Is World War 3 Coming? 18 Preppers Discuss Effects, Shortages, and How to Get Ready

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Headline News | 94 comments

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    Daisy is the author of The Prepper’s Canning Guide: Affordably Stockpile a Lifesaving Supply of Nutritious, Delicious, Shelf-Stable Foods


    Last week was tense as far as international relations go. We’re standing in a big puddle of gasoline and hoping that no one decides to light a cigarette because if they do, we’ll all go up in flames. For some background, here’s the information I gathered on the conflict between the US and Syria, along with the ties to Russia.

    When there are missiles involved and talk of sending over ground troops, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to believe that the current proxy war between the United States and Russia could turn into the real deal: World War III.

    How would you even begin to prep for this?

    If the conflict never reached American soil, there would still be dramatic changes in the way we live right now. Not only would the threat of violence be hanging over our heads – when will an attack happen and will my area be targeted? – but there would be serious economic and supply ramifications.

    Preparing for this could be a book in and of itself, so I’m breaking this into two parts.

    In the first installment, I’ll share some insights garnered from the readers. Next time around, we’ll discuss the preparations you need to begin making right away.

    I had a chat with readers to discuss what they foresaw as the most likely concerns should these tensions escalate into a full-blown world war. Some of the comments are from people who recall living through a war, while others are educated suppositions from people with military backgrounds. Still others are stories passed down from parents and grandparents.

    I asked these questions:

    • If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?
    • What challenges do you think we would face here at home?
    • What shortages do you predict would occur?
    • How would you prep for this?

    One principle that everyone seems to agree on is that we’ll be living very differently from our current luxurious, everything-on-demand lifestyles. It will be a dramatic change for many people, especially those who have never produced anything physical, like food, clothing, or other items. The government won’t be in a position to help those who can’t help themselves, and this could hit younger people particularly hard.

    In summary, these were the most common suggestions.

    Where appropriate, I’ve included links that will take you to information to help you learn the skills. I’ve also included a few of my own resources.

    But for the real dish, read on.

    Here’s what the readers had to say.

    1.  Mimi

    It would definitely affect Americans, average or not, because as a Nation we WOULD be involved. We may see higher prices on all goods , expecially oil, whether as a direct result of war or producers/retailers taking advantage for a higher profit.

    We’d probably see rationing if it was prolonged, certainly an elevated Threat Level here at home, perhaps more ‘lone wolf’ attacks, more protests, and definitely more fear, which would be the most difficult for most people (sadly).

    2. Helene

    Considering that large swaths of the population don’t see themselves as part of this culture and that those same people have never delayed any gratification. I see riots and looting the minute after they’ve been told that their new “must have” kicks won’t be able to be imported due to fuel shortages and trade embargoes.

    Buy. More. Ammo.

    3. Elizabeth

    Read Alas,Babylon by Pat Frank. [Note from Daisy: You can get that book here and I highly recommend it.] WWIII could be a whole different ball game.

    Since we import everything, I see huge shortages, or extreme high prices. Prepping for this, I would stick up on DIY books and knowledge, heirloom seeds, and clothes. If it gets really bad the government can take your food, but not your knowledge.

     4. Mark

    My Uncle served in WWll and Korea and Dad served during Korea and I served during Vietnam. Our families went through the great depression and passed down to children lessons learned.

    My family is ready. We have home canned goods, stored fuels, Private well with stock pond and creek, generator numerous freezers of food that I can, if need be, home can most everything in there that would be necessary to save and enough self-defense equipment. I garden and home can every year as well as hunting and fishing with meat canned as well.

    5. Sue

    America has always been lucky. The land is isolated from Asia and Europe, and our neighbors have been friendly. WW3 will probably see impact on our shores and it won’t be good.

    Interuptions of food, gasoline, and perscription drugs will happen first. Panic in the cities no doubt. That 3 days of food will be history, probably in less than 2. People will die in hospitals and elder care facilities due to shortages and lack of doctors and nurses since they will be taking care of their own families. Firefighters and paramedics will stay home too once they realize thia is long term. Local governments may step into the vacuum each to their own talents and faults. Not a pretty picture.

    Prepping should be food, water, fuel, drugs, seeds, gardening tools, preservation of food ability, clothing for all seasons (remember kids grow), shoes, nails and screws to fix stuff, tarps, duck tape, etc.

    6. Don

    ~If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?

    I think the media would try to console us and convince us that things were not as bad as they seem…and food riots, power inturruptions and mini pandemics were localized and rare…but the truth of the matter is…we live in a “supply side” economy and when gas starts being rationed and the trucks stop…America stops. The propaganda machine will swear to us that we are winning the war and that the sacrifices are worth the victory…but we will eventually learn that no one benefits from prolonged warfare.

    ~What challenges do you think we would face here at home?

    Massive shortages, an increase in crime, an economic recession as the government prints more and more money to pay for the war. Rationing and a new “black market” emerges.

    ~What shortages would occur?

    The essay “when the trucks stop America stops” [Note from Daisy – find that essay here]  said that EVERYTHING will disappear from shelves within 2 weeks. This will occur because gasoline will be rationed and interstate travel will become limited due to xenophobia. Hospitals will run out of medicine and wont be able to treat the sick. Stores wont stock food.

    Thats when the theft kicks in…and thats when martial law will be used in most urban areas. Troops will search every home and confiscate whatever they feel will make their job easier and make you less of a threat. And of course…this will make the shortages even more severe.

    ~How would you prep for this?

    The key really is “skills”. Not just survival/bushcraft skills but manufacturing and bartering skills as well. If you know how to make soap, distill alcohol, purify water, trap small game for meat, know how to grow vegetables…you can manufacture goods you can barter for other goods and even services.

    Thats what I have done. I’ve developed skills that I can use to create things of value that I will use to trade for what I do not have.

    7. Susan

    We got a glimpse of reactions after Hurrican Katrina. The entitlement crowd felt entitled to steal and riot since they weren’t getting their freebies.

    Will they suddenly get patriotic and sacrifice for the good of the country? Highly unlikely.

    8. Ken

    If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?

    This question depends on where to break out is. Generally speaking, I believe a large section of the populace will panic. They are just not prepared, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially or have the necessary skills to actually provide for themselves or their families.

    People would be so stunned by the depth of cuts needed to provide the necessary material to fight a World War that government (local and national) would have to step in on an even more intrusive level. Many ‘average Americans” would starve, die of diseases, or just succumb to the circumstances as they are not prepared for something of this magnitude. We have forgotten the lessons of the past.

    What challenges do you think we would face here at home?

    1. Economy
    2. Access to Medical services
    3. “Things” breaking down and no idea how to fix or manage without them
    – Computers, banking, cars, etc.…
    4. Security
    5. Safety
    6. Fear

    What shortages would occur?

