It’s Halftime In America – The Ad Clint Eastwood Should Have Made

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Headline News | 64 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The following parody of Chrysler’s It’s Half time In America Super Bowl TV spot is what Clint Eastwood should have said in the original.

    Yeah, Americans are hurting.

    And their dollars are being used to bail out the chosen ones.

    Instead of themselves.

    What happened to freedom?

    What happened to choice?

    Hat tip: The Daily CruxJohn Stossel, ReasonTV


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      1. Not nearly as good as the one Rush was playing . . . .

        • I was the first caller to call in and wanted to rip on obama but got nervous and only got to say that was fabulous! which the rush one was pretty good, honestly a lot of people who vote dem really dont know and end up believing the dems. i started watching all the news stations and if you have any common sense you would never vote for dem. I never knew how bad Obama really would be. I didn’t vote for him thank god but we need to get him out of office, if he does remain its all going down and truely believe that. Obama is a pathalogic liar.

          • if you have any common sense, you’d see the entire election process has been compromised for years and years and that voting is a complete waste of time and energy. we’re past voting here, eric. participating in voting is exactly the same as showing up at prison to help build a better cage for yourself and your friends and family.

            obama is much much worse than a pathological liar; he’s a psychopath. most, if not all, politicians are psychopathic, to some degree. there is NO difference between the two parties, dem or repub, they’re all the same. look at them and listen to them. they’re all the same. voting for one or the other is a vote for the banks.

            • CR, Anyone thinking there is a difference between Romney or Santorum and Obama has not really been paying attention. You can see the need to spend in all of their eyes. Our political is no longer ours. It belongs to big corp, Big Banks, Lobbyist, but definitely not the American People. So thumbs up for you. Peace

          • This was a response to a post for a Obama supporter. Kind of puts into words how YOU feel.

            Posted by Crooklyn boy at the Daily Caller article below

            You see, the problem with Obama isn’t the near $6 trillion in borrowing in just three years, [these numbers all need to be updated, they have gotten worse since I wrote this] the radical growth in the size of the federal government and its regulatory zeal, ObamaCare, the Boeing plant closure threat, the green jobs sweet-heart deals and Van Jones-like “Millions of Green Jobs” nonsense, the vast expansion in food stamps and unemployment pay-outs, the reversal of the Chrysler creditors, politically driven interference in the car industry, the failed efforts to get card check and cap and trade, the moratoria on new drilling in the Gulf, the general antipathy to new fossil fuel exploitation coupled with new finds of vast new reserves, the new financial regulations, an aggressive EPA oblivious to the effects of its advocacy on jobs, the threatened close-down of energy plants, the support for idling thousands of acres of irrigated farmland due to environmental regulations, the constant talk of higher taxes, the needlessly provocative rhetoric of “fat cat”, “millionaires and billionaires,” “corporate jet owners,” etc. juxtaposed, in hypocritical fashion, to Martha’s Vineyard, Costa del Sol, and Vail First Family getaways, the 17 day Hawaiian vacation, not to mention gun running, oil spill paralysis, black panther scandals, suing Arizona, on and on and on.

            It was just announced that last month’s unemployment is still above 9% — despite the nearly five trillion dollars in Keynesian pump-priming, the near zero interest rates, the expanded unemployment and food stamp support, and the government takeovers and subsidies of businesses. There is a scary sort of deer-in-the-headlights look about Obama and Biden that is quite disturbing, as if they are thinking, “This was not supposed to happened to us. Geithner, Goolsbee, Orszag, Romer, Summers assured us that all this borrowing would turn things around — but they are all gone or leaving, so now we are alone? What to do? Hmmm. More them/us class warfare rhetoric? Embrace more of the California/Illinois/New York blue-state model? More European Union emulation? A national high-speed rail jobs program? Bring back Van Jones and “millions of green jobs”? Borrow another $5 trillion? Maybe negative interest rates? Seventy-five million on food stamps? Four years of unemployment insurance? A new Department of Jobs? Call in Jimmy Carter for advice about 1979? $100 billion more in green subsidies to progressive caring companies? Take over Ford? Another speech from Buffett? Unleash the Congressional Black Caucus?”

            We have all heard ad nauseam that an eight-month-old Republican-controlled Congress has stopped Obama’s legislative agenda for three years.

            No worries, all is well. Just keep whistling past the grave yard.

            *Admin Edit: Continue reading at:

          • He’s so in love with himself it’s pathetic. All he cares about is being the first Black Prez. but has no care for the Oval Office or this country.

