It Has Begun: Wise Up and Stock up as Food Shortages and Price Hikes Are Coming Before Year’s End

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Headline News | 360 comments


Editor’s Note: One of the key trends we’ve seen over the last ten years is an unabated rise in prices for essential goods that include food, energy and other commodities. This year, as was the case in the 1930’s, we’ve seen quite a significant change in the weather. We can go back and forth about the causes, but for all intents and purposes this would be an exercise in futility. What’s important to us personally are the consequences. In the following article Lizzie Bennett of Underground Medic highlights what those consequences will be. The key takeaway is that everything, especially your food, is about to skyrocket in price. If you have the means to do so, consider stockpiling additional goods, especially those essential dry goods like rice, beans, wheat, and corn. One of the best investments you can make is to buy at today’s lower prices and consume at tomorrow’s higher prices. It’s a strategy that would have yielded you 50% – 100% gains over the last four years, and it’s one that will continue to be a sound investment. Moreover, unlike paper investments, when you own commodities stored in your home there is no counter-party risk. Get prepared for long-term emergencies and save money while you’re at it!


Stop for a moment and think about what’s happening weatherwise around the world.

California is in the middle of a drought so severe that domestic supplies may be cut in a matter of weeks. California produces a massive amount of the food consumed in the United States.

Extreme cold in the United States has killed livestock in the hundreds of thousands.

Florida farmers are  looking at massive losses from cold weather not just ruining citrus crops, but squash, cucumbers and herbs.

Wheat growth in Texas is stunted by continuing cold weather.

The fishing industry in Indonesia has taken a hit because of bad weather.

Peru, Venezuela, and Bolivia have experienced rainfall heavy enough to flood fields and rot crops where they stand. Volcanic eruptions in Ecuador are also creating problems due to cattle ingesting ash with their feed leading to a slow and painful death.

Parts of Australia have been in drought for years affecting cattle and agricultural production.

Rice production in China has been affected by record low temperatures.

Large parts of the UK are underwater, and much of that water is sea water which is poisoning the soil. So wet is the UK that groundwater is so high it is actually coming out of the ground and adding to the water from rivers and the sea. With the official assessment being that groundwater flooding will continue until MAY, and that’s if it doesn’t rain again between now and then. The River Thames is 65 feet higher than normal in some areas, flooding town after town as it heads to the sea.

 Picture: Shepperton in Surrey

Even the boreholes that keep an eye on groundwater levels can’t cope, this one blew its cap off yesterday.

Crops are going to be severely affected with some farmers saying they will not be able to plant at all this year due to salt pollution from sea water inundation.

It’s time to ramp up your food prepping. Weather around the world is causing problems with food production and there is no reason to think these problems are just going to go away.

Although I personally don’t buy into the global warming hype there is no doubt that last years weather was bad enough around the globe to affect food security. The issues I’ve listed above are a few amongst many and we are only six weeks into the new year,

As I typed that last paragraph news alerts have gone out warning of 100mph winds, another few inches of rain and a further 23 flood warning issued to join the 300 plus already in force in the UK.

One geographical region having weather bad enough to damage food production usually results in higher prices because you have to import it from other countries. What happens though when those other countries don’t have food to sell you because they have barely enough to feed their own people?

It’s time we all woke up to what is happening. It’s highly likely that certain foodstuffs will be in short supply by the end of this year. What is available is going to be a good deal more expensive than it is now. Many will not be able to afford the prices asked for basic commodities.

Vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition and disease outbreaks always occur when any form of an economic shift takes place. There is no reason to think that our situation a few months down the line will be any different.  Food shortages and high prices are often a tipping point for wider unrest.

It has begun. Urge those who you know are unprepared to wise up and stock up, time may be shorter than they think.

Lizzie Bennett has extensive medical and trauma training and is the author of Underground Medic. In addition to her experience as a catastrophic emergency medical practitioner, Lizzie is a researcher, analyst and lecturer in fields that include anaesthetic pharmacology, operating department practice, anaesthetics, and human anatomy. She is the author of the Armageddon Files, a series on emergency medicine in off-grid scenarios.

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    1. eppe

      If Iceland can do it, why cannot the United States do the same?

      If you are someone who is truly worried about the dismal direction of the U.S.A., as I am, why is it that a small country in the middle of an ocean can reverse their situation, but we seem to cannot do the same? Better yet, why can we not take the ‘best’ of each nation and apply it to the good ole USA? If we could do that, I believe we could turn this nation around in a short amount of time.
      Case in point: In 2008- Icelandic citizens force the resignation of both the prime minister and the effective government.
      In 2010- The prime minister was indicted, over 200 criminal charges were filed against the bankers, and all of the former CEO’s of the three biggest banks were arrested. Others were forced to leave the country.
      In 2010- An assembly is elected to write a new constitution to avoid entrapments of dept. Twenty five citizens is chosen – “With NO political affiliation”. The only qualifications for candidacy are adulthood and the support of thirty people.
      In 2010- The main bank of Iceland was nationalized.
      In 2010- The new government forgave debt exceeding 110% of home values.

      I know that seems too good to be true, but it would be a good start. We have dug ourselves into such a deep hole, with our government in huge dept, rouge politicians spending money we do not have on things we do not need or want. So in an essence, if we “FIXED” the banking and political problem here, it would be a great start. This also relates to the FEDERAL RESERVE printing pieces of paper with dead presidents on it like there was no tomorrow. If this keeps up, hyperinflation will eat us all alive. All you have to do is look at countries that have done this already, without success I might add.

      Next, let us take the “gun” situation we have here. If we could model our system after the country of Switzerland, where you are required to have a gun in your household, much of the gun violence could be eliminated. Where as USA has 4.2 gun deaths per 100,000 people last year, Switzerland had zero. Would this not be a better situation to have? The Swiss also have to prove at a gun range that they can handle a gun. I have always said “Gun control is being able to hit your target”. Also I have said, “Guns DO NOT kill, it is the bullets that kill”. Maybe that is the real reason our government is buying all the ammo they can get their hands on, taking the raw materials for ammo, and driving prices up beyond belief. If you remove ammo from the equation, all your guns become inaccurate throwing devices. While we are on the issue of Switzerland, when young adults get out of high school, it is mandatory that they serve two years in the military. Smart move in my eyes, but also Switzerland does not go and stick their noses in everyone else’s business. We have had way too many young men and women killed or maimed in other countries where we did not belong. The USA is not the world’s policeman, but our politicians think we are. If we would take our own resources and bring them home, hardened our borders, and developed our own natural raw materials, we could let the countries in the Middle East fight between each other, since we would not need to buy their hydrocarbons, example OIL, natural gas, etc. Since fracking has come about, the USA is exporting our raw materials out, whereas we should be keeping them here, storing them here, and in essence dropping the price of said items.

      While we are on the discussion of raw materials, we need to keep what we have here, bring back the manufacturing process and stop buying from countries like China, Indonesia, etc. Remember when “Made in the USA” was something we looked for on a product, since we knew it was a quality product. Try to find that today, almost nonexistent. Bringing home the ability of substantial employment back home, we would stop getting cheap junk from other nations who know that they will sell us anything if it is cheap enough. With unemployment in the range that it is at now, (20-30%), not what our government tells us at (6-7%), which we all know this a lie, we could maybe get 90+ million off food stamps, and the other entitlements that our government shells out for NOT working. Just take a look at the Middle America, where the oil business is booming, from the initial drilling to the transportation of these raw materials or final products to keep this nation running and producing. Also take a look at Middle America in the agricultural sense, we are the breadbasket of the world, and always can produce more than we consume. Which brings up the problem with GMO products? We are finally seeing that this way of producing is not good for humans or animals that we humans eat. GMO’s have been around for a decade or two, and we are seeing that it is not a good thing. If we could stop subsidizing the farmers to NOT grow the maximum crops that they could, would you think that food prices would not come down and be healthier for us all? I know there are some exceptions, but as a whole, if we got rid of the politicians who endorse this behavior as stated above, would we not be in a better situation? I know I have seen the price of basics, milk, bread, vegetables, meat, and others go up in price so much, I do not see how we can sustain ourselves for much longer. I guess that is the reason many people are starting “Victory Gardens”, so they know what they are eating is safer, better, cheaper, and have the knowledge of where it came from. I could go on and on about what could be done, and until we eliminate “The Powers That Be”, I fear nothing is going to get better.

      Without ranting and raving on like a lunatic, I really believe we need to get back to the basics on the initial idea that our founding fathers so well put down on paper 238 years ago. They knew what was going down, and warned us about it so many years ago. If the founding fathers could see where we are now, they would be shaking their head in disgust. I could put down many “quotes” that have been recorded in history, but that would take many pages that the general population would not take the time to read. I guess what I am trying to get across to all the readers, we as Americans are in deep trouble. Why can we not rise up and revolt to take our great country back from the 1% who is trying to keep us down? Right now we have the government trying to “governmentize our healthcare”. If anyone out there can name one entity that the government has taken over and actually made it better, please let me know. Having researched this extensively, Obamacare is one big failure. How can our government spend 600 million on a WEBSITE and fail so miserably? I can tell you one thing; we have been lied to, bamboozled, scammed, and trashed to the point of no return? I can only hope that the American people can stand up, revolt, and take control as the Icelandic people have. Yes I know there will always be problems, and common sense is not prevalent in the government as of today.
      But if a small country such as Iceland can right many wrongs, why can we not do the same? Shoot, I am even scared to put my name down as the author of this document, knowing it will rile up many feathers, and could get me terminated as a human, just because I would like to “RIGHT” many of the wrongs out there in the world as of today. I hope those that read this will remember, this nation was not built by people who have the same rationalization of those in power now. May GOD bless us all, we really need it now….

      • RICH99

        Because our poly-ticians love power more than their country.

        • DRD5508

          Time for encouragement: 23rd psalm is for the living, not the dead. Tough times are ahead and it has been awhile since we’ve heard good news/stories. 9th district court made a suprise ruling concerning conceal-carry. San Diego has a rep. mayor. Both from Cali. High school kid helps student,of special needs, out verses bullies and gets suspended. Good news? Good to see the teen stand up and not be a bystander. During our SHTF we’ll need to be helpful as much as possible.

          The Lord is my shepherd,
          I [a]shall not want.
          2 He makes me lie down in green pastures;
          He leads me beside [b]quiet waters.
          3 He restores my soul;
          He guides me in the [c]paths of righteousness
          For His name’s sake.

          4 Even though I walk through the [d]valley of the shadow of death,
          I fear no [e]evil, for You are with me;
          Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.
          5 You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
          You [f]have anointed my head with oil;
          My cup overflows.
          6 [g]Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life,
          And I will [h]dwell in the house of the Lord [i]forever

          • KY Mom

            Army Builds ‘Fake City’ in Virginia to Practice Military Occupation

            “The U.S. Army has built a 300 acre ‘fake city’ complete with a sports stadium, bank, school, and an underground subway in order to train for unspecified future combat scenarios.”

            “The recently opened site is located in Virginia and was built at a cost of $96 million dollars, taking just two years to complete.”

            Infowars dot com

              • Shooter

                Remember to get seeds for your garden.

                • figment

                  non hybrid seeds.

                  so you can collect your next year’s seeds from your plants.

                  heirlooms, even better.

              • Spook89

                KY, you actually believe that nut-ball?

            • Calgacus

              The Asymetric Warfare Training Center in Fort A P Hill in VA. I doubt this is the only training center since they drill in our cities now all the time.

              Im thinking there wont be enough military to carry out warfare from within. Too many will leave. Thats when the drones, robots and cyborgs will be put into action. And the govt can control those from behind city walls in front of computer screens.

            • TnAndy

              idiots…..the Chinese would have shipped them one of their empty cities they overbuilt for half that…..

            • Bert Gummer

              They could have bought Detroit for much less.

              • Smokey

                And had some good training with a Blue Force that brought their own guns !

          • OutWest

            When I was a kid I got .22LR shells for
            75 cents a box of fifty. We shot everything
            From squirrels to dropping 2000 lb. steers
            on the farm.

            When they went up to two dollars a box and
            the smell of gov interference was in the air
            I told everyone I could to buy all they can.

            For what that little cartridge could do, it
            was still the bargain of a lifetime. It was
            the most common caliber in the world and was
            useful for almost anything. No one listened.

            Now I say to those same people to buy all the
            canned goods they are able, they are a raving
            bargain at todays prices and still abundantly
            available, unlike once plentiful .22 shells.

            Same blank stare, same result. I’m not sure if
            even drawing them a picture would help.

            Thank God I have my friends on this site who
            understand, or I would swear I was a lone voice
            crying out in the wilderness.

            • wrong

              I agree. It’s unusual that silver and gold went up and so did the market. I told my wife this morning that something is up and it’s time to start tightening the belts again. I’m afraid our time is running short. Canned goods… Another couple cases of corned beef perhaps? So. How many .22 for a can of peaches?