    Fuel, Power, Food staples (sugar, butter, meats), Medications, Metal, Labor (farm, “menial”), Textiles, Precious Metals. This list is far from complete, but highlights those things that come immediately to mind.

    Don’t forget that the things needed to produce them would also be in limited supply, so to would be the individuals that know how to make things.

    We have become a nation that insists on attending Colleges and Universities instead of trade schools, we are losing the ability to “make” things and keep them up and running.

    How would you prep for this?

    1. LEARN how to do many different things. Doesn’t mean I have to master them, just means I have to make things work for my needs.
    2. GROW the items that will allow me to survive and hopefully thrive.
    3. STOCK UP on the items I can’t grow or procure.
    – Meats, arms, spare parts, tools, toiletries, medications
    – Precious metals
    – Communications capability 4. REUSE, REFURBISH everything
    5. NOW put items up that have “proven” long shelf life.
    – Canning, smoking, curing the items I need and like.
    6. CONTACTS are needed because no one person can do everything
    7. CURRENTLY try to live that lifestyle, as anything over and above is a gift and should be treated so
    8. MENTALLY prepare to do what is necessary to ensure my families welfare and safety
    9. PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE some more
    10. FAITH we will all need this to get through
    11. GUTS, trust your guts before your heart when dealing with mankind in all things
    – People WILL screw you and attempt to take what you have work hard for
    12. TRUST the ones you have chosen to be in your life

    9. Terri

    How it would affect the “average American” is easy. Since most have lost touch with the ability to grow their own food, much less preserve it (heck many don’t when know how to cook). That with the possible reduction in imported goods, the average American may end up in the fetal position until the war ends. Mexico is threatening to not send us their goods in protest over our immigration policies (a move that will probably hurt them more than us, frankly).

    For awhile, fuel shouldn’t be an issue because we still aren’t exporting it. There will be a spike in costs across the board. My advice, get your butt in the dirt! Learn to garden, preserve, cook, fix your own stuff rather than replacing at every turn.

    10. Betty

    When I lived in Israel the govt. told us to have a 3 week supply of water and food. We still have our “war closet” here in the U.S.. I am aiming at 3 month supply. We had to use our supplies there more because of job losses. Once when there was a terror attack the govt shut down ATMs so we learned to keep some cash on hand. Water and a way to cook long term are my biggest concerns living in an apartment.

    11. Debbie

    If the bombs and destruction were not happening here on the homeland, there would be no affect. Many ppl would not even be aware that we were at war.

    If, however, there were bombs and destruction on the homeland (God forbid), there would be total chaos and panic. There would be total breakdown of law and order in the urban areas, especially after a given city had sustained an attack.

    Best place to be would be out in the country. First sign of WWIII, get out of Dodge (problem is, though, it will go down in hours, not days).

    12. Frank

    My parents grew up during the depression and my father was in England during WW2. Backyard gardens, chickens and rabbits were a regular thing for them. Today they are gone but not forgotten. Prepping is just routine for me. Anyone thinking that the Gov’t will be there to help you will surely not survive. We all have lives to live so I don’t obsess over everything but I do something every day to stay prepared.

    13. Dana

    Skills, skills, skills. Being able to grow, can, hunt, butcher,etc are key in my mind. Stockpiling is important to keep yourself well and comfortable to stay at home.

    Here is my thought in medications, put back all you can but get to know an herbalist or naturopathic doc. Long term, meds can and will run out.

     14. John

    I don’t think very many people understand what truly hard times entail to thrive or just survive.

    Start talking to people 70 and up and you’ll realize like I did that most info is flawed from the start and what preppers consider hard times they never saw it that good. No offense, I had to readjust my thinking too.

    Like how they wouldn’t think twice about eating meat we would consider spoiled twice over. That’s why they damn near burned all the meat they ate. Burnt won’t make you sick but med- rare will with no refrigerator.

    15. Nancy

    My dad served in three wars. He served WWII, army air corp before it was USAF, before me. He and his three brothers all served during the WW, each in a different branch and all overseas. I cannot imagine how my grandmother, a widow with four girls at home, dealt with it. He served Korea, before my memory lol. He served Viet Nam and I was in high school.

    I remember my parents and grandparents talking about being prepared with necessities, always having a victory garden, and the strict list of staples they had to adhere to in WWII. Those times compared in no way to the Viet Nam era. I do not recall mom and me doing without anything we needed or wanted while he was gone then, other than him.

    He is buried in Arlington cemetery. I remember waking every morning to him raising the flag outside our house and then turning to salute it, and then reversing the patriotic gesture before dusk. He did this until his eighties. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his late seventies. The VA confirmed it was from agent orange used in Viet Nam. He gave all he could for our country and us, and in the end, he gave it all for our freedom. Thanks for asking about my dad, the biggest American patriot I will ever know.

    16. Donna

    My parents were born just before the Depression – I know how to start a fire, milk a cow, kill a chicken. My baby sister on the other hand, has NO idea what you have to do to live without electricity, I fear that most people would literally freeze or starve to death just from ignorance.

    17. Pragmatic

    World War 3? If that happens you better be mega prepared and even then it doesn’t matter. The way I see it, so many people are on prescription drugs for one thing or another. Disease is going to kill more than anything else. Do people really know how to deal with medical emergencies when there’s no hospitals, doctors, medicines at the snap of a finger?

    People are going to die and die fast without modern medicine. Propery body disposal .. are you ready to deal with this? The physical, emotional toll this will have on many will be major. Many will not be able to deal and will off themselves.

    All the prepping in the world will not do you any good, if you do not have skills and the emotional & psychological mindset to deal with some pretty ugly and disturbing things in a World War, especially in this day and age. I see way to many prepping pages and survival pages with great information, but not reasonable or feasable. Just food for thought.

    18. Keith

    Everything could and probably will happen. Knowing how to survive, literally, is all that might matter. Hopefully, we’ll still be able to gather together in our local communities and help each other. Having something to barter, is always good.

    I decided, when I was 15, I’d learn all I could about everything I came across that helped me to be selfsufficient. After 42 years, I’ve learned a lot, but still don’t know everything. Knowing how to build a house, and fix everything in it, grow your food, hunt, fish and protect yourself is a good start.

    We all need to have something to offer or ‘bring to the table’. The Platinum card has expired, I’m afraid.

    Thank you!

    Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts. It was difficult to choose which suggestions to include – this article is more than 3000 words, so I wasn’t able to include all of the comments. To read more, find the threads HERE and HERE.

    Now, it’s your turn.

    I’ll ask you the same questions.

    • If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?
    • What challenges do you think we would face here at home?
    • What shortages do you predict would occur?
    • How would you prep for this?

