Just Before Shooting, Oregon College Voted Down Armed Guards: “Lockdown Procedures a Joke”

by | Oct 2, 2015 | Headline News | 95 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Comment: It is clear over and over again that concealed carry individuals save lives. No wonder that nearly every shooting happens in a gun free zone – like a liberal state, at a school or college campus or on government property. Though the politicians are very good at grandstanding on the reasons why we should let down our guard about the 2nd Amendment and enact gun control – they can’t and won’t save us.

    That is the fallacy of gun control, which everyone knows – criminals don’t follow laws. Mass shooters are likely suicidal and rarely outlive their actions at scene of the crime. Armed guards, armed teachers and armed citizens are all better options than leaving people helpless. The fact that the shooter reportedly asked victims if they were Christians before killing them just makes the persecution that much more pointed and obvious.

    Former Security Guard at Oregon College: Lockdown Procedures Were a “Deathtrap”

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    A former security guard who worked at the Umpqua Community College where nine people were shot dead yesterday exclusively reveals to Infowars that the college voted against hiring armed security guards just last year and that inadequate lockdown procedures ensured the campus was a “deathtrap” for potential victims in an active shooter situation.

    Although wishing to remain anonymous, the individual provided us with his photo ID and a reference which confirmed his employment at the college. The man is also in close contact with people who still work at the college.

    Confirming media reports that the college only had one unarmed security guard on duty, the individual reveals that the schoolboard voted just last year against providing armed security on campus.

    “What they haven’t released is that the school board recently made massive cuts to the security staff, among other staff. All in an attempt to free up money in the budgets to spend on all the shiny new construction projects occurring on campus the last couple of years,” he writes. “The schoolboard routinely puts pet projects ahead of providing service to the students. Just last year the schoolboard voted against providing armed security officers for the campus.”

    He also lifts the lid on how the lockdown procedures for an active shooter on campus, which were practiced just last week, ensured that the college was a “deathtrap” for potential victims.

    “Just last week there was a training for staff on active shooter lockdown procedures,” he writes. “The college was pleased to note that yesterday the lockdown procedures worked as they should have. But in reality they are a joke. The way the buildings are designed is that it is a deathtrap to stay locked in a classroom. The majority of classrooms have one entrance/exit which exits into a covered outdoor breezeway. The wall that has the door to be locked down are glass from floor to ceiling. There is no cover, and other than window blinds no concealment.”

    The individual’s criticism of the college’s lockdown procedures echoes concerns voiced by some that such policies only turn students into sitting ducks and prevent them from leaving the scene as quickly as possible.

    The individual also notes how the college’s $40,000 dollar emergency notification system did not fully work, remarking how, “No notifications to students and faculty who were off campus or on their way to were sent.”

    The security officer also clears up the confusion surrounding whether the campus was a ‘gun free zone’ or not. Although the college had a rule that prohibited guns on campus – including water pistols – state law allows concealed carry.

    “The catch is that the school does not encourage it but they are legally powerless to stop it,” writes the security officer. “I personally know of one student, who was interviewed by Breitbart, and of one employee who had concealed handguns on campus yesterday.”

    As we reported earlier, an Air Force veteran with a concealed carry license was prepared to violate the ‘gun free zone’ rule and attempt to apprehend the shooter, but he was stopped from doing so by college staff.

    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.


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      1. Where’s HCKS? ???????? God plz some one tell me that wasn’t him

        • Was the dude a scum mulsim?

          • Another liberal retard administrator must bear responsibility for the deaths of these innocent students.

            I smell a BIG lawsuit coming. BIG. BIG. BIG; citing willful malfeasance and gross negligence.

            Another veteran demonstrates the courage of the American Alpha Male. 🙂

            • The staff stopped the Air Force CCP, from going to the other building to stop the gunman, because they wanted him to protect them! A little selfish, don’t you think?

          • Menzo–Do you know of another kind?

            • Progressive scum, gay scum, scum illegals

          • I was thinking something like that myself but in my case i was thinks is he a scum ball jew who thinks jews can get away with anything after 9/11 and are getting away with anything in places like Gaza.

            Don’t blame the Muslim because you have to work like a slave to make ends meet, it’s the bankers and big banks are all ran by jews.

