It Spreads: FedEx Confirms It Has Also Been Hit With RansomWare Attack: “Implementing Remediation Steps As Quickly As Possible”

by | May 12, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments


The NSA-linked ransomware attack spreading across the globe and now affecting at least 57,000 individual systems according to Kasperky Labs has reached global shipping giant FedEx.

The company confirmed the attack on Friday:

“Like many other companies, FedEx is experiencing interference with some of our Windows-based systems caused by malware,” the firm said in a statement. “We are implementing remediation steps as quickly as possible. We regret any inconvenience to our customers.” (link)

The extent of the damage to FedEx networks is unknown.

It is unclear if the cyber attack, utilizing the ‘EternalBlue’ exploit recently made available online after a massive release of hacked NSA and CIA spy tools, will affect FedEx deliveries.

The FexEx statement suggests that the attack could have a potential impact on some packages, as the ransomware locks users out of system files on  Microsoft Windows computers utilized by some FedEx employees.

Microsoft released a patch for the exploit earlier this year, but hospital computer systems in the UK and in over 70 other countries failed to apply the software update, reportedly leaving them vulnerable to the Eternal Blue exploit.

Full Report: Massive Global Cyber Attack Using NSA Hacking Tools Takes Down 45,000 Computers Across 74 Countries: “A Scale Never Seen Before”

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    1. Gandhi

      At least we know The goobermint made something that actually works.

      • Gandhi

        Al Gore giveth, Al Gore taketh away.

    2. threefeet


    3. Watchdog

      Remember Susanne Posell from 2012?
      72 hours cyber attack before martial law.

      Better get some $$ out of the bank folks. It is Friday you know.

      • Just Saying

        That digital currency system ain’t lookin’ too good right now is it or is that the game plan?

        • Gandhi

          Oh no! I have ordered ammo shipped, I hope it shows up in time for Armageddon

    4. Warchild Dammit!

      I will say feel bad for hospital patients ect. affected by this but otherwise,think it is kind of awesome!We have become too reliant on computers and have phased out cursive writing skills in schools and trashed typewriters.I remember when having a phone answering machine(on house line) was such a huge deal.Folks may have to get their heads out of the electronic clouds a bit and actually look at reality and not their cell phone/tablet screens ect.Would I miss the useful info. on net and sites such as this,sure,but a dewired to a degree world may be better for all our freedom and,gasp…… privacy!

    5. Warchild Dammit!

      Oh Mac,seems German local and long travel rail now also affected,this could get very interesting,would recommend not trying to update this article continually or your weekend gone!

      Of course,this keeps up all our weekends might get “interesting”,prep on folks and it hits best of luck to us!

    6. Traitor Hator

      Massive North Korean cyber , EMP attack erases all bank accounts , all credit card , debit card, EBT card information. Food and fuel rationing based on SS#, Massive blackouts, Am radio emergency station message. Locations of food distribution centers. Your turn based on your SS#. Of course they will check for weapons in the food lines. Stash it before you get in line and pick it up on the way home. Anyone with a fake SS# will resort to whatever to survive? Hijacking food trucks will disrupt supply and cause panic. Rigging computerized pumping stations and keeping their generators fueled to keep tap water flowing. Carrying buckets of water home everyday from the local pond.? And probably the worse thing of all ? Standing in the food lines for hours? And not getting followed home. And will you get one days food, three days of food? How often will you have to stand in line? If this happens and you are prepped with food and water , you will suffer less? And that’s all we can hope for? To suffer less?

    7. Traitor Hator

      I read that the last Fatima messages were about a plage coming , and the Spanish flu came . I read the people infected would die within three days and they would turn so blue that you couldn’t tell if they were black or white. The 100 th anniversary of the last Fatima message , Is tomorrow.

    8. AZcats

      I’m already banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting on FOX 32 Chicago’s FB page that Islam is a pedophile rape culture and 50% of all muslims worldwide are inbred from countless generations of incest promoted by their pedophile queer prophet Mohammed.

      So for the past 2 weeks I have been experiencing what it was like to live in the 19th century.

      • Lurker

        Huh… What’s Facebook???

        Add the following to /etc/hosts (and start to enjoy life):

        • Lurker

          I did not URLize that domainname…

          To err is human but a real cock-up requires a compuer.

      • Jacknife

        I banned myself from Facebook for life. 2004, I think it was, I created an account and logged on a couple times. I didn’t like what it was about and never logged on since. There’s obviously a lot of people that use it, but it just ain’t my thing.

      • john

        you left out there sheria laws on fxxing there live stock,they can not eat them afterword but can sell them.

      • Gandhi



        To “Book” you

      • @anonymous5

        Awesome AZcats!

        I have a facebook account, but never use it. I may just sign on and go to the same site and post the same thing, just to piss the PC bastards off.

