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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. 

    This was one FOR THE AGES; the first COVID-era debate is behind us. Today, I want to REVEAL MY CONCLUSIONS from it, since it was widely-viewed and closely-followed.

    For one, Biden’s performance WAS WHATEVER…

    His replies, to be honest, were MOSTLY MEANINGLESS clichés, which I expected going into it.

    His consultants must have coached him a million times not to GET INTO SPECIFICS – that’s where his cognitive weaknesses are on FULL DISPLAY and he did follow their advice. He mostly kept his answers vague and WITHOUT CONVICTION.


    With a recovery FULLY UNDERWAY (as can be seen above), the Democrats know that they must pull a rabbit out of the hat; THE ECONOMY is certainly synonymous with Donald Trump, so each passing day of it returning TO STRIDE is hurting their (the Democrats) chances to win.

    Anyone watching the debate saw the STARK DIFFERENCE in personal rhetorical capabilities; obviously, a vote for Biden is simply a DE-FACTO VOTE against Trump at all costs, since he’s fat more up-to-speed on what’s happening — he’s already in office and has a PULSE OF THINGS.

    Even most Democrats know that if the position up for grabs was CEO of a company, Trump would be the better man, so one question is how the REMAINING FEW voters, who are currently on the fence, choose on Election Day, based on social issues, immigration, and healthcare. The other question is HOW MANY people, who normally don’t vote, get inspired to do so and FOR WHOM.

    These are BIG QUESTIONS.

    I’m not an American, nor do I base my decisions in life on who occupies the White House, but I’m sharing this summary of the debate since it matters to you.

    While many things in your life won’t be GREATLY IMPACTED by either president, some areas will CHANGE if Biden takes over.


    Tensions with China and Europe will probably ease if Biden wins, which will make the DOLLAR LESS IMPORTANT. Gold has done well under Trump, but silver hasn’t, because of the strong dollar; that will change if Sleepy Joe is in office.

    In our view, the moderator of the debate (Mr. Wallace), knowing the ATTENTION SPAN of the average voter is 15 minutes, wanted to SERVE UP Biden with his strong topics first, like Trump’s entanglement with the IRS or Obamacare, but Biden didn’t SINK TRUMP’S SHIP.

    If there’s a SECOND DEBATE, Trump will exploit Biden’s weaknesses FAR BETTER.

    The average Trump voter will never go the other way, but in our opinion, many Democrats could look at Trump and be surprised by his preparedness level to answer questions.

    All in all, Trump is again coming FROM BEHIND, at this point.


    As you know, in the end, America is a WEALTH MACHINE that favors the rich, under either Republican or Democrat leadership, so the fact remains that the NET WORTH GAPS will continue to widen, unless you do SOMETHING ABOUT IT, by becoming rich and showing others it’s possible; an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.

    Financial education is STEP #1 and the more you immerse yourself in how to fix your personal problems, the less you’ll depend on government.

    Financial intelligence is the BEST CURE for you!

    Keep growing.


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      1. I been watching the currency in circulation start to reach the theoretical 3% point that was removed from the paid into circulation in 2012.
        A couple of things that change the nature of the US dollar seemed to be glossed over by believers in the legacy nature of store of value that was present prior to 1974.
        In a currency that has no inherent store of value or redeemable value the M3 total economy is driven by the availability of capitol.
        More capitol for tangible investment the greater the amount of new wealth creation.
        When in circulation falls below 3% of M3 there can only be a redistribution of stored wealth through liquidation of stored wealth or seizure of leveraged assets. Closed cell economics is in effect when the cost of capitol is equal to or greater than market profit potential.
        The big changes to the fed this year started with the treasury in effect purchasing majority share of the assets held by the fed. The majority of those assets are not tangible physical wealth they have been promissory notes and bonds issued as allocations by congress over the last 80 or so years. The use of SDR to purchase these serviced debt instruments has the effect of removing the interest payment on that debt. As that began prior to the CCP virus the payment of interest was reduced by about 7T usd. The pushing out to circulation of that capitol makes the potential for growth in the form of new wealth very high.
        The removal of artificial restrictions of mineral energy and rare earth as well as conventional minerals provides the treasury with the potential to liquidate 128T of existing taxable mineral energy to the open market.
        This major change in the treasury vs fed relationship places the USD in the realm of true fiat. Meaning that the value is only present in the velocity of trade rather than the attempt at creating value out of scarcity.
        I know this seems like a foreign concept but it is a change in nature of the currency from monetarism to capitalism.
        Rare earths like Gold are subject to direct supply and demand and the total store of gold limits the total economy to a percentage of that value. This is why many championed Silver during the great depression as it was readily available in the USA and more plentiful than Gold.