            We in Europe are getting flooded with your muslims friends thanks to the USA bombing the middle east so i do hope we ship some over to the USA so the local slaves are forced to work harder for a crust of bread.

            Muslims are OK if they stay at home and so are the yanks

            • Do you remember a little thing called 9/11? You know when those OK Muslims flew planes into buildings killing thousands of Americans. How about the US Cole? As the old saying goes… They started it!
              By the way, have you noticed that these OK Muslims invading other countries are about 90% young men?
              Oh and Putin is also bombing the Middle East, are you going to call him out also? Naw, didn’t think so.

            • You are f u c k ed already with no gun. You are a slave. Muslims are not okay and you will soon know that.

              • I live in a small College Town. The university makes up about 20,000 of the population. I always felt that this was one of the safest places in the state. I have a CCW but don’t carry. That may change.

      2. I would like to know what medications the shooter was taking.

        • I bet I know what his last dose was of….copper jacketed cocktail.

          • Of course they could not take him alive. They had to kill him to tie up loose ends once the job was done. The “shooter” was the main victim in this, as happens every time.

            • You are correct, this was nothing more than a false flag to take the news away from the middle east, and place the focus on gun confiscation.

            • BINGO!, Nobama. Once they’ve used him to do their dirt, they’ve got to get rid of him so he can’t be found to be a clandestinely, drugged “zombie” that they’ve programmed to commit their atrocities to foment the clamor for disarming the people.

        • You can bet he was on anti-depressants, but the media will probably never confirm it.

        • Whatever AlCIAda gave him to program him to do it? …Anything to further the false sense of security that gun-“control” means to the utopianists who fall for the disarmament of the people.

          • Yes that is true, and another thing is that they love it when people play right into their hands by divulging personal information on the net that they can capture, so that it may be used against unsuspecting persons in the future.

            I have had many of my posts, that may or may not have contained useful information, go directly into the cloud and never get recognized and posted here.

            Just sayin’, it does happen from time to time.

            Since my ex-wife threw all mine in the river, i am down to a bow and arrow, and a few old rusty pocket knives. Now my neighbor that works for the rural telephone company, has at least fifty g—, including some semiautos that he had altered to sh00t automatic, plus some he bought from drug dealers.

            I live a mile away as the crow flies, and when he shoots his 1000 yd cannon, it rattles the windows at my house.
            btw, did i mention that he hates, as he calls them pigs (cops) and niggers (blacks).

            He is mentally unstable, as well as his two brothers. The middle brother shut his own daddy between the eyes in his easy chair because he told him he could no longer drink alcohol in his house.
            The daddy died instantly, and his son is spending his nights getting some reconstructive anal probing, in a cell, by a big greasy black dude.

      3. Interesting and sad that the college wouldn’t hire any armed guards which might have prevented this tragedy. My condolences to the families of all who were killed. The shooter is the one who needs to be held accountable, NOT the 2A.

        • This is obviously a false flag to lobby to curtail Amendment 2 Braveheart. We are dealing with minions of the devil, nothing less.

          • When was the last time you had a mental health evaluation? Whenever it was, it was too long ago, you need help.

            • Now we have a troll calling himself a DOCTOR? And I thought I’d heard everything; well, not quite, it appears.

              • Don’t you get your head all in a tizzy there braveheart, nobody will rebuff your comments, Mac Slavo will see to that.

                • Major, you and doctor need to somewhere else.

                  • Correction: need to GO somewhere else.

                    • Dont worry Braveheart.
                      The last laughs on them.
                      Because I fucked their mothers.
                      And wives.

          • Menzo, I smell the same thing.

      4. Get your kids out of those deathtrap colleges that don’t allow conceal carry. Cops react and do not PREVENT but very little, usually out of happenstance. Inform your children as they grow up and become of a responsible age that their best protection comes from what THEY need to provide and not their worthless ass government of shirkers, ne’r-do-wells, and those who couldn’t make a living on their own. Most these people who work for the government I wouldn’t have workn’ for me pickin’ fly shit outta black pepper let alone passing laws to save someone.

        • Politicians= ‘worthless-ass sons-of-bitches’. Ain’t no good in none of ’em.

          • PO’d, BRAVO BRAVO. Go one step and take them out of college altogether since all they do is brainwash people with ‘advanced studies in communism.’

