Joe Joseph Warns: “There Will Come A Time When It’s Too Late And You’ll Be Begging To Have Your Old Life Back”

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Headline News | 148 comments

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    With the things heating up just days before what is arguably the craziest Presidential election in American history, Joe Joseph weighs in on the latest leaks, the potential for post-election unrest, and looming crisis.

    They’re so worried about… ‘maybe at the end of the day I might not be able to sit in my Barca lounger at the end of the night’ or ‘I might not be able to watch that football game on Sunday’… Let me tell you… If things go the way that The Powers That Shouldn’t Be want them, there will be no Barca lounges and there will be no NFL.

    So it’s either we do things now while we have the chance… because there will come a time when it’s too late.. and you will be begging to  have your old life back.

    And the answer’s going to be, ‘you had the opportunity and now it’s gone.’

    There’s a lot of things here in the United States, in the western world and in society that we used to have and used to enjoy… quality of life… the ability to earn a liveable wage… fast evoparting… those used to be a lot more present… people used to be a lot more comfortable..

    And it’s just not the case anymore… And it’s only going to get worse…

    Unless we the people draw the line in the sand and we stick with it.

    Watch the Daily News Brief from The Daily Sheeple Youtube Channel:

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      1. If I have said it once I have said it several times.

        THESE ARE THE GOOD OLD DAYS!!!! You can take the wife out to eat, go to the show, spend time playing with the Grandkids, ECT.

        Watch your “6”


        • disagree, the good old days ended about 15 years ago; also about the time we had actual growth, increasing incomes, a manageable debt and we could watch a show with black people and brown people because it was a good show and not because if we didn’t, we might be racists and tattoos and rap weren’t the cultural norm.

          i’ll be living in the 1980s and 1990s from here on out.

          • “There will come a time…”? Are you kidding??! I’m ALREADY begging to have my old life back!!~!

            • Not going to happen buckwheat

            • Hah, married a crazy bit€h, did yah?

            • I would first need to get around 40 years younger!

            • AMEN Anon!!!

            • I just want to go back to high school.

          • The Good Ol Days was Pre-9-11 scam. Its all been down hill since.

            ~WWTI… Nazi Moderation is killing this website.

            • Beware of Cyber Threats. I have been getting a few bogus malicious emails to my email address that are flat out scam. They are circumventing my spam controls and junk folder. It is usually a Bogus note or message about some parcel pick up, or a refund or some order with a bogus heading and generic info, within the email. And attached to the email is a file attachment Probably laced with some packet of hacking virus to get into my computer system.

              If you do open the email up and read it, just NEVER NEVER click on the attachment. Because that is where the Virus hack attachment is located. It could be a Key logger to steal passwords, or delete your content, or wipe out your entire hard drive.

              There is a Gun shop not far from me who was hacked a few months ago, and the virus completely wiped out their entire website and hard drive and back up system that was filled with years of gun related content, videos etc. The Guy is having to start all over again.

              Soooo,.. Do Not become a victim. If you get email sent to your Cell phone, DO NOT even open up the email, as it can also hack into all your files on your cell phone. And NEVER do ANY BANKING on your CELL PHone. ANd shut off all your WiFi Controls on your phone along with the GPS function, which is nothing more than a tracking device. Many services now don’t let you shut off the GPS, as they claim it is needed for 9-11 calls, so We are basically f*cked on that. I’m so far out in the boonies, there is nothing to Triangulate my location for 10 miles.

              Stay safe out there. Lots of digital creeps lurking behind every click. It could be domestic hacks, international or State sponsored.

              ~WWTI… These Malicious attacks will become more frequent as our Hijacked Government drags us into WW3.

              • You leave such a helpful comment to keep us safe and then in another breath, cyber bully someone to commit suicide. Go figure.

          • 15???

            Try 50…

            I mean it was in the mail 50 years ago that’s for sure.

            One could argue it pre-dates that but WW2 happened and we were last man standing unscathed ($$$$$) so I guess we’ll never really know for sure.

          • I recall late 1930’s and 40’s weren’t so bad either. Going to the range tomorrow if my Pug “Tinker” remembers where the hell it is. Stay off the roads tomorrow if your anywhere near the Lancaster, PA area. Tinkers eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. lol

          • I don’t know what planet most of you are on, but the quality of life, on Planet Earth, just keeps getting better and better, as one methodically deprograms oneself from the PROGRAM. The Great Awakening is starting to crank it up. Sit back and enjoy…don’t fight the inevitable, TAME THE MIND.

            The World IS as you ARE.

            • What good is quality of life when you have zero freedom?

            • EA,
              For you socialist pigs, yes your quality of life keeps getting better until you run out of other people’s money to fund your freeloader lifestyles.

              • “Socialist pigs”? IS that the best you can come up with, BM?
                Mac, the quality of life here at TSHTFPlan, isn’t like it was a few years ago. BlackMoe? LOL…You a manbaby trying to integrate the Three Stooges?

          • agree or even a bit further back. These are definitely NOT the good old days for sure. But many fool themselves and live in the many illusions they are not even fully aware of. I said everything this Joe guy said in this article 5 years ago, so nothing new at all ! Joe is about 5 years behind on every matter and issue he writes about, par for the course for most internet jockies, especially prepper types !

        • Hmm…I sort of look at it a bit differently. If you find yourself yearning for “the good ole days”, then at some point you, or something you allowed, caused a change in things putting where you are now. (Life is what you put into it …usually).

          I’m beginning to question if they’ll be any element of “instantness” about any of this, or will just be the usual slow-moving, agonizing take-over buried-in-bullshit for excuses type of aftermath, with no real uprisings. Then, we went shopping at the local gun-shop. For a place that usually has an impressive inventory of both long-rifles and pistols, reloading supplies (brass, power, primers, bullets), there were only four items that were left of any use to me, so I got them (though I believe I’m “sitting pretty” on that end of things). I bought four boxes of .308’s. Didn’t bother with a bag, and as I cross cross-walk to where I parked an LEO out in his cruiser stopped and yelled that I need to stock up on “them things” (with a big grin).

          Seeing that empty store and then have an LEO tell you that you need to “stock up on that stuff” has me convinced that locally they are “at the ready” (and want everyone else to be as well). Won’t be nothing “slow” about it… enjoy the “lull”?

          • what ? I have no idea what you are talking about or any valid point ?

        • Hmm…I sort of look at it a bit differently. If you find yourself yearning for “the good ole days”, then at some point you, or something you allowed, caused a change in things putting where you are now. (Life is what you put into it …usually).

          I’m beginning to question if they’ll be any element of “instantness” about any of this, or will just be the usual slow-moving, agonizing take-over buried-in-bullshit for excuses type of aftermath, with no real uprisings. Then, we went shopping at the local gun-shop. For a place that usually has an impressive inventory of both long-rifles and pistols, reloading supplies (brass, power, primers, bullets), there were only four items that were left of any use to me, so I got them (though I believe I’m “sitting pretty” on that end of things). I bought four boxes of .308’s. Didn’t bother with a bag, and as I cross cross-walk to where I parked an LEO out in his cruiser stopped and yelled that I need to stock up on “them things” (with a big grin).

