“It’s Spreading”: US Census Reports Nearly 100 Million Poor in America; Worst Conditions in Fifty Years

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Headline News | 219 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    It’s bad out there. Really bad.

    As world leaders finally begin to admit that we are smack dab in the middle of another Great Depression and the economy stands at the cusp of another earth-shaking collapse of the financial system, the US census reports that nearly 100 million Americans are now classified as living in poverty or are considered “near poor.”

    That’s nearly 1/3 of our populace who are living in the worst economic conditions in nearly fifty years.

    We haven’t seen these highs since the mid ’60s. That survey indicates the poverty level has grown from 15.1% to as high as 15.7% [since 2010], and it’s spreading at record levels to many socio-economic groups from unemployed workers, suburban families, to the poorest poor.

    …More discouraged workers are giving up on the job market and unemployment aid is running out. They found that the suburbs are seeing an increase in poverty

    Those experts surveyed also predict poverty will remain above the pre-recession level of 12.5% for many more years.

    Via Yahoo:

    It’s not encouraging any way you look at it. And if you look at near poverty, which is another measure – the next income bracket up… you’re looking at just a huge number of Americans; I think on the order of almost 100 million people are either poor or close to poor. And poor, just in case you haven’t kept up on the definition is $11,000 a year for an individual or $22,000 for a family of four.

    Poverty is up 25% since President Obama took the helm, and as predicted by the survey, will continue unabated as economic conditions worsen.

    There can be no economic recovery – ever – if we continue down the path we’re on:

    They are responsible for the overspending and making of promises that cannot be kept and thus the stifling of the economy as a whole as resources are shifted to an infantile and futile attempt to maintain the illusion of prosperity.

    Prepare for a storm, my friends, for it is coming our way.

    Source: Market Ticker

    For 100 million of our fellow countrymen today, the storm is already pounding them with hurricane-like winds.

    The contagion is most certainly spreading.

    Twenty two percent of Americans are unemployed, underemployed or simply no longer counted, and half of American households are dependent on some type of government benefit to make ends meet. In fact, more people are applying for government disability benefits each month than there are jobs created.

    The storm is coming, and when it strikes the government will be powerless to stop it, despite the belief by the majority of Americans that existing social safety nets and emergency response plans will bail them out.



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      1. Guess that great social experiment with wealth redistribution didn’t work so well huh! Or you could say it was wiped out in one term!

        • Jim

          Actually taxes were much higher in the good old days. We created wealth via manufacturing.

          The main issue is not some income redistribution but rather wealth redistribution from the developed world (that’s us) to the developing world (China, India, Brazil and more).

          Henry Ford might have created the middle class but Walter Reuther surely expanded it however a Walter Reuther cannot exist without a Henry Ford.

          • If you’re referring to the 1950’s and 1960’s, those high 90% tax rates only existed on paper, no one actually payed them. The over all tax burden on Americans was much lower then.

            • I am referring to the 50s and 60s. The 50% tax rate was paid and capital gain tax rate was 25% not 15%.

              Without the industrial base you can cut those taxes to zero and your still not going to live well. Wealth redistribution only works as long as there is wealth to be redistributed. Wealth needs to be created. Debt both private and public has replaced value adding manufacturing as the fuel to run the economic engine. There lay the core of the problem and the solution. The rest is symptoms.

            • Orly? Hoover tried to spend his way out oif the crisis too, right?

              No no no, the fiscale evasion industry today is far larger than it was in the 1960s and 1950s.

            • Right on. Those 90% tax rates were so terrible that not only did no one pay them, a married couple could take home enough of the husband’s paycheck that not only could the wife stay home and raise the children, they could afford to buy a home, car, furnishings, food, etc., on just one income. You could do this on less than %10,000 a year.

              The tax burden for Americans is about triple what it was then.

              • It was inflation that did that.

          • “Actually taxes were much higher in the good old days. We created wealth via manufacturing”.
            Did the US sign the 1976 Lima Agreement? See the ‘Articles’, re shifting of manufacturing jobs from the developed western world – to the developing world.

            • Rabid Cat

              The transfer of wealth creation from the developed world to the developing world is no accident. As I stated many times it’s insanity to blame one party or person because they’re all in kahoots. They’re so much in kahoots that the plan in development and implementation has run roughshod over the democratic process in nations throughout the world. Lets face it the majority population in Europe did not want to loose their manufacturing employment any more than the steelworkers in Pennsylvania or Auto Workers in Michigan. What those citizens wanted in the end did not matter because regardless if they voted Labor or Conservative the result was the same.

              People say America is controlled by an oligarchy. the reality is the world is virtually controlled by an oligarchy and the few places out of it’s reach are being overtaken or marginalized.

            • Actually, as one of the few business owners on here, the rich don’t pay taxes, they figure out how to write them off. If you do pay over 40% in taxes, you’re probably part of the nouveau riche that pretends they are rich because they make a lot of money…If you dont have a lot of money and still pay a lot of taxes, thats due to your own lack of financial education. Rich folks do NOT pay TAXES! I probably paid 1%, LEGALLY. No, no cheating, just rich friends who like to talk about how to get tax write offs all day.

          • There were generous loopholes that existed back in the 1950s and 1960s, so the high rates you cite were practically non existent. Joe Kennedy was a master of using them. Then JFK came along and lowered taxes across the board which increased revenues.

            The suggestion that high tax rates in that era produced a strong manufacturing base is a myth spread by progressives.

            • You imply there aren´t generous loopholes anymore? Hahaha!

              No, reaganomics have been given 30 years to work, it clearly hasn´t.
              The myth is that somehow, a sovereign developped country can rely on a service-based economy instead of on a strong manufacturing base.

            • Viper

              High taxes did not produce a strong manufacturing base. A strong manufacturing base allowed the luxury of high taxes without feeling the pain as much.

              The point is taxes or no taxes the evisceration of the industrial base is the root of the problem. The wealth lost was replaced with increasing debt and lasted just long enough for the the mission to be completed before the middle class woke up and said, “Hay the service economy does not work”. Well sorry it’s too late the factories have already fled overseas to slave labor. It reminds me of the line in the movie Animal House when Otter said to Founder, “Face it, you fucked up, you trusted us”.

            • LOL- Really??? You think Reaganomics was a service-based economy? What planet were you on in the ’80’s???

          • MXLord327

            “LOL- Really??? You think Reaganomics was a service-based economy? What planet were you on in the ’80′s???”

            Planet industry is where I spent 50 hours per week at that time. Actually the pushing of the nonsense “Service Economy” was well in gear with Billy Joel’s hit “Allentown” (We’re living here in Allentown and they’re closing all the factories down). The “Service Economy” was touted as a modern replacement / alternative for the “old smokestack industries”. In reality it was a smokescreen put up to placate the masses while the wealth of the nation moved overseas.

            The deindustrialization of the US predated Reagan. It ran into high gear in the early 1970s and went into overdrive with NAFTA and China Free Trade. I tap danced around lay offs almost since starting industrial employment with DuPont in 1976.

            As the CSNY goes, “It’s been a long time coming”.

        • The wealth redistribution worked exactly as planned and executed by the gangster banksters.

          25 corporations now control more than 40% of ALL commercial activity, worldwide.

          6,000 American families control the lion’s share of wealth in America and each one of them has increased their wealth by $100 million over the past 30 years under Globalism while the middle Class in America has had 40% of its wealth destroyed.

          I would say the plan to redistribute the wealth of America has worked exceeding well.

          Engage your employees or be impovershed by them.

          • The “government” isn’t powerless to stop it. The government created these problems.

            These problems are designed to impoverish Americans, make them economic serfs for the NWO Globalists and render them compliant for the NAU under the UN.

            Reverse the NWO policies of the past 30 years and WE can turn this nation around on a DIME!

            1. Rebuke FREE TRADE. There is nothing “free” about it. It subsidizes the world at the expense of the American family and taxpayer.

            Save $300 billion a year by having fair, reciprocal trade with China. Save another $125 a year by having fair reciprocal trade with Mexico and Canada.

            2. Slash government spending by slashing federal government departments and/or personnel, in half!

            3. Cut defense spending by $300 billion dollars a year, every year.

            4. Eliminate the ONE TRILLION DOLLAR annual subsidy for hydrocarbons and allow alt energy to compete with BIG OIL on a level playing field.

            In five years America would be strong, free, and energy independent of ALL nations.

            5. Eliminate ALL tax deductions except for home ownership (up to $1 million)and institute a 20% federal flat tax for everyone.

            6. Order and/or deport ALL illegals as they drain the country of more than $300 billion every year!

            Institute these changes and America would blossom overnight!


            • Eliminate all taxes except a head tax—everyone gets the same vote, everyone pays the same tax. I’d say $100 year is all the government and police I want to finance.

              I’d be willing to pay an extra $1,000/year to fund efforts to track down, prosecute, and punish every last bankster, genocidal warmonger, swindler, and their enablers, talking heads, and politicians for their crimes, including economic crimes, against humanity—every last evil one of ’em. Seize the ill gotten gains of their dynastic usury, swindling, and warmongering. When the very last one is punished, I’ll keep my $1,000/year thank you very much.

              Hold the trials and punishments in Nuremberg!

            • durango kid

              Agree 100%.

            • DK, the government may have offered the people the ‘forbidden fruit’, but the people made the conscious decision to bite it. That says more to me about the precipitous decline in American ethics than it does bad government socialist policies.

              I don’t know if the disembowelment of American society we are witnessing is part of a clandestine plan to weaken the American population, spiritually, financially, economically, and morally beyond repair from within, (it sure feels that way to me); but I think at some point people have to accept some responsibility for the predicament they find themselves in. Having said that, I would never deny a starving individual or family food or shelter to survive.

            • DK:

              Agree with everything but #1, #3, and #4.