            • Brave. Advanced communism? Perhaps. But maybe medicine, engineering, religious studies, sciences, etc. No one will follow your advice and take their kids out of college. Besides college students are normally adults and can make their decision. PO’D should take his family out of vehicles of any sort. Odds of getting killed in a car are far greater than getting shot at college. Hysteria rears its ugly head on SHtF again.
              Same crap here. There is a shooting. Several here say it didn’t happen and it’s a hoax. Others talk about their guns and what they “gunna do” if someone crosses them. Live your lives and quit being so darn afraid.

              • Quit being afraid? Might as well tell them to quit breathing…..

        • The solution to these shootings is CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

          Namely, good citizens who are concealed carry license holders should knowingly disobey the law and carry their concealed handguns in the colleges and schools.

          Nobody is going to know you are doing it anyway because the gun is hidden from view, and if you have to shoot someone, then you would be a hero (After Obama prosecuted you).

          I will name this new policy WHITE PEOPLE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE.

          We can’t call it regular civil disobedience because that is the same as Black People Civil Disobedience which translates to robbing, killing, looting and rioting.

          • The only problem with that, is the same brain dead sheeple you’d be saving, would turn you in if they happened to notice your carry, and ultimately get your CC revoked.

            Sometimes the best thing to do, is just watch as they charge over the cliff.

        • Most collages have armed police depts. The ones that don’t have the most problems. They hide their problems and sweep them under the rug….or lose money. Most parents have no idea how dangerous their campuses are for the kids. If they knew they would pull their kids out.

          • You would think so, but I believe most community level colleges do not. In my county the community college has a security officer who doubles as a maintenance man. He is unarmed and wears a mechanics uniform with a tool belt.

            The real problem with these shootings is that the are over in less than 5 minutes and it takes the police 10 minutes to respond.

            • Then they have to play dress up, like they’re soldiers and put on all of those crap they don’t really need

              • Hell yeah it takes them 10 minutes to respond! First the pigs have to finish breaching the doors to the wrong residence, shooting the family’s pets, throwing flashbangs into cribs and burning baby’s phucking faces off, trashing the schit out of the place while they’ve got their knees on the innocent citizen’s necks while feeling up the women. Phuck the useless worthless corrupt out of phucking control donut munching costumed schitstains.

        • Actually concealed carry is allowed in all Oregon public schools and colleges.

          • Which would violate Umpqua CC policy.

      5. Interesting that the Umpqua Community College’s website (still) shows that firearms are NOT permitted on college property at any time, in stark contrast to Oregon state law. Looks like a “lot of things fell through the cracks” in this tragedy. The scum bag shooter being thrown out of US Army basic training to his internet postings, and the College’s own Board trading safety and “culture of the college” for construction projects. Rather typical academician “cultural thinking”.

        • I guess the shooter did not see the “NO GUNS” sign…..

          • He must’ve walked right on by them.

            • …..while ‘topping off his mags’.

      6. I think it would be interesting to know why these mental shooters, never go after the top people in business, schools, colleges and malls. They always go after students, innocent shoppers, by standers etc. The elite, who make up the “fish in a barrel rules”, get a pass.

        • I know exactly why the kids and innocents always get shot first.

          We had a real Nazi Asshole for our HR director. He was always firing people unjustly, always suspending employees for doing things that were standard practice.

          If you went to the office to speak with him he was always behind three different locked doors in the way back of the office.

          The secretary was always the one out front with no protection.

          These kind of people know they are targets because they thrive on being total assholes and treat people like total shit. They are smart enough to lock themselves away from the danger, but the innocent get shot up.

          • JS, even an asshole has to come out of that office at some point. Once he gets off work and off property, he’s fair game for someone and is just as vulnerable to an ‘accident’ as anyone else.

            • I had boss like that once.
              The only reason he is still
              alive is that I did not want
              to deprive his son from having
              a father. People at work are
              usually very different away
              from work.

          • I worked as unarmed security at a middle school while in college. It had a gang problem. After coming in to the campus and seeing bullet holes in the front of the school 2 days in a row I asked the principal if I could wear the bullet resistant vest he had in his office under my sweater since I was out front when the buses were there in the a.m. and p.m. He said “absolutely not! How would that look?” I told him it would probably look better, (if anyone even noticed), than a dead unarmed, unarmored security guard laying on the sidewalk. I quit then and there. Police were called there regularly.mI’m sure that “look” was O.K.

