “the data points are still aligned with the worst-case scenario.”


              • The govt wont secure the border and theyve let in the Mexicans and terrorists so we know where the biggest ebola entry point will be.
                All we need to do is give out a map and written directions for free vacations in Atlanta Georgia. The Hotel CDC has full accommodations for anyone fresh in from the Mexico area. Well be sure to let them know they have free hospital care for those who are ill or weary from travel.
                I think its high time the govt gets their fair share of whats going around. As Obama says, redistribute the wealth.

                • This gives “Out of Africa” a whole new meaning. Seal the Border!!! Mine the Border!!! Shoot any SOB who tries to cross!!

                  Just saying. 🙂

                • hey , Obama wants to send troops to enforce borders in west africa !
                  I guess its hunanitarian aid there ….WTF.
                  I will post a link.

                • One of the reasons that the outbreak in Africa has been so serious and prolonged is so that it will not look suspicious when it breaks out here in the US. The long outbreak gives cover for something that has never happened before an outbreak outside certain areas of Africa. Wondering how man infected/soon to be infected carriers are stashed and where. Such an outbreak here coupled with a couple of kinetic events pretty much destroys the Christmas shopping season. Also the economy as a result. It has been so easy to take over the US using someone like Obama it is amazing that no one did it years earlier.

                • I don’t think the poor souls impacted by this disease will be up to going to a golf course to chat with the leader of the free world? It is shocking they transported the individuals sickened with with Ebola were flown to the United States for treatment? And they have recovered and I believe at least one has recovered and sent home? Where is the out cry to have the medicine to cure this disease to be put on a fast track for mass production?

                  • It’s not for the masses..just for the “chosen ones”.

                • Calgagus: So that’s how it works; some super-secret cabal of government workers along with al-Qaeda/ISIS/whomever is going to fly dirt-poor infected black Africans into Mexico so that they can cross with the illegals (blending in of course) just to come here and create a pandemic. And while they’re infecting the rest of us we’ll give free health care, food stamps, and SSI. Is that how you see it? Both devious and brilliant!

              • That’s right, no soup for you!

            • Nothing to see here folks. Everything is under control and all is well. Now move along.

          • Health care workers in Africa have already shown Hazmat suits do not help much, if any, against Ebola. So, what’s up?

            • You didn’t think those 500,000 plastic coffins outside of Atlanta were intended to remain empty did you? 🙁

              • DK,first Who,now you?!These are not coffins Dammit!These are large cake molds to bake welcome to camp fema treats,they are large as they have a large roster of campers this year,enuff with the “coffin” paranoia!

                • WC: Sorry, my bad!!! 🙂

                  • DK,no problems,will say though as also mentioned to Who not sure why the molds have hermetically sealed tops,will look into it and get back to forum on that one.

            • Hazmat suits only work when used for every infected patient all the time. The most dangerous patient is the one that is five minutes away from being diagnosed with Ebola (or tuberculosis or any other serious disease). That is when the patient is in the regular clinic seeing medical people who are not suited up. I don’t know any clinicians who suit up for every patient encounter but that is what they would have to be doing in Africa to avoid exposure.

          • The one question I have in regard to this is……

            Why is it the State Department ordering these suits?

            Just seems a little odd to me.

            I’d expect DHS.

            Why the State Department?

            Any ideas?

            • Walt I have two ideas, first the DHS Budget is allocated for guns and ammo , personal armor, tanks for Cops, and diapers for illegals.

              Second, the State Department has some excess funds left over in the Mosque Construction Account, and they are desperate to spend it before September 30th, when all existing and allocated funds MUST be spent before getting any new money after October 1st.

              That’s just the way government works. Engage your employees or be impoverished by them, one foreign aid allocation after another. 🙁

            • I don’t think the poor souls impacted by this disease will be up to going to a golf course to chat with the leader of the free world? It is shocking they transported the individuals sickened with with Ebola were flown to the United States for treatment? And they have recovered and I believe at least one has recovered and sent home? Where is the out cry to have the medicine to cure this disease to be put on a fast track for mass production?

            • Budget, spend it before you loose equivalent funding for the new fiscal years budget. If you don’t spend your allotted budget funding in a particular year your funding remains equivalent to current spending or less?

          • Excellent Eppe,just got home from a tough day,figure brighten my mood by reading depressing though true articles,and yet,a excellent joke makes the day a bit easier!

          • According to CNN, (scroll at bottom of the picture), Obama said the Ebola problem is a “National Security Priority” for the US.

            • Just the other day, I thought ISIL was the priority! Man don’t blink.

          • Heard a good one today, ISIL, ISIS, IS, what should we call them? ‘Isholes’ pronounced ‘iceholes’….
            Obola at the ATL CDC tomorrow, would be a good time for something to happen…

        • 16 years of marriage and my wife informs me that she has always wanted 2 men at once. I did not know what to say to that.

          Then she said she wanted one cooking and one cleaning!

          • Yeah Mike, so now you’re pulling double duty……… and women say men can’t multitask.

            • Rick

              After 16 years of marriage heck no. I just walked out and went to the man cave lol

          • Just the other day, I thought ISIL was the priority! Man don’t blink.

        • … and the Obama supporting fly was on a golf club

        • Excellent! 🙂

        • Sadly the man and woman died later as the flies had landed on Obala laden fluids.

        • Eppe, keep them coming. Nobody can beat you on humor.

        • Seems to me the environment in West Africa is ideal for a virus like Ebola to spread – hot, humid, high population densities, primitive medical services, poor (or no) sanitation, suspect drinking water etc etc.

          Once it gets a foothold as it has now, unlike previous outbreaks, it will continue to “burn”. Eventually it will fizzle out over there though.

          The real danger as I see it is if it gets to our countries. We are the most pampered generation in history – get a cold/flu? Go to the chemist and they’ll give you enough pills you’ll rattle! Got a hacking cough? Doc will pump you full of antibiotics! Any other problem? No worries – here’s a bunch of anti-depressants!

