Jim Carrey To Democrats: ‘Stop Apologizing’ And Just ‘Say Yes To Socialism’

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    Actor Jim Carrey, known for his often crazy antics, has recently said Democrats should just “say yes to socialism” and embrace the attacks from Republicans.  Say yes to socialism, just like Venezuela has done. What could possibly go wrong?

    “We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything,” Carrey said on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” show. “We have to stop apologizing.” As if the United States doesn’t already have their own form of democratic socialism anyway.

    According to Fox News, the actor, who’s among the richest in Hollywood, made the remarks after Maher pointed out that Republicans criticize socialist and progressive Democrats by invoking the example of Venezuela, a failing socialist regime where thousands of Venezuelans flee every week amid dire living conditions.

    “But that word—the Democrats need to get a plan to fight this slander of, ‘Socialism, you’re going to be living in Venezuela,’” said Maher. “And I don’t see it yet.” The host of the HBO show said the party’s hard and brutal shift left toward government totalitarianism is a reaction to President Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. “Medicare for all, ending student debt, a different approach to the war on terror, ending mass incarceration—it seems like if there is maybe a shining spot in this Trump tragedy, it’s that it’s made the Democrats sort of rediscover who they are,” Maher said.

    And Maher was correct, Democrats have rediscovered who they are: communists and dictators hiding behind the authoritarian label of “socialism.” It’s also hugely ironic that Maher mentions Venezuela, knowing it’s a failed socialist experiment (as admitted by the democratic socialist himself, president Nicolas Maduro) yet thinks it won’t happen here.

    The only way to say yes to socialism is through embracing the violence and theft of those who produce to provide things to those who do little more than whine.  Accepting socialism is really a childish endeavor that only the least mentally stable could ever consider.


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        • F*ck Jim Carry Commie POS>


          Emergency ALERT: Trump has only one path to save America from a deep state takeover

          Sunday, September 09, 2018 by: Mike Adams

          ht tps://www.naturalnews.com/2018-09-09-emergency-alert-trump-has-only-one-path-to-save-america-from-a-deep-state-takeover.html




            (Natural News) In the months ahead, America will either fall to deep state tyranny, or patriots like President Trump will be victorious in taking back our constitutional republic from the nefarious grip of the swamp (in collaboration with the left-wing media that’s now run by the CIA).

            Today I’ve published an emergency alert video that warns Trump has just one path to save America from a deep state takeover. The full video, shown below, discusses tech giants’ censorship, the coming false flag attack to be blamed on Alex Jones, and how Trump can save America by initiating the arrest and prosecution of deep state criminals such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

            The full video is available now at REAL.video:


          • TSB, I hear you loud and clear on Carrey. Like I was saying earlier. No one in their RIGHT mind wants socialism.

            • Well Jim Carrey, hope to see you on the battlefield someday….in my scope.

      2. PS: Just say NO to socialism and all the other leftist garbage.

      3. If you are a socialist and have money fork it over and share with those that don’t. Fair? different ballgame when whats in your pocket is eaten up by others that didn’t lift a finger to earn it. Say bye bye to your caddy,now you have to drive a volkswagen like everybody else. 4 bedrooms in your house? Gotta share 3 of them with 6 families and the restroom.

        • My niece is a socialist. She won’t or can’t back up her positions (unless she’s told what to say), but she is a socialist.

          She believes people have no right to guns, even though she is willing to vote to allow the state to point guns at the people. She honestly believes tyranny like Mao or Stalin could be voted out.

      4. Jim, good points, but you know damn well socialists NEVER practice what they preach. The ‘top dogs’ in socialist countries NEVER have any problem living high on the hog while everyone else suffers. No different from the corporate fascists.

      5. Isn’t Carrey a Canadian?
        Why is he trying to tell us how to live?
        Because he is rich and doesn’t have to live
        in the filth he preaches?
        I’ll bet he hates guns too, but
        has armed bodyguards. He needs them.
        I wonder why? Killed or destroyed
        one too many
        lives perhaps?

      6. Take off your blinders, Trump is a corporate fascist along with the rest of all government politicians. The merging solidification of corporate and political influence rules, aka the NWO.

        • U R Silly.

          U R a deep state voice.

          Thanks for playing.

        • Aljamo, you are as wrong as wrong can be.

          And you’ll probably go to your death that way, as most of those who dedicate themselves to ignoring obvious reality usually do.

        • “government politicians”?
          Is that some kind of super evil type?

          aljamo – our token fool.

      7. Yea, and we all know how the “Truman Show” came about, and how it ended.

      8. ya…socialism. Get right on that bus. 5 million bucks for a loaf of bread. Or like that idiot Cortes was all too joyful to say, “it’s made everyone a millionaire”. Smoke some more crack. Mine is mine. I earned, I’m gonna keep it.

