Janet Napolitano and Her Minions are the “Extremists”

by | Feb 25, 2010 | Headline News | 4 comments

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    In previous articles we have discussed the Department of Homeland Security’s attempts to make right-wing, war veteran, survivalist types out to be ‘extremists’ who would do harm to our country.

    JC has a different view:

    Janet Napolitano wants to know what makes ordinary American citizens become extremists according to her own MIAC type definition (which all of our founding fathers meet, not just some).

    When folks like you are in command, complete traitors who care nothing about the US, our Constitution or Bill of Rights, but want only to destroy the US and fold it in to a one world global nazi/stasi style fascist regime, US citizens who understand that you are the “enemy within” become very concerned and angry.  They start thinking how can we take our country back from traitors who have hijacked it.

    This is not extremism; it is the true patriotism that our country was founded upon.  Extremists are folks like you who care nothing about rule of law, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights or the welfare of any US Citizens.  And then you dare to call True Patriots and lovers of the Republic, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, “extremists”.  It is you and your compatriots that are the extremists, but you are criminals too and commit treason daily.

    You and your minions care only for yourself and your sick one world government globalist dreams which are treason because you act on them and violate the US Constitution daily.  You and you minions are the true terrorists and you are doing everything you can to provoke citizens to open revolt so you have an excuse to declare martial law and attack all citizens.  And you plan to bring in foreign troops under Nato and the UN to further oppress the Citizens of the USA and destroy our great Republic.

    Is America a powder keg just waiting to explode?


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      1. foreign troops on American soil… let that sink in for a second.  I think that might convince many Americans that regardless of what goes on here, no one will sit idly by and let any foreign troops round up & shoot Americans.  I pray that day never comes.

      2. JANET FROM ANOTHER PLANET labels everyone who dosen’t march lock step behind this president and adminstration a  terrorist , So rounding  up those who oppose  obama will not bother her one bit when the time comes . Face it we are on one side and thay are on the other , it is going to get ugly . Foreign troops will give her some leeway to say somthing along the lines of ” Well thay used more force than we would have but unfortunately thay had no other choice “. No matter how wrong it is ,  in her twisted brain it will be justified.  This , after Martial law is declared .

      3. The only note worthy thing Janet did as Arizona Govenor is leave a gaping budget deficit that we are still trying to fill.

        Her comments about veterans are INEXCUSIBLE and she should be forced to resign.

      4. Why are we even debating this anymore..the old divide and conquer trick…keep them debating while we continue to move ahead…draw the damn line in the sand, proclaim it, and lock and load. They will come to you, not because you did anything wrong, but because you dare to defy them. They will keep doing it to us until you physically stop them, they dont even cover protests anymore, they are IGNORING us. They will recognize overwhelming force though. Its close to the time people!! Stop complaining and use that effort to get ready. The cat has left the bag a long time ago, your all arguing semantics now after the fact.

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