Japan Holds Evacuation Drills, Showing Concern Over North Korea’s Missile Tests

by | Jun 4, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 65 comments

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    The Japanese are no longer taking any chances against the rogue North Korean regime and Kim Jong-Un’s insistence on the continued testing of ballistic missiles. Japan is now participating in more frequent evacuation drills in the event that they are attacked by North Korea.

    Although drills of this type aren’t the first in Japan this year, they are increasing in frequency. Sunday’s evacuation drill in the town of Abu, Yamaguchi prefecture, is showing how concerned the Japanese are about a potential North Korean attack. The town of about 3,500 people some 760 km (475 miles) west of Tokyo involved a simulated North Korean missile attack. And more Japanese towns and cities are taking steps to brace for what they hope will never happen.

    North Korea has been increasing the number of its missile test launches in recent months. Launching 12 so far this year and three last month, with many splashing into the Sea of Japan, the Japanese are rightly concerned. Some of North Korea’s missiles have even landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone, which extends up to 200 miles from its shores.

    Tokyo has repeatedly condemned the test launches, which are in violation of United Nations resolutions, yet it’s become clear that North Korea’s volatile leader, Kim Jong-Un doesn’t care about the rules imposed upon him. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government earlier this year instructed municipalities to hold evacuation drills, heightening a sense of urgency among the public. Although security experts in Japan have said that the drills won’t save everyone, they could save some, and that’s better than not having a plan.  “It’s hard to say how many people will be saved and how much effect it will have. But, with awareness raised and basic procedure understood, the survival rate will definitely be higher,” retired Vice Admiral Yoji Koda said.

    The Japanese government is actively attempting to help the public prepare for the worst by putting on its website a list of tips in case a missile lands in Japanese territory. The tips include “take shelter in a robust building nearby” and “move away from windows or, if possible, move to a room without windows.”  The government has previously stated that the Japanese public would only have ten minutes to react if North Korea launches a missile their way – minus the few minutes it would take for the government to alert the public to the attack.

    The preparation by Japan is due to the short window of opportunity should North Korea attack the island nation. The Japanese in range of the so far hypothetical missile would have very little time to seek refuge, and the loss of life could be staggering. With schoolchildren also taking place in these drills, it’s safe to say that the Japanese are concerned, but not willing to take chances, especially on towns on Japan’s western coast.

    Being prepared is going to help the Japanese in the event of an attack. Although Japan is refusing to panic, they also want to be prepared.  It is important to mention, however, that North Korea has not specifically threatened the Japanese, yet.  But many believe that a North Korean missile program is a threat to the nation.



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      1. gotta read this story on who killed seth rich on one america news….hoooboyoyboy!

        • BTW…they SHOULD have evacuated tokyo….but DIDN’T. i wonder how many will die because of that fateful decision to “act like nothing happened” when fukushima blew up….think they will do the right thing NEXT time?

          • If you need to induce vomiting, just flip and tune your radio onto the NPR Radio Show. That crock of Propaganda BS will certainly make you instantly gag. Amazing how the BS is so thick, the empty skulls of the snowflakes quickly absorb this politically correct nonsense babble. I thought Trump defunded this Commie brain massage Network paid for by real working tax payers?

            I listened for about a half hour this AM, and it was like torture the propaganda and lies. My Brain kept registering the warning “TILT” “TILT” “TILT” Abort Abort Abort!!!

            • Another Orlando Shooting Monday AM, At least 5 dead, in an industrial Park area, Most likely an employee shooting suicide. Stay Tuned for details.

              Carry your Weapon Daily Folks, Its your tool for survival.

          • Turns out they were actually very lucky at the Fukushima explosion that they deny ever happened, was as hot as it was. It was able to produce glass microspheres that formed around the fallout particles. It shielded the nasty chemicals like strontium, cesium, plutonium and iodine from being absorbed if inhaled or ingested. The particles were large enough that they could be filtered and expelled by the bodies natural processes.

            These microspheres are all over the countryside and will be an increasing danger as the glass degrades due to radiation, and then release the isotopes hidden inside like plutonium. Plutonium is the most toxic material known to man.

        • Going ocean sailing for a week.

          Gonna test out some new ideas.

