“It’s gotta be a set-up”: Neighbor of Las Vegas Shooter Claims He Didn’t Do It

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Headline News | 68 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at Infowars.com


    A caller to the Michael Savage radio show who says he was neighbors with Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock asserts that Paddock could not have carried out the massacre and that it was actually a “set-up”.

    The man, a former Marine who called himself Rick, says he was Paddock’s neighbor between December 2015 and June 2016 in Mesquite, Nevada.

    “I can tell you 100% this is not that kind of guy,” said Rick, adding that he would see Paddock every other day and that the two would go to a local bar and play slot machines.

    “He never even told me that he owned a gun,” continued the shooter’s neighbor, adding that Paddock did not express any religious or political opinions during their conversations.

    “I’m not a big conspiracy theory guy, but it don’t sit right,” said Rick, before making the extraordinary claim that the whole shooting was a “set up” and that Paddock’s body may have been left in the hotel room while other assailants carried out the shooting.

    The caller mentioned how some people in the crowd were warned 45 minutes before the shooting that they were going to die, suggesting that this was evidence of a wider plot and not a “lone wolf” attack.

    As a firearms expert, he also questioned the lack of flashes coming from the hotel windows where the shooter was supposedly firing from.

    Rick said he had already contacted the Clark County Sheriff’s Office to relay all the information he knew.

    Although the claims are intriguing, it is important to remember that after virtually every terror attack and mass shooting, friends and neighbors express shock that the culprit would be capable of carrying out such horrors, with some outright denying it to be possible.

    If Paddock was planning such a sophisticated operation and hoping to evade detection, he would not be blabbing details about it to his neighbors.

    However, the neighbor’s claims are certain to attract more attention given that no specific motive has yet to be uncovered for the shooting.

    What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.


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      1. that amount of guns, that amount of ammunition, supposedly he had explosives and even with extremely powerful guns, shooting 300 yards with decent accuracy is not easy and there is no record that he knew how to handle those guns and he got this equipment and delivered it to the hotel all by himself ?

        i’m no conspiracy theorist and i’m not sure if he was a muslim convert, a setup or used by some group but something ain’t right here.

        • Lena, I agree but accuracy isn’t a problem shooting into a big crowd like that. The crowd is the target, not just one person. I’m also starting to think that this guy might be a patsy. The narrative ain’t makin a whole lot of sense. After watching the vids, I couldn’t see any muzzle flashes at all and being that there were 2 windows broken with several between them that weren’t tells me that it was one big ass hotel room or the shots were coming from 2 separate rooms. And I read those windows we’re not on the 32nd floor. The narrative stinks to high hell but people today wanna hear something that makes them feel good, even when the truth is staring them right in the face.

          • I noticed in one picture of the room that there was clean spent brass casings sitting in a puddle of blood with no blood on the brass. How does that happen? If he shot all the brass and was then splattered full of holes by the breaching team then there would be blood on most of the brass near where he dropped. Just sayin

          • Plenty of pictures and easy to count the floors.

            Did you try that or just accept something without question?

            • No, I should’ve said that I read there were shots also coming from the 4th floor. Since then, I’ve read more articles and seen more vids and audio. I’m convinced of 2 things 1) he didn’t act alone 2) you’re an asshole

          • Jacknife, it is possible he is a patsy setup. what if he was taking all that gear to the gun show to sell a bunch of it ?

            I did see a news clip from Arutz Sheva news in Israel that stated the name of a muslim shooter and said he had accomplices in this setup ? That is a very off the wall thing to read about this event from Israel? There are many anomalies in this thing and so far not one person has been able to show this guy was in fact capable of a mass murder. Everybody who knew him seems to say something very different ? There are also reports out there that he was in fact a Trump hater, so we will have to see how it all plays out going forward. My bottom line is that I do not trust anything any of our spook agencies say these days, not one word ! and FBI is at the top of he list. But that does not mean he did not do this either ? My BS meter is on full alert on this one for many reasons. So far with all the reports I have a hard time seeing this guy one day decides to do this ? Much of it simply does not gel. But stranger things have happened.

