It’s Time to Deploy the National Guard

by | Jun 24, 2010 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    It’s one thing to secure our borders so that illegal immigrants, or migrant workers, are prevented from entering the United States.

    It’s a completely different matter when we have Mexican drug cartels literally taking over massive amounts of land in America through which they smuggle drugs, weapons and gang members. We would not be at all surprised if Mexican drug cartels were eventually found to have assisted terrorists by smuggling them through our southern border.

    In two prior articles we outlined that the National Guard has been mobilized and that they are also engaged in training for domestic policing in emergency scenarios like riots or evacuations. While many of our readers, including this author, have misgivings about domestic deployment of military personnel, there are some instances when we believe this must be done in order to preserve order and prevent chaos. Hurricane Katrina is one example where we believe a Guard presence is justified.

    What we have not discussed up until now is the deployment of the Guard into domestic war zones. If there was ever a case where we feel it’s justified to deploy military personnel, it is along today’s Arizona border.

    Up until now, the so called “war on drugs” has been fought by police on the streets of America or in foreign lands like Columbia. But now the threat is becoming much more serious.

    In the last year, over 20,000 people have been killed in drug violence on the Mexican side of the border. We’ve crossed a dangerous threshold and the war is now moving into the United States:

    The United States is ceding parts of Arizona to the Mexican drug cartels. So says Pinal County (Ariz.) Sheriff Paul Babeu.

    In a press conference ignored by the American national media, the sheriff described how his deputies were outmanned and outgunned by the cartel smugglers who increasingly operate using military tactics and weapons. The result, said Sheriff Babeu, was that a wide corridor of Arizona from the border North to the outskirts of Phoenix is effectively controlled by the cartels. “We do not have control of this area,” the sheriff said.

    Frequent cross border incursions into the U.S. by cartel soldiers in Mexican Army uniforms driving American-made Humvees and toting automatic weapons support an increasingly sophisticated web of smuggling routes. Patrolling sheriff deputies or lone Border Patrol officers are no match for this firepower and are ordered to fall back when confronted with the cartels’ military might.

    Aerial photographs taken by American civilian pilots show cartel bulldozers improving dirt roads across the undefended border after a seasonal rain to facilitate the nightly drug runs.

    According to reports, over 3500 acres of public land have essentially been appropriated by Mexican drug cartels. Local police forces, which are designed to provide services to local inhabitants of their counties are simply undermanned and outgunned, as reported in this ABC story:

    A Mexican drug cartel has threatened police officers in Arizona who confiscated a marijuana shipment, prompting the small town department to warn its officers to remain armed and have radios with them at all times, and keep their body armor handy.

    Police and experts believe the warning against the Nogales, Ariz., cops marks the first time that powerful Mexican drug cartels, used to bribing and bullying police south of the border, have targeted U.S. officers.

    Mexican drug cartels have threatened to use snipers and armed gunmen to eliminate local police.

    There should be absolutely no doubt that Mexican drug cartels will carry out these threats.

    They have brought the war into the United States. What they do not understand, and hopefully will soon, is that our warriors are superior to anything Mexican gangs can bring to the table.

    It is time to deploy the National Guard to the border, and the longer the President waits before doing so, the more land will be taken over by cartels. It is simply a matter of time before these animals start decapitating US law enforcement officials in border towns and executing their families like they do south of the border.

    What we need on the border, and especially on US land currently controlled by cartels, is a surge and heavy presence of military.

    We need to send a message to Mexican cartels, and that message should come in the form of  Apache Helictopers, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, M-249, M-203 and the gambit of tactical strike bombs like the Viper Strike GBU-44:

    And if Mexican drug cartels think that they can threaten American citizens with snipers, we should immediately deploy some of these guys:

    Mexican drug cartels must understand that the United States of America will not allow the invasion of our land in any form.

    It is our view that President Obama should give a single warning in a prime time speech giving them 48 hours to withdraw from the United States or face the threat of annihilation. Anyone remaining on that 3500 acres of land after said deadline will be terminated with extreme prejudice. In addition, the United States, since it has been engaged on US soil by cartel leaders who insist on terrorizing US citizens without any sort of effort by the government of Mexico to stop them, will directly strike top level drug cartel members within the country of Mexico.

    We are doing this in Pakistan already, and we’ve done it in other countries. And if Mexican officials can’t keep these “terrorists” from crossing into the United States, we should do the same there.

    Once combat operations are completed, military personnel should remain along the entire southern US border to prevent any illegal border crossings, including those by migrant workers.

    Border security light being implemented by DHS Chief Janet Napolitano is not going to cut it anymore:

    Federal officials will send drones into the skies to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border to beef up surveillance of criminal trafficking along the Mexican border.

