Judge Orders Mother’s Child To Be Snatched Because She Believes In “Chemtrails”

by | May 3, 2016 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Whether you believe in the chemtrail conspiracy to poison our skies or not, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars highlights the dangerous precedent being set in courtrooms across America. If you go against established lines of thinking or question the official narratives, you are now a danger to those around you, including your children. 


    A judge in Colorado ordered a mother’s child to be removed from her custody because the mother’s interest in “chemtrails” was a “fringe subculture” and represented a threat to her daughter.

    Boulder Judge Dolores Mallard told Becca Vandb that her interest in the chemtrail conspiracy – which holds that some contrails emitted by commercial and military aircraft are in fact part of clandestine geoengineering programs – was a radical view because “99% of people would know those are just contrails.”

    Vandb said that the inquiry was triggered after she raised the subject of chemtrails during a visit to her daughter’s school and was immediately told to leave the premises.

    “I can now only see my daughter with a social security worker standing over me taking notes, and the judge said this was so that if I mention chemtrails they would put a stop to that. I am being railroaded for expressing my views about chemtrails,” wrote Vandb, adding that she had not received any CPS visits nor were there any allegations of child abuse made by the court or her daughter’s school.

    According to Judge Mallard, Vandb being “immersed in a fringe subculture” means “she is a danger to her daughter.”

    “The school helped him take away custody because I had the gall to argue with them when they severely embellished my comments (made to adults only) about chemtrails,” Vandb told YourNewsWire.

    Vandb’s Facebook page features numerous posts about chemtrails and other conspiracies.

    Whether you believe in the reality of chemtrails or not, the notion that the state can order someone’s child to be seized because of their private beliefs – with no evidence whatsoever of actual child abuse – is chilling.

    What’s next? Taking people’s kids because they don’t agree with the “consensus” on man-made global warming?

    Last year we reported on the Naughler family, who had their 10 children seized by police because of concerns over their off-grid, traditional lifestyle.

    We also previously highlighted the case of a father who was harassed by Child Protective Services because he chose to only give his children organic food and refused to let them drink unfiltered tap water.

    Allowing the state to characterize holding certain harmless beliefs or living completely legal lifestyles as a form of child abuse is an incredibly dangerous precedent and should be opposed at every turn.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. I thought we had freedom of speech and the implied freedom of conscience in this country… I guess I thought wrong. What is truly scary is the slippery slope this will inevitably lead to. Will they choose to go after Amish/Anabaptist families for their beliefs next? After all, they are a fringe religious group who do not raise their kids in a “normal” belief system.

        • What’s scary is people are allowing the kidnapping without killing these damn scum.

          • including we internet warriors. (yes, me included)

          • You took the words out of my mouth.

          • These “Enemies Of The State” are NO DIFFERENT (to us) than enemies coming at “We, The People” illegally, and NOW THEY ARE TAKING AWAY OUR CHILDREN ON TRUMPED-UP (no pun intended) CHARGES?

            Wrongo Mary Lou! I will shoot you!

            I would not allow any of my children, (grown and gone now), to have been taken from me, and these people shouldn’t either, but they don’t know any better.

            Perhaps it is time for We, The People to put an instantaneous STOP to these “loons” …or would y’all just rather sit on your asses until they are standing at YOUR FUCKING DOOR intending to haul YOUR ASS away for something JUST AS FUCKING STUPID as the article portrays? (I am not trying to ‘goad’ anyone …just a figure of speech if you please, thanks).

            Nope, nope and hell NO! Fuck them and their bullshit, as this one REALLY overreaches-like-crazy and most assuredly is not constitutional. If you disagree, then you are saying any stranger has the right to take away your child on whatever they wish to make up and you never see them again. That precisely what the government is “moving into” – – slowly then with increasingly occurances, just like the way LEOs “slowly” started putting bullets into “the public at large” (and why the public has now armed themselves and fully intend to use them on The LEOs …I would “in a heartbeat” if I thought for one iota of a second that the cop was going to pull and shoot my ass. It would come down to who was the faster draw and better shot I suppose.

            So, is everybody going to remain happy as hell as yet another bunch of bullshit, this time INVOLVING OUR CHILDREN, from our enemies go untouched and also let this elevate into “children’s prison where they’ll be safe from their parents?

            The only way to keep the people from finding out what the chemical matrix is within the contrails would be to have it analyzed. Well now, if the gov is jailing everyone who questions them, or taking away their kids, NOBODY is going to continue to ask questions are they? Of course not. Problem gone (for the feds). No different than the fact that Hillary will never pay any form of pennance for Benghazi (sp?).

            Needless to say I am soooooo fucking pissed if I were in that area there would be blood and lead flying TODAY all over that fucking town …and I would hope I had the support of ALL the people in America that haven’t had their brains “washed out” completely…

            Rant over….(for this time)

            • Those among us who are going to do something sure as hell aren’t going to talk about it, not here, not anywhere.

          • Bingo! You try to kidnap my kids, you will get what you deserve.

