“It Is Set To Impact The Life Of Every Single Human Being” – Crypto Currency Revolution [Complete Film]

by | Dec 11, 2017 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    The latest short film from Jonathan Roth discusses the advent of the blockchain, where it goes next and how the technology will impact every single human being on the planet.

    Featuring investment powerhouses like Frank Giustra and Frank Holmes, as well as  mathematician and finance entrepreneur  Marco Streng:

    The blockchain will disrupt nearly every industry from purchasing groceries to heating your home… everyone from banking to government is racing to develop the technology.

    Watch the full movie:


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      1. Blockchain will disrupt nearly every industry ….. yes, but BitCoin only those individuals dumb enough to speculate at these prices; or those who were lucky enough to get in at the beginning of this ponzi scheme.

        Bit Coin operates on the “bigger fool theory” much like those who speculate in raw desert land in the possible path of growth. Unlike precious metals, it has no intrinsic value or industrial uses.

        Worse, tens of millions of Bit Coins have already been stolen and/or disappeared. Bit Coin will not be a stable DIGITAL commodity until quantum computers are ubiquitous.

        If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it. 🙂

        • One CME or EMP in the right place and strength and that whole thing is toast.

      2. All I see is another attempt to control us.

      3. In other words, a bunch of geeks are building a computer server system using everyone else’s money which they charge those same person’s to use their own money to perform any transaction. Yeah, this will transform the world all right. Every single thing anyone anywhere would happen to buy using a digital currency causes a percentage to go into the geeks’ pockets. I hope a friggin’ volcano erupts and takes that server farm off the planet. What kills me is that the geeks are in-your-face honest about the scam because they know what a bunch of dumb-f*cks 99.9% of people are.

      4. how can you buy or sell without the govt knowing about it with crypto currency ?. sounds beastie to me.

      5. I am too stupid to get this idea.

        • Precious metals have no intrinsic value either and you obviously don’t understand block chain or trust less protocol. What a bunch of dumbasses. I’m laughing all the way to the bank.

        • It is a very wise man who can admit something like that. Cheers!

      6. According to one expert, one bitcoin transaction uses as much electricity as a home does in one week!

        He also said the bitcoin market is going to crash because its rate of growth cannot be sustained, and he cited examples to prove his point.

        Third, what happens if/when the power goes out?

        There would be no way to extract one’s bitcoin profits and convert them to cash!

        Just like you can’t eat silver or gold, you can’t eat bitcoin.

        I’d stick to putting your hard earned money into the preps we so often list here, which include stacking silver when after all other essential (water and nonperishable food and other) items have been bought and hidden.

        If you DO decide to get into bitcoin, if it were me, I’d take a thousand dollars and when it reached a profit of $500. above that, I’d cash out, fees subtracted and all, and repeat the process.

        This would be both time-consuming and energy-consuming. To me, it’s not worth it.

        Obsessions with bitcoin is just the thing to knock your head off its swivel.

        Besides, one solar flare or EMP pulse will destroy all (your) bitcoin wealth, but not your preps.

        I’m sure there’s a plan to knock out all bitcoin transactions.

        But let’s suppose everything I’ve written here is incorrect. What if bitcoin is one (or the) prelude to the Mark of the Beast? Tread carefully.

        – the Lone Ranger

      7. FRANK GIUSTRA! Clinton Foundation! Investigate!

      8. When you post media that is not local to your site, a link to the source location would be helpful for those of us with flakey browsers that often can’t open the embedded versions

      9. i have unlimited electricity,i mine all day for over a month now with some of my older game pc’s.over 450 USD of free money so far.i like that.

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