James Corbett: This Is The Battle For Humanity! The Technocratic Enslavement End Game!

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 4 comments

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    Josh Sigurdson recently spoke with James Corbett of The Corbett Report about the heightened level of tyranny throughout the world creating a prison planet over the course of 2020. With the excuse of an illness, the governments of the world have managed to use a crisis to their extreme benefit and to the absolute enslavement of the public.

    Was this COVID-19 thing created in a lab? At this point, it honestly doesn’t even matter.  Regardless of whether it was or was not, how’s it being used against the public? What is the ultimate end game? James digs deep into the technocratic global government being created, influenced heavily by China, and utilizing the crisis to install social credit tied to bank accounts.

    This is THE ONE LAST battle for humanity as James points out. This is extraordinarily important and cannot be disregarded.

    With social credit scores tied to medical tyranny, if we don’t act now, we may be done forever. Time is running out.

    This is it. Your time to figure out what’s going on is very limited. More chaos is incoming.  We’ve already been promised the “darkest Winter” and a contested chaotic election. If you want to know the future if the New World Order is successful, look no further than China. That’s the goal. Social credit and medical tyranny.  As Corbett says, there is no “fixing” the system from inside the system. If that was possible, we wouldn’t be in this situation as Donald Trump promised he’d take down the “deep state.”  We are far more enslaved now than we have ever been. So Trump either lied, has no power to take down the deep state, or is in on the plan to roll out the New World Order. Either way, none of those are going to sit well with half the voters, but truth fears no scrutiny. These are the technological tools of enslavement and trump is pushing them.

    This video is incredibly powerful, and as both Corbett and Sigurdson say, the time for education is in the past.  If you don’t get what’s happening by now, you may not ever get it. If we start messing with the human genome and lose bodily autonomy (vaccine coercion) and refuse to wean ourselves off this horrific system of enslavement, humanity could be doomed. Our decisions will dictate our future.


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      1. Here is Andre Vltchek reporting a tragc tail of utter despair and hopelessness traveling around the world in 8 days at the height of the lockdown hysteria over the coronavirus in a world that has totalyy ceased functioning as a result of it clashing with health problems common to world travelers, in Andre’s case, parasitic infection contracted in Borneo. This was obviously far more serious than an eye infection and Andre also was suffering diabetic attacks and was telling everyone that he was sick. He chose not to see a doctor. I believe that he suspected that he was targeted for murder by the medical mafia, otherwise, he probably would have seen a physician. Andre was writing a book about Borneo. 21stCenturyWire has not commented on or reported on Andre Vltchek’s death. Andre Vltchek was a frequent contributor to 21stCenturyWire and the Sunday radio show by Patrick Henningssen. They may be too grief stricken to comment, or might be investigating.


        Andrea Iravani

        was unable to post the comment on Unz

      2. As always, J corbett won’t dare clearly point out who’s behind the agenda of imposing tyranny on the people, he uses vague words like technocratic, deep state etc. I can suggest another word that will give a clear picture of what’s going on. “The judaic Enslavement End Game!” It gives a much better answer to those who want to know the truth.
        And his solution, according to his interviews, is decentralisation. Which means there’s none.

      3. I don’t believe Pres. Trump lied when he said he’d take down the deep state. I just believe that it’s been almost impossible to do with all the socialist/communist/globalists that O placed in high level positions in our govt, court system, and military!

      4. You drone on and on, never actually addressing the facts on the so called COVID-19 virus. I worked in level 4 labs in the USAF, as well as civilian, and there is no doubt this virus was engineered. You wait, another similar virus will be released into the population, it will be similar enough to be identified as a mutation, but far more virulent. We know the players involved, but as the past 4 years have shown us, the media is a controlled, courts compromised. The “Rule Of Law” is no more. If someone doesn’t wake up soon, it will be over. We will be at April 12, 1861.

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