    If you were around during one of the major wars, what do you remember from it? What stories did your family members tell? Do you have experience-based advice for people who have never seen a situation like this?

    Please share your stories in the comments section. We all look forward to reading them.

    And be on the lookout for part 2, coming later this week. Part 2 will be a practical guide.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. Simple fact- the United States cannot fight a world war. Therefore we will be overrun and governed by foreign entities. We do not have the capability-physical resources and human-to attack or defend ourselves over a sustained period of time. No factories, no skills, no will. Too many weak minds and overweight bodies, bloated with fast food and government handouts. Can you picture the reaction when military draft notices go out? Hollywooders head to Canada; snowflakes to safe spaces; EBT holders to burn and loot; illegals head back home;and much of the populace asking themselves why they should fight for a divided country that doesn’t give a shit.

        • MK,

          If the USA cannot, who else can? If others cannot fight a sustained world war then there is a stalemate. I doubt if there is another country in the world who could attack and overrun the US. Logistically it would be well nigh impossible.

          Daisy Luther,

          Thank you for another thoughtful, well thought out article to help grease the gears of the mind regarding preparing for a truly devastating and cataclysmic war event that would ensnare all countries and people on this globe. Personally, I don’t think this next war is going to last as many years as the previous WWs. The aftermath and recovery will likely take a lot longer. That perhaps is what we should be preparing for. Phase one: Survive the initial impact; Phase two, if still alive and intact: Prepare for long-term survival in some truly nightmarish apocalyptic situations.

          As some have said, perhaps when we look back, the war may have already started.

          Will the can be kicked down the road again at the last moment! Sooner or later the Nukes will be flying. I have heard this for the past 50 years! Thank God for MAD and the ‘peace’ and progress that we have enjoyed all these years! Unfortunately the MAD strategy may not work with the smaller powers (NK, Iran). Sadly, we are no better prepared to survive a nuclear war than we were 50 years ago. Better get back to the drawing board and do some REALLY serious prepping!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • In each situation, different people succeed and rise to the top. If our life turns into minimal to no supplies, then those folks that go to the store to purchase their daily, weekly or monthly goods, will not be successful. Within a city, and a failed supply management situation, gangs will flourish initially, but it will not be long before people will recognize that getting their goods stolen is not a good way to go. And the gang members, whom rely on theft, will be killed when in small groups. In different scenarios, and different variables, different people will be be successful and become leaders. A leader that depends upon a car called the beast, when there is no fuel, will not be leading anyone outside of their garage.

            In the case of no power, no fuel, no parts for machines, the people that will come forward to lead, will not be the leaders we see today. Even with a million man army, if no fuel to move them, then the army will have to walk.

            Though someone may store up goods enough for two years. And they are successful in holding on to their supplies, what Next???

            In the western world, if we end up in a serious war, nuclear bombed, we will need to turn toward an farming society. We will need to focus on farming and trade within our area. That is far from our present situation. The Mayor’s of any US City over 25,000 people in population, will not have the leadership knowledge to run a city or county in a desperate situation.

            After a break down, the best option is to
            1. Keep under cover with your supplies for 3 months.
            2. Get a group of people that are willing to farm and ranch.
            3. Set up a military faction within your group.
            4. With crops and animals being raised, learn how to store and
            5. With extra supplies, learn how to trade to your neighbors.
            6. Once successful at the basics, then get a communication
            network for meals, health care, clothing, trade, defense.

            7. Then, start to learn how to manufacture mining materials,
            chemicals, organic chemistry, and machines and of course

            8. It has been said that if a societal shut down occurred today and everything was on your side. A group of people could last for 50 years with the available materials.

            • IF people will pull together they will be safer and make it longer but the trus tissue is the thing…who can you really trust. If we are nto willing to pull together to prevent this mess we sure won’t be to survive either…some yes and hta tis what one has to reach for but it is wise to be very careful who you ask into your group. If banding together can happen it would be a way to help each other and make a way for the group.

          • #10 Betty – Go back to Israel and tell your tribal cult to stop creating all the chaos in the world or we will have to kick you all out or worse. You are the ones creating this BS. If you are a dual citizen we will revoke that privilege. You all have been kicked out of 100 countries in the past, so this will be no different. Got it? Good!!

            • No, I did not get the memo, and am not leaving now or ever. You Jew hating people got it all wrong, we are not the cause, we are the effect. If you are a believer, and that’s a maybe, then you already know the story, and it does not end with us, or you. You have no control over how it ends, and if you think you are going to kick me or anyone else out of our country then think again, not going to happen. So quit blaming everyone else and start looking into the mirror, you may just find the answers your looking for !! RamBoze

        • “death and destruction”…”death and destruction”… Prepare for apocalypse… its coming our way. 🙁

        • Michaelk: Gotcha, same thing here that’s happening in Europe for sometime. The EU and U.S. cannot win wars in 72 years! Third world trash will rule the EU in full swing real soon because Euro males are freakin’ cowards and idiots, voting in globalist freaks like Merkel, etc. Australian cowardly men watch while Muslim gangs mug and rob others in public train stations, etc. Rail authorities also watch in approval. Same will happen here when enough of this trash rises up and fights for the take down of U.S. and other slacker countries. Those prepared to stand up will do well to protect family and groups of friends in their community. I am retired and even my age group is stuffin’ themselves with junk food and dumbed down shallow conversations. Hubby and I remain social recluses communicating only w/ like minded. Our former Ala. gov. is a stupid idiot, just got fired, a sorry example for younger. No wonder so many people hate voting and bitter.

        • not gonna happen…no matter how hard you wish for it.

          Stop fantasizing about your dystopian world scenario, and get on with life.


        This type of bullshit advice makes me laugh. You all may want to read this. The feminist globalist tells women, wont listen to men. I have to laugh. When thinking of end game disasters, it makes sense and proves why only barely 5,000 women from month1, to 75 years old will left and spread thin over the entire US continents with a global population or less then 1,000,000 women over the entire earths surface. When a man is making money and bringing in the money in his household, and he is prepping for disaster, if women think that they must act irresponsibly and not wait for his approval, then men like me will replace the current one, and get the available cream of the crop that will be available post shtf. The women listen to these globalist and have no clue that they are making sure that you women do not survive. What most women don’t know is that when they cooperate with men, they get more love and protection from the men that they are with.

        I have already told my woman, that if she ever gets out of line, I will kick her ass to curve and replace her. Of course her reaction is, oh shut up HCKS. I have muscles and am good looking, I have a slight edge over most men in some circumstance. Buy the way, I am not referring to the women on this site. You ladies are really self reliant preppers and are very smart.


        The agency ass clown super moderator. Still bitching, still moderating.

        • “still moderating”


      3. One said America has been lucky. There is no such thing. God’s grace has been with us but as we turn away from Him more and more, disaster will follow. The USA now makes the city of Sodom look moral.

