It’s Coming: “A Pan-Global Collapse Is Inevitable” *Must Watch Video*

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    Gregory Mannarino explains the devastating impact of America’s debt based economic model – and what the final outcome of trillion dollar deficits will be.

    If you want to understand the economic and monetary policies that brought us to this breaking point, watch every minute of the following video.

    You don’t need a degree in rocket science to figure this out.

    The debt will continue to be added until it explodes.

    This debt has built an alternate reality. We’ve borrowed monies from the future to live a better now. This bill is coming due.

    We see what’s going on in Cyprus, what’s going on in Europe.

    When it comes here to roost in the United States, and we’ve already seen cracks in the debt bubble, it’s going to make all that look like a walk in the park. 

    The United States is going to be devastated.

    The middle class is being systematically destroyed by the Federal Reserve, by the Obama administration.

    Understand… this is not sustainable. This is not sustainable…

    A pan global collapse is inevitable.

    It’s coming.

    There’s no way out of it.

    Whether it happens next week, next month, or next year, it is coming. And, governments are going to become more and more desperate. Like Cyprus, this is going to sweep the Eurozone.

    And it is coming here to the United States – right to your front door. 

    We borrowed monies to live a better now… and it’s time to pay the piper.

    Video via SGT Report

    (Watch at Greg Mannarino’s Youtube Channel)

    When the fiat monetary scheme of the U.S. central bank collapses – and it will – commerce as we know it will come to a complete halt.  Even in the event that, by some miracle, we avoid a total meltdown in the US dollar, never ending debt commitments and trillions in monetary easing will lead to massive price increases for essential goods like food, gas, and utilities. As noted by Greg Mannarino, we’ve already seen a 400% increase in gas prices since 1990, an effect experienced in other American staples like milk and eggs.

    That inflation is destroying the purchasing power of Americans cannot be denied. What’s more, with the tripling of our debt in the last twenty years, the pace at which prices rise is accelerating.

    This means, according to Mannarino, that the only protection you have against this exploding debt bomb is to own hard assets.

    If you’re still in fiat currency and you refuse to believe that gold is going to continue to rise here, then you have got a serious denial problem.

    You need to get out of fiat currency. You need to become your own central bank.

    For those with excess fiat currency holdings, physical gold and silver are undoubtedly excellent investment vehicles to protect one’s wealth as the US dollar continues to degrade.

    As more dollars – to the tune of trillions a year – are introduced into circulation, the only possible outcome is continued price increases for those items we utilize the most.

    Thus, hard assets, for those who have neither the money or desire to invest in precious metals, can include anything from long-term supplemental and reserve food stores, to development of personal trade skills that will be in high demand in a post-collapse environment.

    Hard assets – those things that become money when the system collapses – will be all that matter when global merchants and governments no longer accept the US dollar in trade.

    Make sure you are prepared to deal with a world where life as you know it today no longer exists.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. All we can do as individuals is to prep as best we can. Get ready, it looks like it’s going to be a scary, bumpy ride!

        • This is just my opinion, but I truly feel that some type of monsterous event is going to be what collapses the financial systemes of the world, not so much that it just happens. I think there has to be a “LINCHPIN” that causes the cascade of the monetary systems. Could be the Cascadia fault, or the New Madrid, San Andreas or other geophysical event like a solar EMP. Of course it could be the Middle East war that seems certain to start within months, if not weeks or days.

          Just with money, there is always some WIGGLE room, because money is just numbers. I think that there has to be some physical event that causes physical damage to occur before the money of the world goes to the toilet. We have a whole slew of events ready to happen that could easily start the chain of events to begin though.

          • BI
            There is iron in your opinion. Barring cataclysmic events
            of the geophysical kind, I lean towards the stock market
            taking the big dump, ala 1929. It’s getting very toppy
            with no legs beneath it, regardless of what Kudlow and
            Cramer say on CNBC. I’ve tried to get family and friends
            to bail out of it, but to no avail. Look out below!

            If people really want to know how to prepare for SHTF,
            they should ask some of the residents of the numerous
            “Obamaville” tent-cities already scattered around the
            country. Joe Dirt living under the via-duct can tell us
            a lot more about survival than Joe Rolex on Wall Street
            ever could.

            • Cramer and Kudlow are the Wall Street Cheerleaders ad nauseum.

              These are the same asshats that stated all is fine before the 07/08 well engineered collapse.

              “Cyprus does not pose a threat to the U.S. economy or financial system and there are no signs of stock market bubble, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said on Tuesday. ”

              These are almost exactly what was stated the day before Lehman/Bear Stearn collapsed last time..


              • Years ago,before I was ”awake” my father always told me what fake that Cramer is. I always said ”no,no, you wrong.” Now my father has not been with us for a few years now and I missed that chance to tell him that once again,he was right and I was wrong!…. as I type this with tears in my eyes,all I can say is ” I miss you dad!”

                • AFI

                  may you have peace in your heart,,,,,


                  • ……………Thank you snake.

              • You know he is a liar (Ben), he knows it and still he expects people to believe him? What’s his record in telling the truth? Isn’t he below the Mendoza line?

              • They are right Cyprus does not pose a threat to the US financial system. The Cyprus financial crisis only exposes the weakness of the Euro system with 27 separate central banks.

                In the end it will not pose a threat to the Euro system either as it is simply another catalyst for change. 10 billion dollars is chump change for the IMF.

                This is a financial false flag attack on individual European national sovereignty. Next!

                • Your statement is only half true Cyprus is not a threat alone but the euro is already in the sh!t and american dollar almost, a bank run in cyprus can spread to greec and spain or italy. once this happens no one will be able to stop it. Most jobs rely on exports to other countrys. everyone is to connected. When one falls the domino evect will begin

                  • Read your Bible. The EU gets stronger not weaker and so will its currency the EU.

            • A good primer for prepping is “Surviving the Economic Collapse”, a first-person account of living through the collapse in Argentina in 2001.

              • YO SMART GUYS! Got a question. Two of the largest banks in Cypress say they have only hours of liquidity left. But the Banks are Closed.and the only money going out is limited to some ATM’s which only give our 260E per day, Now, if I have 200 Billion in deposits, with 60% over 100K and I’ve been closed 4 days and I’m almost out of money, how does a 15 Billion bailout help. Since any assets that are worth anything I can already borrow on from the ECB or am I missing something

                • Didn’t you see Jimmy Stewart in ” Its A Wonderful Life” ? Cyprus is much ado about nothing!

                  Now that the Russians are involved putting Cyprus oil & gas assets in play, the power play by the IMF has FAILED, a new solution will be forthcoming.


                • Paranoid,

                  Good question. I wondered the same thing; How can they be just hours from being illiquid?

                  Another question is, since most European banks are leveraged around 30 to 1, which means around 3% deposits to 97% loans out standing, how is it that confiscating the deposits (3%) will in any way affect the debt? Sure, it can slide the debt to equity ratio (that denominator thing) but, it really can’t even scratch the debt.

                  The real question though, is how many of these accounts were owned by Russians and how Russia will react to have some EU officials confiscating their accounts.

            • I’m sure Joe Dirt has been hardened, but the fact is he may be as dependent as any of us on scraps that fall off a bountiful table, that will no longer be there. He may benefit from an initial glut of floatsam and jetsam that comes off the sinking US economy, but in the long run, the well prepared will be better off.

            • .

          • “”Just with money, there is always some WIGGLE room, because money is just numbers. I think that there has to be some physical event that causes physical damage to occur before the money of the world goes to the toilet.””


            There is nothing physical about our “money”. It is a confidence game and will collapse when the people have lost confidence. That will not require a catastrophic physical event.

            We are one major bank fraud away from that happening at any given time.

            If you stay away from the banks, you will be unharmed by the initial collapse.

            Wherever you are in society, you will be able to stand back and watch it pass you on the way down.


              • Why are lines drawn through all the sentences on your boog??

                • blog?

                  • I like “boog” better

              • You DO NOT need to stock up in preparation for the financial collapse.

                You need to stock up because it is the right thing to do no matter what happens to the economy or anything else.

              • stop worring everyone know queen i mean king of the world obama will take care of you

                • I feel better already! Do I get a phone, now?

            • @ God’s Creation and others. You and the people on this site have brains, most of the masses are incapable of thinking or having confidence in anything, in a nutshell most people are flaming idiots. Yes they listen to that bald headed moron, yes they listen to cra(m)per, this is how they have gooten into this in the firstplace. Money is not physical unless it is backed up with something that is, like precious metals. Money is easily manipulated and can be for trillions more, maybe even quadrillions more because most people are sh^& stupid.

              Thankfully the people here are not in that category and can see the writing on the wall, EVENTUALLY, as EVERYTHING has a ceiling. That ceiling though can be extended for awhile. Back in 1929 and the years afterwards the money in this country was backed by at least silver. Remember the old silver certificates printed on various currency and of course the coins. Now there is no physical anything to base anything on, speculation and lies go far with the masses that border or are zombie like. As long as they can fool an idiot into investing and that they might miss an opportunity to make a bundle they will continue to dump their money into the void.

              The old saying, a fool and his money are soon parted. And whom is the bigger fool, the fool, or the idiot that follows the fool? This is what we are dealing with right now, and why 99% of th population does not prepare for anything. Because the masses BELIEVE the government and the mass media that everything is just fine and they don’t need to prepare or worry about the stock market.

              Wait until they print up a few trillion dollar coins with BO’s picture on it, to pay the bills. The public is so stupid that they will ONLY see that the bills are paid without raising the debt.

              This is why I truly still believe that if the money is destined to collapse within about 2 years, that it will be because of a hard core SHTF physical event like a war, something geophysical, a rapidly spreading virus, or some other black swan event. After 2 years or so, then there could be an implosion of money on itself. I admit that financial matters are not my expertise, but math and understanding the manipulation of it is. It is only my opinion, I of course could be wrong but I don’t think so. I of course would lay better odds on forecasting earthquakes than the whacked out world of human beings.

              • The currency will collapse on it’s own. The physical event will then be made to occur in effort to hide it and deflect blame away from the criminals.

                It’s always the same throughout history. The banksters have escaped every other time. They can not be allowed free passage this time.

                If they are not removed, history will continue rhyming and out childrens grandchildren will be left to pay yet again.

              • Gold and silver backed our money until commie FDR went wild. FDR was a stalinist commie. Now there are many stalinist commies printing shit wipe.

                Hard assets – many bandoleers full of 8 round en-bloc clips. Can’t handle the M1? Get a .22 short with proper riggin’. Take a stalinist commie to lunch.

            • Good thought GC, but Money is physical. If you don’t have it or its worthless you get no physicals, bullets, beans and bandaids. But, having something physical post collapse can be money. The real money is both physical and tangible.

              • That’s the illusion. Paper buys real things, for now. it’s just a matter of how long.

                • Cash is king now,gold and silver are nice backups no dought…I gotta say thou if you can still find ammo,buy as much as you can! This I believe will be the average joe gold in coming times…
                  It’s far easier to count rounds out for payment or trade than weighing gold or silver…not to mention how many people are educated on metals,real or fake?

              • Bullets, Beans and Bandaids! I like that.:)

          • Unless there is something to be gained by collapsing the economy at a time specific,… in which case, they will likely either perpetrate or (allow to happen) a cyber attack that absolves them from repayment. Of course they have decommissioned Cold War era bunkers where they will retain all the information that would mitigate the prosecution and sentencing of any of the ‘goats’ among them that they offer up for public slaughter.
            My guess is that a faux “Bretton Woods” type event is their ultimate intention where either a weak AMERO, one of just North America and maybe part of South America is adopted, or a strong AMERO, including Western Europe or a HYPER-AMERO, including also Russia and Japan will be adopted. My guess is it will be of the weaker type, done out expediency to help the Banksters and other Elite attempt to escape responsibility. Of course any of these new currencies will merely impoverish everyone until WWIII occurs, probably sometime between 2020 and 2040. And only after WWIII will any real resolution be reached, if we’re alive after that it should be smooth sailing, as the population will probably be cut from 7.1 billion (est. today) to under 2 billion.

            • 2 billion radioactive mutants?

              You can’t fight a global war. You can’t. There will be 400 Fukushima events if you try. Several wouldn’t be accidental.

            • DM
              To paraphrase Albert Einstein:
              “I know not how WWIII will be fought,
              but I know WWIV will be fought with
              sticks and stones.”

            • WW3 will be sooner than you think, the parasites will not wait until 2020.

          • I have read from numerous articles to watch the derivative market , when we see major problems we will know a collapse in the global economy is around the goal . There are supposedly hundreds of trillions of non existent money in derivatives . I just can’t stop the feeling something wicked this way comes.

          • I’d wager on some kind of false-flag, that’s what the parasites do best…

          • Pardon me ” Well Said”

          • I sense that you are right. The scenario that scares me the most will be some kind of engineered disease that spreads quickly and sickens and/or kills many.

            If an engineered disease is released on the public, it will not be an act of nature but an act designed by the power brokers with the intention of using it as a catalyst to bring out the unfolding of our current paradigm.

            Right now I’m looking into how silver can help prevent disease, and I hope some people out there who have some science know-how will figure out what R. R. Rife was up to with his ability to cure diseases using different frequencies of light.

        • As the Blog noted, when the system collapses EVERY bit of commerce will come to a screeching HALT. Riots and chaos will commence around the Country as the population who did not prepare will have their “OH SHIT” moment.

          That’s when they’ll remember Katrina and Hurricane Sandy where people were left dumpster diving. At that point hopefully they’ll figure it out that the Elites in Washington did not give 2 shits about them and all they wanted was their vote.

          So as Gerald Celente likes to say:…”when people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, they LOSE IT”. That’s when the Govt kicks into action and you’ll see the military in the streets and drones flying over your neighborhood. They did not buy 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets and military vehicles because they were on Clearance.

          NO, they bought it for you who did not prepare, who just figured out that you were played, that the Govt used you and they don’t give a shit about you. And no you are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.


          Thank God that there was Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and a few other Politicians who bucked the Establishment and said HELL NO you are not going to take away the People’s Right to take and bear arms.

          • When the unprepared hit the streets the government will not be using the hollow points on them. They WILL be using them on the people who did prepare! The entitled will demand “social justice” and the “elite” will give it to them! They will come for anyone that is prepared to ride it out because you are a threat, a patriot. And the sheep will cheer!

            • Jones, the hollow points are meant for close quarter shooting. Hence, they will be using them whenever the time for shooting is at hand. They have to secure the areas behind them before they hit preppers. They’ll demonize us, preppers, to the mass/zombies in hopes they’ll attack us and thin us out before they come at us.

              This strategy allows tptb to see the depth/strength of our abilities to fight/resist them. Laws will be enacted to out law whatever we have. The show horders is a prime example of planting, in the minds of people, that there is no difference between a horder and a prepper. Both are presented as wackos.

              We can not over estimate the enemy nor under estimate them. We have to think like them (at times) in order to survive and outwit them. This battle won’t be easy but it will be costly on both sides.

          • @ Rodster –

            As you say, it’s all coming to pass in the world around us. The last of the sand is running out of the hour-glass and those who haven’t done anything to prepare are almost out of time.

            I walked by the big, ALMOST EMPTY, locked case that used to be full of ammunition of all ‘flavors’ over at Wally World yesterday; only a few boxes of some the really more exotic and least used calibers in the case.

            Go to cheaper than dirt and see what they are asking for 7.62 x 39 mm ammo!!! That 640 round ‘spam-can’ that they USED to sell for $118.oo + shipping? They are now charging $449.49 for this produce!!!. 500 rounds that you used to pay in the neighborhood of $75.oo for, now costs $379.79!!!! I know someone can probably tell me where to find .22 lr ammo available, but you generally don’t find it on store shelves anymore.

            I get the feeling that more and more folks out there are starting to get that really “uneasy feeling” that most of us have had for years. I just hope that it’s not too late for them to do anything to get ready.

            God Bless & good luck to all who post here. Get ready to pucker-up and get down there on the ground in that good ol’ low-crawl position; remember to keep your ass down and keep moving forward.

          • It’s people like John Cooke, Sheriff, Weld County, Colorado who said he is not going to enforce gun control laws as they are unconstitutional.

            Keep pounding their ass about commies’ unconstitutional gun “laws.”

            Next comes real pounding.

        • First time I noticed the dollar wasn’t worth what it used to be was wen a hooker charged me $ 250 just to be friends.

          • In the 1970s, in a previous life, I worked in a convenience store. There was a girl who would come into the store with a five-dollar bill and buy Vienna sausage, crackers, soft drinks and such. She would leave. Then about an hour later she would come back in with another five-dollar bill and buy more snacks. I guess that’s what she charged. Of course, no one I knew would have touched her with a ten-foot pole. I don’t think she took a bath more than once a month. If she’s still doing that, she might be up to $15 or $20.

            • I would of thought Vienna Sausage would be the last thing she would want to put in her mouth. Sorry for the crass joke, that is actually a very sad story that some unfortunate people have to suffer through a reality like that in their life. That should be the fate of all Congressmen in their special level of Hell.