              Not entirely a free trader, but reciprocal trade will never work. That discussion would take an entire day, so I’ll move on…

              In FY 11, the total defense budget was roughly $700 billion, including OCO. If we slash it $300 billion a year, every year, we’d eliminate all spending on defense in less than 3 years. It needs to be cut, but I think the nation needs a military. How about we pull the hell out of Afghanistan and everywhere else and let the world take care of itself? That would save roughly $130 to $160 billion a year.

              Alt energy can’t compete because it’s inefficient and too expensive and it gets plenty of subsidies too. Nobody could/would produce ethanol in the country without Uncle Sam’s subsidies for the industry. I’d rather have the 40% of the corn crop it swallows going to grocery stores instead of into car engines. How about we close all business loopholes, including one’s for big oil, and lower the corporate income tax rate at the same time for EVERY company? That’ll create jobs, except for tax lawyers and the IRS.

              Why didn’t you address entitlement reform? Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are what’s going to bankrupt the country. Total spending on these three in FY 11 was over $1.56 trillion, and costs for these three babies is increasing much faster than the economy can grow. Because of that, you won’t have to worry about defense spending much longer… or any other spending. By FY 19, entitlement spending and payments on the debt are projected to consume 100% of the federal budget, leaving nothing for the discretionary side.


            • Eliminate ALL taxes on any American freeman…then get back to taxing the stuff coming into the country…you wanna ship stuff in here from china!…then it gets taxed…cut the funding this federal beast has access to and force it to engage only in its constitutional role…tax the foreigners and outsiders,let the sons and daughters of the republic alone!

            • DK for Pres.

              Don’t forget to vote!

              Rub baa dub! Gotta get me more grub and ammo.

            • Durango,

              There are are just so many things you left out, I don’t have the time or energy to list them all. I would, however, like to take issue with # five, though. You’re really kidding about wanting the Federal government to institute a 20% flat tax, right? Tell me you jest, for God’s sake. Please explain to me how a 20% flat tax, and then all the other taxes and fees (state income tax, property tax, sales tax, frachise taxes, gas tax,ad nauseum)heaped upon us are gonna make us so healthy and prosperus as a nation? I have to hear this and please, none of the worn-out, Neil Boortz, econo-babble about something he has no real-world data to back up. I await your response eagerly.

            • I like it. Everything except the 20% flat tax. I don’t want to be forced to relinquish 20% of my money to feed power hungry individuals. 6%? OK, I’ll let myself be violated that much. Just the tip. That 6% would be enough to pay the bozos to establish meaningful international relationships.

            • 20% is too much. They deserve about 3%.

            • a 20% flat tax would be a bit high since most people pay an actual amount more akin to 6% after deductions. I probably paid 4.5% after deducting kids and house so we really don’t pay that much in the end but I really am not interested in paying more. If the gov’t wants more spending power stop devaluing the dollar and it will go a lot farther 😉

            • Mal: Reciprocal trade has worked for millennia between individuals and nations. No doubt the Indians believed they had transacted a bargain in the land for wampum swap, but there is no substitute for stupid.

              In their favor, they probably knew how vast the continent was, so trading a relatively small island for manufactured products they had never seen before may have seemed like a good idea at the time.

              With respect to military spending I should have been a bit more deliberate in my rant. Still the $700 billion budget does not include the war spending which was another $200+ billion for the past ten years. We could cut $300 to 500 billion out of the Defense budget if Europe would only pay their fair share. We are providing cover for Europe.

              Alt energy CAN compete, NOW. Remove the trillion dollar subsidy for Big Oil and its a no brainer. Solar is 60-90% cheaper than it was and is now twice as efficient. Ethanol is a subsidy for farmers not for energy.

              Entitlement reform is another rant. Corporate welfare is an “entitlement too, not just SS, Medicare, and Medicaid.

              An unbiased look at “socialized medicine” for the masses in Panama, Costa Rico, Brazil and other nations suggest a single payer system could work in America as well as it has in other locales, but the PROPAGANDA from the AMA and Big Pharma has labeled “socialized medicine” as a bad thing and that label has stuck. Americans have been conditioned to love Freedom and hate Socialism, while the truth is ….

              America has cutting edge science, thus cutting edge medicine, but that science (and medicine) is funded at Universities by …. TAXPAYERS.

              So in effect, all American taxpayers are subsidizing the cutting edge medicine that only the rich can afford and only the rich can receive.

              In reality we also have “socialized banking” subsidizing the bad management of the GB and Global Corporations, but no one seems to notice that the taxpayer is supporting these particular interests, while the interest of the taxpayer who foot the trillion dollar bills for these enterprises is ignored.

              QE is sold as a stimulus for the economy and thus as a benefit to all Americans, yet the truth is QE is designed to fund and protect the banks on an ongoing basis. It does nothing to stimulate the economy. That is just another example of a euphemism.

              Study the quality of medical treatment offshore and you will discover that overall it is just as good as ours or better, but more affordable, and available to all. Overall the quality of health care in America is either 24th or 35th in the world according to those who monitor those things.

              Why? Why is that when America has the best science and the best medicine in the world paid for by American taxpayers? The truth is, that American health care is subsidized by all Americans to the benefit of the Uber Rich.

              End the lies.

              Free trade is not a freedom. American medicine is subsidized by taxpayers to benefit the rich, and entitlements mean that QE is a bailout for the wealthy GB and Multinationals at the expense of the taxpayers.


            • Big Dave: I suggest a 20% federal flat tax with only a mortgage deduction (up to a one million dollar mortage) because the Uber Rich like Buffet (18%) and Romney (15%) are using loopholes to avoid paying their share of taxes on income.

              Why should there be a difference between active and passive income?

              Money is money. Income is income. Investors are not going to stop making investments to generate more money simply because all income is taxed the same. Lets tax ALL income the same and eliminate all the loopholes.

              The average (51%)American wage earner makes what, less than $30k and pays 27% to 30% in federal taxes?

              Then of course, many behemoth multi nationals like GE pay no taxes at all. Something is wrong with the system. We all understand that.

              While the corporate rate is 35% none of them pay that anyway. Increase the taxable base by eliminating loopholes, and then lower the rate for everyone. It would raise more revenue across the board and be more equitable.

              The system is not equitable as it stands. We know that. A flat tax is a way to make tax equitable. The “progressive tax system” that we are suppose to have now is not progressive at all, since those at the top have too many loopholes to shelter their income and there is nothing equitable about a “progressive system” anyway.

              A flat tax is a good start. In conjunction with the spending cuts We could make that i identified previously, We can turn the nation around.

              The middle class has been stripped of their wealth while subsidizing the very poor and the very rich. Fairness and a level playing field must be restored to America.


          • Things don’t look good for manufacturing here for a long time. Capital will always go to where it is treated the best (Best returns on investment).As long as there are cheap labor countries like China that is where capital will flow. When China becomes more expensive it will move elsewhere to invest.We as a nation cannot impose tarriffs or trade restrictions unless approved by the WTO. This globalist organization wants to lower the labor rates in developed countries to line the elites pockets.Giving up our soverienty to this organization is treason and some necks should be stretched for it.We are now debt serfs to the globalists.

            • 20 Signs that all point to the same exact thing…

              On the Economic Collapse blog

              The economy, Manufacturing, unemployment, the rise of those in poverty and on food stamps, etc.

              The contagain is spreading. The storm builds.

              Stay strong. Keep praying and prepping.
              KY Mom

            • Well there is a way to trump cheap labor and that’s with a better quality product. Now part of the issue is most Americans run out and buy cheap chit they have to replace all the time vs. the better quality item they may only have to buy once. I still prefer going out and finding old machinery made from quality steel that requires some rehab instead of a brand new shiny one(a polished turd). My old piece will far outlast the new one. Plus I go looking for products labeled Made in the U.S.A.

          • Yep and in another generation they will have replaced the resident population with third worlders who will work for very little and expect little in the way of bennies. I hope they enjoy the hell hole of a country they will have built whenever they leave their fortified compounds.

        • Actually….it’s doing EXACTLY what it’s supposed to do.

        • I believe the perfect storm is approaching. Make sure you kick your food preps into high gear!

          • Just what good are food preps going to do you when there is no water,power,sewer,internet and with roving bands of thugs both govt. and just plain crooks. Most of the Southwest will be under Mexican control within a month. Things are going to be beyond your immagination. At least you will have something to barter to try and save your life when your home is invaded by looters and worse. Hope you don’t have any young females in your house.

        • I hate to be the one to say it, but I’d love to give Mckayla my microphone for a few minutes…

        • You know after true SHTF, it is going to be about 305-310 million people (WORSE CONDITIONS EVER) that are going to be poor and very desperate that did not heed the advice of the 3-5 million people that did ready themselves.

          Wow Mac, you are really chugging out the articles today! They sure show just how important it is that everyone needs to go to the store and get that extra food and other survival items before they can’t. People should be concentrating on water and safe and clean storage units for water as the drought in most of the country is going to make it more difficult to find outdootr ground water.

          • Keeping the pool in real fine shape. Crystal clear. I bet, in a pinch, you could drink from it. ( that would never happen, of course.)

          • BI, that’s only here in the states. Imagine the rest of the world as well.

          • Let’s see now. We went to LegoLand San Diego last Friday. The place was packed which is surprising since tickets cost $75.00 a piece. Waits for the rides were all an hour or more. Any time I drive by Sea World the parking lot is full at 76.00 bucks a head the same for the Zoo and Wild Animal Park at 50.00 bucks a head. We have some of the best off poor people in the history of the world.

        • Obama hasn’t raised taxes and the crisis hit in 2008, well before Obama had the chance to mess things up.