        • Vegas Killer Used “Bump-Stock” To Create Automatic Fire, Purchased Guns Legally

          “Before any information had been released about the shooter’s identity, or where and how he acquired the arsenal of 42 guns, 23 of which were eventually discovered in his hotel room, one Connecticut senator was already making headlines by exhorting Congress to “get off its ass” and pass gun-control legislation, officially marking the beginning of another contentious chapter in America’s perennial gun-control debate.”

          “Shortly afterward, the White House warned lawmakers not to turn the shooting into a “political debate” about gun control before all the facts have been determined. This turned out to be a prescient, because, as the public would later learn, it appears that Steve Paddock, the shooter, purchased his guns legally.”

          “In Paddock’s case, tighter restrictions on gun sales likely wouldn’t have made a difference: He used a device called a “bump-stock” to convert semi-automatic rifles into automatic weapons, according to Bloomberg.

          The bump-stock device essentially replaces the gun’s shoulder rest, with a “support step” that covers the trigger opening. By holding the pistol grip with one hand and pushing forward on the barrel with the other, the shooter’s finger comes in contact with the trigger. The recoil causes the gun to buck back and forth, “bumping” the trigger.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-03/las-vegas-shooter-purchased-guns-legally-passed-federally-mandated-background-checks

          • Okay, here is the problem with this. A bump stock throws the entire gun back and forth while the shooter’s finger and trigger stay stationary. While fun to shoot, accuracy is absolutely terrible. It is unlikely that he could have been as effective as he was using a bump stock. I get you probably want to ban them, because you want to ban everything, but you can bump fire any semi-automatic gun even without the stock. It just makes it easier.

            It is highly unlikely that the automatic fire in the audio was from a bump stock. In one place it sounds like two guns were being fired at the same time and shooting two with bump stocks with any accuracy at all would be nearly physically impossible.

            • The picture they released showing the weapons are all either bolt action or lever action, bump stock or changing into even semi auto cannot be done on these weapons.

            • Any full auto is not accurate at all, not just Slide Fires. A far better mechanism is a Fostech trigger, but this guy apparently did not know that ?

              Also something that jumped out at me was the recorded sound of the supposed auto fire did NOT sound at all like an AR, it sounded exactly like an AK ! and they are very different sounding, especially full auto. In fact distinctly different to anybody who has heard it many times and easily identifiable. Maybe we will get some better audio of it or maybe the slide fire was slowing down the rate of fire as well as poor audio to make it sound like an AK ?

        • Lena, I agree it’s a setup. There’s NO way the man could have acted alone. There were multiple shooters who got away and this guy was killed to be the patsy. Whatever the guy knew about a conspiracy he now takes to the grave with him.

        • let me mention it again.. Where is the proof that all of these “shooters” kill themselves? Did they really or are they living in the lap of luxury with a new identity? There is no way we can know for sure.

      2. Yes, it was a set-up because it was a false flag.

        There have been loads of Psyops over the years and this is another to add to the list.

        The puppets plan them so that the mASSES obey their masters like obedient little sheep whilst they take way our rights.

        There will be other false flag attacks so keep watching!

      3. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to question the official story, just someone using their brain and eyes. The only picture released of the supposed shooter after many hours was the closed eyes photo, then later a younger looking photo who did not look like the first photo, to me anyway. Like all of the multiple victim shooter events once the official story hits the msm that story is set in stone. Do you ever see later changes to the mass media script?

        • Here’s the Truth About Gun Control and Crime

          “As numerous studies have shown, gun ownership is not necessarily connected to crime rates, and in fact may make crime go down. A 2016 report from the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action noted that:
          As gun ownership has risen to an all-time high, the nation’s total violent crime rate has fallen to a 44-year low and the murder rate has fallen to an all-time low.