            • Hey heyyyyyy, Markie Mark is in da house!

            • EXACTLY!, Dirk. They’d rather be caught dead than to be out of fashion with the lemmings!

        • It’s by design. Shootings in schools and malls draw more attention and coverage from the media and outcry from the public. These are planned and orchestrated carefully to get the desired outcome.

          Problem > Reaction > Solution.

          The solution is of course not in our favor. That is the overall end goal of those driving this agenda.

        • When or if they try they get caught or killed by their body guards before the accomplish anything and there is nothing of significance to report since it didn’t happen.

      7. Going under your desk and kissing your ass goodbye is no solution. Look it up this is concealment not cover bullets will go through desks and everyone know this is the Anti gun crowd answer to gun violence. They know criminals don’t care whether they got the gun legal or not. We need to quit rehashing the same Anti gun rhetoric. Guns are here there are many out there even if they stopped manufacturing them people would still have them. Not everyone would turn them in. So in this situation how do they stop gun violence. The answer is armed citizens and taking down stupid signs that tell criminals they have a bunch of victims inside the building. I always say keep em guessing and be unpredictable. Why can’t colleges put down politics and get real about safety. Academia is full of people that have very little common sense to me this makes them less smart in the real world. They may be a nuclear engineer but can’t see why guns are a defensive tool against evil doers they probably can’t change a spare tire. most academic types are civilized cowards and don’t have the guts to fight for their survival or their friends.

      8. Their “lockdown” procedures actually cost lives by deliberately preventing anyone from doing anything to stop it.

        They’ll never understand this though, their minds just don’t work that way.

        • A coworker, former military, will go OPSEC here, has a child at the same university as my son. Recent lockdown for ‘active shooter’. As soon as my son text me, I popped into this persons area and notified them. He called his son. Alert went out soon as my son got to his dorm. I told him to get in his room and barricade the fucking door and stay away from door/windows. My coworkers son was in a public area. Lots of windows. They locked the kids in and told them not to leave. My former military friend was telling his son he didn’t care if he got his ass kicked out of school, that if the threat came there to bust out a window and run, run, run. This lockdown shit makes kids victims and gets their asses killed.

      9. I’ve mentioned unpredictability this goes for everything. Human nature is to do what is familiar and we are raised up having routines. I will agree it’s nice to have a predictable routine. Criminals and gov snoops and corporate management loves it they all predict your next moves this is your signature of how you operate in life technology is helping to predict patterns like shopping patterns they know how much Coca Cola you buy weekly. Cameras help to identify people in public to authorities and marketing researchers are starting to use this information against us. A home invader may case your place to see your coming and goings to make a decision when to strike thinking you aren’t home. You need to go out of your comfort zone and be unpredictable this is untraceable and it’s not a crime to do this yet. No one knows when I’m gonna do something or not do something and I like it this way. Even when I go to work I don’t take the same route every time I have a bunch of different routes I take. Show up late for work once and a while too or 20 mins early. Change start times sometimes too. You know what I mean. This keeps life interesting and breaks the daily monotony.

        • Serpentine, Shel, serpentine!!!

      10. Liberals have engineered our universities to turn them into not temples of learning, but temples where children are sacrificed on the alter of liberalism.

        Gather the silly children, make them defenseless and let them be slaughtered for a political agenda.

        • If they don’t get killed in college, they die under a mountain of student load debt for worthless degrees.

          • I laughed but its really not funny.

      11. You get what you vote for…SUCK IT UP AND DIE MORONS

        • Pull the trigger,drop the blade,and watch the rolling heads.

      12. The Air Force veteran was armed. Just how did the staff stop him? He should have treated everyone in his way as an enemy also, because they were obviously enemies of the students.

        • I sure that would go over well…..

          • He would be considered one of the shooters when it was over.

        • The cops stopped him and sent him away is the best I have found yet for an explanation.

      13. … and at the risk of – pun intended – overkill, here are ten other stories cited by John Hawkins that you may review to understand how guns saved the lives of men or women, stopped rapes and saved the lives of children: http://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2013/02/02/10-stories-that-prove-guns-save-lives-n1503549/page/full/.

