It’s About To Get Ugly: “You Better Have Some Exposure To Hard Assets”

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    How much longer can insider machinations keep financial markets propped up? And how will they keep markets from collapsing when the world panics like it did at the start of the year and again following the Brexit vote?

    According to K92 Mining President Bryan Slusarchuk, there’s not much ammunition left for central bankers and governments because they’ve already taken excessive and unprecedented steps in an attempt to contain the situation. Unfortunately for the masses, there really is no plan other than to continue destroying the value of currencies around the world. And that, says Slusarchuk in his latest interview with SGT Report, is why you need to act before the crowd and position yourself for the inevitable:

    You’ve seen these fiat currencies around the world intrinsically become worth less and less… and at the same time you have smart money that understands this isn’t going to end well and when it doesn’t end well you better have some exposure to hard assets like gold and silver. Gold has withstood the test of time as a store of value and as a currency, in fact, for thousands of years… Just because a group of central bankers in the last 50 years has thought contrary to that fact doesn’t make them right.

    It’s going to be very challenging for them to dig the world economy out of the hole when it starts to retreat hard. And that’s when the big payday will come for investors that have taken the prudent position of looking at gold as a hedge against all of this economic uncertainty.

    Watch the full interview with Bryan Slusarchuk of K92 Mining:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    Slusarchuk’s reasoning is simple:

    Smarty money is definitely getting nervous about the big macro environment. Smart money understands that there are $13 trillion in bonds that carry negative interest rates.

    What bullets do the central bankers and the big governments around the world have when things start to go sideways?

    I liken the situation we’re in now and the situation that everybody experienced in 2008 when you saw Lehman collapse and Bear Stearns collapse. I think that collapse will look like a walk in the park compared to what we’re facing globally now… and the reason that I believe that, unlike 2008, the cartel of central bankers don’t have the ammunition like they did at that point to rapidly reduce interest rates and to rapidly stimulate the economy through excessive fiscal measures… You had the combination of monetary and fiscal policy at that point that really threw every bit of ammunition they had at the problem… what are they going to do this time?

    You can either get wiped out when markets eventually realize that government statistics and corporate earnings are nothing more than conjecture, or you can position yourself to take advantage of the next global detonation with hard assets:

    They key is to act before the rest of the crowd. You don’t want to miss the coming bull market by being late.

    The fact is, nobody in the mainstream is talking about gold and silver yet in a big way… A couple of years ago when we were looking at this [K92 gold mining] asset people wanted to run, not walk, away from gold assets.

    We took a contrarian view and were able to pick this up very inexpensively.

    Now, smart money is coming into gold equities… you’re starting to see a very nice move but the biggest moves will come in these gold and silver equities when we see the raging gold and silver market that really looks like the global environment is setting up for.

    These fiat currencies can only go one way because what is backing the fiat currencies up are mere promises to pay. Promises to honor the value in these fiat currencies from bankers and governments that have really diminished their credibility… and I think they’re going to have more and more diminishment in their credibility as things get ugly out there worldwide.

    How can they not get ugly with the amount of fiscal debt and the insanity of the monetary policy of central banks around the world?

    Given the choice between banker promises to pay on ever-depreciating fiat currencies or gold, the answer should be clear.

    Also See: Expert Warns Of Venezuela-style Hyperinflation: “This Will Not End Well For The United States”

    To learn more about Bryan Slusarchuk visit K92 Mining.

    For more interviews like this one visit SGT Report


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      1. Can it really get any worse then it already is.. We The People sure are being robbed and cheated

        • If you can’t hold it in your hand it ain’t yours.

          • Amen Bro, couldn’t have said it better and that goes for anything else needed to survive what is coming.

            • As president Franklin D. Roosevelt once said:

              Mrs. Clinton had already been SELECTED to become the next president, like it or not and nothing will change such outcome… In a few words, YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT and the ongoing reality show called “Presidential Elections” is designed to keep entertained and distracted the ignorant and gullible masses in America.

              • Smart people need to get out of their 401K’s today. Liquidate and pay off all your debt, hard assets like Silver and fill your bunkers with preps. Get out of All paper IOU Fiat Currencies.


              • You are right, I select Hitlery Clinton for Prison 2016.


              • “you better have some exposure to hard assets” that’s what she said

          • As my boss has said,
            “Hold one hand out and put the other over your butt. See which one fills up first.”

            If it gets bad, do you want to see which hand fills up first?

              • I think that bitch stole my wheeeesky! GRRRRRR

              • I had a conversation of world events with a coworker a few months back on Fukushima and the die offs in the Pacific ( roughly 1/3 the ocean – 1/3 the life in the see shall die) – the odd rare volcanoes and geologic life and rare events – the odd way we help cause droughts and famines and pass laws forcing depletion of our soils, the fires in the middle east etc etc……

                I said ” It kind of reminds me of the Book of…”

                Him: ” DON”T SAY IT, DON”T EVEN F&#K’N SAY IT!” As his face in the conversation and conversation hints showed that is what he’s putting together too.

                I find it amazing that many see it, but still allow Republican/Democrat (same party – 1 quicker than the other to same goal) to keep them divided.

                Whatever. I’m at peace.

              • Coming off the MK ULTRA drugs. She needs a re-dosing.
                She doing her chicken or ostrich impression

          • Wilson:

            “If you can’t hold it in your hand…”

            That reminds me of Barack Obama. Whose first name is like Ehud Barak plus a ‘c’.
            Barak +c=Barack Obama

            Ehud Barak = Prime Minister of Isreal 1999 – 2001

            What more proof do you need. Barack is a J*w.

            No. It’s not in your face you stupid goiem. It’s just a coincidence.

            There is a scene in the movie “Life Is Beautiful” a fantasy about WW2. In the movie a man introduces his children as Adolf and Benito. The joke is on us.

            • B from CA… of course Obama is a J*w, just like this fake elections candidates.

          • After 1 Min 39 seconds into the Video I stopped it. Buying paper Mining stocks is stupid. As they can drop back to ZERO worthless penny stocks. Anything paper can and will become worthless in a nano second. Especially in a collapse, as those who control the digital trading can profit and wipe the rest of the losers out. Hard assets that you can hold in your hand, is King. What else is there to talk about? Most of us here already get this concept. Beans, Bullets, Band-aids & Bullion.


          • Great piece on the coming collapse urging us to buy physical assets. Gold…Silver…..from a guy who sells gold and silver…
            My spider senses are tingling !

        • Think Cyprus and venezula.

          It shouldn’t get that bad for years or maybe a decade in the usa, given that the usa is not in the same league as those(although it’s probably coming eventually).

          If things go real bad real quick financially or with some sort of racial war(Thank you Obama for this possibility), then things could go real bad, real fast; especially if you are in a large city.

          • I dont think you grasp that our country is failing because our leaders are puppets for the new world to come and in that world their not gonna let you have gold and silver and buy and sell to survive….. who do you think your going to trade with? Your an enemy of the state……

            The race war is only a means to suspend the constitution under marshal law and bring in UN troops under the small arms treaty to bring forth the nwo fighting you and I….. the one world government and its to get rid of the useless eaters….. did you think Revelations kingdom to come was just a story?

