It Starts Today: “A Financial Collapse Is Imminent Within This Six Month Time Period”

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Headline News | 197 comments

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    Over the last six years Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog has published over one-thousand research papers, articles and reports detailing the financial, economic and monetary crises sweeping the world. While he has often urged his readers to prepare for calamity, he has never issued a specific date or time-frame for the trigger that would send the whole system into a tailspin.

    Until now.

    In his latest must-watch interview with Future Money Trends, Snyder sets the record straight and explains why he recently issued his first and only “Red Alert” to readers warning of an impending, far-reaching event that will touch ever corner of the globe.

    (Watch At Youtube)

    I’ve never done this before, but as an attorney I’m trained to be level-headed and trained to only come to conclusions that are based on the evidence.

    As we came up to the last half of 2015, examining everything I’ve been told, everything I’ve learned, everything I’ve researched… all the data points were just screaming that a financial collapse is imminent within this six month time period, which actually starts today. 

    I believe a financial crisis is imminent… similar to what we saw in 2008 but eventually it’s going to be much worse.

    When I say imminent I’m not saying it’s going to happen within the next 48 hours or within the next week.. it’s for the entire six month period, this red alert…

    And then once we get to the end of 2015 I don’t believe that it’s all going to be over and that our problems are going to be past us.

    No… I believe what we’re entering into is a major turning point…

    In so many ways our problems are just going to be beginning as we move into 2016.

    Are we now in the midst of the next great global crisis?

    As Snyder points out, just in the two weeks since he shared his warnings we have seen Greece essentially collapse, Puerto Rico has gone bankrupt, and China’s stock markets have seen hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth wiped out. It’s so serious, in fact, that the Communist government in China has actually banned the selling of stocks! Europe is scrambling to save its currency and Union. In America the conjecture that has been economic growth is slowly being revealed to be the sham that it really is with thousands of nationwide retail store closings, over 45 million on food stamps, and a President who seems to believe the situation has been contained.

    It appears that the threat of an epic financial and economic disaster is not only real, but moving full steam ahead right before our eyes.


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        • Boooohahahaha…. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!

        • I Love it!! How fitting..

          • July 15, 2015 HAPPY JADE HELM everyone

            • Nice

            • Is that the same as 4th of July? Perhaps the fascist version of it maybe???

              • EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!! well said

        • Been listening to this junk for years now. Nothing but fear porn.

      1. Yawwwn,,,,
        What odds for Trump getting JFKd?

        • possible Kula…

          supposedly Guzmans associates, or son, has put him on a hit list..

          As far as a 6 month collapse time line?

          Haven’t we heard this all before for how many years now?????

          Let’s get back to Snyder in 6 months from now….

          Until then

          Enjoy the day


          • I agree possee…I too have gotten tired of folks like Snyder predicting doom and gloom…and how many of these doom and gloom books/materials has Michael sold? I’ve bought one, but even so, now I’m wondering how I may have been sucked in.

            We saw this back in ’07 and ’08,(recall, there were even a few TV shows during the period) and we’re seeing it now, with warnings and predictions generally circulating within the prepper community and occassionally you’ll see a short news story ridiculing preppers…and honestly I are one too.

            I live in LALA land, the left coast, the People’s Republic of Kalifornia…so I prep for earthquakes anyway, but I do believe some type of economic eq is coming, and I may indeed buy one of Michael’s books in the future, but I am so tired of the Snyder’s, the Celentes, etc., pitching doom and gloom to sell their wares….prepper porn is a most apt title for this.

            Let’s face it…when it happens it happens and until then we will be those “human interest” stories on the 6:00 news. I recall Gerald Celente predicting fall of 2013…then 2014….now the fall of 2015. Enough already.

            So pick up some extra drygoods at CostCo and stock extra ammo, I back your call to enjoy the day…


              I’ve officially given up on this site. Fearporn-addicts.

              Happy apocalypse, loons!

          • Possee, I’ve also been hearing the same thing for years even before I discovered this site. Time will tell.

          • Oh NOOOO! I need 6 months 3 weeks 4 dayys 15 min and 8 sec to be ready.(Anyone need a Sac tag?) Define: “Here”.

        • Kulafarmer.

          I thought the exact same thing.


        • My guess is TPTB would use the media first to discredit and distort. Second use Zoning and local laws to target his business interestes. Third, use the same to target his friends and associates so they will abandon him. Fourth – IRS (cause we all know they don’t use the IRS as a political Weapon—“SARCASM”…) Then, Maybe, Maybe an “Accident” or something…….

        • Donald Trump=Todays PT Barnum. Thats what we need more smoke and mirror circus clowns. Btw/ the FED Rothchilds knocked JFK off. Read Executive Order EO-11110 June 4th 1963. That order was to end the excess Loan Sharking activity by the Tribe.

          • We all live in many illusions , but they are breaking down rather quickly and in succession. Remember , all is well until the day it isn’t ? who coulda known will be the famous last words of the fools believing the BS from PRAVDA/MSM ? They create the many illusions to control you !

        • The threat of being JFKd is probably what made Tsipras have a change of heart.

          • There’s no doubt in my little mind.

        • DT should stay out of planes.

        • you mean getting fucked by Marilyn Monroe or getting fucked by Lee Harvey Oswald?

          • Anybody that even mentions Lee Harvey Oswald in relationship to the JFK assassination shows a total lack of information awareness. Oswald had to be murdered before trial because the evidence they had against him was so thin they would have been laughed out of the courtroom. A cabal murdered JFK and they managed to redirect the anger of the nation onto Oswald using the media.

            For most people, the false flag, flapping in the wind, whacking them in the face, never gets noticed. The reality presented to us the TPTB is way more of a fantasy than reality.

            • Learn the TRUTH about the assassination of JFK. “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” reveals the VERY dark side of the shadow government of America with irrefutable facts. Excellent details that expose the coverups and lies. SUPERB read!!!

        • zero chance.
          He’s just a loudmouth who will be forgotten about.
          His role seems similar to what Palin played in ’08, a lightning rod for the left and right to get angry at or “celebrate”, only to be cast to the side when tptb want to get serious about whatever candidate they’ve chosen to sit in the round room for the next 4 years.

        • KF: At the rate he is going, the chances are good that the PTB will do everything they can too keep this man from the Oval Office; including assassination.

          He can’t be bribed because he has too much money. His personality is too strong so he cannot be deterred. If elected and allowed to serve he would roll back Obola’s policies.

          He is the great White Hope. 🙂

          • DK is right. Of all the GOP candidates, Trump is the only one who you can’t hurt. He doesn’t give a damn what the status quo is. In his mind he’s is the status quo. He might actually have the balls to make things right even if it goes against the grain.
            Every once in a while you have to shake things up. Trump would be the person to do this.
            Still don’t like him though. Who cares if he can get the job done.

            • The megalomaniac differs from the narcissist by the fact that he wishes to be powerful rather than charming, and seeks to be feared rather than loved. To this type belong many lunatics and most of the great men of history.
              Bertrand Russell

              • DK,
                It is hilarious to watch the clowns calling DT a clown. Perhaps it takes one to know one. You don’t get to be a billionaire if you are an airhead. At the moment he is the only one who could undo what has been done. It is not a good thing when so much rides on the fate of one man!

                Just saying!

                Louisiana Eagle

          • Not sure if he is really running. Last time he just split he vote. This time he is saying what many people want to hear but think about it, he is one of the ultra rich. What are the odds that he is not one of them?

            So either he is just putting on a show and will not make it to the primaries or he is honest and will be put out before the primaries. Remember computerized vote machines do what they are told. Nobody stands a chance except the chosen one. But they will put on a show before announcing the winner.

            If you doubt me look at past races. Go back to before the widespread use of computer vote machines and you will see it took days to determine a winner. But now they will tell you who won even though the polls are still open and the computers have only counted 2% of the vote. That means 98% is not yet counted! Give that some thought.

            • “What are the odds that he is not one of them? ”

              I’d say better than 50-50. Why?

              Because Trump MADE/EARNED his money, twice. Although his idea of “broke” is more than I’ve personally seen in my entire life, Trump took what he had and made decisions that made him rich beyond belief—again. His daddy didn’t transfer him a few billion. His trustee didn’t allot him some more of his trust fund. He had to do it the old fashioned way…he had to work for it.

              The Tribe, OTOH, INHERITS their money and steals what they can by corrupting the political process. They don’t really EARN anything. They take advantage on skim, by hook or crook. That’s what banksters do…they get their money by handling other people’s money.


