Journalist: Zelensky Is CORRUPT And Has Stolen At Least $400 Million In U.S. Aid

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Headline News

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    Infamous journalist Seymour Hersh, who pinned the blame for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines on Joe Biden has another bombshell report. Hersh says that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is corrupt and has stolen at least $400 million in aid from the United States.

    Zelensky and his senior officials are skimming American taxpayer dollars by the hundreds of millions, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claimed on Wednesday. The alleged grift even includes schemes involving trade with Russia itself. Zelensky and his entourage embezzled at least $400 million from US funds meant for diesel procurement last year, Hersh claimed in a new article on Substack, citing a CIA estimate.

    According to a report by RT, Kiev has allegedly been buying diesel fuel, which is essential for the war effort, from Russia itself. During that process, the Ukrainian ruling class has also been skimming large sums of U.S. funds earmarked for diesel payments.

    An expert cited by Hersh compared the level of corruption in Ukrainian procurement to what was seen in Afghanistan, when a US-backed government was in charge in Kabul. According to his sources, ministries in Kiev compete to set up front firms in order to export weapons and ammunition, with the relevant officials profiting from kickbacks. The US government, meanwhile, has stated that it has seen no evidence of Western-supplied weapons in Ukraine being diverted elsewhere.

    Hersh cited an intelligence source who referred to the January meeting between Zelensky and CIA Director William Burns. The US official allegedly presented a list of 35 generals and ministers known to the CIA to be corrupt. Senior Ukrainian officials also complained that Zelensky “was taking a larger share of the skim money than was going to the generals,” the source explained, comparing the meeting to a scene from a 1950s mob movie. –RT

    “Zelensky’s been buying discount diesel from the Russians,” one knowledgeable American intelligence official told Hersh. “And who’s paying for the gas and oil? We are. Putin and his oligarchs are making millions” on it.

    It’s looking more and more every day like this is just a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia, using the corrupt Ukrainian ruling class as a cover.


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