It’s Here: The Stealth Collapse of the American Economy

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    The Economic Collapse….people envision bank runs, life WROL (without rule of law), piles of worthless currency, rampant homelessness, and breathless news reports on CNN and the network channels (if you happen to still have access to a television, that is). They imagine a grim, gray world, devoid of entertainment, with unwashed citizens digging desperately through the trash.

    Because of this apocalyptic image, the idea of an economic collapse seems pretty far-fetched to most people. After all, we still see cars in every driveway, lights in every window at night, children going to school and parents going to work.  Everything’s fine, right?  The economic collapse is only a conspiracy theory, cooked up by those crazy libertarians and right-wingers, right?

    Sadly, no. It’s a fact and it’s all around us, right now.  The economic collapse has occurred quietly and stealthily.  In fact, many people probably think that it has only happened to them, as job losses occur, utilities get cut off, and the pantry gets more sparse.  They don’t talk about it because poverty is a humiliating state – they suffer quietly, not realizing that the next-door neighbor is probably in the exact same situation.  They don’t realize that they aren’t alone.

    Less than half of America is employed right now.

    Despite the deceptively whitewashed claims of the Job Report that say that things are looking up,  Breitbart released an article on July 5 refuting their optimistic assertions.  While there are technically “more” jobs, this is because positions that used to be full time are now part time – meaning that two or more people hold what used to be one job.

    According to the article, only 47% of Americans are employed full time. In an age where most families require two parents to work full time in order to make ends meet, this is a devastating economic blow.

    The administration is careful not to divulge the entire story, instead playing with numbers and percentages to portray growth instead of dismal decline.

    If today the same proportion of Americans worked as just a decade ago, there would be almost 9 million more people working. Just in the last year, almost 2 million Americans have left the labor force. With a majority of the population not holding a full-time job, it isn’t surprising that economic growth has been so weak.

    In June, the number of Americans who wanted to work full-time, but were forced into part-time jobs because of the economy, jumped 352,000 to over 8 million.

    The Jobs’ Report is increasingly measuring only a part of the American economy. While Friday’s report was better than expected, it only measures those who are working or actively looking for work. There is a growing number of Americans slipping through the cracks of the job market.  (source)

    Meanwhile, as income drops, expenses increase.

    Consumer spending is on the uptick, a sign that the government likes to say is positive. However, people are forced to pay more to get less, just to maintain a basic standard of living with food, utilities, and gasoline.  People aren’t spending money on goods – they are spending it on essential items and services.

    Fuel:  The price of transportation has gone up dramatically. The price of gasoline has risen a staggering 294% over the past 10 years.  That’s right – 294%!!!! This, of course, affects anything that must be transported, which is, well….pretty much anything.  If your food comes from another country or continent, you can add high fuel prices to the cost of that item.  If your television was made in a factory on the other side of the globe, tack on some extra transit charges.  This one item – the price of fuel, is the catalyst that is making the price of everything else increase.

    Food: Furthermore, if you are  a commuter, the price of getting back and forth to work is higher. So again – you are paying more for the basic essential supplies you need to live your life in your current fashion.

    The price of food is climbing, and doing so rapidly.  Significant increases have occurred over the past two years, particularly in truly healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as organic products.  Deceptively, package sizes are getting smaller (or are staying the same size but containing less food).  The price, however, remains the same as before, in an attempt to trick consumers into believing that prices are not actually rising.  Apparently, 12 ounces is the new pound and 3 quarts is the new gallon.

    Utilities:  Utility rates are climbing, making it increasingly difficult for struggling families to keep the lights on and the temperatures pleasant.

    The Commerce Department said consumer spending advanced 0.2 percent last month after a 0.7 percent rise in February.

    The increase, which beat economists expectations for a flat reading, was driven by higher spending on services as outlays on utilities posted a second straight month of hefty gains. Spending on goods, a key measure of underlying demand, fell.

    “Utilities made up a pretty decent chunk of spending,” said Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics in West Chester, Pennsylvania. “When you extract from that, spending was less than impressive in March. The economy is slowing.”  (source)

    The prices of electricity are rising dramatically.  Customers have been warned that they will face increases.  Smart meters have been installed nearly everywhere.  Many places are instituting time-of-day pricing, making it only affordable to do your laundry in the middle of the night.

    Part of the reason Americans are facing higher prices is President Obama’s War on Coal.  (In his own words he promised to bankrupt the coal industry.)  If Obama can’t close down power producers through the front door, he does it through the back door, via the EPA.  Even though the climate change theory through CO2 emissions has been completely debunked, the EPA is still passing draconian laws to reduce our “carbon footprint” and thus raise the prices on power.   Obama has shut down 8 coal mines across 3 states, and he and his buddies at the EPA have plans to scale back production at over 200 coal-powered plants via a regulatory assault.

    A welfare state

    More than half of all Americans receive some form of government benefit: food stamps, supplements, health care, to name a few.  We are in big trouble because the people who work for a living are being outnumbered by those who vote for a living. Politicians buy votes with giveaways and freebies. (Who can forget the notorious Obamaphone video?)

    Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog wrote last year, “A recent Forbes article by Bill Wilson estimates that over 165 million Americans are government dependents to at least some degree….”

    New research from Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee Jeff Sessions (R-AL) reveals that this reality may already be here, with more than 107 million Americans on some form of means-tested government welfare.

    Add to that 46 million seniors collecting Medicare (subtracting out about 10 million on Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, and other senior-eligible programs already included in Sessions’ means-tested chart) and 22 million government employees at the federal, state, and local level — and suddenly, over 165 million people, a clear majority of the 308 million Americans counted by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2010, are at least partially dependents of the state.

    The late Margaret Thatcher warned, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  That is what we’re seeing right now – our insurmountable debt is multiplying faster than Bernanke can print $100 dollar bills, and eventually, this bubble won’t be able to hold anymore and it will pop.  That is the point at which the stealth collapse becomes big, real, and undeniable.

    Surviving the stealth collapse

    The goal for most of us is to maintain our independence while the powers that be try to return us to serfdom through limiting our access to affordable necessities.  You simply cannot rely on anyone else to bail you out of this (Silly peasant, government bailouts are just for billionaires!)  You must change your lifestyle and meet this head-on, using strategies like the following.  Stop looking for a dramatic news report to tell you that the collapse has arrived – it’s here.  Figure out how you’re going to survive it.

    Cut your expenses.  Create your own austerity plan to reduce your expenses as much as possible.  This is not caving to the pressure – this is a way to assert your independence, by making your own cuts instead of government mandated ones.

    Learn to provide for many of your necessities alone.  Grow food, join a co-op, raise chickens and rabbits.  Even a small salad garden in a kitchen window can help you to offset high food prices. Learn to sew, mend, repair, preserve, and build.  Decrease your dependence on consumer goods and services.  Embrace your frugal side and opt to be cheap by choice.

    Reduce your dependence on the power grid.  Use rain barrels to collect water, direct the gray water from your washing machines to reservoirs, hang your clothes to dry, and use solar lighting whenever possible.  The less you depend on public utilities, the lower your bills will be, which could mean the difference between having some services or being totally without them.

    Find other ways to stay warm.  This can be difficult if you rent but it can still be done.  Consider making modifications to allow for the use of portable wood heaters, look into different types of camping heaters and make your plans and purchase your supplies well before you need them.  Learn how to safely store fuel for these secondary devices. Invest in battery operated C0 monitors (and extra batteries). Get sleeping bags with a warmth rating for low temperatures, consider a small tent where you and family members can sleep in your living room to pool body heat, and stock up on cold weather clothing like hats, fingerless gloves, long underwear and heavy sweaters. Find ways to insulate and separate one main living area off from the rest of the house by closing doors, hanging curtains in doorways, etc.

    Watch the prices of your utilities.  As the prices begin to rise, more and more people will be unable to pay their bills and eventually their power will be shut off.  Check your bill each month and as prices increase, use less power. Redefine necessities.  You can hand wash your clothing, cook on a woodstove or outdoor grill and can foods to preserve them instead of relying on a large chest freezer. None of these are the way things are commonly done these days, but if you can manage to keep power on for the most basic necessities, like running the pump for your well, running a refrigerator, and maybe powering up a laptop, you’ll be living in luxury in comparison to those who have no power, no heat and no running water.

    Prep, prep and then prep some more.  The end of the American way of life is upon us.  Stock up on beans, bullets and band-aids. If you’re new to the idea of prepping, check out some sites like Ready Nutrition (especially the 52 Weeks to Preparedness Series), Survival BlogSurvival SherpaPrepper WebsiteLew Rockwell, and SHTFplan. The clock is ticking, so buy as much as you can, while you can.  Despite what many veteran preppers may tell you, it’s NOT too late!

    Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.  In reality, the economic collapse is the culmination of many small events, rising prices,  lower (or lost) incomes, and the deliberate erosion of our self-sufficiency by those who would control us.

    Please feel free to share any information from this site in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to this website and the following bio.

    Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor.  Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at [email protected]


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      1. Nice article ! Yep they just keep whittling away at everything it seems like. A little here a littler there until everyone is dependent on the government. Well that’s not the way it’s going to be here ! Prepping,prepping & more prepping here !

        • Daisy, this is all too true. I am truly waiting for the catalyst, just like the ignition of an engine, to start everything in motion. You can see the frailness of the economy as the slighest little word that idiot helicopter ben is going to make a decision or not sends the markets either going way up or way down. This is a sure sign that the economy sucks, as a strong economy would not react knee jerk like this. The VIX that follows the volatility of the markets has never been back down to “safe” levels since before 2008.

          As you must have seen another earthquake forecast came true with the New Guinea earthquakes 7.2 and a separate 6.8 a few hours ago. This was forecasted 9 days ago. There is a tremendous amount of energy building in this hempishere and everywhere from Alaska to southern Chile is in the target zone. Some areas more so than others, but there is something horrible coming. If and when the San Andreas, Cascadia, or New Madrid goes this could be easily that tipping point. I also look at an earthquake destroying to economy when Toyko gets hit, which is overdue as it has been more than 90 years and that cycle is about 70-80 years. In any case the plates are going through so major problems right now.

          Then there is the Middle East. Just look at what happened when oil was $147 a barrel, weeks later the implosion happened. Coincidence maybe, but likely one of those trigger points. Israel attacks Iran and oil goes up to $300 a barrel or much more and the economy is going to be hit like you can’t believe. even a Syrain, Hezbollah, Israel war is likely to make oil hit $150 a barrel and this is likely to cause severe economic hardships and could be the topper.

          Then the issue of terrorism comes to mind. Can you imagine if the terrorists from the Middle East start using those shoulder fired surface to air missiles to shoot down commercial airlines? The panic would shut down all air travel, and that includes air cargo. It would only take 4 or 5 attacks at different points in the country and the economy would be take a major league hit. This is from just a few of the hundreds that are floating around out there from Libya alone. A true dirty bomb from plutonium powder or a germ released such as anthrax or some contagious virus and the economy is halted and stopped. The economy CANNOT take this, it is far too weak to just be shut down for even a few days.

          The mass media would have the population “think”, if that is what one could call it, that the economy is strong and can withstand anything and everything. The weakness is there and ready to go down with the wrong hit to it that can happen suddenly without warning.

          • “if the terrorists from the Middle East start using those shoulder fired surface to air missiles to shoot down commercial airlines”, it will be the American government’s fault for giving them missiles…all part of THE PLAN.

              • agreed kimintn. thanx.

                • Try telling a climate scientist that CO2 doesn’t cause a green house affect and they will laugh at you… that is utter, utter nonsense!

         – Similar to RealClimate: Arctic misrepresentations

                  1 day ago … RealClimate: At the weekend, Christopher Booker at the Daily Telegraph made another attempt (see previous) to downplay the obvious …
                  Sceptical Real Climate Science – Green World Trust

                  • co2 causes global cooling. In my lifetime of close to 70 years i have seen it a lot hotter and a lot colder. I remember when we burnt the stickers off of cactus so the cows had food. there was no grass here for them and i remember when it was freezing for weeks at a time. Seasons Change. Thats is how nature works.

              • kimintn says:

                Broken link video removed because of copy right laws

                • some of the narrative is still there. will try to find another source. if they aren’t worried about the video, then why block it? (yes, rhetorical.)

            • If I have to cut back anymore,
              I could use my watch band
              as a band aid if I cut my wrists,
              and bleed to death after being quartered and having my head piked in the middle of a soccer field.

              • HAHAHAHA , cutting back is NOT an option.
                we are already there .
                those brasilians are sumpthin though , gonna be one hell of an olympic event !

                • I knew it was getting bad when I saw people staking
                  out their claims on dumpster-diving territory.
                  They call it “Serf with Turf.”

                  • @ OutWest. These little anecdotes all add up to what so many in the MSM and the masses seeing, that the economy and life in general SUCKS. I can remember when ONLY derelicts went dumpster diving, and they had to be plenty desperate because those dumpsters smell like rotten death warmed over. Even the trash birds, seagulls have some regard for something that stinks so bad it is dangerous and they stay away. People having to resort to this are at the bottom of their rope to start marking their territory like some alley cat urinating on its place.

                    I can remember an old saying that was kind of nice and how times have changed for the worst. When you get to the bottom of your rope, tie a knot so you can continue to hang on. Now it is make sure you have enough rope to tie into a noose to hang yourself at the bottom of your rope.

            • @ sixpack…….That’s what drove the Russians out of Afghanistan !! U.S. Stinger rockets to the Afghan’s .They couldn’t afford to lose anymore Helicopters!! So they LEFT>……mm~

          • If Oregon gets hit with the overdue, bit one, I wonder if a large wave could take all of that junk from the Fukashima (sp?) earthquake, back to them.

            • a nice thought indeed.

          • Another excellent article from Daisy, and another insightful commentary from you. Helps to see some common sense on Monday. I’ve been following your earthquake forecasts and have found they’re accurate, so now I’m waiting for the New Madrid with more apprehension than before. On a side note, we’ve removed the aging carpet in our house and have gone with the underlying hardwood floors. I can’t imagine a carpeted house without a vacuum sweeper and in the interests of hygiene, are going with bare floors and some smaller, easier to clean, area rugs. Colder in winter, but easier on the two asthmatics in our family. Good idea or not a good idea?

          • Just heard tonight an ad pushing 125% loan to value second trust deed loans. Can another real estate bubble and collapse be far behind? They want to get any wealth they missed the last time in the next so called bailout. Restaurants we go to that were very busy in the past are now empty at peak hours as are the roads at times when commuters and shoppers made them very busy.

        • I started noticing the declining contents of food packaging about 5 years ago, while prices began to increase.

          I still hope all employers fire all the fat, lazy, cowardly, brainless White males, and replace them with illegals, the sooner the better. They no longer deserve jobs and Freedom.

          • Si Senor!

          • Feelin’ the love 😉

            • That is ridiculous, you obviously were being sarcastic and joking. Come on people, talk about having giant sticks up your asses. Learn to have some fun and lighten up instead of pretty much wishing for the collapse to come. But wait for me saying enjoy life before this does happen, is going to get a 100 red thumbs? Instead of focusing so much on what every one knows is going to happen, why not go outside and play with your kids? Enjoy th for every minute you can. Enjoy your wives, shit, sleep with them everyday! I notice so much fear here and you know what fear is? It’s a animal characteristic, and it prevents you from being a intellect, because well obviously all you can do is hope for this to happen secretly to use all your “cool” toys and guns. I think I hit this one on the head.

              • “being an intellect” *;)

          • I’ve called it the “Wendys hamburger gauge” ,,remember when the burger used to stick out from under the bun? now the bun is smaller and the burger doesn’t peek out from under it anylonger

            • Also recall the nutriet value of foods has collapsed over the last 70 years. E.g. organic has 3x the nutrients of equivalent factory veg. So, that hamburger is nutrition-wise much, much lower than a burger 50 years ago. This is why Americans are so fat – their bodies demand food but they feed it nutrient-deficient fodder.

          • When they are being forced on the bus for the last ride they may get a clue. The people of this country have just stood by and allowed their nation and futures to be stolen by a band of psychopaths.

            • Sometimes I wonder if they will get it even then.

              • I’ll bet most of them will not comprehend “Soylent Green.”

          • @ justme… I agree. then us whiteys can live off rhe wetback’s taxable earnings for a change.

        • We are all dependent on the goverment . Without the military boot on da faces. Or cloak and dagger chicanery of the last 40 odd years. The dollar would have ceased to be the reserve currency along with the real inflation adjusted price of gas would have been a started at 4 dollars in the seventies and be around 10 dollars per gallon today . Or the zionistas would have gone apeshit and started tossing nukes around the middle east . Cause uncle same would not have been able to bankroll them circa 1980 or earlier.
          In short without the .gov and .mil america would have become a banana bureaucracy a long while back . That’s just my musings on the subject.

          • Yeah, I wonder about this sort of thing myself. Are we the people really responsible for our incredible physical wealth in this country, or is it the outcome of being the toughest kid on the block (planet) getting protection insurance?

            It’s not common thinking in this forum, so its nice to hear this alternative view.

            I do usually decide the government is a net “cost” in all of our lives. I think we would be better off without all the agencies, all the treaties, even without an “empire”. I’m guessing that you would even agree that any one individual or small groups are in danger from the powerful government, but how certain are you that the entire population of the U.S. would not be better if we were not providing defense for europe, south korea, japan, egypt, etc. etc. etc. If we shrank our overseas commitments, our entanglements, the outflow of cash. If we started moderate tariffs protecting our industry. Would WE be better or worse off? I’m pretty sure the world would be worse off, but I just don’t feel responsible for Syrians, Egyptians, Germans or Japanese.

            • Dude that boat has sailed so far over the horizion it’s not even a memory anymore.

              The exact second we pull out of everywhere and start minding our own business and propping up no one is the exact second we start glowing in the dark.

              And you even have to ask if we’ve “earned” this or if it’s because we have the most nukes? Really?

              Maybe it’s time to go all in and start building more Minuteman missiles. Just saying.

              • Sorry, I’m not following everything you are saying. “Glowing in the dark”? is that just “When pigs fly” or do you mean nuclear war?

                You said: “And you even have to ask if we’ve “earned” this or if it’s because we have the most nukes? Really?” Yeah, I really do mean it. Wasn’t the american standard of living still just about the highest on the planet before world war 2? You know before the military industrial complex started consuming such a huge chunk our government budget? Or even go back to before world war I. I believe American standards of living were originally high because we were a very productive and industrious people.

                Are you arguing that we stole our standard of living and that it is unjust? or are you arguing that we can’t give up our dominance because of bad actors in the world? or some combination of both?

                I’m just not catching on… just another day in the life of a DD…

                • I believe there is some truth to what ‘theGuy’ has stated, but it’s not that simple. “Wealth” is not ZERO SUM.. There isn’t a fixed amount of stuff and living standard out there so no, we didn’t take more than our share. We created our wealth due to the foundation of our country – via the Declaration and Constitution – private property, the rule of law, and freedom from tyranny, for a while.

                  I’ve been wondering ‘what happened’ to us for a long time. Tyranny is creeping into this society.

                  I have been reading Orwell’s 1984, and his vision is a chilling look at the totalitarian society we are becoming.

                  Orwell’s book is not a fantasy, or science fiction. He believed tyranny was inevitable, and he believed constant “cold” wars would be used by a few tyrants to control folks, prop up their economies, and render us slave societies. for those with “a intellect”:

            • At one time we had a system that worked and wealth and freedom resulted. Now the progressives are running the show. Welcome to the Gulag.