          Since 1991, when violent crime hit an all-time high, the nation’s violent crime rate and its murder rate have decreased by more than half, as Americans have acquired over 170 million new guns, roughly doubling the number of privately owned guns in the United States.

          Furthermore, concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding of any demographic group in America.”

          ht tp://dailysignal.com/2017/10/02/heres-truth-gun-control-crime/

          • The reality is TPTB dont want people to be self reliant at all and certainly not for their own self protection, because that would mean they can also protect themselves against government jackboots,
            This is why i have what i have, not cause i like stalking bambi with a 3600$ AR

            • Nailbanger, there is no AR on the planet worth anywhere near $3600 for me. I just sold a brand new/unused AR with two uppers. One in 7.62X39 in standard 16″ heavy barrel and the other upper with 18″ 223/556 heavy barrel. Anderson lower marked multi caliber, for $750 for both calibers complete. A very good shooter. I bought one for myself as well as I have been waiting a long while for ARs to get dialed into X39 for years. And they are now. Kinda nice having both calibers in one weapon. And I far prefer the X 39 round anyway for many reasons. I have one more left for some lucky person.

      4. “…something rotten in Denmark.”

        – Shakespeare –

      5. I agree 100% with the caller ! This whole thing smells of false flag and or set up! Look towards the Mexicans ..ms13! Sad part we will NEVER know the truth!

        • I have not found/seen the video this article describes.

          Vegas Shooter Filmed Himself During Slaughter, May Have Left A Note; Suicide Photo Emerges

          “Millionaire Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock set up a camera inside his hotel room to capture his deadly shooting rampage on film, as well as various other surveillance equipment in the hallway to alert him as cops closed in on him, according to the NY Post.

          Citing ABC, the Post writes that the shooter had at least one lens set up to tape himself as he fired hundreds of rounds on thousands of unsuspecting concertgoers several hundred yards below his Mandalay Bay casino suite.

          Also, knowing that the cops would eventually catch up to him, he also reportedly wired cameras in the hallway outside his room so he could see when the heat was getting close, the Daily Mail reported.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-03/vegas-shooter-filmed-himself-during-slaughter-suicide-photo-emerges

      6. All the Neighbors of John Wayne Gacy thought he was a great citizens and a stand up guy. The fact is we don’t know hardly anything for certian. Its a tragedy.I long ago gave up trying to make sense of the things crazy folks do.

      7. Braveheart, you just called me a nut job. After reading your comment. Mac, this guy posting on your site and most of them are total complete fucking idiots. I am going to put and email on one of my post. Sometimes when I post, the comment does not post immediately because it has to go into moderation, or It can be from the volume of comments, once my comment hit moderation before posting, get my email, delete it. I want to meet with you in person and I am seriously considering it. Its not a guarantee, its possible. I have some very serious information and I will get you to meet my scientist friend and get to hear something you have never heard before, its that serious. I am going to wait. Let me talk to my guy about what I am about to plan and get the okay from him first, then i’ll let you know. I am not certain if its possible but I will let you know. I have to stop posting to let the system off set me a little pushing me into moderation, that’s when you will be able to contact me. It will be within a 2 month window timeframe. So you will need to have you moderator monitor my post. My number will be on the post, remove it and contact me so that you know its me for certain. Mac, make sure that your prepped with a plan to exit the Texas coast, and go more up north, put that infrastructure in asap, you have to do it now. Big things are getting ready to go down with the environment. The entire US continent will split in half, we have to clear out soon with massive Nuclear fallout.


        • Braveheart was right…

          • Anon, thanks for that. I’m now sold on the idea that HCKS is a nutjob.

