It’s Over: This Is the ONLY Picture You Need To See To Know It’s Time To Get Out Of Stocks

by | Apr 25, 2015 | Headline News | 296 comments

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    If you’re familiar with the story of the shoeshine boy then skip right to the image below.

    The anecdote goes that avid investor Joe Kennedy was on his way to work in the winter of 1928 and stopped to have his shoes shined. When the shoeshine boy finished he offered up a tip to Kennedy.

    “Buy Hindenburg,” he told the millionaire.

    Kennedy soon unloaded most of his holdings. When pressed by friends and associates about his reason for selling, Kennedy quipped:

    “You know it’s time to sell when shoeshine boys give you stock tips. This bull market is over.”

    Less than a year later stock markets around the world collapsed, leaving tens of millions of people impoverished for decades to come.

    Source: Mainstream Financial Experts Recommend: Take Out A Loan And Invest In Stock Markets

    It’s been reported that hordes of Chinese have transferred their life savings into stock markets in the hopes of striking it rich. According to Zero Hedge, some 7.2 million trading accounts have been opened in just the last two months.

    Because, well, stock markets can only go up from here.

    All you need to know about the Chinese stock market, and therefore all stock markets worldwide because of the incestual relationships in global finance, is summed up in the image below.

    Via Zero Hedge:

    When Your Banana-Guy Starts Trading Stocks, You Know It’s Over

    Presented with no comment… ok well one! WTF!?


    Source: @wmiddelkoop



    Chart: Bloomberg

    No comment… not one… seriously.

    And just in case you missed it, it’s not just Banana Boys who are now experts in day trading:


    Like the majority of Americans who believe the U.S. economy is good and will only get better next year, millions of Chinese are completely oblivious to the bubbles that have been created around them.

    The bust is coming.



    Hattip Durango Kidd


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      1. I’m in the industry. I talk to wholesalers all the time. American Funds, Fidelity, Oppenheimer, BlackRock, PIMCO, etc…

        Their Ph.D’s and CFA’s and market analysts at headquarters are invariably bullish or neutral. Never bearish.

        • Of course not. You are so right. They don’t want to lose the account and the commission that comes with it.

          That is why if you invest, YOU need to have a working knowledge of how the market works. Leaving your accounts in the hands of your fund manager and just trusting him is like playing Russian Roulette with a semi auto with a round chambered.

          Speaking from experience from a long time ago. Once burnt, lesson learned. Time is coming that a whole lot of folks are going to be homeless and broke over the market. 1930’s again if not worst.

          • Just what we need, a bunch of chink bodies
            floating by in a sea of hopelessness.

            • knit one-pearl two.

              • Ive lived thru a few recessions and this depression and there is a lot of truth to this. Once you see the feeding frenzy, its over. At the beginning of this depression I was shocked to find employees of mine buying homes that I myself couldn’t afford. These were guys making $14 per hour buying $500,000 homes. They were also driving $40,000 cars, buying jet skis and boats, having a great time every week end and constantly talking about their stock portfolios. Some of these guys were asking for advances to invest. They just knew that their stock was gonna make them rich. Then Bear Sterns collapsed. A few months later these guys were living in their cars or camping out at Wallmart. Even today, 7 years later these guys still haven’t recovered and probably never will.

                • I am hearing echoes of what the Sherpa working the base camp on Everest said yesterday. “Run, for your lives”.

            • Outwest: That’s what you think “Roundeyes”, we own all your stuff, and we own you!

              • Number One son, NO communist owns any of us or anything we have. If you gooks think you’re capable of taking it, bring it on. We’ll have some nice hot lead waiting for you. That’s one thing you’ll damned sure get from us.

                • Braveheart!!
                  LMAO. This is the best post I’ve read in quite some time!!!!
                  Next time you vote, internally investigate the one you wanna vote for as they, often times, happen to be the ones, that will be ready to sell this country to the Chinese (or anybody else) if they can make a buck out of it. Right now, a nice shank of the US in practice belong to China thanks to these criminal slim balls that call themselves US Senators and congressmen/women. In fact they are the ones that need to be taken care of first as far as hot led is concerned LOL. I don’t know about anyone, but I could never get myself to sell dime worth of this country to anyone else, just so I could secure that Yacht or that Learjet. This country is worth much more than that.

                  • This country isn’t worth dick, to some dual-citizen elite who owes no allegiance to anything, but his own bank account.

                    That’s what the majority of congress is…people who owe no allegiance to any country.

                    • A country’s worth, whether it be this country or any other is not determined by what some asshole think of it (no pun intended). It’s determined by what the said country is made out of, whether it be the Manpower, infrastructure, natural resources, scientific quests, Industries, etc.
                      And if they owe no allegiance to anybody but their bank accounts, then why have they been elected? Regardless of their citizenship, they took an Oath, and that Oath is their Master.

                      This, on one hand, on the other hand, many have tried to expose the scums that are dismantling this country and have been Murdered. Such murders are usually listed under headlines as “Mr. X have been found in his office, dead of apparently self inflicted shot gun wound.”.
                      One thing with this country is the majority are very stupid. And I guess they adopt such stance as it is necessary now a day to do so out of self preservation.

                • So you think the Chinese are communists? Oh boy. Are you a neocon supporter too? They say the same thing. China has a market economy, and it is in fact MUCH less regulated than Western markets. Their labor market is likewise much, much less regulated. Too unregulated by far, in fact. Oh, sure, there are laws about how they can treat the workers, but businesses ignore them and if any inspectors ever show up they are easily bribed. So it’s easy to just throw out toxic chemicals on the factory floor where the workers stand. Who cares if they get chronic diseases?

                  Medicine – businesses sell crappy pills in the store for low prices, and since most people are stupid enough to only buy the cheapest products, believing the ads, the good – more expensive – products are outcompeted and disappear. Whenever a product is revealed to be bogus the business simply stops selling it for a while, then comes back under a different name. The police rarely bother to arrest anyone for this. It’s the libertarian dream, and everyone else’s nightmare.

                  • How is that a “libertarian dream”?

                    I think a libertarian would like to see a world where people are inherently HONEST and do not NEED to be regulated up the ass, to keep them from hurting people for their own greed.

                    In fact, IMO, GREED doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere, except for capitalistic dreams, where money and wealth are more important than life and integrity.

                    As I understand it, “libertarian” does not mean no regulation, it means a whole lot less control, in a world where the majority of people usually do the right thing…

                    That’s just not the world we live in.

                • Where you gonna get hot lead? The last lead smelter in the US has been shut down by the EPA. You have to buy your lead from the Chicoms. California has banned lead bullets for hunting, a regulation that will be nationwide eventually. Lead fishing sinkers and lead bird shot are already banned. Even if you want to buy lead from the Chicoms, you won’t be able to, because it will be illegal to buy or possess lead in the near future.

                  • By “hot lead” he means what comes out of the business end of a firearm you moron.

                • Where you gonna get hot lead? The last lead smelter in the US has been shut down by the EPA. You have to buy your lead from the Chicoms. California has banned lead bullets for hunting, a regulation that will be nationwide eventually. Lead fishing sinkers and lead bird shot are already banned. Even if you want to buy lead from the Chicoms, you won’t be able to, because it will be illegal to buy or possess lead in the near future.

              • So try to come take your stuff…

            • Monday Apr 27th. Silver just took a .90 cent swing up. Told you anything under $16 is a strong buy. No worry for some reason Silver drops in price the last few days of every month.