        • Eventually, Americans will realize that we haven’t had a representative government since 1860, when big business got Lincoln into office and then declared war on the States. Free market capitalism died at the same time, we just didn’t realize it until 1913 when the Bankster cartel formally took over the Federal monopoly on power and money. We’ve had a fascist dictatorship since then and your vote has meant exactly squat. The only way to return to a Jeffersonian representative Republic is the way our Founders did it in 1775.

          Eventually, when Americans find that every person in the world is entitled to a job in the USA, except for them – all in the name of diversity. When they find themselves a dirt poor minority in the country their fathers founded. When they find out that diversity is not THEIR strength, but the strength of their enemies.

          Eventually, but not today. Today many Americans will go to work at their corporate jobs chanting the mantra, “Diversity is our strength;” until is isn’t.

          And it’s too late.

          • True and wise words WC111. Eventually, Americans will reexamine the ancient truism, Nation is race, Race is nation.

            • A nation that cannot or will not defend it’s borders is a notion not a nation.

          • I prefer the U.S.N.P United States Nationalist Party. I will be honored to say that My party designation is the U.S.N

        • That is exactly right. Death by a thousand cuts. We don’t need a catalyst, it’s already happening. All because people are corrupt, wicked, self-centered, Godless and apathetic. They will get their new world order. I say finish it, won’t last anyway because those promoting it have the same values in the aforementioned list.

      2. It’s really sad to see the path that we are headed down, looks like it’s going to get really bad in the near future. I really worry a lot about my grand kids future, especially when my kids are blind as to whats coming down the pipe in the near future !

        • I see it this way: Our occupied government is heading down that path, unfortunately, dragging everyone else with them, kicking and screaming all they way…I’m not a follower.

        • Great article Daisy!

          Southern Border,

          I too have great concern for the future for our children and grandchildren.

          Time To Plan For The Worst Rather Than Hope For The Best

          “As individuals and as a society, we should hold preparedness dear, for it is an expression of the desire for survival and the key to maintaining our inherent freedoms. Without self-sufficiency, we set ourselves up for endless failure and enslavement.”

          Alt-Market dot com

        • I am casually mentioning that I hope the grandkids don’t have kids…at least I hope not unless this mess is ever cleared up. Those immunizations for the wee little ones is awful. My friend told me that she had a hard time getting the hospital to let her take her baby because she didn’t want it vaccinated before it left. I believe they were wanting to do about 7 or 8 vaccinations. It’s insane.

          • You go to the hospital and pay them to help with the birth. Period. Try to get out of there without as you say vaccinations. The birth certificate and a social security card are totally different can of worms. You need neither. The hospital gets paid for both. If I knew back then(25 years ago)what I know now my kids would have neither. It is like trying to leave Best Buy without the extended warranty.

        • I have to agree that the economy’s direction in going down, but what if the collapse never really happens? What to do will all of the preps? An excellent article addressing what happens if there is no collapse helps me put prepping in a healthy context: . Basically prepping is an insurance policy and lifestyle that can bring a lot of satisfaction and savings regardless of what happens.

          I don’t have the money to do a lot of fancy prepping, but I can grow a hell of a garden and can it all. Just as our ancestors did not that long ago. With this alone, we will not starve. Great insurance and lifestyle. Prep on.

      3. Panic now, before the collective loss of confidence in paper turns crazy.

      4. It’s Here? Again?

      5. How many people would it take to say enough is enough and march on the perpetrators of this madness. Why wait until the bitter end to do something about the mess we’re in.

        • FAITH- i am with you on that” perpetrators of this madness” .
          it seems that no matter what we do , or how hard we scream , our voices are ignored .the agenda will not be side tracked by a bunch of people who believe in a constitutional republic .
          i get a sick feeling in my gut when i look to my childrens future .

          • Screaming on the internet or to your friends is not going to do anything. We need to be marching on DC in the thousands, and we need to stay there until the criminals are ousted (and maybe also hung from the lamp posts) nothing is going to change. It’s up to us to forcibly remove these monsters.

            • I listen to Mark Levin. He’s been on fire lately, and he’s proposing some serious “taking back” of this country from the Statists. A grassroots constitutional convention. That’s one thing I can lend my service to. Throw the bums out.

        • The night Christ was arrested the Apostle Peter tried to stop it. Did Jesus say, “Way to go or use that sword Pete!”? NO!

          Christ called Peter “Satan” for trying to stop that which must happen.

          Abraham had to be the father of both the Nation of Israel and the Arabs. Christ had to die on the cross, and the world has to be judged by God’s violence before Christ came return for His Bridge (The True Church).

          • That would all be true if the man created chaos was not the cause of the trouble approaching us.

          • I believe Jesus will return soon, but not for His bridge. Thanks for a good chuckle.

          • We Americans are a funny lot, especially those that wear the name of Christ…when there’s a sunnami in asia that kills hundreds of thousands we shrug our shoulders. A famine in Africa kills off generations and we collectively yawn. But let our stock market drop a thousand points or we have a bad series of weather events and it is “proof positive that the Lord is coming again!!!” How silly we have become. We are so myopic that we think the world revolves around us, and that God stoops to hear our prayers. Every generation since Christ has thought that current events would lead to Christ’s return to ransom his people. Each generation has had one thing in common…they were all wrong. folks were persuaded Hitler was the anti-Christ, the next generation was convinced Reagan was, or was it the pope. It was beyond question Napoleon, or Charlemaign, or Obama. Do not make bad decisions due to faulty theology that elevates and sensationalizes our passion to self importance and to think we are special and chosen. Bible prophecy sells, typically preachers who have no reality to share dust off some old trusty prophecy sermons
            to tickle the congregants itching ears. We ought to all be analyzed. These things are simply the result of what happens when governments over step their bounds. Distortions result and have to be corrected, unfortunately it always ends up very badly for the middle class. It has nothing to do with end times, or the Lord’s returning or whatever. A thousand years from now historians will look back on our events just like we look back on the dark days of Middle Europe. We can clearly see the result of governments gone bad in history, and as has been so apply mentioned on this site…we are doomed to repeat history we don.t recognize. All this focus on end time drama does not point anyone to Jesus, it only confuses the issue. Do not join the hundred or so generations that misled people into believing current events were the end of the world. there is nothing we will go thru that will hold a candle to surviving Stalingrad, or Nanking or the black plague. You might be able to excuse those people for believing the Lord was going to return, but alas they were wrong too. Let us not be wrong about something we have no idea about, let us be right about what we can be certain about…whatever government touches turns to doodoo. Do not distract people from preparing tangible responses by confusing the issue with end time hype.

            • Jay: what you say has truth in it but please consider…

              Mat 16:2 He answered and said unto them, When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.
              Mat 16:3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; BUT CAN YOU DISCERN THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES?
              Mat 16:4 A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

              Luk 21:28 And when these things BEGIN TO COME TO PASS, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
              Luk 21:29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, AND ALL THE TREES;
              Luk 21:30 When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.
              Luk 21:31 So likewise ye, WHEN YE SEE THESE THINGS come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.
              Luk 21:32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

              And put them in Remembrance:
              I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance:
              2Pe 3:2 That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the COMMANDMENT of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:
              2Pe 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days SCOFFERS, WALKING AFTER THEIR OWN LUSTS,
              2Pe 3:4 And saying, WHERE IS THE PROMISE OF HIS COMING? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
              2Pe 3:5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:
              2Pe 3:6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:
              2Pe 3:7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, RESERVED UNTO FIRE against the day of judgment and perdition of UNGODLY MEN.

              Since 1948 scriptures have been fulfilled at an amazing speed. All of us can attest to how fast things are moving now. Never in the history of WORLD has the whole globe been affected by such evil as we now see. Stir up your faith Jay. Terrible times are coming and yes you are right we should prepare. But prepare according to the will of God and we are NOT TO BE TROUBLED BY ALL THIS SHIT! We also must be about God’s business…whatever he gives us to do. The rapture doctrines have been spun around a barrel of lies…no one is going anywhere…only with our eyes we shall see the reward of the wicked.

              • mine eyes doth glazeth over when thou useth olde englysh elizabethian prose to convey a spiritual tenant. Verily I say unto thee, do not disrespect thoust company by using such outdated wording, thou art annoying and arrogant when thou usest such empty words. I beseech thee to have respect for thoust company and speak in 21st century English…remember, God is not an Englishman!

                Nothing of particular import has happened since 1948 that would raise a blip on the end times. To equate a political, godless group of people occupying a spot of barren dirt on the east bank of the mediteranian with old testament Israel is the height of misunderstanding and absurdity. My faith is not stirred nor quenched by current events and yours shouldn’t be either. One is hard pressed to find any actions in the NT that are driven because the Lord is coming again. Those people that act upon such gobbledygook are typically corrected, (1 thess., gal. rom. & especially Heb.). Do not waste your time seeking signs, be aware and be prepared. Again, every generation has said what you have said…”never before in all the world”, they were always mistaken, I am not saying you are wrong because the Lord could come back before I finish this post, but it won’t be because of something happening it will just be time. Those end-time theologians make their living by stirring up our desire to know things which are not knowable. those snippets of scripture you used have all been fulfilled. The first two are the Lord is talking of himself, and the last Peter is giving general guidelines concerning life, yes there will always be scoffers among us. Open your eyes to the kingdom of god inside you.

            • Jay,
              Don’t confuse Tribulation Events and God’s plan for this world with simple human error and arrogance.

              God’s plan for mankind has been unfolding from the time of Adam, and will continue to do so until Christ’s return.

              If you do not “see” it, it is only because God has not revealed it to you. “Let he who has ears, hear”, it’s really that simple.

            • Speak for yourself. This American was horrified when the Tsunami killed all of those people. Jesus said we would know the season.

          • The meek shall inherit the Gulag. God helps those that help themselves. Thus spoke Zarathustra.

          • Zeke: Good post! Jesus addressed the resistance of Peter for trying to stop the ‘plan of salvation’ not the sword. Jesus made it clear that this was not the time for conquest by violence. Jesus had just come from the garden of Gethsemane where he poured out himself in prayer because he was ‘in the flesh’ the God/man and what he was about to go through was a heavy-heavy weight on his soul for us as our kinsman redeemer. He was fully man and God…the only way for us to be redeemed by the shedding of his innocent blood for us so God could live in us by his Holy Ghost (the earnest of the Spirit, down-payment) because of the washing of the Word. Satan through Peter was trying to STOP salvation through Jesus Christ and start a revolution. We would have been screwed then. Jesus made the point that this type of violence was not acceptable (Jesus had to ‘lifted up’ like the serpent on the pole)…Jesus did not mean the men could not defend themselves or stand up for their God given rights he has bestowed on all men, but that living by the sword or ruling or destroying to bring in a kingdom was not going to work. We do not spread the gospel with violence or force men to conform to our beliefs. But until Christ comes for his BRIDE we are to occupy. There will be wars and rumors of wars till the end comes…yes we can use the sword but we do it in defense of God given rights till the end comes. Evil will come to its full then the end!

          • and the moon really is made of cheese.

        • It won’t happen as long as the foodstamp cards and Ovomitphones keep working and Dancing with the Stars is still on.

          Bread and circuses, keeping the masses anesthetized.

          There aren’t enough of us awake to march on anything effectively.

          And when the cards and phones stop working the riots won’t be constructive, it will just be mindless destruction.

          Prep hard.

          • Luke: ch 22 vs 36 “he that has no sword should sell his coat and Buy one”

            Them Guys: Ch 1 vs 1…Because some people…Well they just Need Killin!(self or nation defense etc).

            “You just Killed an Unarmed Man!!”

            “Well then he shoulda armed himself”…Josie Wales

        • @ Faith of …

          My guess would be ten dozen people sprinkled across the “Republic” with the right skills and maybe $1,000 worth of ammunition would “scare straight” the tyrants. Or remove them as a problem.

          What do you think? Millions of people marching just plays into the “declare martial law and mow them down” game the tyrant would prefer.

          This is only one person’s opinion but Amerika’s Tyrant comprises maybe 500 families tops. Fifty thousand people = the extended Billionaire Boys Club. And two million well placed “useful idiots” who thrive in the reflected glory of runaway power. Being a ranking suckup pays well too.

          “The Assistant Secretary for [whatever] invited me to lunch today.” The Chairman of the Board invited me to his country retreat for the weekend … wow.

          It’s beyond my comprehension, but to some folks Liberty is only an abstraction. It pales into insignificance beside their Insider Status and being paid the big bucks.

          Some of the tyrant’s minions are committed folk. Inured against anything that might befall them. Statism suits them. They would fight [us] before they would run.

          But most of the tyrant suckups are careerists. Opportunists. Who, given sufficiently good reason, would decide going home to their loved ones was more important than being The Tyrant’s Underling.

          $1.000 of ammo in skilled hands would go a long way toward taking out the trash.
          Which process might take only two weeks or a month to be the game changer.

          • .I figured there be no replies to this post and few thumbs. Many will go I hope some one does that. But you won’t find 24 that will be in that group until they are forced to.

            But you do start an interest thought.

            In peoples mind they believe they still have much more to loss before it is their line.

          • anonymous6.8,

            You are talking nonsense and your comments are being monitored by the very ones you want to “take out”. They will take you out before you can get your drawers pulled up. Stop it with the big talk and such nonsense….

            • @ little Bro

              I know that and I defy them anyway. It’s called courage. They’re free to try anytime. Just from sheer numbers they can take anyone out. But they’ll lose a few trying.

              I don’t claim those skills myself. As they’d notice if they are wasting their time monitoring me.

              What is highly likely is you aren’t more than a mouth cowering in his armchair.

              They don’t have a monopoly on strategic thinking. It’s a game anyone who dares can play.

          • The NWO dual citizens who have embedded themselves into OUR government and control it for their unconstitutional cause, can be eliminated overnight and at 1,000 yards.

            Read the words of Mother Shipton (at SHTF Earth Changes) who prophesied that they would be hunted down like dogs when the people rise up against them. Its coming.

            Imagine if the masses in Egypt had the right to “keep and bear arms” and exercised that right? Democracy would be flourishing in Egypt and tyrants would be dead.

            100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate and vote. Then reload.

            Engage your employees and defend the Constitution or be enslaved and impoverished by them. WE have a God given choice.

            Join a Tea Party in your neighborhood. Its the best option right now.

      6. I read this over on From the trenches first and thought it was a great read. Loaded with facts about what is happening all around us. It’s all coming apart slowly, and yes, when it reaches critical mass, it will devastate the unprepared. I can imagine some globalist scumbag sitting in a large empty boardroom with his executive assistant with his hands in a pyramid fashion tapping the tips together in sequence while bearing a Cheshire cat’s grin and saying, “It’s all going exactly as planned.”.

        The problem they don’t understand is; that when it comes apart, they will be given no quarter. They had a good scam running for a long time. They got greedy and decided to go for the whole enchilada. They’re going to be as surprised as a James Bond villain dying at the end of the movie when it rolls up to their doorstep.

      7. The catalyst? I don’t believe that there is going to be a big one. The fuse is burning as we speak. Too what? Boston neighborhood was martial law for a time. It is incremental. Slow process. Indoctrination? Years to accomplish. It’s working. Divided country. %50 to 50%. Keep speaking to the sheep. Turn them to not believe that the government is there to help them. No recourse.
        Hate to plug anyone but there is a book. Overton Window. It is a good book. Fast read. Not sure about the Authors.

        • Faith of the fallen by author Terry Goodkind has changed my outlook on life. It is a glimpse into the future of us and maybe a bit of hope.

        • It was about 13 years from being pissed off too open revolt during revolutinary times . 1663 to 1776 ,

          so maybe 2021 ? 2026 ? lol

        • sixpack

          all because of Ovomitcare no company wants full time employees too expensive.for a week or so i was working for cash and when i mentioned maybe making it full time the owner said no way it cost too much he would rather do it on call basis and cash.

          too be honest look for the next three and a half years to get much worse.

          off topic but did any one else notice the absence of OBUMMER and his mountain gorilla wife and the little monkeys this 4th of july ?
          i didn’t see a single story about them being at the fireworks or any DC event but maybe i missed it.maybe there were at Camp David skeet shooting again LOL.

          or were they still in Africa spending our money?
          seems like they suffer a real disconnect from reality. and as long as we let it go unanswered then we deserve what we get. also i noticed there were no trips to Kenya to visit his fathers grave. bet some one told him it would be a real bad idea.

          Troll killer

          • ‘Sequestration’ cancels many 4th of July celebrations around the U.S., but Obama keeps his $100 million trip to Africa

            CNS News dot com

            We don’t need to ‘worry’ about the ‘job’ situation or the economy. Obama has assured us…

            “But I want you all to know, I will not rest until anybody who’s looking for a job can find one — and I’m not talking about just any job, but good jobs that give every American decent wages and decent benefits and a fair shot at the American Dream,”
            Barack Obama (2009)

          • TROLL KILLER, you pose an interesting observation. …., referring to them as monkeys n gorillas …watered down your integrity for me.
            I personally can’t stand Obama n want him out of the White House.

        • My company has started to use temps a lot more I’ve noticed. One reason is because if there isn’t enough work they can just send them home. They wouldn’t send a full time employee home due to benefit requirements.

          Thanks for the article Daisy!

      8. Yes, the economy is imploding. There’s no such thing as a stealth collapse. The collapse will feature no electricity, no public water, no open stores, no police, no fire protection, mass starvation, and no rule of law.

      9. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        excellent article

        A potential pandemic awaits its season

        things that make you go hmmm

        “In an unprecedented move, Saudi authorities are urging pilgrims to postpone their hajj plans due to “ongoing expansion work” at the Grand Mosque. Saudi clerics have also approved of this decision. It is unclear whether the timing of these announcements is mere coincidence or a discrete Saudi effort to limit the number of pilgrims without causing panic.”

        the hajj starts in October

        and there is this to consider

        “Should the MERS virus get a foothold, international spread seems inevitable, especially amid highly mobile populations fleeing political instability.”

        fortunately for us MERS doesn’t spread anywhere near as fast as the common cold or flu does

        but should a couple of key mutations occur


        this article contains a LOT of VERY important info
        that you don’t see in the MSM

        I STRONGLY urge you to read it

        all of the makings of a major pandemic are in place
        due to politics and in general human stupidity

        all we need now is for the virus to mutate

        • “all we need now is for the virus to mutate”. It HAS, the resultant virus now resides in the Whitehouse.

          • Yeah the virus is there and Obama has diarrhea from it and has doo dooed all over America…..

      10. As I stated in the last article- regardless of deflation, hyperinflation, anything in between or something new and precedent setting we are heading for a much lower standard of living.

        My husband and I agree that anything that we grew up believing about this Country is dead– a complete new paradigm is what we are operating under. I recently went up to the mountains for the weekend with a friend in her 60s. We discussed the state of things in this country and she and I both concurred that it was doubtful that either one of us will see the natural end of our lives– we’ll die fighting and its coming sooner rather than later..

        I wonder how many other Americans feel this way?

        • yes, But take a little comfort in the fact that many of the old beliefs indicate that by far the best way of going is fighting for what you believe in. The Greeks thought it got you a special place in heaven. Perhaps they were right.

          • Thanks. I just ordered a copy of Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary (first dictionary published in US). Our family is going to be using it study the documents of the Founding Fathers. Meanings of words have changed so much in several hundred years… This will give us a much better understanding of the meaning of the words as used during the time as well as the origin and context.

