It’s Not Over: “How The US Could Lose A War Against North Korea And End Up In Ruins”

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    By now everyone is thoroughly inundated with information regarding the stances and standoff between President Trump and the U.S., and Kim Jong-Un and North Korea.  This is where “oversaturation” can lead to ignoring what is going on, followed up by complacency.  Americans in general have low attention spans and become easily bored with or tired of a situation that is ongoing.  The Vietnam war is a prime example of this, and that was followed with the second war in Iraq.  In both instances, growing public dissension and the time factor were the two biggest “death rattles” for both conflicts being discontinued prior to completion.

    The point here is that the American people had more “patience” with World War II…a clear and real danger on all fronts by numerous enemy nations.  The standoff with North Korea is not anything new: it has been in full gear, now, for about ten years.  It was only through the intentional “laissaiz-faire” policy of Obama that North Korea has been able to reach its present state, where it constitutes a real threat: “real” meaning that it can strike the United States with a nuclear attack.  In the past three to four years, that capability has increased exponentially, and now their response (if we attack) or their own first strike is viable.

    There is an important article that was submitted to All News Pipeline on August 12, 2017.  As a matter of fact, the article is so important that it truly eclipses all the different pieces previously released.  Stefan Stanford and Susan Duclos of All News Pipeline have been tireless and undaunted in their efforts to release as much information as they have over the years concerning North Korea, EMP Strikes against the U.S., and the current march toward a second Cold War.  I am printing it here because this time right now is almost a “limbo” period…awaiting the two nations and their leaders’ decisions whether there will be a war or whether it will be avoided.

    The bottom line: there are people who need this information, and it just may help them to make the decision to prepare or not.

    Stefan and Susan should receive an award for their timely and accurate reporting on such a subject as this potential war with North Korea.  I have also written this before, and I stand by it now:

    It is better to be prepared and “wrong” 1000 times than to be unprepared and “right” just once.

    There is no “right and wrong” in this: there’s either acceptance of the possibility and preparedness, or there is denial and unpreparedness.  We have a sitting President of the United States who, when asked by a reporter (Katy Tur of NBC) on August 11th in New Jersey about whether we’re going to war, responded with “I think you know the answer to that.”

    Really?  Well, if you have common sense, the answer in your mind should be “yes,” and it’s better to prepare yourself for that possibility than to be caught napping.  In addition, according to North Korea’s State run news agency, North Korea is on standby to strike the continental U.S. with a nuclear attack.  You can read about it here, entitled North Korea on Standby to Launch at Mainland US.  Apparently, the Pentagon has a first-strike option both on the table and ready to initiate when the President desires.

    There have been a lot of theories as to why North Korea is keeping its options open, and one that is very plausible has to do with what we (the U.S.) did in both Libya and Iraq to overthrow their leadership respectively.  Un is not going to be toppled in that manner.  The “sanctions” are not going to work.  In addition to this, China has stated that if the U.S. attacks North Korea first, that they (China) will prevent it from happening.  If North Korea attacks, they will remain neutral.  Supposedly they will remain neutral.

    One thing I wish to mention for your consideration.  There is so much focus placed on the immediate area of conflict…the bolstering of forces on Guam, two U.S. aircraft carriers heading toward the Korean coast, and the Japanese and South Koreans conducting training exercises with American forces…that attention is taken away from Un’s primary target.  That target is the United States.  While the diversionary action (3 or 4 nukes “busted” in the vicinity) takes place, either a submarine off the California coast or an ICBM can deliver the big payoff, as I’ve mentioned before:

    The next world war will be initiated by an EMP strike against the U.S., followed by an exchange of nuclear weapons and then with war between conventional forces.

    Allow Dr. Pry’s words, here, to “sink in” to help you formulate a judgment on the subject and a plan.  The article by Dr. Pry is important for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, for who he is: this man is America’s foremost expert on the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) threat against the United States.  Secondly, as an analyst pursuing such matters in the Central Intelligence Agency and the lead spokesperson to Congress on that threat, he is well aware of the significance of such an attack both against the U.S. and regionally (against Japan, South Korea, and the U.S. forces in the area).  It is within both perspectives that Dr. Pry addresses the topic, and he makes a plea to the President at the end of it.