        • +1

        • +1

        • Amen!

        • I will be sure and pay attention to Daisy and her crew on every issue and matter uttered ! Truly a depth of knowledge and personal experience.

        • Bottom line: only by God’s grace has America been so blessed! Future is iffy tho because we’ve become a nation that hates His laws and doesn’t acknowledge His mercies.

        • +10

        • +10!

          That’s what they said about us when Katrina hit. There are a lot of God fearing, God loving people in these parts of the swamp! I am not sure that you can compare us or the US with Sodom and Gomorrah. I believe there are significant segments of this country that have lost their way but they are balanced by a significant group of people who pray and stand true to God’s ways! There is still hope for this country!

          Louisiana Eagle

      4. Something bad is coming. Limited war? WW3? Only the Deep State knows.

        • WW3 has already started. It’s just not at full steam yet. Stay tuned, and keep that popcorn machine warm.

          • Popcorn!!!! Yeah, that’s all I REALLY need for my preps, Popcorn! ( Oh, and the butter and salt..)

            • Don’t forget your dental preps.

              Split a tooth on popcorn Monday night.

              Hope to have it pulled tomorrow.

              When the stuff hits the fan, you’re on your own.

              • Grandee,

                No sh.t! I just broke a molar and am waiting for my dentist to bet back from Easter vacation! Dental pain is miserable! I can testify that pliers don’t work for pulling teeth! The best thing would be to go with all dentures.

                Louisiana Eagle

      5. Ken No 8: Medical facilities. I highly recommend this community to massive amounts of 100% vitamin and mineral supplements to be consumed with your food; and MASSIVE amounts of Vitamin C. And other spices on ORAC VALUES DOT COM.


        Its good against every disease. Search You Tube for “vitamin C’ you will be amazed at the Medical Research Studies that have been conducted on Vitamin C at SUPER HIGH DOSES.

        Totally non-toxic. Its God’s Miracle Drug. 🙂

        • Last week I bought a large plastic TOOLBOX for 10 bucks at Wal Mart to make my own emergency medical kit. I spent $130 on the contents. After I finished, I wasn’t very pleased with it.

          I went back to Wal Mart to buy another TOOLBOX. Two should do the trick. 🙂

          • To Durangokidd,
            Having a great first aid kit, is an excellent idea. Even a second aid kit and a third aid kit. But nothing lasts for ever.

            If you are a 55 year old male and your prostate gets enlarge, maybe due to cancer, or serious infection, and if you do not urinate within 15 hours, the bladder gets filled and it is a most uncomfortable and painful situation. What are you prepared to do?

            If you have a foley catheter, you can insert one, but there are Difficult Urethral catheterizations. You may need a dialator kit. A set of tubes that get progressively larger to stretch out the urethra, and then finally, one can get a foley in, and the 55 year old can now urinate. But what is next? The foley has to stay in place for 2 to 3 days, or longer, and one must be on antibiotics if any foreign body is in the human body.
            Then, the 55 year old male, will need to remove some of the prostate, today either infra red heat, or cold to freeze,
            the previous way was to scrap out the prostate from the Urethra.

            Before that, people died. Having a foley for a few months, and the urethra erodes, chronic infection. IT is certain death.

            A person at 45, has hypertension, gets very high BP, and a blood vessel breaks in their brain. They have an intra cerebral hemmorrhage. OK, the person has a bad headache and their right side has paresis, not complete paralysis, but paresis, they can move it, but not well. The person cannot pick up a pen and write on a piece of paper, to uncoordinated. They cannot pick up a fire arm and pull the trigger, to uncoordinated.

            So, who is going to help this person?? If it is your spouse, your child, your parent?????

            If there are 50 people in your group, and now this person cannot work due to their health care issue. And this person is now taking the supply of antibiotics, pain medicines, and they
            are using them all up, and without modern health care
            they really have no solution. to return to their previously functioning state…..

            Chest pain, a cardiac muscle infarct. And the person is in so much pain, they cannot move, just lie in bed. But in a few days,
            they are ok as far as pain. But you notice that their lower legs and feet are swollen. You have some medicines, Some diuretic,
            some potassium, Some digitalis, and there is enough for one person for maybe one year. The diagnosis is myocardial infarction, and a resultant congestive heart failure, but it is responsive to Digitalis. The patient takes a loop diuretic and they do ok, though they can only walk a couple hundred meters. The person can cook, they can do light domestic work. Yet in
            1 year, the medicines will be gone, and there is no more.

            What is your option?

            I made up a first aid book, I do give it away at no charge.
            I showed it to many people, and a Paramedic said after reading it, there is nothing here for serious heart attacks, or serious strokes, or serious conditions with only a few hours to live…

            Yes, because during a survival situation, the goal changes. Now, any person with a health care issue in which the long term survival of >30 days is under 10%, these people will just use up the resources, and they will die anyway.

            Like you Durangokidd, I too made a tool kit, it costs me $15,000.00. It is enough supplies for a group of 50, that if well determined usefulness, it will allow for those that have solvable issues to be brought back to functionality.


            • Find a real Nutrician/Vitamin/Health store. Ask if they have an Iridoligist “Natural Path Doctor” that visits. Get an appointment. These folks look for the cause not symptom treatment.
              Also, great place to pick up chemical detox like charcoal etc…
              Lots of free booklets etc.. on natural healing. Stock up on the major essential oils, greens mixes,real vitamin C and lots of other stuff that can have many uses.

            • Ah yes. What to do when the medical adventures begin after the stuff hits the fan.

              It will be no different than it was 150 yr ago. Death will come earlier and earlier.

              Medical supplies don’t last for ever. Or even long enough to regain the knowledge to make and replace.

              Make your peace with God. In the end, He is all there is.

            • Fran, DK,

              I do appreciate your thoughts and efforts to prepare for a nightmare scenario. There are so many possibilities it is mind-boggling. When Fran starts talking about BPH, Strokes, AMIs, etc., that is just not even the tip of the iceberg! There are so many chronic diseases and acute diseases that can become chronic and drain all resources. Many will die early. It may be a survival of the fittest situation. But even the fit can get ill. I have seen strapping men succumb to cholera within 24 hours. Unfortunately, we cannot put a hospital into a plastic tool chest. Even hospitals have to constantly be resupplied. Herbal and natural remedies and knowledge to use them will be of great value but they are still poor substitutes to some of the modern medicines! Stay healthy, stay calm, stay fit, and build strength and endurance through regular exercise. Inner strength, attitude, knowledge, skills, situational awareness, spiritual peace, probably will ultimately give you what you need to get through hard times more so than a particular piece of equipment. A lot of ifs!

