Judge Napolitano: “Americans MUST STOP Acting Like Sheep!”

by | May 20, 2020 | Headline News | 9 comments

Judge Andrew Napolitano recently wrote an article for the Washington Times titled, “Why Americans Must Stop Actin Like Sheep, and Tell The Government To Take A Hike!”  So many of us have been saying this from the beginning.  They don’t care about us, and it’s up to us to disobey them out of existence.

There are no orders if there are no order followers. But like sheep going to slaughter, Americans line up to obey the very people responsible for mass murder (called war), the theft of the fruits of their labor, and the dumbing down and enslavement of their children.  In a matter of months, Americans have fallen into line like good sheep to obey those we know use the mainstream media as enslavement propaganda.

David Icke To LEOs & Military: “Look Your Children In The Eye” & Tell Them YOU Enforced Tyranny

If anyone had suggested that the governors of all 50 states, in varying degrees of severity, would be using police to interfere with personal choices — choices that we and our forebearers have all made without giving a second thought to the preferences of the government — no one would have believed it.

Think for a moment of how you would have reacted to any pre-COVID-19 idea that the police in America — using not the force of opinion but the force of arms — would prevent you from going out of your home, operating your business, jogging in a park, patronizing a restaurant or clothing store, buying a garden hose, going to Mass or church or temple or mosque or even joining a small public gathering of folks who want to protest these prohibitions. –Judge Napolitano, The Washinton Times

The good news is that some people have gotten off their knees and stood up to the tyrants.  The bad news, is there still aren’t enough of us.

If You Want To Be Free, Stop Complying With Tyranny

We have fought wars against tyrants who wanted to tell us how to live. Today, we have elected our masters who are doing just that.

Americans seem to accept the restrictions on our rights to speech, religion, travel, and commercial activities simply because the origin of those restrictions is a popularly elected person. But even an elected government can be tyrannical. –Judge Napolitano, The Washinton Times

As Napolitano says, too many Americans are now afraid of the government.  They fear repercussions if they actually live freely as the sovereign beings they were born to be. It’s time to take some responsibility. If any of us want to be free, we must stop complying with tyranny or line up for the slaughterhouse like good little sheep. It has come to the point that there are no other options.

 ”When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.” – Attributed to Thomas Jefferson

Read Judge Napolitano’s entire article here.

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    1. Andrea.Iravani.

      Is this article supposed to be a sick joke? It pretty much seems like it! This is an outrageous and disgusting insult coming from a judge that has the power to stop the insanity. Napolitanno could sue the government, if he wasn’t a sheep on his knees, demanding that people subject themselves to being thrown in prison and being subjected to civil asset forfeiture!

      Get off your knees Napolitano! Litigate!

      You have the connections to stop it! You sound like a sick and evil psychopath!

      • George C

        Still trolling like a good little government puppet? They probably don’t even pay you very well, but then you really aren’t worth very much.

        • Darth Skippy

          Since you clearly needed her to ask you these questions, I think you should pay the lady.

        • Andrea.Iravani.

          You must be retarded. Why would the government pay somebody that tells judges to sue them?

      • Anonymous

        This is the same man who was bashing Trump just a little while ago.

    2. Nxon

      News story: “21st Space wing commander found dead”

      YouTube video to watch.
      Title of video: “Message from Knight 1 21st SW Commander Col. Falzarano”
      Why less than 1000 views according to the Tech monopoly Tyrant YouTube? This man’s death is very questionable. Why isn’t anyone interested?

      Notice the date of the video.
      Notice his children happy and playing in the background while dad films youtube video. It is very sad that this father is now dead.
      By who? From what? What is the truth?
      What has really happened to this man? Why did this man die?
      Why isn’t anyone concerned?
      What is really going on in the world today?

      The China chicom bio weapon is a cover story for what?
      What about those stories of drones surveying the missile fields in northen Colorado?

      What about when TREASONOUS TRAITOR Obama allowed Russian spetnaz to tourist in Colorado Springs? Home of Peterson AFB. Home to command and control of nuclear weapons.

      “Cheyenne Mountain Complex is located at Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station (CMAFS), a short distance from NORAD and USNORTHCOM headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station falls under Air Force Space Command and hosts the activities of several tenant units.”

      How about a SHTFPlan article and research on real “news”?

      What are the deep state-NWO globalist-Russia-China up to?
      Is a hot war coming? Is it here now?

      Does anyone have situational awareness of what is really going on presently? All I hear are Lies, more lies, noise, distractions, chaos, mind control methods being deployed on worldwide basis.

      Censorship and Misdirection from everywhere.

    3. Genius

      Stop acting like sheep? NEVER going to happen!

    4. Jim in Va.

      Which government judge? The present one or the deep state one? Who are you getting your silver from?

    5. Darth Skippy

      I am mostly unfamiliar with this celebrity bureaucrat’s entire resume. So, excuse me, if I am judging incorrectly.

      These pro-constitution types never especially go on the legal offensive, to punish the control freaks, on one single item of fine print.

      Much less, do they expect private interests to own the means of production, allodially, free, and clear — without the state or internationalist bank holding a higher claim to our persons or the fruits of our labors. (Those of us doing literal labor.)

      What was the first step, formally speaking. It will never be incrementalized, as such. He vaguely feels some malaise, while in clean — nay, affluent — living conditions.

      I think, this work-a-day world of eternal struggle functions as a checking acct, in which “face”, favor, karma, status, resources, cannot be given to one person, without taking it from another.

      Since when do the apparatchiks get disgorged and put to hard labor, say, breaking rocks, if you can be so literal. Tell us something actionable and (we prefer) dignified, if you intend to lead us.

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