Joblessness: An American Epidemic

by | Oct 13, 2011 | Headline News | 115 comments

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    There will be no economic recovery until there is a jobs recovery.

    Broken down and in ruins, the city of Detroit is feeling the full force of America’s economic decline. One in three residents live below the poverty line, half of the city’s public schools are closing, and crime is sky rocketing.

    The Capitol of the country’s motor industry has an unemployment rate of just under 30%. But city officials and residents say the real figure is close to 50%.

    They can downplay and manipulate these statistics all they want, but acceptance of the problem and the reality of the situation is the only way we’ll be able to move forward with real, meaningful change (not the campaign slogan, but actualization). So long as the narrative being shoved down the throats of the American public is one of denial and deception, the situation will only get worse.

    Unemployment is going to continue to get higher. Inflation is going to continue to get higher. And, rather than trying to pretend that the situation is not as bad as it is we need to accept how bad it is, because then we have a better chance of recognizing the mistakes that we’re making.

    Peter Schiff

    All we have to do is to look at Detroit and we can see what the future holds for the rest of America.

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      1. Great, it takes Russian TV to report the real facts. How pathetic is that?

        • This information is out there you just have to look for it… RT is one of the only main stream news sources that get to the truth form time to time!

        • Rather ironic, indeed. However, RT is one of the few channels that is willing to consider interviewing many that MSM (controlled and manipulated by you know who) often tip toe around. They interview everyone from Celente and Paul to McGrath and Keiser, and will broach subjects even considered taboo in Russia. Not sure who’s at their helm, but nonetheless, one of the few more open news services around.

          Strange times we live in when one has to go outside the country to find out what’s happening inside the country.

          • It infuriates me that we do not have a free press. We should have a press that would have been in the face of Bush when he signed the Patriot Act, and in the face of Current Idiot Incumbent over…well, just about anything he does. Had a professor in grad school in 1975 that said at that time all the major news outlets were controlled by a handful of people through interlocking corporate directorships. Gotten worse since then. Even Fox news has become droll. A bunch of people shouting over each other in the Great American Panel!

          • As long as it doesn’t concern Russia. I bet it won’t report news like the son Putin had with his gymnast mistress.

          • It is ironic that this is coming from the remnants of the USSR, the nation we used to woof on when talking about THEIR state-run media. How times have changed.

      2. Yep, still unemployed, since 2008. Now some will say oh come on you cant find any work, give me a break. I have been blackballed from the Sheriffs office i worked for. Other agencies that i thought for sure i would get hired, said this was the case. Yeah, but you could sue them, really, its that simple, its not! I am trying to find a way start some type of business for myself, I tried Paracord survival braclets and keychains, but it seems at the gunshows and online everybody is making them. I used to have my own Martial arts school, but now the insurance is too high. I dont know, maybe some of you folks could lend me some ideas!

        • Private security, maybe?

          I was unemployed a long time too. It isn’t as easy as “everybody” thinks it is. Hang in there.

          • Maybe it didnt explain myself enough, i have done carpentry, flipped hamburgers,washed dishes,bagged groceries,dug footers for rebar, tied rebar on chairs (rodbuster) shingled roofs on my own no experience,painted buildings.drywalled,finished concrete,managed a pizza restaurant, had lawn care business, had martial art school, built fences, chain link,,barbed wire,, shadow box wood fences, plumbing, tile replacement, chip and dale dancer (not) ok alot of different skills. The problem is BEING BLACK BALLED from law enforcement to which its a lie, now how do you get around that.Show them 35 certifications, news articles that were written about you, letters sent in regards to your professionalism,written letters from the Sheriff giving you at a boys what? WHAT DO You do when They kick you, What do you do? They wont give me the chance, i have put in so many applications, i am at my wits end.

            • Sounds like you’re going to have to go someplace a ways away from where you’re at to get employed. …or have you and the word just travels with you?

            • I have seen good guys/gals black balled for stupid things. My department was big enough to go hide somewhere away from the folks who were black balling you. I have seen that the good cops are generally the most black balled by the turds who are mediocre at best because the were making the bad cops look bad. I had one Lt. try and black ball me because he came up with a disaster of a plan to fight crime that failed miserably and my plan succeeded very well. He then started telling people in command meetings that I was a loose cannon and would end up killing someone because of that, which we never did.

              Copout, you may need to bring things like this up in an oral interview if this is the case. In my case, they upper command staff told the LT. to shut his pie hole because me and my unit were way too effective to believe his crap. I know that means laying out some folks in your old department, and that sucks, but I doubt any of them are helping you or your family pay the bills with ‘good intentions’.


            • You tried moving to another city/county/state? I’m not being flippant but there are other places that might value your skills.

            • Copout : if you want to utilize your law enforcement and martial arts abilites; you could try to land a position as a body guard for a 1%’r or as a head of security for a corp. Just thinking outloud…

              There are lot’s or preppers that could profit and would likely pay for detailed no nonesence instruction, information or perhaps a booklet of how to evaluate, arrange and prepare their homes for a “long stay” of a bugin situation..

              Also, there seems to be more and more interest by various Churches on situational awareness and setting up some basic security arrangements. Churches are very real and very easy targets for the derranged. Many Churches are becoming more aware of their vulnerability in that regards..

              I hope this helps spark an idea for you..

        • right now cell phones are the trends. survival gear will be a hard sell for your customers are a limited group.

          sorry to hear what happened with the police deprt. that will mess things up for ya. can;t even get a bus driving job with that over your head.

          might have to change your career. careers that are expanding are: truck driving, mechanic, home applience repair and service industry.

          • There are truck driving jobs in North Dakota, along with other entry level and specialist jobs; dh’s friend just came home.
            Living expenses ate up any incentive to live in that cold..for any that can take it and something is better than nothing?? Go for it.