          • Nope he just regulated the energy sector and used cronyism to put the rest out of business. And i quote your messiah “under my plan energy prices will nessesarialy skyrocket “. Energy controls the price of everything. I’ll get back to you later

          • pooby
            are you really still believing in the whole right/left debate. the problem is gloabalization and every president is for it.obama is working on another pacific trade agreement how is that going to help get decent jobs back.you have to understand that TPTB want a one world goverment and to do that america has to be torn down.
            there is no right or left
            end the fed and the central banking system
            debt is slavery

            • isn’t the fed 100 year charter up in a year or so? what happens then?

            • It seems some think-

              Debt is freedom.
              Ignorance is enlightenment.
              War is peace.
              Weekness is straighth.
              Freedom of speach is a zone.
              Human suffering good, and funny(watchin it on tv, others)

        • They are not done yet. Everyone except the connected will be poor when he is finished.

        • the wealth redistribution is going just fine

          there has been and continues to be a massive transfer of wealth
          from the bottom ie. us to the very wealthy
          they are doing great
          its the other 98% thats getting the crap kicked out of them

        • No. But, that great middle class job redistribution that the globalists ON BOTH SIDES did is working gangbusters. Don’t delude yourself that romney will do anything different. So went the Bush, so went the Obummer, so will go the next oligarch these idiots vote for. Count on it.

          • Tym

            Oh your words are so true.

            Presidents are not elected they’re selected. The one difference between the Democrats and Republicans is that the Republicans come straight out and say they’re for free trade. The Democrats campaign (I heard Slick Willy shout, “NO NAFTA”) against it but are behind it all the way. Obama has commercials about Romney sending jobs overseas while he negotiates another Free Trade agreement in the Pacific. The Democrats had House, Senate and the Presidency and not a word about abandoning “Free Trade”.

      2. I think the forcing of loans to minorities and if they fail oh no worries the government will pay the banks back so just do it. Then we are lied to all due to dodd and frank on that one. Then the tax code and greed and crazy prices on gas. I remembered when gas went up over 2 and 3 bucks and payed attention to the economy and sure shit things all went up and we all declined. I dont see how things can be saved honestly. I just dont know how anyone can afford to buy much these days. People cant and with that being said, we have to prepare and be prepared with food/water/cleaning toiletries and most of all guns and a shotgun a must for home!!

        • Clint- I buy NOTHING I don’t have to. I like to go get a cup of coffee to pass time, but don’t even like spending on THAT anymore. Pathetic.

          • I feel the same way, I make ok money but this fall my job could be on the chop block so enjoyed it while it lasted and now I will have to take anything which im not ashamed to or do. I go out and sometimes spend a lot on guns or ammo etc but feel guilty when I buy a soda or something. I hear ya

      3. Greek president does not = world leader.

      4. You guys may or may not be surprised to hear how many people come to my little take out bbq restaurant and ask if they can pay next week. Or how many peoples credit cards get declined. I always let them have something to eat and MOST of the time people come back and pay. Food prices are going up because of the corn fiasco and will continue to keep going up for the next few months. That’s coming from all of the food providers I deal with on a regular basis.

        • Thanks for sharing!

        • omg I cant believe that many people are that low on money. I support your business totally but why dont they just stay home and save some money and make their own food. again. I want you to have business. lol you know what I mean. But on the flip side you must have some good bbq if people are comming a lot. I hope you the best really do. I got lucky and paid off my credit cards but still paying on my 2008 ford f250. had it for 3 years so far. I got guns and guns and more and probably 60,000 or more rounds. I got about a month of food but need more. With gas prices the way they are and food prices going up and our idiot president things are going to continue to increase in price. Im just glad most of us on here have already paid for most of their supplies and dont have to worry to much about that. It will be hard for a lot of people when they lose power and when water goes full panic. I just wanted to say if things get better great but if they do and power goes we will not be writing on here and limited truth from around the world and wont be hearing each others ideas and bitches. lol But we are here and will be for a long time. I feel sorry for the diabetics and elders who will die from lack of supplies etc. The people with no food they had the chance but think of it kind of like the story of moses who warned everyone of the flood and they all laughed and didnt prepare. I think that was moses. lol But us have tried to help others and some dont want to believe whats going on around so same thing different day. Dont forget a pet or 2 and some food for the pets! Makes things good in hard times.

          • Noah, bro, the dude that built a big ol’ bass ark.

            Moses and friends wandered around in the desert for forty years because he didn’t have spare batteries for his GPS. Shame that.

            • O.R.N.:
              And I’ll bet a 5# bag of rice that Pharaoh and his well equipped army wish they had taken those swimming lessons BEFORE chasing Moses and his posse all the way onto the bed of The Red SEA….
              God had a sense of humor back then and still does.
              Best to All
              hope you and yours have enough to eat and a safe place place to sleep tonight.

            • oh yea Noah’s ark duh lol. Just tired and was thinking about the economy and totally forgot. sorry people dont get stupid by me, herbie hankcock not john hancock

          • We do have some mean bbq! I wonder why people don’t cook for themselves. If they did then I’d be working for someone else again. I opened our bbq spot literally 1.9 miles from our house in NW Ga just in case s does htf. If it does I’m sure as shooting getting my hickory and cherry wood smoke smelling fat ass home to hunker down! Let them loot the restaurant, don’t bother me. Let them take our smoker as well. Just gotta get home to the wife and dogs and the what not. PS, thanks for all of the blessings guys. I didn’t post for props, just to keep you up to date. I appreciate the love very much though. Thank you!

            • Chef, my bro owns a seafood restaurant and for the last 6 months or so he has seen much the same thing. Many of his regulars have stopped buying the expensive platters and going for a sandwich. Its killing his business.

            • oh we know that you didnt just the way you said that. you can tell your a good person. arrogant people dont thank people or in the way you did.

        • God Bless you man !

          • my barber has been complaining that business is down
            he still has the same # of customers
            but said people are now coming in every 3-4 weeks
            instead of every 2 for a haircut

            • You know, I kinda hate to say this, but here it is. I just do not think there will be a shtf event here. Don’t read that as “I’m not prepared.” Here’s why:

              I cannot imagine how they’re going to unwind the collosal issues such as derivatives, market rigging, etc. that are clear and present dangers. But then again, just months ago I still sat in amazement that Joe six-pack still didn’t believe the jobs problem I’ve been screaming about for more than a decade. Lo and behold, its news all day every day now. Same for the cheating bankers.

              No, I fear that somehow, someway, they will slowly piece this thing back together, and over the course of ten or more years the public will be satiated as each little bisquit is thrown. Nobody will revolt, nobody will go to jail like they should. There will only be the thinkers left wondering “So much time they took from us, how did they get away with it?”

              Define: Lose/Lose

        • God Bless You, Chef.

        • I believe it. Several times over the last few months, I have witnessed customers rant and rave at the checkout clerk at the grocery store when their debit or credit card was declined. I guess transferring the problem to the clerk was less embarrassing than acknowledging that they were over their limit/overdrawn. Very sad to watch the decline.

      5. when the economy finally collapses and tshtf, it’s going to be hellish for all of us regardless of our situation. only 46% of the population is still working and paying taxes into the system wile the other 54% are living off that revenue through one program or another. unfortunately, we’ll shed more jobs and more people will end up on the public dole between now and the collapse. this kind of situation can only continue for so long. when the checks stop coming and the ebt, atm, and credit cards start getting declined, all hell will break loose. i fear for my dad who is a retired federal employee. he lives on a federal pension and social security. if his checks are cut off, he won’t be able to get his heart and blood pressure meds anymore. shtf; coming to a town near you. take care and keep prepping.

        • I got that ACS crap last fall…..It should be called the American Communist Survey. A bunch of personal questions which is none of the governments fing business! Just throw it the garbage. I pitched both of them. They will call after they don’t hear from you within a month. Just tell them they are violating your 4th amendment rights and you will NOT be filling it out. Hand them a copy of the 4th amendment and tell them to get off your property. They will stop harassing you after about a month. Just stand firm on not filling the stupid thing out. They will give you it’s the law and bullshit like that. Your going to get a fine of $5000. Tell them to eat shit and die….If they do try to fine you get a hold of the Rutherford Institute. They will represent you pro bono if you are prosecuted. Stand up to these jack booted thugs!

          • The last major census was pretty invasive. I read through it, did not send it back in. The census turd came around finally, they started to get invasive to what the relationship was with the woman of the house, who lived here, how much did we make, etc etc etc. I stopped them and said “two people live here”. They started to get snotty and tried to enforce the “under penalty of law” BS. I stopped them and pulled out my pocket Constitution and read the census law to them. The bottom line for the census is to know how many people live in a voting district, not how much money they make, how many dogs/cats/parakeets/snakes/(fill in the blank) I/we own. I told them I was using my 5th amendment right and would not answer anymore questions and closed the door in their faces.

            • What they area doing, is finding things to tax you for, like the garden you have in your backyard/farm and the animals you have.

          • A friend got one, will pass that on that info. (the rutherford institue deal)

            I already told her the rest of your post.

            The eat $hit and die part!!!!!!! 🙂

        • bet it wasnt sent registered mail now was it?

          you never got it..right?

          they will have a tuff time proving it.

          ball it up and send it to the circular file

      6. clint hospo: i remember that crap about ging loans to those nonqualified minority people back in the 90’s. i couldn’t get a home loan even though i had a down payment i saved up from years of working. they were able to borrow the down payments also. they had a choice to not sign those documents and avoid the bad situations they got into later, but all they saw was a chance to become homeowners.

      7. sorry, that should have read giving loans, not ging. typo error.

      8. We are coming to the time where we must exercise our responsibilities as well as our freedom’s and liberties. Charity: Giving what you can to those who need a hand up. If we are going to shrink Government, we will have to expand our hearts at the same time. This is how our country will unite, heal, and prosper!