              • OutWest

                Wrong — corned beef is a favorite of ours, too.
                Barb says there was a scarcity for a while.

                Good question on .22 shells vs. canned peaches.
                Both to me are pure gold. Toss a coin on that one.

                • Faith of the fallen

                  What would you do to feed your starving family. Now multiply that by about 320 million and that’s what’s coming. That’s why I invested in a ton of lead with my ton of food. Hungry desperate people are very unpredictable and dangerous.

                • legion7

                  Easy answer. I have a LOT of both. Don’t need to barter for what I have plenty of. My car is 15 years old but I have a 1 acre garden and a 1 acre fruit tree orchard, and enough of everything stored to last 3 years… I guess it’s just a matter of priorities! I’d say 1 can of peaches for your mercedes slk, as long as you can drive it here!

              • morris adams

                we’ll see!!

            • John W.

              As recently as the 1990s a brick of five hundred could be had for five bucks on sale. Shot up a lot of those.

              • JayJay

                ***Don’t need to barter for what I have plenty of. My car is 15 years old but I have a 1 acre garden and a 1 acre fruit tree orchard, and enough of everything stored to last 3 years…**

                I bet you have a 8 ft. fence around that garden and those trees, and I bet they stop selling wire cutters when TSHTF!!! Right??

                • gun

                  I bet his ar15 will…what will you do? hide?

                • JayJay

                  Good luck guarding that fence 24/7. 😉

            • BJ

              in 2011, I was buying boxes at Walmart of 666 for $24 and change with tax. I can’t understand why they have gone up over 300%. I can’t believe the old capitalistic addage of supply and demand, which in todays time is greed hiding behind capitalism IMO. I just can’t believe they can’t produce them faster and more of them? AND the govt isn’t buying up .22. They are buying up larger rounds, but not .22??

              • Smokey

                There are people lining up outside of Walmart at 6:00 AM to buy the .22LR that comes in, using their phone apps to find out when it arrives. They are buying up every round they can get and selling it online for double or triple their cost.

                The factories are working overtime, but still only producing about 2 boxes, maybe 75 rounds, per gun owner in the country. That’s not per day, it’s per year. Doesn’t take a lot of folks buying 5,000 rounds a week to make the supply disappear.

                The Gov’t doesn’t need it, it’s hoarders and resellers doing it to us.

                I don’t mind someone wanting to stock up with 10,000 rounds of .22LR, but 50,000, 100,000 rounds? Or buying what they don’t need for $25 and selling it to the folks who need it for $75 and up?

                • BJ

                  I agree with you and them SOB’s claim supply and demand / capitalism. That’s what I hate….that is NOT capitalism, it is greed and evil!

            • Paranoid

              When I was a kid you could buy Winc Super X for 72 Cents a box, Always bought 2 boxes could get standard V for 50 Cents. Always bought more than I shot. Still do. Someday I’m going to have to start counting what I have. Know I have a full box of CCI primers marked $9.99 for 1000. Anybody that Can bug out with less than a Semi, hasn’t even started to get stuff.

              • Paranoid

                One thing you bug out people should think about. Using the Mormon numbers and it’s real primitive, mostly just grain. A years food for one weighs 700 lbs, For four that’s a ton and one half. Not counting water. If you like any better food, it’s a lot more. Add ammo, med supplies, TP etc; Unless you do have it on location you really do need a semi. Amyone know where Grandpappy’s site went? It used to have a good ls, now all I get is some stupid garbage?

            • ny hillbilly

              aldis can save you tons on can goods, i keep telling people the samething with much the same result, plank stare or worse, the thing that pissis me off the most is when thay say it wont happen to me. it can happen to anyone at anytime and to not stock a small panty in this day and age is just asking for a very bad time if it does. i for one stock as much as i can afford and i dont make much,if you do it a little at a time it adds up. and if they dont even try to bad i will not help them when they did not help them self when they could have and when thay had been told about thing like the prices of beef about to go up up and up. if they are that stupid not to . all i can say is good luck but i told you so.

          • Barn Cat

            (Psa 33:18-19 NIV) But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love, {19} to deliver them from death and keep them alive in famine.

            • Dejavous

              Trust in God – this is a must. God also had Noah build a boat. The people of Israel also had to walk out of Egypt to survive and they also trusted God wisely. Israel had to fight in 1967 to ingerit what God gave them. My point is that we are not only obliged to trust God but we also have to do things on our own. What would have happened if Noah simply sat and did nothing. What would have happened if Israel had not left Egypt? What would have happened if Israel had not fought for Jerusalem? Most blessings in scrpture are dependent on an”IF you do this then” and this also extends to salvation. Hope you get my point.

          • McFrolie

            That or
            Psalms 144

            1 Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:
            2 My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and he in whom I trust; who subdueth my people under me.

          • Barn Cat

            I don’t believe the 23rd Psalm is a promise for Christians to be spared disaster. In fact, the New Testament tells us to expect trials, troubles, and persecution.

            • Dejavous

              I wholely agree with what you say. All we have to do is to examine the fates of the diciples – those closest to Jesus. For that matter – Jesus Himself – who went to the cross for us. As soon as one becomes a christian – Satan has more reason to attack those who follow Christ than ever before. When we follow God – we will be tried in various ways. This could be considered as the beginning of the purification process like refinning fine gold and silver. Each trial brings us closer to God if we persist in our beliefs. Study the book of Job to see what I mean. What is the worst thing that can happen to us? We die – and where do we go – To be with God. Is this so bad? think on it. It is a matter of perspective.

          • wncmountainboy

            Amen…may the Lord bless you and keep you all.

            I don’t prep because I fear death. I prep because I fear the living.

            • Paranoid

              I fear neither living nor dead. that’s for the young. I fear a Chocolate shortage. Running out of Snickers Bars.

        • KY Mom

          Keep your pantry stocked and have a garden.

          We know China has agreements for large purchases of corn and wheat from the U.S. Since the U.S. is in debt so badly to China, I assume they will get their bushels first.

          The article below is 6 years old.

          US Grain Reserves Dangerously Low
          June 2008, “Our concern is not that we are using the remainder of our strategic grain reserves for humanitarian relief. AAM fully supports the action and all humanitarian food relief. Our concern is that the U.S. has nothing else in our emergency food pantry.

          There is no cheese, no butter, no dry milk powder, no grains or anything else left in reserve. The only thing left in the entire CCC inventory will be 2.7 million bushels of wheat which is about enough wheat to make half a loaf of bread for each of the 300 million people in America.”
          -Free Republic dot com

          2013, Global Grain Reserves Are Low; Legacy of U.S. Drought

          -Circle of Blue dot org

          • LSB

            Not only will they get the first bushels, they will probably also get the non-GMO wheat.

          • Any Mouse

            I dunno about a 6 year old article, a lot can change in that amount of time. Anything newer?

            • Any Mouse

              Drat! 6 months.

          • Jackster

            Ky mom… Good idea on garden, but as I pondered possibilities the other day, I realized that canning lids will be like gold as well. I usually buy enough for the year, but I went out and bought a three year supply. Bands and jars I have, but lids…???

            • Gone2hilo

              I have invested in Tattler reusable lids…I am using them already and they work perfect and the rings are good for 20 times…also invested in a new supply of rings. I figure in 20 years my daughter can take up where I leave off…Lord knows she thinks potatoes grow in a plastic sack and rice grows in a box, but when the SHTF, she will soon learn how to put up food the hard way. Now she rolls her eyes at me and calls our place Apocolypse Acres…which will soon see her at the gate wanting in for keeps.

            • Goatlover

              Look into getting the Tattler reusable lids. They are great for everything except meat/lard. The fat content of those prevents a good seal. I bought 500 of them and now only reserve the metal lids for high-fat canning. Just put up 14 more pounds of boneless chicken breast today. It makes the greatest chicken pot pie I’ve ever tasted!

              • wncmountainboy

                Canned veggies as a kid…please give some info on canning protein!

                • figment

                  you have to pressure can meat.

                  for about 90 minutes.

                • KY Mom


                  This book is an excellent source for canning vegetables, meat, etc.

                  Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

          • Bert Gummer

            The Mormon pantries are selling mylar bags of powdered milk that are rated to last 20 years.

        • gun

          Spot on Rich99.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, it HAS “begun”… and its only going to get worse. You obviously have not read many books about climate destabilization; you should. This is only the beginning. THE BEST THING you can get… is a hell of a good bug out bag, because we sure will need it!

          Go to website, “Nature Bats Last” and read “latest climate assessments” on right hand side. (Good place to start). Or, see latest video (by VICE) called, “Apocalypse, Man” with Mike Ruppert. Or the documentary (old one) called, “Collapse” with Mike Ruppert.

          • Anonymous

            Oops! Should have written:

            Or simply type in Guy Mcpherson in the toolbar.

            (I ain’t no liberal, republican, democrat, whatever… just a person trying to survive on this earth and it doesn’t look good… for any of us!)

            • Anonymous

              Or read the book, “Climate Wars”, one of my favorite books!!

            • John W.

              Knock off the soap opera. the climate has always been changing. Just ten thousand years ago there were ice sheets a mile thick all the way to New York City. When they retreated they left behind Long Island. The last three million years the North American continent has been in ice ages with short interglacial warm periods which is what we are in now and if the real scientists can be believed that warming period is coming to an end. Who knows as I doubt any of us will still be alive when this thing plays out. Just be glad you were born in one of the best climate periods and easiest times and in a country where you could get by with almost no effort except to breathe and pretend to pay attention. We have had it better than anyone in the history of mankind. Get over yourself as no one gets out of this alive.

        • Ted Kennedy

          Three assholes so far.

        • Paul

          This is a short but 100% true statement that doesn’t take a very large I.Q. to understand and yet there are still a few people that pushed the dislike button.

      • Outlaw

        Stock up? lol, I’m livin off stock at this point. Let’s get this thing rollin already!

        • gun

          @ Outlaw….We are in this together. If you run out, mention it and we (I) will send some your way. Better you than my Mother in law.

          • BadAmerican


            To my Brother:

            I can help too.

            …now where did I put that starbucks gift card…

            You can contact Mac. He has my email and phone #.


        • maddog

          Me too Outlaw, Using both sides of the shit paper for a while now. Glad we saved the fall leaves.

          • BadAmerican


            My post to Outlaw extends to you also.

            Standing by

            Standing Tall

            …be safe…stay the course….BA.

        • catena

          Golly im set…but do i keep paying on my credit cards this year, only have about 2 k to pay off, could use it for more supplies?????????

          • Bert Gummer

            Pay it off. FEMA camps are the new debtors prison. Work off your debt with your Chinese overlord sweatshop owners.

          • JayJay

            Buy food..yeah, I know all about the interest you’re paying—BUT, that food may not even be there this summer and if it is will you be happy saying you saved interest fees while you starve?

          • Smokey

            Pay your cards by June or July if you can, and if you see a bargain at the store on good supplies, just make minimums that month and buy the stuff.

            Pay ’em by summer, you’ll have the rest of the year to stock up without having to be concerned about which action to take, credit or preps.

      • 1braveheart

        Lizzie, thank you for such a well-written and timely article. Eppe, your ‘long-winded’ comment is spot on. The answer to your question is most people are ‘sheeple’. they don’t believe anything is seriously wrong out here. they just take it for granted that things will always be like they are at this time. They are in for the rudest awakening of their lives when things finally come unglued. I stopped talking to friends and co-workers years ago [right after Katrina] about prepping. Even then people looked at me like I just arrived from Mars. They can’t stand to have their ‘comfort zone’ or ‘normalcy bias’ tampered with. All I can say now is they better not come to me for anything in any post-SHTF scenario. It’s all I can do to keep myself going. Just hope I can get out of Memphis in time.

        • 1braveheart

          BTW, my prepping is still continuing and I hope everyone else is doing the same. I don’t like the way things are looking.

          • gun

            Mine is done. Just the usual every day stuff, fishing, hunting, firewooding and gardening.

              • John W.

                Most hybrids out perform heirlooms. there seems to be a lot of confusion equating hybrids with GMO. Anyone who has ever planted two or more varieties of tomato in the same area and saved seed or had volunteer plants the following year most likely had hybrid plants. Beefsteak and Early Girl is a good cross.

                • KY Mom

                  I use heirloom seeds. Some tomato plants have come up by themselves the following year. I just dig them up and transplant them with the others that were grown from seed.

                  Every year I plant tomatoes and other vegetables in a different area of the garden.

                • jimb

                  I don’t think people are confused between hybrid and gmo, they want heirloom seeds because the hybrids will not come true the following year from seed saved. Myself, I have both. I store lots of extra hybrids because if you keep them cool and dry, they will still germinate after 3 to 5 years in storage.

              • Smokey

                We’ve all been eating hybrid foods since 1900, can we stop with the mythical heirloom seed concept? Just plant good seed that will grow in your zone and reap the harvest.

                Heirlooms are fine, but you have to eat.

            • Commie hater

              Why would some ahole red thumb you, gun? Must be a lot of commies on this site, or at least one in your case.