            • JJ: Read an article on this, they said that there is work but no housing. motels are full, even mcdonalds is paying 15.00 an hour!

          • SNS: I do appreciate your comments. Unless it is a megachurch, the majority of churches i know, been going my entire life (52) with the exception of one, i was asked by the Pastor to sit near the foyer,armed of course, because of threats that the Pastor had recieved. Ironicaly my Martial arts program called Champions for Christ was being taught in the fellowship hall at no charge . The Pastor and myself had a falling out concerning titheing, I had advised him i gave in secret and that i did not fill out an envelope, part of my tithe consisted of the classes that brought in more people, Anyway it goes back to the blackball issue that i raised earlier, the churches and others will do background checks, which i have nothing to hide, but i feel what others say, and we all have experienced this, will be the norm. People in the church have even told me personally that others were afraid to sit near my family because we were All PACKING, laughable to say the least!

        • there’s a lot of openings for drug dealers, the economy hasn’t affected them at all, in fact our town just hired some more cops to arrest them.

        • Copout. I’d be a jack of all trades.

          Walk dogs, cut lawns (people in my neighborhood still pay $100 per week for a lawn service – that’s $300 per day if you cut 3 lawns!), clean houses ($75-100 per house), start a home security watch business for folks on vacation, start a gardening skills class & teach self-sufficiency, start a non-profit charity business, piece together a few part time jobs, whatever it takes.

          I know someone in Atlanta who is a millionaire. He runs goodwill type charity shops all over Atlanta. He gives 10 or 15% of his proceeds to some designated charity and keeps the rest for himself. He picks up items from your home (in old beater trucks) and takes them to his thrift stores that he set up in cheap, run down shopping centers with virtually no rent. Then he sells the stuff he gets for free to the poor. This would be a win-win. Help the poor & help yourself too.

          There was also a newsworthy story here in Georgia about a food bank going out of business. They collected food & money from people and then made inexpensive meal kits available for the poor that they distributed through churches & community centers. The reason they went under is that every single family member was drawing $200K plus salary from the company. If they’d drawn a more modest $75K or $100K then they’d still be in business.

          If it were me, I’d start some sort of charity business and draw a reasonable salary from it. Like I said earlier. It’s a win-win.

          Good luck!

          • Mr. B. nails it. Many of those might not be your cup of tea so find something that is. Learn a new trade. I learned about solar, started building some panels, bought (well financed) a system, figured out how to toss the grid when I want too (later) and sold two people on solar powered evaporative room coolers this hot summer and made $600 in getting them put in for them. They get a room area cooled during hot days with no extra electric bill. Next summer I’ll probably pass flyers out door to door to offer it to more people; if we sell a few we might even advertise. I not even 50 I don’t want to retire yet, but I’ve had no “job” for 15 months since selling my business. I constantly try to learn, advance and earn if I can. Even took a PT job in a gun shop for several months more for the interaction then anything else.

          • I don’t know where your from but my neighborhood they get $10.

        • Copout,

          Be strong and don’t lose faith.
          My suggestion has to do with energy.
          You could offer solutions for cheaper energy by installing solar panels (or photovoltaic systems), on home roofs.
          It’s not too expensive to install and offers electricity for free.


        • Maybe try a private consultant to help others in their preps, answer security concerns, storage issues, law enforcement issues with personal protection, get with a construction contractor to help with building defenses or installing security systems and/or emergency power systems.
          I can relate to your employment issues I was in nuclear power and the govt pretty much shut it down so I work nights in a warehouse for 10% of what I used to make. Good luck and god bless

        • You should consider learning some kind of trade while you are looking for work, like welding, plumbing, carpentry, so on and so forth. Worst case scenario if you can’t find a job now those skills will be extremely valuable after the feces hits the fanblades.

        • I know the 3 letter agancies may not be a friendly word on here.. or even your choice..but feeding yourself might be more important than pride at least at this point,
          But I would think a guy with your experiance would be a fit for TSA, or even Border Patrol..they are always putting ads up for new hires
          Have you tried that?

          • VRF: Not sure it you were responding to my post, TSA , border patrol? Your joking right, no never, no more corrupt Government jobs for me. If your not sure about of my loyality, it is with the people, not evil. I dont know why you have a beef with me, maybe its the cop thing, thats ok you dont know me, i am not here to fight with anybody, but if that is the route you want to take have at it. I talk about what i want, when i want if i can help others then great, if others can help then great, i aint hungry brother nor ever will be, pride yes we all have some left. Cant we all just get along? LOL

            • I think Copout is letting us know, bureaucracy was and is the problem more of it for him.

            • Well I’ll say that I had trade where I was never out of work because it was so esoteric. Also the number of trades that you have to be skillful in weeds out a lot of folks. Then when you finally figure out that it is dirty, hot (sometimes) and involves working at heights, well there really isn’t a lot of good competition. I worked for manufacturers of overhead electric cranes.

              For 7 years I had my own business with about 7 to 8 technicians. If you really learn the basics of electric motors and controls then get a couple of years of community college and learn some basic machining skills and of course welding. The majority of the esoteric stuff such as eddy current brakes and mechanical load brakes are learned by OJT.

              It was always interesting as I have taught inspection classes in Tennesee and Kentucky, designed controls for cranes handling space shuttle parts (the SRB frustums) and worked for Jet Propulsion Lab on the Magellan satellite program and have watched miles of steel being uncoiled and rolled into square tubing. Lots of work in auto manufacturing and out here we did a lot of work for Boeing.

              If you are good you can expect to make $25 to $35 per hour. More in some cases. Always comes with a company truck. If you are afraid of heights don’t even consider it tho.