      9. This is all earily looking like the great depression on steroids. Awfully convenient that we have a nice drought to go along with an EU collapse. And let’s throw in a mass murderer a few days before the UN ratification. hmmmmmmmmmm….

        Someone on this site said, if it sounds like a duck and walks like a duck….

        My last preps are fruit trees this fall and a solar generator.

        • This is going to be as bad if not worse than many have theorized.

        • Well, this time the government won’t have the money to run the soup kitchens. The government wasn’t broke in 1929. This time, it is. So, yeah, it’s the Great Depression on ‘roids for sure. And if you’re looking for some government cheese, you’re going to be looking a long time.


          • Mal: Gov’t cheese? Have you been paying attention to the Executive Orders issued by O’bummer?

            ALL cheese belongs to the government; ALL means of production; and All means of communication.

            Just saying, Bud! 🙂

        • And the Colorado judge just sealed the court proceedings for the ‘joker’…? Can you say, False Flag?

      10. What gets me is the appearence that all is well. I do ok, and am associated with others “seemingly” doing ok, but where is all this poverty?
        Am I that isolated? It does make me stop and think. And I am gratefull, that for now, I am doing OK.
        But the stores seem crowded, restaurants crowded, roads as busy as ever, and I don’t know of anyone starving. Yes, there are the stories of hardship, but where is all this poverty?
        Understand please, I am not arguing it’s not there, I just don’t see it. I saw more “want and need” growing up in the 70s and 80s.
        Is it that the gov. programs are mitigating the consequences? Every person breathing has a cell phone, and they cost money. TV is not really “free” anymore. Who wathes tv from an over the air signal? And that costs. The internet access is not “free”.
        I guess my point is, until there is real suffering by masses of people, nothing is going to change. The only time a human effects change is when it’s more painfull to live with the status quo.
        I expect to get beat up for asking these questions, but I just want to know how bad it really is out there.
        I am not a 1%’er or even a 10%’er by the way.

        • I agree, when the government starts taking away welfare programs , we are in deep doodoo. But, they have cut back fed pay, military, gs jobs, and college programs ,it’ll hit when the EBT cards go or get cut. And some cities are cutting city workers pay….

          No crystal ball, but every morning during my coffee, reading the news, it’s very rarely anything good.

        • good point I see it the same way you do. born in the 73 time frame and can see either people very poor or they are above average making 90 or more a year a big chunk of those and then the rich and very rich. but yes everything has a price and im surprised craigs list is still free that is good. sold an old stove on their for free a couple of months ago that was eazy first time using it. but I just see people paying 6 dollars for OJ or 7 bucks for the cheapest stake and 4 dollar eggs and up. everything costs so much at walmart and I buy steel cables at garage sales, tools and useful stuff that I would never buy new, cost too much, my point is that if people are penny pinching a bit like me to stay alive then others have to be in the same boat. I cant see people living on food prices this high and these welfare moms with 7 kids, they better start putting a stop on these kids. When stuff hits they are going to be clueless and in for a feel what it feels like to really live in africa only here in america. not racist not saying. it cant go on without something getting reset or prices that drop or energy prices that come down or its over.

        • Rick: I can see where you are coming from. I visit my kids down in the San Francisco, Bay Area, and see lines of people waiting at EVERY restaurant. Every restaurant has a 20 minute wait or longer.

          Were I live in rural America, we have businesses going OUT of business, because of lack of customers.

          I know that Portland, OR, has an unemployment rate just over 4%. I am not sure about the Bay Area

          So, if you are lucky enough to be in an area that still has good employment, you are the lucky one. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need to prepare. It is heading your way…….

          The shtf in many areas, just not all at once. It hits in a domino affect. You will be affected when YOUR dominos fall!

          God bless and keep on prepping.

        • I agree, I guess it just depends on where you live.

        • A lot of this is a hidden poverty. Multiple families are living in one home, living off retired parents/grandparents. There are so many high school and college grads having to do this, unable to find work or go to college/grad school. Some people are simply not paying their mortgage and using that money for other items (it will take on avg 6 mths to a year to be foreclosed upon anyways.)

          There are those who are still ignorant as to what is happening and running up credit card debt because they can. I personally know people who laugh about how they can live off the system and still go golfing every day. If you don’t have to pay for food, you can spend all your cash on toys, which many do.

          The poverty is there…it is definitely there. Many are just posing. Plus you have to remember that we are now in a society that doesn’t eat dinners at home around the table. Instead, they eat out. Next time your out at a store, look in their carts…what are they buying? I’ve noticed a lot of people milling about, but the carts aren’t full.

          • Kynase
            ” Next time your out at a store, look in their carts…what are they buying? I’ve noticed a lot of people milling about, but the carts aren’t full.”

            Thats me your looking at. I buy only what is on sale and what I need. Follow me around for another 5 minutes and you will see a cart full of 1 or 2 different items. Enough for say…. a year? Today Costco did not have much on sale so it was a few extra loaves of bread (I hate baking when it is 105 outside and no AC) and 72 D cell batteries.

            • That’s all I do also. Sale stuff only, and coupons unless it’s milk or produce. And I use costco coupons.

            • I try to only do a big grocery shop once a month; saves time, money and aggravation. But every time I shop, prices have gone up. Almost $2 for one red pepper last week! I do most of my own baking, including bread, cook most meals from scratch, compare prices, buy store brands and use coupons and it’s still ridiculously expensive. The drought and economic conditions are going to make things even worse. I don’t begin to understand the stock market, bonds, funds, etc. All I know is that it’s costing more and more to feed my crew. Big box stores are ok, but when storage space is limited not always the best answer. Just more proof that the hardest days are coming. Misneach.

              • I grow my own bell peppers. It’s such a good feeling going to the store, seeing expensive peppers, and knowing I’ve a dozen sitting on several pepper bushes back home.

                Grow your own!

        • No Rick, you’re right. I work odd hours, I go to the store during the day and wonder, ‘Don’t all these people have jobs?’ But I know what it is and you touched on it, endless govt programs feeding everyone. They think they’re so smart, why work when you can get by on uncle’s check…? Ain’t no free lunch, soon the sheeple will understand that they were just being fattened up for….

        • Hey Rick can you spell ILLUSION?

        • @Rick:), I see the same thing. These are the people who worked hard, saved and now have discretionary income. The restaurants are not as full as they were in 2007, but the Texas Roadhouse closest to us has a 2 hr waiting time every weekend if you want to eat after 6 pm.

          Our own businesses are coming back from the 2008-2011 bottoms. We cut expenses to the bone over those bad years and have kept them that way. Some local professional businesses are spotty to slow, but the manufacturers in this area have mandatory overtime. Rain in the past two weeks has cut our corn losses from 50% to 33%, but it doesn’t fall evenly everywhere and it depends on which hybrid was planted. Hay had an early 1st cut due to warm weather and is still is growing and we still see beef on pasture.

          Things are ok for medical, academic and government workers. Dodd-Frank is a nightmare, but it is giving workers in the financial sector and associated IT folks a lot of work as they put in overtime and accountants are hired in order to comply w/the paperwork which no one understands or can agree upon. SNAP makes a huge difference to the entire food production chain, as well as individuals. People with capital are spending it, since savings rates are so low, but they are spending it cagily. There are bargains out there. Use a credit card that gives points for everything and over a year’s time, you can get free airfare somewhere. Complementary health services aren’t that expensive when the ones covered by insurance are now time-limited w/co-pays. Gift items in the under-$20 range still sell.

          Some stores survive on perpetual *sales* and yet, are nearly empty when I am there. These are large chains that are still in business, like ShopKo. It costs about $5 more for two people to eat at a family-owned restaurant vs. a fast food chain and the food is better, so they get the business.

          There is still a great amount of capital in this country and people are still spending money, but at perhaps one-third less or so than pre-2008. People save in one area to be able to spend in another.

          One thing I look at is the pet care industry. If folks will still pay thousands for an operation for their dog or hundreds for medicine and vet appointments, things can’t be that bad. I read an article by an immigrant from the former USSR who said that his family was amazed that in America there are special foods made just for cats and dogs.

          While there is pain out there, I question some of the stats. People can have investments and savings and a low reported income. People on a really low income receive $30k+/- in benefits if they qualify for all the programs.

          I believe that some of this reporting is aimed at increasing acceptance of benefits. If *everyone* is poor, there is no stigma.

        • Our Boss just quit. Government rules, increases in taxes, fees, insurance rates, fuel costs for his rigs, and companies wanting their shipments made while they put off paying, more taxes, more fees, more rules, made the small business harder and harder. On a March payday, there were no checks. If he got paid, we got paid. He put everything he had into the business for years. On a Friday in April, he said, “I’m finished! Monday it’s over.” He just quit. When there is no will to struggle, alot more bosses will quit the battle.

          • He is one of the people I really feel sorry for. Most employees have no idea the risks and efforts owners of a small to medium size business take. Put their homes up as collateral and otherwise go in debt trying to hang on.

        • You dont see breadlines, cuz everyone has an EBT card = food stamps. Their SSI payments are deposited directly into their bank accounts.

          Believe it or not, HALF of Americans are now on some sort of Gov’t assistance, be it welfare, food stamps, disability, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.

          Scary, huh?

      11. Just to keep things in perspective, our poorest people are still better off than people I’ve seen in some real shit holes around the world. There are no safety nets like food stamps or subsidized housing. If you become ill and cannot work, you just lay down and die. Most Americans just would not believe! But,,they will. They surely will!

        • Missionary work in third-world countries really woke my up. I also learned first hand about cheap self-sufficiency like dry composting toilets and rainwater collection systems.

