IT’S AIRBORNE: Human Transmission of Deadly H7N9 Virus Now Confirmed

by | May 23, 2013 | Headline News | 201 comments

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    h7n9In April of this year researches studying the H7N9 bird flu virus in China advised global governments to get prepared for the worst case scenario. According to the World Health Organization, H7N9 is one the most lethal influenza strains ever identified because it mutates eight times faster than a normal flu virus, and according to official records, has a death-to-infection ratio of about 25%.

    It was initially believed that the virus could only be transmitted to humans who have had direct contact with poultry. After 36 H7N9 deaths and 131 of infections officially reported since the virus was first identified, the worst case scenario that many feared may now be on the horizon.

    The Sun China Morning Post is reporting that researches have confirmed that, not only can the virus be transmitted from one human to another, but it has gone airborne.

    The H7N9 bird flu virus can be transmitted not only through close contact but by airborne exposure, a team at the University of Hong Kong found after extensive laboratory experiments.

    Though the virus appears to have been brought under control recently, the researchers urged the Hong Kong authorities to maintain strict surveillance, which should include not only poultry but humans and pigs.

    In the study, to be published today in the journal Science, ferrets were used to evaluate the infectivity of H7N9. It was found the virus could spread through the air, from one cage to another, albeit less efficiently.

    Inoculated ferrets were infected before the appearance of most clinical symptoms. This means there may be more cases than have been detected or reported.

    “People may be transmitting the virus before they even know that they’ve got it,” Zhu said.

    SCMP via Zero Hedge

    It’s important to note that the Chinese government has never been very straight forward about statistics, especially if they involve negative perceptions of their country, so in all likelihood the H7N9 virus has infected countless others.

    Though it’s been called one of the most lethal flu viruses in history by WHO, Chinese scientists have downplayed the threat by claiming the effects are “mild,” and the U.S. government has up until now made no decision on whether to move forward with a vaccine for this particular strain. Earlier reports indicate that the virus is resistant to Tamiflu, a drug commonly used to treat most flu symptoms.

    H7N9 is reportedly now under control in China, but we know for a fact that the virus jumped to Taiwan in April, and it may have spread elsewhere. Given that research shows the virus can spread through the air before symptoms appear, it’s certainly possibly that an outbreak is in its preliminary phase right now.

    Curiously, the United Nations reports that the virus has already cost the global economy some $6.5 billion in losses. Those are massive numbers given that only 131 official cases have been reported.

    We’ll know soon enough if the Chinese government has controlled the outbreak among its one billion population, and if it’s taken hold in other countries. If it’s airborne, the contagion will spread like any common cold or flu.

    Pandemics have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people throughout history, and once they start they are very hard to control. With H7N9 having a mutation rate that is eight times faster than other flu viruses, it could very well become even deadlier than it is now. Moreover, it could become even more contagious over time.

    The only thing we can do at this point is to wait for news as it becomes available and take preemptive steps to prepare for the possibility of a widespread outbreak.

    Hattip Satori


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      1. I feel fine.. cough.. just fine… cough.

        • Turn your head please.

          • My church is one that makes a whole lot of community contacts on any given day. I DO fear someone bringing this flu, or something else, to me in my home. They think I’m weird, but I’ve started resisting, even forbidding a large number of those people having extensive contacts with large numbers of people from coming into my home. I’m not comfortable with anyone bringing the germs, bacteria and viruses of dozens of strangers into my home.

            I’m not wearing a particle mask, but the least I can do is cut down on the variety of other people’s germs brought into my home. Hell, at the local supermarket, they supply alcohol wipes to customers to use on the shopping carts, etc…

            This virus, or one like it can show up anywhere, anytime, and I’m not okay with that. Is there anyone else out there with a compromised immune system who is a bit wary of this?

            • I seen deasease bad one spread when I was in service of our country. Its not pretty. If this is true and it grows. It is game over.
              The deasease will kill 25% the panic will take 50% more and then most will give up.

              Truly only the strong will survive.
              Strange we lost a bridge here in Wa it will block all from Seattle getting up. Maybe someone is looking out for my group.

              • There was a 5.7 earthquake in northern California, could be the cause?

                • YDNTKS:

                  Great observation! You know, I’ll bet you are right!!

                • Negative, too far away

              • your service was not for the country, it was for the military industrial complex and profits for the rich who are by design destroying this country

              • Umm… The I5 will be open real soon. They’re not willing to lose that massive income from Canadians coming South to spend their money. There are detours already setup, I live along the border and have friends up in Canada, they came down this weekend (days after the Canadian driver apparently took out the bridge, though his load had minor damage at best on it) without much delay.

            • @ Sixpack, we used to have a medically fragile child in the home, (I mentioned him in previous article), & he was colonized with pseudomonas, serratia, HSV in both eyes & MRSA. We limited who came into our home (if he was exposed to even common things like a cold-it could’ve killed him), used vigorous hand washing, & universal precautions and none of us in the home (2 other children & myself and hubby) contracted any of these. We also changed air filters every 30 days, bleached any surface that could be, (if the fumes would be too close to immune compromised child, I used vinegar to clean), and we never had anyone infected. We lived like this for 11 years out of necessity, and now just out of habit, still do.
              This concerns me, but in our home I feel we have a grasp on prevention. Going to the stores, I plan to continue to maintain a wide personal space and hand sanitizer (note: hand sanitizer will NOT kill C-Diff, you must wash hands vigorously). Be cautious, careful and aware of what you touch, and how close you get to someone if you have to go out and that’s probably the best you can do short of wearing masks and gloves. I share your concerns and think you are very smart for your perception of this very real threat. C TX Mom

              • Greetings. Avoid hand sanitizers which contain triclosen…not a good substance for our bodies, especially children.

              • When my husband was sick with cancer, I kept people out of the house because his immune system was non existent. I sanitized everything because he got C-DIF at the hospital and never got rid of it. Nasty stuff. When we had to go to the doctor or hospital he wore a mask and was as covered as I could get him. Disinfect with vinegar or bleach and wash hands, wash hands, wash hands!!!

            • Greetings. Start reading up on natural anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti fungal substances. Colloidal silver, natural honey and cinnamon , virgin cocoanut oil, all kinds of herbs. We all need to figure these out so we don’t have to rely on the medical system. As preppers, we need to eat right and be as healthy as possible. There is a lot of info out there about these types of nutrients. God Bless to all

            • Sixpack, do you handle money? That is one of the most germ coated items in everyday life. That and your desk at work. Toilet seats are cleaner.

              If you go to church and touch anything, same as having them in your home. Do they pass a collection plate? Take sacrament? Have song books? Door handles? Flush handles in the bathroom?

              Then there are the shelf-stockers in the grocery who are usually young people who party when not at school or work and come into contact with hundreds of people daily. The germs have been kept nice and cool on that carton of milk or that bottle of soda. Ditto in the fresh fruit and veggies section. And if you eat in restaurants or fast food joints…lol.

              Howard Hughes took it to extremes. Maybe you should read his biography for ideas. Problem is, he was wealthy, are you?

              • Thank you all for helping me see that I’m not so far out in left field as I thought.

                Makati12, I’ve thought of all what you said and I have minimal contact with all of it, and I had begun avoiding church. Everyone there always want to shake hands with everyone, so I sit outside in the lobby for sacrament, then promptly leave, avoiding all the hand-shaking.

                I avoid church now, because even after trying to explain my situation, they seem to be offended by it…as if THEY DON’T THINK THEY COULD POSSIBLY HAVE GERMS ON THEM.

                I feel paranoid, but my immune system is in bad shape at the moment, despite the natural herbs I use to bolster it.

                I use both bleach and vinegar everywhere too, in the end, I am the sole protector of myself and my home.

          • mooooon river…..

          • Its a terrible feeling to be having a prostate exam and see both the doctor’s hands on your shoulders.

        • I do not understand the humor here.

          I’ve been prepping mostly for the nuclear war and/or economic collapse.

          It looks like I f***ed up.

          The biowarfare is the easiest way to achieve even the boldest goals of depopulation agenda.

          Who wants to bet against my prediction:
          that the powers that be will be just fine?
          I very much doubts that any deadly virus is released from military research labs into the wild without first having developed and tested a cure.