              I never worked for these guys but they are accepting resumes.

              (if you ever do this we’ll get together and I’ll show you how to arry a 32′-0 fiberglass extension ladder and a cup of coffee simultaneously, LOL)

            • Yes I was, and I completely get what your saying..I didnt intend to insult you, I know you must be hurting and I can relate to that..I think I stepped on my toungue after I let that suggestion fly.

              and I completely get your resoning to never step foot into another corrupt Government job, and I respect you even more for thinking that way..

              dam I wish I could help..that was really my only intent.
              I respect what you did for a living, and I respect your opinions on here and your view point..My stupid knee jerk response was not to insult you, I hope you will accept my apology …
              I had no intent to question your loyalty, I was just blindly thinking that your trsaining might be a benifit to that type of job, and especially now that your eyes are open to this debacle of a would be like having one of Us on the inside

            • COPOUT, I don’t think it was VRF’s intent to cross you. I know you’re pissed at the system, and rightly so, however, as much disgust as I have for law enforcement, you’re part of the problem! Now, don’t go off on me yet. Let me explain: because the LEO environment takes guys like you, abuses them and then kicks them out, you won’t go back. The People have lost because the honest LEOs are sick of the politics and lies. This is a furthering of the Police State. I have friends in the same situation. They were good, they protected peoples rights while fighting crime. They wouldn’t cross certain ethical lines so now they’re out and blackballed.

              You’re a good man. I can feel it in the way you express yourself. In the end, you’ll have the last laugh. I know it isn’t fun but you’ll get with it here shortly. I’m betting sometime soon you’ll be saying it was worth the wait.

            • exactly what NetRanger said is where my thoughts were, and my heart..

              Thanks NR I couldnt say it any better

              and COPout…what he is saying is true, we need open eyed officers..and my intentions on what I said was to show you that , even though I didnt say it

            • Well.. I understand your point on that Copout.. but think about it FROM the other side.. it would be nice to know that a TSA Agent or Border Guard was not only an honest man, but cared about other peoples liberties.

              You could do a lot of good in one of those positions..
              and from what I see of your competition; you’d probably be running TSA in a few short years;; 🙂

        • Soon the Bankers will need private security guards, to and fro the job. ;-O

          • VRF: I went into Law Enforcement just as you said to be on the inside, after seeing waco, ruby ridge oaklahoma city. I wanted to make a difference, I watched alot of tapes on the different subjects stated. Very angry about what was going on. Anyway i guess i have always had a quick temper in my life, and hate to be stepped on. Its like NETRANGER said i have focused on the negative, he is right. I know you were trying to help and i am extremely grateful for that. You see some people talk down to others on this site , use words that arent necessary, it doesnt take a REAL man to cuss others and tell them they are stupid. We should respect others opinions and not belittle others.If there are to be changes in this world, then i want it to begin with me. As a man I can say that it did bring a tear to my eye (ahh) when i read your apology, I return the same to you. I see red at times, and allow my buttons to be pushed. Thank you from the top, not the bottom of my heart, because that is where the junk lives. I have nothing but honest intentions, when i share my thoughts on this site and at times i am humbled. Thanks too all who respond! Please accept my sincere apology!

            • Thanks man, for the acceptance of my honest apology..
              It was never ment to hurt, Im not really wired that way.

              I Personally am very glad to have your view points on the issues brought up on this board, because it shows me that there are still some good ones out there, even if your not still wearing the badge.

              I have close friends and buisness associations that are in Law Enforcement , and a few of them are “awake”
              every chance I get to talk to them openly it is refreshing to gain from their perspective

              private sector jobs can be just as rewarding, problem is anymore finding any type of job.

              Currently my company is on the edge,Its in Michigan one of the hardest hit areas of that state too, let alone how hard the state in its self has taken a dive, were hanging on by tooth and nail, who knows C.O. I may be in your shoes before long..and if so, I dont know if I see a point in staying here, if it does all go down

              Stay strong Boss, your abilities are needed, you just have to find the niche

          • SNS: I personally think that the Tsa is a joke unconstituional, as a cop we were not even allowed to search an area such as the privates (who the hell wants to do that) A.without consent B. without probable cause, if female a female officer was called to conduct the search. We are no safer in the skies today because of tsa, again more liberties being stripped, and the false war on boogy man bearded/ turbin wearing men goes on. Thanks again for your input. If i were running the tsa it would be, ok everybody observe. Metal detectors would be sufficent!

        • If it gets bad enough, do the school with no insurance. Adults only, waivers, etc. For sure you can’t do this if you own a home or other visible assets, but otherwise?

          Good luck!

        • How about video tape person’s item’s It’s real easy to make and start.People need a record of there stuff.And it’s good money.In today world and crime on the rise insurance company’s want record’s of yor stuff.A Video record is a great way,And people will pay good money for you to do this.

        • You did martial arts school, and other business venues, so you have the groundwork. You seem to be a more than competent cop. I assume you are a bad ass shooter. Add three ingredients, and a teaser… Maybe a good recipe for $.

          You are a good teacher
          You are a shooter
          Self defense market is exploding
          = Tactical defense instructor

          Keep it low overhead. Other than a place to shoot and targets, barricades, everything you need fits in your trunk and in your brain. You know how to gun show, but maybe try a booth with free lessons at the show, sell self shot DVDS.

          JUST SOME THOUGHTS. I feel you brother.

          • Sheepdog: I appreciate your comments, man i am all in this fight, its like i have stated, its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog, Peace Brother and thanks!

      3. I’m in my mid 50s and made good money in industry my entire life. At least our nest egg can help our kids because their damn sure going to need it. I would not trade places with someone thirty years younger.

        It’s a good time to be old / older.

