Jackson Landing: Bread, Circuses, and Mass Murder

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Headline News | 41 comments

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    This article was originally published by Kurt Nimmo at Another Day in the Empire

    The similarities between the shooting at a Madden video football tournament in Florida and the Las Vegas massacre are striking.

    In many ways the two shootings are fairly dissimilar.

    David Katz—video game moniker Bread—used a handgun to kill four people, while Paddock allegedly used a variety of semi-automatic rifles, at least one reportedly upgraded to full automatic with a bumpstock.

    Katz murdered his victims at close range, while Paddock supposedly fired down into a crowd hundreds of yards away.

    Here is the similarity. Both shootings took place in a gaming environment and are thus far described as motive unknown.

    Of course, in the case of the tournament shooting it is far too early to say the crime does or doesn’t have a motive. If Katz hadn’t killed himself, the emerging narrative might be somewhat different.

    In the case of Stephen Paddock a sufficient or credible motive has yet to be given to the public, so it was left up to the authorities and media to create one—gambler up to his neck in losses flips out and kills random strangers at music concert. Incongruities in the Las Vegas shooting are no longer up for discussion in the establishment media. It is now conspiracy theory territory.

    It looks like that will be the same narrative with Katz, although again, it’s too early to say one way or the other.

    This isn’t only about flattening the Second Amendment.

    It’s also about stoking high levels of social tension. From weekly death counts in Chicago—all or most drug related—to random acts of horrific violence and sporadic mass shooting incidents, we are slowly boiled in a stew of tension and insecurity over engineered crises.

    If the level of threat—or perceived threat amplified through government-corporate media—is high enough people will turn to government to protect them. It worked in Italy under Gladio and was perfected after 9/11.

    If you bother with Twitter you will see countless posts blaming “cis gender” white males for out-of-control violence in America.

    This sort of narrow, politically slanted focus mixed with the sentimentality of prayers and candles—projected on the public by corporate media and big tech social media giants—emotively manipulates the public with a programmed narrative: America has entered a Dark Age, a state of decline—including, of course, climate change—the political environment is now dangerous and, who knows, you might be the next victim of a spontaneous shooting or a beating at the hands of Antifa if you’re libertarian.

    Meanwhile, the president spends an inordinate amount of time watching Fox News and tweeting invectives aimed at his daily roster of enemies, all whom contest an election by the rules (with the exception of Hillary and the DNC plot against Bernie Sanders), the same rules that got Barrack Obama, Bill Clinton, and all the other Democrats elected.   

    Finally, take a look at photos of this Katz fellow. Like so many other shooters, he is either mentally ill or under the influence drugs. Look at the photo of Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter at Sandy Hook. Bug eyes. James Holmes, the theater shooter in Aurora, Colorado, was also photographed with wide eyes and a thousand mile stare.

    Katz also had strange facial expressions.

    All of this might not mean anything. I am merely pointing out obvious similarities. For me there are two possibilities.

    1) Katz was mentally ill and prone to violence (as of this writing there is little info on the shooter’s background, propensity for violence, details on weapons, etc.). The corporate media almost immediately began reporting the video football loss at Jackson Landing in Florida was too much for Katz and he went off the deep end, or

    2) Mass shootings are part of a covert psychological operation designed to foment polarization, political discord, and—and more with each passing day—the possibility of civil strife and violence. If so, this is a classic example of divide and rule, a tactic perfected by the British in India around 1600.

    How this is organized and implemented, I have no idea, although reading the history of counterinsurgency since the end of the Second World War provides a clue.


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      1. The disgusting Mother Mutts will NOT stop until they take away ALL of our legally owned FIREARMS and granted via the US Constitution but that means absolutely nothing to them at all…
        Folks, no matter what, NEVER I mean NEVER EVER give up not a damn single firearm of any kind, do NOT do it or you might as well just slice your own empty head right off your shoulders.

        • I’m gonna help kill these damn people that want to relieve me of my rights instead.

        • They are freaking out about laser sights now. That will be the next thing banned.

          • The weapon combination that is most feared by TPTB but also the most difficult to demonize is the highly accurate scoped long range rifle. Expect an orchestrated media blitz sometime in the future after a few high profile false flags shootings using it; “Its not sporting for hunting”. From hunting rifle to sniper weapon of war in a few keystrokes.

          • Menzo and JS, my rights are not negotiable. There’s NOTHING on the table in my view. I have a few laser sights myself and not giving them up.

        • The JEWS gave up their guns in Germany and we see what happened to them. NEVER AGAIN.
          Chinese Communists Go Away!