    You can reach it at All News Pipeline, entitled “This ‘Politically Correct’ But Horrific Scenario Details How The US Could Lose A War Against North Korea And End Up In Ruins,” with some info graphics and pictures.

    Here is the article reprinted to save some time, as the message is critical and should be posted on every major conservative and independent site.  I hope it guides you to make the right decisions for yourself and your family.

    Submitted to All News Pipeline by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

    North Korea has nuclear-armed missiles and satellites potentially capable of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. EMP is considered by many the most politically acceptable use of a nuclear weapon, because the high-altitude detonation (above 30 kilometers) produces no blast, thermal, or radioactive fallout effects harmful to people.

    EMP itself is harmless to people, destroying only electronics. But by destroying electric grids and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures, the indirect effects of EMP can kill far more people in the long-run than nuclear blasting a city.

    In this scenario, North Korea makes an EMP attack on Japan and South Korea to achieve its three most important foreign policy goals: reunification with South Korea, revenge upon Japan for World War II, and recognition of North Korea as a world power.

    Revenge against Tokyo is a convenient rationale for someday attacking Japan. War against Japan will be necessary for the North to conquer South Korea, as Japan is an indispensable staging area for U.S. and allied forces defending South Korea.

    North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, is the scion of three generations of totalitarian rule, a megalomaniac and ruthless murderer described by state media as a demigod having supernatural powers.

    Kim’s strategy is to sever U.S. security guarantees to South Korea and Japan by raising the stakes too high—raising the specter of nuclear war—and through “nuclear diplomacy” to cow the U.S. and its allies into submission.

    In this scenario, North Korea detonates a nuclear weapon at 96 kilometers HOB (height of burst) over Tokyo. The EMP field extends from the Japanese capital to a radius of 1,080 kilometers, covering all of Japan’s major home islands.

    Virtually all of Japan’s major military bases and seaports are covered by the EMP field, rendering them inoperable. Traffic control towers and systems are damaged and blacked-out stopping air and rail traffic. Highways are jammed with stalled vehicles. Communications systems are damaged or destroyed or in blackout.

    Worse, Japan’s population of 126 million people is at risk because suddenly there is no running water or food coming into the cities. EMP induced industrial accidents are happening everywhere. Gas pipelines are exploding and turning into firestorms in towns and cities. Refineries and chemical plants are exploding, releasing toxic clouds and poisonous spills. Tokyo knows from the experience of Fukushima that as the nationwide blackout becomes protracted, within days Japan’s nuclear reactors will exhaust their emergency power supplies and begin exploding, contaminating the home islands with radioactivity.

    As a consequence of the EMP attack, Japan’s critical infrastructures are paralyzed and incapable of transporting U.S. forces to aid South Korea. Indeed, with Japan’s survival at risk, Tokyo would probably oppose any effort to help South Korea by U.S. forces staging from Japan, fearing another North Korean EMP attack.

    The EMP field also covers the eastern half of South Korea, including the vital seaport of Busan (the key to South Korea’s survival and U.S. victory in the last Korean War). All the eastern coastal seaports, and all military bases and airfields in the eastern half of South Korea (nearest Japan) are under the EMP field.

    The EMP field does not extend to North Korea.

    Left uncovered by the EMP field are the western half of South Korea, including Seoul, the capital, and the major highway systems radiating around and from Seoul southward—the best invasion routes. Stalled traffic from the EMP will not be blocking Seoul or the highways.

    U.S. and South Korean forces covering the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) will not be covered by the EMP field. The EMP field, in their immediate rear area, will cause cascading failures of the electric grid throughout the DMZ and the entirety of South Korea.

    Thus, even those U.S. and South Korean forces not covered by the EMP field will be in a paralyzing protracted blackout that will cripple or deny allied forces communications, transportation, food and water, supplies and reinforcements from South Korean bases or from overseas.