        • I’m over 70 and wish that I was back in my 50s just to be around to help my kids and GKs get adjusted to the new way of life that’s coming to America in the next few yrs. They all have jobs and we did pay off all their college debt(it broke us though)One son works in a small factory that makes fuel cells and tells me they have plenty of orders, I still tell him not to get comfortable and don’t take on any debt, things can change over night.We just signed the house over to them with life rights, but I still believe that we’ll all be living here again in a couple yrs.

        • So True. I have a college age child and a school age child. I am so sad for both of their futures. They do not look bright. These kids will be the first generation of Americans to have a lower standard of living than their parents. The short-medium term future does not look pleasant.

          • Mr.B…just in the last 5 days I have seen a teacher apply for a minimum wage job at Big Lots on weekends and nights and a graduate as a cashier probably making minimum wage at TSC.

            And she’s still taking graduate classes; when will she get it?? I didn’t have the heart to inform her—if she’s working at TSC..well..

            • Oh, the teacher was putting her child through college…don’t they read the news and understand the situation??? two duhs!!!!

        • You sound alot like my brother in CC,Tx. Possible?

          • Comment @ Kevin2

        • I hear you on the age thing. A few years ago, for the first time in my life, I actually envied my parents and people older than me. I’m 41 and I have to say it was quite a surprise. Never thought I’d EVER feel that way! People in their 60’s seemed to have lived in a really good time and have seen a lot. I have two kids – a boy and a girl aged 9 and 10. Sometimes I want to look at them and just cry, but then I wonder if they won’t know what they are missing. 🙁

      4. Hi Copout,

        Sorry to hear you are having a tough time finding a job. I know how it is. My husband has not worked steady at one job since 2009. He has started his own small Landscaping business for the spring and summer. Mostly cutting lawns and keep yards weeded. Then he harvests blueberries in August. He makes pretty good money for about a month, then it’s the wreathing factory in November and some plowing in the winter.

        Perhaps you could do some private security work, or what about a few private Martial arts students, would you still need insurance. I know about suing, easlier said than done. It takes money to sue and in your case I bet it would make things worst for you.If it gets around to potential employers that you have a law suit you would not get the job. Especially if you live in a small area.
        What about tutoring for law enforcement examines or training students who want to teach Martial arts. I bet you do not want to move. What else are you good at. I bet there are other tools you have, you have not considered.

        I will pray for you to find something.It really is tough out there.

        stay prayed up, keep prepping. Lynda

        • Thanks Lynda and others, i wanted to go a get my bachelors in criminal justice, but the way things are i feel i would be wasting my time. Any and everthing i have thought of takes money, i still wondering if the Lt. I had loaned 2200.00 dollars two years ago will ever pay me back, havent heard a word and dont know where hes at. He is Black and i am white and i certainly hope thats not the reason, other people that knew him said he has ripped them off as well, i guess i should have known better, but thats what God has put into my heart to help others, but now hes got a serious ass whoopin coming if i see him, then maybe i would end up in jail for Battery. Anyway the future looks bleak, but that doesnt mean i give in or up. I had a lawn business and have a 52 inch cut 25 horse zeroturn mower rotting in the backyard, sold my trailer because i needed the money, worked two jobs, bank collector and l.e.o. lost both in one week. Wont whine anymore , but thanks, something has got to give!

      5. My grandfather was a life long farmer, in the 70’s and early 80’s he saw the trends of gov’t regulations and told me ” when the family farms dwindle down, you will start to see high crime rates and high unemployment.” He had a very sharp mind. He also said the banks were making it too easy for the average farmer to get in debt by purchasing over priced farm equipment and extending the acerage. His insight has always been right on, which helped me a lot in debates in college economic classes.
        Of course, as a humble farmer, he’d deny being a visionary.

      6. I know this is off topic…but had to share it. Someone please tell me there is NO way the Feds can tell churches who its minsisters will be.

        “In yet another stunning attack on freedom of religion, President Barack Obama’s Justice Department asked the Supreme Court last week to give the federal government the power to tell a church who its ministers will be.”

        • God willing, the answer should be no according to the constitution. It all will be dependant on the judges.
          Keep this in mind: socialist have to eliminate any possible resistance, the church was the enemy to Hitler and all communist gov’ts. That is why Obama has selected the supreme court judges that he has. I’ve warned the church over the past few years of what is coming, including loosing the tax free status, which the dems have tried to do for the past few years.
          The irony is that the chinese christians want to come here to evangilize America.

        • Reference: Communist Goals read by Hon. Herlong, Jr. of Florida….
          # 27 Infiltrate the churches and replace repealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

          ‘Just another brick in the wall’ song comes to mind. but not theirs. ours.

        • If said church is dumb enough (or coerced enough) into filing a 503c exemption (which they ABSOLUTELY do not have to do) they are part of the corruption, they are a corporation and are subject to state and federal oversight. So, yes and no. Mostly no. I’d like them to try and tell my church that. Even the people that don’t like me carrying my gun in church would show up with shotguns on a note like that.

      7. Unfortunately, I have been stressing to my
        (school aged)kids the importance of learning another
        language to give them the edge in the job market.
        I regret not learning Spanish when I had the chance
        growing up but I was so bitter by the take over
        (Miami) that I felt that learning their language was like
        giving in. Big Mistake. However, the way we’re going I think they might as well start teaching Chinese is school.
        Wouldn’t that be a crock? Maybe we should be investing in
        Rosetta Stone stock.

        • Big time
          and keep pushing for them to learn this skill, as you get older it gets harder.

