James Woods: “I guess they want civil war… would not end well for them”

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Headline News | 124 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The extreme left is desperately trying to instigate a civil war, and prominent left-wing “leaders” are fueling the fire.

    Take, for example, recent calls for violence from none other than Hillary Clinton, as James Woods pointed out on Twitter last night:

    Tucker Carlson explains the uncivil left’s real strategy in this video…


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      1. The extremist progressive left wants a confrontation so their leftist media can cherry pick (and likely alter) the videos portraying the defenders as the attackers. The best thing to do is to video their misbehavior and put it out in the only venue (Alternate News). They’re losing, not gaining political support with their antics.

        • They put on masks then throw rocks and firebombs and smash people with clubs. After all the bs is done, SOMEONE needs to follow them home…they have to take their masks off sooner or later.

          THEN they can be dealt with

          only one good kind of communist

          • Follow them home,
            Then burn their home to the ground with them and their trash family in it,
            What goes around comes around

            • True. Those that want to play, well, also have to PAY…

          • They will be slaughtered if they start a civil war

        • Kevin2, completely agree they are losing bigly and very desperate with their current extreme acts and comments.

          This shouts at me as the common denominator of the insanity
          “They want anything that could distract the public from the coming disclosures of criminal wrongdoing” as the DEM/DSA knows well once all the info is released like the FISA docs, they are toast !

          How many people fully realize the Mueller/Russia sham and the Kavanaugh sham were both created by the CIA and other DEM/DSA entities ? This is why they are so extreme currently, pure desperation unleashed for all to see.

          Ford is a CIA operative and has been for many years at Stanford, the hotbed of CIA schemes and mind control methods. Her father worked under Brennan for decades as well her grandfather before him going back to the inception of the CIA and all its tentacles ! The very same people created the Mueller/Russia sham as the Kavanaugh sham, the DEM/DSA to include Brennan and the CIA with FBI, DOJ and PRAVDA/MSM help !




          Again I simply ask, are American slow thinkers and dumbed down or what ?

          The left shes no down side to their extremism right now. But there is definitely a huge down side and they are over playing their insanity bigly. Even at these extremes the GOP fools have no idea how to fight back, like a herd of morons they allow the threats and actual attacks to continue with only words and empty rhetoric as the reaction and no real counter attack ? They have been handed the perfect storm and so far fumbled the ball. All of the extreme groups like Antifa , BLM and the rest should be legally seen as terrorist because that is precisely what they are. And it would be easy to indict Soros under the RICO act and prosecute him simply by catching some of his cohorts , tracking their payments and then watch them roll over with fed felony charges and serious prison time in the mix !

          We shall see what is real very soon. And yes they have ratcheted up the potential for violence. But I do NOT see anything but limited events taking place in places like Portland and other insane municipalities where the police regularly stand down and or side with the maniacs. Why pay the police or the mayor and his cohorts ? No doubt something is going to break but the idea of a full on civil wars is nonsense for many reasons. People sitting on their couch getting fatter and rambling on about their guns will never do much of anything , no matter what happens. And the left groups are largely soy boys and fat girls ! So both groups are neutered by their own stupid !

          There are in fact real warriors out there and that will be a deciding factor in the right mix that hash not arrived. all good reasons to be truly prepared or any event 24/7/365.

        • The left doesn’t really want a civil war. They’re scared sh*tless. They get paid for creating chaos and every time they cash their checks they believe that the rest of us don’t want one either, which is most likely what their puppet masters tell them. However, those who accept money to spread the chaos their “benefactors” created in the first place are just as guilty and evil as they are. These useful idiots don’t know that when things reach the breaking point, the rest of us will fight back and it won’t be civil! Slow to anger, fast to conquer.

      2. according to this map..Im behind Enemy Lines

        try me fckers!!!!!!

        • Red Hawk, one of my first preps was to move out of enemy territory. I used to live in between Washington DC and Baltimore. You talk about being between a rock and a hard place in a SHTF event!

        • Media is not impervious to massive trauma
          Use wisely

        • Map is wrong. All liberals outside of Jackson in Wyo are under constant watch.. And none of the three of them are properly located.

        • According to Soros & TPTB, we’re all behind enemy lines.