        Another similar story of a woman saved from being beaten – possibly to death – by a concealed gun carrier who protected her is here: http://fox6now.com/2013/03/12/marine-with-concealed-carry-permit-stops-man-from-beating-woman/ . And here’s a few more for the road in the event the above is not enough to convince you of the utility of guns to save lives:
        • A convenience store clerk and an immigrant defend themselves against attackers in Florida. The attackers fired first and were aiming to kill, these men defended themselves and protected the innocent. http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/01/15/3183760/two-robbers-shot-dead-in-hollywood.html

        • A man in San Antonio walks out to find a man going through the contents of his locked vehicle. He confronts the man and lawfully defends his life and his property. http://www.kens5.com/news/SAPD-Car-thief-killed-another-wounded-outside-Stone-Oak-home-186923501.html
        • A family in TN had a man threaten to break their door down in the middle of the night. They went for their firearms and called for help. They called the police who responded remarkably fast, in just 4 minutes they were there. Unfortunately it took less than 4 minutes for the criminal to break their door down and come in their home, even after being shot at. This was a man determined to achieve his criminal actions.http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/01/15/Tennessee-Family-Uses-Firearms-To-Stop-Late-Night-Intruder
        • A woman home alone in Oklahoma in the middle of the afternoon has a man kick her door in. She was quick enough to grab her revolver and the man upon seeing the revolver closed that door he just kicked in and turned tail. I bet she wishes she had more than 6 rounds available to her, I guess in NY she could have had seven. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/01/13/Oklahoma-Woman-Stops-Robbers-With-Her-Gun
        • A man in Houston has a criminal shove a gun in his chest as he tries to get into his vehicle. Two nearby good Samaritans come to his defense and give chase to the criminal while they are being shot at. The victim a non-gun owner sure seemed thankful that these two men happened to have their carry permits issued to them. http://www.khou.com/news/local/Robbery-victim-wants-to-thank-Good-Samaritans-who-came-to-his-rescue–186572461.html. This story illustrates exactly how guns have been used in the citizenry’s responsibility to protect the innocent (see http://www.protectfreedom.com/2012/12/17/gun-control-and-the-second-amendment-need-to-find-harmony/ for one writer’s take on this).

        Thankfully, something like the above would never happen to gun grabbers Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Shumer or any of the Hollywood glitterati, as they are surrounded by guards, who are armed. In fact, Obama signed a bill Jan., 2013 that rolls back a mid-1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection for former presidents. The bill, which will cost American taxpayers millions of dollars will have Obama (and other presidents) protected for life as well as their children up to age 16, by armed guard. Hypocritically, during an ABC Nightline interview recorded before the Sandy Hook shooting, Obama said one of the benefits of his re-election was the ability “to have men with guns around at all times,” in order to protect his daughters (see http://www.bizpacreview.com/2012/12/29/obama-admits-to-wanting-men-with-guns-guarding-his-daughters-12581 ) The Sidwell Friends school attended by Obama’s daughters in Washington D.C. has no less than 11 armed security guards on duty at all times (http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2012/12/23/School-Obama-s-Daughters-Attend-Has-11-Armed-Guards-Not-Counting-Secret-Service ). Of course, the NRA suggestion of arming trained school staff for the poor unwashed masses at the common public school has been derided by the elite – that’s only for the “special” people! Or as the Washington Times put it, As The Washington Times put it:
        “It is important to remember that while they are talking about disarming you and me, they are not talking about disarming themselves. They will still be coddled in their fortresses. The closer you get to the Capitol the more armed guards there are. Up close, there are bomb proof guard shacks, literally, on every street corner. Squads of machine gun-carrying guards dot the magnificent marble buildingscape at all times. Leaders in Congress ride around with escorts of huge armed men. Is that because what they do every day is more dangerous than what you and I do every day” Cited from http://www.ammoland.com/2013/02/washington-times-gun-free-zones-are-only-for-the-little-people/#ixzz2JlOzSVO7 . Meanwhile, what happens to the average citizen who – as in the case of post-Katrina New Orleans – is disarmed by the “authorities?” Hear for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVyV9ojTA_I . Better, listen to real police themselves tell you that “you are on your own” until they can get there – whenever that is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1AQ1WBb81BE#t=14s

      14. Pretty good read…

        ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-10-01/apple-amazon-tesla-and-changing-dynamics-car-industry

        • Bad joke…

          Why did the shooter kill all the kids? He was a strong proponent of No Child Left Behind.