          11 countries speaking english

          23 speak a form of do the math

          My wife is from S.A.( Peru ) , and I have been around spanish speaking people for 7 to 8 years now and still cant grasp it completely, I can pick it up listening to it, but to speak it, Im stuggling

          I really wish they would push to have a second language taught in our schools, but with such a negative anti american view on the spanish language here due to the illegals Im doubting that will ever happen , this will greatly impact our children in the future. so short sighted, and discriminatory this country has become.
          If you want ot be marketable anywhere than this country, you better learn a second language..because shit isnt happing here any more.

          My wife and I are working hard to teach our daughter, because at her age she still has a better chance then I to learn it, and use it.

          • VRF: My wife is Cuban, thirty years of marriage, the first thing I learned is the bad words, the rest really helped me in law enforcement!

            • hahhah yeah the bad words come easy..

          • VRF: 11 counties speak English? English is the language of business. It is spoken virtually everywhere in the world. Both Russia and China require their high school students to take four years of English.

            All commercial, international pilots and controllers must speak English.

            • dont hold me to it, but I did read it somewhere..and it was more directed at the general populace of countries I believe

              if i find it again I’ll post it

              but think of how many countries speak a form of spanish..way more than American English, and the population of this country (weather we like it or not) spanish IS a second language here

            • VRF: Spanish as a second language would be the death of America. Language is the bond that a people share to make them one people. Multiculturalism SUCKS!

              America is about assimilation not separation.

      8. Morning news headlines…

        Pakistan Warns U S: Mess With Us And We’ll Cut Off Your Supply Of Rude Convenience Store Clerks

        Tobacco Industry Donates $6 Mil To Obama Campaign; Surgeon General Announces New Cig Warning Label Will Be A Happy Face With A Marlboro

        Bank Of America Buys AT&T, Announces New Rate Plan: Now You Can Call Your Favorite ATM For Only $4 Per Call

        Palin To Host New Semi-Reality Show: American Candidate; MSNBC Counters With New Episodes Of ‘Dancing With The Short Listers’

        Lady Gaga Arrested For Behaving Normally; Cops: “She Uttered A Coherent Sentence, We Knew Something Must Be Terribly Wrong With Her”

        Olive Garden Responds To Flag Controversy With ‘All American Menu Items’; Offers Microwave Pizza, Soyburgers

        Playboy Offers Pelosi $20 Mil To Remain Dressed

        Cain Surges In Polls, Hank Jr Strong 2nd; Obama Tries New Slogan “Pleeeease!”

        Occupy Boise Rally Begins; Crowd Estimated At Nearly 3

        Michigan Offers To Buy Entire City Of Harrisburg PA; Will Rename It ‘Detroit II’

        California Panel Studies Air Pollution, Respiratory Diseases And CO2 Increase; Proposes A Ban On Breathing

        • LOL!!!!

        • PlayBOY? Offers Pelosi $20M to remain dressed? Are you sure it wasn’t PlayGIRL, because I’m pretty sure she’s danglin’ a sack down south.

          • Check it out and report back to us here.

            On second thought, don’t.

          • The surgery was a success.

            • STOP IT! STOP IT! You guys are killing me!

      9. I’m in my 50s. I worked for the census last year but haven’t done anything else since 2008. I sell stuff on the internet. Business was booming in the fall of 2008 but now it’s like a part time job for income. Fall is normally my busy season but this is my slowest fall yet.

        • Farm Cat – I sell stuff on the net too…. It’s been slow for everyone. Just today I spoke with one of my sales reps – she said someone in her office asked how I can sell stuff so cheaply and why is her business so slow? I told my rep to tell this person – it’s the economy, stupid! How is it MY fault that this other person’s business is slow?

          Im SO sick of the lack of accountability in America today! It’s always someone else’s fault!

      10. I’ve managed to do well thus far, but I have a pretty in-demand set of skills, and a ton of experience that usually puts me towards the top of the resume’ stack. I can also count myself fortunate in that I can do contract work if necessary, and have quite a professional network that I can work well with to find jobs that most folks usually find out about after the they’d been filled (that’s how I found the one I’m at now – I have a buddy who is a technical recruiter, told me about it back in April, and I decided to go for it).

        OTOH, time gets us all. I’m in my early 40’s, and I can already look ahead – if I don’t start getting management experience (and opportunities) relatively soon, it could get ugly. OTOH, the position I’m at now is an excellent threshold for that (I’ve got an EE and not an MBA, so I get to break in the hard way).

        All that said, I count myself damned fortunate when compared to folks who, even in my own field (IT), can’t get a job to save their asses. I ducked out of the last big IT job crisis (the dot-bust of 2001-2003) by teaching as an associate professor.

        Long-term, I want to get up something so that my missus and I can reach a point where we don’t really have to work, but could perhaps run a small business and live comfortably off of a small income.

      11. Well CONgress just passed 3 more Free but not FAIR trade agreements and the big 0 is just salivating to sign them into law. This should help more jobs get offshored just like the other 2 trade agreements did.

        Obummer wants 1/2 trillion dollars of our tax money for a thinly veiled disguise to pay off union voters so he can play pretenditent and waste money for 4 more years all the while burning those same union voters in the long run.

        When the hell are people going to wake up and stop all this nonsense?

        • that’s we get when our Government is bought and payed for by the NWO Elite!

      12. Get use to it. This I am afraid is going to be the norm, that’s the way the Jokster in chief and his minion want it, in order to get their shitassed policies in place. It’s a lot easier to fight a man when he and his family are hungry, uncomfortable, homeless and disenfranchised. This is going to go along long enough to force you to lower your standards and expectations and except a lot less at everything. Someone has an end game where they want us and I have a feeling we aren’t going to like it much. As long as we in the future keep electing and following dumbasses like what is in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. we had better get use to it. But I think we are on the cusp, we might be too late to resolve this without a good down in the dirt fight.
        And one other thing, a little off subject. This Iran assignation thing, if we get hit here on US soil we need to look right straight at Obama, this bitch is his. This is what would, if handled right, save his reelection.

