Jailed Russian Businessman: In The U.S., “A Revolution…Is Virtually Inevitable”

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    A Russian businessman jailed by the United States government on conspiracy charges says that it’s all but inevitable that the U.S. will undergo a revolution. Viktor Bout, who has been locked up in a Marion, Illinois penitentiary since 2008, warned that “great changes” are looming in America.

    Bout has always maintained his innocence, according to RT, but says there is no one to fight against those who seek the ultimate power of control over others (politicians and their hired enforcers). The Russian was arrested in Thailand during a U.S. sting operation and he was eventually convicted in 2012 over conspiring to kill American citizens by allegedly selling weapons to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), receiving a quarter-century (25 years) jail term.

    Bout has been experiencing health issues in jail, and the man himself is reluctant to speak about his problems, saying that he was only involved in a legitimate cargo business. But he did say that the U.S. legal system has become a “cheap farce” where rulings are politically charged and impossible to challenge legally. He warned that “great changes” are looming in the U.S. He also condemned Russia for not coming to his aide while simultaneously supporting the country.

    Russia’s authorities are aware of all my problems. Why would I write tearful, moanful letters and ask for help? The government and the embassy know what they should do. When an opportunity shows up, I’m sure that they’ll take all the steps necessary,” Bout told the Izvestia newspaper in an interview. He says to “follow the money” when looking for motives in the U.S. justice system.

    The main and only reason behind Bout’s incarceration is to intimidate other Russians so that they give in to US demands, he added, wary of his own fate. “Regarding my innocence – to whom I can prove it? To what system? Look at what is happening in the United States. They are trying to do what they’ve done to me not only to their distinguished generals but the President himself. The American justice system has become a cheap farce.

    This country is at the doorstep of great changes, and, in my opinion, a revolution, which is virtually inevitable,” Bout added according to RT.  Many out there are ready for the civil war: on the two sides, armed to the teeth and only waiting for the moment when someone starts to spill blood,” Bout added.

    Bout’s warnings come as politicians in Washington insist on ramping up tensions with Moscow. “Over these years, I’ve formed an opinion that the Americans are largely for good relations with Russia. At least, that’s how it is for those who live in rural areas. The people are conservative, plain out there, where I serve my term,” he stated, adding that the Russians and the Americans actually have more things in common than dividing them.

    Judge Shira Scheindlin described her ruling against Bout to be excessive and inappropriate,” noting that there was no evidence that Bout would have committed any crime if he was not targeted by the sting operation. It is not a criminal justice system,” Bout told RT, joking that they can indict a ham sandwich in this country,” where the judges are “rubber stamping anything the government brings to them.



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      1. I believe we are going to see the end of America as it has been for hundreds of years, a single unified and sovereign nation.

        We might just break up into separate smaller nations with very different characters among them, or we may end up under foreign rule the way the member states of the EU are now (only probably with less self determination than those states have). A “revolution” would accomplish that more quickly than other means would.

        I believe this because I believe we are in the time of the prophecies, and no matter how much I try to read the US into them in some kind of major role, I just can’t find us playing any major role in them as an independent country without doing some serious stretching and interpretation.

        That’s where I stand, others may differ and be just as valid about their views as I am about mine. Most of us will probably agree that we should be finding out soon.

        But we should all consider this.

        • In my opinion I wish it was that simple, but in the end what you’re really talking about in a revolution is “what other superpower do I want to be ruled in fact but not in name” by. Take your pick. China? Russia? I mean that’s what it boils down to because they’re not going to pass up the opportunity and we all know that.

          What I think is going to happen is that people are just going to get angrier and angrier and start “killing each other off” (meaning jail time, put in a closet until they die off). Alternately, meaning economic prejudice to an extent that they starve or have no voice.

          Think it’s bad now give it another 15 years.

        • “Many out there are ready for the civil war: on the two sides, armed to the teeth and only waiting for the moment when someone starts to spill blood,”

          true statement.

          • Like REO speedwagon said…
            “Time for you to dieeeeee
            Iv’e got to set myself free
            time for you to dieeeee
            thats just how it’s got to beeee
            I know it hurts to say goodbye
            but it’s time for you to dieeeee 😛

          • Start er up. Let er rip. Git er done.

      2. Another lunatic .
        Send him back to Russia.

        • Only as a package deal: send him back with Hillary, Obama, Schumer and Brennan.