          This is one of those scenarios when I really don’t give a flying f*** about anyone’s opinion of me.
          Off to buy more gas mask filters…

          • Howdy AC,

            Nobody can see ‘everything’ coming Friend. Part of what make ‘us what we are’ is our ABILITY to adapt our reponses to what changes around us…I could guess that any such as yourself are a fairly ‘adaptable sort’. That said, yes I wouldn’t put anything past ‘The Masters of the Universe’ types which are so pervasive today…THOSE are ‘Sociopaths’ of an order that is simply mind-numbing. Hell, LOOK at what they’ve done to the Financial state of the World so far…without the slightest REMORSE whatsoever, Eh?

            The REAL WORRY is that THEY know…and HAVE known, for many decades where this was ALL going…they ARE the ones who have been funding all the various minute studies and surveys in EVEYTHING..the entire PYRAMID which is our Culture EXISTS to to FUNNEL Resources and DATA to the TOP…Yes? therefor your assertion is LIKELY not far from the terrible truth….”Peak Oil”, “Peak Population”, “Peak FERTILZER”….Most academics have – for some time – been patiently explaining, that we are ALL approaching a host of ‘singularity’s’ on many levels …THEY KNOW THIS WELL.

            Therefor ‘WHAT have THEY planned?’…’nuf said there.


        • ;)…’Good one’!


      2. Eliminate the G-Flu: R1, D1, L1

        • Howdy DK!

          Ummm…would you mind translating that for me? I seem to be lost in the ‘jargon’ there… 😉


        • We all tried do you think this will wake anyone up no. They will just die and thank theG for giving them the “kill pills” so the pain will stop.

          • Well, they DO hate us for our freedom (of choice)…

        • As of now we have been lucky.

        • Just throwing this out there

          I wonder if some sizemic activity has played a part in this?

          or more than likely some politicain said we dont need to spend money on maintaining our you have this

          curious, a loud bang and down she came..

        • the dead of america is happening now

        • Wow! I was just reading over old notes taken from Mike Ruppert’s website about collapse and how the infrastructure will start failing.. and there will be no money to fix it. This is one of the first things we will notice with the onset of collapse. I keep thinking I need to move to a better location BEFORE the bridge gets too bad where I live@ ; (


          The bridge in question was struck by an oversized truck.

          Nothing personal, Satori, but the important thing to remember as the water starts swirling faster and faster in the toilet Amerika is becoming is to fact check before we hit “Send”.

          Rumors, innuendo and poor fact checking aids the forces of Mordor by panicking the sheeple and patriot alike.

      3. Disease and germs have been the number one killer of almost all life forms on the planet from the animal to planet kingdoms. You get a virus that puts mostor all the population inside and you lose the economy that is already on the brink. It is really the morbidity rate that people need to fear about a virus in regards to the economy.

        Here’s the thing about nature. Almost all species seem to have a germ that develops to thin the population when it becomes too much. It is weird, but nature seems to have its own self defense mechanisms against any life form that becomes too much. While 7 billion people may not seem like a lot like in comparison to certain insects that total in the trillions. It is just how much impact the life forms has on nature is what determines this protection system that is has. It is not some sentient being that decides this, it is just a chemical, physical, biological impact of one reaction causing another. Just like adding a basic to an acid. Adding heat or taking it away from an object.

        The virus can mutant as it enters new hosts and becomes more virulent. Some viruses just fizz out because the immune system of a biological unit overtakes it and builds up resistance to it. Others just keep adapting until you have a super bug. Someone like Merree could explain this far better than me as my cup of tea is more geophysical and geographic systems.

        Talking about geographic, a virus that is highly contagious CANNOT be stopped. The mobile world just will not allow it to be contained unless it is somewhere in Central Africa or some island somewhere. It will spread and there will be no ring containment, that is hopeful “science fiction”.

        This is where people with high knowledge of immune building foods and herbs will come in handy. Help from Daisy for this one, a lot of help. Being able to keep yourself isolated from a deadly virus is EVERYONE’s contribution as most people have wonderful ideas for this one. My favorite is something I heard once, hand awareness. The most concentrated forms of catching a germ is through hand to mouth, eyes, ears, and nose. Very few people actually get a bug from the air unless it is in a highly concentrated place like an elevator or something, or the germ is extremely contagious like Lassa Fever or Smallpox or something.

        IF and when something comes to be, ideas from the think tank out there will save many of us, as many people out there have ideas that no one else has thought of. The more we know about not catching the virus in the firstplace the better off we all will be to survive a mega pandemic.

        • You must keep your group contain and away from all other until the virus burns itself out.

          Close the bunker door and don’t let anyone in. Period.

        • I will use colloidal silver 500ppm and/or grapefruit seed extract diluted. Also I will try the Four Thieves remedy used to protect people during the bubonic plague/black death. Good luck and may God bless all of us in the coming days.

          • Addendum to the above – 500ppm colloidal is professionally prepared and is, I believe imported from Germany. It is diluted in water and I have used it as required for years – very effective. The grapefruit seed extract is also purchased. These are my first postings. Thank you to all of you on this web site for all the information you give on a daily basis. Have a wonderful weekend.

          • the black plague was spread by fleas

            bite an infected person, then bite a healthy person = transmitted

            fleas were extremely common in farm animals, pets, beds, blankets, mattresses, anything back then and people were not as clean nor their clothes

            sort of like mosquitos spreading west nile virus

            • I’m quite serious when it comes to fleas, you’d be more likely to find a flea on the neighbor than on me or my cat—believe me, the cat knows when to just lay down and let me search his coat…besides, fleas don’t like bleach either, and you can often smell it at the front door here….either that or citronella.

        • The main reason that this virus is not likely to be stopped is that it can be spread by birds. At least, the earliest information about the virus reported that it was spread by birds so I suspect this is still true. Isolation may not help. (Sorry to have to add this piece of information)

          I remember hearing accounts of the Spanish Flu epidemic where scientists were puzzled about how the virus reached isolated towns in Alaska that had very few outside visitors. This would make sense if the virus was carried by birds as well as humans.

          Still, isolation can decrease the risk. Just keep in mind that isolation won’t entirely eliminate the risk.

          If we are facing a widespread epidemic, expect the government to initiate martial law. I was skeptical about their being able to accomplish this until I saw what happened in the Boston bombing. The only thing that might prevent this is if enough of the enforcers fall ill to make it impossible to carry out.

          Other important concerns.
          H7N9 does not stimulate the immune system do produce an immune response as easily as other types of influenza. It takes 13 times more viral exposures for the immune system to begin to recognize this virus as an invader and to begin producing attack cells. This makes it difficult to manufacture a vaccine that will produce an immune reaction.

          At the same time, it appears that, when an immune response does occur, it can stimulate a cytokine storm which is where the immune system over reacts and begins to damage the body in its efforts to destroy the virus. I have not seen any information as to how a virus can have both properties but I will be watching for more information.

          Since the virus invokes a poor immune response, the researchers are already talking about adding adjuvants to the vaccine to boost the reaction. These adjuvants have been used in recent vaccine programs and they appear to cause a portion of the recipients to develop narcolepsy. So it is possible that any vaccine that is developed will have a serious potential for side effects.

          A Colorado based company called Greffex reports that they have already created a vaccine to the H7N9 virus. They have computerized the approach to vaccine production and the company researchers say that they can create a vaccine to any virus within one month. They report already having vaccines to H7N9, anthrax, and Ebola in the pipeline. It appears that they are producing vaccines that do not require an adjuvant but they did not specifically say so.

          It is also interesting that some sources have reported that Asian people appear to be more vulnerable to this strain of H7N9 than other races. I have not seen any information about why this could be the case.

          As BI notes, Mother Nature is unhappy with the behaviors of the human race. Nature has some natural mechanisms that prevent one organism from causing widespread destruction and we have managed to tame most of those mechanisms. But we will never be completely invulnerable.

          • Make Oil of Oregano: Use a 1:1 ratio of oregano to olive oil. I add 1/2 cup of oregano to 1/2 cup of olive oil. USES: Congestion, Sore Throats, Flu, Colds, Pnuemonia, and Digestion – Add 2 drops to a glass of water, stir well, and drink, twice a day. For sinus congestion rub some dilute oil of oregano directly on your sinuses. Inhibits parasites. Rub into Sore Muscles to relieve pain and inflammation. Oregano oil is widely known as a potent germ-killer & antihistimine.