        • Simple answer is the Chinese are preparing to buy the stocks at rock bottom prices once Jade Helm has been started and the economy is crashed.

          • GC! Good to see you buddy. I was worried you have forsaken us. Whats your take on Jade Helm?

            • I think the Jade Helm conspiracy theories are all wrong. So much talk about ISIS going I think the military is preparing for ISIS in this country. Take a look at all the intel being released.

              • Maybe they’re preparing to round up and deport the illegals?

                Those States are where most of them are.

              • rat pack,
                your theory has some merit. now what about using ISIS as a false flag event? what i mean is it would be a perfect time to have a small attack from ISIS and then they could make it into a big attack and thus declare martial law and NO elections ?? HMMMMMMM

                • apache54

                  Don’t say that. They are just getting started in Baltimore. GeeeeeWizzz.

                  • Slingshot,
                    SORRY, just trying to keep ahead of what teh bad guys are thinkiing and trying to do! probably will never be able to do that, but at least trying.

                • I don’t think they’ll pull off a “no election” martial law as long as there’s a black guy in the white house. The real people in charge don’t like blacks either. In the last 15 years, they’ve used them as PAWNS, liars and thieves.

                  If we become a dictatorship (outright, that is),. IMO it will not be until there is a white elitist in control. Someone like hillary, who will do their bidding no matter what. She’s proved that over the years.

                  Anybody else noticed the several black female mayors lately? I saw another article yesterday, where the entire police force quit when a black female mayor with a criminal family history got selected.

              • I’m pretty sure I am a reincarnated person from .the depression
                I never trusted banks or stocks! Just my humble opinion! Take care all!
                Keep pspin and prayin!
                Thanks for all I have learned here!
                Take care all!

              • I was listening on Youtube to some theories about JHelm and a woman had researched federal and UN documents and read them online. It is a desensitization exercise that is slated to be annual but the ultimate goal is to remove guns and their owners per UN regulations. It is all about the UN and disarmament.

                • I’m not a bit surprised.

            • Hi Ranger,

              For years the “elite” have been speaking of their “Post 2015” agenda. Jade Helm is the “event” of 2015 that caps off the current plan of total destruction of the USA through a yet undetermined means.

              I suspect that everything a drill has been run for up until now will come to pass within the next six months, even though the events happened at the time of the drills in question (such as 911, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon things. They will happen again, this time with no drill taking place to tip their hands in advance.

              I also suspect that we have not seen the last of ebola and other corp made bioweapons. Keep your silver generator going daily and drink a few ounces every day to make sure they can not penetrate your silver shield when they release them.

              There is nothing else I can do about it, but fend for my family. There is nothing to fear, no matter how much the corp wants me to fear it. I have a nice flock of chickens and a large garden, and some canned food stored up as well.

              I am right with myself and God. The outcome will be up to Him and in His time.

              It’s gonna be an ugly summer, and I am as ready as I can be for it.

              Good luck.

          • More proof that the Chinese have copied our flawed economic models.

          • thanks you made my day with that vid.

          • Holy smokes that is some funny shit!

          • haha, okay, I needed that today. Hilarious!

          • Lol, that,s where I am too! Lol!

          • Johnny,

            Thank you, thank you, thank you, etc.
            I laughed til I started to shock on my own saliva. Omy, never thought a clip like that would make me laugh that hysterically.

            PS:I loved the “flies” part.

          • Johnny V!
            You made my very rough month, tolerable!

            That was a great link & I watched the documentary too.
            SF & the wussy documentary maker was as presentable as they could be, (considering their wussyness)

            It was great, for once, considering everything,
            Thank you.
            Miss G.

          • I have days like that. People avoid me during those times.

          • The part from 1:18 to1:36 just kills me…never get tired of it…

        • First artical that makes sense. Banana investers for a banana amerikan republic. I sold my stocks into your retirement accounts:). Enjoy your golden years slaves 🙂

        • I noticed that Listerine has Fluoride in it. I’m switching all my soap shampoo and mouthwash over to organic as I use up my supply.

          • So does commercial beer. All they do is filter the water and it comes from municipal taps. I need to start making beer too damn.

        • I rewatched The Omega Man last night.

          -have an old school windable watch that doesn’t rely on batteries

          -having the only lit house on the block makes you a target

          -having fire extinguishers in every room is a good idea

          -duel sport motorcycles are easy to get around the city in

          -having a video surveillance system in your house and a central monitoring station is a good idea

          -don’t buy a convertible

          -have a few spare tires

          -have several generators and keep them topped off with fuel

          -a submachine gun is more useful than a rifle for patrol

          • in that movie the line that always gets me is…
            Bring out your dead!
            Or was Bring out the dead?

            • I thought that was “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.

              • Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.

          • You always post about prideful shit that doesn’t have anything to do with the article. Are you retarded or something?

            • Dunjin, good to see you back. I thought you already knew that acid is retarded.

          • I wouldn’t leave that gas in the generator too long,gas breaks down over time especially the ethanol. who’s got the money to have several generators sitting around not being used? same with the fire extinguishers.

          • Rioters doing the ‘Lord’s work’? The riots don’t even have anything to do with Freddie Gray. lay down the crack pipe.

            • Brave
              Amen to that.
              How did you make out at the Gun Show?
              I’m hoping to hit a couple of Gun shops when I go to my BOL#2 this week end.

        • Speaking of shoeshine boys, I always loved the late James Brown’s punch line about his days shining shoes in front of an Augusta office building: “Today, I own that building.”

        • There is only one reason to have foreign debt, so they can foreclose and own a country without war:)

        • I got out in 2000, because it was obvious, I got back in a little late, but still did good.

          In 1997 it was even more obvious, I got out with minimal losses, and got back in a rock bottom. After the crash Obama couldn’t go a week without attacking Wall Street in his speeches. Of course the theme was always Wall Street’s evil and it’s all George Bush’s fault. When Obama went three weeks without attacking Wall Street, it was the perfect bottom.

          We are very near the top again, I am already getting out, as individual stocks and funds peak.


          • Let me add just to make it clear, the propagandists will be framing this thing to deflect from the obvious that progressives have clearly engineered this upcoming crash.

            When the crash hits, Wall Street financial pundits will just give you the deer in the headlights stare, while claiming no one could have seen it coming, then invite guests who will blame all the enemies on the progressive enemies lists.

            I wonder if they might trigger it to purposely manipulate the upcoming election? Hmmm!

            • We need to stop calling the Elections “elections” because they are not. More like “burlesque theatrics” taking place across Country.
              …and I agree with the rest of your post. If the bible is right on one thing in regard to this country, that will be what Mark 3:25 says about a house that’s divided against itself not being able to stand.
              But it’s too late to come together at this point. This country is gone. SADLY.

        • How could they not be bullish when the government is giving away millions at zero interest rates. Free money that is then dumped into the stocks for massive returns.

          If you want a true gauge of the economic crash coming just look at McDonald’s earnings.

          As goes McDonald’s, so goes the US Economy.

        • its a graph. maybe he’s analyzing his wireless network signal

      2. It is time to ‘rock and roll’!

        • i was thinking lock and load but whatever

            • I love that movie! you sir or madam have made my day

              • one of the best family movies of all time!

                • I love that movie and ‘Lucas’ Can’t find either using Roku and Netflix.