        • That would be UUUUUUUUUUGE!


          His toupe will never die however. That thing will crawl around randomly attacking people like a killer tomato.

        • “What odds for Trump getting JFKd?”

          I’d say that, in the event that it looks like Trump could win, there’ll be a private meeting that no one will know about. Whether or not he lives to be inaugurated will depend on the outcome of that meeting.

          IOW, if they can’t control him, they’ll kill him.

          I think this is what happens every election cycle, with every viable candidate.

      2. More bs.
        They will just keep printing money.

        • Yup, no one “in charge” is doing a thing (that I can see) to help prevent the coming calamity.

          In the mean time-
          What is the next big show on TV? Something called “KNOCK KNOCK” “all you have to do to win is answer the door” Good Lord, what is the world?

          There are so many thing wrong with this concept, there is not enough space here to list them all. But briefly, just know that no one knocking on your door is coming to bring you money and prizes, more likely they are there to… use your imagination…

          When “they” took over the media back in the mid 1990s it was the beginning of the end. MSM these days is a 99% propaganda, but we all know that.

          It was fun while it lasted, but yup, things do not look good for the once greatest country, with the best middle class on the planet, and they wrecked it on purpose, all part of the plan.

          • Least we forget, the airwaves belong to the public, not the 5 tribe shills creating the news in the world as they see fit to propagandize their agenda. Break up all media companies ASAP, and limit them to just a few outlets. Want free speach and real investigative new back. Start there, then break up the banks as well. Back to small local community banks who actually do banking and loans to the people. Its corrupt Government that deregulated this scam for the benefit of the tribe.

            • agreed.

          • All part of the plan because they’re psychopaths. And the reality is that psychopaths will not consider any other scenario in which they don’t/cant win. What ever that maybe in their twisted minds. The psycho will make sure we all lose including themselves, ergo the Samson option. When this thing finally does come unraveled, there will be no debt forgiveness, it will be either complete submission to these sick fvks or world wide systematic annihilation.

          • thatguy – “They” took over the Media in the mid-90’s…

            The more seasoned, experienced, senior-level execs with a brain and who hadn’t been brainwashed by the educational system were forced to hire younger people throughout the 1990’s (Gen Xers) brand new college grads, fresh out of college, to start replacing older workers (the oldest baby-boomers) so they could pay them less, and little by little these immature brainwashed dumbbells took over – so as the Gen Xers, mostly recent college grads, were gradually entering the workforce at that time they were slowly replacing older worker baby boomers with a brain and some damn common sense… qualified or not these snot-nosed Gen Xers armed with their degrees and an attitude to boot were paid a whole lot less than the experienced baby-boomer execs and employees and were also only entitled to 2 weeks paid vacation per yr, as opposed to the 4-6 week vacation the older baby boomer generation had accrued. That’s the reality – I was there.

            That’s really why things start changing around that time. They have a shit-ass attitude and these twits twittering all damn day don’t care about anything but status, fuck-book, material possessions and a paycheck.

            Not meaning to offend anyone here who is a Gen Xer as they aren’t all like that, but I’d say at least half are… saw it with my own eyes. These snot-nosed little bitches & bastards came barrel-assing into the corporate world like bulls in a China shop, taking over like they owned the damn place, disrespectful to the mature workers, turned things upside down, into a damn free-for-all circus.

            These brainwashed entitlement know it alls didn’t give a shit about anything but a paycheck. Worst generation ever. That’s really what happened… the brainwashed by the public educational system Gen Xers are what happened to us/U.S.

      3. It seems that many are stating the prediction for the end of 2015. All you can do is prepare.

        God Bless,

        • Well,well,well. The naysayers will say nay, and the preppers say, maybe a tomorrow day.

          When i started putting the pieces of the future timetable together, about 10 years ago, I came across much information that aligned with prophetic warnings.

          To just say something is gonna happen, is easy. To start putting time stamps on it, is more than picking numbers out of a hat.

          Snyder, put much thought into this prediction, as well as i have in mine. Difference being, I have studied and researched biblical based prophetic warnings,visions,dreams, and timelines associated with past events as well.
          If Snyder has used any biblical insight, then I have just missed hearing about it. Besides, he makes $$ off his, and i don’t care about the money.

          My philosophy has been to always include God into any equation, and follow what He has said before. After all, all creation, including humans, are His and for His purpose and pleasure.
          I don’t set exact dates except for giving “windows” of possibilities and opportunities, for events. Ever notice the words, “if” and “possible”, and “maybe and might”?

          As I have said before, I gave a prophetic warning for this Fall of 2015 several years ago. As events have unfolded i gave more clarity and determination to those warnings.

          Some of my posts here have been given to the wise and awake prepper friends as an insight warning to get them motivated to check out possibilities for themselves, and plan accordingly.

          If anyone has paid attention to my posts, you will see that i said a while back, that we may only have a ninety day period to prepare as prices and availability stand at that time.
          They are changing all the time.
          Example: Canned whole egg powder = price up, and availability way down. Ever try to fix a cake or cornbread without whole egg?

          I made the statement that things can, and will change exponentially after the scotus passing of legalized national gay marriage, and that it would pass. It did pass as i predicted. The changes, not good ones, they are a coming. The first changes noticed will be hitting middle Americans where they feel it the most…in the wallet.

          Earlier in the year, I also said the deal with Iran was already completed, and all the delays and discussion, were just for show. Iran gets what they want, and it will only consecrate their demise. Many Iranians will convert and be saved before it is too late, but they eventually will fall as a nation and as a peoples, as well as ISIL, and all other Islamic Nations.

          I didn’t pull those things out of a hat and hope for them to come true. No, I didn’t want or wish for destructive things to come true.
          However; to make those predictions i combined all information I had collected and based on the biblical timelines I have seen, these events must all come about to further along the culmination of events that preclude the end of this age.

          I won’t go into details of the “next big event” that i see forth coming, but it has to be big in order for the timeline to continue clicking off.

          We are not operating on “man’s” timelines even though the nwo and liberal elites believe so. It is all on God’s pre-destined timelines to consummate the end of this “flesh” age.
          As the last of His souls created, from the first Age, are being “born from above, and through the waters (bag of birthing waters of flesh woman)”, the time of flesh age is growing closer to it’s final years, and then months, and even down to weeks.
          No predictions or warnings will be necessary for all to see where we are headed then.

          These last five months of this year, will set the stage for another set of five months in the future (the time of the locust army), that will, without a doubt, consummate the end of this Heaven and Earth Age.

          The time in between will not be one of growth and prosperity for N America. We have made our bed and will have to lie in it. The only back side, to this first five month period, will be a period of tribulations as never been seen or felt before, since time began. They are welcomed and needed by the spiritual minded, but dreaded and hated by the worldly minded, and self absorbed liberals.

          To the anonymous naysayers and Bible haters, don’t waste your time with petty pissing towards me and these words of truth, because i don’t care what you think. I care about folks that need coaching and inspiration for the coming storm. The rest are in for a rude awakening, and will turn to their elected leaders, that can’t help them.

          Plan and prioritize with divine guidance, people.

          • More info, please… 🙂

          • Passin, more info please? 🙂

          • @piwtw AMEN!

          • Awhile back I had a dream. I was in our church, and mass was being held and the church was filled to capacity. Christ appeared at the alter; I was in awe, I was also in disbelief as nobody else witnessed Christ’s presence. Then he spoke to me, “You will know what to do when the time comes.” The message was received by me telepathically -I heard Christ but it was not as if he spoke to me in a conversation. I’ve often reflect upon that dream and await the “when the time comes” with ranges of emotion from peace to trepidation. I appreciate you’re insights.

          • Pissininthewind, Tell us again, how a woman was made from a mans rib wrapped in flesh and became a woman. Anybody who belives that farce never studied Biology.

            • I’m sorry, WWT, but your post is truly unfortunate. I don’t mean to be harsh, but when the Bible says the “sun came up” most of us understand what that means (and please don’t give me the geocentric earth argument, for there are several references to the earth being a globe in the Bible – perhaps if you reviewed the primary document, you might find that. I am truly sorry you do not understand literary styles. There are several ways to understand Genesis, all within the pale of orthodoxy. A literal 6 days is not the sine qua non of faith.

