Julian Assange Is Being Tortured To Death: “I’m Dying Here”

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    A very “sedated” Julian Assange told a friend that he’s dying on Christmas Eve. Because of Assange’s condition during the phone call, concerns about his health have mounted.  His suffering amounts to torture at the hands of government.

    Assange’s “crime” was publishing the truth.  He gathered information, none of which was fabricated or fake and published what the government is doing to other countries and the lengths that they’ll go to enslave the masses.  For that “crime”, Assange is being tortured in what can be summed up as a Gulag.   The powers that shouldn’t be don’t want someone who knows the truth to live to tell it, and that’s become painfully obvious.

    American Gulag Death Of Jeffrey Epstein: Will Julian Assange Be Next?

    The Deep State Is Assassinating Julian Assange

    Assange sounded like a “shell of the man he once was” during a Christmas Eve phone call, British journalist Vaughan Smith told RT, noting the WikiLeaks founder had trouble speaking and appeared to be drugged. Assange was allowed to make just a single call from the maximum-security Belmarsh prison in southeast London for the Christmas holiday, hoping for a reminder of the world beyond his drab confines of steel and concrete.

    “I think he simply wanted a few minutes of escape” and to revive “happy memories,” Smith told RT, adding that Assange had spent the holiday at his home in 2010. The brief conversation was far from cheerful, however, with Assange’s deteriorating condition increasingly apparent throughout the call.

    Much like Jeffrey Epstein, the ruling class needs Assange out of the way. There won’t be a testimony because the truth would come out.  Just like in Epstein’s case: he had too much on too many powerful people.

    Assange Could DIE in Prison for The “Crime” of Exposing Government Crimes and Corruption

    “His speech was slurred. He was speaking slowly,” Smith continued. “Now, Julian is highly articulate, a very clear person when he speaks. And he sounded awful… it was very upsetting to hear him.” Smith also eerily added: “he told me ‘I’m slowly dying here.'”

    Though Assange didn’t say it out loud during the call, Smith said he believes the anti-secrecy activist is being sedated, noting that “It seemed pretty obvious that he was,” and said others who visited Assange were of the same opinion. -RT

    The mainstream media refuses to even touch on the fact that Julian Assange is still locked up, not for committing crimes, but for exposing the crimes of the authoritarian ruling class.

    British authorities have so far refused to divulge information about whether Assange has been given psychotropic drugs in prison, insisting only that they aren’t mistreating” him. But given that he is being kept in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day, with requests by numerous doctors to examine his physical condition denied, Smith said he has a hard time taking the officials at their word. What the “authorities” are doing to Assange amounts to torture of a political enemy.  

    “Julian was extremely good company over Christmas in 2010,” Smith said, but the man he talked to on the phone last week sounded like a different person. “I just don’t understand… why he’s in Belmarsh Prison in the first place. He’s a remand prisoner. He’s not a danger to the public.”

    No, he’s a danger to the ruling class.  And that’s why he’s being tortured in a prison.

    Belmarsh is a Category A prison – the highest level in the UK penal system – intended for “highly dangerous” convicts and those likely to attempt escape, typically befitting murderers and terrorists. While Assange meets none of those criteria and was initially locked up for a minor offense of skipping bail, he was nonetheless thrown in Belmarsh and punished as if he were a violent, hardened criminal. He now awaits proceedings for extradition to the US. -RT

    “What is clear that what is happening to Julian is much more about vengeance and setting an example to dissuade other people from holding American power to account in this way,” Smith said.


    Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before the public begins to realize that the ruling class has no power if they simply stop believing in the facade.


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      1. What can average people do to help Assange? Contacting leadership seems pointless.

        & for that matter Snowden too?

      2. His big mistake was not revealing ALL information he had. This is a CONSTANT blunder of people who whistle blow… if they REALLY cared about what they are doing (revealing truth), let it ALL OUT. Don’t play stupid games and withhold information, claiming it’s to ‘protect yourself.’ See how well that works out? Shameful he’s in prison, too bad someone doesn’t have the tools and talent to ‘free him’

      3. Julian Assange must hang on until USA’s 2020 re-election of Donald Trump. I know. This might be an impossibly long time.
        But even now, President Trump does not have the power to vanquish the very same Deep Staters who want him dead every bit as much as they’d like to see Julian assume room temperature.
        But AFTER election, Trump will have more room to move, his and Assange’s enemies weakened.
        Extradition to America (humane/healthy treatment and possible pardon) might become possible or more leverage on the Deep State of the UK to treat Mr. Assange fairly.
        Don’t give up the ship!

      4. When the elite can commit murder and other crimes, out in the open, without suffering consequences, they have power. It has nothing to do with believing a facade. Assange is definitely being killed. The elite have to kill him. He has confirmed that Seth Rich leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks. The MSM and even most of the independent media has ignored this in favor of propagating the DNC hoax of a Russian hack. Even Rush Limbaugh promotes the hoax as fact. Assange MUST be eliminated, like Jeffrey Epstein.

      5. What happened to the “dead man’ switch?

      6. Trump has lost more credibility than he knows with the extremely sick, sadistic, illegal, and unjustifiable torture of Assange and Manning, as well as other whistle blowers who Trump should be thanking and awarding medals of honors to and building monuments on the national mall to instead of imprisoning and torturing them, and for the pathological lying and beating the drums of war against Iran, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, Bolivia and for defending and elevating the evil terrorist regimes of the nations of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

        There simply are not enough Israelis with dual U.S. citizenship to re-elect Trump. The Israelis are obviously the only people that Trump is serving.

      7. Assange’s slow painful public torture in the UK prison reminds me of the medieval “bird cage”, making an example what happens to people that cross the governments policies.

        The US being able to get away with illegal torture like this is a direct reflection of how much power the sadist, bellicose US government has on England and the world.

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