              • gun

                @ Commie Hater. Thank you for the concern. But alot of red thumbs for everyone will be the new norm as this site is under Lib attack. Can you figure out how KYmom gets even one red thumb. I usually deserve a few because of big feet.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Its the turds who dont like it that they cant spew their hate.

                • morris adams

                  kulafarmer.. yeah ’cause no one can legitimately argue against having ”stuff” so they just give a red thumb, which should be brown ’cause that’s where their thumbs are!

            • Paranoid

              If you have enough extra room to type you need more stuff.

          • Calgacus

            We just took advantage of the Feb sale at Emergency Essentials. The FD foods can sit on a shelf for 20 years or more. Time to get a few more cases of regular canned fruits and other assorted foods.
            Got your reply on the other thread about the faraday cage. I agree w/ the ground. Thanks friend. Theres a few good articles over at survivalblog too. Got a c ouple flash drive today for some digital records to be transferred over. Will add in a solar radio, a spare camera and a few more items.

        • Any Mouse

          I had a coworker that was like that, trying to wake people up by challenging their normalcy bias. I admit I was one of those that resisted his attempts because I wasn’t ready but he never gave up. We had some quite spirited conversations about many things and subjects he would bring up, which seem quite prophetic now.

        • Bert Gummer

          I heard a DJ in Memphis call his city the Mogadishu of TN. I won’t argue.

          • 1braveheart

            Bert Gummer, you heard correctly. Sad but true.

      • DRD5508

        eppe, darn it. That is the one speech we’ll never hear come election time. One thought I’d like to add: if the media were to be honestly reporting what is going on, we’d have a better chance of turning this nation around. If they’d only become an allie to truth.
        Glenn Beck this morning said they have over 36 million tuning in to the blaze now. Whether one agrees with him or not, he puts out more facts/truth than the MSM.

        • DRD5508

          could have been 3.6 million?

          • HTJ

            With Glenn Beck, it probably was more like just 3.6- TOTAL.

            • tayronachan

              @DDR and HTJ, LOL!!! But I listen to him…sometimes. Better than PBS.

            • guy

              Glenn Beck is a liar too. He supported wars of aggression in the Middle East. He supported George bush. What good did that do?

              If he really is ‘awake’. He would talk about injustice l on both sides of the isle. On both the democrat and republican sides. Not just democrat.

              Only most are too brainwashed to tell. If he speaks like a redneck and if he likes guns, than you easily believe anyone. Lol, and people here call themselves ‘awake’. Yeah whatever.

              • MovinOn

                @ guy: You must not listen. Beck is pushing defund the GOP right now and it appears to be working. He is actively calling out all of the senators who are betraying the right. Cut of the head and the body will die. I don’t jump in very often but I couldn’t let this stand.

          • Sigi

            3.6 million sounds right. All of talk radio may reach 10% of the population. Interesting that such a number can be so threatening to the left.

      • Socrates


        You can take the non-compliance of recent ‘forced’ gun registration in CT to serve as a model. Sure a few thousand weak sauce individuals cried BAAAA! and fell in line with the other sheep, but the VAST majority of the residents DID NOT. Does this make those people instant felons? In the eyes of the gov, yes. In the eyes of THE PEOPLE it sends a message loud and clear MOLON LABE!

        • Any Mouse

          Molon Labe is a bit overdone. I prefer this one.

          “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”
          -Captain Parker April 19th 1775

          • Commie hater

            Any mouse, another commie red thumbing you.

          • Socrtes

            Any Mouse-

            Lining up in open fields in straight lines sounds and looks so…British. Also not the best way to take on the opposing forces, whomever they are. Guerilla, urban and hose to house warfare is the deadliest for attackers, ask any REAL combat vet. I prefer to make THEM come to ME and fight on MY terms. Your quote is great, none the less but a bit dated for todays patriots. 😉

            • Any Mouse

              I think you misunderstand the quote.

              If I wouldn’t have included the credit to Capt. Parker and the date would you have felt the same way?

              • morris adams

                if you have to explain your comment, your talking to an idiot.

            • Smokey

              Socrtes, after the initial skirmish, the patriots sniped the British columns as they marched back to Boston, the entire way home.

              To be frank, it’s going to take a stand-up face-off kind of incident to get the ball rolling. One or two guys in their Molon Labe t-shirts holed up in their house is not going to get the public’s attention.

            • Interested party

              Point being have a backbone, not stand in line to be shot. Looking for conflict perhaps?

        • IOU

          The Pols are talking about sending people a letter. If you don’t already have some kind of list, how do you know who to send letters to?

          • Smokey

            They know who the gun owners are.

            They’re thinking about an amnesty, so they can get even more names on the list. Then, like California, the left will file a suit and demand enforcement of the law, the courts will agree, and all those folks who believed they were just signing up with no consequences will end up with their guns seized by the state.

            Don’t register, amnesty or not. Massive non-compliance works. Canada is getting rid of their long gun registry after 10 years and we can make sure that happens here, too.

        • Paranoid

          You don’t get it. You always register some stuff. Otherwise you cannot go out and practice at the range or hunt etc. You never register it all. no point in having more stuff than it takes to arm everyone around you and a few spares. Besides, there is some stuff they already know you have, and If SHTF turn it in like a good boy. Go get better stuff late that night.

      • gun

        Can I buy the Hard Back edition? Just kidding, Swiss dont have gun deaths because everyone has one. Get rid of 95% of the gun laws and ccw reqirements, except of Violent Felons, and our crime rates would drop.

        • Interested party

          Swiss don’t have gun deaths because they practice personal responsibility. Most guns there just sit in closets, locked up. Their culture is one of “it’s on you if you f up.” Responsible citizens don’t need laws that attempt to control behavior, just like here. We have plenty of laws that handle every aspect of criminal behavior. The sheep in this country want a no responsibility type culture. one way to get there is to outlaw anything and everything that might possibly cause harm, then, when someone gets hurt, you can claim it wasn’t your fault.

          Had an interesting discussion at work today. New employee manual is in the process of being created. One part discusses workplace violence. One paragraph, stating that violent of any kind not to,be tolerated. Then, at the end, says no guns or weapons of any kind are allowed on company property. I pointed out that the first part of the section nicely states you can’t do anything to hurt other employees, why the need to specify guns and other weapons (whatever that means). I asked for clarification, and pulled out my assisted opening SOG as an example, asking, is this allowed, because everyone here but you two carries a knife. And, there are already weapons onsite and we have NEVER had any incident. They were surprised there were guns on site. I pointed out that we are in the south, duh. Be interesting to see what the final edition says. The HR consultant was very adamant that the gun prohibition be included, but when pressed couldn’t explain why, after all, there would be no liability shield if something did happen. Some folks just don’t get it.

      • maddog

        eppe, Mike Savage just reported 1 in 5 Americans do not understand the earth rotates around the sun. This tells me that even though many of the ideas you put forth are nice to consider, I don’t think the sheeple of America could be dragged away from American Idle or Real Housewives of Wherever to listen to you. Most are to lazy to even read what you wrote. Hate to be so pessimistic but I am quickly loosing all hope for my country.

        • Barn Cat

          It doesn’t. The earth revolves around the sun but rotates on its axis.

          • maddog

            Elliptical orbit. I’m sure none of it matters to the masses.

            • OutWest

              I asked a friends wife from Ohio where the Ohio
              River Valley was located. She had no idea.

              She was born and raised smack dab in the middle
              of it. Duh!!

          • HillJack

            The Earth rotates on the Sun’s axis? Is it an axis of evil?

        • John W.

          The Earth does not rotate around the Sun. It orbits the Sun in a yearly orbit which is elliptical. The Earth rotates on it’s own center and as a result is slightly oblong at the Equator. As the earth crosses in front of the Sun its orbit approx. two million miles closer than when it passes behind. Without the suns gravity it would just disappear into space and we would all be history.

        • Sigi

          It was 1 in 4 in a survey of 2200 people (funny they didn’t say “adults”) and someone at Breitbart pointed out the same thins Barn Cat did. Do you moonlight over there BC?

        • morris adams

          1 in 5? correct me if i’m Rong, that’s 80% to the good. i’ll take 80% of anything and feel pretty happy about it. i hope the real awake people numbers are 80%, we won’t get half way through our preps before we win!! if you believe the MSM, we’re ALL gay black mexicans looking for an abortion clinic! OUR numbers are much higher than they’d lead us to believe, don’t be discouraged. 80% of the sheeple will run over us to get to the buses. take solace in that.

      • REB

        Mainly because what your saying is logical and makes sense… 🙂

      • homsteadlife

        You are right,something has been telling me for the last 10 years to learn everything about self sufficiency, well I have done well, i am moving to maine asap selling my business, buying livestock and going to live off the land LIKE WE ARE SUPPOSED TO. I refuse to be a slave to high taxes, gmo food, and attacks on my constitutional rights. Maine seems like a great place to escape the insanity i live in now. I know many people have started a garden or bought a couple chickens, that is great. I feel if you can live off your own land you have the best shot at being successful in a shtf situation. the more people who wake the F up the better. good luck all!!!

      • oldwhatshisname

        If there are any lawyers in the audience of this blog, why don’t you start a class action suit—people versus _______ (pick a name or govt agency). I bet ya a boat load of folks would sign on!

      • anonymous

        Too many words, my eyes hurt. Bunch of wishful thinking. Tired of words. Let the bodies hit the floor.

      • Ted Kennedy

        You are working it Mac.

      • lastmanstanding

        Switzerland is home to the international bankers (BIS) that control the entire planet. Switzerland has been neutral in both world wars…hmmm. Why do you suppose that is?

        If you were these cskrs, wouldn’t you want every man, woman and child armed to protect you…Wikipedia has even more.

        Wouldn’t it be nice to exempt yourself from all of the bad things and profit from every fucking war and disaster that you could create?

      • Terminalprepper

        Its a proven fact that people wont ready anything written by a private entity that’s over a paragraph long. you just wasted your time pal.keep it short and simple with words that evoke a presence.

      • 97B

        Right to the point, very good my brother.

      • bctruck

        I dont think that Iceland has the drain on resources that we do. Its not just about welfare and foodstamps, Its all the other resources that are drained by the absent father households whose demon children must be constantly policed, incarcerated, and kept from interfering with the segment of society that provides the taxes that politicians use to give them even more free $hit,in return for re-election.i dont believe they have the rampant corruption and kickback/ good ole boy cronyism we do,either.The free $shit army and dispicable career politicians have destroyed this country while the middle class slowly became the lower class.

      • Smokey

        Unfortunately, the USA is not Switzerland. We have too many idiots, drug users, and nut jobs to be able to put a military rifle in every home.

        Nor do they have large minority populations, cultural strife, or such things that cause violent behavior. They are taught from childhood that Swiss are hard-working, industrious, and don’t raise hell. They make money and raise families, instead. Like we used to be.

        By the way, only the Swiss reservists get the rifle. It’s kept locked up, accountable, and with no ammunition. They get the ammo when they mobilize at the local armory or town hall.

    2. Npgh

      Ironic, I just bought some more long term food storage this morning…

      • JayJay

        I just added another 50 (1 lb.) packages of non-GMO ground beef in the freezer; now gotta vacuum seal the non-GMO chicken.

        • Socrates


          ‘Dry canning’ beef is a MUCH better way to go. No freezer burn, no energy required for storage AND …the ground beef is already cooked. You can warm it up or simply eat it room temp if required. Easiest, low cost way is to place the jar in the sun or bright window sill (leave in sealed canning jar) and the dark color of the beef absorbs the suns rays right through the glass.

          I *used* to store a lot in freezers but have gotten away from that as it has too many disadvantages:

          1.Takes power to stay frozen
          2 You are limited to whatever cubic ft of space you have.
          3.Can get freezer ‘burn’ if not properly vac sealed
          4.You cannot move frozen meats or veggies easily if you have to bug out…unless you have a lot of coolers…and that only lasts so long.
          5.Raw veggies and meats frozen still have to be cooked at some point.
          6. Veggies and meats that are sealed in glass jars with Tattler reusable lids last MUCH longer than store bought items. NO BPA, no metals to rust AND superior protection against radiation contamination and others.

          I can go on and on, but you should get the idea. Search YouTube for videos from Sage on Dry Canning Beef, should get you where you need to go.

          • hammerhead

            SOC, We do it the same way , although i cant imagine trying to bug out with a bunch of glass jars.
            Canning id the way to go , some of the cheaper cuts you see in stores are great candidates for canning because it will tenderize the meat more .
            and like you said its precooked for a quick meal too .

            • Canada Canuk

              @Hammerhead…just opened a 1 yr old jar of canned chicken tonight for dinner(hot chicken sandwiches with gravy), and it was great….just wondering though,how long can these mason jars be safely stored?

              don’t want anyone to get sick…

              picked up 5 bottles of sambucol at Big K in Watertown N.Y. this past week @$7.99 a bottle….just hope no one in the family gets this darn flu though!! take care, CC.,

              • hammerhead

                We have eaten canned(jars) of meat that we canned that were ALL of five years old.
                I dont know how long it will last , but if you open a jar that has been compromised , its real obvious.
                The smell will run you outta the house .
                Be sure and use a pressure cooker , dont try to water bath meat!!!! big deal , it aint safe .