              Assuming you DO have some intellectual honesty, the very Christian and very bright Dr. John Lennox, professor of math at at Oxford Univ. has done a very thorough exegesis of the book of Genesis. You may want to review that before you post again. Again, just out of intellectual honesty.

            • I could explain it in five sentences, but you still would not believe or come close to wanting to face truth.

              I will give a hint as to how it happened for those more spiritually inclined and for the inquiring minds.

              Rib translated from curve==== helix curve===feminine gene====bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh….duh?

              flesh wrapped rib bone that grows a vagina, ha, ha right. good one wwti. Stay on your croooked path.

          • This guy is a douche bag, and ought to have his ass smacked down.

            “When I say imminent I’m not saying it’s going to happen within the next 48 hours or within the next week.. it’s for the entire six month period, this red alert…

            And then once we get to the end of 2015 I don’t believe that it’s all going to be over and that our problems are going to be past us.”

            I love how he paints it so it would be really hard to say he is technically wrong.

            Another every day alarmist. When you scream every day, ring the bells and sound the sirens….it becomes annoying and ignored….then you actually become responsible for crying wolf and leading many away….which in turn makes you responsible for a lot more and any sane man wouldn’t want to be responsible for those things. This writer, along with many others, is either evil and purposefully leading people way with psyops or is a very unhealthy individual.

          • You sure do say “I” a lot……

          • “I won’t go into details of the “next big event” that i see forth coming, but it has to be big in order for the timeline to continue clicking off.”

            Why not? Just more BS in my opinion. You and michael should get together on new years eve once nothing happens again so you can come up with some more predictions for 2016.

          • So Snyder gives his first time frame sort of for when the system crashes. He had to do something different, he had to be aware of the fact he was becoming a real living joke claiming the end was always ” close” and would happen ” anytime” now. He’s also left himself some convenient wiggle room if things don’t fall apart in 2015, ” We’re not out of the woods if we make it in to 2016″, so he can allow himself an out and an entire next year for things to follow up, and of course he’s already got his excuses all lined up for when nothing happens that he’s predicted yet again, just another trick to keep his advertisers happy.

          • passin: I’m 99.9995% sure Snyder is a follower of Christ and that he does understand Prophecy because I have read comments he has posted on his blog.

            • Great, cause I did not see that, Thanks!

          • Thanks, PWWW. Appreciate your post. Perhaps you can post a few more details, or let us know if you have a summary posted on a website.

          • I agree with everything you said, how do I follow you.
            Wise soul, and yes prepare, this time it is coming,,,,

      4. I just read that Obama has announced a new mandatory retirement plan. Wage earners would have money automatically deducted from their pay to contribute to an “Automatic IRA” which would invest the employee’s funds in a plan mandated by the government.

        I have heard of this plan before. Some claim that the government would have access to these funds to help balance the budget. So I guess we don’t need to worry; the financial crisis will be avoided through the use (confiscation) of our Automatic IRA funds.

        • Not really new. And it is not really mandatory.

        • DaisyK,

          The article is from 2009. It is talking about what is now called the MyRA.

      5. I’m gonna walk that floor right out the door. This entire site is a disinfo psyop.

        • Bye…

        • Correction, the entire MSM (Fox, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, NPR, et al) are a disinfo psyop…

          • Chip, DING DING DING DING! You win the cupee doll about MSM.

          • Absolutely , I call it PRAVDA/MSM pure propagandqa no different thsn the Soviet state circa 1950s,60s,70s.

        • I thought everything we read on the internet is true!
          Oh say it aint so Charlie,,,
          Sarc off
          Sort of hard to not get that feeling isnt it, if it werent for all the regulars and the entertainment value it wouldnt be a stop

          • I have come to agree with you 1000% Kula

            Mac has changed….OR….is showing his true colors he had all along nowadays


            Just the ads alone that he now allows on here says a lot about his character…definitely not the man I thought he was. Some are so bad, I have to look around before I come here to make sure there are no children behind me.

            • Unfortunately, Some of the ads are auto-launched by Third-party advertising partners — as I spot things we try to get them filtered out, but it is often hard to keep up… Just as a side note regarding ads, and to give you an idea of why we run them: the server we utilize to run SHTFplan exceeds $1500 monthly. We’ve had to upgrade several times over the years and the costs to keep things running can get up there.. In addition to server processing power and RAM required to launch millions of monthly page views, we have to also include services like DDOS attack protection, backup systems, etc etc… It all adds up.

              I regularly email some of the third-party automated advertising services to remove/block certain products and domains. Apologies if any ads have caused problems.

              • No problems, Mac. However, those ads with those cyborg women that apparently someone deems “sexy” are downright creepy!!

              • Relax Mac; Anyone that does not know you don’t have All powerful Control over the ads also doesen’t know what .com is.

      6. Hopefully this will take 6 months. It will be winter and maybe there will be fewer crazies on the streets. Quite frankly I’m hoping for a society reset. All the stupid BS in the “news” really upsets me. The powers that be are trying to distract us from what’s really going on in the world.
        I’m tired of being labeled a bigot because I’m a straight, white Christian. Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I hate you. Oh and I was a gun owner but we lost them fishing.
        Make sure to have plenty of water, food,ammo, and warm clothing. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

        • Any reset will not be a reset that some expect. It will be worse than living now. Resets benefit NOT the little people and never will. If it does, it’s false and to good to be true.

      7. As one Wash DC Homo Zog Prostitute Insider Sell-Out stated back in 2013 on live Zog fauxnewz mk-ultra tv!

        “We’re just gonna kill the dollar!”

        * they will simply print it till worthless obsolete.

        * then introduce a new Zionist Shadow Banker Controlled limited fiat Zog dollar at 60% the old value and digital currency with partial paper gold backing to compete with the bric’s gold backed yuan.

        • Poor naive little bigot…

          • Not so Poor, Not so Naive, Definitely a proud to be a White Nationalist Bigot who wont kneel to the NWO Zog and their Jew controlled Chimp’s!

            NWO Zog Amnesty MADNESS!


            • Bravo Aquaman. Nothing bigoted about anything you said. The paid shills cant stand facts when you call thier tribe out for their Evil Ways. Keep posting the truth to wake up the sheeples.

          • Its baffling why any Christians would support Jews. The Jews murdered the Christians Savior Jesus Christ and are at war with the Christians. The Joos gut morals with crap TV programming, Gutter Rap Music, Destroy our culture and history like demonizing the Confederate flag.

          • @ I bleed Red / W…….. ” Poor naive little bigot” ?? Not true. If and when you come to realize that the stars on the RWB are actually the six sided stars who are behind every crime committed against the humanity and are the real owners of the USA then you may have a chance to survive.

          • There ARE issues with NY leftist Jews. However, these Jew-baiters have taken over this site, and are quite insulting in their monomania and absurd continual category mistakes (e.g., not all banksters are Jewish). I don’t want to shut anyone up; on the other hand, we GET. Can we please move on now? But of course they won’t.

            • The same could be said about the constant BIBLE scriptures, prophecies and all the other clutter that goes along with it.
              As you said [PLEASE MOVE ON]
              At least there is a History of evil Jewedness that has taken part in the world, but the historical religious stories are not based on fact, but only heresy. [FAITH is not FACTS]

            • If the Jews move on, we will move on from mentioning them.

        • I prefer my S&W compact/lightweight in 38 special…

          • i agree with you. .357/.38+p is my choice.

            though the .22 magnum is equal to the .38 cal in penetration damage with the right hollow point bullet load.

            the .22 magnum offer’s faster on target recovery after each shot, which means better on-target bullet placement and chance to hit the perp center mass with more rounds.

            so, the .22 magnum is lighter, easier and cheaper to shoot than the .38 cal.

            making it a good dependable light pocket gun and secondary backup in a hidden ankle holster.

            • As most people know, .22 ammo is in short supply, high demand and it is no longer cheap to buy… 9mm is currently the cheapest, and easiest to find.

            • Friend of mine walked in on 3 “urban teens” robbing a grocery store. All he had was an old High Standard derringer in .22 mag. 2 shots. He shot the 2 who had guns. Point blank. One dead. One paralized. Close range only for any .22 mag short barrels.

              • I’d love to find another twist-2, .22 derringer. I had one I could hide in a pack of camel shorts.

        • Although i did get the ruger in 22 for my wife. it is a good gun…

          • I got an AR for my wife. It was a good trade.

          • Chip, I have the Ruger SR22 and swear by it. Also have a Ruger LCP .380 whioh is a nice little pocket pistol and has more punch than a .22.