            I believe this is an important thing for us to undertake for our son’s (he is 5) sake as during his life his right’s will continue to be eroded while never learning of his rights given to him by God/natural rights and will see a revolution, civil war or WW on our soil in his lifetime.

            I don’t know whether or laugh or cry– Had picked up a sample of Finish dish detergent and it was laying in the car floor board. Son saw it and told me matter of factly that it was better than Cascade especially if I had hard water. I’ve never seen this commercial and he only watches Nick Jr and Boomerang.

            • You should have a gay old time.

              • Suck it Fred….

            • Think I have a direct webstite Link to that 1828 websters dictionary for online instant access if anybody needs it, let me know I will look see if can find and post it.

              That edition still has words such as Gay described properly as “Happy Festive” etc.

              Today libs has everybody useing the demacRAT kommie dictionary edition of…”Any description of any word except the True meanings!”

          • Paranoid,

            My apologies to you and to Homer:

            There’s no finer way to die, than battling heroic odds,
            for the ashes of our Fathers and the altars of our Gods.

            From the Iliad, I think.

            • Not the Iliad, but McCauley’s poem, “Horatius at the Bridge”, about a legendary Roman citizen soldier who held a bridge against enemy hordes in the early Republic.

            • No apologies required. best wishes

        • lower standard of living is right

          collapse happens one person at at time
          one family at a time

          let me give a personal example

          my employer just informed me
          that before the end of the year
          I will be taking close to a 30% pay cut
          thats thirty per cent NOT 3 per cent
          will be doing the same job
          and working the same hours
          this happened to quite a few people

          gonna be joining the ranks of the working poor

          middle class
          it was nice knowin’ ya

          • satori

            Welcome to the ranks!
            I work in health care as a chef for well to do assisted living/and, state funded nursing home elderly combined..

            Had a wage freeze 4 years ago..

            Now corporate has instituted a 20% haircut for the entire facility..

            It’s getting uglier by the week…

            I hear you!

            No matter how exact we prepare..getting a financial haircut fucks it all up doesn’t it?

            and it going to get worse and worse..Satori..

            thank God we have our preps in order,..


            forget it..


            • Satori and possee…Thanks for the personal evidence that it is not just me. Company is already calling for wage reduction after 2 years of no raises. Wife’s sister’s family works for Michelin and they are also calling for wage cuts.

          • Satori:
            Do you work a job where there are more than 50 employees? Obama released all the companies with over 50 employees from Obamacare, but every person must still have insurance. Will your employer give you the money he has been spending to provide your heath care or will you have to take a further pay cut by coughing up this money too? I think it will be hell to pay when the 47% that still have a job find out that they have been robbed of healthcare. What a financial windfall for the companies. They can do away with a whole department that did nothing but shuffle healthcare paperwork.

            If this country still exist when October comes and everyone realizes what a mess healthcare is going to be, and realizes they don’t have any care just a paper that says they do, it will be game over for the good old USA. If there is no natural or economic crisis that BI writes about, Obamacare will finish us off as a nation of peace loving people. I hate to see this happen with winter coming on, because it will make it much harder to bear. The unprepared, the elderly and the the young will die before spring.

          • Try running a couple businesses.

            We will outlast the mfer’s until the end.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • LMS – 3 months ago I took a 100% pay cut. I made very good money. There is nothing out there that pays enough to even get by. My son and I are taking what we have and buying a small business. I know it’s a crapshoot with everything going on, but what choice do I have?

              I feel running our own small business will at least put us in charge, for however much time we have before it all comes unglued. I’ve been trying to get some opinions of those already in business. Invest during this shitty economy and possibly lose everything or do nothing and definitely lose everything? I feel like our hands are tied….

              P.S. – the preps are pretty much in place so we aren’t shorting ourselves in that arena.

          • I hear ya Satori, and feel your pain.
            Im going to be lucky to keep my Companies doors open for another year or two , if Im lucky.

            It could all blow up in my face within months, work load dropping like crazy, lay offs, and in an effort to keep the boat a float pay cuts for everyone and mostly me.

            If it all goes to hell in a hand basket, I might look for another job or start up another Co. Somewhere else, but not here.

        • I definitely feel the same on all levels, especially the part about our country as we knew it is gone, may still be there in pockets but there is no good reason to strive to build anything at this point as it will just draw attention to yourself.
          Its sad, sad for all of the folks who have worked so hard, sad that the younger generations feel so entitled, sad that the diversity of the country that used to be celebrated has become a death shot for the rest of us.

        • Chantilly L

          you may not die fighting ,but you will never see the the america that you grew up knowing (depending on your age im in my late 50’s)i looked at one of my antique cars that i used to do road trips in ,and that i worked hard my whole life to get , and i was sad knowing that that part of my life was gone forever ,the even sadder part is that i had a big piece of the american pie and the years to enjoy it ,and this is somthing my grandchidren will never know

          • what the hell’s that Anonymous? Plagurism

        • Chantilly

          you may not die fighting but im sure you will never again see the america you grew up knowing(depending on your age ,im in my late 50’s)i was in the shop the other day and i looked at one of my antique cars that i used to do road trips in ,that my wife and i were able to do finally after working hard all our life and raising our children ,and i was sad that that part of my life is going to be gone forever ,but i had a big pc. of the american pie and enjoyed it ,and what is sad is that my grandchildren will never experience any of it

        • Ms. Lady – I was talking to my Mom a month or so ago and she said she felt pretty positive she would see a revolution in her lifetime….and she will be 72 next month.

      11. TPTB have continued in “stealth mode” for decades now. I honestly believe the advent and proliferation of internet/alternative NEWS sites have THEM in “panic mode”.

        The “awakening” is accelerating, especially with the multitude of “top down” scandals that are plaguing THEM like a hoard of mosquitoes. (When the lame-stream-media is even “reporting it” TPTB are sweating) It isn’t the “blood loss”, it is the sheer number of “annoyances” THEY must now contend with.

        This article is an excellent observation and perfect rebuttal to the “not going to happen anytime soon” crowd. IT IS HAPPENING NOW, AND HAS BEEN…What “station” are THEY tuned into?

        My opinion differs only slightly…there will SOON be an “over-the-top” catalyzing event that will be the end of the “won’t happen anytime soon mentality”. TPTB are out of substantial “hat tricks”…and THEY KNOW IT!

        • Hey! Check out This bit of Info I found today.

          U.S.Supremes Contradicted themselves on latest Homo Fag decisions!

          By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
          June 24, 2013

          (Note: The U.S. Supreme Court on June 26 ruled that part of the federal “Defense of Marriage” law denied equal protection to homosexuals. The problem is that is actually a religious view. It is the view of secular humanism, which was declared a religion by the Supreme Court in TORCASO v. WATKINS on June 19, 1961. Therefore, we do not have a separation of church and state with government neutrality. What we really have is the imposition of a particular religious view (secular humanism) on the rest of the nation. Thus, the Supreme Court’s decision is itself a violation of its own separation of church and state doctrine!)

          NOTE: His article is not about that decision, its just an FYI for our info. His actual article is of the “House Of Orange” which is part of the Tangled web of British royalty control of dutch shell co. to todays Big Oil and crony usa pols like the Klintons etc and how all that affected americas current Woe’s etc.

          Cuddy is good source for NWO info, but he Never admits nor writes of “Who” or from which “Tribe” the main culprits are. (good thing some guys Here Do eh!!)

      12. They have most of us so broken down already…it’s my advanced preppin’ and all those canned goods going bad that’s kept me alive thus far…well before the real shizzle starts to fizzle. Thank God we’re all (most of us at least) still here to enjoy the moments that make up a good day…like waking up! But really, they have us pressed and dried on purpose and they’re leaving us to hang…BP really sucks the Crown’s family Jewels and it all goes back to those Rothkids. Seek Truth! Believe in good deeds and the Good Word and keep preppin’ like Daisy says because every effort counts when you might least expect it, especially spiritually. Attitude determines altitude. Smile when you call me that!

        • Rothkids do the daily fix price for precious metals—supplemented and/or joined at the hip with the BOE. The future is here.

      13. Personally I think that in celebration of labor day, all working Americans should file a w-4 exempt status for the month of September. Just think. $0 income tax revenue for 1 month. The ba$tard$ would choke. A damn shame it would be so difficult to organize something like this on a nationwide scale. It would be a REAL tea party. Just gotta remember to change it back afterward. At my former employer, they would allow us to change our w-4 status to exempt 2 pay periods a year. Usually it was night/weekend staff that did this when they went on vacation so they would not feel the ‘pain’ of no shift/weekend differentials in Their pay check.

        • EXCELLENT SUGGESTION. Stop feeding the “BEAST” watch a REAL FIREWORKS DISPLAY. ;)!

        • BUT BUT BUT how would the brotherhood survive in egypt?
          we must be sensitive to the needs of others .

          • F*ck’um!

          • @ hammerhead, As always, sarcasm is appreciated and well understood. I wonder how many in this country understand the TRUTH of of your comment.

            We are not simply “sleeping with the proposed enemy”, we have become THEIR pimp/bank/arms supplier/ and cheerleader!

            THEY have voiced THEIR intentions to destroy US. Nothing wrong with this “picture”. The BIG Business of war/death/mayhem as usual.

            “Traditions” are comforting to the “sheeple”. And VERY ENRICHING to the historical Warmongers. I feel much better now.

            • @yental….sad, but true. Wish my BOL was Built so I could make it my BIL. :-(. I don’t want to give the govt one more cent.

        • Great idea! Pass it forward.

        • Printing 85 billion would not be enough to feed the beast.

        • 3 months, teach ’em a lesson.

        • PenCRNA – I actually used to file Exempt with a set amount taken out. I didn’t want to get a refund so I estimated the next year and got it within $100. My payroll person told me that starting in 2013, you have to prove you are Exempt before you can claim it now. Too many people took your advice and govt shit….so of course, they changed the rules. Go figure?

          She said you are automatically flagged for “further review”.

      14. Noticed someone posting, user name: Luther. Posts dumb. Assumption: stupid black guy… SAME posts, user name: Daisy. Aw, isn’t that little white girl smart for her age. SAME person. Moral of story: Perception is reality. Or, not. Because things are not always black and white. Peace out. You Oreo Mother crackers. It ain’t no cookie either.

        • So, you’re saying less negroes is better? Take consolation that the vast majority of humanity agrees!

      15. The sunset is red, but does not mean cold weather, quite the contrary.


      16. Can’t say that the plan to enslave us isn’t brilliant though. Very powerful people control the prices of fuel and food and all sorts of other essential things. People who are truly in charge of things, that is, not the empty suits with names on ballots.

        And really, what better way to enslave people than make them utterly dependent on the State by making it impossible to function otherwise? We in the Western world tend to have a serious aversion to biting the hand that feeds us and that erosion of self-sufficiency is going to sap the pride and willpower of most by forcing otherwise proud working folks to bear the shame of resorting to the welfare state to feed their children.

        I hate that state of affair, don’t get me wrong, but one has to at least respect the sheer deviousness of that plan as well as the patience required to implement it. And besides, respect for one’s enemies, their plans and capabilities tends to have a positive effect in keeping one alive and in the fight.

        • Government has become the American
          Workers modern day version of the
          new “Company Store.”
          “Ya load sixteen tons……”

        • Canadian Vet–you made me think of craigslist ‘wanted’ category.
          Someone was begging for infant clothes(one on the way), clothing for 5 others, household items, blah–blah–blah, for a lady having a hard time.
          I emailed and told the poster maybe birth control should be considered real damn soon.

          • Your mentioning baby clothes reminds me of something…many years ago my sister had a baby. She hung her laundry on the clothes line one day and neglected to take the dry clothes in. The next day she went out to get them and found that during the night, someone had stolen all of them.

          • Hey, my wife and I trolled online buy/sell pages for our newborn’s clothes for the first year, spending only about a dime on the dollar compared to buying new. And for our other 6 kids and ourselves, we’re not too good or proud to shop at Value Village and other thrift stores.

            Us, we believe in the old saying “a penny saved is a penny earned”. If you have a problem with people being thrifty, then maybe you ought to rethink your following these boards.

        • Canadian Vet says –

          “but one has to at least respect the sheer deviousness of that plan as well as the patience required to implement it”

          I believe similar words were spoken in 2001 about the “tear-or-ists” who didn’t succeed in bringing down the WTC in 1993. They made their plans and patiently carried them out to finish the job…8 years later. We are working on year 5 of this administration, aren’t we?

          Evil minds think alike….

          • Sun Tzu’s Art of War goes to length on topics such as creating the conditions for victory, demoralizing the enemy and winning the war even before the first battle. The powers that be are doing just that.

            They are attacking the people’s supply lines with artificial shortages and artificially inflating food and fuel costs, taxes and deductions and by making it harder to hold a steady job (Obamacare and all the other things attached to hiring citizens instead of imported slave labour).

            They are attacking the will to fight by demonstrating their force (the heavily-armed law enforcement agencies complete with military-grade vehicles), by making proud folks shame themselves by having to accept government assistance to feed their families and the attached aversion to bite the hand that feeds us. Not to mention the internment camps and the demonstrated willingness to engage the people either with overt brutality or false-flag operations.

            They are trying to win the war before it even starts.

            • Canada Vet: All you wrote sounds like a Modern day version of the late 1890’s version of the Protocols of elders of zion plan outlined. With perhaps a mixture of marx’s manifesto updates for takedown of usa.

              • Interesting, since I never read those. If anything I’m just calling it the way I see it. And honestly, it would be most improbable I’m the only one to come up with that analysis.

      17. Buy a couple 100 watt solar panels,(about $140 each on ebay) a couple 12 volt AGM batteries and a $30 charge controller. Now you got power and a way to charge your batteries.
        Next buy about 4 LED light bulbs (12 volt/6 watt with a screw in base. (found on ebay for about $9.95) convert 4 table lamps to 12 volt (as easy as cutting the plug off the end of the wire and wiring it directly to your batteries and the best thing about LED’s is IF you hook them up backwards they simply will NOT WORK, just swap the wires around and wala you got solar lights. You can also go to a truck stop or ebay and buy a 12 volt electric blanket. It will keep you toasty warm on the coldest nights. I know I use one every night in the winter time and it works great).
        So you have $280 invested in solar panels, lamps at a yard sale cost about $5 each, the charge controller about $30 and the biggie will be the AGM batteries they will set you back about $600 (or $300 each)
        So for under $1,000 you can have lights in your living room, kitchen and dining room as these rooms are usualy connected. Plus free heat in bed. If you are frugal with your power and electric heat you can save from $100 to $150 per month on your electric bill, right now.
        As for AGM batteries these are the ONLY batteries you can store and use indoors as AGM batteries DO NOT vent Hydrogen gas (Which is an explosion risk if use non-AGM batteries indoors as they vent Hydrogen gas) AGM batteries do not vent Hydrogen gas, and they are so safe they will NOT leak acid even if ruptured, you can even ship them on an airplane.
        This is how I started and now I have 800 watts solar power, 1400 watts wind power, 1000 amps AGM power the whole house is wired for 12 volt 95% of my house lights inside and out are 12 volt LED lights. Plus I have a 12 volt swamp cooler, 12 volt refergerator, 12 volt clocks, 12 volt electric blankets, 12 volt coffee pot, 12 volt TV & DVD and more. I have an all electric hime with electric hot water heater, a large chest freezer, large refergerator, electric cook stove, I have 4 teenagers with big TV’s and DVD players and my average electric bill is only $100 per month. My smallest bill was $67. It can be done you just have to do it and spend a little money but as you start you will start saving on your expensive grid power and then eventually you will not care what they charge for grid power. As you will NOT NEED it.

        • Shit! Trailer Investor. How can the average Ugly idiot understand all that watt and volt stuff. Can’t we just hire you as a solar consultant?

          I would appreciate if you could talk more in layman’s terms. For example, like solar power and its effects on Oly and refriderator units.

          Like say, is you have 800 watt panels and a fridge, Oly will be–

          1. Warm
          2. Lukewarm
          3. Kind of cool
          4. Sort of cool
          5. A bit cool
          6. Nearing cold
          7. Cold
          8. Very Cold
          9. Frozen

          You see. That chart is very explanatory to the novice in solar power as related to volts and watts.

          • Quit being a idiot/novice and get educated. Volts and Watts are 2 different things. Watts is the sum of Volts X Amps. Okay, never mind, be smart…get a consultant.

            We should have a blog just for alternate energy, one for Physics, one for.. never mind we all received our public educations for free…remember?

            TP has the right idea and has more than me. I have enough solar to get by in a pinch and am looking at more. My vacation spot works on solar. I am looking at solar water(150′ of black hose) for summer showers. 12v is the way to go on most items… Good inverters are expensive. Lose the inverter and everything goes dark.

            • Shootit….

              On solar. Isnt the basic system (1) solar panels, (2) charge controller, and (3) a rechargeable battery.

              From there, you hook power inverter to battery and then plug in the stuff. By stuff, I mean ie radio, or coffee maker, etc.

              I hear solar is terrible for cooking type stuff, including hot-plates etc.

              Just curious, why do you need 150ft of black hose for solar shower?

              • Keep the batteries charged for off-grid usage, but get a grid tie inverter for use now while still on the grid. The 12 volt (or whatever you choose in panel voltage) will be converted to 110 voltage and fed into the line and will reduce your electric bill. You will still have the use of all the modern day conveniences you currently have.

              • The 150′ of black hose is the “collector” for solar energy. Water is heated and stays hot as long as the sun shines on it. It will provide a hot shower until the stored hot water is exhausted.

                • My wife and I took a lot of showers with water from a roll of black plastic on the cabin roof…works well even today…worth having a roll around!

              • Yes, you are correct. The panels come in different voltages for different systems, 12v, 24v, 36v are common. 12v is the most common for small systems. Charge controllers come in flavors to match the panel output with Amp ratings. One that is rated at 10 amps will be able to safely handle 120 watts of panels. My favorite brand for 6-30 amp controllers is Morningstar. Batteries come in many flavors. I use lots of 6v Golf Cart batteries and in small systems have good luck with Marine DC batteries.

                Inverters are rated in Watts and if they are 120v or 240v. I need a 240v inverter to run my well.

                I have figured out that you can get a hot shower with 150′ feet of black hose laid out in the sun during half of the year where I live. It won’t be a thirty minute one, but if you mix it with a valve hot and cold it is pretty nice. The plus side is you can use the hose for other stuff.

                • Can you explain it simple for: How many solar panel Watts are needed to convert to 110 ac and keep use of all as now do, and my usual avg Per month elec bill states I use on avg aprox, 500 KW hrs per month. I mean to have enough total solar wattage to fully go OFF grid and keep elec life normal as if still hooked to grid. Thank you if can answer. Oh and also a cost factor avg if posible too.

                  • 500,000 watt hours/30 days=16,667 16,667 W hours/7 sun hours=2380 watts of solar panels

                    You would need these minimums:

                    3000 +/- watts of solar panels.
                    Small wind generator 400-800 watt and controller
                    Inverter 4000 watt 120-240 volt
                    12 – 200 amp hour batteries
                    Battery condition monitor
                    12,000 watt Backup Generator(propane), propane tank, installation.
                    Associated wire, mounting brackets, electrician, fuse panel, fuses/breakers, ground rods, plus, plus, plus.

                    Even with this you may be disappointed because you will not have the headroom to run everything at once. This would just cover your averages. A energy audit would have to be taken over time to find your average peaks to correctly size the system. Minimum system $25,000. My guess to make you happy it would be closer to $50,000.