            • Martial Law

              There’s a reason it’s spelled that way

              • Marital Law

                When invoked it generally makes the man an enemy of the state…

          • I read an article yesterday that said McDonalds in Venezuela was still in operation. They just had a minor shortage on the bread that went in the middle of the big mac, but that was it. Everything else is business as usual.

            Dont know what to believe.

            • Everyone here should have all the hard assets (gold & silver) they need by now. Buy more food and ammo. You cannot afford to run out of either.

              I bought some powered butter today. Has anyone every used this product before ??? What’s it like ??? 🙂

              • Powdered butter has very little butter and a lot of fillers and shit. If you want good butter buy the canned red feather butter. Cost more but you get what you pay for. Same thing goes for honey powder, just flavoring and fillers.

                • Where do you find canned butter?Don’t tell me internet, won’t go there!
                  Maniac –out thanks

                  • La Maniac,
                    only pace i know to get the canned butter is from a internet vendor, BUT then I do live out in the middle of nowhere and even a normal grocery store for me is 1.5 hours away, oh and “RED FEATHER” is a know good brand of canned butter, GOOD LUCK!

                • Genius: You just made me and DK geniuses! Thanks on butter info.made my day! I don’t have pd. butter so I will check on this-will now pause to check online. I love XVir. olive oil, use it in lots of foods. People: Stock up on favorite olive oil too, try to get California OOil, it is more regulated than oil from the EU. Red F. butter sold at the Ready store, just looked. check other sources for price comp. I just bought case ea. wild canned salmon, canned chicken and King O. sardines! Got xxx boxes of XL Red Diamond tea bags, stevia paks. Gestapo UN troops better back off from my stash- if and when!

                • “Honey” powder?


                  You do know honey has a really long shelf life right? 🙂

                  Honey stored in sealed containers can remain stable for decades and even centuries! However, honey is susceptible to physical and chemical changes during storage; it tends to darken and lose its aroma and flavor or crystallize.

                  Teh google told me.


                  • I can’t vouch for this 100% but I *think* I once read that a jar of honey was found in an Egyptian pyramid, and it was perfectly edible. I don’t doubt it; the low moisture content in honey prevents bacterial growth.

                    The lesson here is to store honey with as little air as possible at the top of the jar, to minimize any water vapor in that air space. Honey that has had water added will quickly show mold growth.

              • I bought Augason Farms Butter Powder at Wal Mart. I checked the label. The only added ingredient was vitamin C.

                Made in the USA. Gonna buy some more. 🙂

        • Better plan.
          Gold and Silver have limited usefulness. Guns have limited usefulness. Shotgun and one .22 pistol is all you need. Put money in thing below instead.

          Toilet paper–Booze–Matches–Lighters–Salt–Boots–Band Aids–Soap–
          Needles–Bullets–Charcoal–Wood pile…….. develop a useful trade/skill.

          You need to Have: rabbits–chickens–goats–garden–green house.

          You can’t eat silver or gold. Can’t comfortably wipe your bottom with it.
          Damn expensive to form into bullets. I see limited value in the stuff.
          What I have listed will keep you going for a long time.

          Get em while you can.
          Learn about and acquire these NOW. Don’t wait.
          Takes time to learn skills with live stock and garden. We get better each year.
          Get big water tank from farm supply. Filler up H2O.
          Put feed up for you livestock.

          Better option is Leave USA yesterday. Before doors are locked.

          The gobment will not keep lawless criminal dirt bags out.
          But they will keep you, as a milk cow in. Lock you in.
          Gobment will milk you dry. Then slaughter you when you have no further use.

          US Fed and Local gobment are a well Armed Organized Corrupt Criminal enterprise.
          They protect their own.

          Ask FBI protected Hillary the National Security Threat, TRAITOR, and Butcher of Benghazi. —————————————–FBI PROTECTED

          • But Ron, you can’t pay your property taxes with chickens or ammo lol.

          • i ALREADY got all that shit, ron….and a LOT more…..what do i do with all those federal reserve notes i got LEFT?

            • butt crack: I have stacks of twenty $ bills– have several small safes and barely got one closed full of 20’s!! need to break down these few 100’s into ten$ bills to balance out. Cash is king if cash registers go down via hacking or power outage.

          • Realistic, I agree with most everything you stated except for the .22 pistol. A .22 rifle would be much more usable, accurate under stress (including lack of nutrients)and capable.

          • Gotto agree esp on metals,types animals to have etc. ltd. use gold and silver, and could be outlawed for commerce. But on guns: depends on where you live, like in cities handguns more so (several) shotgun and .223 type rifles, in the country, more high power rifles needed extra shotguns.






          • We’re all slaves
            We’ve all been enslaved
            We all are currently slaves


          “BERLIN (Reuters) – A 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested after killing a woman with a machete and injuring two other people in the southern German city of Reutlingen on Sunday, but the attack had no apparent connection to terrorism, police said.

          The asylum-seeking Syrian man had been involved in previous incidents causing injuries to other people, and was apparently acting alone, a police spokesman said.

          “There is no danger to anyone else at this time,” the police said.

          “Given the current evidence, there is no indication that this was a terrorist attack,” police said in a statement.”



          • Enemy of the state & Acid itch: Agree! The EU is already under incremental shiria law (Muslim crimes condoned) It just hasn’t been made public yet, pro Islamic/Marxist EU leaders (Merkel, etc) will soon openly declare it a done deal. Mass killing and mayhem will trash the EU into a third world hell hole if not already. We are on the chopping block, currently just behind the EU.(
            Avoid all travel over there, too risky. Mass US invasions accelerated 190 cities (ref: These incidents will be brushed off over seas on MSM, even here. Nationalism will be banned, no free speech in the EU. gestapo arrests on facebook members protesting in the EU, Mosques being built here with Saudi money. Will Trump stop all this?

        • I know but. To see a great video of what’s coming . The Coming Days . Esoteric Truthes. Unlike anything you have ever seen.


          “I’m an educated woman who has a wonderful husband. I am more than happy for my husband to marry other women fisabilillah. I have a career and financially independent. I love my husband but at times I need space. Yes.. marrying a cousin is permitted in Islam. What is wrong with that? In your society who determines what’s wrong and what’s right? We have Quran and Sunnah to give us guidelines how to lead life in the world and in the hereafter. If you’re saying marrying a cousin bring genetical problems among the offsprings, please show to me good literature review with valid studies. I’m working in health industry and I can assure you nothing in Science and Medicine is 100% certain. Regarding marrying a 9-year old. Islam allows you to marry a woman who has reached puberty and maturity. 1600 years ago, girls at this age are much more mature than those of the same age today. Aishah ra was willingly accepting Prophet Muhammad saw as her lawful husband, and they lived a peaceful harmonious life. The life of Aishah is another long story to tell. No compulsion in religion including marriage. Some countries have forced child marriage. That is so cultural and against the teaching of Islam.

          Such harsh words. You can see the difference of words used by a Muslim and by someone who is not yet a Muslim. What kind of cult you are talking about? I would suggest if you want to learn about Islam, get from the right resources, so you can get the right story 🙂

          i’m one of the “towel head muslim” woman. And I’m proud of it. I’m a professional, intelligent woman who aspire to succeed in the world and the hereafter. Islam is the best gift ever in my life. I hope one day you will understand the beauty of Islam and be one of our brothers. InshaAllah”








          • You completely misunderstand and misread Nigel Farage. He is quite brilliant and we need many more like him here in USSA today ! He is not at all pro Islam and fully realizes the fake refugees are a sham.