          • Spoken like a true Texan.

        • There is just not enough physical GOLD or Silver ….which is why suddenly EARTHQUAKES good = new gold deposits…..argh! these satanist are indefatigable……

        • “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd President of the United States (1933–1945), in a letter to Colonel Edward M House dated November 21, 1933, as quoted in F.D.R.: His Personal Letters, 1928-1945.

          The fact that the Fed is above the law was demonstrated by current Fed chairman, Ben Bernanke, during his appearance before Congress on March 4, 2009. Senator Bernie Sanders asked Bernanke about $2.2 trillion in American tax dollars that was lent out by Federal Reserve. Bernanke refused to provide an answer:
          Senator Sanders: “Will you tell the American people to whom you lent $2.2 trillion of their dollars? … Can you tell us who they are?”
          Bernanke: “No”

          It is fascinating how the people of this country have been lead to disregard this issue. The parasites stated openly for the last 100 years how they intended on taking America down, and most people still don’t get it. Soon, the path of apathetic least resistance will be blocked, and people will be forced to face the monster they allowed to infest this country.

        • This manarino is a fool trying to make a name. He wants to be another celente. IN a way he is..they are both asses.

        • .Some get it now and some will never get it.That is a cold hard fact.As I talk to different people of all different incomes and walks of life, I have stopped being shocked by answer’s and response’s.Case in point.I was at a scrap yard a few weeks back and got to talking with a man from Mexico who worked there.He spoke broken English but as he explained to me how this present destroying our system from within ,I just stood there and nodded.His biggest bitch was entitlements and how many here are creating a dependence on the establishment to take care of them.He referred to it as a boat with to many in it (it sinks he said)I said to myself as I left he gets it.Now fast forward to Monday this week.I am at a bank where I know most of the staff and usually I am in there a good 20 minutes chewing the fat with the bank manager who happens to be a real nice guy in my book.As we talk I ask him what he thought about QE 4 and he said whats that,I then told him Quantitative easing .He then said he did not pay much attention to that.I may be wrong but I think that was a way of him saying he did not understand it much.Here we have a bank manager with a degree and whose job revolves around money and is not concerned and a immigrant that does not even have a formal education gets it.Then I am at yet another place and talked with a Vietnamese lady who also had the same thoughts as the Mexican guy did.So I ponder this and ask why two people from two different Countries understand our system better than our natural born citizens.Then it hit me like a freight train.Could it be that there lack of understanding English keeps them from taking in all the crap that the TV PROGRAMING does. They do not care about who the kardashia’s is screwing this week or any other immoral creature that the t.v.PROGRAMING drills into our heads That there lack of understanding English let them take what they see as face value .While they see it as black and white we see shades of gray.

        • what all you hacks are failing to understand is: yes your right but most ALL americans live hand to mouth and cannot afford to buy gold or anything else for that matter. We are all just trying to stay afloat at this point Dumbasses

        • Key word in this whole thing is “fiat” money. It’s just paper. The only reason it has any value is because you can still use it to go to McDonald’s for some pink slime burgers. I didn’t borrow from my kids to live better today at their expense. I didn’t create trillions of fake dollars either. I don’t owe anyone anything, especially the Federal Reserve or the U.S. Government.

          What has real value? #1 A Bible. #2 Pure Water. #3. Shelter. #4. Food #5. Guns and Bullits. #6. Clothes. #7. Non-GMO seeds. #8. Herbs and the knowledge to use them. #9. Salt #10. Cooking Utensils. #11. Fishing Equipment #12. A still for making Alchohol. #13. Toilet Paper. #14. Lighters for fire. #15. Gold and Silver for Barter.

          If you have the above items you can survive whatever comes along. I consider these the essential starting point. Anything else you have will simply enhance your ailities. Hunting, Fishing and farming are essential skill sets.

          I am prepared to stay home or head to the wilderness, either way, A small group of prepared and skilled people can survive with God’s guidance and protection.

          What I see coming is the culmination of the war between good and evil, and I 100% believe that good will win in the end. Whether I live to see the return of Messiah, or am resurrected for His return, makes little difference to me. I will do my best to protect my family and friends until I am dead or He returns.

          As far as the global economy, global debt is concerned, I just don’t care. The world systems are evil to their core and I know it. God said “come out of her my people”. So, that’s just what I have done. I am prepared to survive and defend and I will do just that until God decides different.

          Evil is corrupt, and seeks death and destruction through Chaos. God is love and seeks His children to obey Him by keeping His commandments. Don’t allow fear and doubt to prevent you from His calling. The only thing that matters is that King Jesus will reign supreme and that’s a one world government I can Live with.

          I hope to see you when the smoke clears.

      2. Keep an eye on Cyprus. It has begun.

        • As Gerald Celente put it the other day, Cyprus is test run, to see what the banksters can get away with. It’s come now to outright looting of the assets of the people in full color. History is repeating itself right before our eyes and so many can’t see it. If you can’t see it now, I pray for you. This is the time, now…this day, this week, this month, this year, to make all your preps count and get all your affairs in order, streamlined, efficient, and up to a functional working speed. Keep at it.

          Gold leader standing by.

          • @GL:

            Excellent point, although it’s not just the ‘banksters’. They’re working for the socialist politicians that have systematically bankrupted every country in the West.

            I woke up early on Monday to see if there had been a bank run in any of the PIIGS, and… poof… nothing. I couldn’t believe it. Europeans are redefining the word ‘sheeple’.

            Have a great day,

            • How do you know they are not? You think the smart money is standing in line at the tellers window? The Banks could have lost everything they have by ETF and would they say anything? No ones opinion is anything, everyone who really knows is not going to tell the truth. They are gong to get their money safe and then try to keep everything gong to drain the last drop.

          • I just can’t understand how everyone is NOT withdrawing EVERYTHING from banks in every country. Although I did see a small article about Cyprus in the MSM and it was spun to look like it was a technical error and everyone was getting their money back.
            I am done telling people to prepare and getting the “bovine stare” in return. “Life is tough, and it’s even tougher if your stupid”. Lots of people are going to have things real tough soon and they will have deserved it!

            • It’s probably due to convenience and normalcy. Most people, thanks to the Govt Media Complex have created a wealth of propaganda where they are conditioned to think that the Govt or the Federal Reserve would never do something to hurt them. WRONG !!!!!!

              That’s their first mistake, to believe that TPTB are looking out for them. The masses have been purposely dumbed down to the point where all they care about is Football, American Idol and the latest Hollywood gossip. 😉

              • Rodster, the Jews felt the exact same way– they just could not believe their government would do the awful, horrible atrocities which others kept warning them about. They made fun of the “prophets” and put them down. It wasn’t until the poisonous gases started raining down in the shower stalls did they see TPTB for what they were…

            • WARFACE, people need to also get their things out of safety deposit boxes. Life insurance policies should be re-evaluded by each person too, and if possible get out of that racket. Stop paying into 401k’s, IRAs, etc..

          • The “Russian” (Jewish) mafia and “Russian” (Jewish) oligarchs will not let themselves be robbed by “international” (Jewish) banksters.

            Be sure that there will be either (1) a sweetheart deal for the “Russian” (Jewish) depositors or (2) “international” (Jewish) bankster blood will be spilled.

            • The closer we get to collapse, the more the sayanim thumbsdowners are out in force.

              The “Russian” (Jewish) mafia and “Russian” (Jewish) oligarchs will not let themselves be robbed by “international” (Jewish) banksters.

              Be sure that there will be either (1) a sweetheart deal for the “Russian” (Jewish) depositors or (2) “international” (Jewish) bankster blood will be spilled.

          • @gold leader…. yeah, keep standin by…. Celente is an IDIOT who said the SAME THING…. AFTER losing his money to MF Global,………….AFTER telling everyone to keep their money out of the system… he’s a joke. You can’t make this stuff up!
            Did I say anything untrue? NO!

            • @WhosOnFirst… and breathe, three, and four. Now exhale…. three, four. Any of our views on Celente matter not. What matters is Cyprus is the test run, the warning shot across the bow. That I’m sure we can all agree on. Now…. brace yourself, prep up, crack a cold Bud, and a big dose of Zen. Smile and wave, boys.

              Gold Leader still standing by!

        • What kind of people are in Cyprus and what is their mob rule view?

          We have mob rule in the U.S., it’s called democracy. Mobs of wolves circling sheep. Sheep are like goats, they’ll eat about anything in the pasture. So will wolves, if it’s meat.

          Sheep never change that’s why they’re sheep. Wolves are easily killed.

          Stay sharp.

      3. You guys need to embrace BITCOIN. Bitcoin will allow us to opt out of central banking. Learn everything you can about Bitcoin. We’re not going to be able to trade in gold and silver. That’s just silly. Bitcoin is the wave of the future.

        • I do believe this is a VERY interesting concept and thus far it seems to be a solid mechanism of trade. However, it is my understanding that it is possible to track some transactions (We’ve got Yottabyte monitoring systems in play here, so it’s not out of the question that they will figure a way to track most exchanges, if they haven’t already)

          Also, and I am not completely familiar with EXACTLY how the system works, but there have been ‘currency swings’ with bitcoin. There is also a theory which suggests that since bitcoin has a hard limit of 21 million bitcoins, massive deflation becomes inevitable at some point. (Whether that’s a good thing, bad thing, or irrelevant will be something I leave to you)

          At this point, I love the concept. Encrypted digital exchange? YES. We need it.

          However, like anything encrypted or private, the government wants access to it — and I suspect they are actively pursuing methods of tracking it as we speak.

          I am not very well versed in encryption tech, but the guys dotGOV would have working on this are guaranteed to be.

          I say go with BC, but keep the potential privacy issues in mind when using it.

          • Well they’ve already invented a quantum… thing. Not quite a “computer” per-se. Close. It can tackle a limited scope of problems.

            My bet’s .gov’s already got one that can tackle encryption, or will soon.

            A quantum computer could tear through the highest level of encryption possible (by means of current tech) in about half a second.

            Might still have a problem with “one time pad” encryption. Not real sure. I doubt it. But then, one time pad’s not terribly useful for bitcoin as it requires physical key exchange.

            • One Time Pad is for secure transmittal on a one to one basis.

              It is not PGP and that sort of code.

              If my friend and I have a truly random key (secure), say, 34652 and I want to send a phrase from our numbered dictionary, phrase book, I simply add the 2 numbers using fibronici math, that is don’t borrow, or carry the numbers. To decode the message subtract the key (random number) from the encoded message. Some do it the other way around.

              Here is an encoded message: 52688

              No way in hell can you, or all the computers in the world, decode it unless you have the key (secure random numbers)

              After one has used the random number, destroy it, thus the One Time Pad. Don’t swallow the random number Pad page, a Stalinist commie will gut you, if you let him get close enough.

              You will probably have to make your own numbered dictionary, phrase book (it can be public.) The English alphabet is numbered 1 – 26, for example.

              Don’t know the One Time Pad?

              Pity. Learn it. What do you think is going on at the short wave numbers’ stations, on the air 24/7, around the world?

          • Mr. Slavo,

            The thought of deflation also occurred to me, and I noticed the 25% value fluctuation due to a glitch in the system. I view the Bitcoin more as a stepping stone to a new paradigm. Once the sheeple see that there is no need for bank fees or for the government to be involved in the economy in any way whatsoever the genie will have been let out of the bottle. The government is already moving to sieze control:


          • I know basically zero about bitcoin, other than what I have read on a few posts and a quick visit to some sites. But our current FRN system is backed by nothing, which is bad right? What is bitcoin backed by? I may be able to “own” however many bitcoins, but what do I really have? Seems to me your trading one evil for another. I would appreciate some other perspectives on this.


            • I haven’t studied up on BitCoin in depth. Some notes. I thought it got outlawed somewhere. May need to research. Note 2: backed by usage IIRC. And by programmers contributing to it. Typically local currencies are backed by an initial exchange through dollars and then get created by labor hours. E.g. Ithaca, NY HOURS currency. Note 3: pretty sure bitcoin is a scam. TPTB will just print more bitcoins for themselves. I don’t know if that’s true or not but might be.
              Eisen, maybe you can post a summary of bitcoin. Would be great to hear an example of how a local business such as a restaurant or babysitter could start taking bitcoins. And how they would then spend them. I’m guessing if I pay my restaurant bill with bitcoin then the proprieters have to convert to dollars to buy supplies. How much will they lose in accepting bitcoins? Are bitcoins deflating faster than dollars. Sounds like.

              • Car rental company in Argentina accepts Bitcoin…peso was just devalued an additional 25%. I just found out about Bitcoin, I don’t know enough to give a statement just yet…but we need intel on this thing pronto.

            • Bitcoin cannot be inflated. It cannot be controlled by government. It’s direct, person-to-person. You don’t need to pay bank fees. You don’t need banks. Embrace Bitcoin.

              • Lets say I want to get on board with Bitcoin. I download the program, or whatever. I have to purchase bitcoins with FRNs. correct? Who gets my FRN? How do I cash out bitcoins? I can’t seem to grasp the concept of creating another type of currency out of thin air.

              • If you want to get info on shitcoin, go to Chris Duanes site and let him fill you in.


                Here are a few tips…

                If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

                If you are counting on the grid being “on” wshtf you are fucking naive.

                Finally, those of you who continue to think globally probably won’t make it. Think locally if you want to survive what is coming. The days of world travel and com are nearly over…for a while.

                • Sorry, thought I copied the right link. You’ll have to go back to march 7 for the 2 part video.

                  Govt may be involved…do the letters ‘cia’ mean anything?

              • Ya the government could no way manipulate this.

            • I do not think there are other perspectives on this. Bit coin is not tangible and finds it’s value from faith by the holder.

          • The Zionist moneychangers are scared to death about untraceable transactions outside their control. They had their government enforcers intervene to derail prior efforts such as e-Gold and DigiCash. Be sure that BitCoin is in their crosshairs.

            The prospect of money outside their control is the main reason that nations like Czarist Russia and now Iran and LIbya, nations without Jewish-controlled central banks, have been targeted. It is also the key reason that heavy-handed carrot-or-stick measures were taken against former internet and banking privacy havens such as Anguilla—all killed off since the 9/11 false flag.

            • In John 8:44 Jesus Himself told you their father was a liar and a murderer from the beginning—and they do his work.

              The Zionist moneychangers are scared to death about untraceable transactions outside their control. They had their government enforcers intervene to derail prior efforts such as e-Gold and DigiCash. Be sure that BitCoin is in their crosshairs.

              The prospect of money outside their control is the main reason that nations like Czarist Russia and now Iran and LIbya, nations without Jewish-controlled central banks, have been targeted. It is also the key reason that heavy-handed carrot-or-stick measures were taken against former internet and banking privacy havens such as Anguilla—all killed off since the 9/11 false flag.

        • Have you ever held a bitcoin in your hand?

          REAL MONEY is the wave of the future.

          • You’re not going to trade in gold. We need to legalize competing currencies. Bitcoin is one such. It’s better than what we have now by miles.

            • You are so ignorant of history it is beyond pathetic.

              “You’re not going to trade in gold.” Really, Einstein?

              Do yourself a favor, so you don’t look like such a freaking idiot. Spend some time reading up on how civilizations collapse…and what is valuable when they do…and what is not.

              (Here’s a hint…it’s not some form of new fiat currency)

          • I have to agree.

            Where will one’s bitcoins go if/when an EMP takes down our computers / internet?

            • I say, “diversify.”

              Physical gold and silver—and lead—for when the net goes down.

              Bitcoin for when you need to move your assets cross borders.

              • @ JQP:
                Yep. Diversify and use the right tool for the job at hand.

                • CORRECTION:

                  “…and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, by the power of God, cast into Hell Satan and all the evil Spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

              • “…and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, by the power of God, cast out Satan and all the evil Spirits who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.”

                I say, “diversify.”

                Physical gold and silver—and lead—for when the net goes down.

                Bitcoin for when you need to move your assets cross borders.

            • In that case you have far more important shit to worry about. Besides, you got your PMs and cash in hand. You can’t have everything. You want to continue with what we have now? Embrace BITCOIN. Just accept it.

            • Into the “bit bucket” (using an old computer term).

            • It doesn’t even need to be an EMP. Our own government could take it down, the same way China blocks access to certain areas of the Internet.

              All they have to do is engineer a false-flag attack and they can pull it down.

              No Internet = No bitcoin.

              Unless you are like Eisenkrap…who probably thinks milk comes out of a plastic jug.

          • …thats one of my concerns…our cash would be fine(for the most part) if it was backed by something solid like metals…any system thats unbacked regardless has the same weaknesses as the FRN…its unbacked so its releying on that same “trust” most still have in the fiat of today!
            My other concern is the fact Id have to have a computer to use them(correct?)…I borrow this one to come here and commune with Y’all as I get a chance(mine died and I wont likely be replacing it)…I wont want to use any currentcy that requires a computer or that I cant hold in some form in my hand…not condemning it or those who want to use it but Id be wary myself of it…seems to me any such system has the same potential to be abused as all the previous fiats have had…its gotta be supported/backed by something more solid then anyones “full faith and credit”.