      3. The pinkos only want civil war if its over in 2 days. They don’t walk the walk.

        • Yosemite Sam, I will never underestimate Communists!

          When I realized that we are facing hardcore Communists I swore that I would NEVER disarm because history is clear what happens then…

          • ???

          • Justice: spot on!! Well said.

            I always think back to the statement Matt Bracken made one time:

            “Never, ever, EVER give up your guns”

            Sage advice. Because it’s coming. Do not doubt it

          • Only one good kind of communist.

            PS they’re the only people D.O.M. can have sex with, since they can’t say no. Perhaps its the smell of dead guys assholes that finally killed his tiny little mind

        • I don’t think if you canvassed the thoughts of these malcontents that their communists. I doubt if thy are politically astute. They’re anarchists that desire chaos. Under communism people do work, of course they don’t get the reward for their contribution. I’m dating myself here but these people appear to be a violent version of Maynard G Krebs, say, “work” and watch them disappear.

          • I have canvassed their thoughts and these are Marxist anarchists, K2, make no mistake. They DO understand the ideology they embrace and expose, and they are politically astute: which is why they have been so successful in implementing their Agenda in the USA …. until now.

            Like China, they have moved TOO FAST, TOO FAR pushing a too radical program after tasting so many sweet victories over the years while they remained in the shadows hiding their true intentions while among US.
            The LEFT miscalculated; like China has.

            Had the Left continued to work patiently behind the scenes pretending to be Democrats instead of exposing themselves as socialists and communists, they would still be in power today.

            Their BIG mistake was listening to their own propaganda and believing it; despite the many Patriot voices exposing their treason. The successes they had blinded them to reality.

            Another generation indoctrinated by our public school system extolling the virtues of the “Village” and “Globalism” over the Family, State, and God Given Rights would have doomed America to the Ash Heap of History.

            As it is, the fight begins now, and in earnest, as the war between the Left and Patriots is now out in the open. Make a list people. Check it twice. Know WHO has been naughty and WHO has been nice in your neck of the woods. YOU are responsible for your Constitutional Rights if you want to keep them.

            The bottom line is this if push comes to shove: “The NWO can be eliminated overnight, and at 500 yards.” 🙂

            • ENGAGE !!! 🙂

              • DK

                Their organizing leadership are and understand Marxism. The people at the tip top providing the funding, like Soros are not communists; they purchase communists. The “cannon fodder” aren’t politically astute. They’re useful idiots.

            • Kidd: VERY good, astute point my fellow Patriot. Wake up folks, it is going on NOW, yes, right this second…no more coming or close it is here on top of us, in our neighborhood, at work, in our own families unfortunately. Please, pay attention and be ready. Locked and loaded, very clean, stocked up, ready for it’s mission. . . . . .

          • Kevin2, spot on analysis. These fools are simply manipulated morons, not full bore communist cadre. Yes the lead dogs who do all the instigating on the ground and organize the assaults are paid by Soros and the Clintons via the DNC as they are clearly cheering them on. Much of what we are seeing is simply a distraction from their own crimes on a grand scale. That is what the Mueller/Russia sham and the KAV sham are all about.

            Anybody who still calls them self a democrat is not only an idiot, but my enemy for valid reasons ! I am not at all afraid to say it. The DEMs are simply criminals that must be crushed into submission or just exterminated via attrition. Their distorted thinking and lies are dangerous.

      4. James Woods said it all with the title of this article. So the left wants a war…..they’ll get one and they’ll lose.

        • Oh yeah, Deplorable ReneTard? What are you going to do, ram them with your 1960’s Sanford & Son pick-up truck and then retreat to your sister’s trailer?

          • DOM shut your fucking mouth. I’d like to run your ass over with my high lifter with custom built bumper. I had running over such wretched obstacles in mind when it was being built. There’s a bunch of us with this kind of thing and more ready to go hot. That and millions and millions of rounds of ammo for socialist scum’s heads.

            • Yup, that may happen, in your fantasy world. Your Tonka toy truck won’t be doin’ damage anytime soon.

              • dear Dumbass Old Moocow

                your two daddies called, they told you to finish your coloring book and get ready for your nap.