              DK, too much Vitamin C can give you kidney stones! That could be a night mare! Short bursts are probably OK. They say that we urinate all the excess Vitamin C. You might want to figure out a way to recycle the stuff! Definitely be sure to drink lots of water.

              You guys have presented a lot to chew on!

              Louisiana Eagle

              • LA Eagle: ” DK, too much Vitamin C can give you kidney stones!”

                That is FALSE. There is NO medical evidence of that and it is directly refuted by serious Vitamin C Research Doctors and published medical studies. Search vitamin C on YOU TUBE.

                More mainstream medical bullshit !!! 🙂

                • DK,

                  You can google it and it will show you fairly recent studies that show an increased risk for stones. Having said that, I must admit candidly that, I personally have not seen a case of kidney stones caused by over consumption of Vitamin C. Most of the Vitamin C you consume gets excreted through the kidney and gets dumped out into the toilet. You might consider using your money more wisely and use the extra money you save building up that medical kit for SHTF for life-saving medical supplies. There is a lot of bullshit out there, I am not sure about ‘mainstream medical bullshit’, but we can only practice what we know and have been trained by the best that modern science has to offer. When I was in training, the cancers, like the one that you had, were untreatable. Now, thanks to modern science, we are able to treat and control many of the cancers that once were thought to end with poor prognosis. I try to keep an open mind about alternative remedies but my own father died from attempting alternative remedies for a cancer that he should not have succumbed to. I offer my services if you need help with your medical kit.

                  Louisiana Eagle

            • Fran, DK,

              Can you share your list of medical supplies with us!


              Louisiana Eagle

              • Just the usual stuff like bandages, gauze, tape, duck tape (there is no substitute), superglue, plus petroleum jelly, cotton balls, honey, and a magnesium stick.

                Fire is necessary to sterilize the x-acto knives and my hack saw for meatball surgery …. if push comes to shove. 🙂

            • $15,000 is not a KIT !!! Its a pharmacy !!! LOL 🙂

              As a former lymphoma patient I can testify to the efficacy of Vitamin C as a cancer treatment. As for prostrate problems, men should eat broccoli, as there are special substances in it besides C that settle in the lower intestine and deter PC.

              Broccoli SPROUTS are 175,000 times more effective against cancer than just broccoli. Start sprouting !!! 🙂

            • I am not a doctor. Nor do I play one on TV. That’s why I put my emphasis on prevention. I am a combat vet. Some people die. Every day. I will too. That’s reality. 🙂

              • DK,

                An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Great!

                Congratulations on beating the lymphoma!

                Louisiana Eagle

          • fishing box for the kit, several sizeable Rubbermaid totes for the back stock stored elsewhere. 🙂

        • DK: I use limes and lemons for C in water or tea, some can take lg. does of C, yet others get sick on their stomach big time. Why this is, I can’t explain. Even with buffered C. Maybe some of us already have enough in our system because we eat lots of produce. Vit D3 also, we stocked up on besides minerals (zinc, magnesium, selenium,etc. Protein powders (whey concentrate) can be mixed with water or almond milk, etc.

          • Different people have different tolerance levels for V-C taken orally. Some report diarra after 15k mg. I have taken 12,000 mg a day over an extended period of time without any problem at all.

            Better to take a high dose after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Scurvy develops when the body has less than 4,500 mg of V-C in it from what I have read. 🙁

        • Linus Pauling was the man on Vitamin C. He has an institute at OSU for such. It is a very important source of health

          • Pauling recommended 10,000 mg a day I believe; or 1 gram per kilo (2.2 lbs). 🙂

      6. Today at 1300 hrs. central time, Russian Television Cable News was off the air. New sanctions or just technical problems? Wait and see.

        • Luckily coincides with my Spring Break. Will be watching and popping popcorn.

          • The next scheduled episode will be the U.S. taking out Kim Suk Dong. That will be fun to watch.

        • It was a technical glitch. They’re back on.

      7. Dona No 16: Everyone must have SOME KIND OF BASIC SOLAR SYSTEM and CHARGER even if all you are charging are mini-flashlights with three AAA batteries each. They give off a lot of light. Buy a pack or two of twenty each. And buy rechargeable AAA batteries to run them.

        Li-ion Battery powered electric camping lanterns are a necessity. Pay more, get the best for about 20-30 dollars. Make sure they have two light levels. Get a few and be able to charge them, at a MINIMUM. Solar lawn lights are another option. I have used them at the mine to light the shack.

        After that, make sure you have battery storage to run power tools and/or an electric heater. There is a new 12 volt li-ion battery for $250 on the market. Looks EXACTLY like a car battery. That’s only twice as much as a regular 12 volt, but it can be recharged THOUSANDS of times. Buy them for your battery bank. 🙂

        • I use a solar Luci-Light, usually stocked at Basspro and available at Amazon and other places. It’s like a tiny blow-up beach ball. It fits on an over-the door hook pretty well too.
          It’s been a long time since I’ve purchased batteries for lighting purposes.

          • Roberta, is that some sort of solar light ??? 🙂

      8. Home Depot has lots of DIY How To books AND seeds!!! Sportsman’s Warehouse sells a Seed Vault with 5,000 seeds for $30.

        Buy a couple. I did. 🙂

        • Those are probably GMO seeds, instead you want heirloom seeds.

        • They are NON GMO, heirloom seeds. Go look for yourself. 🙂

          • either way, I’ll take GMO seeds over starving if that’s the choice.

      9. If such a conflict started it would probably be (and hopefully) a limited nuclear exchange to take out military targets. Where do you live in relation to one? Also, many major cities will probably get hit also due to their proximity to them. Being prepared is of course an understatement. Stocking up, skills and keeping your head are tops. Shortages in all areas of food, fuel and doctor care. One of my preps is medical. Even if I don’t have all the skills I need by having the tools available hopefully bartering skills will be.

      10. Prepping for a nuclear WWIII followed up by a highly likely bio-viral attack is for many an exercise in futility; your going to die regardless. Prepping now to avoid the masses, frightened and dangerous prepping at the last minute is smart. Seen a snow alert? In this situation its survival alert. People will be beaten and murdered for bread and toilet paper. I’m not getting into a confrontation when its really avoidable.

        You need to at a minimum be able to sit this out, at home, getting as much information as possible and by all means AVOID PEOPLE.

      11. Great article Daisy! Words of wisdom here to help people survive and thrive during difficult times.

      12. Beans, bullets, Band-Aids, and bible, baby! Skills, heirloom seeds, friends, and a patch of dirt. Pray and hope for the best.

        • Got some sprouting wide mouth jars with lids (or use cheese-cloth) I use lentils and they seem to produce lots of sprouts in a couple days.