          We, speaking generally, have stuff all resistance to any bug that’s floating around and if something like this hits our shores it will go through us like mercury through a goose!

          While we have good sanitation and water supply if Ebola starts to burn through us it will take out key people in water, sewerage, electricity, food supply/manufacture/distribution – then we will descend into conditions just like West Africa. Only it will be worse for us because we have bugger all resistance.

          African villagers can and do eat and drink stuff that would kill us. Dysentry, Cholera, Typhoid, Malaria can all kill – especially if medical services have broken down or are overwhelmed – and a glass of contaminated water (not even by Ebola) from a busted water purification plant or creek/river/pond is all it takes.

          While Ebola may not be all that suited to climates like ours (although we do have tropical, hot, humid areas just like the US) it might only have to start the pandemic (panic) – all those other bugs/bacteria can finish us off.


          • In the Hot Zone, the author talks about (during the first Ebola outbreak) how the African villages were used to dealing with epidemics like smallpox so they automatically put quarantine measures in place like roadblocks to keep out strangers. It is one reason that outbreak was so short. It seems like they have forgotten this because I have not heard of this happening with this outbreak.

            Our country has no idea how to contain an epidemic. The first efforts at quarantine will be met with waves of lawsuits.I expect many people will walk off their job then sit around expected the government to send in relief. It would be a mess.

        • I’d believe my ex telling me she is going to repay me in full then join the monastery before I would take anything Alex Jones says seriously.

        • just saw where our hnic is sending 3000 troops to combat (contract) ebola in Africa. there is the “need” for 160000 suits. pandemic here we come!

      2. Another work of the Stan to destroy and to control.

        • Typo correct: SATAN not Stan. Barn Cat knows who I am talking about.

          • Screw Stan too!

            • Don’t even get me started on Stan.

      3. Just In Case: State Department Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits

        All I need to know.

        Price of everything is going to go up. Ugh.

      4. Wouldn’t it suck if ISIS sent some soldiers to west Africa to pick up an illness, then find their way into the US to spread Ebola?
        Incidentally, I disagree with ISIS. I believe BOTH Shiites AND Sunnis must die in order to create a pure form of Islam.
        Just sayin’…

        • Paid Government Troll… you missed the main creator of the ISIS and its pure Islamic crap… The tribe HQ’ed in TelAviv and its wings all over specially in NYC and London.

          • anonymous– I have an idea… get off your camel’s ass and stop with the Palestinian diatribe. You’re not a victim unless you want to be. I for one feel no sympathy towards you. I’m pretty sure that sympathy is somewhere between shit and syphilis in Websters. I only feel sorry for you, in which case, that word is also between the other words. You also won’t receive your 72 virgins, because unless Islam allows those virgins to be little boys under the age of about 2, since they too are a dwindling populace in your fantasy world. DAMN I’m tired of your crap! Gotta problem with this? Look me up and take your chances, dickhead.

        • All they gotta do is fill a few of those missing planes with infected people, land em in the desert in mexico somewhere then march or truck them all north!

          • Now I’m getting itchy kula…

          • Most likely they will fly in first class and arrive at various airports around the country. When govts. are involved with supporting terror passports and identities are no problem. No need to sneak, they will come in the front door.

        • Paid,is that your final answer,oh,excuse me,final solution.

          • To eradicate Islam from the Earth? Nahh, that would still leave tons of other idiots to deal with.

      5. Slightly off topic, but insightful

        Ann Barnhardt
        1. Just so you know, World War 3 will be completely unlike the two previous World Wars, so don’t expect it to happen like that, because it can’t. Europe, for all intents and purposes, has no standing armies, nor could it muster men, even with conscription. The post-Christian, post-modern man will not fight to defend himself. He is psychologically emasculated and saturated with self-loathing. Further, war will never be formally declared. You will not see the U.K. (whatever is left of it), France, Germany or the U.S. declare war on anyone, ever. That’s all over. For the U.S., that ended with World War 2. You all know that the U.S. never declared war in Korea, Vietnam, or anywhere else since World War 2, right? Additionally, while World War 3 grinds its way forward through time, and as millions upon millions die, the media will continually state that THERE IS NO WAR, and anyone who says that there is a war is just a loon. And the people will nod their heads, and the body count will rise, but it won’t be WAR you understand, because everything’s fine. Kinda like how there’s no inflation. It will be like that. And the body count will far, far surpass the 70 million of World War 2, perhaps by more than an order of magnitude.

        • Didn’t Einstein say he did not know how world war 3 would be fought? But he knew world war 4 would be fought with sticks and stones.

        • All, read the “Great unraveling” on drudge, WOW.

        • Europe died with WW1 and WW2 was just icing on the cake. The end of the US was the Vietnam War which put the radical left in charge of the Democrat Party but more importantly the boomer generation turned anti American as a result. We are no longer a nation and that was confirmed when tonight I heard that 73% of Californians support citizenship for illegals. Being that half the f-ing state is made up of illegals that should be no surprise.

        • I believe WW3 will most definitely be acknowledged because it will be the scapegoat for a worldwide monetary collapse. I also believe that Russia will bomb the hell out of the US. Nuclear war will make it pretty obvious indeed.

      6. The question I have to ask is not if the government is buying a large quantity of these suits, but is it buying enough of them? If it indeed were to come here they would need millions of them just to keep up with attrition. You will know they are worried when they order another batch.

        • These suits are not for the commoner, they are for TPTB and family… and maybe some sheeple to serve them while they’re all in hiding. The time draws near!

          • They are not for anyone. It’s election season and the DNC if laundering money through the procurement process and a large chunk of the money being paid for over priced bee suits is coming back to the DNC in paper sacks.

            • I should have said, “over priced, made in china bee suits”.

            • Yes, the government departments must use up their money by September 30 or lose it for next year. Tis the season for government buying sprees.

