Japanese Government Admits First Fukushima Radiation Death

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Headline News | 17 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Over seven years after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that crippled Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, the Japanese government has admitted that a former plant worker has died as a result of radiation exposure.

    While the 2011 earthquake and tsunami killed approximately 19,000 people, as NPR’s Elise Hu reported, and “most drowned within minutes,” this is the first radiation-exposure-based death since the incident (the radiation plumes caused by Fukushima’s meltdowns spread up to 25 miles away)

    A radiation monitoring post next to one of the temporary homes. It indicates 0.276 micro sv/h, which is three to four times higher than the normal level.

    NPR reports that the country’s health and labor ministry has said the man’s family should be paid compensation, according to state broadcaster NHK.

    It’s not clear precisely when the man died. He was in his 50s, NHK said, and his duties included “measuring radiation levels at the plant immediately after the severe nuclear accident.”

    He left his job there in 2015, and was diagnosed with lung cancer before his death.

    The ministry said that he “developed cancer due to total radiation exposure of around 195 millisieverts,” NHK reported.

    According to Reuters, exposure to 100 millisieverts of radiation in a year “is the lowest level at which any increase in cancer risk is clearly evident.”

    While this is the first fatality that was attributed to radiation, NHK says four workers who have cancer have been deemed eligible for compensation (while at least five applications for compensation have been denied).

    One of them, who is suffering from leukemia, was awarded compensation last December, according to The Asahi Shimbun.

    He “was engaged in emergency operations to send water to cool the reactor containment vessels and assess the extent of damage,” the newspaper said, and did so for months after the disaster started.

    We suspect there will be considerably more to come as NPR notes that Nature reported in 2012, two assessments by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation and the World Health Organization, showed that “167 workers at the plant received radiation doses that slightly raise their risk of developing cancer.”


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      1. I highly doubt this is the first radiation death caused from Fukushima. Considering 7 and a half years have elapsed since this event any truth news has been kept out of public view. The speculation that explosives were planted in the reactors has disappeared also from the net, likewise the possibility of a planned earthquake causing the tsunami. How can one believe what is said in todays manufactured “news” delivery?

        • My thoughts exactly. Only one death? Somebody’s not telling the truth.

          • Meanwhile half of the Pacific Ocean is destroyed and a whole lot of seafood food chain contains radiation. Even California Wine now has traces of Radiation. How about the US Ship that went in the waters to help many of the crew are deathly ill.

            RE: Half of the NY first responders on 9/11 have some chronic illnesses from the NUKE dust that was used to blow up the buildings. That didn’t come from plan fuels. Why are these SOB all Not in Prison yet awaiting the treason trials. Enemies foreign and domestic. Kill em’ all sooner the better.

      2. Bullshit…that isnt the first death, there was all those people trying to stop fission from hapoening that carked it, and a shit ton got irradiated the first week (5000 times the safe dose) and succumbed a week later due to being cooked alive from the inside

      3. Here is just one example of how stupidly the Japanese government dealt with Fukushima.

        Since so many items were contaminated with radioactive particulate, instead of hauling them away, they gave orders to incinerate it.

        Of course this did nothing whatsoever but concentrated it in the ashes but in the meantime, it wafted again all over.

        Stupid is…as stupid does.

        Nothing has been solved at Fukushima. Fresh radioactive water is created every single day. They initially hired a French firm that was allegedly able to remove it…which failed.

        Then the crazy stuff piled up. And then the morons tried their ice shelf that was supposed to dam it up. That failed as well.

        It’s poisonded the air and it’s circulated. And they illegally dumped it into the Pacific.

        You could say that such neglegence is an act of war.

        Don’t forget our 318 sailors who were put in harm’s way aboard the USS Ronald Reagan who have been allowed to file suit totally a billion dollars in claims.