        • This Iran thing is a big ole smokescreen to cover Barry, Holder and Hitlery’s gun running. Shit-assed is right! lol!

      13. Been laid off since apr 2010, been on several interviews since but no luck. Any other time I’ve looked for a job in the past I always found something quickly because of my background but something is very different this time and the government is terrible at trying to hide the real numbers when everyone I know has someone out of work.

      14. I can’t get a job
        cuz I ain’t got a car
        I can’t get a car
        cuz I ain’t got a job
        I can’t get a girl
        cuz I ain’t got a car
        I can’t get a job
        cuz I ain’t got a car
        So I’m looking for a girl with a job and a car

        Alice Cooper- “Lost In America”

      15. What I find most disturbing is that if you are unemployed and don’t have the “right” skills right now (which happens to include BEING employed), you are essentially screwed. Even with skills and the willingness to relocate for a job, many americans are going to remain jobless. The american as a consumer days are fading and will have to be reduced down to a sustainable level and it will happen even if the average american fights it. However, it seems like most are unwilling to accept this and move our economy back to being production based. Even those who see this are, to some extend, hog-tied to make any meaningful change that would benifit america. The banks and corps (those who have LOTS of money) who could make these things happen are sitting on all of their money, not doing shine-ola.

        • It does look like the major corps have decided that it is a “risk” to hire anyone who has been out of work long enough to see beyond the matrix.

          Also, in some cases, anything you post (or ever posted) on the web is likely to be assembled and reviewed by corporate security before a hiring decision is made.

      16. I think its a lose lose situation, we do anything and its bad for image and Israel, we do nothing and it shows weakness and others will try it.
        We are seeing the rise of the next caliphate and socialist powers in Europe. Its like the buildup to WW1 again. Prep and pray. I can’t afford PM so I’m getting lead and making ingots for reloading or fishing weights and lures. Good luck all

      17. You know i even put an application in at Frontsight as a firearm instructor, never heard a word from them. I am in Florida and they are in Vegas. My wife works as a Human Resource manger for a sod company. Can i just pick up and leave, its our only income. My unemployment has ran out, and am applying for extended benfits. All unemployment in Florida runs out Jan.12 2012. What happens then? I am so grateful to have had that. There is a greater purpose in life to be sure, finding that purpose, is the key! I am so angry at what i see in this country and the people still fall for the same Bull@#$&! I cant even stand to hear any words out of the so-called leadership, they make me want to puke. They have aquired riches by insider deals and being in the loop, its disgusting, look at what they are destroying, ok nuff said.

        • Agreed copout. What you said bears repeating: “They (the so-called leadership) have aquired riches by insider deals and being in the loop, its disgusting, look at what they are destroying…” Excellent rant. 🙂

          Also, good luck in finding that greater purpose in life. I like a Howard Thurman quote that says, “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Also, pray about finding your purpose. I can attest that God truly cares for our needs.

          • that is one of my all time favorite quotes. I first heard it used by John Eldredge in his ‘Wild at Heart’ book A MUST READ!!

        • Copout, you’re right about the greater purpose. It’s in His hands.
          As for the greedy swindlers, they can sit on it now but they can’t take it with them.

          • Sandy: I know its in his hands, i just wish he would open them up a little, LOL THANKS

        • Copout,

          I know many of your feelings and have suffered some of the same including a duration post LE. The business I recently sold needed to be sold cause I was hosed over by the “corp” that issued the franchise rights. I could look back and be really angry with them and focus on that. First I thought I’d get work, and none came. Then I started doing three things and noticed one thing I was NOT doing to which I hope you’ll take at heart:

          What I did:

          1) Learn something; anything; and in my case it was mostly about solar – it can be a lot of things though. I got to solar by thinking about prepping which also taught me some gardening skills and to adjust my firearms collection appropriately.

          2) Earn anything; and its hard. I took a gun shop job, sold a couple of minimal solar systems, and started cleaning out the clutter I didn’t need in life selling it on craigslist. I dumped about 120 ounces of silver and bought a 100 back with the proceeds helping out. That switch was to a silver coin I wanted more than the one’s I had.

          3) Went back to church. Had not been there in a long time. It was a good thing in every way, and my wife and I are better off for it now.

          What I didn’t do and what I sense you doing, is focusing on the negative and entities that hosed you over. Man if I did that I’d be a conundrum right now I don’t want to be in, and I pray you don’t go into. Look forward Copout, don’t look back.

          Even if SHTF I’ll be better off than most (thanks to Dad really) but even preparing for that is looking forward and not back.

      18. Remember back in the 90s when they started “exporting” all these “call center” and manufacturing jobs to China and India? Reemeber how they said it would be better for America in the long? I wonder if we can get a comment from those experts about our current situation (40% of men 16-50 not having a full time job)?

      19. Truthfully, there won’t be that many new jobs. You will have to learn to start a business of some form of fashion. Yes its not always easy to start a business…but instead of ‘needing a job’ maybe start thinking about how to ‘create jobs’ by creating a business that solves problems. No matter what you choose to do…there is a ton of opportunity.

        Jobs are not coming back until maybe around 2020…so get new skills, start a business that helps people and that you enjoy. No other options guys.

        • Do ya’ll live in an alternate universe??
          Start a job?? With what??
          His benefits run out January—and what type of business??
          Are you living around people that have funds to get those things done by that job he’s starting?
          Because where I live people aren’t getting their houses painted, inside or out, remodeling, sealing their driveways, getting shutters painted, buying gazebos, installing pools, buying gymsets and porch swings, or even landscaping w. those beautiful plants and trees.