          • I never said they were for the common folk. I was thinking in terms of medical personnel. In a time of epidemic, they would get worn out quickly and need to be replaced. Thus it is entirely reasonable to think that they would need millions of them to serve the hundred thousand or so medical workers necessary to service an epidemic.

      7. Seems like with all the media hype of this, there must be something “they” don’t want us paying attention to. Not that Ebola is not very serious, it is, just wondering out loud here. That wa a good one Eppie!

      8. I don’t know how I feel about this threat. It is just another threat to add to the list. One question I have about the virus is temperature. Wouldn’t winter here be to harsh for the virus to spread like it is doing in Africa. I do think this is something we should prepare for. Anyone else get the feeling we are not being told the whole truth about this?
        I just can’t shake my gut feeling that something really bad is about to happen. It may be a combination of things. I have been prepping for several years now. Have known that bad times are coming.

        I just have never had this gut feeling of pure dread like I have now. I so hope I am wrong. Pray for me my friends and I will do the same in return.

        • Mike

          That feeling of dread is shared by all those who are awake, I believe that feeling has broadened because more people are waking up to the reality of our current point in time.

          Sadly now many of us track the actions of our government out of a well-deserved distrust, or to glean information from their actions that constitute a threat to we the people so that we can better prepare.

          Everything going on in the world today negates the expectation that the future will be better than the past, except of course our ability to adapt and overcome.

          • y99

            I started prepping because I woke up several years ago. I realized that something very bad would happen eventually. I am surprised it has not all ready.

            It is just that that feeling has gone into over drive in the last week. Never had it like this.

            Maybe I am wrong and I sure hope I am.

            • Same here,
              Honestly dont understand why everything hasnt come unglued

        • Mike,

          Channel that feeling of dread into action. If you haven’t already, start preparing for an imminent potential Ebola outbreak where you live. Bleach, disinfectant wipes, rubbing alcohol, masks, gloves, eye protection. When the first confirmed case reaches North America those supplies will be gone overnight. Sweden already has its first case.

          Hopefully you won’t need those supplies, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Yes, I think we’re not being told the full story. Based on conservative estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC, the actual number of Ebola cases may be many times higher that what the media is reporting.

          • YH

            I have channeled the feeling. But it could be any number of things right now.

            Massive terrorist attack from the southern border.
            This new respiratory disease infecting the mid west
            Earthquakes and volcanoes increasing
            Emp either by our country, another country or the sun
            Riots caused by another so called racial incident
            ect ect ect.

            I have never seen or known a time where people in the world seem so unhappy and depressed. Anger is building.

            It feels like the fuse has now been lit and it is about to explode.

            I try to prepare for all threats no matter how unlikely. I am blessed with my job so I may be ahead of most. I just care about all people and know a lot of pain is coming. Never had this feeling to be as strong as it is.

            Thanks for the advice my friend.

            • the earthquakes Volcanos & other clatyclismic events will increase both in frequency & magnitude. Its caused by the ongoing magnetic poles shifting. The magnetic pole shift affects the earth,s plate tectonics. the continents moving about and the earthquakes volcanos and land sinking are merely symptoms. they are not the responsible culprit just the result of the pole shift.

            • Mike,

              >>”I have never seen or known a time where people in the world seem so unhappy and depressed. Anger is building.”<<

              Precisely amigo! The world has always had chaos in one form or another, but I have never witnessed this combination and level of perpetual war, famine, disease, human suffering, despair, and Godlessness as I see today.

              We may not be able to save a world that seems hell-bent on self-destruction, but we do what we can to assert some measure of sanity to our tiny corner of existence.

              Keep prepping friend.

          • YH…I’ve made the suggestion in the past, that Ammonia and Bleach together will get anyone out of your BOL…but in a capped beer bottle tossed and breaking will kill any air borne virus in the immediate area.

            • talon1776,

              I forgot about ammonia. I’ll have to add that to my to-do list. Thanks!

        • Mike: Not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the virus could lay dormant for tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of years if exposed to the cold, like the germs under Antarctica or the Arctic permafrost.

          It might make it easier to spread as symptoms would not manifest in a week or two, but extend the incubation time. Not a happy thought. 🙁

          • Durango

            Thanks man. You improved my feeling of dread a great deal lol

            I actually thought that it could not survive in the cold.

            • Mike; I am here to serve my peeps!!! 🙂

        • @mike,

          Ebola is a problem. It is spreading via exhaled water vapor (aerosols….as i was so politely corrected in a prior thread) and they aren’t telling us that. The WHO repeatedly insists that the virus is not airborne. However, they haven’t factored in air temperature and humidity in their testing….or maybe they have…if you know what i mean.

          We can only hope that there are latitudinal constraints on the propagation of this thing or we are all screwed big time.

          • Cellar Spider

            If that is the case you are right. I work at a power station. If this thing does become a major problem. Do I or any of my coworkers go to work? Do we risk our families? I think not. That would mean the power goes out. If that happens then who knows how many would die.

            If the government knows this then why have they not restricted all travel?

            Why have the borders not been closed?

            Interesting isn’t it.

        • Yeah, I believe Apocalypse is on our doorstep too. I read somewhere TPTB plan to have several wars going at one time. Guess they have to in order to do what they planned (invasions of 7 countries in 5 year span, starting from Iraqi invasion). Wesley Clark was informed of this and talked about it on Democracy Now.

          And the situation in Russia really has me on edge. The US has invested around $4 billion in the Ukraine situation so they are not about to let go of it (according to leaked phone conversation)… and for Russia, its equally important– Ukraine has always been the buffer which has protected it from incoming armies. They said there would be nuclear war if NATO got on their borders. NATO is on their borders. (As of this morning– CNN news).

          Also, the US said that Russia will have to give back Crimea (according to the “Stop Russian Aggression Act” or whatever its called when NATO met at Wales recently. Russia will never “give back” Crimea! So this has me somewhat terrified at times..