        • They already have.
          By raiding organic milk farms ran by amish families

        • And yet if the Judge had done her research she would find out that it’s not crazy conspiracy theories. Chemtrails are real because the Government issued a 1966 Dept of Defense report stating that such programs were in existence since the late 40’s and in 1978 the US Senate released a massive 750 page report further exposing such programs.

          • She is not qualified to sit on the Bench…..this has been common knowledge since the 70’s….Back then it was cloud seeding

            • And now the “chemtrail program” with it’s aluminum and barium nano particulates is nothing but an assault on the ecosystem and biosphere.

            • Oh and for anyone who thinks these programs don’t exist. Denver now gets snow with the temperature in the low to mid 40’s.

              • FYI the chemical spraying projects run by the military?
                Those aren’t about geoengineering.
                A ‘friend’ over at Lockheed claimed the oil industry is behind the push for weather modification, and are also funding the ads that pay fringe sites to support the ‘climate change’ narrative. He thinks, and I tend to agree, the issue is really about ‘solar radiation management’. Doublespeak for ‘killing the solar industry before it hits the ground running’.

                I can tell you this. The last guy I talked to no longer works for Boeing. Hopefully the same doesn’t happen to my new source.

        • Amish don’t have SS# so the gov. Don’t own them like us with SS#

          • Wrong. YOU PAY INTO Social Security and years later you get it all back with interest, if you live.

            Our “enemies” (not leaders any longer dammit, ENEMIES and everyone knows it), but nobody is apparently going to do a thing about it except bitch. Well then, by all means let’s usher in World War 3 with open arms and obliterate the entire human race.

            Didn’t many of the Sheriff’s in America JUST TELL US NOT TO OBEY any more unconstitutional laws and shit? YES THEY DID!

            I believe we should get together and help this woman get her kid back, and let the feds know where this country stands ….”armed, locked & loaded.” Odds are they’d back off 10 miles OR attempt to “control the stupid people” through the use of authorized Deadly Force (they’ll think of a reason later, or make one up based upon a Hillary lie) …especially with an election looming in the near future.

            See? No matter which way you go you’ve GOT to FIGHT THEM! Now or later WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT – – I’d like to be the “first to strike” (it gives us a tremendous advantage). How about Independence Day?

        • Lying Ted Cruz, Lost Indiana and Just announced he suspended his campaign 8:30PM Tues.EST. So there you have it. Trump will be the GOP nominee. Now Trump can start working on that Old Hag Witch Hitlery Clinton. Its gonna be a fun summer.


        • There is no freedom of speech. There is no freedom.
          There is no Constitution. That is a Myth to gain your compliance and Co-Operation.
          You are a sheep to be sheared. That is the gov-ments real job.
          You are a cow to be milked.
          You are tagged, traced, surveilled, with credit cards, shopper loyalty cards, and Social Security number. Yes you are being Monitored and Watched.
          You are vaccinated with mercury and cancer virus in vaccines.
          You have flouride in your water to make you docile and more compliant.
          Chemicals are sprayed on you for supposed pest control.

          Law Enforcement patrol cars with License plate recognition database software is used to TARGET-ARREST-ELIMINATE anyone who stands up to communist Evil. They arrest you on made up charges. No phone call. No Bail. They drug the food/drink in jail and then kill you. You are just Disappeared. Your internal organs are then removed and sold for a nice profit on the black market. Your financial assets and vehicles are also taken. No kidding.

          Your mail, phone, internet, Cable TV box, and Car, are ALL used to Track-Trace-Surveil Monitor your Activities, Associations, and Location.
          The cameras in stores like Wal-Mart have facial recognition software.
          CVS and Walgreens have NATIONAL database of your visits and locations you go to.
          So wake up to the electronic control grid being built to trace, monitor, cage, and eventually to round you up/cage/then destroy you.

          Amerika USSA 2016. This is the REAL country you live in. ALL the things I listed are HAPPENING NOW. But don’t worry. It is for “security” for “safety” for the “children”. So just be calm citizen.

          • This is what Americans want or they would be doing something to change it wouldn’t you think? NOTHING seemingly is going to piss them off enough to take matters into their own hands and straighten out the mess the government has made of the globe. So fuck it…

            You get out of it what you put into it. Since nobody is going to put anything into it we are considering sailing to the opposite side of the globe, and then to the southern hemisphere – – and we would not be the first to arrive there, but at least we’d be with like-minded ‘neighbors’.

      2. Don’t go against the brainwashing of public schools or your kids are snatched!! Outrageous !

        • Now this all is making sense. Remember back when the public school districts were having a fit about Home Schooling across America? Now they have it all but wiped out. I home-schooled my two brats, and I guess they are the better for it …and what’s done is done.
          These days I would not have been able to fight the state to homeschool as they are vehemently against it (and will drag you into $$$$$$ big money court shit to ‘change your mind about it’. Why? They need to teach your children to essentially kill you, ignore you, disbelieve everything you say, and you get the idea if you are not already experiencing what kids are learning in school.