          Seeing that empty store and then have an LEO tell you that you need to “stock up on that stuff” has me convinced that locally they are “at the ready” (and want everyone else to be as well). Won’t be nothing “slow” about it… enjoy the “lull”?

          Trying to post this I keep getting 502 Errors. That’s rare treat so what got into the server?

        • If things get chaotic after the election and/or if the witch takes office (see Lew article posted today about what if H wins, etc) things will slide down faster than a NY minute. Glad we never had children, being students of globalism for almost forty years knowing America would end up with a zero future in decades ahead. People born in the ’40’s onward lived during the best times, had it all. The young people today have little hope, robots take jobs, jobs gone forever, and can’t afford house or marriage, but so brainwashed in gov. schools and 501c3 gov. churches they only are aware when older folks talk about their past lives. What a sorry mess, we will end up like the EU is now: a third world garbage dump with massive third world immigration, breakdown of law and order, and massive debt and rise of jihad. The EU is almost over with. (, click EU section)and Hillary will make it happen here.

          • Agree on every point , what a sorry mess indeed ! And few have a clue about what has transpired or why.

        • The NSA is torturing good americans with directed energy weapons and mind control, and gang stalking. This needs to end. This criminal rogue agency needs to be exposed and stop this inhumane torturing americans. These technologies are unseen and not traceable. All media, government, politicians, and americans need to expose these targeted citizens and delusional and schizophrenic labeled people wrongly when they are being trotted by technologies. End this holocaust.

      2. There is likely no reversal of current criminality in government and the capitalist system. Greed knows no end. Greed rules the world. Respect for the Earth and all living things no longer exists. This controlling criminal cabal hates people and the truth. No change is forthcoming except the oppressive crackdown of tyrants.

        • Until Trump Drains the Swamp. And arrests all those politicians on the take. Which in a few years pretty much will help us get back on track. Trump needs to set up a Whistle Blower Website and financial reward system for ratting on these criminals within our Government, as well as those fleecing the tax payers.

          I know of a Military Base that collected about $2 Billion in infrastructure contracts over the last decade, that did not even produce a legitimate EIS, Environmental Impact study. They backdated the BS data to make it all look compliant, but it is not, not even close. And is all located in the flood zone which violated EO-11988 Flood Plain Management. Brilliant when it floods one day, just a few feet above sea level and the entire Base area turns into a toxic waste dump and is flooded out. That is why US Military Bases are so Friggin ripe with Fraud it would make your head spin. And we need to shut 50% of these pig trough bases out of business.

          Its all politics, and greed, at Tax payers expense. I beat these MF’ers though, as I shut down an entire air wing that was supposed to be relocated to the base in violation. You just got to know how to write the right kind of letters, and to the right people and call their fraud out. Yeah, I felt threatened, and had my mailbox smashed one time. That’s when I prepped with AR15, etc and kept guns all over my house. F-em. I got out of there a couple of years ago, and now out in my peaceful surroundings of my new BOL. I may write a book about it one day. SO yeah I took on the 800 Lb Gorilla, and won to a certain point.

          So yeah our Government budgets are 25% Fraud, 25% can’t even be accounted for by the Pentagon, and the rest is just politics for profit. Trillions are missing from the Pentagon, and nobody is held accountable. Look for those defense contractors sitting on their multimillion dollar yachts. That the Tax payers money and Fraud that was stolen. Halliburton no bid contracts come to mind? That’s what I’m talking about.

          ~WWTI… I want to see Trump bring ethics back to Government. Or fire the idiots and put them in prison. That will help send a message. And that is the Biggest difference between Trump and Hillary. Hillary will put a big “FOR SALE” sign on America if she is anointed.

          • Me too, some good points ! are you willing to fight for them ? I am, and ready as well.

        • Sadly, it is always a handful of tyrants who produce mass graves with millions of victims at the bottom of each one by the time they have gotten away with a lifetime of such living.

          Even today, less than 1% are seeking to outright murder a number that defies the imagination. They are correct in that a great many are going hungry, but it is also true that a great many aren’t lifting a damn finger to help themselves either, or even when you teach them they take the option of not doing anything (as soon as they figure out it will be supplied anyway).

          And now we know why history repeats itself and why there is nothing new under the sun. Discovered, conquered, eradicated by measles and forgotten. 100,000 years later more humanoids come along and end up doing, I assume, about the same things as we do (since what’s available to work with isn’t going to change except over vast periods of time). They’ll eat too, breathe, hunt or forage or both, have emotions and the instinct to survive (meaning they will be capable of killing to prevent their own death).

          I’ll never understand why everyone who has to shoot in self defense is placed before a jury, and pays out their ass because the family of the person that tried to kill you want to kill YOU financially. Such a thing shouldn’t remotely be allowed, and if they are vengeful shoot’em (why take one in the back)?

        • Good has and will always triumph over evil (and I’ve always hated the word “evil” – – preferring “sinister” as it’s usually the better translation or intended meaning.

          For anything that exists there exists an exact opposite, and it is the opposing forces that will take the “controlling criminal cabal” and dispense with them with little or no hesitation once the ball begins its roll.

          Nobody, ever, has accurately predicted the future (and many have attempted only to fail) and yet it continues. There is no guarantee of war or peace in the upcoming days. There is a undoubtedly going to be “a change” (and that’s about as close to predicting the future as one can get).

      3. Our American work ethic is going to be a resource for these people. We will do the work and pay the taxes to support their imported voter base.



          • …there ya go Acid Etch. That’s precisely why Obama has been pumping those kind into America as fast as he can locate them. (Look at the toll it is taking on any part of Europe)!

            After that Ebola virus was “mutated by man” to ATTACK man one of the first Obama “offers” was to take in plane-loads of deathly ill people in hopes that a man-killer Ebola Virus would take hold in The USA, but doctors screwed him out of that one, and likely prevented what would have certainly turned into a Pandemic.

            A US President purposely trying to invoke a pandemic upon his people? (Obviously, Americans are not “his” people …as that alone is unforgivable no matter how you look at it).

            I’ve got NOTHING against Asians. Pretty women, dedicated, hard-working and self-supporting. You don’t see “bread-lines” with many Asiatics within them (or I’ve never witnessed such a thing). They TOO are “preppers” in their own ways and life-styles. MANY to a house is quite common (one room with a community bath is living the high-life for them)! You’ll rarely see an Asian who doesn’t keep an immaculate house either, even if they work the house is always dusted.

            Asians have also brought a number of great things to the “table”. Blacks have yet to bring anything to the table except requests for more “reparations” (from 20 generations ago that were already paid off during the last half of the last century).

            Blacks excel at descending instantly into mindless fire-setting and “aim-less” shooting, the only thing needed is chaos, or the chance of it and they’ll supply the rest.

            Being that Trump is appearing to be taking Hillary down, I guess the question now is when will, and where will the first instance occur. (As Sarge pointed out, it seems that no matter who gets office. Either one will be followed by civil unrest at (quite likely) never before seen levels, and it is quite likely that once this starts, it may well cascade and pour over into the actual political arena, and then perhaps we’ll return to being Constitutionalists living in a Republic. No more damn Democrats/Republican crap …just one Republic as it was originally “framed” works very nicely.