        • Good caliber especially for women. Will put down anything a .38 will.

        • The LCR 22 Mag is a great little gun. It has more jazz to it, than most will admit. Yeah, its not a .45, but it still would lift your spirit out of your brain. The hornady loads rock!

        • Nice revolver, terrible trigger pull as on most rimfire revolvers.

      8. STILL being moderated!!!!

        I see someone who posted after I did was allowed to post a video — apparently a video advertising a gun. I quit coming here for quite a while because you decided to “moderate” me, even though I never posted anything objectionable. Now I come back and see I am still being moderated and you’ve lost your thumbs as well.

        • Yes, we had to remove the thumbing system until we create a user login wall, otherwise it can be manipulated through Database injections.

          Insofar as moderation — I will verify your IP/email to make sure they are not being filtered.



        • Daisy,
          I have used the same computer/IP with the same screen name and email addy when posting other than from at home for one year this week. And I still get moderated, even without links. I posted several this morning to two separate threads here and they just got in 7-9 hours later.

          • BJ, i will check your IP/email too, but i have no idea why it is moderating you… thanks!

            • 5 plus days & counting –stuck–in–MODERATION–

            • home works fine, the other one I use does not and hasn’t the whole last year I have used it.

            • test

              • Worked

                Thank you

      9. people do get tired of hearing “the sky is falling”


        most of the time it doesn’t


        every so often it does

        around here hurricanes are a major threat every summer

        sometimes the forecasters get it wrong
        and the storm isn’t as strong as they predict
        other times
        at the last minute the storm moves out to sea a bit more
        and we just get some high winds and heavy rains instead of the full force of the storm

        do I get mad because “they got it wrong” ?

        HELL NO

        the storm could have just as easily veered inland and wiped us out

        point is I heed their warnings

        I remember reading certain web sites back in 2007 and 2008
        one in particular was predicting a major financial crash in Sept/Oct of 2008

        I prepared for this and saved myself a hell of a lot of money

        are we headed for another big down turn ???


        when it happens I don’t know

        but I do know it WILL happen

        the whole world financial system is a house of cards and major fraud
        their is NO morality,no rules,no ethics backing up any of it

        a house infested with termites and water damage may look ok on the outside
        but at some point it WILL collapse

        • Normally bias will kill a lot of people financially. Mockers who simply mock out of fashion will not do well.

          Diversification, understanding the times (look, kids, the nation has $222 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities. You have THREE and ONLY three freaking options to deal with this, barring 10% growth/yr: you can 1.) print money; 2.) raise taxes or 3.) cut services. THERE *******ARE***** NO OTHER OPTIONS (and yes, we know… you can combine… lotta good that will do).

          So, other readers here: you see all this horsemanure about Snyder being a psyop, doomer porn, etc. There CAN be an imbalance here at times. But the issue is, whether it is done in a catastrophic manner, or slowly as everyone imbibes the Huxleyian soma, this WILL come down.

          As Hemmingway wrote about going broke, it happened slowly, then all at once. (““How did you go bankrupt?” Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”). These doomer porn people will be right… until they are wrong. Like the Jews in Germany in 1932, things will go on for years maybe, and people will accuse them of being doomers. Then one day the Gestapo showed up and it was too late. Or people wrote about the financial imbalances in teh 1920s, getting brushed off for year. Then Oct. 1929 came, and one day too late was a LOT worse than 2 years too early.

          Normalcy bias. The doomer porn shills are full of it. Don’t be a victim of their ignorance. Yes, they could kick the can down the road for a x number of years still, so keep diversified. But keep your ears to the ground. And if you think you hear a buffalo stampede, at least move somewhere you wont get trampled. I, myself, still have some money in the stock market, just being diversified. Remember, the Zimbabwe stock market did reasonably OK (well, that is probably an exaggeration, but it did better than money under the mattress) in their meltdown.

          Upshot? Be diversified, be wary, be prepared, be self-reliant, be informed be critical but not cynical.

        • Satori

          Thank you for the excellent post. It frustrates me when people on here start screaming not another sky is falling article. I don’t understand that type of thinking. I would think we are all on here because we know the sky is falling. We just don’t know for sure when it will hit the ground. If someone has information or feels it will be soon. They have to report it. Look at the amount of lives that could be lost if they did not report it. Then you have people say well I want to know how you know this.
          Has it occurred to these people that if you have inside government sources you cannot reveal them. If you reveal them then they are at least out of a job and at worst dead!
          Not only that but you have now lost your sources forever.
          Come on people. If you are on this site then you are either a prepper or you come here to cause trouble with preppers.

          Most are preppers so they have to understand the points above. I hope and pray that Michael Snyder is wrong. I don’t want him to lose credibility. I just don’t want to see people hurting. To any who criticize this article. Is it not our duty as people to report to others what we think is going to happen?
          One last point to those who criticize the blog owners for having advertisers or trying to make money. They should make money for the huge amount of time they spend producing articles and information. They cannot make a dime off of anyone who reads these articles or post a comment unless that person buys something from the sponsors.

          I am sick of people complaining about the articles. I want every piece of information I can get. Any shred of info to allow me to be on hour ahead of the rest of the mob.

          Thank you again Satori for your post. Excellent point.

          • Nice post Mike

            • “They should make money for the huge amount of time they spend producing articles and information”

              Absolutely! Isn’t it kinda hypocritical for the “Nothing is free” crowd to malign someone for making an honest buck?

          • completely agree Mike

          • Mike, that was one of your best posts ever.

      10. So, when the collapse has no happened, will this author and the owner of this site say, “Oops” or will they be like our politicians and lie, twist and contort their propagandizing way out of admitting they were so obviously wrong and then invent some conspiracy theory created by “them” and “they” as to why their delusions, I mean predictions were so insanely wrong??

        • Interestingly, Gary North was very heavily predicting the embedded chips would go south for Y2K. He was wrong, but he archived everything, and publicly analyzed where he went wrong.

          Even more interestingly, Y2K was NOT a non-event. Our missile launch satellites went out; teachers in Toronto didn’t get paid; trains did not wrong in a few countries – I seem to recall Norway and Mali among others; an SAP implementation at Hershey’s went south; there was a MASSIVE amount of remediation that prevented untold problems. (If I recall, UNIX has a 2024 issue). I did preparedness for that and don’t regret it one bit.

          You must be the type that buy car or home insurance, then at the end of the year when your house doesn’t burn down, or your car isn’t in an accident, you rue the day you bought it, and mock others who do.

          Snyder could be wrong; he could also just have timing off. He probably won’t be 100% on the dime; however, if he has the main thrust of the issue identified, I am happy. He has done a lot of research, he is a smart person, and honest. Read him critically, like the apostle Paul said about the Bereans (you can look it up). But when an old salt tells me a hurricane is coming, I will listen, and at least make sure my hurricane lamp has oil. Even if he is dead wrong, you know for sure at some point a hurricane will hit. If not, I invite you to review the highly regarded, famous Reinhart and Rogoff’s book This Time is Different

      11. You guys are brokens clocks. Yes, you will be right but only because for years you keep saying the same thing just to get people to read your articles.

      12. I usually don’t post a reply, but I read and enjoy many of the comments here, especially the informative ones. I have felt something ‘bad’ is on the horizon for years, and have been prepping before prepping became the ‘in thing’ to do. I keep quiet about it and for the most part, go about my business with no one the wiser. Plenty of ammo, food, water, solar backup, (thankfully we started long ago, as now I can actually take my house ‘off grid’ completely, including alternative ways to get water from my well when the grid goes down). Anyway, point is, although I have been prepping for years so long in fact that I had to rotate my food stockpile out not once but 3 times, this time I have a bad feeling that this is it. The time is now at hand. Will it be this month, 3 months from now or 6 months? Don’t know, and don’t care. We got ready as best we can. There are many likeminded folk here on the comment section, yet we argue amongst ourselves and in some cases I see some resort to name calling and belittling others. No need for that, We are the ones with eyes wide opened. While the rest of the world goes to shit and chaos ensues, the ‘prepper community’ will be the ones to become the leaders and survivors. No need to fight among ourselves even before the shtf. There will be plenty of that from those who spend their days with their faces in their iPhones taking no note of the calamity approaching. So, whether the shtf within 6 months or not, stay vigilant, stay awake, stay on guard, and let’s develop good rapport with other preppers…some day you may run out of insulin or penicillin or whatever, and I may just have some to barter with…but to those who did not heed the warnings and stumbled through life attached to the latest electronic chinese made gizmo, I’m sorry, I’m fresh out of whatever it is you needed…

      13. I have started my own count down. I believe Sept/Oct timeframe because of all the warnings that come together.
        Cold weather may keep people from going into the streets but it is fine for the authorities to round people up for the camps. So we go from the dangers of heat stroke and heat exhaustion to frost bite and hypothermia.
        Again like Greece the date is always pushed back. Would it not be better to concentrate on items and subjects that prep instead of evasive journalism. Had enough of the “WHY”. Need more of the “HOW TO”. Yes and this Old Dog has learned a few New Tricks from this site.
        One item to add is to prep to the point that you can handle it and maintain it and use it. It is kind of a Prep Nivarna. Things slow down and you begin to fine tune. Today I am going over the Black Items. The tools of survival. Almost feel like Batman and all his toys.