    The EMP attack creates conditions for North Korea’s conquest of South Korea that are ideal.

    North Korean armor and infantry pours across the DMZ, thrusting through and around Seoul and down the coastal highways, flanking U.S. and allied forces paralyzed by EMP and unable to maneuver.

    U.S. nuclear missiles and bombers start blasting North Korea’s nuclear forces and underground bunkers where the Dear Leader may be hiding. Now Kim Jong Un knows he has miscalculated. The U.S. is no paper tiger.

    In a final act of vengeance, Kim detonates the super-EMP warhead in his KMS-4 satellite, blacking out the United States.

    Airliners crash. Communications and transportation stop. Natural gas pipelines explode, causing firestorms in cities. In seven days, 100 U.S. nuclear reactors go Fukushima. In a year, most Americans are dead from starvation.

    The United States, Japan, South Korea, and North Korea are in ruins.

    Russia and China are the winners.

    Mr. President, harden the U.S. electrical grid to defend against an EMP attack, and shoot down those North Korean satellites!”

    Pay close attention in the days to come, and when you decide on what actions to take, then take them with a clear head and decisively.  It is better to be prepared for a thousand days than to be unprepared for one, and the best plan that is not acted upon has no merit when the time comes that action is called for.  May God bless you and your families, and here’s to hoping that nothing happens and clearer heads prevail, although the odds are against it.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. thank you, JJ, for ONE of the scenarios that may happen to U.S…..sounds VERY plausible to ME.

        • VOTE HERE:
          Pick which US President did the most destructive Damage to the United States and our People.

          1.President Woodrow Wilson 1913 – who sold off the US Monetary System to the Rothchilds (Federal Banking Cartel) and where our US Dollar is only worth .02 Cents its original value.

          2.President Franklin D Roosevelt – Chose the Wrong side in WW2 and thus our nation is now infiltrated with Scumbag Parasites.

          3.President Reagan – 1980’s that Deregulated Banking in the US. Which now we have no banking but predatory lending and permanent Debt Slaves.

          4.President BJ Clinton – 1992 NAFTA, US Jobs sucking sound that left the US for foreign Cheap Labor.

          5.President George Bush Jr- 2001 Allowed and was in on 9-11, Massive loss of American Freedoms, and Installed a Dual Israeli Citizen to head the DHS- Department of Homeland Security. Appoint the Top Security Cop Job to a foreign Dual citizen.

          6.President Barak Hussein Obama, Kenyan who doubled the National Debt in 8 years from $11.6 Trillion to over $20 Trillion. Installed the destructive ObamaCare to Bankrupt the White Middle class.

          **Any other Presidential Traitors to the US you would like to add or fill in the Blank who is the worst of the worst. Or All of the Above? Such as Richard Nixon who took the US Dollar off the Gold Standard 1972. Further devaluing the Dollar.

          • CSS…you left out the still living CIA kingpin G.H.W. Bush, disaffectionately called Poppy. In on JFK’S murder, slimeballed himself into Reagan’s VP spot, friend of the Hinckley family whose son shot Reagan, then was released later. Read my lips tyrant “elected” 1988 to top spot. One of the worst of the worst in addition to all of the above.

            • I guess you all know what I’m thinking. One thing Geri did say that I agree with is that it’s better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it. I am absolutely certain this is NOT going to happen. Remember, prepping is also physical and mental. Get off your fat asses and get in shape. Now drop and give me 20.
              Stay quiet Be smart

            • Yep aljamo – Bush Sr was a real scumbag. The entire Family are criminals, Neil Bush and Silverado Saving and Loan who wrote himself a $100,000 Loan and never had to pay it back. cause his daddy was president. The entire Bush Crime Family should be in prison. Jeb involved in Ponzi schemes and his wife smuggling in $20K in Jewelry she did not declare in customs. Basically Cash to Jewelry Money laundering.