          And now this– TPTB are bringing/allowing Ebola to come to our shores as well? I read they have to have some world wide crisis in order to bring in the new currency system… dunno, whole thing scary as heck.

        • I agree with the feeling of dread and doom. I have had prophetic dreams since I was a child. This gift was passed down to my daughter and grandchild. My grandchild told me recently that he feels very nervous and I asked him why, he explained that he feels something really bad is going to happen. These issues that have been going on in the world leave us cause to wonder why our government seems to always hide information. I personally don’t expect TPTB to protect the public that they have sworn too. It’s almost as if they want to cull out a portion of the world population. Obama can send troops to secure the borders in Africa but, Not our own boarders. This also leaves our troops to be in harms way and a portion will probably be infected with the Ebola virus. My feeling with the our boarders being open, is that the terrorist can openly bring in plague viruses such as (Black Plague and Ebola). There’s nothing to impede them. The Obama administration is being very ill responsible. Why give Americans hard earned money to one Muslim group to defeat another, they’re the same terrorist and hate the US. This will only fortify them so then they can attack Israel with our arms. Does this make since NO! America wake up!!
          Who’s on our side to protect our families not obama or Harry Reid.

        • I understand that the virus cannot live n cold temperatures but you have to wonder…when was the last time you were in a public place and it was cold? Malls? no, schools? no hospitals No, no. Places where we gather has nothing to do with the temp out side. It is the temp inside that will keep the virus alive and well.

      9. Sorry, but this seems just to be a “common sense” response to a potential threat. Waiting for infection to show up to put in an order for hazmat suits would be too little too late.
        We have an annual mock drill for patients with radioactive contamination coming through the ER. Not because of the risk of a nuclear event, but because of the transport of non-weapon nuclear materials on the highway which goes on daily. Just imagine the excitement if there was an MVA involving a car transporting a few hundred millicurie dose of 131-Iodine intended for a thyroid cancer patient and it spills inside the car…shut down half the city.

        • Ga Doc-

          How about a train with manifold container cars(shielded, of course) loaded w/ nuclear-waste / spent fuel rods…& then derailing in transit???

          ..coupled w/ the fact that ‘Uncle Sam’ almost always signs(pays $$$) onto “CONTRACTS”…to the lowest bidder, for whatever ‘service’ said contract was issued for!!!


          ..yeah Doc…I worry much too, sometimes!

        • Sodium Dichloroacetate cures all cancer GA Doc…not chemo or 131 iodine or any other Hegelian dialectic synthetic remedy.

      10. If ebola spreads that easily it will affect a lot more than 5 million people in Africa. I don’t agree that it could be contained in 12-18 months. Certainly not in Africa. And I don’t believe it’s had an “unprecedented hyper-evolution” either.

        The lamestream media seems to go back and forth between exaggerating the potential disaster to saying it will never be a problem in America.

        • Barnie Kitty, when did you get your doctorate in disease control or do you have inside info from your friends in barn places?

        • Air travel and open borders. Recipe for easy spread of disease.

      11. That’s a lot of quarantine in one order. The real question is, who are the suits going to be for? You know that the average Joe and Jane Schmo were not in mind when these 160,000 suits were ordered. Why the odd number? Why not 100,000 or 250,000 or 1,000,000? These suits already have a destination is my guess. Perhaps on the other end of some of these suits will be a military grade rifle locked and loaded performing forced quarantine measures.

        Not looking good.

        • Good point ArmageddonProof! If that’s where the hazmat suits will be used, I hope the guys/gals inside them SWEAT to death.

          • But those suits aren’t made of Kevlar..and even if they were..your right…heat exhaustion and awkwardness for return fire will be nil.

        • This administration has PURPOSELY let in thousands of illegals with who-knows-what-all diseases/viruses through our southern border and then transported them to many different states.

          Legal immigrants have medical screening to make sure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States.

          Illegal aliens are NOT screened. Many are infected with very contagious diseases and can infect others they come in contact with. This has already happened in schools, restaurants, and police forces.

          To name a few of the confirmed diseases – malaria, drug resistant TB, scabies, chicken pox, swine flu, Leprosy (renamed Hansen’s Disease), hepatitis, dengue, HIV, whooping cough and Schistosomiasis.

          I believe the government will achieve ‘quarantine’ by imposing martial law.

          Remember this…
          “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” -Rahm Emanuel

        • Yeah, that number struck me as odd too. However, I don’t know exactly what they are doing with them either. My hope would be that it is for nothing but benevolent purposes, with some of them being shipped to Africa to help quell the outbreak before it jumps continents. Then again, this is probably just the tip of the iceberg with the number of these suits they will need to acquire if they really think something is going to happen, or they know that something will happen. I don’t know and that’s what concerns me.

          There are days I wish I was still asleep and didn’t have to think about these things because the uncertainty really screws with my head. Then again, I am better off knowing so that when it does happen I can put the pieces together and try to survive.

      12. Mike; I have the same feeling. Just received a couple of NBC suits but need other items to accessorize the suits. to go with them. Can you smell Martial law? Staying low in the Valley.

        • Jim

          I have access to NBC suits thanks to my son. I also have respirators at work that I can get. I am not sure what I smell but I know it stinks.

          I am keeping my head down on the other side of the mountains.

      13. @everyone…My brother in laws girlfriend is from Uganda. She is expecting her first baby in the next week. Her parents plan on visiting her next month here in the States. She really wants us to meet them as when they visited last year we couldn’t because of scheduleling. How do I politely tell her that I don’t want any contact with them? I want to be nice but if things take a turn for the worse from this point out, then I suppose I won’t have to worry about it…I would expect countries to close their borders. Even ours…I think the militias on the southern border would begin to shoot to kill anything that crosses at that point.

        • Meet her in a hazmat suit. 😉 (jus’ kidding!)