      4. It is well know that even small amounts of radiation may kill you.
        Just like everyone that has drank water has or will die.
        Fukushima and Chernobyl were real engineering screw ups.
        But like airplanes used to be a dangerous way to travel,
        we eventually basically engineered our way to near perfection.
        Radiation is something you cannot escape, so figure out ways to use it.
        We use our sun, a fusion reactor that will kill if you don’t take precautions, but it is pretty handy to have around.
        How many people have died from use of Coal? I’m not opposed to the use of coal, I’m not opposed to any sensible use of energy to improve peoples lives, regardless of the energy source.
        This “radiation” phobia is very real, like fear of heights, or fear of water, but ultimately is irrational. You get nailed by Gamma rays every day, they will result in your death, but you don’t even recognize the threat.
        No one gets out of here alive. The best we can do is to have freedoms, comfort, and hope for the future.

      5. Try this:

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      6. The conventional wisdom is take certain pills so that they are soaked up in the thyroid and so if exposed, say soldiers, to radioactivity, then radiation sickness is minimized.

        This is largely a fallacy. Why? From a medical standpoint, it is true that if the tyroid is taken out, then the patient is crippled as they lose the ability to control metabolism like body temerature and so weakness and chills and nervousness etc will begin to zap morale on top of FEAR.

        Actually it’s no panacea. During such radioactivity, there are MANY radioactive isotopes like Strontium and Cesium and about 30 more and so all of these will still get you. So if your bones, lungs, and stomach are failing, it really doesn’t help to just protect the thyroid.

        It’s going to help but in the end,not do much.

      7. Hmmm….One life is one too many. Don’t buy that
        story, anyway.

        Above commentary was to use sea salt? Iodine?
        If so should they be dumping concentrated salt in the
        leaking plant?

        Dumb-nuts should not build nuke plants until they figure out
        a way to neutralize the product they produce.
        Too late now……too smart too late…. what a bunch of
        knuckle-heads those (our) “genius” injuneers and scientists are.

      8. Read that , Nuke power plants were designed to last 20 years!? Some are now pushing 35? After the radiation becomes so bad the rotation of workers gets , saturated? Then the fuel is removed and the plant is sealed up and allowed to ( Sleep ). for 100 years were it is believed we will have the technology to cut it up and dispose of them all somewhere? They haven’t made many new ones , as if they, don’t think we will have the need? Back to coal? Or is there a meteor coming?

      9. This situation in Japan will ruin the oceans – think about the “poison” flowing in and out and all over for 7 plus damn long years my God what a damn disaster and naturally they do Not speak of it…

      10. one death admitted to by the japanese “OFFICIALS” = 1000 ACTUAL DEATHS….

        It wasn’t an intentional report, the typesetter missed the 3 “0’s” behind the one.

        ?As we ALL know, the government would NEVER LIE TO US! right???? LOLZ

      11. I regret the passing of that man, as he was obviously brave and true. Whether or not the officials involved in all of this are telling the truth about everything, is a point without value. They are govt. and company people, so of course they are lying. You can ask for the truth, and even demand it. The lack of integrity in this world is something you should be well aware of already. The most common way TPTB hang on to power is by using the powers of lying. It is the creed of govts. everywhere. Civilizations die from the lack of integrity.

      12. Investigators in Japan discovered that when Tepco needed people to do the dangerous work of monitoring the radiation and to do maintenance, that the yakuza (Japanese mafia) pressed into service those who owed them money to do the work. And in Japan when you can’t pay the yakuza back, your family members inherit the debt, and some of them were being forced to do the work.

      13. Look at how long it took for the Japanese government to admit that they impressed women into being “comfort women”. Seven and a half years is speedy compared to that.

      14. A reminder from the New Madrid fault line today. A small 2.7 earthquake. Shallow. Good time to check your preps.

      15. The conventional wisdom is each time we have a small earthquake at the New Madrid fault, it’s like a steam pressure release valve aka a popoff valve. It bleeds it off so it doesn’t build up.

        When you start having lots of them, and when they are large, that’s when you worry.

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