          Off topic – I loved the news today stating that it is going to take a long time to stifle ISIS, and that we lost a Navy SEAL in an ISIS fight. How fucking stupid have things gotten. WE ARE THE NATION THAT CREATED ISIS (our “domestic enemies” arranged it all with our tax dollars), and use ISIS to kill our nation’s “Finest” …but tell “the people” these things in such a way as to suggest ISIS was assembled by themselves, with no help. Yeah, sure. They just happened to have billions lying around to get started with, not to mention 100,000 brand new toyota trucks! We bought those too, yes we did, yes we did.

          I am wondering just how much longer will the America people allow their government to slaughter their asses pretty much on a daily basis. Weekly NEW bullshit appears that will never go away and every bit of it is against the people and for the government.

          Any input anyone? Hey Genius, piss them off for me huh? 🙂

          • If you insist… Humans are too stupid to be free, they never have been and never will be. All through history they have demanded to have leaders and tyrants because they cannot act responsibly on their own. The psycopaths easily move into positions of power because people want to believe the lies instead of using critical thinking. They need laws and rules set for them because they lack the morality to do it themselves. Everything on this planet lives in harmony with nature EXCEPT humans. Mankind will destroy itself (along with most of the earth) because of their lack of responsibility and morals and over breeding. Sad to say but this is the truth and we are self doomed and I see absolutely no way out of it except the law of nature is going to hand us a shit sandwich like you can’t imagine. 🙂

      3. Winston,believe we are well down that slippery slope,powers that want to be looking for any means at all levels of govt. to control people.Best we can do is fight back peacefully for now ,remember who they are for later during the rebuild if it ever comes.This after folks fight by any means necc. as we are at a nothing to lose/everything to gain point..

      4. They killed Prince…. for mentioning chem. trails??

        • Prince was involved with drugs.
          When you play with drugs, “Often you eventually Die.”
          Drugs from a pharmacy, grocery store over the counter, or street thug,
          does NOT matter. Drugs are drugs.

          Drugs kill people.
          Doctors kill people. Medical Industrial complex KILLS not Heals. Stay away from.

          Anyone over age 30, figures that out by the number of their dead family and friends killed by Doctor Drugs or Street Drugs.

          Do Drugs. Then you will DIE.

          Don’t do Drugs. Live a longer life. Lesson here: Don’t do Drugs.

          No conspiracy here. Just bad choices by a man that had Everything to live for.

      5. Whoever was involved in taking this woman’s daughter from her needs to be targeted. The school official who made the bogus complaint, the social worker, and the judge should go home one day to find their homes burned to the ground, if nothing else. Nobody would be taking anyone I love away from me. Not if they want to live.

        • And I would happily :take your six: as I agree 100%. Silently, quietly and with more vicious hate than they themselves harbor.

          Fear-mongering may take upon a whole new face, and we the people may be forced into ‘terrorizing’ the sobs in this nation that believe they have the damned ‘right’ to do such things.

          This come under “WTF”? (OOOOOOOO NO THEY WON”T)!!!!!

          • In other words, time to go Bronson on them 🙂

          • Equorial, thanks for that. I’d do the same for you.

      6. All I can say is if this was against me, everybody has to do something last!! These people trying to rule over us need to wake up.

      7. I think most on here have seen examples of others ridiculed and trashed for their views and beliefs. The schools are allowed to take our kids and brainwash and eliminate history from the records. Many people hesitate to express their views on anything fearing any form of punishment. So much for the first amendment. Which one is next? I sense it on this site also….being monitored and recorded.

        • Jim in Va

          If they locked up everyone that disagreed with the government there would be far more people in prison than out of it. I find the appeasers to be either ignorant or intellectually lazy preferring “Worshipping The Sphere” to any political analysis. Questioning authority frightens the hell out of a lot of people.

        • Jim, of course we’re all monitored on here by someone. But I refuse to live in fear. I won’t be silenced.

          • Brave; I figure i’m already toast. they can bring it on and see where it gets them.

        • lol… Jim in VA do you actually think any of the regulars on this site are the least bit concerned with the government OR their fucking recordings, monitoring, “lists” and the other shit? As a 21-yr vet (Naval) I speak with relative certainty that there are no ‘moles’ at this site or any of the others for that matter. The feds are so “stuffed up” with themselves they believe they have the means to do anything they want, such a kill a man in cold blood in front of the nation, and get away with it. (Roy Finicum, RIP, you will never be forgotten, but you will be avenged).

          I have not seen ANYONE hold back their views for fear of retaliation by anyone. (If someone in the gov wants to come after my ass let them. We’ll see how that works for them when the dust clears a bit, as I’m betting on myself over a ‘blue-helmet’ any day of the year, and with one arm tied behind my back.