        • Truth says:

          “””Jobs are not coming back until maybe around 2020″””

          I say that you’re being generous and trying to get someones hopes up, personally, I’d bet my house that jobs will not be coming back here for maybe 50 yrs if ever, our politions and unions have put America out of business for a good many yr. Things will not becoming back here til the world and the elite have taught us a lesson, they’ll never get put in a spot where they have to deal with Gov Regulations,EPA,Unions and give benefits again.the super rich will still have the stock market to play with but the rest will be living in an underground economy, we’ll trade our services for someone elses services or food,I’ll clean your furnace, you fix my truck ect.the cash we have will be used among ourselves, no banks. The American dream of becoming one of Forbes 500 millionairs will die out in a few yrs.The only jobs that I can see here will be in the medical field, food service, schools,LEO and jails. people will go back to pre depression days and even like it was when I was a kid, If my folks needed a roof put on, all the neighbors were there to help, or we helped the neighbors, maybe once every few months someone had a quarter to get a Ma’s root beer and a fudgecicle or go to a movie.I fear there’s some big changes coming and not for the best. Every time I look at the TV and see all the protesters-marchers or whatever, I see a group that will be the first to starve.

        • “Jobs are not coming back until maybe around 2020”

          Yes maybe….IF we get another sharp jobs crash soon, in addition to the long slow slide we are in, THEN the number of jobs may start increasing around 2020. Total jobs numbers are unlikely to return to current levels though, and NOONE will be believing ANY government numbers by then, so we won’t actually know.

      20. howdy yall. i am a prepper for about five years. i have done a lot of reseasrch on when where and how shtf. i know its kinda off the subject but what do you think will knock the bottom out of it. and to copout sorry to hear what youre goin through. hang in there bud

        • Kscowboy: Same to you pardner, thanks!

      21. Quote from my father,(classic) TOO BAD, SO SAD, YOUR DAD!

      22. IMHO, I think people are right blame Government for some of the problems. But I also think we should blame ourselves for relying on and allowing the government to take care and control every aspect of our lives. IMHO I believe the first thing to do to fix this mess is to shrink our Government to pre 1900’s size.

        • “IMHO I believe the first thing to do to fix this mess is to shrink our Government to pre 1900′s size”

          Yup, that would cure the problem.

          A blind man jumps off a 100 story building on a foggy day. You are on the ground and see him coming through the fog. Returning him to the top of the building would fix his problem. But it is almost impossible, you don’t have much time, and he is enjoying the trip and doesn’t think he has a problem! Without super hero powers, all you might do, since you are lucky enough to see the problem, is make sure he doesnt land on you.

          IMHO the government is now the tool of vampire banksters, who own the politicians, the media, the big corporations, the big unions, and most of academia. The economic blood they suck out of us and the economy at all levels is like an addictive drug. The addiction has built to the point that withdrawal is fatal, and more than exists will soon be needed to sustain them. Soon they will be fighting each other for control of the remaining victims.

      23. I fear I will be joining the ranks of the unemployed in the not too distant future. I work for a marketing firm and business if VERY bad. The morale here is just terrible. We used to have a fun group of people, but now everyone is so depressed and grumpy. It’s not a pleasure to come to work. The alternative though, is much more grim.

        My hubby works as a forman for a municipal road dept. His job is a little more secure, but who can really be sure these days.

        I feel bad for our young people. The schools in our area only push kids to go to college. They are discouraged from being electricians, plumbers or mechanics. My son is a carpenter and they have plenty of work because there are not that many people with those job skills. He is also a good mechanic and has done tree work as well. These skills will serve him well in the coming times.

        It sure is scary out there, but with God’s help we will get through it.

      24. You know what is sad. If you continued to collect the “taxes” of Medicare and Social Security but discontinued their payments – our budget would still be unbalanced and we’d still go further in to debt each year as a nation. Those are the two biggest expenditures and cutting them out would likely kill 10,000’s if not 100,000’s of people depending on them. And still there isn’t enough.

        I pray our government issue metal backed “dollars” before its too late. They won’t, but I pray for it anyway.

      25. I had a job that took quite a bit of doing to land and get through all the red tape. It was on a BP oil spill excavation project in Mobile. At the last minute before I could set foot on the job , something happened contractually and it fell through. Since them I have been on a waiting list for work with this environmental clean up company (since July) So I have been home with nothing other than unemployment insurance benefits and some odd jobs from time to time on craigslist (barter)since November 2010. This job in Mobile was going to be a 2-3 year gig with apartment/condo, per diem and a nice hourly wage with lots of over time. We had what we thought were realistic goals of buying land and clearing it to build next spring UP north. When it fell through it was a real kick in the gutt and almost a tear jerker.

        Now, something has fallen in my lap almost literally. A fellow poster on this site and I were corresponding thru email about the times we are living in and our thoughts and views on how Christians should be living and to what degree to prep and so forth. Now when I received an email from friends UP north about Elenin, I responded with some of the email correspondence between my friend from this site and I by copying and pasting. I hit “reply all” which is something I NEVER do unless I know every one on the original email address list. A few weeks later I got an email from someone whom I did not know. He said that he really liked what this friend of mine (from here) had to say and wanted to know if I could give him more info on the research and if I could introduce him to the friend from here. As we began to talk more through email, he mentioned he worked in the nuclear industry for a construction contractor and that lo and behold he was a safety manager. Long story short, after talking and reviewing my experience, I have landed a job as a safety supervisor for a construction crew at a nuke facility. The pay is the best I have ever had and the experience will be priceless. It doesn’t start until January, so I have to try and hold on til then, which is tough through the Holidays and this time of year is when big bills are due that can totally sink a guy on unemployment i.e. house insurance, property taxes etc. etc. But at least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel……..just hope this one doesn’t fall through like the last one and that nothing destroys the job, like a economy crash.
        I’d never of dreamed that God would work it like He has, all cause of some emails that accidentally went out to unintended recipients, who liked what two guys had to say.