                  • Shootit: Holy Sheep crap Batman!! Thats alot of $$$$!

                    Was thinking maybe 10 solor panels Max and couple Batteries. Wow! I am way better off to get a 5th wheel already equipped with 12 vlot lights etc and roof top solor panels and gen set etc…Can buy a very well equipped nice as New 1-2 yr old or even Last yrs nodep still brand new, Montana or similar awsome 5th wheel for aprox $35,000 to $45,000($45 grand for new last yrs model with $20,000 Reduced price). Much better off doing that.

                    Thank you for the fast reply and xallant info Shootit! Your description is very easy for the layman to comprehend. Just realized…I wont be alive long enough to realize a break even on cash spent to do total solar set up! Only spend about avg of $70 or so per Month on elec now. I’d need live 40 yrs longer to break even!

                    5th wheels looking better every day! Once I buy it all I then shall need is a Dozen folks Home address from here so I have places to Park it free and pay for elec and water I use! They can Adopt me as a fed tax write off perhaps!

                  • You can adjust and get a nice setup for far less. You just can’t run you house as normal. 3-500 watt panel setup would run a camper. 4-6 batteries, 30-60 amp off grid charge controller, and a few other things and you would be good. 12v stuff, LED lighting, 120v Pure Sine wave inverter, but AC, Heat, and some other stuff forget it. You will need a alternate heat source for cooking and heat. Propane lasts forever almost, plus it will run most rv frigs. I rely on propane. A big tank is fairly cheap, propane is cheap($1 a gallon), lasts almost forever. The part about the electronics is that you will need to have spares. Best Wishes on finding the right solution for you. I am still working on mine.

            • @ Shootit…….Ha ha !! So much for the innovated response!! I was all set to learn something MySelf!! When I can figure a way ,( pickup beer cans ) I’ll have a setup like this !! OK ,now for the next explanation……NEXT……mm~

              • Shootit: You get Propane for $1.00 per Gal?! Where? In northern lower mich I paid last winter $2.40 per gal. Yr prior was $2.09, year before last year was aprox, $2.60!

                I just started use of propane 3 winters ago, still have wood burner since moved north in 1995 Fall time.

                I Had an Older Oil burner furnace and in first winter of 1995 heat Fuel oil was $0.77 per gal, dieseal at gas station at pump then was aprox $0.79 back then…Good Ol’ Days eh!

                I got 2.5-3 yr advance supply of full 8ft long Cords all white Oak seasoned for several yrs now, and out of 10 acres here aprox 9 is all wooded. Mostly maple some oak.

                Wood is way less costly like 1/2 of propane costs. But as I age older with a bad back and a few other medical troubles it gets too difficult to keep cutting and splitting firewood. Cannot understand why zero kids or teens today desire xtra spare cash to do such jobs.

                As a kid I did snow shoveling and cut lawns door to door for between .25Cents to .50 cents Per home depended on how much work job was! Did Shoe shinning at bars too…At age 13-14 made as high as $35-40 Per nite doing shoeshines! That was Big money 45+ yrs ago! Cheep equip to do also, One shoe shine kit, One Schwinn Stingray bicycle and you were in Business.

                Snow shoveling or lawn cuts earned far less…Couple dollars per day usually. Still was good pay them days. Kids and Teens today are Lazy-Spolied by parents-Fat assed-Dumbed down Imbecils at best for most.

                I know some folks here’s kids aint that way…But They are a vast Minority of todays kids or teens. A Mostly Lost future society. Anyways, thank you again for such great elec info Shootit.

                • Them Guys….

                  This spring I was quoted from the local COOP .92 for bulk/delivered. Then in conversation someone said it had dropped to .87. I have not checked lately.

                  Where is my local COOP. Some where west of the Missouri River east of the Rockies north of Kansas and south of Canada.

                  Most kids around here work. This if farm country. The lazy ones are from town. In my youth I could get sick on 25 cents worth of candy. We were not allowed in the house unless it was raining or time for bed. We had a ball for every season, a bike, fishing pole, and imagination.

                  I have a wood burning stove in my shop and collect firewood a little at a time. Someone in town will cut up a tree and not know what to do with it, so I offer to take it off their hands. Most of the tough stuff is done by the time I get involved. Wink! Wink! I am getting to the point where I could start selling some little bundles back to the town folk $5.00.

        • You would have been better off running a inverter and a sub panel for your lights as DC current can heat the wires and is known to cause alot fires in cabins. You will loose a small amount of power/efficiancy but is safe and you can use cheaper standard AC bulbs and appliances.

          • Woops, I should have read a little farther down as everyone commented. SHOOTIT… you can use 2 120 volt inverters mothered together 180 phased or buy a zantrex brand that has 2 legs of 120v built in to run your 240 volt needs.

          • Dave, You are so very correct. Most people do not realize why AC won the debate over DC.

            Many people complain that their 2000 watt inverter doesn’t work. Ask them what they used to hook it to the battery/batteries? They say speaker wire or 14 ga house wire. Did you fuse it? The drama continues about how the inverter sucks and it is really their lack of knowledge.

            12v appliances need to be placed close(15′)to your batteries or controller. Then you need to figure wire size could be 10 or 12 ga depending on load.

      18. I just did some checking, and that 7.2 earthquake at 380 km deep was the largest deep focus earthquake ever recorded around New Guinea. The previous largest was 6.8 in 1995. “ANOTHER” record for earthquakes. This shows the Australian plate is going through some serious trouble. More to come, as it may just be the geophysical part of it that starts everything into a full tailspin.

        • Add this to the extensive HAARP activity indicated/documented in the western USA recently…and I would speculate the “pump is primed” for something of potentially historical “natural” disasters.

          Yes, “natural” is definitely “sarcasm-on”. This is one of those “knot-in-the-gut feelings”.

          I have “several parts of my heart” living in San Diego. I don’t like what I am seeing and feeling. What is your take BI?

          • @ yental. San Diego has more of a major problem from the breakdown of the rest of California when the San Andreas ruptures. The earthquakes waves are not going to follow a west motion, but more of a west/northwest direction, in some cases a more north/northwest direction. Unless the big one starts at about 30-31 degrees south in Mexico, the really awful destructive waves of energy will hit further north along the coast.

            My take on San Diego would be more terrorism as this is a mjor target, and movement up of the enmy from Mexico. I would say the same about El Paso for example. There is a very large fault that connects with the Newport Inglewood fault that might even be one of the same. This is a thrust fault and being so close to the coastline could produce a decent size tsnuami even at 7.5 in size. The undersea landslide danger is also a concern off the coast of California as the earthquake off the coast of Santa Barbara in the 1920’s produced a tsunami and was only in the 7 range. Likely that it caused some debris to fall to the ocean floor. This happened near Samoa a few years ago with only a 7 pointer.

            San Diego has a thrust fault that goes right under the western portion of it, I can’t remember the name of it, but it is about 30 miles long. This is capable of about a high 6 to low 7 range. Anytime a major fault ruptures there is always a possibility of other faults going off also. I think the most likely faults to break after the San Andreas goes would be the Whitteir/Elsinore, the San Jacinto, or the Newport/Inglewood,

            Again, I would be terrified of the influence from Mexico when California is hit by whatever that shuts down the tiny bit pf stability it has right now. It would not be so much people from Mexico, but the other Central and Southern American countries such as from Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and many others waiting in the Mexico area for something to occur, or for orders to launch whatever they are going to do on their own. It is absolutely crazy that the US Mexico border is not guarded better, especially from ‘true’ weapons of mass destruction coming in. I hope your family has some good self defense available. At least California still allows the old shotgun, even if they have destroyed the people’s rights to have all sorts of rifles, hand guns and severely limit the size of magazines like new york does.

            • Bi,
              Answer to the post from yesterday,
              Have been all over Maunakea, killer place, way more land available on the BigIsland, wayyyy more, better prices too, here on maui, high elevation stuff is almost entirely state land or Similar but almost all off limits for common folks, at least to purchase and if its available is ridiculously priced. On the BI the biggest problem is with the vog, can be pretty gnarly as Kilauea has been erupting pretty steady, that stuff burns the crap out of plants so need to be real careful about that,
              The forest areas of all the islands could be real good for bugout, but could also prove deadly, lower elevs close to the shoreline on the north shore would be ideal, lots of water, lots of sea life and stream life and close to the ocean for keeping clean and sanitary personally, can go for weeks or months just bathing in the ocean and streams and seawater and seasalt are good for your mouth! And other stuff, higher elevations will be tricky unless you really know the island, just finding water will be tough, and game is sparse, good cover but lots of other challenges, this stuff i know from living here almost my entire life, just spent a few years on the mainland in the early 90s, but grew up here and spent a lot of time outdoors. There are lots of places where you could avoid contact with others and subsist and not die from exposure or starvation, gotta be smart though. Anything above 5k ft will be tricky, in theory its not as harsh a climate as say the sierras or rockies but you can still die of hypothermia here, if you are in 25degree with windchill and wet youll die or get sick and die, add to that being starving from not finding food or sufficient water and it makes it a quick way to fail,
              As you said, the cloud cover will be a big help, there are lots of times when choppers cant access certain areas because its too thick, there will be plenty other targets if we get to that point,

              • @ Kulafarmer. Yes in theory the best place to be would be where you have ready access to both the ocean and safe clean fresh water. Salt is one of the best bacteria killers that there is, this is why these Hickory Farms sausage and meat sticks can last practically forever because the high salt content keeps bacteria from decaying it. You are right that salt is excellent for the nasal and breathing of a person. I just mentioned the higher altitude because of the vast competetion of others trying to survive also. I think one key of bugging out is trying to find a place in which the fewest of the two level predators are around as possible.

                One of the best assets of being up in elevation is also that it gives you a strong advantage over those that want to get you. Someone that is nested up in the rocks can hold off a platoon for a long time. I guess what would worry me in any situation in any part of the world is being trapped in a valley type situation. I have always seen safety in heighth. Of course the vast ocean resources is a definite plus. This is why one of the most important aspects of bugging out is to become familiar with where you plan to bug out, and live it for a while before you are forced to after a true disaster.

                This discussion over the best places to escape is fantastic for others to think about right now, before it happens. The more all of us can bring this very serious consideration about climate, hazards, wild food supplies, water, temperatures, etc. the more we all learn and can find the right spot WHEN this happens.

                • I think a lot of people have a romantic fantasy of how cool it will be to bug out and walk away from civilization, that piece Mac ran about the Russian? family that lived in the sticks for years, gave a real look at what it would be like if you actually made it longer than a week. I dont rellish the thought of having to bug out, short term i know i could pull it off and evade even pretty close to my current AO, long term i know it could be tricky no matter where you go. Cometition from others as well as exposure are real threats. The reality of becoming a refugee sucks no matter what, make no mistake if there is a collapse that forces you to run no matter what you plan or know the chances of making it get slimmer and slimmer the longer you are out there, thats why people used to live to the ripe old age of 45 on average during the land rush days

                  • I think you are right about this, and I often think of colonial times. ‘Mountain men’ went off trapping, but not to exist without any contact with anyone, they were trapping and bringing their goods back to society eventually.

                    A much better plan will be for us not to try to live independently, but for us to live in harmony with each other, complementing each other with individual skills, and I don’t mean that in a naive 60’s hippie-communist sort of way.

                    It’s possible that shtf wil be a chance for us to rebuild things. It will be hard work, but isn’t that really the core of the problem with our society? Whether it’s banksters who want to ‘earn’ money without doing any work, or welfare addicts who ‘earn’ a living gaming the system, or politicians who ‘earn’ a living being a hack.

                    Isn’t wanting to live high on the hog without doing any work really at a pretty boilerplate sort of level when you think of where this country went off track?

                    We’ll have a chance to right that if things go wrong enough, but it’s going to be a very rough ride, I’m afraid.

            • Bottom line, San Diego is “undesirable geography” at the end of the day. Thanks for the feedback. I only wish my thoughts/words were heeded more seriously. “Life is good today” for those living “in-the-moment”. But I guess WE ALL have “sleepers” within our ranks. They are minimally “prepped”, but more than a couple of weeks will not end well.

              We do what we can.

            • The greatest WMD is already within the US borders. It’s called US government.

      19. The collapse started in 2000-2001! In 2001 and 2002 George Busch issued stimulus checks to all taxpayers in America!YOU DON’T NEED TO STIMULATE A GOOD ECONOMY!GOT IT! The government, in cahoots with the mainstream media have been cooking the books, and outright lying to us about everything regarding our economy for the past 40 years! When the bond market collapses,it will bring down the whole worlds economy!This has been planned over a hundred years ago by the worlds largest central banks!
        And the plan was implemented right after the Kennedy assassination! It took a while to grind America down and they will continue to do so! On a good note, our military is too small to enforce martial law! Local law enforcement will be too busy protecting their own family’s and it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to disarm our country! And too many people are waking up! Be safe,Be strong, and may God bless,…Steve

        • I paid taxes in 2001 and 2002, but I did not get a stimulus check. I don’t know anyone who did.

        • Stinky Steve,
          Good points. I think if there is a SHTF collapse it would be impossible to disarm our nation. If its a slow roller and more laws are passed and people have to disarm themselves before getting their government assistance I see the vast majority of Americans disarming themselves.

          Excellent article Daisy. Spot on again.

          God bless,

        • I remember that…I paid in too but got no check…oh well that was stimulating!

      20. Agree…I will just say that as for global warming, we ARE accelerating the process. This planet is too crowded and big business is too out of check.

        For every one article saying it’s a myth there are ten that prove it.

        Preppers are realists and this is the reality.

        Scrutinize all news and prep on.

        • What that really translates into is; for every article demonstrating the sheer fraud that man-made global warming is, there are 10 propaganda pieces written to prop up the fraud. Please, we’re not uneducated dolts on this site. Your injection of lies won’t work around here, boy.

          • They don’t understand cause and effect. You can show them the graph of historic temps versus historic CO2 levels, and they can’t see that the peaks in temps precede the peaks in CO2. Higher temps force CO2 out of solution from oceans. That one graph proves the fraud. And the fraudsters were the ones that brought the graph out as proof, knowing that most of their sheep would be baffled by the BS.

            • Somebody paved the planets..then you factor in all the roof, side walks and patios and parking spots. ha….everyone is so smart they are stupid. Then we cut down all the trees. I’m glad I only have about 25 years left…after I leave..this planet is so fucked.

              The minorities will run rampant.
              I think the peak of society hit in about 1999…then it’s all down hill.

              ps. Paula Dean for prez. ha

              • That perfectly explains why all the other planets in our solar system are heating at the same percentage rates based on their distance relative to the sun. Must be humans on all them paving roads, building rooftops and cutting down trees. Yep, you’re really onto something there. You’re cleared for going back to watching more “Dancing with the Stars” and “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader”.

        • Wish more people knew about that Native Alaskan legend, re just before the great God in the sky comes back, there will be two winters back-to-back.

      21. When we lived in Alaska, in the extreme cold, we would load up the wheelbarrow full of wood and wheel it right into the house. It would have snow on the wheels, so we spread out an old shower curtain near the woodstove and parked it on it. This saved a lot of trips in and out which drastically cools down the house. We had a large log house and when it was real cold we would sometimes get frost on the inside walls. You can mark these spots and when the weather warms, chink better between logs. Also nailed up heavy blankets over windows, frames, and doors/frames. Amazing how cold can find the smallest cracks. When the cold would get down about to -30, our propane would quit running so we would bring in a 20 lb propane tank and set by cook stove, also one by the dryer. In our town, there was no one that bothered you about codes.

      22. Ms. Daisy;
        Today my DW and I went shopping and were alarmed at the price of a simple thing like hamburger at almost $5.00 a pound. Cherries and Peaches were also up in price along with plain old flavored Ice Pops at almost $5.00 a box.

        Products are getting smaller as stuff like coffee, which used to sell by the pound, is now selling in 13-11 oz. cans. Same with soaps and canned foods too.

        A local church near us has a food pantry and hands out bags of groceries to 3-400 people each week. Every month the lines grow longer still.

        So yes, you are right. Just like that demon Lenin said, our communist government is “Grinding the middle class down between the grind stones of high taxes and inflation”.

        We are not Brazil or Argentina yet, but give Barry a few more years and I shutter to think what is coming.

        Trust in God’s grace for our salvation comes through Faith alone by Grace alone.

      23. The Breitbart article has one phrase that I wish the media would retire: “it only measures those who are working or actively looking for work.” They have no way of knowing who is actively looking for work. My brother is actively looking, but he is not included in any employment stats. Instead of saying “actively looking for work,” they should say “currently receiving an unemployment check.” If your unemployment runs out, they stop counting you.

        • the MSM has NO credibility

          it is merely an extension of the government

          etc etc

          ALL agents of disinformation


          FIGHT BACK
          TAKE BACK

          • I don’t watch TV. I just read the quotes mentioned here or linked by Drudge.

          • The government also has no credibility.
            Credibility is like virginity.
            Once you lose it, you ain’t getting it back.

            • that’s true…the government has been screwing us for years

      24. Daisy, you got it right. Slowly but surely the waves come in to grab and carry off a little bit more of shoreline. You barely notice the erosion until one day the ocean waves are coming through the gap under the front door.

      25. What we have is contrived chaos; our world is being manipulated by the ego of power hungry scum. They’re creating chaos with the desire of nudging us into a life that’s not natural.

        God creates natural chaos in order to move man forward, the ego of man presumes Gods plan is working to slow and they fill our lives with the unnatural in hopes of forcing our hand.

        Stay safe, keep prepping and keep your powder dry because something man made and evil this way comes.

        • Its been advertized openly since they redesigned the us dollar bills with the latin words for Order out of Chaos.

          Its the Pure Kommie plan create chaos then offer their soultion of Order aka NWO/Jwo also known as another of their inventions called Hegelian Dialetics. Create a problem, or make existing one worse, offer a Fix, which was what their orig plan was all along, only cause folks to Precieve that They the people created that fix or agreed to it by a vote etc.

          One word can well describe it all…SWINDLE!

      26. *****MERS UPDATE*****

        another case reported
        and several more deaths

        to the best of my knowledge

        total of 80 cases
        44 deaths

      27. Like I said a couple of days ago in another thread, they are “boiling the frogs” and the frogs are us.

        It’s a recession when your neighbor loses his job, and it’s a depression when you lose yours. Welcome to the new normal. Collapse by degrees, and they aren’t controlling anything. Math is math. Eventually the math wins.

        I saw the writing on the wall a year ago and voluntarily asked the bosses to start scheduling me for 35 hours a week instead of 40, and since I am such a great team player they did it for me. Since then most of the people have had to take the same deal mentioned above…working the same job, same hours, for a big haircut.

        I thank God that I have been one step ahead of them so far. I got my money out just before the huge crash. I negotiated my own “job haircut” (if you will) before I got hosed, and God willing, I will continue to stay that one step ahead.

        I have been getting ready for whatever comes for some time now without a lot of help, and I refuse to obsess about it anymore. I will spend the extra hours with my kids, who are going to be a freshman and a sophomore in high school when school starts. God willing, I hope that whatever comes happens when they are still living at home and I am able to protect them, or we are able to protect each other. But I admit that none of this is under my control. I can only continue to wait, watch, and when the timing is right, react. That’s all any of us can do.

      28. Keep getting those #10 cans.

        Gun show in The Outlet Mall, Loveland, Colorado, next weekend, July 13 and 14.