        • Don’t forget the blankets with your beans, bullets, band-aids, and Bible

      13. I’ve got no illusions what’ll happen in my neck of the woods living only about 55-60 miles away from DC to the southwest and 50 miles away from Ft. Meade and NSA to the northwest. I’m packed and ready. Feet(s) don’t fail me now…..

      14. If you have prescriptions ask your doctor(s) for extra if possible and load up on vitamins and supplements and plenty of first aid items. Food and water is a given. Make sure you can protect it with ample firearms,ammo and backup personnel. Have alternatives for everything if you can.


      15. Don’t look at the blast

      16. Nuclear fallout measures:

        After making a positive identification of the approaching radiation cloud, do the following in the order as stated:

        1. Tug, pull and drop.
        2. Spread.
        3. Insert.
        4. Kiss your ass good-bye.

        Optional: Instead of kissing. Sing the National Anthem:

        “Oh Brutiful for Haarp Trailed Skies,
        For GMO waves of grain,
        For volcanic mountains blowing ash on high
        Above the Monsanto tainted plain!
        Mmmmerika! Mmmerika!
        Jesus delays the rapture of thee,
        And crown thy good with secret brotherhood
        while Ancient Aliens invade from the Sea!”

        That is all. Carry on.

      17. If your meatsuit gets blown away, there’s nothing to fear. God decides what happens.

        Of course, prepping is good and this article has some good advice, but no one lives forever on this earth.

      18. My grandparents had a farm and fruit orchards during the great depression and it didn’t really affect them too much– they helped others. Later, they sold the farm and moved to more urban area but they still had a garden along side the house, a large woodshed out back, and in the house, they had an old wood-burning cook stove that Grandma cooked on. In the living room, they had a large wood-burning stove.

        For me? I feel I’m constantly running against the clock!! I KNOW apocalypse is coming!! I need a new truck, an old cook stove like grandma had, and a place for garden out back.

      19. If WW3 breaks out and NUKES are used all bets are off. REASON: We have never used more that one nuke at a time. WW3 means 100 being used.

        All the above is good but if NUKES are sued between the blast, fire, and radiation, everything that you stock pilled will be worthless. It might have been better to die in the BLAST than what you might be up against later.

        Watch the movie “THE ROAD” I know it is a movie, but knowing what I know it scared the HELL out of me!!!


        • PS.
          Reading the response to the topic. I’m very proud of you all, and proud to be apart of this group. There are very smart folks here. I want to thank you all for all the INFO you have given me, and thing you have shared with me. For it might be too late to tell you all thanks.

          If it all goes to hell tomorrow, WW3 breaks out, I know I have said THANKS to you Guys and Gals.


          Personal thanks to you and yours for letting me be here.


          • Sgt. Dale; At least we won’t have to prep on the other side. We’ll sit on clouds and swap good stories though.

            • Jim
              I’m looking forward to that!

              • I will be reborn,perhaps as a weasel/fisher cat,either fine with me!

          • Sgt. D,
            Back at you. Many thanks.

      20. Hi Daisy. Best to you and yours.

        Boycott United Airlines.

        ….Be safe….stay the course…BA.

        • I second your boycott comment.

      21. While #7 Susan mentioned the problems with Katrina,a lot of folks gave their best.I would also mention the recent Louisiana storms that brought out the Cajun navy and army,folks just helping others,we will see a mix of both in tough times.

        • WD,

          Thanks for standing up for us. I was there in the thick of it from the very beginning, and I saw what you are saying. There were thousands and thousands of people who came from far and wide to lend a helping hand. The Cajun Navy and Army are extremely resourceful and are the salt of the earth!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • La Eagle, thought you were from S La,salt of the earth,most of the state,lol!Worked down south alot.I’m from N La were the same up here!We had bad flooding up here had to help each other!
            Nukes out of my ability to prepare for,let it be,what it is !
            What bothers me is people that think something is going to happen,stock ammo and not food,WHAT!
            Gonna get interesting ,did get 2 more cases of veggie and 50# rice
            Be well
            Maniac –out

            • LaManiac,

              Thanks. In the past, natural disasters have always brought communities together as they pulled together to help each other out. As disasters got bigger and big government and big NGOs got involved it has tended to suppress and marginalize the local grassroots efforts, i.e., the ‘Cajun Navy’ and the ‘Cajun Army’. We do have a wonderful tradition of combining non-conventional forces with conventional forces to accomplish a task here in Louisiana.

              I agree with you on the the importance of food and water preps. It is easy to neglect the water since we are surrounded by so much water, water that is for the most part considered to be non-potable. We are particularly at risk for water-borne diseases down here and having safe drinking water is a must. I don’t normally care for parboiled rice but it really is a great source
              of carbs and great for long term storage. I found some packed in 25 lbs boxes at SAMS.

              Headed for a crawfish boil and family gathering come Sunday. (The Norkie Pig was planning to light off some fireworks for his grandfather’s birthday this coming Sunday, our Saturday night.) Be Awake, Alert & Oriented x 3.

              Happy Easter! ?

              Louisiana Eagle ?

      22. We can’t survive WW3…America is too big to defend. We have gotten “too big to fail”, militarily.We think we can stop a Russian type assault with nuclear submarines and or bombers. We will see them far off maybe thousands of miles and we can press the button for MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction. Our missiles will take out some of their sites and cities while their missiles take out American cities. Actually in this scenario, America will be a wasteland. Enough nukes will fall on the USA, so that the country will no longer function….no trucks running….the three day food supply runs out,.. the “zombies” attack and take from the preppers. It will be hell in the cities, perhaps not so bad in the country. In the country people may band together and fight off the marauding “zombies”.
        Howe ever I don;t think it will be a Russian type invasion as the DOD has been planning against since 1946. America will be destroyed by a few nukes, smuggled in via the ocean transportation system. Freighters bring in thousands of containers weekly. We have no idea what is coming into our ports All we meed is 1-6 nukes blowing up and America won;t be able to cope…
        Another way is EMT. One “dirty bomb” exploded over the USA will melt all of our microchips. Instead of spending Trillions for new defensive toys, I think we could harden our electrical grid against EMT by building simple Farrady cages around electrical connections, terminals, transformers, etc. There are enough studies to show if we get an EMT hit….we can never recover.
        For us preppers…..” get out of dodge”…if u live in a city you are doomed unless you have a HIDDEN bunker you can get down too and you have enough provisions for a year or two. You could come out after that…most people will be dead and see if you can …or want to survive.
        For me, I have a gun with two bullets….one for me and one for the wife. When the first “zombie” hord breaks down the doors in our urban apartment building…I will off her then me…..the end…

      23. Search for “nuclear winter”. That war will be nuclear and even if the US is not hit directly the northern hemisphere will be dark and cold for one to three years. No plants growing, no food. Prepare for that.