        • The parasites have already been complaining about Bitcoin, want to control and tax it, they see it the same way they do Hawala Banking, in other words a threat to thier control mechanisms.

          Also, consider, one day, they will take down the web, this in itself will probably end Bitcoin.

          • Any interest bearing account means they would have to have a bank license to operate in USA. Also, Know Your Customer requires them to track AND report activity over $2000/day or something like that. There may also be a lower tracking amount as, if you notice, many of the prepaid debit cards have like $250/transaction limits. Ergo, bitcoin is possibly operating illegally in the USA. Just pointing out the facts.

      4. Gold, Silver, Lead! A way to grow food, and hope for the best until the old ashes blow away and a new value based monetary system can emerge. It will happen, we just have to make it that far.

        • Nickels are one of my favorites. Copper n Nickel, worth more than $.05. Get some.

          • Totally agree. Mr. J.W.Rawles has been saying that for a while. I don’t expect to get much of a return on it now, but my kids may. At least that’s my hope.


            • They add 100’s of lbs. to my safe. Like to see them try and move it.

          • Coinflation has the current value at 4.9 cents. But still get some.

      5. I’m torn on this one.. I have expected the dollar to collapse for some time and have invested / planned accordingly. I’ve frankly lost dollar value of my holdings by so doing. The reason fiat came into being is that there simply is too many limitations on direct barter negotiations.. too few parties can participate. Gold / Silver ? There really isn’t enough circulating or available to accommodate trade on a County, State or National level.. much less internationally.. So it seems that a “doing away” with fiat couldn’t be possible. There must be a method of easily transferring labor,skills, services and items for use / consumption. Some sort of fiat either physical or digital is the only possible method I can think of.. any one know of another viable option to fiat ?? Digital Gold ? Me thinks that my planning for the possible collapse of the dollar might not have been among my wisest of decisions..

        • Maybe the new currency will be backed by gold, just as it used to be.

          I read somewhere that the reason coins have that corrugated edge was because back in the day when coins were made of gold, silver, copper etc, you could tell if someone had tried to nibble a bit of the gold off the coin, thereby lowering its value. A gold coin was worth the value of the gold in that coin, nothing more and nothing less.

          Tribes all across Europe successfully used coins of precious metals for hundreds of years. Perhaps we could do so again.

        • Bitcoin.

          • What a maroon.

        • A basket of commodities. Short the scales and die, stalinist commies.

          Commodities limited to gold, silver, platinum, palladium, tin, antimony, copper, zinc, steel (mild, highcarbon, and stainless) and the most precious of all: lead.

        • There are systems for local currencies. I think this the best idea for a local community. British Columbians have a system and I think they call them green dollars. Couldn’t find my sources on this in favorites. Sorry.

      6. Bit Coin is a very risky investment. The value of the bit coin has fluctuated over the last 18 months making some people rich and others poor. It is based on a commodity value based non-government currency. The powers to be will find a way to tax any and all transactions since the inception of the bit coin.

        At this point the bit coin is being used for individuals to purchase “legal” drugs. This is kind of like Al Gore’s carbon credits. Where are they now? What is the value of those carbon credits so many were yanking at the bit to buy and trade. In fact there is no longer an exchange for carbon credits.

        Gregory Mannarino makes very good points. It is not just coming, it is here, right now. Once again I advise to divest yourself of any monies you have and buy tangible assets. Gold and silver are OK but I will take you back to the 49er Gold Rush. The suppliers of shovels, food and other day to day needs were the ones who made the money. Not the gold miners.

        • Excellent point BigB.

        • I reckon non hybrid seeds will be worth their weight in gold.

        • ” The suppliers of shovels, food and other day to day needs were the ones who made the money.”

          I don’t think this point can be emphasized enough.

          PM’s, digital currencies, etc. have their place, but in the end, I think it will be tools, commodities, skills and knowledge that will prove to be our most valuable assets.

        • No kidding Big B. Can you imagine plowing your garden with a shovel. I’ve already tried it. Wore me out. But, I’d rather have the tools I need to dig a well or a garden, build a hen house, or cut down a tree by hand than do without. Tractors and tillers and modern tools are great but what will happen when you can’t buy the gasoline? I’m not knocking gold and silver, they are a small part of my preps, but I think a well hidden stash of tools and things will be worth their weight in gold.

          • This is why people need to think of alternative ways, as in having horses or mules bicycles anything that doesnt need “oil”

            • If you can ride a bike get one or five plus spare parts. We have horses, love them to death, but wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemy. You need pasture, hay, water, tools, tack, fences, time, plus the Big One experience. If you don’t have all the above buy another bike with one of those cool pull behind trailers.

            • With respect…I thank God for the internal combustion engine!…Ive lived and worked with horses,believe me it isnt much like that pretty calender picture of an Amish guy plowing a cornfield…I wont be letting go of “piston power” myself…not knocking those who can and do use horsepower but as a lifelong farmer raising food/fuel and fiber for my family Im gonna stick with the machines I have that make it possible without beating myself to death 🙂

            • Horses eat 50 lbs of feed a day. That ain’t hay! 🙂

        • Evening…Err, Morning BigB,

          Good post Brother, I see more and more why I scan for your post here (first!) as much as I scan for BI, or NP …or a few others, the ‘go to’ list as it were.!

          “The value of the bit coin has fluctuated over the last 18 months making some people rich and others poor.”

          This is true. The Hedge is running an article indicating that a “RitCoin” run (not FROM it , BUT to it) has begun in Spain with the number of downloads for same having exploded over the last few days since Cypress ‘went all pear-shaped…’ Additionally, the value of same has shot-up suddenly 30% in the same time, (validating, in at least ONE direction, your assertion).

          From a mathematical standpoint the upper limit on BitCoin is a function of the processing power required to analyze the space of huge primes for the ‘magic numbers’ from which the key structure of BitCoin is obtained and that becomes increasingly more difficult with each new, posted addition to the chain which is roughly scaled to e^(x(^(2) which rises psychotically fast. As far as the VALUE of any BitCoin that’s simple supply and demand, hence the VALUE of any such in time becomes a function of both production and demand…which our Spanish Friends are now about to alter via the demand side of the equation. Suprisingly, the article at the Hedge goes on to say that the interest in this on the part of the Italians (per the measured downloads) is roughly similar but the total subsequent traffic into same from those is yet negligible.

          The cryptology associated with this is very much tried and true…that’s not in dispute. Instead it’s the VERY system that I yet fail to grasp WRT overall secrurity…I simply cannot wrap my miind around the detail’s (the minutae) here sufficient to speak with significant authority.

          Clearly, the ‘hard asset’ call here is exactly correct …the ‘race-to-debase’ is on like the proverbial “Great Race” and there is but one outcome possible that being exactly what you would expect. Tarry not in setting yourself firmly into those as best you can, quickly…but DO NOT stint on your preps….the end state of what we see around us now , the logical conclusion od that is exactly “Interregnum”, possibly for quite some time. We’ll shortly be returning to a time when ACTUAL physical ‘EVERYTHING’ will be the defining feature of any secure personal reality, best to get the biggest head-start you can whilst there is yet time to do so. Good Luck, God Bless…


          • @JOG

            You can solve this equation?


            • No he can’t. The number of ) needs to equal the number of (


            • I believe that’s the only way his keyboard can type exponential factors. I read it as e to the power of x-squared.

              • Howdy All,

                Zoltanne has it right here…e to the factor of x squared…brilliant Z, “a Lady after my own Mathematician’s Heart” 😉


            • Howdy slingshot,

              MY BAD, see the response to Zoltanne below…yes IT should have had an addtional closing parentheses…



        • I don’t have any Bitcoins. The point is what the technology is capable of.

        • “The suppliers of shovels, food and other day to day needs were the ones who made the money. Not the gold miners.”


        • Additionally….bitcoin in many ways is just another form of fiat currency.

          One of the primary characteristics of any REAL money or currency is that it must have tangible…REAL value or must be universally recognized as being a STORE of value. Over the millenia, many things have been recognized as such a store of value….some had intrinsic value..others did not.

          Precious metals have ALWAYS been universally recognized as being commodities that have intrinsic value. Gold and silver ARE money.

          Now granted…in a real SHTF situation, there may be commodities that will INITIALLY be of more value than precious metals….food…ammo…medical supplies…. hygiene products, etc. But eventually…when things stabilize somewhat…people will come back to wanting and needing a recognized medium of exchange that is universally recognized as being a store of value. Face it….transporting other commodities can be problematic. Which brings up a second characteristic of REAL money that precious metals have that other commodities may not. PORTABILITY. A person can carry a large amount of wealth easily with precious metals. Try lugging all of your other survival preps around with you. What’s more….trading other commodities is very subjective when it comes to the value of those commodities. It is very easy for silver and gold to have an established, generally recognized value.

          In a REAL SHTF situation…if the power grid goes down….your bitcoin stash is “Poof!”…Gone.

          As has been said…..”if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”

          And this goes for stocks, bonds or any other form of paper asset.

          It might be argued that some paper assets represent actual “things”. But if it all goes to hell, a lot of companies that someone may hold stock in are going to be worthless overnight.

      7. Its not a matter of if anymore. Only when

        Prepare people. I can’t imagine what this world will be like when it happens.

        Keep your powder dry and God Bless,

        • Having just come out of a winter of self-imposed no heat and thus, also, no running water – a learning experience for a possible future – I am still reeling from some of the self-discovery from the last some months.

          Among other things, it occurred to me that the need for mental preparations for coming impossible times are paramount, as important as the survival needs of people, place, and possessions.

          One of the most important discoveries that I made this winter was that probably most Americans are emotionally addicted to comfort. Survival will require the knowledge that discomfort will probably be the norm and that comfort is not necessary. Specifically, to survive winter, one need only avoid dying from hunger or dehydration or freezing or infection or injury. One needs food, liquid water, shelter/clothing, and self care. Winter survival does not require coziness.

          Keep your powder dry and your expectations realistic.


          • Brother, you don’t know what I’ve been through lately… I’m quite acquainted with austerity… when TSHTF I’ll already be in the groove…

      8. First they came for the communists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
        Then they came for the socialists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.
        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
        Then they came for me,
        and there was no one left to speak for me.

        — Martin Niemöller, Nazi camp prisoner

        • First they came for the communists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.
          Then they came for the socialists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.
          Then they came for the trade unionists,
          and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.
          And you know what, things got better !


        ‘I’m furious with myself,’ he said. ‘I had so many opportunities to move my money abroad but was taken in by all the promises that any attempt to raid my savings was a red line not to be crossed. Experts said it was against the law. Now, I’ve lost several thousand euros. As someone who is retired, the money in my account is all I have to live on for the rest of my life.

        ‘What’s really upset people is that they’ve been lied to. They were told that their money was safe and that they shouldn’t move it and then they announce this. Everyone’s accounts are frozen and the ATMs have no money. Some people are struggling to get enough cash together to buy food and water…[people] just feel that they’ve been robbed by the Government.’

        –Chris Drake (Former BBC Middle East correspondent, retired to Cyprus) via

        • but really not robbed by ‘the government’…..robbed by central bankers via fiat, debt-based currency living a cancerous game until they kill the host.

          Gold Leader standing by.

        • I think of mothers who may not be able to get formula for their babies. Banks closed for over a week and ATMs out of cash. How long are the lines at those ATM machines before they run out?

      10. Bit coin is an internet asset that will disappear with the blink of an electron as the internet shuts down. ALL internet related assets are just air when the collapse happens. Paper money will be small sheets of Charmin grade paper. Ditto stocks and bonds in your on-line ‘account’.

        Do you really think that the government is going to allow the internet to function when the bank collapse happens? Nope! That will probably be shut down prior to the ATMs and banks being closed. Ditto credit/debit cards. Purchases will be by cash at first and then nothing will be for sale. Consider that the gas stations require daily deliveries of gas and grocery stores will be empty in less than 3 days. Other stores will close and not reopen. That is coming.

        • Exactly Makati1. I am constantly trying to add things to my collection of goods that we wont be able to get in a global meltdown. I’m thinking shoes right now. When I was a kid we had a shoe repair shop in town and the man did a great job. You could buy a good pair of shoes at a decent price and wear them for years with just a few repairs now and then. There are very few shoe repairmen anymore. Most shoes and clothes come from overseas, they will be very hard to get. Many tools are cheaply made today also. I try to buy quality, you do get your monies worth.

          • Did you ever read the article about the Old Believer family in USSR that the geologists found in the woods. I think they were found in like 1986 and had been there since like 1936 when the father’s brother was shot for beling an Old Believer by the czar or bolsheviks. One thing in the article was all their tools they had taken with them had worn out long ago. They had taken to using birch bark and stuff for clothes. Another point is 3 of the 5 40+ or so old children died within a week of exposure to the “outside world. 2 kidney failures and 1 pneumonia. The other 2 never left the camp to be exposed. It was sad actually. The mom had starved to death one winter. The son had actually been able to run an elk to collapse to get them meat – barefooted in the snow. I guess my point is tools wore out. I’ve been watching videos on how to smelt and such. Easy to spend 15 minutes watching a video. Might never need it but interesting and worth knowing.

            • Great idea, I actually have access to an old machine shop and it has a room for smelting copper. At least thats what they used to do. Do you have a link to the video?

              • Wow. That’s awesome! I found some on YouTube. Maybe somethign like this:
                but the I saw another where there was good education and they built the chimney/smelter from scratch and melted down the crushed rock for many hours until they had a “bloom”. But you can probably start with scrap these days and in the next decades. I’d think it good to start to be able to identify metals. E.g. magnet to know if iron (except some mixes of stainless steel) and stuff like that. But I am impressed how one can gather iron ore using magents and a trouch in a stream. Similar to gold which falls to bottom but using magnet one can pull out the iron ore. Another good one:

        • There seems to be a bit of FUD floating around here (and elsewhere) regarding Bitcoins- ie,:

          1)They’re dependent upon the Intertubes.

          Not true. The ‘net certainly makes transactions faster and more convenient over a large geographical area, but it isn’t a necessity.

          2) Bitcoins are an investment or asset in the sense that gold and silver are.

          Partially true.
          Bitcoins *can* be an investment. (carrying the same investment risks as any other commodity)
          The main purpose of Bitcoins is simply to provide a reasonably autonomous and anonymous medium of exchange which bypasses the various central banking systems and their attendant fees & restrictions.

          More in-depth explanation can be found here:

          • Can you flesh out point #1 a little more?

            Bitcoin is certainly preferable to the system we have now. Embrace new technology, my beloved senior citizens.

            • Grasshopper, beware of snake oil. It’s the same system as the FRN, only doesn’t use paper.

              Find something else to put your trust in.

              • @ Smokey:
                Caution is always commendable….willful ignorance, not so much.
                The truth *is* out there, for those interested enough to actually take the time to look for it. For those that aren’t, I’d suggest staying away from BTC (and other digital alternatives) as using them effectively and safely does require more effort than simply giving out a CC number.

                @ Eisenkreuz:

                Transactions can be done via local net, removable media, or even on paper. (Although the latter would be a major PITA.)

                Keep in mind what I alluded to in my previous post; ie, Bitcoins are not intended to be a store of value. Their main purpose is facilitate transactions.

                For more in-depth discussian, try

              • EXACTLY. It’s another FIAT currency. It has value because someone “says” it does.

                Reminds me of the “Tulip” panic in Holland in the 1600’s.

                (Link to follow)

              • Smokey, what in the world are you talking about? I have no idea what you are replying to.. the comment I wrote about the Jews?? What is “FRN”? What does that have to do with Jews?! What do you mean bout putting my trust in something else..?! think you got me mixed up with someone else’s comment.

          • Ha! Ha! They don’t say who issues the bitcoins…
            “The number of blocks times the coin value of a block is the number of coins in existence. The coin value of a block is 50 BTC for each of the first 210,000 blocks, 25 BTC for the next 210,000 blocks, then 12.5 BTC, 6.25 BTC and so on. ”
            I guess we know the answer to that. The owner of the system gets to issue the bits and takes dollars. Not a bad scheme. As long as he/she does it in a controlled fashion then may stay afloat. Similarly, FRN’s were more controlled until bankster greed and politician greed caused them to start massive FRN value deflation. They say Power Corrupts so maybe bitcoin will go the way of the FRN… eventually.

            • There’s actually a superb write-up on the net about how this was done with central banks. The central bankers were even more sly than the bitcoiner. The bitcoiner gets real currency for just about every single bitcoin ever created. The central bankers issue debt instead of coin. By doing this, it is mathematically impossible for the debt to ever be fully repaid. $100 at 1% is worth $101 but only $100 was ever injected into the system. I’ll post the writeup if I find it.

            • There is no central issuer for bitcoins.

            • I heard Max Keiser say bitcoins have made several people into millionaires… That’s enough to keep me away.