      4. I’m glad that I have lived most of my life when I did. I feel sorry for the generations of Americans to come. Louis XIV said “After me, comes the deluge!”. He was right. Looking at what the shape the world is in, I would paraphase that as “After me, comes the flush!”

      5. What is ……” fast evoparting”? I don’t know what that means.

        • @Spellcheck boy


          Got it? 🙂

      6. 37% of all new registered voters in my state are immigrants from Puerto Rico. The Dems/Communists are building an unstoppable political machine, turning red states purple.

        You want to know the future, look at Cuba, North Korea, and South Sudan.

        The Elite own it all, everyone else is starving, and Mussie terror is common, while the Christian church goes underground.

        What are prepared to do to stop this?

        • You dont really believe all these false flags were muslims do you? We know they didnt do 9/11, we know they didnt do orlando, we know they didnt do paris…So who is really doing the terror… its (((them))) WTFU

        • the american people will ALWAYS do the right thing…..but only after exhausting ALL OTHER POSSIBILITIES……we will do NOTHING, until we are cold and hungry….BANK ON IT.

          • The surest way for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing

            • I’ve been watching Trump for months. As he campaigned, he saw a side of America Hillary is psychologically unable to see or grasp. Trump has listened to thousands of Americans, another thing Hillary can’t grasp.

              I have come to believe Trumps claim that this is his time to pay America back for all his blessings.

              The alternative is an unrepentant thief.

          • Exactly. Churchill was dead on.

            • Churchill was a cross dressing nut job, but he had a great voice and made great radio speeches.

              He was a lot like Obama, but had a war time agenda.

              I have so had enough of stupid people running our country whose only skill is reading speeches they didn’t even write.

          • Hmm, cant see either in my future

            • you JUST never know.

              • As is everyone else, we are long past being fed up with the “goings on”, the open corruption and blatant attitudes, however:

                We are, so far, delighted, (if true), with the latest occurrences that have pretty much nailed Hillary’s shoes to the floor and Trump is not wasting any time taking full advantage of this (unforeseen) upset in what Hillary thought was “in the bag”. Now, she and others are considering leaving CONUS. (that is sarcasm only!).

                These really ARE some “stupid people”, because it’s money that is giving them a way in and NOT due to their intelligence. Thank God they are NOT of OUR GOVERNMENT (and by all appearances will soon be ousted, or maybe not so soon), but there will never, ever be any peace until the federal government has been completely dismantled then rebuilt as she was Framed.

                Goodbye Hillary and Obama, in with Trump, undo everything Obama ever did to frig us up, relieve ourselves of all illegal immigrants (we owe them nothing at all, and certainly not willing to go without in order for others who never put anything into “the system” to collect from it, such as Obama is now doing with many …if it’s true that some are getting foodstamps and ??? Really?

                Y’all have a safe weekend.

        • Immoral and Free, Can Never Be! The more immoral a people become, the more controls have to be placed upon them. It’s a never ending cycle. GOD gave us the 10 Commandments to set us free, and we have rejected them, and HIM. Yes there will come a time when it is to late. Have you excepted Christ as your savior! Eternity is a long time. Trekker Out.

        • Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

          • Yup unfortunately, and from another broke-ass island.

            • Not by their choice. Puerto Rico has been trying to separate from the U.S. for years. They want nothing to do with the U.S. except to take our money for their free-shit society.

        • Russia’s Putin and Our ALLY, warns Americans, “Vote for Trump or Face Nuclear War.”

          Video- END TIMES SIGNS: LATEST EVENTS (OCT 13, 2016)
          ht tps://

          Putin basically said, With Hillary as President, she will drag America into WW3 and it wont be pretty.


        • I am both physically and mentally prepared to do all that I possibly can to stop all that I possibly can. If all others would only do the same we could easily have The United States of America up and running again, with Democrats on a flat run for a place with no trees nor ropes, in a short amount of time. (Not decades).

          This is America. We could even make an excellent comeback without a power grid such as the ones in use today. Perhaps we’ll be 100% Solar Panels, Water Wheels and renewable energies (all the things that do not exist in many parts of the world). Sooner or later THEIR “petro” is going to deplete too. I would love to see America be the leader in solar by the time the rest of the world desperately needs it …but will be just a memory by then to most.

        • ” immigrants from Puerto Rico”

          Puerto Rico is a protectorate of the US and Puerto Ricans are 100% US citizens. You can’t be an immigrant from Puerto Rico anymore than you could be an immigrant from Hawaii.

          • O isn’t that just wonderful. Just what we need more Spanish. Third world rodents. Let’s turn America into Puerto Rico. That would be great . And all we have to do is let more of them in. Great idea. Let’s let the intire third world in. Wouldn’t that be just wonderfull. Name me one country run by these brown people that isn’t a third world shit hole?

            • It makes you wonder why in hell does everything in stores have English/Spanish on the packaging, yet nothing in Arabic or whatever Muslims or Islamics prefer for a language. We hear ‘mixed’ answers, but it doesn’t matter.

              I just wonder why it doesn’t have their language on packaging too since (supposedly) they are going to invade, destroy us and THEN change the packaging?

              Yeah, that must be it. Nevermind…

          • Can one be an immigrant from New Jersey? That’s a different country.

            • New Jersey is a different planet. They’re way out there.

              • I remember one of their Interstate roads (is it 81?), will “hammer” you at every ‘expansion-joint’ in the cement highway. For over five hours it just goes whomp-whomp-whomp-whomp (or it was that way 30 years ago. Hopefully resurfaced by now.

              • Voted with my feet and got out of there because had a serious disagreement with then Governor Jim Florio over S-166. Its possibly the best decision I ever made.

      7. Begging to live like a slave? I will miss the pills though, some of that sh*t is some good stuff.

        • Anything available in pills can be pretty much mimicked by Mother Nature. After all, most of the drugs are just concentrated forms of natural substances that have therapeutic effects right?

          There are “feel good” pills and there are “feel good” roots, flowers, leaves, and even fish that you can lick their bellies and spend hours hallucinating (puffer fish I believe, dolphins or porpoises do it anytime they run across “puffers”). It’s also why some keep “puffers” in their Salt Water Aquariums.

          Pain relief is great, but I prefer a clear mind.

      8. I want my old life back now.

      9. It started November 22, 1963. Like stated in the movie JFK, there was a coup d’etat. Ever since then we have been lied to and manipulated.

        • No, we have been lied to sense, well maybe, sense the beginning, but I think it really got rolling during the Un-Civil War. This is when everything went sideways. The crap started then and has only gotten worse sense.

          Just about everything you have been told or taught is a lie. All this BS about Hitlery and Trump is just a show. The whole government is corrupt to the core and is this way by design. It is working as it is designed to work.

          If we the people don’t get a handle on what the real problem is we are not going to be able to change any of this.

          Mr. Charlie out.

        • Cyberrifles

          We been lied to repeatedly long before that, but ever since its been steady downhill for the US. What the real power structure is in the US must certainly be known to friend and potential foe alike. If the US President is negotiating with Russia I can imagine Putin saying, “Take the offer back to your bosses and let me know if they approve”. The official chain of command, supposed separation of powers, free media and “equal protection under the law” is laughable. I can picture the Chinese saying, “How the hell do you pull it off in direct view of your citizens”?