        • seems pretty lucid to me. The CIA probably thought so as well then they hired him to open the latest branch of Air America shipping, Inc.

      3. Disenfranchised people are not supposed to be credible, and neither are the well-to-do. There are nihilists, but not rabble rousers, destructive people, but not altruists.

        If you are fit and intelligent, you can be well-adjusted to the mayhem and dysfunction, whether on concrete or in the jungle. But, noone will respect you for that, per se.

        The Calhoun rat utopia.

        Statism is it’s own rightful religion, but most people are agnostic. There is no dignity of labor or of office. No matter who you are, or where you are, you don’t belong there.

        • Great Post, deep thoughts.

      4. He has a point. He was running guns…same as Ambassador Stevens and Secretary of State Clinton were doing in Libya. His gun running was deemed illegal. Their gun running was deemed legal because deep state said they were above the law. Notice how Benghazi has been dropped into the memory hole? Those who have served the DC corporate government well are immune to the “law”.

        • The entire DOJ was running guns under Operation Fast and Furious.

          Ole W was running weapons to the Palestinian Authority.

          And our military was training ISIS and the “moderate” Muslim “rebels” in Syria.

          • “I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all members of the military profession I never had an original thought until I left the service.”
            USMC General Smedley Butler

            • Ol’ Smed was a real Patriot.

      5. He is correct. Just waiting for it to go hot. Getting tired of typing.

        • All of the different factions in those Gangs of New York, Bruce Lee, and Dirty Harry movies, thought it went hot, some generations ago.

          • No, when patriots are forced to start openly killing scum politicians, scum muslims, scum illegals and scum traitors.

            • Menzo, that time may get here sooner than any of us think.

            • By your definition, everyone in the jail is a patriot.

              Noone is resisting under the color of authority.

              If I am reading Viktor Bout, correctly, he hoped to be used as chit, in a prisoner exchange, between the govts, but it’s been 10yrs, already.

              Most of the other ‘freedom fighters’ will not have high status.

        • No shit.

      6. Wow. Worst one yet

      7. Stinking lawyers have ruined America by instigating against any real freedom seeing the light of day behind double speak gobbeldygook in service to the biggest criminals.

      8. You do not have to be a jailed Russian gun runner to Know the USA is ready to pop.

        Not if just when

      9. How are those fat obese couch potatoes gonna Revolt? both the left and right are mainly unhealthy losers. They are physically and mentally incompetent. Naw I see Trumps plan. Secure our borders. Bring the troops home. Turn off the grid. have the troops here to maintain countinuity of government. With the grid down Martial law enacted and the military guarding the infrastructure & borders. Let the usless eaters die off. All that will remain is the self reliant that have prepped. And with all the troops her no other country could invade. That’s the plan. They have already told you the plan. Its written in stone. Its laid out in the Georgia Guidestones. With the grid down many in the USA will starve. And the USA feeds many in other third world places. Example when Arkansas rice is no longer being produced because the rice dryers ect don’t work without electric. Then the folks in places like Haiti who are given that rice will starve. They intend to reduce world population. They want to cull the parasites.

        • Sounds good to me.

          • Yep. Flip the switch, pull the plug, sooner the better.

        • Wishful thinking…

      10. Sounds like this Russian is making a correct evaluation.

        Russians are white and Christian. We are brothers who should never fight each other. The Russians have had a Communist takeover which they successfully thwarted after losing tens of millions of their best people. Russians are less Communist than Americans who can’t even say a prayer in school or put a Christian display on the Whitehouse lawn; even though there is a symbol of hate against assimilation which is allowed. And the Ten Commandments are banned from public display as well in the USA ??, so we are the Communist Atheistic ones, not the Russians.


        • It works the same way, under any govt–
          Follow any worldview or cosmology.
          Wear anything.
          Say anything.
          Do anything.

          But, it is absolutely mandatory, that you put Caesar’s bust in the pantheon of idols.

          Do whatever, but in the context of state.

          The Communists credit us with beginning a global movement, against monarchy. They call themselves democratic republics, and it is unlikely that you will find anything offensive, in their constitutions. They have constitutional rights, too.

        • If they’re such our “buddies” and they really did overthrow Communism, know what I’d like?

          Declassify all their damned cultural black-ops against us since McCarthy onward and give them to Wikkileaks.