              • And by that, I mean the founders of bitcoins, not the users…

                • As opposed to the central bankers with 37 trillion in offshore accounts right now? You’re not thinking straight.

                • Actually, the ‘founder’ of Bitcoin walked away from the project after anonymously releasing the inital code as open source.
                  Those that have made the most money are the early adopters who invested their own time and money into making a concept into a reality. Imagine that.

        • Cash is king during the collapse look at Cyprus.

          • Wow E…it hasn’t even been a week…another week and cash won’t mean shit.

            no one will be parting with tangibles that will far and exceed the value of paper.

      11. I like many of you struggle with Information, vs Misinformation ( some truth intermixed with Lies ) vs Disinformation ( total lies ). What I find very interesting is the idea that they have been pushing this from alot of different angles. Moveing the herd, but not wanting to cause a stampede (yet). I would venture that I have seen more than 30 webinar’s revealing the ” SHOCKING” events that will soon happen. Make no mistake I do believe that the system will Collapse, on a time frame predetermined. I just struggle with the waves of propaganda that wash across the beach. Fear works for only purpose, to move the herd. Anybody have reasonable ways of sorting through this.

        • @mr potato head
          watch the elites, political people,upper middle class and leo both national and local…when they start the move to safe locations it will be time to batten down the hatches…when the system goes down the looting and riots will be so large there will be no stopping them… the local powers will not send anyone out until the roving gangs of thugs has killed off as many of the working poor (old middle class)as possible…the local upper middle class, polititions, leo and their families will be safe and secure in the district fema camps which will be their base of operation, think of these as the modern version of the old fashioned fort on the frontier.

      12. told ya

        ;0P pssszzt

        any one still holding fiat money or is still in the stock market

        deserves what’s comin’

        plenty of warning was given to all


      13. Yeah it’s coming. But not in our lifetime.

      14. WOW! Can I use all my bitcoins to buys carbon credits??

      15. every survivor type show i watch on tv has a recurring theme. how important it is to have fire and how difficult it is to make one when you don’t have anything to start it with. i may not have the coolest survival gadgets there are but i have stocked up ridiculous amounts of matches, lighters, magnesium fire starters etc. i have also stocked up on sewing kits, tools to repair and take things apart for salvage. in my spare time i also learn and plant medicinal plants. virtual money? thanks but no thanks.

        • The fresnel lens from the front of an old projection TV set can focus sunlight and make a 2×4 burst into flame instantly or melt pennies into liquid. I believe you could take one of those lenses, put it into a frame on an adjustable support, and use it to power a steam engine. That would be a low-tech way to capture solar energy. You can also cook with it if you don’t put the food at the focal point and burn it up.

          There are smaller glass lenses in projection TV sets that would give you a portable fire starter, as long as the sun is shining.

          • Theres places on the web that sell these lenses…dont have my list anymore but Im sure they can be found quite easily…remember they are not toys they will burn/blind you without mercy…they will boil water in moments and can actually power enginesas you alluded to… steam/Sterling/ect…theyre a good tool to have in your supply.

      16. How does the old saying go,when the U.S. sneezes the whole world catches cold. I don’t believe that has changed much. True, we need to hold hard assets as much as possible. When we do go down, I believe most, if not all of the civilized world will go down as well. I have given alot of thought to other currency,but really don’t know how safe that would be. I know Canada is about as Socialist as Europe, but I don’t hear much about their debt. Can any of our Northern neighbors shed a little light on this subject. I know you comment here but I don’t really hear much about how your dollar is holding up, and I don’t mean in relation to the U.S dollar. As far as hard assets, if I had room for storage, I think wood stoves and pipe for flues would be a good investment, when the Schumer hits the fan. Our old houses will be pretty cold as we sit around and count our gold and silver coins, eating out of a cold can of corn, while polishing our rifle. If things get as bad as we think and we have a wood stove, even if we don’t have a supply of wood, I bet we can still scratch up alittle wood to knock the chill off, even if we have to burn that fancy fence or scronge wood off an abandon house. Trekker Out.Keep The Home Fires Burning!

        • exactly mountain trekker. I have 2 wood stoves that aren’t installed yet, little cast iron models that you can cook on and don’t require anything other than wood. I have all the requirements to install them, I have several cord of wood cut and covered. I have 3 chainsaws with plenty of gas stored up for them, I also have an old crosscut saw in case it comes to that. The only reason I don’t install them now is because of the big bad insurance company. I asked about installing one, and my rates would have went through the roof. And if I install it and don’t tell them, if I have a house fire I wont get a cent. Oh yeah, there is a fireplace sales about a quarter mile down the road. You can bet I will be visiting them if it hits the fan. You cant eat or keep your self warm with gold silver or bitcoins. Hard assets and skills are what I concentrate on. Don’t just read up on how to do something, do it now. That way you can perfect it now so you aren’t scrambling when it counts

          • WOW..thought I was the only nut that had multiple wood stoves and chainsaws & gas stored and lots and lots of cut firewood covered and seasoning. Makes me feel not so crazy now. We put in a an outside burn area with a grate to help answer the questions of why so much wood without a wood stove….we like the smell of a fire!Keep prepping…it’s coming.

          • Think about using one of the stoves for an outdoor sauna. I am currently building one with my old stove after I upgraded indoors. One can find and old stove for this application for 3-500 bucks.

            Sauna’s are a great way to get clean without water. Also a great way to keep ones system clean.

          • @ Jim (another Jim)
            You are so right about the skills you need to learn them, and do them . If you plan to use medicinal herbs start using them now if you plan to cook on a wood stove, make soap milk, the cow or goat, cook everything from scratch , use your food storage or all the things you plan to do to be self-sufficient start doing it now so when shtf your family is already acclimated to these things and you have the kinks worked out so it will be an easy transition.
            Keep prepping and luck to all.

            • I grew up during the depression.

              We had a large garden, a Jersey milch cow, fattened three hogs for butchering in the Fall, a pressure canner, chickens for canning and eggs, rabbits in the hutch and a .22 rifle and 12 gauge shotgun with plenty of shells and about 5 dozen traps of various sizes.

              Times were good.

              An axe and coal burning stove. Couldn’t buy coal most of the time, no money; but the stove burned wood real well. Cooked with a wood burning kitchen stove with oven, complete with a hot water tank on the side.

        • @Mountain Trekker…Our Finance Minister is saying he is worried about “household debt” for each Canadian….

          He actually contacted one of the major banks yesterday to encourage them to raise their mortgage rate from 2.79%-3.00%…..and they did! He said it was too low and would hinder people buying these homes (when interest rates go up)…….he said it will go up…eventually…

          Other banks would not comply, left theirs at the lower rate, and said he had no business telling them to raise rates……

          The banks here are making MEGA bucks in profits, and I thought it was a nice “gesture” to pass on a bit of savings to the little people.

          We will see what transpires today, as the Finance Minister is bringing down the new budget today at 2:00 p.m. MSM tells us to look for more “tightening of the belt”

          Think you are right about the woodstoves and wood….love my airtight! take care, CC

          • CC, Thanks for the info. I hear we have 16 Trillion in debt, and most think it is much higher than that. Just wondering if Canada has any kind of debt, to a foreign country, as does the U.S. The U.S. dollar was always considerably strong than the Canadian dollar, but now they are pretty much equal in value. Just thought that maybe your dollar would be a good investment. Trekker Out.Semper Paratus!

            • @Mountain Trekker….we do have debt too, just heard the figure today….10.5 Billion…..I know that may not sound like a lot after hearing figures in the Trillions, but still too much……Finance Minister claims that they want to balance the budget by 2015….well good luck on that one!

              I do believe the Canadian $ is a little stronger than US $ today, not by much though….

              I also heard today that as a Country, we are fairly strong and in pretty good shape, but have to be careful how we go forward. Take care, CC

              • Howdy CC,

                Ummmm…you may want TO check that figure. The reason I say that is that – some bit ago, perhapps six months – somebody, somewhere ( a major outlet like ZH, BI) indicated that the Canadian conection to Europe through the Financial ‘cess-pool’ of the World – London, England – was quite a bit stronger than even our own Robber-Barons here in the US of A. Specifically, that the ‘leverage ‘ of the Candian Banking system was significantly in excess of that posited for the large US banks, broadly…being principally more similar to the leverage thaqt then existed in the European banking system. Somehow or another, they also mentioned an existent accelerating housing bubble in the Canadian sphere…careful where you get your figures from, Hon…


        • Safe compared to what, Trekker? Who’s job is it to keep you safe?

          • Eisenkraut,I spent 6 years keeping your young ass safe. What have you done for anyone? Trekker Out. Old, But Still Tough!

            • In the real world you made us all a heck of a lot more unsafe by provoking other countries. You’ve never done anything to keep me “safe”, old man. I’m sure you’re going to bloviate on about the terrorists in the bushes coming to get us. 9-11 was completely insignificant. 3000 people died in a country of 320 million. Who cares?

              You’re about to have to fight that machine you once loved so dearly. You thought it was great to use it on someone else’s children. Now you’ll get yours old man.

              I know you wanna hold hands with me, but I got $100 in funny money says you’ll tap to my neck crank, grandpa. ‘Kreuz out.

              • Sorry Eisenkraut, my hands are to rough, they would scratch your lily whites. Trekker Out.

              • How odd Eisen blames our generation for all his troubles– sign of immaturity… according to his assessments, then he– Eisen– is responsible for all the next generations’ problems.. yep, whatever problems the generation following Eisen’s generation has–its all on Eisn’s back. He is totally at fault. It won’t be our generations’ fault. Its all Eisens’s generation’s fault. Whatever happens in the next few years, if it produces pain and misery for young people, its eisens’ fault because he didn’t fix things! Plus, they will call him “old Man” to boot!

                • I will be 30 shortly at which point I guess I will have to cease and desist with the gerontophobia.

                  • I’m a baby boomer. I was eleven when we were taken off the gold standard. We were being screwed since 1913 by government and banks. Why do you blame an eleven year old little girl for your problems? What was I supposed to know or do that I didn’t?

                    My family has been screwed through several generations and yet, I’m at fault. What’s wrong with you?

                    One day it will all be your fault. Hope I’m still around to see the result and your response.

                • AS Butthead keeps telling us how rich and smart he is. how can he say the older people did anything bad to him? Ignore him, his voice is just the wind, farting out of an empty bag.

        • Many years ago, I recall a movie, not the name, and the primitive cave men had created fire.
          One was charged with caring for that fire and keeping it burning, taking turns.
          There were inventive ways to share that fire with other tribes and carry it from one location to another in a sack made with furs I think.
          Great movie.

          Yep—a tote full of matches is gonna get bought today.

          • Now, I realize the brain has matured and developed since then, but did the idea not EVER arrive to maybe have two fires??? With two watchmen?? Just saying.

      17. Ok. This is the deal. About 160,000 DHS (including contractors) folks carry guns and train. If they each shoot 100 rounds a month for training, that comes to 192 million rounds. I made the numbers of DHS members and their usage on the high side. With this in mind 1.6 billion rounds (even if purchased over five years as a hedge) is a nine year supply. And this is just for what we know about. They are using their leverage to dry up supply and drive up the price.
        They are doing the same with money (see video). As I stated in the last post… a slow, loud, and painful train wreck is coming. The government knows it, and they are preparing for it. This will haul down most of the rest of the world that is very “westernized”. Third world countries will not care. More of their starving will die and that is less for them to feed. A bonus in their government’s eyes. This will be a perfect time for the one world government thing to kick in due to the fact everyone will owe something to someone.
        You need to prepare. GUNS, GRUB, GROUND, GOLD. You have 18 months at best before the unraveling begins. When it does it will happen quickly. Throw in a natural disaster or two and you get the picture. Stop snarking at each other (the few that do on this and other fine web sites) and start working together. The prepared people will be all that see what is left of this country through. We are on our own … no other country will come to our rescue. We need to face facts and push forward. Prep now. Every time you go to the store buy extra. Every time you get some extra money pay off dept and buy extra. Learn skills, I am sending my non working wife to EMT school. I am learning to weld. We have tripled our garden. We have added 55 new fruit trees of varying types. If I don’t need it I sell it for more money to cover the 4 G’s.
        I sit at work and know that most of my coworkers have no clue and will be part of the machine. There are a few of us that get it. I have stopped talking a year ago about getting ready. OPSEC. I just tell everyone it’s all hunky dory. I do the same at church and with my family. Those that don’t get it by now WON’T! Please get ready because it is coming. God bless and stay safe.

        • I really wish people would read and understand how government contracting works because this “ammo purchase” that everyone and their brother have been spouting off about for the past year needs to be clarified.

          First off, when they publish those counts in RFPs, that contract is the mechanism that gives the government the ABILITY to buy UP TO that amount over a given period of time. That doesn’t mean they have done it, it means they have the contract in place to buy that many rounds and for the supplier to say “yes, I can manufacture that many rounds to meet your needs.”

          I have worked on countless contracts with HUGE upper end limits and quantities and 95% of the time we never even come close to those upper limits. They are there in case they are needed so they don’t have to go through the painful contracting process again any time soon.

          So when a DHS request goes out listing a 2 billion rounds, that simply means that over the next (however many) years, they have the contract to purchase up to that amount.

          If you can’t tell, this is one of my pet peeves. Now, the 2700 armored vehicles, I haven’t even seen a contract for yet.

          • Which is why I stated this in my post…. it is a hedge. Southwest and FedEx has done this with fuel for two decades. It does though drive up price and can lower supply to others as max manufacturing capacity is stressed. and it is still a ton of bullets… just sayin.

      18. Slovenia’s Top 3 Banks May Need 1 Billion Euros of Funds, IMF Says. You can Google that. This site might not like links. IDK. Anyway. The trend of banks failing and the Fed stimuls will continue until collapse occurs.

      19. Up at Business Insider,

        The German Flash PMI plunges,

        Flash German Composite;
        51.0 (53.3 Feb)

        Services Index;

        51.6 (Feb 54.7)

        Maunfacturing PMI;

        48.9 (Feb 50.3)

        Manufacturing Output Index;

        49.8 (Feb 50.7)

        While the French figures FELL off a cliff,

        Flash French Composite;
        42.1 (43.1 Feb)

        Services Index;

        41.0 (43.7)

        Maunfacturing PMI;

        43.9 (Feb 43.9)

        Manufacturing Output Index;

        42.8 ( Feb 41.8)

        Does any really think that the GlobAL Economy is not getting ready to roll up the carpets, and call it quits? As a reminder, the PMI implies a contraction in the specified economy any time the center point is breached, ie, a value below 50.0.

        Folks, it is simply over…the ‘tipping point’ was – in fact – when Lehman and Bears Stearns went under… everything that has transpired since has been little more than a rear-guard effort on the part of the various
        governments…everywhere, with the SOLE intent being the protection of the oligarch’s globally, the very same that control those self-same governments everyhwere. Greed is a universal Human quality…and serves wherever you look to explain the mess we see. Our goverment is classifiably an “Ineptocracy” – nothing else comes near to explaining what we see universally…no Grand Conspiracy here….just a thousand ‘little’ ones all over. With the observation by Eric Sprott yesterday that Ft Knox is likely, actually empty of any of the gold that is supposed to be there, along with the final destruction of the faith which people have in the global
        financial system via Cypress, what is left?

        Simpe answer: Not a Damn thing…

        Do for yourselves, do it now…turn off the ‘machine’ … FOREVER.


      20. Did I see Obama hitch-hiking through Tel Aviv? Sucks to be walking away from a half million dollar limo, carrying a gas can. Probably wasn’t him. Just my imagination…

        • Yeah, his limo broke down because someone put the wrong gas in it. HAHAHAHAHA. Classic

          • Reposted again.. .

            Mornin’ J(aJ), Smokin,

            Oh PLEASE…somebody just hit that handle!! 😉

            Umfortunately, I think that the hitting of the handle (this time) will just bring on the “Big Flush” so to speak. Oh well…it was fun while it lasted. The Germsan and French PMI’s came in last night, Business Insider is calling the German figures a “plunge” and the French, well, they just fell off a cliff…

            Those figures are already into Mac this AM, awaiting moderation. That Europe is TOAST is now beyond all question, they’ve hoit thier tipping point and the fall is beginning there…our’s will not be too far behind since 3 out of every 10 jobs here is related to European activity.

            Imagine that; what will the unemployment figures here be when added to the ecisting figure….if I weren’t down to less than 60 days begore ‘retiring’…from Humanity, I’d be nervous as a kitty in a DOG kennel. GREAT story yesterday Senor’ Smokin, gee…between you and Don’t Tread the whole humour thing here is as well covered as we might hope for. Good luck today Spain now…there’s a BitCoin run beginning there…as that happens the entire edifice will lose the last of it’s supports.

            Adios’ Muchachos! Andele! Andele!


          • I read somewhere else that someone put diesel in his gas instead

            • Heard it was the other way around ie, gas in the diesel tank… either way, I can’t help but wonder if it was a dumb mistake… or deliberate monkeywrenching…..