        A watched pot never boils.

        • slingshot-
          I have had November/December timeframe in mind for a while, myself. With the growing season over, tens of millions will starve, and if the weather cooperates, tens of millions more will die from exposure when TPTB pull the plug on the power grid. Plausible deniability for the politicians.
          Keep busy prepping through the summer, get ready to hunker down after Labor Day.

        • I’ve got my own weather rock. When I look outside and the rock is gone, or it comes sailing through my window, I’ll know that the S has HTF.

          You can get your own here:

          ht tp://*Version*=1&*entries*=0

      14. An article presented with absolutely no supporting evidence that today (supposedly the beginning) was any different than last week, April 19, 2011 or two weeks from now. Today is just some arbitrary, random day the author has decided upon.

        Now, do I think a financial crisis is possible? Absolutely, but aliens are possible too. If you follow the financials, one thing you have to know by now is how manipulated the markets are. China is a great example, market crashes – you just don’t allow people to sell – market goes back up. It’s not so blatant here in the US, but you can see how the algos chase the prices up and down – sometimes for seemingly no reason.

        Time will tell, but I don’t see any reason why your panties should be in any more of a bunch today than any other time.

      15. Hmmmmmm…Jade Helm starts today too. Coincidence?

      16. Happy Jade Helm day. A national celebration of life and the
        goodness of mankind.

      17. “Over the last six years Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog has published over one-thousand research papers”

        Sounds like he has been banging the drum far to often too me.

        Trying to put a date on when it goes bang is like trying to predict the date you will die from cancer and is a waste of time but unless the (Banker) cancer is removed then all you know is you will die.

        I know they are putting stuff in the food chain to shrink your balls but it’s time to grow them back again and man up people because just going alone with things how they are is never going to work

      18. Yep, we are literally heading toward sh…t street, out our your blinkers. hey aquaman,.welcome to the board. Your recent post showing the daily street fighting is showing us that of these idiots are behaving like that now, things are going go ape sh….t is this calapse..after reading what USASECURITYGUARD Posted, it’s now obvious what’s about to happen and the scary part is that I was told that very same thing.

        • ;0p pssszzt

      19. Yep, happy jade helm 15 day..good luck Russia and China.

      20. Its different. What a lot of people do not account for is the money printing. When you print several trillions of credit, then the numbers will be skewed. He goes through some great charts on his site:
        but I think you have to use the REAL inflation to adjust those.
        Simple example is looking for land to buy. In my town, a suburb of a medium-large city, land sells for $20k/acre in bad areas! 30 minutes out of town its around $3500/acre. 2 hours out of town in the swamp its around $1k/acre. So, probably none of those are the fundamental value of land. I’d love to hear from a farmer on profit per acre!!!?????? My hunch is land is way over priced – due the credit bubble.
        Generalizing, I think stocks, land, and much more are way over-priced versus their fundamental, productive value. Problem is, we trade in falling dollars, so, as citizens, had no good metric for value. We don’t have any solid currency to measure value. So, our chart and numbers analysis are off.

      21. I always listen to what Snyder says. However, being someone who very, very highly respects him, we still need to always analyze things critically. Just to keep things in balance, I recall a book by Harry Figgie, who was highly qualified and regarded, called “Bankruptcy 1995.” Or I think of an article by McAlvaney, where someone told him over a dozen years ago, after seeing him in DC, (this isn’t verbatim, but close) “Are you still here? This place is going to burn…” I also listen to what Celente says, and I recall him saying there would be some kind of significant financial meltdown mid 2014 (he wasn’t super-specific).

        My point is this: There WILL be some kind of meltdown. Timing is a problem. however. Snyder may indeed be right. It is better to be a year to early and a day too late. The value here is perhaps not so much the timing, as it is the underlying facts behind his analysis. That is, perhaps someone might have been warning about a financial collapse to occur June, 1928. Was he wrong? Well, yes… and no. I take this article the same way. The timing MAY be right; on the other hand, it may not be. The key point is, is the analysis of the origin, and the logical progression of the outcome, reasonable?

        As Stansberry says to those that talk about all those “doom porn” types… really!??? You are saying a collapse did NOT happen in 2008? 100 yr old companies, Bear Stearns, Lehman, AIG, heck even GM went ***bankrupt*** GE was also really bankrupt. Just under 50 freaking MILLION under Obama are on food stamps, almost 100 mm not working. Over a trillionnow is student loans, and according to Dr. Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston Univ, if you take ALL our unfunded liabilities, the total is now over $222 freaking TRILLION (thanks so much, leftists. And BTW, thanks for Greece, too!) MILLIONS of youth are living at home, with no hope of a career, and by extension, starting a family.

        And you call this doom porn? Maybe if YOU have a job, or some kind of inheritance it is. But for those others cited above, it sure as heck isn’t.

        Timing is tricky, particularly in economics. And they will make SURE everyone has access to Dancing with the Stars and junk food (Huxley’s “soma”) so it does not APPEAR catastrophic.

        In sum, I listen to Snyder, and you should too. However, make your own analysis, per your own specific situation. But self-reliance and preparedness is always a good idea. And those short-sighted “doom porners?” They will be right… until they are wrong. Perhaps fatally wrong. Jews (queue the SHTF Jew baiters here!) in 1931 Germany said the same thing: this was the most educated, urbane, civilized country in the world – nothing serious will happen here. And this went on for YEARS – until suddenly in 1938 it was too late.

        • Test, you are right! TPTB, as long as they can, keep managing to kick the can down the road. In the field I work in, we have all kinds of scientific measurements that we rely on, but the trend is what I want to see. “One swallow does not a summer make.” There are just to many measurements and indicators that are screaming at us right now that suggest something bad doth come our way! When? All I can say is that the water is getting hotter and hotter. I don’t care how smart “they” are, time is running out, options are running out, resources are running dry, and one of these days a triggering event is going to explode out of control. Thank God for more prepping time instead of belittling His prophets.

      22. This country as it stands right now sucks. We are a fascist, corporate whore owned slave state that is about to become a third world dictatorship. The stuuuupid sheep,e cannot even see what is happening. It isn’t like this is the first time these psychopaths have collapsed an economy to consolidate their power/murder a few million people. Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia have already done this. Just goes to show that most Amerikans cannot think freely. Most people in this country deserve what is going to happen to them because they vote for it, and it is what they want. Sorry libitards, but this is your government/dictatorship. Isn’t socialism grand?