      24. Now would be the time for the “second coming” of our Lord, for He and He alone is the only One , Who will be able to save us.
        God Bless America

      25. WWIII will be a nuclear war. Only 10% of the population will survive once the bombs start falling. For those that survive the first 3 months after the initial attack, the prospects will be grim. Radiation sickness, cancer, crime, disease, malnutrition, and other problems will eliminate 90% of those people within a year. Now we are down to a 1% survival rate. The only way to prepare for this is to be out of the country when the SHTF. Remote islands and low population areas with a good growing climate, access to water, and a sane government would be the only relatively safe place to be.

        • Yes, WWIII will be a nuclear war. The only way it might be survivable is if the only event that happens is an EMP and the grid goes down, which could also happen due to a solar coronal mass discharge. In that scenario 90% of the people in the US will die in the first couple of years. If any of the nuclear power plants cooling ponds cannot be kept cool by generators powered by diesel, then the military will have to use helicopters to tether the spent rods and dump them into a lake or large river. Otherwise they will melt down and vaporize and the radiation will kill 90% of the remaining 10%. A full blown nuclear war could have been survivable if not for the nuclear power plants. With the radiation from the weapons hampering the efforts to keep the spent rods and the power plant them selves from melting down the released radiation from the fuel rods will spread worldwide killing most of the life on the planet. Since a world war will most likely mean warheads detonating on other continents, their nuclear facilities will meet the same fate. The global fires from the dead and decaying material will consume 50% of the planets oxygen or until there is not enough to sustain combustion. Only with an EMP strike is survival minimally possible in developed countries.

        • 25 Russian or Crazed Chinese Commandos will take you out. Isolated lonely places are NOT the solution.

          Send in just a 100 regular soldiers and you will be tortured to death. They just like to do those things.

      26. If you have time & money….and see it coming (WWIII). Pack your bags and get the hell out of the USA. Southern South America would be a good choice, like Chile, Argentina, or Uruguay. That part of the hemisphere is mostly immune to a Northern Hemisphere Nuclear apocalypse. People are generally friendly and civil. Americans are mostly liked, and if you have money, you’ll do quite well. If you have lots of money, go for the South Pacific, like the Cook Islands, Tahiti, of Fiji. Quite remote and immune. Otherwise, kiss your ass goodbye. The hordes of Zombies & roadwar gangs will over-run any position/bunker/bugout spot your in. If your in a big city when the SHTF, I suggest ending it rapidly with a bullet to the brain.!

      27. J

        “Americans are mostly liked, and if you have money, you’ll do quite well.”

        Money, who has it, what is it worth, is a luxury that resides in the same neighborhood as the rule of law. Post global nuclear war, having a currency or legal holdings from a country that is (A) Destroyed and (B) Possibly the greatest contributor to the carnage both politically and militarily will likely not have value in the pre war sense.

        • K2,

          Great point!

      28. Wartime Farms is great! Thank you Daisy for the info. Recommend everyone watch it – how Britain mobilized the countryside to become self-sufficient. This won’t work for us on a nation-wide basis b/c we are too divided and distrustful of government. But it could work in rural communities of 300 to 7000 people. Skills described I never knew could be so useful like growing and processing flax and basket weaving. Maybe even using homing pigeons could be useful.

      29. Yes, war is coming.
        Just like to add a couple things.

        Once I asked my wife’s grandfather how hunting was during the depression which he grew up in. He told me that after the first “deep” year there was no game to be found. Everything was harvested, squirrels, rabbits, deer, all were gone. Wild edibles and herbs also became scarce as people were hunting everything to either use or sell. Old timers I talk to here in Appalachia say that during that period you could hunt for days and not see any game or tracks and people collected acorns for mush and grinding into flour.

        My mother was a teenager during WW2 in Austria. She would get up at 2 am and stand in line at the bakery with two sacks full of money hoping the bread wouldn’t run out before she got to the head of the line. After a few hours she would go home and then to school. Butter was put on then scraped off the bread to strech it longer but still get a taste and to hide the sawdust flavor..made more dough that way. One day she came home and the house was gone…bomb had made a direct hit, nothing was left. When I was a child she would come in the bathroom and check if I had folded the toilet paper over during wiping because “you never know there may be a shortage sometime”. Tobacco and chocolate were the most popular trading items with small silver coins next.

        I’m almost 70 now and fear that the current population’s mindset and skill levels will severely limit any potential for sustained survivability. All out war will hit the US hard and many will perish. Nuclear power plants are certainly targeted and will add a hellish contamination element to any conflict. There are more good people than bad but hardship will narrow the gap. Mental prepping is just as important as “things” so get ready for some tough decison making.

      30. How to get ready? Go to Walmart get a cart. Go vitamins buy 200 multis for 9 dollars. Get 2 grey 10 gallon plastic boxes put bar code facing front . Get 20 lb. bags of rice ,flour, beans put in box bar code facing up. Get one gallon of cooking oil . One box of salt . If you can afford it box of powdered milk. Take home fit all in the two boxes. You now have 60 plus pounds of food . Two months worth? For about 60 dollars? Protein ,carbs ,fat salt ,vitamins. Fill your lamps you foolish virgins.

      31. Questions:

        1. If world war 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?

        2. What challenges do you think we would face here at home?

        3. What shortages do you predict would occur?

        4. How would you prep for this?

        1.) If world war 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?

        Well, I could be wrong here, all along we’re already living in WW3. The very fact that so many nuclear weapons exist and even upgraded since WW2 (look up doomsday clock), already says all that you need to know. By the way events are going in todays world, this year if not next year would most likely be the last year to prevent WW3 from spiraling out of control. If the world’s nuclear weapons still exist beyond this year and the following year, then it’s most likely too late, and that WW3 spiraling out of control would be in our future. Certain life-forms on this planet in particular can not be allowed to go extinct, since this would destroy the food web/food chain, and not to mention certain life-forms has certain characteristics that would gone indefinitely if they go extinct, which sea anemones don’t die of old age being an example.

        Going further, by asking this question along with the other 3 questions you asked, one must ask the following questions:

        1. How many Americans have collective experience working critically together?

        2. Can everyday Americans live without the internet?

        3. How many Americans can live without money, their bank account(s), their bank cards, etc?

        4. How many Americans produce/grow their own food, water?

        5. How many Americans can harness energy sources that’s not grid connected?

        6. How many essentials do Americans stockpile?

        7. How many Americans can cook their own food with, and or without gas, or electricity?

        8. How many Americans know/ can Solar storm, or EMP, flood-proof, etc proof their essentials before disaster strikes?

        9. How many Americans can defend, evade, etc against foreign and or non-foreign attackers of any kind?

        10. How many Americans can see who and or what in the dark/at night?

        11. How many Americans can live without healthcare for long spans of time?

        12. How many Americans have food allergies, and other allergies that effect what their options are in a worst case scenario?