                  • The boy who can fly?

            • WOW sounds like our GOVERNMENT

          • I was thinking, “Oh Brother.” Take your meds please.

      3. Mac this my not be nice but fuckem let them starve when it go’s

      4. I just watched The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part I and it’s pretty good. Except for the fact that there has to be a friendzoned character since this shit was written by a women.

        • Stop…just stop talking.

      5. If any food goes in your BOB, it should be beans rice trail mix granola bars fruit bars chocolate bars and peanut butter. Not fucking soup cans and MREs and dehydrated mountain house dinners. They aren’t as nutritionally dense as the aforementioned and they are too damn heavy. Don’t think so? Go fucking try it.

        Have you idiots ever even tried bugging out in normal conditions? You need a reality check.

        • You know it’s time to sell when Acid Etch gives you BOB tips…

          • Thor you get the High Five of the Day Dude!

            • M2245TH
              By your handle you live very close to me,
              like next door……

              • I’m in the little finger of Michigan. Grew up in Metro D.
                Always liked Going Up North!

                • Town? initials only, SB,L,GA ……

                  • E town

                    • Far out!

          • I hear a lot of TALK TALK TALK

            from people who never CONTRIBUTE CONTRIBUTE CONTRIBUTE.

            Who here is a more experienced explorer than me? I didn’t fucking think so.

            • Reading the back pages of Soldier of Fortune does not qualify you as an explorer.

              • Old Coach, I will bite your dick off and shove it up your ass and make myself a buttburger out of you boy! I have read your posts and your an idiot!

                • Acid, you are correct on the last point lol.

                • Acid; Old coach would eat your lunch…youre all smoke and no fire.

                  • Let’s take odds, I will take acid for 100 bux 2 to 1 odds lol.

                  • I would not touch his lunch with a barge pole. Something he’s eating has made him sick.

            • I am thinking. Dora

            • The only exploration expert you claim to be is in the anal realm. Your babbling ain’t worth a shit.

              • Riddle me this, someone…..

                since Ass’ed apparently likes to kiss ass,taint, and other dangling parts,

                wouldn’t that make him an anal-lick-it-al person?

            • Well… Me for one. I’d put any amount on it. You post to much here to be actually out doing anything.

          • That’s the funniest shit I’ve heard all week!! Nice

          • And you know your screwed if u dont already know or havent heard it before!

        • Acid,how about sticking to the subject at hand…what does that have to do with stocks? You are the idiot!

          • You never do anything here but curse at me. I don’t care about you cursing me but for fuck sake WHY DONT YOU TELL US SOMETHING USEFUL OF ONCE? Fucking idiot.

            • You already know everything ya shit smear, and you’re better then everyone at everything. I bet you have so many friends. Hah!

              • I have friends up the ass! You on the other hand never contribute shit you moron! Go back to your Dunjin and hope your mom doesn’t catch you on the computer again.

                • Haha, friends up the ass eh? I bet you do. Listen here you little queer, I’ll sling your little faggit ass in the dirt bitch. Now go breastfeed.

                  • FU pusscake. I will bend you over and buttream you in front of your friends! I will stick it so far up your ass you will be choking on it! Breast feed this bitch!

            • ok,leave…aggravate some other forum. That’s mt contribution.

          • And you need to apologize for insulting idiots.

        • I’m saving the canned goods for throwing at the UN troops when the come to save us from ourselves. You right those MREs really suck. I bought a case and jeez, I’ll eat em if that’s all there is, butt ooffta…

          • Dumas,
            I hope you will add some stuff to those cans when you throw them at the UN,if you know what i mean!

            • Acid:
              Take your exploring experiences and all the greatness you have over all these people on this site and your B.O.B. (battery operated buddy)and JUST LEAVE. Your comments here, has nothing to do with this topic.
              Most, if not all of the people here are better prepared for what is coming than you will ever be.
              It is easy to tell by the way you present your argument and thoughts on a subject that you think you know something, but it is evident you only know how to run your mouth like a sophomoric fool.
              You remind me of the fool we have in the White House right now. A whole lot of talk and very poor actions if not the wrong actions all together.
              Why don’t you just practice your freedom of speech some where else. Because personally your speech is vulgar and offensive and you can tell by that you vocabulary is limited and it also tells me that you do not have a very good education.
              Remember one thing You Do Have the Freedom Of Speech. You Do Not Have The Freedom To Make People Want To Hear You. So Good By, Until you grow up and mature into an adult, and you have something people want to hear.
              N. Reb

              • If you think THAT is gonna stop acid from posting here,you’re in for one hell of a disappointment!

              • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Well done sir.

        • Acid, I’ve practiced bugging out to the BOL in GA many times on several different routes and know them like the back of my hand. I do keep bags of trail mix, fruit bars, chocolate bars and peanut butter crackers in my BOB and they are more filling. My canned goods and freeze-dried foods are already at the BOL. Good tips. Also have some bottled water in a separate bag along with a good water filter.

        We all know it’s coming, but WHEN!!!. Hell I would be happy to know in what month TSHF is going to happen in the market.
        I know Mac is trying to keep us informed , but I’m getting gray hair waiting.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

        • Middle of September 2015

        • northern reb,
          we are all tired of waiting, i have a friend who deals with lots of Wallstreet stuff ( 40 years worth) and the word to him from them is sept. to Oct. something big is gonna happen, a crash or reset, I shook him up enough that he has made adjustments to his holdings, ME don’t have anything to adjust so don’t matter to me except, i am tired of waiting!!

          • Apache, your friend may be correct. October has been a bad month in the history of the market.

            • Swinging Richard,
              well i hope so , i am ready to get this over with, not getting any younger!

        • What northern Reb said!

      7. About 10,000 points ago I had people assuring me that the market was headed below 3,000.

        Still waiting.

      8. The chinks will just as broke as the rest of us when it happens.

        • Broker, confederate.
          ‘Cause they won’t have any ammo
          or anything to load it in if they did…

        • Maybe that is why I see a “Fall In Love With Asian Women” banner ad on this site (complete with “Start Mature Date” button link).

        • Oh, me so horny!

        • The difference is they’re used to it. Since when were they ever NOT broke?

      9. banks will not survive another financial crash & neither will many countries.





        • Screw the neighbor, he said he was coming to my house for preps so i said if i am wrong i am coming to your house for retirement. I decided you cant count on anybody so i got rich and bought preps too . Smart 🙂

          • Its not my job to help neighbors or anyone else. I will take care of only those who im responsible for. If I take care of me & mine and everyone else does the same we will be Ok. Im quite willing to let others suffer. They made their own bed let them lie in it.

            • I’m thinking you wouldn’t want to have all those others ignore you if you end up in need, and no one can safely predict that they won’t end up that way.

              It’s true that you need to take care of your own house first, but it’s also true that you need to help others to the extent you can if you want anything like civilization to remain in existence (and if you’re Christian it is a duty to do so as well).

              • Anon.

                My duty as a Christian to help others?

                Hahahahahahaha! That is a good one.

                • Christ spent his life helping others.

                  Christ died to help you.

                  Do you reject that, or just that you should try to emulate Christ?

                  As Christians, we are to try to model our lives after that of Christ, He came in the flesh not only to pay the price of salvation for us (perfect sacrifice for perfect remission of sins) but to show us by example how He expects us to live.

                  Then, there’s always that “Golden Rule” thing to consider ………..