      29. I work in the coal industry and can attest to the war on coal by this administration, our industry is regulated by the EPA, DEP, BLM, MSHA, DMM, and the list goes on and on, from denying permits to regulation overreach they are slowly destroying the industry. My wages are down about 25% this year and my company has laid off around 2000 people and are not done yet. One of the regulations they are enforcing is mine water discharge standards that are more strict than tap water, they have four more years to work at it, I am convinced the industry is doomed.

        • Thanks Silent Running… we ‘knew’ that, but, to hear it from a source just confirms what many already know.
          This administration is The Destroyer.
          Can we imagine life without electricity? That’s what the bastard said when he was running for office, but his trolls didn’t believe him. Remember, he said the cost of electricity would “necessarily skyrocket”.
          The cost to you guys will be much higher.
          Are you ready for the Revolution yet America?
          This is NAZISM. Not communism, but fascist socialism. Its getting real long in the tooth…

          Fortunately, you West VA, guys, got LOTS of FEDERAL Targets up there…
          SHUT EM DOWN. PAINT Swastikas on all Fed property. Show the people what they’re dealing with. Mr. and Mrs. America won’t wake up, until it becomes THEIR problem.
          Cut the Feds power, and you cut their power…
          Yeah, I’ve about had it…
          The Feds are also trying to sneak in Agenda 21 by annexing ‘blue water’ watersheds, got shut down in MS, AR, but, they won’t stop trying.
          Connecting dots, just makes me mad.

          To all you Feds and Fedtrolls; F*** YOU, your time as a legitimate moral authority is about done. To all the oathtaker in fed service… remember your oaths. You did not swear an oath to the men, but to that ‘old piece of paper’. Remember that, ‘just following orders’ will NOT be an acceptable excuse.

          • Change you can believe in…

            One day the denial will finally recede and then all will believe we have had change.

            No-one promised that the change was going to be for the better…

        • can your plant relocate to a country where productivty is valued? This is what the major corp are doing. <aybe the 2000 laid off in usa were replaced by 2000 in china.

      30. A glass of

        To my friends who enjoy a glass of wine
        and those who don’t but are always
        seen with a bottle of water in their

        As Ben Franklin said:

        In wine there is wisdom,
        In beer
        there is freedom,
        In water there is bacteria.

        In a number of
        carefully controlled trials,
        scientists have demonstrated that if we
        drink 1 liter of water each day, at the end of the year we would have
        more than
        1 kilo of Escherichia coli, (E. Coli) – bacteria found in
        In other
        words, we are consuming 1 kilo of poop annually.

        However, we do
        NOT run that risk when drinking wine & beer (or rum, whiskey or
        other liquor)
        because alcohol has to go through a purification
        process of boiling, filtering and fermenting.

        = Poop,
        Wine = Health
        Therefore, it’s better to drink wine and
        talk stupid,
        than to drink water and be full of

        There is no need to
        thank me for this valuable information:
        I’m doing it as a public

        Keep the FAITH

        • Bull Puckie!!!!!. That would mean there were approx 3 grams of bacteria in eack liter of water. I did water tests for the EPA for three years, a little over 30 years ago, and never saw any water that bad, even sewage plant output. The limit on drinking water was 2 E Coli (Not two grams, 2 bugs) They were never at the water plant, mostly they came from the screen on your water tap that NOBODY ever cleans. Worst drinking water we ever found was some “Holy Water ” being sold by a BS Preacher; we closed him down.

          • Parnoid: There’s a four letter word for this JOKE.
            Have a great day.

            Keep the FAITH

        • Well, my pappy used to say that you needed to eat a peck of dirt a year to keep healthy and he lived to be 96.

      31. The brighter individuals in our society know how ignorant many people are and easily manipulated. I’ve looked at enough videos to see they don’t even have a developed thinking ability. And, this is not by accident. It is quite simple really, all that is necessary is the majority of responsible persons in our country to merely turn their backs to the ruling powers, just walk away and stop listening to them. The government desires to think of the mass of the working people as managed resources (for example; to fight their wars, pay taxes, have our wealth confiscated to be disseminated, etc.). There is nothing wrong with being wealthy, but wealth does give power (when you pay taxes you not only give up YOUR money but it also increases power to government). As wealth concentrates so does power. We, in the working class, do not have the power and influence wealth brings (if we did there would be no lobbyists), but we have one great thing, we have numbers. We must unite and not let the divide and conquer tactic continually undermine us. Those in power are there ONLY because we have voluntarily given it to them. Gandhi was a great example; just passively and consistently ignore the powers that be. The government loves issues like abortion, immigration reform, taxes, and on and on. The more issues the more division of society and therefore the inability of society to change the status quo which benefits the elite. Imagine being bought off with a cell phone! Stop being a useful idiot.

        • more and more people are “getting it”

          hopefully we will hit a critical mass

          and only then
          will change occur

          people waking up is the biggest threat to
          the government that there is

          • And why is the survivalblog site being attacked so viciously? I believe it is because everything written there is so articulate. Anyone reading that site would say, these people seem to know what they are talking about. I want to stick around and learn some more. That is exactly what the people in power fear. Now this site is not so up-scale, but also has its importance. This gives us a way to voice what is building up inside us, a pressure-escape valve. There is ranting and fighting here, some may see it and just hang up saying those people are nuts. That’s ok. In this world there is a need for a lot of different approaches. And I do enjoy the articles here. Thank you so much everyone.

            • I think maybe alot of all a sudden massive red thumbs when a comment here had like 20 green thumbs and zero or 1-2 red ones, then within a few hrs all of a sudden the same comment is swamped by Red thumbs, may be due to folks from other sites such as glen becks site or freepers site etc. I noticed at them sites you Must toe the line with comments or replies to others. Elsewise your Non PC reply gets taken off and tons of folks there cry and whine for it to be removed, just like liberal dem websites do.

              Perhaps thats whos comming Here red thumbing alot they do not like. It sure aint just a Coincidence. It is a Pattern if you pay atten to it.

              • Them Guys: this is exactly what I was talking about…it is hard to catch these trolls…I think they can change their IP address and keep ‘red thumbing’ or they are part of a ‘troll boiler room’ where they get together so they can destroy posts that go contrary to their Antichrist, ZioNazi World Communist hell bound destructive ideas. Satan hates those who out him, especially those who are Christs because they continue to put the burr under his saddle.

                Evil has a common purpose, mind and spirit that manipulates men through propaganda and attacks, physically, emotionally and spiritually…dive in bro!

                • Ever check out Glen Becks site? the Blaze? Man his sites post replies are totally PC for the most part. Last few times I took a look see there it was about ONE non pc wised up antizionistic type reply, for every 2-3+ Dozens that always post as PC as possible. And they are the Loudest whiners and screeechers there to complain and Demand beck or a moderator Imeadiatly remove the “offensive” reply!! I was unable to keep reading there it got so bad. I think most beck site folks are members of todays Mega churchs and jewdeochristo’s.

                  They go Berzerk and come Unglued if they read a post that is not flattering to zios. It is Laughable really if it weren’t so serious an issue.

        • @ Billy…….Like the video ‘GAL’ in Cleveland , the ‘Gemme Dat’s’ are quickly becoming the ‘YO-OWES ME’S’!! They’ll be lining the gutters when things go bad !!……mm~

        • Any news from Manos?

      32. Good article Daisy! being free means being as independent from the system as you can get….me personally?.. Im not cutting back anymore,I have lived the frugal use it up, wear it out and do without lifestyle partially by choice and some by nessesity since I was a kid… oh Ive had a few good years making the coin of the realm but mostly its been the good Lord and my wits and a good woman that kept things together…I continue to live as independent as I can…thatll never change…I raise my own, build my own or do without in most all cases… but I am heading towards improving the standard not cutting it back…I figure I and mine did without a lot of the mere basics all through the good years and Im not gonna let anyone tell me Ive had it too easy and Ive gotta learn to do without now…the average yuppie makes more cash money in a couple years than I have made in my lifetime and I don’t begrudge them but they aint gonna be telling me anything about life or living…what I gotta do or how to do it…no sir Im gonna keep going towards the better life…the higher standard…come hell or obama Ill be okay…as Charley Daniels sang”I aint askin nobody fer nuthin if I cant git it on my own…you don’t like the way Im livin you just leave this long-haired countryboy alone”…I will survive…y’all hear me up there in DC…y’all can go to hell I wont be following you there and you aint takin me there…though Ill be right glad to help y’all git there and meet y’alls pappy…he’s the one with the horns and a bigger ego than y’alls…basturds!..Enough is enough!….”Live free or die tryin!

      33. Daisy,

        Excellent, useful article.

        When looked at from the point of view, “Would this be helpful to awaken a bright but thoroughly brainwashed associate to take responsibility for his own outcome while there is still time,” doubly excellent.

        What is at stake is more than an academic difference of opinion. To get this wrong is to sentence oneself to a Premature and Unnecessary death. As BI pointed out so well recently.

      34. SO…still think Paula Dean’s use of the n word is bad. Go watch the video.

        • @ Paula Dean

        • Good thing she didn’t call anyone a “creepy ass cracker”.

      35. Many of us including me have posted ways to spend less each month. You need to do this so you can build up your prep. Get yourself down to just a house payment or less. Sell anything you do not need to survive. As I have said repeatedly this WILL be a slow but sure collapse. We have 12-24 months before it turns real ugly and this is without any major natural disaster, war, or huge monetary failure (which is coming anyway). Grow a dam garden now. Figure out how. Start canning and buy cheap can goods. Buy a wheat grinder that works manually. Wheat and other grains can be bought in bulk cheap. Learn how to make a solar oven. Mine cost 40 bucks and it is fancy. I can cook 15 loafs of bread in it. Get solar. Start with one panel and build. Each month you need to do something…. Anything. Stop worrying about friends, coworkers, and family who don’t want to listen…. They are dead already. Just move on. We as prepers need to have a way to begin to band together. State by state. There are many groups (that are reasonable and not warmongering tough talking crazies) to join. Join one… NOW… time is running out…. I see some of the things that they are training for and they (the government I work for ) are just as scared of what “May” come… (They know). Pray, Prep, Plan….

        • What groups?
          Name one… please?

          Groups and interdependency will be critical, but people think you’re talking about some ‘militia’ outfit…
          NO NO NO NO, group production skills, transport, and barter, is the only way to survive when the fragility of the economy gets REAL. This almost happened in 2008… truckers parked their trucks and walked away. When credit stops, goods in transit stop, and in some cases, the ships are rerouted to a ‘good payer’.
          Think about being an island, and eventually, you will end up reinventing how to become an indian. This would spell the end of civilization, and reversion to barbarity. There are those who actually want this, they are simply crazy.

          • Very well said, Piper.

          • Piper what you are saying is exactly what I am talking about. Not milita (though when it all comes apart they will have a part). I am talking about groups like the northwest prepers… and so on. This way groups will have shared skils and can help each other. Prepers will need each other so as Glen Beck puts it .. “some will be able to restart America”. We are going to go through some very troubled times. Wise, Godly, hardworking prepers will be one of the keys in saving this nation.

            • Thanks Smokin, MotI,

              Amazing, red thumbs on that post. Sometimes, the red thumbs make my case for me… they are simply insane.
              We, will not be able to ‘restart’ anything using stone knives and bearskins.
              Under that scenario, when civilization halts, knowledge halts with it. This is what men do, they destroy knowledge, and then have to climb back up from the dirt.
              Think about it, thousands of years ago, there were cavemen, who had stories about great golden ships that flew in the air shooting arrows with fire from their tails that exploded with the light of a thousand suns…

              Where would ‘cavemen’ get such stories? Not gonna happen. Cavemen are concerned with survival, period. That’s where you end up when you first begin to plan to become an indian.

              26,000 years ago, was the last great cycle of the Galaxy, were men sitting around talking, like we do, about the imminent collapse and war with the Ra Empire? Did the smartest guys survive, or the janitor?

              Methinks history is cyclical, like everything else.
              (Don’t believe me, google ‘Vimana’.)

              • But painting swasticas on fed property will work…. Most people here have good posts but it seems some just want to disagree with everthing… and call what is not theres insane…. nowere in my post do I sugest what you are talking about…. for the rest oif us … pray prep and plan. and yes we can fix this we just have to get rid of the dead wood…. it is called pruning…

        • you guys still wondering if you should prepare for a collapse might read early retirement extreme(ERE) or your money or your life.

          those flip the argument on its head as to thinking about what you need and want in life. if you can convert to that thinking you’ll be prepared.

          for instance, my preparation is light(about a months supply of food, water, money, etc), but since i’m an ERE advocate; my only monthly expense is my mortage and i live on about 13% of what i make and i have enough saved so that if i lost my job today and didnt get one again ever; i would be okay if i can keep my withdrawal rate on my savings the same as my monthly living expenses.

          • @ Lena…Good luck with that withdrawal rate. The gov might have plans to help you with that withdrawal. If you cant hold it, you dont own it. For your sake and others doing the same thing as trusting in the banks/gov, I hope I am wrong. Cypress.

      36. I felt like this was the case for some time.. I’m glad someone put it “on paper” so to speak. Just look at the headlines on Drudge.. day to day.. the disintegration is becoming louder and louder. 3rd big flop of the summer movie season ? Guess that’s partially my fault cause I don’t go to the movies.. ever.. but, were the movies that bad or are people cutting back, saving that $15 or more per person charge for, maybe gas or groceries ? Even in the little things, we see what we wish was not there at all… but, it is there.

        • It’s a combination of bad movies and cutting back on shows. Movie for two is about $30, tickets at $8 each and a couple of Cokes and a big popcorn makes up the rest. Then you get to listen to the yahoos in the audience talk during the show as if they were at home.

      37. Sorry, I didn’t read the article before posting, I’m commenting on the titles of this and the last article. Talking about be schizoid. WTF is it going to be? doom all at once on a predicted time scale or is it going to be a frog in a pot that never comes to a boil but slow cooks it anyways?

      38. Sorry, I didn’t read the article before posting, I’m commenting on the titles of this and the last article. Talking about be schizoid. WTF is it going to be? doom all at once on a predicted time scale or is it going to be a frog in a pot that never comes to a boil but slow cooks it anyways?

        • No, you haven’t drank too much prepper shine, it is a double post.

      39. If you subscribe to the principle that economic collapse will occur when the US looses it’s position as the default global currency, then here is the shot heard round the world….it happened oh so quietly on July 6th.

        Switzerland Will Join Race To Be Trading Hub For China’s Yuan

        This puts the Yuan in front of all central banks. The article says the Bank Of Zurich…but we all know it means the Bank Of International Settlements.

        You see, now central banks will have the option of choosing the currency upon which they base their transactions. No longer will the dollar be the default currency. Rather, it will be up to each central bank on a deal by deal basis.

        If the percentages shift towards the Yuan, well, we can’t print any more money without rampant inflation. Note that we have been able to previously print as much money as so desired because their is a linear relationship. i.e. we inflate, the rest of the world inflates.

        Not true anymore. May god help us.

        • spelling error, stick o, loses, not looses.

        • Yep… you are the first to mention this…. They are going to decouple the dollar as a reserve. Within a few years China will not need us as a consumer and they will cut us free. This was all profisized in the bible. Once they decouple us as the reserve currency we will have to back our 17+ trillion of dept with tangable assets which we do not have…. then all hell breaks loose and any one tied to our dollar goes down with us…. enter the beast and the one world goverment… coming like a freight train…

        • Cellar spider.
          Thank you. You are correct.
          If YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT COLLAPSE LOOKS LIKE, click on that link.
          I have said for some time, that we have allowed a cartel of rich bastards in New York to destroy our economic destiny by exporting our industry to China. Why do we have to borrow money from China? Simple, they CREATE! If you are not creating products from raw materials, you are not creating new WEALTH. We are just moving chips around on the poker table, while we print more poker chips.
          Now, poker chips are seen as just poker chips, but the Yuan is backed by WEALTH!
          If the Swiss now accept the Yuan as a ‘trading’ center, then that is probably phase 1 of the Dollar kill switch by getting the idea into the Swiss banking system. The Chinese are celebrating this event, quite quietly.
          When we see the Saudi’s accept the Yuan for oil, the petrodollar is done, and so are we(superpower wise)…

        • Cellar Spider

          Thanks for the link.

      40. I have been too stupid for too long. Time to take things in USA very serious. Started prepping about 18 months ago, but need to fastly step that up.

        Will use some of Daisy’s points. Will use some advice from this blog and bloggers as well.

        Time to quit playing the game of ‘Chutes and Ladders’. We all know whom the Chutes are.

      41. I wish we could start a “live below your means” campaign. You can afford Hamburger Helper but buy and actually eat beans a couple times a week. You can still afford to buy your kids designer shoes, but have a talk with them about how it’s jeans, tees and Kmart shoes this year. You can afford to get your hair cut once a month, but learn to cut it yourself at home.

        Stuff like this is how you set aside a bit to prep. The people who know real hardship don’t have any room to cut. They’re already drinking water, eating beans and flour biscuit, and wearing thrift store clothes. The rest of us are just on a long slow slide and we have room to prep before we hit bottom. If I end up living in a tent, do I want to drag the blankets off the bed and sleep on the cold ground, or do I want to have a few things like a camp stove and a cot to make it easier? In economic ways most of us can indeed prep for the worst, and if you show your family what the bottom is like before you get there, it won’t be such a shock. If you “act poor” as in what we first world countries consider poor, a few days a week instead of trying to maintain your current lifestyle, you can ride this thing to the bottom in much more comfort than if you go from a car-owning, house-owning, prepared food lifestyle one month to a “poor” lifestyle in a shelter or worse the next.

        Take it from me. If you sleep in a building with indoor plumbing, have 3 meals a day and have a computer, a radio or a TV to watch, you ain’t poor. Poor is when there’s no roof, no plumbing, and your entertainment is trying to spot which person is gonna try to rip off what little you still have on your back. Most of us, me included, haven’t seen poor yet.

        Challenge yourself. Pick your definition of “poor” and go there before you have to. Keep the change you save and put it into things you’ll need in a worst-case economic scenario. If nothing else, when you hit bottom you’ll have something the unprepared lack: Self respect and the knowledge that you didn’t put yourself there. You didn’t explode the economy, blow your money in the good times or blow off your job, and nobody can think worse of you for the material goods you don’t have or the choices you made.

        This country needs to remember the real wealth of having a safe place to sleep, clean food and water, and people around that you care about. The time of judging each other by amount of consumer goods purchased is on its way out.

        • Rain23,
          Best advice I have read for awhile…
          This is where we are at my house. Although, the wife ain’t totally on board yet, she’s a ‘one day at a time’ person, but that’s ok, we balance each other out. I’ll get a few pallets of tomato sauce, she gets to go to the movies…

        • Rain23,I like your ideas and thinking. We can all learn from your suggestions. Thanks!

        • Good points!

        • America has the richest poor people in the world.

      42. Lmfao we’ll see how the phone lady fares the storm.

      43. Thank you Ms. Daisy…. excellent as usual.

        Slow collapse is already happening, it is obvious in the decay, degeneration and even ‘For Lease’ signs. I went to the movies today. The theater is in a brand new strip mall, fancy schmancy… built right at the tail end of the Boom in 2008…
        Out of 24 store fronts in three buildings, there are only THREE units left occupied not counting the theater(the Draw). The pizza place is gone, dagnapit… I liked their pizza and was looking forward to it for a change of pace out in the ‘real world’.