          • you dont have to give your name or age or anything but what town or near is this secret place you got. I live in Pittsburgh but going to buy a house in the midwest around center of iowa very soon. I got all the guns i need onlything else is more food. Im the expert shot in the family and have a daughter and a fiance who are not going to be any help. I need to get her to the range as soon as I can im afraid. if something happens to me she will be abducted or killed and all our good supplies to some really bad people

            • Iowa is not a good choice. Move to the mountains; north or south but move to the mountains.

            • I moved to central West Virginia just a few hours south of you in the mountains far from lines of drift. We are not in a nuclear fallout, tornado, hurricane, or earthquake area. There are no nuclear facilities in the state and plenty of water (it bubbles up out of the ground), fossil fuels, and other natural resources. We have no building codes outside cities, castle doctrine with open carry even in the car, and a culture of self-sufficiency. People in the rural areas still live out the state motto – Mountaineers are always free.

            • Iowa IS a good choice. You can dry-land farm there, especially in the eastern parts. In the “mountains” yau can’t hardly farm at all. I just came back from Idaho. Two months there – lots of people moved there thinking they’ll be safe. But if the grid goes down, there’s no water, PERIOD, unless you’re within a few yards of a river. All agriculture is irrigated. Look to relocate to where people throve without electricity in the 19th century.

            • @Clint,,,I live north of you in rural Crawford County. One thing I’ve always wanted to know: how damn many Police Departments does Pittsburgh have? Lost tract when Pittsburgh hosted the G-20.

            • Coach: Iowa is a good choice for the SHTF that you believe in, because of the ability to grow food there if the economy collapses and there is no electricity from say an EMP.

              Pick your poison.

              As someone experienced in economics, finance, and banking I know that economic collapse must be deliberate to occur; and I know that the wealthy would lose the most from this scenario.

              That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but for me, the likelihood is low despite the present conditions and all the hype.

              The mountains are the best choice if one follows the scientific data that shows that the world is moving toward a pole shift; confirming by scientific data what many prophets and mystics have predicted for a long time. SEE SHTF Earth Changes

              Some mountain valleys are very fertile and when I look at a mountain I see a watershed. I also see timber, metals, and rock. All necessary materials for the continuity of civilization and stocked with game.

              The upper midwest is predicted to be underwater covered by a large inland sea.
              The annual floods in the upper midwest suggest where this water will likely accumulate as “Lake Dakota” when the Changes hit the midwest and the New Madrid split begins.

              Move to the mountains.

          • @ Prepared Pastor. We have had it so good for so long, it’s really hard for folks who have never left the States to even imagine real hardship.
            It’s hard for me. We grew up not “poor”, but definitly not wealthy. Dad used to ( and this really stuck) put the kids in the car, and drive to worst, most run down part of town. He would drive and say “look at those houses with busted windows and graffiti. Toddlers wandering in diapers and no shoes. Adults congregating on the corners, getting drunk. Brand new shiny, washed Cadillacs, from one end of the street to the other. Trash everywhere”. And he would tell us how lucky we were not to have to live like this. And you get out of life what you put in. And get up and out every day and do something worthwhile to support yourself.
            Dad was one of 11 kids born into poverty. Every single one worked hard and “made it”. Pulled themselves out of the shithole. Yeah we had problems, money, alcohol, etc., but never degrade to living like animals. And that’s an afront to animals.
            Anyhow, helps to get out and see what the world’s really like. By the way, my wife thinks I’m certified Nuts for prepping. My fault, I’m her entitlement program. LOL

            • My father was the youngest of ten children and born in 1929 just in time to grow up without a father during The Great Depression. They subsistence farmed and filled the coal stove by throwing coal from trains moving on the tracks beside the farm. He graduated from high school through the mail long after adulthood and although he could not teach me much, parlayed a stint in the Navy into a welding job then became popular enough to win election to county office.

              He worries that my children will suffer like he did because my brothers have been in their jobs for twenty years whereas I taught wilderness survival and firearms while focusing on self-sufficiency and building a retreat that will produce its own heat, meat, water, and power and setting aside silver for when my children are adults in twenty years. He forgets they have one thing he never did. Me.

            • PP…My father was also born in 1929. However, he had a father. My pap was lucky to keep his job as we had a manufacturing base then. My dad doesn’t remember a lot about it but does remember people coming to the back door for food that my gram would cook for them.Looking back 50 years ago as a child I suppose we were poor but we didn’t know it. We always had food to eat and shelter. Being poor today is masked by the welfare state. Food stamps did not come into being until 1962. What is considered poor today is more of a lower middle class 50 years ago. Take away the assistance and we can talk poor.

            • food syamp correction…1964

          • Hey, our home is being built using compost toilets and rainwater as an only source. You calling me third-world? J/K, I am in Canada but I do not want anything that needs moving parts for my existence. No wells and no flushing 🙂

            • Composting toilets are upperclass, probably in the 1%.:)

        • Swift

          You are so right. I am fortunate enough to have travelled a fair bit. I like to get off the tourist trail and actually see the country I am in. True poverty is a gut wrenching, soul destroying sight. Nobody in the UK is in my opinion in true poverty, it’s impossible with the system we have. Even if the benefit system stopped tomorrow, we all have so much ‘stuff’ that could be sold or bartered it would take sometime before we would be unable to afford to buy food. I see people at least once a week whining to their friends via their iPhone that they are applying for a crisis loan as they have no food in the house. Nothing else to say really is there?

          Take care

          • @Burt,,,”soul destroying sight”, is a fitting term. I’m sure you can relate; I have scenes indelibly burned into my mind of unspeakable poverty. I’m ashamed I don’t give “thanks”, more often. Blessings, SWIFT

        • Americans are laying down and Americas dying.

          It’s far better to never of had anything than to of had everything and lost it.

      12. Everyone one is broke, and if you have a job they are cutting hours or work 2 weeks and off 1 week without pay in my neck of the woods.We have reached the bottom of the barrel and its starting to open up. Under it is a very big hole and it will fill up with those that are not prepared. Get out of the markets, banks or what ever while you can or you stand to lose it all, to TPTB. Look they have trillions of $ offshore and if you think they care about the average guy out here your brain dead. You can bet they are prepared for the end, so so should you. If your not, get off your A-S and do what you can now! Time is short very short. Thats Just Me

      13. Its heating up in anaheim-

        RT – Anaheim police have shot dead yet another man just a day after killing 24-year old Manuel Diaz. The previous day’s shooting sparked a protest against police brutality that was violently broken up by authorities.

        • Are the “Natives getting restless”?

        • Thomas Chittum wrote a book called “Civil War 2”. He hypothesized that the next civil war would begin in So Cal, once it had been thoroughly demographically shifted. From the vids, who was doing the protesting, and who was doing the shooting, I have to say Thomas Chittum may be pretty close to correct…

      14. Wow. America goes collectivist and gets poorer. Who would a thunk it? Socialism’s worked so well in other countries.

        • I’m still getting over the shock of finding out it wasn’t my hard work and perserverance that caused any success I’ve had in life.
          It was roads and bridges built by Unionized Government workers.

          How In the Hell did This Asshat get elected President??

          • Mostly by the blinded black race, empathetic whites, left wingnuts, the shiftless and ne’r-do-wells. But mainly through fraudulent voting sponsored by the uber rich left.

            • that is totally correct! you hit all the reasons. totally agree. yes a lot of whites wanted someone who would really change things but found out that was a big lie and now has costed us big time. Never again I think will this government get away with so much now that we are watching every move not like in the 90s or 80’s when we didnt care so much about politics. But we see real problems and even younger people I talk to know whats going on.

            • Clint he did change things. Just not the way most thought. He said hope and change but nobody bothered to ask what hope and what change.

            • @PO’d,,,, I heard a rumor that even Jimmy Hoffa voted for “The One”!

          • Ya I to was shocked to find out it wasn’t MY hardwork and perserverance that stared my business guess I dreamed doing all that work.

          • Everyone is stunned over that bit of agitprop. Did anyone say that 1) the so-called fortunate *rich* paid _more_ in taxes for that infrastructure and the so-called *poor* paid nothing at all?

            In the rural areas, there have been fewer services over the decades. Only dairy farmers get their driveways plowed and then only at the road end, for example. We all provide our own water, via wells we maintain and which take electricity in order to run. We maintain our own sewer systems under mandatory inspection and with expensive pumping. Our heat comes from wood or propane we provide or buy ourselves. Our Rural Electric Co-op gets hammered by the EPA and we pay 40% in addition to actual power use in a *facility fee*, taxes and the fund that provides free electricity to the *poor*. Property taxes have risen by 50% over 4 years. Crime is low and our FD is all volunteer. If you have a fire, you pay 1/2 the FD costs and your property taxes pay the other half. Our EMTs are also volunteer, w/a stipend per call paid by the township out of property taxes.

            Personally, we have built two businesses with no help from anyone. We eat the rising margins. We replace machinery. We pay more for phone service than residential customers, just to be listed in the phone book. We have to carry liability insurance. We pay commercial property taxes.

            The reason the AH got elected is too many folks are not in business for themselves. They have no idea what it entails. Lots of owners have taken less pay these past 3 years, just to be able to keep the business running. How many employees accept working on a holiday, while the owner stays home to get the production out on time?

            Does Junior Achievement still exist? Every student needs to spend some time learning about business creation and maintenance. That might educate people to the propaganda from this administration.

            • JA still exists, I teach it every year….