            • The news said that the limousine is diesel, and it was filled up with gasoline.

          • wonder if the same guy is refueling A.F.1…?

          • I think his solar powered batteries went dead. Why should that ass get to use gas!WASP.The Sting.

          • That is what the powers be say. Or it could be someone making a point that the President can be gotten to.

        • Wait! That was Obama? I thought it was Satan from the History Channel show “The Bible”!? God, I went to bed confused last night.


      21. Some days, it feels like we’re all clinging to the same blue life raft. Swirling round and round, about to go into the vortex. Our only hope is to raise our voices in unison and scream….”Somebody up there….jiggle the handle!”

        • screw that Okie, push that bastard handle and lets get this flushing going. I am tired of waiting

        • Glad you brought that up Smokey. A question that has been on my mind is that if you flush a toilet in the Northern Hemisphere the water swirls one way and swirls opposite in the Southern hemisphere. Is there a place near or on the equator that it just goes straight down?

          Just one of those things that I think everyone should know before they die. 🙂

          • Interesting question, BibB. Maybe we got a reader on the equator that’ll fill us in! Enquiring minds want to know…

            • Hi Okie,

              I crossed the equator on one of Uncle Sam’s Pleasure Cruises (aka a ‘deployment’ onboard the USS Kitty Hawk). I was a “Wog” at the time, so had to go thru thru the “Shellback” initiation…loads of fun. Anyway, one of the division officers who was already a Shellback spent some time in the head and flushed exactly when it was announced over the 1MC that we were crossing the equator. The answer – it still swirled the same direction it did while the ship was in the in the Northern Hemisphere. Probably had to do with the tilt of the Earth’s axis or the Coriolis Effect. Bottom line, it didn’t just go “straight down”.

              The answer was a result of your tax dollars hard at work in defense of our country.

              • There has to be a line. Dammit Jim, it just doesn’t make any sense!

          • You knuckleheads, the toilet swirl is a design feature that has nothing to do with lattitude. Without the vortex it would be more difficult to suck the shit down. You old people are so gullible.

            • Oh yeah Eisen? Try pouring water out of the faucet into the sink from either side and take a look how it goes down the drain. Same way, either side you pour it from. In the southern hemisphere it goes the opposite way. Just saying.

      22. The only thing that needs to be said about the coming collapse.

        Never Cry Wolf…

      23. The whole collapse of world economies is caused by one thing…lack of cheap oil. The banking system that depends on constant growth to pay it’s compound usury fees is insolvent. You cannot have infinte growth without cheap oil. Worldwide money “printing” is hiding the bankruptcy of the monetary system and killing the common man. No, tight (shale) oil will not make the US energy independent. The common man will become “energy independent” because he will be priced out of the market. Your best investment in hard assets may be to buy a “mom and pop” stripper well if you can afford it. You will never be priced out of the market. When gas goes up, so will the compensation for your oil. You need to grow a garden and, if you like meat, raise some livestock. You will eventually be priced out of the food market,too.Alternate skills of baking, brewing, butchering,metal working (with limited power), sewing,shoemaker,reloading and casting bullets, gunsmithing and animal husbandry will be valuable. Also, small scale solar panel building could be a good trade. This is not difficult. You can get bulk solar cells and buss wire,etc at cheap prices (for now) on ebay.

      24. What really gets me is that the people are blaming AKA. You are all stupid. This has been going on since the 1970’s. When the great Richard Nixon took us off the gold standard and the great Ronnie started borrowing money to buy war machines. Get a life and really know what the cause.

        • Define AKA.

        • It started in the 60’s with Johnson’s ‘great society’. Banks had to stop redlining and lend to anyone with a heart beat.

          You can go all the way back to 1913 and creation of the FedRes, but US debt became a permanent fixture in the 60’s. Silver was taken out of coins in ’64. They were preparing for the ‘debt ramp’. Nixon just completed the theft and Barry O has really got the debt shit storm rolling.

          Put the blame where it belongs – a corupt government that allows ALL OF IT – The rule of law means nothing anymore.

          • It “started”…and by that I mean that the machinery was set into motion…in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act and the personal income tax.

            Read “The Creature From Jekyl Island”.

            It’s taken 100 years to get us to this point. The banksters surrounding Woodrow Wilson set it in motion.

            But……the roots of it go all the way back to Europe in the 1700’s.

      25. My opinion is this: There will not be a collapse here until the dollar is kicked to the curb. With the dollar still the world’s currency, and printed by the billions as needed, why would they raid or tax our saving accounts? Think about it. If I could print a trillion dollars and spend it however I want, what would I gain by taking 10% of what you own and risk a conflict. WE ARE NOT EUROPE, STOP FEEDING INTO THE SCAREMONGERING. It’s been gone over time and time again regarding p.m. buying and holding it physically. We are not Cyprus! For now we have enough on our plates with rising inflation and job loss. The bank boogieman is not coming yet. However, when the dollar is cast aside, all bets are off. JMTCW. Thumb strum away……..

        • There has always been a ‘balance’ to printing money. The government would issue treasuries and the FedRes would print what .Gov wanted. This kept lending countries happy so we had no problems finding countries willing to lend.

          NOW – we have a problem finding lenders. FedRes buys 80+% of US debt. This is outside the ‘Norm’ and lending countries dont like it. Thats why the FedRes has to buy US debt.

          I look for government to ‘TAKE’ your IRA/401K and fold it into .Gov somehow – under the ruse they arent happy with returns available and they will ‘guarantee’ returns – ‘FOR YOUR OWN GOOD’ !! — WHY — you ask !

          Protect the markets – protect the wealth effect – They cant have people dumping IRA’s and 401k’s – this would make the market tumble. ALSO — they can use the 20 Trillion in citizens savings to issue more treasuries and keep the game afloat with ‘balanced books’ so to speak.

          Your right PO’d – we are not Europe – Our government wont take 10% – They’ll take the whole damn thing

          • Quick, truth beknown they’ve already took it starting in 1971 when Nixon took us off the Gold standard. By doing that he placed us under a debt style economy which caused the buying power of the dollar to erode. That in itself is theft by trimming our buying power. If they take our 401’s it will be after the dollar is gone and then you’ll be rewarded with a 30 year Government bond in place of your retirement nest egg. The government is always here to help!

        • Here is what my Polish contact has to say about the Cyprus thing:
          They are trying to rip them off, dressing it as a kind of tax. It was supposed to be 40% of all deposits but the Cypriots negotiated it down to 10%.
          IMO opinion they will chicken out and will not do it just because of fear of bank runs. Contemporary banks cannot withstand any such runs. Even a global 2% increase in withdrawals would collapse the whole banking system, so the global powers will squelch any such local haircut ideas. The would allow only a global haircut.

      26. i have witnessed two of these “adjustments” in the stock market…both times i saw people who lost everything as well as some who lost all but a couple of thousand dollars…the problem i had with it is that the money wasnt lost it was just transfered into the elites accounts as they cashed out early knowing what was coming down…for the future, think the 1880’s and what it took to live then, hand tools and manual labor thats the ticket.

      27. Ha….if all this went down…the preppers would just stay home for a year and read books, cook and relax.

        That’s the peace of mind you get…we’re not all afraid….we just know the world is run by bone-heads who don’t understand things. So…things fuck up. I see this at work all the time.

        No way am I going to keep money in a bank look at cyprus.
        Now all the world is waking up.
        Nice job Cyprus.

        We have a commie prez, a lezbo security bitch and fort knox was raided by insiders who swapped in tungston bars. ha.

        It’s all a big theft… Hide what you have.

        A thought….
        The first black president was also the last president of the united states as we knew it.
        What did you think you were going to get? So don’t be all upset and just
        roll with it and be glad you’re on this site and wide awake.

        It’s like this…
        Your a kid in grade school. But your uncle is banging the teacher.
        She tells him she’s going to give a pop quiz. The dude is a cool guy and tells you.
        So you prep up and kick ass. Everyone else fails.

        I’m saving my silver….to buy an nice piece of rental property…when things crash..then recover… I’ll be all set.

        No…we’re not going back to mad max days…. but the boomer lifestyle will die with that generation. Just setting into work…you won’t get a retirement and get used to doing your job and plan for the day when they toss your old ass out.

        I’m pulled together all the men in my corporation. We’re aligning to have our own company when we all get our 55 early retirement tickets and gold watch.

        There you go.

        BTW… They know things will collapse…
        NDAA, TSA and others stocking up on ammo.
        Even the social security administration.
        Funny… picture an 80 year old lady in her walker and the govt. is scared she will fuck with them when they steel her life savings via inflation. ooooooh!

      28. Save your Personal Wealth

        Invest it into HARD ASSETS .



      29. I’m not convinced about Bitcoin. I guess I don’t really trust much of anything you can’t hold in your hand. The only “bitcoin” I have are 2-bit(silver quarter)coins. Age makes me cynical.

        • You’re not gonna trade in gold and silver that’s stupid. Bitcoin is a hell of a lot better than the system we have now. Embrace it, my dear senior. Get with the times.

          • I don’t know how tangible gold or silver will be if things go south. I have suspended investing in them for the time being to put my limited capital to use on other assets…not bitcoin. Speaking of getting with the times (springtime), as a “boiled peanut eater” shouldn’t you be working in your garden? Still too cold here.

          • eisen:
            The little I know about bitcoin (btc)looks like it might work for short term money transfers,Your going to bugg out to China. Can’t take your gold, silver, cash, with out paying taxes Upload them to bitcoin. Go to China, download them. Longer term no no no.

          • So…Mr. Braintrust…..

            How much value will your bitcoins have when the Internet and the powergrid go down?

      30. Hi All,

        Long time lurker here. I have an MBA and spent a fair amount of time in the banking world before being displaced by a merger and moving onto other pastures and now find myself unemployed going on 3+ years as alot of the mid level positions in corporate America have disappeared. I knew enough about derivatives back in 08 when things got dicey to pull everything out of the stock market. Cashed the 401’s out, took the hit and invested all in silver, gold and palladium. I get a jolly laugh out of knowing I pulled of the market when the Dow was in the 12,600-13,000 range and all the talking heads on CNBC are lauding the 14,000 number- yeah and the monetary supply has gone up by over 50% since then– not impressed— maybe if the DOW was at 50,000.

        I’m really concerned right now about the provisions in the Frank Dodd bill that are about to go into effect in the derivative market. It requires many derivatives to be cleared thru an exchange and collateral posted. Where are the insolvent banks, propped up only thru accounting tricks going to come up with 6-7 trillion dollars/assets in collateral— your accounts thats where. Read about the Sentinel ruling..

        I am a fan of Ann Barnhardt and what she had to say as well as Mac’s article bears reading again–

        I don’t keep a lot of money in the bank but I’m closing out the small saving account my 5 year son has and buying some more rolls of silver dimes or 1/10 ounce gold pieces and cashing out a recent deposit for some income tax work my husband and I do one side.

        I really think we only have 2-3 more years max when we are already borrowing 40 cents of every dollar the gov’t spends and of what we take in via incoem taxes is consumed by interest, federal health care spending and SS spending. Karl Denninger recently pointed out that SS spending is increasing at a rate of 6% annually Healthcare 9%+ annually and with a blended interest rate of 2% on the debt( remember the Fed is actively buying longer term bonds and replacing it with lower interest rate notes and bills) and if the interest rates every returned to a normal interest rate environment of 5-6% or so the interest payments would double or triple pretty much consuming almost all, if not all of tax revenues- at thrate the debt is increasing… Not to mention the inpact to the derivatives market– as a vast majority of derivatives are Interest Rate Swaps, etc.

        There is so much more prepping I need to do and wish I could find a job but here in Atlanta getting anything is very difficult. At this point I’d take a job at a grocery store of something but I’m overqualified and slightly over 40. LOL!

        Right now my goal is to educate one sister in law and while she seems somehat receptive, I think, sometimes I think she is one of thsoe that agrees with everyone to their face. Her husband said well if SHTF we are going to die anyway so why do anything.. I am going out fighting— Better die fighting than live as a slave..

        • Welcome Chantilly Lady, and thank you so much for joining the conversation! Good luck with the sister-in-law… you know whose house they’re coming to when it hits the fan 🙂

        • Chantilly, if you want a job get your CDLs. Even an old man like me can go to work tommorrow because I have the license and all the endorsements.Having HAZ MAT opens a lot of doors. Check with the unemployment office, you might get to go to school for nothing. 😉

          • Chantilly Lady: Know what’s better than having a CDL? Being a freight broker. Find a broker or agent that is expanding. I once saw a broker/friend make $5000 in ten minutes making two cold calls; and the first call was a zero.

            Easiest money I have ever seen made. 🙂

        • Welcome aboard, Chantilly Lady. You’ve added some interesting perspective here (and in comments below). Thanks.
          Several fans of Ann Barnhardt here as well.

        • I would truthfully(lie) re-write my resume to reflect my last three years of experience. Skip the resume… just fill out the application. No sense and scaring off a new boss because you are more qualified.

          Could you expand your self employed work? Things like cleaning houses, painting, daycare, and delivering pizza?

          My business has been slow for the last 4 years, so I have been working construction to make up the difference.

          Just trying to help…

        • your are only limited by your level of knowlege self education … you have everything you need to be successful at your finger tips – look down at your hands – look at your computer screen – use your imagination .

          as one door closes , another opens …


      31. War is always their ultimate goal. Anxiety, fear and worry are their daily bread, but death and war are orgasmic for these psychopaths. The most logical approach for them to send the unwitting sheeple to the shears would be a cyber false flag attack. Just like the Solomon Building (Building 7) coming down buried a ton of evidence, a cyber attack will obscure the existing scheme and direct the rage of the sheeple in what ever direction TPTB desire (Iran, N. Korea, Syria). Civil division is also inevitable as the populace, in various degrees of awareness and unawareness, becomes divided over cause and effect. Some will desire to clean house, most will do whatever they are told in order to “have things the way they used to be.”

        The battle ground is the mind. But be clear, the real adversary has no soul, nor the capability for emotion or feelings. This is not metaphorical. They are not human.

      32. We’re going to have hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s. I used most of my tax refund to buy silver.

        • With what our false elected elite are doing and have done for the past 50+ years to every other country..were going to end up looking like Germany , ala post WW2
          the big o is acting just like thier HNIC did and look at what that country and leader looked like after the war..The US is going to get a beat down for who we have elected as “leaders” and what they have done to every other country since those days(forced petro dollar, stealing resources, war over resources, placing power elites in their governments, war and carnage on thier people) dont go around acting like the worlds bully for over who knows how many years, and not get a payback for it.

          I know these have not been the actions of us citizens, but it has been the actions of this government, and thats how other countries have and are viewing us all.
          yep, i know this is not a popular opinion, but you would have to be going thru life with blinders on not to see it, and many many people are.

          Its gonna be hell right here in our country..just as it was for the citizens of that country because of who they allowed into power as we have..

          if you dont see the simularities of A Hitler, in B.O. than you wont see this coming until its in your lap, by than its too late, as it probably is already.

          those people never thought they would get bombed into oblivion either, and many here are thinking the same way those germans did than, but it did happen to them, as it very well could happen here..war on our shores,,, not another country where we can sit and watch it on our TV’s..we will be able to see it out the hole put in your wall.

          understand Im not advocating this..not one dam bit.. but reality is a sonofabitch, especially if your not ready to deal with it.And as I have said , guilt by associaton is a bitch too

          why do you think all the Nazis in our government have been pushing so dam hard to Unarm us all?…they want to win this time

      33. If or when the global economic system collapses the concerns go well beyond the domestic front. With the “Global Cop On The Beat” occupied at home and in any case unaffordable regardless of the lack of validity many think they enforce they do create significant stability. The instability out there is quite often a creation to justify the presence of the US Military. That being said expect regional global conflicts as the nations with resources of food and energy get attacked by those with modern weapons but without resources. New political “alliances” would likely form. I suspect a breakup and recombination of the new “have” States within the US aligning while the “have not” States do the same is entirely plausible.

        Ugly is the word in every respect. For those that long for a reset beware what you ask for.

        • We’re not gonna continue on with the elites stealing progressively more and more from us. That’s why all the banksters are socialists…they realize what they’re getting away with and feel a tinge of guilt.

          • Ummm…Guilt?
            The definition of a sociopath is someone who has no conscience and therefore lacks the ability to feel guilt.