            • Does anybody remember the story from 2009 that said that he’d had all the pictures of past presidents and other important people from the past removed and replaced with pictures of himself?

              The guy is the Caligula of the 21st century.

        • nyone listening to Rush, just isn’t really awake

      2. Aint that choice?

      3. This fake commercial makes my day.

      4. Yea, lets talk about the current system of plunder and control, otherwise known as economic fascism, where politicians and corporations collude to pass laws that favor the few at the expense of the many. Rigged markets and bailouts instead of free markets and letting the cards fall where they may, are what those who occupy the seats of power have brought us. Is it no wonder that a small minority possess most of the wealth and the majority are in or headed to poverty.

        If you buy into this delusion that the USA is a free country, then you don’t stand a chance of doing something about it. At least the people in the USSR were aware enough to realized they were not free, but with the corporate controlled media in the US most people just go with the brainwashing.

        I suppose when life gets so miserable people will rebel, but until then is is just more of bending over and grabbing your ankles.

        • Not laws, they pass statutes and codes.

          The problem is, since 1871 (…and The Act of 1871) what you know as “The US Government” has not been able to pass a law. Oh, they say and they print that they pass a law, but, in reality, its all theater. Congress was never reconvened after the war. The last lawful president we had was Abraham Lincoln. The haters of freedom, both personal and economic, finally made their move.

          Essentially we’re under martial law, ruled by corporations. Some say the corporations are all subcorps of the UN. That I don’t know, but, if you read, if you get to know history and you study a little bit of law, you will understand what we live in today is as far removed from the united States Of America as the east is from the west.

          I ran across this about 2 years ago. I’ve done my own independent study. Get a clue Americans! You live in a land occupied by, essentially, a foreign government. The DC criminal bastard thieves, many of them, don’t even know. The greatest conspiracy is that which even the perpetrators of the conspiracy don’t know that its a conspiracy.

          America has been defrauded. The good thing is, though, fraud can be dispatched with exposure and that is what I try to do.

          Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits counters 99.9% of the crap “color of laws” the corporation spews forth like a rectum attached to a colon the size of D.C.

          Just remember: They only have the “authority” because you give it to them. Authority is fiction. Don’t be generous.

          Good luck and be safe. Harder times are coming.

          • Amen brother. People should search “Act of 1871” to see what this govt corp is all about.

          • Truer words have never been said.

          • Ranger,

            “Under common law, I do not consent and I waive the benefits counters 99.9% of the crap “color of laws” the corporation spews forth”

            How many times have you tried that with a cop or other corporate goon? Speaking to them, even to say those words, gives them a presumption of jurisdiction and ownership rights over you (in their “minds”).

            If you have ANY license or number AND show it to a public official in the course of their business, you have shown them proof they own you. That includes the tags on your car. If you CHOOSE to have them, you choose to give your property to the corp so don’t be surprised when it acts like it owns the property you have given it..

            Remain MUTE. Say absolutely nothing to them. No ID, no name, no nothing. NEVER exit your car, no matter how much they threaten.

            If physically dragged into court (you should never go under your own power), assert Sovereign Immunity. Say and do nothing else. Your only answer is “I am immune to the charges”.

            DO NOT try to educate your captors about the law. They don’t know, and they don’t care. They are just following orders and don’t have the capacity to reason, so you are wasting time and jeopardizing your immunity by trying to reason with them.

            Ranger, you know far better than most what is happening and why. It is not a matter of law, thus you can not defend yourself using the law. They do not believe they need your consent and could care less if you waive any benefits.

            Most importantly, any claim of rights you make must be under Natural Law (Gods Law). The corp goons still believe they are somehow associated with the Constitution and legitimate in the eyes of the law, but the courts want no part of it.

            The u S of A no longer exists. The constitutions have been stolen and no longer protect you. Only Natural Law protects you, because the corp can not steal that.

            • although now if you pull this, they will lock you up with no recouse..ala NDAA

          • I agree 99% netranger, however Godscreation brings up some valid points too.
            In my experience the average cop on the street will reply with a blank stare, when you say “I do not consent and waive benefit..” So you still may get arrested, or at least detained till they figure out what to do with you.
            I’ve only had one occasion to try it in traffic court and it worked there, judge just got a disgusted look on his face and dismissed the charges.

            • Can you please tell me more about this. I’ve never heard about this before. Thanks.

