It’s WAR On The Streets Of America

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog and author of The Beginning of the End.


    Make no mistake – there is now a state of open warfare on the streets of America.  Earlier this year it was being reported that the number of police officers killed on the job was up 40 percent in 2014, and that was before all of the civil unrest caused by the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.  At this point, attacks on police officers are becoming a frequent occurrence all over the country, but no incident has stunned the nation as much as the “execution-style” murder of two NYPD officers on Saturday by a radical Islamic gunman identified as Ismaaiyl Brinsley.  Just prior to the attack, Brinsley posted a message on Instagram in which he declared that he was “putting wings on pigs today”.  Many would like to dismiss this as an “isolated incident” and pretend that everything is just fine in America, but that is not the truth.  The reality of the matter is that anti-police sentiment in this country is at an all-time high, and the level of anger and frustration in our increasingly radicalized urban communities has reached a boiling point.  As economic conditions continue to deteriorate and police tactics become even more brutal in the years ahead, the kind of rioting, looting and senseless violence that we witnessed in Ferguson is going to become commonplace in major cities all over the United States.

    The mainstream media and many national leaders on the left end of the spectrum have been stirring up strife and division for months on end.  So now a toxic environment has been created which is inevitably going to lead to even more violence.  At some recent “protest marches”, we have heard demonstrators enthusiastically chant extremely threatening slogans such as this: “What do we want? Dead cops!”  And when news broke that Ismaaiyl Brinsley had brutally murdered two NYPD police officers, lots of very twisted people on Twitter were actually celebrating.

    We are moving into a period of time when it is going to be extraordinarily difficult to be a police officer in America.  I couldn’t even imagine going to work every day knowing that you could become the next target at any time.

    Yes, there have been lots of abuses.  In fact, I have written dozens of articles about the emerging Big Brother police state in America.  In many areas of the country today, our police officers are actually being trained to be physically brutal, to bark orders at ordinary citizens and to treat everyone around them like dirt.  This culture of brutality and oppression filters down from the very top, and so ultimately the root of the problem is at the federal level.

    But most police officers that are serving our local communities are just average people trying to do their jobs.  Without the police, crime would be wildly out of control.  So I am very thankful for the police in my local area.  I sleep better at night knowing that they are there.

    And the reality of the matter is that we have made their jobs so much tougher.  Thanks to unchecked illegal immigration, there are now approximately 1.4 million members of criminal gangs living in our cities.  And the Obama administration is allowing the UN to import thousands of Muslim radicals to communities all over the nation.  The police have to deal with well-armed threats that they simply did not have to face 40 or 50 years ago.  Our society is becoming increasingly unstable, and the police have to contend with the bleeding edge of that instability day after day.

    So Ismaaiyl Brinsley did not appear out of a vacuum.  Even though the mainstream media is playing this angle down, the truth is that Ismaaiyl Brinsley was probably a member of an extremely violent criminal gang, and he was most definitely a radical Muslim.

    According to his Facebook page, Brinsley spoke Arabic, and he also posted extreme passages from the Koran.  The following is one example…


    And as I mentioned above, his most famous message on social media was actually shared on Instagram…


    But Brinsley was not just a Muslim radical.  According to Aaron Klein of WND, there is also evidence that he was a member of a particularly violent gang known as the Black Guerilla Family…

    The gang to which NYPD cop killer Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley may have belonged, the Black Guerilla Family, is allied with U.S. leftist groups and worked as an ideological partner with Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist organization.

    Apparently, this gang dominated the prison where Brinsley once spent time…

    The New York Daily News reported investigators went to Baltimore to probe Brinsley’s ties to the Black Guerrilla Family, which dominates the Maryland prison where Brinsley spent time. The BGF is an African-American Marxist revolutionary organization that seeks the overthrow of the U.S. government.

    Numerous Baltimore media outlets confirmed law-enforcement officials are probing the BGF link.

    And is it just a coincidence that the FBI issued a memo on Friday warning that the BGF was targeting “white cops”?

    On Friday, the Baltimore FBI office issued a memo that the Black Guerrilla Family gang was targeting “white cops” in Maryland, an agency spokeswoman confirmed. The memo, circulating among officers, said a contact who had given reliable information in the past said members of the gang — connected to the high-profile corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center — were planning to target white officers to “send a message.”

    There are a lot more radicals out there just like Brinsley.

    And thanks to the toxic environment that now exists in this country, it is inevitable that there will be a lot more violence.

    As this war escalates, we could eventually see pandemonium in major cities from coast to coast.

    If you are not convinced that this is a war, perhaps you should heed the words of the NYPD’s union.  The following is an excerpt from an alert that was just released

    Starting IMMEDIATELY: At least two units are to respond to EVERY call, no matter the condition or severity, no matter what type of job is pending, or what the opinion of the patrol supervisor happens to be.

    IN ADDITION: Absolutely NO enforcement action in the form of arrests and or summonses is to be taken unless absolutely necessary and an individual MUST be placed under arrest.

    These are precautions that were taken in the 1970’s when police officers were ambushed and executed on a regular basis.

    The mayor’s hands are literally dripping with our blood because of his words actions and policies and we have, for the first time in a number of years, become a ‘wartime’ police department. We will act accordingly.

    Sadly, I believe that they are right.

    In fact, if it wasn’t for an empty gun, a third NYPD police officer would have lost his life this past weekend…

    A third cop narrowly escaped with his life Saturday night when a suspect pointed a gun directly at the officer’s head and pulled the trigger in The Bronx — not realizing it was empty.

    Cops went to East 140th Street in Mott Haven at 9 p.m. on reports of a man shooting out windows with a .357 caliber revolver.

    They spotted the suspect, identified as Raymond Leonardo, 18, and ordered him to drop the gun. Instead, he took point blank aim at one of the officers, officials said.

    When the gun didn’t work, he put it in his pocket and ran. Cops tackled him a few blocks away.

    Something has fundamentally shifted in this country.

    I fear that this is only just the beginning of the war on the streets of America.

    Hopefully I am wrong.

    But I don’t believe that I am.

    So what do you think?

    Please feel free to add to the discussion by posting a comment below…

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Sh*t’s gonna get real, real soon.

        • Some us won’t take the shit the pigs or the hooligans are giving. Fuck both groups.

          • “IN ADDITION: Absolutely NO enforcement action in the form of arrests and or summonses is to be taken unless absolutely necessary and an individual MUST be placed under arrest.”

            You mean this isnt already the policy? How many countless man hours, days, weeks or years are wasted every year when individuals ARE arrested and taken in when it could be solved by simply writing a summons by both LE and the citizenry?

            Oh wait… queue up the police state where every infraction, no matter how minor are grounds to be taken “downtown” and processed, which adds to the numbers of police officer required just to do most mundane tasks… How much time and money are wasted on this?

            • The inner cities are ripe for revolution and rioting. This generates a big market for armed drones: on BOTH sides, and especially, robo cops.

              This “new normal”, should come as no surprise to anyone when the CIA has been targeting the Inner Cities with drugs for 60 years, rather than US educating the masses and providing real training.

              At the same time the liberal PTB who have run those cities raped and pillaged the finances of those communities and the hundreds of billions of dollars of Federal Funds allocated to help.

              Mad Max in the Inner Cities is just the result of our tax dollars at work: as planned, for a police state and one world government to emerge.

              Buy food. Buy ammo. 🙁

              • ht tps://

                Making the Adze handle

              • Start the revolution without me..?


                What if they started a war and nobody came?


                The winter of our discontent?


                It appears that all sides are fragmented beyond repair at this point in time.



                Not the just the liberals to blame either..

                It’s a joint venture fomented with the same skulduggery since our inception as humans..

                The only difference now is a global media that feeds info immediately to nearly every corner of the planet ..when in the not so distant past we read about events weeks later after the fact..

                So here we are now…

                Many worldwide are now aware of this global cabal and our respective corners we’ve all been painted into over the course of history..

                Now what? I ask..

                Until the suburbanites,near do wells, and the millions upon millions of government assisted peoples monies dry up…nothing will happen..yet that is..

                We’ve witnessed massive demonstrations,riots, civil unrest,regimes toppled, all over the world by the so called commoners….


                after the smoke clears

                it’s back to business as usual with even less what little prosperity than before..

                Yup..stir up the pot..let them riot amongst themselves and their oppressors..then austerity rolls in once again..

                This is all by design..all of it

                Nothing is by accident

                Again..I what?


                • Posse: Now what? Things continue much as they are until another black swan hits. Many on the horizon to choose from.

                  But for JUST $48 you can know the future, today, by buying Lindsay Williams latest inside scoop from the PTB. Read: propaganda, bullshit, and fear porn. A sucker is born every minute and he takes advantage of that fact.

                  LMAO!!! That man has no shame. He should be arrested and indicted for fraud. 🙂

              • OK Durango I agree with you on this one. These riots are designed to take place, cause upheaval, the Media Fans the flames, Sharpton fans the flames. Obama Fans the flames. It is designed to keep the chaos up so they can use that as an excuse to buy more war Machines and War Products for the Police Departments.

                You see if we had full employment and jobs and everybody was making money the people would have self worth, incomes, and crime would drop to zero, and they would be too busy working, they would not have time to riot. But the Powers to Be, need unemployment so there is theft and murder in the streets, to justify their police force and militarization for profit. The Rich profit off of crime with stock investments in Prisons and police car and bullet proof vests and guns.

                • WWTI, excellent post. You and I agree on more things than I thought we would agree on. You’re alright after all. I gave you a thumbs up.

                • WWHTI: You do not need money to have a sense of self worth. You need good character and a knowledge of yourself, the world around you, a purpose in life, and you need to apply yourself to that purpose, however humble your station in life.

                  Jesus was a transient. 🙂

            • Crackerjack? I think you have to kind of read between the lines when trying to interpret this proclamation:

              “IN ADDITION: Absolutely NO enforcement action in the form of arrests and or summonses is to be taken unless absolutely necessary and an individual MUST be placed under arrest.”

              I believe that this statement is a tacit admission that the NYPD kwaps have been deliberately and as a matter of routine policy, abusing their authority and arresting people for the most trivial of reasons – and I would suspect that a significant number, if not the majority of these petty arrests, were being based on pretexts that the kwaps on the scene somehow manufactured themselves. Such as the old tactic whereby a kwap will move up close enough to a citizen where his body ‘bumps’ the citizen, and try to put the citizen off-balance, whereupon the normal, instinctive and predictable reaction would be for the citizen to reach out and touch the kwap in order to regain their balance and sense of equilibrium. Kwaps then claim that the mere ‘touching’ of their filthy, stinking, jackbooted carcasses – regardless of how slight or nonthreatening that contact might be – is ‘assaulting an officer’.

              So, by issuing this statement – worded the way it is, I am convinced that the top kwaps are admitting that they’ve been deliberately overstepping their authority and using their badges on the street to provocatively and pro-actively try to goad citizens into committing some minor infraction that they can then use as an excuse to bust them. He’s telling them to ratchet this kind of deliberately provocative behavior down.

              By the way. I’ve got a question for Michael Snyder, the author of this very excellent article. My question has to do with this statement: “And when news broke that Ismaaiyl Brinsley had brutally murdered two NYPD police officers, lots of very twisted people on Twitter were actually celebrating.”

              But, before I ask my question – I want to say that I am neither an eggsucking dog Commie Marxist liberal or an excuse peddler for the out of control black criminality that plagues every city and community across America where there are large percentages of blacks in the local populations. On the other hand, I am also not one of these vomit provoking, heel-clicking, nauseating kwanservatives of the Sean Hannity flavor who blindly and without question fall to their knees and lick the boots of any authority figure (including kwaps) who might walk by and who always take the side of the kwaps whenever there is any conflict between them and the public. This means that I see this out of control, savage and sadistic and murderous ‘thug’ behavior by law enforcement departments across this nation as a very real, very serious threat to the safety of ALL Americans, because these thugs with badges are not simply foisting their criminal psychopathy upon misbehaving blacks or other minorities. Youtube has thousands of videos that show White Americans being sadistically beaten, abused, and even murdered by these very same kwaps.

              So, here is my question. Whenever I hear or read about a kwap getting killed by some perp, I do not go onto twitter to ‘celebrate’, but I will flatly state that I feel zero sympathy for situations where law enforcement thugs are being treated to a reciprocal dose of the sort of savagery that they have been dishing out to the public with increasing regularity over the last 3 to 4 decades. This idea that regular law abiding citizens like myself are supposed to feel ‘sorry’ for kwaps who are the unfortunate victims of the blowback that they, themselves, have managed to create through their own actions and behaviors towards the citizens just does not pass the smell test in my book.

              So, does that put me into your category of ‘twisted’, Mr. Snyder?