          • @freeslave…that’s funny? 😉

            • @freeslave…that was supposed to be a “that’s funny!” With and explaination point not a question. You made me laugh!

        • Npgh.

          Tell the parents straight up how you feel May not be good for them also to travel. More exposure.

          • @slingshot…that’s what I’m thinking too. Just be straight forward and honest. I’ve already warned my brother in law. I don’t know if he listens to me though. He’s a tough read. He might listen though with a new born baby to protect her.

            • You may want to suggest she STAY here as well.. Africa is not a real good place to live at the moment!

      14. Just when you thought it safe to go back into the water…..

        • POP: Not unless it is well chlorinated. 🙂

      15. Hey guys, if nothing else, nitrile latex gloves are $15/hundred. Drug stores, hardware stores, etc. – you can find them anywhere. If you cannot afford the suit Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in, this is a no-brainer, and even a cheapskate like me can do THAT investment

      16. Stay out of the water. It is actually cool aid. There are things in there that will eat you.

      17. I’m pretty sure these are those disposable types suits. I can go through five to seven of these things a day at work (12hr.shift),so do the math throw on a fresh pair of panties and relax.

      18. As an RN, there are several things that bother me about this outbreak. Of the several strain of the Ebola virus that we know of, there are several have been documented to have become airbourne. The Ebola Reston was proven to transmit to primates via air transmission. All the primates in those labs were destroyed. In testing the human population of the lab there was documented immune system responce in the population but they never displayed the disease. They were isolated to be sure they had not become “carriers” like thyphoid mary. They were clean of the virus after some time. Also,a Canadian study has shown airbourne transmission from primates to pigs.
        This outbreak is the first “real time” observations we have had on how this thing replicates. The speed of it’s replications has astounded virologists world wide. It is not “normal” in it’s replication patterns. Add to this the fact that it is now in very large population centers of poor, under nurished, and under educated people with a “health care system” that is non existant, and you have a recipe for truely epic spread.
        World governments are finally sending some aid, but too little , and I fear, too late.
        Watch this carefully folks. You must be able to isolate you and your families for a very long time if is proven to be airbourne, as I suspect is happening. It will take time to sort out any transmission changes.
        Don’t panic. Prepare a plan, gather what you feel necessary. There are lots of recommendations on this site. Just do it now. Pray, and pray some more that we don’t have to use the plan.

        • Kate in Co-

          -(quote)- ..”This outbreak is the first “real time” observations we have had on how this thing replicates. The speed of it’s replications has astounded virologists world wide. It is not “normal” in it’s replication patterns. Add to this the fact that it is now in very large population centers of poor, under nourished, and under educated people with a “health care system” that is non existent, and you have a recipe for truly epic spread.”



          But have you considered the possibility of a bit of clandestine “tinkering”…of said virus’s RNA?

          ..yep, a virus is famous for mutating, no?

          Yet, is it a coincidence that, the most (allegedly) lethal virus known, suddenly chooses to mutate per transmission vectors..at this time, of global social/economic/military upheaval?


          Just thinking, mind you…per real-time coincidences, relative to government’s past historical record!

          • -ADDENDUM to above-

            Per govt’s track record…

            By default, it necessitates said virus’s 3rd world incubation / origins, is slated for importation & distribution…to our (1st) world shores!

            Call it part of ‘AGENDA-21’………cue / scroll credits!

        • Kate

          Thank you for your thoughts. I will not panic. I cannot afford to panic because I have family and friends to care for. I will prepare for this as I do everything else in this nutty world we live in.

          The problem with this is the fact that we have to isolate ourselves. I posted above that I work at a power station. If this does happen then the power will go out too. There will be no workers to run the stations. It would truly be a night mare.

      19. I’m giving thought to making my own suits. There are a variety of plastics out there, possibly pond liner. That can be cut up and taped or melted together into a suit.

        I picture two pieces, A bottom half like waders that goes up to the chest. And a top half with arms and a helmet that hangs down to the knees. Maybe use metal hangers bent to create a head enclosure and add some glass for a face plate. The arms can be attached to some heavy duty rubber gloves. Sealed with silicone. Heck, maybe heavy wrappings of duct tape.

        Add some PVC tubing and a 12 volt computer fan that forces air through a N100 mask to create a positive air environment inside. Hang that on your back, run the tube to your head area.

        Would it be commercial grade. Maybe not. But post collapse it would be good enough for encounters and quarantined individuals.

        Cost will be low. I might price it out…

        • SD

          Forced “Filtered” air.

        • Like that idea Sierra Dave. Our Tyvek suits are flimsy and if in direct contact, Id be very worried. Be sure all seams are air tight and remember your friend duct tape.

        • @sierra dave
          you have got to send me a picture of yourself in that suit, I’m dying just imagining it.
          you may be laughing later, but man what a picture you painted.
          I’m all for going on the cheap, but when it comes to something like that, I don’t think the mcgiver approach will do you any favors.
          and if your family/friends think your nuts already about being prepared, throw the suit on to remove any doubt.

          • DB,Sierra Daves approach would work with the Mcgyver touch,a little tin foil/wad of used bubblegum and a used prophylactic added to his design and all would be fine!

        • pond liner is heavy…it will weigh a 30 or more lbs.

      20. Actually, MANY of the now dead doctors and specialists that contracted the Ebola virus had used top of the line PPE AND *still* contracted the virus. When you use a virus level 4-5 positive pressure suite with reinforced seams and still die….that is not good for the average Joe.

        The Gov getting the 160k suits is merely a placeholder. They already have the thousands that they need stocked up, but they are not for you or I. The recent order is only a ‘placebo’ or token measure to give the appearance that:

        -They actually care what happens to the average person
        -They are being pro-active ‘just in case’.

        From what I have read on the spread of the virus lately, it is highly suspected that it can spread via moist air AND live on surfaces much, much longer than first calculated. They haven’t even disclosed the spread via mosquitoes yet.