          So, I respectfully must disagree …but I’ll still reload your bullets free-of-charge as long as you keep supplying the powder and lead. (I think we may be within close proximity to each other). I’m two hours East of Asheville and sort of “under” Knoxville, but on The North Carolina side of the mountains, way UP in those mountains, and pretty deep inside of them. Some might disagree, but this is my BOL and retirement home so I’m impressed as hell with what is available for resources here (The Smokey Mountains). I also like being able to fish year round (as it is legal to do so, but nobody to catch me if it wasn’t). There is only ONE Game Warden for this entire county, and to NOT piss off The Indians he stays FAR AWAY from Nantahala National Forest. lol…. He’s one of us and does NOT CARE about what the government thinks or does, other than that they piss him off just like they used to when I was ‘in’).

      8. They wouldn’t dare take it to a jury.

        • Yeah about that jury, there is no jury in these types of court proceedings. I have custody of my son, since he was 5, and it was always in front of a judge, just a judge. CPS, Children and Youth, whatever they’re called, there is always a bunch of lawyers and case workers and they do all the talking to a judge. I wish there were jury’s because then more good fathers would get custody of their kids. I suspect it’s by design because there is alot of money that flows through them rooms. For me, it took a few years and a lot of money but I’d do it again if I had to. He’s 15 now and I have to say that it’s a privelege being his dad. He’s a wonderful kid and I love him more than I could ever say. If anyone here is in a twist like I was back then, keep fighting and don’t ever lose hope. Stay quiet Be smart.

          • You are entitled to “a jury of your peers.” Anything ‘settled’ by just a judge is not lawful, but has been done for so long few are aware it carries no lawful weight in a court that DOES.

            So, you’d only need to appeal it and most likely all charges would be dropped prior to the appeal – – they wouldn’t want to be fined ‘out their asses’ so they’d duck out of it if they could.

            These sob’s that are running the schools, more than half of them being fucking “pedos”, DO need to experience something very unpleasant everytime they do something against We, the people or our children. WE run this nation and NOT THEM and NOT THE GOVERNMENT – – everyone should know by now that government workers are “the slaves to the civilians”. (So who let it do a 180 and when)? Actually, it NEVER DID “do a 180” …the government just started “pushing their weight” and learned people feared them. Now, using “terrorism” in all fashions, they have constructed ISIS and every God-be-damned “ACB” Agency in America to WORK AGAINST THE PEOPLE.
            It’s time for the people to just say “enough” and simply quit complying with everything that is obviously not legal, or a purposeful hassle, or anything a damned school has to say.
            It would be worth ‘downsizing’ your life and only having the man work so that the woman could home-school and to hell with the government. (After a few thousand dead agents get sent back to DC in bodybags I do believe they’ll take the hint)?
            We The People run this nation. Who’s to say we can’t do as we find it necessary to do ‘in cognito’? With a whole lotta THAT going on the feds would “freeze in fear” as they would then know we are not ‘above’ firing upon them (when justified).
            The government has been screwing with The Amish since Christ was a messcook on The USS Forrestal. They’ll never get an inch against those peoples. But, they do seem to have about 1/2 of Americans ‘duped’ and ‘in the dark’. Amazing…

      9. This is because their stated aim is

      10. Do you hear it? The drums of war are starting.

        • Be careful what you wish for…..Idiot.
          War is fun and games for you arm chair warriors who have never seen action.
          Or the “brave” soldiers who stay behind the green zone wire or are stationed stateside in conflict. You guys always shoot your mouths off.

          Go visit a VA hospital. I DARE YOU.
          Go visit Infantrymen in VA Hospital. Notice the lack of Arms, Legs, missing balls, and wheel chairs in use. How do you like those smells and visuals?

          Bet the recruiter never told them that was part of “Be All You Can Be.”

          AFTER a VA Hospital visit THEN tell me how “armed” and “ready” you are.
          Too many Idiots with gear and brave behind the wire or behind a keyboard.

          Trust me, you don’t want war.
          Picking up Pieces of your buddies remains in trash bags is not sexy or glam.
          Being hit with air fuel munitions, mortar, HE 25, air to mud munitions, makes for a bad day. Your small arms won’t do much good.

          Like I said. You Don’t want war. Remain Peaceful. Think it through.
          No matter how bad it gets. War is worse. War is man’s foolishness folly.
          Peace is ONLY option for the Sane and those that have been there.

          Visiting vets in VA hospital better use of your time. They would appreciate it. Many there have NO one left.

      11. Sorry, I don’t believe this (actually, I do). There has to be more. If this is true, then everyone involved must be removed, and fired! Every teacher, every cop, everyone in the courts, everyone! You take a kid because the mother mentioned chem trails, which have been proven! And there’s no one to stop it! You just can’t claim this is out of control government! This is God confusing our thinking! America suffers from a mental Tower of Babel!

      12. Facebook. Just why I’m not on it.

        • Anon, I agree. No facebook or any other social media shit for me.

      13. Courts for years have been subjective about kids and which rights parent have. so that is nothing new. Doesn’t the kid have a father?
        She does and he works at University of Colorado.
        For years courts have made stupid decisions about which parent had custody. I came from multiple broken homes so I speak from experience. Maybe the judge is using this excuse to fix the bad judgment of an earlier custody case decision?
        There is more to this story, and divorce with kids involved is a really nasty thing.
        The “social security worker” supervision is suspect, how about social worker?