          You’d see in very short order what’s happened to us and what a total crock of shit it’s been.

        • I aint got any thing against the Russians. Trumps wife is Russian. And I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers!

          • Melania is Slovenian by birthand ancestry,not Russian.

        • Actually the Progressive idiots who came up with this idea of whiteness felt that only Anglo-Saxons ie the various main tribes of England and Viking raiders were “white”. They excluded the Irish and at times in American history even denigrated the later Scandanavians who came over as immigrants! They would not have considered Slavic people to be white and in part due to Israelite migration as well as Mongol influence.

          There is no scientific evidence as to the accuracy of such definitions whereas there is clear historical evidence regarding vast contributions by certain ethnicities from Western Europe.

          Rich industrialists who arrived penniless or their ancestors then altered their standards of whiteness when it suited them due to their wealth giving them a status of essentially aristocracy.

          The Italians whose ancestors were from the mighty Roman empire then were considered the Great Unwashed as they were Southern Europeans and had arrived late to America. Thus “whiteness” was largely based on a pecking order due to when they arrived in the New World.

          Amazing ain’t it? Jesus must think we are remarkably ridiculous.

          • “[W]hy should the Palatine Boors be suffered to swarm into our Settlements, and by herding together establish their Language and Manners to the Exclusion of ours? Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Language or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion.”
            — attributed to Franklin

            Some say they were WASP’s, who farmed in Germany, so adopted that language and got a sun tan.

            Tellingly, Irish people were not even considered fully white, depending on the era.

            As Nazi extremists critique Aryan qualities, even in their own ranks, it seems to be an imaginary ideal, not attainable in real life. Like a goal in the mind of an animal breeder.

      11. Hes prob jailed cus he knows too much and is more than likely 100% on it. Russians now have missiles that no missile defence in the world can protect from. They fly so fast that even lasers or directed energy weapons cannot stop them. I do not like vodka and i will not submit. .

      12. There’s a REASON that ZOG USSA has the HIGHEST Incarceration Rate on Planet Eatth:

        It’s a Bolshevik Police State

      13. A Change Is Gonna Come

      14. I think the already established states are more likely to have issue with the control over them in violation of the 9th and certainly the 10th Amendments and band together with other states and succeed from the Union. The misnamed US Civil War was not a civil war as understood but rather a war of succession.

        • re “…a war of succession”.

          Seems like you’ve confused “succession” with “SECESSION”.

          Not to worry, you’re in good company – 99% of dumb Americans make the same mistake.

          • THe Preacher

            Thanks for the education, sometimes things slip by, see one word, pronounce another.

            • I knew what you meant Kevin, you read my mind, secession is the only way.

              The DOD has another plan after the collapse, 10 semi autonomous regions that are dominated by the DOD. This is to be feared and fought against, they will try and steer the rev through fifth columnists to that and we must not let that happen. The Military (non-rev) will try and crush out the freedom fighters in the 10 regions and then re-assemble them. That’s why we need true secessions, likely three countries, with tru sharing of the nukes. The Red state coalition needs nukes to keep the blue helmets away.

      15. Get ready brothers and sisters. Don’t forget to bury your legally held weapons when they come knocking for them or have a boating accident. We are primed for civil war sooner than you think.

      16. Secede, not succeed. Secession, not succession. Mind you, English is not my first language.

        You’ll never succeed with any secession, the succession will simply carry on, unchanged from family member to family member.

        Sorry for seeming to be such a pedant, but the correct use of words is extremely important. A misplaced or missing comma can alter the whole context of any sentence. Nations have gone to war due to a lack of understanding of each others language.

        • Ft

          “Nations have gone to war due to a lack of understanding of each others language.”

          I can’t place an incident of that but it no doubt happened. Nations go to war for resources (understandable but regrettable) and religion (absolute stupidity). Regardless the geographic cultural differences in the US are significant. The nation was based on strong States. The 10th Amendment guarded this relationship. Unfortunately, an increasingly proportion of the Constitution is being ignored. The ramifications of that are growing.

      17. I agree with Bout on one point. The US no longer has the moral high ground and the Rule Of Law is absent. Until justice and unity is restored, the country will continue to deteriorate.

      18. A revolution fighting for what? Change? Just ambiguous change? What or who would the US citizens revolt to support? The USA is so fat, dumb and happy, the citizens wouldn’t have a clue what they were revolting for.

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