              • Yes indeed even if im in need I don’t want help. Its my life my bed ill lie in it. Our family is self reliant and the likely hood of sheeple being of any help to me is pretty slim. and Im proud to state im not a Christian. I have a much better religious superstition. My soul is mine I have free will. I never asked someone to die in a cross for my sins. I don’t want something for nothing. Ill take full credit for my good deeds as well as my bad ones. Im not trying to buy my way into heaven.

          • If someone says “I’ll just come to your place if times are bad”…tell them if they show up, you’re going to eat them. Be sure to look them straight in the eyes and keep a serious face when you say it. Do not laugh, do not tell them you were only joking. I’ve done it a few times just to see the person’s reaction. Try it, it’s fun.

        • But I want a good excuse to kill them so I can bumjug them then eat them!

          • Thats just wrooonnnggg

        • we are TRYING, getting real…..but them naybers won’t LISTEN to good advice, so, HELL NO, i aint helpin’ the sons-o-biches….

          • BCOD:

            Well said!

            • to bad it’s 90plus percent of them that’s too stupid to listen. i feel like i’m walking through the movie “day of the living BRAINdead”!…thnks pog!


            • GR. I agreed with your first post… I’m disappointed by your second.

              • Explain please while we still have that right Anonymous ?

        • Wish I could vote this up. I often read many “preppers” who are just waiting for the hordes to come knocking down the doors. In a lot of ways I agree and understand why, but this cannot be the default for everyone. Prepping and stocking simply to be an island in the chaos only serves to drive the problem worse. Many talk about social decay in America, preparing to remove yourself from society only feeds in to it. I personally view it like this, instead of appearing/being pre-isolationist (if not isolationist already) why not serve as an example to people on what they are doing wrong?

          • Adamantium.

            They tell you they do not want to hear that shit. Yes, I am tired of them doing stupid shit. Except for this site. I am done helping people. They might be looking at a rifle with a pig sticker on the end of it.
            I use to be a Happy Go Lucky Guy. Soon to turn into a mean Son of A Bitch. Rest assured there will be many like me. You have been warned. We are out there. ;0)

            • slingshot, I feel ya man. People will not listen to anything outside of their bubble of msm news. You could give them a pallet of info and proof and they won’t look at the 1st page. Fuck them I am tired of trying to get through, they made their bed now they can lay in it. If someone has questions or seems like they want to learn I will help. But thats as far as it goes. If they come crying to me for help afterwords it will be get lost or be my slave for a cup of rice. Don’t like those options? Start diggin yer grave fools.

              • Genius.

                I agree.

          • The thing is as individuals we cannot solve the problem. We can only try and prep for out own survival. the fact is 90% will die. We prep to try and avoud being part of the 90%. Being a example is a exercise in futility. Those sheeple don’t want a example. They want everything to remain like it is at present. When SHTF happens they will want what belongs to others.

            • I think that you are exaggerating things.

              I would be surprised if over 75% die.

              Or if much over 25% live.

              • Well, you should get ready for it. If the dinosaurs didn’t last, we, also shall go at some point. And from the great job of getting ready of self extermination mankind has done, that should not come as shocking when it takes place.

          • There is a parable of Jesus known as the Parable of the Ten Virgins. In this parable, five virgins are wise and five are foolish. There are all waiting for the groom to come, each in charge of a lamp. The wise virgins carried extra fuel for their lamps, but the foolish virgins did not. When the call came out that the groom was near, the foolish virgins asked the wise virgins for fuel. The wise replied,”GO TO THE MARKET AND BUY YOUR OWN FUEL, OR ELSE THERE WILL NOT BE ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US (emphasis mine).” So the foolish virgins went to the market and bought fuel, but upon their return ,found that the groom was already there and the doors had closed. They begged to enter, but entry was refused. See how the wise virgins were prepared ahead of time and refused to share with the foolish? There is a season to give, and a season to withhold. While it is yet peaceful, we should be generous. The time is coming soon, however, when giving will not be a good idea and probably even dangerous.

            • whatever happened to our Trust in our Savior?!?!? hasn’t He, Himself been shredded to pieces to only allow for His Glorious, Divine, Al Mighty and Ever Lasting Resurrection?!?!?
              Is the Bible True, or is this it??!?!

        • The non preppers outnumber us about 30to1. Only hope is they kill each other off. No point in trying to help them. They are why we have the problem.

          • paranoid,
            that ratio will decrease very fast, after two weeks to a month most will be gone!

            • The marjority are all in big cities.
              God help ’em.

            • Apache we can only hope. The future will quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.

          • Are you being optimistic or do you really think there are 10 million preppers in the US? I’d like to think so but I think far less than 10 million are actually prepared for much though several million probably have some intermediate level of preps.

            • Rebel Idaho,
              although lots more have woke up, most people i am around have done NOTHING and live day to day going to the grocery store, so eithere way you cut the deck it will be a very NASTY death scenario for LOTS of city slickers and any others who have not got there food supplies inline! and even though some will try to help others it will NEVER be enough for very many, of course allot depends on what the diaster is. HEY, have a good day in Idaho, sure like lots of things about Idaho, has been on the list to look at as a potential area for late years and those i think are here now! LOL

            • 10 million adult preppers; no. Total. yes close. There are now between 4-5million NRA members. Don’t know how many Mormons, so yeah I think we are close to 10 Mil. Around here WalMart sell N-Pack food, they don’t do that for six guys.

              • Paranoid,
                well with 310 million in the states and 10 million preppers and if 75% perish, things are gonna be slim around here until we get invaded by millions of others!better keep good supply of ammo, gonna take a bunch to keep the horde away

              • Not all nra members are preppers and a lot of mormons arent preppers either. I would say there are around 1 million true preppers in the USA. I personally know a LOT of people and only 1 is a prepper but still isn’t awake.

                • Im the only person I know who is debt free. has enough preps ect. to last for a extended period. Most live from paycheck to paycheck and have nothing to eat in the house. The snow & ice was bad. This couple I know went and bought a brand new 4 wheel drive so they could get to work. The electricity went out. so they had no heat. They had a wood stove but no wood. They didn’t have $50 to buy a rick of firewood. so they set around in their cold freezing house in blankets. My sister suggested I take them a load of fire wood? I told her fuck them they aint my responsibility.

        • I would rather help them out if i can for sure, hell, i kinda like most of them!
          Plus whats it going to prove being a dick,,,
          I might not give em my stash of Spam or corned beef but will definitely turn em on to squashes and kale and some bread,,,
          Most of these folks have been around a long time and have known them as such, much rather have a large group that are all working togethr than be the dickhead odd man out that they all dispise. Its going to take a lot more than a food supply for everyone to stay alive and Lord know there will be plenty of death and dying to go around.

          • Kula,
            You’re the man. I am with you all the way. People do come around eventually but as my mother use to say, “As long as there is life, there is hope!”, “As long as we are together, we can get through this!” The shock of 5he catostrphe may stun everyone at first but I would not underestimate people’s will to survive. Where there is a will, there is a way. People will find a way to survive and to thrive in community. That is how the successful Amish folks survive and thrive. That is the model to immulate going forward. Bad people will be known and marked. They dig their own graves. Thanks for your insight, Kula!

          • KF the problem is if you give out food ,the word is you have extra food, at that point you are dead.

            • Paranoid, CORRECT!