        Also recently disclosed was the fact that people who have been cleared of the virus (prior infection and survived) are still passing this virus via body fluids. That is also not good as mutation appears to have taken place already.

        Ready to ‘shelter in place’? Got preps? You’d better.

        Oh…and even more good news about our supposed un-collapsible U.S. Dollar:

        UK Hints At Next Reserve Currency, To Issue Chinese Yuan-Denominated Bond
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        Yuanification continues around the world. As The USA attempts to corral its allies in a ‘broad coalition’, an increasing number of people – including domestic economic policy advisors – are shifting away from the USD as primary reserve currency. However, the move by British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, announced Friday, is likely the most notable yet in the world’s de-dollarization. As Xinhua reports, the British government intend to be the first nation (ex-China) to issue Renminbi denominated bond and to use the proceeds to finance the government’s reserves of foreign currency. Osborne described this dialogue outcome as “a historic moment” and a statement of British confidence in the potential of the RMB to become “the main global reserves currency

        • Who woulda thunk that the corrupt abusive governments of China and Russian would be the good guys. Wanting to create a currency system backed by precious metals.

          • Yes indeed the BRICS is going to compete with the IMF. that a good thing. about time the IMf has competition Now if Scotland vote,s to become independent of the UK. that’s in my opinion a good thing also. You never know how the everywhere spirit works. There are cause & effect events that create unforeseen results. If the Petro dollar tanks.The UN NWO and Agenda 21 cartel might just run out of money & credit and become powerless. Ive always hoped for some sort of Divine intervention.

            • Its time that we care for our own house, the political elite have done enough damage to us, a collapse of some sort leading to an all out purge of TPTB would be a good start

            • What would Braveheart do?

      21. as soon as the FIRST ebola victim is in my state (accidentally, not brought in by the CDC), im bugging out for a few weeks

        • I have been asking myself. What is my red line? And I’m thinking that it’s when you have confirmed cases in 1st world counties.

          Yes, I’m aware they may lie and cover it up. But the truth will get out anyway. Soon enough? Not sure.

          If you have 100,000 infections. Dead infected bodies piled all over. Dogs and other animals eating the infected dead. Pissing and shitting and licking everywhere. It’s going to get out of Africa.

          They are going to have to shut down ALL commercial flights at that point.

          It will be too late. Enough flights to Europe and then to America will have happened to spread the fun everywhere.

      22. In any case the government will only tell you half the story and half of that is a lie. They can not balance between alerting the populace and not creating a panic. Miscalculation is the key word. You can walk through an causal environment and expose yourself to a deadly virus because somebody miscalculated. How Nice.

        So how does one beat the government and the BUG?

        Read and educated yourself on prevention. Get the supplies you need to shelter in place. Read outside the US news for sources of information. Know the signs of infection and transmission. Keep you eyes open and ears on alert. Think before you leap!

        Get ready for when people get stupid/frightened and do things that may hurt you and family.

        Sandbags: They can be used for any occasion ;0)

        • Sand bags and 2x2x4 plywood boxes, you can fill the boxes with dirt by hand and stack em as you fill em. I can load em with my tractor and move em with the forks, bullets go in dont come out

      23. The way things are looking in this world right now; just makes one want to get a bottle of jack in the black, put in a CCR disk, open the bottle throw the cap out the window and drive around the back roads and get your head on straight and just think.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!!

        • RR, hate to break it to you but Jackie D. is being put in plastic bottles now. Better go get it now while their still some of the glass ones on the shelf. If that is the route JD is taking, they can keep it. I won’t buy another drop.

          • Better yet Po’d…they can shove it.

            That is just how stupid corpco thinks we are.

      24. Get ready for medical martial law. Checkpoints. Curfews. Quarantines. Concentration camps. The rape of our freedoms and liberties! Then comes the mandatory vaccines! And God help us when that happens. Obummer extends his term and has full control. Hunger Games coming. Now what are we willing to do about that!?!

        • Fight to the death.

          • disappear

            • If you can,,,
              Short of walking off into the brush theres not really anywhere to go

              • Dog,what will I do about it?Well,rely on my inner strength and become the cornered rabid weasel with the ability to use tools I know is in me.

                • I’ll join you! I’m gonna go wolverine when the shtf!!!!

      25. Ebola is the very last thing im worried about. Ive hears all the cry wolf pandemic bull. first its a bird flu then something else. now Ebola that’s all the guy on the Extinction Protocol website has articles about any more. Face it you might catch Ebola and if you do you might die. And the likelihood of that happening is on par with winning the lottery. Its been pretty wet. And the Bermuda grass in my yard has grown to anout 8 inches tall. When she left for work today my wife gave me orders to mow the grass. So today I built fence around the shrubs & flowers and let the cows goats & donkey in to mow it. They are out doing a lot of eating & pooping at this very moment. Ole Billy jumped up on the porch and left a considerable pile of nanny goat berries. Im more worried about the griping & bitching the wife will do when she gets home from work than Ebola.

        • Because he believes that this Ebola outbreak has the potential to become a “Human Extinction Event”. Estimated 5 million people could die from this in Africa if not contained.

          Those who follow Biblical prophecy could very well be seeing an end time pestilence unfolding……

          You know he has a second web site named “Utopia”

          He is talking about the Russians and the Chinese on that one.

          • To put that in perspective,
            The estimated population of the African continent is 1.1 BILLION
            5 million people isnt even 1/2 of 1%

        • Probly got a better chance of being killed by a drunk driver or a heart attack than ebola!

      26. A UV light in the return duct of your forced air hvac system is effective for killing viruses.

        • Not really. It will help kill bacteria/mold spore that might form on the evaporator coil from the condensate water lying in the drain pan.