        We used to have a saying; A recession is when your neighbor loses his job, a depression is when you lose YOUR job.
        Times change, no man can predict the future, that is why we prep. Contingency planning is the past, the only way to meet the future…their are common planning elements to hyperinflation, deflation, stagflation, Earth change, solar event, weather event, war event, or even a lost job ‘event’.

        Something our grandparents knew inherently.

      44. McLean wrote American Pie @1973. It was a big hit.

        He should remake it for today. ‘Bye, Bye American Pie’.

        Forget it. Today’s so-called Americans are too stupid to know what the song could mean….

        • I agreee.

          Listened to Springstein, Born In The USA yesterday. Now that is a song that is dripping in irony.

          Here in Australia a favoured nickname for the place is “the lucky country”. We typically follow in the us’s footsteps, about ten years behind. The odds our leaders will wise up and see the bear trap you have stepped on? Buckleys and none.

          The collapse is slow and general. Taxes and fees going up, utilities corporatised and rising, services being cut, standards, particularly of public administration plummeting, education becoming a sorry sad joke, and a slow but noticeable militarisation of the police.

          In what may be a prescient move the labor party just dumped their first woman leader for a recycled Rudd who is well connected to China. It may just innoculate us against a foreign minister who is only visible when O Bummer bends over.

          We live in interesting times.

      45. Mulatto, f#$% you! You back your stupid ass off from Daisy. There’s a whole community here to stand up for her. If you don’t like what you see here, take your stupid ass to the MSM sites. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

        • Once again you went straight to the fuck you when you did not agree with someone.

          You can not even see how you have changed can you.

      46. Sorry, everyone, I had to deal with the troll first. Chantilly Lady and Kim in TN, glad to see both of you back here. CL, I read your post on the last article and your latest one and found them very interesting. Kim, I just got home a few minutes ago and saw the link for the video; i’ll have to look at it in the morning. But I will say that NO Muslim will take anything from me unless he wants me to help him to find Allah. Daisy, this is another excellent article. Everyone keep prepping and get everything you can now before its too late. just got home from another shopping trip and doing another shopping trip this week. braveheart

      47. @ Ugly you bring up some points on power that I have read that everyone needs to take into consideration when they have that back-up power for whatever reason. Refrigerators for example usually need about 3 times their stated watts to get the motor running, it is called start up watts. Usually refrigerators are about 500-900 watts for most regular refrigerators, the smaller apartment models are about 300-400 watts. This means that if you have a refrigerator that is 700 watts you need 2100 watts to get the motor up and and running. Most electric generators have this peak watt ratings on them for this purpose. Like a 3500 watt one can handle about 5000-6000 temporary peak for a few seconds.

        Most appliances also require this peak watts to get going. The much more expensive invertor type of generators such as Honda can handle these peak watts, and they also power down and what I call smart generators that gauge the actually power use. Less expensive electric generators just run basically at the same speed and will use up a lot more fuel than an invertor type that will turn the engine down to match the power need. Honda 1000 watt can run on about 1-1.5 gallons of gas per 24 hours, while the same cheaper models that just run at one speed will gooble up 2 or more gallons per 24 hours of use. A very rough figure is that for every 500 watts of power use on non-invertor generators you are likely going to use about 3/4 to one gallon of gas per 24 hours.

        The best advice I can give for anyone is to determine their absolute power usage during a black out, and then probably double that in starting watts. A family can probably get by with a 3500-5000 watt model with a good peak power rating to it. The higher the power of a generator the more fuel used. Something small like a 1000 watt is good for lights and ohter low watts, but would likely fail when first trying to start a refrigerator.

        For those that can afford an electric generator, one of these multiple use ones is something to considerate. There are for sale many models that will run on gasoline, diesel, and propane (natural gas). People often will tie in the natural gas line into electric generator that will run on it, of course by a qualified person. While everyone is still getting their natural gas in the neighborhood but no power, the person with a natural gas run electric generator has their power on and running. Diesel is much safer to store as long as the fuel can be kept moisture free.

        Electric generators still should be considered short term and rational power. It is still so nice to have that power in lower level SHTF events. Even an el cheapo model for $89.99 at Harbor Freight can still be valuable at only 800 watts for providing some much needs light and powering small appliances. Something everyone with enough money might want to consider.

        • @BI.

          Thanks for the advice.

          We all need a backup solar type plan. I want solar mainly for lighting, radio, and small stuff like coffee makers etc. From Trailer Investor, it sounds like everything in 12 volts.

          Keep up the good work BI!

          PS. Any word on JOG?

          • Think car and camper for 12v items. I direct wire car stereos to my load side of my charge controller. Car fans are 12v. I saw a guy build a air conditioner from car parts and using a 12v pump to pump 50 degree well water through the condenser. He did not use as much water as you would think. More of a trickle. The used water went to the garden, yard or to fill his rain barrel.

        • Costco had a 10kw natural gas/propane generator for $2000 a little while ago. That’s enough to run an entire house, if you don’t turn everything on at the same time.

          • But we all know those items are available.
            Where is all that gas coming from to run that generator.
            Heck, I have about (10)5 gallon cans in the shed.
            That will not last long and my generator was $300 by the way!!!

            • Jay: we need to get as many resources as possible. A little here and a little there until we can get a little more. When the time comes well all surprise ourselves at how ingenious we can be since we have been thinking about this crap for years. Food, water, heat and a roof.

            • Hook a Bicycle back wheel to it, up on kick stand and get Hubby to Pedal like mad! Keep that generator going like energizer Bunny!

        • modern fridges and freezers are harder to start, up to 8-9x running watts.

          Make sure you have oils, filters for your gen set, lots of, and shop around, prices are very negotiable in qty.

          Diesels hate running unloaded, glaze the bores and burn lots of oil.

          Get spare generator bearings, they are a common fail and when they do they crash the windings and turn the generator into scrap metal. Buy a mechanics stethoscope for $15 and learn what a good bearing sounds like. When the good sounds go away and it sounds dry and rough replace it.

          Don’t buy 3600rpm single cylinder diesels unless you are completely deaf, they are loud and irritating, The 1800 rpm ones are ok.

          Think about changing oil and filters before you place the unit in a shed, it will help ensure they get changed.

          Ask about the regulator, get a spare, and fuses, and make sure all wiring is secured and supported.\

          Store in dry conditions, and if you have spare power put a low wattage heater pad under the generator to keep the moisture out. 30 to 40 watts is generally enough, and they make them for home brew tanks, closet heaters, and motor winding or egg hatchers. Incandesant light bulbs will work, but dont last long.

          Hope it helps, and in case anyone is wondering, part of my trade was maintaining and repairing gensets, and I lived with one for seven years.

          • What do you think of the lister diesel?

            • damn good gensets. Run forever and burn little diesel.

            • good gear, just keep them dry and do not loose the wiring diagram. They are all 1800rpm machines.

          • Honda,
            The last word in generators, next comes Onan,
            You get what you pay for, if its cheap you wont get much, here at costco and home depot you see the cheap units in the return area all the time, we used to pick up the cheap costco units for jobs and ALWAYS had to return them, not one of the bargain generators lasted, but ALL of the Honda brand units are still running, some after years of use.

            • I have a 5000 watt Honda. Bought it used 8 years ago for $500.00. Changing oil every 100 hours or every year which ever comes first is important. I lean towards full synthetic because it may be months between uses. The next thing I do is use Seafoam for a gas treatment and shut the fuel off and run the carb dry for storage.

              Almost forgot about my Onan that came with my camper. We have had the camper for three years and have never used the Onan. It is a older one from the 80’s and may take some work???

        • Starting amps for an induction motor (the most common) are 2.5 x running amps. We have our well pump, sump pump, two refrigerators, heater blower and selected lights tied into a 6KW generator. Having gas heat allows us heat and hot water as the ID fan on the hot water heater is an insignificant fractional HP load.

          If you have natural gas or propane by all means buy a generator to use those fuels as gasoline is problematic.

          • For those that can’t afford a decent generator, consider getting an inverter that you can attach to your car battery. These are great for short term SHTF events. They can keep some lights on and keep the fridge cold.

              • Ghost: forgot to add, gas has to be available. You can also run to your house power panel with 14/3 wire; shut off all breakers including the main and turn on 1 or 2 breaker for lights, small appliance, phone, laptop computer, SW radio, TV etc.; make sure your charge anything you can at the time. You can run your car for short periods of time and 20 gallons of gas will go a long way! You can also rotate out your inverter using it on a solar panel or two. The ideal would be a old Mercedez that will run on anything. Does not have to have 4 wheels.

                • When I use my generator due to frequent power outages here, I first UNplug the Three Mian fuse boxes from Main to street elec, stove(elec) and Hot water elec tank, Then I have generator in garage connected to house, open big garage double door for venting exaust, unplug 220Volt elec clothes dryer also in garage area, and plug in One 220 volt exten cord from genertor TO dryer wall 220 plug box…Now my entire house is same as normal elec power, except I do not have use of elec stove-hot water tank, and zero elec feed goes out to main street lines.

                  Lights-Fridge-computer-TV-Stereo etc all operate as if power never went down! Plugging into the elec dryer wall plug, Reverse feeds generator power to entire house and entire operation as descrbed takes but 2-3 min, plus a couple min more to yank rip cord pull start on generator.

                  REMEMBER! If you Back-feed elec power like that you MUST First Disconnect MAIN fuse at main fuse box so zero elec power feeds back to Street level..If you do not do so, you Can Cause a Line worker outside, even Miles away to get killed if Your power runs back thru lines etc!!! You MUST Disconnect power FIRST to avoid it! Otherwise, it works swell and very easy to do.

                  • First thing a lineman will do before working on a circuit is short all the phases and back feeding will totally mess up your generator also. 😉

                  • Krazy: be more specific. If the main is OFF it cannot hurt Generator. Been through several hurricanes never had any generator trouble. Used the same generator. In all cases when power came on I disconnected the generator and flipped the main to on.

                • Unless you have a disconnect(RONK or equivalent) at your meeter it is illegal(Them Guys explained why). 14/3 is only for 15 amps, 12/3 20 amps, 10/3 30 amps. I use 8/3 with a RONK disconnect. I have multiple welding plug locations on my property that I can plug into and if I don’t plug in at the disconnect I lock the disconnect so a linesman can’t turn it back on and send line power to my generator.

                  • Never yet had trouble with generator doing this method. I Remove entirely the Main fuse block(old style fuses like 12 ga shotgun shells), Out of the main fuse box that hooks direct to street line power from elec co.

                    So even after power is back on, it wont fry my set up as long as I first Disconect generator, replace all 3 block fuses and then go back to normal elec co power etc.

                    I am alone also so NO chance any others can screw up. It sure is quick and works swell when power goes down.

                    Next time if I remain in a home instead of 5th wheel gypsy as I desire to soon, I will buy an entire whole house Propane gen set goes on automaticly if powers out…Them are cool and only cost aprox $2000-2500 Plus xtra cash, aprox $500 for final hook ups for auto on set up. They are 12-15K output!! Can run Two homes at once!

                    Plus if keep 500-1000 Gal propane you are set a long while if use spareingly or intermitintly.

                    Still am mainly wanting do 5th wheel gypsy life. I can do so Today. But rather wait a little longer.

            • As long as your car has gas??


        ‘Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.’

        WRONG DAISY ;0p

        it should read

        ‘DON’T Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.’

        *always be vigilant for another zog ameriKa jew.s.a. false-fag event or man made natural disaster . it is the only way we as awakened individual citizens can passively fight back against the ptb nwo zog . by exposing them with the truth to the world at large .

        zog fedgov false-fags :

        israel did 9/11

        zog fedgov israel DHS FBI MOSSAD did the boston marathon bombing

        katrina was a intentional HAARP WEATHER WEAPON man made natural disaster

        and the list goes on and on …



        * “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

        Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderboybugger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

        NinaO ;0p

      49. Kim in TN, I just tried the link and it’s just like you said. That Muslim bastard can go to hell anyway. Last time I checked, there are supposedly 6,000,000 Muslims in the US. Let them try anything and we have the firepower to send them all to Allah. NOMI CATIMF BRAVEHEART

      50. I look at the world,
        And I see all the people,
        While my AR gently weeps.

        I see glass-eyed stares,
        And I know they’re all sheeple,
        While my AR gently weeps.

        I don’t know why-y-y
        We couldn’t shake them,
        We couldn’t wa-ake them up,
        I don’t know why-y-y
        They wouldn’t hear us,
        Wouldn’t come ne-ear us much.

        I look at the train,
        As it pulls from the station,
        While my AR gently weeps.

        Ten thousand old friends,
        FEMA camp destination,
        Still my AR gently weeps.

        **(apologies to the ghost of George Harrison)

        And if country is your flavor:

        He said I’ll love you till I die
        We told them he’s just full of lies
        As the years went quickly by
        He still preyed open their minds

        He kept on giving them free stuff
        Obama phones and cocoa puffs
        And all he asked for was their love
        Plus a few freedoms (which they gave up)

        He stopped loving them today
        The black-shirts just broke down their door
        And martial law is here to stay
        He stopped loving them….today.

        (RIP you ole Possum)

      51. Justme, watch what you’re saying about white males. sounds like you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid from MSM sites.

      52. hell, let ’em keep on sleepin’…we got to many people on this earth for her to support anyway, especially the stupid ones. many sheeple MUST perish to get the world back in balance. wish it wasn’t so….

        • I could live with our island pop reduced by 50%
          Be a nice change,
          Veggies for sale or trade!
          Wide variety, work trades available

      53. SmokinOkie, you are definitely in charge of the humor dept. here. Keep it coming! braveheart

      54. @ Ugly. I wish I knew about JustOneGuy. Not only do I miss this very intelligent person’s valuable insight on so much, I would like to know about the Sun and this elongated area of disturbance. It reminds me of the way a thunderstorm gets that blown out appearance. Unformtunately all I can do is try to compare something like this to Earth based weather and other phenomenon and try to figure out what is next. Astrophysics is hardly one of my strong points.

        Did you see the 7.2 in New Guinea? That sucker was 380 km deep and there have only been 30 quakes of over 7.2 that deep recorded in the past 40 years. This one was the largest for New Guinea that deep EVER. One record after another is being broken in the past 2 years. The largest radiation storm from the Sun, the largest horizontal quake ever, the largest deep focus quake ever a couple of months ago, the largest Japanese quake ever recorded 2 years ago, the largest tornado ever recorded, the biggest north hurricane land hit ever recorded in Sandy last year, on top of all these rainfall records. They are now referring to it not as a hundred or thousand year events anymore, now it is 5,000 or 10,000 year events. Sure a lot of these happening recently.

        I like braveheart the past few weeks have seen a lot of skeptics and just plain trolls on this site trying to say we all are crazy for following this “doom” and gloom and preparing. Yet to the most retarded troll out there, this planet is going through some true flux. This affects everyone, including the trolls. I am glad that Mac brings the TRUE world to this site and allows us all to discuss it. You would think that some of these retards would instead of trying to destroy the site, be extremely interested in what is going on for their own asses.

        Just today a new record is broken again, 7.2 very deep quake, and the largest previous deep quake in New Guinea was only 6.8. We just keep having these warnings that something bad is happening, and we still get these characters that just don’t get it and try to ruin SHTFplan for everyone. They are not bright enough to even try to help themselves like 99% of the other population. I can see why braveheart becomes so upset when he can see the importance of having a community think tank to come up with solutions and answers to surviving what is coming, having to read some of the stupidiest comments one can think up. When you are in a sinking ship, everyone is, some asswipe troll is sure not helping matters by drilling more holes in the ship.

        • Good post Be Informed.

        • I gotta agree. If you just look at the number of clatyclismic and wierd weather events its apparent something is up with the planet. I dont believe ITs glowbull warming or climatechange caused by mans activities. Fits every thing on the planet is a natural thing. Granted much of it is harmful to organic life. Things like a snakes poison, as from a volcanic vent are just two examples. Man isnt creating anything Man isnt creating glowbal warming or making clatyclismic events happen. There is a law of physics that you cannott make something out of nothing an you cant make something into nothing. Then to top it off for every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. So the end results of mans activivites is a wash. It all comes out even steven. Yet Obama declared a War on Coal. Glowbull warming is a Scam, Myth ,Religion, Superstition used as an excuse to furthur Tax Regulate & destroy the ecomomy. You cant blame the earh changes on mans puny activities. Just as laughable & redicilous is to claim the clatyclismic events are caused by Mans sin.God isnt punishing anyone. These event would be occuring even if man had never walked the planet. Im believeing it,s a cyclic event that occurs on a somewhat regular basis due to forces outside the planet,s magnosphere. We are expierencing an equal and opposite reaction from some unknown or not understood outside cosmic force on the solar system.For some reason the poles are shifting and until the wandering poles stabilize clatyclismic earth changes & wierd weather events will contunue.Actually its a exciting time to be alive on the planet.

        • BI….isn’t he also MayBeSo?

          • @ maybeso…. I dont think so.JOG seemed to be a honest man. He said he was leaving and he did. His reasons for going BOL so soon makes me wonder why. I doubt is was because of the economic collapse, because his BOL has unfinished prepping to do. I think it is more of a coming catastophic event which he was too uncertain about to post. He wasnt the type to cause panic (like the PM pushers) for a event without 100% solid evidence. But thats my opinion.

            • Dave, go back one article, Approaching the end game. Scroll
              Down 1/3 . Seems to be a play on words…..

              Keep preppin’

        • This has been one of the best threads I’ve seen in a long time. Everyone has contributed great ideas. To this point the thread has not been hijacked and has remained strong. I’ve learned a lot, and thanks to everyone.

      55. Bonjour , bon article , qui résume la philosophie que les occidentaux doivent avoir Tres cordialement JMF


        At the current national debt of the United States, Gold right now is worth $21,000. Per ounce and Silver is over $500.00 per ounce!

        If you take into consideration the 89 trillion dollars that the US is in debt and can never pay off… the Above prices are accurate…

        The US dollar is not worth the paper it’s printed on’ – Koenig Russia!


        ‘Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.’

        WRONG DAISY ;0p

        it should read

        ‘DON’T Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.’

        *always be vigilant for another zog ameriKa jew.s.a. false-fag event or man made natural disaster . it is the only way we as awakened individual citizens can passively fight back against the ptb nwo zog . by exposing them with the truth to the world at large .

        zog fedgov false-fags :

        israel did 9/11

        zog fedgov israel DHS FBI MOSSAD did the boston marathon bombing

        katrina was a intentional HAARP WEATHER WEAPON man made natural disaster

        and the list goes on and on …



        * “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

        Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderboybugger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

        NinaO ;0p


        ‘Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.’

        WRONG DAISY ;0p

        it should read

        ‘DON’T Stop looking for a huge, life-changing calamity.’