            • So heres the thing, if we are at that point why stick around?
              Im going to hope our comunity is stronger than that,

              • Kulafarmer.

                You have a lot going for you. Besides I bet you would like to make a few of them “Do the Chicken”.

                From,” The Choir Boys”.

                • Maybe the chicken dance,,,,,

            • Our area should be much much different than urban or sub urban areas, lots of livestock, lots of farms, lots of wild game. Most people are either tied to agriculture in one way or another or are willing, a bad situation will make more people willing to work, we dont have welfare cases in our neighborhood, not really anyway, lots of older, fairly well off peeps, im going to have faith that it will bring us together rather than cause us to self destruct, now town and resort areas, that could be a totally different story, hence the desire to bond and expand swiftly,

              • Kulafarmer

                See. Sounds pretty good.

                Where I am I am lucky if some my neighbors remember to take out the garbage.

                • Sorry to hear that, theres definitely areas like that here.
                  The great unknown!
                  From past experience the bad eggs will be shut down hard here. Right now good people are civil and follow the system, but when things go south the bad eggs try their crap and find that those good people can bring holy hell to their bullshit.

      11. Got out of the stock market back in 2001….never again,putting it into preps and hard goods.

      12. Aside from pulling it all out and stocking up in gold, lead, and MRE’s. For those of us that have modest amounts in a company sponsored 401k, with a preset group account choices of where to put our retirement investment, can anyone shed light on where a good or perhaps a “more safe” account type would be in preps for a stock market situation as predicted?

        Is the idea that nothing is safe?

        I realize this is the internet and there’s plenty of opinions out here, just have to hope there are more people than just a few that believes while there may a correction in the markets ahead of us, I don’t think Grapes of Wrath days are ahead of us.

        • Normally I would say Money Market funds that maintain a $1.00 share price, but the trouble now is that it may be the dollars dropping as well as the stock market

        • That is an easy question. If you have not already gotten rich and bought a bunker it is too late for you babaloo. Hahaha you might as well rearrange the deck chairs while the band plays. But if it makes you feel better i am sad for you. Hahahaha

        • I’m temped to buy oil at some point. XOM is so big if it fails the entire world fails.

        • A few of the Gold and silver miners are honest. I anticipate some of them doing very well for a time depending on how the crash hits. They might give you a little time to get out with a profit when it hits.

        • Are you 100% debt free? Do you own your property outright (please no arguments about property taxes) and/or your BOL? Do you have 6 months worth of expenses in cash in a nice safe at home? Also some silver and gold in that same safe? Decent collection in your gun safe (all the accessible ones are just working guns and you should have a back up for each) and a nice amount of ammunition? 1 year of food?

          If you’re debt free and totally squared away then it’s time to go find an investment professional for what to do with the extra money. Please save that for the truly last step and for when you can do without the money if it all goes wrong. Buying fishing poles and teaching the grandkids to fish is likely a better investment than anything a broker could sell you.

          • If you’re smart you’ll keep at least one hidden gun stored off premises somewhere if you can.

            You may find yourself in a situation where you can’t get to those at home.

          • Now there are some questions that will destroy your opsec 😮

        • yes, sailing jim, it really IS that simple….there is NO investment out there that isn’t in a bubble right now…….STUFF, that will be usefull after the collapse this year….that’s where you put your money……food, and a way to KEEP it from the dumb masses, is your best bet.

          • Silver isn’t in a bubble.

            • short-term, there will be a better price for gold and silver…when the stocks crash, gold and silver go down WITH them(because those margined accounts sell what is LIQUID to raise cash)longer term, it’s a bargain….as long as you don’t mind owning it after the gub-mint outlaws it….but remember, i got this optimism problem

      13. Mac I use your site like the canary in a coal mine, news is here faster than I get it anywhere else.Could you have a separate news forum just for the latest breaking world news posts I think all would appreciate it and use it separate from other info. Keeps me in the know faster than anything else I have found. Thanks for all the good info……

        • I totally agree and it’s been on my wish list for quite some time — ideally, I think giving users of the community the ability to post links and some commentary would make this work very well — with so much news and so many potential sources crowdsourcing seems like the best way forward.

          I’m on it and would like to have this going by summer —

          Thanks again!


          • yay!

          • I second that. I think having a live, here’s news NOW forum would be good. The older one’s out there are fading into crap. Need some new blood on the block.

            Please make me a moderator so I can ban folks at a whim for no reason……. KIDDING!! 🙂

          • Mac,
            great idea !! i third it!

          • Cool beans Mac,,,

          • Sweet. This has tremendous potential.

          • Sweet

          • Mac, that would be wonderful! At the moment I go to sites like DRUDGE Report, SURVIVAL TOP 50, ZH, 24hgold, ETC. and follow the trail to the source. This is still one of my favorites.

            • I quit going to Drudge cause its become the internet National Enquirer.

              • PO’P

                Drudge in loosing quality news.

            • I’m not super impressed with Drudge. They have quite a bit of garbage celebrity info, which I don’t want to read through to find the important stuff. I could care less WHAT Bruce Jenner is doing!

              I tend to come to this site or ZH.

          • How about something like Steve Quales “Q ALERT”.
            Breaking news events posted as it happens from intel your readers received.

            • You’ll come up with a lot of nonsense there.

              Not all of it, of course, but a lot of it.

          • Now that would be seriously cool

            • Or go to and set up your own free chatroom.

      14. When the white man discovered this country, Indians were running it. No taxes, no debt, women did all the work. White man thought he could improve on a system like this. – Cherokee

        • That is what Franklin believed . That indians could not manage their resources well.

        • That’s funny and how true.

          Damn white guys!!! 🙂

          (Yeah, I”m a white guy)

        • copperhead,
          Oklahoma ? my family is from there, Cherokee- Choctaw

          • If it ain’t broke, we will fix it!

      15. IF some guy looking at a graph of (who REALLY knows what) is your only clue to get out then just stay in – you don’t deserve to get a warning.

        And keep in mind this is from ZeroHedgeScammers so take it with a 50lb bag of salt.

        Remember; the last FIVE, yes FIVE FRIGGING YEARS we’ve been told it’s going to crash any minute. Waadevveerrrrr….

        If you’re worried about a crash it’s because you’re IN IT. STUPID.

        Let it crash – I don’t lose penny one. For all the martial law, FEMA camps and big doomers – if that crap is going to happen they’ll find ANY reason, they don’t need the market to crash; they have plenty of reasons saved up, just need to pick one.

        • I think it has crashed, but the Feds putting trillions into the economy have kept the market climbing. Jobs are less, income is less, interest rates are not worth chasing and food is about to get really expensive.

      16. I have stocks. Beef, chicken and vegetable. Makes good soup and such.

        Also have bullion cubes of same. Just found out if you go to a Walmart on the Messkin side of town you can get Knorr cilantro, chipotle, onion and garlic bullion cubes, Knorr calls them ‘mini cubes’. Cheap. About a buck and a quarter for a box of 20. You gotta have seasonings for those rice and beans so invest in stocks, and that my friends is the tip of the day.

        • thumbs up.
          i’ll have to remember that one.

        • Now THAT is info i can wrap my mind around,,,

        • Two thumbs up!

        • Knorr also makes Pork cubes but you can only seem to find them in Asian markets.

          • Knorr is loaded with MSG. Look into msg and see if you really want it then!

            • You know,
              If its TEOTWAWKI the last thing ill be worried about is MSG.