            -Wash and dry fresh Oregano.
            -Place oregano leaves in ziplock bag (don’t close) and cover with towel.
            -Pound on the bag with a meat mallet. This releases the oils.
            -Heat up some olive oil or grape seed oil until warm. Do not boil.
            -Add oil to the oregano bag and squeeze the mixture for a minute.
            -Pour mixture into a clean glass jar; keep cool, and dry for 2 weeks.
            -After 2 weeks, strain oregano from oil. Oil of oregano should not be used when pregnant.

            • Thank you. I have it copied and will be making it pronto. I have a variation of this that I am also prepared to use. Take a gallon jug of water and add 20 drops of oregano oil. Shake well and drink only this water for 5 days. Shake before each use. I hope this works.

              • Ditto.

            • Sebastion, I’d been ingesting Colloidal Silver to strengthen my immune system & wipe out that virus if I caught it. I bought a $90 CS generator on Amazon…works GREAT!! I have NOT been sick in MONTHS!!

          • If Chinese are more vulnerable to this strain, it could be a race-specific bioweapon. I recall Dick Cheney suggested using them in the PNAC Report.

          • Merree, thank you for the excellent description of how a virus affects the immune system. You clearly have a good grasp of the situation.

            Vitamin D has been proven to modulate the immune response to reduce the cytokine storm and the associated collateral damage that results. In plain English, vitamin D works even better than a flu vaccine.

            I hope all readers of STHFplan and other serious preppers research the connection between vitamin D, influenza, and Dr. John Cannell, the leading authority of this connection. I wish all preppers would take enough vitamin D to elevate their blood level above 50 ng/mL based on a 25(OH)D blood test. For most people this requires 5000 international units, and sometimes more.

            Please google it, read about it, become educated, and most importantly begin an action plan to boost your immune system. There is no downside. Vitamin D is extremely inexpensive (about $20-30/year) and provides protection against flu and many other serious medical conditions.

            All of my family and dozens of my friends are covered. Guess what – Everyone who reads STHFplan is not only my friend, I desperately need you to survive. If we’re all wrong about SHTF and all you accomplish is avoiding cancer, heart disease, stroke, MS, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and a few others, well that’s not a bad thing.

            Disclosure: I have no financial interest in vitamin D or anything even remotely related.

            • Prepper,
              So glad you brought this up. Have been reading up on Vit D it is amazing what all it can do and it is hard to take to much. I know the FDA says a small amount is all you can take but people need to remember who the FDA is ( a government agency). And from all I have read you can not get all you need from the sun. Life Extension ( has some great info on vit D just type in Vit D in the search several articles about how good it is for you. So everyone please research this because once again we have be lied to about what is good for us.
              Take Care All

            • I’ve been taking iodine supplements regularly since the japanese reactor blew…my thyroid seems to be thanking me, as my former hyperthyroidism has returned to normal, or so the doctor says. He has no clue as to why, since I refused the pharmaceuticals for it.

          • Birds are a reservoir. An insect bites the bird, the insect bites you…

          • Your sources regarding the production of a vaccine and the Asian people being more prone or catch the virus are both wrong…On all points…

            Fed Guy 20002

            • Fed Guy,
              If you have information to the contrary, then please share your sources and provide more information as to where I am in error.

              Please re-read my information about Asians being more susceptible. I was pointing out that this is being reported in the media. As I mentioned, I do not see how that could be the case but I included it because it is in the public media and it is likely that other people will come across the same information.

              I stand behind all the information about vaccines. I have tried to make the information less technical so it does lose some precision. However, everything I summarized has come from medical sources and communications in the medical field about this virus.

              If you have more information closer to the sources, please share the resources with us. One of the problems with a situation like this is that government sources hide information or do not clarify information that is available. It also happens that information that is released at the beginning of an outbreak becomes obsolete as more information is available. Given the difficulty in finding reliable sources about this virus, I would be pleased to be provided more updated information.

              The last I heard was Greffex proudly proclaiming their vaccine development technologies and at the same time the CDC was distributing seed stock for other companies to work on vaccines, all the while complaining about the difficulties of that vaccine production due to the low immune response. Has any of this changed? This is all based on information that has come to me in the last week through medical channels- medical newsletters for physicians and medical investment newsletters (in the case of Greffex).

              I look forward to finding new resources that might put any of this in a different light.

          • And…On that same note…There are BIG tale tell signs between a virus that has advanced to its current form and one that was Bio-Made by man…These two things are not the same…And the vaccine for both would be completely different as well…

            I will say this tho…If it were ever a manmade one it would be over before it even was realized it had begun…End game…

            Fed Guy 20002

        • You are correct, BeI. At any given moment, there are 1,000,000+ of us in the air flying at 500 mph to some other part of the world. No civilization in history has had the ability to spread a disease around the world before the first symptoms occur. Now we do. Maybe Central Africa will take a day longer, but, I doubt it.

          Check the daily flights to anywhere in the world and you will see why a really deadly disease will not be stopped. Say it pops up in China. Takes 3 days to show any symptoms and maybe a week to become deadly. In that week China may have 4,000 flights in and out to all parts of the world. Little Philippines has hundreds in a week’s time, to all points on the Earth. Nothing can be ‘contained’.

          • @ Makati 1……..HA!! And they won’t let me SMOKE on a PLANE!!……mm~

      4. Cannot say, but long ago a Dr said: If it hits the main stream press and you wonder if this is the bad one, it’s not. The bad one will be on your block a week after you heard here was one.

      5. additional info

        H7N9 bird flu virus spreads among mammals, inches closer to human-to-human transmission, experts warn

        ““This virus is already well on its way. … It is poorly transmissible, but it can transmit. So there are reasons to date to take this virus seriously.”

        New bird flu strain in China the ‘most lethal’ virus so far, says World Health Organization

      6. I know this has nothing to do with viruses, but northern California just had a near 6 earthquake. While this may not seem serious, it was near Lassen Peak, which is very volcanic in the past few thousands of years. This if you look actually has more of an indication that the Cascadia fault to the northwest of here could be powering up, as it is overdue. many people on this site would be affected by the Cacadia fault going, or volcanic eruptions in this area. Eastern Russia has had numerous quakes the past week or so. This is something that should be watched by those that are up late tonight. Too many precursor quakes have occurred to indicate that something massive is coming, larger than the 7.4 that occurred today.

        • BI, strange things are happening. Maybe you can chime in on this info. Vocanin Activity @ Lessen Valley Volcanic Region + Plate Fracture possibility.

        • 8.2 in Eastern Russia tonight… Big one.

          • That’s ALOT of activity around the ring of fire, VERY much looking forward to BIs reaction this morning with such big earthquakes this week. I mean, honestly, YOU ROCK with your predictions. RIght above you said a bigger one was coming and whammo, 8.2.

        • Hey Bi, Here is a “Trusted, Effective Treatment” for
          Fear of Earthquakes
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        • BI—actuallly your post has a LOT to do with the topic for once.
          If we have a major quake, virus activity in that area will be a non event. Good work.

          Now, back to our regularly scheduled virus.

          Until someone rants off topic.

        • I watch these posts carefully, as I live right between the cascadia fault and mt. hood, which the USGS characterizes as “potentially active”, but the mountain is informally considered dormant….I live in the foothills of the mountain.

          It is beautiful here, as long as it doesn’t start spewing smoke and ash and catching things on fire, that is…

      7. Start dosing yourself with colloidal and ionic silver solutions ( but watch your intake lest you become a smurf!)
        Silver kills over 600 germs, bugs, and viruses- I’ll trust nature’s antibiotic over a goverment ‘vaccine’ anyday…

        • SS:
          Silver is NOT nature’s antibiotic. There is no need for silver in the human body, and ingesting it can cause cumulative toxicity.

          It’s one thing to suggest alternative medical therapy when there is no record of toxicity, but quite another to suggest things that medical doctors know to be toxic.

          That said, the utility of silver comes in with water filters: silver impregnated ceramic filters, such as British Berkey’s, are bactero-viro-fungi cidal.

          • The ORIGINAL berkey filters were British. The company that CALLS itself “British Berkfeld” is NOT the ORIGINAL and the filters are JUNK.
            DOULTON. They are the ORIGINALS still.