        • America’s most precious resource is her children. If we as adults and parents allow our “domestic enemies” to have their way in all facets of our lives, to include full control of our children, what they eat and drink and learn …then yes, the government is 100% out of control and needs to be brought down …exactly like The Constitution states that should be done in the event “it” went tyrannical. Well folks, IT has gotten far past that point for sure so can we, the people PA-LEEZE “get on the wagon” and get really fucking mean and nasty about all of these things. If you do not, you are going to be paying dearly the instant “the sobs” come up with a means to take YOUR ASS down.

          Think about it.

          • Think about this too..
            The more moral a nation is, the more free it is.
            The less moral a nation is, the less free it is.
            The ptb have been demoralizing the people for a long time causing them to accept all the shit they are fed. They blame everyone else for the way things are and look to govt. for answers.

      14. There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. It is a story from 2014, and quite possibly more about a custody fight, than about chemtrails. Here is a link to see a different take on the story.
        htt ps://www.metabunk.org/debunked-court-takes-child-from-mother-after-she-mentions-chemtrails-at-school.t7542/

      15. Wonder if this Supreme Court judge would have agreed? Justice Louis Brandeis:

        “The greatest danger to liberty lurk in the insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding. Experience teaches us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent.”—-
        —-“The makers of our Constitution undertook to secure conditions favorable to the pursuit of happiness…they conferred, as against the government, the right to be let alone – the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilization.”

        The “law” spits on your right to be left alone. They think they should be allowed to invade any private space if they first invoke magic words like “public safety” or “for the children” or “national security”.

        They invoke the nebulous term of “authority”. “Don’t ever question my authority” they will snarl at you. But they are wrong-headed. The people retain the authority, not the government.

        No man has the right to rule over another man. Statist sociopaths in black dresses and blue costumes is all they are.


        • You are obviously extremely well educated and ‘worldly’. Thank you JRS and ‘kind regards’ back at ya.

      16. This reminds me of the current high court in Colorado ruling against the people who are against fracking in their communities. These oil, chemical and nuclear monsters are just like the banks, above the law and untouchable as they destroy our planet and livelihoods. Get rid of these entities to save planet earth and the life upon it that depends on a clean environment. The destruction is all encompassing and pure evil. All progress is thwarted for the earth and its inhabitants by long entrenched greed obsessed monsters. To them all humans are worthless if they cannot reap obscene profits from them. What a sick world!

        • There’s another example —–> in those areas where the damned “above God” companies supported by Federal ‘everythings’ are sucking shit out of ground (SIDEWAYS NO LESS so that they can steal natural gas from UNDER YOU (your land, your natural gas, so they ARE ‘illegally stealing’ using federal ‘rights to steal’.

          Why in hell hasn’t ONE SINGLE machine been blown all to hell or shot all to hell considering all the areas that this fracking shit is taking place in?

          If it comes to my area, I DO INTEND to blow every fucking well they attempt to drill. (After everyone at the drill sites get sniped “when you least expect it” I should think willing workers would stop coming to work.

          Anyone who would actually drill sideways to illegally/legally TAKE-STEAL-RIP_YOU_OFF anything from under your property deserves anything they might get. How about walking into their offices with a Mossberg 500 with ‘bandelero’ and just keep ‘racking and firing’ until there are none left except “the slaves”. We are only after “the big guys”, the big bankers, and ANY government representative. (If they feel their job is “right”, then they should be willing to die for the right to do it correct)? Okay then, I am willing to kill them for the right to be left to hell alone, like The Constitution warrants that I will be …dammit.

          Simple. Simple as that. So simple as to what needs to be done, and everyone on here is reading everything and soaking it up. Think of it folks, if every one of you did ‘something small’ that would ‘grow itself’ into something large (fires tend to do that don’t they)? The bottom line to the entire situation is that IF WE DO NOT DO SOMETHING VERY FUCKING SOON THERE WILL NOT BE ANY OF US LEFT TO DO A DAMN THING ABOUT ANYTHING – – because the loons will win due to our 100% inactions on all facets.

          We NEED to turn this around or die. Is THAT worth anything to you? Your life? Your children’s lives? Time is shorter than we would like to think and the handwriting is on the wall. I’ve said more than enough, and what I’ve said is necessary or kiss it all goodbye. And yes, it is as simple as that.

          So go roll one or have a drink or both and think it over. Matters all around us are getting horrendously serious and life-threatening (meaning the manner in which we live is going to suck ‘hind-tit’ should we choose to not do anything and just let it happen. (Why)? Another reason to bitch your heads off until you die or what? You love misery? You love enslavement? You love strangers telling you and your family exactly how you are going to do everything when you have a Constitution that speaks to the exact opposite? Go ahead. Help yourself.