      9. Oh thank God the Marxists are showing their true colors.

        Joe McCarthy was right. The media is packed full of commie pinko’s

        • Plan twice prep once,

          Yes, Marxists are all over this country. Most Americans are socialists at best. Try telling someone that Social Security should be abolished (albeit gradually), and see what they say when you propose to kill a socialist program. I would propose killing Social Security by saying so,etching to the effect that anyone over 30 at certain date will be ineligible for benefits. Unfortunately, too many people are addicted to that wealth transfer scheme. The simpletons that say it is my money do not know how it works. The only people who could legitimately say it is their money would be small business owners as they pay a portion of FICA tax for each of their employees. Social Security is generational theft. It robs Peter to pay Paul. The very first people to receive benefits never payed a dime into the system. Can you say pyramid scheme?

          We fell to socialism a long time ago. It happened when Woodrow Wilson gave us Karl Marx’s banking system and progressive income tax (Federal Reserve). The USSA is in the “fun” part of socialism where people can vote to enrich themselves of the backs of others. Once we run out of other people’s money, people will find out what misery is. We are almost there.

          Marxists are Satanists. The fall of Christianity is based on propaganda from Hollywood (Occult name), the MSM, and government (banning Christianity from schools while allowing other religions to be practiced, and attacking Christian values). It is the reason government attacks Christian displays but allows Satanic statutes to be built.

          Marxist lifestyle is to live each day as if it were a party. It also espouses the government will take care of you should things go bad, and people do not need any savings for a rainy day. Our media promotes rampant consumerism which is part of this. Our media and the false idols in Hollywood support agendas that go against Christianity (gay marriage, transgender garbage, and soon to be the normalization pedophilia). They espouse Aleister Crowley (famous Satanist of early 20th) do what thou will lifestyle. That is the freedom the “Godless” left is fighting to obtain. All the leaders behind modern socialism (Marx, Engels, Hitler, Stalin, Gramsci, etc.) were steeped into the occult/Satanism. This is a spiritual battle. People have free will to choose Satan or accept Yahshua as their savior. Most are choosing the wrong path, and most will not be saved despite being “Christian.”

          There is a reason everything is being inverted. It is Satan’s plan. What I mean by inversion is the following:

          Good is now evil.
          Ignorance is strength
          War is peace……etc, etc. because we are there

          • Kfilly,
            You aren’t far from the truth.

            Democrats exploited Social Secirity to attach dozens of other unfunded programs.

            Yes, they are bankrupting it on purpose.

            SS is just a pathway to Marxism. Many predicted it, now it is truth.

      10. He takes it up the butt so much that shit has been crammed up into his brain… thus making him a liberal progressive AKA SHITHEAD!

      11. Tucker Carlson just stuck his head in the mouth of the lion of Judaea? Last time anyone pushed back we had WW2 , which you can see by the current invasion, isn’t over yet. If you read some of the Talmud, you will see what we are up against. What they are doing to Europe is pure evil.

      12. Seems , until we recognize dual citizenship Americans as the domestic enemy and traitors. We’ve lost the most important recognition? And will pay accordingly.

      13. Some say , What acts like an American, sounds like an American, but isn’t.? It’s a Canadian. , But there is a reason we have a border between us. Because we don’t want their beliefs here. We can’t co exist with Canadians. With out a wall to keep them out? United we stand. devided we fall. In unity we stand , In diversity we fall. Seems we have been brainwashed pretty good. The great delusions of the Endtimes? What else makes any sense?

      14. “As If the United States doesnt have its own for of Democratic socialism already.”

        Well yes the United States in reality is a socialist country without doubt. I believe I recently ready that over 100 milliion Americans are on some form of government assistance. So case closed. We are a Socialist country.

        Are we a democratic country? This is debateable. Most laws are written by the technocratic deep state and then rubber stamped by career politicians who most often attain their positions through their family name.

        We are supposed to be a democratic republic whereby politicians we vote for represent our wishes in making law or to not make new laws. However, our politicians no longer provide representative government, meaning, they no longer represent the will of the people. Time and again they are sent to Washington with a directive from their constituents and they repeatedly knuckle under to big business, banking and even foriegn lobbyist to thwart the will of the people.

        Big business, banking and foriegn interest attempt to manipulate public opinion through propaganda outlets such the hack bill mahr and dim witted comedians such a jim carrey.

        I recently read that Switzerland has pure/direct form of government. Perhaps since our representatives refuse to represent we should consider some thing similar. Some thing ducha as pure democracy with a Bill of Rights. Just some thing to consider.