      34. With all of the governments around the world on a race to the bottom by printing money. It seems to me that everything just keeps rocking along. Its when the people loose confidence in the “worth” of the paper money we will have a big problem. Its this lost confidence that will be the trigger for the meltdown. The crazy tax structure, the lost purchasing power of the dollar. It is coming home to roost in every household in America. Im with BI on this one. I think they will sort of keep it together for awhile. Once we have and “event” all bets are off. I read the piece on SHTF about how easy it would be for terrorist to attack the power lines running into Phoenix. Last week I had a truck break down in AZ I took him a replacement truck and waited while the broke down truck was in the shop. I went on a little recon mission and was in shock at how easy it would be to take the grid down. If I could figure it out, (and Im not a terrorist by any means,) then how easy would it be for a small group of people, hell bent on causing an “event” to do the same. I get the truck out of the shop, go down to the valley and get a load of produce, and head east. Im crossing the I-40 bridge into Memphis and again I see huge exposed pipelines. Anyone could just walk up and do whatever they wanted. I have been across that route hundreds of times, and never noticed them. When you realize how easy it would be for a small group to do major harm to our infrastructure, with nothing more than a deer rifle and average marksmanship it scared the daylights out of me. I’m fortunate, in that I work in the trucking industry, and have always had access to tons of food at wholesale cost. When I got home from the trip, I immediately ordered a few tons of dry staples. Folks this is going to be bad for us when, not if, some nutcase(s) decide the time is right to punish the U.S. Imagine the bank runs, and a general mayhem if something like that were to happen. Im probably preaching to the choir here, but just had to let off some steam.

        • You are and its OK.

        • *Clyde* It is always good to hear from individuals posting their direct on the ground observations.
          Send us more as it happens. Great post.

          p.s.throw in a few paragraph spacers. (;>)


      35. Did anyone else watch the Doomsday Preppers on the family that relocated to Costa Rica? I’ve wondered about this for a long time. Is it worth it to get out of dodge?

        • If you want to live in a jungle why not Cambodia or Laos? Costa Rica I believe uses the US dollar as a second currency. If We go down they are right behind us.

          • Because I think there is a small chance certain groups of people in the USA will be persecuted. Might not happen is less organized countries. Cursory research suggests Ecuador would be better than Costa Rica due to crime issues. Maybe rural locations in USA will be ok. Maybe not. E.g. can TPTB fly drones over Costa Rica? They can over any place in the USA I think.

      36. And people think we are the crazy ones? When the banks steal Americans money do we say I told you so? I have heard many times that can’t happen here, bullshit, it can and probably will happen here.
        Unfortunately my husband’s paycheck is direct deposit, we pull the money out the day it goes in. He refuses to empty his 401k, when it’s stolen I will not be surprised .

        • You can demand payment in cash and they have to comply…that’s the legal tender laws at work. Better to have cash in hand. Cash is king during the collapse.

          • So,one the one hand,you’re pounding the table for bitcoin. On the other,cash. Is it any wonder to you why you are’nt taken seriously?

            • DIVERSIFY YOUR ASSETS. I have assorted PMs. I got cash stuffed in the mattress. I got barter trinkets. If I get some more disposible income in the future, it’s gonna become bitcoin. That is common sense.

              • I’d say common sense would be to avoid anything you’re saying is a good idea,pal. I’ll point out that bitcoin is a risky proposition at best,and only a matter of time before governments get their hands onto it somehow. All your previous posts are about how great bitcoin is,wave of the future,get on board now,etc,etc. Your track history strongly suggests you’re short on honesty,so I’ll pass on this along with anything else you claim is a good idea.

          • Not true. Never been true. You ever walked into a bank and asked to cash out $5000? Most branches will flat out tell you no. IME. You can call ahead if needed such as if you need to buy a car cash such as at an auction; but, better let them know days ahead of time. I’ve had no problem getting $1K to $2K but you get much higher and the branches just don’t/won’t hand the cash over.

          • Hey Eisenkrap….

            Ever hear of the Wiemar Republic, and what happened to the German Mark in the 1920’s?

            I’m sure “cash was king” then too.

      37. Plan on stone age when it hits. I can hear the thunder..there’s a storm coming!

      38. This is a great video, but really a no-brainer for those of us already in the know. I think the most important point he makes is to ask us to share it to others, get them to watch.

        At this late hour though, trying to unplug anyone seems likes a waste of time, energy and resources.
        I find it hard to interact with people anymore that are still plugged in. I smile, carry on vacuous, pointless conversations (“No, I didn’t see who was on Dancing with the Stars last night, Wow, Kim Kardashian IS getting big isn’t she??”), and in my mind all I am thinking is, “You poor people, you really have no idea what is coming.”

        I see these bone-thin blondes with bolt-ons parading up and down the street and in bars, giggling and just utterly oblivious. I wonder to myself what exactly they would do for a can of mixed fruit when it all comes down?
        That brings a smile to my face, and they think it’s due to the witty banter they are spewing out. The typical Jersey Shore wanna-be types are also there, laughing riotously, hoping to get laid against all odds. I smile even wider.

        You poor, poor fools. I would damn near give half my preps to see the look on these people’s faces the “day after.” Hopefully the evolution will be televised.

        Heel out

      39. Debt has mortgaged future economic output, and there is increasingly less and less economic output in relation to the growing debt. Real world economic output just can’t keep up with the monetary world growth in debt, and since banks and government have placed themselves at the front of the line for claiming economic output, the majority of the population faces a future of increasing decline in standard of living. This is the formula for a civil uprising, whether it is called revolution or civil war.

        I have read that about 30% to 40% of the wealth produced each year are extracted from us and put into the bankers’ hands each year. Essentially they control the creation of money which is bank debts owed to us (non interest bearing or very low interest bearing) and they issue it to us in return for our debts (high interest bearing). When people, businesses, and governments “borrow” it is a debt swap. We give them our debt (mortgages, government bonds, notes) and they give us their debt (checking accounts, savings accounts, and federal reserve notes).

        This scam could have gone on for much longer except for one thing. The debts grow exponentially because interest is compounded; it can’t be paid so more is borrowed to pay the interest. The debt doubles again and again and again. But the economy has limited resources and limited energy; its growth can’t keep up with the debt growth, so to service the debt a greater and greater percentage of the economy each year is siphoned off by the bankers and/or by the government to pay bankers. The fractional reserve banking system, particularly where the reserve is debt, is the greatest fraud that psychopathic minds have ever conjured up.

        • The Laws of Exponentials are something everyone should understand. The rule of 72 is a quick and dirty trick since you can divide the rate of annual increase say 9% for healthcare divided by 72 to see that the amount the gov’t is spending for healthcare will double in 8 years.. As Karl Denninger says– it ain’t gonna happen..

          • I dont think we have 8 years to find out

          • Chantilly, would like to hear your calcs on when SHTF in the FRB-Treasury ponzi scheme. My thoughts are FRB is captive and will always buy Treasuries. So, when would they stop? Only when its just plain senseless for them to grant their banks another $XX B. That would only be if people stopped trading in FRN. So, my thought is we will see accelerating inflation. Government is out of control corrupt and will keep spending money it will never have. People will continue to get fried. Only way to survive is come up with a way to avoid being killed by inflation. (reduce gas and other expenditure which are nailed to dollar debt printing). But you said 8 years. Is that the timeframe you are thinking for the financial meltdown? Or are you thinking WWIII will break out beforehand for some reason? Maybe like Cyprus, TPTB will try to dump on the wrong people.??? So far, they’ve dumped all over the American Citizenry and we have just cleaned ourselves off and kept on “working harder”.
            My thoughts are:
            1. I think FRB is the primary buyer of treasuries
            2. I think China is issuing its own bonds so soon it and others will fall away as buyers of treasuries. Non-dollar oil bourses etc.
            3. I think primary source of spending from USG is treasuries and trumps tax revenues.
            4. Soon money debt printing will be the far and away way USG runs and will come almost exclusively from the FED. Sometime this year? Next year?
            5. Not clear hyper-inflation has to ensue do to #4. But it probably would. Certainly the extreme inflation we have not is killing many of us. We try to buy as much as we can afford each week since the prices just keep going up.

            • It just dawned on me that perhaps the Frank Dodd bill may keep things propped up for quite a period of time and solves several problems.. One of the provisions of the Frank Dodd bill requires banks to post collateral for derivative contracts. The banks need 6-7 trillion in collateral to shore things up, but I’m sure they’ll use all the tricks available to them including leasing, rehypothecation, etc so the actual amount could be less.
              I remember reading a few months back that there was a shortage of investment grade collateral — 10 year treasuries, etc. This is an advantageous situation for our governement since we need to continue to borrow money to support the spending orgy going on and supplies a steady demand for new debt issuance, strong demand drives down yield. This is good for the Federal Reserve since many people are worried about its balanace sheet it its ability to continue buying and its ability to keep paying interest on the banks excess reserves as its tries to keep inflation in check by keeping as much money as possible out of circulation.

              The proverbial question is where is the bank going to come up with the money to whatever portion of the 6-7 trillion they need to back the derivative postion. That’s what I am concerned about..

              • Hi Chantilly, true story. Wachovia got squeezed out when Citi (think that was who) erased them from their board for overnight lending. It was an open environment and other banks quickly erased them too. The funding/treasury person speaking to us had been able to raise something like $19B over a weekend but it wasn’t enough for them to remain solvent. (back when $19B was still a significant amount of money). IMO we have two banking systems. We have investment banks with massive leverage and then we have the community banks. The former are not really banks – banking is just a cover story for their reckless investing. Right now, they think Uncle Sam underwrites all losses. He does. Even flash crashes are rolled back nowadays. Its terrible. Heads they win, tails they win.

              • When does that bill go into effect. When the banks have to have it, is then when they steal from our accounts?

      40. I like Glenn Beck. He believes in God, Guns, and Gold. And he buys his Gold at Goldline.

      41. It’s another Great SHTF Day! We are on the right side of the grass to start too.

        Two points. One that we have identified a problem with our money system. Second. What are we going to do about it? The first point was easy for we all see the effects of the escalating printing press of Bernacke. The second is harder for we all have different opinions on how to guard our wealth. Gold, silver, copper, platinum, land etc. Pushing beyond that is the trade/barter/grow/fix it skills, that are worth more.
        Most of us are way past the deer in the headlights scene and are taking the necessary steps. How much time do we have left? Can not say. Is it worth trying to get others to prepare? Sure, but I would suggest a cut off point. A point in time to just fade away even from most communication. Extreme final preps could be accomplished during this time frame.

        You have no idea how much I have learned from all of you on a vast amount of subjects. One item that makes SHTF unique is it is allowed to bleed emotion into its posts. Helps to identify those who are genuine.

        • Heretofore I have been trying to warn everyone. From Cyprus on I’m not saying anything except for here with you guys.

          I REALLY wish we had a SHTF ham band plan.

          If the ‘net gets cut off it would be nice to have communication lines.

          • Oh Please Eisenkraut, keep sharing your wisdom else where. I don’t believe, we alone will be able to absorb it all.WASP.

          • “if the ‘net gets cut off it would be nice to have communication lines.”

            If the net gets cut off, then there goes your bitcoin stash.

            Or haven’t you figured that out yet?

            You are such a tool. LOL!

      42. I’m tired of watching videos. Just lay out the text for us, PLEASE! I can read much faster–It’s just a time management thing.

        • Cliff notes, we are broke and getting broker. get ready. buy hard assets.

        • I agree, no time for a lot of videos

      43. Another thing we need to be concerned about is the repo-market- where/how banks borrow money from each other. This website does a good job of explaining how the repo market works and its connection to the 2008 crisis. I think of all the $$ borrowed from the repo market, and then invested in the stock market, commodities or in used to back derivvative positions.

        I just keep waiting for the weak link to appear. I think there are three factions vying for domination right now– China, Russia and American-European banker interests. China and the US are too intertwined but China is no longer buying US treasuries and is a net seller. Plus they have their own debt problems too contend with, demographics, not enough jobs for their citizens, etc… The Federal Reserve and Japan are now the largest single owners of US Debt. Only 40% or so of our debt is owned by foreign countries– the rest being US companies, banks, individuals, Fed, etc.

        China is also doing a good job of undermining US dollar hedgemony by intitating trade agreements with BRIC countries and other African, Asian and S. American countries to trade goods in their own currencies. One of the only things that is keeping the Federal Reserve note ponzi going is that is the reserve, petro dollar. Once the mid-east, aka Saudi Arabia turns against us its over..

        The seeds are already present in the mid-east–

        Do you know why Iran is such a threat besides their crazy leader? Iran opened its own oil bourse on the island of Kish several years ago and was selling oil for currencies other than oil. The US nipped that one in the bud just as quickly as they did after Iraq began selling oil in Euros.

        I remember reading how Quadaffi was trying to get a several other Moslem countries in the mideast to go in togather with Libya for a gold backed regional currency. Can you say kiss of death to the dollar. Interesting how the first things the rebels in Libya did was establish a new Central Bank.. Wonder what happened to Libya’s gold? 100 paper ounces or more for every one ounce physical…

        I’m really watching the Cyprus situation closely because of the Russian connection. I’ve got enough sense not to get in between Russian KGB and mafia and their money. I guess the Europeans forget they get a good majority of their oil and natural gas from Gazprom.. I think there was a little spat a few years ago between Europe and Russia and the juice got cut off. This looks like the beginning of a good mexican standoff to me between a very broke Europe and Russian who’s got the oil, nat gas, gold, platinum group metals and one heck of a military of weaponry arsenal..

        • The world is heading out of the USD as the primary currency. Interesting that all of the NGO global-economy white papers talk about multipolarity currency systems with the USD, Yen, and Euro — but only place Chinese and Russian currency in the 2030 or after timeframe.

          • I guess all the failed western currencies will be using the IMF’s SDR’s backed by nothing and the game continues under more tyranny..

            • Makes you wonder why no one’s looking behind the curtain….

              As an aside, today Bernanke mentioned his tenure is about up. I’m wondering if he takes his printing press and goes home or if he’ll pass it on. 😉

          • Yeah, the commies funny money is better than the U.S’s funny money.

            Buy hogs, beans and corn (to feed the hogs.)

            And 30-06 ammo to fill your en-block clips and stuff your 03-A3.

      44. ..more cowbell..


        • LMAO. Love that SNL skit.


      45. No, its a slow decline; which started in 2007 into a worldwide depression.

        The US is likely to follow the path of japan which has keep moving but really has had no growth for some time now.

        • Japan is a homogenous society unlike the US with 330 million nuts (diversity). When the dollar collapses we (society in general) will not band together and work for a common goal. We will regress into a waring mobs.

          • I hope you’re wrong about that, king krazy. But something tells me you probably aren’t. Stock up, keep the homefront secure, and have a plan B…and C…and


        • I just placed a big order on Amazon on “research materials” a few weeks back including such SHTF classics as One Day After, Patriots,Survivors and Lucifer’s Hammer. Went thru about six of those books in about a week. Heck its not like I have anything better to do– its not like Corporate America or our gov’t wants free thinking people anymore- One of the books I ordered and started reading is the “Voices from S-21 by David Chandler about the terror and history of Pol Pot’s secret prisons.

          I had to highlight this in Chandler’s book as it rings so ever true in today’s society– ” The Khmer Rouge, like its counterpart in Maos’ China, made virtues of inexperience and ignorance, preferring young people, who were in Mao’s phrase, poor and blank, to those corrupted by capitalism and education. In praising “the poor and blank” Mao asserted that a “sheet of blank paper carries no burden, and the most beautiful characters can be written, the most beautiful pictures painted.” LOL– beauty is really in the eye of the beholder…

          Now I’m starting to dig into all the books I ordered on Milosevic, the Bosnian War, Pol Pot, Mao, The Kim Dynasy from N Korea and the internment camps as well as the 3 part Gulag Archipelago. I see the future nightmare unfolding in the country turning into Bosnia with the camps vying with the N. Korea, Russian and Cambodian camps for the title of histories worst atrocities a gov’t can commit against its people.

      47. Chantilly Lady, welcome aboard and thank you for that very interesting post. i’m sorry to hear about your situation, but glad to hear that you’re prepping. Do your due diligence; there is a lot to learn. hard assets and survival skills are the way to go. The more skills you develop and the more supplies you can get, the better your chances of making it through any adverse situation. Concentrate on storable food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping gear, guns, ammo, etc.; things that will help guarantee your survival. if possible, I would get out of Atlanta and into the mountains north of there. I’ve got relatives in those mountains since 2008. Cities won’t be a good place to be when th balloon goes up. Best wishes. Braveheart

        • Braveheart-

          We’re about 35-40 miles NW of Atlanta too close for comfort that’s for sure. We’be been prepping for several years now. Hubby is former Marine so got the guns, ammo, food, water purification, etc. There’s a lot more I’d like to get finances permitted. Got the spring garden planted with kale, spinach, etc. Got some good neighbors that are former military too. Thinking hard about future skill sets for after the “reset”…

          I’m praying hard these days for ourselves, the politicians, the banksters, Corporate Master, etc so that God will forgive us for the sins we have committed against him, God’s creation and mankind and that God will change our heart’s, minds and souls to know his Will. Its the only chance we have…

          • Semper Fi, Chantilly Lady.

            Welcome aboard.

      48. @BI: Is there a reason that the majority of earthquakes on the New Madrid occur on the west side of the fault? I was just wondering.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman. The most locked up side of any fault is where the earthquakes will not occur. The eastern side is where the true tension is coming from. The western area still has a little bit of give to it. The Caribbean plate is the same way, WHEN the eastern portion of it snaps it will be horrific. You seldom see much activity on the eastern portion of it, but when it goes just like the New Madrid, look out.