        • Yes.

        • YES IT CAN,we will soon be hunted like animals by our armed civil servants,police and the loyalists in all nato armed forces. So it can get worse and it will get worse,in the near future this exchange of thougts and words will get us jailed,tortured and killed. Sad but true,history teached me one thing, it ALWAYS repeats itself.And we or our children will pay the price of the elites games with our lives and our earth.
          GET PREPARED!!

          • yes, history repeats itself….but why does the PRICE always go UP when it repeats.

        • It can get far worse and will one day. We have not seen anything yet as far as suffering here in USSA today ! But it is coming and the masses will be shocked at their life style and their insane standard of living vanishing rather quickly. There is a very simple way to avert all the chaos that is approaching and it is all about how you THINK and then act.

      2. I have been increasing my stored water ever since the Dallas cops were murdered.

        Will build the increases of stored cash, silver and food for the rest of the year.

        (Already have enough ammo to hold off anything but a direct assault but Obama’s or Hillary’s brown shirts)

        • lena——-they wear blue shirts.. Police and TSA.

          I read a post some where on another web page, by a guy who said the following–
          “Goons also have a fetish for black ninja outfits. Which is good. The black ninja outfits show up nicely on infra red googles. Nice bright white targets.
          Target in sight.
          Lead a little.
          Target dropped.
          Keep dropping until they are ALL dropped, give up, or you are dropped.
          Then go have milk and cookies as reward for job well done.”

          I’m sure the guy who posted that was joking. Silly peoples. Everyone knows “Nice Police are just following orders.”





          Can you believe this: You are the enemy

          These stories go on all day long. Makes a sane person sick. How sad.

          • Unfortunately I want to make a point that I don’t even like myself. I see people on here say all the time to drop them if they come to your door.
            Truth is we are all out gunned if they make it to our door. We must have other plans. If you find that they are bold enough to start coming to peoples doors then immediately start using guerrilla tactics.
            If you don’t have a way to knock out transportation route’s to your door and a group that is watching on guard 24/7 then hit the wooods.
            Logistically it is impossible for them to get us all. Just not enough of them. We will be in a new civil war it these things start happening on a regular basis. Maybe the use of UN troops. If that started we would all know.
            Maybe that let the cities burn from riots and murder. Maybe they infect public water supplies. Maybe they use biological weapons. Maybe an EMP or black flag attack on the grid. Maybe they crash the banking system or just stop the EBT system. All of these will start riots and war in this country and lower the population for the Elite.
            Yes I believe we are all on list somewhere but the only ones that will have people show up at the front door are at the very top of the list. It is just a numbers thing.

            When it starts remember use gorilla tactics. Study and no how enemies have had success against large forces for the past 40 years.
            Just my 2 cents. I serve no purpose dying in place.

            The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. George S. Patton

            Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more. George S. Patton

            • Thanks Mike you’re exactly right. A siege would be the last place I would want to fight from unless they caught me there. I’d rather be outside moving or gone.

            • Mike in VA.

              “Truth is we are all out gunned if they make it to our door.”

              Hell of a note, is it not?

              Whether one takes to the hills or the woods or stays in place. We will all have to stand and fight one day.
              There are too many of them. Too many government goons with all the dumbasses you can handle. Probably starting with your next store neighbor. No plan is 100% foolproof and a little divine intervention with luck can help.
              Still most of the work has to be done by us.

              Like you say you have to deny avenues of movement down your street and up to your door. Any object to disrupt the stability of the vehicle or the quick advance of persons to your entrance. You must also deny them cover for protection and concealment. Make it easy to see them coming.
              If you have prepared your position correctly and have lanes of fire. The next piece is fire power and types of firepower. As simple as a signal flare and those who own a Barrett 50 cal., one round down range can do the trick. Remember many have never been under fire. Making the first shot count may make others run. High rate of fire (Spray and Pray) may not be needed.

              In the Movie “Book of Eli” The part where the bad guys open up the back of the enclosed truck to bring out a Gattling gun and begin shooting up the house.

              That is how it will look on the inside with stuff flying all over the place with only a couple of people, rapidly shooting into your home.
              I’m trying to be realistic and give people a visual.

              Prepare for the worst and Hope for the best.

              • Anon, mho ,They will come after us one by one,vet,ex Leo ,or this site.Have a signal everyone come armed nobody goes!I think they are going to collapse everything and let us thin our selves out,than the blue helmets!
                Maniac –out

                • La. Maniac

                  It is very hard to convince people that something wicked comes our way. If the government is moving military gear around the country. The police force is being militarized. There are instructional/military books to build camps for population/riot control.

                  How Bad is it going to get?

                  All the Guns and bullets are fine but how far would that get you without other survival skills. Simple first aid for example.

                  I still apply the 30/60/90/120 day intervals to my strategy. It gives me an idea of what body shape and mental condition others are experiencing. Yet you must allow for the exception.

                  Dealing with plain people is one thing. Dealing with the military and government is another thing.

                  Gets complex.

            • AMEN that,must have backup plans. The point is surviving,no man can fight alone against the loyalists in the army,police and other armed parts of the goverment if they want to attack your house,better to know when to “run” so you can keep fighting another day. we have the “moral high ground” in this battle when it erupts.

            • Before hitting the woods, you might want to build or acquire a thermal camo cloak. Great video on what material you need and how effective it is.


            • Great post

        • I would HIGHLY suggest to anyone and everyone that has EVER posted or visited this web site or others like it.
          Within hours of a major event Make sure that you can not be found. LEAVE.
          Go mobile or to a well thought out secondary location with no bread crumb trail to you.

          The government will round up Anyone they think might be a potential problem.
          The Jade Helm exercise was practice for the round ups and to practice causing disruptions and chaos.

          NSA has gathered meta data for future use. TREASONOUS Government have intel that they will use in future against God Fearing-Constitutional minded-Freedom loving Americans. Electronic control grid is for YOU. Not some imaginary enemy from afar. YOU are their target.

          Illegal immigrants-Refugees- CIA backed muslim groups-Race War-
          Police vs. Civillians-Economic Collapse
          ALL ARE TOOLS OF CHAOS TO DISRUPT and bring down civillization.

          ALL these events are SCRIPTED and intentional. POLITICIANS like Obummer-Hillary and European leaders are ALLOWING and condoning the current atrocities. Destruction by design.
          Politicians want you in a state of fear. Fearful people will fall for anything they come up with. Fearful population easy to control. People make bad choices when in state of fear. Patriot act after 9-11 for example. Blanket Surviellance of ALL Americans.
          They cause Problem.
          You React.
          They offer Solution they wanted to impose. That is why they caused problem.

          Martial law comes. Leave and flee ASAP. Don’t be there when the goons come a knockin in the night at 03:00.

      3. Went to ALDIES the other day some on here know what it is its a cheaper grocery store any how got 2 cases of every can good veggie they had i figure i cqn get meat but cant grow a garden in the winter but any how you would not beleive the looks i got from everyone one lady even said wow you must have alot of kids i just said its for hungry people the total was under 200 bucks so when shtf there really isnt any excuse for people to go hungry that is if they invest a lousy 200

        • canned veggies ? YUCK !

          not for me ! we didn’t get veggie mre’s in the army when we had no other choice, I’m not going to start eating them on my own.

          give me spaghetti, chicken ala king and corned beef hash 7 days a week over canned veggies !