        *always be vigilant for another zog ameriKa jew.s.a. false-fag event or man made natural disaster . it is the only way we as awakened individual citizens can passively fight back against the ptb nwo zog . by exposing them with the truth to the world at large .

        zog fedgov false-fags :

        israel did 9/11

        zog fedgov israel DHS FBI MOSSAD did the boston marathon bombing

        katrina was a intentional HAARP WEATHER WEAPON man made natural disaster

        and the list goes on and on …



        * “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order [referring to the 1991 LA Riot]. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond [i.e., an “extraterrestrial” invasion], whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

        Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderboybugger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

        NinaO ;0p

      58. I was glad that the price of oil was mentioned as a cause of our problems. I believe this is the MAIN cause of worldwide economic woes. Hydrocarbons are involved in everything we use. From fertilizer to plastic to fuel needed to transport all goods. When the price of oil rises, prices of every needed good rises. People’s wages don’t rise to keep pace, so they cut back on spending on things that are not critical to live. This, in turn, causes growth to tumble since most economies are dependent on consumer spending or exports driven by someone’s spending. Soon, like Egypt, people cannot afford basics like food or gas. It has been said that when oil gets above about 50 dollars a barrel that economies will start to fail. I think this is where we are now. Lack of cheap oil will cause a constant downward pressure on the standard of living worldwide. There cannot be a recovery without cheap oil. Living standards for those who are not “rich” will continue to go down as those at the top of the heap take those hydrocarbons for themselves and exclude those at the bottom.

        • Beware abundant oil. The US economy is predicated upon nations using the USD for international transactions. The globalist power elite foster interdependence which facilitates a demand for imported between nations. Let developed nations with a significant oil demand frack their way from import to independence and those USDs come home to roost as the oil peg collapses.

      59. Regarding ThemGuys statistics on White Southerners who owned slaves, I do not know where he got his statistic of 15% – because I’ve researched this topic at considerable length for many years, and every single reference source that I’ve found have put the estimate at somewhere between 2% to perhaps, 4% tops.

        To have a need to utilize slave labor, a White Southerner had to be wealthy enough to own large amounts of farm land – which would then facilitate a necessity to either (a) hire his fellow White Southerners to help him with the labor associated with farming, or (b) purchase slaves from the jewish slave traders who dominated the slave import industry with their ownership and dominant control of the slave shipping companies.

        Obviously, the smart thing to have done would have been to refuse to purchase slaves and put their fellow White Southerners to work for a decent wage, instead. To this day, I cringe at the stupidity and the short-sightedness of those aristocratic, elitist plantation owners who failed to understand the long term negative consequences of introducing Africans into our nation and over their failure to realize that slavery would eventually become obsolete and then future generations of White Europeans would be turned into tax slaves and forced to subsidize & endure the maintenance and endless demands and catastrophic levels of dysfunctionality that have exploded from this segment of our population into perpetuity.

        At any rate, if one uses the high figure of 4%, based on an estimated White population of the South at the beginning of the War Between the States of about 5 million (total population was about 8 million; 3 million of which were slaves) – this means that there were approximately 200,000 White Southerners who were wealthy enough and who owned a sufficient amount of farmland to facilitate a need to use slave labor.

        For those who are interested, there is a recently linked video that can be found on this excellent website:

        “An incredible documentary that is full of direct quotes from celebrated Jewish historians who have boasted of two thousand years of Jewish domination of the slave trade, including the horrific trade in slaves from Africa to the Americas. A video that will forever change your views of the real masters of the slave trade.”

        In essence, this video reveals the truth about slavery in America: 40% of American Colonial Jews Owned Slaves, Only 2% of Everyone Else. This detail reveals the ugly truth about who controlled most of the wealth in America during that period of our history, does it not?

        Incidentally, for anyone who is familiar with the White Nationalist / White race realist community, there is a fellow by the name of John De Nugent who is a fairly prominent spokesman for the survival of White, Western European people and Western Civilization.
        He has coined a term that he has applied when discussing the tendency of anti-White jewish voices who constantly and relentlessly spew hatred and venom at, and endlessly seek to demonize White European people who possess a health and natural sense of racial pride and who advocate for the survival of their particular ethnic group. De Nugent’s term is ‘Accusatory Inversion’.

        So, for an example of how this ‘Accusatory Inversion’ works – think about the endless and non-stop jewish media venom that we’ve all been subjected to by Hollywood and by Television for the last 60 years – whereby both White Southerners and Whites in general – have been literally bombarded with endless guilt tripping messages and themes with regards to slavery, an institution that was ended 152 years ago. Clearly, based on the evidence shown in the documentary cited above – what we have here is an illustration of how the owners of our mainstream media have flipped the issue of slavery and have transferred the blame and guilt off of their ethnic ancestor’s backs and deposited it upon the backs of every White European American who lives today. Blaming others for the sins that they, themselves, are most guilty of committing. This tactic has allowed the anti-White jewish segment of our population (which is somewhere between 2 – 4%) to guilt-trip, demoralize, emasculate, and intimidate White European people and sap their will to stand up for their own perfectly legimitate, perfectly justified and entirely reasonable ethnic specific interests.

        A similar technique has been used to demonize all White Europeans world-wide for the increasingly dubious claims of what did or did not happen during World War II. White Europeans, for some bizarre reason, seem to be highly susceptible to being guilt tripped and when they allow themselves to be neutered by these tactics – they become easier to control and ultimately, easier to destroy.

        It is time to stop letting an enemy who seeks to genocide us get away with using these kinds of tactics, people. Slavery was a very stupid and very short-sighted thing for our ancestors to have engaged in, and I doubt there are many individuals in the pro-White European American community who would disagree with that fact. But, Whites need to get over this misplaced and artificially implanted ‘white guilt’ sickness – because not a single White man or Woman living today has ever owned a slave or has had anything whatsoever to do with what happened 150 plus years ago. Stop letting minorities play the race card on you. Stand up for your race. And, most importantly, stand with and by your race.

        Every other racial competitor of ours follows these rules, and so should Whites.

        • Tucker: If I recall it correct, I said aprox 15% supported owning slaves etc..AND that Far Less percent Actually owned slaves. I agree on your numbers as that’s what I found in my research also. Aprox 3% or so owned any slaves.

          Also I found that the Owner of the MOST slaves and the wealthiest or one of the wealthiest slave owners was in Fact a GA-state-BLACK Woman! She owned aprox Just under 300 slaves, all africans!

          Second item I discovered: The Very First us supremes ct case about actual “Ownership” of slaves AS “Property Owned” was brought to the us supremes ct BY a BLACK Man Slave owner! Seems that BLACK slave owners Slave ran away to another state and was caught. That states folks Refused to let the BLACK man slave OWNER, retrieve His “property aka slave” back!

          The US Supremes Agreed with the BLACK Slave owner man and he got his Slave Returned as Property leagally Owned same as owning a Home or Land as “property”!

          Strange and quite ironic whenever we see that Fat Ape Al Sharpton don a expensive 3 piece suit, and go on TV news or Talk shows, and rant and rave about his Hatred of ALL white “crakers” due to the issue of slavery, Al Babboony Sharpton NEVER EVER mentions That BLACK Woman that OWNED African Black Slaves Herself! Nor does Al mention she Owned the MOST Black Slaves in the entire Southern States with slavery!…Of Course it is Ditto that Al never ever mentions That us supremes case BY a Black Man who complained that His Slave Property he Owned ran away and whites in a northern state refused to retrun that slave to him!

          GETTING BACK TO: Tuckers Exallant Posting!!!!!

          Man Tucker! This in my opinion has to be The number One finest, best, Post I have ever read from Your many fine postings! Bravo Sir!

          Note to MAC: I believe Tuckers Post here would make a Great stand alone ARTICLE for you, Mac, to consider Re posting As an article Main feature of the day soon.

          Of course that would be Up To Tuckers discretion to allow it to be made into an Article feature. Be nice to awaken Whites to this fine well written posting, as well as to see what type reply posts it would generate from the Many good readers whom frequent this website.

          I do hope both You Mac, and Tucker consider my request to feature it as an Article up Top soon!…Them Guys

          • Them Guys: maybe I missed it but the Rothschild Jews and their buddies formed the East India and Dutch India trading. Diamonds from Jew DeBeers also financed them they were the primary reason that the African Slave Trade flourished. Remember Mr. Diamond Joe De Beers stole and murdered to corner the Diamond trade and he was instrumental in formation of Dutch India trading. So the Jews conspired to enslave men for their monetary benefit…after all this life is the only one that matters to a Moron Talmudist. Get what you can get and enslave the rest. Yes they conspired to do evil and Gentile gentility went along with it. But it can even be said it was used to destroy Christian America by divide and conquer…do not forget the Jews are great a diaprax (the dialectic)…problem reaction solution. For those who don’t believe the Jews can think that far ahead…get a life and wake up! They created the Civil War. Enslave…bring slaves to US…divide the country and destroy its population. And because the Talmudic assholes controlled a large portion of the Eastern Establishment press, instant demonization of the South and bury the true reasons for the war. Abraham Lincoln was clueless. Satan is a smart son-of-a-bitch and do not forget it…those who do do so at their own peril as we have witnessed.

            • IKE: Yep, I too know of all the conspired methods used by them deomonic’s to gain wealth thru Debeers diamond mines etc. We have Two major problems/reasons I think as to the major reason very Few americans, especially Christians, and also Whites be they christian or not. Are aware of these Prime issues doing such Massive Harm and destruction to our country. As well as to All white euro nations too.

              #1: No matter whos articles or books a person reads in searching for truth and facts about nwo-banksters-eliets etc etc…NONE of those writers who are considered to be upstanding persons or famous for many books written etc are willing to Name the Culprits. It is and has always been, TPTB-Eliets-Banksters-Richest 1%-so on and so on.

              They, the writers never name judiacs-israelis-Jews or even mention the fact that the people they do name as in Rothchilds for example are in fact Jewish.

              #2: is two fold. First due to a Lifetime of non stop MSM tv-hollywood movies as a constant reinforcement to keep propagandizing the masses so the masses keep believing it is all true and factual info. Nobody ever ask’s “Why does Hollywood Keep making so many movies of the Slavery days in 1800 era? And also so many films about the “Holyhoax”?

              They simply absorb what those films present as truth without question. And when mixed with non stop harrasment of white-Guilt induced emotional feelings for those “affected” black slaves or jewish folks during WWII, it ensues from them an automatic kneejerk response and they quickly try to be Fisrt to Jump up and call you a nazi or jew hater etc or in regards to Blacks, it is You Racist! None ever question Why is it still such a huge issue when its 150 yrs since slavery ended and holyhoax era ended 70 yrs ago. How long must we endure such abuse for being white folks?

              And the second part of this Two fold irony, is as You mentioned Ike. The Vast majority of american folks, again especially white and/or christian, simply refuse to even consider that anybody at all regardless who or what race they may be of, could possibly be so deft and cunning to actually Plan events and agends So Far in Advance.

              In fact to plan agendas or events to occure so far in advance, that they nor their children shall ever live long enough to See the final results!…Yet that Is Precisly how the Talmudics and Zionists/Bolsheviks operate. As well as you alluded to with Dialectics too.

              They play off dialetics against all other folks with their inbuilt ability to make good use of the fact that they have Two main groups. Like dems vs repubs, only their are zionists vs bolsheviks. Facist vs Commies.Yet Both groups Are of the same Tribe/Race of folks. And while to gentiles it appears they are two seperate groups with Nothing in common…Indeed they Do have Much in common!….99% of Both groupings have been Raised and Indoctrinated with, and by, their Talmudic ideals and principals. Don’t let them fool us by claims of “I’m An Atheist”…Many say that, and some are once adults. But be Certain their Mommas taught each single one the basics and then some about talmudic and jewish beliefs and desires, as well as taught them since birth they are and always were “Victims” of all others, aka gentiles, and that they themselves have always been 100%-Innocent Victims!…This putrid method begins it’s teaching when as a Baby they get their very First Breast Milk from their mommas breast. Thier ideas-agendas-beliefs-are In and Flow from that very Milk from momma. It is Ingested from birth.

              Yet americans and whites seem vastly unable to grasp such truth. Especially that anyone or group is able to Plan so in advance to even 2-3 centurys in advance! But That I believe Was the original main Slavery in usa Plans. Sure, the perpetrators back in early america did earn big money transporting and selling and Owning slaves. But I believe their Main Goal was to fill early america with 3-Million africans that those slave trader jews Knew will never assimilate as a whole, and that further due to producing babies faster than whites do usually, in a couple hundred yrs after first brought here will number as they do Today.

              More like 55-60 Million, and with a full 100+ yrs of being brainwashed by use of another jewish kommie russian immigrants invention called…NAACP Org. This is all Facts and well Proven to be so. Whites get brainwashed with white Guilt for self, while blacks get brainwashed to Hate whites and Kill em off when told its ok to do so.

              It is NOT simply economic or banking issues that were all Pre-Planned by Design to do such dammages to america as most folks today realize, and believe finally…No, it is Far greater and Deeper schemes such as I described here at work and for a Very long era. Almost since the very Foundings of our nation!

              And today it is of the Utmost Critical, more like an Emergency status, that some way somehow Whites especially Awaken to all this stuff and learn to either do their Own research…Or if too busy working and dealing with kids etc…Then they Better Really Soon begin to TRUST some of the men like Us guys(or Them Guys!)…And start to actually Believe what we are saying and Posting is good info, Honest info, actual Factual Truthfull info and we are Not asking for money nor votes! We ask just to Try and consider it is all…Because if what most folks keep posting or saying about wanting another chance to Fix or Rebuild america holds true with them?…Well that shall Never happen unless and untill a vast Majority of folks learns to RE think it all and that goes Double for whites. Blacks need wake up also…Thats secondary though as Majority in numbers do count for something sometimes. This today Is such a time.

              It is also my fervent hopes to see whoever are what many call “good” jewish folks(those opposed to jewsih kommies/evils etc and zionists), will step up to the plate so to speak and begin to accompany all others attempting to awaken these masses of asleep americans.

              When Jewish Voices project the same message of Truth and Facts as we do, it makes it much more difficult for gentiles, especially white christians filled by Falshoods, to continue rejecting such truths when said by us who also are gentiles. And if americas future should be one where the vast majorties get fed up enough to finally do serious retaliations for such lifetimes of lies and nation wreckings etc..Speaking out Today, now will go a long way in convincing those same masses of pissed off folks that, indeed there are good in all groups and they will include them on Our side of the proverbial fence if things deteroriate to what is possible to happen if we do not soon see Reversals of wrongs and a Restored proper run america. I am Certain such jewish folks are out there too. But it is up to They to do so. I hope they make that choice, we’ve seen some blacks finally begin to speak out about Their race and groups…Where are the Jewish speakers?

          • the hackers will show up like flies on shit if this artticle is posted. It goes against everything they believe in…. whitey bad…

        • …now if only about 100 million more like her would wake up just like her!

      60. There is nothing wrong with dumpster diving, people throw away good useful items. I have found silver jewelry and old antique items by climbing in the bin. Most posters here have it better than they realize, owning an actual house. Try living in a mobile home (trailer) for real cheap living by todays standards. My electric bill averages 25 dollars a month using no air conditioning here in Florida. I cook all meals on a hotplate, works fine. Some people can just get by cheaper.

        • Have done my share of digging in the junk….still do it…in the process of laying down a floor through out the cabin I live in that I salvaged out of a big building about to be torn down…southern heartwood pine Im told…150 years old…all salvaged and beautiful!Theres no shame in spending sweat and labor instead of cash…not for me anyhow!

        • I found an old 78 RPM record in a dumpster. It was an Amos & Andy record of Amos explaining the Lord’s Prayer to his daughter. Part of my stamp collection came from old letters I found at the city dump. My father had a lawn mower with a rusted out steel body, but the engine was fine. He found a mower at the dump that had a bad engine, but it had a cast aluminum body. He went back home, got the old mower, and brought it to the dump. He swapped motors and bodies and left the old mower. He used that mower probably another 20 years.

          I have told many people the way to start out on your own is to buy an old used house trailer and put it on a rental lot. You can pay for it in 3 years and then look for a piece of property. Put the trailer on the property off to one side of where you eventually want to put a house. When the property is paid for, start building a house. When the house is done, sell the trailer for the same price you paid for it. You will end up with a house and lot, without ever being overextended in debt.

          I don’t see how you get such a cheap electric bill though. Mine was more than that over 30 years ago. And I was in a trailer, no a/c, and using a hot plate, and keeping the water heater off most of the time.

      61. I think it was Zeke who mentioned earlier about increases in prices at the grocery store. Since we have been trying to get to sustainable living I had not been to the local grocery store in two months. But DH wanted to make ice cream for the 4th so I had to pick up some Half and half. While there I strolled thru the fresh food section. Prices scared me. Did not realize til then how much our garden was saving us. Only go once a month to Aldi’s and their prices do not scare me….yet. And enjoying our own blueberries last night made me smile, 0 versus $4.99 is always nice.

        For those new to prepping it is not just getting prepared and waiting on a singular event. That is how we began. It is about reaching a sustainable existence wherry you can survive what things lie ahead. Seeing a way to help us create a new future after this crazy mess we have now collapses…slow boil or crash. Also helps you enjoy today a lot more. We lived the spoiled rich life in Southern CA. for over 10 years, and before that in Chicago and back east. Having seem both sides I can honestly say we are so much happier now living a life filled with manual labors, family, fresh home grown foods and priorities which place God first . Trust me if we can do it anybody can.

        • Had some of those $0 blueberries for July 4. Soon we’ll have some $0 figs, $0 grapes, $0 tomatoes, $0 cucumbers, $0 cantaloupes, etc.

          $0 is a good thing.

          • I understand what you mean…but what value do you place on your time and your efforts?…reason I bring this up is theres a few folks Ive known who feel I oughta just give them my “produce”…cause, you know…its all free to me…so it oughta be free for them!…those fruits are your labors and your investments coming back to you…I tell those people Ill give them my crop if theyll give me their paycheck…nah,uh they say, I work for that money…but somehow I don’t work for mine…strange thought processes some people have eh?
            Im glad youre getting your paycheck friend…enjoy! 🙂

      62. We all see what’s coming and it isn’t just here. It’s a planet thing. Greece,Cyprus,Brazil,Middle East…. Its about jobs,food and energy. Governments are running out of money and can’t support their infrastructures. Get rid of debt and stuff that you don’t need or want. Load up on food,ammo weapons and first aid kits, Load up on bartering items because dollars aren’t going to do it. Get with like minded people and protect each other,you can’t do it alone. If you don’t get this done now there are no places to go…its a planet event.

      63. Coming to your location?——–Aceh Quake Victims in Need of Aid as 50,000 Left Homeless – The death toll of the earthquake in Indonesia has increased to 40 from 30 as previously reported. 232 villages — some 66 percent — were directly affected by the quake, leaving some 48,500 residents displaced in Central Aceh. Rescue crews continued to search for four people still missing and believed to be buried under a landslide in Serempah village.
        “It’s been quite difficult to find the missing victims because [they’re believed to have been covered by] a 500-meter high landslide and because Serempah village sits between two steep hills.” The BNPB sent more than 40 tons of aid to Aceh, but efforts to distribute food, water and clothes have been hampered by residents refusal to gather at centralized locations. “People here do not like mingling with residents [from other villages] in a shelter. So they built shabby tents in front of their destroyed or damaged homes. No wonder some [media] reports say quake victims haven’t received aid; they are scattered across a large area. But we are working hard to distribute the aid.”
        Province-wide some 50,000 people remained homeless on Sunday. More than 2,300 victims were treated and released from area hospitals while 63 remained in treatment for injuries sustained during the quake. Nearly 16,000 houses and more than 600 public facilities were reduced to rubble.
        In Bener Meriah, nine people were reportedly killed as buildings in eight of the 233 villages collapsed. Some 3,000 left their damaged homes behind and lack basic needs like warm blankets, shelter and baby food. “We really hope that donors, volunteers and the provincial and central governments can supply family tents for displaced people in Bener Meriah. They’re in a terrible situation.” —— You can bet your britches If you are one of the victims of this kind of clatyclismic event SHTF is already here.

