Japan’s Medical Freedom: No Vaccine Mandates And Healthier Children

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    As politicians in the United States do their best to remove Americans’ freedom of choice when it comes to vaccines, Japan has medical freedom.  There are no vaccine mandates in Japan and their children are growing up healthier than ours.

    Officials in California are desperately trying to take away the rights of their residents by seeking to override medical opinion about whether or not a person is fit for vaccination, while politicians in New York are mandating the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine for 6-12-month-old infants even though that vaccine’s safety and effectiveness “has not been established.” (Link to Merck’s website – the creator of the MMR vaccine,) By Merck’s own admission, this vaccine is probably not safe, especially for infants.

    Care to purposely give your 3-to-4-month-young baby gastrointestinal illness and upper-respiratory distress? Up your chances of sickening your child with these serious health crises by 40 – 60 percent, simply by getting a nurse or doctor to inject the so-called “safe and effective” MMR vaccine. Yes, the Measles, Mumps & Rubella shot, or choose any of them separate too, and the results are virtually the same.

    This is according to the FDA and a vaccine trial run on American kids. A shockingly high percentage of the children tested suffered extreme illnesses just days and weeks after receiving the same vaccine New York’s Governor (Bill “Adolf” de Blasio) wants to utilize in order to force-vaccinate all the Orthodox Jews (who all know better and opt out using religious exemptions).

    The insidious CDC has been fully exposed only thanks to an FOIA request (Freedom of Information Act), and now the MMR may be considered the 3rd most dangerous vaccine known to mankind, running close behind the deadly HPV vaccine and the infamously defective and mercury-laden flu jab (influenza vaccine). –Natural News

    Instead of using force to vaccinate, perhaps scientists and doctors should take a quick look at what’s been going on in Japan. With a population of 127 million, Japan has the healthiest children and the very highest “healthy life expectancy” in the world. The country also boasts the least vaccinated children of any developed country. Now let’s compare the good ole USSA. The U.S. has the very highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized countries. More American children are dying at birth and in their first year of life than in any other comparable nation. Oh, and more than half of those children who do survive, develop at least one chronic illness, reported the Children’s Health Defense.

    The U.S. government, in bed with Big Pharma, is sacrificing our children for profit. What you won’t hear from vaccine advocates or the mainstream media, is that Merck is in court over MMR-related fraud. Whistleblowers have alleged that the pharmaceutical giant rigged its efficacy data for the vaccine’s mumps component to ensure its continued market monopoly. The evidence has given rise to two separate court cases. In addition, a CDC whistleblower has alleged the MMR vaccine increases autism risks in some children. Others have reported that the potential risk of permanent injury from the MMR vaccine dwarfs the risks of getting measles.

    All of these risks involved with getting vaccinated are being covered up by government agencies (FDA and CDC) and the politicians simply don’t care.  The vaccine industry is for profit and until safety and saving lives is more important than money, the government and Big Pharma will continue to sacrifice our children to line their own pockets.

    Children’s Health Defense


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      1. Big Pharma… bla bla bla
        No Freedom… bla bla bla.
        What utter bullshit.
        The Japs don’t have the trouble we have because are a homogeneous society and they DON’T LET FOREIGNERS MOVE THERE! No Muslims, No Nigs, No Spics, None of the dead weight trash races.
        If you stratify the US numbers by race you see that the vast majority of our health & crime problems are caused by Non-Whites.
        This article is Apples & Oranges. You cannot draw ANY statistical inference from this article if you are honest. Unfortunately, this site is becoming nothing but dis-honest, sensational drivel at an increasing rate. I have just reached the point where, if the article is attributed to Mac Slavo, I won’t bother reading it.

        • 100 percent agree: you nailed it!

          Japan is not trying this toxic experiment of importing the third world, with all their diseases. The Japanese are primarily Japanese.

          America needs all these health measures because the population is a mess. Remember the US was the country that actually flew people in with Ebola. The US is the country with millions of unknown illegals with all sorts of diseases.

          Also look at the physical condition of American women when they have children: obese and with bad food habits. Japanese women are thin, hot, and dress beautifully. They are elegant and well mannered and smart. There is the secret sauce for healthy kids.

          • You know that would be a GREAT arguement in court! They would have to admit that their BS is caused by illigal aliens! Or drop the mandatory shit and hope it goes away. Put their ass in the hotseat….

          • Don’t get the no nigs comment though. I get the no foreigners but American blacks have been here since early 17th century. Other than that I see your argument.