          • You better take a vitamin then and a laxative or you wont poop sure its good to have main dish but you also need veggies squirrel stew or rabbit pot pie or a good deer roast with carrots and potatoes the small canned kind

            • 28oz cans of peaches, pears, and even apricots can be had this time of year at 99cent stores….but MOST things at 99c store are too expensive….also fresh fruit/veggies CAN be found at good prices once in a while….

              • When buying food at such places, always check to see where it came from, just a suggestion
                I was at the dollar store the other day, where things were once, a dollar, but because of ”inflation”, the prices are now 1.25-3$, anywho, garlic from China, anything from China, is a pass. The hummus, made in Turkey, was also a pass
                Heading out tomorrow, to scoop up on Campbells soup, on sale for 50 cents/can, certain varieties, of course, and vitamins, which are also on sale

                • the only store i have found to have decent prices is the 99cent store…those “dollar” stores are priced higher….like i said, you MUST be careful, as most things can be had elsewhere for less….yes on the watching where stuff comes from….and yes, soup will stretch rice, macaroni, and beans so it’s more nutritional, and enjoyable to eat…one thing that we must keep in mind is that a lot of the same food every day will tend to add to the depression we will be in, so having variety will be a good thing. another item to have would be hard candies that will keep a long time, like jolly ranchers/rock candy, and such.

                  • I live in Canadastan. We don’t have 99 cents stores up here, but we do have a Dollar Tree, in the town that I live in. Everything is 1.25$,and they even have a rack of a variety of brand name bread, soft too. The other day, I got four packages of rice for 25 cents each. I just found out about this store, and plan on going there, every Sunday, as that is the quietest day to stock up, I have found out.
                    I am pretty well rounded, I think, in my stocking up, never thought of hard candies,though but will get some, next time that I am out,thank you, makes sense to have some on hand,in bulk, as I have low blood sugar to begin with.
                    Going to corp grocery store is always challenging for me. The prices are insane. Today a ”family sized” box of Cheerios was 10$, that is 1.25$ less, than minimum wage! Which is what corps dole out now/hr.
                    Cheapest box of tea was 6.99$, for 72 bags. Two weeks ago, it was 4.29$. No, sorry, the cheapest box of tea, was Halal tea.
                    Luckily, I need not go to the corp grocery store, often, only when a big sale is on, and they aren’t very often.
                    I have noticed, that their meat quality is lower than what I would expect from a huge corp.
                    Coolers full of bloodied slabs of ribs, chicken parts, etc, that looks like the animal was butchered in the back room, vacuum sealed, and tossed back out to sell, for cheap..
                    Other meats, are more carefully packaged and more appealing, driving the price up
                    Shopping for food stuffs, in an art, not to be reckoned with, in these times, that we are in, I have to say..
                    It is all about stretching the dollar, and getting by on less, not to mention, manipulation of the dollar

                    • we are lucky(?) enough to have 7 or 8 chain stores here in town. i almost never buy anything unless it’s on SALE… i shop the ads…and when i see a great deal, like that soup under 50 cents, i buy a BUNCH….i often buy 5 cases of something when it’s REALLY cheap…i still am eating dennison’s chilli i bought 4 years ago for 48 cents a can….bought lots of it SINCE then for 69 cents….now you see chilli for 1.19, on SALE… peanut butter 16 oz for 1.69 is a great price, and good shtf food. spam for 2 bucks, pinto’s 33 cents a LB, macaroni(name brands ONLY) for under 50cents a LB.

              • This was your reply to me, but for some reason, the reply button, isn’t working,f or your post, so I am copying and pasting
                What you said
                we are lucky(?) enough to have 7 or 8 chain stores here in town. i almost never buy anything unless it’s on SALE… i shop the ads…and when i see a great deal, like that soup under 50 cents, i buy a BUNCH….i often buy 5 cases of something when it’s REALLY cheap…i still am eating dennison’s chilli i bought 4 years ago for 48 cents a can….bought lots of it SINCE then for 69 cents….now you see chilli for 1.19, on SALE… peanut butter 16 oz for 1.69 is a great price, and good shtf food. spam for 2 bucks, pinto’s 33 cents a LB, macaroni(name brands ONLY) for under 50cents a LB.

                What I am replying back
                I only shop sales, as well, and never miss the marked down shelves. I just need to make sure that the sale price, scans through
                Our dollar is very low right now, and food prices, very high, so even sales, are too high.
                Whenever there are , 1,2,3$ sales, there are limits, of how many units a minion can buy.
                The prices that you mention, make me envious. A 1kg jar of peanut butter, Kraft, on sale, is around 4.99$..I have about five, that I paid 3.99$, for last summer
                I do the best that I can. In the most frugal way that I was taught

          • Lena. Got canned veggies to add to rice w\squirrel.Have lots of rice and dried beans,top ramen.Chicken,beef and shrimp flavor for fish dishes.Working on my flour and cornmeal now slow and steady,hope I still have time.
            Need body armor but $$,hope I’m sneakier and quicker!
            Love the dark and the woods,I’m at home there.
            Be well all!
            Maniac –out

            • you can grow and grind your own corn meal. It’s what I do.

              flour a bit harder-haven’t got that yet.

              • Grandee,slowly gathering material to fab a meal grinding set-up,have 3. 3″steel wheels and axle.Nice about country living corn grows all over,think it’s wild!Just go pick it,funny it grows in
                Maniac –out

            • @La,
              If you have a grain mill and access to large 25# bags of popcorn you can get some tasty corn meal by grinding popcorn. Sam’s has these large bags. They are only the kernels, no oils or seasonings, just plain kernels.

          • Seven years a grunt and I am here to tell you that a diet of MRE’s is not only stupidly expensive but the ensuing constipation will cause you to prolapse your colon. They’re ok for portability and an emergency stash but they’re not meant for a steady diet. Buy storable versions of what you already eat and maybe some freeze dried.
            There was a reason us old NCO’s used to hit the PX ( AAFES) for “pogie bait”. Slim Jims, Spaghettios, and Hershey bars got us through many hard times. But I’d stab a guy over the MRE meatballs in barbecue sauce.

            • MRE’s are pure shit. Read the ingredients, it looks like something out of Dow Chemicals dumpster. Expensive and short lived too. For bugout and emergencies (not my long term stash)I get the mainstay 3600 bars. High calories, extreme heat tolerance, vitamins, ultra compact (a case of 10 fits in a shoebox). A case of 10 is about 60 bux and can last you a month. 5 year shelf life (I have eaten some from the toolbox of my truck that were 8 years old and were still good). The rest of my stuff is dehydrated, freeze dried, whole grains, seeds, hunting skills. MRE’s are for amateurs with more money than sense. I even pack mainstays in my fire fighting pack because MRE’s SUCK!

              • ht tps:// Take out the space in the http and look. Heck they are even Kosher for you tribesmen lol.

            • Overwatch

              You and me both would stab over that. The constipation for a day or two was fine. After that oh my God. At least for a couple of days you did not have to dig a hole.