        • I agree. I have said this for years. Our government was hijacked the day Kennedy died.

      10. Joe Joseph is Fired UP! Hahahahaha!

      11. I disagree that nothing is being done to stop the globalist agenda.

        The first step is awareness. The way to awareness is by means of education. Education of a truthful nature is very different than the confusing propaganda we have received.

        If people understand, they won’t allow their kids to die in wars for a corrupt pseudo government, which is controlled by aliens who hate us.

        __ I learn every day.

        Check out this video on YouTube…

        The U.S. army’s top secret Arctic City Under the Ice! “Camp Century”
        Restored Classified Film
        Bright Enlightenment

        And this one…

        Obama’s Secret Antartica Trip: A Planned WW3 Escape Route? (Operation Highjump Russia + U.S.).
        C. Ervana


        • It has been said more than once that there is a large hole leading into the earth under that Northern Ice Cap, and aside from fishing we do have a great many Tridents or ships in that area all the time, as if they are guarding something. (Of course, there are UFO stories that surround it as well, yet there COULD be a base or ‘traversable body of water’ (or even a massive cave), stuffed in there for all we know).

          We need a submersible and warm suits.

      12. Impeachment Already on The Table If Hillary is Elected

        As a number of FBI investigations into Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s private email server and the Clinton Foundation continue, with indictments likely looming due to overwhelming evidence, the Republican controlled House is already putting impeachment on the table should Clinton win the White House next Tuesday.

        Yesterday during an interview on Fox News, Homeland Security Chairman Michael McCaul explained the process.

        “If the investigation goes forward and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the Constitution, the House of Representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. It would go to the Senate and impeachment proceedings and removal would take place,” McCaul told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer. “I would hate to see this country thrown into a constitutional crisis because of Hillary Clinton’s behavior.”

        This again brings up the prospect of whether President Obama will pardon Clinton before she takes her oath of office. Meanwhile, the Oversight Committee is already bracing for years of investigations should Clinton move into the Oval Office.

        Above written by Katie Pavlich at

        • I hold no love for HRC and I realize Impeachment is a Political Process, but the “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” for which one is Impeached have to be committed while you are in Office. What she did before her Inauguration would not count.

          Now what might be a Problem is that if indicted and forced to Criminal Trial, she might be considered “Disabled” under the 25th Amendment.

          “Presidential disability is automatic if the president dies, resigns or is impeached (i.e. loses Senate trial), but in other situations, the vice president and a majority of department secretaries must contact the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, stating the the president is no longer capable of remaining in office. The president can then dispute the charges, if he or she wishes to. A subsequent decision by Congress will determine whether the president will remain in office or not.”

          “Under the 25th Amendment, the president is also given the right to declare himself or herself disabled and can step down from office if he or she cannot perform presidential duties.”

          So she would have to quit or there be a Mutiny within her Administration.

          I don’t see how you can Impeach her based on her history.


      13. Clinton Foundation and the war within the FBI for justice

        Remember: “Ken Lay of Enron bad, Hilary corruption, lies and fraud good.” How the public deals with the information below will literally determine if we become a corruptocracy or remain a free republic. It is that serious. Yet, I’ll bet very few will even read about this, let alone take action on it, in whatever way they deem appropriate. Here’s the lowdown:

        1. The Justice Dept. usually oversees the FBI at a high level, but the FBI largely has autonomy, particularly when it comes to investigating public corruption. Of course, now, with the MOST CORRUPT ADMINSTRATION EVER, Obama has moved to shut down the FBI investigation into the cesspool that masquerades as the Clinton Foundation (i.e., block FBI agents from getting search warrants, empaneling grand juries, etc.; remind you of the vile Fast & Furious scam?) The corruption behind the Clinton Fdn is why the former president of the Haitian senate Bernard offered a scathing assessment of the Clinton’s track record in Haiti saying they are “nothing but common thieves…and they should be in jail” after they STOLE much of the aid earmarked for Haiti relief (yes, let people die, all for power… hey, that’s the leftist way!)
        2. Basically Obama has taken over the DOJ, which is now populated by his cronies who have the sole purpose of perpetuating the leftist power, including keeping Hilary out of jail. Problem is, the rank and file FBI agents aren’t buying this scam. In fact, 100 FBI agents sent resignations to Comey saying they will quite if this scam continues. There have been FIVE investigations into the Clinton Foundation by FBI departments around the nation (Little Rock, L.A., Miami, NY, DC etc.) They then went to the DOJ, where (gee, surprise!), the utterly corrupt Lynch/Holder cronies said there was nothing to see here, move along. Only problem was, some of the US Attorneys in these offices who were not yet corrupted by Holder/Lynch/Obama decided to continue pursuing the corruption. In fact, closing these investigations down is what convicted perjurer Bill Clinton discussed with the corrupt Loretta Lynch on that airport tarmac which, surprise! – they also lied about. Of course, the donations to the Clinton Foundation were made to pay off cronies for favors, support, etc. Y’know… exactly like they do in a banana republic.
        3. These FBI investigations CAN still continue, and despite the vile leaders like Lynch, Obama, etc. trying to hamstring all this, as there is so much dirt on the Clintons, they will be able to progress despite our corrupt administration doing everything it can do obstruct justice

        Dick Morris has an excellent 4 -5 min summary this here:

        • Dang TEST – you’ve been busy with it haven’t ya?

      14. I read that the new bulletproof vests are really changing things in the Ucraine. Looks like we all must go to head shots or shotguns.? Blind them with birdshot? The ar15 is probably one of the best headshot rifles ? Or any accurate rifle ? Looks like center mass shots are obsolete?

      15. Local polling place for early voters so busy police were directing traffic. Folks doing circles for 20 mins to try & find parking spot in a lot that holds over 250 cars. 45 minute wait to vote once parked. Never seen turnout like a this on election day, letalone early voting. Something big is happening. Lets pray it is the peaceful alternative that we all have been hoping for vs the scary one that we all have been prepping for.

        • There has been NO PEACE PLANNED for the up and coming days lying ahead of us. I’m a bit puzzled as for what precisely is being waited upon, given all that has been released over the past 48hrs.

        • What state do you reside?

          • A state of confusion, usually. Why? 🙂

      16. This is what happens when the country is dumbed down. Too busy watching Kim kardashian or the biggest loser. I saw video talking about working age males that don’t or won’t work anymore and lay around watching tv. Putin is laughing his ass off. It’s gonna be a cake walk he’s thinking. I swear if people would just pay some attention maybe it wouldn’t have got this bad. But maybe I’m wrong. No morals , no work ethics, celebrity worship, fuckin tattoos and piercings, girls having 5 kids with 6 different daddy’s , half black some of them, makes me think we are done for. Just burn it down and start over. I think it’s too far gone. Look at this white trash running around on heroin. Or this immigrant loving, welfare gettin bunch of pussies that need their safe spaces. THIS is who’s gonna run the power plants and build the roads and keep society going?? Laugh my fuckinass off. I’m stocking up hoping this whole dam thing implodes because it needs to

        • Either watching tv or just freakin raging queers,,,

        • To openly hope for a total implosion is suicidal, as death is all that could come out of such a thing.