          I’m going to CLING to The Constitution and, if I must, use lethal force at any time I find it justifiable to do so (and I’ll not be calling 911 after the fact). That’s just a way for them to relieve you of all your firearms (down the road if not immediately) …so screw that shit too since it is NOT a law at all (non-Constitutional so I ignore it and did you know YOU CAN DO THE SAME)? Try it, you may find you like it. (You know what I mean so get your heads out of the gutters …lol).

          Genius, lay it on me dude…

        • I Like oil companies.
          Walking more than a few miles sucks. Also you get wet when walking in rain to work.
          Oil companies required for Gasoline. Gasoline required for modern Transportation.

          Nuclear power plants could be made safe if disposal of waste and safety were a priority.
          Being in the dark sucks. You bump into things and stub your toe in dark without electricity.
          Nuclear power makes Electricity. Electricity required for modern lights and everything else we use.

          I like electricity.
          Don’t you like electricity?

      17. Judge Mallard: isn’t that a duck? Duck is greasy!! But that is irrelevant. Bolder Colorado. The killer of the beauty pageant baby was never found. Is that relevant? What do you have to do to become a judge when you are a woman? That is when you are a lawyer, I assume this Duck woman was a lawyer before she was a judge. What kind of lawyer was she? Did she win all the cases? If she lost, what per cent of her cases were failures? What types of cases has she heard? What verdicts were arrived at? It seems that this woman has been placed in a position beyond her ability. She should be evaluated for mental issues. Is she infertile? Is she a lesbian with a grudge against heterosexual women? There is a problem. And it is when a judge can make a decree to steal a child for no reason what so ever. The reason given is so rediculous as to be funny if it were not so serious. Dolores Mallard who works in Boulder Colorado is a bitch. She is a hateful menace. How can such a disgusting thing make decisions about other people. It is high time people stop being afraid. Wake up. These are test cases. They are trying to see how scared people can be made that they don’t realize that these scum bags have no power. It is the illusion. Why are you waiting for a reset to do something. If I lived in Colorado I would make sure Dolores Mallard was removed from the bench and placed in jail for abusing her authority. How dare she or anyone do such a thing.

        • Mallard began her career in 1989 with the law firm of Davis Graham & Stubbs. She then worked at the Boulder District Attorney’s Office from 1991 until her judicial appointment in 2004, where she eventually attained the position of chief trial deputy.

          ht tps://ballotpedia.org/Dolores_Mallard

        • Off topic (slightly). Back in the old days of England it is well known that ALL of the judges and lawyers wore wigs and glasses and fake beards (whatever) for fear they would be recognized outside of the courtroom and either beat to death or shot for being “like they still are …assholes.”

          There is no difference today in America, except they do not wear wigs, they hide behind their ‘made up laws’ (that none of we the people voted yeah or nay for …tell me how does that one work)?

          The feds have 10’s of thousands of laws that not a soul in the USA is aware of in the least, but it may someday be hauled out to put the screws to you …the feds have lots of “catch 22” clauses to ensure they never lose, which in turn causes we the people to fear them.

          It would far better if we would just retaliate so that the government fear us …THEN you would see matters slowly change for the better (for us anyway).

          Put another way, why in hell is everyone so damned willing to obey and abide by everything that the feds are demanding of us when at least 50% of us are well aware they are public enemy #1. The “Domestic Enemies” The Constitution speaks of. We HAVE THE RIGHT TO STRING UP THERE ASSES AFTER A 1 MINUTE HEARING …so what the hell is the problem everyone?

          Ask Sargent Dale …America does NOT have ENOUGH POLICE to stop We The People from hanging every last politician in office that exists (and I’m assuming the majority would beat-feet out of America never to return anyway). He sure as hell wouldn’t stand out there to be blown all to hell in such an event either. He’d be home tending to his wife and children, as would all other “good” LEOs.

          Don’t forget America’s Sheriffs are telling We The People some “heavy” things that are not to be taken lightly. So DO NOT TAKE THEM LIGHTLY!!!!

      18. This is unbelievable…but I find myself saying that so often it seems.

      19. SNITCHBOOK.

      20. Do they want us to start shooting? What a bunch of scumbags. What law did they cite that allowed them to do that? They pull stuff like that in my state and the law says I’m allowed to use deadly force to repel such an unconstitutional assault.

        The RESET cannot come soon enough. I’ll be LMFAO watching these scum try to survive when government goes kerpoof.

      21. a 30.06 to the brain bucket!

      22. We not only believe in chemtrails but we Also believe in GUNS!
        We not only believe in GUNS! but we Also believe in BULLETS!
        We not only believe in GUNS and BULLETS, We Also HAVE
        GUNS and BULLETS!

      23. What is the rest of the story? How did this woman offend these people that they abused their authority? Albuquerque had a woman kick her son to death even after the boy reported her to school officials and told a social worker about it… numerous times. A lot of inconsistencies in how people are treated and that in itself is abusive because there is no law or justice.