        Today as you know most major market moves are being run by AI and the old adage Garbage in Garbage out applies.
        The most respected of the AI schemes places Trump as the Winner of the election but shows he will not be in office after two years. This is the same AI that constructed the first trillion dollar fund by merging multiple investment funds. In an example of ignoring the possibility of basis change the new Trillion dollar fund has less than 12 billion in liquidity. Sure it has over a Trillion in customers wealth on account but the assets would not even pay the attorneys.
        Thats a trillion dollars of wealth that was liquidated then pulled out of circulation to be gambled on predictions made by an instance of software that was setup based on the pre-change FED and treasury.

        As for me I was one of the people who sat in on the repurposing of the blockchain as the original bitcoin reached it’s viable end in june of 2013. At that time more than 30 developers had a 3pm Wednesday call each week. My exchange was clearing 2.4 billion transactions per day. John from Etherium got the idea for contracts from one of my employees work on a double blind mutual distrust scheme.
        At the same time my firm did an actual redeemable store of wealth token in the form of a common class c share only available in trade for a coupon. The fractionated coupons function as a fiat with a secured publicly shared common ledger very quickly we learned that blockchain functionality inherently flawed. SHA 256 is only secure with true irrationals not so much with the 32 prime cube roots in truncated 32 bit form like blockchain.
        Our proof of concept ran into a physical limit in the first few hours of open testing. Initial capitol for public launch is close to 50 million. The studies of economic multiplication for the test and results place a 97X economic increase for each currency unit in circulation the increase velocity of trade is exponential.

        I wrote extensive white papers concerning the USA and the application of a secondary currency. These white papers have been read by Trump’s advisers and several of the subtile small adjustments outlined in the papers have been implemented by the admin.
        With the movement of the Bureau of Land Management from the State department to the Treasury, The increase in circulating cash, The focus on Tariffs and relaxation of income tax will cause the potential for USA GDP to jump to 40%. This I think is forcing it;s way into the markets causing GDP increase and market cap increases.

      2. oh come now li or
        Trump was a hair muss away from giving a Phil Spector performance

        His demeanor when first taking the stage says it all ….the frown from hell.

      3. Everyone knows that the CIA wamts Biden because Biden is the ideal Manchurian Candidate. All that the CIA has to do is install a toy train that Joe can ride in the basement of the whithouse and give him a thermos of de-caf and have agents on the train that he can talk too about Scranton. They will probably use Kiriakou for it.

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Everyone knows that the CIA wamts Biden because Biden is the ideal Manchurian Candidate. All that the CIA has to do is install a toy train that Joe can ride in the basement of the White House and give him a thermos of de-caf and have agents on the train that he can talk too about Scranton. They will probably use Kiriakou for it.

        Andrea Iravani

      5. I think that it is crystal clear that the deep state has bern in a covert civil war for years now. They would like to displace it from themselves, to us. They keep saying that they require martial law for the “Great Reset” to take place. The fact that this has bern going on for years with the deep state and that martial law has not been enacted shows that there is obviously a strong opposition to the “Great Reset” within the deep state itself, because when they agree on someting they do it without any consideration to the consequences, which is the problem with the deep state to begin with. They cannot think 5 minutes ahead, much less 5 years. They are just too incapable, incompetent, and corrupt. They are always in damage control mode from their last act because the last act was evil, corrupt, and stupid. That will not change if martial law is enacted, most have figured out that the military considers U.S. citizens as enemy combatants. That is not going to score them any points with the public. Since the military is in charge of the extremely unpopular vaccine program that almost nobody trusts, it was the final nail in the coffin for public support of martial law. Congress with weapons is much less appealing. Martial law would be even worse than that. The military is guilty of high crimes and treason. Someone had to say it. After the 9/11 controlled demolitions, the seven false flag wars, and the $21 trillion that walked off from the Pentagon, the vax hoax is the straw that broke the camels back.

