Israel Plans to Move Resources To Prepare For WAR with Hezbollah

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Headline News, War | 0 comments

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    Israel is reportedly planning to move resources north. Taking from the ongoing offensive in Gaza,  the country will shift military equipment to the shared border with Lebanon in preparation for a likely expanded war with Hezbollah and an invasion of southern Lebanon.

    Members of the ruling class in Israel, who spoke with media outlets claimed that they can “pull off a ‘blitzkrieg,'” referencing a military strategy pioneered by Nazi Germany meant to break an opponent’s defenses and force their capitulation quickly.

    While in negotiations with officials from the United States, Israel’s American counterparts did not directly warn the Jewish state against attacking Hezbollah, merely noting that it would be difficult for Tel Aviv to make sure that such an offensive remains a limited campaign.

    According to a report by Natural News, the IDF estimates Hezbollah has about 150,000 rockets and missiles and an unknown number of drones. This arsenal also includes thousands of precision-guided munitions that are far more threatening to Israel and could be used to accurately strike targets deep within the country – provided that the Iron Dome fails to protect Israel.

    “We assess that at least some Iron Dome batteries will be overwhelmed,” said a senior U.S. administration official. An Israeli official added that this vulnerability would be particularly pronounced if Hezbollah launched a large-scale attack with precision-guided weapons, which the Iron Dome might struggle to counter.

    U.S. Will Back Israel During Full-Blown War With Hezbollah

    “The fact that we have managed to even hold the front for this long has been a miracle,” said a senior U.S. official, highlighting Washington’s supposed “efforts” to prevent an escalation into full-scale war. “We’re entering a very dangerous period,” warned another senior administration official, noting that conflict could ignite with little warning.

    The U.S. has already vowed to take Israel’s side should a wider regional war breakout, but said it wouldn’t be providing “boots on the ground.” We find that particularly interesting considering the recent changes the ruling class made to the draft rules.

    Hezbollah Threatens Israel After Assassination of Top Commander


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