              • True but some people like my wife can not even have a little msg. It triggers migraine headaches. If you know someone who has migraines, take them off any monosodium glutamate or yeast extract and see what happens. Read labels at the store BEFORE you buy. Most all flavored chips, soups, bullion cubes, broth, crackers, have msg.

                • Also flavored TVP found in meat substitutes in many prepper meals is loaded with the shit. Not to mention TVP is soy protien which is GMO and produces female hormones.

                  • We just buy spices on the cheap that have no chemicals. You can make your own broth/bullion without dow chemical involved. CVS has bottles of spices cheap I usually buy 20 or so when Im there. Why poison yourself if you don’t have too?

                    • CVS eh? thanks for the tip.

            • Agree. I’ve had to learn to make everything from scratch; adobo, taco seasoning, dry rub… It’s actually simple. If you mix it in bulk it can be stored with your preps.

      17. Oh, as a follow-up, keep in mind it was just posted here (I think) that JP Morgan has collected over 55MM ounces of Ag in the last 5 years.

        If THAT doesn’t tell you what direction to go then you just keep watchin’ the banana guy.

        • how do you KNOW they got all that Ag?…and how do you KNOW they aren’t SHORT …DOUBLE or triple that amount to offset it? ….or playin’ TEN times that amount, the OTHER direction!….propaganda….don’t fall for it…. NObody knows how these guys are playin’ it for SURE….I’M carryin’ this one with a grain of salt i gotta carry home in a wheelbarrow. years ago art cashin said when asked what the market would do today..”well, i can’t say what it will do, but it WILL do what it takes to take the MOST amount of money, from the MOST amount of PEOPLE”…sooo true.

          • Great points, yup. Very well could be leveraged about 100x easily.

        • Really???: I’m not a silver expert, I don’t follow it religiously, but I think everyone should own some and to the extent that they can after their preps are in.

          I have been pondering the JP Morgan silver purchase since it has been publicized and wonder whether it is connected to the MASSIVE shorts that the big banks have used to depress the silver price.

          In that event, JPM COULD be facing contract obligations for physical silver and need to own it, just in case they must make good. Don’t know. Maybe someone does.

          Just a thought. 🙂

        • Just remember JPM is GOING to SELL all that silver at some point & what do you think will happen to the price of silver when they do.

      18. The only question now is: Which pension funds will get stuck holding these grossly overvalued equities by the financial firms, before the implosion happens?

        Because no sane person is buying right now with their own money.

      19. Seems the stock market is like the new gold rush it will come to an end. There is no easy $ only hard earned. But hey that’s not what people want. They want $ for nothing. Even state gov wants in on easy $ they wanna open casinos to fund their agendas on the backs of dreamers. Don’t see the economy going on much longer. If the gov and banks want an economy they either got to create millions of jobs that pay a living wage or extend credit to people already in the red. I don’t bother with retirement investments I already have a pension being funded at 25 percent and 401 k plans don’t match anymore so I just do my own thing. I’ve seen what happens to elderly peoples $ so by the time I reach this point there will be more ways to steal from the elderly. When it comes to$ I don’t trust any retirement plan. Hell if my way is no good then I will go get programs why not I paid into them I deserve them more than some other people.

      20. How sad, and somewhat disgusting that this is reported in this fashion on a site like this and that so many of you support it.

        People, people, people……. your a sad bunch! You’ve already been beat.

      21. Like AC/DC says, we on a high way to hell. I don’t even watch the stock markets try to Baltic index, according to that, not a damp thing is happening on the globe right now, nothing aunt moving..uts basically dried up like a lake bed..the fact that the banana guy is trading stock is all the reason to prep till your can’t prep no more. I have no confidence in grocery stores. After listening the with Bob Fletcher in planet X, and Jade Helm it’s not a wonder why the elites have under ground bases..we are literally is deep S$#¿&t.

      22. Never been in stocks

        Thank you

        Time to get out of Baltimore though…


        • Spoke with my daughter up in Bmore last night. There was a 7-11 ransacked and several cars had windows busted out of them but all in all it wasn’t as bad as some projected. Of course it ain’t over yet. The funeral is today and that’ll ‘gin up’ hard feelings. So far it appears that cooler heads have prevailed even over the outsiders that have come in to provoke.

      23. JIM IN VA

        I live in VA. also good luck with what is coming maybe we will run into each other on the trail sometime

        • where about do you live snowman? I’m in the Winchester area.

          • I am in the richmond area. looking to move shortly to the backwoods somewhere

      24. Wake early
        if you want
        another man’s life or land.
        No lamb
        for the lazy wolf.
        No battle’s won in bed.

        – The Havamal

        • Sleep late, show up late to the battle, kill the wounded, take all the good stuff, and get=Paranoids opinion

      25. What Will Happen To You When The Dollar Collapses?

        ht tp://

      26. There are ways to make money in the market if a person is sure of the direction and is able to get the timing relatively close with an inverse ETF.
        Jerry Robinson from Follow the Money has some interesting things to say about those subjects.
        I personally am not in the market nor do I have any plans to get in.
        I tend to think like Durango Kidd and invest in my own abilities and company.

      27. Propane is the only way to fuel emergency generators. The fuel will be just as good in 100 years as it is today.

        • Or diesel.

          One advantage with propane is that you can rig dual fuel systems for gasoline or propane easily enough (not cheaply, though) and one advantage of diesel is that you can run about anything in them from used automatic transmission fluid (they love that stuff for the most part) to vegetable oil as long as you have some straight diesel to get them started and running and don’t shut them off.

          Small diesel engines on generators are not cheap, but they last a very long time in continuous use without much in the way of maintenance.

      28. Joe I worked with same types of people they bought houses that they paid more for than the house was really worth and new 4 wheel drive trucks Harley’s you name it. I said to my self we don’t make this kind of $ to have all this shit. I kept driving my little ranger living in my paid for house. Then the bust of 2008 came the company sold like 75 percent of the business we all got laid off. Some people were there for 15 years. I saw men crying that day. It’s the same where I work now I can see the place declining I listen to guys complain about the place but they won’t quit and somehow the grass is greener on the other side. I know it’s only a matter of time before the doors close so I work all the overtime I can to get ahead as far as I can. I like the job but won’t cry about it. I will move on that’s all there are plenty of places that do what I do. Most if not all do not pay union pay scale so I know I will be taking a pay cut. Might have to get retrained to do something else. Ben through all this before and have always survived with dignity intact. Like I said make all the $ you can now. I only come home to sleep. I get 20 hrs of OT every week I’m not gonna pass up any $ just to spend time with my family. Your either making $ or spending$ I’m not interested in spending.

      29. All industries are in a decline they cannot get help and are always short handed. I’ve seen work given away to other companies because it can’t be serviced. I’ve seen other companies say we cannot take your work because we are short handed too. Even though they would make $ they have to turn it down too. So the future workforce is gonna be non existent IMHO. People that can get out of the workforce early are doing it. I save as much $ as I can so I can get out as fast as possible told wife I don’t want to be abused everyday of my life because the company is short handed. By the contract my work can keep me up to 14 hrs a day if they need me for the operation it’s rediculous to me that’s like working a double 5 days a week. So you can see why I wanna save as much$ as I can and get out then I will get a job at Wally’s or something just to maintain my lifestyle. I don’t think there is such thing as a career anymore. Mismanagement and greed does not care about long term company survival. They will sell out in the end and the worker won’t know a thing till the end of the day on a Friday. This is where we are at people.