          • Better than nothing! Plus most canned veggies can be eaten straight from the can,,,,

            • yes, and they have WATER in them….which most don’t think about….E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G mentioned here for a whole lot of posts will require WATER….it will be your most important commodity….save a LOT of it, much more than you think will be required. 2 gallons a day per person…one of the reasons MY food stores include lots of cans….that DON’T require water to be prepared…untainted water will be hard to come by…..and MOST of the things mentioned here will require cooking, which gives away your position…..cans of soup, chilli, vegies, fruit, don’t HAVE to be heated….and water will be required to clean pots that you make things in, and with. …MOST people won’t have anywhere NEAR enough water to match the food they have….not to mention bathing….have lots of wipies to clean with…it will save LOTS of water.

          • ?
            you have never been truly hungry i guess.. but your choise,..

        • Yes We shop at aldies. We get the canned potatoes, mandarin oranges, pears & peaches in addition to the canned veggies. Take whatever money you have to spend on PM,s like gold and buy canned goods.

          • I don’t have to do any shopping. I just build more shelves and my wife thinks she has to fill them.

          • Aldies – first and only store to advertise as a “Non-GMO” Store … fuck you haters!!!!!! For not knowing … what you think you know … up your ass!

          • Aldies is a German chain and that is likely why they advertise non GMO. The EU hasn’t been conquered by Monsanto…yet.

            You box or bag the groceries yourself and rent a shopping cart for a quarter…refundable when you put the cart back in the rack.

            They save money on bagging and running after carts in the parking lot so they sell the food cheaper.

      4. Perhaps a positive side to all this is folk may turn back to God. Praying about things they took little thought of before. I always assume electric power is on at the house. Or the grocery store will be open. What happens when the things I took for granted are gone?

      5. Can’t wait to eat the first barbecued human..or even worse, getting killed and eaten by my own kind.. I have even given my woman instructions to go after white bairded men with big trucks for safety and security, incase I don’t make use her looks to her advantage..


        • Howdy HCKS, don’t worry friend. I have a big truck that your lady friend can ride on. BEEP… BEEEEEEEEP!

        • Your nuts. cannibialism is a dindu thing. This white man is self reliant enough ill never eat carrion.

          • Me i myself cant hardly wait to eat the neighbors lawn shitting dog wonder how best to prepare bbq chineese stew or how about dog chilli

            • Sweet sour, cut it small, batter it then deep fry it and roll the sweet sour into it

            • BBQ sauce…it’ll be PRICELESS!….maybe even MORE than that.

          • I wonder if blacks whites and mexicans will have different tastes…..

            • JS

              Depends on the wood you use to smoke them.

              Oak. Cherry. Hickory.

              • I made up a joke about canibleism. But it’s crude. If you were starving to death . And you had a choice between eating a nigger spic or gook which one would you eat? I say the niggers don’t smell right . The spics are too spicy. And the gooks an hour later and your hungry again. It’s a joke you politically correct jackass. The Krauts are too tough . The Kikes are to tight. The Greeks are too greasy. The whatever?

                • how many hungry people can one gringo feed?……..ALL of ’em, if you slice him thin enough……..HEY!….quit lookin’ at me like that!

              • Kaiwe trees is best.

                • Throw em in an imu, kalua style, thats how the kanaks used to do it

            • I imagine its more like a black tail vs a white tail vs a mulie kind of thing . diet is what makes the difference . but really this is just sick joke kind of stuff…. I hope

              • I hope too, thats a bit too sick,

                • Probably taste like chicken. Lol

          • Eating carrion?

            Humans go to grocery stores and buy week dead chicken, month dead beef and pork.

            Don’t you know what you are!

            Humans learned to cook to stay alive. We eat carrion! Yes, refrigeration helps.

            Deal with it.

            • I raise and process all our meat. things like humans dogs& cats to me are carrion. I don’t eat anything that eats meat. And I also likely would kill a cannibal in a heart beat.

        • First person I see doing cannibalism … will receive a nice, polished .308 to the Head.

          Fk ‘da dumb shit!

          • Anyone who tries munching on Bravefarts butt will get a face full of Bravefarts aromatherapy.

      6. Two words that may some day strike terror in hearts – Flash Mobs. They could potentially enter into neighborhood homes and loot. Carrying off things the owner needed. With larger numbers of thugs stopping them may be not be easy.
        Law enforcement is already under attack.
        The media looks away when certain skin colors commits crimes.
        Where we live may lessen or increase the chance of such thuggery.

        • Make sure you have something that holds 30 round mags and goes through walls like 762 or 308 ar ak sks ect then just light them up you can always go back and plug holes plus you get to scavenge the dead ones

          • It’s disgusting how some of our leaders want to ban larger magazines and so called assault rifles . But they Never seem to mention their security force weaponry.
            Or bring up the facts that ragheads & thugs would continue to use their armory of killing machines.

            • Jimbo

              Flash Mob.

              Detection… Motion detector/trip flares.

              Ensnare… Treble hooks/barbwire.

              Disable… Caldrops/spiked boards.

              Dispatch… Your choice.

              Darkness is my friend.

              All on Utube

            • Yup,
              Not ever giving it up

        • Jimbo

          It’s “Show Time”.

          • 🙂

      7. Its already ugly.

      8. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has her hands on Pay Day Loan scam. Oh no how can it be…she is a jew and kosher and one of the chosen ones.

      9. Agreed God soldier starving because you wanted beer cigs and dope with the $200 is foolish. I got my canned stuff a little at a time over probably 6or 7 years. Just grabbed a can or 2 extra when she went shopping I told her what to grab. Beans mostly got some canned meats like tuna ham those little sausages. Got some bags of rice to use to stretch the supplies. I like beans and rice. I’m not feeling the just add water dehydrated crap. That’s good for bugging out if that’s your plans. Vitamins are a must to keep levels peaked. I used to hate veggies as a kid not no more I eat that shit up and love it. It’s all in the preparation remember spices. Shtf is no time to be a picky eater. Just like a dog if he’s hungry he will eat what you put down or starve.

      10. When people lose a job and are unable to find work some get unemployment. But that quickly is exhausted. With no money or very little money one quickly discovers how expensive everything has become. One must eat and so things like dental floss and deodorant become luxurious to the unwise. Of course no one will hire someone who doesn’t present himself well. So any opportunity for employment is missed due to a bad appearance.

        Stock up on beans and bullets but don’t neglect to stock up on personal hygiene products. Buy soap for cleaning clothes and things like bleach, baking soda, borax, even vodka. Buy clothes line and clothes pins. You need an indoor rack to hang clothes to dry. These can be used and should be used now so if need be you won’t have to deal with a learning curve.

        If you have your basics stacked, then consider precious metals which if nothing else add to your piece of mind, knowing that all bases are covered. imho

        • Instead of buying vodka you can build a small still (5gal.) for under 100 bux. With this you can make a gallon of 100 proof shine for 10 bux a gallon. Much cheaper than store bought and much better.

          Got my water storage up to 2000 gallons now and don’t have far at all to go to get more. Got the conex all setup with a temp. controlled room and solar power for lights and vent fans. Got more peeps on the radio network to and trained a new shiner 🙂

          • Do you just bring mash to a boil to distill

            • No, it is below boiling in a sealed pot with a copper worm condenser with water cooling. Plans are on youtube.

              • 100 proof is just right.