        • 1 MAO ZEDONG

          China (1949-76) Regime Communist Victims 60 million

          2 JOSEPH STALIN

          Soviet Union (1929-53) Regime Communist Victims 40 million

          3 ADOLF HITLER

          Germany (1933-45) Regime Nazi dictatorship Victims 30 million


          Belgium (1886-1908)

          Regime Colonial empire in Congo

          Victims Eight million enslaved Congolese

          HIDEKI TOJO

          Japan (1941-45)

          Regime Military dictatorship

          Victims Five million (Japan’s victims in World War II)


          Ottoman Turkey (1915-20)

          Regime Military dictatorship

          Victims Two million (Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians)

          POL POT

          Cambodia (1975-79)

          Regime Communist (Khmer Rouge)

          Victims At least 1.7 million (political opponents)

          KIM ILSUNG

          North Korea (1948-94)

          Regime Communist

          Victims At least 1.6 million (political opponents/civilians through famine)


          Ethiopia (1974-78)

          Regime Communist military dictatorship

          Victims 1.5 million (Eritreans/political opponents)

          YAKUBU GOWON

          Nigeria (1967-70)

          Regime Military dictatorship

          Victims One million (Biafrans starved and soldiers killed in civil war)


          Rwanda (1994)

          Regime Tribal dictatorship (Hutu)

          Victims 800,000 (Tutsis)


          Iraq (1979-2003)

          Regime Ba’ath Party dictatorship

          Victims 600,000 (Shi’ites, Kurds, Kuwaitis, political opponents)


          Yugoslavia (1945-80)

          Regime Communist

          Victims 570,000 (political opponents)


          Indonesia (1945-66)

          Regime Nationalist dictatorship

          Victims 500,000 (Communists)

          MULLAH OMAR

          Afghanistan (1996-2001)

          Regime Islamist dictatorship (Taliban)

          Victims 400,000 (political/religious opponents)

          IDI AMIN

          Uganda (1971-79)

          Regime Personal dictatorship

          Victims 300,000-500,000 (political/personal opponents)


          Pakistan (1970-71)

          Regime Military dictatorship

          Victims 300,000 (Bengalis in East Pakistan)


          Italy (1922-45)

          Regime Fascist dictatorship

          Victims 250,000 (Ethiopians, Libyans, Jews, political opponents)


          Zaire/Congo (1965-97)

          Regime Personal dictatorship

          Victims 230,000 (political opponents)


          Liberia (1989-96)

          Regime Personal dictatorship

          Victims 220,000 (political/military opponents and civilians)

          FODAY SANKOH

          Sierra Leone (1991-2000)

          Regime Personal dictatorship

          Victims 210,000 (political opponents)

          HO CHI MINH

          North Vietnam (1945-69)

          Regime Communist

          Victims 200,000 (political opponents, South Vietnamese)


          Burundi (1966-76)

          Regime Personal dictatorship

          Victims 150,000 (Hutus)


          Sudan (1989-99)

          Regime Islamist dictatorship

          Victims 100,000 (political/religious opponents)


          Central African Republic/Empire (1966-79)

          Regime Personal dictatorship

          Victims 90,000 (political opponents)


          Guatemala (1982-83)

          Regime Military dictatorship

          Victims 70,000 (peasants, political opponents)


          Haiti (‘Papa Doc’ 1957-71; ‘Baby Doc’ 1971-86)

          Regime Personal dictatorship

          Victims 60,000


          Chad (1982-90)

          Regime Military dictatorship

          Victims 40,000 (political opponents)

          and on and on..looks like a recurring theme her does it not? Don’t let anyone tell you we don’t need weapons and ammo. EVER!

          • I thought it was all GEORGE BUSH’S fault?

          • .02, you left out the Castro brothers in Cuba, 1959 to current; 200,000 victims and counting, political opponents. Some of my wife’s family were among those victims. President Raul Castro personally executed 800 innocent people himself, so there’s blood on his hands.

          • Obama
            America (2008-?)
            Victims ( it will be millions and still counting )

        • Whats this “we” shit?

          • we as in us? we the people? we the poor downtrodden through out history? we the faceless masses of genocide? we the wretched hated victims of the paranoid rulers?

        • I completely agree ! and most Americans have grown fat, dumb ,lazy, spoiled and cowardly ! So they do NOTHING except complain and talk shit ! They are completely controlled by materialism and don;t have a clue the are controlled by our own government ! PATHETIC.

      23. The author of this post has made this allegation and what each of us need to understand is that he has to see the crumpling of the foundations.

        Think about it…….A structural engineer can look at a crack in a building or so and get real hyper: The common person, not trained in that field may think nothing of it.

        • Yeah – but I get real turned of when someone says to me “you have to believe me because I know things I can’t talk about, but I’m telling you as much as I can”.

          So – you’re willing to go out on a limb by warning me, but just not give any supporting evidence?

      24. Snyder might be right….but for all the wrong reasons.

        The Default Basket of Currencies that comprise the IMF’s Special Drawing Right (SDR) is due to be evaluated in the fall. China is seeking the admission of their currency (Yuan) as one of the currencies that comprise the SDR. Ji Xinping has stated this as his objective.


        Item 1. It is my opinion that the Western bankster Hedge funds have recently collapsed the Chinese Markets by selling their positions (note, they had a stooge buyer re-purchase at a lower level…such that positions could be re-purchased at a later date and a 0% interest loan could be used to cover the differences).

        This pissed the chinese off because it appears to be a blatant last gasp attempt to profile the chinese economy as weak and thus the Yuan not worthy to be included in the SDR.

        Item 2. IMF, European Feckless, Weak response to Greece. The European banks have clearly shown that they would rather not “lose” a patsy customer (greece) than to enforce sound monetary policy.

        Thus, the chinese have started thinking…why become part of that corrupt, weak, feckless institution.

        THE BRIiCS.

        The BRIiCS bank. Formation of the BRIiCS bank has always been a hedge for the chinese just in case their currency is not included in the SDR. It will compete with the IMF in global national finance.

        The recent events though have shown that western finance, aka the IMF is so broken that China may no longer think it’s worthwhile to petition for inclusion the SDR. And, if they do, it will be for an increased participation percentage.


        IRAN. Notice I included a little i in what is more commonly known as BRICS. The little i stands for IRAN. Notice how IRAN was suddenly all chummy with negotiators during the nuke talks. Suddenly, they didn’t care what was on the table, they just want their money freed up. It appears that they feel the nuclear program can wait.

        B.S. I say. They want their money now. I think they want a piece of the BRICS. Shiite funding for life.

        This is all because the BRICS looks to become a reality. Brazil, Russia, India, (Iran), China, South Africa will be the cornerstones of a new global finance institution.

        I can’t believe that recent events have so much impact on the up and coming change in the fundamental order of things.


        This is going to have a profound affect on our economy, world markets, etc. because it is from the base (default) currencies that all else derives.

        Our economy collapsed in October/November of 2012 with the advent of QE-3. The collapse changed the global monetary rules of engagement forever. There wasn’t a loud noise with that. There wasn’t a pretty blonde on TV telling you the world is ending. Maria Bartiromo wasn’t jumping up and down. It was very quiet and unnoticeable due to the Fed’s ability to create money at will.

        Now, though it looks like this is when we really start to see the collapse. The news media won’t be able to bury things much longer. Competition is a bitch.

        • If the reptilians of the Fed and IMF/World Banking think for one minute they are going to become second fiddle to the BRIiCS, nukes will be the response.

          As stated above the owners of western banking are psychos and anything less than full 100% domination is not acceptable. Their recent actions prove this.

          They will retreat into their DUMBS and if need be, destroy the world.

          That you can take to the bank.

          • @02,

            Yup, However, I’m not so sure we’d have an immediate nuclear war due to Russia and China having matching nuclear arsenals.

            But if you rephrased and said that we are about to embark upon a nuclear arms race the likes of which man has never seen and that probably more so than not will result in global nuclear war either by design or by mistake. Well, I’d probably drink that Kool-Aid.

            • We have embarked on a new cold war and arms race.

              June 16th: President Vladimir Putin has said Russia will put more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles into service this year.

              It is part of a wide-reaching programme to modernize the country’s military.

              The move comes after the US proposed increasing its military presence in Nato states in Eastern Europe.

              Nato has condemned the Russian announcement, saying the move amounted to “nuclear sabre-rattling” and was “unjustified” and “dangerous”.

              Tensions are high over Russia’s role in the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

              Speaking at an arms fair, Mr Putin said the weapons would be able to overcome even the most technically advanced anti-missile defense systems.

              Russia nuclear arsenal:

              Military stockpile of approximately 4,500 nuclear warheads

              These include nearly 1,800 strategic warheads deployed on missiles and at bomber bases

              Another 700 strategic warheads are in storage along with roughly 2,700 non-strategic warheads

              A large number – perhaps 3,500 – of retired, but still largely intact warheads await dismantlement.


        • Thank you. Succinct, perspicacious, thanks for putting your reasoning in so we can evaluate. Jim Rickards thinks that the Chinese DO want in the IMF SDR old boys club, and want to be part of the money printing scheme as well (anything to cling to power, just like the West); meanwhile, the West needs their well-heeled reserves. You may be right – heck, what do I know! But I guess we’ll see shortly.