            Berkey are JUNK> Google and read. Look on Amazon and read.


          • Check your sources- silver has been used for millenia for medicinal purposes. Even Roman soldiers used silver foil (silver hammered into extremely fine sheets) to wrap their battle wounds. It prevented infection (antibiotic!) and sped up skin regeneration and the healing process. In the middle ages, Royalty drank from silver cups. The silver that leached into their drinks prevented them from getting ill, reinforcing the belief that ‘Bluebloods’ (too much silver makes you a smurf!) were of a higher class than the peasant class, proven by their lack of sickness.
            Silver DOES kill over 600 known ‘nasties’. If you want to deny that it is an antibiotic, maybe you and the viruses should petition that medical notion.

          • As for ‘toxicity’, GOP, you must be reading the wrong book. Silver is NOT toxic, has no adverse side effects (save the bluing, or smurf look, which comes from ingesting too much of the WRONG KIND of colloidal silver).
            Silver is referred to AS an antibiotic, and unlike chemical antibiotics, which can harm an immune system, silver actually helps STRENGTHEN the human immune system.
            Silver in the body also helps us assimilate vital vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that silver deficiency slows this assimilation, taking the body longer to heal.
            In short- speak not of which you do not know, and stay away from Wikipedia

      8. The news, the current events, keep on getting better and better.(sarcasm sign) It seems to be non-stop.
        Every day something horrific, sad, or challenging happens. There appears to be no lull or break for a day or two. Or, maybe it has always been this way, and I am
        becoming more aware or sensitized. Or, maybe it is the instant news made so readily available, so quickly now , via the media outlets. I rather be aware, and prepare in all areas. All one can do is live ones life to the best of their ability. Try to have some fun time from real live around them. I still have a general unease that the shoe is going to drop soon. When, how, or where, I have no clue. Everyone have a safe, fun, or relaxing holiday weekend.

        • That feeling you’re experiencing is “the quickening.” Highlander quote but very apropos.

        • thanks Emily you and yours do the same


      9. It is scary to think the virus can be spreading and symptoms haven’t shown up yet. By the time they show up, people have been getting infected for 2 weeks.

        Like BI has said many times, this and biological warfare are just as terrible if not worse than anything else.

        Our planet is long overdue for a bug that “thins the herd”.

        God Bless,

        • Howdy NP!

          I’m AFRAID that the next ‘thinning of the herd’ might be a tad more than ‘Mother Nature’ uually commits to. At NO time in the history of the World have TWO particular factors been so radically HIGH; the ability of Humans to translocate themselves – at whim – across VAST distances as at the same time, the AVERAGE population density been so off the scale. The propagation models mathematician’s use to effectively predict the spread of any such as this ARE CRITICALLy dependent on those two variables. The first determines the RATE of dispersal through the entrety of Humanity…the second UNIQUELY determines the rate of ‘evolution’ of the pathogen…

          Let’s see here…modern air travel…can be in Peking at 8:00 AM local, then Paris, or New York, ummm say 12 hours LATER…A population density 10 TIMES what we know here in the States….draw your own conclusions here Folks….19 days…I’m GONE. Sayonara H7N9….68 miles of BAD trails to get to me or mine..Pack Mule or Bushplane, nothing else…

          I have said this before a few weeks ago; WHEN you HEAR of the ‘first case’ of this, – here, in the States, ackowledged by the CDC – DUCK and COVER. IF this becomes ‘Captain Tripps’, frankly most everyone is simply GONE, short of TOTAL isolation….for MONTHS, or more.

          Oh…last point here…the transition to ‘Airborne’ IS a supremely BAD sign – indicative of a ‘near complete’ adaptation of the virus to the Human Genome…to take the guess-work out of the equation for those of you who don’t grasp the implications involved here…


          • The strong will survive as god intended!
            Way overpopulated planet, it’s like having twenty dogs living on one acre of land!
            Nature will find a balance, if we like it or not…

            Wars ….people tend to fight less, if there are less people to fight!!!!

          • The old black woman in the rocker on the porch sees all.
            M-o-o-n spells “moon”. Randall Flagg and Trashcan Man are already here. Watch for the ravens on the power lines.

            • Yep, all those characters are alive and well in today’s world. Just as in the story, the basis of the tale is about good vs evil, which I believe is spot on and has been throughout human history.

            • Captain Trips

            • Bring out your dead!

              • But I’m NOT dead, YET !

          • We need to find out what’s going on in Alabama, they have 7 cases of “something”.

            • Ten cases, two deaths of the original seven (hey, that’s a 35% mortality rate), and they CLOSED the investigation?

              WTH is going on?

          • JOG your BOL sounds like heaven. The recent deaths from a mystery virus in AL ?? All of the sudden it is “just the flu” according to the MSM ??

            Good luck to you and yours. Your posts are always so informative. Its been a pleasure, would be nice to sit around the fire with a quart of my famous “apple pie” and listen to the mountain cats screaming.

            • Howdy Clyde,

              Thanks Brother!…”Fare Thee Well…Thee and Thine”, the good Lord willing and the creeks don’t rise, I’ll see you all after this is over. REMEMBER, We DO have a ‘post-event’ SHTF Bar-B-Q scheduled for everyone who DOES make it through…I’m looking forward to seeing EVERYONE there…PLEASE Y’all…MAKE it THROUGH..I WANT to SEE EVERYONE THERE!!

              Oh, BTW..that’ll be “BYOG”…’Bring your own GUN(s)’ 😉


              PS: REMEBER..Stayin ALIVE is STEP 1…

      10. I wonder what life is going to be like in 2016? Maybe someone should write a book titled ‘2016’….

        • Thanks for the idea. No need to write a book… just sing the song and change the lyrics to match the date. This is a great song.

        • According to most everyone here, there will BE no life in 2016.

      11. “It’s important to note that the Chinese government has never been very straight forward about statistics, especially if they involve negative perceptions of their country,”

        NAHHH!!…Couldn’t be!! OUR Friendly ASIAN “Good Guy” neighbors… less than FORTHCOMING?! What’s the World coming to when we run around NOT taking the WORD of our Glorious “Most Favored Nation” trading partner?!

        Much as Islam is CHRONICALLY ‘saddled’ with a fundamental ideology that utterly ‘hamstrings’ it’s adherents – individually and Cuturally, BOTH – so too the APAC ‘CULTURAL IMPERATIVE’ to NEVER ‘admit’ to anything that MIGHT reflect badly on one’s self, Family or Country, effectively SCREWS them ‘silly’ in the eyes of the rest of the World. NEWS FLASH: China’s most recent PMI is NOW under 50…THAT after they had been claiming – night and day – that thier economy would INCREASE by 5% this year.

        The Hedge just ran an article tonight that delved DEEPLY into the Chinese government acting to HALT an internal practice that allows thier corporations to INFINITELY leverage things like exisiting stocks of Copper, Iron Ore, etc, etc via an arbitrage process that makes the recent activity in the paper Gold market look MILD by comparison….take a GUESS at the ramifications THAT will have when those new regulations take effect and THIER economy implodes like OURS has…taking thier Banking system out in the process.

        Once again Folks, at the Final Tally, Physical ALWAYS ‘Rules the Roost’…IF you gave FULL control of the ‘Books’ you might WELL be able to ‘fudge’ things so that no one finds out….but NOT forever. China WILL be figuring that OUT real quick in the next couple of months. Gee…isn’t it NICE to know that thier BOOMING economy will soon be in the same SHAMBLES ours is now? Nice thought, I know…but there IS that little BAD HABIT that all regimes have to cure thier internal ills…Straight from the PTB testbook…WAR. We’ll just have to WAIT and SEE ‘WHO’ they’ll want to play that ‘tune’ to…US, Japan…INDIA…WOW!, they’ve got SO many to CHOOSE FROM!

        Decisions decisions decisions…. 😉

        Yep…MISERY LOVES company, don’t it? Everybody “Wang-Chung TONIGHT!!….YEAH!!!”


      12. Hmm – I wonder what caused the google algorythm to decide that I would be someone who would respond to a Walgreens ad selling “Dark and Lovely” hair products. I’ve never seen that before on this site. Funny!