              • HisArmsWide

                We had some pot roast the other day from a can with a 02/12 date on it. This was raw packed with a healthy pinch of salt and some pepper corns for 90 minutes in quart jars at 10lbs of pressure.

                We also had potatoes from 04/12, drain, rinse, roast in the oven on 450 for 20-30 minutes or pan fry in a hot cast iron skillet with some olive oil.

                Carrots from about the same time, not our favorite since they get too soft when pressure canned in quart jars but if you’re careful with them you can fry them in butter and brown them up, then add some brown sugar and call it good.

                Remember, use your senses. Does it smell off? Does it look off? Does it taste off? Are there any unusual colors on the product or the underside of the lid?

                We have tossed a couple of questionable jars of potatoes into the compost pile. These are from when we were still using metal lids and they each had a small dark spot on the underside of the lid. Not worth risking botulism for a few cents worth of potatoes but they were probably fine, they smelled fine and looked good, just that off spot on the lid.

                We switched to tattlers, picked up $500 worth for about $300 when they had a major sell going, back in ’12. Enough to last us the rest of our lives even assuming nothing happens.

                • John W.

                  Botulism is the big danger as it can be present with no obvious signs. If something is old toss it. Why die over a couple of bucks worth of food? Botulism will kill you.

                • JayJay

                  Oh, please.
                  Has anyone really researched the cases of botulism in the states?
                  It’s like non-existent.
                  Manufacturers start these scare tactics so you won’t can, etc.
                  I ate tomatoes AND green beans AND tomato juice home canned in 1992 years later. My last can of green beans was labeled 1992 and I ate them in 2012.
                  Go ahead, do the research to find most cases of botulism are in Alaska because of consumption of uncooked meat from aquatic game such as seals, whales, and walruses,

              • Paranoid

                Trivia: In the Cody Museum Wy. there is some Elk jerky 75 years old, when they tested it. they said it was still OK to eat. Now, Elk has VERY little fat and it was salt cured, but that’s what they said.

          • Orlandocon

            I can our meat, our local store puts london broil on sale buy one get one free all the time, this stuff is TOUGH if not cooked exactly right, but canned it’s perfect every time, and I love being able to open a jar and have the main part of the meal already done, I can open a jar and warm the food faster than I could get through a drive through and spend 3-4x’s as much for garbage food.

            • HTJ

              ALWAYS Beat your meat before you can it.

              Makes it more tender.

              • John W.

                And happier. Happy meat is good meat.

              • Jed

                Just don’t let your meat loaf.

          • WYO Ryder

            I dehydrate 1/2 of my non-gmo hamburger & chicken….and can the other 1/2. Dehydrating takes up less room, vacuum sealed dehydrated cooked meats can last up to 2 to 3 weeks at room temperature (otherwise need to be refrigerated or in freezer). Hoping i don’t have to bug out with alot of glass jars.

          • JayJay

            I don’t have a pressure canner–I ate green beans, tomatoes and juice after 20 years canned with a water bath method. 🙂
            I know about dehydrating all the meat in the freezer; have started dehydrating to get away from freezer dependence.

            Thanks for the info.

          • JayJay

            Socrates–I am NOT bugging out. That is so impractical for us.
            To each his own.
            Don’t get me wrong–I have 6 BOBs if I need, but we ain’t going to ‘forage in a forest’ kind of thing.

    3. Chris L, from UT

      they are not all truth. I came from China and I know only a little part of north china were affected by low temperatures. And it’s not a RECORDED LOW. In spring of 2006, half of China was hit by a really cold weather for months, but nothing happened to their food supply chain.

    4. Runforthehills

      Same old same old doomer porn. Could this author please link to animals dying by the hundreds of thousands in the United States. Maybe she includes the ones that die at the slaughter houses! OMG it has begun…..

        • oldwhatshisname

          I just bought bulk bacon/pork sausage from Zaycon. They advertise non-GMO and it’s a good price. They also have chicken, ham, berries.

          • JayJay

            I hate when people send us to links like that teasing us to think it will be a price and product list.
            It’s really crappy.

      • Any Mouse

        Remember last fall in North Dakota when an estimated 70,000 head of cattle froze to death in a blizzard?

        • Mcdave

          We have been donating and delivering cow/calf and yearlings from Montana to our neighbors in ND for a year now to try to help them save their family ranches. The loss is unbelievable. Generations of hard work and sacrifice gone overnight. Some will probably never recover.

        • Any Mouse

          Oops, South Dakota.

        • Socrates

          -It was South Dakota and this isn’t the *first* time that has happened there. One of my relatives owns thousands of acres and lost hundreds of cattle himself. The problem was the cold front that came through as rain first, soaked the cattle and then temps plummeted. Combined with all the snow, many of them froze pretty quickly. My in law got 43″ of snow that day, not something cattle or anyone can move through easily.

          • sixpack

            I remember years ago, thousands of heads of cattle starving to death, as ranchers fed them candy and old bread, pastries and other donated foods stores and restaurants threw out. I can’t remember any other details but that I was personally horrified by the event.

        • Mountain Trekker

          I remember one summer when a lot of cattle died in Missouri. It got so hot that the corn started popping in the field, and they thought it was a blizzard and the cattle all froze to death.

      • gun

        It was around 10k head of cattle that got caught out grazing when a cold front blasted in. Ca is in a severe drought, but the domestic supplies are now in voluntary rationing. The 17 systems that are in deep shit are small compared to the rest of the state and even include a Mobile Home Park.

        • Jed

          You can bet CA will stay behind the curve on water and keep washing their Benzes right up till the faucet is dry, then cry for the feds to force other states to send them water. Windmills look so much cooler than desal plants. Shows you care about global warming/climate change/climate chaos/insert this month’s buzzword here.

      • Merree

        I do know that many ranchers in the Dakotas lost a large percentage of their herds last October with an early storm. Ranchers down South have reduced their herds due the expense of feeding them. The drought has made hay more expensive and the ranchers are decreasing herd size to compensate.

        • Merree

          I might add that the wildlife populations have probably also taken a hit but I have not seen any reliable statistics about this.

        • Jed

          Legalizing gay marriage is the obvious answer here.

      • HTJ

        There are NO animals dying by those numbers. That is why these articles are always void of any factual links.

        Food has been going up in price every year for past 6 or so at least. UP as in a lot. These are sensationalistic articles, based on untruths.

        Kind of like the ones Daisy used to dream up.
        Fear sells.

        • Mcdave

          Easy to spout off about things till it happens to you.
          These are not corporate ranchers, these are real Cowboys and their families’ with real BIG mortgages and HUGE expenses. Most years they barely make it, others they don’t. We should thank them, every time we are lucky enough to have affordable food to feed our families.

          • otis


            • Mcdave

              Trucks are tools, and so are you.

          • Old Guy

            I beg to differ. Those are not family farms. Nothing they produce can go directly from the farm to the consumer. Everything they grow must be fed out and further processed. Very few of them grow a garden or milk a cow ect. They are family owned agri buisnesses. and many of them only make a profit because of sucking from the government teat. They graze the government land for paying a pittance in rent and receive government subzidies. Most have contracts to sell their feeder calves to the feedlots. If they cant make it without government welfare I say let them go bust. Ive owned cattle for the last 50 years and always made a profit and never received a dime of government money. I keep my cattle on my own land and have feed & shelter that is ready at a moments notice. and I feed out kill & process them myself. and I milk my own cow also.

            • Mcdave

              So much wrong here.

              1. Ranchers, not Farmers
              2. Nothing you produce goes directly to consumer
              (see your post below)
              3. These are grass fed grazing cattle, not cooped up feeders fattened on industrial byproducts
              (see your post below)
              4. Everyone has a garden, chickens etc.
              5. Cattle are sold on the market and subject market fluctuations.
              6. ” I keep my cattle on my own land and have feed & shelter that is ready at a moments notice. and I feed out kill & process them myself. and I milk my own cow also.” Really? (see your post below)

              • old guy

                Really Yes we kill and process all our own beef we use at home. Its usually the milk cows calf. It gets about half the milk the cow produces ,sweet grain and good pasture. butchered while still nursing at 6 months its very tasty tender meat. I know all about those Dakota farms. My family was from Mandan. Ive pulled a cattle pot all over the Dakotas ,Wyoming & Montana. Ive picked up the contracted feeders and hauled then to the Kansas wheat pastures to be fed. Been there out very few gardens ect. Many of those folks are working for horses, fancy pickups and fancy new tractors & equiptment. The interest on their debt is probably staggering. Those folks raise cattle and go to the store to buy their beef. The typical American consumer wouldn’t buy two year old stringy bland grass fed beef. Im not really in the cattle business any longer. Ive started drawing $1058 per month from the social security Ponzi scheme. Ive quit producing beyond my own needs. Im down to 6 head of cattle. Very soon ill only have a jersey X angus milk cow left. When at my peak of production I owned 60 head of momma cows all bought & paid for. Ant it made us a living. I didn’t need to graze thousands of acres of government land & subzidies. And to boot We didn’t have a bank loan!

      • Kulafarmer

        Over 100,000 head of cattle died in ND a couple months ago.

        • figment

          not only that…

          but 2012 had record high corn prices, lots of farmers SOLD their beefers including the breeding cows to reduce costs. (and some parts of the country had no hay to feed them from drought) It takes almost 2 yrs to get a calf to butcher weight.

          the corn/soybean price has dropped significantly (after those farmers left who could afford to, planted all their fields in corn/beans to try and make a profit once) and the beef price is still at an all time high.

          I don’t buy commercial beef or pork, but every time I check the meat case at my super, there are cuts of meat marked down, (because they have been in there too long, no one can afford it at fresh price)

          pork is still the most economical way to get protein. Cows have 50% utilization, but pigs use about 80% of the carcass, if i remember correctly from my FFA classes.

          and I happen to know some people who keep pigs in their dirt floor basements, damn those zoning laws.

          • Old Guy

            Two years to butcher weight? I beat that all to heck. My calves wean a 6 months weighing between 500 &600 lbs. Put on cheap feed ( the leftover brewers grains & the sour mash left from the corn gas) and good grass . I can have them to butcher weight of 1150 pounds at less than one year of age. 38 head will load a cattle pot (semi truck & trailer and ship to Dodge Kansas for processing.

            • Anonymous

              38 head?
              Nice hobby Old Guy.
              p.s. Leave the Cow alone and let her play Bingo tonight.

              • old guy

                Yes it takes 38 head of fed out cattle to load a cattle pot. The legal gross weight on a semi is 80,000 pounds gross weight. 38 head combined will weigh 40,000 and the big ole petes , kenworths ect. and the trailer will weigh about 38 thousand when clean and empty of fuel. Add the manure from a couple of loads of cattle and fill the tanks and being able to scale out is kinda iffy. Yes being paid $50,000 for a load and half of that is profit is indeed a nice hobby.

            • Mcdave

              38 head?
              Nice hobby Old Guy.
              p.s. Leave the Cow alone and let her go play Bingo tonight.

      • John W.

        There has been a huge mortality this year. A sudden onset early Winter with very cold temperatures. Also the drought in Calif. will result in high prices later as ranchers are dumping their herds right now.

      • Barn Cat

        Sandy Hook wasn’t a hoax. People really died there. Now it’s possible that more than one shooter was involved but that doesn’t make it a hoax.

        • oldwhatshisname


        • no justice

          Maybe, but who declared the people dead when EMT and other rescue people weren’t allowed in. Who cleaned up the blood, when asked Lieut. Vance asked what blood? You need special clean-up crew for that. Too much secret and unexplained happenings there. And to the people that say “those people need their privacy” I say when they go parading around the country preaching gun control to violate my rights, they gave up their privacy.

          • John W.

            I guess the kids and teachers just disappeared and no one noticed right? Some of you people are so f-cking stupid you give this site a clown reputation.

            • JayJay

              That school was not a school. I taught for 6 years.
              Notice the windows, not one Christmas decoration–the school was vacated.
              It was a drill, made to look like an attack.
              Grow up, people.

        • JayJay

          Barn Cat says:
          Comment ID: 2938712

          I’m seriously thinking of not reading your posts any longer; you seem so educated on many topics and then post this??
          How gullible can >>>oh, never mind. That’s already been shown.

    5. john gault

      sprouts and wheat grass

      start a indoor sprout and wheat grass garden

      you can live on it for quite a long time

      add some other indoor vegi’s for flavor

      then install a indoor wall garden .

      you are only limited by your imagination or lack of one .


      • Barn Cat

        Are you serious??? How big of an indoor garden are we talking???

          • sixpack

            I think I’d have to draw the line at moving my roof.