              • DOM: Get ready for school, the 7th grade starts at what 8:20am? And when mom picks you up and takes you back to mom’s house, you can continue “mealing” on your Tide Pods and doing bumps with Bleach. And stop fingering your bottom to the gay porn, give it a rest for the Love of God you sad, pathetic lil man (want a be) child you. If you mentally damaged buffoons on the Left truly want to dance, well Dance then bitch!
                MAGA & TRUMP 2020!! Do society a solid: HANG all DemonRATS.

                • C-C if you think Dear Old Moosefart actually made it past grade school, you’re giving it WAAAAAYYYYYYYY to much credit

            • Bless your heart. You ARE going to try to ram him with your 1960’s Sanford & Son pick-up truck and then retreat to your sister’s trailer, and are a little surprised and hurt that he guessed that, aren’t you? Is that why you brag about “lots and lots of ammo” as though bullets were as commendable as brains, heart, or courage? While I’m on the topic, why are all prepper comment threads populated with daytime posts written at a third-grade level about your plans to utterly annihilate the “people who can read” who have out-competed you in the world? Doesn’t that sound, well, Communist? Y’all desperate for revolution…you should be demanding EVOLUTION. WE WANT OUR THUMBS!!!

              • Awesome! I literally laughed out loud.

                • That’s a sure sign you need your neck bolts re tightened.

                  Your two daddies called, they need you to help wax each other’s balls

          • D.O.M. (Democrat On Medication):

            Keep crying, buttercup. Your tears taste delicious. Every time you and those like you post $hit, I always smile since I know you’re more desperate by the day. ???? ????????

            • Grunting McPillowbiter, what a foolish post. Tears taste delicious? You are ReneTard’s butt-boy. ‘Nuff said.

              • awwwww, didja run out of Hot Pockets?

                Roll the dice communist. Poke your hook nose outside of your safe space, and come to America. We have grade school kids waiting to crush your faggot ass

                Only one good kind of communist

                • Sammy, that’s right. The only good commie is a dead commie. Oh, I forgot earlier to welcome you aboard. My apologies. I like your style.

                  • Many thank D-R. I plan on refining my style until I can possibly get Mac to agree to an article. Its great fun practicing on dumb shits like Dumbass Old Moocow. My secret is that I start with the supposition that he’s a hate filled bigot with no brain and zero grip on reality. Hard to go wrong after that

              • D.O.M: (Dicks On Mouth)

                BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re making my point, dumba$$!

                Such a dem-tard! Completely predictable.


                • Grunting McPillowbiter: Who are you kidding? You’re posting under multiple names now. It’s as obvious as the big nose on your face, butt-boy.

                  • Demented Oblivious MethHead

                    Just because you dress in your dead mommy’s clothes and help her run a creepy motel doesn’t mean you get to keep projecting your no talent assclown bullshit on us, your betters.

                    PS Assuming your brain dead rant was supposed to include me as McPherson’s alter ego, that will only prove your stooopid is even bigger than your insanity.

                • Menzo, Sammy, and Grunty, thanks for the support. DICKHEAD ON METH sounds like a real winner.

                  • Hey there Deplorable,

                    No problem at all! It’s great fun verbally horse whipping big mouth communists. There’s some on here who keep waiting for the war to begin; I say it already has. Right now it’s mostly insane screaming from D.O.M. and firebombs and batons from masked goons like antifa. For the insane screaming, I delight in mocking them, as it provokes them into greater fits of rage. As for antifa, well, let’s put it this way: I teach math and computer science…but I DID take some courses in organic chemistry. You’d be amazed how thoroughly uninhabitable you can make a meeting place for commie fuckwits, if only you know how

              • I’ll just refer you to the words of one of thousands of elite killers with ice in their veins that will gladly execute communist rats like you and not feel an ounce of guilt.. Here is the warning from former Navy seal Craig Sawyer for all you arrogant rats who think Trump will be removed from office… After observing that all patriots, regardless of position, have a duty to protect the Constitution, Sawyer minced no words detailing what he believes would happen to those involved in Trump’s removal and he explained why:
                Anti-American subversives involved in ANY WAY in an unconstitutional coup against our President will be run down and executed immediately by the world’s most supreme warriors. There will be nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide, no mercy, no sense of humor. Harsh examples will be made. My prediction is it will be a gruesome massacre. Why? Because one side in this conflict has 8 Trillion bullets & the other side doesn’t know which bathroom to use.
                And, he added, it won’t take very long: “It will likely only take a few hours. Lessons will be learned. History will take note. Order restored.”