      64. Note: price of oil increase has nothing to do with supply/ demand, or the false concept of peak oil. It is simply a reflection of loss of dollar value. We’d be seeing a huge run up in PMs, except that the Fed and banksters continue to orchestrate a smash through paper manipulation.

        But back to independent living. I’ve been self- employed all my life ( nobody in their right mind would hire me) plenty of job security except that I have wanted to fire myself more than a few times. Up, down, always a way to make a buck. One poster here was right. With a roof over my head and a full belly at night, that’s not poor. Wealth is a mind set. I may not have a McMansion or Ferrari, but I got a bright sun above, fresh air, fresh veggies from God’s earth, a loving family (and two loving dogs), and my health. Who is complaining?

        The system had always been rigged, and now the rigging is badly frayed and about to topple! No surprise there. As an independent, cantankerous kind of cuss, been prepping my whole life. It’s a mind set I grew up with. Most people just get hooked into worthless “stuff”. Today’s novelty, tomorrow’s garage sale crap. Just look at all of the storage units crammed with junk.

        So prepping is pretty simple, and Daisy had some great suggestions. My one is simply become of independent mind. Don’t let the banksters, the corrupt polticos et al rent space in your head. Screw ’em. Garden, wood for warmth, guns and ammo, strong and useful hand tools, staying in good physical shape, and acquiring practical skills are the basics. No need to get too fancy. Keeping it simple always works. Just ask our ancestors.

        • Huh? The price of oil or anything else has everything to do with demand. If your wages don’t keep up with prices, you can’t afford to buy as much of anything…oil or otherwise. Wouldn’t you agree?

          • @jrs
            Normally, supply demand would dictate price. not so for oil. Demand has dropped, but price is up.

            Think of it this way. Two silver dimes would buy a gallon of gas in 1960. Today, two one tenth of an ounce silver coins will buy that same gallon. In terms of real money, oil prices have been quite stable over the years. But remember, oil is traded in dollars (thanks Nixon & Kissinger). Kissinger cut a deal with OPEC to make sure of it, a way to keep the dollar afloat as a reserve currency after Nixon decoupled the dollar from gold in 1971.

            You can thank the Fed and endless money printing and dollar inflation for $100 oil. In the mid 1970s, I loaded up on Union Oil and gold mining stocks when the Dow was a miserable 700. By 1982, I had quadrupled my investment, but that went to hell in my 1983 divorce. Can’t win for losing. But point is that oil price always reflects dollar value.

            Now we have a stagflation crisis on steroids, and it will get a hell of a lot worse in short order. The present structure permits no recovery. Only way to dig our way out is a complete re- set, one that will happen out of necessity, but there will be years of devastation in the meantime. These times are unprecedented. It is heart wrenching to see our great middle class utterly destroyed. But as one poster here said, we have numbers on our side.

            • It was Far worse in Jimmy Carter Prez era. Gas doubld price overnite, long gas lines, odd vs even lic plate number to get gas each Other day, 10 gal Limits. Intrest shot uo to 20+% for a mortgage etc etc…Detroit almost came to a total Halt overnite. Everybody was layed off or fired. I had 11-real estate co’s and One buidg co so total 12 places for Painting rehab work. Had 5 folks work for me plus self. Was Unable to keep up with jobs given to me. Made tons of cash.

              Then Carter royally fucked us all. Overnite ruination.

              Yes Both political partys screws us. BUT them demacrats is responsible for probobly 95% of what went wrong since 1913 era. NAFTA-Klintons Baby! With Newt gingrich help to ruin newely elected repub house. And Every UNION nationwide Praised nafta and klinton both. Ranted and raved how nafta so swell for More good pay Jobs soon! Prosperity for all in america if we pass nafta.

              Wheres all them Unions Now? GONE with All Dues and Million dollar salarys per yr too. KOMMIES=DEMS Period.

              Carter was worst ever prez…Till Klinton…Till current Monkyboy Imposter “Resident”. all dems coincidence? No.

              I been predicting everything occureing Today for past 40 yrs…Untill a few yrs ago every family or pals I had disowned me as a loony bin…Bet they aint laughin now eh!

              Wait till my predictions last 40 yrs of Race wars and total breakdown in streets arrives! Them fools will search for answers then…Wont find me though!!!

              I Rather live with Forest animals instead of People. Animals got more sense. They seem to all like me alot too!

      65. I’m feeling exceptionally smart this morning. I think I’ll go back to bed before I do any real damage.

      66. and yet another cover up
        orchestrated by a high ranking military “leader”

        AP IMPACT: MIA work ‘acutely dysfunctional’

        “JPAC’s leaders authorized the study of its inner workings, but the then-commanding general, Army Maj. Gen. Stephen Tom, disavowed it and suppressed the findings when they were presented by the researcher last year. Now retired, Tom banned its use “for any purpose,” saying the probe went beyond its intended scope. His deputy concurred, calling it a “raw, uncensored draft containing some contentious material.”

      67. Good article Daisy.

        All you New Preppers want to save MONEY? Go to a Flea Market/Swap Meet or Garage sale. Before going do some research on the prices of new equipment and how to replace worn or broken parts. I mean to tell you all there are some Great Stuff out there.
        A seller had 5 Coleman two burner stoves. One hundred twenty bucks in the store. Twenty bucks each. In almost new condition. He also had about 10 Coleman white gas lanterns for 15 dollars each. A little rusty but with new mantels you have a good light source. The stoves needed some TLC but the generators were in good shape. I would have brought them all except I have no place to store them. This one man pulls up with his truck and purchased everything. Snooze you loose. Lots of military gear like sleeping bags for cold weather. Like to have griddle for $4.00 that costs $40 new. My wife found a corn bread pan for a dollar. Same exact pan was $20 in the store. For you hard core preppers. I picked up a carrier, level II vest and front and back Kevlar level III plates for $25. Moving down the line I found a Kevlar helmet for $5.00. Both were almost NEW.
        Military goose neck flash lights new in the box, 3 units for $5.00 a piece. Firefighting gear and tools. You name it, it’s out there. Just have to take the time and look for it.
        Expect to get skunked some days but when you hit pay dirt, you save a lot.

        • Some days you do good at the sales, others you don’t spend a dime.

          Got an oil lamp, with glass, wick, and oil, for $1.50 yesterday. Good thing to keep around, one for each room of the house when the power goes out.

      68. On the road again. Will make a recon stop at Cabela’s this afternoon and report back. My daughter picked herself up a job at Scheel’s and is keeping me posted on ammo deliveries. Employees can only by one box at list price per day. She said it is weird how fast the word spreads when they get a shipment. 2 hours tops and they are sold out of the popular stuff.

        • Cabela’s, Rocky Mtn Sports, and Sheels have upped their prices, a lot. Sportsman’s Warehouse, has not. When they have ammo, it’s much better priced. Will keep buying there. I’m lucky that I have all the ammo I need at the moment.( At my usual rate of shooting , that’s 1000 years, not that it stops me from buying more)

        • I am back. Cabela’s has upped their prices, but the good news is that they have a pretty good stash. .22(100 round limit, $5.99 per 50), primers, powder(every number, but mine), Mags(even the Ruger 10/22 25rd $41.99), shot(5,6,71/2,8,9), and lots of guns. The sales guy said that took off their limits on handgun ammo. Poor selection of brass, some .38 special and 45 acp.

      69. this is the biggest problem i have with the people that blindly follow anyone thinking the government has done just fine running the US over the past 10 yrs.

        the evidence is here. wages are stagnant, cost of living is rising and public and personal debts have been rising for yrs.

        anything like a doubling of the nations utility rates or doubling of health insurance rates just throws the US back into recession or a depression and there’s no room to handle the additional financial stress and one or both of those is likely.

        i still dont believe in a collapse, but i do think we have another 15 yrs minimum while world govts make their debt manageable by increasing taxes and killing off expensive senior citizens(and possibly anyone else requiring heavy medical expenses to stay alive) by denying procedures and medicines. places like texas and north dakota will keep the US afloat while it comes up with a solution or just lets places like illionois and michigan default on their debts.

        on ther other side of that, the US is england-west.

        • @ lena… how long do you think it will last when the gov adds 30 million mexican people on the EBT/obamaphone social security system? Not including hiring preferance over the americans by not reqireing obamacare for the “newly documented workers”. No offence, but your wishful thinking and unpreparedness is going to make you fail. The collapes has already started.

      70. The high price of fuel is already hitting China hard. With cheap natural gas here, many energy intensive industries such as the chemical industry are locating here. Personally, I am a chemical operator and the price of energy is many times that of labor. Also, the expense of shipping things here from overseas is getting very expensive. Say what you want but the US economy is in far better shape than the rest of the world. China is a house of cards getting ready to fall

      71. Decay doesn’t come with a giant sign saying “This is Decay Mo-Fos!!!”

        No, decay is slow, incremental, a chipping away as interest rates creep upwards, wages go down, the number of full-time employed drops, food gets worse, more and more people look obese and dress worse, behaviour gets worse, people lose social contacts. And this is what is happening.

        The UK is a good example because it is a country where much of the population has been in a slow-motion decay for decades. Their behaviour would just blow your mind: the drug taking, alcohol abuse, the lack of critical thinking, violence, no honesty, brain-dead morons with tattoos dressed like slobs wandering around in a daze.

        The next phase is to get people just used to it and to make it normal. Because they can’t afford to travel, they will not be able to see how far they have fallen compared to other countries. Enslaved to debt and welfare, they will then die at a young age of something – obesity, diabetes, violence, drug overdose, suicide, alcohol poisoning etc.

      72. Complements to you, Daisy

        We need more down to earth articles such as yours

        • Buddha scared the shit out of him, couldn’t get is Zen right…so he boogeyed.

        • Hey! A guy I used to work with has a poker night. I lostg my $20; but, hey, will these raiders pay me a finders fee if I rat him out? I actually saw my neighbor one run of these “illegal” operations and having neighbors over for his criminal activity. How much will they pay me to keep an eye out and call the thugs?

          • no-one likes a snitch. Your future might be short.

            • Snitches Gets Stiches.

      73. Great job Daisy! A well written and informative article. I’m starting to see a lot more abandoned cars along the roads recently. The last time I saw this many abandoned cars was in 2008-2009. “Out of gas” cars parked along busy highways is a very bad omen. Something is definitely reaching the boiling point within the economy. Cheers.

      74. Just last week Georgia Power submitted for a 6% rate increase. Their rates are already ridiculous. Lord help us if it gets approved.

        The economic collapse end game if definitely coming soon. I’ve owned my own business for years and I can just “sense” it, “smell” it. Something is just not right and it’s really changed in the last several months.

        My customers know it but are trying to hold on and conduct business as normal. I can hear & see their fear of the unknown. Wondering whether they will have a job next month, in the Fall or next year.

        It’s gut wrenching.

      75. Our family is preparing a little at a time as we can afford to. I grow a lot of my own food in my vegetable garden, and soon will be keeping chickens for the eggs.

        We store the basic necessities in the event of a crises, and after going through Hurricane Sandy, it really opened my eyes as to what we need to just make it through.

      76. Each step such as a pipe on the roof for hot water or canning or salvaging or whatever one does is a step away from the govicorp…cutting any strings one has to the system one at a time as one can is a good thing…way better than finding oneself trying to cut them as the system goes under…most likely youll be dragged under by them…do what you can when you can and how you can…don’t let anyone push you and don’t let fear hold you back…were all different,we all do it different!

      77. In a collapse you are going to need a knife.

        I just bought this…it’s fucking sweet.

        Buck 110 Folding Hunter, Lockback Folding Knife

        Here’s what I liked about this….It’s a folding lock blade. Sharp as shit.
        Feels natural in the hand. Has some weight to it.
        I recommend each paycheck you buy just one little thing that will last and something you can pass on to your kids.

        Here’s the link for the best buck knife I found on the market.

      78. One question I have failed to seen addressed on this site is what we will
        do once the SHTF. I make several proposals about the direction we should
        take after the SHTF.

        #1 There are whole generations who expect to be taken care of, or at the
        very least expect to have their needs met via social programs.
        In the post SHTF world, people who have been living on food stamps and
        have made welfare a career choice, must be neutralized.
        Surgical sterilization, the Norplant implantable female contraceptive might
        also, be used to prevent the reproduction of useless eaters.
        People who have some disability, or deformity should not fall into this
        category, however claiming a disability because of drug or alcohol abuse
        should not be considered a disability.

        #2 The people in Government and industry who allowed and abetted the
        removal of jobs and production facilities to foreign nations should be
        called to task for economic treason against America and her peoples.

        #3 Bankers and the financial world should also be called to task for their
        greed and again economic treason against the nation.

        #4. All and I do mean ALL foreign aid must be terminated, let the new
        post SHTF America put America first! Those officials who spent our money
        by giving it away to other nations must be held accountable as well.
        No more aid to other nations.

        #5. Illegal’s who were granted amnesty should be stripped of their citizenship
        and deported or neutralized. Those officials who insisted on granting every
        man, woman, child, and abortion amnesty must be called to task for
        ethnic treason against the American people.

        #6. A peoples court should be set up where the common man and woman, will
        act as judges, juries and executioners for these treasonous swine who have tried
        to bring America to her knees as just another third world nation.

        #7. The prison population in America, ( many who are serving life with no hope of
        ever being released), should be neutralized. People who have a criminal bent
        should be be permitted to drain the taxpayers because of their personal choices.

        What do you think?

        • The prison population?

          Does that include political dissenters? Bet your life the numbers of honest folk being stitched up by the system at the moment and labelled as criminal is on the increase. Snowdon is just the headline example of a growing trend sadly.

          In a world where detention without trial is considered acceptable we have to be careful lest we repeat the mistakes of those who found themselves in Stalin’s Gulag’s simply for stating that their world was going to hell in a hand basket.

          Lets not swap one form of totalitarianism for another through lazy thinking.

        • The prison population?

          Does that include political dissenters? Bet your life the numbers of honest folk being stitched up by the system at the moment and labelled as criminal is on the increase. Snowdon is just the headline example of a growing trend sadly.

          In a world where detention without trial is considered acceptable we have to be careful lest we repeat the mistakes of those who found themselves in Stalin’s Gulag’s simply for stating that their world was going to hell in a hand basket.

          Lets not swap one form of totalitarianism for another through lazy thinking.

      79. Politicians in general haven’t a clue about economics. The handling of the current worldwide economic crisis is a prime example. Given the widespread incompetence in economic matters, politicians and administrators should turn to professional economic crisis specialists, as already happens in the US. For example, the Orlando Bisegna Index, specialists in the economic crisis, maybe it could be a solution.

      80. If you type in, “economy is fine”, a bunch of websites pop up, confirming that. However, we all know that is bologna! The economy is on the verge of collapse! We know this from reading stuff from Peak Oil experts, financial wizards etc….like Max Keisser, Michael Ruppert, Chris Martensen, etc.

        Likewise, if you type in “climate change is a hoax” a bunch of websites pop up saying that’s true! However, if you want the truth of the matter (a big IF for people on this website!!) you need to go to the experts: climate scientists.

        Unfortuantely, I’m almost out of time but if can’t post today will try to come back soon but I’m in the middle of moving!!

        Most climate change scientists (about 98%) say that climate chsnge is real and is caused mostly by humans burning fossil fuels. Furthermore, virtually all of the scientific academys all say its true…oops gotta go!

      81. RealClimate: Arctic misrepresentations – Similar to RealClimate: Arctic misrepresentations

        1 day ago … RealClimate: At the weekend, Christopher Booker at the Daily Telegraph made another attempt (see previous) to downplay the obvious …
        Sceptical Real Climate Science – Green World Trust

      82. James Hansen is the world’s foremost climate scientist, head of NASA for many years, and wrote, “Storms of my Grandchildren”. For anyone who has small children in the family, you better take his words to heart!

        Web ResultsDr. James E. Hansen – Columbia University – Similar to Dr. James E. Hansen – Columbia University

        May 29, 2013 … Drs. Makiko Sato and James Hansen update figures in the book … of key quantities that help provide understanding of how climate change is …
        James Hansen and the Climate

      83. Climate Change: Consensus

        All show rapid warming in the past few decades and that the last decade has been the warmest on record. … Statement on climate change from 18 scientific associations … future climates clearly indicate that climate change is real, largely attributable to emissions from human activities, … U.S. National Academy of Sciences.
        Is there a scientific consensus on global warming? – Skeptical …

      84. Oops! this is the one!

        other actions, the declaration urges all nations to “(t)ake appropriate …
        Climate Change: Consensus

        All show rapid warming in the past few decades and that the last decade has been the warmest on record. … Statement on climate change from 18 scientific associations … future climates clearly indicate




        If you want to pretend this is not real.. and most of you will… just remember when you look in the face of a little child that you are condemning him to a future of climate hell because you refused to see the truth.

      87. Web ResultsClimate Change: Consensus

        Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities

      88. You louts. Global warming is a misnomer, man’s pollution causes climate change, this means increases in drastic weather, elimination of El Nino and other climate constants Earth’s species rely on for their feeding, migration and reproduction patterns. Anyone who argues against the massive scientific consensus here has their heads either way up their back sides or in the pocket of polluting industries. To point out the obvious: We have leveled every major forest, polluted every last corner of the world, acidified the oceans and destroyed the ozone. In what reality would we be able to completely saturate our planet with pollutants but then expect our atmosphere to somehow remain unmolested? You can see our continent covering smog clouds from space! Climate Realists? They aren’t just delusional and misinformed, they are dangerous because they spread the completely mistaken notion that pollution causes just “global warming,” when in fact it produces climate change, this could mean anything from melting Antarctica to plunging Europe into an ice age, to delivering unprecedented numbers of hurricanes and tornadoes to the Americas. Retrofitting the U.S. economy to be green would take a tremendous number of workers to accomplish, it’s the solution you Luddites, not the problem. Coal on the other hand spews carcinogenic chemicals that poisons our children 24/7, it’s not the way to go. We need progress in this country not fear and ignorance impeding our economic development to benefit the dirtiest industries on this planet. Grow a brain.

        • You would have some good points if the Climate Change industry didn’t base ALL its conclusions on LIES. It does the entire “environmentalist” way of thinking a disservice. Fact of the matter is Earth has a lifespan. Humans are at this point the species that can give hope to the infinite survival of ANY life form on the planet. So the more the Al Gore type lies are piled on and the more restrictions on the very industries that could get us into space travel and the restriction of creativity by political correctness by enviro liars continue then we are all doomed. Being a responsible human covers care of the planet yet wealth give us the option to be caring, poor people can not care for anything but basic survival.

      89. You also have to count business owners who receive government contracts, including all medical services, section 8 housing, large banking, defense contractors, etc. Its a big % and its growing every year. You almost have to be dumb not to ask for the free money. I know people who drive Bentleys and get mailers saying they qualify for food stamps because they had a year or two of tax losses.

      90. The era of WROL is here right before our eyes. The Federal Government is in a state of Anarchy right now. The bail out of GM was illegally done. Wire tapping, secret judges making secret ruling on secret laws? What is that but WROL. People tried for political reason that have nothing to do with law. Next the jury system will be abolished. It is snowballing but it just hasn’t gotten to street level yet. I expected war in the streets but that is not the way it is rolling out. Or perhaps SWAT raids for using raw milk is street level. For some. Next will be flash mobs like Florence and Normandy in every town but that is late on the timeline.

      91. Get prepared, learn survival techniques and most of all pray

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