            • @BlueH20, The Big Man needs to cool it with the class warfare. He’s going to end up with a war.
              Now I’ll be the first to complain, there is wwaaaayyyy to much Corporate/Government collusion. The fancy word for that escapes me now. But there are still a whole lot of Americans that don’t hate the rich, they strive and desire to be rich.
              To me, that is what makes the whole thing work. When you start telling folks they’re in a bad place because of someone else, and they need pity and a handout, your crashing the system.
              And by the way, let’s take a poll. Who out there started and owns a business because they wanted to employ people?
              ( dirty little secret to all you employees, your an expense and a pita. Don’t let a machine come along that can do your job. Bossman started the business because he wanted more out of life than the next guy. No evil in that.He produces a good or service, or he’s out. But he’s in it for the MONEY. Over the years, he has grown fond of you, and has genuine concern. But if it’s him or you, your OUTTA Here!. Don’t like it? Good. Go out and start your own business. That’s what we’re all about. And the cycle goes on)
              Never, not once, and I know a lot of business owners, has one started a business to create jobs. Jobs are a benefit from his (or her) Greed! There’s that dirty word.
              So thank your boss, or quit and start your own.

            • The average American believes that steaks and chiucken are born in those plastic wrappers and that the money they earn just appears by magic. No clue as to the effort required to produce most things we take for granted.

          • How did he get elected you ask? Simple,he reflects the mores and outlook of most of the country. The majority of people today have no core beliefs and just want to show how tolerant they are. Now that should scare everyone with even a little sense.

        • No, socialism does not work well. Socialism is the mechanism used to enslave other countries.

          • If you think Romney is going to be your savior from Obama, you are the sheeple

            • So we should leave Obama in office, then?

              Unless we vote for Romney, the only candidate who can win, we will have four more years of Obama, and his gloves come off. If you think it’s bad now, wait a little bit, it will be so much worse you will wish you were asleep and dreaming a nightmare, that’s how bad a second term will be.

      15. Warren Buffett’s Congressional Reform Act of 2012

        America is falling off the same cliff as Spain and Greece. If you are totally fed up with our government and its inaction, here is something you can do about it–you can copy this and email it to your friends: Go Warren!

        Warren Buffett, in a recent interview with CNBC, offers one of the best quotes about the debt ceiling:

        “I could end the deficit in 5 minutes,” he told CNBC. “You just
        pass a law that says that anytime there is a deficit of more
        than 3% of GDP, all sitting members of Congress are ineligible
        for re-election.

        The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds)
        took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple!
        The people demanded it. That was in 1971 – before computers, e-mail,
        cell phones, etc.

        Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took one (1) year
        or less to become the law of the land – all because of public pressure.

        Warren Buffet is asking each addressee to forward this email to
        a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask
        each of those to do likewise.

        In three days, most people in The United States of America will
        have the message. This is one idea that really should be passed

        Congressional Reform Act of 2012

        1. No Tenure / No Pension.

        A Congressman/woman collects a salary while in office and receives no
        pay when they’re out of office.

        2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social

        All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the
        Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into
        the Social Security system, and Congress participates with the
        American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.

        3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all
        Americans do.

        4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise.
        Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.

        5. Congress loses their current health care system and
        participates in the same health care system as the American people.

        6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the
        American people.

        7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen/women are void
        effective 12/1/12. The American people did not make this
        contract with Congressmen/women.
        Congress made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in
        Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers
        envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their
        term(s), then go home and back to work.

        If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will
        only take three days for most people (in the U.S.) to receive the message. Don’t you think it’s time? THIS IS HOW YOU FIX CONGRESS!

        • 8. All anti-gun legislators must give up all their firearms and require their staff and bodyguards to do the same.

          Corollary: all law abiding citizens shall have access to the same armaments as the government, with no restriction, application process or taxation (beyond normal sales tax) required to take ownership.

          I suppose that this goes along with number 6 in that “Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.” but I wanted to spell it out:

          If for some reason I want a fully armed and loaded M2 Bradley to herd sheep on my 2 acres, who the hell has any right to say otherwise?

        • buffet is part of the problem not the solution, he talks a good game while doing the opposite when not being watched

          • Why kill the messenger? Its a GREAT idea. Let’s implement the IDEA!

        • Warren Buffet is a lying asshat. He cheats on his taxes and defers every bit of taxable income he can. There is no way to solve the mess we are in except default and start over.

          • … its immpossible to “cheat” on your extortion payments…Buffet isnt any good in my book but the idea that anyone can cheat the govt implies that the govt has a valid claim on ones time and effort,property and the fruits thereof…people either believe in freedom or they believe in the power of the tyrant to do as he pleases…I emphaticly reject the notion that the govt has any legitamite right/claim to anything thats rightfully mine,cant imagine believing anything else!

      16. FWIW it ain’t poverty until they have to give up their iPhones and iPads and big screen HDTVs and their Air Jordans. THEN the fit will hit the shan.

        Watch Greece. Watch Spain. Watch Ireland. All 3 have national economies that CANNOT reach self sufficiency EVEN WITH DRACONIAN CUTS to government payrolls and welfare handouts. The USA ain’t even close…..(yet). Yes, some big blue cities are there, (Detroit, Philly, LA, Oakland, Chicago, etc.), but the nation as a whole can be saved. I just fear that electing Mittens won’t be enough. We are going to need a radically committed Congress with the balls to take on the welfare machine and the big banks at the same time.

        • We (Americans) need to hold the House of Representatives, the Senate and the President as well as all State and local politicians accountable for this mess and fire every one of them and vote in people we can trust to keep America Free.

          We put them into office and we can vote them out.

          DON’T Vote FOR Incumbents this election.

          • @1982,,,there must be something in the air or water in D.C.; because we have sent some good people down there and with-in months, they become first rate POS! Whatever is in the air or water, causes arrogance, selective memory, a self-serving mindset, greed and as often as not, sexual perversion. Whooops! Maybe it isn’t in the air or water. Maybe it is in the public trough!

            • swift the cops are really not that bad in pittsburgh most of the time. I have been let off 2 times by the state troopers for speeding for being honest and the pittsburgh police downtown when they are in stores they are talkitive and I sometimes look at them while at the cashier and lift my shirt and look like Im slipping a candy bar under my shirt while making eye contact of course and they laugh. i wouldnt advise doing that but they know im only joking. so as for how many I dont know lived out here for 4 years. traffice sucks but not bad.

        • Right on. I’ve seen true poverty in the world, and there are no poor people in America, with the exception of some elderly and infirm. None. Instead, we have people who don’t have a lot of stuff and are unable to spend the money they do have properly.

      17. Mitt Romney is just Obama light. He’ll follow the same agenda. He wouldn’t be there otherwise.

      18. I dont quite understand something. The census states 100 million are poor (roughly 30% of the population). But the video story reports that around 15% of the population are poor. Which is it? Kind of a big difference there, is the news story halving the data, or whats is the connection?
        Did I miss the explanation?

        • 15.7% are reported to be below the poverty line, but if you include poverty, and “near poor” (which we can go ahead and say is poor, we’re looking at 100 million people. Here’s another video/story on this where the 100 million number is noted: http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/u-poverty-hit-highest-level-40-years-165914572.html

          I dropped the ball with this article and didn’t update that particular excerpt – apologies for any confusion:

          “It’s not encouraging any way you look at it. And if you look at near poverty, which is another measure – the next income bracket up… you’re looking at just a huge number of Americans; I think on the order of almost 100 million people are either poor or close to poor. And poor, just in case you haven’t kept up on the definition is $11,000 a year for an individual or $22,000 for a family of four.”

          • That is roughly a third of our country.

            Keep preppin people.

      19. This is only the beginning Prepper Peeples … the zionist fascist commie gestapo’s fedgov plan is too destroy the once free country of AmeriKa and once free spirit of the ameriKan peeples – forever … arm up stock up prepare for martial law and fedgov eugenics genocide .


        • My God, those pics are hard to look at.

      20. Well, I’m happy being a struggler sometimes. At least when everything goes “tits up” I know, deep down inside, that the angry disenfranchised won’t be pouring over my front yard fence to string me up!!! However, there’s quite a wealthy Bank Manager down the road from me who’s nerves are getting a little frayed these days. I was teasing him a while back. (I know him well) I asked him what he’d do if the economy completely tanked and everyone lost everything? I asked him if he was expecting the ‘mob’ to suddenly do a French Revolution on all the wealthy in the country and guillotine the rich and lynch the burocracey? He just smiled and said “I’m a Bank Manager, Ive got nothing to worry about”. And that’s when the conversation came to a grinding halt!!!!! And his smile faded and his jaw dropped a little bit as he stared at me in disbelief, as the light in his head came on. I just smiled and nodded and raised my eyebrows knowingly. Then I pointed to the big tree in his front yard and said ‘bet they use that one Pete!!!
        Poor old Pete’s been a bit depressed for weeks now. Oh well ….. At least I got him thinking right?

        • What does a bank manager in a small town make a year? Fifty grand? Yeah that’s the enemy for sure.

          • Sadly, there are people who will think the lower end of the financial chain are the ones to pull out of their homes and hang. I’m going to defend my bank managers’ home along with mine. The people who want to destroy and get revenge, however they define it, are going to be in for a rude awakening when they hit the streets.

      21. IMHO the most important question that needs to be answered about any presidential candidate. Have they attended or been a member of any Globalist secret meetings or groups, Bilderburg, CFR, Trilateral, Bohemian Grove etc.? If so then nothing will ever change, only the face your given to look at, the agenda will just keep on going the way it’s going. Keep on pretending they don’t exist will only bring more of what they’ve created. And we all know there’s nothing we can do except stop being ignorant, stop playing their games, especially their favorite one of divide and conquer and start placing blame squarely on the ones responsible. Their getting away with it because their not being called out. If the problem can’t be acknowledged how can it be fixed? If your oil light comes on in your car cutting the wire to the light doesn’t solve the problem, trading Obama for Romney won’t either.

        • DITTO !!!
          Please read: The Creature From Jekyll Island. Freedom ain’t Free! It takes Diligence.