        • HCKS, why go to all that trouble? Just send Mac a secret decoder ring and encrypt all your messages as posts here on shtf plan. Then you won’t have to go thru the logistical nightmare of coordinating a meeting with you, Mac and Dr.Shock. I did want to ask you, what happened with Nibiru? Was there a delay, detour? I mean what gives? The planet earth was supposed to get the apocalyptic beat down and she never showed up. Did you speak to your scientist friend about that? What’s his take on all of that? Oh, one more thing. I had spetznatz over for a cook out last week. I think you have the wrong idea about them. Do you know how much they respect you? One of them told me you are so badass, every time he’s watching Kung fu on tv, it reminds him of your deadly bone breaking skills. Keep up the good work HCKS, I wanna be just like you

        • i’m not intentionally trying to start a flame war, but I believe you were believing that planet 10 or nirubu or whatever it is, is coming; I believe braveheart’s call has merit.

          • Lena, thank you for that. That really galled me to hear HCKS call one of the best posters on here a nutjob. Some other people have had doubts about HCKS for awhile and now I understand why. He’ll do for some entertainment but that’s it.

        • Don’t worry nut job, the aliens will save us. They told me so.

        • HCKS, you called one of the BEST posters here that I know a mental patient and I know that he’s NOT. That was my problem with you. So you can cry me a river.

        • Here we go again………

        • When the US continent splits in half, which half does your scientist friend recommend as the safest one?

          The western half may have the Yellowstone super-volcano activated by the split; yet the eastern half will be in the path of prevailing winds carrying fallout.

          What a pickle!

      8. I believe it was also a set up, it doesn’t add up to me and I didn’t even know the guy. ISIS is of course taking the ‘credit’ for the attack, but only to make them seem like they’re doing more than they really are, as we’ve seen in their previous claims of terror attacks.

        Perhaps they are looking to pose a nationwide distraction to offset the common-people’s minds from what is actually going on in the world right now. Something to ponder on.

        All I can say is that it just doesn’t sit right with me, from the moment I woke up and heard the news.

        Remember, when shit seriously hits the fan, the civilians are the last to know.

      9. Ummmmm, Enemies Foreign & Domestic comes to mind!

        • Maximo, that’s the same one I was thinking of.

      10. Michael,

        I don’t know if you have ever listened to Pastor Lindsey Williams who chimed with the global elite in Alaska at Prudoe Bay, but he said in one of his videos the global elite have a code of ethics. He went on to say that their code of ethics is completely different from his code of ethics and your code of ethics. In the COE they are to warn the population of their plans of attacks and false flags. Odd that a woman entered the concert grounds 45 minutes before the shooting warning as many people as she could that they were all going to die. Recordings of the LV police scanners are public and numerous police officers report that there were multiple shooters. One police officer even stated that there was a shooter on the concert grounds. I am definitely drinking the kool-aide on this one.

      11. Scenario
        Just a what if now think about it,
        Some of the numbers etc dont make sense

        Dude used by islamist or whatever group,
        Coerced to cooperate,
        Connected to girlfriend, who is conveniently out of country
        Who else was staying on that floor?
        Were they escorted out as the cops cleared the floor?

        Something is fishy, good setup if it was but still its all a little too convenient

        • Its like somebody read Bracken and used the plot

          • Nailbanger, LOL! You just had to mention Bracken. I’ve got his whole trilogy and I recommend them to everyone. I feel like we’re in one of those plots right now. One of his scenarios just turned into the real deal.

            • From that first book im pretty sure,
              It was what kicked off the gun confiscation that started the whole mess,
              Watch the next few days and weeks,
              Them republicans are the same as democrats, remember that, the senator who just came back to work, then this,
              They are in lockstep, just watch, they know we are sick of their shit,
              They are seeing people unifying against them in spite of the devisive campaigns to drive wedges between the pop
              By next monday there will be legislation
              If not, ill send ya a box of mac nut chocolates

              • Nail,I also thought of football stadium story while reading about the Vegas insanity after initial WTF/sad feeling.I suppose the potus holds up one of the weapons in a telecast like the book then we have a script being followed!