      • Wake-up-people

        Hahaha Muslims are trash and all should have Napalm dropped on their asses. I deleted that sissy fag Facebook bullshit about 5 yrs ago and do NOT miss that childish ass bullshit 1 damn second…be done with it, you are too old for that garbage.

      • nameless

        I say boycott Facebook. Zuckerberg deserves no credibility. Left wing hack what he is.
        Facebook should be for old baby boomer libs. When you think about it, it’s really just a
        declarations page. Right? You are declaring to the world this is my favorite sports team.
        These are my hobbies. These are my political beliefs. This is my favorite whatever. Tired
        of the so-called entrepreneurs that create ” intellectual property “. What is that? I know so
        many conservative people that use FB. Zuckerberg has designs on running for president as
        a Democrap. Having a FB page gives that chump credibility. Conservatives & Libertarians
        should create something better than Facebook that buries it forever. Sorry AZcats. That is
        my 2 cents about FB. If Beck can create his own channel. Levin too. Why can’t a real standup American create something better than FB?

    9. Warchild Dammit!

      Huh,as a punishment,you should be forced to visit fecesbook multiple times a day,banned is like old school suspensions,you stayed home and had a day off from school,as a latchkey child was awesome!

    10. Stephen

      Hope it doesn’t mess with the grid.

      • Jacknife

        I hope it does.

        Stay quiet Be smart

    11. oops

      4chan needs to get on this one. Assange will later tell us who it was. My money is on deep state who is chapped because Comey got whacked.

      I’d be just too much if it turns out it was inside US at gov spooks offices. Trump would fire the entire group. He’d make Reagans’ firing of the air traffic controllers look like an award certificate.

      Also DJT did sign a bill to secure the internet in the US. Somebody probably pushed the wrong keystroke. Or could be Obamas group in DC because they need legal funds coming up.

      Would not be a problem is O had not signed over the internet to some Intentional Globalist Commie JERKS!

      Or could be walmart and company angry at bezos for taking away online business.

      Democrats will blame the Russians.

    12. Asshat

      Fed ex sucks bunch of stiff yes people. Ups too homos. they look for people that fit their image and send you homeif you don’t shave and have the suit pressed. Gaaay. I rock the beard and sunglasses wear harley shirts. What a bunch of faggots. I say bring it down freight needs to stop moving for people to realize all the shit they have came in a truck. That’s what we need a good week of nothing moving. The truck can stay parked for good I’m ready. Ha ha I was just looking at emojis and there was only 1nigger everyone else is white. I suppose that’s racist.

    13. Prepared Pastor

      My daughter’s epilepsy medicine comes via Federal Express. I’m feeling pretty good right now about accumulating several month’s supply.

    14. Jacknife

      It’s just not time yet.

    15. vocalpatriot

      ANYTHING slavo says is massively overstated. disregard this “article”

    16. Agent76

      It would never be this agency of government. Sarc/off! Aug 4, 2016 DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge: Competition Framework Team

      Astrophysicist and Cyber Grand Challenge Host Hakeem Oluseyi talks to the CGC’s Competition Framework Team about their role in designing the space in which the CGC is executed and scored. They also discuss the impact the CGC is expected to have, speeding the development of automated cybersecurity.

    17. the Lone Ranger

      You know how when you are watching a TV show or a movie something that will happen later is “foreshadowed” ahead of time?

      Well this Ransomware is a foreshadowing of when the Antichrist takes total control of all electronics and electricity.

      Just keep prepping and INCLUDE in that getting right with God every day, confessing your sins, and asking His Divine Protection in your life and the life of all your loved ones and friends.

      WhatEVER happens, and no matter WHAT happens, give your soul to God AHEAD of time, in between, and during. Stay faithful. Heed the 10 Commandments. Pray the Our Father and MEAN it. Forgive others. Show mercy.

      God will crush the Antichrist, consign him to hell along with all his followers. We have to stay sharp, prepped, generous, sane, spiritual, prayerful– emphasis on prayerful. The devil accomplishes what he wants by tricking us through lies, deceiving us, appearing as something that “seems” good. Stay faithful, pray to God’s Holy Spirit, discern.

      God bless you all.

      – the Lone Ranger

    18. awed bawl

      So my package took a nice round trip from SoCal to NorCal and back [Federal Express- may be part of FedGov]

      ]Arrived 2 days late[

      On FedEx vehicle for delivery
      May-15-17, 03:46 PDT, ONTARIO, CA 91761

      At local FedEx facility
      May-15-17, 02:09 PDT, ONTARIO, CA 91761

      Arrived at FedEx location
      May-12-17, 19:39 PDT, OAKLAND, CA 94621

      At destination sort facility
      May-12-17, 16:20 PDT, LOS ANGELES, CA 90045

      Left FedEx origin facility
      May-12-17, 15:19 PDT, IRVINE, CA 92618

      Picked up
      May-12-17, 11:43 PDT, IRVINE, CA 92618

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