It’s Time To Push Back Against The Draconian Lockdowns And Tyranny

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 14 comments

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    Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and anyone else advocating for a federally mandated lockdown either doesn’t understand the Constitution’s structure or doesn’t respect it.  The lockdowns are both unconstitutional and trash the fundamental human rights every single person on this planet was born with.

    A recent article by The Federalist has really hit home for many in the liberty movement.  It is time to push back against the tyrannical orders of governors and federal authoritarians. The Washington Post ran an article about plans being made to reopen the economy. The article complains that state governors (rather than the White House) are leading the planning, which has resulted in a “mind-boggling level of disorganization,” according to a Centers for Disease Control director.

    The incessant bleating of prominent health leaders over the lack of federal control in this crisis only underscores how little they understand or respect this country’s Constitution and the freedoms it seeks to protect. Although the White House certainly has emergency authority to mandate all number of efforts to respond to crisis, and obviously can pressure local leaders, the coronavirus has highlighted the structural nature of the Constitution and that one of the saving graces in the insanity we are living through is that lockdowns are local.

    I find our current lockdowns particularly chilling. They effectuate a sweeping deprivation of civil liberties and, in my opinion, many of the current lockdowns far exceed the uncontroverted evidence necessary to justify them. -Emily McCann, The Federalist

    There is never an excuse for tyranny and human rights shouldn’t be stomped on to slow the spread of a virus.  It’s time to stand up and go back to our lives regardless of the orders to stay on house arrest.

    We need to collectively start objecting to statewide lockdowns, too. The herd mentality that has swept the nation and imprisoned Americans across the country does not have the proper evidentiary basis, and the precedent, if left unchallenged, can and will be abused in the future. Public outcry should be widespread and loud. -Emily McCann, The Federalist

    McCann is correct.  Americans have to push back against this tyranny or those in power will never check themselves when it comes to taking our basic human rights or worse, our lives. If we accept this level of draconian power, there will be more.  They will enslave us only to the point we allow.  It’s time to start pushing back.

    Read McCann’s entire article by clicking here. 

    GOOGLE Is Doing Whatever It Can to De-Monetize us And Shadow-Ban us. During these TOUGH financial times, we ASPIRE to stay completely independent and pay our full staff, so we can continue to deliver VALUE to you. It is possible for you to HELP us, by supporting our COVID-19 expert survival report HERE!

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      1. The vaccine that Bill Gates wants to force every person on earth to receive is a messenger RNA vaccine which does not contain the viral pathogen, but edits RNA to attack the pathogen.

        It is training the body to attack itself, if it becomes infected with the viral pathogen, which seems less than an optimal survival tactitic, and more of a fantasy of mad man to depopulate the planet!

        Send Bill Gates to prison now! A federal pennitentiary, not merely house arrest, for clarification purposes!

        • The package or envelope is alleged to be an exosome — or cellular material, which can exist outside of the body, for a limited amount of time.

          What are we detecting, and what are we fighting, if not bodily tissue.

          We are also being asked to modify our body.

      2. Waaahhh…waaahhh.

        Where does the author live? Oh, yeah California.

        There is a stay home order here, but the state does not, and can not, enforce it. So, if you want to go out, fine. Hope you don’t die from covid.

        Push back then. Have you even tried? I would wager not.

      3. This is America and as such everyone should be free to go about they’re lives as they see fit PROVIDED that an individuals actions don’t bring harm to another!

        If a selfish “me, me, me” fool wants to parade around public without taking any precautions fine, just don’t cough on or sneeze in another persons face or back of their head if in a checkout isle!

        That kind of action could now be considered to be a deadly threat against another thereby requiring criminal legal action (arrest and testing) being taken against the perpetrator

        COVID19 is a bio weapon plain and simple! How it got out of the lab isn’t public yet!

        Now digest that bit of information and take your safety into your own hands, as it should always be!

        • “This is America and as such everyone should be free to go about they’re lives as they see fit PROVIDED that an individuals actions don’t bring harm to another!”

          h ttps://

          A health or welfare clause has always been used as a means to violate civil rights.

          All the voluntaryists, taking these precautions, voluntarily, should be safe from you, parading around, right?

      4. The medical mafia will go to any lengths to protectbits interests, just as the oil magnates protected their interests, and many developers of electric cars mysteriously wound up dead, despite the fact that the first four cars ever invented were electric.

        On December 15, 2017, Canadian generic pharmaceutical magnates Barry and Honey Sherman were murdered in their home. The murder has yet to be solved.

        The Shermans were about to market a generic version of Viagra. Gee, do you think that that mey have provided a motive for murder?