        • @ LT……WTF!! How did I get on this SITE !!?? I was watching a guy cook a CHICKEN !!! mm~

      13. Sure glad I’ve buffed my orpington & new hampsire black tail.

        They will never choke my chicken.

        • Don’t be too sure, Ted…as Auntie Entity says “One day, cock of the walk… the next, a feather duster.”

      14. Who said Omamie ain’t smart, he had the H7N9 planted in China. Only need to eliminate 1.3 billion and won’t have to pay off 7 trillion.WASP.

        • We only owe them a trillion one. We now owe japan more than them.

      15. ALERT, this is what I have been warning people for many days, gave a 50% chance of it happening. 8.2 in in the Sea of Okhotsk. It was too apparent with all the precursor earthquakes. Here is the scary part, the area of Mexico to Chile is even more primed. Please chaeck all the previous comments made on this. This system of forecasting earthquakes works almost perfect.

      16. That 8.2 was a deep one and has shaken the entire planet. It was over 600 km deep and to the west of the eastern Russia earthquake swarms. I feel sorry for the other locations that should get hit, just like the major earthquake swarms hit after 3 of these precursor locations got it 2 days ago.

        • I am on the New Madrid fault line. Thankyou for this info, I always keep an eye out for your comments , if you said there was a chance here in a few days we would camp outside.

        • @ BI Ok, I admit. I love reading BI’s earthquake posts. After reading today’s, I just goggled and was perusing a map…..368 of the 381 earthquakes in the last month have occurred in the LAST 7 DAYS. 81 earthquakes so far today. That’s 20% give or take in 24 hrs.

          HOW OFTEN does this this activity occur in this pattern, historically?

        • This is a thread about a potential viral pandemic. Why do so many people that frequent this website feel the need to hijack every single thread with their own topic? Be Informed, you seem to add a comment about earthquakes or seismic activity to every thread, regardless of what is being discussed. If you feel such a strong need to talk about seismic activity, why don’t you write an article on the subject and submit it to this blog for publication instead of trying to hijack every thread?

          • Dungeon Master
            You will find that many people highjack threads at this site. Some have topics of person obsession and some want to share information that relates to something happening in the world on an immediate basis.

            Many of us like the posts from BI. I enjoy getting the latest earthquake updates. Of course, there are also a few people who have posts that I don’t enjoy. I have learned to skip their posts and go on to the writings of people that I appreciate more.

            I encourage you take a similar tolerant approach and allow those of us who enjoy the tangents by BI (and others) our harmless indulgence.

            It is a good thing that we don’t all like the same things or what a great haggis shortage there would be.


        it’s only a matter of time because of commercial airplane travel before it’s global

        it’s obvious man-made weaponized disease by the ZOG AMERIKAN U.S. MILITARY , who / cdc germ warfare CIA blackops darkmoney programs .

        how to protect yourselves –

        intake ‘APPLE CIDER VINEGAR’ garlic onion ginger root cinnamon turmeric root .

        TAKE elderberry extract colloidal silver very high doses of vit c 1500 mg immediately if sick .

        eat real non gmo vegi’s , nuts , ‘BERRIES’ and fruits . drink lotsa real non gmo organic honey , green tea black tea Camilla tea . avoid dairy and hfc syrup processed sugars .

        get some rest de-stress relax your body and mind .

        wash your hands with natural soap often , don’t pick your nose rub it in your eye and by a few bio masks face shields USE THEM .

        your body is your temple , you are what you eat and drink .



        good luck to All .

        N.O. ;0p

        • Normally I just give you the thumb. But you are dead on with these basic steps.

          Keep clean and space from the infected.

          • @fagbookpage

            after all this time you actually think i give two sheeits what you think .

            fact: ‘ i wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire .

            I’d pour some more gas on you Dimtard .’


        • ooops forgot …

          Also Double your Vit D HUGE IMMUNE BOOSTER intake and take some essential omega oils fish flax hemp oils for heart brain and body .

          N.O. ;0p

          • double ooops –

            also good is L-Lysine tablets

            they boost your immune system against viruses – very strong .


            • 3n3my
              tell me whom/who is producing all those pills and caps you are you are using???


              • @Snake Eater

                i only use the best …

                expensive but worth it .

                LIFE EXTENSION

                if i can’t get them i buy TWINLAB and double my dosage .

                most supplements recommended doses are very weak to what you really need for optimum health .

                they do work … trust me on this from personally coming back from a death at my door experience heart kidney liver circulatory problems and recovering through a heavy supplement all natural non gmo diet .

                i buy them all on amazon by shopping around for bulk deals a month before i run out .

                AND I DRINK ONLY low acidic SELF CREATED / FILTERED SILVER SULFUR WATER with real non gmo bee honey for complex amino’s immune booster , lemon or lime juice self added for the vit c .

                i buy most of my foods now in the all natural non gmo food section of groc store . expensive BUT WELL WORTH IT PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY HEALTHIER FOR IT .

                look up HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE .

                good luck


                • 3n3m, I hate to ask but could you Supply me with a good link about colloidal silver, and can this be bought other than on line. Thanks

                  • @PA FARMER … Respect for being a Farmer ;0)

                    you can just make your own silver water

                    i make my own sulfur water and distill my own water to pure form . its a worthwhile investments for both machines . considering how much its cost to buy it off the shelf .

                    buy some .9999 silver 12g wire online 24 inch lengths

                    2x 6 inch lengths .9999 PURE SILVER WIRE on attached to the red pos and one to black neg terminal of your 18v power source .

                    and hook it up to a 18v source of electricity

                    3x 6 volt recharge batteries chained together are good

                    live telephone wires are good

                    even that old cell phone charger is good

                    all can be used to electrify the silver wire filaments in the glass of water , have the wires spaced a inch apart in the water , best !

                    use only ‘ distilled ‘ pure water or you will poison yourself with heavy metals and other impurities in the tap water .

                    store it in a brown GLASS bottle or paper bag wrapped GLASS bottle – USE ONLY GLASS .

                    I’LL TRY TO FIND A LINK FOR YOU … look up colloidal silver generator on youtube dot com .


                  • buy the

                    Atlasnova Pure Silver Wire 9999 (NOT 999) 12 Gauge 1 Ounce 36 inches


                    Atlasnova / amazon dot com

                • 3n3m, I’ve never seen anything I cant do myself, I will brake a Tractor in two at night and put main bearing in it and go plow in the morning, but I’m gona have to study that post a few times, lol, Thanks..
                  ps. havent looked at the u-tube site yet..

      18. And a one and a two…..”its the end of the world as we know it and I feel preped….”.. R.E.M.

      19. Remeber… when the flu zomies walk tward you…. Head shots.

        • Shot gun blasts make them fall back. Also watch the blood. It is still active in fresh blood.

      20. And all my coworkers thought I was dumb for moving out of the city…. I can’t wait to see the look on their (sick) faces….. oh thats right I will be up here on the hill with my own septic, well, power, livestock, amo, guns, and tons of great action movies…. and they won’t…. bummer.

        • Don’t be too sure. They might be kicked back in your recliner, wearing your robe and slippers next week.

          • Nope… they would not make it past my wife with the shot gun and the weatherby… I will have to clean up the mess in the front yard though… oh those chores during the end of the world…

      21. Well shit, I really hope this doesn’t mess up my vacation. 2 weeks with my immediate family, we have to fly so maybe we should wear masks. My uncle is a nurse and knows how to properly fit them to our faces.
        Being able to stay home in any crisis is the most important. That’s how we prep for this. My husband can work from home if needed, my son can be homeschooled. If this does get bad 8 weeks is the minimum amount of supplies is essential. Gloves, plastic sheets, and plenty of vinegar. I have also heard that leaving an onion cut open will attract viruses in the air. I thought it was an old wives tale but come to find out it has been proven. I wish I had a link that everyone could read, but I don’t.

        • About a month ago I responded to a post explaining how to make your own test setup if someone doesn’t have the luxury of knowing someone who knows how. I should have logged the post number. But one point I must emphasize is N95 are NO GOOD if you have facial hair other than a small mustache. Keep that in mind all you grizzly Adams out there! LOL.

          • Sorry Pen,
            I tried to give you a thumbs up, and fat fingered a thumbs down on you.