              BTW: I happened to turn the radio on late yesterday afternoon and the nauseating Sean Hannity was on, and guess who he had on as his ‘guest’ and guess what they were discussing? Rudy Giuliani, one of the key conspirators and un-indicted war criminals in the 9-11 false flag attack on New York City’s WTC (Rudy’s role was to help sanitize the crime scene after the event in order to prevent proper forensics analysis of the rubble on the site). Well, Hannity was interviewing Rudy and they were discussing the situation in NYC in the aftermath of the two kwaps getting ambushed.

              Think about that for a second. Hannity is soliciting advice and counsel from a guy who has deep connections to 9-11, which is probably the biggest crime ever committed in this nation’s entire history – and we are supposed to take anything this chunk of New York City sewer rat shit says as gospel?

            • Blow-Back Against the Police Justified?

              Police brutalize and murder innocent citizens across this country every day, and 99.999% of the time they are never indicted for their crimes committed under the color of law. The problem is there is no justice in our justice system, and rigged elections, and rigged party rules in primaries, make non-violent change impossible. Many examples of this are found on this site and others, like Cop, Police State USA, and From The Trenches World Report.

              That being said, the murder of police in these recent cases are not retribution for these State crimes against Americans, but the acts of criminals who would justify their criminal behavior by citing the criminal behavior of police. These people would commit their crimes regardless of any police behavior. Their pretext of justice is disingenuous.

              Real retribution, however, is just around the corner, and it won’t be criminals pursuing that long awaited justice, it will be the American people; and it won’t just be police that will be the target for justice, but the politicians that control them and the district attorneys and judges that enable them. And the reality is, it is the cops that bring this reckoning upon themselves, for the anger is boiling up in America, and justice has yet to be seen.


          • Yep FnP- Its the perfect storm. The worst on both ends clash. Stock up on popcorn and watch the big show unfold. We have a race baiter in the Whitehouse and his Sidekick AL Sharpton who both have Cop blood on their hands. When 2 enemies are out their beating each other up, just get out of the way and watch the show.

        • Talk about not thinking things to their conclusion. NOW, any cop before a Grand Jury only has to point out two cops executed… And who can blame the cop for firing “too soon”?

          All shootings by the Police from this point forward will have at the center of their defense, that the person shot COULD have been the next cop murderer.

          Yep, well thought out plan. No Police will be trigger happy in the future.

          • Temp, what you just outlined could very well become true later. How many people here have seen the movie “Minority Report”? What Temp was just referring to is that PRECRIME crap which has no legitimate basis to it whatsoever. Something based upon what a cop thinks someone MIGHT do later is bullshit with a CAPITAL BS. I don’t want o be in any confrontation with any cop for any reason, but unless I see a legitimate basis for his/her actions, then forget about any “cooperation” from me.

            • ht tps://

              Stump Anvil Improvements, the Clave

          • All is comes down to is the FREE SHIT ARMY wants MORE FREE SHIT.And Race Baiter Obama throws more good money at bad money. Like the multi million dollar program called “My Brothers Keeper.” How about the program called “Get off your ass and be somebody.”

            • WWTI, AMEN to your comments.

          • A very good point, Temp. With the widespread and steadily growing mood of anger among the population – towards these savage jackbooted thugs behavior and criminality – if the kwaps had a magic lamp and made a wish and then rubbed it really hard, what better ‘gift’ could they ask for – than an ‘event’ to occur which would shift that public anger to a mood of public sympathy?

            Hmmmm…..a very good point, indeed. Along those same lines of thinking – this kwap ambush-killer supposedly shot himself when he heard the kwaps closing in on him, right? Doesn’t that remind us all of all these so-called mass shootings where, in the end, the shooter conveniently commits ‘suicide’ and then the only narrative that the public gets to hear is the one that the media their government string pullers write for us?
            Which does what? Gives us the perspective that the government wants us to have and ignores any facts that might dispute that narrative.

            It would not surprise me in the least if turns out that this ‘ambush’ double kwap murder was done by the NYPD itself – as a false flag event, designed to create sympathy for kwaps and to try to short-circuit the righteous anger and anti-cop fervor that is exploding across America. I mean, can anyone deny the convenience of this ambush murder incident? Can anyone deny the political advantage that is now being exploited by law enforcement and their kwanswervative heel-clicking supporters in the neo-con controlled media?

            Do I sound excessively cynical for being willing to keep my mind open to this possibility? Maybe, or maybe not.

            But, from where I sit – where we are watching our entire nation in a state of rapid decomposition, and the speed of that decomposition seems to increase with each passing week – I think cynicism is the only frame of mind one should adopt, if they wish to avoid going insane.

        • Wait!
          I thought the SHTF was Ebola.

          • With all the shit that’s headed for that fan,
            it better be turbo-charged to handle the load.

            • Cal,usually not a spelling nazi but tis spelled obola!

              • OBOLA OBOLA OBOLA

            • I think the whole thing will just poop out……

        • Like the masters motto says “Order out of Chaos” The old problem, reaction, solution ploy. They have openly told people for years about the plan and few listened or believed it. Well here it is written in braille and shoved right up our asses. Damn Im glad Im older and don’t have to live through the shit thats ahead for the distant future. On a more important note, our wines have turned out great! Made some rootbeer schnapps that is great too 😛 Working on some elderberry wine now that is tasting mighty fine. Making your own booze is a cool skill and fun and cheap! About 3 bux a bottle and a lot less chem crap than commercial wine. Schnapps is even cheaper. Well I better get up on the deck with my wine and goldfish crackers and watch the show unfold… CHEERS! 🙂

          • Oh Genius,a lot of federal .22 at 7-8 cents a round right now,might want to hold off drinking and get ordering buddy!

            • Thanks Bro, but I only pay cash for stuff like that. That is if I owned any guns, I sold them all to buy brewing equipment 😉

              • Better then me,mine all got lost when I tipped over in my canoe!

                • Aaron Klein is the Israeli operative who handles Joe Farah and the rest of his ZIonist toady Farah-sees at World Net Daily.

                  Sad to see that Michael Snyder has been taken in by the Master Race Zionists.

                  • Well JQ, I guess you’ll have to stop posting on here and go to a more Jew-Hating website that caters to your vile tastes.

                    • Wake up Chuckster Stoopid Sheep. Pointing out facts and connection of the dots does wake people up to who is manipulating and destroying America from within. Like the Zionist Sony CEO Lynton who like to make Hate films to make America a target for attacks. Massive Cyber attacks started Monday. Comcast in the US was taken down. All of Koreas Internet was tsken down and a Korean Nuke plant was taken down. And the US is the main tagrget from cyber attacks mostly coming from China’s IP addresses. So wake up stoopid sheep. The real enemy is alread infiltrated our country, congress WH, MEDIA, The courts, Banks, etc. So shut your pie hole and pay attention.

                    • Looks like WWTI and John Q Pubic stay in touch with their Neo-Nazi masters. Tell those inbreds to keep a lookout for the gangs in yarmulkes and gefilte launchers.

                      The 911 Inside Jobbers, the black street gangs and the collegiate communist street vermin are on the same side? Who woulda thunk it?!

                    • Vincent’

                      Don’t forget pissed on granny, she’s the ” axis sally ” of the SHTF Nazi love fest, but she’ll turn around and tell you about how she worships a ” loving God”.

                    • Chuckster: so factual truth on jews or jewish issues is somehow translated into hatred? but only if about jews right?….Maybe This new set of jewish dictionary word meanings will assist You to get Jewized Up better eh.

                      A Jewish-English dictionary: translating what Jews say into what Jews are really saying:

                      Antisemite: Someone Jews hate
                      Freedom: Depravity
                      Equality: Favoritism
                      Tolerance: Debauchery

                      Holocaust: The holy milk cow
                      Holocaust denial: Blasphemy!

                      Freedom of speech: Shut up!
                      Hate speech: Words Jews hate
                      Race: Something that doesn’t exist
                      Racist: A White person

                      Liberal: A useful sucker
                      Liberalism: Useful sucker farming

                      Social justice: Cultural Marxism
                      Civil rights: Run-up to multiculturalism
                      Multiculturalism: Nation wrecking

                      Feminism: Home wrecking
                      Gay marriage: Society wrecking
                      Gay rights: Disease propagation
                      Teenagers: A mob of violent Blacks

                      Hater: Rightist
                      Rightist: Hater

                      Conspiracy theorist: Someone who’s on to the Jew game
                      Right wing extremist: Anyone Jews don’t like
                      Left wing extremist: Freedom fighter

                      Justice: Jewish perfidy
                      Injustice: Resisting Jewish perfidy

                      Zionism: Scheme for Jewish world rule
                      Republicanism: Jew rule
                      Democracy: Jew rule
                      Communism: Jew rule

                      Republicans: Shabbos goy
                      Democrats: Shabbos goy
                      Gentile: Non-human
                      Goy: Contemptible non-human

                      Negro (schwartza): Sub-goy
                      Christian Zionist: Imbecile

                      Antisemitic canards: Indisputable truths

                  • As I read thru the comments, I kept wondering if ANYONE would point out the significance of the source Snyder used. There is a zionist Jew in EVERY woodpile. Every woodpile needs to be uncovered and shown for who they are and what their agenda is.


                    Can anyone explain to me why a crazy with a hard-on to kill cops, offed two, then killed himself? I mean, if he had this urge to kill cops, why not take out as many as possible and do the suicide by cop thing?

                    Can anyone explain to me why these two cops supposedly killed were participating in another DRILL? How is it possible that ALL of these newsworthy killings are also involving drills? There are no coincidences like this in the real world, yet few people are talking about it.

                    Snyder jumped in on the meme with both feet and NEVER asked these glaringly obvious questions.

                    • As I commented in another post, the report of his committing suicide seems rather suspicious. Too convenient. No, there’s much more to the story than the BS we are being told. This was a planned event, probably an inside job from within the NYPD itself.

                • Mine all got stolen by a muuoooslum

                • I saw a gun once, but it was a long time ago. The owner had one bullet that he kept in his shirt pocket. Come to think about it, it might have been on TV.

        • Yawn, you’re a hoax, so go suck an egg.

        • Yawn,

          You’ve just NAILED a lot of the ” thumbs up” posters for sgt dale. There are so many badge lickers on this site who worship their oppressors { As long as they’re white, of course}. I was told that with age, comes wisdom, but reading the comments section here dispels that myth once and for all. Great post you did!

        • I feel sorry for the cops getting killed because they may have been a good cop– you just don’t know. And I feel sorry for the people who have lost loved ones to ruthless, corrupt cops.

          But what it all comes down to is this: the only way to stop a bully is to push back. I saw this from my childhood over and over. As long as your are nice to bullies they will continue to bully you, take advantage of you, scare you and intrude into your space. You have to push back if you want to stop them– that is the only way. And we all know cops are acting like bullies, taking advantage of us, killing innocent civilians, etc.

          • Great post anon, but you’ll probably get more than your share of thumbs down from all the chicken shit cop suckers on this site.

      2. Same shit, new day…

        • Amen GMA, seems alot of posters are full of it.
          Same shit, different day.
          GOD bless you….
          And if others complain..
          Satan bless you…
          Bless all the planners here…

          • Thanks, I think…

            • GMA, I guess I meant to reflect on your post about what is what.
              I am looking for the true truth.
              What you posted, seemed like Karma, right, wrong, or indifferent.
              I posted what was indifferent, welcome to the plan.
              Have a thick skin, you will need it here.
              Welcome sir….

              • No offense taken…my skin couldn’t get any thicker. I learned long ago that what other people think of me is none of my business…

                • GMAFB

                  ” I learned long ago that what other people think of me is none of my business…”

                  Thats my feeling too, but I never saw it expressed so to the point.

                  • That’s why I just read and don’t post (except for this)…that way no one can get under my skin, and I can’t get under theirs 😉

                • Gma, you will fit right in then.
                  Think about what you post here, some will take parts and prices of what you post and use it against you.
                  We all here should be working together here for common intelligence on survival.
                  Be good as possible….
                  Go Go back and read old posts, you will learn alot…

                  • Like #10 cans full of $10 bills?

                    • R.I.P. Mushroom….
                      He died a few years back, but he was interesting to read. Amen DK????

                    • I heard the rumors of his death (mushroom) were greatly exaggerated…

                    • GMA, who really knows?
                      Posters come, posters go.
                      I’ve been here awhile, seem lots, come and go…
                      1st two years was info, 2nd two years was jokes and info.
                      Keep getting trashed for anything now.
                      Just post what you see revelent to news breaking, or the subject.

                    • GMAFB: LOL…

                      EPPE: Nice to see you. Don’t let the haters ruin your sunny disposition. Can you tell me…where did everyone go? I “think” you are in touch with a few the old posters…


                    • Hey mushroom, long time no hear…still canning them $10’s huh?