    “Our Southwest border states have endured more than their share of challenges,” the former Arizona governor said. “I share the frustration border communities feel.”

    During a speech at a Washington think tank, Napolitano argued that “border is as secure now as it has ever been” but said some “are looking to score political points” by depicting the border as far more dangerous than it really is, the Post reported.

    The problem with this statement is that our border has never actually been secure!

    Unarmed drones patrolling this gang infested area of Arizona where cartels have threatened local police forces with violence and snipers is simply not enough. In addition, even if the drones remain unarmed, and spot illegal border crossings, Border Patrol simply does not have the personnel to respond quickly enough. Again, a strong National Guard presence across the entire Southern border is required.

    Rather than accusing Tea Party members or those who speak out against big government policies of being home-grown terrorists, the White House and Congress need to focus their efforts on actual terrorists invading this country. Of course, that may not be politically expedient for an administration that reportedly believes that border security is a negotiable part of a greater comprehensive immigration reform initiative, the safety of the American people be damned.

    We need to either tighten up the Southern border and destroy drug gangs coming in to the United States, or, we need to legalize drugs for personal use. The legalization argument is one that we’ll save for a later discussion, but we really don’t have many choices here. Even with the National Guard on the border, there’s no guarantee that the flow of drugs can be stopped so long as demand in the United States continues, and let’s be honest – that’s not going away anytime soon.

    Hat tip Tom of the North of the Looming Doom for links to our border security reference  articles.


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      1. Obama and the democrates do not want a sealed boarder . no doubt he will try to push his amnesty crap by the novemeber recess . all he needs is to get cap and trade and amnesty deal  and he will have served his purpose of the presidency . Mr soto0r has even stopped the fence from buing built in parts of Arizone is it because he is concerned about our boarders or gaining mexican voters ? That boarder could have been sealed off  50 years ago . There is a reason why the Federal government wont seal it . To seal the boarder would sink the amnesty deal that is planned. He would have no bargaining chips  if the problem was taken care of.  This is also about cheap labor and big business as well.Most all superpowers use third world nations as a cheap labor base to make there goods for export . They pass cap and trade and amnesty then you know out time is near . If Mr sotor gets relected  in 2012- were all screwed and will be slaves to the  system  .

      2. Great post mac!

        That said, the Obama Administration will not enforce our southern border. In fact, no less than the the U.S. Secretary of State recently divulged in an interview on Ecuadorean television that the U.S. Govt. will be suing Arizona over it’s recent legislation seeking to identify and deport illegal aliens. Not surprisingly, that was the first AZ had heard about it:—-on-Arizona-96839529.html

        I’m afraid things will only continue to get worse. This appears to be a civil war….

      3. Thx Tom.. I know they’ll never police the border, but I really wanted to get this out… I am sure you can tell that I was a bit fired up in this one. Sometimes emotions get the best of me… So much for unbiased blogging, eh?

        Even the 1200 NG they are sending down there now are reportedly going to be pencil pushing.

        According to this report, PresBush did something similar in 2006…

        The troops wouldn’t perform significant law enforcement duties.”

        It’s a mess. I wonder how far the Fed will let this go.

        There will be murders of law enforcement officers in the Southern states because of this….

      4. “Mexican drug cartels have threatened to use snipers and armed gunmen to eliminate local police.
        There should be absolutely no doubt that Mexican drug cartels will carry out these threats.”

        So if it were members of one of the many middle east terrorist groups that were doing this on american soil then it would be “acts of terror”.  But since it’s mexican drug cartels doing the terrorizing then it’s not an act of terror/war?  Are we not in a war against terror?  Oh yeah… that’s right… it’s those evil tea party protesters/terrorists that we need to worry about… not those militarily armed mexican gang/drug cartel that have literally invaded our country with malicious intent. 

        What an F’ing joke man!!  This is why I have absolutely ZERO respect for Obama and his cabinet of cronies!!  Our own country has been infiltrated by a foreign terror organization that is literally attacking american citizens/police and yet the administration is going to sue Arizona for taking action and creating it’s own law against illegal immigrants?  WTF man?!!? 

        Too bad mexico isn’t full of massive oil reserves… then our government would have a reason to show interest.  It’s only a matter of time before the citizens of AZ start taking matters into their own hands…

      5. Obama is intentionally destroying the Republic by his actions…..and his inactions.   

        In addition to the growing crisis on the Mexican border, the Gulf oil disaster, and the ongoing debasement of the U.S. dollar by the Fed I’m contemplating that Obama’s next move is to set up the U.S. Fleet in the Middle East for a major defeat/debacle at the hands of the Iranians and their semi-covert military allies, the Chinese and the Russians.  

