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It’s Getting Ugly: Portland Police Confiscate Knives, Bricks, And Brass Knuckles At Pro-Trump Free Speech Rally

Mac Slavo
June 6th, 2017
Comments (68)


On Sunday, members of a Pro-Trump free speech rally, as well as Antifa counterprotesters thugs, converged in Portland’s business district. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, and the police managed to form a barrier between the two groups. However, based on some of the weapons that the Portland Police Department confiscated, it’s obvious that the event could have been far more violent.

Though many conservative websites have suggested that those are sticks of dynamite, they’re actually flares. Thankfully, tensions between Trump supporters and Antifa aren’t that bad, but based on some of the other weapons that were confiscated by police, it appears things are getting really ugly at these events.

According to the Washington Post:

There are axes and crowbars, dozens of sticks and makeshift clubs, canisters of mace, knives, hammers, batons and even a set of brass knuckles. Together, they offer an unsettling glimpse of the violence that has seeped into Portland’s protests as the city has drawn extremists on the left and right in increasing numbers, becoming something of a proxy for the country’s ideological battles.

The police haven’t revealed which side of the protest these weapons came from, but once again, we know exactly which side was violent. It’s been widely reported that members of Antifa threw ‘glass bottles, bricks and balloons of “foul-smelling liquid”‘ at police officers, and some of the weapons that were confiscated were found in Chapman Park, where Antifa had gathered. The following image is also quite telling:

Hmmm. I wonder who brought the “No Platform 4 Hate” sign?

I wouldn’t be surprised if the police deliberately placed that sign there for the photo. The city government probably ordered the police not to reveal who brought most of these weapons, because it’s most likely Antifa. The police probably staged that photo to let everyone know who was really causing problems at this free speech rally.

But in any case, it appears that members of both sides of this protest came to the event with weapons and makeshift shields. Unfortunately, the streets of America are looking more and more like a battlefield as time goes on. I shudder to think of what these protests will look like if they continue to escalate.


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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: June 6th, 2017

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    1. Cool, I wanna see dead people.

    2. Why be worried about the thugs with bats & chains. I would just open carry my sidearm legally to the rally. If one of these thugs threatens me, I can legally shoot the bastard dead in self defense. Oh, wait a minute…the politically corrected cops would end up arresting & charging me for aggravated assault or murder. It would cost me jail time before I scraped together the huge bail, and untold Tens of thousands of dollars to defend myself in a trial.
      What these thugs need is a biker gang to show up with baseball bats, the cops to look the other way, and the bikers delivering some well deserved lessons in discipline. Break some bones and watch these losers cry for their mommies, as the bikers say to them “do we have an understanding”? LOL

    3. The Grouch says:

      I was at the outskirts of the rally just walking through the protesters, was able to observe first hand that police where collecting ‘gifts’ from the no hate crowd. Wish I had brought popcorn.

    4. Braveheart1776 says:

      Ever since Bill Clinton’s first term, I’ve been carrying certain self-defense items in the truck with me everywhere I go and I don’t care about any legality concerning the items. Everyone has the natural right to self-defense. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s ‘policy’ is regarding it. All that matters is getting out of certain situations alive. Nothing else matters..

      • CrackSumSkulls says:

        In my SUV I carry 2 handguns next to me, an expandable Baton, Bear Spray and a very sharp hatchet. If I need to, the big demolition claw hammer is behind my seat. 2 extra 20 rd mags and several more boxes of ammo in the safe under my seat. Road flares in the back. Ocassionally I carry my 5.56 AR Pistol with a surefire 60 round magazine filled with Greentips, lazerlight on the foregrip. Also carry a get home bag, Who wants to play suckas?

      • NunyaBidness says:


        Unfortunately, In the past 2-3 years I’ve had to pull my legally carried gun 3 times to deter some lunatic.

        One actually pursued me in his vehicle (I had no idea why) and was cussing and gesturing and trying to get in front of me to block me.

        When we got to a light a few miles away, he got out and started heading for my car.

        I got out with my gun and I was gonna kill the idiot (the circumstances make it totally legal in Utah), but he saw it and immediately ran back to his car and left.

        This country is in complete breakdown. I’ve even gotten my wife, who isn’t all too comfortable handling a gun, a concealed carry permit and taught her how to shoot.

      • CrackSumSkulls says:

        Hey BH You got a Concealed Weapons Permit? Having that will save ya on a felony charge.

        I have 2 preggo Doe’s on the property now, one is about 35 yards from my door as I type this. Hope to see some fawns coming up. And for some strange reason, I see many Single Hen Wild Turkeys coming in. I wonder if the predators got a lot of them this year. Today I saw one hen with just one single chick. Usually they have 5 to 6 per laying season. And last year there were several flocks 13 to 16 deep in a tribe along with some Gobblers. When there are a lot of them together, they feel safer, and not as skittish. Last year I could go out and sit in a chair on the lawn and throw corn at them just, feet from me. I even got them to start following me around. Some good video on that. Wild Nature is a blast. Get your BOL set up and skip the domestic dogs and cats BS. They scare all the good nature away. Cats are just killers, and dogs slobber and bark at nothing to try to keep themselves relevant. I find domestic pets as nothing but chaos. I have had them all.. I prefer none. And a real pain is you try to go some place for the day, and have to hurry home to let them go out and sh!t and feed them.

    5. watching and waiting says:

      I see they also seized a weapon of mass destruction.

      A case of Pepsi’s.

    6. Antifa are paid. They have no ideological basis for protest where as the other side is composed of Americans upholding the Constitutional FREEDOM of Speech that protects us all regardless of race, creed, or National origin.