                    • Pkll, great to hear from you. Site has changed.
                      seems the haters have overcome.
                      Keep in touch…

              • EPPE: Here…I located some True truth for you to digest.

                Who am I?

                I am behind communism
                I am behind radical feminism
                I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
                I am behind multiculturalism
                I am behind anti-Christianity

                I am behind a one world government
                I am the “divider and conquerer”
                I am the race baiter and the slave trader
                I am censorship
                I am anti-gun

                I am open borders
                I am eminent domain
                I am against English as the official language of the government
                I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
                I am the reason your daughter has such low self esteem and dresses like a whore

                I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
                I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money
                I am AIPAC, NAMBLA, ACLU, ADL, NAACP, SPLC
                I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography
                I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty – and imprisons the innocent

                I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
                I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
                I am the military industrial complex
                I am an unregulated nuclear state (Israel)
                I am an international terrorist

                I am the WTC ‘93, OKC ‘95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident
                I am “war by way of deception”
                I am the aggressor – yet always the victim
                I am the eternal radical
                I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green

                I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
                I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
                I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
                I succeed when you fail
                I have killed more innocents than any others

                I am your last, your current, and your next war

                Who am I?

                Answer:…”The International JEW!”

          • EPPE
            I couldn’t agree with you more. Same old Bull Shit just different day. They have no thoughts or answers on how to fix problems or help someone, just complaints and bitches. Trolls be Damned

            • Amen Sgt.
              Many here just post to irraitate others.
              Some are for real…

            • SSDD. Let’s have a show of hands – what did that originally mean?

              • Same shit, different day…

                • It was a computer term.

            • Good evening, Sgt. Dale. It’s getting more frightening out here now. I also condemn the cold-blooded murder of those 2 officers in NY an my condolences to their families. I know what they’re going through losing their loved ones right before Christmas because this is the same time frame when I lost my wife t that POS Haitian drunk driver. That’s why I haven’t been on here much the last few articles. But I’ve gotten myself back together so I can focus on these issues. Something is getting closer and closer. I can feel it. I may have to ‘go dark’ aka bugout soon. I feel the tension on the rise in my area. My family emailed me last night wanting to know when I’m coming. I have the feeling it will be sooner than I even thought. That’s the biggest reason I had to get my shit back together. There’s a storm coming…..I can hear the thunder.

              • Glad to see you’re able to buckup, braveheart.
                When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

                • OutWest, thanks for that. This isn’t the best time of year for me, but I always get through it somehow.

                  • Here’s a big ol’ east TN hug {{{ Braveheart}}}

              • TRBH
                Those Officer were not related to me, but it hurts to see something this senseless happen. This goes for just plain old John doe or an Ofc. named Joe Doe.
                I want to thank for your Condolences, because if they knew you gave it they would.
                I agree something just doesn’t feel right. Stay safe my friend. and Have a Merry Christmas.
                We all know that Dec. 25 is more than likely not the day that the Lord and Savior was born it is just the day we celebrate. So all of you trolls out there get down from your high horse!

                • You are right Sgt. our savior was actually born in October by the best info I have had to research.

              • Considering theory that this was a false flag event, the purpose of which was to transform public anger over police thuggery to sympathy and compassion for these thugs, then arranging for it to occur so close to Christmas would play very well into that scenario.

                Remember – we are dealing with a criminal ruling elite class who are not only psychopaths, but extremely intelligent and devious psychopaths. When it comes to doing evil deeds, these elites do not miss a trick when they cook up these events which are designed to shape and mold the opinions of the masses of asses.

            • Thank you for your service. I appreciate your speaking your mind. I realize that takes commitment to the truth instead of being politically correct. My younger brother was a police officer also. He is now awaiting the return of Jesus Christ as he died prematurely as a result of his service. I hope that you have children carrying on in your beliefs. We need men & women of such intestinal fortitude.

        • GMAFB is you think it is the same shit like eppe, then why do you come here. Either participate in the topic conversation or go away. You and eppe are Thumb-sucking whiners, spewing useless drivil. I think I hear Facebook calling you both. Go fetch!!

          • A perfect example of…same shit, new day…thanks!

      3. well since we are all in a war zone, we don’t need no steenkin guns anymore..right 0ld70?

        • I just don’t know about how serious to take this. It would appear that the “tribes” are in an uproar. If I was a cop I would be worried.

          I am more worried at this time with the economy and or North Korea’s retaliation if any.

          Either way all of this is a further decline of the normal way of life here in the good old USA. Just will have to keep an eye on it all and stay prepared.


          • Sorry but you people all sound like a bunch of frightened sheep huddled in a corner. Knowledge is power that will give you confidence to overcome any situation. You don’t learn a damn thing by telling jokes or posting drivil. Want to know whats going on in the world? Ytube. Dahboo777 nails it in most realtime news. Expand your minds beyond drivil and 5th grade jokes. The time to pay attention is now. Not crying about how we told stupid jokes 3 yrs ago. Thunb sucking drivel that teaches you zero, nada, zip.

          • Here is another thing that is curious.

            The NYPD issued a warning that ‘White’ kwaps are supposedly going to be targeted by these black Muslim gangs. They specifically used the word ‘White’.

            Well, the two pictures I’ve seen of these ambushed kwaps seem to indicate that neither one was White. One appears to be a mystery meat Asian of some flavor and the other looked like he was Hispanic.

            Thus, peering into the crystal ball of the jews and knowing that everything they do, every scheme that they come up with is, in one way or another, intended to target White European people – the question needs to be asked:

            Is this part of a much bigger agenda that is designed to spread fear among the White population of America? Is this a sophisticated psychological operation whose purpose is to inculcate a sense of pants pooping fear among Whites, while at the same time, the jews are financing Al Sharpton and Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson agitate for black and other minority violence against Whites, with ‘White kwaps’ being the poster child image of the last vestiges of the old White America?

            • Tucker: this Whitey switcheroo agenda is also seen when various orgs use a Pie Chart Graph to show Violent Crime Stats…IE: in the Pie Chart graph for violent crime Victims, they always make a seperate pie section for Hispanic victims….However when the same org shows the next pie chart graph of Violent Criminals depicted by Race of perps, they Lump Hispanic criminals into the White pie chart section to make it appear as if more whites commit criminal violence acts.

              Look close at such pie chart stats to determine if this scam is being perpetrated by whoevers org posts up such crime stats in website articles. For it is easy to miss this “switcheroo agenda” unless you look close at each pie chart section of both victim and perps charts.

              Another Trick used by fraud lib kommies to make Whites appear more violent and less of a true victim of colored race perps attacks against whiteys.

      4. There will be hundreds of comments that will follow mine who will say it better than I.

        But this is a result of kicking God out of the classroom, out of the public arena, out of the church and the acceptance of strange gods and idols.

        He is allowing our cities to be turned into hell. Don’t believe it? look at our schools.

        Finally, for all the comments that have been made from previous articles about the day. Well, it seems the day has arrived and The SHTF is about to hit the fan.

        In my opinion………

        • Amen brother. Bring GOD and the board of education back into our lives.

          As to your second thought, you must mean obola is allowing our cities to be turned into hell.

          The one part of this article and subsequent news stories is “execution style shootings”. I thought the guy walked up to there window and started blasting. Just another way to sensationalize a story. I guess everything is execution style now. It sucks that they were murdered, but lets get the story right.

          As to your last comment, TSHTF has been going to happen every day for a couple of years now. So I guess if you say it is about to, well we are one day closer anyways. I personally think we have a hair less than a year to go, but who is to say exactly when it will happen. Keep prepping but live your lives in the meantime. Take this time to get your affairs in order. Plant fruit and nut trees. Learn to garden, without store bought fertilizers and pest control. Learn to can and preserve your food. Learn about alternitive medicine. Stock up on antibiotics. Good luck to us all.

        • Keep Watching and Waiting, Jeebus will never comeback to save you or anybody. That is a Worthless Fantasy you are dependent on. However maybe Santa Clause or the tooth fairy will come and save you. Sheesh. If you don’t like the way schools are run go to every school board meeting, get up and voice your opinion and call them out where you disagree. Or get on the School Board and make the changes. Just complaining? Religions causes more problems and confusion than positive results. If you were sick and had to go to the doctor for help. How would you like it if he said, Oh we don’t do anything logical or scientific anymore, but here is a Bible and lets pray for you to get better. Now pay your $50 Bucks and call me in the morning. You seem trapped in 2000 year old time warp. Wake up sheeple.

          • Jesus has healed me MANY times, from sickness, danger, poverty, and death. I have been out of the body and I have seen Jesus face to face. My medical records are proof positive.

            He speaks matter-of-factly, and his voice carries a gravitas that helps you understand how the entire universe was formed; both that which is visible and that which is invisible.

            Is it any wonder then that the people of his day said of him: “No man has even spoken like this!” ???

            I wish that every person in the world would have this experience. The world would be as very different place.

            Wise men still seek him. And keep prepping. 🙂

      5. I am not crying rivers and rivers of tears. Because cops, for the most part, are hypocrites. Because they believe that all of the brutality and deaths at their hands are just part of the job. Nothing more than collateral damage for the… greater good.

        You don’t find cops going on a mass hissy fit on national television when say, one of their own brutishly beats a deaf man for failure to comply with their verbal commands. You don’t find cops nationwide going on mass hissy fit when one of their own brutishly beat a man having diabetic episode. You don’t find the cops having a mass hissy fit all over national television when they plant the faces of women into the pavement for minor offenses.

        Where are all cops having a hissy fit over a cop named Cariol Horne who was fired for interfering with, and preventing further police brutality by… one of her own?

        No. I’m not relishing the death of those 2 cops. But I’m not going to cry crocodile tears over it either.

        • Amen and ditto…..that’s how we in this house feel.

        • Curtis. The exception is the Black Sheriff from Milwaukee that called AL Sharpton a cartoon opportunist. And knows the MSM race baiting contributes to this chaos. And who runs 90% of the MSM? The zionist Jews. They are the ones tearing Our America down by fanning the flames for ratings and profit. Connect the dots as to WHO is pulling the strings. MSNBC employs Sharpton Race baiter for a platform and microphone. That is the problem source or a main one. .

        • What the hell do they expect? Even if there is a mythical “good cop”, when he keeps his mouth shut while the citizenry is being abused and/or murdered, he loses that mantle of “good cop” immediately.

          The numbers of bad cops, protected by the miniscule number of “good cops”, is HUGE.

          They should tell their Israeli trainers to pound salt.

          • Thats absolutely correct. Its the one thing that would correct the broken system….but it aint gonna happen…unions, politicians, and the feeling of power over the pheasants.

      6. If you think what we have now is war, oh boy.

        • +1.

        • You aint shittin. When they see the real thing, they better back some extra TP.

      7. I feel for the cops, they gotta deal with the worst of the worst most of the time, cant blame em for being a little trigger happy

        • Yes you can blame cops for being trigger happy. If they can’t mentally handle the career they chose, then they should find another line of work.

          That’s like saying you can’t blame a murderer for killing people…yes, you can.

          • you’re fvcking stupid. that whole comment.

            cops play a vital role at helping you enjoying your freedom.

            mentally sound or not, if you have people gunning for your head, you’ll be paranoid no matter who your are.

            • Thats a fact, without them we would have the SHTF that many of the distopian world written about by guys like Joe Nobody

            • I don’t depend on anybody for enjoying what little freedom I can, that’s entirely on me.

          • Does the same apply to our soldiers returning from war? You gonna fault the ones with PTSD for choosing the wrong line of work?

            • What war? You mean our Empire doing all the killing for Israel?

              Yes, I fault them for fighting for a foreign ruler.

              • The quickest and easiest Job to master and learn about today is the job of a Politition in the usa. Total learn time takes less tan two minits flat.

                Polititions lesson Number One= In All/Every issue on usa wars…Foriegn Policy….Foriegn Aid Cash paid out….Antigun tactics…AntiWhitey tactics…Pro negroe/Minority policy…..And all other issues possible that a politition must vote for or against boils down to ONE specific Lesson…

                All a politition need do is Ask one simple question prior to casting yeas or nay votes… That one main question is…

                “is this or that issue or policy or expenditure Good for Jews?…Good for Israel?”

                Then if answer is YES good for jews and israel..VOTE YEA.

                if NO not good for jews or israel…Always vote NAY.

                Doing this will assure a politition to always get great MSM Press creds, which will lead to RE-Election each electoral cycle…With also an abundant amount of “Campaign Cash Contributions” from 300+ various jewish based orgs and entities…Plus! Huge Bonus Cash from several Multi-Billionaire jews of both dems and neocon sides!