      22. Hey Rick, my wife thinks I’m nuts too, when the shtf I told her she can’t eat and of my stash for the first 2 months. BTW, are you and PO’D patriot related , lmao

        • Not related, but probably cut from the same cloth. Chow, baby!

      23. The stupid Sheeple will reelect the present bum I bet.

      24. I read on a homepage last nite somewhere that the US sent someone $150 Million dollars for AIDS I guess that burns my butt the worst as we have so many problems right here to home, and “they” keep spending and sending money elsewhere

        • @ wendy…..This will piss you off then.

          Ever heard of the DIAPER Act.(Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery) Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-Conn.) Voted Porker of the Month by Citizens Against Government Waste back in Oct,2011.
          She wants to give FREE diapers to poor people and it will promote economic recovery LOL and in the year 2009 Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Act, Rep. DeLauro disposed of $133,000 in taxpayer money “with an earmark” to the diaper bank.

          Recently she has been pushing for a tax on soda. I guess this will help the DIAPER Act. Video is here: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/rep-rosa-delauro-congress-should-consider-federal-tax-soda-pop

          • Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-Conn.)is the same commie who authored the so called food safety bill,she also was a major pusher of the NAIS (animal ID) her hubby worked with/for monsanto and others…in my dealings with her I found her to be arrogant and a scoffer against individual rights,shes a danged fascist,a scary excuse for a human being,not a thing she does would suprise me UNLESS she actually stood up for liberty which I wont hold my breath over…”Live free or die tryin”

      25. I grew up eating meals like macaroni and milk, peanut butter sandwiches and gravy bread. I still enjoy them. People have laughed at me and said “That’s Depression food. You don’t have to eat that anymore.”

        • My dad’s favorite was cornbread in buttermilk!

        • Yep, growin up like that helps train you to live below your means.

      26. As long as our church’s soup kitchen remains as busy as it is, I’ll never believe any of this bipartisan recovery bull sh**. This summer I’ve had two different gentlemen who were passing by on foot, stop and knock on our door looking for work.(The first time for that.) Living on a main rural road we’ve not seen as much foot traffic as last year, but what we are seeing is pretty bad. I talk to and help what I can, most of those on foot are men and about half claim to be veterans. Most of the vets are pissed off at the way things are going here in the USA, the others are mostly dejected but indifferent to their situation.

      27. Someone ought to ask the 50,000,000 Americans who are on food stamps if they are living the American dream. If people claim they just don’t see all this poverty then they should take a walk through the streets of any large American city. They can start by walking through Jersey City, Newark, Camden, La, Detroit, etc. Then come back and post what they find!

        • @Yankee,,,coming back to post may present a problem.

        • The whole poverty racket is a scam to make more people into Democrat voters. Obama is now talking with the Mexican govt. to get legal and illegal Mexicans in the US signed up on food stamps. I expect soon that we will be giving EBT cards to Mexicans living in Mexico.

        • Take a walk through Newark,eh? You take point, I’ll be right behind … . . . .

          • That’s exactly my point. Keep prepping

      28. I can tell you first hand, its for real

      29. 33% of Americans are living in poverty or are considered “near poor.” Beware: This is the Federal calculation based upon their goal of big government/big dependency.

        “Poor” is quantified by the Federal Government and other NGOs and does not include numerical adjustments of non-tangibles. There are many “poor” people who are basic country-folk who are somewhat self-sufficient but their livestock and crops are not counted into the Fed’s need to identify “poor”. Some people who have “unplugged” have become “poor” by choice and they exist through their own self-sufficient means. Other adults (and/or children) who live in a dependency relationship with a head-of-household are often classed as “poor”. (Aren’t college students also “poor” and tallied into this Census if they are not dependents on a parent’s 1040?)

        Even though we know that unemployment numbers have been misrepresented, we never tend to question the legitimacy of the Census tally of the “poor”. We should! While we do realize that the USD has less purchase-power than it did and has created problems for many Americans, this does not affect the poverty rate — it affects the consumer rate. Higher Census figures can partially be attributed to job losses but as long as people have savings to use as income replacement, they are not really “poor” but are counted as “poor” by the Census due to their method of measurement. But the Feds have a goal to show increases in poverty for the perpetual increase in funding they seek, thus perpetuating the government’s mission to continue a lifestyle of dependency, not independence. American taxpayers should begin the war on the “War on Poverty” to end the government dependency and sham that it is.

        Government dependency and “big government” is unsustainable. It is not the duty of the government to provide financial compensation to 50% of Americans (or illegal aliens) for a dependent way of life.

        50% of Americans are receiving some form of government benefit or entitlement.

        10% of people 18 to 64 have disabilities.

        38% of adults 65 and older have disabilities.

        3.5% disabled people 6 and older who need personal assistance with everyday activities.

        5.2% of people with limitations in cognitive functioning or who have a mental or emotional illness that interferes with daily activities, including those with Alzheimer’s disease and mental retardation.

        25% of Americans are obese.

        100% of Federal Government is overfunded.

        Source for some of the info: census dot gov

        • I totally agree with you Zoltanne. My guess is that 65% of those below the poverty line are truely poor. The other 35% have done the math and figured out if they keep their income below the poverty level they actually come out ahead in the long run.

          I got tired of being hammered on taxes because I don’t have any deductions (no kids, mortgage, etc). So I went Galt on them. Now I keep income really low and take NO assistance from the Govt or system. I now qualify for it but WILL NOT accept it.

          I worked for 25 years paying close to 30% in taxes (state & fed combined). Everything is paid for so I don’t need the high income. By simplifying my life I now live on less than $1000 a month. I know a healthy number of people are like me. I don’t consider myself poor by any means but I count as “poor”.

          System is screwed up and all the numbers are skewed. A professional could work part time for a high hourly rate, live well with this income but still be considered poor or living in poverty. What a joke.

          • Good for you, Kindle. Also, you have just described a class of individuals who are also a factor into the coming collapse: the aging boomer generation. Those who are mid 40s to mid 50s are not buying as they once did. And as they get older, those mortgages often ‘disappear’ because they’re paid off. And the kids move out. At that point, the need to consume drops off for some people (those who aren’t mallrats). Like you figured out, once the debt is gone (or wasn’t there in the first place), there was no need for the high income because there were no deductibles to play the IRS-game of being broke on paper.

            We’re a one-income family by choice and like you, we live simply and strive for self-reliance. If our income disappeared, we could continue on (and with both of us tending the gardens we could have bigger harvests!). The sticky wicket is the economic collapse which is as sure a bet as death is. One of the more perplexing scenarios that I believe governments might do is to bring about exponential increases in property taxes (or Federal taxes). If that were to occur, civil war would probably break out since few Americans are financially prepared for taxes increasing a thousandfold a year.

            • We’ll be dropping our tax burden by 2/3 next year! Not due to retirement, just dropping out. Sick and tired of the waste, fraud, and abuse. We’d be in jail for the things Congress gets away with. John Galt? Perhaps!

            • MovinOn, glad to hear it. Welcome to the world of Drop Outs.

      30. .
        US Economy Going From Bad to Worse: Roubini
        By Patrick Allen | CNBC – Mon, Jul 23, 2012 4:43 AM EDT.

      31. CNS just published the latest info on the rise (again) in disability claims. Here’s more facts on the new way of life in the USA:

        “Congress enacted legislation in 1956 to add federal disability insurance to the Social Security system. Over the decades, the number of Americans actually working has dramatically declined relative to the number claiming federal disability insurance payments.

        By July 1967, there 74,520,000 Americans actually working and 1,145,663 workers taking disability payments. That made a ratio of 65 actual workers for each worker collecting disability. In July 1987, there were 112,634,000 people actually working and 2,759,852 people collecting disability—a ratio of about 41 actual workers to each worker collecting disability.

        When President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, there were 142,187,000 people actually working and 7,442,377 workers collecting disability—a ratio of about 19 to 1.

        In June, there were 142,415,000 people actually working and 8,733,461 workers claiming disability—a ratio of about 16 to 1.

        In July, in addition to the 8,753,935 workers who received federal disability insurance payments, there were also 165,564 spouses of disabled workers and 1,850,653 children of disabled workers who received payments. That brought the total number of disability beneficiaries to 10,770,152.”

        • With great fanfare in 1964/1965 LBJ passed the great civil rights act of 1964. One of its promised aims was to “eliminate poverty in our lifetime”. So now we are being told poverty is the same or worse as then. So,, after 50ish years and trillions of welfare dollars on countless programs, after taxing the still working folks to death, after changing the demographics of the USA,, this program is proven to be an utter failure. But no one in the media or politics is stating this,, and they wont. The only solution will be to add more programs and tax the still working more, along with printing more money to fund everything. Before this great program the USA was near 90% white and most everybody had to work to survive. Small business florished and factories both great and small were the norm. Societal violence was much rarer. Now, we are a tecnology and service based economy with a large part of all the races and especially the black race completely dependent on a check in the mailbox. Violence is commonplace. Why cant politicians and the media show things like they really are??? KF

      32. It no longer matters whose fault it is. This is not a political issue. It has become a survival issue. Keep prepping and buy what you can now. This depression started in 08 and the only reason our society hasn’t totally collapsed is the monetary injection, stimulus, and entitlements. It’s too far gone. It can’t be fixed. Prepare you and yours and keep a positive survivor mentality. It’s all you will have.

      33. The only way to get the career politicians out of DC is to run them out. It will be almost impossible to vote them out as they have stacked the deck so totally in their own favor, now that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try anyway though.
        I thank God that I have a good job and an understanding wife when it comes to prepping. We are not where I would like to be when it comes to being prepped but we’re way ahead of most of the people that we know.

        Pray for peace, Train for war.

      34. The Globalists and Marxists working hand in hand. It will speed up now. Here we go folks.

      35. If Radar O’Rieley were here he would be saying “choppers” and running out the door.

        Just think of the mess Obummer is going to inherit if he wins the White house this fall.