              Winston Churchill was a Closet 3ew, and Eleanor Roosevelt’s dyke GF Sec was a 3ew Dyke who conned Eleanor into the ear of FDR into joining the war to protect Z ion ism. That move right there destroyed Europe as we know it today. We would not be dealing with that 8000 Lb parasite on our back if we supported Hitler to eradicate the evil parasite as we know it today. So yea I would rather be speaking English and German today than Chewish Slave speak. Germany could have never invaded the USA ever. They had Russia on their backs.

          • We have not “different” presidents.

            The president is always the same- he/she/it is the Federal Reserve, with help from the International Monetary Hegemon.

          • Woodrow Wilson was an emotionally disturbed individual that began the cascading downhill of the former USA.

            • You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.

              Andrew Jackson

          • I smell a neo nazi say we picked wrong side of WW2

            • The NAZI’s are ok, the NAZI’s did not commit the holocaust gets real old. I have on Uncle and one friends father that liberated camps and another friend who’s father was a 14 year old Polish kid who was forced to put dead bodies into the ovens. In a town in Belarus the NAZI’s put the kids, women and old men in a church (they were Christians) and set fire to it shooting anyone fleeing.

              • Roosevelt didn’t choose the wrong side. Germany declared war on the US December 11th, 1941 as per treaty obligation that Germany had with Japan.

            • WW2 ?Bottom line. We helped the communists rape and enslave half of Europe. Deny that?

          • Well #1 probably would have avoided most of the others on the list.

          • Woodrow Wilson as losing control of money has resulted in nearly all the following issues that are listed either directly or indirectly.

            • You are a den of vipers. I intend to rout you out and by the Eternal God I will rout you out. If the people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system, there would be a revolution before morning.

              Andrew Jackson

        • Ofcourse amerika would lose, we never win.

        • Yeah but regular men don’t want to sit in a foxhole all night while listening to your comrades talk about how much sexier the uniforms are on the opposing army.

        • Unfortunately this assessment is wrong and I have written this before, but I’m ignored, because I think people want to be scared or get off on scaring others. JJ, you need to study this stuff more, before you go writing it. I hope this is the last time I need to write a rebuttal of this fear porn.

          Dr. Pry knows his stuff, but for whatever reason he neglects to mention how large a weapon it would take to do this EMP damage. North Korea, does not seem to have the ability to build a multi-megaton weapon. What is called a Hydrogen Bomb by the MSM. It would take at least a 1MT size weapon, but to be sure 2MT, to have this type of an effect. EMP emits electrons to overload electrical/electronic system and is subject to inverse square laws like many other natural phenomenon. There are variables, due to the earth magnetic field and atmospheric ionisation, but for the most part this holds true. This electron field is measured in Millions of electron/volts. The nuclear weapon will displace electrons from the air and the become free and attracted to conductors. Think lightning on steroids and more dispersed, instead of a narrow path. A conventional explosion causes EMP, but obviously very weak.

          If you take a regular old flashlight outside at night and shine it at a wall. Start walking backwards and what happens? The light circle gets larger, but dimmer. Double the distance that you started at, you get a circle four times larger in area and 1/4th dimmer. In order to have the same lumens you started with at the new distance you need a stronger flashlight. Same with trying to use EMP to destroy infrastructure. I do agree we need to harden our infrastructure though. Against any EMP attack or a Solar CME. It would be catastrophic if either of them were strong enough to take down the grid.

          BTW. I have done weapon assessments for DOD, for about 4 years and worked for DOE for six in the weapons complex. While Dr. Pry is an expert he isn’t the only one, just the most public. Most of the experts would loose their Security Clearances if they said anything.

      2. God help us if this comes to pass. EMP is my worst fear. Read One Second After and get scared to death! Thing is that it really could happen and really no one can prepare enough for something line this. At least 98% of us. When our reactors go down, life in Northern Hemisphere and eventually earth is over. God Bless, James

        • James, Getting nuked is my worst fear. I would think that’s much worse than an EMP because you can prep for EMP but you can’t prep for nuclear war. Nothing you can do.