                Just Never ever do the exact opposite on such jewish issues or the same Darling politition will fast get “David Duked” for the next 60 years…

            • KR- Our Military is a Disgrace. The MSM Loaths them as Heros. Heros? Killing,murder, genocide millions of homeless refugees all to fill the coffers of Exxon with stolen oil loot, who serves up the hijacked oil in over priced Gas at the pump to stoopid Americans waving their flags.

              Remember when GW Bush said the OIL will pay for the war? Wonder why 22 Vets commit suicide every day? It is mostly Guilt of their own crimes they committed. They have become monsters. How about the Torture videos coming out of US Soldiers raping Iraqi Boys in from of their mothers in Abu-grav. (sp) Bush Cheney Rummy Rice and Powell should be sent to prison for their war crimes on humanity. You you worry about PTS?

          • Correct Sixpack. Most Cops are Cops for a paycheck, not out to save the world. Most have no education beyond a highschool diploma. More are coming from the Military which is a cesspool of corruption and their goal was to kill people and inflict pain, and innefficiency. Most Cops are on the take and corrupt, and they carry guns to protect themselves and not you.Most Cops look at the public as the enemy. These are facts that nobody can deny. As I said Most, not all but Most. I worked along side the cops So I do know what I am talking about.

        • kulafarmer

          Why would you say that? Please explain your position.

          • The cops in these big cities are faced with the absolute worst our society has to offer,
            How would you react to situations if you were in their shoes?
            No i dont condone the conversion of the PD to a para military group, no i dont condone the many instances where an innocent is accidentally targeted, but i also know there is more than one side to any story and i also know the media, thats right, ALL the media manipulates the story to get a desired reaction.

            • “The cops in these big cities are faced with the absolute worst our society has to offer”

              You are referring to other corrupt rogue lying trigger-happy control freak cops right?

              • No, he’s referring to corrupt rogue lying trigger-happy control freak poverty pimps.

                • Cops are hired to raise needed revenue for the mayor to spend money for the protection of the elite. Cops and robbers is a thrill seekers cat and mouse game. To fill the corporate prisons in occupancy. It is a profit driven scheme backed by laws or rules that caneasily broken. Just like the failed war on drugs which is quite successful If you own stocks in prisons, Cop uniform companies, flashing cop car lights and radar guns. Once you take profit out of the formula they will move on to another scheme to fleece the gullible public.

              • I see you been to Philadelphia.

                Several special narcotics squads over the years have been caught not only taking bribes but selling hard drugs that have been confiscated back on the street. Who catches them one might ask? Its the FBI as their co workers don’t see a problem with these guys having homes in Stone Harbor NJ.

                  • Looks like the Mafia is p.o.’d that these blacks and hispanos horned in on their business.

                    • Coach, what are you talking about?? The Mafia in the most part shunned and stayed away from Drugs, some heroine trafficking though. They liked Gambling, prostitution, extortion, construction, trash hauling with fixed contracts, political fixes, monopolies, vending machines, Hitmen, trucking, smuggling cigarettes, Unions. They did not do much of Cop Killing, as most of the Cops were on the Mafia Payroll, bribed to look the other way. So what aspect of crime are you referring to or that blacks or hispanics horned in on? Got a link? Article? Any facts?

                      There is evidence that some Mafia dons were unwilling to let their soldiers dabble in narcotics. Paul Castellano barred the Gambinos from dealing, though that did not stop John Gotti and his crew from trafficking in heroin. Buffalo don Stefano Magaddino wanted to give his soldiers a bigger cut of the profit to steer clear of drugs. But the allure of easy, and big, money was too much to avoid.

                    • Don’t tell me about the Mafia. I lived in Rhode Island for eight years.

            • Kulafarmer, AMEN to your comments. Where I live is no different.

        • Reminds me of the cop in Hilo a few years back.
          There was a guy in handcuffs, I think he was in for drug posession.
          He got a chance to take a run for it when being transported from the police station to the downtown Hilo prison. The transport cop sent a few rounds downrange on a city street and managed to pop him in the back of the head. It was a real dangerous situation for society, a hand cuffed and foot chained guy running down the street in Hilo. He was VERY dangerous. It would have taken maybe 5 minutes to find him.
          The cop got a promotion after his mandatory paid vacation.

          • Just where would he have gone? Jumped in the water? Hilo has become really run down looking. All the money is on the Kona part of the island.

        • After finishing eating a KulaBar, I decided to say I’m glad the cops in your area are mostly o.k. I am actually a senior deputy Sheriff living in what some call the National Redoubt. We have lots of sovereigns and old school survivalists here and they will deal with me not only because a Sheriff is the only law official that they consider legitimate , but some of them helped raise me as well. A lot of people posting complain about rights being violated, but I question how much they really know of it. I now carry a pocket size constitution with me when on duty and have showed a lot of people in the field that they did not know what they were talking about when they started speaking civil rights. Kula, take care and stay safe.

          • Thank you Brother and Merry Christmas

          • A truly schooled sovereign would have your head spinning in confusion in about 30 seconds because you just proved you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. Civil rights and the Bill of Rights have nothing what so ever to do with one another. Do you carry the BOR with you as well.

            • BJ

              Most certainly Civil Rights dove tail fit the Bill Of Rights. The Civil Rights movement intended to make the Bill of Rights apply to everyone. Actually the 14th Amendment tied the Bill Of Rights to the States.

            • Holy crap…..Mac please give us an edit button or a device that doesn’t allow us to post when tired and haywired

            • BJ, spot on. The Bill of Rights refers to individual rights granted to us by God. “Civil Rights” are “group rights” granted by government. 2 totally different animals. Civil rights is a totally false concept.

            • BOR is in back of book after Constitution. And yes, Sovereigns make my head spin.

          • Sheriffs are higher up on the food chain from regular beat cops. Sheriffs are elected officials chosen by the people and another reason to go vote. Make sure you chosen Sheriff follows the constitution and a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. A corrupt Sheriff can be removed from office by the State Governor. The Sheriff is the most powerful man in your county. More so than any Federal Alphabit Agency or president. Support your Sheriff if he is a good one.

          • Old Cop

            Using brain rather than brawn. Absolutely fantastic. Stay where you are because in a city of size they would shun you like Frank Serpico.

      8. The Doom Boom: US Families Increasingly Prepared For “Modern Day Apocalypse”

        “From the outside America may seem to be a land of endless optimism and confidence. But, as Sky News reports, an increasing number of Americans seem to think it is danger of falling apart, and they’re preparing for the end. “We’re not talking about folks walking around wearing tin foil on their heads,; we’re not talking about conspiracy theorists. I’m talking about professionals: doctors and lawyers and law enforcement and military. Normal, everyday people. They can’t necessarily put their finger on it. But there’s something about the uncertainty of our times. They know something isn’t quite right.”

        “something isn’t quite right”
        that’s putting in mildly !

        • I said his 6 months ago. Their are more than 3,000,000 preppers. Alot of folks are prepping. OPSEC

          • Nobama, Oh I have everything. I keep it hidden behind the Abrams A1 Tank, which is parked in front my Battle ship destroyer off my back dock. Yeah come take it!! Ha!

          • Too bad they aren’t all like minded and on the same page and could each find three new ones….then we would have the required numbers (IMHO) to make THAT difference

      9. You people are incredible. I have seen ountless references to how evil and rpressive the police are. Now, you seem to think they walk on water. I can only conclude you are a bunch of bipolar delusionals and a danger to yourselves, your family and sane people everywhere.

        • We are objective enough to be able to see the difference between cops using SWAT teams to serve jaywalking warrants, and cops being roasted for doing the duty we give them to arrest doped-up specimens from the lowest rung on the aggregate intelligence spectrum, who choose to ATTACK the cops for doing their duty. If you wanna contest an arrest, do it in court.

          Brown physically attacked a cop. The guy in NYC was violating a law, which requires that cigarettes be sold in packaging and that the packaging be sealed with a tax stamp. A minor offense, but he chose to make it a major one by fighting with the cops.

          This crap goes on every day in all the urban ghetto cities, and it’s leaking out to rural areas, too. A culture that is programmed, genetically or otherwise, to resort immediately to force to get what it wants, must be met with force. Lots of it.

          • OldCoach. I think all cops should be randomly tested for drugs and Steroids. Lots of Cops take Steroids to make themselves bigger than life. Steroids also feed off of Adrenalin. A dangerous mix contained in a low IQ brain as the nerve center of the body. Is the thrill of the kill, the rodeo takedown and chokehold to show them who’s boss. An idiot with a gun and badge.

        • Dazed, Did you skip your lithium this morning?

        • Dazed and confused, you’re just another useless troll, so go suck an egg!

          • Dazed and confused you are correct. Those like chuckster regegade eppe and a few others are clueless dolts that come on here and like tospout off cause they got nothing better to do. Everything they post is shallow opinion with NO Facts or links to back up their statements. Just call them out to back up their statements with facts. And soon they disappear. Most but not all Cops are corrupt revenue raisers who don’t give a damn about the public. They are Cops for a paycheck and pension. One of the last Cops I talked with in casual conversation said “I got one year left and I’m retiring and I wont have to deal with this anymore.” I told him good for you, and good luck. So another words tge do the job for the money and pension. And also means they dont give a shit and just doing their time. Like eppe who admits he is board. He too is too lazy to post anything worthy or relevant and just comes on here for drivil chit chat. Go spend time with your family stop being a space waster. Pathetic.

            • WWTI, WHOA THERE. In case you missed them, I made some responses to some of your earlier posts that I agreed with. Those were some really good posts. Why all of a sudden is it I don’t know what I’m talking about? I’m curious.

            • WWTI, I’m still waiting for an answer.

          • braveheart, he could just a easily tell you to go suck a badge and call you a troll also, can you comprehend that I wonder?

            • Anon, f#$% you!

              • Braveheart, now THAT is an intelligent retort there buddy! It’s almost as good as you’re ” Oh Mac, the thumbs are back! O goody goody gumdrops!”

                • braveheart, I’m STILL waiting for an answer.

                  • Anon, I’ll give WWTI credit for all of the good sensible posts he has made on various subjects. He’s made a few posts that I can agree with. I was starting to have some respect for him when he comes out and starts attacking me for no good reason. If I had done something to deserve that attack, OK that would be different. As long as I KNOW I made a mistake I know how to acknowledge and apologize for it. He just lost out on whatever respect I was starting to have for him. You don’t get respect from anyone by being an egotistical prick.

                    • Braveheart, I will agree with your last post, but I will also add that you don’t gain respect by attempting to play site monitor telling people who can stay, who should go, and injecting yourself into a dispute between 2 parties OTHER than yourself. Of all the times I’ve sparred with you here, I’ve NEVER told you to leave or cried to the site moderator that you are STALKING me, like your good friends pog and sgt. dale.

        • I disagree. I think a lot of cops are stepping over the line, and deserve whatever they get. But their are alot more good ones than bad ones. I also believe, they are doing what they are told to do. So, if 1%, 5%, or even 10% are doin wrong, does that mean we murder all of them? I think you are delusional. I also believe more of the problem lies with the federal level, not the local level. Their is definately a problem, but their would be a lot of other folks on my murder list to fix the problem, before I killed all cops.

          • But their are alot more good ones than bad ones.

            Prove it.

            If the mythical good cop keeps his thin blue line silence, he is no longer a “good cop”. Now, tell me how many rat out the many criminals with badges among them?

          • fish, what do you mean by “good” cop? A good cop is not a cop. Why does one choose to be a cop? Badge+Gun=Power+Control, period.
            To serve and to protect? (who?) To serve and protect themselves, each other, and their superiors!

            There is no good reason to be a cop. If one really wanted to help people, they would become a paramedic, or a firefighter, but certainly not a law enFORCEment officer.

            • Exactly Nobama. I was a FF Paramedic, and you know how many cops said if they had to do it all over again, they would be a FF or paramedic. The public is well aware FF Paramedics are there to help people, and Cops are there to beat you up, harass and arrest you.

              So this Fabricated Patriotic Porno Propaganda that “Cops keep us Safe” and “US Soldiers protect our Freedoms” are some of the Largest “Set of Lies” this Government and MSM spews out there on a daily basis, all for the gullible sheeple to gobble up. My weapon protects me, and the US Constitution is suppose to protect me. I have yet to have a Cop provide any freedoms for me. Just take my money, through useless Laws with no victim, like traffic tickets. That’s why people need to understand Jury Nullification. If there are NO VICTIMS, then there is NO CRIME and dismiss the case “with prejudice.” “With Prejudice” means they cannot come back later and try to recharge you for the same incident or suspected violation.

              • WWTI: We have ALL been totally MSM-Mesmerized…Hypnotized…and Massivly…HOLOHOAXED!