        • If you log on to, it will give you a host of all kinds of illnesses that we all seem to battle with sometimes.
          My doctor suggested I use herbal treatment for various ills when/if we are off grid and doctors are not available.
          Since then I have purchased: thyme chamomile, ginger-pepperment, rosemary and lemon balm, green tea, earl grey, etc. I purchased some more honey and lemon juice to add to these teas. That way I can treat flu like symtoms without an alcohol based “hot toddy”
          If any of you have any more remedies, please pass them on. This virus could get even more serious.
          Those of us that are elderly with existing health issues would be forever grateful. Don’t forget small children– Gods gift to us—and our furry best friends.
          God Bless!

      22. A real pandemic can take as long as 7 years and three major waves according to one doctors study of pandemics Who is prepped for 7 years? Leave the cities now before the rush stock up on N95 masks gloves and bio – suits and start dubbling other preps if this has you bugged!

        • I’m at 3 years…. and have a hudge garden… Me and the misses will just eat less… I could lose a few pounds and so could she….

      23. To all,
        Looks like it could be a very interesting weekend and time ahead. This is why we prep to be prepared to weather all the storms that may be coming. each of us here has a responsibility to help those that will listen to prepare for the challenges ahead.. Each of us are connected in a way we cannot realize.
        This Weekend also is bitter sweet for me it is a time to remember others that give their Tomorrow’s for our today. For some here it is a personal weekend of rememberence not just flags, patriotism, parades and picnics. People we have known , flesh and blood , memories of times distant and near , personal friends that gave their last full measure of devoition in the defense of all of us, from the battle fields of Lexington to Faluija . Those that have served know life has a special Flavor the protected will never know.
        Say a special prayer for those still in harms way, keep them in your thoughts , honor them , shake the hand of a veteran and thank them on this memorial day weekend .
        James. , Chris , Edward , John
        You may be gone but not forgotten .

        SEMPER FIDELIS 8541

      24. Does anyone know if this virus could hitch a ride on the many products imported from china? Even if you’re isolated could it reach you if you opened an item that was touched by an infected person during the manufacturing process?

        • Even in airborne, viruses only have a limited survival time outside a host. So assuming it comes by ship, I don’t think it would be an issue. But if it comes by air, either in the cabin or a pressurized hold it might carry “fresh” viruses from the crew or passengers.

          But I’m no expert in biological agents so don’t take my views on this for gold or ammunition (they sure beat cash money).

        • ed- short answer? … YES! I once worked with a young man who was told to clean the cosmoline off a lathe that came from China. He contracted a VERY BAD case of staphylococcus centered on his thumb after cutting himself on the machine. So, yes a bug CAN live a long life if in optimum conditions.. i.e. petroleum based products. NEVER have full trust in someone with a “PHd”. My opinion of that degree is this– PHd= “Post Hole digger”. Someone with a measure of “higher learning” digging himself deeper every time he opens his mouth! Not saying that some Doctors don’t know what they’re speaking about, just that there is so much knowledge that can’t be learned after only 8 years in med school.

          • Bingo!

            theres a reason why the med field is called a “Practice”

          • BS=you know
            MS=More of the Same
            PHD=Piled High & Deep

        • @ed-
          This was my thought exactly!
          Iphones & ipads are manufactured in Zhengzhou China (H7N9 central).
          According to Apple, shipments of iphones reach stores directly from China in 3-7 days.
          Replacement iphones (if yours is lost or stolen and you purchased the insurance in it) or any iphone/ipad not purchased at a store but online to be shipped to you ship from China directly to your home in 3 days.

          Althougj the average flu can only live on the outside for approx 4-8 hours, some virus strains can actually survive 48 hours or more outside of a “host”.
          …and this strain seems to have abnormal “quirky” attributes, so who knows?

          Pretty scary idea considering MILLIONS of iphones & Ipads are shipped from China every month and arrive in 3 days: and how many people actually think about much less take the time to sterilize their phone?

        • Crap! There are A LOT of Chinese people in my town… they could bring that crap here after visiting home (or their relatives from China coming here to visit them)!

          Now, I KNOW I’m moving!!

      25. For the health conscious,
        Stay hydrated, supplemental vitamins and minerals, Echinacea and Linus Pauling doses of Vit. C, Get off the computer and exercise daily(not to hurt yourself, but to stretch yourself). Most virus’s are self limiting 7-10 day lifespan. The big problem with this flu is the respiratory component. There is something called Pulmonary Toilet “better out than in” look it up. I would agree that Colloidal Silver is very good, but to much of anything can have disastrous results. There are a lot of options out there. 10ppm, 20ppm, 250 ppm (looks yellow) which works best??? like everything else these things are not just dose dependent, but person dependent. Now is the time to investigate herbal remedies, not “one second after”. Did I mention stay hydrated???

        Potato out

        • mr potato head
          See my post 1721168. Ginger-peppermint is especially good for flu like symtoms. Enchinacea is good for colds, flu, nasal congestion, sinus and ear infections. Not to mention that these herbs will help our preps taste better.
          Good eating and promote good health at the same time. What could be better?!!


          • @ 4yr Prepper,
            Looks like great info.

            Potato out

        • Avocado stimulates the immune system, as does some other veggies… forgot the other ones.



        • EBAY is a great place for N95 masks cheap,by the case

          keep in mind these masks have a short life expectancy once
          you start using them

          they are NOT for multiple uses day after day

          purchase sufficient quantities

          • My company uses them by the case.
            I have a full box at home

            also great to use to mow the lawn if you have allergies

        • why would someone thumb this down. fools.

      27. Oh Crap,
        I think I just caught the R2-D2 virus. Can’t cough without beeping.

        • ROFLMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!

      28. Oh hell I am giving up. I am just going to go and join the Boy Scouts and learn to tie knots.

      29. Has it occurred to anyone else that maybe BI is making these quakes happen to fit his predictions….huh huh huh?

        • @Gone,
          Nobody is asking you to drink any kool aid here. It is interesting that you feel compelled to criticize when you have no skin in the game. What have you brought to the table besides your snide remarks???? Do you work for the US geological survey team and have something useful to contribute???? Or does trolling from the edges somehow make you feel useful. My thoughts are that maybe you have not been “gone to long”. I personally find it very interesting that someone is trying to connect the dots in regards to earthquake patterns. What is “Science” but the exploration of new idea’s. Do you ever wonder why true science “describes but does not explain”. Maybe for the reason that new avenues of true exploration come on line all the time, and replace the old concepts; that once were believed to be true. But such are the thoughts of a potato.

          Potato out.

      30. Department of Homeland Security Teaching Kids To Go To FEMA Camps In a Time of Crisis ?!

        WTF ?! ;0p



        just tell your kids ‘ TO JUST WALK IT OFF ‘

        ‘ DON’T ASK DON’T TELL !’



      31. Woman heckles Obama THREE TIMES during speech

        she’s got a BIG BRASS PAIR and my RESPECT !

        I just hope ‘ Barry the ZOG Fairy ‘ doesn’t have her BREITBARTED !

        as he already done to 26 Americanas on American soil .


        • I believe her name is Medea Benjamin of Code Pink. I agree she has a lot of balls and my respect also. She shows up at a lot of these speeches. She did the same at an NRA press conference a while back calling them out for sticking up for the arms manufacturers. I thought she was wrong about that, but hell, at least she is consistent.

        • IMHO, she’s a plant. No one gets away for that long while the President is speaking.

      32. @ PenCRNA and everyone else. First up, that was the largest deep focus earthquake ever recorded at 8.3. The previous largest was 8.2 in Peru on June 9, 1994. This one was like a knive right into the planet’s insides. Earthquakes this deep are extremely rare and this size are even less common. So is the recent earthquake activity all over the planet. Another record in one year of the largest earthquake ever recorded. The one last year was the largest strike slip, horizontal, earthquake ever recorded. The planet is going through what is referred to as a “bad ass” cycle. There was an earthquake in this region last year that was deep focus, but ONLY 7.7.

        People will find out that this earthquake was felt in different spots all over the planet like the Peru one in 1994 was. I am now very concerned over South America all the way up to Alsaka for something quite terrible. This is not an exaggeration as this size earthquake I pretty much knew was coming, as I have been harping on this for 2 solid weeks and maybe getting on some people’s nerves about this. It happened though, just like the system shows was coming. Too many earthquakes on the plates indicated this. Also too many harbinger quakes indicate that something awful is coming after this. I will try very hard to pinpoint exactly where as new earthquakes present themselves.