            • Dean I can’t really do it justice, all the legal jargon is hard for me to keep up with, but in a nut shell…
              By saying that you “do not consent and waive benefit” you are asserting that you are to be judged under original Constitutional law/common law. You are saying that you don’t consent to agency law or regulations, which have no basis in “de jure” law.

              There are a million different sites that have some info about this, but I never know which ones to believe.

     has some info that will get you started

              I hope this helps, netranger knows a whole lot about this and might have some better links/suggestions

          • love ya brother

      5. Ill take the thumbs down but second!!

        • Need to watch a little Sesame Street, they will teach you to count. LOL

      6. Aren’t you first?

      7. Kinda sounded like Clint.

        Reagan said it’s morning in America, feels more like midnight to me.

      8. Thanks to the taxpayers (Go Ahead Make My Truck Payment Punk).Actually i liked the Chevy Apocalypse day after commercial; stating that the ones that didn’t make it were driving Fords….Truth be known Ford is the only one that weren’t bailed out by us taxpayers.

        • Not exactly. Ford was able to hide the bailouts while GM and Chrysler were so broke they could not.

          • And Ford just set up a 500 billion dollar factory in China??

        • No, Ford took Money. The Federal Government shoved it down their throats. If I am remembering correctly. I could be wrong, but I think they did. Ford has probably paid it back by now, since they did not want it in the first place.

          • The Obama bailout was a “structured bankruptcy” for GM and Chrysler. Ford was not bankrupt, and so wasn’t involved at all. You are maybe thinking of the BANK bailouts (TARP) that started while Bush was still in office. There, the Treasury Dept and the Fed jammed huge amounts of money down the throat of banks that didn’t need it. Wells Fargo blew the whistle on it, and got reamed by the Fed for having done so. Geithner needed cover for the fact that they were specifically bailing out Goldman Suchs. GS had just a month or two previously declared themselves a bank, (they WERE a hedge fund!), specifically so they could get a bailout. If Geithner hadn’t made other banks take money too, it would ave been staringly obvious that TARP was a trillion-dollar gift to his old employer.

            • Maybe I am. I have not been able to find much info on it. Peace

      9. Like a virgin, for the very first time.

        • Sooo, What’s it like being a rocket scientist.

          • Out of work and over educated. At least we’ll get free female condoms.

            • lol… to To much info, way to much info…

      10. Jap mobiles don’t count cause the parent company is still in Japan.

        • Don’t worry. They will all come to america after Cesium from Fuck-u-shima covers that island.

      11. As to address the FEDS monetoring this web sight :I say if your not doing anything wrong than WTF..

        The3y can kiss my ass , not the part around the outside I’m talking about the middle fuck Elliott Ness

      12. Nothing is going to change except the name plates on the doors so may as well go ahead and liquidate your retirement plans before TPTB do it for you. Buy yourself a cheap couple acres, dig a cellar, and fill it with canned food and heirloom seeds. Get yourself a camper and you’ll have somewhere to live for as long as you can pay the property taxes.

        Next you can start spending weekends there getting together the infrastructure for self-sufficiency. If you can only grow, gather, and raise half your food this stretches a one-year food supply to two, a three-year to six, and a five-year to ten before you have to become completely self-sufficient.

        • Pastor..

          What retirement plan? gone!

          Barely making the mortgage at a new job earning the same rate of pay from 20 years ago at 59 years of age.

          Lived the American dream..bought a home..worked as a chef all my life..invested in the home..counted on it as a retirement investment once an empty nest..lost over 125 k in equity since 07/08..and never borrowed a dime against it..
          Now 2 still at home..going to college on their own dime..working, and helping with their share of rent as well..

          Been prepping for almost 2 years and so much more to go.have organic gardens in growing seasons(new england) cut the cable and cell 2 vehicles 96/97 respectively…

          now what?


          • I bought into the American nightmare as well. Went to college after ten years of service. Got a good job that I now hate. Bought a house that is now worth half what I owe. I look down the way hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel…even if it is a train it would still be an improvement.

            • Strategic Default………..the only way to save yourself, and your families finances…..they don’t care about you, so stop caring about them……make a business decsion. They would. good luck

          • possee, if you have two college aged kids at home, working hard and helping out with the rent, I would say that you do have some substantial blessings. They sound like good kids.

            If your gardens are big and productive enough, maybe there is a way you or the kids could put them to work at a farmer’s market or providing to restaurants, especially since you are a chef, since farm-to-fork is so hot right now.