                Untill now today we soon will ALL be treated the Exact Same as Peon Palestinian Goyims.

                99.08% of worlds population are considered as nothing more than duped peon Goys, by that remaining .02% of global jewry population, which has deep rooted desires to Own and Rule over ALL of You Goys!

                And Anybody who disputes these Truths is an evil nazi hate mongering antisemite raysis of the Inth degree.

                But do Not take My word for it! just go ask Shlomo Swinestiensky at the local synagouge of satan in Your town or city.

      10. What fucking drivel!though read whole article the part of crime out of control utter bullshit,end the war on drugs and the drug/cop/court/prison cartels and crime will drop fast,end disarming folks and saying they must run instead of defending themselves and that will really slow violent crime.Create a society were folks who work are not taxed/regulated to economic death and watch crime fall even further,a society truly based on freedom and personal responsibility with a safety trampoline for those who truly need it whether just medical or mental help and we would be fine.NYPD saying they are at war and no arrests/summonses unless really necc.,well,how about that all the fucking time,stop using cops as armed tax collectors(thieves)!Kula,in response to your post I say with all the trigger hapopy cops that are out there don’t be surprised when folks get a bit edgy and perhaps trigger happy!

        • Spot on WC, One thing though, they ARE at war, war with the karma they created by being asskissing yes men and stomping on the constitution and peoples rights. What goes around comes around eh…

          • BIngo again Genius!! You’re batting 1000. Smart and informed people see the bigger picture. The uniformed argue over emotions rather than any hard facts. For some reason if you need a cop he is just 45 minutes away. When you don’t need a cop he is harassing you. Just like Banks that want to loan you money when you don’t need it, but go in to secure a loan and they investigate your life and some peeon decides if you are worthy. F@ck banks and cops. .

        • Exactly, it does work both ways, we are all only mortals after all WC

        • Luckily for myself, our local PD isnt the enemy, yet, will continue to give the benefit of the doubt and respect we all would have had for them in years gone by but with a slightly jaundiced eye.
          So far, they are reasonable and understandable, i know places where that is not the case, perhaps i just dont see it because i tow the line and am reasonable and responsible, and stay away from criminals and crowds!

          • The moment that their leader decides that the appropriate training should come from Israeli agents (as is happening all across the USA) will be the moment that your local PD becomes the enemy.

            They are taught that the citizen is the enemy.

            When they consider you their enemy, you better reconsider your stance.

            • No Doubt this Israeli Police Force training of US Cops pollutes the Cops Minds. Under their training there is no talking, no understanding, no rationality, no compromise, no negotiating, no common sense, just dress like transformers with their military gear and crack heads and kill kill kill.

              You want to make change, Kick Israeli out of all decision making in the US like Russia did. Oh and why Russia is the newest Jew enemy since Putin will not allow Russia to be taken over like the US has by the ZOG.

        • i agree.

      11. This is crap. What about the God given RIGHT of each person to pursue their life?

        PEOPLE NEED to be self reliant. NEVER “count” on others.

        If I need to eat, I MAKE it happen. No fees included.

        I will eat insects, I don’t care.

        People today think that McDonalds (human meat) is great, but I WON’T do that…

        • Renee, I’m with you on McDonald’s. I’ll take any of my canned goods over that shit any day.

          • I have not eatin at McDonalds in around 10 years. I lied, they have good $1 icecream cones. No barf burgers though. Hunt, fish, and garden as much as possible.

      12. Hopefully you are right……….the police are the ones who started this strong -arm tactics, and the abuse of people.

        All cops want to do , as i have said before is hurt, maim, kill…….Now the same is starting to happen to them. GOOD.!

        Here’s back at ya.

        • You haven’t lived long enough yet. Police have had to use strong-arm tactics since the dawn of time. That’s what police are FOR, for God’s sake. In accord with the law, they apply force in the name of the state so that society doesn’t become one big Hatfield/McCoy feud. Like Somalia and Sudan today.

          • If you ever do meet freedom in your old life, I pray she hits you so fvking hard in the nose like a 2×4 that your shittin snot for a week.

            It is a disgrace that a mind like yours was wasted to advance evil in the absence of common sense and freedom/liberty.

            There were no cops at the dawn of time and police were never originated to be the strong arm tactics they are today………you really ought to change your reading menu, it has turned your brain into state fried mush.

            You are either a koolaid drunk idiot or you are a provocateur like this guy was

            ht tp://

            • Soooo, how did the Sumarians enforce their laws? Egyptians? Greeks? Romans?

          • OC, maybe you’ve forgotten the cops of the past who only carried a six-shooter .38 with only five rounds, no armor, no MRAV, no machine guns, no new fleet of high-performance vehicles bought each year with more lights than a house, or other uber-tactical shit that they have today. The police force has definitely changed for the worse over the past decade with clear intentions to destroy everyone who gets in their way. They were not that way back in the dawn of time.

            • Our society was a lot more polite in those days, now you have the tatooed pierced drugged crazy crap we got going on, and not so polite

      13. The Marxist/Progs/BGF members are ALL cut from the same political cloth. They need to be dealt with like the vermin that they truly are. We do NOT need “dialogue” like certain political pimps suggest, we do NOT need “understanding” of these lowlifes, it’s time to take hard-core action against these pieces of human detritus.

        • TPS, I’m with you. These black criminal groups have been allowed to get away with too much for too long. I believe they need to be ‘neutralized’ for society to survive.

          • @renegadepussyheart
            Huh???????what planet you live on? Your ass is delusional..Its the white criminal groups….Hitler, Stalin, Columbus, KKK…wall street, central banks…european conquest……pax americana…..

            • Yawn, I live in the real world and have NO illusions whatsoever. So go suck an egg.

              • Braveheart, for once I AGREE with you. You don’t have illusions, you have DELUSIONS!

                • Anon, you go suck an egg also.

        • I agree, the BGF (blue gang fuckers) need to be dealt with.

      14. The author slipped around the one big problem Cops have. The change from being a “protect and serve” force to being a “search and destroy” force. The last thing in the world I want to do is to have to interact with a cop. I can defend myself from a criminal. Twenty cops with automatic weapons at the wrong residence is harder to deal with. Flash bang the baby, shoot the pets, spread the homeowners brains all over the walls, and you get I’m sorry we got the wrong address afterwards. They go home and pat them selves on the back. We bleed, they have a Bud light and nachos.

        • The drug war, and most especially the unconstitutional “civil forfeiture” laws are the big causes. Eliminate the civil forfeiture, and half of this abuse will disappear.

          • Old Coach, those ‘civil forfeiture’ laws are nothing more than legalized theft of anything and/or everything people have worked hard for all of their lives to obtain. I’ve never seen anything legitimate about that practice especially when it comes to confiscating any amount of cash from someone. It just opened the door to a significant increase in corruption in LE. I won’t be giving up anything to any corrupt cop and if I have to put up some resistance to him, so be it. Most police work these days has lost its legitimacy.

            • Drug dealers will go rent a car and pay cash, to make their drug runs. So there is no property to forfeit. I worked for a car rental company in the early 90’s. We had some cops putting tracking devices on the cars back then, and would swing by later after the car was checked back in to retrieve their device back. lol Yes we took hefty cash deposits to let them use the car.

            • Braveheart, you have it right to a “T”. But their intentions were good!

              I can remember an argument I had with an otherwise intelligent engineering colleague at least 15, maybe 20 years ago over the subject.

              His position was “it will only be applied to drug dealers, so it’s a good thing.”

              He being a flaming liberal, he probably still thinks that. (Living in Ann Arbor (Berserkley East) does that to a man. Sad.)

              I am disinclined to think that line officers should be held accountable – it’s management that drives that bus.

              Police chiefs should be elected, like our sheriffs. As soon as the job is dependent on political patronage, all possibility of ethical behaviour is gone.

            • Most here seem to fail to See that there has been One Major main change that has never before happened and of which is a direct correlation to/with the recent past decade or so of abrupt and very Violent changes in overall cops policy towards average citizenery of the usa.

              That direct and never prior seen Cause is that for aprox 10 yrs or so we now have Israeli IDF military forces along with israeli Mossad agents, which are akin to the CIA-Sister org based in israel state…. Now used as Cop Trainers in more and more cities and locals across our entire nation.

              Along with Mental Training and brainwashing of cops in usa being perpetrated by the SPLC and ADL agents who are now, at least for SPLC agents, PAID and included as an Official Sector of the feds DHS dept agency.

              While israeli IDF and Mossad trainers teach specific Terror and Violence tactics against ALL citizenery, and especially against White Males of usa…SPLC Brainwashes cops mentally under a guise of “Racial Sensitivity Training” by methods under the ruse of hate speech and offence percieved by certain Minorities groups…Primarily Two main minority groups of Blacks & Jews, and always the bad actor racists and haters are portrayed as White males. as seem in last years revealed prior top secret “papers” of the “Missouri State Police org” MMIAC papers was it called?

              Today we see the full results of this prior unseen events of israeli foriegn agents acting as Cop Trainers. I also do not believe SPLC type Kommie Marxist jews ever before were used as mental brainwashers of usa cops prior to aprox ten years ago..

              These TWO combined efforts of mossad and IDF Physical trainings mixed with SPLC-ADL teaching all cops to Hate whitey Goyims and always treat white males as a typical skin headed nazi evil raysis antisemite and as a KKK hate monger that is ameriKas worst home grown terroristic threat to date, has shown its full colors on every street across the nation and can be viewed fully as proof 100% solid at litterally Thousands of Yutube videos at your favorite viewing times!

              USA Cops are being trained to treat usa citizens, especially White males the exact same oppressive way as IDF soldiers, acting as israeli cops, treat totally Innocent Palestinian Kiddies, Old ladys, Older men, and all in betwween, as nothing other than peon vermin Goyim trash in dire need of severe Beat Downs and even Death at hands of geeked up brainwashed master race minded jew soldiers in Israel state on a daily Basis…Which also can be Viewed for 100% proof solid that it is factual and true that this is whats going on there as well as here in usa.

              America the beautlifull, america the constitutional republic, the united States, has been turned inside out and turned into no more than a “Jewnited Snakes of ZOG Infested Black run Fed Govnt. of Amerikwans”

              Still Think this was not pre planned?

              Check This Quoted statement by whom used to be the Foremost, most esteemed highly respected Jew York Rabbi of america during his heyday’s of the early 1920-1930’s eras…while his fellow jew soviet bolshevik kommies were Rampaging and Butchering their path across all of eastern european nation zones mass murdering over 250-Million Whites and Christians at the same precice timeframe as his quote was stated!

              “Some call it Marxism (Communism), I call it Judaism.” – Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise – The American Bulletin, May 5, 1935. (Judaism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism, therefore, Zionism is nothing but disguised, camouflaged Communism) !!!

              What do Jewish experts describe it as? I will Tell you with another quote statement of Jewish facts aka kommie jewry facts.

              “Zionism is Judaism, and Judaism is unthinkable without Zionism.” (Harper’s Encyclopedia of United States History, Vol. X, “Zionists”).

              Now all folks that were prior duped into a False belief that somehow a huge difference exists between…Jews VS Zionists?….That Harpers quote dispells that Myth eh.

              Finally: regardless What You whitey folk do…be it Good or Bad matters not since either way You Goyims will be labled same as This writers quote shows of how he too was treated for simply speaking and writing Truth based on jewish persons OWN statements!

              “The Jews are terribly afraid that the world will discover that their impersonation of Israel is nothing but a gigantic charade. Hence, this knowledge must be suppressed at all costs, even to the point of demonizing anyone who dares to bring up the subject. Yours truly has been so demonized by the Jews for the mere fact that I expose these truths about them, even though I mainly quote Jewish sources for this information.” ~ William Norman Saxon, in his booklet entitled “The Mask of Edom” !!!

              LESSON LEARNED: If You are a Whitey Goyim gentile, no matter What You do or do not do, You Are going to get called all types vile hatefull names such as “Nazis” and “Rayssist” and the tribal favorite label of “Antisemite jew hater”!!

              Therefore you may as well go ALL OUT! For today You have ZERO left to Lose!

              • Yeah, and if you had a set of balls you wouldn’t be posting your comments at 4 am 3 days after the article and the conversation had moved on. You’re a pathetic old man condor, you are no longer relevant to society, won’t be long now before it’s nursing home time for you, thank God.

        • Rellik, you are absolutely 100% spot on.

        • What amazes me is the fact that on a site that has been over run with neo con war hawk righties who are in essence statists who love their over lords and suck their badges….you managed to get no childish red thumbs….WOW

      15. This is a direct result of having black’s in top positions in the federal government and media. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and their media promoters have created a culture of black anger and hate that isn’t rooted in reality. Rather than using their positions to defuse racial conflict.. they have done everything in their power to incite further racial hatred within the black community. This is the problem with blacks. You don’t want them in charge.