        • BI, thanks. The news doesn’t cover this stuff at all unless there is mass destruction. At the time of my earlier post I noted that ~18 earthquakes <4.0 were epicentered in susanville, ca in just 4 hours. I know Cali supposedly shakes all the time, but I'd be bugging my ass out of dodge if I lived there based on everything you've shared the last few weeks. Wow.

        • Thanks for teach us about the severity of this new epidemic (I don’t know what else to call them) of earthquakes.) Trying to figure out how much damage a quake would do to city house which is about 80 miles from New Madrid fault; bug out house is about 200 miles from same fault.

      33. Good Morning SHTF.

        Guess we don’t have enough to prepare for and now have to engage little tiny microbes. Man is the world getting screwed up or what. Have to wonder why all this shit is happening all at once and more to come with hurricane and fire season. Add a drought and the bee’s die off and we are in for the time of our lives.
        I have often speculated that as the population of the world grows, Mother Earth rebels against us in one form or another. Even humans get the idea to covert declining resources and go to war. Nothing new over the eons of time.
        As with all we prepared for, we have a danger that is real and has our attention. Things are going to change. The good thing is that we have been exposed to the reality of what can happen. Imagine those who have no idea what to do. There are not enough HEPA filters to install in all the air conditioned buildings. This can put the fear of God in us all and going to the store, work, Day Care or children going to school has its implications to decide if we should do these daily actions. I have been thru a spinal menengitous out break and scared the hell out of me. Felt the effect of the swine flu vaccination in 1976. Mandatory shots by the Military. Most of us has had German Measles or Chicken Pox but this is a whole new Ballgame. Just short of being a Bio Weapon Germ.
        We all talk of N95 masks and preventive medicine but the specter that never comes to mind is Quarantine. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. You or part of your family can be stuck somewhere from home. Let that sink in a bit. You may not be sick but somebody else is and you are stuck with that sick person. A plane, work place or civic function.
        If this germ can not be cured with the antibiotics we now have, the homeopathic course may be the only chance. A slim one.
        I would suggest you bone up on NBC instructions. Review what we have discussed here at SHTF. Don’t take risks you don’t have to do. Wash your hands before picking your nose. Hahahaha;0). All we can do is reduce the risks and exposure.

        Good Stuff, JOG

        • Howdy slingshot!

          We haven’t ‘spoken’ in a while Friend, my aplogies therefor…

          SM?…How are YOU doing?! THAT’S NOT trivial! I hope your ‘OK’!!

          Old Mother Nature ha her way of ‘leveling the playing field’ and lately I’m getting more and more nervous that she’s on the verge of putting a WHOLE LOT of Flok’s ou ‘playground time-out’….there’s just TOO much coming now, all at once; the short-hairs are beginning to stand UP. Departure is – me and mine IMMINENT and all things are now bent to that end alone…but I worry about You all here that we are leaving beging, SO MUCH. So many here are MY Friends…I almost feel like a coward leaving you behind…it tugs at my Heart…

          Whew!..Sorry, I’m getiing a little ‘soapy’ there …gotta go Friend, we’ll talk again before I leave.


          PS: Remember how this started last year?…THAT is almost COMPLETED and FINISHED Now…I will transfer that to Mac ere I leave …in Hope for us all. There WLL be a ‘New Dawn’ Brother…we’ll see how many make it through to the other side…to see it!

          • JOG

            Have to do what you have to do. So when the time comes, I am sure most of us will not be tapping the keyboard. We will be doing other things.
            Remember this friend. You don’t really leave. We take all the good information you have provided with us. A link between us all.
            You know life has a funny way of doing things and many times I have met people I have not seen in YEARS. Separated by time and distance. I do think that many of us will cross paths somewhere down the line and I am looking forward to it.

            • Howdy again slingshot!

              I live in the Full Hope that I will SEE most of those here who are ‘Great-Souled’ AFERWARDS…I take THAT with as an ‘Article of FAITH”, for I cannot see ‘Him’ taking SO many of the GOOD, to leave those few who would remain without ‘Fellowship’. I KNOW that He loves Us…if you go all the way back to the “Beginning”, you can read the Words, “It is NOT Good for Man to be Alone…”

              Farewell GOOD Friend…again I say, “Till we MEET Again!…”

              “May He Bless Thee and Keep Thee..and All Thine as well, AMEN.”


      34. That earthquake was so deep and so large, 8.3. I went in and checked all the really deep earthquakes, and the seond largest one was 8.2, then the third was 7.9, and all the rest were 7.7 or smaller. Most of them have occurred in the west. This was the largest eastern Pacific earthquake by a number of 8.3 to 7.7. Think about that one right now, the largest deep focus earthquake was 7.7, and this one was 8.3. This was forecasted, and the next forecast is for something massive also, but as of yet to be determined the exact location that will take some precursor earthquakes to see the general location. Something horrible lurks under the crust, and it is coming, likely to west coast from Chile to Alaska, and it will be tremendous.

      35. just in case it should ever be necessary to have to use N95 masks

        take a couple of minutes to watch this video

        if your mask doesn’t fit PROPERLY
        it is not doing you any good
        and only gives a FALSE sense of security

        • Satori,

          I read about that too. This woman was on the telephone with the dispatcher for over 10 minutes while this man was trying to break into her house.

          Sorry, no one is available to come…

          According to the record, the dispatcher also told her, “Can You Ask Him To Go Away?”

          However, there was an officer available later to come and arrest this man.

          Nope, we don’t need guns.

          Didn’t Janet at DHS say all we need is a good pair of scissors to defend ourselves?

      36. a little more info on that Russian quake

        Deep 8.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Sea of Okhotsk in Russia’s Far East

        ” As I reported several days ago, seismic tension was mounting along the Pacific tectonic plate. The cascading series of earthquakes over the last 24 hours are yet one more indication that dynamic geological change is accelerating within the interior of the planet. These processes of change will have profound implications for the entire Ring of Fire and all subduction zones located within this region”

        • @ Satori. On comment # 1675600 on May 15 this became too apparent, then on comment # 1711547 on May 21, the system I use indicated something awful was coming. It still does, IN THE WEST. Remember what I said about very large earthquakes swarming by the indication where these precursors quakes have occurred before and same results. 7.4 yesterday, 8.3 early today, and ……..

          After that earthquake west of Macquarie Islands, like a couple of days ago, back on March 25, 1998, 5 earthquakes following; 8.1, 7.2, 7.0, 6.7, 6.6 all in different locations. Like this time more will follow. The locations of these will be determined when more plate boundary earthquakes occur. Right now the entire west coast from central Chile to the Aleutian Islands is now in danger. That earthquake today was very deep and enormous and will affect the west coast, this is absolute. When, again will be determined by the future precursor quakes. Right now, I would still be especially on alert from Mexico to Chile, Peru is a huge target right now. Sorry, VRF.

      37. I recommend everyone watch “After Armageddon,” a docudrama on the effects of a pandemic on the world.

        It’s on youtube in nine parts. Part 1 can be seen here:

        • Is that the one with the paramedic and his family that shows you can do almost everything wrong and still survive?

      38. The global population needs an aggressive downsizing.
        So what is the problem here ?

        • Ok, so you go first?
          and all of your offspring and prior family? im down with that.

        • None of us will volunteer, but it WILL happen.

      39. Here we go again, folks.

        Mark my words on this one. Somewhere, and in the not too distant future, we are going to see articles appearing that will identify the new ‘flu vaccine’ that the usual and always sinister suspects have been trying their level best into conning (or mandating) that all the gentiles must roll up their sleeves and take. Remember, this is a repeat of earlier scare mongering campaigns: swine flu, bird flu, Asian flu, H1N1, H1N2, H1N3, etc, etc.

        Oh, and here is another prediction. When this new ‘flu vaccine’ is rolled out – I will lay odds of 99 to 1 that whatever Big Pharmaceutical company it is who will own the patent and have *exclusive* distribution rights for this vaccine will be headquartered somewhere in……you guessed it……Israel.