                • Deplorable ruski, agree 100% and the first casualties will be from PRAVDA/MSM and groups like SPLC and ACLU as well as the most obvious politicos and outspoken maniacs with threats and bad acts.

                  Actually it is very small list given the total population that would completely destroy the left in a week or less !

                • I live in Portland, Oregon, or Little Beirut, as the Secret Service calls it whenever a Republican comes to town. There be people who can do, and won’t say, and people who can’t do, but will say and say and say.
                  The first thing you need to understand about these Soros funded, Marxist, Antifa type thugs is they are COWARDS. They have a wolfpack mentality, always attack in groups, using a swarm type of tactics.
                  It has been over 40 years now, but I swore an oath to protect the US Constitution against all “enemies foreign and domestic.” My Army enlistment ended decades ago. The oath never expired. The loyalty never has gone away. I will seek no violence, nor will I “start anything.” However, I will not be bullied, mocked or threatened by the likes of these snowflakes. Be careful what you wish for. The only reason some people are still alive is because other people haven’t killed them yet. I hope and pray I never have to kill anybody, or deal with a civil war, nor do I fight over BS, but I assure you antifa types that I will not allow this shining beacon on a hill, this holy and sacred idea of freedom and justice America, and yeah I realize we aren’t perfect, to be crushed under a Marxist boot. nuff said

          • Relax homeboy.

          • Thank-you for your comments. You have demonstrated that when you can NOT state you case using logic, evidence, history or common sense, the only option is name calling and insults. Consider this if you can: How many voters were persuaded to vote FOR Hillary after being called a Deplorable by her? I suspect none. Know this before you hurl your insults at me: I don’t give a shit. I’ve been insulted by experts, old school Army Drill sergeants.
            What I do see happening here, regarding a possible actual civil war, is that BOTH sides are making the same mistake that was made during the start of the first Civil War. That being each side in their hubris is under estimating the other side.
            The Lefties/collectivists do not have the slightest clue as to bad a real civil war will be. Those on the Right/Conservatives are underestimating how evil, murderous and utterly ruthless those snowflakes and betas can be. And as always battle plans will not survive contact with the enemy and there will be unintended consequences. But if war does break out, and I am marked to die in it, I pray that I can take as many of those evil Lefties with me as I can. The only good Commie is a dead one

            • NVB,

              I teach math and computer science for a living, partly because I’ve been a logically thinking person since I was quite young. It took me a long time to realize that there are many people who will NEVER listen to reason or logic, or any presentation of evidence, however cogent it might be.

              Happily, once I DID come to this realization, I found it immensely liberating. I no longer try to counter insane imbeciles with facts and logic. I’m gonna have an argument all right, but its going to be MY argument.

              Here’s an example: once upon a time, I had to teach in a high school. one of the classes I had was chock a block with children who could only very loosely be called “students”. Some of them were in therir SIXTH year of high school, and were no longer legally children. You get the picture. Anyway, one of those whom liberal society is so desperate that they not be “left behind” comes up to my desk, a broad smirk on his face. He loudly asks:

              “Hey mister, how come your forehead is so big and shiny?”

              To which I responded — without missing a beat:

              “Because I’m smart and take showers every day. How come yours is so small and dull?”

              The resulting laughter at his expense was so loud that the assistant principal came running in, certain that I had been tied to a stake and was being lit on fire. No sir, there’s no problem at all. This child was just asking me a question.

              Translation: sit yer dumbass down and shut yer pie hole. You’ve been OWNED son.

              I do this very same thing to the “adults” these children grow up to be. I have no intention of playing by their rules, nor am I “waitimng” or “prepping” for the combat to come. THE WAR IS ALREADY HERE. Right now there’s not a lot of shooting, but it’s a war nevertheless. I relentlessly MOCK these posers, these “SJW” asswipes. I call them what they are: self righteous, hate filled bigots. I needle them for their lack of common sense, or their ability to get a living space not in their mommy’s basement.