      27. Hey, It’s all good…
        Still can’t find a decent reliable source for .22Lr when I want it…So much for the Bazillion round the Gov’t scarfed up…
        SO now it’s Tyvek suits.
        This is all just a plot to stimulate the economy through panic purchasing!!!
        Next thing ya know it’ll be an XYZ shortage!
        Come on now folks go out and hoard like it’s the end of the world as we know it…And you’ll feel fine!

        It is to the point, that there is so much to worry about,there is now point about worrying about anything!

        Remember it’s the Space Aliens…They are responsible for all of this mess!

        Disclaimer: The above was written with tong in cheek!

        • Nobody,plenty of LR.22 for sale on slickgun under 6-8 cents a round,that is just one site.You can also try ammo seek/cheaper then dirt/luckygunner ect.The day you get raided for ordering ammo online is the day you already need it.

      28. This crisis is on the road to evolve into a potential “Human Extinction Event” as one person has said.

        If people ever tracked an ongoing event, I think they need to track this one.

        Take a look at Theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com.

      29. ‘If you like your false flag operation, you can keep your false flag operation…’

        20% Chance Of Ebola In USA By October; 277,124 Global Cases By Year-End, Model Predicts

        “There’s nothing to be optimistic about,” warns the professor who developed the Global Epidemic and Mobility Model to assess outbreaks, “if the number of cases increases and we are not able to start taming the epidemic, then it will be too late. And then it requires an effort that will be impossible to bring on the ground.” As FredHutch reports, the deadly Ebola epidemic raging across West Africa will likely get far worse before it gets better, more than doubling the number of known cases by the end of this month, predicting as many as 10,000 cases of Ebola virus disease could be detected by Sept. 24 – and thousands more after that. “The cat’s already out of the box – way, way out,” as the analysis of global mobility and epidemic patterns shows a roughly 25% chance of Ebola detection in the UK by the end of September and 18% it will turn up in the USA. “I hope to be wrong, he concludes, but “the data points are still aligned with the worst-case scenario.”

      30. I’ve posted this before
        but it is ********** CRITICAL information **********

        Airborne Transmission of Ebola


        “The public has been misinformed regarding human-to-human transmission of Ebola. Assurances that Ebola can be transmitted only through direct contact with bodily fluids need to be seriously scrutinized in the wake of the West Africa outbreak.

        The Canadian Health Department states that airborne transmission of Ebola is strongly suspected and the CDC admits that Ebola can be transmitted in situations where there is no physical contact between people, i.e.: via direct airborne inhalation into the lungs or into the eyes, or via contact with airborne fomites which adhere to nearby surfaces. That helps explain why 81 doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers have died in West Africa to date. These courageous healthcare providers use careful CDC-level barrier precautions such as gowns, gloves, and head cover, but it appears they have inadequate respiratory and eye protection. Dr. Michael V. Callahan, an infectious disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital who has worked in Africa during Ebola outbreaks said that minimum CDC level precautions

        “led to the infection of my nurses and physician co-workers who came in contact with body fluids.”

        essentially health care workers following current CDC guidelines
        are NOT adequately protected against contracting EBOLA

      31. New data center protects against solar storms and nuclear EMPs


        I just love this

        “Congress has held repeated hearings over the years, particularly since the 9/11 attacks in 2001, and there have been a number of government reports that describe the consequences. But there is no action plan, and the need for EMP protection sits lower on the list of public-sector priorities than increasingly costly infrastructure projects, such as efforts to repair or replace aging bridges, roads and water lines.”

        Congress is well aware of how great a threat this is
        but has chosen to do nothing

        what can you expect when our government is as CORRUPT as it is ???

        • Our congressman are not dumb, they know the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground. To avoid the virus, they will climb into one to save the other. You don’t count because you look like neither.

        • … makes one wonder just how close TV shows are to reality these days …

          Sounds like you just described “Person of Interest” where they have to protect ‘the machine’ at all costs…

      32. I have my duck taped. Now what?

        • Call Aflak?

        • Good. That late night quacking was annoying…

        • So what your sayin is its time to pay attention?

          • Statistics and probabilities are 2 of the earth’s certainties.

            The more options for an event/plague to occur leads to greater risk of contact.

            Just that simple…and sad that a handful of humans want to infect the masses.

      33. It’s good to have it (the hazmat gear) than not have it, but it’s not a guarantee you’re totally protected from infection. The doctors helping in Africa go through extreme measures and they’re dropping like flies or just abandoning. The idea, whether you have PPE or not, is to keep far away from the virus and not get exposed at all. I’m way ahead of them, I got mine a few years ago.

        If ebola becomes a pandemic near you, everyday life will have to change when you think about all the public surfaces you come in contact with like door handles, keypads, gas station nozzles, money, shopping carts, and so on. Avoid the hotel stays and eating out too. A few days ago the Daily Mail did a study of how fast a virus can spread through an office building within hours (‘Viruses can ‘spread through office buildings within hours after just a single doorknob or table top is contaminated’). Should cases start appearing outside of Africa this fall and winter, I think there’s going to be fear and panic as we head into the cold and flu season.

      34. So what is the plan. A plan for the first case of Regular Ebola and another for the Airbourne Ebola.

        Exposure. Incubation. Symptoms. Transmission. Death.

        Exposure being random like on the street or confined like job or sporting event, school.

        Incubation time depends on mutation and how violent the virus becomes.

        Symptoms. Mimics the flu and flu seasons is upon us.

        Transmission. Hugs and kisses or a sneeze. Hand shake. Tabletop surface.

        Death. Will Hazmat be at every homeless persons dead remains. Extra stain on the medical system.

        How many will be going to work the next day after the first case is announce?

        • This is one case where bugging out to a remote spot may well be better,
          My sweety is a school teacher, a real responsible one, so im screwed, if it ever makes it here im going fishing, yes with ALL my gear and ALL my food, will look like the Klampets headin to beverly!

        • Wonder how long the virus can live on a gas pump handle or ATM keypad?