                • Alcohol was ounce a miracle drug . Best for killing internal worms . A large dose would kill tape worms . And as a disinfectant. Spray 100 proof on a wound . Sterilize hands and needles . We will see worms and lice again. 100 proof should kill lice?

                  • Lone, diatamatious earth will kill worms and lice and is cheap. Great for killing bugs in the garden and parasites too. Humans and animals can eat it it just kills exoskeletal critters. But then 100 proof might fook them up too lol. I save the heads from runs (methanol and oils) and when I have a gallon or more I run them again to about 165 proof and use it as alco fuel for my stove and cleaner too. Save the tails of the run and run them again and get some 150 proof good stuff! Waste nothing 🙂

                    • I buy diatomcetious earth on a 50 pound bag. Feed it to my animals. If you have the shits mix it with pan cake batter. you cant even tell it is in the pancakes.

                • PO’d,I make everything 100 proof. It is the best blend of alcohol and flavor IMO. I have a theory that the reason store bought shit gives you a hangover/headache is that they run it till the overall of the batch is 80 proof. Which would mean the tails of the batch could be around 15-20 proof and full of fuesal oils. Whether my overall is down to 100 or not I cut it off at 60 proof. And I religiously throw out the first 2oz. per gallon of mash. Did you ever try my wheeesky recipe yet?

                  • Which one?

                  • Genius, 60 is where I cut mine off as well. I got a parrot where I place the hydrometer in and watch the changes. Makes things a lot easier. The heads and tails I use in a spray bottle to clean and disinfect my stainless tables when I cut up deer. Cleans up rusted tools too.

          • don’t do it unless you know what youre fucking doing

            methanol poisoning will make you go blind

          • Send us a diagram, with instructions. In have 34,000 gallons of water, I could make a little vodka, with your help.

            • Someone here recommended the alaskan bootleggers bible to me once so I got it. It is a good book and can teach you what you need to know including recipes. 34,000 gallons of water = 8000 gallons of vodka lol. Better plant a bunch of spuds though!

      11. ht tp://

        Very good read.
        Be well rounded in your prepping, it may save you and your families life…

      12. When financial hits stuff will shoot up in price till everyone runs out of money then whats left b cheap cus no one will have money whats your thoughts on the dem convention starting will there b alot of shit or calm like repub one

        • Dem convention will be quiet. sanders sold out to the devil.

        • everybody will make $15 an hour minimum wage so it will all work out…..

          • no, the slaves/serfs/peasants will get $15 while the “royalty” will remain rich. It will be a return to Feudalism-like conditions.

      13. If the shtf you have millions of unprepared people with hundreds of millions of guns and billions of rounds…

        Your leaders are against you and I just dont see where your going to spend all this gold and silver to trade…..

        1. Outside it will be a war zone – your gonna walk where?
        2. Your gonna drive a moving target where?
        3. How will you find someone to barter with – walk streets?
        4. Your country isn’t going to let you survive by trading – what do you think this is our government failing or something
        The debt isn’t the government it is the peoples debt.. they get to keep all their land and toys…..

        First family member to get shot will put a stop to goin outside…. everybody wants everything you have not just what you have in your hand….

        • TBT, Someday the dust will settle,my kids wont have to scratch.Don’t know about you but I plan on surviving!It’s for later not during,brains and bullets for that.
          Maniac –out

          • That’s where you are mistaken. The dust will not settle and we become a society for a lifetime or two. It wont be a 1800s lifestyle. It will become stone age. Those continuation of gove folks will die in their bunkers. Go today and try and trade gold for food? It would be very difficult. Why do you think it will be easier when everything goes all to shit?

      14. If Sanders was pumping up his Socialist hoard I’d say you might see some action. As it is, he’s kissing Hitlery’s but so nothing much will happen.

      15. Debbie Wasserman is another dead political body heaped upon the democratic pile of disgrace.

        Nice of her to fall on the sword. Like to see a few more democrat females do the same.

        • Clinton will resurrect her with a cabinet post….or suicide her.

          • she’ll be resurrected if she has enough “goods” on others, but she’s so STUPID that probably nobody ever told her anything.

            • stevor

              DWS had her head so far up Hillary’s rectum that her neck was snapped from the ensuing negative politcal news reflex.

              AKA. Ass Twitch.

          • Clinton will become America’s New President … because she is above the Law and has already been given clearance to the be the next destroyer.

            Whether the majority are behind Trump or not … Hillary has already possessed the keys to the White House … but …

            [Don’t forget to Vote in November … the Establishment needs your support & consent for the continuing destruction of AmeriKa!]

            [Sarcasm fk’n OFF]

            • No, Hitlery can’t be President now, she failed the Wassermann test!

          • You’re right john stiner.

            Clinton has already made her co-chair of her campaign. The scum continues to rise to the top.

            Wasserman needs a Dirty Sanchez…volunteers wanted.

        • Simply a scapegoat.

      16. Hello all, I hope all you folks are doing well. Instead of my normal rambling for long pages, to make this comment short and sweet. Most people I talk with in the Christain community do not agree with my prepping life style. They say things like you have no faith, or God will take care of me when things get bad. On and on and on ,,,,, For those that say I have a lack of faith please refer to a couple of the best preppers and true men of God I have ever read about. One would be Noah some man that him and his family took over 100 years to build a huge boat in a world that never knew rain. You can read the whole story for yourself. Another one was another man of God who was warned of a 7 year famine to come to the land and to prepare. Oh by the way his name was Joesph. Talk about an overcomer you really need to read up on him. Now I realize there has been alot of folks setting dates and seasons for the coming collapse or tribulation period, call it whatever you like. The bottom line is it is going to happen and unless I die tragically I think I will be alive for it all. I do not have a lack of faith in fact the Lord has blessed me with wisdom mainly because I pray for it. He has told me which of the watchmen on the wall are the real deal and which ones I ignore. We have been warned and it will be very bad esp for the spoiled western world. If you have some precious metals than good for you. This is how I see it, #1 prep get right with the Lord Jesus Christ. then water, food, weapons and a solid bug out plan if needed esp for those who live in the cities. prepare for your familiy and dont forget to stash a bible somewhere safe for when the NAzi’S come to burn them and kill you. Last thing there is nothing wrong with having firearms and plenty of lead. I am not afraid to die for my faith but will kill in self defense for my family, freins and myself. Keep your faith and dont worry when pastors of known churcheslook at you like you have 2 heads when you share your beliefs about the last days. Keep your powder dry and your head on a swivel. God Bless all of you.

        • You too! May you be a watchman for your neighborhood!

        • MIC,

          Good to hear what you say. I will be lookong forward to your posts. We need good heads on square shoulders. Faith and a positive outlook in God’s providence is why we prep, prepare, and pray daily for guidance, insight, understanding, wisdom, patience, love, joy, hope, and salvation. Exercising daily, our body, mind, and spirit. May God bless and keep you and everyone reading these posts.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • MIC,

          Charles Swindoll wrote a great piece on the importance of “Attitude”. He said, “that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

          Louisiana Eagle

      17. weird my IP address or email has not changed since coming here about 6 years agon and now my comment is being moderated?

        • Hi Mike, the system seems to be id’ing you differently now — not sure why but give it a few posts and it should be good to go.

      18. how can the prop up fiat money? Will somebody like the Rothschilds have to do some leveraging and risk losing trillions?