              Look, the real way to get back at bullies like this is the same that Disney mocked and ridiculed Hitler. Go and listen to that song “Der Fuehrer’s Face:…. THAT is how to deal with them, not some lengthy essay in logic and reason

          • DICKHEAD ON METH, I could damn well do something to you. Bring it on anytime you’re ready. That is, if you’re NOT too lazy to leave your momma’s basement.

            • We’ve been through this before, ReneTard. Yep, you want to do something to me for sure. You want to lure me to your trailer so you can act out the basement scene in Pulp Fiction! Not happening. You already have Menzo, Sammy, and Grunting McPillowbiter as your gimps – you won’t be adding me to the list.

              • DICKHEAD ON METH, that’s OK if you don’t want to meet. No loss to me. You sound like you need to find a country that works for you.

              • Awwwwww; so you thought you had sprouted a pubic hair, but then you pissed out of it? Your problems are YOUR problems, and you don’t get to inflict them on us, your betters.

                There’s no “we” ya daft sawed off bucket mouthed dumbfuck. There’s “we the people”, aka Americans, and there’s sobbing commie asswipes like you.

                Only one good kind of communist.

      5. Leftist should have to buy a license to procreate.

        • Better yet,
          They cant procreate if they cant breathe,,,,,

          • Nailbanger, they can’t procreate if they’re castrated, either.

        • and, a conservative suggests imposing additional governmental burdens on citizens. Well thought out, aptly-named hoser.

      6. Leftist governments killed more of their own citizens after disarming portions of the population in the 20th century than all other conflicts combined

        • And if they cannot mooch off someone else s efforts they cannot eat.

        • 100 million in 100 years

      7. Illinois is in two camps. Shitcago and Down St. When the war starts the best thing to do is to surround Shitcago and let them descend on themselves. And shoot anything that comes across the lines.

        CW 2 won’t take long.


      8. Has anyone noticed that the Millennial generation are mostly vaccine injured crazy people with zero critical thinking skills
        and severe neurosis ?

        • The Dane, yes I have in spades. I have also been toe to toe with them and there is no reason to fear them except if they can ambush you as the police stand down. That makes those police and their cohorts an equal enemy ! Hannity needs to get his facts straight on some issues.

          These young people are nearly 100% brain dead. Not much difference than zombies. And not at all physically capable to do much of anything for more than 10 seconds except throw objects from a distance and hide or run away. But equally the morons on the right are fat and not capable as well, largely. So we actually have a stalemate that can only be fostered into real action by extremism. The events so far have been random and puny, but that may change going forward given the actions and comments from the left extremist.

      9. It does not matter which subservient bought off stooge holds political office, black white brown or any color in between they all support less rights for the people and more wealth for themselves. How do you get that? By impoverishing the people, exactly what is happening now. People wise up slower than a snails pace, by then you have what is seen now which is bordering on a complete breakdown of respect for human life.

      10. nterficite omnes

      11. I want to know. What would a civil war look like?

        During the war between the States which was clearly defined between the Northern States and the States in the South that voted to leave the Union, both sides had uniforms.

        There were slave holders in the North, many of whom were blacks themselves. Unknown to most people, it was a black man who sued another black man in Court which established slavery as a lawful institution. Every Country had slaves. Whites were slaves of Asians and Middle Eastern people. So you did not identify the enemy by the color of his skin. You identified the enemy by the color of his uniform.

        What way do you identify a liberal from a conservative? Or are we just supposed to kill any person who looks like they might be a liberal or a conservative by some other means like race? Or maybe kill the rich people. Or maybe kill homeless. You would have utter chaos with more friendly fire than any civil war in history because Democrats and Republicans are not divided by anything easily identifiable. I think therefore that this could become a very different situation than the left Soros paid agitators imagine. What will happen will be massive arrests of the Soros paid agitators. Not a public civil war. Just a clampdown by the Government and arrests of the people provoking the violence. Perhaps that is why such a clear case of hands off. Trump wants to give the left enough rope to hang themselves (figuratively speaking). He wants to make it clear that arrests are required in order to maintain the peace.

        It looks to me that lots of people will be going to prison. Lock her up. Yes, it may be more than a chant since Hill is now making it even easier by trying to stir up violence and insurrection.

        Just my thoughts. I have no crystal ball.