          Eisenkreutz in the blind.

          I’ll be back.

          • Innertube from Cuba to FL eh?

        • Did the Japs do it?

        • Wow! Just WOW!

          Talk about a spider web of deceit and corruption….

          Regardless of their reasons why (including possible threats to their own lives), I am ASHAMED of Seth Rich’s family , the medical community, and my country for not pursuing this with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

      2. Japan survived Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and I’m quite sure they will be aok on the next one. Be happy, don’t worry.

        • Where would they evacuate to? They must be good swimmers.

        • Mac, You cannot deny these facts, Print this:

          Want to know who the enemy of America is?:

          Jewish groups decry Trump pitch to ban Muslim immigration

          ADL rejects Republican frontrunner’s latest remarks as ‘deeply offensive’ and ‘antithetical to American values’
          Link: ht tp://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-groups-rebuff-trumps-proposal-to-ban-muslim-immigration/
          Read this BS:
          “In the Jewish community, we know all too well what can happen when a particular religious group is singled out for stereotyping and scapegoating,” Greenblatt wrote in a statement Monday evening. “We also know that this country must not give into fear by turning its back on its fundamental values, even at a time of great crisis. As we have said so many times, to do otherwise signals to the terrorists that they are winning the battle against democracy and freedom.”

          As a 501c3-category nonprofit organization, the ADL is forbidden from taking a position on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for office.

          The American Jewish Committee — also an avowedly nonpartisan organization — also condemned “in the strongest terms” what it called the “latest offensive and inflammatory comments from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

          Trojan Horse? You Bet!!!

          Judges on the 9th Circuit Court Are Converts to Bolshevism
          Judge Richard R. Clifton, left, Judge William Canby, center, and Judge Michelle T. Friedland, right, from the leftwing U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.
          Link: ht tps://www.peoplespunditdaily.com/opinion/2017/02/12/judges-9th-circuit-court-converts-bolshevism/
          The Bolshevik mindset that in the past permeated only the most rabid fringes of the American left, had in recent years gone mainstream and consumed its host, the hapless Democratic Party. Fortunately for America, a set of antibodies, dormant since the time of the Founding Fathers, have been activated, resulting in the historic electoral defeat handed to the Democrats in the 2016 general election. It now remains to be seen whether the Bolshevik cells in the judiciary, the military, the Deep State, and the civil service can be flushed out and eliminated before they can destroy America and once again plunge the world into darkness.

          The Jewish Judge Over turning Trumps Immigration policy.
          Judge Canby, Clifton and Michelle Friedland
          Friedland was appointed by former President Barack Obama in 2014 and confirmed by a largely partisan vote of 51-40.

          Soros-Funded Group Schemes to Stop Trump’s Latest Temporary Visa Ban
          A lawsuit brought before a Maryland appeals court seeking to stop President Trump’s temporary ban on new visas from six Middle Eastern countries was filed by a left-wing group financed by billionaire George Soros.

          The second group behind the lawsuit was massively funded by the federal government under the Obama administration to resettle refugees within the U.S.

          In August, Breitbart Jerusalem first reported hacked documents from Soros’s Open Society Institute boasted that the billionaire and his foundation helped to successfully press the Obama administration into increasing to 100,000 the total number of refugees taken in by the U.S. annually.

          The documents revealed that the billionaire personally sent President Obama a letter on the issue of accepting refugees.

          Its high time we identify the cockroach parasites setting out to destroy America from within. What the hell are you afraid of in printing the truth. Americans needs to know the truth Damnit.

        • think they will survive fukushima?

          • Who cares? My dad hated japs. My dad fought them in WWII and he said they tortured their POWs. The least I can do is respect my dad enough to continue hating japs?

            • WE torture too….maybe not THEN, but we sure as hell do NOW!….maybe even when on your way to JAIL you will be tortured….the internet is FULL of cops killing, torturing, beating people….often innocent. i like trump, but VERY MUCH disagree that cops are to be put on a pedestal.

      3. Hawaii…pay attention..Alaska too.

        • If they nuked Honolulu, they’d be doing us a favor.

          • Agreed, ill gladly wait out any fallout

            • Given our prevailing winds, neither you nor I need to worry much about fallout.