        If the U.S. military takes a major loss then Obama will have accomplished his goal of destroying U.S. power and status in the world.   Once he has totally destroyed the vestiges of our nations’ sovereignty then we will be incorporated into a global governance scheme.   

        Alan Keyes had it correct from the very start, “Obama is a abomination and a usurper”.   I’ll go one further, “the man is a pestilence upon this nation”. 

        Obama hates America and all it stands for, his action and inaction on the national and international issues are proof of his hatred for all things American.      

        Be  prepared for the national holocaust this man putting into motion.            

      6. We need to create a DMZ of ten or more miles into Mexico, push everyone out of it and let the Mexicans know that if we see any movement, any movement at all in that area we will destroy it. The world will scream and the Mexican will scream and so on and so on. We can close our ears and rest secure in the knowledge that are borders are closed, are people are safe and there isn’t a damned thing Mexico can do about it.

        If the Mexican government wants to take us on all we have to do is tell the Mexicans that keep crossing our border for work to grab a gun, turn on their government, back our play and we’ll bring the jobs to them.

        And we’ll get rid of the cartels and make their homes safe again, something their own government won’t do for them.

        And while we’re at it, let’s legalize the drugs that are coming across the border or decide that they are so dangerous that anyone caught in possession of them will by executed. Either way, we’ll destroy the illegal market and take away the incentive of the cartels.

        Oh yeah, and along with that, anyone caught hiring an illegal should be extensively fined,  jailed or both. that would take away the demand that drives the illegals across the border for jobs.

        Or is all this to simple?

      7. Hmmm… yet another money-pit war OR how about we put the cartels out of business without firing a shot, just like we did with the alcohol drug gangs in 1933?  Prohibition is a failure, and anyone who claims to be libertarian cannot support it without being guilty of rank hypocrisy.  The mexican drug gangs, and all drug gangs, are a direct construct of federal and state prohibition laws; they could be destroyed overnight with the stroke of a pen. 

      8. Ironic…the imperial USA invades countries to profit / seize their resources, and drug cartels are invading the USA to profit / seize its resources. We can dish it out, but we can’t take it!

      9. Illegal aliens are as much of a drag on the American working taxpayer as is these drug cartels.

        Both must be eliminated once and for all.

        We must make the punishment the 7 day death penalty, without exception.  All illegals and drug cartels must be punished swiftly and without exception.

        Otherwise, our Federal laws are meaningless and I am not going to obey any laws, as should my fellow 300 million legal citizens.

      10. Great post Mac. I agree that we need to secure the border but they will never do this. The war on drugs is a farce. The drug war in Mexico is to see who will control the drug trade. The Mexican govt wants to control the entire drug trade in south. Second Senator Kyl went to speak to Obama one on one. Obama told him that he will not secure the border until WE accept amnesty for illegal aliens. This is a fuckin outrage!!! So the govt is holding us hostage we will not get security until amnesty is law of the land. I live in in New York City and I cannot imagine what you guys in the southwest states are going through. I believe it is time for the people of southern califonia,Arizona,Texas,Nevada,New Mexico,and Colarado to arm up,band together and secure the border themselves if the government does not want to do its job. That is the only I can see the sheriffs can get help. The border security,and local,and state police are outgunned by these paramilitary drug cartels.
        We have to secure the border soon because Mexico is two years away from total collapse,civil war,and chaos!! When Mexico completly collapses the situation at the border will get worse and it will be like Iraq four years ago.

        Now I ask why should we have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan that are being killed and our resources their are being depleted while the situation  at our border is reaching critical mass. The time will come when more border militias will spring up and take matters into their own hands in Arizona,Texas etc. The southwest is a cauldron and when the shtf it will be war zone.

      11. It’s been time for a while to have National Guard on the border. I was down there in 2006 near Yuma for Operation Jumpstart. They shifted to Nogales towards the end of the operation and pulled out in July 2008. That was a good mission, and I would go back down there in a heart beat to do it again. This time though, give me my M249 and let us patrol!

      12. Put a Marine Expeditionary Unit down there and let them kill everyone.

      13. What they really should do is just plot coordinates for random spots along the border and then start dropping MOABs (fuel/air bombs) in there.  Every day would be like a new game:  Let’s see what section of the border ceases to exist today boys and girls…….

      14. Agreed Mac. Its past time to take action, but I like the negative press these criminals have created to wake the American people up and generate a massive landslide for the opposition in November. Otherwise, Obama may have slipped something past US. Too late for that now. He is toast. The border WILL be secured, and the 30 million criminals that have invaded our country will have to go home.

        Just in the nick of time too. Another eight years of a complacent American public would have doomed the Republic. The PTB that want to destroy this country and make it just like one of many, have overplayed their hand by not responding to the American people.

        Now the American people will rise up and take their country back! God Bless America!


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