        • snivel….it’s SNIVEL war…..there, i fixed it for yuh. and you are absolutely right, we won’t know who to shoot, so it will be a selcoshtf situation…..YIKES…..but it IS coming, and soon. we WERE gifted, by having many years to get ready for it…..hope y’all paid attention.

          • Fellas it will be Nam all over again.I hope B from CA is right about how it will play out.

          • Many many years,,,
            Wonder if those punks with their black hoodies are really prepared???
            I got s 50 says no

            • Ha! Exactly, Nail!!

              Seriously doubt those hoodie snowflakes are gonna have the gumption to rumble when there’s no source of sushi and pumpkin spice latte ???

              It’ll be my great pleasure to run em off my BOL while the smell of cooking venison stew permeates my property

            • Nailbanger, I’ve also got a 50 that says no. That’s one bet I’m willing to take.

              • I got a .50 too

        • What would a civil war look like? Two hits: us hitting them, them hitting the ground.

          Only one good kind of communist

        • If your being charged by a mob armed with dildos and bongs they are the leftist.

        • B from CA, I have posed this question many times here and elsewhere ? Just who would you start shooting, anybody or ? How would you ID the bad guys ? No doubt there are some obvious targets even today , but those would be gone very quickly, then what ? None of it is as straight forward as the simple term civil war ! I doubt that happens as perceived.

          The main initial targets will be those of PRAVDA/MSM, and groups like SPLC and ACLU and others. As well the local maniacs like those in Portland Oregon and the police that stand down or support the maniacs. None of those can happen until we devolve to the point we see far more extreme acts like people being killed in some of these extreme places. At some point even the lazy supposed conservative will have had enough. Apparently we are not there yet and need some deaths to trigger any reaction at all. And that will happen as it stands today.

          If you think the left is outrageuos now, wait until after they are routed in the midterms , again !

      12. They will get the war that they want. That will be a promise. They think patriots will lay down and take it up the asses, think again. If that piece of shit Beto wins a rigged election, since he says that he will implement and AR15 ban in Texas, then good luck with that.


        • USED to be that would have been a GUARANTEE that he would lose…..too many calipornian invaders have changed all that. we shall see. nov 8th will be quite a nail-biter. that is the day it could all go live. one side is sure to be pissed/disappointed/mobilized/screwed/……

          • BCOD, I halfway expect it will go down just as bad or worse than Election Day 2016 when their hero Hillary lost to Trump. I’m going back to the BOL the last weekend of this month and staying there for a month, maybe longer? We’ll see.

          • buttcrackofdoom, there is no blue wave ! My only concern for the coming election is illegal voting.

            I suspect there will be a RED route of the blue once again. The idea that historically it has not played out that way in midterm years does not even matter now. Because all the relevant circumstance are far too extreme and not even close to what that history was based on prior. I see the left coming unhinged even more than they already are !

            That is why I urge everyone to get well informed on the citizens arrest laws in your state and all self defense laws as well. Both are completely legal actions and will serve you very well going forward. And remember video is your friend in many circumstances. As always being well trained out, fit and healthy are the most important basics of all.

        • Beto won’t be in office long if he tries. Too many Patriots in Texas!!!

      13. What you do is put Trump bumper stickers on their vehicles with that spray on contact cement. Give then a task spending hours scraping them off with a razor blade. Drive them more insane than they already are.

        • OG, how did you KNOWWWW?
          I’ve already done. And lots of other fun stuff besides

        • OG, now that’s a novel idea. Maybe some NRA stickers too!

          • LOVE IT!

      14. I am so ready for this.
        I thought the world economy collapse would be the trigger.
        But having these American haters going violent would be a very very big mistake and it might not be controllable once it starts.
        Lets se my list of Politician
        My list of media
        My list of Hollywood

        So many options – reminds me to get more .223 ammo.

        • Jakartaman, XMAS list checking it twice for naughty and nice ! PRAVDA/MSM , SPLC, ACLU and many union criminals as well as known politicos. Remember all politics starts and stops locally.

      15. What really pains me is the fact that 70% of you that post here think you’re to good to vote and help out.

        • if voting made a DIFFERENCE, they wouldn’t let U.S. DO it!

        • Larry , agree although I see why some get that stupid and lazy?

        • thank you, jay jay. good one, indeed!