          Unless you have an underground bunker there’s not much you can do to prep for that kind of attack/war. I would also hate the idea of having to live the rest of my life underground.

          Our BOL is fairly close to the Canadian border/Quebec which has a fortified grid. But since we aren’t Mexicans living in the U.S. illegally, or Muzlim refugees either, we don’t see how the Canadian government would allow us into their country. Neither my wife or I have Canadian citizenship.

          All we can do is prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

        • read “one second after” and get PREPARED….there, i fixed it for yuh…..

      3. All of our influence was based on placeholders and empty words. So, that is where they would focus their efforts, imhblo.

        If you think about what is valuable, and special, in real life, it all comes from productive labor. Electronics should have been like an afterthought.

      4. Only thing TRUE in the entire Article is that YES we have been inundated will a heap of BS Bogus info to scare people. Its all FRAUD PROPAGANDA REGARDING N. KOREA!!


        Putin: North Korea Doesn’t Have Nuclear Weapons, It Has Trillions in Minerals
        08-14-2017 • neonnettle. com By Jay Greenberg

        Russian President Vladimir Putin has blown the whistle on the real reason that the world is on the brink of all-out nuclear war. According to Mr. Putin, the story being pushed in the mainstream media that North Korea has nuclear weapons is a complete fabrication designed convince the public that the hermit nation is a global threat. “[North Korea] don’t have any nuclear weapons. This is a lie being forced on the people by the corporate-owned Western media”, said Putin during an emotionally charged Q&A session in Sochi. “They know they can easily provoke the North Koreans and they will react, but the story that they are a threat is false.” “I will tell you the facts about North Korea: They don’t have nuclear bombs. They don’t have Western-controlled banks. They don’t depend on the US dollar. What they do have is a land full of wealth in unmined minerals.” According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, President Putin has “had some time away to reflect” on the US-North Korean conflict and believes that the situation has “gone too far”.


        • Before the internet, if I wanted to know what was going on in the world, I would have to watch the Spanish news channels because they broadcast world news at least involving the Americas.
          It is sad that I trust Putin more than our leaders. We have been “stabbed in the back” and sold “down the river” by our own people.
          I am afraid we are becoming like the Roman Empire. We have reached our peak and are on the decline.

        • CSS if the North Koreans dont have nukes then why are they pursuing ICBM technology so relentlessy? What about the media, both alternative, and main stream saying they have successfully lit off a couple of them underground. Seismographs that have picked up the explosions? I personally don’t think we would be seeing the giant balls from North Korea if they didn’t posses a means to bloody our noise.

          • The N Koreans already have a lite version of an ICBM but they do not have the technology to arm it with a Nuke warhead. SO all this BS Talk about them EMP-ing us, is a total crock of BS Propaganda. When did N Korea ever attack America? And why would they? Give a reason other than self-defense. There is not and all of this is a bunch of nothing. move along, just another hoax to get you to buy prepper stuff. Click the adds, Click the adds.

            • I hear you when you say when has North Korea ever attacked Anerica. It does have a very strong parrell to the whole WMD’s in Iraq. It does seem like they powers at be are trying to sell us on war. I still dont understand why we can’t use the guiding principle of nuclear warfare for the last 70 years or so. MAD, MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION. It worked with the Soviets.

      5. I only find one flaw really in the article. Whereas I totally agree that an EMP reducing the USA to a ruinous state is a monstrous possibility and something to fear; there is left out one point. That being, I do not think China or Russia (or any other country would be a victor. Surely the US would retaliate with the nuclear forces it has spread out over the earth to eliminate to a great degree the possibility of total helplessness caused by the EMP-induced reduction of the homeland and its technology. I can easily believe that we would launch our own EMP and/or other forms of nuclear attack in retaliation and a general leveling of the world-wide condition to offset our own crippled state.

      6. Each day we have to prepare a little more is a Gift from God.

        Psalm 90:12 ¶ So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

        Wise Words from the wise Book.

        Don’t forget to prep your soul.