          We still own guns and bear them, and we’ve still got plenty of very intelligent people who are capable of keeping things running after we have died.

          How can you think that we will be the last humans because none of the rest will be smart enough to remember to drink water or eat? The entire populace of America is not 100% idiots.

          That 13-yr. old “ate Hillary’s lunch” with her short speech just the other day.

          Or are you one of those “let’s just push the button we’d be better off dead” ppl?

          You say you are laughing your ass off at “them” (our younger generation). Ted, can you run a power station? Build and engineer superhighways? Design cones for NASA?

          We are certainly glad you are stocking up but what we want for the kiddos is the certainty of freedom and not slavery. Hope for whatever you wish, but you are setting your priorities wrongly imho. The younger generation is our legacy, which is why TPTB are working overtime to turn them into what is becoming of them. How many are actively doing a damn thing to put a stop to it? mmmmm… crickets.

          • Equorial, our lives as we know them right now will be gone forever once the shooting starts. I already know that when I have to pull the trigger to take out that first POS PRETENDING to be a human life, I’ll be a changed man forever. Nothing will ever be the same again. I’ll do whatever it takes to survive. I won’t shy away from it.

            • Braveheart1776; you are correct in that after taking a life a part of you will have changed forever, and you’ll likely be sick for a few. No worries though, no worries. I remember my first ‘extreme’ experience, talking to my buddy and then he was just headless, and I shit my pants (didn’t even realize it).

              Yeah, if the shooting starts it will likely be years before we get out of it, and yes, it will be different because NOTHING ever stays the same. As for survival, I already know you’ll survive by doing whatever you are called upon to do …it just goes with the territory (like it or not). These have to be the most insane days I’ve ever lived through (or maybe I’ve lived a dull life). 🙂

          • Yea,
            Push the button so we can see whats in there,,,,,
            Isnt that what we are supposed to do?
            Act first ask questions later?

        • Ted,
          If celebs couldn’t alter the looks they were born with Hollywood would go bust. The fans that follow these plastic people so ardently are just meal tickets. I don’t think there is a celeb on the planet that isn’t selling cheap perfume, some fashion line or wrinkle cream.

        • Ted I absolutely agree with you. Most of the younger generation is truly pathetic. Especially the ones raised in single-parent and gay-parent environments. Even too many raised in ‘normal’ childhood environments are losers. so many 20-somethings doing nothing productive, playing video games and smoking pot. Most younger adults have no clue nor desire to even do simple tasks like changing a flat tire or checking the oil in their car, but they are pros at facebook and speed-texting (while driving) and keeping up with the Kartrashians, but not much else. My hopes for the future of this country are dimming by the day.

          • Far too many these days do not have the parental learnings they should have. The parents don’t have a clue how to do many things either, so nothing is passed down of any use. Respect is another thing fast disappearing from both grown ppl and teens (or just kids). The number of children murdering their parents is staggering at best. I would have never as much as considered such a thing, yet look around you now.

            But, it’s going to get worse before it can get better. At least Home-Schooling is on the RISE – – which is excellent. Public Schooling is the worst idea someone ever had …considering what it turned into. Unhollywood for teens to play in with nothing but “hunters seeking prey” for teachers in all places of education. ANY school has an abundance of pedophiles, and yet so many just look the other way and by doing so they are letting down their children. The ‘pedos’ are even within the top ranks of our federal government, with a known pedophile island they often fly too for forbidden and taboo sexual “escapes” (perhaps on tax dollars).

            Those same people want full control over raising up your children and “brain-training” them for the world to come. I think they’ve gone far enough and it’s time to erase the damned blackboard for a restart of school.

            College grads cannot pass most High School graduation tests, college grads (for medical) for being a doctor is a damned joke anymore. You only need money, not brains, to be a physician.

            It is safe to say that this nation is going to have a generation or two of a “lull” until we can get everyone “up to snuff” – as education is everything, and without it our children won’t stand a chance in life against the bastards in this world (such as Soros, The Clintons and so very many others that are misled and misleading even more behind them).

            Let’s fix it once, and fix it right. THEN they can shoot me if they just must. heheh… 🙂

      17. If things go the way that The Powers That Shouldn’t Be want them, there will be no Barca lounges and there will be no NFL.

        So it’s either we do things now while we have the chance… because there will come a time when it’s too late.. and you will be begging to have your old life back.


        1. Make it impossible to have kids without dual income? Check.

        2. Make it impossible to HAVE dual income because make it impossible for people to get along long enough? Check.

        3. Even if by some miracle you could do 2, burn all jobs in this country to the ground… CHECK and CHECK.

        Oh I’m sure the beatings will continue until morale improves. SJW crybullies, the latest useful idiots..

      18. The best you can hope for is to be allowed to take care of yourself and have everyone stay to hell out of your face (those that do get their faces shot off, and yes I am that mean).

        Like I wrote in the last article, “Wouldn’t this world be a wonderful place to be if everyone would just leave everyone else alone”?

        • Equatorical,
          It would be even better if we could make everyone leave us alone.

          • …and they are not about to leave us alone as long as we continue to allow our government to meddle in everything we have no business even MESSING with! (So, the “messing with us” is certainly justified). However, law-abiding Americans are going to be forced to “take the hit” for anything and everything these bastards, pretending to be our government, have done and intend to do in these last days prior to Election Day (indeed if there is even an Election)! Time to check the evening news and get all wound up again… heheh…

            • Nothing but a semi-warning from FBI to be alert for an attack or attacks that are scheduled to occur this coming Monday in New York (city I assume), Texas and Virginia.

              Nothing is remotely touched upon for an explanation, yet I am assuming they must mean an attack from perhaps one or two “lone wolves”, or perhaps, to their surprise, they’ll be a much larger “set of attacks” stemming from three locations simultaneously.

              Now, wouldn’t THAT be an SOB of a way to ‘kick off’ the game? The article is also so very “played down”, there simply has to be far more to it regarding what is known that they are NOT telling us.

              For instance, if WE are to be attacked, one would assume the same for Europe, and yet nothing about Europe is to be found on the same page.

        • That is all I really want in life Is to be left alone to make my own choices and live my life the way I want! Always some busy body trying to interfere that won’t shut the eff up.

          Driving through Illinois …..the roads are sh!t?

      19. A Brit that is here for a 10 day period, made mention of our “selection cycle”. He said that if Britain doesn’t stop the importation of Islamists, and such, inside of 20 years, there won’t be a United Kingdom. It’ll be Sharia Law and the “Crown” will be a buried, dead corpse.
        I told him that the Islamists are reproducing at a rate of 4:1 in the UK, and he agreed. He cited France, and shook his head at Germany’s Merkle being such a twit. Well, other countries in their neck of the woods aren’t having none of it, anymore. They’re locking down the borders. And of course, it’s driving the Socialists nuts.
        Once we lock down our borders here in the USA, it’ll drive the “Progressives” / Socialists absolutely bonkers.
        Be well.