              • Definitely,,,

          • Which island is Zuckerburg building on? Hitting Zuckerburg’s island while he is there would be doing us all a favor.

      4. Nuclear power either domestic or imported from 25,000 ft has done Japan no favors.

      5. Japan is one of the countries that the US owes a lot of money to. In the event of a serious crisis they will probably want the money back. The last number that I heard was about $800 billion dollars. In comparision to their Gross Domestic Product, their national debt is even worse than ours. To recover from a nuclear war, they will need a whole lot of money very quickly.

      6. Maybe this is why the US Govt doesnt like people being self sufficient (as I understand NK isnt, exactly…) but it means they can ignore any of the BS the US throws at them and not care. Sanctions? pfft, who cares when I dont need anything from anyone else

      7. Japanese has a better chance of dying from Fukishima than NK

      8. Japan not only has to worry about missiles form North Korea
        but the earth changes that will effect it and of course that unplugged nuclear plant leak that is poisoning the Pacific.

        The Japanese should consider someday having to Evacuate the Island.

      9. Japan has been there before….they aren’t taking any chances. Better safe than sorry. keep preppin Japan.

      10. Heh-heh. Where they gonna evacuate to? Hawaii?

        It’ll be fine. They’re just keeping the sheeple restless.

      11. Japan shouldn’t be constantly attacking, invading and bombing North Korea.

        If they’d just quit that and stay to themselves there would be nothing to fear from them.

      12. Nice work, Obama

        The following are U.S. GDP growth rates for every year during the 1930s…
        1930: -8.5%
        1931: -6.4%
        1932: -12.9%
        1933: -1.3%
        1934: 10.8%
        1935: 8.9%
        1936: 12.9%
        1937: 5.1%
        1938: -3.3%
        1939: 8.0%

        When you average all of those years together, you get an average rate of economic growth of 1.33 percent.

        That is really bad, but it is the kind of number that one would expect from “the Great Depression”.

        The numbers for the last ten years…

        2007: 1.8%
        2008: -0.3%
        2009: -2.8%
        2010: 2.5%
        2011: 1.6%
        2012: 2.2%
        2013: 1.7%
        2014: 2.4%
        2015: 2.6%
        2016: 1.6%

        When you average these years together, you get an average rate of economic growth of 1.33 percent.

      13. Look at the bright side. Being hold up in a dark shelter with nothing to do but wait it out is likely to solve Japan’s shortage of little Japanese to insure Japan’s replacement rate.

        Maybe we white Christian European Americans should hold out in bunkers for a couple of weeks. Do it for your people, do it for America, do it for mankind; just do it.


        • Right on- B/Ca! Spend some time getting re-aquainted with the your main squeeze and do what’s right. “Love” is a beautiful thing!

      14. Korean nuclear fallout would be the perfect thing to cover up fukashimas. So the nuke companies don’t get sued? And the west coast too?

      15. On a lighter note- there’s a grandmother in England who stands out in her yard pointing a hair dryer at speeding cars. Many think it’s a radar gun and slow down! Now that is thinking outside the box!

      16. If anybody has a resource/information on how to set-up a direct solar system without using batteries, please help.

        I have heard that you can directly connect your solar panels to your inverter to power “appliances”. Should you still use a charge controller? Should I use any “special” solar components?

        Any resources or help is greatly appreciated. I’m having trouble finding anything on the web that helps.

        • The forums at arizona wind and sun.

      17. Satellite photos taken at night show the difference between North Korea and its two neighbors (South Korea and Japan). Its neighbors are well lit while North Korea sits in darkness (except for Pyongyang). If the EMP weapon is so effective, North Korea has only to explode a nuclear bomb in the space above Japan and South Korea. If they did it right, they might not be affected. If they do that, do we retaliate?

      18. Mexican neighbors [long discussion thread]

        I have new neighbors (about 4 months) who may not be legal. They don’t hardly speak English. They block my driveway with their cars! They have parties every weekend and play music loud until the wee hours of the morning. They let their kids run wild all over the block, screaming, in diapers and no shoes. The loud music even happens on weeknights. I have complained to them about blocking my driveway and the loud music. They still do it. They hang clothes out to dry all over the yard. They let people park their cars on the grass. I can’t even determine how many people actually live there. It all bothers the hell out of me! I I am starting to develop a stereotype about Mexican nationals (not Mexican Americans). It seems they have no respect for their neighbors or the neighborhood. I am bothered by them, but don’t want to feel this way about Mexicans from Mexico. I have seen better Mexican neighbors than this! Is it normal for me to be mad and feel this way?