      7. I agree is good to be prepare and everything but i have come to the conclusion after the last 10 years of active preparations for all the crazy things i see on the horizon that not matter what we do we won`t be 100% prepare and safe because life is mysterious and unpredictable,i think is better to enjoy each day with your family and friends doing what you like to do and live a happy life without fear because life is short and living with fear of this or that will only make you unhappy and fearfull of everything that you`ll forget the good things in life is good to be aware of what could happen but don`t forget to live and enjoy life because after all it won`t be the end of the world the earth will be here we are in a cycle of changes now and the end of the world is when we die and the things we think we have someone will take what they want and put most of it in the trash and spend the money/silver/gold we left, stop fearing and start living people!

      8. If that happens it would be an awesome news.

      9. Has anyone been a public school teacher, or assistant.

        In our wood shop (before that was deemed too dangerous) reproductively-mature “American” “citizens” could not read a ruler. Art students, old enough to drive, had to be reviewed, on sticking found objects in the electrical sockets. There is actually some cover, to baby-proof those. They couldn’t tell you where their relatives came from, on a world map — people, old enough to sign up for a military draft.

        I don’t see why it is so unbelievable, that a dsiplinarian NK suffered grievous hardship, to build just-enough critical infrastructure, and we could fall to slovenly decadence.

        I am not trying set myself up, on a pedestal, but am still physically coordinated and can think straight, apparently making me along the lines of an action hero, in this blue state. Are we actually competitive, with a literate people, fit for labor, not on any psychiatric medications. Not in my part of the country.

      10. I do not think we will see an EMP from North Korea. Get your head in the game. The real threat is not NK, it is a diversion.

      11. EMP will be disastrous, some people will be in shock after no phone contact, befuddled as to which way is up. I thought the North Korea situation has already been defused. On to Iran sabre rattling. Trump following the playbook now. How this is called the Department of Defense, change it back to the War Department to reflect reality.

      12. Crap storm cometh soon.

      13. For so long, the Government has been minimizing the North Korean threat and now they are saying that it is more serious than they previously thought. You have to consider the possibility that they knew the threat was greater than they were willing to admit. I don’t know if the North Koreans can land an ICBM on any American city they choose. I do have faith in human ingenuity. They have had sixty years to study us and find some way to seriously hurt us. Kim Jong Un has been using us as the bogeyman to keep the attention of the North Koreans off his tyrannical government and their miserable lives. Events may not be beyond his control.

      14. “Natural gas pipelines explode, causing firestorms in cities.”

        I worked virtually my entire life in power generation within petroleum refining.

        Someone explain to me how a power outage on any scale can cause the above.

        “In seven days, 100 U.S. nuclear reactors go Fukushima.”

        I don’t understand this either because generally there are back up diesel cooling pumps.

      15. North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Iran, Isrehell; let’s just Bomb all of them. What do you say. We got bombs, might as well use them.

        ? jerks with money are dangerous mother f_ckers


        • B from CA, Venezuela never did anything to the US. Trump was beating his chest like he’s gonna do something to them. A Venezuela diplomat tried to contact the White House to confirm Trumps Threat and Trump did not even accept their phone call. What a bunch of BS, empty threats for entertainment. Besides the US interfering in their elections, and a bunch of other stupid shit to take them down, for the trill of it.

          BTW/ Divide and Conquer scam goes back to the 16th Century, read and learn folks.


          • Crack:
            Don’t take that seriously. I was being facetious. It should be obvious.


        • The US has already bombed Syria and killed thousands.
          The US is Israel’s bitch.
          Iran is getting tightly aligned with Russia and China.
          Venezuela has been screwed over by the IMF and was on Clinton’s hit list while she pretended to be Sec of State – first you own the bankers, then you create a crisis and then you steal the people’s assets.

      16. NK is backing down, Kim finally figured out that Trump isn’t the same as Clinton, Bush, and Obama.

        That’s going to make a lot of Leftists very unhappy.