    7. boyo says:

      F*** you, I’m Millwall.

    8. TEST says:

      Every time I see the vile, evil, disgusting, ignorant, fraudulent, filthy ignorant name Antifa, I will post the same thing a hundred, or a thousand times, until everyone in the world hears who these brownshirts really are. That this is:

      Nazi stands for National SOCIALIST German Workers’ Party, which adopted explicitly socialist planks at its very first convention, Munich, Feb. 24, 1920. Fascism is the merger of the socialist state with co-opted, crony big business. In other words, the real fascists are Antifa themselves – only the are too utterly stupid to know it. But of course, as Soros co-operated with the Nazis this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

      • CrackSumSkulls says:

        You are 100% Correct Test. You did the research like I did to understand what Antif really is. You can’t get any more Socialist Commi Fascist than accepting money from George Soros to protest against what he is all about. Its just a proxy clan designed to create chaos, but the Antifa Protestors are clueless what they are supposedly protesting. They should just hand out “I’m Stupid” Trophys to them at their rallys.

    9. TEST says:

      Oh yeah. Anyone want to bet the Antifa brownshirts have 100% of their roots in California, or are at best second generation? Native Oregonians are conservative, not fascist leftists. In fact, the same with California, altho it goes back a couple more generations, with the fascist left having moved to CA from NY

    10. Sgt. Dale says:

      Only a dummy would come to a gun fight with a rock or a hammer. No one has ever said Libtards are smart.


    11. GETTING REAL says:

      JESUS CHRIST !!!!!!!!

      WHAT THE F–K !!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????

      ARE WE HEADED FOR SHOTS FIRED SOON ??????????????????




      O.K. O.K. O. F–KING K. ????????????

    12. Smokey says:

      Confiscating the weapons is fine, but are the people who brought to a rally under arrest for carrying deadly weapons?

    13. Plan twice, prep once says:

      As soon as these paid anarchists picked up weapons they became paid Mercenaries /Soldiers!

      This is becoming a civil war.

    14. DeplorableBitterClinger says:

      Only a matter of time until shots are fired.

      Unrelated: Remember when Michael aka Michelle brought glamor to Europe?
      Maybe he/she/it can teach Melania how to dress and act. Melania’s such an uncouth hick.

    15. It is not a civil war, but that is what the oligarchs want. If things get bad enough, the oligarchs will be first, change that, second, to go.


    16. Meat says:

      I seem to always have a lawn mower blade in my car that I am taking to the shop to have sharpened.

      • CrackSumSkulls says:

        Great Idea Meat, I just replace 2 lawn mower blades on my rider and I can make machete’s out of them. Pound them flat and make some full tang wooden handles on the one end. Never throw way good scrap metal. There is always some repurposing of them. I really need to find me a good Anvil to pound them out on. About $300 to $400+ for a big one. Then sharpen them on a grinder to size like a double edge blade sword, then fine file them and hone them to a razor edge. Imagine swinging 2 of these double edged swords at the same time? Whoohoo.

    17. Jim in Va. says:

      The snowflakes will melt in conflict. They are sorely outgunned in guns and brains.

      • Anonymous says:

        They haven’t melted yet, and video of Trump supporters being beaten by them and offering little to no resistance, melting in combat, are common.

        If anything they’re getting more aggressive, more violent, and growing in numbers.

    18. Jim in Va. says:

      Our advantage is that we will take them on for free…no Soros paying us.

    19. Indoctrinated by their professors and encouraged by the media and Hollywood types. Mass mind control of young people.

    20. Illini Warrior says:

      Since the coppers arrested almost all Antifa rioters – the vast majority of those seized weapons must have belonged to them – not mentioned being thrown was bags of human shit, used condoms, bloody sanitary napkins … Antifa set off some kind of gas bomb in a nearby parking garage – big cloud of a stinking choking gas came drifting out ….

    21. Papa says:

      Everyone is doing just what they want you to do, getting ready to kill each other off. The wealthy “elite” want some serious population downsizing and control.
      Just look around, the garbage they’re feeding us in forms of the food people eat and “medicines” we’re given. Sickness, disease, and disorders are becoming the norm.
      Get the bulk of those who can fight to kill each other off, while the rest are too incapacitated to fight and suddenly they have full control over us with not enough people left to do anything about it.
      People, in general, are too dumbed down and distracted by all the toys, gadgets, media, and social media technology has given us to realize that we’re losing our country, we have been for a long time.
      Does nobody remember the part of the constitution where it says the people have an obligation to take their country back if/when the government gets out of control? How much more out of control could it possibly get with us still having ANY kind of chance of getting it back?
      Sleep children, sleep.

    22. Agent76 says:

      June 06, 2017 Where the US Ranks on the List of Most Peaceful Nations in the World

      The Global Peace Index, which bases its annual assessment on a complex analysis of social, economic, and political factors, has found that the United States of America is the 114th most peaceful nation on the planet.

    23. RMS1911 says:

      and dumbass democrats think they can disarm people.

    24. Rockmanr says:

      The lesbian communist governor of Oregon has created a safe environment for leftist rioters. She smiles and gives them a wink. The worst I have heard is that a young woman with small kids was sreaming on teh phone for help as she was being terrorized by rioters and the police did nothing. This is SOP collateral damage. A man who had been attacked before and suffered a broken leg was again being threatend by attack by the same people so he pulled his concealled carry gun and was sent to prison for daring to defend himself from violence, It is planned calculated revolution on a slow pace,. Take an inch each time get the prople used to it

    25. JCLincoln says:

      An axe! Somebody brought an axe!
      Sorry, you can say anything you want, but an axe…..and anything else that can cause physical damage can be confiscated.