          Wonder what the leftists monitoring this site think? And even more critically, wonder what they think of *themselves*, having betrayed everything their fathers and grandfathers fought against (fascism). And make no mistake – what the EU and the West are doing is explicitly fascism, as defined by Mussolini and the dictionary. Like Woodrow Wilson, these leftists, cronies and banksters will ultimately and ruefully say “I have betrayed my country” and – barring repentance, when they die face a God that is yes, loving, but also JUST. It will not be a pretty sight, having destroyed the lives of millions, all predicated on a Nietzschean will to power

      25. First it was “the collapse is going to happen in September” now it’s sometime on the next six months? Give me a break.

      26. Who Knew?

        “You know there is something very wrong with a group of individuals, when even Street Hooker’s wont do business with them.”


          This is the adult version of craigslist. If you look under the adult escort section you will see most of the prostitutes refuse black men also.

      27. America, where are you now, don’t you care about your sons and daughters? Hell no!

        • Aljamo.

          We can’t fight alone against the “Monster”.

          Steppenwolf 1971

      28. Jim Rickards, who does financial war planning for the Pentagon, CIA, and was head legal counsel for LTCM before it went south, says there are four possible outcomes:

        1.) Societal chaos
        2.) A “kumbayah” outcome, where we all devalue in harmonye

        More likely one of these two:
        3.) Return to some kind of gold standard
        4.) Most likely, move to SDRs, which will be inflationary for the USD

        Snyder talks about, in the video, Wall St. becoming a “casino.” Well, what do people expect, **when they countenance societal moral relativism***?!?!?! (Witness that Planned Parenthood doctor yesterday who was on an undercover video selling baby body parts.

        Remember, Long Term Capital Mgmt had Ph.Ds, Nobel Prize winners, etc. And it almost blew up the world economy in 1998 (Rickards was chief counsel for them).

      29. Its already collapsing and hanging on a spiral thread. Gravity is a bitch!! Look out below, thar she comes. Find a nice protective rock ledge called “Prepping” and call it home.

        • The sub human so called ISIS leader needs to take his head out of his black satanic flag and connect the dots:

          Obama Admin = Zionist Selected banksters puppet just like many admions before him.

          Money comes from the Saudis who’s some idiots spend money and go around and around a

      30. Too much “chicken little” syndrome on this page… for the past three plus years I have been following this site there have been warnings of economic collapse, invasions, etc… and you have missed the mark time and time again. Prepare for the worst, pray and hope for the best… and don’t rely on this site or the government to help you out when it goes down!!!

      31. continuation of comment … hit the submit by accident.

        So the net is as it was mentioned over and over…..

        Money comes from the Saudis who are the most useless souls on planet earth not even capable of making their own sandwiches.

        Training comes from the Zionists in charge of the UK and the US via their so called intelligence units AKA,, Mossad / CIA / MI6……

        RT should know this better and expand on it when reporting.

      32. It’s time America follows Australia’s LEAD ON IMMIGRATION!


        F’OFF! WE’RE FULL!


        • Because a white person was the spokesman, this message is now racist!

      33. Why is it that certain vital information can’t be revealed by these guys ? Somewhat Lindsey William-ish isn’t it.

      34. The only way to save the West is to have the biggest, nastiest collapse. We will have to mercilessly use our firearms and purge the West of the traitors, self haters, and commies. And that’s all before breakfast.

        • Good luck with that, you are going to need it. AND divine intervention.

          • I am divine intervention. I was sent. And here I am.

      35. Gold at $1147. Time to buy more?

        • Wait until gold is 300 and silver is 9. Or being a Prophet, wait until the Bible says is going to happen and you can pick it up free from those that toss it into the streets as it is going to be worthless.

          • Ah yes, the cynic. Not the first one to be wise in his own eyes.

      36. We have heard it all before. Another wait and see. BLAH BLAH BLAH.
        But then again if he is correct? Are you ready?

        • SGT. Dale

          I’m ready.

          • Slingshot
            I’m as ready as I think I can get.

            No one here has lived through anything like what is coming.

            All we can do is our best, and put our faith in God. For the none believers whom/what ever.

            If it comes in the next 6 months so be it. I’m getting older and I don’t know for sure how the younger guys in the group will handle things. I hope we have taught them and led them correctly.

        • no one is ready. sure we have beans bullets and bandaids, but ask yourselves this:

          are you ready to kill children?

          Are you ready to eat long pig after your beans run out?

          do you have an underground bunker filled with enough food and air filters to live through the half life of Pu-239 that has a half-life of 24,000 years?

          Are you really ready for what the Bible describes in Revelation?

          Men’s hearts failing them for what they see? Do you really want me to show you things that humans are doing NOW? Have you looked at the creations we are making with genetic engineering as of NOW? Have you researched what was in the days of Noah?

          The giants, genetic manipulations, not only then but also throughout history?

          Did you ever wonder why God told Joshua to kill everything living thing in Jerico? Men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys? There is a reason..

          Solomon says “see this, it is nothing new this is from the days of old”. Look at the creatures of the statues of the ancients and realize that these are not imagined creatures.

          Now.. tell me…are you really ready?

          • .02

            I am beginning to think that a few people here think this is all a game. I will say that we don’t know for sure what we will do as situations arise but you should be prepared to do what will protect you and your family. Is it not a fact that factions in Africa have made soldiers out of children. We now live in a stable
            society with somewhat low crime and violence. Tolerable until it reaches a breaking point. Eating Long Pork? Detestable but people have eaten people before. I have taken precautions against radiation sickness and exposure. Might not live long but I have done what I can that gives me hope to survive. And I don’t have no bunker. Genetic engineering I have no control over so why worry about it.
            When the supernatural (God) meets the regular world, we are all up shit creek. Debris falling from the skies, earthquakes. Rivers turning to blood. Hundred pound hail stones.
            Those stinging creatures. That will scare the heathen out of you.

            What scares me now is old age which might prevent me from doing what needs to be done. Other than that I am Ready.

            • on a long enough timeline…

          • Can’t get into more specifics nor discussions of things that 99.999% don’t want to hear about, but seeing as you, .02 are more advanced with your info gathering and understandings, so i will respond on one very important point you make here.

            The giants and genetic manipulations.

            Truth of their existence was given throughout the KJV Bible, but sometimes it has to be researched a little to understand the whole story. Not getting into that, but my recent research has turned up a key bit of info that may lay more proof to what you speak of about coming days to be as the days of Noah.

            The hybrids/giants were result of the fallen angels/refused to be born of woman/God’s creation, “falling” to earth to take flesh women/daughters of Adam, as their wives/slaves/victims.

            In some of the books of the Apocrypha these are spoken of and also, very important information that God revealed concerning them. He reserved a tenth of those demonic spirits of the giants, “gibbowr” in the Hebrew, for a specific purpose. Men have changed the words around and call the giants…Nephilim, but the Nephilim were the fallen angels that fathered the giants/gibbowr.

            OK. The entities of flesh giant beings/hybrids/gibbowr, were destroyed during and after Noah’s flood. The 10% that were reserved within the earth’s crust/hell/pit, have shape shifted/transformed into what we have always referred to as extraterrestrials, and their vehicles, as UFOs.

            I believe the proof of their having no organic/flesh bodies is evident by their ability to go into another dimension through various portals in our atmosphere.
            We know their is a fourth dimension, where God, Jesus and Heaven is, and in it no flesh and blood can enter.
            There may be other dimensions, but we don’t know.

            Anyways, these aliens/giant-gibbowr spirits, are alive on the earth and are demonic. They are not little martians that have come from some far away planet to help us save our planet. Believe me, when I say, if you have had an up-close and direct contact with them as i have, you would know they are not friendly nor anything Christians should mess with. Non Christians…have at them.

            By the grace of God i am here to tell and warn people. They will be released, or run out, of the earth for a specific time that i refer to as the invasion of the locust army…see Revelation.

            These beings are not to be confused with the 7000 fallen angels/Nephilim, that are to be kicked out of the dimension of heaven where they and Satan are being held. The fallen angels/sons of God, look and feel like flesh beings with the same features and hair, in a young adult body. They are not flesh, but have the same reproductive organs that they had when they impregnated flesh woman in Noah’s day.

            They are coming back, knowing they have but a short time, and will be wanting sex with men and women before they are killed in Jerusalem at the time of the two witnesses, as Christ returns.

            They are demonic and will cause many to lose their soul by not learning what God has said about being with them.

            If people have the “covering of Christ” over them, the demonic beings, Nephilim or gibbowr, will not be able to “touch” them.