      17. For what it’s worth, I was traveling late on this past Friday evening (8/11) and was on rt.81 north bound, in Virginia. It was about 10:30 ish and I passed 16 military tractors pulling flat bed trailers with container boxes on them that were a good deal smaller than the trailers. I’d guess they were about 20-25′ in length. They also had at least 1 tractor with no trailer among them, I’m guessing in case one broke down they wouldn’t need to leave a trailer behind, just a tractor. So I’m thinking, maybe, these could be nothing at all or, maybe, there could’ve been THAAD missile defense units bound for some north eastern cities. Anyone out there know anything about them?

      18. If Korea doesn’t do it Iran will…….

        • And the middle east want the West completely gone. They hate us more than NK which likely just wants to shake us down for money or other goodies like they’ve done before.

        • … and if not today, then tomorrow.

      19. A EMP don’t sound to bad. I aint got any cell phone. I would miss the electric and this computer ect. However we could manage quite well. Our electric quite often is off for many days just due to thunderstorms and high winds. We do just fine without it. We are pretty secluded. The relative,s that I wouldn’t help don’t even know where we live. I receive my mail at a place we own in the next county. They think I live there. Thats the address on my drivers licence also. No mail box at this location. From google earth the house looks like a barn. Something has to give sooner or later. yep a Big EMP is ok.

      20. Mac, I have the highest respect for you and yet in conscience I have to call you out on the fact that you publish so many articles by Mr. Johnson which have made many boastful predictions that have yet to come true.

        Yet you seemingly choose to ignore what I (and many others) personally judge to be some quite urgent articles by Dave Hodges published over the last several weeks.

        Perhaps the issue is that Mr. Hodges will not let his articles be re-published on other sites? If THAT is the case, I suggest you email him to let him know just how many views your site gets each day!

        And if that is NOT the case, then I, with respect, ask that you consider publishing some of Hodges’ articles whose sources seem to be corroborated by others which you deem as worthy as Mr. Johnson’s.

        Thank you.

        If that is not the case, then I ask that you reconsider any decision not to publish anything substantive that he has been writing.

        • Whoops, looks like I forgot to delete the fragment after “Thank you.” !

        • Dude! Seriously?! Hodges?! For someone who is supposedly so educated I have NEVER seen such poorly written articles as Dave Hodges! Misspelled words, poor grammar, repeated paragraphs…..I have read my fair share of his articles and even commented to him about correcting the aforementioned faults, to no avail. Apparently he has never heard of “proofreading”.I find his tenor to be consistently alarmist to the extreme. His predictions unrealistic and faulty. Ultimately, whenever I click on a headline from Steve Quayle and find that it’s an article by Hodges, I leave immediately! The man has absolutely NO credibility in my eyes. To each his own, if you like him, then by all means continue to read his work. I for one think he’s an idiot and don’t trust his work!

          • I’m really glad you voiced your opinion: friends with military connections have confirmed some of Hodges’ information, so therefore either you do not know how to evaluate critical information or you work for a three letter agency to disinform readers here.

            • And to that I say even a broken clock is right twice a day. It’s not too difficult to glean some close to cutting edge info from open sources. Tom Clancy did it all the time. And, oh yeah, of course I work for an alphabet agency and I’m here to disinform everyone by telling them to NOT listen to Hodges because he is the be all and end all source for all aspects of military information! Duh! Good to see that was the very first conclusion you jumped to, had you not been wearing your tin foil hat I might’ve gotten away with duping everyone on here! Curses! Foiled again!

      21. Jeremiah Johnson= Fake Name + Fake News = Waste of time.

      22. One more prepper, One less canible?

      23. It is interesting that they state that the NK satellites are EMP weapons. How do they know? If they are the US has the technical capability to eliminate the threat.

      24. It’s drivel.

        NK has no EMP capability. And no one has ever established that an EMP over the US actually WOULD do anything as bad as speculated.

        NK has no ICBM capability. MIT Professor Ted Postol and two German missile experts have debunked that propaganda. NK is NOT capable of dropping a nuke on the continental US and won’t be for years.