      30. Seems like the final pieces of the ponzi trap is set. Baited with greed and lust for riches the Chicomms have put their money in the trap. (Stockmarket) Maybe let them nibble on the cheese for a moment or two and………WHAM!
        Its 1929 again and history repeats itself ……again.
        Glad to know most of you guys aren’t falling for the global ponzi scam.
        And thank you Mac for your warnings of the ponzi trap “cheese”. (Stocks.)

      31. How would you like to be in Katmandu right now? The place is probably at 5000 or 6000 ft. altitude. I think they only have one short runway at one airport. Period. The place got flattened. No water. No food. Thousands dead or injured. The only thing that can save them is if someone shoots Bill and Hillary before they get there.

        • Wonder how many of them are worried about the Stock Market now?

        • Prophet:

          Yep, another chance for the Clinton/Bush scam artists to build their personal war chests.

          Reported they had collected over a BILLION dollars for Haiti relief but, according to the guy who looks out for us folks (sure), there has never been an accounting of that money.

          • The earthquake around Katmandu is heart wrenching, to say the least.

            After watching the special on Faux news about Bill Clinton and his partner(s) in crime and how they clawed their way to find their “gold” I wonder what lies ahead for that country/region.

            Haiti has been raped by Clintons’ outstretched hands; along with US taxpayer money funding grants to help them achieve their nefarious goals to steal the real wealth in Haiti.

            Time to ratchet up their fraud on Nepal/Tibet while the countries are paralyzed with strife.

            Book has been written about the Clintons and their connections/wealth. Worth a read if there is anyone left who doesn’t already recognize the truth behind this criminal syndicate.

            Hillarys’ “lime green pantsuit” would be adequate prison garb….unfortunately she is being touted as the next POTUS…..How far America has fallen.

      32. People are getting violence confused with property damage in Baltimore smashing up a police car is property damage not violence on a policeman. Why does media call it violence. If you burned the city down but no one was injured or killed then that is not violence. They should burn that shit hole down firemen will be overwhelmed and not be able to put all the fires out. If they did this everywhere someone was wrongfully killed by police the gov would have to do something. It would be the polices fault IMHO even the firemen would blame them eventually. Molotovs are very powerful more so than a gun just because they have the ability to destroy. Civil War is coming very soon.

        • Like i posted elsewhere,,,
          Act like a STUPID BABOON
          Dont be surprised when you get treated like one…

        • Webster’s says that violence includes damage to property.

      33. Ready to make room on your political candidate plate for another shit sandwich? Only this time it is just an old stale cracker, Lindsey Graham. Thinking about a run for POTUS.

        Rumored to be gay, a wanna be McStain warmongering clone, bought and paid for AIPAC stooge.

        With the “pair” we have in the blighted white house at the present, why not Graham?

        Or why not Donald Trump? His history riddled with bankruptcies to riches; he would play the stooge game just as well.

        And the beat goes on……

        • I hate that whiney bastard.

          • These people are not leaders,
            They are the worst sort of muggles

            • Kula:

              What is a muggle?

      34. The stupid unprepared people are going to cause some really serious trouble post shtf. These idoetic people are busting up a city as I type and food and water is still available. We preppers are better off leaving the area if we are able to do so. This calapse is going to be the infinity of shtf. I am getting this feeling as if the shtf course that Mac wrote, with a Failure of Civility, is literally the environment we are facing..

      35. Ah! The ‘casino’ (Wall Street) of life. Many a wasted child has come from there. I never got involved with stocks, Vega’s has better opportunities. However if you must invest something I recommend ‘Hand Baskets.’ The world is going to hell in a hand basket they say. I think it will take a whole lot of baskets to get the job done. Hand basket stocks are bound to soar.

        Yo, Prophet, What’s going on in Katmandu?

      36. One mile, as the crow walks, from my lair to the top of the mountain.

        River at my feet, unoccupied rocks at my back. Natural choke points ‘tween the water and the mountain.

        Come and get it, pigs…

      37. 2 U.S. agencies warn on imminent ISIS attack

        FBI, TSA issue back-to-back alerts based on intercepts

        “While the FBI investigates a possible ISIS terror attack on the basis of intercepted chatter and intelligence information, the TSA issued a classified warning that ISIS is planning an attack on U.S. soil.”

        “One law enforcement source suggested parts of California were of special concern.”

        wnd dot com

        • Let ’em do their best.

          Double dog dare ’em to!

          They can’t hurt us enough to notice no matter how hard they try.

        • False flag to institute martial law or legit?

          It’s like you are always questioning if they’re yanking our chain.

        • EXCEPT that CIA is secretly funding ISIS. Some will never learn.

      38. “It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand”

        From the Apache Tribe.

        • lol thats a good one

      39. What was that scene in Jurassic park ?

        1. There is ooo ahh.
        2. Then there is running, and screaming……..
        3. Then people being eaten…………

        • LMAO…ROFL.

      40. Never walk
        away from home
        ahead of your axe and sword.
        You can’t feel a battle
        in your bones
        or foresee a fight.

        – The Havamal

      41. My take is that anyone investing in stocks is monied up and are just me first, greed mongers. Everything that is consumed out of necessity or want has the price endlessly driven up by the criminal stock market and those who salivate at increasing profit. To the point that nothing will be affordable by the vast majority of people. These moneyhounds are driving the destruction of America.

      42. Capital controls arrive: Greece begins confiscating deposits of “small debtors”


      43. Capital Controls Arrive: Greece Begins Confiscating Deposits Of “Small Debtors”

        “As the country’s finances reach a critical point, tax authorities have started seizing the deposits of small debtors, Kathimerini understands.

        No figures were available regarding the new crackdown but cases of debtors targeted included a citizen with a debt of just 200 euros.”

        Apparently, those with large debts are to be ignored.

      44. We know the Government knew about what is about to happen to us years ago. Why do you think all their preparations; ammo, food, etc. etc. because everything will cease to function. They figure they will be the only game in town. Prepare the time has arrived!!!

      45. Ill use the techniques i picked up practicing for 3gun competition,
        If there is one thing i will NEVER understand nor stand for is a group targeting someone who has done nothing to them,,,
        I just dont get these idiots with BLM targeting innocent diners etc,

      46. Calypso Louie, if they come for me, I’ll waste their stupid asses, so I hope they forget it for their sakes.

      47. Todays History Lesson

        The slaves that time forgot

        ht tp://

        VERY interesting read

      48. Crank up the volume , use your head phones

        ht tp://

        remove space between the two T’s in the address

        • “In the same shot, you have a picture frame. In it, the mother is wearing a jade green shirt. In front of it, a jade green ball and two jade green sticks of some sort. Next to it, the helm lamp.

          Jade Helm is the military exercise they are preparing.

          Helm =

          So you have jade (in foreground) and helm (in background), prominently and unmistakably, in the same frame. And they appear immediately after a report of martial law that has no business being in such an ad.”


          A DATE?

          “At 1:08 into the video. Behind the pictures on the table, there is a shadow on the panelling (wall). The shadow looks like a clock and the hands read the time of 9:30. Sept 30th?”


          “You are a genius! That is so slick! WOW!!!

          Make it big screen. It’s not a shadow – it’s there really, really faintly – it’s painted on!