      2. Here is an interesting approach to dealing with gun violence in the United States:


        This approach puts the power to prevent gun violence in the hands of families rather than law enforcement and politicians, two groups that have long proven themselves to be incompetent when it comes to controlling at least some civilian firearms deaths.

        • If, for any reason, you appear to be dominant or successful, when you are out, jealous leftists will call the cops. Do your shoes take a shine. Do you stand up straight, and stick out your chest. Is it a clean, pure bred dog, you are walking, on a fancy harness. It happens to me, all the time. I had a campy heterophobe, shouting at me, audibly, for helping an elderly person. An indigent-looking woman called police, loudly, as I picked up bargain vegetable seeds.


          Besides the fact that it is a classic ploy, to question the sanity of your political opponents (called ‘sluggish schizophrenia’, ‘philosophical intoxication’), consider that submediocre people can question your sanity, on your most boring day.

      3. Never Surrender! Molon Labe

      4. “Mentally ill” might not be the best way to explain such action, assuming it was a man acting alone. People tend to act on what they believe. And it is easy to arrive at unusual conclusions just by letting your imagination wander. When a man decides that one particular idea is true and important, he will base additional, derivative ideas on it. These can lead to action. Just one uncareful idea can lead to many potentially undesirable outcomes. It is more likely that somewhere along the line he was introduced to, or came up with a particular idea, and over numerous years subsequently experienced thoughts led to such action. Children especially are prone to accepting any idea they are introduced to by someone they trust, such as parents, relatives, preachers, actors on TV, and then deriving what seems to them reasonable conclusions, some of which, or at least a few of which are capable of directing a person’s adult actions to committing these kinds of actions. That doesn’t mean they are ill mentally, because it’s the same process many normal people also perform. Just one wrong idea can produce a long series of thoughts which together lead to harmful consequences.

        • Um… people preplanning taking a gun to an NFL Contest , plan to buy it, buy it, buy ammo, etc.
          That’s evil, Guns don’t jump into your pocket from store shelves. Acts of terrorism are terrorist actions. So interesting the “” shooter “” is already dead. Drop body? two armored agents out the back door ? NOBODY Believe MSM any longer. Not even MSM.

      5. Stop saying a bumpstock makes a semi automatic into an automatic. It changes nothing on the weapon but uses the recoil action to fire faster. The trigger still needs pulled each and every time to fire.

        • No doubt. And we don’t even need the stock to do it. My beltloop or a stick will work.

      6. I choose not to be a Slave nor a Victim, therefore I Carry Daily and so should you.

      7. He killed TWO PEOPLE. The himself. Two plus one equals three. Get your facts straight.

        Video games and gambling are not the same kind of “gaming environment.”

        Who wrote this?

        Sloppy sloppy sloppy.

      8. Jacksonville Landing, not Jackson Landing. Sheesh!

      9. The people of Chicago can reminisce about the 1920’s when Bugsy Moran and Al Capone had their little war. They seem really tame now.

      10. here we are again. laws will be written and passed that “help”
        keep firearms away from “criminals and felons”. not only are all these psychos passing background checks and have clean records, but there are felons I would trust with a firearm over any politician or state “peace officer”. (the only difference between them and the ex-con is they never got caught and continue to run clandestine criminal enterprises with our tax money) its only a matter of time before the left decries all firearms owners as criminals- and I will wear the title proudly if that’s the case.

      11. Word going around is he is part of The “Trump Resistance” That will quiet the press. they don’t want to talk about that…

      12. The Las Vegas shooting was just overkill. The mysterious introduction of the bump stock when the weapon(s) used were full-auto. The shooter himself, Paddock. The hovering helicopter raining down death from above. The violence taking place at a Country Western (conservative) concert filled full of Trump supporters (and yet no obvious connection to Paddock as being a progressive socialist democrat operative. Everybody was shaking their heads over the Las Vegas shootings.

        The Adam Lanza, Newtown, Sandy Hook Shootings. I mean really. This is a classic case of people looking the other way. In this case the “Good People” of Newtown, who knew the Lanzas were a family in crisis but refused to come out from behind their big screen TV’s, their smart phones, and their picket fences to help neighbors in need. According to the “Good People” of Newtown civic responsibility and Christian Values is the government’s job. The Sandy Hook Shootings have been used for draconian gun control, a head-on attack of the 2ND Amendment, but now an attack on the First Amendment with the banning of InfoWars and crushing of Alex Jones. Oh, yeah. And the bulldozing down of the school and the Lanza house. Nice touch.