        Since everyone is going to die at some point, we must commit to be willing to die for a worthy cause, that being, speaking the truth even when evil psychopaths resort to veiled threats and intimidation tactics.

        To give in to evil and be silent simply empowers them, makes them more evil, and makes the world a more evil place.

        It is better to die of a worthy cause than die in vain. And serving evil tyrants is as vain as it could possibly get! It is the belief that the individuals life that is taking bribes, is more precious than the life of everyone alive and yet to be born.

        I am not taliking about suicide bombing or anything violent, just not being intimidated into silence in the face of evil.

        Unfortunately, I strongly suspect that the GEC has bought off many alternative media bloggers that were credible in the past. If not them, then one of their minions like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or George Soros, because sometimes I just want to scream at the complete BS that I hear, in fact,
        sometimes I do.

        The Medical mafia is throwing a hissy fit over being sued for the opioid crisis, which they are in fact responsible, in addition to the FDA and congress, unfortunately, property tax payers, victims, and families of victims will receive nothing from the lawsuits by local governments. It all goes to the government and will not be used to compensate victims, families, or tax payers.

      5. Undoctor Gates has decided to make sure that the world is vaccinated by his new age messenger RNA vaccines which would edit RNA to attack viruses in the body of the vaccinated individual, thereby attacking the body of the vaccinated individual, but at least the virus won’t survive, because the health of one is related to the health of all in this new age money making snake oil racket led by Undoctor Gates and Dr. of Philosophy Tedros Adhanom, President of WHO.

        Don’t just be fooled by the fact that Gates is an Undoctor, he has a track record to prove it. Since he is not a doctor, he has made some mistakes along the way, like reviving polio in India, and having a vaccine for polio that left patients paralyzed. Oops, he’s new at this. Give him time while he experiments on Indian girls in for HPV, causing life threatenning effects, still working on the vaccines, give him time in Africa, for a malaria vaccine that caused encephylitus in many of his expirimental subjects. He will get the hang of it, eventually. It isn’t his life on the line, so any fatalities are nonconsequential and are all in the name of science and progress to save humanity and charge everyone for his vaccines, because the new age philosophy is that the health of one is related to the healthnof all, so everyone must be vaccinated, whether the vaccines work, are safe or not, because it would be a booster to the economy and the medical mafia!

      6. Statistics coming from Chicago claiming that 2/3 of all Corona virus deaths are black individuals who represent 1/3 of the population. While it is true that the black population has suffered from more poverty related health ailments in the past, the white mortality age fell for the first time under Obama, while black and other mortality ages increased for the first time.

        There has been over-reporting of coronavirus deaths, as has been pointed out here on SHTFplan. It seems that this is being used to incite the BLM movements across America to riot as an excuse to invoke martial law.

        Maybe rather than having one cause of death listed, all fatal illnesses that the victim suffered from should be listed. It would be more accurate too. If someone had Alzheimers, pnuemonia, COPD, coronavirus, heart disease, why not list them all as the cause of death? The body can start a domino affect, leading to the break down of vital functioning, and it is actually common.

        In the new reporting, they could just say that the cause of death was the coronavirus.

      7. The Nazis and Chinese are pissed that the U.S. wants to stop funding WHO since it is a “Wonderful investment” and an “effort of global cooperation.” that the U.S. wasted $893 million in two years on, depite WHO having the lousiest record possible when it comes to pandemic hysteria and is always wrong! It’s a mob run racket of organized crime and international terrorism!

      8. It’s far past the time now, the time was way back during the Clinton administration but people were too busy saying “if not now, when” instead of doing it then and let the time pass till resistance today is an effort in futility.

        They won, you lost, get over it.

      9. Your government owns you you have no rights

        • ha ha ha. That’s what they think. They have miscalculated every single thing. They have a 100% track record of being wrong. They have perfected losing. It is the only thing that they excell at. These are retarded lunatics that we are dealing with.

      10. No one knows how the corona virus got out of the laboratory, but did anyone consider it was intentionally released? Perhaps intentionally released in highly populated areas. The Democrats also stated many times they would do ANYTHING to see that Trump was not reelected. The Deep State is not going to give up. If this present situation goes on much longer the economy is going to colapse,that’s a fact.

      11. Give Phil Gramm every Undoctor Gates vaccine that Gavi has developed! 

        Phil Gramm wants Gates to run WHO! I don’t support WHO, but if Gates is qualified to run it, I certainly have more qualifications than he does since I was a personal caregiver! 

        So, why not appoint me?!

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