        Look folks, study the Talmud once in a while. In that book, it clearly states that the agenda is to kill the best of the gentiles. This goal has been on-going for 2,000 plus years and the methods have included fomenting catastrophically destructive and murderous World Wars, or internal civil wars, or regional, undeclared interventions that drag on for as long as possible, abortions of millions of babies, pushing homosexuality, perversions and promiscuity that destroys reproduction and lowers the birth rate and which renders entire societies unstable and dysfunctional and which also encourages drug and alcohol abuse and all the misery that comes along with those addictions.

        And, now – I am here to tell you, if you don’t realize it already, that pushing dangerous medicines, dangerous vaccines and convincing people to put endless amounts of unhealthy and cancer causing chemicals into their bodies via food and drink is also on the list of the endless number of ways that the objectives stated in the Talmud can be accomplished by means of stealth and connivance.

        Consider yourself forewarned, folks.

        • @Tucker.

          Everybody is trying to kill somebody else. Man is never satisfied. So is the Jews with the Talmud or Islam with the Koran worse? The Nazi’s with Mein Kemp or Karl Marx with his Communist Manifesto? You an put the Bible in there too as many were put to the sword because of it.
          I suppose sooner or later another teaching will appear more dangerous then its predecessor. Religious or secular.

          • I concur, Slingshot. The point I am attempting to make is that the #1 most dangerous, most committed, most aggressive and currently the most powerful gang of murdering snakes have to be identified and confronted head on – and this deviously concocted coat of WW2 ‘teflon’ needs to be REMOVED from them, because that’s the body armor that these evil snakes are hiding behind and using to ‘excuse’ every bit of their evil agenda.

      40. I take 2 vitamin D3 every morning and haven’t even felt “under the weather” in 4 years. Also have some colloidal silver just in case. Still no Eisen. Wonder if the virus got him? braveheart

        • @ braveheart. Walt said that one day Eisen would open his mouth and write a check that he could not cover, and then no more Eisenkreuz. I wonder if that is what happened?

          • Maybe he got old and withered away?

        • @ braveheart

          I also take one 10,000IU D3 everyday and also have silver solution for any sign of trouble. Haven’t had any in years. And, my preps include these items for the longterm.

      41. Viruses, earthquakes and CME’s OH MY.

        Isn’t it funny, how the Universe itself just KNOWS, when the density of a species has become destructive to the very soul of Earth.
        Hmm… seems I remember something about a Hopi prophecy that stated, that either good men takes care of the evil ones and their Rule of Gold, or the Earth Mother would.

        I think this aligns perfectly with Daniel and the statue of Nebuchadnezzar… the Head of Gold, and its multigenerational system of Elite ideologies and confusion, is brought down by the power in the rocks.

        The handwriting is on the wall.
        Mene mene tarkel upharsin(sp)
        We are weighed in the balance, and are found wanting.

        @BI, JOG, good reporting to you both.
        JOG, when’s the BO Day?

        • Mene Mene Tekel uphrsin— Our kingdon is also divided. Dems and Repubs. Righteous and unrighteous. Good and evil.

          Come Lord Jesus.


        • Howdy Piper,

          Ummm, Sorry Y’all…been ‘off-line’ for the last 24 hours rondabouts, just got back and am trying to get plugged back in. Directly, the target is on or about the 9th at this point Friend.

          Yor point as to Mother Nature KNOWING when a species has/is become ‘Too destructive’ is spot-on in my etimation…and MN will NOT be DENIED when the moment comes…


          • Hi JOG,
            I believe this is a ‘phenomena’ based in quantum entanglement… what I refer to as the Entanglement of the Infinities…
            Everything, is part of the Oneness of The All, through the power of the ratio of God, Pi.
            Einstein was right, the particles are the Illusion.

      42. Any body notice how after the spray in the sky rain comes 3-5 days later with or without a rain forecast?. A couple of times after a heavy spray and rain the next morning came a heavy fog. After witnessing this i had a hard time trying to not feel like a roach. And i thought if the ptb really wanted to get us then they’ve discovered an ingenious way to poison masses of people. Not paranoia just a thought.

        • Person..
          the way I interpreted the sprays is they absorb moisture for other drought areas.
          Yes, they rob certain areas of their moisture to put it where ‘they’ want it!!

      43. Any one got a Cigarette?
        Just another nail in the coffin.
        How many does that make now, 7, 8, 9, 10, 127, 538, 2067, 3,639,596 and counting…
        Maybe by the time we have an asteroid strike it will wipe out the virus…
        Looks like one way or another we are ALL going down.

        • Not ALL…. there will be Remnant. The trick is to be one of them.

      44. vitamin d3 and that silver stuff i keep hearing about.. if you take it everyday, then what happens if you run out of it? like if you were bugging out for weeks or months.. dont you think it might be better to naturally build your immune system, and save the silver crap and vitamins for when theyre NEEDED?
        i play with my two dirty dogs, only wash my hands if im going to eat(and have been in public), and i never get sick. the natural way

        • Svenny, vitamin D is slow acting, taking months to build up to a healthy level. It’s not like a band aid that you put on after the injury. It’s all about prevention and taking proactive steps to avoid the problem before it happens. Vitamin D is cheap enough and compact enough to use it now AND stockpile it for the future.

        • yeah, svenny, good point, but having Vitamin A on hand isn’t a bad idea.
          Mine is in the fridge with the hemp oil.

      45. My grandmother who died back in the early 70’s told me stories of what she remembered of the 1918 influenza that hit in the south. She had little sisters and little brothers who died of this disease quickly. She saw funeral after funeral as the dead were buried. She went by wagon to go live in a small town in the southern part of Tejas. She said she remembers along the way she saw an entire town that had been wiped away by the disease. Not one person had been left alive. She said many things, I wish I would have recorded it.

      46. If it mutates that fast no vaccine will be effective. This will end up just like in Stephen King’s novel “The Stand” except it wont be government created, or is it?

        • OMG!
          Then we’ll all be having dreams about an old black lady out west… and moving to Denver?
          Nah, I think that’s where the (un)official COG facility is, the Denver airport.

      47. Saw this link elsewhere about N Acetyl cysteine or NAC.I read that it was available at any health store.

        Says in the article:

        “H5N1 influenza, or bird flu, is a lethal and potentially pandemic infection that produces the massive release of inflammatory mediators aptly called the “cytokine storm.” Other more common forms of influenza also act by triggering massive cytokine releases that inflame vulnerable lung tissue. In early 2010, it was discovered that NAC offers dual protection against bird flu. It inhibits both virus replication and expression of pro-inflammatory molecules in cells infected with H5N1 virus, holding out the promise of effective protection in the event of a global avian flu pandemic.”


        “NAC has also proven effective against seasonal influenza and flu-like illnesses”

        God bless you all.

      48. @LT ~ I loved Highlander, the tv shows, not the movie.
        The Quickening, so true! Thanks, 🙂

      49. I *caught* the bird flu over the winter. I was sick as a dog for 3 weeks. I mean NOT LEAVING THE BED sick. And then one day, I was fine. Took a week to get used to the sun again, but overall no ill effects.

        Other than not leaving the house, it wasn’t really that bad. I mostly slept or was awake praying to fall back asleep.

        So personally, I’m not worried. I already survived. 🙂

        God bless.

      50. There’s a small mistake in the article. It’s not SUN CHINA MORNING POST, it’s SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST.

      51. We’ll take care of you, we promise.

      52. All I am gonna say is this.


        I don’t care how bad a virus is. There is not a single bacteria, virus, protozoa, amoeba and even fungus, that has stood up against this stuff and won. I have used it for years, never failed me once. Yeah, it is expensive, but it is a germ buster unlike anything I have ever seen.

        Also have masks as well. We used to fear the H5N1 Avian Flu, now we are facing one that dwarfs that one .These are scary times we are living in,and don’t expect the government to take care of you. Research

        Argentyn 23 and

        Ameriden Olive Leaf Extract

        Make your own mind up.

      53. If the power goes out…big gals give off much heat. ha

      54. Where are the nasty pictures of guys?

      55. I’m guessing H7N9 is just half, or even a smaller part of a binary or more complex bio-agent intended to infect and kill billions , according to the population control whack-jobs…. This sounds like the bible account, of 1/3 of the people dying from disease. Anyone remember the Stephen King novel, The Stand…………..

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