        • Something wrong with that kid. My mom (and my school principals)beat me a lot, some I deserved, some I didn’t. But when she/them figured out I could out-run them, and use a base ball bat, they backed way off. I don’t understand these kids today.
          They don’t fight.

        • Rebecca:

          Yes, I am aware that there are some people who are sick and hurt or occasionally even kill their poor children. Tuff life for those kids. But it is time to end this experiment in community parenting. It is leading us straight into the hands of our enemies. The concern for child welfare is a rouse. The real goal is total control of the population from conception to death. Fear of losing ones children is a powerful tool.

      24. Having gone round’s with the power’s that be,I will hazard a 99% guess that ( chem trails) was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It was all the other stuff that could not be used,but was considered and unwritten to get her to this point. I am speaking from personal experience,and we need a time frame to understand,not to short her story. Then we can take steps to ensure that we can out smart the power’s that be.

        • For those aged enough to remember, when the jets first started flying there were nothing more than vapor trails that would dissipate in a matter of minutes. The chem-trails I’ve seen seem to hang and hang and hang indefinitely.

          Anybody know if the chem-trails are found over other countries as well? Russia?? China? Middle East? They’d have to be from a reputable source because it’s a “for sure” that the feds would cover up everything as fast as it was typed, or reword it and add false information (lies, what else).

          I read where Hillary is not going to be “nailed” for anything and yet she’s going to be allowed a run at the presidency? And she’s already told everyone Bill is coming out of retirement?

          All these things I’ve been dropping really need to be started and well in motion prior to any damned election or the feds will just abuse the power to ensure Hillary gets the seat, even with zero votes. In fact, there is a law that if Congress finds the people’s choice for president to be flawed, they can elect the president of their choice. Give me a few hours to find the precise book, chapter and etc as ‘my proof’.

      25. This country revolves around half truths and feigned horror. This story is correct in one regard. Be Becca did in fact talk about Chemtrails during her visit. The details missing? She also said a number of really odd statements that caused legitimate concern. Yes he kids were taken but making statements regarding her kids being better off dead, tied the hands of all involved. They were specific and alarming. Chemtrails were not the real issue.

        • Children are removed from homes when there is proof of abuse or serious neglect. At least that is the way CPS is supposed to operate. If I suspected there was potential for harm a mental evaluation would be in order. Too many real abuse and neglect cases seem to get missed. And too many parents get charged with bullshit cases. Thinking and verbalizing thoughts can get your kids stolen? Oh wait, that’s just an example of a half-truth, feigned horror. I’m just a master level social worker so what would I know.

          • So you admit to being a federal master at fucking up perfectly good homes? There’s an idiot born every minute…

            • I never worked for them dumbass.

          • Dear monster level CPS agent, What exactly have you done to stop the outright theft of peoples kids over bullshit things? You are a willing participant in a gang of thugs that kidnaps kids for profit. Why would anyone listen to a pile of shit like you?

            • I never worked for them. Go take another swig dude.

      26. Sometimes tis better to keep shut about your likes and dislikes. There are those who will use it against you.

        • Oh and btw, our Muslim House boy says that Trump is not equipped to be president. Black kettles matter.

          • PO’d Patriot, I heard about Cruz dropping out. It doesn’t matter what the sandnigger-in-chief says about Trump or anything else. this will be a really interesting race now.

        • That’s exactly why I say “Stay quiet Be smart”. All this tough talk gets you noticed. Ever notice that it’s the same people sayin the same shit?

        • Everything you say, think, belief, wonder about, dislike, and love can and will be used against you in a court of law. I guess The Miranda (most LEOs don’t EVEN bother with it anymore) is on “full time” now, whether you are under arrest or not?

          Nothing constitutional about that one either. BANG! One more problem offa da streets…

      27. People that have beliefs other than the elite should be protected by us
        A team of armed people
        I think they used to be called the Militia

        • WE ARE THE MILITA!!!!! If you have prior military service, you are The Organized Militia. Otherwise you are still Militia (minute-men) and simply look to the combat vets for ‘whatever’ is in order.

          Since I am armed, I’ve decided to protect myself and ANYONE ELSE that may be in dire need of protection from someone, including an LEO if the situation ‘appears’ to be ‘sporty’.

          Y’all do as you want, as you’ll do it that way anyway. I am going to “GO FOR IT”, give it hell and stop keeping it cooped up inside. They want trouble, hell yeah then, they’ll get their wish …MY way (I’m one of the worst sneaks in history, and older than most stumps, so I’ve a bit of experience under the belt too).

          Everyone is asking questions all the time as they feel that ALL THIS must burn down to ONE THING – – most think that it must be connected to oil in some way. NO! Stop thinking exactly what they are planting into your brain to think.

          This whole frigging thing is about power and guns. America has turned the world into a powder keg and now even The NWO and many other nations cannot understand why in hell our government can’t just take away our guns so that we can be shot and killed without fear of being killed themselves while doing it. (They surely must think we are dumber than one-celled organisms)! It is mostly the slant-eyed sobs of The NWO who wish to see this come to order immediately …so THAT should tell every one of you exactly how The Blue Helmets are going to be “looking at you” when the appointed time arrives. Can you say “targeted for death?”