      19. I have done pretty good with SLV futures this year, but i wish I had bought mining stocks instead. they have done better, and they never expire like futures 🙁

        • I know that options/futures expire, but cant you do a “rollover” to the next period? I know how they work in general, but I don’t know finer details like this.

          I’m not sure if it’s true for all the different commodities, but since gold and silver aren’t deliverable upon expiration any more, I would think you could just roll it over to the next period.

      20. Washer is a total idiot. Anyone see that her Pocahontas and hitlery are all raving bitches. They hate men specifically rich white guys. Pocahontas said nobody gets rich on their own. Obama said you didn’t build that somone helped you meaning the gov. Socialist progressives are destroying this nation. When they make minimum wage $15 hr I’m quitting truck driving and working at McDonald’s. They think there is a shortage of drivers they haven’t seen shit yet. This will definetly affect the supply chain. Prepare accordingly. American way of life is slated for demolition.

      21. I stocked up on precious metals after I stocked up on food, water, guns, ammo, firewood, etc.

        • #1 shelter
          #2 water
          #3 self protection
          #4 Concentrate on staying alive.
          #5 Kill Democrats as they are an
          anathema to 1 through 4.
          Rock on and prep for the worst.

          • If I said I wanted to kill Republicans, you’d probably go batshit crazy. Besides, are you going to be like those Muslim terrorists who shoot people in the head if they can’t recite from the holy book?

      22. Oh, this is going to get ugly for sure.

        On Drudge.

        Four Mile long. Eight foot high fence placed around convention area. Pictures included. Expecting trouble?

        Another article states there may be between 35 to 50 thousand protestors in the city of Brotherly Love.

      23. Anon. Good I call that payback for all the $hit they’ve caused.
        Me,I don’t have any $$,been a rough year,but saw the writing on the wall been pulling my kids college $ out of the bank,little by little,started buying silver for them.Wife worries,hey better than them taking it,when this house of cards falls!Just started prepping awhile ago,better late than never!LONG WAY TO GO,SHORT TIME TO GET THERE!
        Maniac –out

        • La. Maniac

          Fat (Hillary) and Fatter (Kaine) are going to feel the Bernie Burn from Sander’s supporters.

          La. Maniac, everyone one’s case is different in how we prepare. Short Goals and Long term goals. Then the rainy day fund. As long as you think it all the way out and do the research. You can say you have done your best. You can try to cover all the bases but there are too many to cover. New shit everyday. I have been prepping for a long time and still find holes to fill.

          As I say, Some is better than none and others have redundancy built into their plans with diversification in many forms. Money, Food, Protection.

          You will do fine. Hell we didn’t scare you away from the forum with all the crazy stuff mentioned here. ;0)

          • La, if you send your kids to college be sure to make it robotics tech. Every other skill except medical will be offshored. Robot techs will be in high demand if you have any insight whatsoever. But then both will be drafted into the new fema military to serve your masters if tshtf. Ehhh screw it, buy silver with it all and teach them how to make meth lol.

            • Anon,I don’t scare easy! Learn alot here and makes me think of new ideas!
              Genius,been pushing towards automated programming,Logic 5000 etc.Why not ITT TECH shorter,less $.Not gonna teach how to (cook) state vacations aren’t fun!lol
              Maniac –out

            • A guy I know has a degree in robotics. He is also hands on. Can fix anything. Lots of energy. He is self employed in the robotics field. Makes the big bucks. Really enjoys his work. Great hunter, too.

          • Good point: why can’t she at least show respect for her own body and stay in shape? Wobbling around in an elasticated paint suit does not speak to personal discipline. Being President is a tough job and you need to be in top shape. Bush was in top shape, Reagan was in top shape, even Carter kept himself trim.

            It is not a good reflection on the country and it does not speak to the 21st century. At least Obama kept himself trim, had his wife grow organic veggies and made sure his family dressed well and got a good education: a good example to black people.

            It is sad because Hillary used to be hot when she was younger.

        • Hey LA – Best to get your kids into a trade rather than them getting a useless college degree. If your kids do make it to college, try to find one that is 100% co-op, if such a thing exists in the States. We live in Canada and my son went to the University of Waterloo in Ontario and took mechanical engineering. The University is 100% co-op in that the go to school for 4 months then out into the workforce of their field for 4 months and repeat until they have their degree. While in the workforce they make pretty good money. We only had to cover his tuition for the 1st term. He made enough to pay his tuition and living expenses while in work experience with a local engineering firm. He graduated debt free and is making a great living in the nuclear power industry.

      24. It’s about to go down folks,moving to western Ky Friday, good place to hunker down and weather the coming storm if we can. Can’t see US making it another year, just can’t see the country surviving in its current carnation any longer than that. Even the steeple sense it is coming, else why would they be supporting a snake oil salesman like Trump. He will not win and if it looks like he might SHTF comes in November. TPTB are not gonna let that happen. When Hilary is elected you will see things unravel VERy quickly. For God sake everybody begin your final preps. It’s really about to happen, I can feel it in my bones. May God bless and keep you all. As DelGue once said’ Keep your nose to the wind and your eye along the skyline.:

      25. I know that this may be off the subject but listening to this I could not help getting moved so I HAD share this with everyone.

        Yes we are in HELL folks, and it’s getting worse.

        If this does not work go to youtube and type in
        Law Enforcement Motivation.

        Al Pacino words should get a award for this
        Because it affects us all good people if you have on a uniform or not.

        Claw for that inch everyone, CLAW FOR THAT INCH !!!!

      26. My suggestion to everyone do all your home repairs now. If supply chain goes down materials will be harder to get. Get your vehicle in good shape too. Do the brakes replace tires whatever you gotta do. When it gets ugly you don’t wanna worry about the roof leaking or if the car will run. Get a case of motor oil and 2 oil filters for your car. You can use the oil in a pump oil can around the home too. Use it in your generator and lawnmower. Get a roll of bailing wire it’s cheap and can mend a lot of stuff I’ve seen exhaust pipes hung with it. Make sure you have pliers to twist it. A good cordless drill like dewalt. Big box of 1.5 inch drywall screws or exterior screws. Tape measure square level chalk line can be picked up at harbor freight all for probably around $25 you can get the tape measure for free with the coupon. Circular saw can cut any dimensional materials. A box of 8 and 16 penny nails. If you have the $ and a place to store it grab 6 sheets of plywood and 20 2x4s. You can board up you house if you need to or build things. Plan on being on you own.

      27. The screaming Baird, welcome to shtf.. she is better off with you types than a run in with he dred lock.. it’s sounds crazy but I have actually has a real discussion with her about that.. as for the rest of us, hopefully we will still be alive.. at this point even a Trump wins, I am still not convinced a damn thing is going to change..ots down hill from now one..Venezuela is the temporal marker for what is planned for the US… remember Allan Greenspan the zionist warned us a few months back that he and his buddies are getting ready to wipe us off the map..So preppers need to prep some more and non preppers are totally screwed. After seeing what went down in Dallas, I am convinced that we have a bad future ahead of us…trolls are calling me nuts, saying that I am on meds, meth and all sorts of BS, but I have heard some really serious stuff from credible sources and I am really worried.. calling me names will not let me post feel good garbage… i am here to help out fema source told me two months ago that the fault line in Cali, is fixing to go..and that’s why they are there right now. when untold him that I am getting laughed at here, he said let them keep laughing it won’t be funny anymore..