        • Unfortunately it is the top leadership that wants Islam, see the Prince who says he will be defender of all faiths when he becomes king and through his influence through the royal garter which is the head of most secret societies in the commonwealth countries including freemasonry he is changing God’s laws.

          Daniel 8:23-25New International Version (NIV)
          23 “In the latter part of their reign, when rebels have become completely wicked, a fierce-looking king, a master of intrigue, will arise. 24 He will become very strong, but not by his own power. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does. He will destroy those who are mighty, the holy people. 25 He will cause deceit to prosper, and he will consider himself superior. When they feel secure, he will destroy many and take his stand against the Prince of princes. Yet he will be destroyed, but not by human power.

          Daniel 11:37-39King James Version (KJV)
          37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

          38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

          39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

          ***Islam’s god is the god of force, you are forced to worship it otherwise you are killed in Muslim controlled countries!

        • I’ve been to a few other countries in my days
          Learned the languages and culture
          Lived with ordinary people ,
          Became a part of their family

          One thing I have learned , all the people of this earth want mostly the same things
          Food , shelter, love , family , job , happiness

          It’s each countries governments that are the road blocks to what we the people can accomplish

        • Already, it is being reported that if the immigrants keep having children at the rate they are cranking them out in those “tent cities” (nothing to do?), Europe will be over-run with more immigrants than true Europeans (from those infiltrated areas), and none of them have any inclinations to leave.

          That’s an Exedrin headache in progress there, and precisely how the blacks are slowly populating more and more of America. Keep them womens pregnant and don’t stick with one but knock them all up and the white women too. And that’s exactly what all of the subliminals and peer-pressure has brought upon us. Whites who hate whites, get knocked up by a black man, black man boogies out and into another white girl’s house until she is pregnant, leaves for another while impregnating a couple black chicks who were somehow overlooked and not pregnant!

          That shit needs to be simply stopped, and it doesn’t matter how, just stopped until they agree to get schooling and produce something other than lawlessness. They are just like politicians in that sense.

          I’m not racist. It’s that I will not tolerate their frame of mind on nearly anything they don’t like.

      20. Well the writing was on the wall years ago. Everyone had plenty of time to prepare. No one should be surprised. Make your final selections stores closing.

      21. Way back when in the early 1970s in high school, I remember talking with friends about our future plans and we knew, with absolute certainty, that we would, within five years be working at DuPont, Mobil Oil, BP, Sunoco, Texaco, Hercules Chemical, Shell Chemical, Monsanto or BF Goodrich.

        The above now looks like the starting credits of the several years away Star Wars movie. “In a Galaxy long long ago, far far away”. It literally seems like an entirely different country; and it was. The war was over, the draft ended, no police road blocks for DWI was MADD wasn’t yet created. The drinking age was lowered to 18 and the demonized “Assault Rifle” was yet to be named. Medical insurance? Every job had medical insurance and if you worked some OT social security stopped coming out of your check by mid October.

        What the hell happened?

        • I keep asking the same thing, am same vintage,

        • K
          I too am same vintage.
          What happened was Democrats
          College radicals infiltrated
          the “system”.
          We weren’t smart enough to kill
          them, because we are moral and ethical
          people. They aren’t.
          They run the show now.

          • rellik

            I gave up two decades ago finger pointing blame at a party because both, Republicans included did the middle class in. The free Trade agreements were was a Neo-Conservative agenda with GH Bush 41 being the point man. He and the neocons set up the play but didn’t have the political savvy and popularity to get it passed. Clinton, just as neocon made it happen. Make no mistake there is no difference between the Republicans and Democrats regarding Trade / Economics and Foreign affairs.

            The establishment, which champion globalism at the expense of “We The People” have owned both horses in the two horse race. Trump MAY be the real outsider, so far he talks the talk which in itself was previously unheard of. TPTB want people to simplify it and blame the other party as it a win win because they own both.

            Its fact.

            • Yup, left, right, is all the same now, its US as in you n me vs them, the political class

              • There are two different political beliefs that cross party lines and are the only differentiation as Democrat and Republican are just social clubs. They are Globalist and Populist. How someone can live in the US and have a desire for the US government to intentionally not put their country and people first defies logic. The political cannon fodder of the left champion the Globalist agenda at the expense of their own nation with an air of superior nobel intent when in fact its guilt induced masochism. The neocons on the other hand are just old fashioned greedy.

          • Well, they THINK they run the show now. I’m going to stick with the determination that The U.S. Constitution and Amendments will be “rightened and repaired.”

            For the interim we hang the bastards and bitches that did it, none of them have ANY “right to life”. NOT A CHANCE!

      22. What happened? I believe a well organized funded.criminal family has somehow taken power. With the help of there father Satan. They hope to destroy property value through war or economic collapse then buy up that property for pennies and pay the impoverished former owners pennies to rebuild it for them.

        • Of course you also realize that all of this confusion and chaos is only meant to keep The Sheeple busy until Election Day, and shortly thereafter all “hell is sure to be unleashed” – – yet at this point I do not see any viable reason to keep putting it off, Hillary is reported as having “lost the nation” (unless her cheating is going to be extremely blatant and meant to incite riots and war)?

          Can you imagine after all this, Lone Wolverine, if Hillary still won, all that must happen between now and the time she’s sworn in? (Because that day cannot be allowed to fruition)! Perhaps I’m crazy but I’m not insane! 🙂

      23. Joe Joseph is 100% CORRECT.

        Look. Let’s face REALITY, here, ok? We are now 5 days (FIVE!) from the Presidential (PRE-)(S)”Election”. SHILL-ary is the PRE-SELECTED CANDIDATE of choice, of the ROTHSCHILD-ROCKEFELLER-SOROS-(“VOTE”-SWITCHING-MACHINE)-CFR-CIA ‘Cabal’.

        Have you seen ANY actual evidence, that ANYTHING will be done to INDICT or prosecute SHILL-ary Clinton?

        Of course not. There are HUGE $$ behind her. THAT IS WHY SHE IS “ABOVE-THE-LAW”. And, she will CONTINUE to be “above-the-law” right through Nov. 8th.

        Soros-Linked Voting Machines Cause Concern Over Rigged Election

        Read ALL the comments. Click on ALL links. Read/view/listen to ALL content.

      24. We are in the 7 good years where there is still plenty of food but the 7 bad years are coming.

        Revelation tells us that when the Antichrist goes off on his white horse war, famine, plague and death will come!

        If you think this is bad wait for what will come when you work all day and your wages are a handful of grain!

        • Martus, you are saying we are at the “onset” of “the seven good years” to be immediately followed by war, famine and plagues (and of course, death)?

          Revelation can surely be read with a great many varying opinions of meanings. (Why is so cryptic, for one)? Some say that Revelation is a non-Canonical book that is so ancient nobody ever had any idea where it originally came from (in another country and tongue and countless centuries ago under a totally different lifestyle).

          It’s confusing, as there has always been war, famine and plagues – and death is a daily event globally.

          There is NO SIGN of an AntiChrist yet, as nobody has performed miraculous feats only a GOD could perform – so there isn’t a rider available for that White Horse at this time.

