Italy’s “Vaccine” Mandate Sparks VIOLENT PROTESTS

by | Oct 12, 2021 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    Governments of the world are pushing this “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine hard enough that they are going to be the cause of their own demise. Italy, which has one of the strictest COVID-19 vaccine mandates on Earth is now erupting in violent protests over it.

    All Italians will soon be required to show a coronavirus “Green Pass,” proving either vaccination, recovery in the past six months, or a negative COVID-19 test from the past 48 hours to enter their workplaces, according to a report by CBS News. Expect a similar reaction if the pressure continues on the population of the United States.

    The national mandate will go into effect on October 15, which is Friday. The Green Pass has been required in Italy since August for anyone wishing to dine indoors, use long-distance trains, or almost any form of leisure activity. But the new restrictions go further than any other country in the world, and some workers face suspension without pay if they fail to comply.  “I consider this to be criminal and cowardly blackmail by our highest institutions,” said Maria Ballarin, a retiree who joined the march.

    “The popular revolution will not stop, with or without us, until the Green Pass is definitively withdrawn,” one person said. “Saturday was a watershed between the old and the new. The people decided to raise the level of the clash.”

    Despite the outrage of some over the national vaccine mandates, the mainstream media, and the ruling class are saying 80% of Italian residents over the age of 12 are already fully vaccinated — a government target that was reached on Saturday, the same day as the protests.

    The mainstream media continues to do their due diligence and try to convince people that willingly giving up their freedom is “democracy.”

    The pressure to take these shots is ongoing globally but the pushback is going to get more intense as the rulers are unable to “vaccinate” close to 100% of those inhabiting the earth.

    The time to prepare was yesterday. But if you haven’t secured at least some things to help you through a tough societal collapse or economic destruction or an expanded police state. Things continue to ramp up and there’s going to be a breaking point.  Those in power have shown they will not relinquish it.  They need everyone to take these shots in order for their agenda to come to fruition, and that’s apparent.  Stay alert and use your critical thinking skills.


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      1. Something I recently read
        somewhere makes one think about how our ever so helpful government
        truly operates:

        Government tells you what you can and can not put in your body, they take your money without consent, they tell you who the bad people are, and will enslave you to go kill them, you have to ask permission to hunt, fish, and get married. Tell me again about your freedom…?

        • Great post and 100 % correct.
          I think pretty soon the dogs will be let out.
          Be prepared – it could get ugly

      2. This massive covid hoax
        was a house built on a shaky foundation of so many lies. Imagine the damages when that entire house comes crashing down.

        You can prop up a lie, but the truth stands on its own.?

      3. Some of the content here may be helpful.

        All eyes on Montana, House Bill 702. First in the nation, but they may strike it down before it has a chance to shine the light of liberty. If they hold it up, Montana may see an influx of millions of residents and explosive industry growth.

        A major hospital is accused of colluding with CA governments to push a vaccine mandate. Punitive damages requested. Keep an eye on this.
        Read the lawsuit.

        • I read your link of the Montana bill. It is weak. With it exceptions and exemptions for employers it basically washes out the first part. It goes to say what they consider discriminatory but yet in the next section the employer can ask the employee to voluntarily submit their status and can ask the employee to take the shot. C’mon this is a bait and switch and people are NOT going to run to Montana. Other states have already banned such as Idaho and several other states.

          Concerning mandates … the a couple courts today ruled it is unlawful and Unconstitutional to force Mandates. That if why the Sloppy Joe regime does not have a signed mandate as it will be sued out and lose. What is said is all the liability of the private sector that forces mandatory stuff is on the line to be sued out by it’s employees as the regime has left them out in the cold to hang.

      4. Probably not a good time to visit Italy.

      5. All one needs to do is to read the word of God, yet if you are not indwelt with the Holy Spirit to spiritual appraise the the holy writ of scripture you will see with physical eyes and the spiritual eyes of the true born again child of the Most High.

        Read on if you dare…

        What we are seeing is the rise and revival of the Roman empire as spoken of in the word of God….its only going to grow worse for the world must have one leader come on the scene….

        The Antichrist

        Now for those who care to take a deep dive in the spiritual and Divine world of the Lord God Almighty….I would point you to the book below.

        AW Pink – The Antichrist

        For those who know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, let this be a comfort to you knowing your Lord is standing at the door…

        For those who do not know Christ as Lord and Savior…know this, He is Lord of all and it is only if you have a saving faith by His blood and have been born again that you will be in glory. Otherwise you will perish and be cast in the lake of fire for eternal punishment.

        Proverbs 18:10-12

        10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous run into it and are safe
        11- A rich man’s wealth is his strong city, And like a high wall in his own imagination.
        12- Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, But humility [goes] before honor.

      6. People are literally fighting for their lives against these vaccines. Meanwhile, the globalists are happily murdering us. ?

      7. People are literally fighting for their lives against these vaccines. Meanwhile, the globalists are happily murdering us. ?

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