          • @BI: Thanks for your time and info.

      49. I have long thought that smaller solar panels would be a great barter/prep item to have. Dont waste your money on the build your own crap, if you figure the true cost of making your own (cells, tabbing, backing, tempered glass, wire, connectors, junction boxes, sealant, framing, etc.)it is cheaper to buy factory modules (chinese make some decent low price panels). Look on ebay for 12 volt modules you can get 2 100 watt panels for 300 bux. Consider some cheap charge controllers to go with them a 30 amp controller is 20 bux on ebay. Some small inverters would be in demand also imo. I bet people in Katrina etc. would give an arm to have some kind of power system. Also I think it’s a good idea to have solar power for your well if you have one. Just my 2 copper cents worth.

      50. As history has shown us,all empires,dynasties,monarchies,republics,dictatorships, and
        kingdoms of this earth have and will pass away.
        These earthly reigns,all had the some of the same common threads woven into their history. Revolution,money,power,control hate and WAR!!! our third world war is on its way,and in my humble opinion is very close.It will be the end for many,but not for all.
        (KJV) revelations CHAPTER 21 V 1.
        And I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more can read the rest of it, if you like I know some of you have I’m sure of that.Thy kingdom come. Murphy out.

      51. We have already been the next Cyprus. By printing money out of thin air, the currency has been devalued. Cyprus can’t print their own money, so they are left with confiscation.

        The Russians are having problems paying their bills. They have their money in the banks of Cyprus, and their accounts are frozen.

        You can’t make this shit up! LOL

      52. I’m less worried about the debt than I am that most big banks are insolvent. They’ve gambled with depositor’s money, mostly on derivatives and hedges. One reason the Cyprus banks remain closed is if there’s a run on the banks the banks don’t have enough cash to cover demand.

        Not only should we buy gold and silver but we need to put our money into hard assets like real estate and prepping.

        • The banks are what everyone needs to be concerned about with the amount of leverage in the system, shaky collateral and the sheer amount of derivative exposure in the system. The US gov’t and European countries have incurred massive amounts of debt to patch up the banks. The fact that Cyprus and now Spain, Italy and New Zealand are discussing stealing people’s money out of their bank accounts indicate to me that these government’s know they cannot incur anymore debt to bailout banks without serious reprecussions.

          Is hyperinflation next? I don’t know..I’ve read the book- When Money Dies several years ago and I guess I need to pull it out again and order a few books on the Argentinian hyperinflationary spell.

          The velocity of money is at historical lows– which would normally indicate deflation but we are injecting so much money into the system, remember, its not just the US who is engaging in massive amounts of printing, that we are seeing large increases in year over year inflation (forget the Bureau of Lying Statistics. Once the velocity of money sets into play is when things will quickly spin out of control. We are in a check mate situation as the traditional avenue of combatting inflation via raising interest rates is not an option.

          So does it really just come down to devaluation vs. hyperinflation then the implementation of SDRs after a systemic crash of the whole world’s economy.

          I have much more to say on this issue after a few things are fleshed out in my mind but kiddo is about to be home from school–early release this week.

          • @ Chantilly Lady,

            I read your ‘bio’ above…BE WELCOME HERE!!! 🙂

            Clearly, the global ponzi which is world finance is ‘one sick pup’, thanks ever so much for your ‘read’ thereon! Some few here try to keep abreast of what is going on continuously..such as Durango Kidd, SidDavis and it’s nice to have someone here who was ‘inside’ as it were.

            The last time I heard the ‘tally – so to speak – was a few months ago and was that our banks were levered at about 26-1, whilst the European system was WAY up in the 60-1 range…I’m sure that those figures are stale by now, and therefor unrealistically low. The “Las Vegas” style management/mentality of the modern finacial system is truly horrifying and unfortunately implies that since things are getting worse broadly that the response of those involved will be what?…to PUSH it to “Ludicrous Speed” – I presumne that you’ll catch the reference here. 😉 God ONLY knows the truth ‘behind the scenes’ at this point.

            In any event – again – Be Welcome here, and Well-Met. I know everyone here will be thankful to have someone versed in the doings in that sphere…such IS arcane in the extreme…

            Please keep us posted – per your unique insight – as you can….I AM already grateful that you are here.


      53. What about types of ammo? Should you have ball ammo, steel penetrator, tracer, and/or hollow point?

        What about having debt? If it crashes, then debt will go away with pensions. Wouldn’t it be better to owe than to be owed? As long as you can afford debt in “good” times, wouldn’t it be better to have debts and stuff you can use otherwise? (like solar, home fortifications, and beans/bullets)

        I’m definitely praying that IT doesn’t happen…

        • “”What about types of ammo? Should you have ball ammo, steel penetrator, tracer, and/or hollow point?””

          Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes!

          • There is no 9 anywhere but old faithful ACP is around. Stroke that, plastic gun fanboys.

            • Glock 305.

        • I am so sure we are going belly up that I moved into a very upscale neighborhood. My lot which is on a corner is worth 60,000 alone. I ain’t worried about paying it off either. I’ll just print money on toilet paper like bernanke.;)

        • @ chickenlittle and INM,

          Howdy All, Two types of tracer…one can be seen only with thermal night vision, the other with the naked eye. In either case both identify your EXACT position to any casual observer instantly…maybe a ‘Bad Idea”?

          Al the rest, Yep, Yep, Yep!

          INM, Good One Y, Y, Y and Y 🙂

          As an aside, remember that hollow point is designed to mushroom instantly on contact (effectively) soooo if it hits a ‘hard target’ there is a maximum transfer of Momentum and Energy but almost NO penetration. Penetrators, it’s the other way around…extreme penetration through resistance, but may not deliver much Momentum/Energy…MAY go clean through, transferring only a fraction of those to the target. Ball is a good in-between….the whole affair is somewhat situational, Eh? Adjust accordingly…

          Oh, BTW…if you’re REALLY good with a rifle and have GOOD hunting/stalking skills consider the use of Penetrator as a game ‘head-shot’ option…Why? NO MEAT destroyed…who gives a shit about the ‘Rack’ when you’re starving?


          • A nice “rack” should always be admired — man does not live by bread alone.

        • Cast your own hard cast lead bullets and handload them. Your backup ammo should be loaded with 165 grain BTSP jacketed bullets at a velocity of about 2,650 fps(assuming you are packing a .30 caliber rifle.) If you have access to FMJ or black tip bullets, load them.

          It is foolish to expect that you will cast an efficient bullet for the .223 scam.

          Police up your brass. Stockpile primers, and powder.

          Semper Fi

        • Its Not Me — that video is a hoax. There is no Rep. John Haller from PA. The video was made by The Onion. You can search it out if you feel so inclined.

          • Ahh, ok ,, thanks for the heads up…sorry folks nothin ta see here….


            • Its Not Me, Personally I think that was a very mean ‘trick’ to pull on people who used to trust “news”. But we know better now….if it sounds outrageous, it might be. Then again, it might just be the NWO. 😉 Best to check on these things.

              (I didn’t give you any red thumbs, btw)

      54. It’s ashame that grown adults, supposedly college educated, can spend so much money and not even care of what will happen when the debt comes due.

        If you haven’t started yet, get prepping. Whether it’s stashing away some precious metals, or other valuables, or even banking away various supplies like seeds, or food related items.

        That debt will come due.. are you ready?

      55. Just thought I’d share this with ya’ll?

        Me–What is the Federal Reserve? 5 year old– counterfeiters

        Me–What is Money? 5 year old– gold and silver

        Me— If you were cold and starving and the gov’t offered you food and a warn place to stay in a camp would you go? 5 year old— no

        Me– Why not? 5 year old– They are going to kill you..

        Training ’em right…

      56. Hi king krazy,
        Thank you for the motivational charge! Can you give me a few thoughts on when and why you see things melting down? I know everyone has become more and more sucked into this government system and TPTB have printed money for themselves and are buying up everything… but maybe this path can continue until every American either works as hard as they can to pay the bills or sucks on the teat of the government elephant. (My quick study of the money debt printing is is could continue for 10-20 years before over-taking itself. In fact, I read “Bankruptcy 1995” back in about 1994 and did not invest in the market because I believed what it said. Yes, the government would have been bankrupt if it were a company; but, its a bunch of lords and not businessmen. Why/How do you think it could change?

        • If interest rates start going up you can look for things to turn to shit very quickly. We (the U.S.) will not be able to pay the interest on T bills. Another sign will be some false flag event orchestrated by the government. The person whose hand is up obama’s ass working his mouth is valerie jarrett. She is calling the shots. She even has her own SS detail. She is as left wing as they come and obama takes his orders from her. I would not put anything past her to accomplish her goal of making us a full blown socialist state.

      57. Chantilly Lady, you’re right about the distance but it could be worse. I’m in Memphis, but i hope to bugout to N. Georgia as long as we’re not hit by an EMP or solar flare. my relatives are only 20 miles from the TN-GA border. They all have gardens since they were raised on farms; plenty of game, water, etc. We can all survive in that area. braveheart

        • Come on home Braveheart! TN can use all the Patriots we can get, I am about 40 miles from TN/GA border.

        • Braveheart—Here is the SHTF scenarios from highest to lowest probability in my mind:

          1. Natural or man made pandemic-intentional
          2. Economic collapse, hyperinflation or some idiot accidently releasing or causing a pandemic or nuclear incident.
          3. Catastrophic earthquake on New Madrid fault affecting wide areas of farm land
          4. False flag event– terrorist strike by our gov’t resulting in martial law & more tyranny
          5. Large scale terrorist strike by outside forces
          6. EMP
          7. Small scale nuclear strikes in US
          8. Large scale nuclear strikes in US

          Yeah– Memphis is bad.. Yikes. I’m sure you’ll be out in the first wave to your bug out location…

          • @ Chantilly Lady. Here are my personal SHTF events from the highest to the lowest that I feel right now have the most chances of happening.

            1. War in the Middle East and/or in the far east; China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea. This includes war induced strikes of weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical, biological on various spots of the world.

            2. Natural hard core virus out of India or Bangladesh with a similar or higher fatality rate than smallpox.

            3. Earthquake(s) around where it can hurt the economy badly. My top to less most favorable targets from A. to F. All Great 8-8.9 to Mega 9+ size quakes.

            A. Cascadia fault.
            B. San Andreas fault.
            C. Caribbean plate, leading to widescale Atlantic to Gulf Of Mexico tsunami.
            D. New Madrid fault.
            E. Toyko fault breaks.
            F. Chain event type, several plates go within a few weeks.

            4. Large volcano, Volcanic Explosive Index of 6 nearby to major populated area, or VEI of 7+. This could even be number one as many volcanic zones are experiencing some major pressure from the plates, especially the Australian and the boundaries in eastern Russia between the North American and Asian plates.

            5. False flag. Nothing should come as a surprise from any government right now.

            6. Black swan. There is a type of fear and apprehension right now that many cannot explain that something is not right, and hell is coming from somewhere totally unexpected.

            7. Solar EMP. In 1859, that is 154 years ago or 14 cycles of 11 year maximums, when the Carrignton Event occurred. We are this year and part of next in this same maximum as 1859.

            8. Economic implosion. There is no doubt this can happen, but I feel the above 7 have a better chance as of now. 2 years of maybe less, this will change.

            9. Manmade bio-weapon released by terrorist or state, NOT war. In war all weapons will likely be used. The likelihood of a deadly strain of some germ being released by a terrorist or state remains in the top 10, but the other events have more of a possibility.

            10. Successful widespread cyber attack. Truly devastating attacks will likely come from China, Russia, or other powerful enough country with the resources behind them occurring during war or leading up to war. The U.S. will retaliate for such an attack with war. An individual terrorist would have to be way beyond genius to launch such an attack without a lot of financial backing.

            11. Climatic change, rapid and harsh. This could be a type of “Day After Tomorrow” event that could be from the planet, or the Sun unexpectingly shifting quickly. Stars can become what is called Variants, that lead to wide shifts in the output of solar energy.

            12. Terrorism, not using weapons of mass destuction. Much like in India, hundreds or even thousands of terrorists could attack all over the country and paralyze the country. Likely coming up from the porous Mexico border.

            13. Civil war. The country is extremely polarized right now, maybe even as much as before the civil war 150 years ago. The white-black issue for one is at the worst it has been at since the 1960’s.

            14. Government coup. It has happened throughout human history to all forms of government. The ingredients are certainly there right now for such an event.

            15. Total or mass breakdown of the infrastructure. This one like a huge volcano could be a lot higher on the list. You look at the crumbling bridge and roads, the aging nuclear reactors, the grid system, etc. Things breakdown simply from overuse and age and have to be repaired or replaced. There are not because of lack of money. Catastrophic failure can happen suddenly.

            I could go on, but this is probably the most realistic events that pose a true danger to the country and world at this moment. Maybe others could weigh in to what they feel are the largest dangers to us.

            • Brilliantly cogent stream-of-thought BI, many thanks Friend!

              Is it just me, or are we steadily proceeding into a ‘Sum of All Fears’ mentality as we watch what is going on all around us?


            • Bi
              I vote for #8. Very good list “THANK YOU” FOR YOUR TIME

            • I think EU will find some other way around crashing the economy for awhile. Next on the agenda I am going for is a Middle East war. However, if that interrupts oil supplies badly enough, that could be the trigger for an economic collapse.

          • Hi CL,

            Just a thought here…a very specific one along the pandemic line…

            Have any of you all considered what the effects on the the bio-sphere would be if the “Fall” actually happens?

            Consider what the case would be if there were 200 million plus corpses lying about, unburied. 200 million plus ‘petri dishes’ fully tailored to the human genome? What will happen when the carrion-eaters get to THAT …and thereafter carry forth whatever has succeeded in hosting itself therein? GRIM…not EVEN close methinks.

            Aside from that – a completely bio-poisoned environment – likely for a gneration of Hmankind, or longer whomsoever remains would be utterly feral …and probably infected therewith. Mind you, we’re not talking about pathogens with which we are already familiar …we’re here talking about ones which would naturally evolve under any such extraordinary circumstance. Some time ago it was the case that – unexpectedly – science discovered that simply having multiple bacterial family’s in a single, common environement allowed for them to SHARE genetic material….Merciful God! Genetic drift, not quite…more like FORCED evolution in the circumstance I am describing here. We would likely see the occurance of wholly new pathogens for which no remaining technology could – or would – suffice to interdict. Dwell on THAT for a bit…

            Get away from the cities…get away from other humans.


      58. ~~~If there are some toys you want and you can afford it buy them now.~~
        Why??? when those killed you speak of drop?? just take theirs…no one will care at this point it it’s this bad.

      59. Heads up, everyone; party time in Cyprus: SHTF spreading to the rest of the eurozone then coming across the pond. won’t be too long now. Everyone, get everything you can now. I’m going shopping again TONIGHT. braveheart

      60. I read thru all the comments before adding my own. I quick scanned the whole bit coin thread hijack. @ BI, D Morgan, and Heretic: Yes, Yes, and Yes and my twist is the crash is inevitable with, I say with, something to blame it on. The banksters/pols must have a scapegoat to deflect unwanted attention to their crimes. @Sid: simply Spot on. @Okie: 1/2 $mil? Please. I’d wager just one of the on board electronic systems costs that much. LOL! And in regards to everyones comment on the sheeple, to me it’s eerily akin to the Matrix.

      61. Shorted a Comex silver contract today at $29.33 — Will cover when silver hits $14.80 and use the profits to outright buy 5,000 ounces FREE and CLEAR.

      62. Once again I will say that this charade can go on for years ! The ability to print puts a wrench into the ability to predict a crash ! I again maintain my 5-8 year outlook I stated back in 2011

        • Where you been girl? We missed you!

        • Rich 99, I’m starting to lean your way. But I’m still prepping like its tomorrow. As long as this dollar is still being used as a clotting material then the bleeding will be controlled. Once the Celox(dollar) is unavailable, then we’ll bleed out. As long as we keep the transfusions going( money printing) the patient is still viable.

        • @ Rich99,


          “Once again I will say that this charade can go on for years ! The ability to print puts a wrench into the ability to predict a crash ! I again maintain my 5-8 year outlook I stated back in 2011.”

          YEARS…YEARS! Meaning no offence here – I’m not acqaainted with you( though I youve been here quite a while) and vice-versa – but Friend, there’s simply NO way there’s YEARS left….weeks maybe, months probably …but not YEARS.


          • Well I’m already 1.5 years into my 5-8 so we shall see but weeks or months……NO WAY !!!

      63. As of Saturday I no longer trust the bank (not that I ever really did). You get the picture. I’ve taken care of me and mine. Gotta get word to my sons, they are both army medics. They need to get their $$ out of the markets. If anyone has $$ tied up in 401k or IRA and don’t want to risk the taxes or penalties, read Aftershock, then check out the aftershock mutual fund. These guys
        ‘called the ball’ when everyone else was screaming it was Eden. I have found their views and reasoning to be sound. Going back tody to see what % of holdings is physical gold and silver.