          Just saying…

      25. These are not the good old days. They are the new normal. We are hoping for a return to the old former normal. What we will get likely will be much worse than most people can imagine. It will literally be a survival of the meanest most fittest. If your not healthy you will not survive. If your not a killer willing to draw a hard line you will succumb. And being a healthy killer isn’t any guarantee of success. You will need to be lucky. Or mayde the lucky ones will be those who perish quickly? Its gonna be quite the adventure! Its not going to be fun. In fact it will be downright miserable. I had a conversation with a sheeple idiot today. He bragged about early voting for hellery. He knows where I live. Come SHTF I will not take any chance. I will shoot him in the eye at first opportunity.

        • “These are not the good old days. They are the new normal.”

          The high water mark of “The Good Old Days” was November 21st , 1963.

          • They grabbed our necks in Camelot, now they squeeze.

        • Uh Old Guy,you had opportunity and reason to shoot him when he said who he voted for!Damn,what the hell you waiting for?!

          • Kill someone today its murder. Kill them out of necessity to survive is self defence. His take is he is a brainwashed religious nut. He thinks Hellery is the anti Christ. He voted for her because of some interpretation of bible propency.

        • Old Guy, you have written it out just as it is going to go down with little or no variances. All true, “hard line”, but truth. Misery (check), hunger (check) dysentery (check) and so on. I too believe that the “first wave” will be one of an overwhelming (meant to instill great fear which it will) force or forces, unloosed all at once or at least faster than can be contended with, to knock everyone off balance if possible.

          We tend to avoid speaking about anything except small talk with most anyone, except at the local gun shop (all preppers and always will be I guess). Ha. I call it “local” and it’s like 45 minutes away, and the ONLY one at that. lol…

        • Dont worry about the sheeple coming to your house, if they voted for hillary they will walk themselves into a FEMA camp without a second thought.

      26. Being retired isn’t that bad- can’t see crap, dementia is around the corner, just reliving the past now. What time does the Ed Sullivan Show come on?

      27. 8 is the number of GOD.
        And if you GOD exist please on NOVEMBER 8, 2016 bring your blessings back upon this country again, and help us elect a GOOD PRESIDENT.

        • Wow, you pray to GOD, saying if you exist. Man that is some prayer.

      28. Stop whining. We are getting what we deserve. The Republicans’ NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. We did jack. That was 5 years ago.

        Now we are totally distracted by the election of a King (just like the Commies getting their King in the last two elections). Like Thomas Jefferson said, “An elective despotism was not the government we fought for”.

        • Nothing will ever transpire unless something gets taken away from the liberals.

          Take something from the Republicans, they just grumble a bit then go back to their jobs to pay taxes to fund the liberal programs.

          But stop the flow of Republican money to liberal free-shit society, then the sky will fall.

          I’m ready for the sky to fall, tired of constantly getting screwed.

        • Diane, how can the people of America be personally responsible for a bunch of infiltrators into our federal government that have created grounds for a world war? How can we be held responsible for NDAA when nobody was given the opportunity to vote on it or anything else to my knowledge.

          It is NOT the “true” American government trying to run things and the word is now out, and they are squirming but they’ve lost. That’s it for One World Order or the idea of turning The USA into Muslimland under ObamaWorld (King of The U.N. and Universe).

          If you are not willing to at least fight for America then get your butt out, or lock ‘n load since we’ve got some payments to make and some bills to deliver, payable on receipt.

      29. Friday AM, the government released the new employment numbers. 161,000 new jobs for the last month. Sound good? Nope. 20 years ago, when we had 80 million fewer people in our country, we needed 300,000 new jobs each month just to stay even. We’re short 139,000 jobs for this month. And it’s worse. We just lost 103,000 full time jobs and gained 90,000 part time jobs. See the trend? It’s the same thing each month. But, but, the unemployment number went down .1 per cent to 4.9% unemployed. Big lie. That 4.9% number only reflects the percentage of laid off workers eligible for benefits. If your benefits ran out, you’re not counted any more. If you just left school and tried to enter the workforce but couldn’t get a job, you’re not counted in the numbers. The young people are screwed!

        • They need to cut the hours at McDonalds again and create 139,000 new jobs easily.

        • Its total bullshit,,,,
          But the politicians say with a smile that all is well,,,
          By the way mister, can you spare a dime,,,,

        • Right on, Him. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) calculates and publishes statistics that have been rendered irrelevant over the past few decades. Numbers are reported today that have no relationship to figures reported 50 years ago. Change the assumptions and calculations and you remove the relevance of your answer.

      30. When I was young and in my prime .. I could sprout wood any ole time.

        Now I’m old and kinda slow … couldn’t sprout wood to save my soul.

        • Waking up with wood or creating it “at will” ain’t at problem at 60, or shouldn’t be. The trouble is that it takes all night to do what I used to be able to do all night.

      31. Wife says I’m cold hearted most of the time. It’s how I am I just don’t care about every hard luck case. I’m a believer in you make your bed lay in it. I’ve seen enough shit that’s made my heart cold to everyone but my elderly parents and wife and kids. I view most people as a lost cause not worth bothering with. I have seen people’s family members throw each other under the bus. I have never been one to take any shit from anyone. If you don’t stand up for yourself you will be viewed as weak and shit on from there on out. At some point someone is gonna test your manhood how you deal with it right then and there will determine your dignity and view of yourself. If your viewed as a coward your days are numbered. You cannot be viewed as a coward you need to stand your ground even if you get a beaten. This takes heart which most guys don’t have because they have been emasculated. I’ve always come off as a guy who don’t take any shit. nice guys finish last. I’m playing for keeps Shtf or not. Not making a decision is making a decision. When it comes to life or death I know what decision I will make. I didn’t come this far to not finish what was started.

        • Cold Hearted or simply Jaded? Im pretty much a Curmudgeion. I believe in DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. There aint anyone I would trust with the keys to my wife and daughters chasity belt. Why would I trust them with my life? Im gonna take care of Me and mine. Everyone else is on their own.

      32. I’ve been looking on the news, and can’t find any information on it………We have BC/BS insurance, and from what we are being told it has been hacked. Most, if not all of Texas…..We were told that the computer show us not having insurance since 2014. Anybody else hear anything???

      33. The US Agency for International Development (USAID), is frequently associated with covert CIA operations, worldwide. The father of former Treasury Dept. Secretary Timothy Geithner, Peter Geithner, was a high ranking policy maker at USAID in the 1990’s. He employed a woman named Ann Dunham Soetero to work for him in Indonesia. Ann Dunham Soetero is Barak Hussein Obama’s mother. Obama was called Barry Soetero while he lived in Indonesia. A man with questionable origins, and an even more questionable resume, whose mother worked for the CIA, gets elected President of the US. And now you know the rest of the story.

        • I knew i should have kicked his ass at that party in Kailua in the early 80s when he grabbed my cousins ass,,,,,

        • Him

          Great info you posted. Any links to substantiate it? If I pass it on the nay sayers are going to want some source document


          • Did some searching to confirm its validity; its legit.

            As the Church Lady on SNL used to say, “How convenient”.

            • I saw an author who wrote a book about political connections throughout Washington. It was his info. I’ll try to get the name of the book and the writers name.