            • sixpack

              I meant , I think I’d have to draw the line at MOWING my roof.

        • Kulafarmer

          It is actually quite easy to grow more than enough greens indoors to feed a small family, not ideal but better than tree bark!

        • Smokey

          It takes over an acre, 1.25 acres to be precise, in most climates and soils to produce the vegetables needed to feed one person for a year. It cannot be done in a 80 square foot greenhouse or a raised bed outside the back door. Composting, double digging, intensive practices, will increase yields but the Acre Rule is still valid.

          Get real, folks. When SHTF, you can have the garden in your yard, but you’re going to have to spend 3 full-shift days a week in a 40-acre field with your neighbors growing the food you need to keep your family alive. It’s not going to be a spare-time hobby, it’s going to be serious work requiring labor, organization, collection and distribution, storage, etc., at levels you will not believe.

      • sixpack

        With an indoor garden, you’re kinda limited by the scarcity of indoor sunlight, aren’t you? And bearing loads on floor joists, etc? You can have all the imagination you want, but still not have enough sun, short of knocking down a wall…If all it took was imagination, I’d have a garden of Eden in my living room right now.

        • HisArmsWide

          And the increase in moisture can cause mold and mildew.

        • JayJay

          Thank you sixpack–I am so damned sick of those many sites encouraging terrace gardens, basement gardens with lights, window box gardens–who are they feeding?? mice?

          • Smokey

            They are dreaming. Just multiply 3,000 calories per day x yield of vegetables x 365 days a year x persons and you will see in short order you cannot garden for a living, you will have to be a farmer.

            • JayJay

              Amen…stock beef stew, chicken dumplings, salmon, canned tuna, canned chicken, canned 1 lb. hams, viennas, beanie weenies, chef-Boyardee, lots of rice, lots of pasta, lots of macaroni, lots of ramen noodles…cause that garden AIN’T gonna feed that family of 4 anything but a nice green salad for 3 months of the year.

              Oh, yes it will you say?
              Well, factor in the year of excessive rains(happened here) and factor in the year of no rain (happened here) and feed that family every other year.
              I bet they will love that.

        • shiftless

          Well you know there is more than one way to skin a cat. I have a heavy duty diesel genset which is capable of running day in and day out, powering a 4.5K load with high efficiency and reliability. I also have a number of HID ballasts with 1000W sodium (yellow) and metal halide (blue) bulbs, along with ventilation fans, T5 flourescent lights, etc. On top of that I have a stockpile of #4 fuel oil inside 55 gallon drums, to keep it running for a long time even if the entire world goes to shit.

          For those who grow a large garden outdoors and produce enough food to feed yourselves and all your neighbors, I’m very happy for you! You’re in a good spot. In some ways though, it’s a lot more challenging than growing indoors…especially for the small time/part time farmers. Bugs, weather, animals, etc can all wreak havoc on one’s crops.

          Indoors is a lot easier because the environment can be *precisely* controlled. The main advantage is: when WW3 comes and the nukes start flying, causing in a few years of nuclear winter and severe crop failures….guess what: I WILL SURVIVE!

          Furthermore, I don’t necessarily have to run the *entire* garden indoors, year round. I can run just one or two lights, which is enough to keep certain key plants alive (and producing!) through the winter, and for starting new plants in controlled conditions, to be transplanted outdoors when the time is right.

          Indoor gardening is a hell of a great thing!

    6. Socrates

      Add to that that list the country of Brazil. Drought has affected coffee and sugar cane as well. Expect Coffee, sugars, and chocolate based products to go up as well. As Bob Dylan sang- “The times they are a changing”

      • gun

        COFFEE? Now TSHTF.

      • Two Buckets

        and the children are beyond our command

      • Bert Gummer

        Forget CHANGE-ing, how about dollar-ing.

    7. nadly

      same story every year.

      Has food NOT been going up, or have you guys just not noticed?

    8. JayJay

      Brought from previous topic:
      Same thing with loyalty cards: they know when you shop, where you shop, what you buy, how much you spend, where you live, what time you usually shop, etc-etc-etc. Use a fake name to get away from that nonsense, but with bank accounts and retirement plans you’re screwed.

      JayJay says:

      I’d like to comment on the Kroger’s card.
      I stopped using it; even for the savings I didn’t want my purchases documented.
      So, last visit, I decided to get a new card and use it occasionally.
      The cashier got a card underneath the register desk she was working, handed it to me and I stood there wondering where to complete the app.
      She said, oh that’s not necessary.
      So, there IS NO record of who uses that loyalty card.

      • Paranoid

        I commented to the Store manager about the problem of them keeping a record; he just handed me a blank card and said we have to have SOME name. My name is Miss Naomi Nomer. But you can call me MISSNOMER.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        just pick a phone number…if it don’t work, pick another one until you get one that works…after 4 or 5 they will just put in their “crisis”(let’s not piss off everyone behind this guy) number that the clerk has for just such occasions. and when you walk away with yer purchase and they say “have a nice day mr jones”….i just roll my eyes at ’em and say “you too, larry”.

    9. Donald

      The way prices are going soon twenty dollars will buy you a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter .

      • Kulafarmer

        Loaf of bread is already 7$ here

        • Mcdave

          How about the pineapple?

        • Sigi

          Is that “artisan” bread or the cheapest stuff on the shelf at a regular grocery store? The former can be 7 to 8 bucks here, but good sandwich bread is usually $2.50 at the most and I regularly see 99 cent loaves of the cheap stuff the grocery store (PNW).

          • Kulafarmer

            Thats just a regular old loaf of Orowheat multi grain bread,,,
            You can get it cheaper at costco but then you gotta go to costco

          • JayJay

            You mean all bread isn’t 99¢?? “-)

      • Smokey

        You can get the bread and peanut butter with a Twenty right now.

    10. Suzi

      It is just a practical way to save money. Even if you only buy a bit more of canned, frozen, or dry food each trip to the store it can be a way to save $ and be better prepared for the crisis de jour. Notice that prices are always creeping up, or sizes of containers being reduced. Most unlikely thing in the world is everyday food prices going down! Why would you NOT add to pantry stocks every chance you get!?

      • HTJ

        Suzi- I just went on a website to buy some more dehydrated food, and the number ten cans are now number NINE cans.


    11. Maudy Frickett

      Food prices have been going up substantially already. I’ve noticed it. A friend of mine owns a restaurant, and he says the price of beef is skyrocketing. I may have to give up food entirely and just live on beer if this keeps up.

      • JayJay

        This first hand account from Steve Quayle’s site last week:
        Today we took a ride to SAM’S CLUB. Of course I had to go check out the prices of the meat.
        Well, the pork loin that were usually $1.99 are now $2.79 and the beef was extremely high.
        I watched people pick up packages and put them back down, in other words they were not buying.
        I mentioned to the store manager that the meat has gone up a lot since the last time I was in. He told me that the beef is going through the roof. And certain cuts that they get in like chopped meat are more than the Anderson farm brand and that it has been decided not too carry certain cuts until the price of beef goes down.
        On our way home we drive by Save A Lot, so I stopped in, Monday is the first day of their new sale. MY butcher friend saw me and he came out to chat, he told me the 2lb chubs of chuck that were $6.59 on Thursday were re-ticketed to $7.59 on Friday and he received a call today telling him that they will no longer be carrying it because they will be over $8.00 at cost another form of beef disappearing.
        Now the 5 lb chub which was $9.99 in the fall, went up to 12.99, then 13.99 now it will be over $14 dollars. Also they were going to take the ground beef off the 5 fo $20 deal. He told his manager that this was what most people bought and it would hurt the store so they kept the chopped beef but made the packages smaller.

        Update: Steve, Hawk, The disturbing part of all this is there are 3 different states involved with my message you see I live on the border of NC in Zionvile, TN is 5 miles from my home. The Save A Lot I go to is in Mountain City TN, the Sams I go to which is an hour away due to mountain roads is in Bristol VA. I have seen the prices go up in Harris Teeter, Food Lion, and Ingles too, they are all located in Boone NC.

        • Archivist

          The manager of a local Food Lion told me a while back that beef was going to go up, and before too long they wouldn’t be able to get any at all to sell.

          Good hamburger is over $5.00 a pound already.

          • Highspeedloafer

            One pound of grass fed ground beef is $10.00 a pound here in NC. That’s at the local Ingles.

      • Any Mouse

        Don’t forget candy!

      • durango kidd

        A pound of roast beef at Albertson’s Deli is $7.99. Worth every penny! Yum!!! 🙂

      • Jed


        Because no great story ever started wth a salad.

    12. PO'd Patriot

      Get to gardening, get your rain collection going. Not only for gardening, but consumption. Learn to can, freeze and dehydrate the vegetables and meats. The info is out there for you to use. Not only on this site but others as well. Fix a meal on a rocket stove. Yesterday while the rain/ice/snow was falling I threw together a 16qt. pot of vegetable beef soup. Ate a couple bowls for supper and will freeze the rest in small containers for meals to have during this shitty winter. Hopefully here in the next couple of weeks I’ll go through both freezers and pull out the older meats, either dehydrate or can. Right now I’m looking out of my office window at my front yard and it looks like a small lake from all the moisture we’ve gotten during the last two weeks. Next week’s weather forecast is calling for rain five days out of seven. Thirty percent for two, 50% for two more and 90% for the other one. I’m starting to grow webbing between my toes. Sure wish I could send some of this water out to Kinkyfornia. Cheers!

    13. hammerhead

      I really like the last line in the article :

      “Urge those who you know are unprepared to wise up and stock up”

      YA RIGHT , Been screamin for years , i,m done .
      Why do i always gotta be the tinfoil hat wearin, black helicpter paraniod ,black sheep of the family ?

      • preppermo

        I’m there with ya. I have been telling those that will listen that the time is coming and it is coming fast. They laugh at me and buy their large screen televisions and go out to eat. (This is mostly family, BTW.) When it does hit, they will all be looking to stay with me. Don’t know what I will do.

        • hammerhead

          preppermo , Ill tell what i,m gonna do when my clan shows up hungry , i,m gonna give em all garden hoes and let them weed the garden while i sit in the shade with a cold one !

          • Barn Cat

            That assumes you have food for them. We have a year’s supply of food for 4 people so that’s 48 months of food total. If we take in 2 more people that’s now 8 months of food for 6 people. I have no garden. Even if I did, hungry people would steal everything from it the first year anyway.

            • hammerhead

              barn , i got cattle and chickens and other assorted stuff to protect. I would let them “visit” on that basis alone .
              But yer right , i only got just so much.
              What to do ?

            • JayJay

              **hungry people would steal everything from it the first year anyway**
              I just read and laugh at all the prepper sites on this topic and the stored water outside.
              ”Oh, I’ll have a 8 ft. fence around my garden”

              Yep–when TSHTF, they will stop making wire cutters.

              You can’t fix stupid.

        • Barn Cat

          Refuse to let them in. Tell them you’re armed. Tell them that if they try to force their way inside you will shoot them.

          Me, I won’t answer the door after it hits the fan. Not unless I’m expecting someone or God lets me know to let them in.

        • Bert Gummer

          Shoot them and fertilize the garden.

          • Mcdave

            Meats Meat, So Let’s Eat..

      • Mcdave

        Just comes natural…
        Lucky I guess..

    14. JayJay

      If I paid $3.30 a lb.($2.30 3 years ago) for ground beef from the slaughter house today, and the Piggly-Wiggly gets their meats from same sh, what you think the price is per lb. in the store??

      • JayJay

        $3.49–I called.

        • Npgh

          I thought it was a common core math question at first! Lol.

          • sixpack

            A common core math problem would be more like: “If a long-horned cow and 2 short-horned cows stood in the pasture together, how many cows would end up being gay?”

            • Mcdave

              Bulls are gay, Cows are lesbians.
              My moms wife taught me that.

              • sixpack

                CC Question pt 2—and how did you arrive at your wife’s conclusion?

                • Mcdave

                  They took the gender neutral bus.

          • JayJay

            I thought it was a common core math question at first! Lol.

            No, that would be, if ground beef is $3.49 a lb. at Piggly-Wiggly, and a hoodie steals 10 lbs., then sells it to his granny, what is the hoodie’s profit??

    15. detroitDemolition

      I predict a long Hot summer, and a drought through the grain belt, So stock up on the basics like flour, rice, and beans, and dry goods. Learn how to cook from scratch! Also learn how to cook from alternative fuel sources like wood. Build an out door brick oven/ bar b Que! Start your vegetable garden Indoors now! Think about planting a few fruit trees! and most of all get a pressure cooker and learn home canning and preserving! Having a perennial herb garden would be a huge plus “herbs are getting expensive! We are in the midst of the greatest depression Ever! and this is how we will survive it! Our future depends upon our knowledge and our skills! May God bless,…DD

      • Barn Cat

        No, don’t cook outside. That would be insane. Hungry people from all over the place will know you have food. We have kerosene cooking stoves. We’ll cook inside with all the windows shut no matter how hot it is outside. Once it’s dark we’ll open all the windows and then close them all just before it starts to get light.