          The Muslims are in need of America now that their precious Middle East has been reduced to a pile of useless rubble …so like good Americans every family should take in as many Muslims as we can, get killed in our sleep and let them have all of our private belongings, because the feds said it would be better for us to do so, and it would also be better that both us and our children were dead, and so it ends since nobody but them are going to begin a damn thing right? That’s right, so there’s no longer any more tolerance (acceptable) for bitching if you aren’t doing anything about what you are bitching about.

          I am a free man and fully intend to remain that way, even if it means death (I’ll still be alive and ‘quite’ free). 🙂

      28. This Judge (Dolores Mallard) retired July 31, 2015:

        ht tps://ballotpedia.org/Dolores_Mallard

        Wonder how ‘old’ this story is? Been nearly a year since her retirement.

        Wonder if any of this issue was resolved? The child still gone from her mom?

        Tenure was from 2004-2015. A lot could have happened since the child was taken if it goes way back past the retirement date of 2015. Just some thoughts.

        BUT it is bad that they could even do it in the first place.

      29. B. You are right about Prince and the Chem trial comment..i believe this for certain.. I don’t believe that he suddenly irresponsibleLy takes a drug and overdoses and suddenly dies.. people of his level success with properties that they own and worth accomplishments simply don’t just suddenly count suicide. It makes no sense..he was for freedom and for the people..the same thing happened to Michael Jackson.. Michael Jackson told the cabal to go phuck themselves, and accused him of being a child molester and it’s as all lies, so they wacked him.. see Janet Jacksons interview.


        • more conspiricies. Its never the person’s fault. to hear their families tell it…they were good boys and were angels. not buyin it.

      30. State Property.

        Draw your own conclusions.

      31. In a country planned in hell, born in hell, and raised in the pits of hell it will only get worse as the Globalist Fascist Police State hell on earth collapses into totalitarian insanity.

      32. People die unintentionally of a prescription drug overdoes every day, and little is being done to avert it. People also die of non-prescription drug overdoses daily, and little is being done to avert it (other than to place you in jail, which does a whole lot of good for the one who is addicted doesn’t it)?

        Besides, why put anyone in jail when Obama is letting everyone out, especially if they are ‘liable’ to go running to ISIS to rejoin the effort. Gitmo is being cleared so that ISIS will have a “launching base” within 90 miles of The US Mainland. Call me crazy, but you are watching it go down right now. Obama will give it to Cuba who will lose it (yeah right), to an ISIS infiltration. ISIS is not going to arrive “en masse” as some have suggested. They will and have been arriving in numbers of one or two for at least eight or more years now, and will continue to do so at an alarming rate.
        But don’t worry about them because Obama has stated there is no need to guard that border because Mexicans are as safe as Canadians. I think Obama should retire in northern Mexico, close to Mexico City or inside Yellowstone on the ‘caldera’ (or whatever the dome is called).

      33. Anonymous and Braveheart said it. I implied it in another string yesterday, social media has been and will increasingly continue to be the undoing of many. I feel for the lady but as has learned it was really poor judgement to voice those opinions in a public school and on Facebook. Geez, everyone these days checks for social media pages. Employers, organizations, friends, acquaintances, family members and so on. Someone already said it here, freedom of speech only exists to those who follow the rules of “normality”. It’s in the news all the time. The most recent I can think of, Kurt Schilling, fired for racial remarks on Twitter I believe it was. Whether any of us agree or not is irrelevant, the Constitution says he can say what he wants. The scary part is in this society today he could get sued for expressing his opinion and almost surely lose. Someone else here also brought up the subject of being tracked, I did as well in the afore mentioned post yesterday, tracking is alive, thriving and getting stronger everyday. My whole point to all of this is, you have to be very careful these days about expressing your views, beliefs and opinions.

      34. Years ago drivin6g out to Tib5eron in Marin Co Calif traffic was stopped by a military road blcck. I noted the uniforms of the men6 and the vehicles were sterile, no markings. Finally allowed to pass i noted large army trucks on a hillside ahead with men in gas masks unloadin6g huge gas cylinders and a tunnel mouth in the hill was open Gas Masks?_ we stopped and were over looking the bay when I noted people around us were getting into violent arguing like a wave of hate was passing over them. We left due to the hasseles and we also argued on the way home. Some time later a friend who lives in Santa Venetia got a questionaire in the mail about how they felt on a particular date. One question being did they feel hostile and angry on that date. What a coin6cidence they did. I told them about the gas masks and gas cylinders that i had seen on the tip of Tiberon. another person present said she had seen army trucks on the hillside also. Testing of Chemical weapons folks. Marin is full of liberals where else would they test them. Marin has unexplained pockets of cancer for some reason. Then there was Robin6 Williams who killed himself at his home on Tibero6. The gas goes where the win6d b5lows Canned hate would be a handy thing for political rallies

      35. Another menace to society on the bench

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