                I would say besides buying what you may want and do not yet have any time you see interesting docs/videos save em,you can always delete later but stay on top of it.Make your voice heard even if it falls on deaf ears you do not support any new laws that supposedly would keep us safer in regards to firearms,e-mail ect. including the potus.

                Let us hope the 4chan types /hackers ect. work hard on this and do the best they can to get real info. out to the public.

                I will be interested to see how sites that push for firearms/question the govt. ect. do over the next few weeks,you see a lot of sites being pushed out/closed you know more then just the shooting is going on.

                Use your mind in these crazy times,best of luck to all of us!

                • Warchild Dammit, yes the censoring an screwing with people is gearing up big time. I see it at my site as well

      12. Lets see a video of the hallway in front of his room from the hotel. This might answer a few of these types of questions. I bet we are going to get an answer of “it was out of service at this time”

      13. Amazing that many many are coming to realize (or at least feel reaffirmation) that this whole thing is just one more ploy by some power other than the shooter to stir things up. The usual suspects – anti-gun agenda-driven people, the entire anti-facist (which is a total misnomer as a person would have to look long and hard to find a more facist bunch of radicals), the Hildabeast coming out to castigate Trump, Fauxahontas herself rising from her million dollar digs and armed protective service to rail about a device being the problem not the man who pulled the trigger…. hell, it’s stirring up everyone from Chief Whack-job Alex Jones to the entire healthcare pro-con people. And listen all of you – what is it we are all NOT paying attention to? Huh? Hmmmm? How about the Russian wargames ongoing right now. Or His most holy NK Un readying another nuke and/or missile test? This totally has benefited the entire sports profiteers now hasn’t it? And then too we aren’t watching our borders or those piling up just to the south over that particular horizon line. I repeat what I said before – follow the money, look for who benefits, look sharp at who is doing the talking – the pundits…… seek the associations this guy had apart from “muh nayboor was a good-un, ne’er hirt a fly”. In short – leave your own biases, hopes and dreams of what you most want to be the case behind – seek truth. For you sure ain’t goin’ to get it from the MSM, or your politicians. Including the great Orange one.

      14. The problem I see is….why did it take 72 minutes to stop a shooter?
        10 min. to get reinforcements backup…maybe…..
        Several to check corridors on way up to the floor below…. find shooter on next floor.
        How does that take one hour and 12 min.?
        Bedwarmer was a mooslime
        …and…Trump hater? Hmmmm …..???

        I’ve known several “millionaire high rollers,” $20,000 lost is their entertainment money. It is the “WIN” that gets them high. Chasing the loss is “fun for them”. (Idiots…. think “winning back” $5000 is a “good” day.) They are kids in a candy shop.
        Winning back $30,000 keeps them hooked for life. It is a sickness that Casino’s thrive on.
        Haddock had plenty of assets to sell… he was not desperate.

      15. Nailbanger, I have the same suspicions. Let them come up with whatever the f#$% they want. Doesn’t mean I’m going to follow it. I’m not giving up shit.

      16. Smells fishy to me. Why so many guns? One with a few magazines would have done the same damage. Odd that he shot himself when the police got there. Why didn’t he turn all those guns on them? Odd that this happened just as Congress is considering legislation on suppressors (silencers).

      17. So far….movie theater, school, churche, army base, gay bars, airport, and factory a mall, and concert.
        The message is: you are safe no place.

      18. This has all been planned by gun haters.

      19. Okay–I’ll ask. know this was all another false flag but…….
        Is NSA just designed to stop foreign terrorists??
        How hard could it be to have stopped this guy?
        What good is a billion dollar snooper if it can’t catch what happened in Vegas??

        • So far they havet caught too terribly many of anything from what ive seen, its just another fed project to separate $ from the people, IMHO, precursor to crackdown and control of population, only thing stopping it is their own inept bs

      20. We had multiple black ops during the obama administration to push gun control. The election of Trump dealt a death blow to the gun control agenda. In order to accomplish a resurrection, you require an over-the-top event. It’s so blatantly obvious what has happened here that it is mind numbing.