      • Archivist

        Herbs grow like weeds. Nobody should be buying; they should be growing their own. We’ve had a number of snows and temps almost down to zero, and the herbs are still green. The biggest things we have right now are rosemary and lemon thyme. I think I’m going to have to move the rosemary from the square foot garden out into the yard so that it can continue to get bigger.

        • Sigi

          Herbs are a great idea sine the herb crops for commercial use were damaged by the winter weather effects in FL. Also squash and cucumber crops were hit hard and I hear that strawberries aren’t faring well thanks t CA’s drought.

          Archivist- do you know if rosemary likes fertilizer and/or coffee grounds? I have a small potted rosemary which needs to be rehomed and I want to start it on a healthy path. Thanks!

          • Archivist

            I don’t know. I planted my rosemary in a square foot garden. The soil is 1/3 compost, 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite by volume. I don’t use fertilizer. Whenever you pull a plant out, you replace it with compost. That way you never have to buy fertilizer.

            I do put coffee grounds in my compost pile. Also tea bags, egg shells, vegetable peelings and scraps, and grass clippings.

            I don’t think rosemary is damaged by winter weather. I did kill one in the greenhouse years ago because I couldn’t keep it watered enough. I don’t have that problem in the square foot garden.

    16. Any Mouse

      I just checked the LDS site and they are out of the family home storage starter kits. It looks like they are out of the white wheat.

    17. azprepper

      Raise rabbits for meat. More protein per pound than any other meat. 5 rabbits (2 males 3 females) can provide meat for a family of four for 1 year with their offspring. Cheap and about 10 minutes a day maintenance. A friend of mine averaged it our to 68 cents a pound. Look it up people!

      • Calgacus

        True. We eat home-raised rabbit every week around here. Theyre the easiest critters to raise.

        • Kulafarmer

          How long from baby to eating?
          Have never eaten rabbit, what is it close to taste wise?
          I could grow hundreds of em here.

          • Jed

            Six months or less. In HI you could easily raise them all year without worrying about cold. If it matters, many HOAs prohibit chickens, but have no problem with pet rabbits.

          • Sigi

            It tastes like beefy dark meat chicken, IMO. Season with rosemary or thyme.

          • Calgacus

            To Kulafarmer
            We have meat rabbits, the Californians and New Zealands. They take 2 1/2 to 3 months to grow out for fryer size. We dont fry them but thats what everyone calls that stage. Easy to butcher and you can slip the hide quickly. We freeze whole or cut just below loin area for easy packing. Or we pressrure can w/ hot pack chunks. Think chicken only less fat and meat is more dense.
            Best to start w/ decent breeding stock so they grow out fast so try for those breeds.
            Give it a try. Where you are, youd have it easy but w/ the heat have your cage areas open for breeze. They do better in cold than heat and theyll stress out at 90 degrees or more. W/ breeze or fans, they do better. Ice blocks work and theyll lay up to the coolness but if there aint electricity, there aint ice.
            People are starting to raise rabbits using tractors like the chicken tractors. Rabbits can live on grasses but there system has to be developed for that or theyll get the runs and die. Rabbit pellets of alfalfa w/ a handful of hay or grass is all they need. A small salt/mineral lick for the adults is good too.
            Hope you give it a try.

            • Kulafarmer

              Thanks for the info,,,
              I am going to seriously look into it, weather here is real mild, i like the idea of a rabbit tractor! I pretty regularly have 1 acre or so that i am letting rest or go fallow, cover crop so the micro livestock of chickens and rabbits would work well, would be even better if they could be together, but hey, maybe they want a little segregation!
              I have lots of feed, and can easily throw in pellets too, is all a manure input to the fields anyway.
              Thanks again!

              • Old Guy

                Tame rabbits will not live on the dirt. Tame rabbits are not resistant to the worms & parasites that wild cottontails carry. They will very quickly die from the parasites eating green grass. also green clover will kill tame rabbits. All grass & hay must be dry to feed tame rabbits.

              • Calgacus

                To Kulafarmer
                A farmer friend of mine has been doing rabbit tractor hutches using Silver Fox breed. Swears by that breed and has wanted us to get into them. Maybe this year well get a trio since we do want to expand. He doesnt use any alfalfa pellets so theyre raised on the grasses and hay he grows. He sells to area restaurants. He grows fryers out in less than 90 days.
                Another farm raising rabbits in the tractor hutches is Joel Salatin. He and his farm have got a following. They have a website and probably a few videos on his site or on Youtube. The tractors have wire bottoms so the rabbits dont become the prey.
                Your right, Cant beat rabbit manure.

          • JayJay


      • Barn Cat

        Better yet, live trap them with a cage and a trip wire.

        • HisArmsWide

          Wild rabbits are really too lean to live on is the problem with that, no fat to speak of. And kind of scrawny, not to mention tuleremia, we live smack dab in one of the largest concentrations of cases of rabbit fever in our parts. 🙁

          • Sigi

            Good news on tulearemia:

            “In the United States, although records show that tularemia was never particularly common, incidence rates continued to drop over the course of the 20th century, so between 1990 and 2000, the rate was less than 1 per 1,000,000, meaning the disease is extremely rare in the US today.”

            –Hayes E, Marshall S, Dennis D, et al. (March 2002). “Tularemia–United States, 1990-2000”. MMWR 51 (JULIOes=181–4): 181–4. PMID 11900351.)

      • para bellum

        Here is something to “chew” on.
        When SHTF, game animals will quickly disappear due to over hunting. Livestock will also quickly be stolen, looted, killed by anyone with a stomach.
        I’ve thought about rabbits, good idea, but would be easily stolen. You can’t stand guard on animals 24/7.

        I’m thinking cats. Just feed them enough to keep around. They can pretty much survive on their own, and multiply quickly. When you need some fresh protein, grab the .22 and whack one.
        In our society, eating a cat is unacceptable, and most people would not think to steal/kill cats for food like chickens, rabbits, goats, etc.

        If your a fan of oriental food like I am, chances are you have already eaten cat. And it’s good.

        • Smokey

          I’ve been telling people I haven’t named my new sweetheart of a kitty because it’s a meat cat, not a pet.

          Get some priceless looks.

          Of course, anyone who tries to eat it is a dead man.

        • buttcrackofdoom

          hey para, we should swap recipes! (that’s what i say when people tell me they like cats!)

      • Old Guy

        I also raise rabbits. I keep one buck and three does. I rotate the breeding so as to have litters at different stages of growth. I had one doe kindle 7 babies yesterday. The rabbit pellets are pricy. If you could grow alfalfa they would thrive on that. I feed commercial alfalfa pellets, corn, oats and Bermuda hay. The manure is as valuable to me as the meat. And we eat rabbit a couple of times every week.

    18. Later...

      Rabbits – good for protein – low on fat.
      Lewis and Clark and company almost starved eating only rabbits as they came down from the Rockys. The horses were already eaten and then they took to chewing the lanolin out of their bridles…

      • DRD5508

        Later, domestic verses wild are different. Just need greens and some vitamin C.

      • Later...

        I am not saying Rabbits are bad. I agree they are a great food source!
        We can get fat from other sources.
        Have you stalked up on your coconut oil yet?
        Survival Sherpa lists 160 used for it. Plus I could add one more, if in the chance it gets to old you can always burn it with a wick insert!
        It has a date out for two years.
        Costco stocks it. With the Phillapine Hurricane expect a shortage in two years. The price went from 22 to 23 dollars for the big tub when I was there this week.

        • Bert Gummer

          COSTCO has coconut oil on sale this month.

      • Barn Cat

        Have plenty of food. Almost anything prepared has fat. Eating rabbits is a way to extend the amount of stored food you have. We have canned chicken but if we could eat rattit too that would be a big help.

    19. Xena

      Just have to chime in here.

      To be honest, I work for the “gubbermint”. Yes, right in the belly of the beast. Not that that fact qualifies me in any way, but it’s where I am coming from.

      I appreciate a lot of your great comments, insights, and ideas, and quite honestly I get more out of the comments than the original articles.

      IMHO, we need to look at food as an investment or at least an inflation hedge with a better return than PMs. So this article could have been written anytime in the last 5 years, if you were to look at the price inflation.

      The sad truth is, unless you have a super-secret squirrel bunker with 40 years of food & water, no family, and want to live like the show “Lost”, regardless of what’s in your freezer eventually you will join all the rest of us as this situation continues to constrict the air we breathe. You MUST have food, and the power people know it. A tired army fights sloppily, but a starving army lays down their arms to get in the soup line. ESPECIALLY to feed their kids.

      The best we can do is “emergency” preparedness. You cannot prepare for a true SHTF outside of developing skills and attitude.

      Think. Then think some more. Learn some skills, and enjoy today.

      There is plenty of food for the “mental” prepper. Think about it.

      • Guero

        Xena, that’s why you hear so much about rice and beans on this site. Stored properly, they have a shelf life much greater than a human life span.

        • Xena

          If I have to eat beans and rice for 5 years, I’m doing something wrong.

      • Kulafarmer

        ” A tired army fights sloppily, but a starving army lays down their arms to get in the soup line”

        And a million angry displaced patriots can kill off a whole lot of government tit suckers in the blink of an eye,,

        Dont think for a minute that your bosses are immortal, or that their minions wont bleed and die for what they are doing to this country,

        Thats right,
        I dont give a crap what the gov thinks.
        I am not a slave!

        • Xena

          Hey Kula,

          I appreciate a lot of your comments here, thanks.

          My bosses are you and all the other taxpayers who contribute to my salary. So I hope you are wrong.

          My managers, on the other hand, are effin morons. They are, generally speaking, not smart enough to be dangerous in any significant way. But they do cause trouble for people, don’t they?

          Stand aside, let it die, and live to rebuild.


          • Kulafarmer

            Glad you have a mind of your own, my experience with gov employees has almost exclusively shown it to be a us against them relationship. That in my mind will lead to no good, i have a memory for faces, living on an island that imports 80% or more of all foods consumed here i am confident i will see the day when those same government people giving me a rub will be looking to me to help em out and provide some food,,,
            Good luck with that is all i can say.

      • Mcdave

        Yea, ya might to ask someone who lived it everyday about their “super-secret squirrel bunker”. HA
        Here’s a newsflash for ya……..


        Details at 10:00

        Stay tuned for “Dancing with the Gay NFL Stars”

        Now curl up with your blankie and go nite nite.

        Some folks are way to eager to quit, sad..

        • Xena

          Eager to quit what?

          And BTW, the idea of government has been around for time immemorial. You will always have government. It just that our current version has gone off the rails. When this version kills itself (and it will, believe that) you wail have mother one to replace it. So you grab your blankie and get comfortable with that. Or don’t, whatever.

          The future has no room for homophobic, judgmental, ignorant, cro-magnon morons.

          You’re not that, are you?

          • kittyhawk

            I knew it – after your first comment I thought to myself: sounds a .gov disinfo troll.
            You just outed yourself by using homophobic….

      • Mcdave

        “. A tired army fights sloppily, but a starving army lays down their arms to get in the soup line. ESPECIALLY to feed their kids.

        The best we can do is “emergency” preparedness. You cannot prepare for a true SHTF outside of developing skills and attitude.

        Think. Then think some more. Learn some skills, and enjoy today.

        There is plenty of food for the “mental” prepper. Think about it.”

        Eat the kids?
        No, that can’t be right…

        • Jed

          What if the starving army gets mad instead?

          • Xena

            There will be a form to fill out to lodge a complaint and get a settlement.

        • Old Guy

          Yes even Geronimo surrendered because the children where starving. The Seminoles never surrendered Its believed some seminole warrior women killed their babies so they could fight the government forces. Zachary Taylor lost over half of his men and never captured them.

          • Smokey

            However, Florida is now a state and the Seminoles live on a small reservation. They lost the war.

      • John W.

        Somehow I get the feeling that they plan to do what the Soviets did when they starved the Kulaks. look it up.

        • Xena

          Such an effective strategy, hunger is. Why do we have almost 50 million people on snap? Makes sense to me, good point.

      • Night Breaker

        Welcome to SHTF plan I work for the .GOV too , me in the Infamous DHS you would be suprised how many of us here are, preppers are everywhere LOL, being on the inside we are the vanguards we will know what and when will go down before the rest and will have to give the word when it goes down to like minds.

        Every one of us can contribute information that may save a life in the coming festivities by providing information in this forum. The best weapon and prep remains YOUR MIND learn as much as possible , prepare to the best of your ability, have a survivors mindset. Then you may just make it in the new age that is coming .

        I am one of the lucky ones ( sort of ) that had the opportunity to to learn my skills and hone my skills defending our way of life in foreign places and have a lot of experienced of how fast daily life can go from normal to bat shit crazy in a blink of an eye . People who do not prepare and recognize this fact are just deluding themselves by thinking that it can not happen here. People are the same all over the world and will react in the same predictable manor no matter where they are located.