        • Yep, God is awesome..
          “The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you”

        • BJ: Good for you!

        • Yee! Haa!

          Prayer Answered!

          • BJ: That’s awesome news! Also for you king crazy!

        • Sweet.. Bless God.

      26. JJ: You are correct, but i will still carry my guns just in case he shows up late! LOL

      27. I am 60 and going back to work. The stock market is destroying my pension. I have CDLs and looking to drive a truck. Had an interview yestereday.

        • Breaker one nine! Move over! King Crazy’s got the hammer down!

          Good luck! Hope you find the job you need.

          I know from an experience 15 years ago that if you’ll let The Creator lead you, he’ll take from you what you thought you wanted (in my case, with me screaming, “No! No! I have to have that! What are you doing!!!”) and give you what you truly need. He showed me that the people you really like can be your enemy and that the people you don’t like can be huge assets and that respect and honesty trump likability 24x7x365.

          I’m still riding that horse. She’s laid down a couple times times but got right back up and seems to be doing pretty well right now. Thanks God! I can’t pay the bill but I still owe it!

          I don’t know what it will be like next week, but for now, all is well. I’m paid, prayed and prepped up. The preps are lacking just a bit but not that far below where I need to be.

          I can say this: When it gets darker and colder and you think it can’t get any worse, you’re that much closer to the bottom. It is said that the only difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is that the successful held on, sometimes, just a very little longer.

          I don’t care if you believe in my God. It won’t matter if you curse him. When I and my brothers pray, things happen. I’ve seen too many ridiculously marvelous things happen to not believe.

          Besides, God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin (one of my favorite founders) knew it! So should you!

          “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” -Benjamin Franklin

        • there are some driving jobs around here right now for the winter but you need a hazmat to deliver heating oil.

      28. Don’t worry. The joo bankers will need all the cannon fodder they can get to invade Iran. So all you college kids will be fully employed until you get blown to bits. You older folks can join up too. The joo banker gives equal opportunity employment to futher its cult of death.

      29. Copout: Maybe you should consider expanding your search nationally ( if you haven’t ). You might have to be temporarily away from your family; but if the job works out you can always move them to you. Just don’t IMPOSE artifically limitations on your availability is what I am saying. The only limitations you have are those that you impose on yourself. Be open to anything legal, moral and honest anywhere it may be.

        You gotta do what you gotta do. You gotta go where you gotta go. Your family will ultimately benefit from it.

      30. I just passed the three month mark since I was laid off. The job prospects in my town are bad in a good economy, much less the current one. Tonight I applied for an a/p job at a local hospital and hopefully I will hear something from it. If it works out, then I can get a part time job at night working retail, stumble home about 10, fall asleep and start the day over again.

        Ain’t life grand!!

      31. I used to work at the movies in projection threading the films. Then guess what? Damn corp wants to buy digital projectors, result.. I lost my job, to a machine!!!! 🙁 Screw corporations, screw the government, and screw the 1%. Not only that, but yes, that whole “fast and furious” mess is a bunch of bullshit. The government works like this and I bet a lot of people have said this already. They create a problem and create a solution to their standards. I love ranting about this bullshit, but it has to stop! We could at least create jobs with alternative fuel’s, converting cars cheaply, and getting off the OPEC NIPPLE! Let me tell you something, I am 19 and currently sick of all of this. I have watched with a very keen eye on everything that has happened within the last 8 months. but its tough to say anything will be getting better, because the nations are looking as if they are on the rise of war.
        Peace out and God Bless!

      32. in this area all the old barbers(6) in the surrounding towns have retired in the past 2 yrs, all had been in the same shops for over 50yrs. I’m trying to convince one of my sons to go back to school and get a license to cut hair,He could make the garage into a nice shop and have no overherd.It’s agreat cash business once established. All these retired barbers owned a few appartment houses and a couple race horses for their lifes work.

      33. ummm… Hello , is it just me or are they and we still ignoring the FACT that all AMerican Jobs have and are continuing to be shipped over seas to CHINA Taiwan Korea India Mexico etc etc etc… AND it’s your tax dollars that is SUBSIDIZING paying the American Companies to make the move to CHINA ect etc etc … even paying them compensation for lost revenue during the moves!!!

        HELLO! WTF! sigh… you sheeple still DON”T GET IT DO YOU!?

        And your own DEBT SLAVE banker controlled CIA backed Government is controlling and supporting it with the help of the US JUSTICE DePARTment -FBI etc etc ! AND YOUR very own State Governors and news media!

        sigh… you ALL deserve what is coming! Only through SUFFERING will you ALL learn truly what FREEDOM really is! IT”S MORE THAN JUST A WORD! AND IT’s MEANING MUST BE EARNED! AND right now you all deserve nothing but the DEBT SLAVERY IRS FED controlled socialistic state AMERIKA now is!

        so suffer america… suffer and learn what REAL “FREEDOM” should be! Not what currently IS nothing more than a socialist 1% banker corporate controlled DEBT SLAVE TERROR state!

        Ignorance is no excuse people… it’ll only leads to your very own and your own childens – EXTINCTION!

        silly rabbits!

      34. If you want to work in America in the near future you’ll probably have to condiser employment involving the three D’s:




        If you’re physically weak or sick, too old or obese, academically challenged, a pansy, technically handicapped or afraid of having to touch dirt, grease, poop, or blood……you might find yourself and your family a bit hungry in the future.

        There ain’t a single clean-hands-type job in America that cannot be offshored or given to an H1-B visa applicant.

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