        • Wanna know how to end that Neighbor BS? Call Here:

          1-877-2INTAKE – OR 877-246-8253

          General Illegal Activity
          Call 1-800-BE-ALERT (OR) 800-232-5378
          Illegal Aliens
          If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423).

          Put all of these phone numbers in your phone, and call often.

      19. Off Topic: Cooking Methods – use your grill like an oven.

        I am not a grill master so I did not know this information. But it might provide an option for those, like me, that cannot afford a solar oven right now.

        Use your grill like an oven

        With indirect heat, the food is placed away from the fire, the lid is down, and heat is reflected all around, like an oven. It’s a delicious way to cook anything that needs longer cooking at lower temperatures, such as a whole beef or pork tenderloin.

        How to do it. You need at least two burners for indirect grilling. After preheating, set one burner at medium or high and the other at low. Place food over the coolest burner, close the lid, and cook following your recipe.

        Who knew?!?!

        • The versatile back yard grill. It’s not just for burgers and steaks anymore. In yet a further display of my general ignorance, you can use a griddle to cook a variety of foods on the grill (e.g. eggs, bacon, pancakes).

          I guess my point is, that the backyard grill is a more versatile prep than I had originally thought. For short term emergencies it can really be relied upon, which warrants the storage of additional propane tanks.

          • We went without power for over a week when we lived in Florida and our charcoal grill was a life savor. With foil or cast iron pans you can cook anything.

            • fullmoonrizing, a just got a couple of cast iron skillets and a Dutch Oven and plan on seasoning them this week. From what I’ve seen on YouTube, Cast Iron Conditioner Made from Flaxseed Oil Creates a good Non-Stick Seasoning on All Cast Iron Cookware. A lot of people use Crisco, but for the first 3 applications I think I’ll use Flaxseed oil.

              No prepper should try to go through the Apocalypse without a trusty set of Cast Iron Cookware!

          • At the top of my SHTF to-do-list, is to lock up my grill in the garage or shed. It and the twenty pounds of propane is much too valuable to be left out on the back patio.

            • Plan twice, prep once, I was just thinking about that today. Anything left in the yard will be stolen (in some communities it’s like that already).

              I prefer to keep propane tanks outside, so I was going to chain them together with a monstrous chain. Maybe I’ll chain them to the deck. It would be bad to loose them now and but it would be devastating to loose them when they’re really needed.

              • When my kids got bigger, I took over the lower half of the fort structure in their jungle gym swing-set. I turned it into a mini shed.

                I made the outer walls vertical boards with aluminum screen stapled on the inside. There is an inner plywood wall on standoffs on three sides open top and bottom. It has excellent ventilation. The floor is patio pavers. The whole thing is rodent proof. There are two heavy doors with a deadbolt lock.

                This is where I keep my extended gasoline storage and extra propane tanks, along with all misc other bulky goods I can stuff in there. Internally it’s a cube just under 5 feet on every side. Neighbors are totally unaware that it’s even there, they only see a swing-set and are otherwise oblivious.

                This reminds me, it’s due for a coat of varnish this summer. I’ll add that to my to-do list.

            You can buy a TABLE TOP Double Burner Gas Stove (Koblenz) Brand, that hooks to a regular gas grill Propane tank for $20 online. Look up this name: (Koblenz) Brand. Prices for the same stove range from $20 to $79 online, and its all the same stove. So shop till you find the $20 price like on ebay. I may buy a few more of these $20 stoves, just as backups, but this mini stove works great for my BOL and they are only $20. You may need to buy the Propane regulator and hose separate. Buy those parts at any hardware store or Wallyworld. Get this now ahead of time before a collapse. I also keep on reserve 6 15-20Lb Propane tanks. I only go through 1 tank every 5 months and cook and make coffee daily on it and boil water for doing the dishes. Fill a propane tank maybe $16. Its cheap heat for cooking, boiling water and survival.