        They have Superman complexes. Nobody’s  gonna buy it! Nobody wants a nation full of miniature Hitllers! If they think that the children will believe it, maybe the children would, but nobody likes miniature Nazis! It is in no way humanitarian or cute! Especially when it is all complete bullshit! It is as sick and as evil as hell !

        Andrea Iravani

      6. “Even most Democrats know that if the position up for grabs was CEO of a company, Trump would be the better man…”

        Mr. Extra Scoop has bankrupted, several times, but most people will never learn this lesson in life.

        “Trump’s entanglement with the IRS”

        Everyone in the peanut gallery had different notions of what is depreciation, but there was never formally any entanglement, of which I am aware.

        “…unless you do SOMETHING ABOUT IT, by becoming rich and showing others it’s possible; an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.”

        WRG’s “special reports” are all truisms and look completely improvised. My browser’s security settings appear to be blocking a widget for spam.

        imhblo, elite people should generally be banking on formal guarantees, and do not play the stock market like a casino.

      7. I think Trump may not be a nice guy but he is clearly the stronger candidate and the whole world can see that. Most of the world is run by alpha men: Turkey, Russia, the Middle East etc. Men are respected for being men. The whole limp-wristed American liberal thing is not respected in most of the world. Biden reeks of limp-wristed liberal America.

        As for the things liberals care about – cancel culture, BLM, trans people – the rest of the world not only doesn’t care, it actually hates these people. In some countries, they just kill them. Do you think the Chinese give a crap about low IQ blacks and their grievances, violence, dysfunctional families and gorilla-sized women?

        Trump has already won the world now he just needs to hold his base and get across the line on November 3.

      8. American oligarchs are a liability that we as a nation cannot afford to defend. Their criminal history and global rapacity has destroyed our nation. Who is willing to die for the new Rockefellers? The Silicon Psychos, Bill Gates in particular? The United States government has neglected its moral and fiduciary obligation to the overwhelming majority of its citizens. 

        Many globalists would like the “Great Reset” be a plan to just blame the entire United States citizenry on all of the world’s problems, even though those individuals are from nations that requested U.S. assistance, military involvement, and U.S. global participation, in the case of NATO nations and China. The cost of cooperating with people that have corrupt agendas is being blamed for the corrupt agendas. It is also a liability that America cannot afford. Michel Chossudovsky blames the United States alone for all problems in the world. I am not willing to defend the actions taken by the U.S. government, but I can’t help but point to the irony that Chossudovsky is from Switzerland that is never neutral since it has not merely financed every war, but has had a secret banking history protecting the most corrupt individuals in modern history with sworn secrecy and also the head of international rapacious banking with the Bank for International Settlements in Geneva Switizerland, as well as the home of the Davos World Economic Forum in which the “always neutral” Swiss government protects and hosts the psychopaths that are controlling the world with armed batallions, and the Swiss military air force! That is apparently not a factor though. Yes. very humanitarian and peaceful to just blame the Inited States alone for things that your own governments requested the United States to do in the majority of instances. Now Chossoduvsky is in Canada, and Chrystia Freeland that created The Lima Group and made it her personal goal to remove Maduro and install Juan Guaido is not included, nor is the KXL pipeline from Canada, that runs through Native American lands as well as the Ogalala Aquifer that supplies all of the farming industry in the upper North Western plain farming regions with water that most citizens in our country objected to mentioned. Fact inconvenient! 

        Andrea Iravani

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