        And now David Katz. Maybe just another minion of 5K Ultra, from the look on his face.

        And on and on and on and on. Blah. Blah. Blah. Yadda. Yadda. Yadda. Sure feels like Germany of 1934 with repeating “Nights of the Long Knives.” One night of bloodletting just isn’t enough anymore. The US Deep State just has to one up evil.

        • the blame-e

          Paddock was expecting a gun sale. Thats why all of the weapons were there. He damn sure didn’t earn his living by routinely beating video poker machines. That both impossible and a casino has no requirement to “gamble fair”. He would be escorted from casino and barred from future entry in short order. TPTB, rogue intel was grooming this guy for some time. A couple of “buyers” met him in the room, kill him, shoot up the crowd and leave.

      13. 1.this kid has trump-hating rhetoric all over the internet…

        2. this kid looks just like adam lanza. guarantee he was on some pill (for add, adhd, depression, insomnia, doctor said etc)

        • Schools have been quick to recommend pharmaceuticals to tame any youngsters not behaving like the other perfect zombies.

          Any young children that regularly squirm in their seat are labeled with ADD or ADHD with the label following them for all their school years. News flash: most normal primary school age kids can’t sit long.

          Any teens that seem down or tired are labeled depressed or insomniacs. News flash: teens are moody due to normal hormone changes of growing up and many teens have distinctly different sleep patterns which don’t match the adult pattern so they end up being tired at school.

          Many parents are overworked and overtired (for lots of reasons) and believe schools have the students’ best interest in mind.

          …. I’m preaching to the choir here.

      14. Trump hating Democrat + Gun Free zone. + violent video game convention = highly predictable bad outcome.

        We need to ban guns, not violent video games, gun free zones and Trump hating Democrats having guns in them when no one else does.

        • “We need to ban guns.” Anonymous, GO F#$% YOURSELF!

          • You fail to understand.

          • DR, I think anonymous was being sarcastic, not serious.

      15. Such people are in deep rebellion against YHWH.

        When you reject the authority of YHWH, you either put your faith in globalist doctrine, extreme leftism, outright godless communism, the occult, or Islam.

        These are bad enough and indefensible, but then some look to their own authority to be masters of their own fate.

        Well, guess what? You’re just a human being with feet of clay. You’re totally fallible.

        YHWH is worth serving. He is the Author of Creation.

        Jesus Christ is both the only begotten Son of YHWH and the Son of Man. The saviour is the bravest human being who has ever lived. No one is more honorable. No one is more true. No one is a great fighter. He is worth serving.

        The Holy Spirit, the Comforter is invited in to lead us and guide us. We cannot understand Scripture well without the Holy Spirit. He is worth serving.


        Otherwise Lucifer can oppress you and if you really lose control, possess you with demons. Your only hope is salvation through grace by faith in Jesus Christ.

        The last shall be first and the first shall be last.

        Yield to the King of Heaven. Resist the devil in Jesus’ name and he will flee.

        If you put faith in your own authority, you are LOST. All is LOST.

        • Damn, you are repulsive with your rhetoric.
          You are not a good example of a good christian.
          What does your post have to do with this article?
          Bad enough that Mormons and Jehovah Witness’s knock on our doors.
          We don’t need you making a bad example out of us christian followers of Jesus. Shut up already!

          • Haha. Aww, you can dish it ot, but can’t take it. You atheists are weaklings.

            Nobody makes you read my posts!

            A sure sign of demonic possession is fierce anger when the possessed or oppressed by demons person encounters Christianity. If you have a vehemnet response, maybe there is a reason why?

            Are you afraid of what to you is imaginary? That’s odd.

      16. From what I hear, pornography has gone into the promotion of violence. This is even on T.V. And children are being prescribed drugs that effect the brain supposedly aimed at treating some illness or disorder; but doing more damage.


        • Many characters in violent games are depicted in a highly sexualized manner. Even some of the characters in something as tame as online slots are dressed provocatively. There are some games that are just games but not many. I’m aware only because I have some games on my tablet and to get extra free points or lives you have to view a 30-second commercial for something, usually another game. I’ve forfeited the freebie numerous times rather than view that garbage. Have better stuff to do with my time anyway.

      17. I have been exposed to gaming and video, featuring atrocities, without committing any, per se. Seeing dirty deeds does not necessarily brainwash a person, into mass murder.

        But, I can think of ‘Mike Teavee’ types-of people in my life (spoiled by gaming and media).