          • Frank, there are obese women in Japan, and some of them are not so nice either. Americans do need to stop eating “fast food” period. Why are not all these politicians forcing vaccinations on these illegal aliens before crossing the border if indeed it is so vital for American children? As I’ve said before, in over 40 years in the medical field, I have refused to give vaccines to children. My own children only received the very basic same vaccines I received as a child. With the exception of small pox, one of my 4 children received it and the other 3 did not. That leaves the DPT, and polio also given. I did not give so called “booster” shots. No vaccine is 100%. If you remember the “oral” polio vaccine was supposed to give a lifetime of protection; which they later had to take back that statement. Also remember they stopped giving the oral polio vaccine because they discovered that’s where most of the cases in the USA were coming from; then they returned back to the injection. There’s still a lot they know, but are not telling the public.

        • wait, wait, wait…. are you saying the rise of third-world diseases that had been pretty much eradicated here have suddenly increased right along with the millions of foreign-born immigrants?

          say it aint so…

        • so what you are saying, low infant mortality is racial and japan is pure white; I think you’re stupid racist and Japanese belong to yellow race, not white.

      2. Not on Topic. Hoever Adam Scheff his sisters son is married to George Soros son. It figures.

      3. In Japan, a newborn baby has to survive to be 72 hours old before it is issued a birth certificate, otherwise is is considered a stillborn.

        This is also how they maintain a low birth defect rate. Be born with Downs Syndrome, and you die within 48 hours.

        How many Downs Japanese have you seen?

        • not true.

          the Japanese do not issue a birth certificate at all.

          They use the koseki a family-issued and maintained registration system for documentation. It may take weeks to actually get koseki changed and brought up to date with the local ward

        • Amen! USA folks don’t get it- other nations have a sense of national pride (and /or arrogance), and wildly manipulate data to produce favorable outcomes. Look on the street in most Asian or Middle Eastern countries, and you will rarely see anyone with a disability like blindness, much less a genetic issue kid. The idea that the USA has horrible newborn and infant mortality… is that because we keep drug addicted neonates alive in NICUs for 12 months? Or do the stats include infanticide in PP?

      4. Japan is helped in this respect by having virtually no immigration and it being an island.

      5. Sweden is very close to Japan’s score, and I believe it has a lot of mandatory vaccines for children… Other factors are at play here

      6. Japanese eat seaweeds high in iodine. Iodine and selenium are important nutrients that most Americans are deficient in; causing higher rates of breast and ovary cysts and Cancers in Americans compared to Japanese.

        Never-the-less, if Deblasio, or anybody else, goes after orthodox Jews in New York, I pity him.

        Jews are a protected minority. And they have powerful organizations behind them.

        Something about this article just doesn’t jive.

        Off Topic but since you brought up orthodox Jews, I wonder if my post will automatically be moderated as it usually is when I type the word “Jew”.


      7. No free speech. Moderated for using a taboo word. Guess what it was.


      8. I don’t believe in artificial shortages of crucial resources. It makes the administration look inept and, occasionally, underweight.

        Japan is status-oriented, to the point of being suicide-happy.

      9. The Japanese can do everything right but Fukushima will continue to poison them forever.

        • AMEN, you are absolutely correct.

      10. Japanese children eat smaller portions which contain fish, fruits, and vegetables. Those who follow the western diet have the same medical problems that American kids do. Japan and America have similar problems with a declining marriage and birth rate.

      11. I didn’t see China on any list, maybe that’s because they kill so many of them because they were not boy babies. I can make that statement and not have a feminist attitude about it because I have 4 sons and 5 grandsons. I make that statement about killing girl babies because the Chinese are the ones placing a higher value on boy babies, and I value “all” life. I imagine the Chinese people are so poor they cannot afford the vaccinations, and the Chinese government would like to eradicate a few thousand people more anyway.

      12. For many reasons, the MMR is a flawed vaccine. Merck is still in a lawsuit with whistleblowers who exposed the company falsifying data of its effectiveness to the FDA,

        Vaccinating children younger than 15 months does not give added protection. An article in the American Journal of Public Health ( A measles outbreak at a college with a prematriculation immunization requirement) analyzed a 1988 measles outbreak on a college campus. Of all 83 cases, 98% were supposed to have adequate titers to prevent infection as they were given a booster as a condition of admission.

        Their conclusions:.. Students vaccinated at 12-14 months of age were at increased risk compared to those vaccinated at greater than or equal to 15 months…As in secondary schools, measles outbreaks can occur among highly vaccinated college populations.

        …1995 in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and titled, “Detection of Measles Virus RNA in Urine Specimens from Vaccine Recipients,” researchers analyzed urine samples from newly MMR vaccinated 15-month-old children and young adults and reported their eye-opening results: Vaccinated people shed live virus for at least two weeks. This study was done by CDC, and commissioned by WHO and the National Vaccine Program. http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/vaccinated-spreading-measles-who-merck-cdc-documents-confirms

      13. Well, if Japan let immigrants in from 3rd World crap holes, like the EU and the USA invasion, they would have disease rampant like everyone else. According to the NHO, immigrants are bringing those diseases. We had it under control until they began to flow into our country.

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