        • Yes, the USSA is very socialist. As a matter of fact, we became socialist when our privately owned Federal Reserve Bank was created. The very bank that issues all credit (Karl Marx’s plank of communism), and redistributes wealth to global 1%. Yes, most Americans are absolute morons and cannot grasp this fact, and they fight to get more of their wealth transferred to the elite ruling class. Perhaps, it is the reason Henry Ford said, “It is is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.”

          People might be opposed to socialism, but pretty much every city in America is socialist. There are a few reasons why the Great Depression was staged by the Federal Reserve. One to steal the land of the farming people to force them into the cities (control over agriculture by few), initiate socialist program on grand scale (Social Security), and people in cities are easier to corrupt.

          Amerikan socialism has been going strong since 1913. The united states of America (true name of country as opposed to corporate owned United States of America) is done, and has been done since before any of us were born. The United States as a free country is a lie and has been since all of us were born.

      15. We should just say yes to capitalism and clean money.

        We should also say yes to a pistol by the bed and Sunday picnics and plinking with the kids.

      16. Didn’t Carrey live in a car? With his family? How was socialism helping him than?

      17. Name one socialist country that can protect itself and has a better standard of living and has abundant natural resources, land, and liberty that exceeds the USA.

        I’ll wait.

      18. Since the end of McCarty-ism, the media, Hollywood and Washington became top heavy with communists.

        They’ve infected and infested every single aspect of our existence. Their numbers are great enough now and their influence so strong that we may, indeed, lose our country to them.

        Any opposing viewpoint is swarmed and attacked until the person or group is destroyed. The left wisely brings in unintelligent rabble to do their dirty work while they reap the benefits. They will stop at nothing the end America.

        Carrey may be a moron, but he’s just one of an extremely long list of morons. They are strong enough to no longer fear us. They have the numbers, money and position to make it happen.

        Where Trump fits in in this…whether he is indeed a big-ass thorn in their side or just more political theater is yet to be seen. The swamp remains undrained and there have been enough ‘questionable’ decisions to warrant the question.

        If he’s done nothing else, he’s polarized the left from the right as no one else has. The communists have willingly stood up and proudly declared themselves – and nothing has happened to them.

        When the season rolls around, just remember who your enemies are. Remember that the rabble between you and them is just a protective layer. Yes, of course you must deal with them but remember they are just footsoldiers.

        Your enemies are many and well placed.

      19. Oh brother, if there were ever two worthless feckers in a picture, its the one at the top of this article.

      20. Maybe the Democrats can run on a platform of “Make America Venezuela” this fall.

        Except that it is unusual for them to actually profess their real intentions when they are running for election, apparently fearing they will not go down well with the majority of Americans.

        All the alternative news sources that expose them are making it more and more difficult to keep their real agenda hidden from the majority of people, so expect a major push to shut the alternative news side up before the election season starts heating up in earnest.

        • Start at 4:26 for some healthcare eye openers.

      21. Cyrus said, all communist tyrannies call themselves “democratic socialist” and “democratic people’s republics”.

        Democrat, republican, democrat, republican. Sounds familiar. Where have I heard it.

      22. Do you like everyone to be on color teams. Call them red and pink.

      23. Hollywood realized their mistakes and grew fairly quiet in the 80s until about 2000. It grew obnoxious after 2010. Prior in the seventies you some ilk like Hanoi Jane and it crushed her career for a time.

        I’m repulsed by practically everything that is allegedly “entertainment”. For me to watch and support some Art, I have to care about the characters and their journey. As there are no heroes in tv or film anymore, and they have become SHRILL, unlikeable, foul mouthed, openly Marxists, hate Christians, and mostly reward evil, then why would anything they produce be entertainment. It’s nauseating…and often like watching a trainwreck.

        Even when they do a historical drama, they ruin it with political correctness, make an abortion of what actually happened, and so it becomes propaganda. Dances With Wolves, Kingdom of Heaven, The Last Samurai were all horribly and incorrectly written. And even The Revenant makes errors.

        The last person I would listen to and regard as having anything insightful, truthful, or useful to communicate…would be members of Hollywood.

        I reckon most can’t start a fire, which is the original technology and sign of rudimentary ancestral skills that a child could do. This means they are less mature than small children.

      24. Jim Carey started off young, energetic, edgy, caring and funny. Canadians were proud of him as a Toronto hometown boy who found acting success in the U.S.A. That was a long time ago when this ex-pat had a string of popular movies, things change.
        Time has not been kind to Carey, this old, dull, hating, preachy std ridden man. Have we forgotten his callousness towards an Irish woman who committed suicide due to Jim in her life? Reading what Carey says on socialism is akin to helping set the conditions for national instead of individual suicide.
        Americans can have him, Canada has enough problems with Trudeau.

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