        We were told that they should be doted-on, given happy pills, security blankets, and big, nice, fake, safe spaces, undeserved, social promotions, and that they would eventually grow out of it.

        But, that never actually happened, even once, in my experience.

        My theory is, in poorer, s-hole countries, where violence is normalized, frequent, filmed, and posted, online, these naughty people will have committed dozens of lynchable offenses — for more trivial kinds of acts — before making it to the level of an odious, comic book supervillain.

        In cultures, where this is no big deal — you Katz types know the ones, because you like this kind of stuff — the people are quicker to draw a line, and decide that you are morally irredeemable, because life is cheaper.

      18. “Katz also had strange facial expressions ”
        Yeah,he shared that same facial expression that seems to be common among these radicals;It’s the look of pure hatred mixed with confusion/bewilderment..

      19. Guns don’t kill people.
        NFL Video Games do.

        In a related note, gamers playing real FPS Games Have LOWER rates of violence and problems with the law. Because, duh – they can understand the difference between fun vs crimes… NFL IS a slave sport where white owners exploit mostly black players. NFL is bad.

        • ” NFL IS a slave sport where white owners exploit mostly black players. NFL is bad.”

          I’m no fan of worshipping the sphere / spheroid however the word exploit is a bit of a reach. Was Elvis “exploited” by the music industry? Dale Earnhardt by NASCAR? Many if not most of those black players did not have football they had a backup career in armed robbery waiting back in the “hood”. Sports was their way out. Academics wasn’t their strong suit.

        • Overpaying niggas millions of dollars for playing a stupid ball game is definitely not exploiting them.

      20. Sorry but the shooter wasn’t a European American, he was Jewish American.
        At some point, intelligent people need to stop using the term “white-male” ….. As there is no such race of people.
        The term “white” is a derogatory term used to insult Europeans.
        There are “white-people” among Jews, Persians, Palestinians, Jordanians, Yazidis, Turks etc……
        This shooter may have been “white” …… but he was Jewish. The surname Katz is as Jewish as it gets.
        So please take note and let us stop with this “white-male” label.
        It is an insult to all men and women of European descent.

      21. Sorry but the shooter wasn’t a European American, he was a Jewish American.
        At some point, intelligent people need to stop using the term “white-male” or “white-people”, as there is no such race of people.
        The term “white” is a derogatory term used to insult Europeans.
        There are “white-people” among Jews, Persians, Palestinians, Jordanians, Yazidis, Turks etc……
        This shooter may have been “white” …… but he was Jewish. The surname Katz is as Jewish as it gets.
        So please take note and let us stop with this “white-male” label.
        It is an insult to all men and women of European descent.

      22. There is no such thing as attention defecit disorder. I reckon over the years I worked with over a thousand kids. I met a couple of bad kids, and mostly they were either spoiled rotten or raised by drug addict single moms ie crack prostitutes.

        One of the latter totally turned around from a foul mouthed tough guy on the road to becoming a hoodlum to a straight B model student and disciplined and kind to everyone. That kid had literally no child rearing whatsoever. He was essentially abandoned.

        I worked with the richest kids and the most impoverished kids and with youth-at-risk.

        Kids are kids. You would not believe how much they can change in a positive supportive spiritual healthy environment when daily being immersed in Nature. They are totally different then.

        Fat kids eat like hungry bears and lose weight. They are only fat because they are sedentary.

        Bullies have innate self-confidence issues and are the most likely to be raised by bullies. They totally change when around a positive assertive Man instead of a mean agrressive bully of a father.

        Quiet kids when they are in a supportive environment come out of their shell. They stop being timid and start participating…even in sports.

        Class clowns are attention seekers but typically inviting ridicule. They are easy to turn into leaders. They just lack positive role models to emulate. They are typically attention-starved as their parents neglect them, so they act out to get any attention.

        All these kids and teenagers would cry at the end of summercamp because they had to go home and cope with terrible schools and neglectful parents.

        What you find in youth ministry is practically every public school kid is bullied. I am totally serious. In small group discussions, and in confidence to counselors and adult leaders, practically every kid told us that they were bullied, sometimes mercilessly regardless of economic status or appearance. It often was by older students and the teachers did NOTHING.

        I hate public school. It is a cancer. Look up the history of why public education was created. See almost any video by Charlotte Thomas Isebyt.

        She is brilliant.


        Public education was designed to make drones for the factories using Progressive politics. It was essentially creating a slave class to service the extremely wealthy.

        As such public education is the very worst model and if you put a student in there who was raised by terrible parents, it’s a recipe for destruction.

      23. More talk of drills.

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