      64. A little humor–

        Me– What is the Federal Reserve? 5 year old son– Counterfeiters

        Me– What is money?–5 year old son– gold and silver

        Me– If you were cold and hungry and the government offered you a warm place to sleep and a meal in a camp would you go? 5 year old son– no

        Me–Why? 5 year old son— They’d kill you

        Not to mention all the conversations we’ve had about recognizing the collectivist proganda BS on Nick Jr…

      65. I’m camping out at WalMart tomorrow and waiting for the blessed ammo truck to arrive.

      66. Good post, King Krazy,

        Might as well throw in an H harness with pistol belt, two canteens with cups for cooking and a bayonet to fit your M1 Garand and 03-A3.

        A small pack full of good stuff, the older the warrior, the lighter the pack, completes the basic kit.

        Stay sharp and keep your bayonet honed.

        Semper Fi

      67. Just how much can one man take? Well went dry. We hooked to rural water. Massively expensive but cheaper than paying to drill new well. Began saving to drill new well. Cars break down. Fridges bite the dust. Prices on everything goes up….and up. Stuff happens. Saving for the well gets postponed, now I’m more vulnerable w/ no dependable source. Can’t count on rural after the crash and, even if it works, I aint payin’ a water bill the rest of my life.
        If that wasn’t enough, NOW the freakin job is going down the tubes. No, not getting laid off. Just working a hell of a lot more days away from home. Lot more time and no more money (w/inflation actually less). Been here 9 years and started calling other companies. Same crappy pay scale and same crappy demands. (can you stay out 5 weeks at a time? we’ll pay you 30cents a mile- the hell you will! click)
        Came home and Mrs okie, usually the sweetest gal in the world, says ‘welcome home, honey. I think I’m starting menopause.’ Then she turned into that werewolf thing from London and chased me outa the house! Ran to the neighbors. He said ‘dammit boy! I never heard a blood-curdling scream like that! What’re you doing, castrating buffalo over there?’
        Said to myself, screw it! I’m going fishing. It rained. Two years we been in a Grapes-Of-Wrath type drought. But today…rain.
        Went to the Methodist minister down the road. Got a bottle of holy water from him. He said it works for tanning leather, too. (smells at least 90 proof) And he gave me a little silver cross, just in case.
        Went back home. She has the heater on full blast in one room and the window ac cranked up in the other. Just walking back and forth, depending on if it’s chills or hot flashes. You can hear the whine from the electric meter. Sounds like a high pitched grinder. This could get expensive.
        But I ain’t sayin’ a thing. Just gonna sit here on the couch, clutching this bottle of holy water, and watch Gilligan’s Island videos. And keep rubbing the silver cross. If y’all don’t hear from me again, you’ll know they didn’t work….

      68. Chantilly Lady, you are so right about the banks.

        Between the exposure to Europe, and the casino derivatives exposure, things are getting interesting.

        The government is doing everything they cannot to keep the economy afloat with QE (money printing). There are no more bullets in their gun…they have nothing else.

        I live about a half hour outside of NYC, which really makes me put things into perspective. NYC is a huge target for anyone, and I am always aware of what is going on around me. My family gets irritated at me because I have to always know where everyone is going and how long they will be there. If something happens and we have to bail, I want to just be able to throw bags in the van, pick everyone up, and get the hell out of here.

        I took most of my money out of the bank today. I left enough in to pay bills and that’s about it.

        The funny thing is, I feel calm. I think I have been anticipating this for so long that now that things are starting to happen I feel nothing.

        Peace to all!

        • I’m getting antsy about having what little currency I have in the bank over the weekend. Going to the bank tomorrow… If the top blows the contagion spreads quickly with the amount of leverage and counterparties.

      69. Smokin’, that’s some good stuff.

      70. @ All.

        Does anyone here yet believe that ‘What Is’ can now be fixed?

        Question 1) IF SO, HOW?

        Question 2) IF NOT, What do we replace the current MESS with?

        In what is to come MAYBE we should – forevermore – be utterly skeptical of ANY centralized ‘authority’ of ANY sort…such has CLEARLY been seen to be the demise of all that humanity has thus far created. We need a ‘NEW’ thought, a NEW way…what will it be I wonder? The Founders weren’t entirely wrong I think, but what they envisioned was simply insufficient to curb the native
        tendency for the baser points of the human equation to overwhelm the system. Is it NOT by now clear that in any future incarnation of civilization that the effect of Wealth must be fully counteracted …that once a given level of REAL wealth has been acheived that one can no longer participate in governance anymore…AT ALL? The preponderance of the outcomes of allowing ‘Wealth’ to have a say in how things are run has continously demonstrated – for me, conclusively – that ‘Wealth’ MUST in the future be ‘segregated’ from ‘operation’…is this not so? If NOT, explain to me WHY it is not.

        Whether we are smart, or otherwise, it is for US to obtain to a solution…else there will BE no further interations of ‘civilization’ upon this world and without that what will there be….only a long, slow de-evolution into savagery. That the system, as it is currently (and previously) constituted is an ABYSSMAL FAILUE is now beyond question…WHO would argue that this might somehow be fixed?! It is DONE…all we can do is survive it’s oncoming obviation and REBUILD. There are some Brilliant People here…in this place! What then is the solution as to what is to come, afterwards …dwell upon this, I pray you!


        • I have a solution, but it is so not politically correct.

      71. I had a dream last night that the Bond bubble had collapsed. Max Keiser talks about the Bond bubble in his interviews with Alex Jones… He says, “we’re in a treasury bubble- biggest bubble in 300 years…popping in April. How bad will it be? It will be the worst financial crisis in 100 years! Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.”

        In the dream, I dreamed it had collapsed and all I could think of was what someone posted here the other day about preparing as if you have only one hour left… and I thought to myself, I should have listened!

        • I’m picking April 20th for War. It looks like a red letter day to me.

          • I’ll drink to that!

      72. just a few hours of liquidity left

        daily withdrawal limit of 260 euros daily

        and uninsured depositors could take a 40% loss

        the misery that bankers have brought on the world is indescribable

        enough is enough

        • Howdy Satori,

          T’anks Friend for keeping us up to snuff. Incidenatlly, did you catch that Christine LaGarde’s – the head of IMF – apartement was raided by police…I just caught that in passing browsing around last night…something about a humongous ‘improper’ loan to someone…(?!)


          • yea
            I am definitely following that story

            quite a nest of vipers isn’t it ??

      73. Former Cal Girl, what area are you in? I may just consider it as a plan C; I’ve got some reservations about my plan B. Chantilly Lady, any one of the scenarios you listed or even a combination of them are possible. Won’t know which one for sure until it happens. I’m only a 1-hour drive from the southern end of the New Madrid Fault. My dad, a retired federal employee, is in the Ozarks. If the bridges over Ol’ man River go, then bugout to AR is a no-go. Lost my mom to cancer right after Obama first came along. other than my job, not much left for me here. The scenario I fear the most is New Madrid. Braveheart

        • Yep, just west of ol’ man River myself,
          and New Madrid scenario would be one to be feared.

      74. I’m excited about the collapse.
        It will be an adventure.
        If you are mentally ready….and prepped…then it will be a big vacation.
        I’ll just stay home and garden.

        Let it all collapse.

        They will steal the 401k…it’s why I never put much in.
        I bought metals and real estate.

        Here’s an idea…
        Restart slavery.

        But this time…. we enslave the bankers.

        They have enslaved us.

      75. BI, good evening, sir. I believe #5 will definitely happen and i have the same feeling outlined in #6. #9,10, 12, or 14 can definitely lead us to #13. I’ve had the same feeling outlined in #6 since Election Day and it’s getting stronger with TSHTF in Cyprus and what I see about NMF. I’m not afraid to admit I’m scared to death right now. Some nights I break down over what we all know is coming to this land. Last night was one of those nights. But i’m still strong and hanging in there. The one thing I dread the most is the possibility i may have to take the life of anybody who comes to me with evil intentions toward me. Sometimes I have dreams about that. I’ve often wondered if that moment ever came would i have what it takes to pull the trigger. I won’t know for sure until the moment comes and it will come. I’ve got to believe that I can because I WANT TO SURVIVE! SOMETHING’S coming and sooner than anybody thinks. keep prepping. braveheart

      76. Odd thing… I commented above about the dream I had – about the collapse of the Bond bubble… a little while later I went to this website (the website for the above video) and this guy was saying that the Bond bubble was beginning to crack– and the date of his announcement was few days ago.

      77. Greetings Everyone!
        Wish I knew as much as folks here about guns,gold,the markets,and SHTF supplies we need….
        What I DO know for sure is that CHANGE is about to happen in the near future.I suspect that here in America(notice I didn’t say USA)we’re gonna have a paradigm moment quite soon.I believe that our “standard of living” both upper,middle and lower will be the first to be CHANGED.This might not be such a awful thing for our country in many ways.For those who have tried to be ready for such a moment to arrive it will “interesting”.It WILL be most fatal for those for whom “assistance” is their self-imposed lifeline.I also believe that at least part Wall Street will have the common sense to adapt(or it may perish for the lack thereof).But either way it will severely contract to a few hundred companies(or just dozens in each sector!)and run with rules tighter than were imposed after the 1930’s Great Depression.A new coinage will appear(mostly PM’s) with some form of fiat money NOT from the Feds.Self reliance will be the new norm(we’ll hang rapists,murders and other destructive animals for the common good and that WILL include bankers that cause banks to lose depositor’s monies too).What other changes will/might happen I’m NOT sayin’.Let the criminals in Washington find out for themselves….
        Won’t be a need for a Congress/White house as we now know them.
        I’ll miss the National Weather Service and the National Park Service,though.
        As for much of the rest….
        Good riddance!
        Hope everyone has a warm safe place to sleep tonight

      78. After the LOOTING, the world’s economic systems will be collapsed, and they’ve been blaming us and capitalism for the collapse. Who could ever imagine a gigantic conspiracy ever happened over two hundred years ago?

        You know there is NO bullet proof system against looting.
        We don’t need any more propaganda and lectures from these people.

        If we can’t even stop the cabal now, do you trust the same people to control and run the NEW system that they put it in for you???

        WTH?? After all, bankers:
        – took/kept your Fort Knox Gold
        – are destroying your currency by massive printing of money and creating many big and expensive programs which are controlled and run by the same group.
        – are causing people’s economy to collapse. And we’ve seen all countries’ economies having the same problems.

        – Germany won’t get its gold back in 7 years from France and from the banks of New York.

        While they are lecturing us, so they will confiscate people’s gold and silver to build the new system, which bankers did in the past, and we’re back to square one again!!! 🙁
        That’s why all this lecturing is about; Okay “Gold is money; the confiscation is justified and must happen.” 🙁

        IMF BANKERS are the ones who own alot of the world gold.
        And we are forced to borrow from them if we wish to survive.

        • Make no mistake about it, every day the media, politicians, propagandists and TROLLS are brain-washing you and the world that American people are owed IMF bankers $16 TRILLION $$$$ and + $$$$ (phony debt) – After taking your resources you and your children are still in debt.

          IMF international bankers with headquarters is in France, and their offices are all over the world.

          If Germany still wants their gold back, good luck!!!
          (It seems there are serveral major problems though.)

          As long as Liberal Chancellor MERKEL (Germany) is still in office, she’s doing whatever the IMF tells her to do, and smiling the whole time.

          • Christine LaGarde’s apartment, the head of IMF, was raided by police is just more propaganda.
            And she was just a front.

            DOMINIQUE STRAUS KAHN (former head of IMF) HAS SOLD so much GOLD from ALL countries to HIS brotherhood.

            SOCIALIST LABOR PARTY Prime Miniser BROWN (UK) sold most of England’s gold to Chief STRAUS KAHAN (IMF) at the bottom price, that’s why they call that gold purchase — the “BROWN BOTTOM.” 🙁 About $200/ an ounce.

            Straus Kahn’s sex incident was staged to get him off the head of IMF’s job by scandal, and to portray him as a victim.

            In reality, he is the big shot. Straus Kahn forced American taxpayers had to pay for all his expenses that he incurred while he stayed in New York for his PHONY sex trial. It was said it was staged for his political agenda and who knows what??

            Well the REAL news said, Dominique strauss kahn is one of the big shot who knows where all the countries’s gold is at.

            It seems nothing that happened was done by accident as the media outlets have reported, what next???

      79. Buying mine stock is another easy way to ROB you.
        The loss and expenses are passed on to customers, and if there is gold they will keep it for themselves. They will propably tell you, they have to turn it in to the gov’t. People have heard it all, it’s just a big lie from Wallstreet’s agents.

        As always, propagandists want to use MAC’s popular website to sell their agenda. Hmmmmm….. 🙂

      80. @ All,

        A Solar Flare nearing M-2.0 was monitored to have occured at approximately 22:00 UTC ( some few hours ago) I was not monitoring solar at that point and therefor am not able to give the precise time or magnitude…both given above are close, but possibly not exact.

        The EUVI SAM (soft X-ray) imaging indicates that this occurance originated with either the 11692 or 11695 spot regions bt is at this time unclear inasmuch as both are now directly upon the line (at the edge of the western limb) seperating the terrestrail LOS from ‘shade’. As such IS the case then the liklihood of a subsequent feo-effective event is very low. It is also the case that – at this time – the region(s) involved appear to exciting themseves to another discharge imminently.

        More to follow if warranted.


      81. It’s not just gold that will become our new money, but trade as well. If we stock up now on things that could be used for trade later we can be better off. I know that it sounds weird but simple things like cooking oil, TP, instant coffee could one day be used as our own form of currency cause the US dollar is going to hell and there is nothing we can do about it

      82. Two types of people you may want to distance yourselves when shtf, 1. Bankers, and 2. Politicians. Americans may be slow to anger, that does not mean we are stupid, it just means that WHEN shtf Americans will exact retribution on an almost biblical proportion. When this whole mess unravels, the 2nd American revolution will make the French revolution look like a walk in the park.

        • THAT is a problem!

          Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

          Nuremberg 2

      83. First time posting here. Great forum and information! You have a great mixture of God fearing freedom loving individuals here or at least most of you are 🙂

        I have spent the last twenty years trying to educate the masses. They don’t want to be educated.

        I feel like they all live in their own little bubbles and I have been walking around with a large needle trying to pop them. It is the American Dream sheeple, wake the hell up from your slumber.

        The great experiment in following the law of man has failed.

        Time to go back to God’s laws instead!

      84. There’s no revolution coming, you wont be able to fight back, You wont be able to buy or sell without the mark on your forehead or right hand. Your gold will be worthless, you will throw it out into the street because it will be in your way. Do not fall for this gold and silver lie. Buy products, things that will keep you alive. Buy axes, you will be better off for having an axe than a bar of gold. A water filter will be worth more than all the silver coins in the world. You can die of thirst with a pocket full of gold coins. Eventually everything will be accounted for, they will not let you buy or sell without being a part of their new world order. The day will come that you will have to make up your mind that you will be a part of this new world order or starve. You can only live so long, then you will die, then you will only have judgement and what will come with it. It’s you that counts and who you are, nothing else matters. Live right.

      85. Consider this as the first domino of a global depression to have fallen?
        Consider how much wealth was stolen from home owners in Ameri k a when banks intentionally hyper inflated the value of real estate then they devalued the property leaving the owner with the false inflated value as debt.

      86. The One People’s Public Trust filings in the UCC (Universal Commercial Code)have successfully and completely foreclosed and thus “dis-established” all corporations who are parties in the UCC – and that means in the whole world.
        In technical jurisdictional legal terms, the banks, and all corporations including nation states (countries) which also operate as “corporations”, NO LONGER EXIST.
        Check out and the myriad websites following from that.
        All that’s legally left now is THE ONE PEOPLE ! Cheers !!

        • @Anoka that’s complete nonsense. Firstly its the Uniform Commercial Code not the ‘Universal Commercial Code’. Secondly are you not aware that UCC filings are just liens or claims over the named debtors. They are not legal judgements. For a legal the OPPT would have needed to take the filings to a court with each corporation one at a time to seek a judgement eg OPPT vs Microsoft, OPPT vs Boeing, OPPT vs US Govt etc etc…I have searched and I cannot find these court rulings….Until this occurs there are no foreclosures.

          From the UCC itself…

          Section 140.02 Purpose Page 2

          (2) The duties and responsibilities of the filing officer with respect to the administration of the UCC are ministerial. In accepting for filing or refusing to file a UCC record pursuant to 950 CMR 140.00, the filing officer does none of the following:
          – Determine the legal sufficiency or insufficiency of a record.
          – Determine that a security interest in collateral exists or does not exist.
          – Determine that information in the record is correct or incorrect, in whole or in part.
          – Create a presumption that information in the record is correct or incorrect, in whole or in part.

          “The validity and enforceability of a UCC filing is determined by the courts”.

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