        Yes there is a BIG problem with LE in the country and they treat citizens like dogs too often. There is no quick and easy answer… just more trouble ahead.


        • I wouldn’t say created, they’ve just applied the pre-existing black culture of violence against other races to public policy.

          • Obama is a friend of Bill Ayers. That will tell you all you need to know about the plans for the US. Race pimp Sharpton has been to the White Hut 84 times. How many times was Arafat there. I expect Castro will also be a regular visitor. What a disgrace this govt. has become.

        • I would have to say that I disagree with Bromus that ‘black anger’ isn’t rooted in reality.

          Face facts. Our White ancestors royally screwed up by purchasing those black slaves from the jewish owned slave ships who brought them to North America in the first place.

          Thanks to the fact that our White ancestors were too lazy to pick their own cotton, and thanks to the fact that once our White ancestors decided to give the black slaves their freedom – they did not do the right, rational, and logical thing and return them all to Africa – today, we are in the racial mess that we now find ourselves in. Even Thomas Jefferson realized that, the two races, being equally free, cannot live within the same system of government – because the differences between us are too insurmountable.

          Sure, it would be nice if blacks were intelligent enough to realize the benefits that they derive from living inside a nation created by White Europeans – the science, the medicine, the technology, the superior agriculture, the prosperity, etc., and then show their appreciation by respecting Whites and not rocking the boat by constantly pissing and moaning and raping our women at stratospheric levels every year. But, those are nothing more than Utopian thoughts – and they are not an accurate measurement or representation of the reality of race relations in America and never have been.

          Blacks hate White people for the fact that we brought them here and every day of their lives, no matter where they go, they are constantly reminded of their own racial shortcomings when they see an advanced first world civilization that their own race has not only been incapable of creating anywhere on Earth, but which their race cannot even maintain once they are allowed to take it over, such as is the case in Detroit, Haiti, or the former Rhodesia – now Zimbabwe. Blacks, perhaps at a subconscious level, realize that they ‘need’ Whites and this sense of dependency fosters resentment and this resentment eventually turns into hatred. Especially when they read or hear Whites pointing these truths out to them; trust me on this, this really enrages them.

          Why do you think Obama is so consumed with importing hundreds of millions of non-whites from the turd world into America? Simple answer: He hates America because he knows it is a product of White European genius and ingenuity. He also knows, and if the truth were to be known, is secretly ashamed of his awareness that his race of people – the race he most closely identifies with, blacks – are incapable of creating or maintaining a first world caliber nation. He cannot point to a single example of first world success created by blacks, and it gnaws at him every waking hour of his day. This gnawing sensation is like fertilizer for the resentment that festers inside this guy. So, what blacks cannot create – they instinctively try to destroy, in order to rid themselves of the daily, torturous reminder of their own racial inadequacies.

          This ‘leveling of society’ has long been a obsession of the Communist left in America. They realize that they will never be successful in raising up the third world, colored races to a level that is comparable to the civilizations built by White Western Man – so, in order to erase the embarrassing evidence that their pet ideology about the ‘equality of mankind’ is a baldfaced lie and has no basis in fact, they feel that they must destroy the White Western civilizations and bring them down to the same level as their third world losers.

          Incidentally, despite the fact that this foolish and clearly false notion about ‘the equality of man’ has deep roots into the Communist, Marxist, leftist ideology and philosophy, today we have office workers who are working in the offices of Republican Congressmen and Republican Senators who have cited this false ideology to me whenever I have called and stated my emphatic opposition to race replacement levels of immigration from the non-white third world. I recently spoke to one such female office staffer who works for my RINO rat Congressman – and asked her a question that seemed to put her into a quandary from which she was unable to extract herself. My question was this:

          If the world is the way you claim it is, and if the idea that all races are perfectly equal in every measurable and important way, then why do we have First, Second, Third and Fourth world nations? If every race were equally talented and equally capable, then wouldn’t all nations be First world caliber? And, secondly, if what you claim is true – and all races are perfectly equal and perfectly talented – then why is every non-white resident of every third world nation so eager to flee the nation that was created by their race and try to move into a nation that was built by White Europeans? Is this not clear evidence that proves that non-whites believe that nations created by White Europeans are superior places to live? If not, then why do we never see stories in the news about rickety boats filled with desperate White people being apprehended by the Haitian, or Mexican, or African Coast Guard as they were caught trying to illegal enter one their nations because life there was so much better?

          My final question to this woefully confused RINO office staff worker was this: Is it your opinion, or the opinion of the congressman who you work for that White European people, no matter where they are on Earth – should be expected to not resist having the nations that were built by their people invaded by hundreds of millions of non-whites from the third world, which would result in Whites being reduced to minorities inside their own native countries, and then subjugated to being ruled, terrorized and persecuted by hordes of non-whites who are not the least bit bashful about telling us how much they hate us?

          The female offer staffer didn’t have an answer to this or to any of my earlier questions. I assume that the cue cards that are issued to office staffers and which contain the standard ‘official and Political Correct’ memes and slogans were not prepared for the sort of devastating honesty that I tend to offer up whenever I call my Congress rat or one of my two sleazy, slimy, communist DemonRat Senator’s offices. This is a hazard to be considered when someone accepts a job that requires blowing smoke up the asses of constituents who are assumed to have IQs in single digits, but who sometimes wind up surprising you by how well they understand what’s going on.

          Conclusion: The lies of racial equality need to be exposed and totally dismantled, and if this is not done, then we can kiss our White European asses goodbye because our enemies will succeed in destroying our race and every nation created by our race.

          • This Hate Whitey is Baseless. Blacks Tribes in Africa sold off other Black tribes to the Black Market Slave Trade.

            And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That’s right: a tiny percentage. Only 3.6% And of all the Slave owners in the US 15% were Black Slave Owners.

            So the Blacks “Hate Whitey” has no legitimacy. They need to take responsibility for themselves.

          • @ Tucker, I believe what you have written is exactly the truth. I agree with these statements 100%. I also believe many of us will have to die when we try to right our wrecked country.

      16. sadly, cops won’t be enough to keep whatever peace is left…right now i genuinely feel bad for america(canadian here)…either it’s religious nuts, blacks, muslims, gangs, terrorism, hostile nations, hackers, viruses, drugs, etc…seems like the whole world is crashing down on you poor f!@#ers…

        if we didn’t have so many bleeding hearts in our nations, sh1t like this could be controlled…no matter how extreme it needs to be.

        • If things do get so bad the ranks of cops fall off, you’ll find citizens will take things into their own hands. The ” religious nuts, blacks, muslims, gangs, terrorism, hostile nations, hackers, viruses” will find themselves quite outnumbered and in the crosshairs of people who will be much less concerned about their welfare than the cops were. It will be “ethnic cleansing” USA style. At least at that point we will have worked things out.

          • take things in their own hands how? bordering their doors and windows, huddled in the basement with their .22s and 12 gauges and scared sh1tless at every sound they hear?

            yeah, that’s likely…

            a few rednecks won’t change a nation…they’ll just add to the rest of the problems.

            • Kar
              I think you don’t know any rednecks. Your trans-positional “if i say it it will become true” thinking doesn’t work here. I know a lot of rednecks and they won’t cower in the basement. A few redneck won’t change a nation but millions will. And we number in the tens of millions.

              Redneck joke here: BTW trailer houses don’t have basements.

        • Karma, don’t forget to add liberals and faggots to your list.

          • So your bundling libs and gays in with rednecks? Duhlusional.

      17. You can only count on yourself to protect yourself. Zombies beforehand,and the cops to clean up after.

      18. eliminate the zombies beforehand.

      19. Eh,more a direct result of idiots in office regardless of color,romney as a gov. signed a mandatory state health bill and assualt weapons ban/reno,well,Waco ring any bells?/cinton,assault weapons ban and brady drool bill/the list is endless!Of course,start the who’s to blame process by looking in the mirror,that is the tough est part!

        • Once you remove the campaign promises and positions that there is no intent to follow and one examines the actions of the candidates, its obvious that the differences are more symbolic than substance.

          Both horses are bought in the two horse race.

          • If voting mattered, would they really let you do it?

            Same shit, new day…

      20. There is no war on the streets. More fear mongering brought to you by Michael Snyder. Make sure to buy his new book too.

        • Yeah, where does Snyder get off saying ” we” have made the cops job harder? I didn’t let any illegal aliens in the country.

          • Anon, this is one time I have a problem with a Snyder article. It’s really the feds who are to blame for what cops have become today, with all of the brainwashing in the academies, DHS grants and propaganda, etc. It’s feds I don’t trust.

            • Braveheart, how many God damn personalities do you have? You tell me to suck an egg in one post ad the n turn around and agree with me on another?

      21. Street war? Well, “law enforcement” already lost. They’ve lost legitimacy by violating laws, corruption, deceit, not telling the truth and blatant silence, just like gov’t, media have lost legitimacy. All the organs of America are rotting. They’ve lost the hearts and minds of the people, their trust, and no longer do their duties under the consent of the governed; indeed, they violate them.

        All organs are fracturing from this lawlessness, and the false paradigms pushed by hack news organizations or ideologues blaming race, DeBlasio, protestors, or blah blah blah are nothing more than cotton candy fluff that gets turned to ash when the SHTF.

        And that can easily happen faster than many realize, as more cop murders can start police state actions or atrocities. For many certain individuals of the sheepdog variety, enacting checkpoints, violating 4th amendment on grand scale would be considered a critical event, meaning it’s naughty time. Same with innocents killed, since all the almighty State has is instilling fear through violence. It can’t help itself.

        With the destruction of the rule of law, the only things that will matter, dear readers, is cold steel/polymer in your hands and knowing other armed patriots in your AO who respect and uphold the rule of law, liberty, and the Constitution. That’s it.

        Your AO will be crucial and in such a large country will vary greatly, including your dealings with patriots in law enforcement and local gov’t, patriots in your community, jack boot thugs, criminals, anarchists, roving gangs, illegals, terrorists, and the ever present lemming normalcy bias bend with the winds crowd. Oh, that last group? They be screwed.

        • “”Street war? Well, “law enforcement” already lost. They’ve lost legitimacy by violating laws, corruption, deceit, not telling the truth and blatant silence, just like gov’t, media have lost legitimacy. All the organs of America are rotting. They’ve lost the hearts and minds of the people, their trust, and no longer do their duties under the consent of the governed; indeed, they violate them.””

          You just described NYC after the Irish took over. Ever read about Tammany Hall?

          • Irish NY was 100 yrs ago…TODAY NY is JEWISH run with a jew mayor married to a negress wife with TWO negro/jewish kiddies. But as per usual always blame anything other then jewish infested corruptions eh.

        • Mr. X, AMEN to your comments. Nothing I can dispute.

      22. “Something has fundamentally shifted in this country.”

        The ‘what’ that has changed, is that just a few weeks ago both sides of this coming conflict were in fear of it happening. But after literally years of this stance now we have people who are tired of the constant fear porn and the anticipation of long dreaded evens to come. What has changed is that now both sides are beginning to ‘want’ it.

      23. Johnny,I really hope you are wrong,even the powers that want to be may get shot by their own security it really starts crumbling,only the really cosmically bored/truly insane want shit to completely fall apart,well,without a good exit plan to rebuild the country anyhow,hmmmmm……..

      24. Alli called this one in my last comments I said these were the opening shots. Now ill renew my statement saying your northern brothers and sisters will aid in anyway we can by giving sanctuary resupply medical help a way to slip in and out. Well go shoulder to shoulder with you house to house block by block. I personally extended that offer to any patriot or freedom fighter good luckto you all keep your head down and your powder dry. Oh and dont get shot.

      25. I only agree that there has been a fundie shift, thank you Mr President. Otherwise,I recall people posting here they want to see cops dead and hunted down. Well to those I say “You got your wish,now deal with the results”

        • Southside, agreed.
          Hope you are doing well..

          Makes one wonder….

        • Southside, agreed.
          Hope you are doing well..

          Makes one wonder….

      26. People need to calm down with all the guns out there this can get ugly quick can’t bring loved ones back to life there is no respawn in reality it’s ok to prep most people could not handle the misery of war being cold dirty hiding in the gutter like some vagrant no sewer service or trash pickup rodents taking over disease running wild doesn’t sound like fun to me people think they are gonna run around blasting all these rounds with no way to replace them peppers don have the logistics to get resupply no command structure no real tactical training no $ to cover costs of war and no goal of what they want to achieve what will happen when the gestapo drags your neighbors out of the house next door and puts a bullet in them you will shit your britches and run for your life stick to paper targets people leave war to the marines they love to kick ass

        • that’s the longest goddamn sentence of non-sense that i’ve read in my entire life.

          you truly are an ass hat.