          • JayJay, not sure why the double post ? but many good points at that link as I have experienced as well. 3pers are the front line of defense for the serious minded, fit and capable !

      16. Just remember not to stay home during the Revolution like the Russians did. Big mistake.

        When everything is at stake, you top off your magazines (10 round limit, of course) and step out into the world.

        The Russians sat out the revolution and were displaced by the vulgar but well funded communists. All it takes is for good men to do nothing.

        The enemy has emboldened themselves and reached a frenzy where they will loudly voice their desire to kill you and destroy your country.

        An enemy that shouts or a snake that rattles is not very dangerous.

        Listen for the rattle. Don’t wait around for ‘help’.

      17. All here need to research…One hundred heads.

        add http://

      18. Looking at the liberal crybabies and name calling accusers, the left have a mindset that if they’ll call you names and spit on you that you’ll just go home and let them have their way.Bringing a stick to a slap fight. I would think that the Right would bring machine guns, explosives and everything they had to just swat some flys.(liberals). All the crap that the left keeps throwing is really getting old. When satan and all of his useful idiots are thrown into hell, they’ll discover that everyone there is just like them. On the wrong side. Jesus is very likely coming back soon. And the very worst thing they’ll hear is “depart from me, I never new you.”Every knee is going to bow to the King of Kings. Jesus Christ.

        • T.R:

          Two thumbs up! ?? ??

          ⛪️ ?? ⛪

        • crybullies…..it’s CRYBULLIES! there, i fixed it for yuh……

      19. What would a civil war look like. It would be a fragmented disorganized mess. People shooting at one another, riots without clear indication of who started it or who was on each side ,in a word chaos. The Deep State would then bring the power of the Federal Government to bear. You WOULD find out what the Department of Education needed with 2 million rounds of ammo. Posse Comitatus would be suspended and marshal law declared and then all of us would really have decisions to make and the REAL Civil War would begin in earnest. Just a hunch but I believe the Union would dissolve into fortified enclaves, Cali and Oregon and Washington supporting federal deep state control and places like Texas, Idaho and the South remaining semi constitutionally based, as to what our myriad enemies in the world would do in reaction only a prophet could tell

        • If we could come to some Mutual Continental Defense agreement, I would dearly hope for Secession II and have at least 2 different countries.

          We really need a Divorce and it doesn’t need to be bloody.

          But it prolly will be, and in the end be what Bigblue said…


        • well……there ARE a few CLEAR targets, that so RICHLY deserve it.

      20. I think truth of the matter is, more liberals and democrat “wanna be soldiers” will die thinking they can take what they want. Everyone else will be to busy taking care of their own, maintaining OPSEC at their bol to worry about work(coal plants, coal mines) if it goes on more then a few weeks it will take a massive toll on everyone even those who prepped for it.

      21. I have an idea. Arrest all those snowflakes in black hoodies and put them in prison. Put each one in a cell with a lifer who loves snowflake brown eye. Protests over because when the protester get out they will not be protesting any more because they will be busy changing their diapers due to anal seepage.

        • Prepper, too simple and easy for the current morons and cowards in congress to figure out, much less do.

      22. My 2 cents worth.
        Geo Soreass is financing the anti cabals
        and as long as the schools are taught by
        liberal nazi socialists, exposed only to
        FarceBook, G00gle, and other communists
        sites, tv, movies, etc., etc., programming their
        little mush brains, they will continue to divide
        and try to conquer.

        They see the “leaders” doing things that in any other
        country they would be beheaded for treason.

        Hitlery and Obuthole are good examples. Why
        have they not been imprisoned? There is no
        punishment for politicians who commit crimes…
        why????? They have killed too many young
        soldiers….sons and daughters and for no good reason.
        They are examples to the young…..
        and they don’t get punished????
        When I was young, just being a communist
        was reason to be punished. Communism is
        deadly to the Constitution….. which they swore
        on a Bible to uphold for the free people of the
        USA. Not to subvert the Nation to conform to their own
        Lock ’em up !!! Prove them guilty,,,, then hang them.

        • YOU are guilty…of crimes against the English language. Go back and read the dictionary and think about what you’ve done.