            In Isaiah 13:3…

            “I have commanded my sanctified ones, I have also called my mighty ones for mine anger, even them that rejoice in my highness.”
            The proof in God’s word is there.
            When we take “mighty ones” and go to the Hebrew original text, by the Strong’s Concordance number H1368, we see they are “gibbowr, pronounced ghib-bore”.

            Don’t take my word for it folks, but you had better take God’s word for it, because they are coming and they are demonic. They are limited to only stinging/tormenting,and not killing the flesh people, that are not sealed in the blood of Christ, for a five month period.

            But, they do have the power to kill the souls of the un-saved, by their treacheries.

            Many will not be able to handle the events that consummate the end of this age and will commit suicide.

            As .02 asks,… “are you really ready” for these events that are soon coming? Have you studied and learned truth, or have you ridiculed those of us that try and teach you these things, because you have not learned truth?

            Is your mind and strength limited to only prepping for the material things, and still hoping/counting, on a “backside” to the collapse?

            Just sayin’

      37. “‘They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

        • I wore sin out. Now I’m ready for anything.

          • Really?

            h ttps://

      38. As the first and second wave of baby boomers retired, ‘The Godless Generation’ took over, beginning in the 1990’s when the trouble was just starting…. the brainwashed baby boomer’s adult children, half of this generation never emotionally matured a day beyond 16 yrs of age.

        ‘The Godless Generation’ is one destructive bunch.

        • The godless generation learned their godlessness from the baby boomer generation. Perhaps they got tired of the do one thing in public and quite another behind closed doors that those religious types are very find of.

      39. Prepper Tip of the Day

        Rayovac has a lot of their batteries on sale for 25% off
        during the month of July

        coupon code is fireworks

      40. For several years, economic cycle guru Martin Armstrong (Princeton Economics) has been pointing to 2015.75 (October 1, 2015) as the start of another down cycle.

      41. If you haven’t heard of Roy Scott listen to his album: my kind of music. It is country at its best.

      42. The lack of major hurricanes during the past 9 years has been noted in the news. The weather might be setting up for another Hurricane Andrew. This is something else to watch out for in September, if you live in coastal states along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

        I have been through some pretty bad storms, so I know how to prepare.

        When a hurricane approaches, the first thing to do is fill up the bathtub with water for flushing the commode. Next is recheck the flashlight and radio batteries. Make sure the kerosene lanterns, candles, and matches are handy. Then try to beat the crowd to the grocery store for milk and bread. (That last one is for non-preppers.)

        I also plug in my portable battery booster to which I connect the scanner in order to see what’s going on, such as when the electric crews will get to my area. When the storm gets closer, I remove loose objects from the yard, such as bird feeders, lawn chairs, etc.

        After the storm, everyone in my neighborhood goes outside to assess storm damage and see if everyone else is okay. Then we start cleanup and repairs. We don’t wait for government. The sound of chainsaws fills the air.

      43. Just saw on Drudge Report that Census Bureau claims only 1.24 million immigrants will enter US this year. Bullshit! 1 million illegals enter every year on airplanes. Verifiable, because of entry/exit cards filled out. Almost 2 million legal immigrants and refugees will enter this year. And hundreds of thousands will cross the southern border. Possibly a million. A little over 4 million people entered the US last year. And that number was from the government.

      44. Have had powerful storms here the past few days. Many homes destroyed and many others damaged by flooding, strong winds, etc. Power and water still off for many.

        In an off grid situation, having good screens on the windows is an important prep.

        • @KY Mom….saw that storm on the news last night…..looked real scary,thought of you and hoped it was not directly affecting you and your family. Keep safe ALL! CC.

          • Canada Canuk,

            Thank you! Hope this finds all well with you and your family!

            We are still without power. My husband has the generator running the refrigerator, laptops and a few other things.

            We have two of our granddaughters visiting. They are having fun camping out in the house. 🙂

      45. Cellar Spider nailed the financial “motivation” for the “Iranian Nuke Deal”. The Iranians want their billions freed up to team with the BRICS/Chinese against the IMF et al. I believe that is exactly what this has been about all along.
        ALWAYS follow the money, FIRST!

        • Can you blame them? I want to see BRICS rival and overcome the world bank/IMF etc. I want to see the NWO banksters fall. Whatever it takes.

      46. Choo choo!

        Not quite what you were expecting when you kept saying “bring it on”, is it.

        Imagine now, except 100 times suckier.

        Bring that on? Yeah not so much.

      47. what I love is that in 6 months most people will forget the prediction he made and he will be free and clear to make another failed prediction in 6 months just like all the rest

        • RICH99, you have had a pretty good run at calling every time- stamp of a collapse, a false flag or mis-read attempt at predicting something terrible.

          You could almost pull off another one, except that this five to six month window will be your last chance. Actually, you will have already run out of opportunities by Sept. 14th, I think.

          Let’s reconvene here again exactly two months from today, on Tuesday, Sept. 15th, and see what, if anything has transpired to set the dominoes in motion.

          A possible stock market collapse could do the trick. I predict one by December 15th. Not necessarily a collapse of the dollar just yet, but it is possible also.

          Remember, a 10% drop/loss, in the total volume of the Dow, is just a “correction”.

          A 20% drop/loss is considered a full out “bear’ market.

          But, a 30% drop/loss or more, is considered a collapse. Especially if it comes in a couple days or so.

          Time will tell.

          • One trick is you can take a LOAN against your 401k. E.g. borrow out up to 50%. This is a quick way to get to cash for those of us whose 401K does not allow a cash investment option. And avoid the early withdrawal penalty. Check if you can repay immediately or need to follow schedule. Our mgt co said the 4.5% interest goes back into our account. Nonetheless, I did it because I can always put the money back but I can’t take it out ex post crasho. Also, 3+ days delay due to paperwork. Sitting on my check right now deciding whether to continue to gamble or to take some chips off. I know the printing press is still fired up; so, gambling makes sense for now. I just don’t want to lose!

      48. An economic collapse will happen, and soon enough; but stop eagerly waiting for it. There appears to be a lot of fruitcakes posting on this site who can’t wait for it to happen. One can only surmise they have empty, disappointing, pointless lives. There will be violence, hunger, and sickness on a large scale. I prep but even peppers will be affected; there will be little safety.
        Those who think they are too badass to be affected truly won’t last long because they are not smart. Since the beginning of history groups and societies only survived through pooling resources, organization, and intelligence.

        • Bill, I agree with you that it will be all those things on a large scale, but there is no way out of such events unless a total relocation to the wilds, or a foreign country or Island.

          We brought this time of tribulation upon ourselves and it must transpire in order for the King of Kings reset.

          There is only one way out and that is a total National repentance and a strike down of Abortion and gay marriage.

          I can’t see that happening, can you?

        • Bill, I agree with you that it will be all those things on a large scale, but there is no way out of such events unless a total relocation to the wilds, or a foreign country or Island.

          We brought this time of tribulation upon ourselves and it must transpire in order for the King of Kings reset.

          There is only one way out and that is a total National repentance and a strike down of Abortion and gay marriage.

          I can’t see that happening, can you?

          • must have had a happy finger…ooops.

      49. And what happens when you are wrong ? Will you promise that if you are wrong and we don’t collapse in 6-8 months that you will stop posting crap?

      50. So tired of hearing about “poor Greece”. With help from the good guys at Goldman Sachs, Greece lied to join the EU, licking its chops at the prospect of access to the EU bank account, and now they’re in debt up to their eyeballs. If they’d tapped my bank account, I would want my money back as well. But the Greeks cry and whine because they’re expected to repay what they basically stole, they don’t want austerity, and think that they are so hard done by. They ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

        Debt is fine until the creditors want to collect. All politicians do is keep kicking the can down that long road.

        Greece needs to pay its debts and quit squawking. Their carefree days of living off of everybody else are over. “The borrower is slave to the lender.”

      51. World is ending better buy my book.

        • Buy a case of them! Maybe they’ll be worth something for barter. Yeah, I wonder about this. Everybody needs to make a living but it seems that so many are pretty transparent about just making something that fit the times, regardless of real truth or worth. I’m not against anyone making a buck, but, it seems less than honorable to do it on sensationalism.

          • NO doubt there is a lot of that on the net and nearly all is utter crap , from people who have not experienced much of anything first hand. Funny how so many of the people giving SHTF advice are fat guys who could not do diddly squat ? almost all actually, like Jack Spirko ? An Obese guy selling all manner of junk and failed deals to greater fools and talking about fitness and health and his ethics ? HA AH AH AH AH. Americans are pretty dumb ! 🙂

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