        • You don’t need to travel to a foreign country to see a third world culture. I live in a small southern town that acquired a chicken processing plant around 10 years ago. Fast forward – at least 1/3 of town are illegals/green card holders. Middle class brick ranch neighborhoods are going down fast, and the blue collar side of town which was a nice, safe place to live – well it truly looks like a ghetto in Mexico City. I have my house on the market – wished I had sold my house 10 years ago and left. Now, there must be 100’s of houses for sale and all of us droppping the price constantly. The only hope for our community is for the plant to close for burn to the ground. I don’t want to be here when the SHTF.

          • Just imagine your small town and the immigrant situation thousands of times bigger. Entire areas of Calif. are no longer really in the US. I imagine when the time to birth Aztlan arrives the stampede by non Chicanos for the border will be huge. They have already told us that only Chicanos will be allowed to live in the new Aztlan.

          • They are not “immigrants”, they are invaders, and they aided and abetted by parasites and thier lackies. You have outlived your usefullness, and are to be replaced…

          • You know what to do. Drag ’em out of their houses and take care of it.

        • To Norse Prepper;

          Yes, War in this COUNTRY!

        • You mean “reinstalled”?

      36. If you don’t have money, don’t have so many kids.

      37. Kudos SHTF plan.

        It certainly is really bad out there. We recieve a steady stream of comments all day and night long from more than half of the world’s 200+ countries. Nearly everyone is job scared and war scared.

        Right on SHTF plan. WRITE ON!

        Respectfully, Yoda / Founding content editor


      38. geez ..more of the Penn State ordeal ….Okay I know I will tick off alot of people but the news says children were abused ….” were’ nt these ” children ” over 18 years of age and about 260 pounds ? Just saying ….

        when I was that age and a fraction of the weight somebody would have NOT done that to me …even if it was a person if Authoritory ….just saying ……

        • No they were children. Sandusky did a lot of work with a non profit organization that dealt with kids. It was kids he was abusing, not college athletes.

          • I hear to-nite is date nite at Sandusky’s new frat house. Hope the “Boyz” are wearing this POS out.

      39. It seems that’s all the welfare class does. Make babies to keep that cash rolling in.

      40. And soon, American Citizens will be starving because our Government is hoarding the food for their own kind!
        Wake up America! Your lives may depend on it!

      41. As people get older they do not have the energy to pursue things as much hence the energy of the late 20th century with the young baby boomers. Today with the lack of opportunity older people are backing off and making due with what they have. It’s consolidation time! ALSO ANOTHER THOUGHT – – – nicotine IS a brain stimulent, the you boomers smoked, ideas were created. People quit smoking and the brain is NOT stimulated and you can see how ideas have fallen off. – interesting. I used to smoke years ago and I can tell you I noticed the difference when I quit, then years latter I read the article on nicotine.

      42. there all so poor, but there sipping on Starbucks coffee, Eating McDonald’s burgers galore, Paid for cell phones, paid for appliances, paid for automobiles, paid for mortgages , so who are the poor ones here.

      43. Obama’s name is always mentioned. Let’s not forget our impotent Congress that cannot seem to accomplish ANYTHING, except brinkmanship.


      45. Why not just get rid of the non elected hangers on that seed money to corrupt politicians and beaurocrats.
        How many millionaires do we need in Washington and Ottawa? And they’re just getting richer! Let’s get rid of these bastards and make the govt use the taxes where they should be used.
        How many more bridges and overpasses need to fall before we realize that tax dollars have NOT been used to keep up the infrastructure of U.S. (and Canadian) highways
        I live in Canada and Ottawa is doing the same thing to us!
        We are all saps!. We just talk and write smart letters (like the ones posted here).
        The Dems (liberals) will have us all at war over stuff like the Enridges spill or this stupid pipeline from Alberta tar sands.
        Remember NAFTA?
        Who agreed to that farce? I sure didn’t.

      46. Poverty is intentionally on the rise as a planned effect of the elite who happen to be, as in Colonial times, allied with the British Crown. The Crown is the source of this venom. The President is an “honorary” member of a Crown sponsored group called “The Pilgrims,” limited to 700 nearly unknown persons of extreme influence in America. That’s where the wealth is going—to The Pilgrims Society, set up as “a secret society gradually absorbing the wealth of the world” (documented extensively at site linked). No other organization anywhere is remotely as dangerous as this one. We are being dragged back under feudalism as in medieval times.

      47. Think about a plantation in the South before the 1861 Civil War. On that plantation, there was a skewed distribution of wealth; the master and his family had most of the wealth while the slaves lived in poverty, plus there was a small middle class of hired overseers. Look at a typical South American banana republic and you will see the same thing, i.e., a few people at the top with most of the wealth, a small middle class, and most of the population in poverty. These are skewed distributions of wealth and the cause is a legal and economic system that extracts the wealth of the majority for the benefit of the few, by whatever name we call it (dictatorship, fascism, socialism, communism, corporatism, slavery, feudalism).

        If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it is probably a duck. If the result we see in a society is a skewed distribution of wealth with a few at the top with most of the wealth, a small or disappearing middle class, and an abnormal large number of people in poverty, that society is a slave society. You might say the USA is one big government controlled slave plantation.

        On the other hand, when people are free the historic evidence is that there is a normal distribution of wealth with the average man owning an average amount of wealth. Extreme wealth and extreme poverty are statistically insignificant in a free economy; there is a large middle class which is what we had long ago when we were still a free country.

        What we have in the USA today is a mixed economy with socialism and fascism major components that have destroyed freedom. When government rigs the markets in favor of large corporations and legalizes scams like fractional reserve banking and debt based money, wealth is taken from those who work for it and given to those politicians and corporations who control the government and its laws; poverty is created for the majority. The politicians then extract more wealth from working people to give to those living in the poverty that government created so as to pacify them and to buy their votes.

        Until we face the reality that we are no longer a free nation, we are doomed to remain slaves. Those who do not understand they are slaves don’t understand the source of their suffering, hence don’t know the solution. When enough people wake up, we will have revolution.

      48. What else can we expect when we have a commander-n-thief with all his cronies bilking the taxpayers for trillions. When over 90 % of the elected officials and lawmakers are “crooks” and liars. Sadly, TPTB are prodding them onward, which is taking every nation downward. There will be a day of reckoning, but; not until things get a whole lot worse. Tighten your belts and check your “protective provisions”. Stock up and lock up. Make a plan for survival as best you can for your current social/financial situation. Look up! For your redemption draweth nigh!

      49. Poverty has more to do with productivity and creation of wealth (or lack of) than it does with distribution. Distribution is secondary to creation for those of you who have forgotten about cause and effect. Many of you are talking with a socialistic tone. Shame on you. If you need a bad guy to blame, it’s the relationship you all have with debt money. Debt money underlies all of our economic problems. The wealth pie has gotten so much smaller. Wake up.

      50. TPTB have a plan and are using it now..we have no plan…and soon the no plan millions will be put to the test, as the next phase of enslavement begins…the time for signs and noise makers has ended..deaf ears and force are what they use…what will ours be…as we individually
        confront the police state….they will use the military against its own citizens…and it is not the first time…it may be the last….clean ’em,load’ em, stack ’em, prepare to use ’em…

      51. Guess it’s time for people to start looking after themselves and their family and stop trying to “keep up with the Jones”. People can usually live relatively comfortable with much less than they think they can. Time to get back to basics and decide what is important.

      52. Very soon you will look back at this and refer to it as the “good old days”. This is what your future looks like. You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.

      53. What is happening here in the united states of America and around the World is this.

        The people of the World except for the ones who control it, except for a marginal few. DO NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for themselves. They all want free handouts. And that includes the ones who control it, Those who work for a living for another person(employed) make all the money for the ones who control it. The rest get free handouts and the ones who control it get richer. The people of the WORLD MUST STAND UNITED TO PREVAIL THIS TYRANNY UNDER THE ONE AND ONLY UNIVERSAL GOD WHO CREATED THE UNIVERSE. WAKE UP. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF. REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SELF.

      54. The game is rigged. Ok. I get it. I guess we should all just stop following the issues, and responding to them in a timely manner, and throw our hands up in the air in desperation, and do NOTHING. Right? I mean, because WHAT CAN WE DO? DEFEATISM. Let’s just talk about it, online.

        Harry Reid may have pulled a supreme Mitt Romney FLIP FLOP on us all, Weds., but, there IS SOMETHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT!

        CONTACT Sen. Harry Reid on H.R. 459′s Passage (327-98) – TODAY!

        I did! Here is the text of my message (you may copy/paste in an email to H. Reid):

        “I was just informed, that the House voted, 327-98, on H.R. 459, & AUDIT THE ‘FED’ passed! I was also just informed, that ‘Sen. HARRY REID is refusing to put Audit the Fed up for a vote in the Senate.’ And, to ‘Please contact his office today and tell him to support AUDIT THE ‘FED’ and allow for a Senate vote!’

        327-98, Senator, is a CLEAR MAJORITY. THE PEOPLE have spoken. Question: Do you represent THE PEOPLE? I noticed, that in 1995, you spoke openly FOR an AUDIT OF THE ‘FED’ – of course, the need for such an audit has not changed since then – why has your stance (on this issue) changed? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn1u3yDjhN4

        (Feel free to Copy and Paste the message above, if you wish)

        Related News:

        Audit the Fed Passes the House! 327(Y)-98(N)

        Harry Reid vows Federal Transparency Act will never be voted on in the Senate 7/25/12

        Harry Reid’s ULTIMATE FLIP-FLOP Passionate Speech Pleading for an Audit of The Federal Reserve 1/23/1995

      55. what wrong white people you do no like the big payback

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