      34. Terror attacking warning for Texas and other states before the election. Does this supprise us?

        See link…no telling wtf these assholes have planned.


        One inch closer to the shit storm.

        • HCKS. Whoa, that is one hell of an article. And you are right in that Texas (area unknown) is to expect “trouble” Monday, including New York (NYC we assume), and Virginia. There are numerous targets in that state, so it’s still anyone’s guess. The “discussion” afterwards lends toward an article on CBS that would make us believe they were intentionally trying to literally bury everything, as if it never happened, and leave Comey sitting out on a limb like a dummy? No, that won’t work at this late date, so, how about that! Some MAY or MAY NOT happen. I can live with that.

        • HCKS. Whoa, that is one hell of an article. And you are right in that Texas (area unknown) is to expect “trouble” Monday, including New York (NYC we assume), and Virginia. There are numerous targets in that state, so it’s still anyone’s guess. The “discussion” afterwards lends toward an article on CBS that would make us believe they were intentionally trying to literally bury everything, as if it never happened, and leave Comey sitting out on a limb like a dummy? No, that won’t work at this late date, so, how about that! Something MAY or MAY NOT happen. I can live with that.

          Now, the original news posting gave me every reason to believe there are a large number of soldiers, from Iran (not al Qaeda (sp?)) as the article states, supposedly “arriving soon” (very wide open and non-specific, like everything else they release, yet they’ve never released a thing and not ‘made good’ on it, so it is doubtful to be a false-flag endeavor, this is simply the start of the real thing. All this money that has been invested into the creation of a One World Order plus a United Nations (that Obama could be seated as president of, and run the world), not one of them are going to give up without one helluva fight, and as dirty as needs be, with nothing sacred in existence to them.

          With that in mind, what little info that is available isn’t exactly the kind of thing you wanna read about becoming a possible “norm”, because there’s no way I would remotely conform nor concede to any such thing as ‘could’ become ‘the new law’. Nope, I’d rather fight the good fight and go down in battle than due to ‘quitting’/’giving up’/….no, no, and no again.

          Back to TAILS for some incognito poking around. (The weekends are the best times to be online except for the damned traffic).

      35. Site loading slow due to upgrades,damn,hell of a day for remodeling!I truly hope by end of day we all have some good news,oh well,plenty of time to make popcorn while remodel being finished!Any one going to the store could you pick up some butter and salt?Thanks,am getting a bit low there,perhaps will need to hit preps for salt!

      36. This would certainly explain why Hillary was pushing the hell out of people to “vote early” …she’s so damned one-way it is beyond comprehension. Even then, she was on the verge of crashing yet still only sees herself as Queen of The Nile, at all costs. Looks like she’s just been snakebit and nobody knows if it’s venomous or not. The suspense is terrible isn’t it?

      37. Y’all have a great weekend, if they let us.

        Braveheart1776 that goes double for you since we’re supposed to have a great weekend. THEN much more than weather will be liable to change to ‘cold’.

        I think I’ll spend the weekend double and triple-checking…I’m already in my non-sleep mode …dammit. As always we’ll be offline, offgrid but on HAM and GMRS (50-mile max). No sense remaining detectable iffin there’s no need to right?

        • I think we got a couple of more years, just a hunch.

      38. I wonder if I will survive what is coming, I am fucking at least 40 pounds over weight. Fucking sucks, I am trying though, I hike at least 2 miles a day and once a week do a big 5 miler, this is at 7500 feet. Some days though my bones just ache. Being fit I think is the most important prep. Its what I am focusing on. God when I was in the military I could pull off a 20 mile march with a full pack and then run another 5 for good measure. Been a long time since them days. All the preps dont mean shit if you arent in shape. Maybe I will get into shape. I am trying to eat a good diet, cutting back you know, my wife is fit as a fiddle but she is 15 years younger than me. workout bitches, work the fuck out. You have to be able to shoot and scoot, by scoot I mean you need to be next to the wildlands when you shoot so you can scoot into the wilderness and that means tons of marching, tons of it, by day and by night.

      39. A lot of people I know and I have been praying hard for the TRUTH to be known and in the last week we ARE seeing the truth, namely, that Hillary has been engaged in persistent and deliberate behaviors that are illegal and/or treasonous.

        George Soros can brag all he wants about having bought off the Electoral College but ONCE the Electoral College sees the overwhelming landslide for Trump, they will simply pocket that money and deny ever having gotten any.

        I’m as prepared as I will ever be. And I’m still working on it.

        This Election better serve as a wake-up call for our entire country, a country that took God out of the public schools, that legalized the slaughter of millions of babies, one that worships football for 8-hours or more on Sunday and refuses to go to Church to simply thank God for everyone and everything He has given us.

        Tough times ARE coming.

        We ARE on the cusp of WWIII. You all know that.

        We ARE on the cusp of either a false flag, or an EMP weapon being detonated to take out our power grid, and, as I have said in other posts, nearly a million or more Russian and Chinese soldiers ON OUR LAND and ALREADY SPOTTED just WAITING to be “unleashed” by Chairman Obama to “keep the peace” when he decides to declare Martial Law.

        But I believe in the POWER of PRAYER! I ALSO believe in the power of each and every American RECOGNIZING what the TRUTH ACTUALLY IS!

        Don’t let the controlled lamestream media discourage you from voting.

        Don’t believe a fake-acting ‘somber’ Obama go on television IF you hear reports of violence or “terrorist” activities.

        God is much bigger than all of this. All God needs is our trust in prayer as well as a sincere effort to just work on being better human beings than we were a moment or a day ago. And when we do that, we defeat the evil being done by people so self-deluded and satan-deluded, people who are so caught up in their own power and egos and titles. As Dr. Peck wrote, people who are evil (destructive) are to be pitied. Deep down, he said, they are terrified, terrified of the truth– about themselves. Let’s pray for each other, and let’s pray for our enemies. It just might make them a little less destructive and piss off the evil master they worship.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

      40. The “good old days” and the “American Dream” both died back in 94′ with the signing off of the NAFTA agreement that sent millions of good paying American jobs overseas and to Mexico in search of cheap labor.NAFTA was hyped as benefitting the world,but in reality the only one’s it truly benefitted were corporate america and the corrupt politicians that supported it.Ross Perot warned the country that the NAFTA deal would destroy “middle class” America but most laughed at him.You can’t replace good paying jobs with minimum wage jobs and expect growth,it doesn’t work that way.Not only is the US vastly overpopulated,but there’s simply not enough decent paying jobs available.Get use to seeing multiple families living under one roof just in order to survive.The USA looks unrecognizeable and is only getting worse as each day passes.Something has to give and when it finally does it will be catastrophic.As long as the NAFTA deal remains intact like it is the USA will NEVER recover and will continue on a downward spiral until she ends up resembling a war torn,3rd world country.

      41. It all started in 1860 when Lincoln declare war on the South. He won the War, but the Declaration of War has never been rescinded. We’re still under a State of War, the reason Obummer can still issue Executive Orders without going thru Congress. Been in a Court Room lately? You will see three Flags, American, State, Military. The Federal Reserve was formed in 1913 and a group of just over 10 families with money took control of our Money and its been Down Hill ever since.

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