          • COMMUNICABILITY: Communicable as long as blood, secretions, organs, or semen contain the virus. Ebola virus has been isolated from semen 61 days after the onset of illness, and transmission through semen has occurred 7 weeks after clinical recovery (1, 2).

            SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: The virus can survive in liquid or dried material for a number of days (5). Infectivity is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4°C for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70°C (3, 4). Infectivity can be preserved by lyophilisation.

            Plague. (2004). In R. G. Darling, & J. B. Woods (Eds.), USAMRIID’s Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook (5th ed., pp. 40-44). Fort Detrick M.D.: USAMRIID.

            Acha, P. N., & Szyfres, B. (2003). In Pan american Health Organization (Ed.), Zoonoses and Communicable Diseases Common to Man and Animals (3rd ed., pp. 142-145). Washington D.C.: Pan American Health Organization.

            Mwanatambwe, M., Yamada, N., Arai, S., Shimizu-Suganuma, M., Shichinohe, K., & Asano, G. (2001). Ebola hemorrhagic fever (EHF): mechanism of transmission and pathogenicity. Journal of Nippon Medical School = Nihon Ika Daigaku Zasshi, 68(5), 370-375.

            Evans, A. S., & Kaslow, R. A. (Eds.). (1997). Viral Infections of Humans – Epidemiology and Control (4th ed.). New York, NY: Plenum Publishing Corporation.

            Leroy, E. M., Rouquet, P., Formenty, P., Souquière, S., Kilbourne, A., Froment, J. -., Bermejo, M., Smit, S., Karesh, W., Swanepoel, R., Zaki, S. R., & Rollin, P. E. (2004). Multiple Ebola Virus Transmission Events and Rapid Decline of Central African Wildlife. Science, 303(5656), 387-390.

            Source: Public Health Agency of Canada http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/lab-bio/res/psds-ftss/ebola-eng.php

      35. Off Topic

        Negative Deposit rates…

        Bank Of America Has A Message For Its European Depositors: “We May Charge You”

        Effective October 15, 2014 – BoA warns European depositors, “In light of current market conditions”, BOA may apply a charge on balances.


      36. All this talk about Ebola and the point that concerns me the most is people.

        We are NOT the same people as we were as a NATION, 40 years ago. The Haves and The Have Not’s. Free Shit Army.
        I’m going to get mine and you owe it to me attitudes.

        So it all compounds the problem.

      37. Btw, does anyone else remember when it was announced iraq had taken probably ebola to their border, back during first gulf war. Same line as wmd I guess.

      38. Psalm 91 Waiting on Sept. 24-25. SHTF?

        • Whats that all about, peaked the curiousity, sure im not the only one either.

        • Sept. 24th and 25th?…please expound south side. Thank you

        • Hmmm…ask a question to get an answer gets me a thumbs down…well at any rate…there’s a showdown coming at the border as more and more militia are showing up to secure the bridges in the Rio Grande Valley.The NWO is getting ready for a fight..this maybe the Lexington Moment…

          Live Free or Die..the moment draws nigh…

        • Hmmm…ask a question to get an answer gets me a thumbs down…well at any rate…there’s a showdown coming at the border as more and more militia are showing up to secure the bridges in the Rio Grande Valley.The NWO is getting ready for a fight..this maybe the Lexington Moment…

          Live Free or Die..the moment draws nigh…

      39. It’s amazing this virus breaks out in countries that have natural resources we want. Nations in Africa with no economic/strategic significance have nor breakouts. Ernest P. Worrell says the sour cream chip dip is smellin’ funny. “No what I mean?”

      40. Mother Nature often reminds me of Norman Bates’ mommy.

        She’s pissed off now…

      41. 12 Monkeys



      42. Warchild…Yea, 22 is around. It’s the when I want it part that’s FU’d…I’m still caught in the “hey, I’m at the store , think I’ll buy a brick mode of thinking.

        No worries, I have 6K rat holed and +-1K for working stock.
        When the working stock hits the 500 mark which it will do soon, I will order another case…It just sucks to have to pay the going rate…Again stuck in the $5 a brick mode!

        Thanks for the source. I’ll add it to my list!

      43. Are those suits disposable? A hear that there was a couple of deaths of people whose job it was to disinfect the old suits. Might it be that one needs more disposable suits, so that it can be destroyed after each use?

        That would certainly make sense in this ebola situation, wouldn’t it?

      44. Dr Kent Brantley, ebola survivor, just said the numbers being published are far lower than actual. And the most important part of the “kits” being provided are the protective gear used by caregivers to stop the spread of the disease.

      45. Brantly just said to congressional inquiry, the numbers are “underestimated” on cspan3. “most people die between days 4 and 10”, “the virus kills quickly”. I gathered from the hearing: Now is the time to contain this virus, later, even a week could be too late. His countenance conveyed the seriousness to educate, protect and treat people within the region and there cannot/should not be any delay. He had said that most all people that showed up at his ‘center’ died, due to the infection already taking effect and that only 1 person survived during his time there.
        This is dire. This is serious. It’s worse than msm and cdc are saying. Prepare for lockdown folks, look at people to notice signs of illness and do not be afraid to walk away with your life.

      46. Flies the Ebola is likely to be spread by flies or some other parasite like mosquitos or a fly.
        Flys like to get on wet or damp clothing. the lack of sanitation and hot water to wash the clothing & linens causes a lot of other parasites to infect humans in Africa. Likely a parasite is the carrier

      47. How about an “incident” happening on Jewish Holid as y? Sounds like good psyops Lots of Jews in one place. Unarmed. Except me,I’m prepared.

      48. Once the State Department shakes down the taxpayer enough this epidemic will go away. If Dr. Brantly had Ebola how come he exhibits none of the scabs or scars associated with the disease? Survivors are weak and lethargic after recovering from kidney and other damage to internal organs. I know they say that Ebola is in several African countries now but I am skeptical of that.

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