        13. How many Americans (and people in general) can think critically for themselves and to what extent can they do this? If you can’t make decisions, nor plan for anything, you’re in trouble.

        14. How many Americans understand resource management, as well as manage their own resources, assets, time, etc?

        15. How many Americans can identify/pick-out the essentials they’ll need to survive in any emergency situation?

        16. How many Americans (and people in general) understand that fear, by itself, isn’t always a bad thing? Fear could be used as a well needed reminder that in history and in life, unthinkable, seemingly random events happens to those who don’t think it will ever happen to them.

        17. How many Americans (and people in general) can identify red flags? Which hearing one thing while hearing another, especially on critical situations is a red flag.

        18. How many Americans (and people in general) can take effective notes, as well as have basic drawing skills that can be used for everything from making maps, to improvise/custom design needed parts for various things, etc?

        19. How fast can Americans get ready at a moments notice?

        As you can see the questions can go on and on. There’s a lot to think about in what could very well be a short amount of time. So as far as I can gather, not very many Americans can/will make it. Well, I guess if nothing happens to the economy, nor anything else that’s serious occurs, it wouldn’t be a complete waste of time getting ready for anything can happen case scenarios. If nothing ever happens, there would be enough stuff to throw a party, so it’s not a complete waste, not to mention everyone (within reason) should be ready to deal with an any case scenario event(s) anyway. It doesn’t make sense to bet your life, those who you care about, and so forth on a system that’s not perfect, nor invincible. Any system is only as good as the parts that keep it running, amongst other variables.

        2.) What challenges do you think we would face here at home?

        Although this isn’t all of the problems, getting along, seeing eye to eye, getting on the same page with each other will be a challenge. The whole idea to prepare isn’t just preparing for one’s basic survival, the other idea to prepare for a collapse is to prepare to help maintain some sort of structured society to avoid a full blown free for all collapse that doesn’t benefit anyone in the end. Doing this would most likely be tricky to negotiate with others (within reason) that you don’t know, on top of those that don’t speak your own language, so bilingual people will also play a huge role in maintaining some sort of structured society for translation purposes. Which is also tricky because there will only be so many resources that can be shared with (most are not familiar with resource conservation amongst other things).

        3.) What shortages do you predict would occur?

        Basically, all of the essentials for survival, both short and long-term.




        drinking water


        gas/fuel to operate your gas operated vehicle


        shelter, housing, tents, etc

        any department store items

        any medical related items

        basically, just about anything that relies on an economic system in order to obtain will be on short supply (most individuals don’t seem to understand just how fragile the mainstream way of living is).

        4.) How would you prep for this?

        Me, I’m stuck going beyond just getting ready for my own survival, by the way things are going and how it can easily spiral out of control. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, meaning that if you’re in a bad situation whether you get yourself ready or not (damed if you do, damed if you don’t in a collapse situation, since you won’t last long if you don’t prepare, and if you do prepare, then prepare to go through nightmare scenarios that would change who you are now indefinitely)…

        Basically, how you prepare for this is:

        Preparation = Options

        The options being, you’re going to need a little bit of everything (especially the essential things, connections to others, etc). Overall, the more options you, and or your group, etc has the greater odds of survival.

        I would avoid putting all of my eggs into one basket. Having multiple items in a variety of places is ideal. Don’t tell anyone (no matter how much you “trust” them) where you put all of your belongings for your and their protection, and I’d advise for those who you’re with to do the same for security, and contingency plan reasons. This also applies to where all of your planned “shelter/rest stop” locations are. It’s fine to share some things, but not all things, or at the very least when things calm down.

        Long story short in how I would prep for this would be that I would be getting myself ready for “a no turning back” worst case scenario. For starters, a light worst case scenario (not the absolute worst) would be what would one do if they knew that there will be no more internet, no more economic system, no more tv signals, no more radio station signals, no more power grid, no more grocery, department stores, no more libraries(?), home improvement, no more hospitals, etc available and that you also knew that this is the last year (for the vast majority part) to get ready for this no turning back event, and that you may not have not even that long to get ready? Basically, you, and or your group, etc are getting ready for an you’re all or on your own scenario. I sure hope that this type of situation never happens, because that would be one huge set-back for all of us, not to mention that this scenario would be a huge set-back in resolving environmental issues, etc, since people would be spending so much of their time just surviving than anything else, but I guess this can still be argued even now that most of us are spending most of our time just surviving to really do much else…


        I guess the “real” reason why WW3 will likely happen is mainly because there’s no where near the amount of people taking the threat of WW3 that would decide the fate of life on Earth seriously. It looks like this “time of peace”/time where the vast majority wasn’t being aware for various reasons has blinded most people of realizing we’re headed to a new war so great that if this war continues any longer than this year and the following year, then this war (WW3) would decide the fate of life on this planet. Although there’s plenty of people that would think/say that such a war wouldn’t ever happen, since it “sounds to extreme” to ever happen even though it can technically happen, but too extreme events has happened and is currently happening even now. The signs of the next world war is already here.

        If you’re going to get ready for a no turning back potential future, I wouldn’t get too aggressive about it, since you can get burned-out doing so. Ideally, going at a schedule/pace that you can manage is the overall best approach. Also, you’ll have to do a range of things. This world war isn’t only a thing of preserving your survive, it’s also a thing of preserving the survival of as many species (in addition to your own) as much as possible. Understand/be aware that there’s a hidden time limit to how long there is to get ready for such an experience, but in the end, the question comes to mind that no matter how much we prepare, are we really fully prepared for such an event where anything can happen?

        I guess in the end all I can do is hope that everything works out for everyone, however, I could be miss interpreting something, it really isn’t looking good being confronted by a potential global nuclear war. And that regardless whether your poor, middle class, rich, those at the top, etc, it’s really looking like all of us are going to have our hands full with this one (anything can happen. WW3 must not be allowed to continue any further before it’s too late or else a new dark age will be in our future…

        Lastly, maybe another way to look at all of this getting ready for potential nightmare case scenarios would be to view life like the ultimate RPG (role playing game), like what would you do if you knew that this such and such event will take place?

        Given that’s going on today’s world, what do you think about this video?

        Could this be our future ? ” A time travelers email”

        Also, what do you think about this bedtime story?

        Time Traveler Who Spent 2 Years in The Future 2749 Tells All.
        Saturday, December 20, 2014 2:58

        You can also check out more of my comment at this article for more info:

        Overcoming the Greatest Prepper Weakness: The Individual versus the Community and a Plan for the Future
        April 21, 2017

      32. Another thing that could possibly help is having some glow in the dark items that don’t require batteries to function for visual aids when/wherever it’s safe/reasonable to do so.

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