            Propane vs charcoal? Go with propane for regular cooking. Charcoal is pricey, lasts just a few cookouts, and take for ever to heat up. Propane stove is instant heat and much hotter than charcoal. I have charcoal as well but only use it for cooking a steak or chicken fish etc for flavoring using hickory wood chips for smoke flavors.

      20. Justice I’ve found three propane tanks on roadside swapped them for full ones at Wally’s for$15 each. So for $45 I got three full new tanks. Look along the roadside you will find tanks people ditched here and there. Collect them and swap for full.

        • Yard sales are another great place to find old propane tanks to swap out. $5. Once you have the swap out newer tank, then go to a refiller hardware store or campground, marina.

      21. Take cover and pass the sushi

      22. Just saw a news story about a law maker trying to close a tax loophole to help alpaca farmers. A woman has 200 acres and she went and got some alpacas to reduce her prop taxes. She went from $18,000 a year down to$1000. The gov will give tax breaks to millionaires but attack a lady and her alpacas. Once again the farmer is under attack. Agenda21 don’t want her having 200 acres they want her taxes so high she’s forced to sell off land where developers will be waiting to grab that land and build housing buildings to charge $1800 a month rent. They wanna re classify alpacas as pets not livestock so the don’t lose that tax revenue. She sells the fibers clipped from the alpacas. Another attack on small business. Corporations get away with tax evasion but a little farm doesn’t this is injustice. The media didn’t say that it was injust of course.

      23. The Japs are tough they survived 2 A-BOMBS, GODZILLA, MOTHRA, GABBIDON, MONSTER WAVES and a host of others.

      24. No. Korea only needs to put one conventional missile into the Fukushima reactor. By the way, SHTFPLAN is falling behind the breaking news. Terror attack in London is not covered here. Mass shooting in Florida this AM is not covered here. I know this is not a news site, but….

      25. I’m puzzled as to why Japan is playing the victim, and even thinks they are a target? Japan really isn’t N Koreas enemy. They have historical animosity and racial divides, but nothing to go to war over. The only issue is the knowledge that missiles might pass over Japan on their way to the US.

        I’m assuming it’s all contrived hype, to move public opinion into allowing the US to put missile systems in Japan at the Chinese front door and Russia’s back donor.

        • Japan is a major player in the Globalist Empire. They say what they are told to say.

        • The only missiles I heard N Korea was shooting off, were the older SCUD type missiles that do not aim real well. Hardly a Nuke threat to send 3 US Naval fleets to, to play bigger bully. The US tests missiles all the time.. Does any body threaten us for that? Good for the Goose only eh? Hypocrisy runs ramped.

      26. The entire water grid is down in my area. Not sure if this is a beta test, or done intentionally. I will be keep folks updated. It may just be maintenance issues may be in need of repair.


      27. The first act of war by North Korea would be to explode a nuclear weapon in space over Japan and South Korea. This is the EMP which would render civilian electronics and vehicles inoperable. Military equipment probably is EMP hardened. The means of evacuating an area about to be attacked would be very limited (foot, bicycle, boat). This sounds like a means of calming the public into thinking that someone is dealing with the problem. (Duck and cover.) How effective is an EMP attack? I suspect that it is not as effective as some people claim. If it is effective, then don’t bother to sound the air raid sirens if you detect an incoming nuclear attack. Just let people die in peaceful ignorance.

      28. Re. the latest “Religion of Human Pieces” attack in the UK:

        UK Policy: Run, hide, tell;

        US policy: draw, aim shoot

        Can this be the same England that so valiantly fought Hitler????

      29. Shame on the Japanese. A nation of men don’t practice burying their heads in the sand and hiding… they eliminate the problem, they prevail victoriously!! The men of today find it easier fleeing [without their balls] than to stand up and fight!! All these worms refuse to fight for their countries and become American and European “refusegees” receiving full entitlements, and get out of prison free cards.

      30. In a single day Trump could get China and Russia to form an alliance with the USA and invade NK, wipe the government off the map, and their would be no more NK problem. However, the leftist socialists in the USA and Europe would never allow the USA to become allies with China and Russia. Are the socialists on the left aware of their racist hate angainst the Chinese and the Russians?

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