        • kay123, agree completely except give them a choice of hanging or a bullet. Bullet is much cheaper, faster and easier

      23. Whether you beat them into an asphalt stain, hesitate, or lose the fight, they declare victory, and say they looked good, doing it.

        As long as those people are still here.

      24. Those who would fight monsters must take great care that they not become one themselves, and must always remember and never forget that when one looks into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.

        ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

        • These are disturbing excuses for NOT doing what must be done to survive. Dead is dead, whether it be a moral death or not…worm food is useless except to worms.

          As long as men find excuses to not SURVIVE and many to surrender to the “mercy” of those who will kill you anyway and in the most humiliating manner they can for good measure, these “men” (sic) surely deserve the bitter death they get for failing to reason out correctly that being among the LIVING is when you have the luxury of second guessing and moralizing about HOW you remained that way.

          It is painfully obvious that our society is so thoroughly polluted with faulty genetics that have no survival instinct. So mankind deserves the decline it is in at this time because they simply cannot reach down far enough into primal instincts to kick on the survival mode. Sayonara, you didn’t deserve the air you breathe.

        • I saw a midlife crisis in bicycle shorts.

          (No offense intended to present company.)

          He’s made terrorist threats, against my household, as well as frivolous, legal complaints.

          I frankly don’t believe that all people are equally entitled, for instance, to run for city offices, to work for public companies, or have access to young children.

          If you go Galt, does civilization metastasize or eat itself. How long does that take. Just a few years, several generations?

        • And I Quote, as well what happens when good men stand by and do nothing in the face of evil deeds ?

          There is no simplistic answer but letting evil win is not an answer either. I agree with this guy even though I realize he too can go too far. Which is why we must also have Sgt Aliases and the Taylors to keep things in balance. Been there and done that in spades first hand which is always far more accurate than talk !


        • The quote doesn’t say to give up, to quit, to NOT to survive. It says to be very careful to NOT to be like the monsters. We need to strive to not become what it is that beckons ‘them’ into being monsters.

          “Excuses”? Me thinks not. But it all depends on how one perceives the information presented to them.

          “what happens when good men stand by and do nothing in the face of evil deeds ?”
          We all die.

        • The quote doesn’t say to give up, to quit, to NOT to survive. It says to be very careful to NOT to be like the monsters. We need to strive to not become what it is that beckons them into being monsters.

          “Excuses”? Me thinks not. But it all depends on how one perceives the information presented to them.

          “what happens when good men stand by and do nothing in the face of evil deeds ?”
          We all die..

      25. I’m old and impatient

        Bring it Mtherfckers!
        I’m ready to play

        • Red Hawk , it seems they are intent on bringing it, so be patient just a bit more ! Channel that energy to get fit and ready for anything.

      26. Bad times indeed. Anyone fantasizing about this is off their rocker. It isn’t just a political thing. It’s not D’s against R’s. There won’t be two sides…..there will be fractures, in the hundreds.And if you think you can trust the police or govt, the ones with billions of rounds of ammo…..you are naive…….certifiably crazy!

      27. So what DOES Hillary stand for? She never says that. Obama also had that narrative, never coming to the point. “Hope and Change” is one of them.

      28. A guy stopping me in traffic and swinging a pipe like that would have gotten himself SHOT.

      29. I can see a certain Nazi-Jew billionaire hiring thousands of assassins with automatic weapons wearing MAGA hats and white male masks to ‘mess-with’ both the left and right protestors at a huge televised rally, and CNN will be reading the news off the script.

        This would start Civil War II in all cities that have more than 10% minorities.

      30. my dad told me many years ago that we would have a war in this country.he said he believed it would be between the black and white. now I am not so sure. I started to see the conflict after John Kennedy was murdered. the last Democrat I voted for. I have seen the change coming. I think my dad thought our war would be between the black and white because how the blacks were/are used by the Democrats. I now think it will be the left against the right. dividing lines not so clearly defined. people are confused because they are told the right is bad but we have jobs. we have more money. our taxes are lower but its bad. now we are told to kick them while they are down. what happens when they get back up? it seems the left wants a fight. well, they forgot we love our God and guns. we are ready======Grampa

      31. Bring it on liberturds and taste what violence really feels like. Show no mercy, take no prisoners. I will not hesitate to kill the enemies of my country, either foreign or domestic.

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