          • Things that make you go ‘hhmmmmm’…

            ht tp://www.leenks.com/link517661.html

      15. Many are praising the army vet.who took 5 bullets and at least slowed down the shooter. But if he had a concealed carry permit and had his weapon with him, there would have been only 1 or 2 deaths. So what will the reaction be? They will try to make it harder for the army vet to get his permit or buy a gun!

        • Good post.

      16. Just like the ridiculousness of government-adoring school bus operators who beam with self-assuredness of how locking down a school bus, preventing passengers from escaping, if an assailant is ON the bus is so perfect an idea?

      17. “Wag the Dog”

        Just like the movie. It has happened again. EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a scandal, or, as with this case, the VERY disturbing things happening with Russia and Iran attacking our interests in Syria, it happens. A shooting. A missing plane. Part of a missing plane allegedly found. Civil unrest somewhere.

        Suddenly NO news stations are reporting on what is happening in Syria. Everyone forgets. ALL the news outlets run 24/7 reports and analysis and so called “experts” about an alleged shooting somewhere.

        I find it harder and harder to discredit those who claim conspiracies when you can almost rest assured this will happen time after time.

        You would think that technology would keep us more informed as to the real events of the world. Like that movie, maybe we are just becoming more easily distracted and redirected.

      18. Most likely senario is that this shooting is staged by the anti-gun lobby and paid for by a mult-million dollar donation to the school and much larger donation/bribes of money or jobs for teachers or their families or all of the above. That is how the games play out. Discouraging white Christians from enrolling their children in college and or pulling those kids out of school to make room for the ninety per cent male college age “refugees” and other minorities to go to college. Scams are for the frightened. They are for the uneducated. If you are a White Christian please do your duty to yourself, your duty to your family, your duty to your Country, if you are in College, continue your education. If you are not in college and do not yet have a college education you need to go sign up as soon as possible, I am saying today. Now. Go sign up. You can work your way through. You don’t need to acquire debt if you take one two or three classes and work at the same time. Stand up for yourself. If you don’t you will wind up working for the refugees/terrorists. They want YOUR college seat. If you are a coward go ahead and give up your right to an education. You are a fool if you do. If you want to do something to protest the killing of Christians than have the courage to believe in yourself. You are the future of America.
        Sign up for Chemistry, math, and Science. Do it for the reasons previously stated.

        • Encouraging anyone to waste money & time of a worthless college degree is just stupid. You a moron you probably have one of those worthless degrees? What need,s to happen is the colleges be boycotted. let them have all the non paying refugees they want. Don’t give the colleges a penny of your money. Starve them out of business.

          • Old Guy:

            Thank you for acknowledging my Post.
            Apparently we have a difference of opinion.

            I do agree that a Degree may not necessarily serve everyone but taking a lab class in Science is the only way to get hands on practice. Without it no job is possible. If we don’t send our kids to college, somebody else will. And they will reap the rewards. Degree is not the same as specific classes toward a known goal.

            Starving out colleges. May be donating your knowledge in free classes might give them some competition. The for pay private scam colleges are no good. The government run colleges depend on corporate donations and are political bull but I don’t think you can get around it. You need an education to compete in today’s world.

            Moron I may be but stupid I am not. Although I could be wrong.

      19. Did the people deserve to be shot. No. But DAYUM!!! Talk about waiting in line for the slaughter.

        They need signs in these gun free zones. “In the event of a shooter. If you are within 20 feet, RUSH HIM! You have a better chance of survival!”

      20. Old Guy Says

        “Encouraging anyone to waste money & time of a worthless college degree is just stupid. You a moron you probably have one of those worthless degrees?”

        I have more letters after my name than most people but even i can agree with you these days.

        Who’s nose do you want up your arse, a man who knows to clean it aftwards or one that just goes back to work servering up Mc Burgers afterwards.

        Too many cheif’s, not enought indians and this comes on top of our BS school education where kids cannot change a light bulb but know who queen marry was.

        Have a drink on me my freind

      21. I’m currently attending a community college, thanks to being laid off for the 2nd time in 3 years, the latest from US Steel, and the “active shooter” rules at my gun free zone campus are as follows.