            I calculated the retail value of what I grew in my small plot (at conventional, plain-jane grocery prices) and was pleasantly surprised by the value…$800 on 500 sq. ft, and that was for a fairly mediocre year. There is some good money to be made with foraged items as well–berries, mushrooms, etc.

            And don’t forget the winter veggies….kale, collards, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, etc.

            It’s not going to rebuild your retirement fund but with your connections and knowledge might be a good fallback.

            • Hey Mama Bear. I put greens in my coldhouse/greenhouse this winter, and it has been very mild so far, and they are going crazy. I live about an hour out of Buffalo, NY. So, I am amazed. Peace

          • We sell any extra veggies in front of our house. I always plant a little extra for a just in case of any trouble disease, drought etc… So, i usually have a little. Peace

        • Check out “before it’s news” website. Date May 26th 2011 and an article named “Hidden Obamacare Secret:RFID chip implants”

          According to several authors including Congressman Ron Paul “Burried deep within the over 1000 pages of the massive US Health Care Bill in a non-discussed section titled :Subtitle C-11 Sec.2521- National Medical Device Registry, and which states its purpose as …. “In real world speak according to this report, this new law, when fully implemented, provides the framework for making the United States the first Nation in the world to require each and every one of its citizens to have implanted in them a radio-frequency identification microchip for the purpose of controlling who is, or isn’t, allowed medical care in their country.” It is also to allow each citizen access to their financial records…

          If you are not chipped you can’t receive medical care or work or pay the taxes on that little piece of land you live on and have all your survival food storred on etc.

          Just a thought.

      13. It will be a cold day in hell before I buy a GM or Chrysler

        • Eventually if no one buys them the Government will buy them, which in the end means YOU bought them 🙂

      14. This morning Greek 1 year bonds exceeded 540%, 2 year bonds are above 209%. They are in a full blown inflationary debt death spiral depression, the worst kind of depression, and it’s only getting worse. To all the trolls out there, this is not theory or conjecture, this is an empirical FACT. Don’t argue with me, argue with the facts.

        It’s only a matter of time for this economic meltdown to claim the U.S. With our national debt, if our Treasury yields hit 7% it’s over. No one will bail us out. It’s just a matter of time now, and time is the great equalizer. Folks need to get their affairs in order today.

      15. Very good. In humor we find truth – if this helps get the message out, all the better.

      16. And GM says they have paid all of the money back…… Mr. Ponzi’s butt cheeks would be smiling.

        Crysler’s cars looks like a pimp daddy mobile family truckster on crack looking for Wally World during a union lunch break with the radio blaring “I always love you” while pulling out of an Irish Embassy and getting stuck.

        • HA!! Very nicely put.

      17. @ Anonymous

      18. Is there any record of asking a Judge “Are we under Admiralty law?” Or “The Gold trim on the flag indicates Admiralty law. Is this true?”

        • I don’t know the particular cases, but I do know the question has been raised before, with varying success.
          The problem is that by simply asking the judge, you are acknowledging his authority over you. You can’t even say your name to him without making a “tacit” admission to his authority. Everything must be said in legal jargon and must be phrased properly along the lines of ” I conditionally agree to xyz upon proof of abc” It get’s unbelievably complicated.

          This site has some info, but god only knows what is true anymore.

          The rule of law has long since passed..

          • Ignore that site, it has some good info, but nothing to do with what you were asking, sorry

            • This has actual case #’s you can read to clarify some of the info

              I’ll warn you though, once you start researching it,you’ll see just how twisted our system has become.

        • If you are interested in info about this from a man who has used this in court (he passed in the 90’s) search “The UCC connection by Howard Freeman”. It is a long read but in layman terms.

          • He also claims not to have paid income taxes for 30 years by confronting the IRS in their office before it would have gone to court.

            • I remember watching documentary called “America: freedom to fascism” and it mentions that there is NO LAW requiring us to pay taxes from our wages.
              Only earnings from investments (not from your labor) should be taxed.
              If interested:

      19. high roller Greece is now in the banksters DEBTORS PRISON

      20. Ironically, once Greece defaults it will be forced to get its’ house on order,and they will begin to recover. Five years from now it may be they who are smiling and we who are weeping.

      21. Decisions, do I get another rifle or more reloading stuff? Got plenty of reloading for what I have but maybe dies for other calibers? Or a 9mm carbine for half the normal price, CX4 storm for 325 is a good deal and they are only going to increase in value, but trade skills need dies to expand out?
        Suggestions anyone.

        • My suggestion is to go take your medication.

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