      21. The CIA did it… And all the past shootings as well…. THEY want us to stay in a FEAR Based OBEDIENCE… I refuse!

      22. I said this yesterday on a previous thread right after the shootings and just copied and pasted it here because I still believe this is possible.

        The dude who made the “it’s all fake video” video says he was in the Marines so, you know, he’s been in “crisis situations” and he knows what happens.

        So, why does he think the LV shootings are all fake?

        Well, let’s list ’em all… we won’t tell you why his claims are ridiculous… but here they are anyway.

        1. People aren’t screaming in pain.

        2. There’s no blood and nobody is being treated for a gunshot wound.

        3. There are “interesting props”, he takes specific issue with the wheelbarrows.

        4. There aren’t enough police or ambulances present for a situation of this magnitude.

        5. People are too calm, given the crisis.

        There are a few other reasons, but that sums it up.

        I don’t know for certain if this was staged or not because I am not there but many are thinking this event was staged as a ruse to get our guns away from us. We already know they don’t want us armed.

        • Anonymous,many of the injured were trampled not shot and some that were shot were trampled as well ? Looked rather chaotic to me. I do not doubt it happened, but how and why is another matter.

      23. He was a millionaire, no police record, not racist, and only bad habit was gambling.

        • Cody, none of those things means he was a good guy or could not have done this ? Or maybe he was just a patsy in a grander scheme ? and how many millionaires or supposed successful people are dog shit people ? BHO and Holder come to mind right off the top ? It is all about perception not reality.

      24. I believe the move to take peoples guns then freedom has been already illustrated in Matt Brackens Enemies Foreign and Domestic. A rogue ATF agent lobbed bullets from a building top into a football stadium. Those not killed from the shots were trampled trying to get away. But that was just fiction!

      25. MAC

        Why aren’t any of my comments being posted on any of the past few threads?

      26. just wanted to share this, I posted on FB that I found this link to Antifa and asked if Antifa was connected, got direct threat from a woman from Antifa from berkeley CA had to report her to FB and law enforcement. here is the link I posted you should always be able to ask questions: http://i67.tinypic.com/34dfkue.jpg

        • Americanmom, reporting her to FB is like telling the fox to stay out of the chicken coupe he is guarding ? all of the outlets and sources are ramping up threats and intimidation and various ways to screw with people.

      27. It is called a PATSY! People that live alone watch out. Since this was successfully sold to the public they will do it again and again.
        The deep state will have it’s civil war and martial law, if they have to patsy dozens of people.

      28. i would not be surprised if this was all engineered by the Leftist gov’t. we see the onslaught of the New World Order, as gov’ts continue the “death of cash”. Once cash is gone and all “money” is electronic…It will be easy for gov’t to tax you by taking “X” percent out of your electronic account. Obama, stole from our liberty using executive orders. The current congressional “leaders” are not even accepting the peoples mandate of Trump as President. I believe the Liberals planned this Las Vegas shooting to press more strict laws against us….soon guns will be banned and confiscated…If you think the gov’t does not “engineer incidents” look at history…1) Spanish American war,…the Maine is sunk…2) WW1…Lusitania sunk…3)Ww2…Pearl Harbor….4)Viet Nam…Gulf of Tomkin “incident”…5) Mid east….too many wars to get into here, all to protect “us interests” which means US oil….6) 9/11…hate the arabs so we can spend more trillions of dollars on defense and engage in more wars in the mid east to protect “us interests”,,,,and make democracy available for Mrs Muhammad( yeah sure)…7) Las Vegas….lets take away guns from the US people and detain them in the FEMA “detention camps”…..made from former Walmart buildings….see the posts on line about the HLS “exercises” that were held in the SW and the “prison trains” with shackles…
        Are you 100% prepped, yet?…..WHY NOT???????????????????

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