        Only through knowledge can you avoid being overcome by events.

        This site serves as a Master Degree in preparedness many here have a lot of experience to offer, learn from it we live in a time like no other where a vast amount of information is available at our fingertips . Rather than watching the drivel on TV learn the skills that can and WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

        TV programs on survival are a start reinforce that with independent study , Learn and Practice Bush Craft , get out there and do it.

        There is a whole new world before you , remember your are a survivor.




        Semper Fi 8541

        • Xena

          I’m not DHS, but one of the other alphabet agencies. Good to know us “black hats” are waking up.

          I’m not a newbie survivalist, simply because this is my first week of posting here does not mean I’m still wiping the MSM induced drool from my happy meal scarfing double chin sitting in my cubicle and dreaming of that 80 inch electronic income reducer on sale at Costco.

          I too have garnered some real world experience in “bat shit crazy”, in a violent way and in a political way (I did some time in DC). The Feds have prepared me well, and I’ve built on that.

          The entire point I’m trying to make here is that food security begins and ends with skills, not with supply chain considerations and certainly not with an EBT card.

          And for you folks who cry shit like “molon labe” and “from my cold dead hands”, you may want to reconsider your approach when S really does HTF. The toughest guy I ever knew never ever let anyone know just how incredibly badass he really was. That just made him that much more effective.

          I know, the big bad government is, well, big and bad. I totally agree. But you can’t fix it. Focus on the rebuild, focus on your skills, and channel your anger into eduction. Trust me, the government will kill itself far more efficiently and waaaaayyy faster than you could. Not that you won’t need BB&B, but that’s basic stuff.

          The revolution begins in your mind, not in your bunker.


          • Kulafarmer

            The revolution begins when they start trying to take my rights away, nobody lives forever and i really dont want to, and really dont care,,,

          • buttcrackofdoom

            well said, xena. welcome to my/our nightmare!

          • Highspeedloafer

            Pardon me if I’m a little xenophobic.

        • Kulafarmer

          I can only hope that more than half of the folks are like you,,,
          If thats the case we are going to be fine, if not,,, lets just say it will not end well.

    20. KY Mom

      Update on the Obama recovery…

      The US Participation Rate Is At A 35 Year Low: This Is How It Looks Broken Down By State

      “the ongoing collapse in the labor force participation…”


    21. JayJay

      Two days ago, the Department of Health and Human Services reported that the number of Americans who have selected an Obamacare plan has reached 3.3 million.

      Yes, ladies and gentlemen. .01% of Americans(I’m sure many non-Americans) have selected, not enrolled.

      One in five people who signed up for health insurance under the new health care law failed to pay their premiums on time and therefore did not receive coverage in January, insurance companies and industry experts say.
      Surprised yet???

      • 1940justme

        they also reported that they’re a lot of dead beats, not paying

        • sixpack

          The deadbeats are the 535 who voted obummercare into law, then promptly voted themselves out of it.

          • Mcdave

            Arrest, Trial, Prescribed Punishment…
            That is all

          • John W.

            Only the Democrats voted for it. No Republicans voted for it. Why they just don’t refuse to fund it is what pisses me off as Obama just changes it at his whim which means it really is not a law.

            • Mcdave


      • buttcrackofdoom

        jay jay, you got fuzzy math…3.3 million is ROUGHLY one percent of americans, no?…even if they ARE the SICKEST/BIGGEST drag on obamadontcare.

        • Smokey

          Not to mention that 30 million uninsured Americans before passage of the bill is now up 75 million, a direct result of the law.

          Total failure, but they won’t admit it, they can’t. If they do, their power is gone and won’t ever come back.

    22. Later...

      I want to say how impressed I am with everyone here over the last few years about taking on healthier eating habits!
      Saying NO to GMO and BPA in cans and foreign ‘food’.
      I remember one guy a long time ago was so happy that he stalked up on Velveeta!
      I pointed out that Velveta was one molecule away from being plastic.
      He didn’t like that…
      We can only make the best choices with what we can afford but it is admirable that so many are now trying!
      Did you all see the link over at Rawles site this week about how unhealthy it is to ‘live’ on the just add water salty freeze dried foods?

      • HTJ

        did not see that Link on Rawles site, and cannot find it.
        Where is it?

      • lastmanstanding

        There is NOTHING good about this food over the long terms health-wise. You body is not designed to live on it.

        Your body was designed to work physically and grow your own food. A small amount every once in a while is ok.

        Those who have pallets of this shit have wasted your money.

        Rawles site has run its course and has become redundant and obsolete…there are far better sites.

        • Jed

          That Rawles guy looks at everything from the perspective of an army with unlimited resources. Talks of burning down houses to give yourself a clear field of fire. You will have to answer for something like this in anything but a Mad Max world.

        • Kulafarmer

          Would almost be better scavanging for odd greens and such, i know over here i can find all sorts of wild edibles and some not so wild but growing in odd locations, the odd locations is where i want to go,,, would rather be away from everyone when things come unglued,,,

        • Mcdave

          “Rawles site has run its course and has become redundant and obsolete…there are far better sites.”

          Links please.

      • Steve

        Couple of real beauties there…
        probably just arrested because of “racism”.

        • sixpack

          tie their tails together and sling ’em over a clothes line…

          • Anonymous


        • Jed


        • Jed


    23. EastTenn

      I have a few cows here in east tennessee mostly as 4-legged self-powered lawn mowers but i do have a to sell a few every year. A couple of weeks ago, a 500lb bull went for $2lb which is higher than I have ever seen it and it is in the middle of winter. Which means, your paying $4 dollars a pound hanging weight. I’m sure you can easily add a another $1.50 to that price by the time it reaches the grocery store and that would be for hamburger. Personnaly, I could not handle paying $5.50lb for hamburger ,if I did not have my own source. Just a thought

      • TnAndy

        Yep. We do the same thing. Raise one for the freezer, and sell one from time to time. Also couple hogs/yr, 25-30 chickens, and catfish from our ponds. Throw in a couple gardens, two greenhouses, and an orchard, and we’re fairly set foodwise.

        When we do go to the store for other things, I’ll wander down the meat aisle, and wonder how the heck folks buy it.

        • JayJay

          They don’t; hence the market in Russia for beef.
          I bet they are glad to get it.

      • Smokey

        $4.99 a pound for leanest burger at the meat counter. 80% lean is $3.99 a pound, so that’s the way to go, 20% less cost and 7% more meat in a pound.

    24. 1940justme

      same ol, same ol, just like 13-12-11-10-09-08 ect, go back to sleep folks, nothing new here.

      • 1940justme

        idiots give me a neg for stating facts.

      • Night Breaker

        I think I am going to play that on the powerball!

        Semper Fi 8541

    25. Jim in Va.

      Get it now folks,don’t wait til the evening news spooks the rest of society and there is a run on the banks and grocery stores.

    26. AC

      The shortages have already begun, in a way.

      I’ve been looking for a new pair of walking shoes, and all I can find is poorly made crap.

      • Mcdave

        Not walking shoes but try Justin work boots, made in USA, a quality boot, reasonably priced.
        (you have time for “walking”?)

      • Smokey

        When we have to walk everywhere, we’ll be working, too. Get some decent boots, two pair, and lots of spare socks.

    27. Satori

      ***** DOOMER PORN ALERT *****

      new book out by Forstchen,author of ONE SECOND AFTER

      Pillar to the Sky

      “Pandemic drought, skyrocketing oil prices, dwindling energy supplies and wars of water scarcity threaten the planet. Only four people can prevent global chaos.”

    28. Trailer Park Investor

      Been hearing a lot of chatter about March 4th through April as a good time for an economic collapse.
      What do you think.
      Paul Volker seems to agree.

      • Barn Cat

        I don’t think that’s the time but we could see a stock market collapse by then. John Williams from shadowstats dot com has said he expects a collapse of the dollar by the end of the second quarter of 2014, (by June 30th). I think the collapse is coming this year.

      • Northern Reb

        It would as good of a time as any. I hope and pray that it never happens and I have to eat all of my preppes when I’m 80 years old and and I have to gum it to death.
        If it does happen then at lest it will be warmer and I think most of the snow will be gone.
        Now to get serious, that is very close to what I have either read or heard. There my be some financial problems in Asia and the E.U. that might be that little snow ball that starts rolling down the hill that gets bigger and bigger and bigger.
        If it does go down I prau that we are all ready for it.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    29. Barn Cat

      We’re also likely to see severe inflation this year. Prepare accordingly.

    30. posseecom

      Hey all

      I am a chef by trade some 30 plus years now..

      Obviously I purchase food for a living and watch the futures and commodities as well that are relative to my field..the quotations and facts presented are accurate!

      All your protein based products…beef,poultry,pork are all rising now and will continue so in anticipation of the droughts,cattle losses,grain increases etc etc..

      Even basic legumes have increased 50%..yes 50% in the last few beans,lentils,red white kidney etc have gone from 89/# to 1.50 and up over the last few months…

      Rice has maintained its price for now..and no shortages have arrived globally so far..

      Coffee has and will continue to increase due to Brazil’s drought on the Arabica beans..expecting a 20% increase globally over time this year..

      So there you have it folks..yes..demand,droughts,weather etc affect everything we consume…and it is prudent to stock up on items for long term storage if not for just a hedge against inflation..

      enjoy the day


      • posseecom

        Let me add this..

        It would be prudent for your long-term health (for the fight ahead) to purchase only non gmo foods and /or organic grown foods..especially all your meats!Purchase grass fed beef when applicable as our ancestors ate plenty of pork and beef with no consequences as the animals only ate non gmo grains and grass back in the day..same with do not need added antibiotics and all the other chemicals induced into our food will have a cumulative effect on you down the road..

        We all need to be alert,cognitive and healthy to continue the fights ahead of us !

        We will be of no use crippled with disease when the shtf!


        • posseecom

          Given that there might not be water,heat sources or fuel at some point in dire emergencies..we created our own meals ready to eat.

          Basically created simple meals in quart ball jars with all the fixings..root vegetables,greens,onions,garlic seasonings and of course meats..pork poultry and beef..Also put up our own stocks such as chicken and beef to flavor base the rice and beans on better circumstances(heat.fuel sources)..

          Meats provide the necessary proteins..a well as legumes for added protein and complex carbs..
          Root veges ie potatoes turnips carrots provide much needed minerals,fibers, and starches
          Garlic and onions are excellent anti oxidants and flavor enhancers
          Greens..kale spinach chard turnip greens etc add color, flavor, and added nutrients not provided by the former..
          Tomatoes obviously add a myriad of bonuses.

          For those who require milk to their coffee or cereals..stock up on powdered milk and condensed canned milk..combining the 2 will taste close to whole milk or 1/2& 1/2..

          Though coffee loses flavor over time..we still need our fix in the morning..just mylar and seal portions needed..keeps the 02 out and still tastes relatively good …and the caffeine is still intact.

          Liquors of all types,including wine will last forever.
          Beer supposedly expires after time,but never lasts that long in our household..

          Enjoy the day..


          • JayJay

            Non-perishable foods:
            rice, honey, molasses, maple syrup, corn syrup, dry mix jello(who knew>??), dried beans, frozen pasta, frozen noodles, instant coffee, corn starch, baking soda.
            Salt, sugar, pepper, spices, herbs, vinegar, and liquors.

          • Paranoid

            Most wine does NOT last forever! Most wine goes bad after a year, especially the 9-11% sludge they sell in stores, If you want it to last get Brandy or fortified wine. anything less than 17%, 34 proof is likely to go bad, That’s why they make Brandy.

      • Sigi

        If/when you are sorting through legumes before cooking and find some that aren’t as sound as they should be, set them aside instead of trashing them and see how many will sprout and become plants. I tried that last summer and got two plants to maturity out of 10 beans soaked. Only one plant produced seed and the grand total was 13 beans- so a net gain of 3. Still, with as many split, cracked, shriveled and dirty beans as I have on hand, I might as well try it again.

    31. Be informed

      First of all eppe, EXCELLENT POINTS about Iceland. Of course this is a country well known for their independence from the rest of the world. Almost as isolated as New Zealand.

      I would like everyone to think of something right now.


      When you think of that word almost everyone would rank the importance of this in their lives from 1 to 10 as at least a 9, most people a 10. Security is something that offers a wonderful feeling. This is what comes with having self defense, but especially what comes with having supplies to “weather” the storm.

      Inflation IS A SHTF event when it is severe enough.

      Most people think of something that is breaking news, a catastrophe as SHTF. Inflation hurts so badly. It can mean the difference between have warmth or not. Having enough gas to get around. Having enough food to eat.

      The one highest expense of people is food. RIGHT NOW.

      Imagine how terrible it is to not be able to go to the store and get but a scrap of something to eat, IF that. Imagine having to stand in line at some FEMA camp waiting for some government cheese and stale crackers, a power bar that tastes of extreme protein and starchy, and geting some nice bottled water. If you are lucky you might get BO’s favorite fruit, the humble banana.