      28. I can just see it. Everyone is hungry So someone takes some PM,s . And goes out looking to buy food. and smells meat cooking. They warily approach the dude. He has a haunch on a spit. Its his last one. and he don’t want gold. but he finally agrees to trade. Then when that buyer reaches down to get the roast. HICKS clubs him to death. Now old cannibal HICKS has gold and more meat!

        • Old Guy


      29. Buy some precious if it makes you feel better about the future. I quit buying in 2011 at the top. I don’t personally think pms will be useful where the world is heading.

        You need a functioning monetary system to be able to value and trade your precious. Why is it always valued in FRNs? Because it is a commodity and no longer considered money by 98% of the people.

        If you think your going to convince the potato farmer up the road that your silver dime is worth ten times what a clad one is, you are mistaken. He may feed you to his hogs for trying to rip him off.

        If you’re going to speculate in precious metals you need to be ready to sell them at the top and convert the cash to productive land and fuel and food (maybe a still or two) before the monetary system crashes. Good luck on timing that.

        PMs will be mostly shiny pet rocks after the collapse of industrial civilization. The only way they won’t be is if there is still a functioning economy and if there is, that means there was no collapse.

        Sure, they have been used as money for thousands of years. But only 2 or 3 percent of people consider them as money today. Are you going to open your history book to pages 56 and 57 and show them…”here, see this says it used to be money. Now, you got to accept this silver dime as being worth a dollar of goods.” lol…good luck trying that with most of the people. A dime is a dime to most. Best keep some FRNs in stash, too.

      30. I have a lot of respect for truck drivers. Without you all stores go empty. Why dont you organize a strike for a few days or a week ans show the politicians where the real power is ?

      31. P#ssy is a much more fungible currency than precious metals. You would be better off building a network of young women who you can pimp out for whatever currency is accepted after the crash. This strategy worked very well for people when the Soviet Union collapsed and has worked well in every major economic collapse I have studied.

        The farmer will definitely let you have a wheel of cheese, a load of organic veggies, and some dried corn and flour for a night with a 21 year old lean lady. You can be sure of that. But your handful of collector silver coins with pictures of bugs bunny on them; nope.

        • Frankie – It must be hell being old, wrinkly and impotent! Plus, I’ve never met a 70 plus virgin like yourself. You really are something else aren’t you? Oh, how about a few hijab wearing border guards just to fuel your perverted fantasies?

      32. What the hell is all this talk about selling women into degrading lifestyle.

        Are we no better than that as we have to put up with a lot more bullshit.

        • This is just Frankie fantasizing. He does it all the time…world’s biggest misogynist because at the age of 73 he’s still a virgin. He’s so physically and emotionally repulsive no woman has ever been interested in him.

      33. JRS… Aldi stores are OK for some items, others not so much. Produce is many times old product and more times not available, no rain checks either. No coupons also taken for non Aldi products like national brands. I bought a case of canned black beans, their brand, after opening them the cans were less than half full of beans and water the rest. Maybe your stores are different, I’ve been going there since they opened years back.

      34. Entering the discussion late and I am ALWAYS moderated because I don’t feed the machine- but, the experimental raised bed did pretty well this year. It’s petered out now in the heat but my Roma tomatos did fine and they’ve been tasty in my scrambled eggs this summer. Okra, not so much. But I did not care for the bed hardly at all and I still got a little crop. So happy we are scheduled to have a nice soaking rain here today. The pine forest needs it.

        Just a note on pine straw. I used what was naturally falling around here last year to put a thin layer of it around my fruit trees. Worked much better at keeping out grass and weeds than the cr@p from the box store and it was free.

        We have numerous deer out here. A hunter could bag ’em from my patio easily without stirring much. They are attracted to our gardens, so evertyhing I plant for food including the fruit, has to be deer fenced. Seen a few fawns lately-
        Feel extremely blessed to have successfully relocated out of the metro area. Like we’ve heard before, it may not be today or tomorrow, but harder times are coming. And good preps take time… and work.

      35. You probably are right. It’s been a few years since I went to that store. I liked it then.


      36. The Observer has a “hard asset” he wants to wave at the enemy.

      37. Aldies can ham and spam is good the canned beef tasys like dog food and the tuna is kind of funky so i plan on walmart can tuna is good also aldies beef stew is good but the chicken and dumplings are funky also i have found that krogers new generic brand called pssst is good the ground coffèe is same or better than maxwell house also the tea bags are good and pasta another thing good at aldies is the spice packs and gravy mixes

      38. Looking forward to seeing all you hurting people in heaven. Thanks be to Jesus, our dear redeemer.

        • I fell down in a burning ring of fire.
          I went down, down, down.
          And the flames got higher
          And it burned, burned, burned.
          That ring of fire.


      39. Question. On the topic of silver. Lots of talk about 90% silver coins. But, they are actually priced a bit more than the equivalent of silver Eagles. And silver Eagles are priced a bit more than Rounds or Bars with the same weight. Which should I be accumulating? 90%, Eagles, fractional Eagles, Rounds, Bars? Thank you.

        • Dan, there are a lot of different viewpoints here…

          My 2 cents, and it is a strategy I have utilized: Diversify, meaning by a little bit of each.

          Personally I prefer US or Canadian Gov mint coins like the Eagle and Maple. Those are great coins and highly recognizable. The up front cost is significantly higher than regular rounds, but that’s the premium you pay for recognizability. I am not sure how those premiums will fare when you try to sell, however… It’s funny because a dealer will charge you $4 for a Silver Eagle premium because it is such a ‘highly valued’ coin and such… But when you bring the same coin back to the dealer they’ll say, “oh, it’s just silver like these rounds over here” and they’ll stiff you on that premium… You definitely won’t get that $4 back, but maybe $1 or $2 over spot. I guess the dealers have to make their cut too 🙂

          From rounds/bars I do get a little picky and stick with hallmarks that are fairly recognizable like Johnson Matthey, Sunshine, HM and a few others, but in reality, it doesn’t matter all that much so long as your coin is .999 silver… If you buy from a reputable local or online dealer you should be good to go — just make sure you are getting .999 fine silver and it’s the same pretty much all the way around.

          I also like Junk silver for two reasons : 1) you can buy it in small increments and so even with a small weekly budget 2) you can TRADE it in small increments if the shit hits the fan. Assuming you are planning on holding silver as insurance for a monetary or economic crash, then those dimes, quarters and half dollars are going to be the way you’ll want to trade because they can be used like “fractional” silver or gold would be, versus having to take a silver eagle and cut it in half during a trade.

          Here’s a shameless plug in case you are looking for a place to buy: check out JM Bullion:
          This is one of our long-time advertisers. I make my online purchases with them and have done so for a while. They have everything from junk silver to premium coins at a solid price.

          Hope this helps!



      40. * Might get up to 108 F in Philly today— gonna get hot around that 8′ chain link fence!

        • nothing like a little heat to set those new england bernie socialists off their rocker ! (i hope !)

      41. Frank, every young lady has a mother, father, and a God given concience. Pimping out a young female has a pricetag. In this lifetime or the next, payment will be collected.
        An ungodly price for a full belly.

      42. is jewelry worth anything?

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