        NK will not be launching any nukes from submarines, unless it is at US carrier groups off their shores. NK will not attack the continental US with nukes or anything else. They are bellicose, not suicidal. They won’t do so even if the US attacks them, because they will need all their nukes to repel the US attack.

        What NK has done is bluff the US into thinking they have capability they don’t have. It’s much like what people think Saddam Hussein did prior to the Iraq war – convince everyone he had WMDs when he didn’t. Except that was a lie, too – he didn’t have them and he said so. And he was telling the truth. NK is doing the opposite – they are trying to convince the US that they can attack the US so the US won’t attack them or will be forced to negotiate with them. As usual, this plan will produce the opposite result.

        Iran has never had and does not now have a nuclear weapons program. Nonetheless, in a poll 77% of the ignorant US electorate believes they do. This is the result of years of lying propaganda from the Israelis and the military-industrial complex in the US.

        Venezuela isn’t even remotely a threat to the US. But Trump is threatening them, too.

        Trump is trying to start a war – with basically anyone – so he can make the “Russiagate” nonsense go away and get a “poll bounce”.

        Anyone who believes this nonsense about NK being a serious threat to the US is a dupe for the military-industrial complex and an idiot President who hasn’t a clue.

        • Agree: in my life time, only two groups of people have threatened my life or killed and maimed people nearby: Muslims and Blacks. Those two groups have always posed the biggest day-to-day threat and nuisance. As for Koreans, they have great restaurants and the ones I have met or dated are hard-working, decent people and never threatened me ever.

          I make my hate levels reality based. I hate those who threaten my life or that of people I love. I don’t hate people who have never threatened me (Iraqis, Afghanis, Koreans, Japanese etc.).

      25. Gas mains will not explode nor nuclear power plants melt down. Nuclear power plants have diesel powered cooling water pumps.

        • The question isn’t how we could lose the war, heck we always lose. The question is how can we win one for once. There are so many fags in the US military now that all they want to do is have sex with the men in the other army?

      26. I don’t say much here and I don’t want to be known as one of those proofreading Nazi’s that infest blogs everywhere but this goof kind of reached out and stabbed me in the eye. Twice in his article, the author referred to Kim Jong-Un as “Un”. (1. “Un is not going to be toppled in that manner”, and 2. “… that attention is taken away from Un’s primary target”). This would be akin to referring to, say, Vladimir Putin as Mir. It makes no sense at all. In Korea (both North and South), the family name (Kim) goes first and the given name (Jong-Un) follows. Thus, the author, Mr. Johnson, should refer to the commie tyrant currently in charge of North Korea as Kim, Mr. Kim, Dear Leader Kim, or That-Fat-Little-Fuck Kim but never as “Un”. That someone who is seemingly trying to impress us in his article with his immense geopolitical savvy would repeat this simple, uninformed mistake tends to make one wonder if he is full of beans or worse on everything else he wrote. This is not to suggest that I would disagree with the general premise that Kim is another sick shitbag in the world’s deck of playing cards.

      27. Does anyone really believe two things:

        1. Is North Korea that dumb to end itself so quickly and violently?

        2. Is even a single ICBM going to make it past U.S. Navy’d anti-missile shield in the Pacific?

        People need to use their critical thinking skills to answer these questions.

        The real question is why there’s so much conjecture concerning North Korea? All we see is unfounded claims and mass hysteria coming from very dubious sources. I consider Mr. J.J. being one of them.

      28. The notion the US could lose a war against the Norks is ludicrous. What COULD happen is a cabal of evil leftists in Mordor on the Potomac could sabotage such an endeavor. But that wouldn’t be losing. We could literally wipe every industrial location OFF THE MAP in that country.

        Would it be without loss of life or damage? No…especially to the South Koreans. But the idea that we couldn’t beat them if necessary is ridiculous. And if they launch a missile at US territory we MUST reply and do so overwhelmingly. Failure to do so would invite EVERY tinpot asshole on the planet to oppose the US….specifically Iran.

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