        1)Be quiet
        2)Turn off phones
        3)Lock doors
        4)Turn off light
        5)Hide under table

        I guess I could add a #6, something like: Kiss ass goodbye.
        We do have one armed rent a cop, this is Texas after all.
        Whether or not I carry, as I’m easily twice the age of the other students there is anyone’s guess. It amazes me how supposed college level people think these rules will keep them safe.

        • My workplace had FBI-approved active shooter training a few months ago. We learned exactly the opposite of what your college told you in your ‘training’.

          1.) If you can’t escape, get into a secure area and do your steps 1-5.
          2.) If the shooter enters your area, and you cannot escape :

          a.) Make noise (distracting him from coherent thought)
          b.) Attack him. Use any object you have at hand, from staplers and cups thrown towards his head (he will duck involuntarily, meaning a shot is going to wild, or delayed), to chairs and desks, getting him down on the floor or ground will allow other attacks.
          c.) Any resistance will short-circuit his fantasy plan and may cause the shooter to commit suicide. In technical terms, these shooters are pussies and once their fantasy starts to come off the rails they realize the jig is up and can’t face what is going to happen to them, so they kill themselves.

          Your school is not ‘training’ you, it’s giving you a silly, passive, useless lecture designed by gutless milquetoast women to allow them to fulfill a legal requirement and still not compromise their non-confrontational mantras and principles.

          They used to tell airplane passengers to remain passive and let the highjackers do what they wanted to do, look where that chickenhearted approach got thousands of people on 9/11. Since then, anyone pulling a stunt on a plane is lucky he’s not getting beaten to death, and rightly so. Confrontation works.

          • Thankfully, they’re not “training” me.
            The kids though, man, I feel bad for them.
            Like I said, I’m quite a bit older than them.
            They’re poor sheep, ready to be led to slaughter should it be dictated to them.

          • We haven’t had our training for 2016 yet. Wonder if it will be like what you described. Officially, it’s the 5-step plan; unofficially, the people in my work group know that a shooter will have stepped into a shark tank if he enters our area–lots of ex-military there.

            • If it’s honest training, passivity will not be encouraged. Do speak up and ask about the FBI recommendations, how did Columbine change the response to these events, etc., etc. They may not be willing to face up to the fact that their belief systems may be completely bogus. That’s fine for them, as an individual, but not for people getting up in front of the group and telling them what’s what in a life-or-death event.

      22. The shooter was a loser and the only impact he was going to make on this earth was a bad one. To bad he killed innocent people.

      23. People ask why this happened.

        A. There are approximately 315 million people in the US. If you made 315 million pencils a given amount will be defective.

      24. In my college classroom, we had two entrances. One was a shared door to an adjacent room. One was the front hallway main door that automatically locked when it was shut. I spent many days in that room arranging furniture to block that back door, and put it on the syllabus that the main door would be locked after class started. If you were late, you had to knock. If you were too late, you just didn’t get in.
        I always figured if we heard shooting, we could clear the back door for evacuation immediately. 10 secs with the manpower in there. If the shooting came from the back, we’d high tail it through the front. I never had any kind of drill from administration while I taught there. Ironically, in the past few years, that school had a rampaging knifer, stabbing people in the face. He was tackled and subdued by some male students.

      25. He has/had a myplace page, Lots of Islamist pictures and stuff on it. Claims to be conservative/Republican. He was all over the place. Page may have been taken down by now

        • I saw one screen shot from his final blog session, he was telling people what he was going to do, ‘stay out of school tomorrow’, that kind of language. There were several others in the session, I think only ONE person said to him that was sick and to get some mental help, the others all either said things like ‘Cool, man’, or other words of agreement, and one person actually advised him how to do it ‘properly’ for a high casualty count.

          I can only hope that 5 or 6 disgusting trash young adults find themselves in jail as some kind of accessory to murder, in the next few days.

      26. Another DRILL gone LIVE with non-stop coverage.

        No one was shot. This is complete B.S.

        Screw their term “LOCKDOWN”, that’s a prison term.

        If people had really been shot, show us photos.

        I can easily handle seeing gruesome stuff. Also, there would be trails of blood all over from emergency workers stepping in the mess as they triaged and then collected bodies.

        This is BS. GO FUND ME is working overtime right now!

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