      Yet people continue to believe that Mr. Government would and could never allow severe inflation to occur. Inflation can and has happened everywhere. Especially with a government that has once again extended the debt ceiling. Both parties are so worthless it is incredible.

      A family like what the article says can take advantage of the current prices now and make a lot of money in saving on future purchases of food and other necessities. Canned food is storable for a good long time. Products that don’t really need any type of rotation should be considered highly as storing up for later.

      Each one of us has those little items also that we all use on a weekly and monthly basis, OR items that might last for a week or more that many of us don’t think about storing up. It might be items like dental floss and toothpaste, thread, shampoo, soap, baking supplies such as spices and herbs, the list is endless. These are items that in the future will cost MUCH MORE. If someone can afford it, this is the time to stock up on those things we will need eventually.

      I just know that it is such a good feeling to have what you need and not have to depend on the store having it, being open, or it is too expensive to purchase. I have seen the price of toilet paper go up slightly, but the rolls shrink big time in size. They now call a mega roll what was standard roll 10-20 years ago. Inflation is also what you are getting per unit in cost. An 8 oz. can of tuna cost about 69 cents not too long ago, now it cost only 89 cents or so at walmart but the can is either 5 or 5.5 oz in size. Deception at its best. Inflation is like a box jelly fish, almost invisible to see but stings like hell and lasts what seems like forever.

      Best defense is to act now with inflation. Like the old saying with a windbreak, the best time to have planted the trees was 20 years ago. Same goes with supplies. Best time to buy was yesterday, next best time is today. Time has a way of slipping away too quickly, especially the time between before SHTF and when SHTF.

      • Northern Reb

        Very well said. You are right on about buying goods. Yes I wish would had started earlier with the food part.
        I start with the security end of it first. Glad I did that. Now I am working very hard on the food and money end. Food come before the money.
        Been taking 5 gallon buckets and packing them with different types of food, all dried goods, salt, pepper, flour, sugar, baking soda, baking power, milk, ovaltine, tang, koolaid, ET. Ect. Putting everthing in seal-a-meal
        bags then throwing in a couple of body warmers to take out the air in the bucket and sealing the lids down, kinda sucks the sides in. I know that there is no air in them and my food will last a long time.
        I’ve been taking 64oz clear plastic juice bottle fill them up 3/4 full with tap water and adding 2 drops of bleach in them. I also have about 1000 gallon water reserve in the spring, summer and fall. Plus alot of bleach, coffee filters and 2 berkey water filters. There is a river that is less than 1/4 mile from my house.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Be informed

          @ Northern Reb. I think I speak for many others. Everytime we see someone like yourself going to measures of preparation like you do, it gives us all hope that 1% will survive and build a better world after everything goes down hard. One thing I recommend to people that can afford to do so is to get those really tough plastic trash cans, 20-40 gallon and keep them stacked inside of each other. When times look bad, fill them all up with water. They can be dumped after a couple of weeks and refilled or just restacked dry should world tensions die down. This water can be used for washing things off, cooking, or for bathing, even drinking with a decent water filter. A lot of people store up enough drinking water but not enough OTHER uses for water. You of course are all set in regard to water.

          • Northern Reb

            Thanks for the great advise.
            I do store 5 30 gallon drum of water and 3 hand pumps (never used them yet) in my basement for the winter. It can get DA$% cold here in central Illinois.
            We use the water in the spring to wash clothes after we know we will be getting rain. I have a 40 gallon hot water heater also for water to be used first after the SHTF. this is used for drinking along with the water in the 64oz. jugs. (infeed valve will be turn off)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      • JayJay

        **They now call a mega roll what was standard roll 10-20 years ago.**

        I bought Angel Soft 24 double roll for 4 years and had enough TP for the entire community so stopped.
        I haven’t seen double rolls in a long time–they are now…big rolls, not double.

        • Northern Reb

          My wife is the toilet paper, tisue, papper towel, napkin and papper plate QUEEN. She made me move all my hunting clothes out of thier closet in the house so she would have another place for those things. She told me she was NOT GOING TO USE LEAVES!!!!. I told her I was going to get my 2 gallon spray out and we could use that, but that idea did not fly with her. She told me I could use it if I wanted to but not her. You can see how is running the the show here can’t you. My hunting clothes are in the garage in two cabnits. Sometimes you win but most of the time you lose!;,-(
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

          • Mcdave

            A beautiful Valentine’s love story…

        • Be informed

          @ JayJay. I have some paper towels stored up from about 15 years ago, and when you compare them to what is sold now you can see true cheapness of the times hard at work. It is like taking a big fat plump piece of fruit aaginst a dried up one. Anyone looking at the square footage of paper products can see just how little people are getting for their today.

          • Mcdave

            Remember when we didn’t have paper towels?

            • JayJay

              Many shun the use of paper towels when TSHTF, but they actually save water use in many instances in the kitchen.
              Stock plenty with ziploks, aluminum foil, paper plates, bowls, cups, and utensils; and don’t forget that Aladdin thermos.

    32. The Lone Ranger

      According to what Jesus has been telling John Leary [] the past two years, a (man-made!) worldwide famine is coming.

      As you know, we are already seeing signs of it.

      At, you can read the story and watch the video proof of the HAARP machine being used to cause all this HORRIFIC weather.

      Along with their Chemtrails that give us snow which does NOT melt the way ice does against a blow torch (try it sometime, it’s freaky) and the Genetically MONSTER-MODIFIED food, this HAARP-created weather is a THIRD “seed” put forth by those who want to create the conditions that will result in needless, countless deaths, violence such as fights and wars over food, and then, of course, martial law.

      So purchase extra food and spread the word.

      It’s only a SHORT matter of time before both the food delivery trucks and the gas delivery trucks get interrupted.

      – the Lone Ranger

      “Feed the man dying of hunger because if you have not fed him, you have killed him.” – Gratian

      “As long as you do it for the least of my brothers or sisters, you did it to me.” – Jesus

      “THOU SHALT NOT KILL.” – one of the 10 Commandments that the gmo and other aforementioned people either seem to forget or don’t care about, but God is the Ultimate surveillor and sees everything! Don’t believe me? Read Dr. Mary Kay Baxter’s book on Hell– she was brought there and it will scare the living daylights out of you.

      • sixpack

        The best way to ensure a continued food supply is to flatten HAARP, once and for all, take trying to control the weather off-line for good. Nature will right herself.

      • Facebook Page

        Thou shall not kill is not one of the commandments.

        Man changed it to that.

        IT IS THOU SHALL NOT MURDER. And if you don’t understand the difference your fucked.

        • The Lone Ranger

          Actually, that Commandment can be put as “Reverence, respect all human life, including your own.”

          Therefore, it JUSTIFIES the use of FORCE to PROTECT one’s life FROM being taken/killed!

          Otherwise, to LET someone kill you, when you have the means to PROTECT your life (and those of your loved ones) is to VIOLATE that Commandment!

          Capitulation to such evil is Cowardice.

          Yet, they want to take our guns to make us “safer”. Bullcrap– we all know what happened when Hitler legislated the taking of the guns.

          So they attempt to ‘slow-kill’ us– through vaccines, GMO food, chem trails, HAARP-created snow/ice storms. Who are they fooling? These people VIOLATE that Commandment DAILY.

          In the final analysis, confiscating guns does not extinguish evil because it robs us of the means to honor that Commandment, and to thereby use force to protect ourselves from true evil thinly disguised as righteousness. Sheeple, wake up!

          As for the rest of us, keep your powder dry– it’s mighty wet out there.

          – the Lone Ranger

          “Violence is that which violates. Force is that which protects.” – the late Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

    33. Maudy Frickett

      Price Fannie May 1 lb. box of assorted creams lately? With tax it’s over $25! That’s one dollar per piece of candy. I’m ready to kill. Revolution, here I come.

    34. BadAmerican

      Happy Valentines Day !!!

      Taking the Missus out for italian.

      La Vida Loca

      ….in earnest…..BA.

    35. Northern Reb

      Well things could be worse, we could be in the SHTF right now in the dead of winter.
      Yes food prices have gone up. There are 2 reasons why.
      1. There are more mouths to feed in the world. That means that there is less food out there so it will coast more.
      2. The dollar has depreciated with all of the Federal reserve printing of the dollar.(the more there are the less they are worth.)
      So all I can say is keep prepping amd make sure you get the stuff your family likes for a treat now and then, but stock up on everything. Get the 3B’s beans bullets and bandaids and everything associated with them.
      Stop eating out as much. 1 dinner out can buy alot of food or bandaids, so cut back.
      I pray hat everything works out ok but I have that gut felling that the SHTF problem is just around the corner and it is going to hit us very hard.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    36. 21Bravo

      Price hikes/inflation has already begun…. McDonald’s recently has raised their prices 40%-50%. Tide soap recently announced a 25% price hike. I have seen other food price hikes in the 25% range. Take adavntage of the end of season sales and buy sone warn clothes also….

      • Sigi

        Drought effects cotton prices, so this is a good time to get underwear, socks, etc. stocked up.

        Has anyone here tried growing flax? any insights on it?

        • posseecom


          Flax is a wildflower and will grow just about anywhere in the continental U.S…Seedlings have survived in temps down to 20F…

          Flax is easy to grow. As wildflowers, they require little care. In the home garden, mulch around them to help retain soil moisture, and to keep the weeds down. Prune plants to promote good air circulation.

          Seed should be planted 1/2 to 1 inch deep

          3-4 Weeks, 65F to 70F

          Full Sun

          Harvest..90 to 100 days

          at the time when it is ready to be harvested, there will usually be a few flowers in bloom and a few green leaves on the plant. A rule of thumb is to harvest when 90% of the seed capsules are brown.

          Hope this helps..

          source..heirloom organics dot com


        • JayJay

          Nahh, I just get mine from Puritanpride.
          Get flax seed if you want the full benefit, but without a grinder, get the ground type.
          Post menopausal women can benefit from flaxseed.

    37. Molly Pitcher

      A trip down memory lane…You wonderful preppers brought to mind, my dear mom…years ago she started collecting supplies while living in an American region overseas that was destined to be returned to the country it sat in…my mom and pop stocked everything…and I mean everything, so as not to buy from the foreign country they lived in, where everything was triple an American price. Mom had an 18 month supply of food, toilet paper, detergents, medicines, clothes, etc….

      And true to her word, she spent not one American dollar in a foreign store, for 18 months. (The currency was interchangeable back then). Heck, it meant foreign taxes and import duties on American goods for American workers to purchase in a non American store.

      She was the queen of logistics…had the family usage calculated down to the last tissue and square of toilet paper! When dad retired and they came back…they had no household consumables left.

    38. HighN'Dry

      That borehole pic isn’t from yesterday, it’s from 2000/2001 according to the UK’s Foundation for Water Research site. Just saying.

    39. Anonymous

      You say you do not believe in global warming, and then describe global warming to a t!

    40. drybean

      You say you do not be!have in global warming, then go ahead and describe it to a t!

    41. SWFL

      It Has Begun: Wise Up and Stock up as Food Shortages and Price Hikes Are Coming…
      -It began at least as far back as 1913. For almost everyone now alive it has been a life-long reality. If you haven’t figured it out by now, something this blunt and fear-mongering-ish may be needed but I think most of us here incorporated this into our lifestyles before we even started “prepping”.

    42. AR Sheep Dog

      A bud has owned a meat market for three generations now. He spoke last month of imminent price increases coming. Problem is, there are now less than a handful of slaughterhouses and meatpackers in business. Look at every industry and you see consolidation. Comcast this week wanting Time Warner cable. The continuing pursuit of corporate profits with many not paying their fair share of tax. It all is a bunch of crap, that seemingly is headed for the sh*tter with us in it. We all will be affected no matter how prepared we are. As others have noted, prep mentally.

    43. Tyler

      More fear mongering? Been following and reading this crap for about two years and its always “My secret government source told me an asteroid is coming before the end of the year, economy will collapse and…oh yeah buy gold!”

      Give real information, stop fear mongering and taking advantage of people. There is a big difference between paranoia and true prepping. I’m sick of hearing how its “GOING TO HAPPEN BEFORE THE END OF THE YEAR” and I’ve just been at this for two years. Looked up older articles and they say the exact same. What’s the definition of insanity again?

      Prep, but don’t let extremist manipulate you just like the extreme left would. They are extremists on both ends and they are called extreme for a reason

    44. Preparedness Zone

      OutWest says to stock up on canned food. RIGHT ON! Look at the best if used by dates. Most items will last two to three years. Don’t waste your money on dried foods that you have to have water to even use. Buy more of what you eat and just keep eating it. The rotation aspect will take care of itself and you will never have to revert to something you didn’t want in the first place. Just be sure to store the bulk of your extra somewhere out of site from potential raiders. They (including government) will come at some point to most locations eventually. Protect yourself and spend your money while you can on what you need most. And don’t forget water storage and purification capabilities.

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