          THIS IS VERY SIGNIFICANT! Everyone – see it! It’s touching the top left frame of the middle photo frame, on the light gray back wall.”


          “AARP supported Obama Care and lost 60000 people in one day.”

          Just things that make you wonder.. remember all the found subliminals to the 9-11 debacle after the fact ?

          • Try the cover of The Economist 2015. Or sinister sites. Subliminals galore at Denver International Airport.

            • Ive seen the pictures at Denver International

              pretty ominous

        • How do we know that isn’t a hoax? An altered version of the original ad?

          Where can the original ad as originally and officially broadcast be found for verification?

      49. ht tp://

        remove the space between the T’s

        dont know why all these killer cop stories have not made it to Mac’s site .. seems many have been ignored lately..
        makes me wonder

      50. In the words of the late Joe Kennedy Sr, “”You know it’s time to sell when shoeshine boys give you stock tips. This bull market is over.”

      51. These people have all the time in the world to do what needs to be done to take away our freedom. While the majority of the US population sits on its ass. The indications are wide open and visible and we do nothing.
        Of course we do nothing for we are waiting for them to act. That is Declare Martial Law and put troops on the streets. No doubt about what is going to happen then. Also the matter of taking the High Moral Ground. That will last about 5 minutes.
        So by Presidential exec. order once Martial law is declared everything belongs to the Government. The banks declare that once they are openly insolvent they get to take away our savings and all the other monetary investments to bail them out. It’s Their money not Yours in the first place when placed in a bank.
        What happens to the Free Shit Army? No more free money so they riot in every city. Inflation might come and higher prices for everyday items and food.

        So how much of a threat is there? That is what we need to decide on before we act.

        I hope all you people that comment and read here are prepared. Some is better than none. If you only read the articles at least you will not be in the dark when it happens on the streets.

      52. Should China’s plan to position the Yuan as a world reserve currency serve as a warning sign that something much more dangerous is approaching?

        According to Jim Rickards, the CIA’s Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, the answer is yes.

        In a startling interview he reveals that all 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies have begun to prepare for World War III.

        Making matters worse, his colleagues believe it could begin within the next 6 months.

        However, the ground zero location for this global conflict is what makes his interview a must-see for every American.

      53. Yahweh owns it all and may He turn the whoel thing upside down on the arrogant and hubris. May He bless the hotdog cart owner and the shoe shine man!

        24“יהוה bless you and guard you;

        25יהוה make His face shine upon you, and show favour to you;

        26יהוה lift up His face upon you, and give you peace.” ’a

        27“Thus they shall put My Name on the children of Yisra’ĕl, and I Myself shall bless them.”

      54. With the labels of liberal vs conservative, right vs left, far right vs far left, republican vs democrat, progressives vs freedom.

        How about we get on the road of:


        America has reached the state she is in because ‘middle of the road’ people have decided what SHADES/DEGREES of right/wrong they are willing to accept to be in their comfort zone. Glad to share with us how open minded/smart they are.

        I remember the words of patriots fighting England over right vs wrong in the American Revolution. The lukewarm ones were told to go home…. patriots knew they could not be counted on when the SHTF.

        Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us what HE thinks of “lukewarm” middle of the road stragglers in Rev 3:15-16. “I know thy works and thou that are neither cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot I will spew thee out of MY mouth”.

        Teaching people “love and tolerance” without including right and wrong has led to the plight America now finds herself in.

        • So it is Granny, so it is ……

      55. This is reinforcing destructive behavior.

        “What no one expected is what Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake admitted in a press conference on Sunday: that she asked the Baltimore Police Department to “give those who wished to destroy space to do that.”

        Drudge Report

          • How about the space/neighborhood where she lives.

            These protestors are dumber than a box of rocks. They take it out on store owners when they should go down to City Hall or the Police Station. Surround the building and do what they need to do.

            The level of stupidity in this country is astronomical. Lower the test scores for everything for we need more idiots.

            • Store owners and people sitting eating or having a beer,,,
              The only reaction it gets from me is sticking my 1911 compact in my bag that has my just in case stuff in it, pepper spray aint enough!
              We dont have this shit here, yet, but whe all yall are hiding at home keeping lookout this summer it could possibly migrate, stupidity is a disease, and it spreads quickly.

        • How about donating banks for destruction instead of a couple cars…..

      56. Big earthquake in Nepal. killed folks in 4 countries. Thousands dead. they are calling it a 6 .2 when in fact its above a 8.o. Im still hoping the magnetic pole shift and the clatyclisms it causes will derail the NWO -UN & Agenda 21 plans.

      57. M A C !!!!!!

        ht tp://

        I know a lot of people on here was wondering when this event was going to take place ..

        this could provoke a big issue , and one that TPAB were trying to provoke for a long time

        • The thing that gets me with these killings of supposed innocent people,,,
          They were ALL up to no good.
          Either abusive thugs, or drug dealers etc,,,
          WTF do you expect the cops to do? Excuse me sir are you able to speakto us now?
          When in almost every case it is suppressed that these people either threatened the cops or were up to no good. Period! End ofstory,
          Like i said,
          Act like a stupid baboon (I care not what color you are)
          Dont be surprised when you get treated like one…
          Have seen that here on little old Maui.
          Girl steals lincoln town car, tries to run over pedestrians and cops after a chase, cops shoot her as she is trying to run down another cop,,,
          Everybody is like oh poor thing, she was one good girl,
          Guy driving stolen vehicle, cops corner him, he goes for the glove box whencops tell him to get out with hsnds up,,,
          The shoot him, found s gun in hlove box.
          Family and people,,, awww poor thing he was one good boy just had trouble witda drugs,
          Stolen vehicle spotted st night driving erraticly then found parked in a lot late at night,
          Cops approach tell guy to get out withhands up, guy tries to run over cops and hits cruiser, cops shoot him
          Everybody is all awww poor ting,, he was one nice guy why they wen shoot em,,,
          Im telling you folks, people are getting dumber and dumber and dumber,,,is just nuts,,
          Ive gone 36 years since i was 15 without getting shot by the cops, know many who have never even really had interaction with them in longer than i have been alive,,
          Dont do stupid shit and you wont get shot by the cops! Real simple!

          • I hear what your sayin KFarmer

            and good points

            did you hear about the 20 something kid on a bike in FL that recently got shot?

            he wasn’t doing anything wrong but “Suspiciously riding his bike”
            and “suspiciously getting off his bike” after being told to stop

            and the cop followed him because the cop had never seen him in the neighborhood before (like he knows everyone?)

            although I do agree 90% of these are because of actions of the person

            but there are plenty of examples of cops going off the reservation

            My gut is telling me these incidents are made to provoke an uprising , and a force against the police to usher in a riot , and a lock down on purpose

            sometimes the line is getting blurry .. does a shop lifter deserve to die? does a drunk party gal deserve to die ? there is defined over reaction going on in certain areas of this country

      58. Seven Baltimore police injured on Monday.

        The Bloods, Crips and Black Guerilla Family have joined together to kill LEO’s.

        Six shot in two days in my city.


      59. Riots again in Baltimore.

        Started after the funeral.

      60. There is a moral of all human tales;
        ‘Tis but the same rehearsal of the past.
        First glory and then freedom — when that fails,
        Wealth, vice, corruption — barbarism at last.
        And history, with all her volumes vast,
        Hath but one page.

        (Canto IV)

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