        • Asshat


          Semper Fi 8541

        • Ass Hat.

          “Abandon all hope, Ye who read here”.

        • Ass Hat

          After rereading your post, I have agree the majority of preppers could not wage a resistance war. Let alone an aggressive type. There is no cohesion, training and lack of equipment. Normal Bias, will kill many in the future. The learning curve of battle will kill even more.

      27. Right, but they do have a nice big lake to sink them all in.

        • Nobama, where I live we have a nice big river to put them in.

          • Just as good. Crawdads have to eat too.

          • Why would you go out of your way to pollute a river?
            What did this river do to you?
            If trash needs to be get ridden of, then add trash to
            the burn pile and set it ablaze. Problem solved – AM

      28. A few years back in WA State 4 cops were sitting having cups of joe when a guy walked in a blew them away. Very similar to current example. It appears NYC did not learn from WA incident.

        Though there was fear of copy-cats, none occurred. Intelligent change was implemented regarding cops in coffee houses or when present together in public.

        It would behoove NYC to take an intelligent approach as well.

        But a knee-jerk military reply may result in an unwanted result. Remember, you reap what you sow.

      29. Watch for the police quiting their jobs this will give the criminals the green light to start shit we need the police to keep the peace it’s a tuff job sometimes dealing with bums pedophiles and the rest of the scumbags it’s their job to investigate crime cut them a break I don’t always agree with their handling of matters but they have to protect themselves too I’m sure black people have a legit beef but let’s find solutions i work with black people these people work hard they are not thugs they are good people I don’t know what kind of discrimination they go through I think it’s the thuggery that the police don’t like can’t say I blame them

        • …and here is the 2nd longest goddamn sentence of non-sense that i’ve read in my entire life.

          it isn’t hard and doesn’t hurt to use punctuations and separating your text to form paragraphs to avoid writing a wall of text.

          otherwise, ass hat = skip reading/written for nothing.

        • Ass hat: “we need the police…”

          That’s the reaction they want, and you fell for it.

        • The vast and overwhelming majority of the ‘bad kwaps’ who are routinely engaging in savage treatment of the public are basically the absolute worst kind of cowards.

          When you watch a video on Youtube where 10 or 12 kwaps have a single guy face down on a concrete street and each one of them are fighting with each other over who can gain the best position, opening, and angle necessary to bash the guy’s head with their nightstick or metal flashlight or to get the best shot at kicking him in his genitals – and then, despite the fact that the proned out guy is clearly already subdued – you’ll often see a female cop come running over to the pile and start trying to get in her kicks and licks, too, as if she wants to make sure she gets caught on the video that will be used to determine who gets a promotion and pay raise – nobody with a brain bigger than a marble and who has a ounce of decency and common sense can describe this sort of behavior with any other words than grotesque cowardice.

          These are the kinds of kwaps who will become ‘persons of interest’, if and when the SHTF and a WROL situation unfolds across America.

          Oh, in case there are any kwaps who fit this description reading this today? If you care to get a glimpse of what your future is going to be like in a WROL world, take a stroll down the power tool aisle at your local hardware store one afternoon and say hello to the toys who will be visiting you in nightmares that have yet to visit themselves upon your slumber.

          And, remember: You will have brought whatever happens upon yourselves.

      30. Some things never change…

        “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.

        In order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun.”

        ~ Chinese Communist Revolutionary Leader – Mao Zedong

        • Are you really ready for the next False-Flag? A NATION-WIDE CYBER BLACK-OUT!

          Can you get home to your family in time…

          scared lil’ girl: “Where are you Daddy?”

          American Blackout

      31. any returning vetren wll tell you this is how an insergency starts. a cop kills someone on the street. ( for whatever reason. left behind are 10 direct family members left behnd to grieve. the cop has no accoutabilty. the family wants justice. they are told he had it coming. so in a a way they have been insulted as well. bottom line is you come and kill a family member and i an otherwise peacefull farmer or what ever have now joined with others in the same situation soon someone orginizes them. and there yoy have it. one made to order insergency. people will inevitably defend themselves even a cowerdly dog has the courage to bite someone poking him. and to the cops that would continue to be cops say welcome …. to the life of a real soldier. you have armed yourselves with military grade weapons ammo and tactics. you wanna play soldier and not take the same risks.COWARDS. i say you kill us we will fight back. they see the same shit we do yet instead you put on that uniform and continue. they have been killing ctizens going back 20 years how many entire familys have been butchard on national tv? and not one was ever held acountable. you really think well just line up along a wall. were gonna give as good as we get. so in short act like a soldier be treated like one. and really does the cops family suffer the lose any more then the family of a fallen soldier. NO. so wives of cops yoy may want to encourage your husband to reconsider his carrer choice. because his job description has changed. he is knowinly putting himself at the same risk level as a front line soldier. makes no diffrence how good a man he was. he chose to fight with us

        • wall of text, stopped reading…too much non-sense & rambling.

          stick to crack and party poker.

        • Satori

          That statement from Jon Stewart sums it up accurately.

      32. I live near Tarpon Springs.. a lovely little tourist area that evokes old-world Greek village and Fisherman’s days of glory.
        The guy who shot that cop was a run-of-the-mill drug dealer.
        Terrible.. but it happens. Does the incident make me feel more threatened.. not particularly.
        There’s unrest in several areas.. “War” is being over-dramatic.

        • I had to do a double-take, I thought you said you live near Tampon Strings. Something seemed fishy about that.

          • Optometrist visits.. they’re included in Obamacare!

          • Been to Tarpon Springs many times. Great food. Hows the docks since those couple of Sponge boats burned up?

            • Good question.. I only recall one boat burning. Being more inland now, I haven’t been out there since then.
              You know the fishing industry really changed around here. My boyfriend tell me tales of when he worked on the ships in his youth.

        • I’ve been diving there. Quaint place.

      33. Yep…. This will get worse as zer0 wants to empty Gitmo and put the remainder of the muzzie prisoners into the US prison system…. Anyone care to guess how many of 100’s, if not 1000’s of criminals will be radicalized and convert to radical islam….??? This is only the beginning of a major crisis for all…..

        There has been a low level race war going on for years… with black on White crime…

      34. There area several variables that have led to this anarchy. The militarization of police, lack of common sense by police when using force, lack of parenting skills by blacks, lack of respect for authority but the most significant is God has been removed from our society by the leftist progressives. Now God has turned His back on us, leaving us to wallow in our own mire

        • If God had turned His back on us, we wouldn’t be sitting around and posting on the internet. You under estimate His grace and what He would do if He gave up on us. He would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah for 10 good people and I believe His hand is held back by many more than 10 good people in every city, township and village of this nation.

      35. There area several variables that have led to this anarchy. The militarization of police, lack of common sense by police when using force, lack of parenting skills by blacks, lack of respect for authority but the most significant is God has been removed from our society by the leftist progressives. Now God has turned His back on us, leaving us to wallow in our own mire

      36. We don’t want a war but if that’s what they’re imposing, bring it on. Better yet just leave us alone period.

      37. The police will defeat the hooligans no matter what the military will help them there will be curfews any one out after that will be delt with if you are smart you will stay out of it and mind your own business myself I will stand with the police if it comes down to it I would rather have law and order than chaos stop tryin to be revolutionaries if I were a cop I would use overwhelming force and crush anyone who tried to challenge most of the people who have a problem with the cops are up to no good anyway justice will be swift no time for courtrooms the idiots running the gov are the ones that need to be removed they are the instigators

        • ok asshat but they the police are standing in rhe middle with full knowledge of there actions guess what were going through them. the lines are drawn. youve chosen your side i for one respect that. you say youll stand with law enforcement. i chose THE PEOPLE. you sir have chosen not to sit on the fence . i have great admiration for you. in my opinion youve chosen the wrong side. but history will judge the outcome. time for talk is over. time for fence sitters to choose before the choice is taken away from you. should law enforcemt stop their aggresive tactics. we the people will stay home and catch a game. you wanna come to my home frighten my family ill resopnd in kind. is that not simple fairness?

        • Ass Hat.

          May the yoke of Tyranny lay softly upon your shoulders.

        • Did someone steal the punctuation keys from your keyboard?

      38. You can only pass laws and police a people to the extent that they will allow you to. It appears for some folks that point has been met.

      39. I haven’t heard anything from WWTI today, so far. I’m surprised. As much as he comments, I wonder if he’s retired due to his frequent comments. I agree with about half of what he says which is pretty good considering the other comments on this site. I hope he is doing well.
        Off topic but a recent development—
        I just learned that a decent website for ordering alternative medications has been attacked by the FDA for its supposed health claims. It is (or was) It has many good alternative supplements that really work. I suppose I’ll have to go somewhere else for L carnosine eye drops now. (They remove cataracts & improve vision.) It softens the cornea so the eye muscles can flex and focus for up close vision without eye glasses. I believe the FDA has been ordered by their bosses, the AMA (American Medical Association) to protect the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. What else is new.
        I am a long time reader of this site. Keep on commenting for there are many more people reading (& learning)from this site than you can believe. You may be tempted to think what you say doesn’t matter, but that is not true. Many people read and learn from all of your comments despite what the trolls might say. Keep on keeping on.
        Green Tomato – Long time reader & learner.

        • Green,tis part of the war by the feds on the people in the name of big pharm/big money.Swat teams raiding raw milk farms and organic farms ect.The best you can do is find a new source but as much as possible make your own for yourself and others,best of luck with your health and fuck the feds,yep,it is a war about to soon get very ugly.

      40. In regards to the article,

        It seems that the NYPD has the next move. Either they can treat this as an isolated incident (perpetrator is dead) and move on or they can use it as an excuse to further move down the path of militarization.

        Unfortunately, I think they (NYPD) will do the latter and use it as an excuse to move towards greater militarization under the auspices of safety which in turn will resonate throughout police departments across America. And of course, this increased militarization will further add to the divisiveness already in place.

        I think we the people need to have a quick discussion in town hall meetings across America as to just what role we the people want the police to play in our daily lives. Then, with the objectives clearly defined, fund / de-fund accordingly.

        The police nowadays are more and more starting to define their own roles as they see fit. They seem to be forgetting just who their bosses are. It’s time they are given a clear mandate.

        • Now that was good CS.

          • agreed, smart thinking level head

      41. It seems to me anyone with any sense would see it is now time to vacate any major city. So many problems that have been festering for decades are now coming to a head. John Butler Yates said, “Things come apart the center cannot hold.” I don’t feel there IS a center any longer. As a rather new prepper( a little over a year) I have a question for you old timers ( and wiser folk than I), I have acquired my initial basic defense weapons. Do any of you advocate stockpiling replacement parts ( particularly for AR 15) or do you think I should use my resources to buy additional weapons. If you stockpile what types of parts do you guys suggest I acquire. Also I am considering buying my own reloading equipment , for those of you doing so, how hard a skill is this to learn? Do any of you know f the ATF keeps up with orders of powder or primers? Thanks for tolerating my ignorance just trying to learn.

        • Don’t worry about the ATF, you just told the NRO in Chantilly, VA everything they need to know.

        • Reloading is not all that hard, just make sure you follow safety precautions or you can blow yourself up. My advice, learn the donts first. As far as AR parts, I think there will be so many available when tshtf (if it goes full mad max) that they will be laying in the streets in piles. If I was a new prepper, I would buy ammo in assorted popular calibers like 223, 308, 30,06, 270 7.62×39, 40 caliber, 9mm.. 45 etc because there are over 300 million guns in the hands of Americans. Guns will be easy to find, ammo.. maybe not so much but again we are stock piling 2 BILLION ROUNDS A MONTH.. when all this blows, it is going to be epic.,, Oh and fvk the ATF/GOV… dont worry about those asshats.

          • Safety first. The most common mistake reloaders make that causes catastrophic failure of the weapon and or injury…double charging. I would recommend…Get a set of scales. Weigh a cartridge that you know to have been correctly charged and use it as a standard. Weigh all other bullets against that one. It doesn’t take that much time and it will save you damaging your weapon or injury. IMHO.

            • when first starting out reloading, you should chose a recipe with a powder (usually flake instead of ball) that fills the case up, but without compressing the load when the bullet is seated. That way if you double charge, it will spill. Also a single stage press with a caseholder board will let you look down each case amd inspect the charge(powder) levels for uniform.

        • BBD: AR parts for me extractor and springs, firing pins and firing pin retaining pins, get a chamber brush and gas tube cleaning (like long pipe cleaners). I use Break-free CLP for all my guns.

          MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Dont buy it with your credit card, try to find a gun club to belong to and make friends with like minded re-loaders,,sometimes you wont have to buy your own stuff from a store if you catch my drift ..barter and cash work with those type of people just fine , cant say how I know

          all powders have certain burn rates , dont mix any..get the charts and study them
          rifle powders different than pistol powder dont mix or use out of catagory..if you play with black powder or a BP supplement too..than dont get the BP around your cartridge type ammo loads

          All calibers have a lower pressure limit and an upper pressure limit , dont exceed, and if you reload glocks dont build heavy loads for them, they have unsupported breeches and can blow the mag out of the well and destroy the weapon ( why i hate those guns and dont or wont own one lots of people not aware should only use factory ammo in them)
          all cases have a length tolerance , and an over all length tolerance once the projectile is in place and set to the right depth in the case/brass.many necessary measurements and its a discipline ,have to have your head in the game

          theres a lot more to it than some people care to learn and a lot more to it than im even saying here , too much to go into here. Ive been at it for years ..get the books and read and follow the directions impeccably

          be ready to shell out some $$.. theres tools you should own to be an effective re-loader , dont go cheap if your serious

          I re-load for long range accuracy for rifles, and for close range knock down power out of pistols
          my favorite cals.. .223/5.56 rem .40s&w .45acp .44 spl & mag .38 and38 spland +P , 357 mag ,30-06 , .300 win mag

          I cant say how many thousands of rounds ive built ,, stopped counting when the number got too high to remember

        • Reloading is not difficult, but you have to pay attention and do it right, or you can have a large gun part sticking out of your forehead. If you’re reloading for AR15s, go with a Dillon progressive press. You need to be anal about your reloading processes, though.

          No one’s tracking component purchases except the people you buy it from.

          If you have a weapon for each adult or older youth in your home, you have enough weapons for now.

          • good up to date reloading manuals and a scale is a must, even a couple scales, do no guess the grains of gun powder. black powder if used in shotgun shells is forgivable, but not gun powder.

        • Buy extra firing pins for the AR.

      42. ‘Toys for Tots’ time again in my town- the local PD, FD, some sheriffs, some enlisted from the AFB down the highway, etc. will be handing out toys to kids- kids of ‘parents’ that some of the cops have dealt with before… some of the parents AND some of the cops walk around with an attitude- I guess I’m gettin old, because the posing just makes me smile anymore…
        And yeah, a few of the kids are snots, but most are just kids you know?
        Anyway, the guy that runs it says all it takes is one kid to smile that special way and maybe he’s changed something for the better…


        Sometimes I peg someone as a bona-fide asshole based on thier looks alone, then I remember what I look like… and I give them the benefit of the doubt.


      43. 》》But most police that are serving our local communities are just average people trying to do their jobs.《《

        Bullshit. Normal people will actively avoid corruption and brutal behavior. Contemporary cops LOVE it, and will actively defend brutality, even when it is egregious and overt. This is not the behavior of “average people” bit amoral psychopaths.

        》》Without the police, crime would be wildly out of control.《《

        There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to support this statement. Indeed, organized police forces didn’t exist for the first hundred years (give or take) of America. And sociological studies indicate societies have little (or no) need for police now. To put it plainly, when there is a lack of an c enforcer class of thugs, societies tend to police themselves in whatever way the find most effective.

        》》So I am very thankful for the police in my local area.  I sleep better at night knowing that they are there.《《

        Jose Guerena, Kelly Thomas and Eric Garner were unavailable for comment.

      44. Not sure if this is well known but I Googled US ARMY FIELD MANUAL. Ive never actually heard of anyone using them but they are available 100% free in PDF as well as other downloadable means there’s everything in there.folks from how to wash dishes how to operate a tank to improvised guerilla warfare urban assault tactics treating battle wounds there were thousands folks these are the operating manuals for the weapons and tactics that are being used against us. My printer will be working overtime this Christmas. I STRONGLY SUGGEST TO YOU BROTHER’S AND SISTERS TO DO THE SAME BEFORE AN INTERNET BLACKOUT. I figure you got a week to 10 days if it continues to escalate. Know your enemy.

        • John,the field medic and behind line improvise manuals are great,don’t have ink and printer at moment at least get em on a thumb drive till you can print hard copies!

        • I think you are right on the time line. In fact it may be Christmas Day. I’ll try to see if I can print those us before hand.

      45. so far as i know the police in my area are good guys and they do a good job of getting the criminals off the street, we don’t see any of the horseshit that is going on in other cities happening here. I hope it stays that way because most of the people in this area see cops as their friends and we will support them when the shit hits the fan, there are a lot of fing thugs on the streets that need to bite the dust. Good job, well done law enforcement in my area.

        • Why don’t they just stage a terrorist attack in Moscov and then take over Saudi? Wouldn’t be terribly creative but would solve multiple of their problems.

        • I cannot believe PC Roberts since he lied about Ukraine during the Maidan when I had friends there on the ground telling me the truth.

      46. moderation @ slow ass website because of the thumbs. Im gone

        • Hang around fella. It just takes a little more time for the page to load.

      47. Interesting! Does no one see that this is exactly what Oblama an his administration wants? War in the streets, total breakdown of our civilization is what the communists use to bring in martial law. All of the false flags and turmoil in our civilization is designed to install martial law. Martial law in place: there is no Constitution…no Constitution, no civil rights…no civil rights Dictatorship and no elections. Oblama’s term may never end.

        • Yep. Hammer and sickle coming to a town near you.

          Can you speak commie? It’s a special language foreign to most. Within a year or two at the most…. prolly sooner.

      48. Mac,like the site and the regulars but Dammit! since implementation on new thumb program this site loads very slowly.I have used different browsers/computers/net connections and OS systems and the same on em all.I need to keep stopping the loading to get pages quick and the thumbs are just 4 squares on screen,anyway to get a new program if the thumbs absolutely necc.,which personally do not believe this site needs but many seem to like,thanks,Warchild

      49. Is it me or have you noticed big cities with liberal Mayors seem to side with criminals, liberal TV stations (msm) seem to side with criminals, and liberal leaders made every thing a race issue, not a criminal issue?

        • Woogle? You are both right and appropriately observant.

          But, if you take the next step and connect that final set of dots – what you will discover is that all of the pathologies that you wisely cited concerning the behavior of liberals and the liberal media can be boiled down to a single common denominator. Which is: Anti-White.

          Liberals view the world around them through a prism that is hardwired to hate and oppose anything that their prism view tells them is ‘good for White Americans’.
          Crime free, safe, and tranquil communities are a symbolic representation of the old White America that liberals love to hate and which they are obsessed with destroying.

          Meanwhile, White Americans are the most passionate demographic group remaining in America who wants to stamp out criminal behavior and in most cases, Whites have the least amount of tolerance for criminal behavior – especially coming from dysfunctional, predatory, IQ of 70 gang banging blacks or mestizos.

          Thus, as the liberal psychopath rule dictates – anything that White Americans prefer, such as aggressive policing in order to send a message to black and mestizo criminals that their criminal behaviors will not be tolerated – is automatically opposed by liberals.

          Furthermore, it is a well known statistical fact that the percentage of crime, both violent and non-violent, is directly connected to the percentage of blacks and mestizos that exist in a given city, community or general geographic location. Areas with very low percentages of blacks or mestizos, i.e., places that are still overwhelmingly White – have some of the lowest crime rates in the country. And, do not think for a split second that our Mulatto rulers (Obongo, Holder) and their cabal of racist race hustlers (Sharpton, Rangel, Jackson, Jarrett, etc.) are not keenly aware of these statistical truths. They are. Which is why they initiated a HUD program a few years ago where they announced that they were going to be ‘reviewing’ demographic makeups of neighborhoods across communities in America and looking for neighborhoods which were not ‘diverse enough’ and then, if there were any empty houses for sale in those neighborhoods, they were planning to use tax dollars which were stolen from mostly White Americans to buy up those houses and then use then to resettle inner city bred, gang banging, dangerous and predatory, IQ of 70 blacks.

          Think I’m pulling everyone’s leg? Have doubts that your government could be so diabolically evil and filled with raw, blistering hot hatred for White Americans that they’d stoop to such criminal acts as this?

          Care to revisit just the US Justice Department’s crime statistics on the crime of black on white ‘rape’ alone?

          Year – Total number black on White rapes
          2003 – 20,310
          2004 – 11,612
          2005 – 37,461
          2006 – 32,444
          2007 – 14,093
          2008 – 19,293
          Giving an average of 22,535 per year.
          In each year White on black rape was 0.0% with a foot note stating “Estimate is based on about 10 or fewer sample cases.”
          Go forth and spread the word everywhere possible.
          *2009 and later (coincidentally after the most transparent regime in history occupied Washington DC) BJS crime victim reports failed to include (or I failed to find) black on White rape numbers, for whatever reason.

          This is an example of what Representative Mo Brooks meant when he declared that he had come to realize that there was a War On Whites, friends. The pair of hate filled, anti-white racist Mulattoes and their cabal of black race hustlers, with the willing assistance and approval of the RINO rat turd infested ‘leadership’ of the establishment GOP – are fully in favor of shoving as many dangerous, violent, predatory blacks into every White neighborhood as possible and who their nosy Census questions about race tells them is too ‘white’ and therefore too lacking in having a taste of the kind of criminal terror that is common place in cities or neighborhoods that are infested with blacks or mestizos.

          Many have said that liberalism is a serious mental disease, and no better piece of evidence than this can be cited to substantiate that allegation. This is the mindset of liberals – these mentally insane bastards have the notion that it is ‘unfair’ for there to be White neighborhoods where White females are not at risk of being raped every time they walk out to the mailbox. It is not ‘fair’ that White humans do not have to experience the same levels of crime as do inner city blacks who live in black neighborhoods.

          So, they want to ‘fix’ that. They want to import black thugs and gang bangers and jam them up the asses of White neighborhoods.

      50. The Libs have been breeding this degenerate culture for 40 years now, using your tax $$ in targeted welfare (more $$ for more kids). Time to get away from the cites and their big ideas!

      51. Life is different for those who don’t have middle class or white skin privilege. The government’s enforcers tend to come down harder on people who don’t remind the power elite of themselves.

        However, a little “yes, sir” and remembering that officer puts his life at risk every time he starts his shift, goes a long way. One can still refuse an unwarranted search and cooperate only minimally without being a jerk about it.

        If one is stopped for a broken tail light and gets a ticket be as courteous to the officer as you would be to anyone else. If you want to challenge it do that in court.

        Murdering someone from ambush isn’t the way of the warrior. It’s the way of the coward.

        • It’s also the way of the parasite, degenerate, “it’s the other dudes fault” class.

      52. The war is here in Detroit, watching the local new (wdiv channel 4 ) 5 white teens ambushed last night by black assailant . Robbery, rape and murder. 99% by blacks against whites .
        I listen to the police scanner and the police are out numbered. Smash and grabs by detroiters, they come to the suburbs commit a crime and a high speed chase back to the city, the police are not allowed to chase them into the city, they stop at the boarder of detroit.
        I can see who the enemy is that will have to be delt with. I think the government knows, that’s why they are gearing up ,it will be against the apes from detroit.

      53. You would not kill cops and then put a bullet in your own head so yes it looks like a false flag and the NYPD or CIA were behind it.

        Cops killing the public like sheep will result in pigs getting killed but i don’t think this was one of them times.

        Trouble is the USA is full of cowards else the police state would had been stopped long before now

      54. Lots of Cop Haters and keyboard warriors here today who have no idea what it is like to be a Police Officer and probably panic when they see a Police Car behind them.

        • That’s part of the problem, people feel panicky whenever a murdering pig affiliated with the gang in blue, thee largest and most violent gang in america gets behind them or anywhere close to them.

      55. There is definitely a war in America and it will get worse. Obama, Holder and Sharpton are behind this latest round of strife. The rebellion of negroes is pushed by our own government. Do you understand? Your government is pushing blacks to attack whites and police. These police killings were justified. Blacks make up most of the criminal element (per capita). Each time a white person is attacked by a negro our own US government is behind it. Do something about it. We will have to rally and gather together and lock-and-load.

      56. All the poor coppers have crapped their drawers, some declaring a “war” has started. Well if you believe a career criminal (which exposes the failure of the justice system) and a radical muzzie cult scumbag to boot is somehow associated with protesters and patriots who defy un-constitutional decrees and who desire the rule of law upheld, you clowns haven’t seen anything yet in regards to an armed insurgency for the restoration of the Republic.

        But go ahead and keep blaming DeBlasio the communist scumbag as a scapegoat when the hearts and minds of the American people you’ve lost by your own illegal corrupt actions. Yet the gang in blue is blinded by their own insular culture. All the more devastating when it comes crashing down. Many Americans sit eating popcorn watching both sides implode.

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